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Staff College of the Arts

Jedediah Wheeler, Executive Director Stephanie Haggerstone, Managing Director Jill Dombrowski, Producing Director J. Ryan Graves, Director of Production Chrissy D’Aleo Fels, Cultural Engagement Director Camille Spaccavento, Marketing & Media Director Robert Hermida, Audience Services Director Regina Vorria, Associate Producer Colin Van Horn, Technical Director Andy Dickerson, Production Coordinator Andrew R. Wilsey, Master Stage Electrician Jeff Lambert Wingfield, Box Office Manager Laurel Brolly, Business Administrator Patrick Flood @ Flood Design, Art Director Blake Zidell Associates, Media Representative Natalie Marx, Media Creator Martin Halo, Website Claudia La Rocco, PEAK Journal Editor David DeWitt, PEAK Journal Managing Editor Susan R. Case, Program Editor Bart Solenthaler, Program Layout Design Maureen Grimaldi, House Manager Maya Siguenza, Student Assistant, Administration and Marketing

Daniel Gurskis, Dean Ronald L. Sharps, Associate Dean Linda D. Davidson, Assistant Dean Marie Sparks, Director of Administration Zacrah S. Battle, College Administrator Abby Lillethun, Art and Design Thomas McCauley, John J. Cali School of Music Keith Strudler, School of Communication and Media Randy Mugleston, Theatre and Dance Patricia Piroh, Broadcast and Media Operations

Production Staff Heather Benton, Coordinator of Acting Peter J. Davis, Production Manager Cyndi Kumor, Production Associate Nicholas Zaccario, Production Office Assistant Erhard Rom, Scenic Supervisor Benjamin Merrick, Technical Director Daniel Graham, Assistant Technical Director Jason Audette, Master Carpenter Olivia Joyce, Scenic Charge Alison Merrick, Props Supervisor Debra Otte, Costume Supervisor Judith Evans, Costume Shop Supervisor Jeanette Aultz, Assistant Costume Shop Supervisor Tilly Adams, Amanda Phillips-Balingit, Katie Pippin, Drapers Taylor Pico, Wardrobe Mentor Cecilia Durbin, Lighting Supervisor Christopher Thielking, Production Master Electrician Michelle Tobias, Studio Master Electrician Daryl Bornstein, Sound Supervisor Mysti Stay, Stage Management Supervisor

Staff for Spring Dance 2020 Rachel Klemovitch, Amanda Lopez, Assistant Stage Managers Nikki Belenski, Assistant Lighting Designer Anthony Borsellino, Master Electrician Lauren Bonavitacola, Assistant Master Electrician Emily Clare Gocon, Light Board Operator Selin Gunderen, Michaela Pietrinferno, Sound Board Operators Kriszta Hajek, Wardrobe Head Giana Grici, Sarah Macken, Taniyyah Payne, Jack Puluka, Samantha Regimbal, Dayna Torre, Wardrobe Crew Gianna Grosso, Kevin Wang, Run Crew

Spring Dance 2020

Acknowledgments The Dance Program extends grateful thanks to Daniel Gurskis, Dean of the College of the Arts, for his faithfully sustained support of our mission. We are especially grateful for his support of Martha Graham’s “Ritual to the Sun” from Acts of Light and Ohad Naharin’s Echad Mi Yodea. Deep appreciation is also extended to Randy Mugleston, Chair for the Department of Theatre and Dance, and Dr. Elizabeth McPherson, Director of Dance, for their enlightened leadership. The costumes for “Ritual to the Sun” were provided by the Martha Graham Dance Co. The costumes for Echad Mi Yodea were provided by The Juilliard School.

Programs in this season are made possible in part by funds from: The New Jersey State Council on the Arts, a partner agency of the National Endowment for the Arts Discover Jersey Arts New England Foundation for the Arts–National Dance Project The Aaron Copland Fund for Music, Inc. PEAK Performances is in partnership with WNET’s All Arts. PEAK Patrons: Mary Brislin; Susan Campbell; Yong Chang; Joanna Conrad; Bob Fisher/Monroe Denton; Julie Harris; Paul Horowitz; Eric Levin; Karen Lundry; Michael Peroff; Gerard Piserchia, Jr.; Martin Wechsler To view our complete season and for more information, visit peakperfs.org. @peakperfs

Department of Theatre and Dance

Photo by Robert M. Cooper

Office of Arts + Cultural Programming


The Aaron Copland Fund for Music

March 4 I 5 I 6 I 7, 2020

Alexander Kasser Theater

Dr. Susan A. Cole, President Daniel Gurskis, Dean, College of the Arts Jedediah Wheeler, Executive Director, Arts + Cultural Programming Department of Theatre and Dance Randy Mugleston, Chair

Spring Dance 2020 Artistic Director Kathleen Kelley Deputy Chair of Dance Elizabeth McPherson Sound Designer Michaela Pietrinferno Production Stage Manager Sydney Caprio Cast A: 3/4, 3/6 (eve.), 3/7 (mat.) Cast B: 3/5, 3/6 (mat.), 3/7 (eve.) Duration: 90 minutes, including one 15-minute intermission. In consideration of both audiences and performers, please turn off all electronic devices. The taking of photographs or videos and the use of recording equipment are not permitted. No food or drink is permitted in the theater.

Program “Ritual to the Sun” from Acts of Light (1981) “Thank you for all the Acts of Light which beautified a summer now past to its reward.”—Emily Dickinson

Choreographer Martha Graham Music Carl Nielsen, Helios Overture, Op. 17, recorded by the Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Herbert Blomstedt, courtesy of EMI Classics. Original Lighting Beverly Emmons Lighting Director Christopher Ferranti Costume Design Martha Graham and Halston Costume Associate Grace Wilson Staging by Lone Kjaer Larsen Rehearsal Director Christian von Howard Rehearsal Assistant Serena Brown Cast José Gabriel Baez, Mikayla Batts, Kelly Beck, Toni Blockburger, Kimberly Chok, Melanie Della Peruti, Gianna Diaz, Khalid Dunton, Jenna Eberhardt, Amber Evelyn, Jalyn Gill, Amanda Kowalski, Danielle LeBron, Alison Lenahan, Kristilee Maiella, Jake Montanaro, Alfonse Napolitano, Christopher Odoms, Olivia Passarelli, Na’imah Ray, Kristian Real, Madalyn Rupprecht, JayQuan Savage, Allison Strohm, Tashae Udo, Taylor Wade Premiere: February 26, 1981, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington, DC Presented by arrangement with Martha Graham Resources, a division of the Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance.

They Might Be Giants

(Premiere!) Choreographer Christian von Howard Rehearsal Assistant Melanie Della Peruti

Lighting Design Michael Esposito Costume Design Grace Wilson Music Andy Stott, “Up the Box”; Jlin, “So High” and “Black Diamond”; Bell Orchestra, “Throw It on the Fire”; emptyset, “Interstice”; Max Richter, “Cold Fusion for G” Cast A Amir Baldwin, Ashley Cromack, Colleen Duddy, Amanda Edore, Kayla Franklin, Kristian Real, Skylar Rienert, Mark Lovell, Ellie Sharpe, Jennifer Tran, Andréa Ward Cast B Kaylyn Alston, Amir Baldwin, Samantha Barraco, Mark Lovell, Emily Burke, Kayla Flemming, Lorna Fontana, Madison Lewis, Serena Maldacker, Ashlynn Payne, Kristian Real

Ride (2015)

Choreographer Joshua Manculich Rehearsal Director Jessica DiMauro Marks Rehearsal Assistant Alison Lenahan Lighting Director Michael Esposito Costume Design Beatriz Borbon Music Julia Wolfe, Dark Full Ride Cast A Kelly Beck, Khalid Dunton, Jenna Eberhardt, Takashi Kanai, Kristilee Maiella, Olivia Passarelli Cast B Cici Crosby, Miguel Miranda, Alfonse Napolitano, Julianna Rasmussen, Na’imah Ray, Kiana Rodriguez

Premiered on April 30, 2015, for DanceWorks Chicago and was first performed at Theater Erfurt in Erfurt, Germany.


secret garden (Premiere!)

Choreographer Kathleen Kelley Music De Leon, “B1”; Mouse on Mars, “Lichter”; Rrose, “Mine,” “Open Cell,” “Columns”; Shigeto, “Pulse” Lighting Design Michael Esposito Projection Design and Performance Lauren Carr Costume Design Charlotte Giacomini Cast Rachel Ambrose, Nicole Arakaki, Alex Bar, Toni Blockburger, Brianna Bolt, Eliza Dumas, Kierstyn Edore, Amber Evelyn Shelby Geiger, Amy Horensky, Sarah Kramer, Euphrozinia Martin, Jonathan Najera, Riley Rienert, Ruth Rise, Madalyn Rupprecht, Selena Salvino, Amelia Dawe Sanders, Melina Soriano, Taylor Wade

Cast Amir Baldwin, Elena Dalla Torre, Sara Sines, Tashae Udo


(2019) [Cast B ONLY] Choreographer José Gabriel Baez, BFA ’20 student Lighting Design Justin Stuart Costume Design José Gabriel Baez Music Balanescu Quartet, “Aria”; Ludovico Einaudi, “Cold Wind Variation 1 Day 1”; Nicholas Britell, “The Middle of the World” Original Lighting Justin Stuart Cast Colleen Duddy, Kierstyn Edore, Kristilee Maiella, Ruth Rise, Ellie Sharpe

Echad Mi Yodea

(1990) Choreographer Ohad Naharin Staging by Omri Drumlevich, Zina Zinchenko (2014) Rehearsal Director Diann Sichel Choreographer Mark Harootian Original Lighting Design Avi Yona Bueno (Bambi) Rehearsal Director Lynne Grossman Rehearsal Assistants Jordyn Cherry, Gabby Meza Lighting Director Michael Esposito Costume Design Ohad Naharin Music Reinhard Goebel, Passacaglia XVI in Music/Sound Dick Dale and the Del-Tones, G Minor for Solo Violin “Hava Nagila”; “Illusion of Beauty,” text by Lighting Design Michael Esposito Ohad Naharin; Traditional, “Echad Mi Yodea,” Costume Design Joseph Anello arranged and performed by Tractor’s Revenge Cast A Samantha Barraco, Emily Burke, and Ohad Naharin Kimberly Chok, Gabrielle Colella, Cast A Mikayla Batts, Elena Dalla Torre, Amanda Edore, Sarah Kramer, Gianna Diaz, Jalyn Gill, Oksana Horban, Jessica Lavenda, Rebecca Seow, Amanda Kowalski, Jessica Lavenda, Megan Theobald Danielle LeBron, Serena Maldacker, Cast B Samantha Barraco, Serena Brown, Miguel Miranda, Jake Montanaro, Emily Burke, Kelly Guerrero, Skylar Rienert, JayQuan Savage, Jessica Lavenda, Sarah Macken, Rebecca Seow, Melina Soriano, Rebecca Seow, Aradia Sessoms, Megan Theobald, Tashae Udo Megan Theobald Cast B Mikayla Batts, Camille Blue, Serena Brown, Jalyn Gill, Oksana Horban, (2019) [Cast A ONLY] Jessica Lavenda, Miguel Miranda, Jake Montanaro, Sabrina Petrelli, Choreographer Olivia Passarelli, BFA ’20 student Julianna Rasmussen, Riley Rienert, Music Dario Marianelli, “Dawn” performed by Skylar Rienert, JayQuan Savage, Jean-Yves Thibaudet; Gertrude Stein, Rebecca Seow, Melina Soriano, “If I Told Him a Complete Portrait of Picasso” Allison Strohm, Tashae Udo Lighting Design Justin Stuart Costume Design Olivia Passarelli

On Edge

For this is so

Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance The Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance keeps vital and builds upon the unique work of Martha Graham, the principal originator of American modern dance. The Martha Graham Dance Company, founded by Martha Graham in 1926, is the first and most celebrated modern dance company in the world and features an international roster of the most talented modern dancers in the world today. Students come from around the world to study at the Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance, the only school primarily focused upon teaching the Martha Graham technique and repertory. The course structure culminates in the preprofessional training of young dancers, who perform at public schools, colleges, and other venues as Graham 2. The Martha Graham Resources shares the works of Martha Graham with other arts organizations and performers and preserves and makes available to the public the assets of one of the world’s most extensive collections of dance history: sets, costumes, audio and video recordings, photographs, and correspondence. For more information, go to marthagrahamdance.org. Call 212-229-9200 for information about school programs and the Martha Graham Dance Company and Martha Graham Resources. Email info@marthagrahamdance.org to be added to their mailing list.

Further program content, including artist bios, may be found at peakperfs.org/programs.

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