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Musings is a quarterly publication for Members of the Monterey Museum of Art.

Our Mission

The Monterey Museum of Art cultivates curiosity in the visual arts and engages community with the diversity of California art—past, present, and future.

Our Vision

The Monterey Museum of Art is a collaborative center where art and community engage.

Board of Trustees Adriana Hayward, Psy.D. President

Lila Thorsen, Ph.D. President Emerita

John A. Greenwald Treasurer

Chief Editor / Writer / Project Manager Stephanie Shepherd Art Director / Senior Designer Maureen Halligan Photography Rosie Gutierrez, Moss Media Carmel

Monika Campbell Tom Donnelly Kristen Huston Caroline Scott Low Lisa Rheinheimer Matthew Simis

William G. Hyland Trustee Emeritus

Craig L. Johnson Trustee Emeritus

Photo: Moss Media Carmel

Happy New Year! MMA Pacific Street Hours Thursdays – Saturdays (11:00 am – 5:00 pm) Visit for tickets and more information.

Cover Image James Fitzgerald, Old Berta Ranch, n.d., Watercolor on paper,  19.25 x 24 in. (48.895 x 60.96 cm). Monterey Museum of Art. Gift of Anne M. Hubert, 1997.202. © James Fitzgerald Legacy.


Photo: Rosie Gutierrez

From the Executive Director Dear MMA Members and Friends, Happy New Year to each and every Musings reader! I hope you had a joyous holiday season. MMA has much to celebrate in the New Year. Since re-opening the Museum last May, our exhibitions such as Color Duets and Shadows from the Past have attracted record numbers of local and out of town visitors from as far away as Seattle, Denver, Miami, and San Diego. MMA also received generous press coverage for our exhibitions, and was voted 2021’s “Best Museum” by the readers of the Monterey County Weekly. As we begin 2022, MMA is also grateful to the many individuals who contributed to our most successful Miniatures exhibition ever! Thank you to the 147 artists who donated art works which inspired 414 individuals to donate towards our record-breaking $20,000 Miniatures fundraising goal. In addition, our MCGives campaign and your end-of-year giving resulted in more than $69,000 raised to support the Museum’s operations. To top it off, MMA membership has rebounded to pre-pandemic levels—and members are giving more generously than ever. All of this generosity has helped the Museum remain financially healthy through 18 challenging months—and is helping MMA rebuild our staff including creating a Member and Visitor Services position to help you discover more to enjoy at the Museum. Please reach out to Rebekah Deep with your questions—and learn more about enhanced member benefits. I hope we can entice you to come to our new Collectors Circle Series which offers exclusive opportunities for you to eat, drink, and enjoy learning with small groups of passionate art lovers—while helping support MMA’s exhibitions and acquisitions. And please be sure to check out the newly launched Digital Wing of the Museum where you will find fascinating video content including artist interviews, panels and lectures–available to you free of charge. This winter’s exhibits, Seeking Eden: James Fitzgerald in Monterey and Courage Within: Women Without Shelter, offer visitors the chance to explore the artists’ remarkable visions of our community and its challenges. Fitzgerald’s watercolors portray Monterey’s working class during the Great Depression, and Dora Lisa Rosenbaum, Denese Sanders, Amanda Salm, and Melissa Smedley of Courage Within present the plight of women living without shelter on the Peninsula today. While addressing sober topics, their artworks burst with energy and life, insisting that the people of this region are its greatest asset. Throughout the run of these two exhibits, MMA’s Education and Public Programs team will offer a wide range of programs to enhance your enjoyment and knowledge of these important artists and their works. I look forward to chatting with you on one of the Spotlight Tours that I will lead during the run of these two fantastic shows. Looking foward,

Corey Madden Executive Director

Appreciation and Anticipation BY R E B E K A H D E E P

I joined the MMA staff late last fall, just as thoughts and discussions centered on gratitude and appreciation for your support in 2021. Your generosity over this past year has allowed us to reach out to audiences across Monterey County to provide valuable opportunities to learn not only about the beauty and value of art, but to use art as a tool to grow.

Monterey. Opening on January 27, Courage Within: Women Without Shelter will address the plight of unhoused women through the collaboration of four area organizations. MMA Members enjoy free access to these exhibitions with unlimited visits to MMA Pacific Street in addition to special access and member pricing to a full calendar of tours, panel discussions, and more.

I am thrilled to enter 2022 as your contact for membership and guest services. As the new Membership and Visitor Experience Associate, it will be my pleasure to ensure that your experience at MMA reflects our gratitude for your support.

Your membership plays an important role in the Museum’s ability put art on the walls. Not only do our members make up a vibrant community of art lovers and advocates, but your financial support helps us to produce programming, increase staffing, and care for our collection. Please consider taking advantage of increased benefits with a membership upgrade.

In 2022, we look forward to inspiring exhibitions and new opportunities to express and challenge ourselves. Seeking Eden: James Fitzgerald in Monterey will open on January 13, filling the gallery with the artist’s watercolors of Depression-era

Ready to renew your membership? Stay on top of the latest exhibitions and programs. Renew today!


Your support in 2021 allowed us to persevere and adapt. Your continued support in 2022 will allow us to grow and realize our mission to serve the entire Monterey County community. Thank you on behalf of the MMA staff, and Happy 2022!

Melissa Smedley, still from Housekeeping: keeping House, 20202021, video installation, 6 minutes (camera: Bonnie Hotz). Photo: Courtesy of the artist.


Collectors Circle BY M E L A N I E Z A R A G O Z A

Photo: Moss Media Carmel

This past fall, the Museum launched Collectors Circle — a series of interactive experiences offered to an exclusive group of passionate art supporters that provides critical funds for our programs, exhibitions, and collections care. Collectors Circle is designed to deepen the MMA’s commitment to celebrating and preserving the visual arts of California including pre-1945 painting, master photography, and contemporary art.


Our inaugural event featured a look into the archives of acclaimed photographers Wynn and Edna Bullock. Guests safely gathered in a semicircle while Barbara Bullock-Wilson, daughter of the artists, recounted family stories alongside thirteen hand-selected works. The presentation was followed by a luncheon in the courtyard of our historic La Mirada campus and an

Photo: Moss Media Carmel

interactive photography lesson from some of our region’s leading working photographers, including Kenneth Parker, Martha Casanave, Ann Jastrab, Chris Johnson, and Brian Taylor. Each photographer was equipped with a view camera similar to the large 8×10 camera that Wynn Bullock employed during the first half of his photographic career. MMA will complete this year’s Collectors Circle series with an event inspired by watercolorist James Fitzgerald in the spring and Big Sur excursion with contemporary painter Erin Lee Gafill in the summer.

Contact us at if you are interested in learning more.


Art of the State Symposium: Critical Issues in California's AAPI Arts Communities BY R OX A N N E O ' W E G E R

On Saturday, February 5, 2022 (10:00 am – 2:00 pm), MMA will present its fourth annual Art of the State Symposium. The program will invite all to explore “Critical Issues in California’s Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Arts Communities,” by engaging artists, historians, curators, humanities experts, and the public in conversations about critical issues that impact AAPI art, life, and cultures. Hear first-hand accounts and personal stories about AAPI identity, institutional structures and access, treatment of Asian Americans, Asian hate, stereotypes, representation within the arts, resiliency, and artists creating new paths. The Symposium is integral to MMA’s commitment to sharing diverse perspectives and offering


a safe space for expression and open dialogue in order to foster appreciation and belonging across communities. Building on topics explored in Shadows from the Past: Sansei Artists and the American Concentration Camps, the Symposium will offer opportunities for audience members to present questions and comments for public dialogue with the speakers. This program is made possible by a grant from the Arts Council for Monterey County–thanks to support by the Monterey County Board of Supervisors. It is also made possible with the support of Hayashi Wayland, Central Coast Full Service Accounting Firm.

Photo: Moss Media Carmel

 Wendy Maruyama, Manzanar (detail) from the Tag Project. Shadows from the Past: Sansei Artists and the American Concentration Camps (September 9, 2021 – January 9, 2022).

Art of the State Symposium February 5, 2022 (10:00 am – 2:00 pm) Register at Thanks to generous support, registration is free for this program.


Recent Acquisition Miya Ando's Alchemy Shou Sugi Ban 2.2.2. BY J O H N R E X I N E

The Museum is delighted to announce the recent acquisition of work by California-born and internationally-renowned contemporary artist Miya Ando. Ando spent her youth intermittently between Santa Cruz and a Buddhist monastery in Japan and attended the Stevenson School in Pebble Beach before receiving degrees

Miya Ando (b. 1973), Alchemy Shou Sugi Ban 2.2.2., 2018, silver nitrate, reclaimed charred Redwood, 24 x 24 inches. Anonymous gift.


from the University of California, Berkeley, and Yale University. Her work is informed and inspired by her west coast and Buddhist monastic background, and this is well-represented in the works Alchemy Shou Sugi Ban 2.2.2. and Alchemy (Shou Sugi Ban) Cubes 10-12 (not illustrated), which challenge the viewer’s perception by combining the minimalism and

serenity of a Buddhist meditation with the solidity and earthiness of reclaimed California Redwood. Hauntingly, the charred wood also serves as a potent reminder of the vulnerability of our precious forests and natural environment, while the shiny silver nitrate surface reflects back as if to remind us of our responsibility.

 Manuel Valencia (1856-1935), Untitled (Landscape), n.d., oil on canvas, 14 x 21.25 inches. Gift of Ms. Carroll Grumsky and Mr. William Blackburn.

Collection Highlight Manuel Valencia's Untitled (Landscape) BY J O H N R E X I N E

Manuel Valencia was born in Marin County and was descended from one of the first families to settle in Alta California in the late 18th century. His grandfather, for whom Manuel was named, was a member of a party led by the New Spanish officer Juan Bautiste de Anza. His grandfather’s family settled in the San Francisco area where they became prominent members of the community. The

younger Manuel Valencia grew up in the Bay Area and attended Santa Clara College before establishing an art studio in San Francisco. Though largely self-taught, Valencia is known to have taken classes with Jules Tavernier (1844-1889) while the renowned artist was also based there. Like many others, his family relocated

south to San Jose after the great earthquake of 1906, where, not unlike Tavernier, he worked as an illustrator for area newspapers. We don’t know precisely where or when he painted this evocative western landscape with riders on horseback, but it is a superb example of the work for which Valencia was best known. 13

 James Fitzgerald (1899-1971), Shrimp Boats at Night, n.d., watercolor on paper, 20.25 x 26 in. (51.435 x 66.04 cm). Monterey Museum of Art. Gift of Anne M. Hubert, 1997.203. Image © James Fitzgerald Legacy.


Seeking Eden:

James Fitzgerald in Monterey James Fitzgerald’s parents and grandparents recognized his talent early. They set up a studio space for him when he was a boy and even let him skip Mass to draw and paint, a notable allowance for a South Boston Irish Catholic family. Always drawn to the sea, in the early 1920s Fitzgerald took a break from his art studies at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, to crew fishing ships and freighters off the coasts of North America. During a trip along the West Coast in 1928, Fitzgerald’s travels brought him to Monterey. Here, he established a studio and became a central member of the Cannery Row scene. Edward “Doc” Ricketts wrote, “I have known Mr. Fitzgerald for 12 or 14 years. During most of this time he has been associated with a local group who have been very close friends. Comprising Hillary Belloc (now in the British Royal Navy), John Steinbeck (now engaged in war work back east), Ritchie Lovejoy (also in government work), and others, with wives and friends, all of us have had similar interests. Some of the ideas expressed in the recently published Sea of Cortez stem from numerous discussions among us from this time.” –From a letter of reference from “Doc” Ricketts to the U.S. Naval Procurement Office on behalf of James Fitzgerald, August 24, 1942. Courtesy of Trotter Galleries.

Don’t miss Seeking Eden: James Fitzgerald in Monterey, on view January 13 – April 23, 2022. Get a close look at Fitzgerald’s personal inscribed copy of Sea of Cortez in the exhibition.


MMA Staff Spotlight

Rosie Gutierrez

MMA Volunteer Spotlight

Noelle Hetz

Noelle Hetz first begin volunteering as a Docent at MMA in 2017. Previously a Docent at the Nevada Museum of Art for 9 years, Noelle wanted to continue volunteering in the galleries of an art museum when she moved to Monterey. She enjoys connecting with visitors as much as possible— discussing exhibitions during Spotlight Tours and leading classroom tours during school visits. Noelle also serves as Vice President of the Docent Board and manages the recruiting and training of new MMA Docents. Before becoming a Docent at the Nevada Museum of Art, Noelle worked as a CPA with her own practice. Over the years, she has also gone back to school and taken many art history courses. About what she finds most rewarding as an MMA volunteer, Noelle says, “First and foremost, interacting with the children when we do school tours. And of course, it is also rewarding to interact with visitors to the Museum and have a chance to discuss great art and the artists who create it.” Thank you Noelle, for your dedication, and for all you do to make art come alive for our visitors and team of Docents!


Rosie Gutierrez joined the MMA team as Public Programs and Events Coordinator in July 2021. In her role, she organizes events and works closely with exhibiting artists to produce digital video programming for the MMA website and social platforms. Two of her most memorable art experiences as a child include attending The Nutcracker ballet in San Jose, and receiving a special birthday gift of a Polaroid camera. She says, “Being exposed to the art of human expression so early in life inspired me to pursue a profession within the arts. As a practicing photographer and storyteller, being involved in creative spaces that promote human connection has always made what I do for a living so much more enjoyable.” Rosie’s favorite artwork from the MMA collection is, Lunch Break: Homage to Pyle by Warren Chang. She says, “As a daughter to immigrant parents that harvested crops in Monterey County, I find this piece to resonate with my culture and the struggles faced by many immigrants.” When she is not at work, painting, or juggling graduate coursework, Rosie enjoys spending time with her 10-year-old terrier mix Troy, perfecting her yoga form, researching Yo-Yo Ma, and dreaming about playing the cello one day.

MMA Staff Spotlight

Anthony Jimenez

Anthony Jimenez has been a Museum Educator on the MMA team since May 2021. He especially enjoys interacting with visitors, researching and connecting with exhibiting artists, developing programs and interactives, and leading tours and workshops. One

of Anthony’s most memorable art experiences as a child was watching his mother draw. He says, “My mother’s drawings made me see the magic of art making. From then on, I would draw, paint, and play music.” As a creative, Anthony appreciates the dialogue and discourse that art creates. He sees museums as places for people to connect, as places that reflect the truths of the world, and as places where people of all backgrounds can exchange ideas. One of Anthony’s favorite works from the MMA collection is Sardine Barge by Armin C. Hansen. He shares, “My family worked in agricultural fields when immigrating here to the States, so Hansen’s work always resonated with me because he liked to explore this theme of the common laborer.” Anthony finds listening to visitors’ stories most rewarding. Outside of working hours, he likes to paint, draw, and make music at home. He also loves movies and people watching—scribbling quick sketches of those he observes.

 Armin C. Hansen (18861957), Homeward (aka Sardine Barge, or Dusk at Sea) , ca. 1933, oil on canvas, 35 x 45.5 in. (88.9 x 115.57 cm). Monterey Museum of Art. Gift of Jane and Justin Dart.


Acknowledgements September 1 – December 31, 2021 Thank you so much to the individuals, foundations, corporations, and organizations that have generously supported the Museum over the past several months. We are honored by your trust in us and your belief in our mission, and we are grateful to you all for making our work possible!

Sponsorship and Grant Supporters Arts Council for Monterey County–thanks to support by the Monterey County Board of Supervisors California Office of the Small Business Advocate (CalOSBA) California Revealed Carmel Woman’s Club Susan DuCoeur  Hayashi Wayland, Central Coast Full Service Accounting Firm Morgan Stanley Foundation Rayne Technology Solutions Richard Carr and Barbara Schilling Robert and Virginia Stanton Endowment Fund of the Community Foundation for Monterey County Rodney & Betty Guilfoil Fund of the Community Foundation for Monterey County Frances Elgan & Werner Kunkel Fund of the Community Foundation for Monterey County The Todd Lueders Fund for the Arts of the Community Foundation for Monterey County John H. Marble Endowment Fund of the Community Foundation for Monterey County

Miniatures Exhibition Fundraiser All of us at MMA extend our thanks to the 147 artists who generously donated miniature works of art to Miniatures—our annual exhibition fundraiser. Your gifts of art encouraged donations by 414 donors in the galleries and online—helping us raise $25,430 to support our exhibitions, public programs, and collections care. Thank you all for helping us keep this important annual community art tradition alive!

Tributes In Honor of Barbara Bullock-Wilson by John Buehrens In Memory of Alice R. Gill by Patricia K. Gill In Honor of MMA Staff by Allyson Hitte In Memory of Richard Rhodes by Norman and Diana Jacobson In Memory of Judith Weintraub 18 by Malcom Weintraub

To learn about how to support MMA or to make a gift, visit our website, email us at, or call us at 831.372.5477 x110.

Monterey County Gives Supporters We are truly grateful to our community of supporters who donated to MMA through Monterey County Gives 2021. Thanks to you, MMA raised over $69,000! Your contributions, combined with matching support from the MCGives partners, will help us build back our organizational capacity, and we thank you so much for making a difference! Monterey County Gives Challenge Donors Judy and Tom Archibald Monika Campbell, MMA Trustee Thomas Donnelly, MMA Trustee John A. Greenwald, MMA Trustee Craig and Christine Johnson Corey Madden MMA Staff Nancy Eccles and Homer M. Hayward Foundation Matthew Simis, MMA Trustee Lila and James Thorsen Monterey County Gives Donors Patricia H. Addleman Sherree and Richard Anderson Anonymous Jacquie Atchison Astrid and David Awerbuck Elizabeth Barlow and Stephen McClellan Judy and David Beech Joan Beller Jessica and Justin Braiker, Neumeier Poma Investment Counsel, LLC Mary Bonnie Brooks Daniela Bryan, DBCoach Nancy and John Bryson Barbara Bullock-Wilson, Bullock Family Photography, LLC Martha Casanave Ranjana and Michael Clark Irene and Daniel Cooper Linda and Daniel Cooperman, Molina Healthcare, Inc. Hornor Davis and William Hague Paul Davis, The Paul Davis Partnership, LLP Rebekah Deep Peggy and Edward Dickson Nancy and Stephen Donaldson Hallie and Brad Dow Patricia and Ronald Eastman Cornelia and James Emery

Marisa Fiori and Bruce Welden Linda Frederiksen Linda and Howard Fosler Reiko Fujii Eileen and Tom Fukunaga Thomas Gardner Jennifer Golden and Peter Gray Priscilla Gilbertson Alis Gumbiner Tom Haley Lenis Hazlett Adrienne Herman Constance and Kenneth Hess Allyson Hitte Annie and Craig Holdren Carol Lee Holland Richard Holquin Jacalyn and Jacki Horton Janet Jarrell Alison Jones-Pomatto and Alan Pomatto Linda and David Keaton Mary and Ward Keesling Shannon Kirby Mary Kramer Kay and John Krattli Dave Kwinter Jean and David Laws David Ligare and Gary Smith Caroline Scott Low and Graham Low Kristin Markus and Timothy Smith Amy Martinetto Ed Matchak Ellen Maupin Bob Mazawa Lori and Brooks McChesney Marie McDonough Nicki and Mick McMahan Teresa and William Merry Susan Miller Vicki and Bill Mitchell, Carmel Realty Foundation of the Community Foundation for Monterey County Susan Nine and Mark Farina Mary Kay Norseng and Tom Williams Ann Notthoff and Dwight Holing

Helen Ogden Vicki Pearse Susan Peick Mary Pommerich Thomas Rebold John Rexine Neil Richman Kay E. and Jean C. Rigg Robin Robinson Sandra and Bergam Roger Shirley and Lee Rosen Elliot Ruchowitz-Roberts Kathleen Ryan William Savage Debra Schadeck and Richard Hamilton, Big Sur Land Trust Lynn Semeria Nancy Sevier Stephanie Shepherd Gloria Souza and Sandie Borthwick Herlinde Spahr Sarah Spencer Margaret Spring and Mark Bunter, Monterey Bay Aquarium Betty Ann and Mike Sproule Karen and Jack Steadman Lila and James Thorsen MaryAnn Vasconcellos Bonni and Joel Weinstein Malcolm Weintraub Corinne Whitaker, Digital Giraffe Kellin White-Chaffin and Alan Chaffin Maryellen and Michael Wilson Susan Wolfe and Jean Dupreez Mary and Kenneth Wright Bradley Zeve Monterey County Gives Partners Monterey County Weekly Community Foundation for Monterey County Monterey Peninsula Foundation


Exhibitions Calendar Please visit for tickets and important updates.

January – April 2022

Seeking Eden: James Fitzgerald in Monterey January 13 – April 23, 2022 Courage Within: Women Without Shelter January 27 – April 23, 2022 Stefani Esta in Currents January 21 – March 26, 2022

Upcoming 2022

Corinne Whitaker May 5 – August 20, 2022 2022 Weston Scholarship Exhibition May 5 – August 20, 2022 Enrique Martinez Celaya May 12 – October 8, 2022

 Pictured above: Amanda Salm, Address (detail), 2021, shredded and molded paper, tape, 128 “houses”, 7 x 4.5 x 3/8” in. each (installed dimensions variable). Photo: Courtesy of the artist.

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