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CONCLUSION: ATTITUDE CHECK FOR CAMPERS 1. I am going to fly across the ice like Jaromir Jagr! 2.  I am going to give 100% to every game from the beginning un till the final whistle. 3. I love contact sports! 4.  I love scoring goals! I love passing to teammates so they can score goals! 5.  I am going to be able to make decisive plays in the final seconds of the game. 6. I love the team i play for! I am going to give my teammates 100%! 7.  I love contact with the fans. I am going to give the spectators 100%! 8.  I am going to give hockey 100%! I am going to play in the NHL! 9.  I am going to concentrate 100% during every training! 10. I am going to be the best in my team! I am going to be wellprepared for the new season! 11.  I love making new friends and having new experiences! 12.  I love going up against people in international competition! I want to be able to handle it!



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Welcome to the Czech International Hockey Camp, now in its anniversary of 10 years helping players and their parents to spend great hockey vacations in Czech Republic. We are proud to have had more than 3800 young players and 1500 parents from 32 countries all around the world have chosen our camps as part of their off-season training program. We offer 3 weeks camp with intensive training for players ages 6 – 18 years. On and off ice sessions are provided by educated and experienced coaches and instructors with perfect knowledge of English, the official camp language. We also offer an intensive Goalie Camp, leaded by Josef Hovora, experienced coach of such personalities as Hasek, Turek, Cechmanek, Hnilicka, Salficky and others in their junior age. Our company can organize special events at your own request during the whole year. We can organize practices, exhibition games and tournament tours for teams coming to Czech Republic and Europe. Czech players are one of the most successful players of NHL and other national leagues. The success of Czech ice hockey is due to its time-tested and competitively proven coaching and training techniques. Czech national team won the Olympic games in Nagano 1998 and the World Championships several times and won also World Championship in Vienna in 2005. Czech Junior National Team won the World Championships 99, 00. Czech players are one of the most successful players of NHL and other national leagues. The success of Czech ice hockey is due to its time-tested and competitively proven coaching and training techniques. Czech national team won the Olympic games in Nagano 1998 and the World Championships several times and won also World Championship in Vienna in 2005. Czech Junior National Team won the World Championships 99, 00.


Offers intensive on and off ice fitness and game situation training, as well as high quality relaxation or regeneration. Its being held in the premier sports facility in the Czech Republic, where the top Czech hockey players and other athletes train for the upcoming season. Uses only highly trained and experienced Czech coaches. Is designed specifically to prepare 6–18 years old players for the upcoming season and its excellent way to get in shape for fall tryouts at all levels. Camps are build for players who desire to play world-class hockey. We are seeking players who are up to the individual playing activities. Sessions are held at high speed and intensity with special and harder training drills. Players will become familiar with transition game and ice hockey tactics.

WEEK HIGHLIGHTS • 5 hours of on-ice sessions daily • Shooting/Stickhandling Center Stickhandling and shooting stations • Jersey and final report • 4:1 ratio of players to professional staff players are completely supervised the entire day. •D  aily Dryland/Off Ice fully supervised training with Dryland professional specialists deliver balanced training to improve hockey skills and power •5  0-55 hours of professional training per week including 20-25 hours of professional on ice training (4-5 hours daily) and 30 hours of off ice training. •O  n-Ice Curriculum is comprised of Circuit training, skill development drills (full ice drills) and small area games that includes Powerskating, Stickhandling (player has a puck on his stick the majority of the day), Puck Protection, Body Contact (all levels are taught at an age appropriate level) Shooting, Passing, Conditioning, Agility, Game Preparation, Game • We are teaching and training players both the offensive and defensive aspects of the game. All skills are taught and trained at top speed simulating game situations. • Players are properly grouped by age and skill level and then moved according to their abilities. Player placement by the Czech International Hockey Camp Staff is a key ingredient to each players success. • Daily video, chalk talk, mental conditioning, and team building sessions • Each Camp is accompanied by our Professional goalie program overseen by Director Mike Buckley and his staff The Girls/Women are welcome at our Camp




PROGRAM CAMPS Adult Camps Spring Adult Camp March 28th – April 3rd 2010 Summer Adult Camp August 8th – August 14th 2010

Summer Camps for youth, midget and junior players Players born 1990 – 2004 (Mite – U 8, Squirts 8 – 10, Pee Wee 11 – 12, Bantam 13 – 14, Midget & Junior 15 – 18+) Camp 1 June 27 th – July 3rd Camp 2 July 4th – July 10th Camp 3 July 11th – July 17th Camp 4 July 18th – July 24th Goalie Camp 1 July 4th – July 10th (no age limit) Goalie Camp 1 July 11th – July 17th (no age limit)

Tournaments April 3rd – April 4th – International Women tournament April 17 th – April 18th – International tournament players born 96 June 26th – July 3rd – International TOP tournament players born 96

Team Camps Camp 1 July 11th – July 24th Camp 2 July 25th – August 7 th Camp 3 August 8th – August 21st

WE OFFER INTENSIVE TRAINING AND REGENERATION FOR EVERYBODY WHO WANTS TO IMPROVE! Unforgettable experience! Groups limited to 27 players on the ice Supervised relaxation Campers from all around the world Sport and travel programme for parents 24 hours players supervision

Professionals, tradition, numbers of countries and players, famous participants) Czech International Hockey Camp recommend two weeks We recommend a two week camp offering 55 hours of ice time! This program is designed for players who have their goals set on developing their hockey skills to the maximum. Students attending those camps must be prepared physically and mentally for high intensity training. This program is recommended for players dedicated to hockey excellence.

Goalie Training Camp The Goalie Camp will be direct by Josef Hovora and Jim Craig. Josef has been coaching at Czech international Hockey Camp for 8 years and he has over 31 years of experience operating goalie camps throughout Europe. There is a long tradition of goalie school in Czech and Josef also coached famous goalies such a Dominik Hasek.

Girls/Women camps The Girls/Women are welcome at our Camp. The camp is designed strictly for girls and women of all ages and skill groups. All campers will be grouped accordingly during on-ice training sessions. The Girls/Women Camp will follow the same schedule as the boys.



HOCKEYCAMP’S INNOVATIVE METHODS Training Goalies Special goalie training using modern techniques takes place under the watchful eye of Josef Hovora. Throughout the whole week, goalies get comprehensive training which will help them substantially in the seasons to come. Video technology is used during training on the ice. Players are taped performing in a variety of situations, then the videos are analyzed right on the spot or in the nearby classroom. This provides important feedback so that the goalie can eliminate his weak points. Another tool used is the goalie band. This is a revolutionary new training tool for hockey goalies of all ages and skill levels.It teaches a goalie how to properly position themselves in the goal crease when facing a shooter by “gently reminding them” when they are backing up too far in the crease. By using the Goalie Band in practice situations, goalies become accustomed to setting up at the front of the crease area, thus cutting the angles and giving shooters much less of a target to shoot at.

On-Ice Training Our specialized station regimen challenges you to perfect your fundamentals and then advances you to game-like situations with shooters. Along with Coach Hovora we have 4 additional goalie coaches giving you a 4:1 goalie to coach ratio to maximize your learning experience. • Advanced Game Situations • Over 17 Hours On-Ice per week + Game • Daily Videotaping • AM Session with instructors & Shooters • PM Session with instructors & Shooters • Evening session • Break away competition • Small Group Sizes

Off-Ice Training Our off-ice program includes hand-eye/foot-hand drills to improve reaction time, intense agility, flexibility, balance and endurance training to increase your speed and confidence in the net. • Daily Off-Ice Training • Specialized Training for Goaltenders • Smaller Group Sizes

Classroom In the classroom, coaches will prepare our students in all parts of their game. Our coaches will discuss the mental preparation needed to be successful. Daily video critique will be done in this Smaller class size. Goalies will work and make notes in their weekly handbook. • 5 sessions per week • Daily Personal Video Critique Mental game work and goal setting

Czech Goalies in the NHL To the 2003-04 Season Dominik Hašek, Tomáš Vokoun, Milan Hnilička, Roman Turek, Roman Čechmánek, Martin Prusek. In the 2007-08 Season Hašek, Vokoun, Pavelec Goalies in Farm Teams in the 2007-08 Season

Marek Schwarz, Tomáš Pöpperle, Miroslav Kopřiva. Goalies in Overseas Junior Leagues In the 2007-08 Season Michal Neuvirth, Jakub Kovář The Ever-famous Czech Goalie School Has Long Contributed to the Success of Czech Hockey. In the late 1990’s Czech hockey fans had a lot more goalies to root for. There were six Czech goalies who played regularly in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Besides the ever-present Dominik Hašek and Tomáš Vokoun, the NHL also sported names like Roman Turek and Roman Čechmánek. In addition, there was the often underrated Martin Prusek and Atlanta star Milan Hnilička. Other European countries could only dream of having so many goalies in the action.

Expert Opinion: We asked junior league coach Josef Hovora, trainer of Hašek, Turek, Čechmánek, Hnilička, Salfický and others, for his expert opinion:

"Sure, I could send Tommy to a camp in America, but here he’s getting expert coaching from real professionals in a country that lives and breathes hockey. On top of that, he’s having a great time, and you know what? So am I! This is the European vacation of my dreams!" John Zimmerman

TRAINING METHODS We are using: Modern knowledge of sports training Czech hockey teaching methods and drills Intensive physical and mental training Experienced and licensed coaches with relevant pedagogical education and long-term practice Dramatically improve your hockey skills while being coached by elite Czech Ice Hockey coaches!

PROFESSIONAL CARE On the third day of your week at the camp we want you to relax and enjoy our complimentary trip to Prague, the capital of Czech Republic. Did we mention that we come to pick you up at the airport with our own team shuttle and your trip to Czech Republic will never be without a help or translation from our professional tour guide? Every standard room in ** Hotel offers an accommodation for 2–3 people, bathroom, TV and (4) meals/day to replenish your body after your busy day here in our camp. (Shall we say your camp?)



Training on the ice includes Luděk Bukač’s IMO (Imaginary Model Opponent) method. This consists of placing obstacles on the ice in constantly changing configurations which simulate different opponent situations, pushing the player to develop his performance and technique in all possible conditions. This is quite demanding in terms of strength, skating and maneuverability. Station training is another important component, and involves work in small groups, each led by a different trainer and focusing on a specific skill or set of skills. Typical elements of Czech hockey are also implemented during ice training, including crossing, playing in the corners, open up, passing, and transition of the neutral zone. Non-traditional games and contests have also proven to be a valuable part of the training process. Activities such as ice soccer or ice basketball, using a tennis ball instead of a puck and relay and obstacle course races keep the players’ attention and motivation high.

DRYLAND TRAINING New activities this year included Swiss ball work. Regular, properly executed exercise with this tool improves tone and coordination of the often-neglected core muscles. Modified obstacle courses and circuit training are also important parts of our dryland work. Hockey is a complex game and players have to be able to recognize and respond to multiple stimuli at once. After players master the basic obstacle course or exercise circuit, trainers add further components to help develop coordination and fine motor skills. The result is that by the second week, players are able to run the obstacle course while simultaneously dribbling a basketball and kicking a soccer ball, or do squats on a balance board while following the trainer’s movement. Professionally supervised stretching enables players to reach their full potential. The goal is to teach the players optimal posture and movement techniques. Bad habits, once learned, can be difficult or nearly impossible to unlearn, leading to imbalanced muscle development, excess strain, and eventually to joint and muscle injury. Strength training is carefully supervised and adapted to the player’s age and physical development. This is especially important in the case of younger players in earlier growth phases. Our training programs are designed holistically, taking into account the physical demands of ice training sessions. Proper execution of each exercise, adequate rest and regeneration, and the individual player’s condition are important factors in our program development. Last but not least, stickhandling drills are a favorite component of our training, whether on the ice with a puck or off the ice with a golf ball. Most of our training activities take place in small groups with the guidance of a trainer. Dryland activities are intended to complement ice training, to keep campers active, motivated and excited without wearing them out.

NUTRITION AND DAILY REGIME The goal of sports is improved performance, and diet and nutrition are every bit as important as a well-designed training program. Nutrition plays an important role not only in supplying the energy needed for sport, but also for the material the body needs to handle the high demands on its muscles, joints and nervous system. Balanced high-quality nutrition is one of our priorities. Optimum performance requires optimum nutrition, especially during the intensive training our camp provides. We plan not only the content, but also size and timing of all five daily meals to give players what they need to achieve their goals. In addition, we pay careful attention to adequate hydration (2 to 3 liters of mostly unsweetened liquids daily) because we know that campers come here to train hard, which means they need to drink more.




Forward skating skills Forward start, side start, side stop, Left and right power turn, Left and right cross over, 360-turns, skating balance, Transition forward and backward skating

Game situation and drills 1-0, 2-0, 3-0, 1-1, 2-1, 3-1, 3-2 Offensive and defensive concepts for forwards and defensemen

Backward skating skills Backward start, side stop, left and right cross over, 360 turns, skating balance, Transition backward and forward skating Shooting skills Wrists shot, Backhand shot, Slap shot, Snap shot Passing skills Forehand pass, backhand pass, onetouch pass, saucer pass Puck control skills Stick handling, puck protection, puck driving, puck pulling, puck pushing, finesse face offs, tipping, rebound

Typical elements of Czech hockey Timing, crossing, breaking to open ice, breakout, regrouping, neutral zone transition, cycling in the corners, forechecking, back-checking Power play and short handed situations 5-4, 5-3, 4-3 Game Controlled and instructional scrimmages Matches 2-2, 3-3, 4-4 in the zone Various on-ice placement nets in the zone Hockey with tennis and soccer balls Soccer on the ice System 2-1-2, 2-3 Czech left winger back system

Body Checking Making and receiving a body-check, safe body-checking, offensive and defensive checking strategy



Drills Jogging, hand-eye coordination games, stretching, agility development, stamina, quickness, flexibility, coordination, acrobatics, aerobic

Games Basketball, floorball, street hockey, inline hockey, soccer, baseball, Frisbee, mini-golf, and a variety of other recreational games

Weight room Circuit training, station training, plyometrics, plus modern hockey muscle development techniques

Recuperation and relaxation Swimming, sauna, Jacuzzi, massage, and mandatory rest periods

Classroom Video review, hockey theory, hockey rules, tactics

Mental training Personal responsibility, teambuilding, self-discipline, and motivation

Food Nutrition with a focus on a balanced diet, and proper rehydration

Supervising We guarantee 24-hours of supervision each and every day. Each group will be assigned its own counselor, whose focus is on their players for the whole week. This instructor also provides for basic healthcare of the group.

REST PERIOD, REGENERATION Without question we can say that exercise is key component of health and physical fitness. It is necessary. For top athletes as well as for young players exists border between when they are training and when they are destroying their bodies. It depends on their (or their trainers) responsibility what they are able to do for success. We can’t forget that our health is the most important thing for our being and the effect of bad usage of our bodies comes later. Training session provokes both, an increase in fitness and an increase in fatigue. Training also suppress performance ability. The rest (recovery) period allow for improved performance, because residual fatigue from training fades more rapidely than the residual fitness.

!After the organism’s adaptivity is lost, the further training leads to overtraining! That’s why is regeneration so important. CIH offers their players many opportunities, how to relax after training sessions - swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi or massages. Without this procedures further training does not make a sence. One of the aim of hockeycamp is to teach players to know, that recondition after the whole day spending on ice, athletic trail or soccer field is very important.


We organize tournaments for all ages and skills levels. It is a unique opportunity for a team to compare it‘s qualities on international scale meeting teams from other countries. We often receive inquiries for tournaments from Canadian, Russian, US amateur or sponsored teams. Our typical tournament is based on 4-day schedule providing minimum of 6 games followed by play-offs. All games are watched by 2 Czech Extra League (Czech NHL) referees. In case you like to challenge the “ref‘s” decision from time to time we went ahead and made sure there is nothing to ruin your championship game. The tournament elimination system is similar to IIHF championships with a qualifying round and play-off session followed by the tournament final games including awards for the winning teams. Depending on number of registered teams, we use multiple ice arenas to which we provide transportation by the camp shuttle or by luxury charter bus. All tournament players receive full staff support and 4 meals a day, same as in case of training camps. All games are supported by presence of a medical professional staff member and an interpreter. All accommodation is provided in inviting hotel rooms on the premises of Ice Arena (at each room 2–3 campers) or upon special request and for an additional charge in 5-star hotel Ostrov. More info at: You can easily set your goals and needs for your specific camp. We will prepare a program which will fit to your level of skills and age.




CZECH INTERNATIONAL HOCKEY ADULT CAMP The CIHC Adult Camp is offered to players 18 years of age and older. Players of all skill levels are welcome into our program. We offer three skill groups to choose from: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Each group is limited to 20 skaters and 4 goalies. All adult campers will have the option of up to 5 hours of ice time each day! Each group will receive a 1.5 hours training session in the morning, 1.5 hours training session in the afternoon and 1 hour of „optional ice“ in the evening. The optional ice time is available for private lessons, clinics, skill development and scrimmages every evening. There will be also a dryland and regeneration session each day. Optional recreational activities include swimming, football, golf, tennis and roller hockey. On ice training sessions will emphasize improving individual hockey skills including skating, passing, shooting, stick handling, etc. We will also focus on team play, as all campers will be taught effective offensive attacks, successful defensive strategies and learn from critiqued, video-taped team scrimmages. To learn more about the ADULTS CAMPS:

Adult Camps Did you think that hockey camps are only for kids dreaming about playing in the NHL? We welcome adults of any age and ability to our camp as well, both individually or in whole teams. All you need is a passion for the game, and you can see what it’s like to train under professionals (and maybe even learn something new)! Czech International Hockeycamp organizes three adult camps every year (including a women’s camp). The program is nearly identical to the summer kids’ camp: two ice trainings every day, plus strength training and the necessary regeneration activities (swimming, sauna, jacuzzi), all in a comfortable environment and under the guidance of experienced professionals. If your team needs intensive training, but you don’t know where to go, CIH is waiting to serve you. We can recommend locations with the best facilities, and also organize custom-designed training camps for hockey teams throughout the year. For any given week we can prepare 6-day camps coached by either the team’s own coach with CIH staff’s full support or by CIH’s professional hockey instructors, giving you an opportunity to get a taste of the training methods and tactics that make Czech hockey among the best in the world. The training sessions are designed around your team’s performance level, and includes a mini tournament with 2–3 Czech teams chosen by CIH based on your team’s ability. A lot of teams have taken advantage of this offer, including a team of RAF pilots serving in Iraq, the Sheffield University team, and the Oxford University women’s team, whose captain Georgia Gale Grant took time our for a short interview with our magazine.

ADULT CAMP DAY SCHEDULE 07:00 – 07:30 Wake up 08:00 – 08:30 Breakfast 09:00 – 10:30 On Ice practice 1 11:00 – 12:15 Dryland practice 1 12:30 – 13:00 Lunch 13:00 – 15:00 Recreation (Rest Period) 15:30 – 17:00 On Ice practice 2 17:30 – 18:30 Dryland practice 2 (optional) 19:00 – 19:30 Dinner 20:30 – 21:30 Regeneration (swimming,Jacuzzi, massage)


Check more info at

TRAINING CAMP FOR TEAMS The Czech International Hockey camp organizes custom tailored camps for individual teams that are arriving to Nymburk from all over the world. For any given week we can prepare 6-day camps coached by either the team’s own coach with our staff’s full support or by our own professional hockey instructors. Choosing our coaches gives youth an opportunity to get a taste of European, Czech training methods and tactics that make our hockey one of the best in the world. Come to our camp and learn to think, eat, sleep and live hockey like Jagr or Hasek.

Create your own camp up to your specific needs! We are offering exciting Hockey Tournaments & Vacation Packages of All Ages & Skill Levels. We invite you & your team to an ultimate ‘Hockey Tournament’ of camaraderie. Enjoy the great competition, fine hotels, great arenas & most of all FUN.

TYPICAL TEAM CAMP SCHEDULE 07:00-07:30 Wake up 08:00-08:30 Breakfast 09:00-10:30 Practice on ice 1 11:00-12:15 Dryland 1 12:30-13:00 Lunch 13:00-14:30 Recreation (Rest Period) 15:00-16:30 Practice on ice 2 17:00-18:15 Dryland 2 18:30-19:30 Dinner 20:30-21:30 R egeneration (swimming, Jacuzzi, massage) or Optional Ice 22:00 Lights out

Men & women‘ teams from all over North America & Europe have participated with us in the past. Bring your team & experiencea weekend away!



NYMBURK SPORTS CENTER Nymburk Sports Center ranks among the world’s first-class facilities and is often used by the leading teams of the Czech Republic, as well as Czech and other national teams. Czech hockey teams are no exception, thanks to its excellent facilities, extraordinary service and location close to the ice arena. Even top Russian hockey teams like Avangard Omsk and Lokomotiv Yaroslavl have been known to hold their summer camps here. The facility is located in a beautiful park along the banks of the Labe River on the outskirts of Nymburk. Its location, weather and altitude (186m above sea level) make it an ideal place to train. The center provides indoor and outdoor training facilities for nearly 20 different sports, plus recuperation and rehabilitation services as well as AV technology equipped lecture halls and classrooms. The center also includes a three-star hotel with a number of barrier-free rooms, a restaurant and catering services, lobby bar and sports bar. Sports Center Facilities • Central arena with wooden floor and spectator capacity of 1000 people. • 2 multipurpose arenas with modern TARAFLEX flooring The central and multipurpose arenas are suitable for handball, basketball, volleyball, football tennis, floorball, indoor soccer, floor hockey, hockeyball, korfball, judo, taekwondo, karate, wrestling, table tennis, badminton, etc. • Fitness center: Small powerlifting weightroom, Schnell machines and free weights. Large conditioning training room, Green machines and free weights. Training room with Technogym machines, spinning bikes • Relaxation and regeneration facilities: Swimming pool (25 x10x1,5m), 4 lanes, 2 saunas and 2 tanning beds Jacuzzi for approximately 15 people Whirlpool for approximately 6 people Hydromassage tub and 3 hydromassage footbaths • Track and Field Facilities Outdoor: Fully equipped track and field stadium with a 400m tartan track Indoor: Covered 135m tartan tunnel, 4 tracks, facilities for long jump, pole vault and shotput. • Tennis Facilities 5 clay courts, 2 grass courts, 3 asphalt courts, training wall, clubhouse, refreshments • Soccer Facilities 3 grass fields, 1 hi-tech artificial turf field, movable goals for regulation or small field play • Volleyball Facilities 3 clay courts, 2 sand courts, 2 grass courts Other services available by prior agreement • 24 hour hotel reception desk with souvenir, snack and drink sales • WiFi network in the entrance hall, Internet center at reception • Sports equipment rental (bicycles, tennis rackets, balls, etc.) • Lobby Bar with hot and cold drinks. • Recreation center with pool/billiard table, darts, foosball and table tennis • Minigolf course (summer only)

SPORT FACILITIES Czech International Hockey Camp is located in beautiful Bohemian town - Nymburk. The city has a population of 15,000 and rich historical tradition. Nymburk is situated 40 km (25 miles) east of Prague, and just 8 km (5 miles) north of famous spa Podebrady. The sport center in Nymburk is one of the best in Czech Republic. This facility serves as a training ground for best Czech athletes and national teams, including the Czech National Hockey Team. Every athletic and training requirement for these competitors is met at the Nymburk Sport Center. You will use or have access to an Olympic-sized ice arena, running trail, gym, indoor tennis courts, outdoor tennis courts, basketball hall, 25 meter indoor swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, massage facility and a pro shop, as well as hotel-class lodging. This sport center offers great conditions for sport camps.

ACCOMMODATION Ice Arena Camp Hotel*** 2–4 beds per room, bathroom, TV This new hotel is situated next to Ice arena. Players can use gym, outside soccer field and basketball playground. It is located near the city center or hospital (5 minutes by foot). There are 2 restaurants in the Ice Arena and parents can stay warm and enjoy a coffee or meal as they watch their player from the observation window. You can keep the people back home up to date with how well your player is doing with one of the internet access points.

Sport Center Camp Hotel*** 2–3 beds per room, bathroom, TV Players will stay in a sport complex near river, in a beautiful countryside. This complex offers a big dinning room, swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, fitness and gym and adjacent tennis courts, volleyball and beach volleyball courts, soccer fields, running track and minigolf. Sport Center is reachable from the Nymburk center by walk – about 10 minutes, from Hotel Ostrov – about 5 minutes and from Ice arena and Camp office – 20 minutes. Transportation to ice sessions is arranged by camp bus.

Hotel Ostrov**** - Hotel for parents 2 beds per room, 2 apartments, bathroom, TV Hotel is located by the Labe river in the middle of the City Park. It is a very quiet and nice place. Parents can enjoy the hotel garden or a comfortable lobby, play bowling, billiard, use sauna or jacuzzi. All sport facilities for parents are reachable from the Sport Center (5 minutes by walk). The city center is also very close (5 minutes). Ice arena and Camp office are about 15 minutes walk from the hotel.


SPORT AND RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES FOR PARENTS AND FAMILY MEMBERS Parents and family members are more than welcome to attend! We have prepared Sport and Recreational activities and travel program for you! Parents can use all sport facilities in the Sport Center – tennis courts, fitness, swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, massages. Parents can take on skates and visit optional ice sessions with their children in evenings. After the whole day you can have a drink playing billiard or bowling in Hotel Ostrov.

Sightseeing Tours We offer optional tours to interesting places in the Czech Republic. These tours are provided by air-conditioned bus and with an English speaking guide.

Additional opportunities and services There is so much more activities we are able to arrange. Our office staff is here for you! You can play golf at an 18-hole course in Podebrady (8 km from Nymburk), ride a horse or rent a car for traveling by yourself. We can order tickets to Prague opera or theatres, arrange spa procedures in Podebrady, find the best connection, if you travel by train, change your flight reservation. We can arrange a 2-day trip to Vienna, Salzburg, Munich, Brno, Linz, Berlin or other European cities at your own request.

MOM & DAD PROGRAMS Mom and dads are invited to bring their skates, as we invite you to join our staff and your son/daughter in all of the camp activities. It is a great way to enjoy a father/son or mother/daughter get away.


CZECH REPUBLIC Situated in central Europe and surrounded on all sides by other countries, the Czech Republic lies on the northern side of Austria, the south-eastern side of Germany and directly south of Poland. The Czech Republic is also bordered by the easterly country of Slovakia, with the city of Brno being reasonably close by. Prague is without doubt the most famous city in the Czech Republic and is also the capital. Known locally in Czech as Praha, the city of Prague is centred around the River Vltava, in the historical region of Bohemia. Following the end of the Cold War in the early 1990s, Prague has enjoyed a period of immense popularity, becoming one of the premier tourist destinations in the whole of Europe and putting the Czech Republic firmly on the tourism map. Prague is renowned for its well-preserved architecture, much of which can be found around the Old Town (Staré Mesto). Nearby, Prague Castle is an especially famous sight and is actually the largest castle in existence. For a country that’s only been around since 1993, the Czech Republic does a fine job of showcasing an exciting history. Here the past becomes real. Castles and chateaux abound, illuminating the stories of powerful families and individuals whose influence was felt well beyond the nation’s current borders. Unravel the history of Bohemia and Moravia, the two ancient lands that now make up the modern Czech Republic and you’re unearthing the history of Europe itself. And when you’ve had your fill of the past, return to Prague, one of the world’s most beautiful and cultured cities, and one of the most exciting with a dynamic music and arts scene. Down the world’s best beer in the brewery towns of Plzeň and České Budějovice, and discover the laid-back backpacker scenes in Český Krumlov and Telč. Everywhere you go, you’ll meet a forthright people, proud of their heritage, but now confidently taking their place in a modern, united Europe.



KUTNA HORA Kutna Hora, located in Central Bohemian Region, is ancient city with a historic centre UNESCO listed and represents a unique ensemble of more than three hundreds medieval and Baroque buildings. The most famous monument in the city is the Cathedral of Saint Barbara – patron saint of miners. Other important sights include Cemetery Church of All Saints with Ossuary, Monastic Church of the Assumption of Our Lady and Bohemian Museum of Silver. On the way back to Nymburk there is an visit to chateau of Kacina, the largest classicist building in Bohemia.

PRAGUE One of our most popular trips will take you to the heart of Europe. According to a state list there are 2021 architectural monuments, some of them you will manage to see: Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Old Jewish Cemetery, the Old Town Hall with astronomical clock and Wenceslas Square. Visit an opera, try some of the old Czech pubs or just go shopping.

THE CASTLE OF KRIVOKLAT Among many marvellous historical monuments in Czech Republic, there is the Castle of Krivoklat. Founded 1230 and completed in the reign of Premysl Otakar II. At the turn of the 19/20th century the Furstenberk family carried out major reconstruction of the building and in 1929 sold it to the state. With its greatest artistic and historical value, Krivoklat is one of the most important monuments in the CR.

Have the best hockey summer in Europe!

SIGN IT NOW! Correspondence and office address: Street: Rybna 13 Postal Code: 110 00 City: Prague 1 Country: The Czech Republic Phone: +420 382 210 884 Cell phone: +420 603 422 558 Fax: +420 382 221 047 Email:



INTERVIEW WITH THE HEAD COACH OF THE CZECH INTERNATIONAL HOCKEY CAMP Nearly every hockey camp is unique in some way, whether in its location, atmosphere or program. We went for a look behind the scenes with the co-founder of the Czech Republic’s best and most successful hockey camp, Lukáš Tramba (37).

In a nutshell, give us a description of your camp. We came up with the idea of doing a summer hockey camp about eleven years ago. Things moved quickly, and after weighing the pros and cons we decided to go for it. Now we are getting ready for our 11th year, and I think we’re doing a pretty good job, since interest in our camp has been growing every year. Regardless of individual players’ performance, we try to offer each camper the best training environment and professional approach 24 hours a day. We’re an international camp where kids from all over the world train together. Here they can not only improve their playing abilities, but also have a great time, make new friends and learn to live together with people from other countries.

What were the beginnings like, and what has changed since you started? When we were starting we were more like a little family business, 5 trainers and no more than 50 kids. At the time we had no idea that we would someday have ten times that many. There have been changes in our training process as well. When we were starting, each group had 2 hours on the ice in the morning, 2 hours in the afternoon, and open ice in the evening. It was way too much. After a couple years we switched to a system where the first training, focused on skill development, is 90 minutes, and the second training, focused on playing, is only 75 minutes. We kept our Open Ice time in the evening because we’ve had positive experiences with it—players can practice what they learned during the day or skate with their parents.

Where do you train, and how do you take care of the players? We’ve been in Nymburk from the very beginning. It’s a smaller city close to Prague where we have absolutely perfect training conditions. Both the ice arena and the sports center next door have been really good to us. We have access to everything they offer, including massage and regeneration facilities. The players stay either in the hotel next to the ice arena, or at the sports center. They get 5 meals a day.

How are the players divided into groups? We divide the players into groups based on their age. At the moment we have four age groups and a special group for goalies. Each group has four trainers and one counselor who is responsible for the group when they’re not training.

Since you mentioned the trainers, who are they? Every group is led by an experienced, respected trainer. Goalies are trained by Josef Hovora, a big name and former national team player. Our dryland trainer is Leoš Minář, who works with the NHL and the top Czech league as a consultant. I should also mention Jakub Petr, who trains the Czech junior national team. Most of our trainers have the highest achievable licensing and are graduates of the Sports and Physical Education department of Charles University.

Are you preparing anything new for next year? Because of increasing demand, we are planning to expand our program to four weeks this year. As far as the program is concerned, it will be more or less the same. After our experiment with artificial ice last year, we may introduce a few innovations into our training procedures.


We would like to thank you for a great camp in Nymburk. Daniel really enjoyed the training camp and especially the coaches who helped him with the stick handling and shooting. We wanted to give him the opportunity to go to the hockey school in the Czech Republic to improve his skills because we believed he had potential to be a top ranked player in his hockey club in Sweden. The Camp was a big success for him. He is now a high ranked player in the J20 team (players born 83) and the team members are amazed about Daniels improvement in speed and especially shooting goals. He couldn’t have done it without your help. See you next year again. Thanks... Nayef, Liselott and Daniel from Sweden We had a wonderful time! The coaches were exceptional and the staff took great care of us. Our son is a much better goalie now than he was a week ago. We hope to see you next year! Susan and Bob Landstrom - Georgia, USA Just to let you know that you and all the others are providing a wonderful service to our kids. Our son, Alexander Cloud-Russell loved the camp, was able to stay two weeks (thanks) and wants three weeks next year. Mary Russell and I really enjoyed Nymburk and Prague and the surrounding area. We thank everybody involved -- David, Lucas, Hannah, Bernie, the Czech coach who worked with Bernie to lead the older kids (why am I not recalling his name?), all the assistants and guides especially Alena and Michelle, just everybody. YOU are at the top of the list for our gratitude. We found the Ostrov and staff their to be just great. And we just love the Czech Republic, the people, the countryside, the history, the architectural beauty, everything. Have a great year and I hope you will be there next year and that you will accept us. Bill Cloud, Mary Russell, Alexander - New Mexico, USA Would just like to say Thank You for the effort and the coaching that you gave to Callum Queenan whom attended you camp on July 15th 2007, this was the first time Callum had been away from home, and he has done nothing but talk about it, he is so looking forward to next year, where he wants to come for 2weeks. The coaches were really kind and made him feel right at home. I look forward to seeing you again next year. Thank You Again. Vicky Queenan The third week of camp is coming to a close. I will celebrate Saturday night with you, but with me in New Mexico. To me, you, other Camp leadership and the staff remain heros. The work you do is wonderful even if David did say to me that “it just happens.” Actually, it “ just happens” because so many talented people work so hard to make it happen. Thank you. Again, the experience with you has been wonderous, glorious, happy. The boys left Nymburk but already looking forward to next year when they will be 16. As for Chico’s Dad, the Czech Republic, the Czech people, Nymburk, the Ostrov and the Czech International Hockey Camp represent the best experiences of my adult life. Next year, you must assign somebody to watch me at all times. Chico’s Proud Dad, Bill Cloud Dear Petra, We are back in Qatar, working again etc. I just want to thank you again for all your effort and assistance at the hockey camp. Peter and Henry really enjoyed the camp. They already plan to go back next year for 3 weeks! Regards Deborah



Name: Mauro Jörg Date of Birth: 29. 04. 1990 Age: 19 Club: HC Lugano (Switzerland) Position: Winger Email:

1. How is your hockey season currently going? Mauro Jörg: It’s going pretty good. I didn’t think that I’ll play so much, so I’m contented. Voog Ann-Kathrin: she is good. I had a lot of games (25) in different teams. Arthur Raevsky: I think that good, but when I came to Shattuck I had a few problems first time because of mixing Russian hockey and US hockey. Lenka Craigova: I’m having a very successful hockey season this year. 2. W  hat league do you play in and where? Mauro Jörg: I play in the National League A in Switzerland for Lugano. Voog Ann-Kathrin: U 15 Boys SC Riessersee (First Bavarian League), U 13 Boys SC Riessersee (First Register Group Bavaria), Women´s Team SC Riessersee (Germany Women´s 1. Bundesliga) Arthur Raevsky: I play in USA hockey and it’s the student league. Lenka Craigova: I play in the Boys’ Prague League (8th Grade) and in the Czech National Women’s League. 3. What place is your team in, in your league? Mauro Jörg: We’re 7 th. Voog Ann-Kathrin: U 15 Boys SC Riessersee (Place 1), U 13 Boys SC Riessersee (Place 3), Women´s Team SC Riessersee (Place 4) Arthur Raevsky: 1st or 2nd place. We don’t know right now because we have the same score in points. Lenka Craigova: My boys’ team is in 7th place and my women’s team is in 2nd place for the Czech Republic. 4. Do you feel like team leader? What is your goal in hockey? NHL? National Team? Mauro Jörg: No, I don’t feel like a team leader. I play usually in the 3rd or 4th line. My Target is to make a good career in Switzerland and to be a Team Leader in a good club. Voog Ann-Kathrin: Yes, I am a leader in all teams i play. Playin at Germany´s Women National a Team and with boys at the Highest Name: Voog Ann-Kathrin Boys League (DNL) in Germany. Date of birth: 03. 06. 1995 Arthur Raevsky: Yes. In my country I was leader in our teams for a Age: 14 long time. But now I am not because I am only 1st year here and I Club: SC Riessersee need to learn a lot about US hockey, because it is really different. Team: U 15 und U13 Boys und My target in hockey is NHL. When I started to play hockey I was Women Team only 4 years old. And my dream was NHL. Ofcourse I want to play Position: Defender and show my skills in the national team. But my main target right now is NHL. Email: Lenka Craigova: My goals in hockey are to play Division 1 university in North America and to play for the Czech Women Team in the Olympics. 5. Are you currently on a select hockey team or national team? If yes, are you preparing with this team for some tournament or exhibition matches? Mauro Jörg: Yes, I’m in the U-20 National Team from Switzerland. Yes, we prepare for the U-20 Championsship in Saskatoon in Decembre/January. Voog Ann-Kathrin: U 15 Women`s National Team Germany, Next Tournament with U 15 Women´s Team At February 2010 in Füssen/ Germany with Czech Republic, Switzerland and Austria. Arthur Raevsky: We don’t have any nationals teams for my years yet . But probably we will have this year . But before I came to US, the second main club(90,91,92) team wants me in their team. Lenka Craigova: I play for the Czech U18 Women’s National Team. We have a couple camps together throughout the year where we practice together and play some scrimmages. In October we went to Germany for some games against the German National Team. In December, we’re going to Austria for a Four-Nation’s Tournament.

6. D  o you have any experience with international matches? Mauro Jörg: Yes, I played for the U-16 – U-20 National Team. Voog Ann-Kathrin: Yes, 5 Games With The U 15 Women´s Team Name: Arthur Raevsky Against Austria 3 And Czech Republic, 2 Games in Dresden Germany Date of birth: 06. 03. 1994 at November 2009 (We lost the Games 1:4 and 1:10 But I Shot 1 Age: 15 Goal And was at the second games The Best Player Of My Team). Club: Shattuck St. Mary’s School Arthur Raevsky: Of course I have. During my hockey career i played Team: U-16 AAA in a lot of international games and I play now too.It’s so good Position: Right Forward feelings when you play in such a big tournament for example in Canada. I start communicate and its really good for me. Also you Email: can increase your other languages. Lenka Craigova: I played against the German U18 Women’s Team last October. I will play in the U18 World Championship is March in Chicago. In 2008 I was on Team Alaska for the Arctic Winter Games. 7. H  ow did you prepare for this season? Did you have some special summer training? Mauro Jörg: We had summer training with the team and also some weeks individualy. Voog Ann-Kathrin: From May to July every year 5 days at the week with the boys team athletic and power. At July every year since 2007 Czech Hockey Camp. Arthur Raevsky: Of course I have! First of all the main camp is in June. CINC. Second one is in US. Lenka Craigova: I spent three weeks at Czech International Hockey Camp. I also had a strength and conditioning camp with my Kladno women’s team and a training camp with the Women’s National Team. 8. Y  ou were in CIHC last summer. What did you like the most during your time at camp? Mauro Jörg: No, I wasn’t there last summer. The last time I was in the season 2007/08. I liked the practises on the ice. They was very varied. Voog Ann-Kathrin: Yes. I Like The Complete CIHC. On And Of Ice Training, The Coaches And Staff. The Camp Was Always Very Great. Arthur Raevsky: Most of all I like the practice process and coaches. Also the point of such camp that work 2 ice practices and 2 drylands every day. In summer not so much camps have so much and very good practices. Lenka Craigova: What I liked most about camp was developing new international relationships with other players. At first all the other players seem different and intimidating because of their cultural background, but then once we start spending so much time together we become really close. Everybody starts working together and pushing each other to do and be better – just like a team. 9. Have you made any new friends from another country at CIHC? Mauro Jörg: Yes, I made some new friends from other countires. With some of them I’m still in contact. Voog Ann-Kathrin: Oh Yes. Many New Friends From All Of The World. That´s Great. How many times have you been in Czech International Hockey Camp? Since 2007 (And 2010 Again) Arthur Raevsky: Of course!!! Because in such kind of camp it’s a lot of guys from all over the world. Name: Lenka Craigova Lenka Craigova: I’ve made a lot of friends from CIHC and Date of birth: 02. 24. 1994 I’m still in close contact with almost all of them. It’s always exciting to come to camp knowing that you’ll get to see your Age: 15 buddies from the previous year. Club: HC Kladno 10. How many times have you been to Czech International Team: Kladno Senior Women’s, PZ Hockey Camp? Kladno Bantams Mauro Jörg: I’ve been there 3 times. Position: Goalie Voog Ann-Kathrin: Since 2007 (and 2010 again). Email: Arthur Raevsky: I think that 7 times. Lenka Craigova: I’ve been to camp three years in a row. 11. H  ow old were you when you came first time to CIHC? Mauro Jörg: I was 15 years old. Voog Ann-Kathrin: 12 Years. Arthur Raevsky: I was 8 years old. Lenka Craigova: I was 13 years-old when I first came.




Practice and learn an intensive type of HOCKEY game, under the professional supervision of experienced trainers. We allow a maximum number of 27 players on the ice, so the training sessions are as intensive and non-stop as you can imagine and manage. It’s not going to be that easy-but you will feel the results through self-improvement, and self-satisfaction almost immediately! We believe this to be the best personal reward we can offer you! Even if you train hard, you will still have FUN! There is no other game which should be played just for the feeling of power and lead the team to victory, you have to enjoy it, be excited, play with your heart-mind-soul, know and/or try to get to know both the competitor and your team... for those with the heart of an athlete - this should be all about FUN... but to make it as much about FUN means an important personal challenge and always learning! Your BODY has many different needs! That’s why there is detailed attention devoted to overall body development - such as dry land training, biking, swimming, etc. As well as relaxation through such activities as; sauna, massages, games, etc. Everything is administered with the assistance and guidance of our professional trainers and instructors at one of the best training centers available to Czech athletes. Your MIND has many different needs as well! The camp offers a great opportunity to meet hockey enthusiasts from all over the world. They will become your training partners. As well as your teammates and competitors during the games. You will hopefully remain good friends for the rest of your life. As you are exposed to the different cultures of the coaches and players, you will gain an understanding of sport and life from other countries and regions of the world. This will help you to grow socially, as you are exposed to different life prospective. The camp location is the Czech Republic! It is not only a country with an excellent hockey tradition, boasting the most NHL hockey players from any European country, which is amazing considering the country’s relatively small population, but also one of the most beautiful and popular historical sites in the world. Throughout the entire country, you will be dazzled by the majestic countryside, castles, cities and quant towns. The town of Nymburk is no exception and offers many opportunities. For those interested, we can arrange trips to historical and cultural sites. These tours will amaze you and please your mind, soul and eyes!


Our camp cooperates with many famous hockey players - autograph session and discussion about his career - Patrick Elias - NJ Devil’s Captain PATRIK ELIÁŠ Personal information Date of Birth: April 13, 1976 Place of Birth: Třebíč, Czechoslovakia Nationality: Czech Height: 185 cm Weight: 89 kg Nickname: „Eli“ Team Information Current Team: New Jersey Devils Number: 26 Position: levé křídlo Previous Teams: H  C Rabat Kladno (1992/1995) Albany River Rats (1995/1996) New Jersey Devils (1995/2000) HC Moeller Pardubice (1999/2000) New Jersey Devils (2000/2004) HC Znojemští Orli (2004/2005) Metallurg Magnitogorsk (2004/2005) NHL Draft: 1994 (51st) by the New Jersey Devils Maybe PATRIK ELIÁŠ was born with skates on his feet and a hockey stick in his hand. In any case, his impressive NHL career and personal statistics prove that he was born with talent and everything else that an outstanding hockey player needs to succeed. His coaches and teammates value him for his exceptional abilities both on the ice and in the locker room.

In the Beginning… Patrik was born in Třebič, He started to play hockey for Elitex, the local team, when he was just 5 years old. He was accepted into the renowned Kladno hockey school, which also produced the likes of Jaromír Jagr and Martin Procházka, and whose emphasis on skating skills is evident in his playing even today. He worked his way up through the ranks of the Poldi Kladno junior teams, making his debut with Kladno’s A team at the age of 17. His first season with the team was also his last, as his brilliant playing attracted the attention of the New Jersey Devils.

Vstup do NHL His first engagement overseas was in the AHL, where he played for the Albany River Rats. In two seasons he managed to rack up 130 points (51 goals and 79 assists) in 131 games. On the advice of Bobby Holík he started to eat pasta and raw meat, putting on 18 kg (40 lbs.) of muscle mass. He now weighed 90 kg (198 lbs.), enough to step up to the highest hockey league in the world. His NHL dream began to come true at the end of the 1995–96 season, although he played only one game. In the next season he played 17, but was still on the farm. His big chance finally came during playoffs when Dave Andreychuk was injured and Eliáš was called to replace him. Still relatively unknown to American fans, the young Czech took off like a rocket after his dreams, chalking up two goals and three assists in eight games. It was suddenly clear that the coaches couldn’t send that kind of player back to the farm.


Eliáš, Sýkora, Eliáš, gooaal! Devils fans in the stands and in front of television sets heard this countless times as the 1990’s drew to a close. The two young Czech offensive players took on more and more responsibility for their team, and in the 1998–99 season they became key members of their club. Trainer Robbie Ftorek teamed them up with seasoned center Jason Arnott, a combination that immediately proved to be the most fearsome offense in the NHL. If the trainers hadn’t waited till mid-season to put them together, Eliáš could have had more than 50 points. By that time it was already clear that Eliáš was destined for a brilliant career in the NHL. Negotiating for a better contract with manager Lamoriell kept him out of training camp the next season, and with his teammate Morrison he played a few games for Pardubice and Třebíč in the Czech Republic. But a new contract quickly brought him back to New Jersey and into the league’s offense elite, scoring goals in 15 consecutive matches, a feat matched only by Jágr, Sakic and Turgeon. That season, he was the team’s highest-scoring player, nearly made it into the NHL’s top 20 scorers, was nominated to the All Star Game, and at 22nd place, the third-highest scoring Czech, behind only Jágr and Hejduk. The Devils made it to the playoff finals, defeating Dallas to take home the Stanley Cup, which now bore two more Czech names. The next season only confirmed his star status, as Czech players took three of the top six places in the NHL rankings, Eliáš finishing 3rd. New Jersey made it to the finals again, playing the Colorado Avalanche and pushing the playoffs into a seventh game, which they finally lost 3:1. In the off-season Eliáš put on a match featuring a number of Czech hockey stars to benefit his friend and former teammate Tomáš Zelenka, paralyzed from the waist down in a tragic hockey accident. Captain of the Devils During the 2001–02 season both Arnott and Sýkora left the Devils, leaving Eliáš to handle the responsibility for the team’s offense on his own. The Czech loss to the Russians in the quarterfinals of the Olympic Games that year, combined with the new defense-centered strategy of coach Pat Burns did nothing to improve his mood. In spite of that, he led his team’s offense in critical moments to take New Jersey to the playoffs, where after a shaky start, they again pushed the final into seven matches, eventually winning against Anaheim. The next season saw Eliáš in a new offensive combination with Scott Gomez and Brian Gionta, dubbed the GGE formation. This led to his placing in the NHL’s top 10 with 38 goals and 43 assists. One season later, his eleventh with New Jersey, the team recognized his extraordinary talent and devotion to his club by making him captain. Shrugging off the ever-increasing interest of the media, he became the team’s most productive player with 69 goals, taking them to victory in the Atlantic division. NHL statistics that year listed him as the best left wing after Ovechkin. In August of 2006 Eliáš stepped up his efforts for UNICEF by becoming a goodwill ambassador, supporting their Third-world vaccination programs with the proceeds from sports and entertainment events, as well as an Internet auction of memorabilia from his years with the New Jersey Devils.

INTERVIEW WITH PATRIK ELIÁŠ Do you have some pre-game or post-game ritual? Certainly everyone has some kind of ritual, like they do the same things all day before the game, eat the same things, put on the same equipment, stretch the same way during warmups. It’s pretty similar with me too. Do you celebrate wins after the game a lot? Do they celebrate more in Znojmo or in the NHL? We don’t celebrate wins too much either in the Premiere League or in the NHL. In the NHL there are too many games, so there isn’t even time. There’s only one win you can celebrate, and that’s when you are holding the cup over your head after the finals.

What’s it like to have the Stanley Cup in your hands? Having the Stanley Cup in your hands is great. There’s a lot of hard work behind it, and you have a great feeling from achieving the highest goal in hockey, and the feeling is satisfying and really wonderful.

What NHL team would you like to play for in the future? I’d like to finish my career in New Jersey. If you were with the New Jersey Devils on a desert island and you didn’t have anything else to eat, who would you eat first and why? That’s a funny question. There’s a couple of guys who take vitamins and different supplements, so one of the guys who eat health food, because they would make a good meal and a little would go a long way :-)

After your career ends do you plan to come back to the Czech Republic, or will you stay overseas? I’m sorry that I might disappoint you, but you have to look to the future, and we’ll see how everything works out. I think it’s probably more realistic that I would stay in the States. But your life can change from day to day. Last question. What soccer team do you root for? I like the game, and I like Barcelona’s performance. I also enjoy watching almost all the games of the English league.

“You’re coming from where” Aahh! The excitement of arriving at camp. Getting to your hotel room, and meeting new friends. Who is my coach is the second most asked question as the youngsters are full of enthusiasm and excitement at their new surroundings. Where’s the hockey arena? When do I eat? Can you look after my money? When do I get my new Czech International Hockey camp jersey? The questions come fast and furious. The excitement mounts as each player checks into their room. The coaches are introduced to each parent and player and then taken to the locker rooms to unload a heavy, smelly equipment. And now comes the most asked question at the Czech International Hockey camp, “Where are you coming from”? And then, “where is that”? The first days of camp are all about making new friends, learning from top notch coaches, settling into comfortable accommodations and eating a regular meal between exciting and modern training methods. The days are full, the trainings are interesting and challenging, but the new friendships developed from all over the world are key in moulding the chemistry that makes this hockey camp so successful. Watching the players and parents from over 32 nations come together in Nymburk, the Czech Republic is clearly the phenomena that so many camps globally wish to emulate. From Mites through the Squirts, Pee Wees, and on into the Bantam/Midget categories, the camaraderie developed and maintained is part of the reason why the Czech International Hockey camp boasts such a high return rate amongst the players. It is also part of the reason why the players are quick to learn and motivate each other through innovative and modern training methods which are unique to them and their individual hockey backgrounds. It doesn’t matter if you are from Russia, the United States of America, Norway, Germany, and yes even Australia, Korea, Canada or even Qatar and Singapore, the spirit of the camp is the challenge of learning each day with new friends from assorted hockey countries. The hockey community is quick to act and support each other at every opportunity. But come see why at the Czech International Camp, how parents, coaches, administrators, maintenance workers, medical personnel, translators and yes, even the bus drivers all pull together and step up to offer many layers of support, understanding, and communication to all the participants involved ensuring a maximum learning environment filled with fun, knowledge, skill development, safety, supervision, and a life experience never to be forgotten. One of the core messages that the owners of the camp work daily at developing, and pass on to all the coaches and translators is that this is an opportunity for the youth to experience life skills as well as hockey skills. The message is always to help try to develop communication skills, teamwork, problem solving, and most importantly help with the development of each and every players self esteem. The dryland training, on ice training, relaxation training and healthy meals are all a form of teaching healthier lifestyles and balanced nutrition. To hear the echo of children’s voices echoing off the roof of the arena during well prepared practice sessions, scrambling to head to the meal hall, laughing with delight as they prepare for dryland fun and games, and the shriek of laughter in the pool at the end of a long day only re enforces the plan and methods of the Czech International Hockey camp, proper preparation prevents poor performance. However, the key ingredient is the player. Having players from all around the world stimulates performance and helps maintain high motivation levels for learning and developing. Clearly hockey development is the key, the hub of the camp, but teaching positive attitudes, self control, handling stress, being self confident with good coping skills, and learning to enhance their own personal skills on the ice make for a more mentally mature and strong athlete, focused on a team back ground while consciously becoming a better leader through self discipline. The Czech International Hockey Camp, or should we say hockey Community, strives to provide the most modern, innovative and enthusiastic, intelligent hockey environment possible. Come join us! As one parent commented to the Camp ownership in the summer of 2007, “its mind-boggling” how everyone bands together from all over the world and learns and cooperates together for the benefit of all the athletes. That is the mission of the Czech International Camp the owners answer. Whether you are an individual or a family coming for a holiday, the hockey community at the camp pulls together to make everyone feel welcome and whether you are on the ice or not, it’s a learning experience. It’s all about keeping the kids on the ice.

Simply unforgettable There is a place in the Czech Republic reserved for children. From the youngsters to the teenagers, there is a place where the youth gather each summer to celebrate a game, their friendship, their dreams; a place reserved just for fun and learning from the best. A place to lace up your skates, tape up your stick, pull that chin strap tight. This place is for dreams and hopes and where legends are made and skate amongst the players. Nestled in the historic village of Nymburk in the Czech Republic comes the most advanced hockey camp of its kind. The Czech International Hockey camp gives those dreams and hopes a foundation to flourish and grow. There is only one interesting twist. The camp boasts the most advanced training methods touted by international and Czech selected hockey coaches with the highest calibre of training and technical teaching methods. This town, arena, camp is a place where dreams do come true and we help make it happen for the youth of the world. From the moment the players arrive at camp, youngsters from all over the globe are thrust together in an environment of learning,


innovation, growth and development. The Czech International hockey camp has day long supervised programs for young athletes who are preparing for a season of challenges and excitement. At the camp, only the finest coaches strive daily to enhance skill development on the ice, balance, coordination, and agility off the ice while thriving in an environment of maintenance of the body and mind. Highly trained physical educators spend endless hours conditioning the body of the young players, using modern and proven fitness models to develop muscle memory, enhance muscle development, coordination drills, balance and agility routines so that each athlete can take what they’ve learned from the sports field onto the ice. What started out as a small hockey camp on the banks of the river of this small community has flourished in the envy of the hockey world. Some kids say that it is the best camp they’ve ever been too. Parents say it is the finest experience they’ve ever had. Coaches are thrilled with the technical training and Czech method of coaching and instruction. Now as the Czech International Hockey camp heads into 2008, the advanced training and modern use of technology has many return athletes who come back not just for the hockey but also for the friends. Originally kids from Germany, Russia and a few local European countries trickled into Nymburk to explore this new hockey camp. Now a stampede of interest from a vast global community has created an atmosphere of passion for the Camp. Hundreds if not thousands of players have attended the camp for daily and weekly sessions involving skating, hockey skills and most of all having fun. That’s what kids do and that’s why they keep coming back. All players, parents and fans of hockey dream of what can be and the possibilities that come with that. The Czech International Hockey camp is making those dreams a reality for the kids. With the likes of famous coaches like Josef Horova who is the Head Coach of the Goalie Camp to the camps Head Instructor Lucas Trambova the infectious nature of their teaching strategy rubs off on every coach, instructor and participant at camp. “In Pursuit of Excellence” could be the camps motto as these two outstanding internationally recognized coaches push the envelope of greatness. For many of the children coming to camp, it’s their first time away from home, they are young and don’t speak the official camp language, English, or are easily intimidated by the excellence of the training and program around them. Fear not. From the office staff to the coaching staff, all players are given hours of individual instruction and are supervised 24 hours a day by a crew of finely trained individuals. Parents can send their child to camp and from the moment they arrive in the Czech Republic until the moment they leave for home every second is accounted for. Better yet, come to our hockey village and visit us and stay and watch your child’s dream come true through his daily schedule, or why not let us arrange a tour of a castle, take a bike tour, visit historic Prague and a multitude of wondrous sites of this ancient land. Come join us. For many hockey followers, to stand along the corridor leading on and off the ice to the locker rooms and seeing all the happy faces coming and going on a regular schedule, full of life, lots of energy, speaking a language that few know and many wish they could. Happy talk, or is that hockey talk? A ten year old boy from Belarus conversing with an American boy from California; a Norwegian girl making friends with a girl her age from Spain. Yes, they are nervous and anxious to speak, but when they don the equipment of the hockey warrior it is all one language and all players and coaches come together to make the camp a dream come true. This is the home of the Czech National training center where all National team athletes do their pre Olympic and World event training including the legendary Czech National Hockey team. The facilities boast an international ice surface, spacious locker rooms, sport fields, pools, courts for a variety of racquet sports, dormitories and eating halls, meeting rooms and state of the art fitness facilities. Would we offer you anything less? Hockey is a big part of all the participants’ life and their families. Our dream back to you is to facilitate that desire and passion for the game and teach the athletes about this unbelievable game and nourish achievement. When you leave our camp as a participant or as a visitor, the memories that you take are life-long, and deep rooted. As a player, the friendships, the level of success you attained as a hockey player and the memories are SIMPLY UNFORGETTABLE.

“It’s all about preparation” The time is fast approaching, summer is coming, spring is already here, and hockey is just around the corner. Hockey? Yes, you forgot? Your child is coming to the Czech International Hockey camp this summer and it’s time to prepare. You have a puck bucket full of questions and need some answers. Our job at the hockey school is to facilitate your requests and needs as best we can with the best interest of the athlete at heart. Mom and dad, relax, we’ve got it covered for you. From pick up at the airport or a drop off via vehicles right at our front door, the mandate of our camp is to accommodate, understand, supervise and most importantly, show the way. Our hockey camp is no stranger to requests and a multitude of foreign visitors. We prepare for every contingency and plan our camp so that your child has maximum exposure to top level hockey and training as well as a safe and friendly environment to learn and grow in. The Czech International Hockey Camp is a top level hockey camp designed for the aspiring hockey star to sharpen their skills, learn new skills, and to get in physical and mental shape for the upcoming season. But, also, our camp is designed for the novice youngster looking to get a jump start on their hockey development and improve their skating, puck handling, shooting and checking skills while establishing a solid base of fitness and body growth. Most of the players spend an intensive day of two workouts a day on the ice, two workouts a day dryland training, some relaxation training, a classroom session, throw in three meals and a rest period and it’s a full complement of activities. No player is exposed to anything but top notch coaches that are at the camp to mould and develop athletes. There is no doubt it is a busy day, but the players

health, and fitness levels are monitored and supervised daily by group leaders who care for them 24 hours a day and by experienced coaches and teachers who monitor development and rest. No time to be homesick, no time to get in trouble. A daily routine is followed and when lights- out comes early, it’s a day well spent. Many young athletes come to camp full of life, passion for the game and a lot of desire to perform and achieve. The camp instructors spend many hours of time monitoring the status of each player for any potential problem or health risk. Safety first! But most importantly coming to camp with properly fitting equipment, roles of extra tape, extra hockey underwear, plenty of towels that will dry quickly, an extra stick, sharpened skates, an extra pair of laces, maybe even a spare hockey jersey just in case helps the players peace of mind knowing that if anything should go wrong, they’re covered. Expectations from the coaches and instructors are that the players come to camp understanding that they are meeting new coaches, playing with new friends from around the world and that their daily schedule is set up for their best interest and development. Attitude is the key to success. Every player wants to achieve. Understanding that every player achieves at different speeds and skill level means that a positive growing experience will be what they will remember. Nothing frustrates a player more than skates that are brand new and have never been worn, skates that are too small, laces that break on the first tug, a helmet that gives them a headache, gloves that make their hands hurt, a stick with no tape and the favourite one of all time, how come my equipment doesn’t fit anymore? Check all of the player’s equipment before they attend camp for playing condition and safety. Much of the repairs that may be needed can be done right at home or at your local sports centre where they know your little star and what his needs are. Every player attending camp has 24 hour supervision by qualified individuals who monitor the player’s health and rest status hourly. The camp is designed to teach, for them to learn and have fun. This cannot be done in a stressful environment. Translators, coaches, supervisors all spend quality time conducting routine visual observations of each athlete as well as monitoring their daily schedule to fit the program to each player’s needs and abilities. From the lifeguards at the pool, to dryland physical educators to professional on ice instruction, no rock is left unturned in the desire to have a safe and fun atmosphere for each and every player. Sun up comes early, sundown is rest and in between is an atmosphere of excitement, play and learning monitored by the people who know , the Czech International Hockey camp personnel. Daily ice practices are focused on skill development with agility, puck handling, power skating, balance and speed as the focus. Drills are designed for the player to develop and grow at their level and ability while gaining the confidence with individual and group instruction. An up tempo and skill orientated practice keeps the players attention on moving to higher levels of playing ability while increasing their individual fitness levels. Again, attitude is so vital. A player that comes to learn and has an open mind and wants to jump leaps and bounds over their teammates will develop at a much quicker pace than a player that comes to camp not comfortable with their situation. Hockey is the draw that brings kids together. Attitude is the glue that makes it all work. Hotel accommodations, the dining hall, the sports facilities and training schedules are important and monitored daily, but the health and fitness of each player and the relationships that they make are the cornerstone to individual success. The training atmosphere is focused on fun, learning and growth. Each player will go home with a better skill level and a better understanding of the game. Therefore the expectations on them from the Czech International Hockey Camp is that each player comes to camp accepting their own responsibility for safe and proper fitting equipment and preparing for camp with a desire to advance themselves mentally and physically. Coming to camp in poor shape, or visualizing the hockey camp as a holiday retreat will frustrate the player. The reality is that all players come to camp somewhat out of shape...after all it’s the summer holidays. Any effort to bring individual conditioning levels up to a higher standard will just make camp easier and more fun while allowing coaches and instructors more time to present greater challenges to enhance the experience. Sending your future hockey star to camp is not a scary experience. On the contrary, it’s an experience that they will always thank you for and relish for the rest of their days. It is a memory of learning in a positive environment, making life long relationships, and having a rewarding experience with the game that they love so much. We can develop that love for the game and increase their talent at the same time. That’s why the hockey community consider us the best at what we do. Bringing hopes alive through the player’s cooperation, desire and proper preparation will give you the peace of mind that their day is busy and full...but Fun.

“They play with passion” These are the words of many players of all ages that participate at the Czech International Hockey Camp when it comes to discussing how the ladies have fit into the hockey environment during the summer months at this famous hockey camp. Many of the young players have described the addition of younger and older ladies at the camp as driving their intensity to new levels as they try to out compete what is supposed to be the more gentile side of hockey. But don’t tell that to the “ladies” at the camp, they have no illusions about what they are up against. The girls get it. Work ethic, skill development, fitness and progression at camp are the measurement stick that these ladies use. “ Knowing that every guy is going to judge and doubt us motivates me even more to show them I can play and play as tough and as fast as they can”, says one happy camper as she wipes the sweat off of her forehead and heads off the ice. “ If the boys can do it, so can I”, says another and I think they’ve already learned that us girls can handle anything on the ice or during dryland that anyone can throw our way. The Czech International Hockey camp is about striving to advance individual


overall skill development, not about outcompeting each other. On the other hand though, as one youngster points out, “the boys bring out the competitive spirit in us and challenge us to be better every time we step on the ice” and to that end it goes without saying that the “ladies” have changed not just the face of International Hockey but of the Czech International Hockey camp. From Germany, Norway, Austria, Sweden, Australia and the USA just to name a few countries, the girls have started to reflect the international hunger and drive for the fastest growing sport in the world, Women’s Ice hockey. Since the earliest known records of women’s hockey, the 1890’s, with the long woollen skirts and heavy jackets to the modern women’s desire to compete on an equal footing as the men, there is no doubt about the respect and integrity that girls bring to the fastest game on ice. It also goes without saying that as many doubters cried “no way” as women surged the ranks of hockey teams around the globe, that they can compete on a pretty competitive stage as the men. Wearing the same equipment and receiving the same training, the ladies have proved that as their ranks swell to sky high numbers, they must be taken as a serious force. Whether it is the Olympics or World Championships, Women’s Ice hockey has rocked the world and brought a new test to coaching methods and training techniques of which the Czech International Hockey camp is a leader of. “Don’t treat me any differently than you would other players” has been the motto as many girls demand as much of themselves as they do from the competitors they face each day and the instructors who provide the challenge. The Czech International Hockey Camp is no exception to the rule with women’s hockey, it’s growing, it’s challenging and it’s a motivational high for the dedicated and committed. The hockey camp has met that challenge and provides only the best instructors to motivate your daughter in the direction of excellence. Don’t ask the girls to wear pink on the ice for practice, or ask for any breaks during dryland, they have proven to everyone that they are equals and bring a new diversity and a great addition to the camaraderie and sense of atmosphere that makes this hockey camp on the cutting edge of modern hockey. Thanks girls!!! It’s all about the passion for the game and the drive that you bring with it.

DVD THE IMPORTANCE OF SUMMER CAMP What about regular training during the summer? Is over-training a danger? What can a summer hockey camp offer? Some people think that kids need to rest and recuperate during the summer, others spend their whole vacations going from camp to camp. What do you think? Training every day is not a problem as long as you approach it intelligently. In fact, it’s the only way to make increased progress. Hockey players can hit the ice every day, if they want to. Of course, any training on or off the ice has to be intelligently planned and combined with sufficient rest and regeneration for maximum effect. A healthy lifestyle and daily program boost an athlete’s performance. Regular, healthy meals (5x a day), adequate sleep and sufficient hydration (2–3l daily) are a fundamental part of our training program. In team sports, it’s the team that wins or loses. Individuals develop their potential best in small groups, as recent trends in training show. The routine approach to training whole teams is not sufficient to achieve the best results. Training in small groups gives coaches a chance to react immediately to the players’ performance and give more individual attention. This is especially important for polishing skating and stick technique. Only those who can handle confined spaces can become top-notch hockey players. Hockey camp gives an opportunity to model such situations. The result is that the player can apply these techniques in nearly any situation without having to slow down. In real matches, there are a lot of situations where players who can handle the press come out on top. These are just some of the critical points that contribute to a hockey player’s development, and which are often neglected in the hectic rush of the main season, especially in situations where ice time and expert coaching are lacking. While these points are the foundation of any good hockey school and good reasons to send your young athlete here, don’t forget that the most important factor is the player’s own enthusiasm. At hockey camp, the player’s age, skill level and number of years with the team are not determining factors. Our main job is to give players time on the ice, expose them to a professional approach, teach them to live a healthy lifestyle, help them build relationships within the collective, provide an enjoyable vacation-time experience, and support their love for the sport.

What Czech International Hockey Camp Offers You Our daily program is organized by professionals and consists of 3–4 trainings, regeneration, food, accommodations, and extra activities. The program is designed from the start to teach European hockey style, build leadership skills, encourage teamwork, and increase individual performance, creativity and intuition. We provide interesting experiences in a multicultural, multilingual environment.

HOW CAN YOU PICK THE RIGHT CAMP? Here are a few key questions to help you choose: What are general conditions for training and accommodations like? Is everything in one place? What are the facilities like? How much guaranteed ice time is provided every day? What other activites are offered and how are they organized? Do the advertised trainers actually participate in the camp? Are they qualified? What language skills do the trainers, counselors and managers have? How many counselors are in the group and how are kids supervised in their accommodations? How is communication between the camp and parents/kids? What are the camp’s references? How much tradition and experience does it have? What is the general camp environment like? What is the atmosphere like?


Have the best hockey summer in Europe!




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