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Pleasant Hope FFA CHapter Scrapbook

March 2023- February 2024

Reporter- Addison Rogers

Chapter Officers

Chapter Officers

President- Jake Hickman

Vice President- Tyler Ginnings

Secertary- Mackenzie Hamilton

Treasurer- Lexi Perryman

Reporter- Addison Rogers

Sentinel- Riley Hubbard

Parlimentarian- Gracie Pulley

Historian- Arwen Mehl Chaplin- Laine Pulley

2nd Vices- Kenzie Bader, Turner Alexander, Loraine

Arciniegas, Maddyson Alexander, Jordyn Miner, Mr. President, all officers are present.

JJake ake

What’s your favorite part of FFA?

Being able to work with your hands, not a lot of classes let you have the freedom of that. What inspired you to be an officer?

Knowing all the good memories I could make with my friends. I also had 4 cousins in FFA and I saw what they could do and I just always wanted to be like them . President


What's your favorite contest and why?

Entomology is my favorite contest. I like it because I just like bugs, but I'm also good at it, which helps.

What do you plan to do with your future career and education wise?

I plan to go on to college, I want to study to be a mechanical or chemical engineer. Vice


What made you want to join FFA?

I wanted to partake in a club that impacted the community.

What is your SAE?

My SAE is my job, I work at a Nursing home in Buffalo, MO as a CNA.

One day I want to be a pediatric nurse.

Mackenzie Mackenzie Secertary Secertary

What's your favorite part of agriculture?

My favorite part of agriculture is watching everything grow. I love watching calves grow into cows, seeds grow into plants, etc.

What inspired you to be an officer?

I love being a leader and helping people. I had a fantastic president my freshman year. She was a huge inspiration for me becoming an officer. Being an officer is a huge honor to have.

Lexi Treasurer Lexi Treasurer

“My favorite part of agriculture is the dairy remember I have wanted to be a dairy farmer a and Uncle's Dairy Farm. When I was young I w once I was, I fell in love. Ever since, I've been t much as I can when it comes to anything dairy related. “ Addison Reporter

What's your favorite part of agriculture?

Addison Reporter

Whats your favorite part of FFA?

The friendships you make, everyone's like a big family.

What made you want to join FFA?

It reminds me of home.

Riley Riley Sentinel Sentinel

What's your favorite part of agriculture?

My favorite part of agriculture would have to be the community part of it and how diverse it is. In order to have an agriculture industry it requires an insane amount of people. It's incredible to see how many different people and roles are involved in making it all work. It's an endless amount of teamwork and collaboration that keeps the industry thriving and ensures that we have a steady supply of food and resources.

Gracie parliamentarian Gracie parliamentarian

Arwen Arwen

Historian Historian

What are your SAEs?

My agriscience project, my job at Flat Creek and I also have farm animals.

What do you plan to do with your future career and education wise?

I want to become a nicu nurse!

What is your SAE(s)?

My SAE is fruit production placement. I work at a Hummingbird Berry Farm in Brighton, MO. I help do all of the seasonal stuff with the blackberries in the summer, but also work there throughout the off season working on farm equipment, helping with livestock on the owner ’ s farm, and keeping up with the crop throughout the off season.

Laine Laine Chaplain Chaplain
Kenzie Maddyson Loraine Turner Jordyn 2nd Vices 2nd Vices Kenzie Maddyson Loraine Turner Jordyn

The owl is a time-honored emblem of knowledge and wisdom. Being older than the rest of you, I am asked to advise you from time to time, as the need arises. I hope that my advice will always be based on true knowledge and ripened with wisdom.

Mr. Brow


Stationed By the Owl

“Don’t take pictures of me without my permission.” “I

Mr. Parrack “Mhmmmm....”
don’t know Margo!”

c h a p t e r M e m b e r s : 5 4 c h a p t e r M e m b e r s : 5 4

Oliver Ackels Kylee Agee Turner Alexander Maddyson Alexander Caleb Altic Loraine Arciniegas Kenzie Bader Marley Bader Morgan Bannister

Jonathon Bartee Kolton Bettis Bonnie Chapman Sally Cornwall Bryson Craver Kaiden Dawson Makylah Dawson Sollos Fudge Ember Gertner

Tyler Ginnings Peyton Guy Mackenzie Hamilton Justin Hancock Haylie Helton Matthew Hershberger Jake Hickman Duane Hickman Kason Highfill

Riley Hubbard Riley Jarman Bradley Jenkins Brooklynn Keck Lily Lambeth Jaxon Marsh Arwen Mehl Jordyn Miner John Meyers

Emalie Peck Lexi Perryman Robert Pettibone Mason Prince Laine Pulley Gracie Pulley Austin Raps Marcus Ratterree Anna Ratterree

Addison Rogers Christopher Savala Gavin Smith Jayce Smith Trevor Tucker Katelin Vest Jake Wilkinson Kara Williams Quincy Willoughby

reciecved greenhand Degrees

Kylee Agee Marley Bader Sally Cornwall Kaiden Dawson Sollos Fudge Peyton Guy Bradley Jenkins Brooklynn Keck Jaxon Marsh Robert Pettibone Austin Raps Anna Ratterree Gavin Smith Jake Wilkinson Kara Williams Quincy Willoughby

recieved chapter Degrees

Maddyson Alexander Caleb Altic Loraine Arciniegas Jonathon Bartee Kolton Bettis Bonnie Chapman Bryson Craver Makylah Dawson Ember Gertner Haylie Helton Kason Highfill Riley Hubbard Riley Jarman Lily Lambeth Jordyn Miner John Myers Emalie Peck Mason Prince Gracie Pulley Marcus Ratterree Addison Rogers Christopher Savala Jayce Smith Katelin Vest
Recieved State Degree Recieved State Degree
Levi Hobson Austin Brakebill Maggie Polk Cole McClain Dylan Morris
American Degree Recieved American Degree
Raif Fullerton Rachel Jenkins Reed Fullerton

In Agribusiness: Dylan Morris

In Placement: Levi Hobson

In Agriscience: Lexi Perryman

Chapter Star awards

Farmer: Maggie Polk

Greenhand: Addison Rogers

Hardest Working Members

Freshman: Gracie Pulley

Sophomore: Tyler Ginnings

Junior: Laine Pulley

Senior: Maggie Polk

Most Active Members

Freshman: Addison Rogers

Sophomore: Lexi Perryman

Junior: Mackenzie Hamilton

Senior: Dylan Morris

Good Ol’ Boy- Laine Pulley

Good Ol’ Gal- Maddyson Alexander

Top Fundraiser: Dylan Morris

Mechanics Award: Dylan Morris

Chapter awards

Wildlife Management First Place: Trevor Tucker

Outdoor Recreation First Place:

Ember Gertner

Fruit Production First Place: Laine Pulley Agriscience Research First Place: Lexi Perryman

Beginning Recordbook Placement 2nd PlaceAddison Rogers Area Proficency Awards

Division I Public Speaking

Third Place- Addison Rogers Advanced Public Speaking

Third Place- Clara Smith

Area awards


4th: C of O Workshop

8th: Mt. Vernon Southwest Workshop

10th: Hillcrest Contest

13th: Hollister Contest

18th: Marshfield Contest

20th: Area X Speaking Contest

23rd: Crowder Contest

25th: District LDE Contests

27th: District CDE Contests

28th: District CDE Contests

contest Season is my favorite season

That one time Mr. Brown left us on the bus after we had a “meats workshop” and we really just went to Price Cutter to look, at meat while ento was at Hillcrest..

M e w h e n w e h a v e e a r l y m o r n i n g c o n t e s t s

Crocs totally go with offical dress right?!

Contest Placings


State bound!!

Public Speaking

Dairy Foods- 5th Entomology- 6th AgMechanics-4th


Meats16th Horses20th

April 19th-21st: State FFA Convention

State Convention

“I think this place is better than Texas Roadhouse!”

“Hey Parrack can we come back here next week for agriscience?” -Addison

The 92nd annual Missouri State FFA Convention is a go!

“Thank God for good directions and turnip greens. ”

POV: Your ag teacher forgets something at home so you make a pit stop on the way to state convetion

Clara Smith recieved first place in research proficencys

The dairy cattle team got fifth place at state!

J a k e g o t f o u r t h p l a c e o v e r a l l l ! L a i n e a n d T u r n e r b o t h g o t g r o u p o n e r a t i n g s a s w e l l .


6th: Missouri Beef Days- Boots and Bling

8th: Area X Officer Interviews

9th: State Agriscience Fair

11th: Chapter Banquet

16th: Area X FFA Banquet

24th: Placing the Flags

Two delegates represented our chapter at Area X Officer Interviews

Some of our officers volunteered at the Boots and Bling Banquet for Missouri Beef Days, where they served guests dinner, and got to meet Governer Mike Parson.

Officers came together to place flags on veterans gravestones to honor them for Memorial Day.

Tyler Ginnings competed in Power, Structure, and Technical Systems with his experiment on the fuel type on small gas engines oreformance.




Arwen Mehl presented her project about how grass and debris can help purify water and affect erosion.

State Agriscience winners State Agriscience winners

Maddyson Alexander and Loraine Arciniegas won sstate with their agriscience project in food products and processing systems.

Gracie Pulley and Addison Rogers holding their first place plaques from the State Agriscience Fair with their project titled, Motor Oil: What Keeps Agriculture Running.

Kenzie Bader and Lexi Perryman placed first in Plant Science Division IV, with their expeeriment about the preservation of roses.

The sunset made for the most perfect end for our senior officers. Their futures are looking extremely bright!

What could beat this, a beautiful sunset, a state winning plaque, and an FFA jacket?

Senior oficers got to present their parents with honoary FFA degrees

Chapter Banquet


6th-8th: Public Speaking Academy

14th: Polk County Fair Cleanup Day

21st: Area X Big Surf

Polk County Fair Cleanup Day

FFA chapters in Polk County come together to clean up the Polk County Fairgrounds before the fair. While doing so, Gracie about had an accident when a mouse popped out of the trash can and scared her..

“Mr.Browncan youturntheAC down?I’m cold.”

“It’s80 degrees!”

Early morning sessions be like:

Got to see one of our old members! We missed you Julia!!

Area X Big SUrf Area X Big SUrf

One word to describe PSA: Slay.

During PSA we learned Addie is a pro bowler, and Noah is a pro at volleyball.

New friendships began during PSA that remain today.

Official dress, pouring down rain, and lots of walking



The ice cream was top tier. July 31st: Officer Retreat and Meeting

After holding a short meeting to plan the years events, officers went to BigShots Golf for their officer retreat to spend some time together!

Officers Retreat

Me: looking for my advisor at convention

FFA members when its contest season


7th: Area X Officer Training

17th: Ice Cream Social

Chinese after Training

When you don’t know how to dance, but get thrown on stage anyways

Area X OFficer Training


Community Picnic

Pleasant Hope’s first annual community picnic was a smashing success! These ladies loved getting to talk with members of their community!

Ice Cream Social Officers got to kick off the new school year by handing out Culvers ice cream to students and peers in the district during the back to school bash


7th: Hog Show

21st: UMC Field Day

22nd: FFA Degree Ceremony, Labor Auction, and Chili Supper

29th: PHHS Homecoming Parade

Hog Show

Members get to help with our annual hog show. From corraling hogs, to keeping track of add ons, weighing the hogs, or running concessions, we had many jobs.

Ebby Stokes- On Foot Champion

Mattie Daugherty- Grand Champion

Carcass and Overall Grand Champion

Blair Barmhouse- Reserve Champion Carcass

Owen Brown- Reserve Overall Champion

Umc Field Day

“I just love cows so much!”

“My face when I don’t understand the math portion of a contest”

Sophomores in AG Science II got to participate in UMC’s Field Day. While there students get to learn about all sorts of carrers in the agriculture industry.

“Dudeeee! This is sick!

To practice brotherhood, honor agricultural opportunities and responsibilities and develop those qualities of leadership, which an FFA member should possess.

chapter and Greenhand Ceremony

Side eye Bombastic side eye

Now where do I sit

Chili Supper

I beleieve that American agriculture can and will hold true to the best traditions of our national life, and that I can exert an influence in my home and community which will stand solid for my part in that inspring task.

Labor Auction

All officers, and a couple of chapter members designed, built and rode on the FFA float for the homecoming parade. Brown and Parrack both rode in the cab of the tractor

Homecoming Parade


6th: Farmfest

12: Area X Barnwarming

24th: Area X Fall Speaking


Members who raised over $300 in our fall fundraiser got to spend the day at Farmfest, where they have all the things.

From western jewelry, to chicks, to excavators. This gives students an opportunity to learn from business owners, as well as farmers, ranchers, and people who live in local communities.

Dang! Riley lookin real cool!

Area X Barnwarming

We may not have had many able to make it, and we might’ve lost the limbo, but we still had a blast at area barnwarming!

PSA groupie is back together again! Had to recreate some pics and catch up at area speaking!

#Parrack’s Favorites

Area X Fall Speaking

Let’s BeReal speaking contests are so much fun

1st-4th: National FFA Convention

1st: Lainey Wilson Concert

2nd: Opening Ceremonies

Expo Shining a Light Viewing

3rd: Indy Motor Speedway Ozark Fisheries Goat Farm Tour

Zip City

4th: American Degree Ceremony

10th: Veterans Assembly Chapter Barnwarming


Indy, here we come!

National Convention

The 96th annual National FFA Convention has come to order.

Trevor’s in a silly goofy mood

I thought Parrack said no sleeping.. guess I was wrong.. A m e r i c a n D e g r e e s h a v e u s a w e e b i t t i r e d

B-Rad is just resting his eyes

Caught Lackin

Like brother, like sister, slumped on the bus Loraine passes out during the FFA talent show

c o n c e r t

You're a son of a momma, you ' re a son of a dad, who will never stop loving you and being there and giving you everything they have

Whatever's gonna bring you happiness

go and get it now, atta girl

Mr. Parrack was very protective of his bucket hat

W h o d o e s n ’ t l o v e a g o o d . 5 ?

I am proud to announce we did have one person pull a Buddy the Elf! Thanks Jake!

Her name is Jaquita

Why does this look like a movie scene?

Bradley’s favorite princess is Anna

We look pretty cool don’t we?

Official dress and cold weather is no bueno.

Shining a Light Viewing

Vroom vroom!

“Oh yeah! We cool.”

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

In my head, I’m a race car driver.

“Okay, these are kinda cute!”

We definitely were not forced to take these pictures.

Ozark Fisheries Cheese!!!

POE Hampshires Tour

A w w w i t ’ s a b a b y g o a t Smile!!
Farmer B- Rad

zip city


Kenzie is dominating in dogeball

Me and my best friend when we get to be roomies on convention

FFA officers served and prepared lunch for veterans and their families at our annual veterans assembly.

Veterans Assembly Veterans Assembly Veterans Assembly

President Jake Hickman was the stand bearer during the assembly.

“It’s a beaut Clark!”

-Mr. Brown

“Rubber ducky you ’ re the one, you make bathtime lots of fun,”

Chapter Barnwarming

Take a pic and pose

Bradley’s a little goofy

“Does this flamingo make my head look big?”

The sophomore candiates, Caleb and Riley won Barnwarming king and queen for the second year in a row!

You guys know my hips don’t lie

In the end, Graci defintely didn’t cheat.

December 20th: FFA Christmas Party

January 10th: Greenhand Conference


1st: Profficency Selection

National FFA Week: 18-25

19th: Wonders of Wildlife Lamberts

20th: Greenhand Day

21st: Breakfast for Dinner

22: Cookout Day

23: Bring Your Tractor to School Day OEF Entomology Workshop


Welovetoseethehardworkour chaptermembersputintotheir SAEprojects!Keepitupguys!




AppreciationDay T h a n k y o u t o a l l a g r i c u l t u r e t e a c h e r s f o r w h a t y o u d o . S p e c i a l s h o u t o u t t h e c o o l e s t a g t e a c h e r s o u t t h e r e ! W e a p p r e c i a t e e v e r y t h i n g y o u g u y s d o ! W h e r e w o u l d w e b e w i t h o u t y o u ? !

We are so blessed to have such willing members. These students are always working hard and doing all sorts of work within our little community! FFAAlumniDay

Justacoupleofthrowbackstosome ofourpastchaptermembers..We loveourAlumni!Thankyoufor everythingeachandeveryoneof youdidforourchapter!Hopeyou areallwell!

GiveFFADay NationalWear BlueDay


GiveFFAdayisadayfor members,chapters, relatives,bussinesses, orreallyanyonetogive backtoFFA,tothank themforpreparingthe nextgeneration,of producers,consumers, andleaders.

N a t i o n a l F F A W e e k

OurtreasurerLexiPerryman,hasmanySAEprojects whichincludesherjobatDairyQueeninBolivar Laine Pulley has a very diverse collection of SAEs, one we find really cool is his job at Hummingbird Berry Farm which he acutally just won Area with his proficency award for.

Monday the 19th:

Ibelieveinthefutureof agriculture,withafaithbornnot ofwordsbutofdeeds–achievements

wonbythepresentandpast generationsofagriculturists;in thepromiseofbetterdaysthrough betterways,evenasthebetter thingswenowenjoyhavecometous fromthestrugglesofformeryears.


Mason might’ve had a few too many rolls

FFA Week
Y 1
Wear your FFA T-Shirt Wonders of Wildlife and Lamberts (Leave at 8:30)
Wonders of WildLife and Lamberts
Toss us a roll!
Look at me I’m in the tank! I just love all the little fishies

Greenhand Day Red vs. Green Day

Chapter Greenhands were treated to green pancakes for breakfast in honor of Greenhand day

Treasurer, Lexi, and Reporter, Addison came up with a fun FFA trivia to play with Greenhands after they finished their pancakes

Ibelievethattoliveandwork onagoodfarm,ortobeengaged inotheragriculturalpursuits, ispleasantaswellas challenging;forIknowthejoys anddiscomfortsofagricultural lifeandholdaninbornfondness forthoseassociationswhich, eveninhoursofdiscouragement, Icannotdeny.

Tuesday the 20th: International vs. John DeereWear red or green Greenhand Day

FFA Week
D A Y 2

Wednesday the 21st:

Get off my land-

Wear your camo/hunting gear

Breakfast for Dinner- 5-7 (Officers wear polos)

FFA Week

D A Y 3

I believe in leadership from ourselves and respect from others. I believe in my own ability to work efficiently and think clearly, with such knowledge and skill as I can secure, and in the ability of progressive agriculturists to serve our own and the public interest in producing and marketing the product of our toil.

Breakfast for Dinner Hunting Day Take a picture of meee! You can’t see us


FFA Community Breakfast

Members of the Pleasant Hope FFA Chapter will be serving eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits and gravy, as well as orange juice and milk to drink!



When? Wednesday, February 21st. Where? Pleasant Hope High School Cafeteria

What time? 5-7 p.m.

Who can come? Anyone! We love meeting members of our community!

Cost? No cost!

We always ejoy our breakfast for dinner, it takes a lot of hard work, but we love our community, so it’s worth it.

Caught Parrack smiling for once! didn’t know it was self serve..

My mouth is watering

Let’s be real, these are what clothes really look like.

Cookout Day

Down on the Farm

Ibelieveinlessdependenceon beggingandmorepowerin bargaining;inthelifeabundantand enoughhonestwealthtohelpmakeit so–forothersaswellasmyself;in lessneedforcharityandmoreofit whenneeded;inbeinghappymyself andplayingsquarewiththosewhose happinessdependsuponme.

Thursday the 22nd: Down on the Farm DayDress up as a farm animal, farmer, or wear chore clothes

FFA Week D A Y 4

Is that good Laine?

FFA really is like a big family!

Mmmm! Tater tots!


FFA Cookout

Thanks Jake and Turner for making the hot dogs!

IbelievethatAmerican agriculturecanandwill holdtruetothebest traditionsofournational lifeandthatIcanexertan influenceinmyhomeand communitywhichwillstand solidformypartinthat inspiringtask.

Friday the 23rd:

Freedom Friday-

Wear red, white, and blue!

Cookout Day-

Bring something to grill

Anything but a Car Day

FFA Week

We had such a nice group of kids bringing all kinds of great looking vehicles!

Bring your Tracotor To school Day

Freedom Friday

All tractors driven to school, were in honor of Pat McCroskey.

D A Y 5

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