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Bb Clarinet Fingering Chart 12/15/97 - Make free with comments, suggestions, corrections, or any general friendly chat to I would certainly appreciate hearing from you. Happy Clarinet playing! 12/16/97 - My goal is simply to provide a somewhat standard chart, as can be found in many beginner's instruction books. On the web. With input from anyone who is interested, I would love to expand and extend, but I will not take fingerings or text directly from a copyrighted publication. That's a difficult line of distinction to see, rather thin in places, but if you can and wish to send me fingerings that are so much a part of YOU (rather than straight out of someone else's copyrighted chart) that it couldn't possibly be called plagiarism to reproduce them here, please do it!

Digitacio clarinet  

Digitacio fàcil del clarinet Si B

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