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The Rain Man

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Donnelly Storms To Victory Through Galway Gales!

AIR MOBILITY New Co Down Based Heli Service...

FERMANAGH FLYER Niall McShea Shares His Super Plans...

RALLY IRELAND GUIDE Entry List Maps & Schedule email: sales@

TEL: 028 855 49851 • FAX: 028 855 49855


Race Boots Sparco Pro Driver ................£100.00 Sparco Top 3 ..........................£95.00 Sparco Speed Way ................£85.00 Sparco Slalom ........................£75.00

Omp trend FIA..................... £250.00 Sparco Sprint FIA ................ £229.00 Sparco FIA........................... £390.00

Underwear Sparco Nomex Top ..................£45.00 Sparco Nomex Pants...............£37.00 FIA Balaclava ...........................£20.00 Nomex socks............................£14.00

Helmets Corsa Parts Transmission Quaife F13/F15 Synchromesh 5-speed Gear Kit with Final Drive Ratio 4.5-4.8£1400.00 Quaife GM Gearlever................... £340.00 Quaife GM Turret Housing .......... £475.00 Helix Padle Clutch Plate ................ £82.00 Helix Clutch Cover ....................... £162.00 F15 L.S.D. Unit Plate Type .......... £450.00 Brake Components Alcon Front Tarmac Brake Kit – 4 Piston Caliper 300 x 26 Disc and Caliper Mounting Bracket ......... £1,200.00 Balance Bar Pedal Box (Grp A) .. £175.00 Dash Adjuster Click type................ £30.00 Girling Reservoir............................. £14.00 Alloy Handbrake kit ........................ £93.62 Suspension Components Adjustible Strut casing (Grp A) ...... £80.00 Bilstein Insert 270/120 ................. £100.00 21/4 x 12 Spring All Rates ............. £20.00 Alloy Spring Seat............................ £14.00 Alloy Lock Ring................................. £6.50 Steel Top Cap ................................. £14.00 Alloy Top Mount (Spherical Bearing) £65.00 Bilstein Front Strut & Insert.......... £195.00 Bilstein Rear Damper..................... £95.32 Roll Bars Sparco 16-Point Roll Cage .......... £430.00 Safety Devices CDS Weld-in Cage£499.00

Revolution Wheels

7 x 13" 4 spoke gp4 ......................£76.00 8 x 13" 4 spoke gp4 ......................£80.86 9 x 13" 4 spoke gp4 ......................£89.37 7 x 15" 5 spoke gp4 ......................£89.37 8 x 15" 5 spoke gp4 ......................£93.62 9 x 15" 5 spoke gp4 ......................£97.88

Graytronic Intercoms Clubman Set...........................£110.00 Spare Headset .........................£37.00 Practice Pair.................£130.00 Peltor Intercoms Peltor FMT 110 amp....£135.00 Battery Eliminator ..........£24.00 Practice Headset .........£100.00




Co-Driver Accessories

Sparco REV Plus £270.00 Sparco EVO .........£295.00 Sparco PRO 2000 £295.00 Sparco Sprint (V).. £116.00 Corbeau Pro .........£275.00 OMP RS ..........£199.00 Recaro SPG ....£395.00 Alloy Side Mounts .................... £32

Don Barrow Poti Light MKB6 ..£82.00 Avanti Map Light from ..............£18.00 Co-Pilote Stopwatch ................£69.00 Fastime 2 Stopwatch ...............£12.77 Fastime 11 Stopwatch .............£25.53 OMP Brief Bag .........................£20.00 Sparco Director Bag.................£32.00

Steering Wheels Sparco Safari from ..........£110.00 Sparco RAC from ..........£110.00 Sparco PRO .........£110.00 OMP WRC.£97.00 Steering Wheel Hub £29.00

Instruments Elliot Clubman Tachometer.....£119.15 Stack Oil Pressure..............£50.00 Stack Water Temperature.....£35.00 Stack Volt Meter.................£27.00 Stack Clubman Tachometer.....£180.00 Stack ST 8100...........£725.00

Minilite Mag Wheels 8 x 13 ... £89.36 7 x 13 ... £80.00 6 x 13 ... £76.60 ®


Sabelt 75mm 6 Point FIA.......£125.00 TRS 75mm 6 Point FIA............£83.00 TRS 75mm 6 Point L/W FIA....£99.00 TRS 6 Point FIA Hans .............£83.00 SRS 75mm 6 Point FIA ...........£83.00

Tripmeters Terratrip 202 + with probe..£160.00 Brantz Laser with probe..£230.00 Brantz Int 2 with probe...£160 Monit Rally Computer ......£290

Fuel Pumps/Accessories


Lifeline Fire Systems ®


Sparco pro-jet .........................£199.00 New peltor G78 white with (hans) ..............................£335.00 New peltor G78 grey / silver (with Hans)..............................£345.00 Peltor Helmet Bag ....................£31.00 Sport Hans 20 ........................£395.00 Pro Hans 20 ...........................£575.00

Fire Marshal 4.0 Litre System£150.00 Mechanical 360 System ........£300.00 Electrical Gas 360 System ....£345.00 Hand-Held 1.75 Litre ................£34.78 Hand-Held 2kg 360 gas.........£195.00 R

Red Top Competition Pump Kit ............ £63.00 Red Top Pump ...................................... £50.00 Bosch Inj Pump ...................................£135.00 Filter King............................................... £29.79 S/Steel Overbraid fuel Hose Per Metre . £8.00 Millers CVL .............................................. £5.50 Pro Boost ................................................. £7.95 Weber 45 DCOE ................................£220.00


Gloves Sparco Flash .....£42.00 Sparco Wind......£76.00 Omp Speed .......£32.00

Escort Mk2 Parts Suspension & Steering Bilstein Grp 4 Adj Strut................£169.00 Alloy Spring Seat 1” Deep ..............£8.00 Alloy Spring Seat 3” Deep ............£14.00 Alloy Lock ring .................................£6.50 Alloy Top Cap D-Hole ...................£12.00 Alloy C-Spanner ............................£12.00 Bilstein 300/70 Insert.....................£78.00 Bilstein 300/100 Insert ..................£78.00 Alloy Top Mount 2-Piece Grp 4 ....£72.34 Alloy Top mount & Nut ..................£64.00 Electric Power Steering Kits .......£750.00 Mk2 Quickrack with Bronze Bush ..£255.00 Grp 4 Steering Joint Cast .............£25.53 Gen Ford Green track Rod End ...£21.00 In Situ R/J Gen Ford T.C.A. ...£130 Each In Situ R/J Q/H T.C.A. .............. £79 Each Grp 4 TensionSturt Kit .................£300.00 Bilstein Grp 1 Rear Damper .........£70.00 Bilstein Grp 4 Rear Turret .............£75.00 Bilstein Coil-Over Damper ..........£130.00 Watts Linkage Kit Atlas ...............£230.00 Axle & Transmission Fully Floating Grp 4 Atlas Axle casing .........................from £400.00 Group 1 Atlas Axle Casing.from £395.00 Steel Spit Lock Rings LH/RH .......£12.00 Spring Saddles ..............................£20.00 4 Link Brackets ..............................£30.00 Grp 1 2-Piece Halfshaft (18 tooth)£97.00 Grp 4 Halfshaft F/F (18 tooth) ......£95.00 Grp 1 Halfshaft Flange..................£66.00 Grp 4 Halfshaft Flange..................£55.00 ZF Motorsport L.S.D. Unit...........£625.00 ZF Side Gear .................................£65.00 Ford C.W.P 5.1 & 4.6 Set ...........£220.00 Tran-X Club Gearkit 5 Speed .....£600.00 Alloy Astra 16v to Ford Bellhousing ..................................£140.43 Tran-X English LSD ....................£400.00 Brake Parts Mk 2 Bias Pedal Box (Cable) ....£212.00 Mk 2 Bias Pedal Box (HYD) .......£242.00 Mk 1 Bias Pedal Box (Cable) .....£235.00 Tube-Adjustor (Mk 2) ...................£29.00 Flexible Click Dash Adjustor .........£30.00 AP & Girling Reservoir ..................£14.00 Alloy Pro HYD Handbrake Kit ......£93.62 HYD Handbrake Kit ......................£40.00 Ralloy Vertical Handbrake ..........£106.38 Master Cylinder .625, .700, .750 ..£30.00 Alcon - 15" Front Brake Kit 304 x 28 Disc, Disc Bell & Alloy 4 Pot Calliper.. .............................£925.00 Alcon - 13" Front Brake Kit 267 x 21 Disc, Disc Bell & Alloy 4 Pot Caliper................................£850.00 Alloy Products Alloy Tarmac Arches Mk 2 Set ...£249.00 Alloy Front Spoiler .........................£60.00 Alloy Front Arch .............................£60.00 Alloy Front Arch 15” Wheel...........£75.00 Alloy Rear Tarmac Arch ................£68.00 Alloy Shaped Tank & Filler..........£170.00 Alloy Inj Tank & Filler...................£190.00 Fuel Tank Fitting Kit & Straps .......£68.00 Alloy Dry Sump Tank ....................£89.00 Rear Lamp Protectors...................£14.00 Alloy Strut Brace ..........................£48.00 Alloy Catch Tank............................£40.00 Alloy SumpGuard 8mm Chassis Mounted ........................£199.15 Alloy Radiator ..............................£200.00 Pace Astra 16v Dry Sump Kit..........£700 Pace Corsa 16v Dry Sump Kit ........£700 Pace Ford Duratec Dry Sump Kit ...£700



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rally magazine

the best irish and uk rally action every month!

The Rain Man Donnelly Storms To Victory Through Galway Gales!


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RALLY PLANNER where to see the action

14 - QUESTION TIME with tim pearcy

36 - FIESTA ST full galway round-up

55 - GALLOWAY HILLS rally action

deputy editor pete bleakley

16 - BIG INTERVIEW with niall mcshea

48 - FST FOCUS TEST end of season award

57 - BUSINESS PROFILE helicopter training & hire

design & production jeremy purdy

26 - QUESTION TIME with billy mccarthy

50 - QUESTION TIME with andy davidson

62 - AUTOSPORT SHOW event review

30 - XMAS RALLYSPRINTS from cork and mondello

52 - ENGINE OIL performance & protection

63 - IRISH EVO CHALLENGE season preview

34 - UK CLUBMAN clubmen across the water

53 - GRIZEDALE STAGES rally action from grizedale

73 - CLASSIFIEDS rally marketplace

ISSN 1473-7256

9 771473 725073



AIR MOBILITY New Co Down Based Heli Service...

FERMANAGH FLYER Niall McShea Shares His Super Plans...

RALLY IRELAND GUIDE Entry List Maps & Schedule

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Meeke’s Mighty Opportunity... Acknowledged as one of the

Welcome to issue 64 of Pacenotes, the UK and Ireland’s only rally magazine! It’s great to see Eugene Donnelly back to winning ways at the Safety Direct Galway International Rally, the opening round of the Irish Tarmac Championship. It was a fantastic start to the year for the Maghera man, but sadly there was a more pressing issue on everyone’s minds come the finish of this year’s event. Paul Gallagher and Karl Reid were leading the National Rally when they crashed heavily on day two. Both men were taken to hospital, where Paul is still hospitalised with a very serious neck injury as we go to print. Everyone at Pacenotes would like to wish him a speedy recovery. Further north, the New Year Stages helped to kick off the rallying season during that same weekend, and Alan Carmichael claimed a narrow victory behind the wheel of a hired S9 Impreza WRC. The event also marked the opening round of the Pacenotes NI 2WD Rally Challenge, and an astonishing 80 crews have registered for the championship. Credit crunch? What credit crunch! It’s good to see the opening events of the season being so well supported on all fronts. Hopefully, that will continue well into the year, and the dreaded tightening of belts won’t affect rallying too much. The opening round of the World Rally Championship will only be a few days away by the time you read this, and thousands of people are expected to flock to Rally Ireland. Some of the world’s quickest drivers are set to descend on the northwest, and the event is extra special this year given its status of being round one. On a final note, I’d like to again wish Paul Gallagher a quick recovery from his Galway accident. Simon Mooney Editor Tel: +44 (0)28 40660 390 february 2009 04

quite assertive with them, and I think that this should suit my driving style. Obviously I come into the championship with a lot less experience of the events compared to some of the other drivers, but I can only do my best.” Meeke’s first challenge will be the Monte Carlo Rally, which begins the IRC season, from January 21st-24th. Pacenotes wishes Kris and Paul every success, and of course we will reflect his progress on these pages every month!

quickest rally drivers the UK has ever produced, Dungannon’s Kris Meeke is to compete on the 2009 IRC series in a Peugeot 207 S2000 entered by Peugeot UK and run by the championship-winning Kronos Racing team. Meeke, who is a proven winner in the Junior World Rally Championship, will contest all the rounds of the series co-driven by Ireland’s Paul Nagle. According to Marc Van Dalen, who runs the Kronos Racing outfit that took Frenchman Nicolas Vouilloz to the IRC drivers’ title in 2008, Meeke has the capability to challenge for the IRC honours in 2009. “For sure Kris will be a strong title contender in 2009,” said Van Dalen, who helped Sebastien Loeb to take the 2006 World Rally Championship.”Nobody can question his speed, so we will do everything possible to make him into the complete package.” Meeke is looking forward to his first full season of the IRC in a car that is the class of the field. “S2000s are great fun to drive,” said Kris. “You have to be

Hankook To Sponsor Televised NI Championship There’s a new sponsor on

board for this year’s Northern Ireland Rally Championship, with Hankook stepping in to provide an excellent package for the series. Not only will Hankook sponsor the championship, but events will be televised by RPM! The 10 round series is Northern Ireland’s premier championship, providing a mixture of circuit,

forest and closed road events. Beginning with February’s Eurocables Stages Rally, the series takes place across the length and breadth of the country, eventually finishing with November’s Townparks Rally in County Antrim. A new website is also under development, which will provide an even better resource for both competitors and spectators. More details will be announced in due course, and as always, Pacenotes will be there to capture all the action!

Discounted Fees to Irish for Scottish Championship! Organisers of the Hankook MSA

Scottish Rally Championship have announced that they will be offering discounted entry fees to Irish and overseas competitors on all forest rounds in 2009.The discount will represent a minimum of 20% off the basic entry fee and will be open to anyone whose vehicle has to travel on a ferry to the Scottish mainland. This exclusive offer is only one of a raft of initiatives unveiled by the SRC for the 2009 series, which combine to represent a record total prizefund for the year in excess of £30,000. See our Championship Guides starting on page 64.

Calendar February 09 29/01 31/01 07/02 07/02 07/02 08/02 14/02 14/02 14/02 15/02 15/02

Rally Ireland Brean Stages (Weston-super-Mare) SWM Stages Rally (Co.Antrim) Wyedean Rally (Chepstow) South Downs Stages (Goodwood Circuit) Tipperary Sean Conlon Forestry Larne Rally Time Trial Snowman Rally (Inverness) Telford Winter Rally (Sweet Lamb) Riponian Stages (Thirsk) Emerald Stages (Longcross)

20/02 21/02 21/02 21/02 22/02 22/02 28/02 27/02 27/02 28/02 01/03

North West Stages (Blackpool) Eurocables Pedro Stages (Kirkistown) Middlewick Stages (MOD Woodbridge) Bill Cammack Memorial Rally (Manby) Birr Stages Tour of Epynt (Llandovery) Spring Rally (Fivemiletown) Rallye Sunseeker (Bournemouth) JAKS Tarmac Stages (Isle of Man) North Humberside Forest Rally (Whitby) Carrick-on-Suir Willie Loughman

Give Us Your Views Log On today at:

The UAC has confirmed that

despite the credit crunch, the Circuit Of Ireland rally will run in 2009. UAC Chair Stephen Potts has told Pacenotes that the same route, base and stages as last year will be used. A new event main sponsor will be announced soon.

Pro-motion In Car Cameras,

a new name in on board camera hire will be attending all clubman, national and international events in the north and south of Ireland in 2009. The company uses the latest broadcast quality camera systems, which are available to hire at affordable prices. Full information, including an online booking facility is available at

Lough Neagh Dates

Neil Wearden makes a

welcome return to the stages this year, competing on selected events in the Ford Escort Mk2 he has spent the past three years building. Teaming up with Wearden is his long-time co-driver Rick Forster, with whom he won the Junior British Rally Championship back in 1995. Wearden will stage debut the new car on the forthcoming Legend Fires North West Stages where he will run as course car. The two-day Blackpool based event is local to Wearden and he’s relishing the prospect of performing in front of home fans, telling Pacenotes, “There’s a serious side to our duties, which we won’t lose sight of, but at the same time we’ll be looking to give the fans something to enthuse about, so rest assured

we’ll be trying whenever and wherever we can!” The car is equipped with a 2.3l Duratec engine producing around 260bhp and it weighs in at only 940kgs so it’s bound to be quick. “We plan to contest the Jim Clark Reivers Rally in May and the Pendragon Stages in August,” confirmed Wearden, “before switching to the forests

The Lough Neagh Car and

Tarmac Rally Marshals Club Ltd has three clubman events running in 2009. These comprise a Rally Time Trial on Saturday 21st March, a Clubman Stage Rally on Sunday 5th July and another Rally Time Trial on Saturday 19th September.

The New Lombard The Rally Evolution is the

new name for the Lombard Rally. Lombard have pulled their sponsorship due to the credit crunch - hence the new name. The date for The Rally Evolution is 12th - 15th November 2009 and this year’s event will start and finish at the City of Newport, Gwent. Tredegar House will be the high profile start venue with a published route utilising the length and breadth of Wales and the Marches. For further information on entering the rally contact the Rally Office on 01550 721919 or e-mail: .

SMM Stage Rally Mid Antrim Motor Club are

holding a clubman rally on the 7th February, it will consist of 18 stages with 2 services. Entry fee for the event is a very reasonable £160 and include breakfast for both crew members. Regulations and entry forms are available to download at

Rallymen Raise Hospice Cash… Thousands of pounds

have been raised for Newry Hospice after more than 100 drivers took part in a Grand Prix style karting event in Newry. Organised by Newry & District Motor Club and headed by club committee member Ian Johnston, Formula Karting provided the fantastic venue for the high octane, fun-filled affair! On the track, it was young up and coming rally star Darren Gass (pictured), who topped the leaderboard at the end of the evening. Despite driving with a broken hand, he won the Grand Prix ahead of Draperstown’s Eoighan Rogers and local man William Armstrong. The real winner on the evening was Newry Hospice. The combined efforts of all those that attended ensured that this worthwhile charity received a cheque for an impressive £3,350.

New National DVDs from On The Limit Sports Two unmissable new DVDs from the On The Limit Sports

team bring tasty tarmac action from the 2008 Dunlop National Rally Championship. Relive the thrills and spills from all ten rounds of the series, including unseen in car footage from Micro-Cam. Whether you like the grip and grunt of the WRCs or the howling madness of the 2WD brigade, these new OTLS DVDs are right up your street, and at two and half hours each, they’re great value for money! To order, log on to or call 00353 86 252 0633.

for December’s Grizedale Stages Rally. After that we’ll start looking at a more comprehensive programme for 2010, but the main aim is to have some fun!” The North West Stages runs on Friday and Saturday 20th and 21st February and details can be found at www.

Pirelli Cup Launched… In advance of the Star Driver

Shootout, the MSA British Rally Championship has announced an additional incentive for the finalists. The Pirelli Cup, as it will be known, will reward all the runners up of the Pirelli BRC Star Driver Shootout with an incentivised support package in the 2009 MSA British Rally Championship. All of the runners-up from the 2008 Pirelli BRC Star Driver competition who take part in the 2009 British Rally Championship will get an exclusive entry to the Pirelli Cup. The scheme will pay out the £10,000 prize fund to the runners up, paying out cash awards on each of the Championship’s six rallies. The prize fund will be split between the top three runners in the Cup, with £1000 for first place, £500 for second and £250 for third place. Mark Taylor, Championship Manager said, “We wanted to recognise and reward runners up in the Pirelli BRC Star Driver shootout by giving them some additional support in helping continue their career development in the 2009 British Rally Championship.” More news available at www.

february 2009

news round-up from around the clubs and stages

Use The Pros...

Wearden Unleashes Mighty Mk2…


Circuit Is Live…


FULL CHAT DMRR Stilo Correction… In the last issue of Pacenotes, as part

of our ‘12 days of Christmas’ promotion, advertised Stilo helmets for sale at 25% off the RRP. This was an error., like all Stilo importers, are not permitted to sell Stilo helmets at discounted prices. Our offer on 10th December was actually for discounted prices on HANS devices when purchased with a full-price Stilo helmet. We apologise for any confusion caused. Be assured that DMRR. net continues to offer all customers excellent value in motorsport spares and racewear.

Big Fun Tiny Money... The Armagh Tigers have launched

the Apple Blossom Fun Rally and it’s an event that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Cars taking part must be bog standard and at least 20 years old on 1st May 2009, the fist day of the three day event. High performance cars or rally prepped cars are not permitted instead the emphasis is on crazy colour schemed ‘bangers’ and loopy themed teams! All vehicles must be fully road legal - but that’s the only hard and fast rule. Think of this event as fancy dress on wheels and you’ll not go far wrong. 700 miles will be covered, with multiple challenges along the way. Entry is £200 per team and there’s £1000 for the winner and £500 for the runner up. To find out more about this motoring madness, log on to www.armaghtigers. com.

Why It’s Good In Irish Woods… Below are ten good reasons why you should compete in the 2009 Irish Forestry Championship… * Competitor friendly format, no recce - hassle free rallying. • The Championship is renowned for great sportsmanship and camaraderie. • Juniors and 1400s run ahead of the main field. • 5 rounds, all scores to count. • 5 bonus points for starting all rounds. • Fantastic 4WD GpN Prize Drive for Junior Champion. • Separate 2WD Championship, producing a 2WD National Champion. • Safety Notes/ DVDs available by pre order from Patterson Agencies. • Emphasis on quality stages - repeat stages will not be run if too badly rutted. • You will become a better driver and learn greater car control from sliding through the loose surface stages.

february 2009 06

Members of the council of the ANICC welcome home the international peace and sport award it won with Rally Ireland.

ANICC Award Welcomed Home

The December council meeting of the Association of Northern Ireland Car Clubs (ANICC) welcomed home a prestigious international award that it and Rally Ireland won recently. The Association of Northern Ireland Car Clubs and Rally Ireland 2007 were chosen in Monaco by the

Organisation for Peace and Sport as the inaugural winner of the international sports event of the year that best contributed to the promotion of peace through sport. Welcoming home the award, Nicky Moffitt, current secretary of the Association of Northern Ireland Car Clubs, said, “We

are delighted to welcome this prestigious award home. It is recognition and testament to the power of this sport to bring all communities together. In 2007 the sight of all the communities working voluntarily to create what was a fantastic sporting event is a memory I will always cherish.”

Silverstone Prize For McAree… Silverstone Tyres Ireland have announced Vincent McAree

from Monaghan as the winner of a free entry into a round of the BTRDA Championship of 2009. This prize was set up by Silverstone Tyres Ireland to help young drivers who use Silverstone Tyres to gain experience in competition outside of Ireland. Ray Gavin of Silverstone Tyres Ireland said, “ It was a tough decision to pick a winner from the many young up and coming drivers using Silverstone tyres, but Vincent has shown great speed and potential on both surfaces through 2008. He finished a class winner and second overall in the 2008 Motorsport Ireland National Junior Championship and I look forward to working with him.”

Old Jim Clark Is Back

Egger’s Autosport Win…

The Jim Clark Rally will be returning to a three day

format for 2009. In confirming the dates of the rally as the 22nd to 24th May, the organisers have announced a full programme of events which will see more of the rally’s activities take place in its traditional home town of Duns. A historic event has also been reintroduced. The weekend’s action commences in Edinburgh on the Friday evening with the start of the Jim Clark International Rally. Competitors will head down over the Lammermuir Hills to the Clark’s familiar territory in Berwickshire. With the National Rally starting simultaneously in Duns, there will be shades of the early days of mainland Britain’s only closed road rally, with the reintroduction of special stages run in the dark. Another feature from the past will see the reintroduction of the Historic Rally, and this will take over from the International Rally on the Saturday afternoon, to be joined by the ever popular Jim Clark Reivers Rally on the Sunday. Rally Manager Colin Pagan said, “We certainly feel that the 2009 event will provide an exciting mix of the familiar, along with lots of fresh innovations, to maintain the Jim Clark Rally as one of the best events in the country.” As details are confirmed, information will be available on the rally website at www.

Richard Egger Insurance has won the

‘Best National Motorsports Stand’ award at the 2009 Autosport Show. The stand was designed to show the range and variety of club motorsport which is available - and to give nine championships a chance to showcase their disciplines. Richard Egger (above right) commented, “This came as a huge surprise, as we did not even know there was such an award. Massive thanks must go to all the clubs, championships, competitors and teams who supplied cars, time and people to help promote club motorsport.”


Y IN 2008 Good Luck

YRES - IN STOCK AND ONHankook EVENTS Motorsport are proud


N 2008

to annouce their sponsorship of both the 2009 Scottish and NortheRn Ireland Rally Championships...






: +44 (0)1327-304-110


northern ireland rally championship For all your motorsport tyre requirements contact Hankook’s official motorsport distributors:

IRELAND: TRACTAMOTORS - CORMAC BRADY +353 (0)49 4375900 UK: MR TYRE MOTORSPORT on +44 (0)121 551 4589 Hankook Tyre UK Ltd, Fewsley Drive, Heartlands Business Park, Daventry NN11 8UG

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Stars Shine For McRae


Breen Better!

World Rally Greats Ensure The Legend Lives On!

Ray Collects Hankook Forestry Title! Patrick Elliott Exclusive page 08


Cork Success For New Champs page 32




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McCloskey’s Down & Bushwhacker Bullseyes

Jonny Mac Considers ITC Future

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Marshal’s Day

p e e K o T e v i r D The … e v i l A g n i y l l a R MMP Rewards Scheme in 2009 During 2009 Marshals will be allocated points for helping at events and the points earn rewards and incentives as follows: • There will be a draw for 4 people to go to a WRC round, from all marshals who helped at 12 or more events • Marshals who helped at 9 or more events (excluding WRC prize winners), will be offered a subsidised trip to a major UK rally (draw for 12 people) • Marshals who helped at 7 or more events, will receive a waterproof suits or marshal’s overalls or £30 voucher for redemption at nominated motorsport activity centre. • Marshals who helped at 5 or more events, will receive an MMP fleece or marshal’s gloves or £20 voucher for redemption at nominated motorsport activity centre. • Marshals who helped at 3 or more events, will get a newly released MMP polo shirt or MMP team shirt or £10 voucher for redemption at nominated motorsport activity centre.

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february 2009

We all know that marshals are the

unsung heroes of our sport. Without them, rallies simply couldn’t run to the high standards that we find in Irish rallying. Yet it is becoming increasingly difficult to entice ‘new blood’ into this area of the sport, and if something is not done sooner rather than later, we may not only lose stages, but quite possibly events as well. So what can we do? There lies the burning question, and to be honest, I think everything that can be done is already being done. There are a number of organisations designed to help entice marshals into the sport, but still it is proving difficult for some motor clubs to find enough marshals to make their events viable. Should clubs consider paying marshals? I don’t think so. I remember watching a television programme where the producers carried out an experiment with two litter picking teams of people - one team was paid for their work, while the other team received nothing but a pat on the back and a ‘thank you.’ Surprisingly, the team that were paid hated the job, while the team that were unpaid convinced themselves that they liked it. The reason? Apparently the human brain convinces itself that it must like doing a particular task when it knows it will receive nothing in return! That’s not to say that marshals shouldn’t be rewarded for their work, but monetary rewards would not only put an even bigger strain on

motor club resources, it could also have the same end result as this litter picking exercise - particularly on cold, wintry days! This is where the Motorsport Marshalling Partnership (MMP) comes into play. Set up in 2000, MMP was devised in an effort to help provide motor clubs in Northern Ireland with marshals for

their events. It has a database of marshals across the country, which the organisation can contact via text message on behalf of supporting clubs. Importantly for marshals, MMP also offers a whole host of loyalty rewards for active members. Motorsport clothing, rally tours and fully funded trips to a round of the World Rally Championship are just a number of incentives up for grabs for those marshals that qualify. MMP also provides marshal

training days, giving marshals valuable experience, especially in the event of an emergency, and ensuring that they are trained for the job. Then there are the very popular marshal reward days, where all MMP marshals receive passenger rides in rally cars at the end of the year. For many, this is a dream come true, as they progress from watching on the sidelines to being part of the action in high powered rally cars. And I’ll say it again - all registered marshals are invited to this occasion! The most recent MMP organised marshal’s day took place at Kirkistown Race Circuit at the end of November. I can vouch that every single marshal at Kirkistown had a smile on their face at the end of the day! Some had experienced thrilling passenger rides with Kevin Lynch in his Focus WRC and George Robinson in his Impreza WRC, not to mention the equally thrilling runs with the two-wheel-drive men. It was a superb day out for all, and perhaps more of these events could be organised to convince more rally fans that they should lend a hand and marshal at an event. What better way is there to reward true rally fans? Everyone must rally around to support our sport, and supporting the Motorsport Marshalling Partnership is an excellent first step. If your club is not already a member, then perhaps you should suggest to your committee that the club should join MMP. More details can be found online at

PACE DPS 5-01-09

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bushe’s blog

Spirito De Punto!

Fiat Punto Super 1600 Tech Spec Engine: 4 inline cylinders mounted in front transversly Cubic capacity: 1597cc Bore and stroke: 82.5 x 74.7 mm Compression ratio: 12.5:1 Distribution: Two camshafts driven by belt, head with four valves per cylinder Injection: Integrated system Marelli MF4, monothrottle body intake with diameter 60 mm Max Power: 220 HP at 8900 rpm Max Torque: 196 Nm at 6500 rpm Body: Three door body with soldered roll cage Suspension: Front independent wheels with

McPherson system, rear twisting bridge with coaxial springs, Ohlins dampers Steering: Rack and pinion with assistance Brakes: Front Brembo carriers with four calipers, rear Brembo carriers with two calipers. Front vented discs diameter 355 mm (tarmac), 300 mm (gravel). Braking force distribution from cockpit. Transmission: Hewland sequential gearbox with six gears and reverse, autoblocking differential Hewland with thin plates, monodisk clutch in metal ceramic, diameter 200 mm Length: 3800 mm Width: 1788 mm Wheelbase: 2460 mm Wheeltracks: front 1600 mm, rear 1580 mm Wheels: 7Jx17” (tarmac), 6Jx15” (gravel) Tyres: Michelin 17/63 17” (tarmac), and 16/65 15” (gravel) Weight: 1000 kg

We have a lot to thank the Italians for in the history of rallying. This car-passionate nation was responsible for producing some of the greatest icons of the sport. The Lancia Stratos and 037 were the most exotic of rally weapons, the Group B Delta S4, the most powerful Group B car, and the Group A Delta Integrale, and Group 4 Fiat Abarth 131 two of the most successful cars of all time in the WRC. Islandmagee’s David Laird is

an Italian car fan, and when he considered coming back to rallying after a twenty year break, it had to be in an Italian product. “I haven’t rallied in twenty years I think, as I found my old licence the other day from 1989,” Laird told Pacenotes. “I wanted to take out my best friend for some fun in the co driver’s seat, before we get too old, and really we are out primarily for enjoyment. When it came to choosing a car I’ve always had an obsession with Fiats, and whenever I started to look for a rally car it had to be a Fiat or a Lancia.” Indeed the Italian influence on David started with his father, who had cars such as the sporty Fiat 125 Twin Cam on the road, but David decided he also wanted to hit the stages. “In the early ‘80s I had a Fiat 1283P,” continued Laird, “which I used everywhere, mainly doing tarmac events in Donegal and Sligo. I did a few forests back then, but I found them a bit too rough, and

12 february 2008

some of the Fiats I drove where made of paper! I remember I had a 105 TC Ritmo at one time and that was one car that was too light, and it broke down on me on the Ulster International in ’86. I also had a Fiat 131 that was built in England by the Motoring News Champion, John Bloxham, and that was quite a good wee car, so I suppose I have always had an obsession with Fiats, even though they can rust a bit!”

If there was an award for the best looking and best sounding rally car on this year’s New Year Stages, then David’s Fiat Punto Super 1600 should probably receive it. The only one of its kind in Ireland, the Punto is truly striking in its ex Spanish Championship livery, and Spain is where David ended up striking the deal for it... “I looked at two cars in Portugal, then I went to see this one in Spain

and it was just the car for me. It was built by N Technology, who built all the Punto S1600s for the Spanish dealer team, and I bought it off their driver Carlos Marquez, who took me for a spin in it. He was very handy it.” The Punto Super 1600s were all manufactured in 2002, and this particular car, with Abarth bodyshell number 65, was one of the very last, the latest evolution, built in 2005. A company called N Technology looked after the development for Fiat, and the workmanship in the wee car is truly first class. The cockpit is a mass of carbon fibre, all perfectly crafted, making the car as light as possible, as the earlier Punto S1600s were slightly too heavy for their class. Safety minded engineer Sergio Limone had designed one of the most rigid bodies and roll cages for this type of car.The 1600 engine is producing between 215 and 220 brake horse power, revving to 9500 rpm, making wheel spin not a

131 Abarth road car, an extremely rare piece of kit, but David would love a rally version. “I had looked at the rally versions of the 131, particularly with the new Historic series in the NI

I HAVEN’T RALLIED IN TWENTY YEARS I THINK, AS I FOUND MY OLD LICENCE THE OTHER DAY FROM 1989, I WANTED TO TAKE OUT MY BEST FRIEND FOR SOME FUN IN THE CO DRIVER’S SEAT, BEFORE WE GET TOO OLD, AND REALLY WE ARE OUT PRIMARILY FOR ENJOYMENT The Italian car theme runs in David’s family, and he’s tried to carry it on. “I think the children unfortunately have taken after my wife’s side,” he chuckles. “They had a Punto each, but now my son has an Audi and my daughter has a Mini, so it looks like the line is running out!” The Punto has been the latest addition to a growing collection of Italian road car exotica. One of the last Lancia Delta Integrales sits alongside a Ferrari 355, which replaced an older 308. A restored Fiat 1283P rests alongside an original Fiat

Championship being brought in,” he told Pacenotes. “They were a good car in their day, very advanced, with independent suspension all round, but the prices got a little crazy recently, although they are starting to come down again. I don’t think it’ll be this year though, but maybe in the future.” Let’s hope David does track a good 131 Abarth down, as this would be another special sight on the Irish stages. The 131 Abarth actually won more world championship rallies than the MK2 Escort.

andrew bushe’s thoughts on irish rallying...

tempted David out for the New Year Stages at Kirkistown, and we are glad it did tempt him, as one thing about the Punto is that it’s totally different, and variety in rallying is welcome for spectators in particular.

bushe’s blog

possibility, but hard to avoid! The car conforms to Super 1600 regulations and uses a Magnetti Marelli ECU, with an all steel bottom end, developed by Abarth. The suspension is Ohlins 3 way, as fitted to the Puntos from 2003 onwards and David hasn’t altered the car yet. “To be honest I haven’t touched the suspension since it came from Spain,” he told me, “and I probably would need to play with it and lift the ride height for the rallies here.” The gearbox is a six speed Hewland Sequential with flat shift, and the Brembo brakes provide superb stopping power, but surely running such a rare rally car must be difficult? “Yes,” says David, “some of the parts are hard to get. The gearbox is okay, we can get parts for it, and we had a set of panels moulded from another car in England which is handy. We have all the suspension arms as spares for the car, so we are hoping not to need too much.” The plan for 2009 is to do selected events. David, like many of us, is seeing a slight downturn in business with the current economic climate. The idea of the Pacenotes 2wd series

David Laird

The Strength of Experience Tel: +44 (0) 1952 582825 Fax: +44 (0) 1952 582821 •

facttfile Name: Tim Pearcey Height: 5’ 10” Shoe size: 8 Home town: Thirsk Birthday: October 6th Occupation: Accoun t for an IT Company Manager Rally car: Mitsubis hi Road car: BMW 53 Evo 9 0D Spor t Marital status: Not married but with partner, Kirsty Hobbys: Biking, fish ing, going to the gym Sponsors: Willowg reen Homes, Kumho Tyres Anything else you wo say: I’d like to say a uld like to huge thank you to David & Richard at Homes, Steve Thom Willowgreen ps Tony at Tyres South on at Kumho, Sh Collins, and Mark at ore, Paul MS suppor t – without the R for all their m I would not be rallying!

It’s Tim’s Time... 1. When did you first get behind a wheel? A: I Sat on my dad’s knee and first steered a car aged 5, properly learnt on an airfield aged about 14.

questiontime with Tim Pearcy

14 february 2009

2. Who taught you to drive? A: Pretty much my mum! She used to sit there and switch off whilst I blasted around – we even went to watch a few rallies with my L plates on! 3. What was your first road car? A: A lurid green mini metro – I rolled it 5 days after passing my test…it seems to have started a pattern… 4. What is your favourite road car? A: I would love an Aston Martin but it wont ever happen! 5. Who were your Motorsport heroes as a boy? A: Has to be Colin McRae and Steve Bannister – a Yorkshire hero! 6. Who would you rate as the top three British/Irish drivers today? A: Kris Meeke, Guy Wilks, Mark Higgins. 7. What was your first competitive event? A: A single venue at Albermarle airfield in my home built Davrian – we broke down – I was gutted but had caught the bug. 8. What is your worst memory in rallying? A: My crash on the Trackrod in 2007 – before that I thought nothing could hurt me in a car – it made me realise the dangers there are in our sport.

9. What drive are you most proud of to date? A: Winning the Riponian Rally in 2008 was great as its my local event and first rally back after my big crash, and some of my drives in my old Escort when we beat a lot of 4wd cars were very satisfying – especially now I realise what an advantage 4wd have in the woods.

driver, Robin Hernaman, and we plan to do the BTRDA, as well as some local events, such as the Trackrod, Riponian etc. Finance is really very tight this year though!

10. What is your most frustrating memory in rallying? A: The Borders Rally in 2006 was a round of the ANCRO national championship and the stages were deep with snow. We took advantage of a good road position and the right snow tyres to lie 5th overall and 1st in Group N. We had been 3rd overall. Going into the last stage the transfer box broke and we lost over a minute and the Group N win. We were lucky to get round – I felt like dumping the car in Kielder Lake..

14. What is your favourite rally car? A: I still think the 6R4 is great, and the early Focus looks fun to drive – I’d love to have a go in one.

11. What was your biggest accident to date? A: The Trackrod in 2007. It happened to be my birthday and I was in my new Evo 7. I didn’t hear a pacenote at the end of a mile and a half straight – we were flat in fifth and left the road at 120mph. The car hit a bank and launched into a tree, roof first. It took two hours to cut us out – I broke my neck and my co-driver broke his leg. I am very, very fortunate to be still here – I have a lot of people to thank for my excellent treatment at the scene. Sadly I still have a lot of pain even now though.

16. If you could change anything about current rallying rules/admin what would it be? A: I have a real issue with the adoption of control tyres and extra rules which make an expensive sport even more expensive and complicated for the competitor. We should be making the sport as accessible as possible, especially at a time like this.

12. What are your plans for 2009? A: I have teamed up with a new co-

13. What is your favourite event? A: I enjoy most gravel rallies – this year the Woodpecker and Grizedale have really stood out though.

15. What do you think about youth development in rallying? A: It’s so hard for anyone now unless you have a lot of money. The MSA could do much more, look what they do in France and who that has produced. But where do you aim for now there are so few drives available? Sadly talent is no longer enough.

17. What is your favourite tipple? A: I’m not a big drinker anymore but I do enjoy a couple of pints of Black Sheep bitter every now and again.


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The Super Mac Attack... ‘Super’ and ‘2000’ are still relatively new buzz words in the Irish rally arena. We’ve seen a couple of these new pocket rockets on Irish soil, with Roy White being the first ‘local’ to bring one to our shores… Now former World Production

Champion Niall McShea is set to join the Super 2000 club, as he has signed a deal to contest Rally Ireland aboard a Mellors Elliott Motorsport (MEM)/S-Tec Motorsport Proton Satria Neo! Backed by GT Exhausts, the team launched the liveried car at the recent Autosport International show in Birmingham. Niall McShea needs no introduction in the Irish rally world. The Fermanagh man won the Production World Rally Championship in 2004, so he is no stranger to top line competition and should fare well at his home event. In fact, at the 2007 Rally Ireland, it was McShea who claimed the PWRC

16 february 2009

victory. Providing all goes to plan, a solid finish should be on the cards for the Irish rally star at Ireland’s premier event!

A World Class Pilot…

Niall McShea’s stellar rally career had humble beginnings, when he jumped into the driving seat of a Ford Orion during the early ‘90s. It was 1997 when he had his first full season, as well as his first major success, when he won the Nissan Micra Challenge. While working as an electrician, he moved to England in a bid

to pursue his dream of becoming a rally star. In 1998, he piloted a Group A Micra, gaining valuable experience in the British Rally Championship. It was there that Richard Asquith took notice of the budding Irish driver, and soon a deal was struck which launched Niall into the world of professional driving. Two seasons behind the wheel of an Asquith Motorsport Citroen Saxo Kit Car resulted in Niall receiving the coveted Roger Clark Award, and the prize fund helped propel the Enniskillenborn driver into the Junior World Championship in 2001. Niall went on to finish third overall in the championship, but 2002 wasn’t to be as fruitful. After switching to an Opel Corsa, he only managed to finish two events after a number of problems, but he still finished the year on a high, with second position at Rally GB. It was in 2003 that the Fermanagh man made his first foray into the Production World Rally Championship scene, and he raised quite a few eyebrows in the process. He set a string of fastest stage times in Argentina, and

topping off the season, he won the category in Corsica. Experience gleaned during the year stood him in good stead for the 2004 season, and he picked up where he had left off just a few months earlier. Always on the pace throughout the year, he was in with a shout of the title from the word ‘go’. He almost failed to

I’VE DRIVEN A LOT OF SUPER 1600 AND SUPER 2000 CARS, BUT THE PROTON CERTAINLY SEEMS TO BE EXCELLENT.... enter the final round due to budget constraints, but a ‘collection’ by supportive Irish businessmen ensured he made the start, and Niall went on to secure the PWRC championship title! That success marked the highlight of the Fermanagh man’s career to date. He struggled to put a budget of £1 million together for all 16 rounds of the WRC in 2005, which resulted in a year’s layoff from the sport. One year became two, but then he bounced back into action in 2007. Niall contested three (out of six) rounds of the PWRC in 2007, and he managed to seal fourth overall in the series. Then, in 2008, he entered a few selected events on home soil, as well as an event in New England, not to mention America’s popular X-Games! It was after last year’s Cork ‘20’ that GT Exhausts expressed their interest in


A Cool Head On The Notes…

Navigator Marshall Clarke has been involved in the rally scene

Donnie O’Sullivan

Marshal & Niall pictured with Edel Hill, GT Exhausts

Chris Mellors

supporting Niall and Marshall once again for Rally Ireland. Then Donie O’Sullivan’s S-Tec outfit and Mellors Elliott Motorsport invited Niall to try their Proton Super 2000 cars, and they were able to strike a deal for this year’s event! “I’ve driven a lot of Super 1600 and Super 2000 cars,” said Niall, “but the Proton certainly seems to be excellent. It uses the Xtrac gearbox, which is a big advantage, and it has a very good engine, as well as 50/50 weight distribution. It’s well engineered, which is a key factor in success. The Super 2000 is much like a Super 1600 in that it’s highly modified and, I suppose, highly stressed too. So a properly engineered car makes a huge difference.” “I’m very happy and excited,” McShea continued. “The speed of these cars comes from the handling. I was at Citroen’s test in Monaghan and those WRC cars are so powerful in comparison. But hopefully that will be rectified when they release the turbo kit for the Super 2000. It’s not overpowered, so you have to make the best of what you have. It’s great fun and I’m really looking forward to it!” Niall is also working on potential deals for the Intercontinental Rally Challenge, as well as the PWRC, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Fingers crossed he can get a regular drive in either of the two series, so we can support another Irish driver on the world stage. In the meantime, make sure you’re cheering for Niall at this year’s Rally Ireland!

from a very early age. As with many involved in the sport, rallying is in the Clarke family blood, and Marshall’s uncles were involved in the organisational side of rallies when he was a youngster. Shortly after turning 18, Marshall climbed into a rally car for this first time. With his brother Stuart driving, the crew entered the opening round of the Northern Ireland championship at Kirkistown in their “bog standard RS2000 Escort.” “It was a hair-raising day!” Marshall told Pacenotes. “I navigated for Stuart for a couple of years in the Northern Ireland and Southern Forestry Championships, as well as a few events in Scotland. It all just progressed from there.” A few years later, Marshall went to live in America for two years, but once he arrived back home, it wasn’t long until he was back in the hot seat.

“I just happened to be talking to someone who told me Mark Barnett needed a co-driver for the Lakeland Stages,” Clarke said, “so I ended up sitting with him. At that stage, Niall was making his way in the UK scene. A few years later, we won the Lakeland Stages together, which was my first victory!” Niall and Marshall repeated that feat one year later, but the ‘big one’ for Marshall was still to come. “Winning the PWRC category of Rally Ireland in 2007 was a landmark in my career,” Clarke said. “I have a lot of memories to look back on. Being able to travel around the world, either as a competitor or as part of a team, has been fantastic!” Marshall reckons he has competed in more than 160 events, and that tally is only going to climb higher. Rally Ireland is next on the list, and Pacenotes wishes both Niall and Marshall the best of luck for more success on Irish soil!

Backed To The Hilt…

Business is going from strength to strength at GT Exhausts, and the

Enniskillen based company is once again putting its faith in local competitors - Niall McShea and Marshall Clarke. Founded in 1975 by Gilbert Tunney, GT Exhausts has continued to grow during almost 35 years of business. The exhaust manufacturing and distribution plant has had a number of high profile clients right from the outset. During its early years, Director Gilbert Tunney secured clients such as the Ford Motor Company and Chrysler Eire, with the business manufacturing original equipment systems for cars such as the Cortina and Mark 2 Escort. Today, the company continues to manufacture a large array of products, including exhaust systems and catalytic converters for a range of vehicles, as well as generators and other components.

The Right Tool For the Job… The Proton Satria Neo Super

2000 has been designed by MEM. With Chris Mellors at the helm, the company developed an aerodynamic package which gives the Satria some head-turning, meanlooking features. In full rally trim, the car boasts the lowest roof height and the smallest frontal area in its class. Inside the car, both the driver and navigator’s seats are mounted as far back as possible, providing excellent weight distribution. Underneath the bonnet, a tarmac chomping, mile munching two-litre engine is housed. Developed from the 1.8 litre Proton Waja, MEM has managed to produce a reliable 278bhp at 7600rpm, with a quoted usable power band between 5,500 and 8,500rpm. As expected, the car has a six-speed, sequential 4WD transmission, and its excellent brakes combined with a relatively light overall weight of 1150kg provide superb stopping ability. If the car performs as well as it looks, then there’ll be no stopping Niall at Rally Ireland – no matter how big the brakes are!

We will be following the team during Rally Ireland - full report next month.

february 2009


29th Jan-1st Feb General Rally Ireland Information Ceremonial start: Enniskillen 29th January 7pm (Free)

Service Park: IT Sligo (Friday – Sunday)

Admission fee (weekend pass): Adult: €15.00 Child: €5.00 (under 12) Tickets only required for Service Park. All other locations are free of charge

Service Park opening hours Friday: 6.30am – midnight Saturday: 6.30am – 8.00pm Sunday: 6.30am – 4.00pm

Park & Ride (Sligo) There are two Park & Ride facilities in operation in Sligo to access the Service Park. The first is at Carroroe Retail Park just off the N4 on the south of Sligo city, which will be signposted from the N4. The second location is at Seahan Media in Hazelwood on the east of the city and will be signposted from the N15 and N16. Spectators may also park in city car parks in Sligo and walk to the Service Park, but please be aware that there is no parking in the immediate vicinity of the Institute of Technology, Sligo. There are public car parks at Connaughton Road, the Glasshouse, Quayside multi-storey and Quayside pay and display.

18 february 2009


War Of The It wasn’t that long ago that we were all hoping to bring the WRC to Ireland. Now, here we are on the verge of the second RI instalment, and this time the event marks the opening round of the 2009 FIA World Rally Championship! It’s the first time in more than 50 years

that the Monte Carlo Rally has stepped aside. There should be a lot of excitement in the air - but with the announcement that Subaru will not contest this year’s WRC, and the general economic climate, there are uncertain times ahead for the WRC and rallying in general. That’s reflected in the entry lists, with Rally Ireland receiving just a touch over 40 entries - not exactly spectacular for the opening round of the world’s premier rally series, particularly in a country that boasts the highest number of World Rally Cars per head of population.

Of course, low entries are nothing new for the opening round of the series. When I travelled to the Monte Carlo Rally in 2004, there was a similar situation with low entry numbers - but at least there was more manufacturer support. It appears that the 2009 season will be all about Citroen and Ford, and who could bet against Sebastien Loeb and Daniel Elena taking another championship? Unless Mikko Hirvonen or Jari-Matti Latvala can pull something extra out of the bag, Citroen and Seb have the perfect partnership to reign supreme once again. Boring? Maybe…actually, yes, it is.

The Worlds… Especially from a television point of view: “Ford versus Citroen, and Sebastien wins again.” But for those standing on the ditches at Rally Ireland this year, it gives us a chance to see some of the world’s best in action, as well as a sprinkling of our own Irish drivers. Hopefully, the atmosphere on the stages will be good, so enjoy it while it lasts, savour the moments and keep the memories!

The Irish Contenders…

The Irish WRC contingent consists of 10 World Rally Car crews - a sign of changing times. As expected, reigning tarmac champion Eamonn Boland (pictured below centre) will be in the fray with his Impreza WRC. Also joining the ranks with their Imprezas are Tim McNulty and Stephen Murphy, while Welshman Gareth Jones is set to make the trip across the pond. The remaining contingent consist of Ford Focus WRCs, with the entire MacHale family out in force - Austin, Aaron and Gareth.

Michael Barrable, Ray Breen, Paddy White and David James complete the Irish WRC car entrants. It’s not all about the WRC men though, and a small contingent of Irish crews driving lesser powered vehicles will also be in action. Niall McShea will have a Super 2000 Proton at his disposal (see separate article), but the majority are in Group N and two-wheel drive cars. Billy Coleman award winner Ross Forde will pilot his Suzuki Swift, while Garry Jennings, Shaun Gallagher and Seamus Leonard are among the Group N entrants.

Girl Power…

As the sole female entrant at this year’s Rally Ireland, 20-year-old Letterykenny lass Toni Kelly (pictured bottom left) is all set to trade times with the boys. With three years of rally experience behind her, Kelly will pilot her Honda Civic Type R against the world’s best.

Minted Polo Man…

Ken Treacy must be one of the luckiest men in Irish rallying. He quite literally hit the jackpot, winning a share of €18 million after his 16-strong syndicate won the lottery in August last year! As a marshal at Rally Ireland in 2006 and 2007, Ken is now set to make his dreams come true and was the first person to submit an entry for this year’s event. The Old Leighlin man will pilot his VW Polo, in what will be a very memorable weekend. “I have been honoured to be part of Rally Ireland for the past two years,” Treacy said. “A chance to see some of the best drivers in the World Rally Championship here in Ireland is something I never thought I’d see. Now to have the chance to race against them is more than I could have ever dreamed of and I’m so excited about taking part!” Don’t miss next months edition where Pacenotes will have a full in-depth report from Rally ireland

february 2009


29th Jan-1st Feb


RALLY SCHEDULE Ceremonial Start in Enniskillen - Thursday 19.30







1 Citroen Total WRT

Sebastien Loeb


2 Citroen Total WRT

Dani Sordo


Daniel Elena

MC Citroen C4


Marc Marti



Citroen C4

3 BP Ford Abu Dhabi

Mikko Hirvonen


Jarmo Lehtinen

FIN Ford Focus WRC 07


4 BP Ford Abu Dhabi

Jari-Matti Latvala


Miikka Antilla

FIN Ford Focus WRC 07


5 Stobart VK M-Sport

Matthew Wilson


Scott Martin


Ford Focus WRC 07


6 Stobart VK M-Sport

Urmo Aava


Kuldar Sikk


Ford Focus WRC 07


7 Citroen Junior Team

Sebastien Ogier


Julien Ingrassia


Citroen C4 WRC


8 Citroen Junior Team

Chris Atkinson


Stephane Prevot


Citroen C4 WRC


9 BP Ford Abu Dhabi

Khalid Al Qassimi


Michael Orr


Ford Focus WRC 07


10 Stobart VK M-Sport

Henning Solberg


Cato Menkerud


Ford Focus WRC 07


11 Citroen Junior Team

Conrad Rautenbach


Daniel Barritt


Citroen C4 WRC



Eamonn Boland


Damien Morrissey

IRL Subaru Impreza WRC A8


Gareth McHale


Brian Murphy

IRL Ford Focus



Tim McNulty


Eugene O’Donnell

IRL Subaru S12B



Aaron McHale


Killian Duffy

IRL Ford Focus WRC



Gareth Jones


Clive Jenkins


Subaru 12B



Austin McHale



Ford Focus WRC



Ray Breen


Martin Brady

IRL Ford Focus



Michael Barrable


Dermot O’Gorman

IRL Ford Focus



Stephen Murphy


Michael J Morrissey IRL Subaru Impreza S12B A8

31 Aaron Nicolai Burkart

Aaron Burkart


Michael Kolback


Suzuki Swift S1600


33 Simone Bertolotti

Simone Bertolotti


Luca Celestini


Suzuki Swift S1600



Luca Griotti


Corrado Bonato


Renault Clio


35 Bonato

Yoann Bonato


Benjamin Boulloud


Suzuki Swift Sport


36 KNAF Talent First Team Hans Weijs


Bjorn de Gandt


Citroen C2 S1600


37 KNAF Talent First Team Kevin Abbring


Erwin Mombaerts


Renault Clio RS


38 Czech National Team

Martin Prokop


Jan Tomanek


Citroen C2 S1600



Ross Forde


Arron Forde

IRL Suzuki Swift Sport



Niall McShea


Marshall Clarke


Proton Satria Neo



Gary Jennings



Mitsubishi Evo 9


63 World Rally Team Ireland Shaun Gallagher


Paul Kiely

IRL Mitsubishi Evo 9



Seamus Leonard


Gerry McVeigh

Mitsubishi Evo 9



Alan Ring


Adrian Deasy

IRL Mitsubishi Evo 9



Paddy White


Graeme Stewart

IRL Ford Focus WRC



David James


Jim Crowe

IRL Ford Focus



Alastair Fisher


Barry McNulty

IRL Ford Fiesta ST



Derrick Jobb


Thomas Nugent


Mitsubishi Evo 9



Toni Kelly



Honda Civic Type R



Paul Elliott


Brian Doherty

IRL Mitsubishi Evo 9



Rory Byrne


Jeremy Patterson




Ian Hynes


Des Sherlock

IRL Honda Civic


Steve Graham


Tony Graham



Kenneth Treacy


Martin Comerford

IRL Volkswagen Polo

february 2009 20

Mitsubishi Evo 9

Day 1 - FRIDAY SS1 Glenboy 1 08.13 SS2 Cavan 1 09.01 SS3 Aughnasheelan 1 09.42 Service A – In


SS4 Glenboy 2 13.02 SS5 Cavan 2 13.50 SS6 Aughnasheelan 2 14.31 Service B – In


SS7 Murley SS8 Fardross

18.54 19.39

Parc Ferme – In


Day 2 - SATURDAY Service D In


SS9 Sloughan Glen 1 08.13 SS10 Ballinamallard 1 09.06 SS11 Tempo 1 09.49 Service E In


SS12 Sloughan Glen 2 13.57 SS13 Ballinamallard 2 14.50 SS14 Tempo 2 15.33 Parc Ferme In


Day 3 - SUNDAY Service G In


SS15 Geevagh SS16 Arigna SS17 Lough Gill

08.35 09.00 09.51

Service H In


SS18 Donegal Bay 12.09 SS19 Donegal Town 13.10 Service I In



Vauxhall Astra Rally D N3 N1

Podium Ceremony 15.10


SS 17

Lough Gill


SS 16

Dromahair F


SS 15








/ nny L'Ke rom << F



SS 18 SSDonegal 18 Bay

Donegal Town


SS 1 & 4

Lough Allen









Lough Erne Lower


SS 2 & 5



SS 3 & 6




SS 9 & 12

Sloughan Glen







Lough Erne Upper



SS 10 & 13




SS 11 & 14








SS 7




/ M1 ast Belf om << Fr

SS 8


<< Fr om D u b lin / N3





5 >> y/A Derr From

Lough Gill










>> N17 ay/ alw mG Fro



february 2009

rd gfo Lon rom << F / N4

nicky’s notes

Time To Get HA

This is obviously the start of a new year and 2009 is full of great ex lot of competitors. As far as Motorsport Ireland is concerned, safet with the introduction of new rules for all competitors from 1st Jan

nicky grist writes exclusively for pacenotes

For competitors, that means the

purchase or hire of a HANS Device, something which has been a hot topic during the last few weeks and months. It has been used in the WRC for the past number of years, and has been slowly introduced into various championships all over the world. Finally, it has hit our shores. As far as a competitor is concerned, it is an expensive accessory, but most importantly, it gives both driver and navigator a better chance of survival should they be involved in a serious collision, and it reduces the risk of injury in even the smallest of accidents. The wearing of the device is important to get correct, and I would encourage everyone to pick up the phone to get professional advice before rushing out to buy one. A number of factors must be taken into account - the set up of the car, the way the person sits in the car, the physical size of the person, neck size, that sort of thing. Various angles are available and all the jigsaw pieces must be in place to give the wearer the optimum protection. Specific attachments for helmets is another issue, and HANS Devices will not fit every helmet. Some

brands can be retro fitted, but others are not homologated, so it may mean the purchase of a new helmet as well. It’s an expensive start to the year, and that’s before tackling your first event! For those who don’t know, a HANS attachment fits on to the wearer’s shoulders, around their neck and on to HANS post connections on their helmet. It’s held in place by a harness, with tethers to stop the head from

start, but this has been allocated to road section times by Motorsport Ireland. Competing in a saloon car with a relatively normal seating position will require a 20 degree HANS Device. This accommodates a wide range of seating positions but there are various angles available, including a 10 degree option for those who sit exceptionally upright. Racing car drivers tend to use 30 and 40 degree devices,

THE HANS IS A TREMENDOUS AID FOR SAFETY AND WHILE BEING EXPENSIVE, IT’S MONEY WELL SPENT, ESPECIALLY IN COMPARISON TO VERY EXPENSIVE PHYSIOTHERAPY. EVEN IN THE VERY LIGHTEST OF ACCIDENTS, IT CAN SAVE YOU FROM INJURY. moving too far forward, hence reducing the possibility of receiving potentially deadly whiplash. A lot of competitors, when they first started using HANS, complained of being somewhat restricted. Using them in a car is not easy, but I can assure all crews that it’s something you get used to. You need to allow a few extra minutes to prepare for any stage

but that would not work well in a rally car as it would become very uncomfortable. All rally competitors should use 10 or 20 degree devices. There are quite a number of options on the market at the moment. The cheapest of the bunch is a thermoplastic version made by the original manufacturer in the USA. It is by far the heaviest

Call us for

expert nicky grist motorsports ltd Unit 17, Mill Street Ind. Estate, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire NP7 5HE

Tel: 01873 853176


february 2009 22

advice on Hans device issues

Hans devices


of great expectations for a ned, safety is paramount, m 1st January. - over twice the weight of a carbon version. Does weight really matter? I think so! In a rally car, it would be a pain taking it on and off maybe 10 times a day in a small, enclosed space. But if the budget is tight, it will provide the same protection. The pro-carbon versions really do feel exceptionally lightweight in comparison. They do exactly the same job, but their lighter weight makes them much easier to handle. Then there is the middle of the road device, which has just been launched by Stand 21 at the NEC’s Autosport International Show. It’s of solid carbon construction, only slightly heavier than the pro-carbon, but at an economical price. It also comes in what’s called a mediumlarge size - a ‘one size fits all’ idea. Medium covers an 18 collar and large is anything over that, but the Stand 21 version is the latest generation HANS. It’s ergonomically designed to sit over the collar bone, and that makes it much easier to fit from a competitors point of view. The very early HANS Devices were designed with a fixed length tether, but the latest generation all come with a sliding tether as

standard. Instead of being clamped solid with helmet connections at either end, they can slide, which allows a competitor full rotation left and right. The HANS is a tremendous aid for safety and while being expensive, it’s money well spent, especially in comparison to very expensive physiotherapy. Even in the very lightest of accidents, it can save you from injury. But again I urge everyone to seek professional advice before rushing out to buy one. You need to make sure you get the geometry right, as it does make a difference. With that in mind, I wish everyone a safe and successful rally season in 2009 and look forward to bringing you more news throughout the year in Pacenotes! That’s all for this month!


february 2009


Pacenotes 2WD Rally Challenge

Kirkistown New Year Stages

Words Jonathan macdonald PICTURES john bayly

RESULTS 1 Alan Carmichael/Ivor Lamont Subaru Impreza WRC.......... 1018 2 Mark Doyle/Cormac Boyle Toyota Celica...................... 1021 3 George Robinson/Tommy Speers Subaru Impreza WRC.......... 1033 4 John McGlaughlin/Graham Curry Mitsubishi Evo 9................. 1037 5 Ray Brammer/Matt Whattam Subaru Impreza WRC.......... 1037 6 Emma McKinstry/Kenny Hull Subaru Impreza WRC.......... 1050 7 Brian Muldoon/Charlie Beattie Subaru Impreza................... 1052 8 Raymond Johnston/Simon Johnston Mitsubishi Evo 9................. 1060 9 Gary Rogers/Brian Crawford Mitsubishi Evo 9................. 1065 10 Michael McColgan/Connall Doherty Mitsubishi Evo 9................. 1072

Winners: Alan Carmichael & Ivor Lamont

Carmichael Sub Weathers Storm…

Kirkistown Race Circuit’s New Year Stages is usually the traditional rally season opener, but this year that honour was shared with the Safety Direct Galway International Rally. For the 500 Motor Racing Club

of Ireland event though, that made little difference to their event, as they received a healthy entry of more than 80 crews! The event also marked the opening round of the Pacenotes ANICC 2WD Tarmac Rally Challenge, which has proved to be a popular formula for the clubman crews. These crews were never going to win the event outright, as the four-wheel-drive competitors dominated, but that took little away

4th: John McGlaughlin & Graham Curry

from their enjoyment! Early weather conditions were pleasant with bright sunshine greeting everyone at the venue. Conditions were still slippery though, and it was Mark Doyle

Class 1

Class 3

Class 2

Class 4

J.P. and Adaline McSorley claimed class one honours in their Honda Civic. They finished 17 seconds ahead of Kyle Orr and Alan Stewart, with John McKay and John Hewitt third. John McGlaughlin and Graham Curry topped the Group N category. They were initially challenged by Stephen Kelly, but his retirement gave the crew some breathing room. It didn’t stop Curry from egging John on though, and they ended up finishing 15 seconds ahead of Brian Muldoon and Charlie Beattie, with Raymond and Simon Johnston third.

who mastered the track to take his Toyota Celica to the top of the podium. The last time a Celica was anywhere near the top of a podium at Kirkistown was probably when Eugene Donnelly piloted a similar car! Alan Carmichael and Ivor Lamont were Doyle’s closest rivals on that opening stage, finished four seconds adrift in their Subaru Impreza WRC. There was more to come from Carmichael though, and he set fastest time on the second

Class three saw Eamon and Jerry McLaughlin take the spoils in their Vauxhall Nova. The crew just pipped Arnold Lutton and Tom Young to the top spot by one second, with Wesley Johnston and Sam Magill third. John and Gavin Devlin returned to winning ways in class four, taking their Sunbeam to the top of the pile once again. Mark and Shane Robinson were next in line with their Nova, while Michael McAllister and David Gibson finished third.

Overall & Class Winners 1st: Drew Stewart

february 2009 24

2nd: Andrew Bushe

3rd: Paul Mogey

4th: JP McSorley

3rd: George Robinson & Tommy Speers

the rally. The morning’s pleasant weather conditions had switched to gale force winds and heavy rain, making the track too dangerous. It was nearly impossible to walk in a straight line, never mind rally! Times for stage five were scrapped and stage six was cancelled, so Carmichael claimed the rally victory! Mark Doyle and Cormac Boyle finished three seconds adrift in a very respectable second position, while George Robinson and Tommy Speers took third. John McGlaughlin and Graham Curry were disappointed that stage five’s times had been scrapped, as they set fastest time over the rain swept test. Initial indications suggested it would have moved them into second overall, but McGlaughlin still claimed first in Group N and fourth overall after winning the tie-break with Ray Brammer and

Class 5

Andrew Bushe and Safron Thomas topped the class five tree aboard their Citroen Saxo. The crew finished comfortably ahead of the Citroen C2 belonging to Kieron Graffin and David Graham, with Andrew and Fraser Mulholland third.

Class 6

Kirkistown New Year Stages

test, leaving one second between himself and Doyle. Meanwhile, in third position, George Robinson and Tommy Speers shared the podium spot with Ray Brammer and Matt Whattam, while John McGlaughlin led the Group N category. The Cookstown pilot had enticed photographer Graham Curry into the navigator seat, and obviously Curry was doing a good job! Back at the top of the leaderboard, Carmichael continued to set the pace, as he used WRC power to maximum effect. Fastest time on stage three allowed him to nip into the rally lead, while Doyle slipped to second position, one second in arrears. Doyle tried hard to catch the flying Subaru, but his older technology Celica just wasn’t up to the task. He lost another two seconds on stage four, which later transpired to be the final stage of

Pacenotes 2WD Rally Challenge


2nd: Mark Doyle & Cormac Boyle

Paul Mogey and David Caldwell took class six by storm, winning in their Escort by 28 seconds from Mervyn Williamson and George Hamilton. Alan and Chris Simms completed a trio of Escorts, one second ahead of Eamon Doherty and Hugh Wiseman.

Matt Whattam. Emma McKinstry and Kenny Hull used the event as a shakedown ahead of the Eurocables Stages and finished sixth, while Brian Muldoon and Charlie Beattie took seventh ahead of Raymond and Simon Johnston. As for those competitors who registered for the Pacenotes ANICC 2WD Rally Challenge, it was Drew Stewart and David White who claimed maximum points, as well as 12th overall. They didn’t have it all their own way though, as Paul Mogey held the early advantage from James Kennedy. One stage later though, Stewart blasted his way into first position, and stayed there until the event finish. In the end, he claimed victory by nine seconds from Andrew Bushe and Safron Thomas, with Paul Mogey and David Caldwell third.

2WD CL1: Eamon McLaughlin

Class 7

Pacenotes Clubman winners Drew Stewart and David White topped class seven on the event. They finished comfortably ahead of James Kennedy and John Rowan, after the second placed crew hit trouble on stage two. Roy Haslett and Gavin Larmour completed the top three.

2WD CL2: John Devlin

Class 8

Simon Woodside and Allan Harryman entertained the spectators in their 2.5 BMW M3 and claimed class eight spoils. They finished ahead of Robert and Sarah Thompson, who were using an unusual Vauxhall Calibra, with Andy Johnston and Jim Young third in their Chevette.

RD1 Standings

5th: James Kennedy

6th: Kieran Graffin

7th: Gary Price

1 Drew Stewart.......................... 25 2 Andrew Bushe........................ 22 3 Paul Mogey............................. 20 4 JP McSorley........................... 19 5 James Kennedy...................... 18 6 Kieran Graffin.......................... 17 7 Gary Price............................... 16 8 Kyle Orr.................................. 15 9 John McKay............................ 14 10 Roy Haslett............................. 13

february 2009


facttfile Driver: Billy McCar thy Height: 6ft Home: Gneeveguilla Birth date: 6 Novemb er 1984 Occupation: Plumb er Road car: Ford Tran sit Rally car: Nissan Mic ra Marital status: Sin gle Hobbies: Rallying, socialising and sho oting. Sponsors: Pat Looney Car Sales, Sean Hic key Scaffolding LTD, Eoin Doyle Haulage, Petr os Bar & Lounge, John New man Motors, ITUTI Motorspor t, CJT Motorspor t, Ral, Riordan Rally Looms.

John Falvey

Billy McC ar


Mighty Micra... 1. When did you first get behind a wheel? Billy: When I was 10 years old in a Leyland 272! John: When I was 14 in a Micra.

questiontime with Billy McCarthy & John Falvey february 2009 26

2. Who taught you to drive? Billy: My Father. John: My Mother. 3. Did you pass your driving test first time? Billy: Yes. John: Yes. 4. What was your first road car? Billy: Nissan Micra, “The Golden Nugget”, she was like a camper van at weekends…she’d sleep 5! John: Nissan Micra. 5. What is your favourite road car? Billy: Toyota Landcruiser. John: Austin Martin DB9. 6. Who were your motorsport heroes as a child? Billy: Colin McRae and Billy Coleman. John: Bertie Fisher and Frank Meagher. 7. Who would you rate as the top three British or Irish rally drivers today? Billy: Kris Meeke, ‘cos if you gave him a piebald pony, he’d win a grand national! He’s some operator! Also I think Martin McCormack and Keith Cronin have a lot of potential. John: Kris Meeke, Mark Higgins and Alistair Fisher. 8. What was your first competitive event? Billy: Rally of the Lakes 2007.

John: Mitchelstown Forestry Rally 2002. 9. What is your worst memory in rallying? Billy: When I got a phone call telling me of Colin McRae’s accident. John: Hearing about Frank Meagher’s accident. 10. What drive are you most proud of to date? Billy: Finishing second in the juniors of the Raven’s Rock Rally 2008. John: Cork ‘20’ 2008 with Billy, fourth overall in juniors and first in class. 11. What is your most frustrating memory in rallying? Billy: Winning my class on my first event until we clipped a rock half way through the last stage. I was sickened. John: Fastnet Rally 2008. 12. What is your biggest accident to date? Billy: Fastnet Rally 2008 – we got a puncture and forgot to slow down… BANG! John: Same as Billy. 13. What are your plans for 2009? Billy: Do a few junior rallies and maybe the Southern 4 Championship. We’ll see come March. John: Same as Billy and whatever else comes my way. 14. What is your favourite event? Billy: Rally of the Lakes, my home event. John: Rally of the Lakes. 15. What is your favourite rally car? Billy: Wide arch Micra with 6 speed

Navigator: John Falv ey Height: 5’6” Home: Tralee Road, Killarney Birth date: 12 Dec ember 1984 Occupation: Store Man Road car: Toyota Cel ica Marital status: Spo ken for! Hobbies: Rugby, GAA and rallying. Driver(s): Billy McCar thy Anything else you want to say: Thanks to Pat Looney for the use of his garage and faci lities and the ser vice crew Pat Bros, Ronald Rio rdan, Seanie Hickey, Noel Fleming, Dan Looney, Fred Kea ne, Smokie, Dave Slattery , Denis Coffey, as wel l as all our sponsors and sup por ters and everyo ne else who gave us a han d with the car through out the year, especially Tom Casey and Ger Nee son.

flat shift and 18 inch wheels - what more would you want! John: Opel Manta 400. 16. What do you think about youth development in rallying? Billy: Junior rallies are a good way to get into the sport, also autocrosses are a good way to learn car control and your abilities. John: Junior rallies and one make championships are a good way to get recognised. 17. If you could change anything about current rallying rules/admin what would it be? Billy: I think entry fees for the main field are too expensive. There should be a category as in WRC, Group N, 2 wheel drive and Super 1600s, with entry fees accordingly. John: Proper time schedules for one minute intervals between cars. 18. What was the last CD you bought? Billy: The Whiskey Jacks. John: Snow Patrol. 19. What is your favourite tipple? Billy: Guinness for strength and iron! John: Pint bottle of cider. 20. What did you have for breakfast this morning? Billy: Tea, brown bread and cold bacon…there’s no waste in our house! John: Cup of tea.

Commitment Brian James Trailers have successfully lead the way in trailer design for 30 years, offering a huge range of quality trailers from rally car transporters through to garden machinery and building equipment trailers. Each one is carefully created with you in mind. Available now near you.


Race Shuttle RS3


Little Gems found on the Emerald Isle Network of stockists and service centres: Ballymena, Belfast, Cork,

Wilsons of Rathkenny +44 (0)28 217 58261 Indespension +44 (0)28 908 39933 Spillane Trailers +353 (0)21 451 0520

Dublin, Enniskillen, Letterkenny, Limerick,

Indespension Gault Trailer Centre Tony Morning Indespension

+353 (0)1 808 1300 +44 (0)28 663 48000 +353 (0)87 298 9963 +353 (0)61 22 5700

Head Office: Daventry, UK +44 (0)1327 308833 Ireland and Scotland sales call Paul Bowker +44 (0)7854 839582 Pacenotes 0710#1.indd 1

07/10/2008 15:06:27

The Big Interview Forde Storms The Stages…

Driver: Ross Forde Height: 5’8” Home: Carnmore, Galway Birth date: 13th November 1983 Occupation: Production Manager Road car: Evo 7 Marital status: Single Navigator: Arron Forde Sponsors: Global Group Ireland, Galway Mini Centre,, G&R Window Systems

First drive behind a wheel: I think I was about 12 or 13! Who taught you to drive: Myself – I was left to my own devices! Pass driving test first time: Yep! First road car: It was a white Mini – I still have it and it’s still in one piece! Favourite road car: Audi RS4 Worst memory: Rolling while leading the Isle of Man. We hit a river running down the mountain while flat in fourth gear and rolled. We had been setting top 16 times when it was wet! Drive most proud of: Ulster International 2008 – we won the Swift Cup. Frustrating memory: Killarney Historic Rally two years ago, when we broke four rotor arms in a lovely reliable Mini! Favourite event: Isle of Man or Killarney International. Favourite rally car: Super 1600 Suzuki Swift What do you think about youth development? It has been very good in last two or three years and is really beginning to catch on. Want any changes? No, I’m happy enough that they’ve got rid of the drivers’ briefing! Funniest Moment? Rolling on stage 2 with Tom Gormally in Killarney! february 2009 28

Forde’s Fiesta Focus… Ross Forde is a man on a mission. As the recipient of the 2008 Billy Coleman Award, he has a fully funded drive in the 2009 UK Fiesta Sporting Trophy, and is focused on championship success… Forde’s plans for Fiesta spoils

aren’t the only thing driving the 25-year-old Galway man. He hopes to realise his dream of having a “good shot” at the Junior World Rally Championship during the next couple of years, and with his background in rallying, he has the support behind him to be able to do it. Raised by a family very much involved in rallying - his uncles are Ray and Frank Cunningham it was really only a matter of time before Forde caught the bug. He started young, accompanying his uncle Frank to the Galway International Rally when he was just eight years old, and it was

there that he met his hero, Bertie Fisher. “My uncle was driving the course car and Bertie, along with other drivers in the top 20, signed a door sticker for me,” Forde told Pacenotes. “Bertie also let me sit in his Legacy – it was a day that I’ll never forget!” Ross couldn’t wait to be part of some competitive action, but he was still a young kid. Rallying was nothing but a far flung dream, at least until he turned 16. With a competition licence in hand, he entered his first competitive event behind the wheel of a Mini at an autocross. “I started in autocross before

progressing to rallying,” Forde recalled, and even when I did move to rallying, it was in the navigator’s seat. I called the notes for my uncle in his Mini, and we entered the Killarney Historic Rally as well as the Irish Tarmac Championship.” Success for the family team soon followed, and in 2002, they won the Irish Historic Championship. Ross was just 18 at the time, and he still holds the accolade of being the youngest navigator ever to win the series! The following season, Ross progressed to the driving seat, and entered numerous junior rallies around the country behind

Picture: Suzuki Swift Cup

“It finally came together when we won the Ulster,” Ross continued, “but then at the final round, a driveshaft let go, which put us out! It was very frustrating, but we won our class in Ireland’s National Junior Championship, which allowed me to qualify for the Billy Coleman Award.” After making the shortlist, Ross was invited to an interview at Motorsport Ireland’s headquarters in Dublin, where he sat in front of a

I LED EVERY ROUND FROM THE WORD ‘GO’, BUT BETWEEN MECHANICAL FAILURES AND ONE BIG ACCIDENT, WE JUST COULDN’T GET THE RESULT. series, as Forde proved that he had the speed to win, but only managed to achieve his maiden success near the end of the year, at the Ulster Rally. “I led every round from the word ‘go’ ,” Ross admitted, “but between mechanical failures and one big accident, we just couldn’t get the result. At the Pirelli, we were leading when the car broke down with one stage to go. Then at the Jim Clark, we lost out on the last stage by a couple of seconds. On the Isle of Man, we rolled at the same corner as about 20 other cars, where there was a river running down the road!”

The Big Interview

the wheel of a Citroen Saxo. Then he moved back into the navigator’s seat in 2007, calling the notes for Tom Gormally, but was incapable of ignoring the lure and thrill of driving. It was 2008 that marked a huge turning point in his career. With a new Suzuki Swift, Forde entered the UK’s Suzuki Swift Sport Cup, as well as Ireland’s National Junior Championship. It was a fairly frustrating season in the Suzuki

panel of five people. The judges were suitably impressed, and at December’s Dunlop Champions of Irish Motorsport awards, Forde was announced as the winner, as well as becoming Young Rally Driver of the Year! “I’ve won a fully funded drive for 2009, which is fantastic,” a thrilled Forde told Pacenotes. “I’m also trying to get a Fiesta for events in Ireland, but nothing is confirmed yet. In the meantime, Tom Gormally provided me with his Honda Civic for the Galway International Rally.” This young gun is certainly one to watch and he is setting his sights high, with a campaign in the Junior

World Rally Championship planned for the future. Ross couldn’t have won the award if it wasn’t for the excellent navigating skills of his brother, Arron. Keeping the rallying in the family, Arron has proved to be a top notch navigator, making sure his brother stayed on the straight and narrow throughout the year. The Forde family is making its mark in rallying, and 2009 could be a pivotal season as they continue to progress through the ranks. Can the Fordes make sure their Fiesta is on top come the end of 2009? Don’t miss Pacenotes this year to find out if the Fordes stay focused!

february 2009


Clubman rally action from Mondello & Cork

Mondello Rally Sprints

Words Jonathan MacDonald PICTURES patrick doyle trevor mcgrath

Leo Doyle

Terrance O’Shaughnessy

The Barrables dominated at Mondello

Who’s The Daddy? Rallysprint 1 – Mondello

Sunday 7th marked the first of a trio of rally sprint events undertaken during the dark days of December. It also marked the first time that the top three overall positions were occupied by three members of the same family! No, it wasn’t the MacHale clan that had entered the event - it was a trio of Barrables, with Michael eventually proving he was ‘the daddy’ by claiming the outright win ahead of his two sons, Robert and Peter. Michael was fastest from the outset in his Ford Focus WRC, while both Robert and Peter were not too far adrift using the same car. Robert put up a fight right to the finish, and fastest time on the third run saw him close the gap to his father to less than two seconds.

Anthony Redmond topping the class nine tree. Noel O’Brien won class 10 and finally, Bobby Hennessy won class 3a (up to 1400cc).

Rallysprint 2 – Cork

Coogan’s No Bluffer…

After a brief Christmas break, the rallysprinters returned to action in Cork on Saturday 27th December. With no dominating Barrable family in sight, it was Billy Coogan who took the overall win in his gorgeous BMW M3. It was a closely fought affair though, as Nicholas Cahill drove the socks off his Opel Corsa to finish in second position, just over one second adrift of the event winner. In fact,

RESULTS Rallysprint 1 (Mondello) 1 Michael Barrable Ford Focus WRC.......10m 14.06s 2 Robert Barrable Ford Focus WRC.......10m 15.93s 3 Peter Barrable Ford Focus WRC.......10m 29.67s Rallysprint 2 (Cork) 1 Billy Coogan BMW M3....................5m 43.00s 2 Nicholas Cahill Opel Corsa..................5m 44.36s 3 John Hackett Austin Mini..................5m 49.25s Rallysprint 3 (Mondello) 1 Robert Barrable Ford Focus WRC.........9m 31.60s 2 Peter Barrable Ford Focus WRC.........9m 32.21s 3 Michael Barrable Ford Focus WRC.........9m 40.78s

february 2009 30

Winner RS2 Cork: Billy Coogan

He had to settle for second in the end though, while Peter Barrable claimed third ahead of David James. Eoin Murray topped class one and finished fifth overall, while James Foley completed the top six and took second in class one. The top three overall also claimed the top three positions in class two, while Stephen Lipsett took class three honours. Paraic Cummins won class four, and Damien Driver won class five. Vincent Deery comfortably claimed the class six spoils, while David Francis was the sole entrant in class seven. Fergal Allen won class eight, with

Winner RS3 Mondello: Robert Barrable

Cahill led the event going into the final run, but Coogan managed to get the better of him at the last gasp. John Hackett claimed third ahead of William Fogarty, who was fastest on run three in his Abarth A112, with Denis O’Brien fifth, ahead of David Dunne. It was Jason Ryan who set the fastest time of the day though, but the early leader finished outside the top ten after breaking a driveshaft on run two. Fourth placed William Fogarty also won his class, as did fifth placed Denis O’Brien. Billy Fitzgerald took his Avenger to the class spoils, while William Walsh also proved his

prowess in his class, with a Toyota Corolla. Denis Dineen took home a class trophy, along with David Dunne. Finally, Brian Corbett won his class in a Porsche 911, and Jim Ahern not only completed the top 10 overall, but also claimed the class spoils.

Rallysprint 3 – Mondello

Nice One Son…

Returning to Mondello for the final rally sprint of the season, the Barrables were back out in force on Sunday 28th December, when once again they dominated the top of the leaderboard at the Carlow Motor Club Rallysprint. On this occasion though, Michael Barrable had to play second fiddle to both of his sons. It was Robert and Peter who were vying for top honours, with the number one spot eventually being awarded to Robert. Peter finished less than one second in arrears, while rally regular Michael claimed the final podium position. Outside the top three, Derrick Jobb arrived home in fourth with his Escort WRC, just a few seconds ahead of young up and coming rally star Craig Breen, who was using a Ford Focus WRC. Meanwhile, Brian Murphy completed the top six in a Group N Impreza, while Pat O’Connell took seventh ahead of leading two-wheel-drive pilot, Vincent Deery. Other class winners included Paul Manton, while John Nolan took his Escort to the top class spot. Jason Driver won his class, as did Cork rally sprint winner, Billy Coogan. Brendan Curran claimed class spoils in his Sierra Cosworth, while Noel O’Brien and Simon Evans also claimed class trophies.



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by Jason Craig

Honda Civic Type R GT

Performance Car


Lightning… Honda is quietly confident that the Civic Type R GT Championship White will be the car that reinstates the Japanese automaker at the top of the hot hatch pecking order. According to Honda, this

latest go-faster Civic is based on the successful FN2 Civic rally car as prepared and supported by Italian based JAS Motorsport. The majority of current hot hatches have, in one way or another, been influenced by their participation in motorsport, and the Championship White is no exception. The car’s title and paint job evoke memories of Honda’s first Formula One car. It too was predominantly

32 february 2009

white when it featured at the German Grand Prix back in 1964, and since then white has become the company’s traditional racing colour. The biggest difference between the Championship White’s internals and those of the ‘normal’ Type R GT is the inclusion of an all-new Torsten limited slip differential. The best lap time set by the Civic Type R GT around the company’s test track in Tsukaba, Japan was slashed by almost one and a half seconds using the Championship White with its new LSD. In the real world, away from the race track, on the open road, the advantages of the Torsten differential soon become apparent, particularly when driving around corners and tight hairpins. Both can be approached with a greater turn-in speed - in either dry or wet weather conditions - as both of the front tyres lay down the power with relative ease. The exploitation of these high

grip levels is made possible as the Torsten differential helps to keep torque steer in check, a problem often associated with highly tuned front-wheel-drive cars such as the Championship White. LSD aside, there are few aspects of the Championship White to shout about, because little has changed from the original Civic Type R GT on which it is based. Despite a numbered plaque positioned before the gearstick, the 3-door Civic Type R GT Championship White is unlikely to be a rarity on British roads. That’s because officials working at Honda are keen for the Swindon factory to build as many Championship White models as is realistically possible upon commencement of sales from January ‘09. Potential customers considering the Championship White over and above the £18,640 Type R GT may well be put off by the additional £1,500 asking price, and if satellite navigation is requested, it will set

Performance Car

you back a further £1,400. Externally, the Championship White boasts 18-inch alloys as well as a contrasting smoke chrome finish on the badges, door handles, fuel filler cap and lower front grille. Inside, it is pretty much ‘as you were’ with the now familiar space age design, and only a few stylistic changes being made, such as the machine finished alloy gear knob, drilled aluminium accelerator, clutch and brake pedals, Type R door-sill plates and a red stitched steering wheel. At the heart of the Championship White is the same high revving four-cylinder, twin-cam 1,998cc petrol i-VTEC powerplant found in the Civic Type R and Type R GT variants. It lacks the outright power of some of its hot hatch rivals, with only 198bhp and 142lb ft of torque accessible via its six-speed manual gearbox. The rev happy nature of the i-VTEC engine will not be to all tastes, however, as the day-to-day

usability and accessibility of its performance is incredibly laborious in comparison to other hot hatch rivals. A frenzy of noise amasses in the cabin all the way to 8,000 rpm and beyond, thanks to the engine’s management system which uses hydraulics to deploy a set of racing cam profiles above 5,500rpm. As you would expect, performance is brisk, with a more than respectable top speed of 146mph, a 0-62mph time of 6.6 seconds, a combined fuel economy of 31mpg and CO2 emissions of 215g/km.

Overall, Honda’s latest attempt at producing the ultimate hot hatch is to be congratulated. The Honda Civic Type-R GT Championship White is an extremely impressive car, let down only by uncompetitive pricing and an apparent lack of exclusivity. If these shortcomings were addressed, it would be decidedly more difficult to choose between the Civic and the Renault Mégane R26.R, currently this writer’s favourite hot hatch.

february 2009


Round-Up of Clubman Rally Action

UK Clubman

Simpson Rocks On!

Procter’s Croft West Wins Loco! Christmas Cracker!

Kevin Mooney


Event: Rockingham Stages Rally. Date: 13th-14th December 2008. Location: Rockingham Circuit, Corby. Surface: Tarmac. Stages: 10. Stage Miles: 85. Organisers: Middlesex County Automobile Club & Thame Motorsport Club. Championships: Wallis’s Wagon; AEMC & Middlesex Challenge Championships. Starters: 95. Finishers: 65.

Event: Specsavers Christmas Stages Rally. Date: 28th December 2008. Location: Croft Race Circuit, Nr Darlington. Surface: Tarmac. Stages: 8. Stage Miles: 38. Organisers: Northallerton Automobile Club. Championship: NETRC. Starters: 87. Finishers: 67.

Event: The Hamilton Classic Longmoor Loco Stages. Date: 28th December 2008. Location: Longmoor Camp, Hampshire. Surface: Tarmac. Stages: 8. Stage Miles: 34. Organisers: Sutton & Cheam Motor Club. Starters: 60. Finishers: 47.

Steve Simpson took a fourth successive Rockingham Stages win, the third with Simon Hunter, bringing his Hyundai Accent WRC home over two minutes ahead of the Peugeot 306 Maxi of Dave West and Sam Keeley. Saturday’s action got underway with four stages in the wet, the later two being run in darkness, all of which were dominated by the Accent crew who completed the first leg of the rally with a comfortable lead. Ford Sierra Cosworth crew Richard Upton and Mark Bareham finished day one in second spot but only after others had problems. Ashley Field and Janice Tooley had been closest to Simpson after the opening pair of tests but an excursion onto the grass on SS3 dropped the Darrian T90 crew down the order. The Ford Focus WRC of Dick Mauger and Steve McNulty then stepped up to challenge Simpson but their time in second spot ended with a spin and stall on SS4. Drying conditions on Sunday brought no joy for the chasing pack as Simpson continued to dominate proceedings. West, who had started the day fourth, had climbed to second by the end of SS6 and stayed there despite dropping time on every stage to Field who’s hard charge was rewarded with third place. A series of half spins and overshoots, an altercation with the Peugeot 205 of Paul Boxall and Theresa Butler on SS6 coupled with a broken gear lever mid-way through SS7 hampered Upton’s progress and he finished fourth. Mauger collected the class 5 award after finishing fifth. Sixth placed Andy Baker and Neil Thomson took class 3 honours in their Peugeot 205 after Andy Corner and Ade Camp lost a wheel from their similar car forcing retirement on SS9. Pressing them all the way were Pete Rayner and Richard Bonner who finished a close seventh in their Ford Escort Mk2. A new differential cured the handling problems suffered on Saturday by Andy Rowe and Cat Lund’s Mitsubishi Lancer Evo3 as they worked their way up to eighth. Completing the top ten behind Boxall were Stephen Tilburn and Gareth John in the Escort Mk2.

Kevin Procter and Dave Bellerby dominated proceedings at a cold, but dry, Croft Circuit bringing their ex-Richard Burns Subaru Impreza WRC to a comfortable victory. Starting as they meant to go on they set fastest time on the opening stage. It was a feat they would repeat on all but the final test where a spin allowed runners-up Paul Bird and Ian Windress to close the gap in their similar car. As Procter built his lead stage by stage, an intense battle for second place raged on behind him. Tony Bardy and Reg Smith were the early incumbents with their Nissan Sunny GTiR holding second spot for the opening three stages. By the end of SS4 they had been overhauled by the MG Metro 6R4 of Mark Jasper and Don Whyatt but their reign ended two tests later when Bardy edged back in front. Bird snatched second with a late burst of speed as he reacclimatised to the car he hadn’t driven for six months. Ashley Field and Janice Hooley came within two seconds of Bardy’s podium place despite their Darrian T90 being baulked by slower cars. Jasper settled for fifth place four seconds ahead of Ryan Champion and Carol Rosendale in the ex-Pierro Liatti Impreza 555. Charlie Payne had 16 year-old Tom Hughes in the codrivers seat and they brought the Mitsubishi Lancer WRC home seventh. Steven Hogg and Phil Shortt quickened their pace throughout the day to move their Impreza ahead of the Metro 6R4 of flu victim Chris Wise and Tracey Taylor-West on the final stage. Consistency was the order of the day for Darren Docherty and Michael Wilkinson who maintained tenth place throughout in their Impreza. There were top twenty results for class 1 winners Mark and Andrew Constantine (15th), class 2 winners Kevin Monaghan and Steve Dargan (20th) and class 3 winners Nigel Keen and Ian Vickers (12th). Rally sponsor David Stockton, co-driven by Chris Purvis, sustained ankle ligament and muscle damage after hitting a barrier in his Impreza on SS6. John and Karen Cressey spent over two minutes in the gravel trap on SS1 before retiring their BMW Mini Cooper with gearbox problems.

A final stage charge saw Dave West and Keith Hounslow snatch victory as they forced their Peugeot 306 Maxi two seconds ahead of the Ford Escort Mk2 of Richard Edwards and Paul Brown. Competitors were met with icy conditions as Dan Corner and Andrew Murphy put their Peugeot 205 into an early lead stopping the SS1 clocks a second quicker than Edwards. Edwards then took control on SS2 with West now his closest challenger nine seconds in arrears. By the end of SS4, the rally mid-way point, Edward’s had increased the gap to 16 seconds whilst Dan Corner’s good run ended here with a broken gearbox. Other first half casualties included Mark Palmer and Val Thompson with a broken driveshaft on their Peugeot 306 S16 and Peter Rayner and Richard Bonner with a broken differential on their Escort Mk2. West then began reeling in Edwards but with a six second deficit starting the final stage, victory looked a long shot. A stunning last stage performance saw West take eight seconds from his rival to take his first rally win in 22 years of trying, by just two seconds. Simon Mansell and Gary Wilcox took the final podium place in their V8 powered Escort Mk3 holding off the Escort Mk1 of Adrian Brown and Chris Jarman. Dan Corner’s dad, Andy, upheld family honours by finishing fifth, taking class C honours in the process. Partnered by Ade Camp, their 205 broke a bellhousing bolt on SS4 and the exhaust on SS6 and only a last stage charge saw them overhaul the Escort Mk2 of Geoff Bennett and Richard Bailey who dropped to sixth. Alastair Flack and Ralph Higson guided their Triumph TR7 V8 home a lonely seventh whilst raging behind them was a closely fought battle for eighth. That went to the Peugeot 205 crew of Paul Boxall and Teresa Butler, who stole three seconds from the class A winning Citroen AX of Aron and Scott Rayner on a decisive last stage. Russell and Toby Phipps completed the top ten in their Peugeot 206, whilst Chris Keys and Graham Tuer took class B honours, finishing 18th overall in their Peugeot 205.

Results: 1 Steve Simpson/Simon Hunter (Hyundai Accent WRC) 1h:20m:15s; 2 Dave West/Keith Hounslow (Peugeot 306 Maxi) 1h:22m:36s; 3 Ashley Field/Janice Hooley (Darrian T90) 1h:22m:49s; 4 Richard Upton/Paul Bareham (Ford Sierra Cosworth) 1h:23m:30s; 5 Dick Mauger/Steve McNulty (Ford Focus WRC) 1h:24m:44s; 6 Andy Baker/Neil Thomson (Peugeot 205) 1h:26m:34s; 7 Pete Rayner/Richard Bonner (Ford Escort Mk2) 1h:26m:40s; 8 Andy Rowe/Cat Lund (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo3) 1h:26m:49s; 9 Paul Boxall/Theresa Butler (Peugeot 205) 1h:27m:38s; 10 Stephen Tilburn/Gareth John (Ford Escort Mk2) 1h:28m:22s. Class Award Winners: 1: Ian Burton/Bill Smith (Fiat Uno); 2: Max Chapman/Kevin Harbour (MG ZR); 3: Baker/Thomson; 4: Upton/Bareham; 5: Mauger/McNulty; 7: Russell Brookes/Sean Morriarty

34 february 2009

Results: 1 Kevin Procter/Dave Bellerby (Subaru Impreza WRC) 39:20. 2 Paul Bird/Ian Windress (Subaru Impreza WRC) 40:34. 3 Tony Bardy/Reg Smith (Nissan Sunny GTiR) 40:37. 4 Ashley Field/Janice Hooley (Darrian T90) 40:39. 5 Mark Jasper/Don Whyatt (MG Metro 6R4) 40:48. 6 Ryan Champion/Carol Rosendale (Subaru Impreza 555) 40:52. 7 Charlie Payne/Tom Hughes (Mitsubishi Lancer WRC) 40:55. 8 Steven Hogg/Phil Shortt (Subaru Impreza) 41:26. 9 Chris Wise/Tracey Taylor-West (MG Metro 6R4) 41:42. 10 Darren Docherty/Michael Wilkinson (Subaru Impreza) 42:56. Class Award Winners: 1: Mark Constantine/Andrew Constantine (Vauxhall Corsa); 2: Kevin Monaghan/Steve Dargan (Vauxhall Corsa); 3: Nigel Keen/Ian Vickers (Ford Escort Mk2); 4: Field/Hooley; 5: Jasper/Whyatt.

Results: 1 Dave West/Keith Hounslow (Peugeot 306 Maxi) 47:21. 2 Richard Edwards/Paul Brown (Ford Escort Mk2) 47:23. 3 Simon Mansell/Gary Wilcox (Ford Escort Mk3) 47:51. 4 Adrian Brown/Chris Jarman (Ford Escort Mk1) 47:59. 5 Andy Corner/Ade Camp (Peugeot 205) 48:06. 6 Geoff Bennett/John Billett (Ford Escort Mk2) 48:07. 7 Alastair Flack/Ralph Higson (Triumph TR7 V8) 48:33. 8 Paul Boxall/Teresa Butler (Peugeot 205) 49:05. 9 Aron Raynor/Scott Rayner (Citroen AX) 49:08. 10 Russell Phipps/Toby Phipps (Peugeot 206) 49:31. Class Award Winners: A: Rayner/Rayner; B: Chris Keys/Graham Tuer (Peugeot 205); C: Corner/Camp; D: Brown/Jarman.

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James Kennedy Ford Escort Duratec 2.0 Pacenotes Northern Ireland Championship Superdrive 2wd Champion and Class 7 Champion.

Graham Hollis Ford Escort Duratec 2.0 MSA National Tarmac Championship 1st Ford, Class B11 Champion

Mark Sheahan Renault Clio S1600

McAree Border Championship Overall Winner Dunlop National Championship Class 6 Champion.

John Corrigan Ford Focus 2.0 Group A Southern Four Championship Class 7 Champion

Frank Kelly Ford Escort Duratec 2.0 BTRDA Silver Star Series Championship Winner

Pat Donegan Ford Escort Duratec 2.4 Midlands East Rally Championship Class 14 Champion.

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Fisher Takes First Fiesta Battle

Co Drive For A Tenner! Up and coming young driver

Kyle Orr from Dromore, County Down, co-driven by Graeme Stewart, is seeking support for his 2009 UK Fiesta Sporting Trophy campaign… Anyone who makes a donation of £10 or more via his website - - will be entered into a draw to co-drive with Kyle in a McKinstry Subaru Impreza WRC at either the Shackleton Festival or the Lurgan Park Rally! Rally legend Kenny McKinstry believes that Kyle Orr has talent worth nurturing, and commented, “We all know how tough it is to get a foothold in rallysport these days, but Kyle has the speed and I’d like to see him gather up the funding for a full season in the Fiestas. Please help him out if you can.” All donations will be gratefully received, so please give what you can to help this talented young driver realise his potential. And you never know - a tenner could buy you the rally car ride of a lifetime!

36 february 2009

The third season of the Maxol E85 Ford Fiesta SportTrophy (FST) Ireland began last weekend at the Safety Direct Galway International Rally. Nine Fiesta crews took to the start of the event based in the city of Galway on the West coast of Ireland and the event saw some of the worst weather conditions crews had ever faced with heavy rain and winds in excess of 120kph. The event consisted of three stages repeated three times throughout the day giving a total of nine stages covering a total of 120 stage kilometres. The event began with the 9.4 km of Belleville and it was last year’s FST runner-up Alistair Fisher (19) from Trillick, Co. Tyrone and his co-driver Barry McNulty who set the early pace, stopping the clocks on 5 minutes 56.4 seconds. Only three seconds adrift was Paul Quinn (20) from Dungannon, with navigator Jason Harron. Quinn was on impressive form at the end of 2008 and demonstrated that the winter break had not affected his pace. Third fastest on the stage went to Craig Breen (18) from Waterford and co-driver Andrew Purcell. The young Irishman, a new entrant for 2009, was making a very impressive start to the event and surprised some of his fellow competitors with his speed. Stage 2, the 14.4 km of Windfield was cancelled for all FST competitors due to an accident further up the field, so crews headed straight for the final stage before service, Colmanstown at 16.2 km. It was Fisher who took the stage win, an incredible 30 seconds quicker than his nearest rival, Breen. Fisher reported he was struggling to get into his rhythm after Stage 1, but his time here showed that he had again found his pace. As the competing crews returned to service, Fisher had opened up a 30-second lead over Quinn. Amongst the morning’s activities came reports that Stephen Wright (18) from Co. Monaghan and codriver Paul McGee had suffered a burst power steering pipe resulting in the driver struggling with the car through the tight sections of the stages. Despite his team’s best efforts, they could not fix the

problem in time and he was forced to retire. Mark Donnelly (17) from Omagh and new co-drover Paddy Robinson were struggling to get to grips with the treacherous conditions and an overshoot in Stage 3 (Colmanstown) saw them stranded in a field, dropping two minutes to the overall leader. Garrett Loughran, another new competitor for 2009, was having an interesting event after finding a last minute replacement navigator in Gary McAvenny who stepped into the driver’s seat for the road sections in order to overcome the insurance problems that Loughran encountered during scrutineering. The car salesmen made some overshoots on the route and commented that the event was certainly becoming a “learning experience”. Stage 4 (Belleville 2) saw Breen take his first stage win of the series, with Fisher four seconds adrift and Quinn a further five seconds behind. Loughran dropped 43 seconds to the leader after hitting a pile of logs and bending the steering, whilst Donnelly found himself stuck on a low wall and dropped 45 seconds to Breen trying to get back on the road. Stage 5 (Windfield 2) saw Fisher take the stage win from Quinn by one second with Breen in third. For the sixth and final stage before the last service (Colmanstown 2) Breen took his second stage victory from Fisher in second and then Quinn in third. The stage provided drama for FST UK regular Liam Regan (20) from Belfast and co-driver Ray Fitzpatrick when the crew went off and became stuck in a field, losing nine minutes to the leaders. With no further dramas reported in service, the cars headed out for the final stages. Fisher left the Oranmore service park with a cushion of 45 seconds over Breen, who had moved into second, six seconds ahead of Quinn. Stage 7 (Belleville 3) was cancelled for all competitors after another accident further up the field, leaving only two stages remaining for the battle to ensue. Stage 8 (Windfield 3) saw Fisher take the victory from Breen by one second, with Shane Buckley (24) from Ballyhaunis and navigator Thomas Maguire in third place.

Buckley had set some good times over the course of the day and was showing potential to fight for podium positions as the season progresses. Another competitor who was having a steady run was Desi Henry (19) from Port Glenone and navigator John Rowan. Henry is still relatively new to the Fiesta ST and was gaining valuable experience as the day went on, but an ‘off ’ saw him lose 13 minutes on the penultimate test. He would, however, get going again and finish the event in 8th. The final stage (Colmanstown 3) found another crew in trouble: Buckley left the road, dropping 12 minutes to Breen, who took second quickest, with Quinn coming in third. But it was Fisher who crossed the finish line with his fifth fastest stage win of the day and claimed victory on the first round of the 2009 FST Ireland by a margin of 30 seconds from series newcomer Breen in second place and last year’s third placed driver Quinn. With the weather conditions being so severe, it was a credit to not only the competitors, but the Fiesta ST and the championship’s tyre partners, Pirelli; all of whom coped brilliantly in the incredibly tough environment they were faced with. The return to Parc Fermé did not signal the end of the rally for everyone. Breen and Donnelly had decided to take advantage of the new format of the championship, where crews can continue after the FST event has finished and compete in the remainder of the National and International sections of the event. Donnelly had a superb run on the Sunday and finished eighth overall in the National rally, whilst Breen had an equally impressive second day finishing tenth overall in the International event and second twowheel-drive overall. The second round of the series will be the Circuit of Ireland on 10 April 2009. Final Results 1 Alastair Fisher / Barry McNulty .......1:15:46.6 2 Craig Breen / Andrew Purcell ...........1:16:30.0 3 Paul Quinn / Jason Harron ...............1:17:20.7 4 Mark Donnelly / Paddy Robinson .....1:21:02.7 5 Garrett Loughran / Gary McEvanny ..1:22:59.2 6 Liam Regan / Ray Fitzpatrick ...........1:26:53.7 7 Shane Buckley / Thomas Maguire....1:29:57.4 8 Desi Henry / John Rowan ................1:34:27.0 9 Stephen Wright / Paul McGee .................. DNF

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Good Luck Kris & Paul!

february 2009 38

Freeze Frame the best images captured...


february 2009

february 2009 40

report in association with

Winners: Eugene Donnelly & Paddy Toner

Safety Direct Galway International

Irish Tarmac Championship

Genie Still Has The Old Magic… At this year’s Safety Direct Galway International Rally, it looked as though the 2008 Irish Tarmac Champion was going to pick up where he left off – at the top of the tables. But for Eamonn Boland, mechanical troubles put paid to his reign at the top of the Irish Tarmac series standings. It was a disappointing blow for

the Wexford driver, as he had created a reasonable advantage after the opening leg of a blustery Galway event. With gusts of wind up to 100mph, Boland made sure the wind stayed behind him as he accelerated into a lead of 10 seconds after three stages. It was Gareth MacHale who took the early advantage though, with Peadar Hurson second ahead of Eugene Donnelly in third. But that was all set to change as Boland and navigator Mickey Joe Morrissey got into their stride. While Tim McNulty and Eugene O’Donnell retired with a blown turbo, Boland was fastest on stage two, and

assumed the number one position. As it transpired, Kevin Lynch and Francis Regan became their closest challengers, moving to within half a second after stage four. They equalled Boland’s time through stage five, leaving the two crews five seconds ahead of Gareth MacHale and Brian Murphy, with Peader Hurson and Damien Connolly fourth ahead of Eugene Donnelly and Paddy Toner. Meanwhile, number one seeds Conrad Rautenbach and Daniel Barritt were having a difficult time with their Citroen Xsara WRC. So much so that they decided to drop down the running order so they wouldn’t affect the battle among the

Jim Crozier: +44 (0)7778 288108 or James Foley +353 (0)87 2310089

Words Jonathan MacDonald PICTURES John Bayly Seamus Counihan

top ITC contenders. Ironically, by doing so, they might well have had a direct affect on the battle… Stage six saw Kevin Lynch catch and pass the African Rally champion, before spinning his Impreza WRC. Perhaps it was a case of ‘red mist’ or maybe it would have happened regardless, but either way, Lynch suddenly found himself almost 26 seconds behind event leader Eamonn Boland. Gareth MacHale also hit trouble on stage six, when his wipers stopped working. He lost buckets of time in the stormy conditions, putting him in sixth position, behind his brother Aaron. Darren Gass also had dramas,

Pirelli Tyre Service Available On All Championship Events

february 2009


Irish Tarmac Championship

Safety Direct Galway International

report in association with

RESULTS 1 Eugene Donnelly/Paddy Toner Skoda Fabia WRC........ 2:00:47.8 2 Gareth MacHale/Brian Murphy Ford Focus WRC.......... 2:02:02.4 3 Peadar Hurson/Damien Connolly Subaru Impreza WRC... 2:02:31.0 4 Aaron MacHale/Barry Goodman Ford Focus WRC.......... 2:02:55.1 5 Anthony O’Halloran/Charlie McEnery Mitsubishi Evo 9.......... 2:10:46.3 6 Sean Flanagan/Brian Duggan Subaru Impreza............ 2:10:51.1 7 Doyle Tommy/Tony McDaid Renault Clio................. 2:14:02.3 8 Mike Bird/Kevin Keane Subaru Impreza WRC... 2:14:24.1 9 Ger O’Donovan/Sean Hayde Subaru Impreza............ 2:14:55.8 10 Craig Breen/Andrew Purcell Ford Fiesta ST.............. 2:17:25.8 11 David Quigley/Des Sherlock Honda Civic EK4.......... 2:19:41.8 12 Eamon Dervan/David Gardiner Honda Civic................. 2:22:25.7 13 Joseph McGonigle/Alan Whyte Honda Civic................. 2:23:02.4 14 Pat Price/Stephen Price Subaru N12................. 2:24:03.6 15 Liam Higgins/Derrick Feeney Mitsubishi Evo 7.......... 2:24:04.0

2nd: Gareth MacHale & Brian Murphy

retiring his Impreza WRC when a wheel fell off the car after clipping a bank. Derek McGarrity joined the retirement ranks shortly afterwards, while Eugene Donnelly and Paddy Toner also had dramas of their own. They went off the road twice, but managed to recover to third position after stage six, just a few seconds ahead of Peadar Hurson. “We had an off of stage four. I had over-committed to a six right. There was a crest I should have braked on, but I braked just over the crest and the car was light and we slid off through a hedge. Luckily there were plenty of spectators who were able to get us back on the road. Then on stage five I slid wide on a square left, clipped a bank and got a puncture.” Stage seven was cancelled due to

3rd: Peadar Hurson & Damien Connolly

of holding seventh overall to take joint fourth with Peadar Hurson. Rautenbach changed his tyres midway through the day, giving him more confidence in the latter stages. Peadar Hurson, on the other hand, lost around 20 seconds on the day’s final stage, while Aaron MacHale and Barry Goodman were sixth, ahead of Gareth MacHale and Brian Murphy. In the battle among the Group N crews, Damien Tourish and Domhnall McAlaney immediately made their mark, leading the category from the outset. Stage three saw the crew lose the advantage to his rivals though, as turbo problems thwarted his progress. James Foley was also in trouble, and he retired his Evo X with mechanical problems. All the

We had an off of stage four. I had overcommitted to a six right. There was a crest I should have braked on, but I braked just over the crest and the car was light and we slid off through a hedge - EUGENE DONNELLY the bad road conditions as a result of heavy rain, so leg one consisted of just two more stages. And it was Kevin Lynch who topped the timesheets on stage eight, some eight seconds faster than Boland. The wet, slippery conditions really suited the Dungiven driver, and he set the pace again through the final test, leaving Boland with an overnight lead of 13.8 seconds. With Lynch in second position, Eugene Donnelly and Paddy Toner completed the top three in their Skoda Fabia WRC. The crew were almost 52 seconds adrift of the rally leader, and only had an outside chance of improving their position. Meanwhile, Conrad Rautenbach had recovered from an earlier low

dramas allowed reigning ITC Group N champion, Kevin Kelleher, into the top spot. Kelleher, navigated by Alistair Wyllie, found himself leading the category by almost half a minute from Anthony O’Halloran and Charlie McEnery, with Tourish third. Kelleher set the pace among the Group N crews throughout most of leg one, only for an accident on stage eight to put him out of the event. By that point, Tourish had already overhauled O’Halloran, who had also slipped behind Sean Flanagan, so it was Tourish who found himself at the top of the Group N tables once again. Tourish took the overnight lead but he knew it was imperative to

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february 2009 42

keep an eye on Flanagan during the second leg. His rival had set fastest production category time on the day’s final stage, leaving him less than 15 seconds behind the rally leader. Meanwhile, Anthony O’Halloran was holding his own in third, with Ger O’Donovan and Sean Hayde fourth, ahead of Brendan Cumiskey and Conor Foley. Sunday was a new day and back at the top of the leaderboard, Kevin Lynch’s hopes of continuing his charge to the top of the leaderboard were quickly dashed during the opening stage. An overheating engine was the cause of some concern for the Dungiven pilot, and he backed off during Sunday’s opener. As a result, Eamonn Boland and MJ Morrissey finished the test with more than 30 seconds in hand over Lynch, and the KPL Impreza continued suffering problems during the 11th stage. That allowed Eugene Donnelly and Paddy into second position, but it looked like the Genie’s magic was about to work wonders. Eamonn Boland was also in mechanical trouble, and at the end of stage 12, neither Boland nor Lynch were anywhere to be seen on the leaderboard. It seemed as though the engine bug was infectious, as Conrad Rautenbach was also in trouble. He dropped to seventh, only to plant his Xsara firmly into a stone wall on stage 12. Amidst all the dramas, Eugene Donnelly and Paddy Toner were the image of consistency. Despite having some setup problems during the opening miles, they had kept it all together. Within the space of a few stages, they had jumped from third overall into the number one spot. With more than one minute in hand over Peadar Hurson and

Jim Crozier: +44 (0)7778 288108 or James Foley +353 (0)87 2310089

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Peadar Hurson and Damien Connolly had to settle for third in their S10 specification Impreza WRC, which was a result the County Down man was overjoyed with. He couldn’t quite match the pace of MacHale’s Focus, but he finished the event as the meat in a MacHale sandwich, with Aaron MacHale and Barry Goodman claiming fourth.

Reliability was key to our victory, and of course we had three S12s go out due to lack of reliability. Given the age of the Skoda and our tight budget I was well pleased - EUGENE DONNELLY tight budget I was well pleased. We have total control of the Skoda now - in terms of the engine mapping, the diff maps, etc. It means we have the best opportunity to take the maximum out of the car.” Gareth MacHale and Brian Murphy were the men on the pace during those closing stages. They started the final day in a lowly seventh overall, but picked up their pace to overhaul Conrad Rautenbach, Aaron MacHale and Peadar Hurson. The retirement of Lynch and Boland also helped their cause, as they arrived home in a deserved second overall.

The remainder of the top six was occupied by the leading Group N crews, and there was a fight which lasted all the way to the finish line. Damien Tourish and Domhnall McAlaney looked set to finish their season in fine style, but clipped a bank at the end of stage 14, putting them out of the event. That left Sean Flanagan leading the category from Anthony O’Halloran by a slender five seconds. O’Halloran pulled out all the stops during the final two stages, and just managed to nip fifth position from Flanagan’s grasp on

4th: Aaron MacHale & Barry Goodman

Jim Crozier: +44 (0)7778 288108 or James Foley +353 (0)87 2310089

the final test. O’Halloran and McEnery claimed fifth overall in the end, while Sean Flanagan and Brian Duggan picked up sixth overall and second among the production category crews. In fact, the top five overall sacrificed their class awards, so it was actually Flanagan who received the bonus of taking home the Group N trophy. Ger O’Donovan and Sean Hayde were next in line among the Group N men, finishing ahead of Pat and Stephen Price. With the opening round of this year’s Irish Tarmac Championship now brought to a close, it’s a Skoda Fabia WRC pilot that heads the series standings. Eugene Donnelly and Paddy Toner are no strangers to the top of the podium, but will they be able to continue that success with their older car at the remaining rounds of the series? The Genie knows all about giant-killing acts, but there could be a challenging year ahead for the Maghera man. The Galway event took place earlier than usual this year due to Rally Ireland, so there’s now a three month break for Ireland’s premier rally series. The Circuit of Ireland will take place over 10-12th April, and as usual, Pacenotes will be there to catch all the action!

Safety Direct Galway International

5th Anthony O’Halloran & Charlie McEnery

Irish Tarmac Championship

Damien Connolly, all the four times Irish Tarmac champ had to do was coast to the finish line. The cancellation of stage 13 made his job that little bit easier, as he rallied home to claim victory with an eventual winning margin of 1min 14.6seconds! “We were aiming for a finish, not the outright win. I want to complete the entire ITC series this year, so I was driving with that in mind. It was a pleasant surprise therefore, to discover that we were on the pace, and when the cars in front of us had problems we were in a position to capitalise.” “Reliability was key to our victory, and of course we had three S12s go out due to lack of reliability. Given the age of the Skoda and our

6th: Sean Flanagan & Brian Duggan

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february 2009


Irish Tarmac Championship

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CLASS RESULTS Class 2 1 David Quigley/Des Sherlock Honda Civic EK4.......... 2:19:41.8 2 Eamon Dervan/David Gardiner Honda Civic................. 2:22:25.7 3 Joseph McGonigle/Alan Whyte Honda Civic................. 2:23:02.4 Class 3 1 Craig Breen/Andrew Purcell Ford Fiesta ST.............. 2:17:25.8 2 Kieran Marshall/Mark Horgan Honda Civic Type R...... 2:28:05.3 3 Billy Hayes/Pierce Doheny Honda Civic Type R...... 2:30:21.0 Class 4 1 Anthony O’Halloran/Charlie McEnery Mitsubishi Evo 9.......... 2:10:46.3 2 Sean Flanagan/Brian Duggan Subaru Impreza N12.... 2:10:51.1 3 Ger O’Donovan/Sean Hayde Subaru Impreza N12.... 2:14:55.8 Class 6 1 Daragh O’Riordan/Sean McCarthy Opel Super 1600.......... 2:24:32.0 2 John S Quill/Alan Hartigan Citroen C2R2............... 2:34:38.3 3 Andrew Stewart/Tony Gallagher Peugeot 206................ 2:36:29.2

CL2: David Quigley & Des Sherlock

1st CL3: Craig Breen & Andrew Purcell

Class Warfare… Class 2

In the battle for class two honours, Kenneth Hogan and David Dooley took an early but brief lead in their Honda Civic EK4. Unfortunately, they dropped out of contention on the following stage, allowing David Quigley and Des Sherlock to move in front. Quigley wasn’t for letting his grasp of the number one position go so easily, and he ended up taking the category victory. As the leader from stage two, he never let go, eventually coming home with almost three minutes in hand over Eamon Dervan and David Gardiner. Joseph McGonigle and Alan Whyte completed the class top three, while Kenneth Hogan and David Dooley managed to recover from the earlier problems to take fourth. Niall Donoghue and Alan Shiel completed the top five.

there until the end of day one. With day two being an optional day for the Fiesta crews, victory among the FST runners was his. Craig Breen and Andrew Purcell finished second in the Fiestas, while Ross and Arron Forde held third overnight. Fisher decided not to contest the second leg, and neither did Liam Regan, so that left Craig Breen at the top of the class standings going into day two. He held a substantial advantage over Ross and Arron Forde, but they also retired, leaving Breen at the top of the class with seven minutes in hand over Kieran Marshall and Mark Horgan. Breen continued his run of good form, and in the end he sealed the class victory as well as 10th overall. Kieran Marshall and Mark Horgan arrived home in second position, with Billy Hayes and Pierce Doheny third.

Class 4

Class 3

Class three contained the Fiesta Sporting Trophy crews, and it was these drivers that dominated the top of the leaderboard throughout much of day one. Alistair Fisher and Barry McNulty immediately took control, but after stage two, they briefly dropped behind the Honda Civic being piloted by Billy Coleman award winner, Ross Forde. Fisher moved back in front on the following stage, and he stayed

Anthony O’Halloran and Charlie McEnery topped the Group N tree but sacrificed the award as a result of finishing inside the top five. So Sean Flanagan and Brian Duggan claimed the trophy from Ger O’Donovan and Sean Hayde. See main report for more details.

Class 6

As expected, it was JWRC contender Aaron Burkart who

1st CL6: Daragh O’Riordan & Sean McCarthy

topped the class six standings from the start. Navigated by Michael Koelbach, the German crew immediately set the pace, but they were not destined for victory. They decided to withdraw from the event due to some engine problems, although they did restart and run among the Sunday runners. Burkart’s retirement allowed Frank Byrnes and Paul Horan to take the lead in their Peugeot 206, but they were nowhere to be seen at the end of Sunday’s opening stage. Instead, Daragh O’Riordan and Sean McCarthy topped the standings in their Opel, and they held on to claim the category win. John S Quill and Alan Hartigan finished second in their Citroen C2 R2, with Andrew Stewart and Tony Gallagher third ahead of Peter Gallagher and Keith Murray.

Class 7

Just two crews entered class seven, with Tommy Doyle and Tony McDaid going head to head with David Randles and John Young. Doyle was fastest from the outset, so when Randles retired after stage five, all that was left for Doyle to do was reach the finish. He traded seconds with class six’s Aaron Burkart, and in the end, Doyle claimed the class seven spoils.

Class 8

The top five overall sacrificed their class positions, so it was Mike Bird and Kevin Keane who brought home the class eight trophy. See

Class 7 1 Tommy Doyle/Tony McDaid Renault Clio................. 2:14:02.3 Class 8 1 Mike Bird/Kevin Keane Subaru Impreza WRC... 2:14:24.1 1st CL7: Tommy Doyle & Tony McDaid

Pirelli Tyre Service Available On All Championship Events february 2009 44

2nd CL2: Eamon Dervan & David Gardiner

Jim Crozier: +44 (0)7778 288108 or James Foley +353 (0)87 2310089

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Safety Direct Galway National

Irish Tarmac Championship

2nd: Tom Flatherty & Patrick Curley

Winners: Wesley Patterson & Martin McGarrity

3rd: Eugene Ferry & Derek Heena

Patterson Has Podium Pace… With the introduction of the new Tarmac Trophy Challenge, a whole host of potent machinery, as well as equally potent drivers, were entered in the National Rally. Created for modified cars entered in classes nine to 14, the challenge proved to be a popular concept with both competitors and spectators. So there was no surprise when these modified men topped the standings in the National Rally field, and it was Tom Flaherty and Patrick Curley who took first blood. They stopped the clocks eight-tenths of a second quicker than Paul Gallagher and Karl Reid, with Jack and Paul Maguire third in their Escort Cosworth. As expected, Gallagher picked up his pace to overhaul Flaherty through stage two, but so did the Maguire crew. The Escort Cosworth pilot moved into the number one position, more than nine seconds ahead of Gallagher and Reid. Maguire’s time at the top was to be short-lived though, as he retired from the event after stage four. Paul Gallagher and Karl Reid had overhauled Maguire during that fourth test, and they continued to set the pace among the modified men. Wesley Patterson and Martin McGarrity had battled their way into

second position, while Tom Flaherty and Patrick Curley were third, ahead of Martin McGee and Arthur Kierans. At the end of the opening leg, it was Gallagher who still reigned supreme, and the leaderboard showed that he had 38 seconds of a cushion over Patterson. Meanwhile, early leader Joe Flaherty continued to hold third, while John Hendy and Donal Falvey were fourth after Martin McGee retired from the event with clutch problems.

CL9: Noel Lappin & Niall Burns

It looked as though Paul Gallagher had everything in hand at the top of the standings, but day two was to bring some major dramas for the crew. They rolled their Toyota Corolla heavily out of the event, landing the crew in hospital. Pacenotes wishes both men a speedy recovery. Gallagher’s retirement allowed

Jim Crozier: +44 (0)7778 288108 or James Foley +353 (0)87 2310089

Wesley Patterson and Martin McGarrity into the top spot, and there they stayed until crossing the finish line. They crew claimed a convincing win with more than five minutes in hand over Tom Flaherty and Patrick Curley, with Eugene Ferry and Derek Heena third. Geoffrey Dolan and Conor Murphy had an excellent drive in their Talbot Sunbeam to take fourth overall, with David Staunton and Liam Feeney fifth ahead of Daniel McKenna and Andrew Grennan. In the class battles, Noel Lappin and Niall Burns were the sole finishers in class nine. Enda McLoughlin and Michael Reilly won class 10 from Tommy and Leanne Flanagan, while David Staunton and Liam Feeney took class 11 spoils from Neil Pierce and Enda O’Leary. Daniel McKenna and Andrew Grennan won class 12 from James Cassidy and John Norris, with Geoffrey Dolan and Conor Murphy taking the class 13 spoils from Pat Spain and Raymond Coppinger. The top three overall were all members of class 14, so each sacrificed their class awards. In class 15, John Morris and Declan Sylver took their Escort WRC to honours ahead of Ger McDonagh and Ken Flanagan. Finally, the class 16 spoils were sealed by Michael Shaw and Colin Duffy, with Mark Donnelly and Paddy Robinson second. Separate from the National Rally, Christopher Snow and Brian Daniels took the Junior category win.

1st CL10: Enda McLoughlin & Michael Reilly

1st CL15: John Morris & Declan Sylver

NAT RESULTS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

esley Patterson/Martin McGarrity W Ford Escort Mk2.......... 2:10:46.4 Tom Flatherty/Patrick Curley Ford Escort Mk2.......... 2:16:03.1 Eugene Ferry/Derek Heena Ford Escort Mk2.......... 2:18:16.0 Geoffrey Dolan/Conor Murphy Talbot Sunbeam........... 2:19:02.7 David Staunton/Liam Feeney Toyota Corolla.............. 2:19:54.7 Daniel McKenna/Andrew Grennan Ford Escort Mk2.......... 2:20:14.6 Michael Shaw/Colin Duffy Mitsubishi Evo 5.......... 2:20:30.3 Mark Donnelly/Paddy Robinson Ford Fiesta ST.............. 2:21:20.2 James Cassidy/John Norris Ford Escort Mk2.......... 2:21:45.6

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february 2009


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Power is nothing without control

For supply and on event service of Pirelli Tyres please contact Jim Crozier or James Foley from ENTYRE Rallysport Official Suppliers of Pirelli Motorsport Tyres In Ireland. Tel: +44 7778 288108 or Tel:- 00 353 2310089

Cunningham Cooper S Cleans Up…

The Historic category saw three crews enter the fray, with Ray Cunningham and Richard Hyland going head to head with Niall O’Connell and John Liston, as well as Philip Kerlin and Noel Anderson. It was Cunningham who grabbed the early lead though, and he also topped the overall podium. Cunningham dominated the historic category from start to finish, and he also claimed the overall honours aboard his Morris Cooper S. Neither Kerlin nor O’Connell was able to take the challenge to the number one seed, although Cunningham did lose the overall advantage briefly to the post-historic category’s Derek and Roisin Boyd. Cunningham prevailed in the end though, grabbing outright


Keith McIvor and David Burns were quickest out of the blocks among the post-historic crews, taking the category lead as well as second overall after the opening stage. They had plenty of competition to deal with though, with five other post-historic crews also vying for honours. The second test proved to be McIvor’s downfall, as he lost eight minutes to Derek and Roisin Boyd. That dropped him to the bottom of the standings, allowing the Boyd pairing to move into first position. Martin Ward and Linda Conroy also retired, while the Boyds continued to set the pace, moving in front of overall leader Ray Cunningham to take the overnight advantage. Day two was another day, and Cunningham moved in front once again, but the Boyds continued to lead the post-historic category. Tim

Lenihan and Noel McCarthy, who were second in class, were already more than two minutes adrift. There was little they could do, so Boyd arrived home victorious with Lenihan in second position. Niall Keane and Sean Henaghan took third in class with their Hillman X, while Keith McIvor had to settle for fourth. Bryan Brophy and Mick O’Shea retired.


Three crews entered the classic category, as Todd Falvey and Dan Barry tussled with Noel Conroy and Keith Sheppard, as well as Gerard McCarthy and Stephen Buckley. Falvey, in class D3, was on top from the start, claiming the class advantage as well as third overall. Meanwhile, Conroy’s class D5 Escort was ahead of McCarthy’s class D4 Triumph. Then category leader Falvey retired after the first test, and it was Conroy who held the category lead from McCarthy. McCarthy later joined the retirement ranks as well, leaving Conroy and Sheppard to uphold the classic category honours, as well as claim fourth overall.

RESULTS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Ray Cunningham/Richard Hyland Morris Cooper S........... 1:40:33.7 Derek Boyd/Roisin Boyd Porsche 911................ 1:41:42.7 Tim Lenihan/Noel McCarthy Ford Escort Mk1.......... 1:45:07.0 Noel Conroy/Kieth Sheppard Ford Escort RS1800.... 1:45:15.2 Niall Keane/Sean Henaghan Hillman X..................... 1:46:07.4 Keith McIvor/David Burns Porsche 911................ 1:48:53.1 Philip Kerlin/Noel Anderson Austin Cooper S........... 1:49:23.7 Niall O’Connell/Liston John Morris Cooper S..................... 1:50:27.3

2nd: Derek Boyd & Roisin Boyd








victory as well as historic category honours. Philip Kerlin and Noel Anderson claimed second in class, while Niall O’Connell and John Liston finished third.



in the historic, post-historic and classic categories of this year’s Safety Direct Galway International Rally. 12 crews started the 12 stage event, as they joined the field from Saturday’s stage four, with stage 15 marking the final test.


There was plenty of competition

Galway International Historics

Winners: Ray Cunningham & Richard Hyland

Irish Tarmac Historic Championship

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february 2009


by Phil James

FST Focus Test

Sharing the venue

on the day was Ford Fiesta Sporting Trophy International Champion Emre Yurdaku who claimed victories on five of the six FIA World Rally Championship rounds he contested in 2008. Together with his Castrol Ford Team Turkey team-mate and Rally of Turkey winner Burcu Çetinkaya, he was gaining some invaluable experience in the car Jari Matti Latvala drove on Rally Wales GB. When the test ended Yurdaku said “The tuition I had with Marcus Grönholm was a fantastic opportunity which I learnt a great deal from. Also to drive the latest Ford Focus WRC was an amazing feeling and something I will remember forever. I have to say a big thanks to Castrol, Ford and our Teknik Motorsport Team Manager Serdar Bostanci for helping me progress in my career. Without their help this opportunity would not have been possible nor would my victory be this year of the FSTi Championship.” Çetinkaya also had the opportunity to gain some experience behind the wheel of the Latvala car under the watchful eye of Barry Clark.


february 2009

Fully Focussed Fiesta Front runners! Prior to Christmas, M-Sport gave six lucky UK and Ireland Fiesta ST drivers a rare opportunity to test drive, in anger, a Ford Focus WRC whilst getting some expert advice in how to handle the car from Matthew Wilson. It was reward for starting eight of

A short briefing before the guys take to the track

Gronholm takes to the wheel Meilyr Evans faces the camera!

Photo Caption

the twelve Fiesta Sporting Trophy rounds during 2008 and the lucky recipients included James Everard from Hull and Welshmen Elfyn Evans and Meilyr Evans both from Machynlleth. The sextet was completed by a trio of Irishmen in the shape of Trillick’s Alastair Fisher, Belfast’s Barry Greer and Kyle Orr from Co. Down. The chosen venue was a quiet corner of Carlisle Airport but the roar of a pair of Ford Focus WRCs, fresh from Rally Wales GB where they had been driven by Francois Duval and Jari Matti Latvala, soon raised the noise levels. A pair of short stages had been set up which participants would use alternatively whilst the other was occupied by drivers from the Castrol Ford Team Turkey drivers under tuition from Marcus Grönholm. Proceedings got underway with a briefing, conducted by M-Sport’s Richard Millener and Andrew Wheatley, which advised participants of the days programme of events. First up of the chosen six to test his skills in the Stobart liveried Duval car was Welshman Meilyr

Evans. Having completed a couple of acclimatisation runs over the broken tarmac stage he was then ‘let loose’ to show Wilson what he could do in the state of the art works rally weapon. After much flame spitting fun with lots of four-wheel drifts his run was over and he was quickly ushered in front of the Greenlight TV crew to be interviewed by Fiesta series coordinator Richard Millener. Evans told him “I’ll be smiling for weeks now, that was simply amazing!” In common with his contemporaries Evans had never driven a Focus WRC before and he was impressed with both the acceleration and braking ability of the car. “There’s just so much, a really big step up from the Fiesta ST, but I didn’t crash it, that’s the main thing!” It was Everard’s turn next and his verdict on the experience was “It’s absolutely incredible! I’ve driven a group N Evo9 but there’s no comparison. That’s more like a Tornado fighter jet!” Hardly able to contain himself he continued “The grip, the traction, the brakes are all awesome, it really exceeded all my expectations.”

FST Focus Test

by Phil James

Barry Greer showed he wasn’t lacking confidence in and out of the car. “It was so easy to drive,” said the Belfast boy, adding “a big thank you to M-Sport for something you could never do on your own. Now I need to find someone with too much money or not enough sense to sponsor me in one!” Kyle Orr was equally confident and his rallycross experience in similarly powered cars showed. After completing his run he said ”That was brilliant! The car turns in so easily. Now I need to find a sponsor to hire me a car like that for Lurgan Park. I’d win it easily in a car like that!” Prior to Elfyn Evans and Alastair Fisher taking their allocated time with Wilson in the Stobart car there was an opportunity for all to be given a run in the BP Ford Abu Dhabi liveried version with Grönholm at the wheel. The former World Champion didn’t disappoint as his commitment and car control brought gasps of approval from those inside and outside the car. It was then time for Evans and Fisher to take their extended tests

as reward for proving themselves the strongest drivers throughout the season. Before the test Fisher said “To say that I am excited would be an understatement, a test session with Matthew Wilson in a works Ford Focus WRC is a dream end of season prize. Having had no LHD experience I wasn’t expecting this at all. It’s fantastic that M-Sport have

Once behind the wheel of the Focus both soon showed their natural ability, quickly getting to grips with the 350bhp world rally car. To round the day off they were then permitted to take their codrivers out for a quick spin around the stage giving them a brief insight into what life could be like in a works prepared world rally car.

recognised our commitment to the Fiesta Sporting Trophy and this is the best possible way we could have been rewarded. I’m also grateful to Derek Jobb lending me a LHD car to prepare for the test.” Evans was another grateful recipient of the test prize stating “It will be the first time I’ve driven a 4WD car so it’s certainly something I’m looking forward to. I am very thankful for this chance.”

Fisher reckoned the experience was “Amazing” before adding “It’s just so flickable, it turns in so well.” Afterwards Wilson said “They all acquitted themselves extremely well and showed some good car control. It must have been nerve racking but they all came to do a job and did it well.” What is for sure is they all enjoyed the day… their smiles were testimony to that!

Elfyn Evans

Alastair Fisher

Barry Greer

Barry Greer gets some top tips! Meilyr Evans

That was brilliant! The car turns in so easily. Now I need to find a sponsor to hire me a car like that for Lurgan Park. I’d win it easily in a car like that! - Kyle ORR

Matthew Wilson James Everard

Kyle Orr

february 2009



Name: Andy Davison (Davo) Height: average (no t sure) Shoe size: 10 Home town: Middles brough, North East Birthday: 28-10-19 83 Occupation: Hire & Sales Manager (Scaffolding and eve nt supplies) / Part time rally instructor Rally car: BMW 32 5 e30 – RWD Challenge Spec Road car: Ford Rang er / 7 style kit car if I ever get it finish ed Marital status: Sin gle and willing Hobbies: Mt. Biking , socialising, watching gigs/goin g to festivals, eating ice cream. Sponsors: RES Tee sdale Scaffold Ltd Anything else you would like to say: Winning isn’t everyt hing, wanting to win is!

‘Davo’ beams on the stages 1. When did you first get behind a wheel? A: I used to pretend from about the age of three but first real go in a car I was 15, in a rusty old Mini

questiontime with Andy Davidson february 2009 50

2. Who taught you to drive? A: My dad, Keith Davison – Darrian driver 3. Did you pass your test first time? A: Yes, couldn’t afford to fail it 4. What was your first road car? A: Skoda Favorit called Sally 5. What is your favourite road car? A: The one I have most enjoyed owning was 1.9 205 GTI, but would love a Noble if I had the money 6. Who were your Motorsport heroes as a boy? A: Stig Blomqvist (Skoda connection), Colin McRae, Richard Burns and as I’m still a boy Gigi Galli. What an entertainer! 7. Who would you rate as the top three British/Irish drivers today? A: Guy Wilks, Kris Meeke, James Wozencroft. 8. What was your first competitive event? A: Christmas Stages in 2000 two weeks after passing my test. 9. What is your worst memory in rallying? A: The loss of Big Ray Lloyd in Holland in 2007 & my first event as a navigator as we had to stop to try and

rescue a marshal who had had a heart attack, he sadly died.

although its never been kind to me, but Otterburn on Tar – God’s country!

10. What drive are you most proud of to date? A: The last stage of the Kall Kwik rally at Olivers Mount in 2008 as we managed to fend off Ian Jemison in his rapid Porsche Boxter giving me my first outright rally win by a margin of just three seconds.

15. What is your favourite rally car? A: Peugeot 205 T16

11. What is your most frustrating memory in rallying? A: Sliding off the road in Holland in 2007 putting us out of the championship and the marshals just standing watching. Pat Flynn and some of the other challenge lads ran 10 minutes to pull us out but we had lost too much time to get a good result. 12. What was your biggest accident to date? A: We have a choice here, I rolled a Ka 4½ times over at Knockhill in 2001, but I think rolling the Peugeot end over end after hitting an unseen jump on the Premier Rally in 2006, we were in 5th gear so there was not much left of the car, I guess that was the biggest. 13. What are your plans for 2009? A: I will probably try and defend the RWD Challenge title or at least have a lot of fun trying, Me and Mike Curry (navigator) are hopefully going to have a go on the Tour of Mull but it depends on our budget. 14. What is your favourite event? A: Probably Mid Wales for the forests

16. What do you think about youth development in rallying? A: In France and Belgium it is very good! I think schemes like the rally elite are a good idea but when you have to be in a Fiesta or BRC (cost twice as much as most in 205’s/RWD Challengers earn) to have a fair crack at getting in they may as well just opt to help a select few that have money already but just need the guidance an experienced hand can give. 17. If you could change anything about current rallying rules/admin what would it be? A: The MSA should lay off specials and modified rally cars, they are great to watch and it’s a shame back yard engineering can’t be showcased against WRC and GpN+ cars. 18. What was the last CD you bought? A: Kings of Leon – Only By the Night, if you get chance to see them live they are fantastic 19. What is your favourite tipple? A: Black Sheep Ale followed by a Macallan Scotch Whisky with ginger ale, but I’m not too choosey.

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Insurance for:Rally Cars Autotest Cars Sprint Cars Race Cars Service Vans Race Transporters Trailers Tools

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february 2009


performance & protection

Millers Oils

. . . n I r u o P u o Y e c n a m r o f Per Rallying is one of the most testing

motorsport environments, with cars and crews alike needing to regularly push themselves to the limit in order to achieve results. The performance of the car is just as important as the performance of the driver and navigator, and maintaining this, with reliability, is a constant battle. As a result, competition oils that provide maximum performance, whilst reducing engine problems, are a vital resource to both the amateur and the professional. The correct choice of engine oil can provide a valuable edge over competitors, whilst reducing the likelihood of expensive repairs.


february 2009

Millers Oils, based in Brighouse, West Yorkshire, know this better than most. The family owned business, which has been producing oils and lubricants since 1887, moved into producing competition oils in the 1990s, and since then has been providing rally teams with high quality oils that help drivers to achieve their full potential. The company’s engine oils are designed and refined to improve

performance using advanced technology, and are tested and developed with UK motorsport teams. Many years of experience and a strong commitment to innovation has seen Millers Oils produce advanced engine oils that excel in the most extreme conditions, to the benefit of rally drivers around the world. The company’s dedication to rallying is evident through its sponsorship of teams and drivers at all levels in the UK. The highly regarded Martin McCormack, Irish Citroen C2R2 Rally Championship winner, profited from Millers Oils’ support in 2008; Richard Hill won the 2008 HRCR Cup in his Mk2 Escort, while Darren Moon with his similar Escort won the Revolution Wheels Driver of the Year Award for the 2008 MSA British Historic Rally Championship, using Millers competition oils. Millers Oils also supports grass roots development in the sport, supplying oils to rally academies, including Junior Rallying, the West Midlands-based scheme hoping to develop the next generation of British rallying talent. Millers Oils’ CFS range of engine oils, including CFS 5w40, CFS 10w40, CFS 10w60 and CFS 15w60, are a blend of 100 per cent synthetic base fluids, together with a unique “triple ester” formulation, providing performance and reliability which give them an edge that cannot be achieved with conventional oils. They are designed to increase the power and load bearing potential of the engine, which is important when entering and exiting tight corners, and can help increase the acceleration. Millers Oils’ advanced technology also enhances ‘cold flow’ properties to

reduce wear from start up, and these qualities aid thermal stability, lessening the chance of the engine overheating or becoming too cool during competition. The CFS oils consist of Poly alpha olefin (PAO), pure synthetic-hydro carbon, carefully blended with three esters, which are formed through a chemical reaction between acids and alcohol. A balanced blend of these components will see a synergistic response from the esters, providing the extra load bearing capacity. These lead to an improvement in the lubricant’s performance, and enables the amount of polymer in the formula to be reduced, resulting in greater engine protection over longer periods, with reduced wear to highly loaded bearings and camshafts. Martyn Mann, Technical Director at Millers Oils commented, “Our highly developed range of quality motorsport oils are the result of years of extensive testing with motorsport professionals, guaranteeing the best formulations for competition conditions. We pride ourselves on offering motorsport oils that provide maximum performance with maximum life, which help to reduce rebuild costs, and the results we’ve seen this year from drivers such as Martin McCormack prove that our oils are heading in the right direction. Rally drivers by their very nature push themselves and their cars to the limit, and our aim is always to produce oils and lubricants that work effectively from forest tracks to the fastest tarmac roads.”

Grizedale Stages

Winners: Mark Higgins & Nicky Grist

Higgins & Grist – Grizedale Greats! Mark Higgins and Nicky Grist brought the ex-Carlos Sainz Subaru Impreza 555 to a convincing victory setting fastest time on all six stages. Most of the snow that had covered the forest tracks in the days preceding the rally had cleared but competitors had a constant reminder of what had been by the surrounding snow capped hills. They served as a warning that the forest tracks were sure to be slippery, added to which there were pockets of low lying mist giving drivers a different kind of hazard. Simon Hughes and Claire Mole were closest to Higgins through the

opening Grizedale South test, 14 seconds slower in their Mitsubishi Lancer Evo9. The similar car of David Wright and Rob Fagg was two seconds behind with the Evo4 of David Shuttleworth and Bangor’s Simon Megaw a further three seconds in arrears in fourth place. Higgins extended his lead to 23 seconds through Grizedale North where Wright grabbed second spot. This was a position he would retain for the duration of the rally just as Hughes would become firmly ensconced in third place. Shuttleworth was still fourth at this point but

Stephen Petch and Michael Wilkinson, who had been fifth in the Hyundai Accent WRC, slid into a ditch and dropped to 23rd after spectators helped them recover the road. Tim Pearcey and Jon Dunning edged their Evo9 into fifth ahead of Michael O’Brien and Richard Cook who were debuting the ex-Eamonn Boland Ford Focus 03WRC. A pair of 2.5 mile Dunnerdale stages were sandwiched in between the service halts and the top six order remained unchanged as crews headed back to Grizedale for a re-run of the morning’s two nine mile tests. A broken differential ended Shuttleworth’s run in Grizedale South thereby promoting Pearcey and O’Brien to top five positions. Alex Allingham and Mark Glennerster took sixth overall despite finishing with no front brakes on their Subaru Impreza whilst Petch climbed to seventh finishing a second ahead of Robert Swann and Darren Garrod’s Impreza. A pair of Evo9s completed the top ten with Thomas Naughton and Horace Saville claiming ninth ahead of Barry Groundwater and Jude Wylie. Adrian Hetherington and Maureen McConnell had been on course to

finish top two-wheel drive crew before rolling their Ford Escort Mk2 on SS6. Omagh’s Viv Hamill and Jonny Charlesson were early retirees in another Mk2 but recently crowned Hankook National Forest Rally Championship newcomer winner Jeremy Drislane and co-driver Tony McHugh finished 17th in their Evo9. A couple of young Irish crews were in the N3 prizes with Stephen Wright and Paul McGee finishing second in class and another Fiesta ST crew Craig Breen and Andrew Purcell finishing third. Desmond Henry and John Rowan completed a trio of Irish Fiesta ST crews finishing behind winners Kris Hall and Seb Marshall. Results 1 Mark Higgins/Nicky Grist (Subaru Impreza 555) 45m16s; 2 David Wright/Rob Fagg (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo9) 46m05s; 3 Simon Hughes/Claire Mole (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo9) 46m35s; 4 Tim Pearcey/Jon Dunning (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo9) 47m13s; 5 Michael O’Brien/Richard Cook (Ford Focus WRC) 47m21s; 6 Alex Allingham/Mark Glennerster (Subaru Impreza) 48m22s; 7 Stephen Petch/Michael Wilkinson (Hyundai Accent WRC) 48m35s; 8 Rob Swann/ Robert Lumgair (Subaru Impreza) 48m36s; 9 Thomas Naughton/Horace Saville (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo9) 48m46s; 10 Barry Groundwater/Jude Wylie (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo9) 48m56s. Class Award Winners: N1: Jim Ward/Chris Williams (MG ZR); N2: Eddie Meeke/Jonathan Sargeant (Ford Puma); N3: Kris Hall/Seb Marshall (Ford Fiesta ST); N4: Tim Pearcey/Jon Dunning (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo9); B9: Matt Edwards/Kev Wilkins (Vauxhall Astra); B10: Malcolm Davey/Paul Slingsby (Ford Escort Mk1); B11: Connor Corkill/Howard Allison (Ford Escort Mk2); B12: Pip Simpson/Nick Fieldhouse (Subaru Impreza); WRC: Michael O’Brien/Richard Cook (Ford Focus WRC).


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february 2009


Sub Withdrawal Leaves Sinking Feelings… The news before Christmas that Subaru, hot on the heels of Suzuki, had elected not to compete on the 2009 World Rally Championship sent shock waves through the sport. Subaru’s withdrawal is a massive blow to thousands of rally fans worldwide, but particularly those in the UK, who followed the success of Colin McRae and Richard Burns with such passion and pride. The timing of this hurts all the more as Guy Wilks had a deal in place to drive a third Prodrive car on this year’s championship. That would not only have raised British fans’

hopes that he would follow in the famous wheel tracks of McRae and Burns, but would have given interest in the sport a massive boost. The increased media coverage generated by a British driver competing at world level on a regular basis would undoubtedly have lifted rallying’s profile, much needed on these shores following years of decline. There’s little doubt that McRae and Burns generated a huge interest in rallying, particularly during the nineties and the early part of this decade, influencing lots of then

Ice Warriors...

I would just like to start off by wishing everybody a successful and prosperous 2009, in these difficult times! The end of 2008 (November) saw me involved in the running of the Clwyd Vale Motor Club Farrington Road Rally, the last round of the Welsh Association of Motor Clubs Road Rally Championship and the ANWCC Championship. The event started from Ruthin Cattle Market and is a detailed and intense route around the Vale of Clwyd on Map 116. Eventually, after a hard night’s competition, the event was won by Ian Lloyd and Cyril Jones in a Seat Ibiza by a small margin from the South Wales Crew of Peter Collins and Llinos Jones. The event went really well throughout the night, thanks to all marshals that turned up and also all the members of Clwyd Vale Motor Club who were involved in the organisation of what appears to be one of the february 2009 54

Just James assistant editor (uk) phil james

youngsters who now compete today. So who’s going to have the same effect on the current crop of kids who spectate nowadays? ‘Sebastien Loeb’ is probably the most popular answer, but wouldn’t it be better if a British driver could generate the adulation that sporting heroes attract? It’s been well documented that Loeb owes much to the help he received from the sport’s governing body in France. Things are improving here, but much more still needs to be done to give our young drivers the chance to compete at the

most successful events in the road rallying calendar in North Wales in 2008. The following weekend I then had the dubious task of preparing all 40 maps for Le Jog, which was due to run on the next weekend. For those who have never grasped Le Jog, it’s a regularity/ navigational trial that runs from Lands End to John O’Groats. We started, complete with a flu bug, on the Saturday morning at 8.00am from Lands End, with a two hour halt in Magor in South Wales early on the Saturday evening, before eventually finishing up after a difficult night through Wales (with sheet ice and fog) in Runcorn at 4.30 am for three and a half hours sleep, before setting off again. It was the strip up to Carlisle on the Sunday, through the Peak District, and again many roads were covered in snow and ice. Eventually, when we got to Carlisle, we found out that we were in fact leading on the overall scores in Runcorn, despite a number of minor errors, but the run up through the centre of the country gave issues with us getting stuck in the snow and sliding off on sheet ice, which dropped us back to sixth or seventh. The following morning we set off from Carlisle at about 7.30am with a full run all the way through to the finish in John O’Groats at 11.30 am on the Tuesday morning. Weather conditions were particularly bad throughout the whole day, including sheet ice. Just above the Forest of Ae, the Rover of Robert and Susan McLean got stuck on ice. Whilst trying to get them going again, one of the competitors, Shon Gosling, slipped and was knocked unconscious on the road. Some swift first aid from myself and two other competitors managed to eventually bring him round and one

sport’s top level. Initiatives such as the Junior Rally Championship that kicks off in March, for drivers aged as young as 14, are great news and a massive step forward, but what comes next? Admittedly there are some terrific prize drives to be won, but there is still no logical ladder to the top. There’s too many rungs missing and I fear that until they are put in place, drivers from other countries will continue to steal a march on us and grab all the top drives. Sadly, in this day and age in the UK, that’s rallying. Something needs to be done!


of the competitors had to take him off to hospital. Whilst we were trying to extract ourselves from this area and find a way GUY WOODCOCK RAL out, we got stuck LY DIARY in the snow and eventually had to be dragged out, losing a lot of time. The event continued up through Scotland with various tests and regularities before we eventually arrived at a rest halt for one hour, approximately fifty miles north of Inverness. When leaving this halt to go and do the last few sections, the road conditions were getting worse, and eventually saw about five vehicles crash into barriers and walls, including us, on a main B road section, due to sheet ice. We decided after discussion that we would not risk the car any more and decided to only visit the main controls. Much to our amazement we eventually finished the rally sixth overall! I have to say that in twenty five years of motorsport it is the toughest thing that I have ever done. But certainly now it is unfinished business and I will go back to it in 2009 with a new vigour and certainly much more awareness. For all those that think that reliability trialling, such as Le Jog, is easy - you really need to try it because, as mentioned above, it’s the hardest thing I have ever done! At the moment the Maxi is being prepared for the North West Stages and the Mark 2 is being made ready for a run in the British Historic Championship, so more updates when I report next month.

Galloway Stages

Jock’s Galloway Pace Puts Paid to Opposition! Winners - Jock Armstrong & Kirsty Riddick

At the start Jock Armstrong said “The plan is to drive as fast as we can in Dalbeattie, if we don’t make time there we’ll never do it. The icy conditions will catch a lot of people out today, hopefully not me!” Well he did make time there, but not much, despite having two bites at it. The scheduled SS1 Billsons Link was deemed unsafe with over half of its nine miles covered in sheet ice and as a consequence the organisers elected to compensate for its loss with an extra run through Dalbeattie. Partnered by Kirsty Riddick

in a borrowed Subaru Impreza, Armstrong was quickest through the test, a second quicker than David Bogie and Kevin Rae in their Mitsubishi Lancer Evo9. By the end of the second run through the 8.5 mile test, Armstrong had tripled his advantage and his prediction about the icy conditions catching crews out was proved correct. Luke Pinder and Martyn Taylor destroyed the Evo 6 they’d hired rolling out on SS1, whilst David Crossen and Roisin Boyd rolled their Evo 9 in SS2. SS3 Cairn Edward proved decisive as Bogie stuck the Evo9 off into soft



ground and no amount of spectator muscle would shift it. Joining Bogie were David Hughes and Bruce Harper in another Evo9 whilst other retirees included two Irish crews, Raymond Johnston and Richard Bell (Evo9) and Seamus Donnelly and Damian Duffin (Evo6), both of whom had been on for top ten finishes. Kenneth Wills and Peter Stewart also went out here after hitting a log pile in their Evo4. Armstrong completed his clean sweep of fastest stage times through Glengap to win the rally by over three minutes. A close contest for second place went in favour of Donnie MacDonald and Neil Ewing who guided their Evo9 home eight seconds ahead of the similar car of Craig McMiken and Christine Sanderson. Richard Dickson and Sandy Dobie were a further 11 seconds behind in their Impreza with the top five completed by the Evo6 of Shaun Sinclair and Chris Hamill. Next up were David and Warwick Wilson in the Evo4 followed by Ian and David Paterson’s Impreza. Malloch Nicoll

and Robert Lumgair lost time with a spin before bringing their Evo9 home eighth ahead of Scott Murray and Dave O’Brien in the Impreza. David Greer borrowed son Jonny’s Evo9 and together with daughter Sara finished tenth. Impreza WRC crew Alan Carmichael and Ivor Lamont snatched eleventh by virtue of the tie-break rule ahead of the Ford Escort Mk2 of class 9 winners John Crawford and Ian Simpson. Class 8 winners Carl and Rob Tuer took 13th spot in their MG ZR. Craig Breen and Martin Brady won class 2 awards in their Fiesta ST whilst class 1 prizes went to Joseph McGonigle and Alan Whyte in the Honda Civic Vti. Results 1 Jock Armstrong/Kirsty Riddick (Subaru Impreza) 49m21s; 2 Donnie MacDonald/Neil Ewing (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo9) 52m36s; 3 Craig McMiken/Christine Sanderson (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo9) 52m44s; 4 Richard Dickson/Sandy Dobie (Subaru Impreza) 52m55s; 5 Shaun Sinclair/Chris Hamill (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo6) 53m12s; 6 David Wilson/Warwick Wilson (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo4) 53m13s; 7 Ian Paterson/David Paterson (Subaru Impreza) 53m20s; 8 Malloch Nicoll/Robert Lumgair (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo9) 53m31s; 9 Scott Murray/Dave O’Brien (Subaru Impreza) 53m37s; 10 David Greer/Sara Greer (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo9) 53m46s. Class Award Winners: 1: Joseph McGonigle/Alan Whyte (Honda Civic Vti); 2: Craig Breen/Martin Brady (Ford Fiesta ST); 3: Shaun Sinclair/Chris Hamill (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo6); 6: Scott Murray/Dave O’Brien (Subaru Impreza); 7: Greg Pollock/Brian McClelland (Vauxhall Corsa); 8: Carl Tuer/Rob Tuer (MG ZR); 9: John Crawford/Ian Simpson (Ford Escort Mk2); 10: Richard Dickson/Sandy Dobie (Subaru Impreza).

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Two unmissable new DVDs from the On The Limit Sports team bring tasty tarmac action from the 2008 Dunlop National Rally Championship. Relive the thrills and spills from all ten rounds of the series, including unseen in car footage from Micro-Cam. Whether you like the grip and grunt of the WRCs or the howling madness of the 2WD brigade, these new OTLS DVDs are right up your street, and at two and half hours each, they’re great value for money! Telephone:

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Tel: +44 (0)7767 885 900 56 february 2009

Come Fly With Us... our helicopters must have a high standard of maintenance schedule, which is continually checked by an approved maintenance organisation. All of our pilots are professional commercial pilots, which means that they have to undergo greater training and are continually assessed. We are regulated by law so we must have everything in place.” There’s simply no better way to see a rally than from a helicopter, and with HTH Ltd, you can be sure that everything is in place. In 2009, the company will be flying to stages at Rally Ireland, as well as the Irish Tarmac Championship and the Northern Ireland Rally Championship, offering passengers a unique experience.

Other sporting events are also catered for, including the likes of golf and horse racing. But aside from sporting events and pilot training, other services are also available. Pleasure flights cost from as little as £125, offering unique views of the Irish countryside. Helicopters are also available for hire for weddings and other special occasions. A new VIP handling service has also been launched, and the popular talent show ‘X-Factor’ was one of the company’s most recent clients. HTH organised limousine hire for X-Factor finalist Eoighan Quigg, before flying him to his school in Dungiven, and then on to Derry in one of the company’s helicopters.

“We’re aiming to be a one-stop shop for VIP clients,” Bennett continued. “We have catered for a wide range of VIP guests, and can book hotel rooms, arrange limousine hire, helicopter hire – anything that a customer may want or need.” With its new management team and restructuring, HTH is capable of catering for a wide range of clients. Those who want to take some pilot training can bring along the family. A new dedicated customer lounge will ensure that they have a comfortable stay, or they can travel as passengers in a helicopter. “We’re becoming more family orientated,” Rodger explains. “Our customers are buying into an experience. We have a team of instructors, team of pilots and will consider doing anything. As we have already mentioned, helicopters go hand in hand with rallying, and I would encourage motor clubs to contact us to discuss their helicopter needs.” So if you want to learn to fly, or merely book a pleasure flight, or travel to Rally Ireland or a similar event in style, make sure Helicopter Training and Hire Ltd is your first port of call. As the sole company in Northern Ireland that holds an AOC certificate, you can be sure that safety is paramount at this Newtownards based business, and all of your requirements will be catered for! For more info log on to:

february 2009

Helicopter Training & Hire - a new VIP experience

HTH is the only company located in Northern Ireland that holds an Air Operator Certificate (AOC), and is Ireland’s largest helicopter training centre. From pilot training to pleasure flights, as well as a VIP service, HTH is perfectly positioned to accommodate everyone’s flying needs. But why are you reading this in a rally magazine? Well, if you’ve been to Rally Ireland, Donegal or other major Irish events in recent years, and looked up at the sky instead of at the rally cars on the ground, you’ll know that helicopters have become an increasingly popular form of transport! “Per head of population, there are more rally cars in Ireland than anywhere else in the world,” chief commercial pilot Rodger Bennett told Pacenotes. “The same can be said for helicopters. At the last Irish world championship rally, there were 65 helicopters registered. Why’s that? Because the helicopter lends itself so well to the flexibility of being able to get to all of the stages. It really compliments the rallying scene.” As the only operator in Northern Ireland licensed to carry fare paying passengers for hire and reward, you can be guaranteed that HTH Ltd has dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s when it comes to safety, and indeed all aspects of the business. “Everything that we do is regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority,” Bennett said. “For us to fit within the regulations laid down,

fly in VIP style...

It’s all up in the air – literally – at Newtownards based Helicopter Training and Hire (HTH) Ltd! Formerly known as Helicentre, HTH has a new management team on board and plans are in place to fly the business forward, making it bigger and better than ever before!


Is your Helicopter Flight Legal? Is your Helicopter SAFE?


All HTH helicopters go through a rigorous AOC approved maintenance program with daily checks.

Is your Pilot QUALIFIED?

All HTH pilots are AOC approved and have a minimum of 1000 plus flying hours experience in helicopters.

Are you INSURED? Life Insurance? Mortgage Insurance? Third Party Insurance?


If you are paying for a helicopter flight make sure it’s legal. There are SERIOUS SAFETY and LEGAL IMPLICATIONS if it’s not. HTH Ltd are currently the ONLY Helicopter ‘AOC’ Holder in Northern Ireland supporting event flying. Air Operator Certificate No.GB2025

operation is HTH’s whole flying AS an AOC Holder ired for Public highest levels requ maintained to the the UK Civil k, and regulated by Air Transport wor . Aviation Authority d and maintained ters are full Insure hedules. ALL HTH’s Helicop ng maintenance sc di an m de ry ve ith to comply w sed and are Correctly Licen ts lo Pi l na sio es of Operations. ALL HTH’s Pr blic Air Transport Pu t uc nd co to d Fully Traine • info@thehelic

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You can purchase Half or Full Days, or even a Total Rally package, and benefit from being flown from Enniskillen or Sligo Airports to all the day stages to see the first 15+ cars away, and have the opportunity of watching 99% of the cars on the road before service. You will be issued with your own itinerary and looked after by your own pilot.

Day 1 Friday 30th January 2009 (Enniskillen/Sligo) MORNING STAGES SS 1 Glenboy 1 SS 2 Cavan 1 SS 3 Aughnasheelan 1 AFTERNOON STAGES SS 4 Glenboy 2 SS 5 Cavan 2 SS 6 Aughnasheelan 2



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Day 2 Saturday 31st January 2009 (Enniskillen/Sligo) MORNING STAGES SS 9 Sloughan Glen 1 SS 10 Ballinamallard 1 SS 11 Tempo 1 AFTERNOON STAGES SS 12 Sloughan Glen 2 SS 13 Ballinamallard 2 SS 14 Tempo 2



Full Event Package £700* Service Sligo





Day 3 Sunday 1st February 2009 (Enniskillen/Sligo) MORNING STAGES SS 15 Geevagh SS 16 Arigna SS 17 Loughgill



* Prices are fully inclusive and cover Helicopter Registration Fee, Pilot, Fuel, Airport Landing Fees and Insurance. Prices are “per seat” and fully inclusive. All packages are totally flexible and can be tailored to suit your needs if required (pricing may be adjusted). HTH are currently operating Robinson 44 (3 Seats) and Bell 206L (6 Seats) Helicopters and have discounted rates for groups numbering 3, 6 & 9. Please contact our office for full details. (Payment also taken in Euros at the daily exchange rate)

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Clubman rally action from Aghadowey

Turkey Run Stages

Words Jonathan MacDonald PICTURES John O’Neill

Winner: Sean Devine

Dowey Defeated By Devine Intervention… Maiden City Motor Club’s Turkey Run Rally traditionally marks the final event of the season, and always provides plenty of spectacular action around the Aghadowey venue.

CL1: Mark Donnelly & Shane Sorley CL3: Niall Donnelly & Eamon Gallagher

CL4: John Hanlon & James Walsh

RESULTS 1 SEAN DEVINE/TBC SUBARU............................ 17:14 2 BRIAN DOWEY/RICKY COCHRANE FORD ESCORT................... 17:15 3 BRIAN MULDOON/RODNEY MCKNIGHT SUBARU............................ 17:17 4 SEAMUS LEONARD/J MC CAFFERTY SUBARU S9....................... 17:19 5 GERARD MC FALL/BRENDAN BOYLE FORD ESCORT................... 17:26 6 DONAGH KELLY /KEVIN FLANAGAN MITSUBISHI EVO............... 17:29 7 SEAMUS DONNELLY/DAMIAN DUFFY MITSUBISHI EVO............... 17:32 8 GARY MCELVOY/KIETH MCELVOY MITSUBISHI EVO............... 17:34 9 8MARK MASSEY/ANDREW MC VEIGH MITSUBISHI EVO............... 17:37 10 TREVOR FERGUSON/TBA SUBARU............................ 17:44 february 2009 60

This year was no different, and

for a change the venue was graced by some pleasant, albeit cold, conditions. Brian Dowey and Ricky Cochrane were fastest out of the blocks in their Escort Cosworth, and joining them at the top of the tree were Brian Muldoon and Rodney McKnight. In fact, it was very close throughout the top 10, with five seconds separating 10 crews. Sean Devine lost a few seconds as he settled in during the opening test, but equal fastest through stage two saw him surge towards the top. But it was Dowey who was still in control, as he equalled Devine’s fastest time, while former Superdrive scholarship winner, Andrew Ritchie, was one second slower. Stage three saw Devine increase his pace again, as he swiped two seconds out of Dowey. Seamus Leonard was actually quickest through the test, and he topped the timesheets again on stage four with Devine in second position. But with one stage remaining, it was still Dowey who held the top spot.

It was ‘now or never’ for Devine, on the final test. He trailed his rival by three seconds going into the last stage, but in a do or die effort, he set fastest time by an impressive four seconds. That was enough to hand him a one second victory over Dowey’s Escort Cosworth, while Brian Muldoon and Rodney 2nd: Brian Dowey & Ricky Cochrane

3rd: Brian Muldoon & Rodney McKnight

McKnight had done enough to secure third. Seamus Leonard and John McCafferty were left rueing their stage two dramas, which saw them drop nine seconds to the event winners, but they did enough

to secure fourth overall. Gerard McFall and Brendan Boyle finished fifth, while Donagh Kelly and Kevin Flanagan completed the top six. In the class battles, Mark Donnelly and Shane Sorley took class one spoils in their Ford Fiesta, half a minute ahead of John Devine’s Honda Civic. Brian Muldoon and Rodney McKnight (Jnr) not only finished third overall but also took the Group N honours ahead of Donagh Kelly and Kevin Flanagan, while Niall Donnelly and Eamon Gallagher won class three by two seconds from Raymond Dennison and Gareth Lewthwaite. In class four, John Hanlon and James Walsh claimed victory aboard their Escort, finishing comfortably ahead of Damian McGrath and Mick McCullagh. Patrick Carey and David Birt won class five in their Civic, 10 seconds in front of Ronan Lynn and James Farell, who were just one second ahead of Declan and Dara Leonard. Gavin Toland and Ciaran Henry claimed the class six honours in front of Stuart Rankin and William Coyle, with Derek Gurney and Peter Crockett on top of class seven ahead of Bob Riddles. Finally, Brian Dowey and Ricky Cochrane claimed class eight honours ahead of Gerard McFall and Brendan Boyle, while Sean Devine took class nine from Seamus Leonard and John McCafferty.


West Wales Rally Spares

Rally round-up from the Christmas stages

Winners: Robert & Laura Tout

Touts Triumph! Robert and Laura Tout stamped their authority on proceedings, leading from start to finish. The Mitsubishi Lancer Evo9 husband and wife pairing were quickest over the opening three tests, accruing a 42 second advantage over the Darrian T90 of Gwyndaff Jenkins and Llinos Jones-Edwards. fastest on the last two stages they had little hope of making any impact on the Touts lead. Jenkins was closest to Tout from the off with ten seconds separating them after stage one, with the Subaru Impreza of third placed Neil and Paul Armstrong, a further nine seconds adrift. Top seeds Bob Fowden and Paul Wakely were already out of the reckoning with their Subaru Impreza WRC losing fifth and sixth gears before developing a small fire. Other early casualties included Manfredd Kampshchulte and Paul Jenkins when the flywheel bolts sheared on their Ford Escort and Phil Jones and Ian Jury when their Peugeot 205 caught fire. Tout then set an astonishing pace through stage two adding a further 25 seconds to his lead over Jenkins at a stroke. The Darrian pilot now had the Ford Sapphire Cosworth of Alan Williams and Kath Curzon closing in on him with the gap between them now reduced to seven seconds. Meanwhile it was the turn of John Dalton and David Jones to join the list of retirees as their Ford Escort Mk2 succumbed to electrical gremlins. As Tout increased his lead on SS3, Jenkins outpaced Williams to re-affirm his second placing. The battle for fourth was hotting up nicely as Armstrong now had the Lancer Evo6 of Melvin and Gareth Davies only eight seconds behind.

These two then matched times on SS4 as the top five order remained unchanged. With only three seconds separating the three leading contenders in the final stage times it was a case of as you were. Top honours went to Tout who finished over half a minute ahead of Jenkins who in turn enjoyed a comfortable cushion over Williams whilst Melvin Davies secured fourth ahead of Armstrong. Class 1 winners Mydrian Harries and Deian Phillips guided their Darrian T9 to sixth place overall ahead of the class 7 winning Escort Mk2 of Eirian Beynon and Ken Gibbard. Eighth and ninth places went to the wire. After starting SS5 on matching times the Escort Mk2 of Peter Barrett and Mark Solloway and the Vauxhall Nova of Bryan Davies and Alun Lewis were finally separated by two seconds in the favour of the Ford crew. Kevin Davies and Catherine Edwards completed the top ten in another Escort Mk2. Results: 1 Robert Tout/Laura Tout (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo9) 1hr00m01s. 2 Gwyndaff Jenkins/Llinos Jones-Edwards (Darrian T90) 1hr00m36s. 3 Alan Williams/Kath Curzon (Ford Sapphire Cosworth 4x4) 1hr01m00s. 4 Melvin Davies/Gareth Davies (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo6) 1hr02m20s. 5 Neil Armstrong/Paul Armstrong (Subaru Impreza) 1hr02m34s. 6 Mydrian Harries/Deian Phillips (Darrian T9) 1hr03m23s. 7 Eirian Beynon/Ken Gibbard (Ford Escort Mk2) 1hr03m52s. 8 Peter Barrett/Mark Solloway (Ford Escort Mk2) 1hr03m57s. 9 Bryan Davies/Alun Lewis (Vauxhall Nova) 1hr03m59s. 10 Kevin Davies/Catherine Edwards (Ford Escort Mk2) 1hr04m01s. Class Award Winners: 1: Harries/Phillips; 2: Colin Davies/Katie Davies (Ford Escort Mk2); 3: Jason Davies/Neil Davies (Ford Escort Mk2); 4: Jenkins/ Jones-Edwards; 5: Nathan Jones/Tim Murphy (Ford Escort Mk1); 6: Williams/Curzon; 7: Beynon/Gibbard; 8: Peter Williams/Cathy John (Ford Escort RS1800).


Wales Rally Spares


Your One Stop Shop run by competitors for competitors. Please ring with your requirements


Whilst the Darrian crew proved

Event: West Wales Rally Spares Christmas Stages. Date: 28th December 2008. Location: Welsh Motorsport Centre, Pembrey. Surface: Tarmac. Stages: 5. Stage Miles: 50. Organisers: Carmarthen Motor Club. Starters: 75. Finishers: 50.

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february 2009


Brian James Trailers had Ari’s Rothmans Escort on Display Hamilton Classic

Petter, Stig and Phil Kris & Paul

January Means It’s Showtime! Colin Hilton, the Motor Sports

Association Chief Executive, officially opened the 2009 Autosport International Show stating “I am delighted to open Autosport International this year, it is a vital event for the Motorsport community and gives great impetus for the new season. The MSA invested more than £1.2m in the development of UK motorsport last year and we will continue this programme of investment in 2009 to ensure that the sport continues to grow in these challenging times.” Amongst the early arrivals to the show were former Subaru employees Petter Solberg and Phil Mills who,

following a brief encounter with Stig Blomqvist, spent some time eyeing up the new Proton Satria Neo Super 2000. That’s the car Niall McShea and Marshall Clarke get their hands on for Rally Ireland and they too were present for the official unveiling of the car, designed and built by Mellors Elliot Motorsport. Kris Meeke and Paul Nagle, together with the Peugeot 207 S2000 they will drive on the Monte Carlo Rally, were the star attractions on the Peugeot Sport stand where they faced a barrage of television and press cameramen. A delighted Adam Gould was united with the Subaru Impreza N14

he will drive in this year’s British Rally Championship as his prize for winning the Pirelli Star Driver Award but not everyone had good news. Barry Clark’s plans for the new season are ‘up in the air’ after his contract wasn’t renewed by M-Sport and whilst some traders were doing brisk trade there were reports of ‘tight margins’. At least there was a positive feel in the Live Action Arena. Giving the fans something to cheer were Eugene Donnelly in his Skoda Fabia WRC and Matthew Wilson in a Stobart liveried Ford Focus WRC. Let’s hope the MSA’s continued investment gives more positive feelings in 2009.

Phil Collins

Barry Clark

The Millers Oils crew! Adam Gould can’t believe his luck!!!

Pacenotes columinist Nicky Grist Great show offers kept the Demon Tweeks stand busy...

Eugene ‘The Genie ’ Donnelly

february 2009 62

have confirmed that the prize will include entry fees, fuel, tyres, technical support and accommodation, plus the use of a

Cumiskey was initially awarded

a supported drive at Rally Ireland, but found the opportunity of spreading his prize over three Irish Championship rounds more appealing. The events in question will be the Galway Rally, April’s Circuit of Ireland and the Killarney Rally of the Lakes in May. Evo Challenge organisers

James Foley Rallysport prepared Lancer Evolution X for the threeday Circuit of Ireland. “I’m delighted to have been able to swap the prize from a supported drive in Rally Ireland to the first three rounds of the Irish Tarmac Championship,” said Brendan. “The

Mitsubishi Ralliart Evolution Challenge Ireland 2009 2009 Calendar March 14-15 West Cork Rally April 10-12 Circuit of Ireland May 24 Cavan Stages July 19 ALMC Stages August 9 Stonethrowers Rally September 12-13 Wexford Rally The 2009 calendar features six asphalt events split into nine rounds - the multi-day rallies providing two rounds. Competitors count their best six scores.

Back for a second season!

he Rise to t . e Challeng

2008 Calendar

Congratul Winners o

Irish Mitsubishi Evo Challenge

2008 Mitsubishi Ralliart Evolution Challenge Ireland winner Brendan Cumiskey will contest the first three rounds of this year’s Irish Tarmac Rally Championship as his prize for securing the title.

Latest news on 2009 series

Three For The Prize Of One...

support from the Evo Challenge gives me a great boost to the start of the season, and, if all goes according to plan, I would also like to contest the remaining rounds of the Irish series as well.” Series organisers have just released details of the 2009 Evolution Challenge Ireland, the provisional calendar featuring six asphalt events split into nine rounds - the multi-day rallies providing two rounds and therefore increasing point-scoring opportunities. Competitors will count their best six scores. The dates are as follows: Rounds 1 & 2 - March 14-15, West Cork Rally; Rounds 3 & 4 - April 10-12, Circuit of Ireland; Round 5 - May 24, Cavan Stages; Round 6 - July 19, ALMC Stages; Round 7 - August 9, Stonethrowers Rally; Rounds 8 & 9 - September 12-13, Wexford Rally. Regulations and further details for this year’s Irish Mitsubishi series will be issued later in January. For more information visit:

2008 MITS

1 2/3 February - Galway

2 15/16 March - West Cork 3 3/4 May - Killarney

4 14/15 June - Donegal

5 6/7 September - Wexford 6 27/28 September - Cork 20

Series Features • First prize: A supported drive in a JFR Evo X on selected rounds of the 2010 Irish Tarmac Championship. • Awards on each round and at the end of the season. • Six top-quality asphalt events. • Multi-day rallies feature two rounds. • Reserved event entries for registered crews. • Extensive PR and media activity. • Manufacturer backing. • Professional organisation • Strict policing of technical regulations. • Controlled fuel and tyres to ensure a fair and level playing field. • Preferential deals from sponsors and suppliers. • Allocated service area and race centre. • Great social atmosphere. • Dedicated website. • Regular news bulletins. • Links with UK and Swedish • Evolution Challenges. • Exclusive team clothing and race wear available. • Competitive rallying guaranteed! Features subject to change.

For further details and regulations please contact: Championship Coordinator Jim Crozier: Tel: +44 (0)7778 288108 | Email: Championship Manager Simon Slade: Tel: +44 (0)1935 424873 | Email:

february 2009


Rally Guide 09

Hankook MSA Northern Ireland Championship.

event calendar RD1 - 21st February Eurocables Pedro Stages Rally Organisers: North Armagh MC Website: Venue: Kirkistown Race Circuit RD2 - 14th March McGrady Insurance Stages Organisers: Ballynahinch & District MC Website: Venue: Bishopscourt Race Circuit RD3 - 11/12th April Circuit of Ireland National Organisers: Ulster Automobile Club Ltd Website: HQ: Castlewellan RD4 - 9th May KBB Tour of the Sperrins Organisers: Magherafelt & District MC Website: HQ: Maghera RD5 - 6th June Modern Tyre Service Mourne Rally Organisers: Newry & District MC Website: HQ: Newry

There are some major changes in place

for this year’s Northern Ireland Rally Championship, but as Pacenotes goes to print, some details have still to be finalised. What is certain though is that there will be a new sponsor on board and it looks as though Hankook has stepped in to take the role of title sponsor. Superdrive and Sunoco Fuels are back on board as sponsors of the 2WD and Group N categories, while Montgomery Motorsport is sponsoring the new historic category. There is also a TV deal in the pipeline,

RD6 - 1st August North West Motor Factors Dogleap Rally Organisers: Maiden City MC Website: HQ: Limavady

More Details

RD9 - 17th October FM Contracts Down Rally Organisers: Rathfriland Motor Club Website: HQ: Castlewellan RD10 - 7th November Townparks Glens of Antrim Organisers: Mid-Antrim Motor Club Website: HQ: Loughguile

The championship will be divided into nine classes, as follows:


RD7 - 12th September Fisher Engineering Stages Organisers: Enniskillen Motor Club Website: HQ: Kesh RD8 - 26th September McGillin Bushwhacker Rally Organisers: Omagh Motor Club Website: HQ: Omagh

which would see the series broadcast on RPM, and a brand new championship website will be online before the start of the new series. The championship format will remain the same as in previous years, with a good mixture of loose and sealed surface events, as well as two race circuit based rallies to kick off the season. Derek McGarrity is rumoured to contest the opening few rounds, while Connor McCloskey will miss the opening round due to his cousin’s wedding, but may return at round two. Alan Carmichael is contemplating using an S9 Impreza, and both Neil McCance and John McGlaughlin intend to battle for the Group N crown. Richard Cathcart may also join the fray in an Impreza N12b . It’s a highly regarded series, with plenty of competition in all classes, and this year is gearing up to be another thriller!

1 - Group N cars up to and including 2000cc (see Article 5.9 for definition).


2 - Group N cars over 2000cc (see Article 5.9 for definition).


3 – 2wd Clubman cars up to and including 1450cc.


8 1


9 3


4 – 2wd Clubman cars from 1451cc up to and including 1650cc, having not more than 2 valves per cylinder. 5 – 2wd Clubman cars from 1451cc up to and including 1650cc, having more than 2 valves per cylinder. 6 – 2wd Clubman cars from 1651cc up to and including 2100cc, having not more than 2 valves per cylinder. 7 – 2wd Clubman cars from 1651cc up to and including 2100cc, having more than 2 valves per cylinder. 8 – 2wd Clubman cars over 2100cc. 9 – All other eligible cars (ref. K37.1) including WRCs.

february 2009 64

Class 10 - Historic rally cars registered before 31/12/81 (MSA Cat 1, 2 & 3. Ref: 2008 MSA Blue book, pages 297-299. H283-H312)

Dunlop National Irish Rally Championship

event calendar

period of eight months. It’s a long year, ensuring that only the quickest and the most determined will rise to the top of the standings. Early indications suggest Patrick Elliott will return to defend his title, and Niall Maguire is also considering another bid for the crown. Michael Barrable has been trying to win the series since the mid-90s, and is also considering to give it another try. In Group N, Kevin Kelleher treats the series as unfinished business so he is another possibility, while Donie O’Sullivan will be out with a Super 2000 Proton at the opening round. Gareth MacHale is a possible entrant with his Opel Super 2000, and there may be a third car in this category with an as yet unconfirmed driver. As usual, Pacenotes will bring you the most in depth reports throughout the series, with all the action covered in each edition!

RD1 - 22nd February Birr Stages Rally Organisers: Birr & District MC HQ: Birr RD2 - 8th March Mayo Stages Rally Organisers: Mayo & District Motorsport Club Website: HQ: Castlebar RD3 - 29th March Circuit of Kerry Organisers: Kerry Motor Club Website: HQ: Tralee RD4 - 31st May Limerick Circuit of Munster Stages Organisers: Limerick Motor Club Website: HQ: Limerick RD5 - 28th June Carrick-on-Suir Raven’s Rock Organisers: Carrick-on-Suir MC Website: HQ: Waterford

The Dunlop National Rally Championship

is one of the most hotly contested series in Ireland. The 10-round all-tarmac championship covers the length and breadth of Ireland, providing competitors with a mixture of challenges, ensuring that whoever claims the title will be deserved winners. This year’s series kicks off with the Birr Stages Rally on Sunday 22 February, and is the first of 10 events which take place over a

More Details

RD6 - 12th July Connacht Sligo Stages Organisers: Connacht Motor Club Website: HQ: Sligo RD7 - 9th August Tipperary Stonethrowers Stages Organisers: Tipperary Motor Club Website: HQ: Tipperary


RD8 - 30th August Galway Summer Rally Organisers: Galway Motor Club Website: HQ: Athenry

2 8

RD9 - 10th October Donegal Harvest Stages Rally Organisers: Donegal Motor Club Website: HQ: Bunbeg RD10 - 25th October Skibbereen Fastnet Stages Rally Organisers: Skibbereen & District Car Club Website: HQ: Skibbereen

The championship will be divided into fifteen classes, as follows:


1 4 3

7 5

1 – Group N cars up to and including 1400cc. 2 – Group N cars from 1401cc up to and including 1600cc. 3 – Group N cars from 1601cc up to and including 2000cc. 4 – Group N cars over 2000cc. 5 – Group A cars up to 1400cc. 6 – Group A cars from 1401cc up to and including 1600cc. 7 – Group A cars from 1601cc up to and including 2000cc. 8 – Group A cars over 2000cc. 9 – Modified cars up to 1450cc, 2WD, normally aspirated. 10 – Modified cars from 1451cc up to and including 1650cc, 2WD, normally aspirated, having not more than two valves per cylinder. 11 – Modified cars from 1451cc up to and including 1650cc, 2WD, normally aspirated, having more than two valves per cylinder. 12 - Modified cars from 1651cc up to and including 2050cc, 2WD, normally aspirated, having not more than two valves per cylinder. 13 - Modified cars from 1651cc up to and including 2050cc, 2WD, normally aspirated, having more than two valves per cylinder. 14 – Modified cars from 2051cc up to and including 3500cc, 2WD. 15 – 4WD out of homologation (as per appendix 29).


february 2009


Rally Guide 09

Pirelli MSA Rally Championship (ANCRO)

event calendar

of particular appeal to owners of World Rally Cars who are excluded from the BRC series but are looking for more mileage than the BTRDA have on offer. All rounds aside from the Manx, which is the only one that isn’t run on mainland UK soil, are gravel rallies with a good geographical spread across England, Scotland and Wales. The series incorporates the Mintex Two-Wheel Drive Championship and just before Pacenotes went to press it was announced that the 2WD winners of each round will receive a totally free entry into the next ANCRO event of their choosing. The Mintex category is open to any 2WD car, front or rear-wheel drive, and in addition to the prize value of around £500 per event, there is a £1000 cash award to the winner at the end of the season.

RD1 - 27 / 28 February Rallye Sunseeker Organisers: Southern Car Club Ltd and Croydon & District Motor Club Ltd Website: Host Town: Bournemouth. Nearest Airport: Bournemouth. RD2 - 21 March Brick & Steel Border Counties Rally. Organisers: Whickham & District Motor Club; Hawick & Border Car Club. Website: Host Town: Jedburgh. Nearest Airport: Carlisle or Newcastle. RD3 - 18 April Pirelli Tour of Cumbria. Organisers: Cumberland Sporting Car Club. Website: Host Town: Carlisle. Nearest Airport: Carlisle or Newcastle. RD4 - 8 / 9 May RBS International Manx Rally Organisers: Manx Auto Sport Ltd. Website: Host Town: Douglas. Nearest Airport: Isle of Man.

The Pirelli MSA Gravel Rally

Championship consists of eight National A status events from which competitors may count their best five scores to determine their final championship points and positions. It is designed to sit between the British Rally Championship and BTRDA Championship offering competitors fewer miles than the former, but more than the latter, with entry fees priced accordingly. It is

More Details

RD5 - 30 May Severn Valley Stages Rally Organisers: Midland Manor Motor Club Website: Host Town: Builth Wells. Nearest Airport: Cardiff. RD6 - 18 July Swansea Bay National Rally Organisers: Port Talbot Motor Club Website: Host Town: Swansea. Nearest Airport: Cardiff. RD7 - 5 September Woodpecker Stages. Organisers: Sixty & Worcestershire Motor Club. Website: Host Town: Ludlow. Nearest Airport: Birmingham.

2 3 8 4

RD8 - 26 September Trackrod Rally Organisers: Trackrod Motor Club Website: Host Town: Pickering. Nearest Airport: Leeds.



6 1 february 2009 66

The Pirelli MSA Gravel Rally Championship will be divided into vehicle Groups, Classes and Categories as follows: All vehicles with forced induction will have their basic engine cylinder capacity increased by 70% to determine their Class eligibility. Class 1: Vehicles conforming to FIA Group N up to 1600cc – 2 wheel drive Class 2: Vehicles conforming to FIA Group N over 1600cc – 2 wheel drive Class 3: Vehicles conforming to FIA Group N - 4 wheel drive Class 4: Vehicles conforming to FIA Group A and WRC – 4 wheel drive Class 5: All other vehicles up to and including 1400cc Class 6: All other vehicles over 1400cc up to and including 1600cc Class 7: All other vehicles over 1600cc up to and including 2000cc Class 8: All other vehicles over 2000cc, normally aspirated 2 wheel drive only Class 9: All other 4 wheel drive vehicles over 2000cc, including Metro 6R4, driven by registered Pirelli MSA Championship contenders with approved sealed engines of 2.5 (International Injection) and 2.8 (single plenum type) with an MSA Certificate of Engine Capacity. The Driver of any other vehicle not complying with the 2009 MSA General Regulations H.262-267 inclusive, must, prior to registration, first apply to the Championship Co-ordinator with the full details of the vehicle. Permission to use the said vehicle will then be entirely at the discretion of the MSA to whom details of the vehicle will be sent for ratification.

The Richard Egger Insurance MSA Asphalt Rally Championship.

event calendar RD1 - 22 February Tour of Epynt Organisers: Port Talbot Motor Club. Website: Host Town: Llandovery. Nearest Airport: Cardiff. RD2 - 11/12 April Circuit of Ireland National Rally. Organisers: Ulster Automobile Club Ltd. Website: Host Town: Castlewellan Nearest Airport: Belfast City

The 2008 Championship concluded with a thrilling finale in which three drivers started the final round with a chance of winning the championship. David Kynaston came out top in his Audi A3 Quattro edging out the Hyundai Accent WRC of 2007 winner Steve Simpson. Simon Mauger took third spot showing just how competitive a Ford Escort Mk2 can be in the right hands. Will there be a similar outcome this year? At this point in time there’s no telling but there’s every chance!

RD3 - 8/9 May RBS Manx International Rally Organisers: Manx Auto Sport Ltd. Website: Host Town: Douglas. Nearest Airport: Isle of Man. RD4 - 22/23 May Jim Clark National Rally Organisers: Border Ecosse Car Club; Berwick & District Motor Club. Website: Host Town: Kelso. Nearest Airport: Edinburgh.

More Details

RD5 - 12 July Sligo Stages. Organisers: Connacht Motor Club. Website: Host Town: Sligo. Nearest Airport:

Cars will be split into the following classes: Group N – cars conforming to FIA International Group N Regulations Class N1: up to and including 1400cc Class N2: over 1400cc, up to and including 1600cc Class N3: over 1600cc, up to and including 2000cc Class N4: over 2000cc

RD6 - 30th August Mewla Rally. Organisers: Epynt Motor Club. Website: Host Town: Builth Wells. Nearest Airport: Cardiff. RD7 - 18 October Cheviot National Rally Organisers: Whickham & District Motor Club and Hadrian Motor Sports Club. Website: Host Town: Otterburn. Nearest Airport: Newcastle.

The series follows a similar pattern to last year with the only change in the schedule being the introduction of the Circuit of Ireland. Competitors will count their best five from seven scores which allows GB based competitors the potential option of dropping two events over the water. There is an alternative BTRDA Asphalt Rally Series, open to competitors with National B (or above) licences, which is run entirely on mainland UK events. It shares parts of both the Epynt and the Otterburn rounds with MSA series whilst including other events based at Caerwent (Tour of Caerwent and Patriot Stages), Millbrook (National Rally) and Nuneaton (Rally of the Midlands) and further details can be found at

4 7 5



1 6

Richard Egger Insurance

Group A – cars conforming to FIA International Group A Regulations Class A5: up to and including 1400cc Class A6: over 1400cc, up to and including 1600cc Class A7: amalgamated with Class B11 – see below Class A8: over 2000cc Category ‘B’ – cars complying with 2009 MSA Technical Regulations Class B9: up to and including 1450cc Class B10: over 1450cc up to and including 1650cc Class B11: over 1650cc up to and including 2050cc Class B12: over 2050cc two-wheel drive cars Class B13: over 2050cc four-wheel drive cars Front-Wheel Drive – within the MSA Asphalt Rally Championship, there will be a FWD category, which is open to all registered drivers/co-drivers of such cars in Classes N1 through to B12. Rear-Wheel Drive – within the MSA Asphalt Rally Championship, there will be a RWD category that is open to all registered drivers/co-drivers of such cars in Classes N1 through to B12.

february 2009


Rally Guide 09

Hankook MSA Scottish Rally Championship.

event calendar

rounds plus the chance to win free tyre vouchers throughout the season. Juniors can win a drive in a fully subsidised car on an International Rally in either Mainland Europe or the Far East and there’s £9000 worth of prizes to be shared amongst class winners. With the exception of the Jim Clark Reivers Rally all rounds will be contested on forest tracks. Those events will have minimal (target aim no more than 10%) or indeed no, double usage, promising contestants the best possible road surfaces. Added to that all, or some, two-wheel drive cars have the opportunity to run ‘first on the road’ on selected events making for fair competition over the year. Both the Scottish and Merrick rounds offer separate Historic events that run in advance of the main field.

RD1 - 14 February Arnold Clark Thistle Snowman Rally Organisers: Highland Car Club. Website: Host Town: Inverness. Nearest Airport: Inverness. RD2 - 21 March Brick & Steel Border Counties Rally. Organisers: Whickham & District Motor Club; Hawick & Border Car Club. Website: Host Town: Jedburgh. Nearest Airport: Carlisle. RD3 - 25 April Station Garage Mitsubishi Granite City Rally. Organisers: Aberdeen & District Motor Club. Website: Host Town: Aberdeen. Nearest Airport: Aberdeen. RD4 - 24 May Jim Clark Reivers Rally. Organisers: Border Ecosse Car Club; Berwick & District Motor Club. Website: Host Town: Duns. Nearest Airport: Edinburgh.

In recent years the Scottish Rally

Championship has witnessed a steady growth in entry numbers so not surprisingly it’s successful eight round format, spread between February and October, is repeated this year. What is new though is a sponsorship deal with Hankook Motorsports that provides the series with a record prize fund in excess of £30,000. Prizes on offer include free entries on the 2009 IRC Rally of Scotland and all SRC 2010

RD5 - 27 June RSAC Scottish Rally. Organisers: RSAC Motorsport Ltd. Website: Host Town: Dumfries. Nearest Port: Stranraer. RD6 - 8 August Gleaner Oil & Gas Speyside Stages. Organisers: 63 Car Club. Website: Host Town: Elgin. Nearest Airports: Aberdeen and Inverness.



RD7 - 5 September Merrick Forest Stages. Organisers: Machars Car Club; Scottish Sporting Car Club. Website: Host Town: Newton Stewart. Nearest Port: Stranraer.


RD8 - 3 October Colin McRae Forest Stages. Organisers: Coltness Car Club. Website: Host Town: Perth. Nearest Airport: Edinburgh.

4 2 7

february 2009 68

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There will be 12 Classes in the Championship as follows. All vehicles with forced induction will have their basic engine capacity increased by the equivalency factor of 1.7 to determine their Class eligibility. 1 - 2wd 8-valve up to 1400cc 2 - 2wd 16-valve up to 1400cc 3 - 2wd 8-valve up to 1600cc 4 - 2wd 16-valve up to 1600cc 5 - 2wd 8-valve up to 2000cc 6 - Historic Category 1, 2 & 3 Rally Cars as defined in the General Regulations of the MSA. 7 - Fwd 16-valve up to 2000cc 8 - Rwd 16-valve up to 2000cc 9 - 2wd 16-valve over 2000cc 10 - GpN 4wd over 2000cc 11 - GpA 4wd over 2000cc 12 - All other 4wd over 2000cc (To include Metro 6R4’s with approved sealed engines of 2.8 litres (single plenum type) with relevant original certificates of engine capacity and driven by registered competitors only. The driver of any other vehicle not complying with H265 or H266 must first apply to the Championship Co-ordinator with full details. Authorisation is then entirely at the discretion of the MSA, and such vehicles will be driven by registered competitors only.)

Escort Mk 1&2 Alloy Water Radiator This is designed to keep big Millington engines cool in the forest. We also do a bigger one if you want to do the Safari Rally.

All our fuel tanks are suitable for bio fuel.

Escort Fuel Tank Foam filled with internal petrol swirl pot for fuel injected engines. Dry sump tank with our De Aeration head to fit into a Gartrac shell. Ideal for Millington engines.

A.H. Fabrications, Unit 6H,Thorn Business Park, Rotherwas, Hereford, HR2 6JT

Our Metro 6R4 Dry sump tank is a no compromise design to ensure you will not suffer surge or air in the oil. This may be an expensive tank, but so is the engines. As used by John Price Rallying.


new improved core

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The water Radiators that we do are also designed to work with the best engines produced, and will not overheat even with light pods fitted.

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Nothing endures the punishment received by the underside of a World Rally car better than Kaylan. Resistant to both high impact and abrasion, our Engineering special elastomers are purpose-built Kay-Dee Plastics Ltd to withstand repeated flexing, extreme abrasion, and just about anything that a forest or gravel track might throw at it. No wonder then that the world’s top rally teams choose Kaylan mudflaps and underbody protection. Join the likes of Ford, Subaru, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Seat and change to Kaylan.

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Main Street, Dunkineely • Mudflaps (both moulded and punched) • Protection for; Trailing Arms, Gearbox, Rose Joints, Toe Links, Differential and General Underbody Protection • Wheel Arch Lining • Engine and Gearbox Mounts Co. Donegal, Kay-DeeIreland Engineering Plastics Ltd • Bushes and Bumpstops • Sump and Tank Guards • Bespoke Moulded Parts • Full Cutting Service Available

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Kay-Dee Engineering Plastics Lt Kay-Dee Engineering Plastics Ltd

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on helmets & hans kits All hans devices come with sliding tethers as standard.

ALSO AVAILABLE Revoultion wheels, Ferodo AND Carbone Lorraine brake pads.

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Foulkstown, Waterford Road, Kilkenny, Ireland.

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Rally Guide 09

Silverstone Tyres BTRDA Rally Series

event calendar RD1 - 7 February Get Connected! Wyedean Forest Rally. Organisers: Forest of Dean Motor Club. Website: Host Town: Chepstow. Nearest Airport: Bristol. RD2 - 7 March Malcolm Wilson Rally. Organisers: Morecambe Car Club, Kirkby Lonsdale Motor Club & West Cumbria Motorsport Club. Website: Host Town: Cockermouth. Nearest Airport: Carlisle. RD3 - 25 April The BETTA Somerset Stages Rally. Organisers: Minehead Motor Club and Burnham on Sea Motor Club. Website: Host Town: Minehead. Nearest Airport: Bristol. RD4 - 16 May Plains Rally. Organisers: Knutsford & District Motor Club. Website: Host Town: Welshpool. Nearest port: Holyhead.

For 2009 this ever popular clubman rally

series comprises of eight rounds, four of which venture into the Welsh forests, with competitors counting their best six results. In addition to trophies there is a range of cash awards for end of season champions. The wide range of classes and categories give competitors a choice of titles to aim for. Silverstone Competition Tyres offer a Bonus Scheme to all championship competitors, based around the quantity of

RD5 - 13 June Rainworth Skoda Dukeries Rally. Organisers: Dukeries Motor Club. Website: Host Town: Mansfield Nearest Airport: Nottingham. RD6 - 4 July Quinton Stages Rally. Organisers: Quinton Motor Club. Website: Host Town: Llandovery. Nearest Airport: Cardiff. RD7 - 5 September Woodpecker Stages. Organisers: Sixty & Worcestershire Motor Club. Website: Host Town: Ludlow. Nearest Airport: Birmingham. RD8 - 17 October G.O.N. Cambrian Rally. Organisers: North Wales Car Club. Website: Host Town: Llandudno. Nearest Port: Holyhead.


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tyres purchased during the season. Those signing up for the scheme will be offered special prices regardless of the tyre size - the more tyres purchased the cheaper they will get! Drivers registering for the Millers Oils BTRDA 1400 Championship will automatically receive a £50 voucher when they sign on for their first event. This can be exchanged for either 5 litres of Synthetic Competition Engine Oil, 5 litres of Synthetic Competition Transmission Oil or a box of 10 CVL bottles. There will be further Millers Oils product vouchers distributed to registered 1400 Championship drivers during the year. There are end of season cash awards for top under 21 and under 25 drivers from Mintex whilst team award prizes come courtesy of Holfeld Pumps.

SILVERSTONE TYRES GOLD STAR® Rally Championship for all vehicles over 1400cc. SILVERSTONE TYRES SILVER STAR® Rally Championship for all 2 wheel drive cars over 1400cc. Millers Oils BTRDA 1400 Championship for cars up to 1400cc, running in advance of the main field with 1.4L, 1.4C and 1.4S classes. Choice of 8 Classic Nat B forest rallies - best 6 score 12 classes to accommodate all cars from latest WRC to Rally First New BTRDA Rally First with lower costs. Best 5 scores from 7 events MSA English Rally Championship runs alongside the BTRDA Rally Series on most events BTRDA Production Cup Clubman Production Cup and Clubman Production Cup New MG ZR Rally Challenge Mini Golden Jubilee Challenge TCS Rally Results Subjective Route Notes available from Brian Patterson

Irish National Forest Championship

event calendar RD1 - 8th February Tipperary - Sean Conlon Forestry Rally Organisers: Tipperary Motor Club Website: www. HQ: Mitchelstown RD2 - 1st March Carrick-on-Suir - Willie Loughman Forestry Rally Organisers: Carrick-on-Suir Motor Club Website: www. HQ: Carrick-on-Suir RD3 - 12th April Munster - Moonraker Forestry Rally Organisers: Munster Car Club Ltd Website: HQ: Lismore

When you go down to the woods today,

you’re in for a big surprise! There’ll be plenty of surprises, and prizes, in store for competitors in this year’s Petro Systems National Forestry Championship! Petro Systems supply and maintain all types of forecourt equipment. The series offers a competitor-friendly format, with no recce permitted, ensuring crews enjoy hassle free rallying. The Junior and 1400 crews run at the front of the field, and this year there is also a 4WD Group N prize drive for the

RD4 - 15/16th August Jim Walsh Cork Forestry Rally Organisers: Cork Motor Club Website: Venue: Cork

Junior champion. The winner will have use of a potent car at four rounds of the 2010 championship! With just five rounds comprising the 2009 series, and all events count towards the final standings, competitors must ensure they get off to a good start at the opening event of the season. One wrong move, resulting in a non-finish, could prove disastrous in championship terms. With the exception of the final round, each event is based in the forests located in the far south of the country, so it’s not the easiest for access for those competitors located further north. But it’s true to say that if they make the effort to travel, they won’t be disappointed! Competitor interest is high, and Ray Breen is expected to return to the series, as is Denis Cronin. It is usually very competitive out there, and with increased interest this year, 2009 will be no different!

More Details The championship will be divided into nine classes as follows:

RD5 - 11th October Birr Forestry Rally Organisers: Birr & District Motor Club HQ: Birr





1 - Cars up to 1450 cc. 2 - Cars from 1451cc to 1650cc with only 2 valves per cylinder. 3 - Cars from 1451cc to 1650cc with more than 2 valves per cylinder. 4 - Cars from 1651cc to 2050cc with 2 valves only per cylinder. 5 - Cars 2051cc to 3500cc including all two wheel drive cars with more than 2 valves per cylinder over 1651cc, V8s normally aspirated. 6 - Four wheel drive cars, excluding all WRCs. Cars in this class must comply with their last published homologation papers, FIA Apendix J. 7 - WRCs only, must comply with last published homologation papers, FIA Appendix J. 8 - Group N, four wheel drive, complying with their last published homologation papers as per FIA Appendix J. 9 - Junior Class: Open to first time National B driver stage rally (code 027) license holders issued for 2008/2009. Driver must be under 27 years of age on January 1st 2009. Limited up to 1650cc 16 valve cars (excluding super 1650 and kit car variant 1650).


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BY EMAIL Send us an email, attach a picture if you want (ideally this needs to be at least 8cm wide), and remember to include your phone number and full name and address (not for publication) to:

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CITROEN SAXO SUPER 1600 Ex Niall McShea. Tarmac use only after full bare shell rebuild in 2007. Tens of thousands £ spent on car in last two years. Capable of top seven times on Irish National events, and more with better driver! Body: Matter S1600 no.503. In very good condition after full rebuild. Bumpers, panels, Citroen Sport with front air ducts Engine: Full works spec210+ bhp with good torque, Citroen Sport head, All steel bottom end etc, Citroen Sport exhaust, EFI Technology ECU (Last rebuild engine had 16 new valves, buckets, pair cams etc,etc), 400km before engine rebuild, Ultra Light


flywheel (200kms from new), 184mm single plate AP S1600 clutch (200kms) Gearbox: Sadev ST 75 6 speed Sequential with flat shift, 12x61 final drive, new remote pump and cooler, Just had Sadev rebuild, with almost all new parts, Sadev S1600 driveshafts- 200 kms, Pr spare Sadev driveshafts - New

Suspension: Latest Dynamics 3 way (200 kms), Front- Citroen Sport last Kit car uprights etc, 16mm anti roll bar, Rear- Citroen Sport Kit Car. 3 way Dynamics (200 kms), All rose-joints 200kms, Citroen Sport steering rack Brakes: Alcon/ Citroen Sport, Performance Friction pads, Fresh discs - 100kms only, Citroen Sport S1600 upright handbrake Interior: Sparco seats, Sabelt belts, Stack system, Flocked dash, Bag tank and reserve tank Spares includes: Light pod, 15 Raceline and Speedline 7x17”wheels, tyres. Some other parts.

This is a proper car, and has been properly maintained, with no expense spared, and receipts to prove. Enquiries: Andrew Bushe Tel: 00 44 7966 484201. Email:


Peugeot 106 cup car LHD built from band new shell. ZF gearbox, ZF shafts, Uprated bottom arms, bilsteins, Cup 4pot AP calipers. 12x 14inch wheels with tyres, Cup ECU, sump baffell kit,cup cams,flocked dash, sparco corsa seats and belts 2010, etc. £9,500 - Nick 07970738243


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Classified Services The Best Rally Car Marketplace 74

MITSUBISHI LANCER EVO 4/6. Clubman car built from bare shell by WRC technician. 3 way Proflex, rebuilt engine, new diff, lots of carbon. Very competitive car. £14,750. Contact Duncan Taylor 07836 514230 for full spec.

FOR SALE Mitsubishi GpN Evo 9 Built April 08 from brand new 57 plate donor vehicle. Currently in Tarmac spec (200 stage miles only from being newly built using 100% new parts). Phil Marks GpN engine, Gems engine management & diff controller, Ralliart Hyd. Handbrake, Drenth dog box, Ralliart diffs,Latest Proflex suspension, Big Tarmac Brembo brakes, fully Ralliart bushed, the list goes on and on. This car has been built with absolutely no expense spared at a cost in excess of £85K and is 100% ready to go and win. Visit, com – gallery section to see full build pictures. Price Negotiable Serious inquiries only please Contact Allan Pro-Tec Motorsport Tel 01772 633777 Email- protecmotorsport@ FORD ESCORT RS MK2 GP4 Charlie Hickey offers for sale his Ford Escort RS Rally Car. Full Group 4 spec original rs shell, newly painted, large diff and gearbox tunnel, 2.0 16v Vauxhall 250 BHP, Jenvey throttle bodies, DTA management, Pace dry sump kit, SBD exhaust manifold, fully Aeroquip oil and fuel lines, 5 speed Quaife dog box newly rebuilt, Helix twin paddle clutch, fully floating twin taper atlas axle, 5.1 & 4.6 crown wheel pinion, watts linkage, AP brakes all round, bilstien fully adj Suspension, gp4 sump guard, motorsport professional wiring loom, carbon door cards, carbon & flocked dash. all the right bits.16x13”revolution wheels and 30 tyres 8 new. This is a proper reliable car that has been well maintained, with a great finishing record and numerous class results. €40,000 Southern Ireland 00353 87 2399794 february 2009

PEUGEOT 205 GTI, 1992, mami blue, msa log booked, motd july, newly built 1600 8v, kent cam, 45 webbers, R/R 150bhp, quaife gearkit, trans x lsd, 4.4 cwp, bilstein coilovers, omp cage, sparco pro seats, everything in date, lots of spares, clean tidy example, ready to rally. €5950 or stg equivalent - 086 167 3245 or 07888 697 226

NEW FULL GRP4 MK2 ESCORT 2.4 Duratec engine, 6 speed Quaife heavy duty gear box For more information phone 07818 415 271

Mitsubishi EVO 6 GSR 280bhp 1999, White, Full Spec, Recaro Blue/Black Interior Brembo Brakes, S/S Exhaust, 17” 6 Spoke Enkei Alloys, New AYC Diff, Alarm/Imm, MOT, Immaculate Condition £7,495ono Tel. 07774 477435

205GTI 1600 8V RALLY CAR Huge spec Car, Longman built engine, on webber carbs, proflex suspension, Flocked dash, this car was built right, all best bits, very quick class 10 car, you wont go faster for less, super reliable, 14 events done 2 non finishes due to driver, also a good car transporter included in price, any offer close to €7900 for the lot. Would consider p/x for good 2.0L car. Kieran Hayes 086 3845158

ASTRA 2.0 GSI GROUP N Quaife kit in gearbox and diff, recent engine re-build multi point cage, new harness and extinguisher, forest and tarmac suspension. Sale includes 4 light lamp pod, 12 rims and tyres and large spares package. £5,500 ono Tel: 028 8673 6270 or 07803 718954 (anytime) OPEL MANTA BARE SHELL Ideal Rally Shell. 400 big arch kit, quick rack pedal box, 10” Revolution and GTE wheels, Good Shell - £2800 ono Tel: 07871 961201

\ \

PEUGEOT 205 GTI RALLY CAR 1600cc on 45 carbs with fully adjustable bilstein suspension, engine and gearbox rebuilt , quaife diff and group A gear linkages. Selection of rims and tyres. Ready to rally, ring for full spec. 3,100 ono Contact: Benny Quinn Tel: 07742878417

GP4 MK2 ESCORT Fresh build - brief spec includes: Period(ish) Full GP4 shell, 14pt cage, 200bhp XE on 45mm throttle bodies/DTA. Quaife sequential, FF/TT Atlas, 5.1 motorsport LSD, AP’s all round. A proper car, built to very high standard. Zero miles on gearbox, axle, diff, brakes, dampers, springs, suspension components etc. Call for full spec/photos. £30,000STG ONO. Contact John 07710 265163 2 X 2.0L MK2 ESCORTS with vauxhall engines, fuel injected, on 13” wheels, Quaife Dog Gearbox, F/F Atlas Axle, AP Brakes, etc. Proper Grp4 Cars with good spares packagess £29000 each. 1 x 5 speed sequential gearbox, 1 event old, checked by Quaife £2550 Large number of second hand 15” tyres also for sale.

MITSUBISHI EVO 7 GRPN RALLY CAR H/Spec, Professionally Built, Multi Point Cage Seam Welded, Ohlins Suspension, Ralliart Diffs, Gems ECU, Diff Control, Dog Box, 4 rallies from new £24,995ono Tel.07774 477435 1979 OPEL KADETT COUPE stripped rolling shell in good condition with all parts to finish plus spare panels. ideal rallycar or redtop conversion. car located in killarney,roi. 2000euro. ph 00 353 87 6386480 for full details. TWIN 40 CARBURETTORS on Vauxhall manifold £250 ono - Tel: 07871 961201

MK2 ESCORT 2.0 16 VALVE all steel Vauxhall Engine Fuel Injection 293 BHP, Cold Airbox, etc C Bradley Engine, Tractive Gearbox, 2 piece driveshaft, F/F Atlas Axle with ZF Motorsport LSD, Watts Linkage, H/D Halfshafts, on 15” wheels, Alcon 4 pots front & rear, WRC Handbrake. This car was built by C Bradley Motorsport to the absolute highest standard regardless of cost - this is not your average rally car! It has done 1 season, 9 events, from new and came 1st in class National Championship and 1st in class Border Championship and has since been fully serviced and is ready to rallly again. This car is in absolutely brand new condition. For more information go to www.cbradleymotorsport. or call 028 79627282 / 07710712007 £59000 / 65000Euro

GRP4 Fully Fabricated Shells, 15”, T45 cage, etc, fully prepared ready to paint, on shelf from £9000 1 x Grp4 shell, 13”, fully fabricated in primer £6500 028 79627282 / 07710712007 VAUXHALL RALLY ENGINE 20lt 8 V, alloy sump, Vauxhall / Ford Bell housing £450 ono Tel: 07871 961201 2.0 16V VAUXHALL QED 420 Camshafts, springs, solid lifters, vernier pulleys and twin 48 webbers for sale with inlet manifold linkage etc. 220bhp kit Rud exhaust manifold. £1000 OVNO Contact Ricky 07761 104 252

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ow N

EC SP Credit card Facility

TEL: (028) 8076 0775 MOB: 07809 297 121

FAX: 08715 227 639 EMAIL: • 5a Mullydoo Rd, Omagh, N.Ireland

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Elite Gearboxes 6 speed sequential as used by Frank Kelly

Honda Y21 Dog Box • Evo Dog Kit - ZF replacement gear kit for Escort Historic Cars - Elite Atlas and English LSD’s now in stock. - Coming soon ZF complete synchro gear box

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Issue 64 - February 2009: The UK & Ireland's only Rally Publication.