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Montcrest School ANNUAL REPORT 2016-2017

Montcrest is a co-educational community, small enough to honour the individual and big enough to provide an exceptional academic experience with balanced opportunities in leadership, the arts, and athletics. Our school challenges children to discover and acknowledge their own voices, so they can understand and make meaningful connections with the world.

FROM THE CHAIR It seems to me that institutions, schools, even families work hard to position each year as being somewhat more important than the last, or the next. We all have short-term goals to meet in our lives and urgency can be a useful tool in achieving them. That said, it is also useful to value what has come before and to think carefully about where we want to be in the years to come. With this in mind, I wanted to focus my final letter to the Montcrest community on how we got to this place and where I think we may be able to go. It is hard to imagine that Montcrest started back in 1961 with only seven students in one little classroom somewhere in Toronto’s Annex. Enrolment today exceeds 320 students, yet the school is still able to really “know” each of these children - to see them as individuals with their own special gifts and unique potential. Almost everything the school does is still designed to help each individual find their own voice and become the best version of themselves. For years now, Montcrest has been graduating confident wellrounded kids that go on to do amazing and important things. Yet a school as magical as Montcrest doesn’t just happen. Before some of us were even born, volunteer boards were selecting exceptional principals, setting strategic directions and allocating scarce resources. Highly skilled faculty were hired and developed. Together, the “community” donated money, gave time, and offered love to one another and most importantly to the children at the centre of it all. We cannot point to one event, one particular person or even one year. Montcrest literally has been built by its community and their collective philanthropy. In this light, we all have a responsibility to give generously in whatever capacity we are able. On that note, I want to personally thank Don Durno for taking over as Chair of the Board. Don is already assembling a team of talented directors that will ask the right questions and help guide the school to becoming one of the most progressive elementary schools in the world. If that sounds ambitious, I can assure you that with this team and the right support from our community, it is possible. Best wishes to you all, JOHN COOK

Chair, Board of Governors

Pictured: Don Durno, David Thompson, John Cook


John Cook, Chair Brad McLellan, Secretary Marc Buklis, Treasurer Alison Chapman Rod Davidge Don Durno Cynthia Eldridge Kathryn Finn Kevin Kimsa Ian Robinson George Rutherford Diana Thomson

FROM THE HEAD One of the hallmarks of Montcrest School is its deep and rooted sense of community. It is unique. I often ask myself why that is; I believe it is because we care for each other. The concern that we demonstrate for one another is felt in our individual approach to studentcentred learning, in our commitment to enhancing the teaching professionalism of each faculty and staff member, and in listening, responding and engaging parents.   Events such as Fall Fair, Bingo Night, Pub Quiz Night, and Pink Shirt Day engage our parents in fun community-spirited events. Our students not only help one another through opportunities such as Peacemakers and Primary Captains, but also reach out to help others beyond the Montcrest community. Individually we reach out when we can and where we feel that we can have the most impact. All of this has helped to create a culture of civic engagement and responsibility and through this engagement create a Montcrest that is rooted in community and values.  Giving of ourselves is deeply personal, and so is our financial giving. Philanthropy is not just about raising money; it is part of our mission. We are not just another organization, or any school – we are driven by our commitment to support students and families in being the best version of themselves. When one links philanthropy and programming, that is when a true culture of philanthropy is developed because for each individual there is a heightened understanding of why giving is so important and meaningful.  We have seen Montcrest grow and thrive through the generosity of families and alumni. We should be very proud of what we have accomplished, and know that as we continue to develop our culture, it will give Montcrest the opportunity to be known as the best elementary school in Canada at bringing out the uniqueness of each child. DAVID THOMPSON

Head of Montcrest School

FINANCIALS Revenue $9,128,000

Expenses $8,991,000

Through strong enrolment and careful and prudent stewardship of financial resources, the school enjoyed a successful financial year with an operating surplus of $137,000, and ended the financial year in a strong cash position. This prudent financial management has allowed the school to make important decisions that support the work of the school to provide each child with the best possible learning environment and programs to achieve their full potential.  MARC BUKLIS

Treasurer, Board of Governors



Held Community Open House and Building Together Information Night

Official public campaign launch


Project passes City of Toronto Committee of Adjustments DECEMBER 2016

$6.4 million committed to Building Together project FEBRUARY 2017

All tenders sent out and $7 million committed to the project MARCH 2017

All office staff move out of 658 Broadview Ave. and into 664 Broadview Ave.

MAY 2017

Demolition of the Cabane, Facilities workshop, and back of 658 Broadview, and excavation of construction site

JUNE 2017

Foundation poured, and underground electrical and plumbing work completed

APRIL 2017

Project receives Site Plan Approval and held Au Revoir La Cabane Graffiti Event

JUNE 2017

Montcrest Parents' Association pledges $500,000 gift to Building Together

MPA Montcrest Parents' Association Council

L-R: Andy Cleghorn, Connie Castillo, Kirsten Posehn (Co-chair), Kirsten Cooney, Joanne Sterling, Caroline Coulson, Daphne Pressman, Cari Steinberg, Heather MacInnis, Alison Cook (Co-Chair) Absent: Heather Abbott, Connor Turnbull, Nancy Hollyoak, Craig Shibley Pink Shirt Day

It was another busy year for the MPA and as always we focused our efforts on enhancing the environment for our children while continuing to cultivate a strong and vital parent community. With those goals in mind, we undertook a number of fun, enriching, and spirited initiatives, as you will see on the next page. Without each and every one of you there would be no community and no MPA. You are part of the hub and your participation, small or large, is vital to maintaining its vibrancy. While there’s no doubt life is a swirl of activity for all of us, we hope you continue to engage with the MPA. The opportunities are endless and we promise you, you won’t be sorry you did. It’s a rich experience and through the process the threads Fall Fair of our awesome community are more tightly woven. Treat Days

Pancake Breakfast


Co-Chairs of the Montcrest Parents' Association

Bingo Night

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

JungleSport Climbing New Kindergarten Play Area

Pink Shirt Day

Fall Fair Treat Days

Bingo Night

Pancake Breakfast



generously gave their time and energy to a variety of MPA activities  



received pizza lunch each Wednesday


70 donated to the silent and live auctions at the Cinco de Mayo Fiesta



for the Building Together project at the Cinco de Mayo Fiesta


$500K pledged to support the Building Together project

COMMUNITY OUTREACH At Montcrest, we believe that challenging children to reach their potential includes becoming engaged and responsible citizens. Community Outreach is an essential component in fulfilling this mission. Our outreach strives to teach our students about issues within our community and on a global level. This is done by helping organizations within Toronto and internationally. Once again during the 2016-17 year, our students participated in a wide array of outreach activities. Through grub days, we helped organizations like The Daily Bread Food Bank, Kids Cook to Care, World Vision, the Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Fund, Kill It With Kindness, the Toronto Beekeepers Association, and the Toronto Cat Rescue. Grub days alone brought in over $2000! In addition to grub days, the Montcrest community collected over 770 pounds of food for the food bank, baked more than 70 dozen cookies to donate to three shelters and community centres around Toronto, donated winter accessories to the Red Door Family Shelter, and sold cat cookies to support Project Velcro at the Toronto Cat Rescue. However, community outreach is not just about whole-school initiatives. Around the school, throughout the year, initiatives like the Grade 2 birdhouse project with the World Wildlife Federation, the SKs endangered animals buttons, the Jump Rope for Heart campaign by the Grade 3s, Project Give Back in Grade 4, and the senior students’ work with an organization called New Circles, taught the students about how they can make a difference in their community and beyond. Our many outreach activities would not be possible without the support of dedicated parent volunteers who give generously of their time and energy. Thank you to Kirsten Cooney and Connor Turnbull who were our Community Outreach leaders in 2016-17.


770 lbs of food were donated to local food banks  



for various charities through Grub Day donations alone


14 installed in Riverdale Park by our Gr. 2 students with the help of a WWF Go Wild Grant



baked and donated to three shelters and community centres 


21 from the Regent Park community received holiday hampers through Heart to Hand

ANNUAL GIVING Contributions to Annual Giving strengthen the school’s mission to offer students an academic experience with balanced opportunities in leadership, the arts, and athletics. Donations also fund building projects, academic programs, and much needed support for bursaries. Since the early days in our first brick home on Montcrest Blvd., Montcrest School has been renovating, building, and growing to help our students thrive. Over the past 55 years, the generosity of our parent and alumni community has been fundamental in supporting Montcrest's special place in education.

Building Together Campaign September 2016 marked the official launch of the Building Together campaign; Montcrest's largest ever building project to transform our learning and teaching spaces. Building Together has been embraced by our community. This transformative project has been generously supported by Montcrest parents, staff, alumni and friends.

Taber Family Bursary The Taber Family Bursary was created to honour the memory and spirit of the Taber Family. Through the bursary, the Taber Family's kindness and generosity will continue to have a positive impact on Montcrest families and students in need.  When our new building opens this fall, the school store will be known as the Taber Tuck Shop. 








DONORS The 1961 Circle The 1961 Circle honours Montcrest School’s founding year and recognizes donors who have made gifts of $1961 or more each year to Annual Giving. Each year Montcrest’s 1961 Circle members are invited to a special donor recognition event to thank them for their leadership giving. A & Y Foundation Angela & Shabir Amlani Joanna Rotenberg & Andrew Armstrong Karen Chu & Aaron Bennett Kathryn Finn & JP Benson ◊◊ Ariana & Tim Botha Alison & Chris Burrison  Alison & Martin Chapman ◊◊ Pattie & John Cleghorn & Family Sarah Pendleton & John Cook ◊◊ Alexandra Webster & Robin Cruickshank Sue & Fred Dalley Elaine & John Danson ◊◊ Katy Waugh & Rod Davidge ◊ Davies Family Jane & Don Durno Mariano Elia Foundation (Rebecca Barrett & Paul Elia) Cynthia Eldridge '88 & Philipp Frei Farrow Hutcheson Family ◊◊ Laurie & Adam Felesky Marian & Ryan Ferguson ◊ Carmen & Peter Griffis Sherri & Daniel Glassberg Pheona Wright & Timothy Godsall Victoria Webster & Gabe Gonda Mary Gray ◊◊ Shelley & Frank Halbert ◊ Shayne & Mikael Hansson ◊ Martha McCall & Tom Heintzman Colleen McDermott & Mark Herzog  Nancy & Anthony Hollyoak ◊ Margaret Hudson Donna & Richard Ivey The Honourable Henry N. R. Jackman Sarah & Elliot Johnson ◊

James C. Johnson Jurisic Family ◊ Phyllis Keller Kennedy Family Mandi & Kevin Kimsa ◊  Judy Wong & Chris Laham Melanie Lauber & Graeme MacGregor ◊ Angela LeBreton & Klaudio Leshnjani Caroline Paxton & Tim Logan Logan Family Foundation Jessica & Wayne McDougall ◊◊ Hilary McKinley & Peter Gray Andrea Cleghorn and Greg Moore  Daphne & Manny Pressman Posehn Family ◊◊ Ann Wilson & Robert Prichard ◊ Jay Prichard '99 Corina Reynolds David Rogan Gerald Schwartz & Heather Reisman Foundation Scotiabank Kelly Shortt & Bob Shanks Maria & Philip Smith ◊ Meghan MacGregor & Kent Sobey Jane Greaves & Steve Tenai ◊ Jennifer & David Thompson ◊◊ Diana & Peter Thomson ◊◊ Sarah Dinnick & Colin Webster ◊ Samuel Webster R. Howard Webster Foundation Maureen Whelton & Sheilagh Turkington   Annabelle Choo-Kang & Richard Wong ◊ Susan & Ian Wood Alev & Mark Wrobel ◊ 1 Anonymous

DONORS We thank all community members who have supported Montcrest School over the years, and acknowledge those who have made contributions between July 2016 and June 2017 in this report. Donors who have supported Montcrest School for five or more consecutive years are marked with a ◊ and ten or more consecutive years with ◊◊.

Parents & Friends A & Y Foundation Heather & Drew Abbott Angela & Shabir Amlani Angelakos Family Andrew Armstrong & Joanna Rotenberg Laurie & Brad Arseneau ◊◊ Jennifer & Rob Bairos ◊◊ Patsy & John Bell ◊ Aaron Bennett & Karen Chu Kathryn Finn & JP Benson ◊◊ Boland Family Ariana & Tim Botha J.D. Boyes & Sarah Lerchs Andrew Buck & Erin Pooley Alison & Chris Burrison John & Pattie Cleghorn & Family John & Kirsten Cooney Jennifer Cooper Alexandra Webster & Robin Cruickshank Rod Davidge & Katy Waugh ◊ Lily Davids & Family Davies Family Holly & Mark Dickinson Jane & Don Durno Susan ten Brummeler & Richard Emery  Facebook Canada Adam & Laurie Felesky Marian & Ryan Ferguson ◊ Derek Finkle & Julie Mitchell Courtney & Warren Fireman Cynthia Eldridge '88 & Philipp Frei Eric Gangbar & Lisa Markson Robert Gazey Carmen & Peter Griffis Daniel & Sherri Glassberg Timothy Godsall & Pheona Wright

Victoria Webster & Gabe Gonda Frank & Shelley Halbert ◊ Chris Hanson & Danielle Royal Mikael & Shayne Hansson ◊ Martha McCall & Tom Heintzman Colleen McDermott & Mark Herzog Anthony & Nancy Hollyoak ◊ Dana Howes & Christina Spiropoulos Margaret Hudson Connor Turnbull & Ken Ishiguro The Honourable Henry N. R. Jackman Sarah & Elliot Johnson ◊ James C. Johnson Barbara Stock & Gary Joyner Jurisic Family ◊ Leslie Kaufman Hester Dunlap & Sean Keelor Phyllis Keller Kennedy Family   Mandi & Kevin Kimsa ◊ Klass Family Feite & Norma Kraay ◊ Kim Lambert Marla & David Larock Judy Wong & Chris Laham Angela LeBreton & Klaudio Leshnjani Caroline Paxton & Tim Logan Logan Family Foundation Melanie Lauber & Graeme MacGregor ◊ Jackie & Sean MacPherson ◊◊ Malone Family Carolynne Bell & JP Matthews Andrea Cleghorn and Greg Moore Sacha Neesham & Heather Harrison Pasparakis Family Kelly Szandtner & Mark de Pencier Daphne & Manny Pressman

DONORS Parents & Friends Continued

Board of Governors & Head's Advisory Council

Posehn Family ◊◊ Corina Reynolds Michele & Sean Robitaille David Rogan Tim Ross & Erin Wright Schaffer Family ◊ Gerald Schwartz & Heather Reisman Foundation Scotiabank  Erica & Berkley Sells Kelly Shortt & Bob Shanks Tova White & Emmet Sheil Caroline Coulson & Craig Shibley ◊ Maria & Philip Smith ◊ Meghan MacGregor & Kent Sobey Kristen Socorro Krista & Nick Spence ◊ Jane Greaves & Steve Tenai ◊ Penny Dimos & Alex Terpin Sonia & Benjie Thomas Diana & Peter Thomson ◊◊ Torq Ride Inc. Maureen Whelton & Sheilagh Turkington Mark Valcic, Sabina Hillesheim, & Ellie Valcic Judson Venier & Tricia Smith ◊◊ Patricia Quintero, George & John Paul Waggott R. Howard Webster Foundation Samuel Webster Mark Wilson & Gillian Kennedy Matthew Wolochatiuk & Anne Woods Annabelle Choo-Kang & Richard Wong ◊ Susan & Ian Wood Alev & Mark Wrobel ◊ 7 Anonymous

Alison Chapman ◊◊ John Cook ◊◊ Fred Dalley Elaine Danson ◊◊ Rod Davidge ◊ Don Durno Cynthia Eldridge '88  Susan Farrow Hutcheson ◊◊ Kathryn Finn ◊◊ Kevin Kimsa ◊ Brad McLellan
 ◊ Robert Prichard ◊ Ian Robinson George Rutherford Diana Thomson ◊◊

Alumni Community Lanny Abramson Gilda Bissada & Yousry Bissada ◊◊ Cathi & Ritch Bremner ◊◊ Yvonne Boyd ◊ Lesley Byrne & Richard Bingham Jennifer & Morey Chaplick Alison & Martin Chapman ◊◊ Dawn Cohen ◊ Sarah Pendleton & John Cook ◊◊    Community Band Geneva Dalley '04 Sue & Fred Dalley Elaine & John Danson ◊◊ Andy & Laurie Faith Farrow Hutcheson Family ◊◊ Cynthia Eldridge '88 & Philipp Frei Anne & William Hepburn ◊◊ Donna & Richard Ivey Bina John ◊ Catherine Bray & Andrew Kingissepp ◊◊ Dani Klein '99

DONORS Alumni Community Continued Brett Ledger & Patricia Olasker ◊ Levitt Family Mariano Elia Foundation (Paul Elia & Rebecca Barrett) Carolyn Marrelli-Dill '10 Megan Marrelli-Dill '05 Robin & Jon Martin ◊◊ Jessica & Wayne McDougall ◊◊ Hilary McKinley & Peter Gray Claire Trepanier & Brad McLellan ◊ Lisa & John McMeans ◊ Barbara Moore ◊◊ Hayley Mullen '11 Diane & Alex Nishri ◊◊  Pace Family Foundation Jay Prichard '99 Prichard-Wilson Family Foundation at Toronto Foundation ◊ Natalie Herbert & Ed Robertson ◊◊ Dana & Steve Rostowsky ◊◊ Shuchi & Peter Stanger ◊◊ McLean Sutcliffe Family, Hugh, Jennifer, Sophie '10 & Amelia '15 Lisa Swarbrick ◊◊ Jennifer & David Thompson ◊◊ John Thompson '13 Brenda Hoffman & Allan Vice Sarah Dinnick & Colin Webster ◊ Kara (Cathcart) Williams ◊◊ 3 Anonymous ◊◊

Faculty & Staff Michèle Andrews Laurie Arseneau ◊◊ Erene Augustyn ◊ Dan Bailey ◊◊ Jennifer Bairos ◊◊ Arlette Bax Laura Bazilewich ◊◊ Mara Berzins Gilda Bissada ◊◊ Ben Blakey

Jeff Borsten ◊◊ Yvonne Boyd ◊ Krista Cobham Dawn Cohen ◊ Ryan Coutts Geneva Dalley '04 Nicole Davies Nicola Daykin ◊ Michael Dilworth ◊◊ Darcy Doone ◊ Dara Gellman Mary Gray ◊◊ Kerry Hooton Diane Kingstone ◊◊ Dani Klein '99 Susan Lincoln ◊ Blair Livingstone ◊ Carol Macfarlane ◊◊ Jackie MacPherson ◊◊ Shannon McEwen Lisa McMeans ◊ Barbara Moore ◊◊ Sacha Neesham ◊ Grant Nix ◊ Mufridah Nolan Carley Page Silvia Pauksens ◊◊ Jay Prichard '99 Greg Reynolds ◊ Dana Rostowsky ◊◊ Terry Sherrard ◊◊ Megan Smith Peter Smith ◊◊ Nick Spence ◊ Emma Stewart Lisa Swarbrick ◊◊ David Thompson ◊◊ Tricia Smith ◊◊ Jennifer Vincent Kara (Cathcart) Williams ◊◊ Amy Wise ◊ Taylore Yardley Maggie Zegas-Tepper ◊◊ Anonymous ◊◊

A Special Thank You to Our Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Sponsors

2016-2017 Montcrest School Annual Report  

2016-2017 Montcrest School Annual Report

2016-2017 Montcrest School Annual Report  

2016-2017 Montcrest School Annual Report