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To the Developers /Designers We appreciate your dedication and hope you recognize as we do, the valuable role you play In building brighter futures for developers in this IMVU Community.

Like a tree, we at Designers ShowCase have the strength to endure, and while we are growing and nching out With your continued support and the greatest of confidence in us, and while we give you the respect as real people behind the Avi Coupled with positive efforts with people like you we become ‘Greater’.

lso need to make mention that in my early days I sought a staff, and found a family so for every male and female model, Receptionist, PR, assistants, partners, every awesome individual who has invested in us to allow the magic to happen here.

With all of the craziness you would not believe, unconditional love, and a healthy respect for knowing your boundaries I can say that I love each and every one of you, the range of personalities are exciting to me We Are a Real Family We do what we do And we do it well We’re Always here for you Designers ShowCase Magazine



GEO She only gets better





Profile: The Professional by Yurimara Today I had the distinct pleasure of meeting with one of IMVU’s top developer’s, Sanshark. We met up in my loft, over drinks. As the conversation unfolded, I realised that I was talking to a woman who was not only seriously dedicated to her craft but very thoughtful about the issues and obstacles faced by those who choose to design and develop. As a result her reflective manner and overall care with her work makes her an asset to the “delving” community. Sanshark began developing as far back as 2008, motivated (as many of us are) by the desire to “find matching shoes to outfits!” Her quest for shoes led to an odyssey into learning how to make them. Interestingly enough, her first attempts at delving involved creating rooms rather than shoes. Both, however, are amongst the many categories that comprise her vast catalogue. When I teasingly dubbed her a ‘veteran’ as a delver and designer she shied away from the description, stating that: “…a veteran doesn't have anything to learn so I would say ‘no’ [to that description] because I’m always learning. But what I do know, I know well.” And indeed, she does.

Sanshark’s catalogue is perhaps one of the most diverse I have yet to encounter on IMVU… sexy yet elegant women’s wear with sizes across the range for all occasions; a stunning bevy of menswear ranging from casual to formal sophistication; rooms of every variety and description and marvellously detailed furniture to match. The list is inexhaustible and the opportunities for high quality shopping, endless. Naturally I was curious – just as you are – about her creative process. It seems as if her sources are equally as diverse as her catalogue. Or to quote the woman herself: “Everything inspires me to create. You inspire me. People trees, sky, food…everything I touch has some impact on my creations. I love how water folds softly yet can break rocks. Beauty all in the eyes of the beholder.”

Despite becoming a self-taught professional developer a mere 6 months after she first started, sanshark’s passion for creating and learning has never waned. Her textures are detailed and aesthetic realism remains a goal that she relentlessly pursues. I asked her at what point had she started to master the art of delving. Says sanshark: “I’m not a ‘master’ because a master has no more to learn.” Inevitably, our conversation veered into the politics of delving which remains a hotly contested issue on this site. We compared contemporary conditions for delvers to those in the past. She believes that it was much more difficult in the past to break in to the market and achieve professional status, simply because of the number of talented creators that flooded the field. But at the same time, it was also much easier in the past for unscrupulous types to steal textures. While she feels that changes to the creator mode and the client program in general have made this much more difficult, she also believes that “…’less easy’ is not acceptable. There surely should be a way to prevent it from happening, period.” Even with the obstacles that face the delving community, she continues with her work. She also provides an exclusive custom service for her buyers. She loves, in particular, to create custom rooms. “I love asking a person to describe what they see when ordering a room. I try to bring their vision to life – that’s a high for me.” In addition to wonderful rooms, she also has a particular ‘soft spot’ for tailoring dresses for new brides and admits with a smile that “there is something... about watching someone get a look at her wedding gown for the 1st time.”

Ever ambitious, sanshark is already working on moving out of her comfort zone and expanding her repertoire. She also intends to learn how to mesh in the near future and wants to provide affordable meshes that are available to all – so watch this space. Outside of her impressive custom content, once you browse her catalogue you will be struck by just how very reasonable her prices are. When asked about this, she became philosophical, then revealed a rather egalitarian ethic:

“I try to make my products affordable to the many and not make for the few. Even a newbie wants to look good and why shouldn't they? We were all newbies once and wanted to look good. I think everyone should look pretty and live well” Agreed…and frankly, who could ask for more? A busy woman, sanshark had places to go and people to see and it was with regret that I bade her farewell. But before she left I had to ask if there was anything at all that she would like to say directly to our readers. She smiled. These were her parting words: “I would like to thank those that have been my customers for a long time and those that have purchased even one thing from me because I'm nothing without them.”

King of Diamonds


Introducing the King of Diamonds …. Before I roll out the red carpet for this suave sophisticate, let me begin with a proviso. ParisDeTroy, our featured developer, furniture-maker, photographer, Master of Ceremonies, modelling agency owner and jeweller (and not necessarily in that order) wants to inform DS readers that the affectionate moniker by which he is known – ‘The King of Diamonds’ - is not of his choosing. Or, to quote the man himself: “I use the title, ‘King of Diamonds’ but I don’t want people to think I have the hubris to anoint myself with that title. A friend gave me that title, and my other friends picked

it up and teased me with it. I decided to use it as an acknowledgement of their love and respect for me and mine for them.” Lest you wonder what his title refers to? Let me explain… Should you venture into his catalogue you will encounter a dazzling range of high quality jewellery which is swiftly gaining attention. ParisDeTroy (or ‘Troy’ as he prefers to be called) has been an IMVU developer for 4 years, crafting antique and leather furniture wrought in natural textures. He branched out, however, and began creating women’s jewellery two and a half years ago thanks to a glaring absence in the catalogue. He describes his own store as “half and half; roughly 800 pieces of jewellery and 800 furniture pieces.” He currently collaborates with clothes developers and long-time friends, OooYUMooO and

SarahNextDoor praising their style, versatility and willingness to do custom work to accompany his sparkling accoutrements. More recently, he has also developed a fruitful working relationship with TaurasBabyLove, yet another professional clothes designer with inimitable style.

A great believer in mutual relationships, he also creates custom jewellery for all of the aforementioned designers in turn. Amethysts, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, alexandrite, opals, onyx, jade, pearls and of course his namesake diamonds are but a few of the glittering stones that are painstakingly set against precious metals. His aesthetic is quite distinct and his work is both detailed and delicate. Furthermore, when purchasing his jewellery it is hard not to notice how comprehensive, flexible yet well-organised his ‘sets’ are. Everything from earrings, rings, necklaces and matching bracelets for both wrists and armlets for each arm are provided. Twin bracelets

and armlets are a trademark of his, in order to ensure that his customers are presented with options to accessorise. As to be expected, his standards are high. He refuses to buy “unless it looks realistic” and will not publish his own work unless it fulfils his expectations. He informed me that “each stone is individually set” in order to enhance a realistic appearance. Furthermore, he intends to extend his clientele by creating a line of men’s jewellery that includes necklaces, watches, bracelets, and rings all with a more masculine touch. ParisDeTroy’s quest for excellence extends not only to his jewellery, however, but to his professional ties and collaborations in the fashion community as well as ‘Classic Modelling’, his own four-year-old modelling agency that specialises in refining ‘diamonds in the rough’ - not that any of his refined models could ever be described as such. Or in his own words? Each model “graces” his art. ‘Classic

Modelling’ employs eight to ten models who are managed, outfitted, styled, photographed, trained and paid by the session for their efforts on the understanding that “loyalty begets loyalty.” While clearly a professional organisation one can easily detect the warmth and closeness between the models and their manager. Paris is very selective with his model roll call and was quite vocal when I queried as to what he looks for in a model: “Style, class, beauty. A willingness to take direction and a commitment to follow through on agreements.”

Modelling is hard work. It’s repetitive and it’s showing up to rehearsals and wearing what other people tell you to wear. I have seen models that were so into the “play” of being a model that they didn’t listen to direction; they wanted to do what they wanted. But that’s not how it works. The photographer or the client is the one who says what goes. The model isn’t the one calling the shots.” As we conversed, the subject inevitably moved on to his most recent foray into the world of fashion and his sustained and recent collaboration with designer TaurasBabyLove whom he initially met through a friend. Conversation flowed between the two

acquaintances and a week or so later Tauras, CEO of TB Creations, contacted him about doing a fashion show to showcase his jewellery, last May. The show proved to be a success and the pair discovered that they were a natural team. Tauras presented her own line of clothing, created and provided the venue and oversaw the show’s general management; Troy, in turn, provided jewellery, helped time and organise the model’s walks, collated and edited the descriptions of the outfits and debuted as the show’s Master of Ceremonies. Says Troy: “It was a good learning experience. But now we’ve streamlined the concept.” Troy and Tauras intend to present a second series of shows in early November 2013 with the express aim to promote the work of developers. The busy duo are already in the process of collaborating on outfits. Their current formula consists of two one-hour shows that will feature four to five developers per show with categories ranging from fall, winter and holiday fashion for both men and women. One of his most notable qualities is his efficiency. Determined and ambitious he concludes that “…it should be effective if I’m going to participate. I’m pretty direct. Either it works or it doesn’t. I’m aiming for the former.” Well, in light of his accomplishments? I for one certainly wouldn’t bet against the King of Diamonds….



Relax Relate Release Beauty Salon & SPA

SUMMER FASHION from the catalogue of TB Creations

SUMMER FASHION from the catalogue of TB Creations by TaurasBabyLove

Summer has finally arrived and so has beautiful soft colored fabrics in this year's fashion. If we had our way, Summer would last all year. Of course it doesn't which is why it is best to be prepared. Who wants to be poking around in their closet when they could be soaking up some rays. Sundresses in pastel shades and soft lines,shorts and T's,trendy sandals, and of course we want to protect our eyes so UV shades are a must. Also, this year, what was old is new again in classic retro abstract shapes and colors. Let's not forget beautiful Summer evening wear for those gala events, weddings and special occasions. The colors and shapes are endless. Enjoy the sunshine and warm weather and of course the shopping!







I Got THIS “In the game of golf, logic says, “Don’t go for the green.” Golf 101 says, “Don’t go for the green.” But I say, “Give me my driver, I’m going for the green!” Golf reveals a lot about a person. I don’t need advice—whack! I can handle this myself—clang! Can you relate? We want to do things our way. Forget the easy way and forget the best way. Forget God’s way. Too much stubbornness. Too much independence. Too much selfreliance. All I needed to do was apologize, but I had to argue. All I needed to do was listen, but I had to open my big mouth. All I needed to do was be patient, but I had to take control. All I had to do was give it to God, but I tried to fix it myself. Scripture says, “Do it God’s way.” Experience says, “Do it God’s way.” And every so often, we do! We might even make the green.”

Max Lacudo

DS Close- Up With

GeneralVanity By Yurimama

The Devver’s Champion - GeneralVanity… “Sometimes people think I am crazy. BAH –click, ignore-“ Anything worthwhile in life is not easy – it’s just worth it.” “Our work in this life is to discover our world… and give our heart freely to it.”


General Vanity

When I was first introduced to GeneralVanity, to be perfectly honest? I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was confronted by a tall figure in a suit, sporting bright purple hair. I was also informed that he spoke Russian which only added to my nerves. When I began to talk to him, I deployed the assistance of good ol’ Google Translator to help me out in a somewhat stilted conversation. But as we continued to converse, however, the translator went out the window. I discovered that I had absolutely no problem understanding him or his strident, passionate and sometimes controversial stand on the world of creating and developing on IMVU. But first let’s talk a little about the General. Should you ever visit his website you will notice at least one of three things. Firstly, ‘The General’ is an avid roleplayer who commands the troops of the vast Sin Empire and is known (and feared) for being a superlative strategist both on and off the battle field; secondly, he has a deep love of all things related to fantasy and swathed in royal purple; thirdly, and most critically? He has garnered deep admiration, fondness and respect from a range of truly high profile meshers and developers from all over IMVU. So much so in fact, that his homepage is adorned – nay, ‘graffitied’ with well wishes, thanks and glowing endorsements from the likes of Donatella, Geo and 4U but to name a few. But perhaps it is developer, Street Nation, who says it best when he states that:

"General has always looked out for me and has had my back and has allowed me to progress as a human being and not judging people due to alternate lifestyles and recognize people for just who they are. I appreciate the friendship. He shows love to me and whoever I’m affiliated with. Great person, great heart!“

The overwhelmingly positive response to GeneralVanity is based on his critical role as a representative voice for and champion of the ‘delving’ community as he utilizes his considerable influence and resources to tirelessly showcase and support their work, every hour on the hour. In an age where IMVU has become increasingly corporatized and distant from (if not hostile to) its own developers, he is a welcome friend and ally to a community that, more often than not, feels that their specific needs are often overlooked by the powers that be. It is at this point that ‘the General’ (as I call him) rides to the rescue, cloak and all, and transforms into a genuine hero using his considerable clout and connections in the world of role-playing to wield influence beyond the confines of that world. Or to the quote the man himself: “I am not a developer. I am an old

role- playing soldier but in my world now… there is no war. But there is a war going on for developers fighting to be recognized and to have their work respected and not exploited. I wanted to help them. I wanted be more than just the Action figure - I wanted to be like… okay you know like the character on the cereals box? If I wanted to be able to help and protect the developers I cared about I had to become a celebrity role player, because no-one listens to ‘commoners’. I had to be big. I … wanted to do something.” As a result, he is a multi-media mogul who owns a magazine and sponsors 6 radio stations and supports 11 that are dedicated to advertising the names and catalogues of developers. His main station is CnC which acts as a central hub for spreading the word on existing and upcoming creative ‘delving’ and modeling talent. Advertisements blare, interviews are issues, and select artists are featured monthly. His additional support of models is most evident in his current assistance of a Geo-sponsored modeling contest that boasts a grand prize of 75,000 credits for the winning model. General invited me to sit in as he explained the terms of the competition to the Sweet Versailles models who were eligible for the competition and offered them instruction and advice. His renowned generosity is such that after having met me in the space of a mere five minutes and discovering that I have (minor) catalogue, he asked me: “… do you want to have advertise on CnC?” When I naturally asked him how much it would cost me, he simply shrugged his shoulders and calmly informed me that it was “free”, “no problem” for him and “easy to do”. The General stands on principle and insists on providing free coverage and advertising as a means of supporting ‘his’ community which includes advertising and supporting at least 174 developers.

The General networks between radio and magazine and has created the ‘360 Community concept’ in which big name developers assist, promote and mentor smaller names on the understanding that working collectively is better than working in isolation. An avowed Taoist, he muses that “…every person is connected - in the Tao is call the Sangha.” Thanks to his efforts the ‘360 Community concept’ has, in turn, flourished into 290 developing enclaves or ‘community areas’ that are all networked to one another, in the space of less than a year.

We then went on to discuss our favorite developers. Names such as Geo, Donatella DRIZZT, VictoriaIV, FYB, FLAVE and Goodlife were enthusiastically mentioned. He is also a great admirer of StreetGospel, a shining star in the world of urban developing. One of the things that struck me as I continued to talk to him is that for him at least, there is no discrimination between ‘pro’ or professional developers and newcomers to the scene. His nurturing, even pastoral, approach to developers is revealed in the way that he refers to ‘amateur’ developers (such as Laurionna, UntouchableDeeZire, and Maistique) as ‘junior’ delvers - a term that positively connotes growth, partnership, solidarity and collegiality between established developers and newcomers. Make no mistake, however. Despite his generosity, he has a discerning, selective eye for those who dare to be different and stand out from the rest. A distinctive style and personality – or what he terms as ‘true color style’ is a must in any catalogue, in order to catch his eye. He is an admirer of ‘courageous’

style and a vocal critic of bland imitators and unscrupulous texture thieves alike, both of who ultimately undermine and exploit other developers. When I asked him what IMVU should do to combat the problem he was typically direct and stated that “they [IMVU] should remove the application software that is able to extract the textures.” He also lamented the fact that rules regarding texture theft were not enforced.

But there’s more. One of the causes that GeneralVanity is most passionate about, is supporting the growth of Urban-style developing and campaigning against overt and implicit racism amongst developers. On the one hand he is a stern yet astute critic of the marketing pressures and nepotism within urban delving circles that encourages ‘cloning’ which restricts urban delvers creativity and makes it a difficult market to break into while retaining some originality; on the other hand, he is equally as vocal about the forces that work against the urban genre on IMVU as a whole, including racial stereotyping and outright racism. GeneralVanity notes that “…the urban market is a very aggressive market to be in. For example, if I make outfit by next week there are 20 others who have made the same outfit. It is very, very hard to keep up. You always have to produce, produce… Even worse, if my outfit is the same as yours or better but you have one 50 credits cheaper? You will get the sale. Copying is encouraged.”

When I suggested to him that ‘copy-catting’ was endemic in all genres of delving and not just the urban market, he shook his head and insisted that while that was true, the problem was particularly pronounced in the urban market. Furthermore, family groupings often result in delving cliques where powerful delving families rule the market. Loyalty is also hard to maintain when people gravitate towards a delver due to their name and fame rather than anything intrinsic about the delver or their style. He also notes that few urban developers break into the upper echelons and states that: “I want to meet a tier 7 urban Developer one day.”

At the same time, he also observes that urban developers are driven into cliques and sticking to their own rooms and areas because of ‘privileged racists’ who treat them badly even to the point of mistreatment, shunning and verbal abuse. This extends beyond the usual enclaves and identity cliques that are formed on IMVU. While he wishes for greater interaction, good will and openness between IMVU’s myriad communities be it ‘furies’ or ‘haute couture’ he is particularly against artificial divisions that are established on the basis of race. Says the General: “I came here to talk to DS magazine about this issue because I get mad when someone uses the “N” word.” When I wryly suggest that such occurrences were, unfortunately, all too common, he smiled and quietly stated: “Well, it will not happen in front of me….” So is he a ‘crazy’ Russian solider? A Don Quixote tilting at windmills? Or, a much needed hero in an otherwise jaded, cynical age? You be the judge. But my own response to it all was this: “Well General, if they think you're ‘crazy’ then usually? You're doing something right…”

What To Do On IMVU Wonderful rooms for fun, romance, weddings and fine dining.


If you have ever been to Paris well GARDONE RIVERA is re-visited with excellent wine selections and fine dinning. Make this visit a must with your significant other. Owners: Kat2u2 & SimplyVlad

Manager KennyVi


The finest of European experiences, enjoy meeting new people, culture exchanges, and feel the love in the Parisian air.

Owners: Kat2u2 & SimplyVlad

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The Ritz carries a reputation throughout the world of elegance and excellence, this IMVU room does not disappoint , enjoy. Owners: Kat2u2 & SimplyVlad

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The music, dancing, evening gowns, and you’re welcome to come to just relax, there is also fine dining and a well stocked wine cellar, only the best for you. Owners: Kat2u2 & SimplyVlad

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Piano Jazz is the place to come hear the laughter, clinging of the glasses, dancing and meeting beautiful people. Owners: Kat2u2 & SimplyVlad

Manager KennyVi


The Piano room is an opulent, rich atmosphere to forget about the cares of the day, take in the music, the fun and the people, we’re waiting on you...

Owners: Kat2u2 & SimplyVlad

Manager KennyVi


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Spicysâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Victorian Library SpicyJam

Spicysâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Victorian Library SpicyJam

Spicysâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Victorian Library


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