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This Polson home for sale is located at 203 Sixth Ave. E.

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Tips for home buying, selling

In order to make a good first impression with prospective buyers, sellers should clean up their front yards thoroughly to boost curb appeal.

By Rob Zolman/Valley Journal

Buying or selling a home is one of life’s most important financial decisions. While the process may be exhilarating at times, it can also be a very stressing and frustrating experience. No matter what the circumstances, here are a few essential tips to make the buying and selling experience as stress-free as possible. The condition of your home will affect the price the buyer is willing to offer and how quickly it sells; first impressions are important. Touching up the paint, mowing the lawn, trimming the bushes, and cleaning the entire front yard thoroughly will help boost curb appeal. “People BIG STOCK PHOTO

2 - July 26, 2017

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Getting pre-approved for a mortgage lets home buyers know how much they can spend and sellers know their interest is serious.

“The best time to list a home in the Mission Valley is going to be around late April or early May while the best time to buy is going to be in the fall.” ADAM HERTZ, ERA LAMBROS REALTOR

drive by and look. Curb appeal is huge,” Pure West realtor Janet Frederick said. Minor bathroom remodels, fresh paint on the walls and landscaping are smart moves. “Don’t go into full renovation mode though. Unless you’re able to do the work yourself, most major home renovations aren’t going to get you much of a return on investment and often result in a negative return,” ERA Lambros realtor Adam Hertz said. “Home renovations are not as easy and inexpensive as the TV shows make them out to be.” “The best time to list a home in the Mission Valley is going to be around late April or early May while the best time to buy is going to be in the fall,” Hertz said. In the end, however, the best time to buy or sell a house really depends on a person’s individual situation. Before shopping for a house, “Find a good local lender and get yourself prequalified for a loan,” Frederick said. “There is nothing worse than thinking you can buy a $350,000 home, then find out you are only qualified for a $250,000 loan.” Getting pre-approved for a mortgage takes very little time and serves two important purposes: first, it gives the home buyer a realistic understanding of how

much they can spend on a house and second, it shows the seller that you’re serious and makes you competitive with other buyers. Once you’ve decided to either buy or sell a home, your next move is crucial. That is why choosing an agent is perhaps one of the weightiest decisions when it comes to buying or selling a home. “Many people don’t realize what we do behind the scenes that saves them a lot of money,” Frederick said. The typical home purchase involves a minimum of two dozen separate individuals who help complete a sale. Assessors, mortgage brokers, inspectors, appraisers, bank officers, title researchers and a plethora of other individuals’ actions and decisions must be orchestrated for completion of the sale. It is the real estate agent’s responsibility to expertly coordinate all the professionals involved and to advocate for the buyer’s or seller’s interests throughout the process. “Buying or selling a home is an infrequent process for most people, and its complexity can make it stressful and emotional,” Hertz said. “Having a good real estate professional on your side is invaluable.”


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July 26, 2017 - 3


The price tag of the Shelter Island estate, the most expensive Flathead Lake property on the market, has dropped several times from an original list price of $78 million. The 21,964 square foot home on a 22.31-acre island is now listed on Sotheby’s International Realty website at $22,750,000.

Local housing market recovered; lakefront properties an exception By Caleb M. Soptelean/Valley Journal

POLSON – The home sales market in Lake County has pretty much recovered from the housing crash that began in 2008, although “high end” or lakefront properties have yet to recover. Local Realtor Carol Tibbles provided some numbers from the Montana Regional Association of Realtors to back that up. “The market is back on the low end and mid-range,” she said. “The reason the average home is doing really well is because the cost of construction is so high it’s still a lot cheaper to buy than build a home.” The high-end properties are still recovering, however. Tibbles, who works for Clearwater Properties in Polson, said she sold a lakefront home this month for $549,000. The same home was purchased in 2006 for $1,125,000. Having been in the business since 2000, Tibbles said 2006 was the height of the market. “Lakefront (property) is worth half of what it was in 2006,” she said. The price per square foot to build a home was around 4 - July 26, 2017

“Although the recovery has been painfully slow, the train is definitely back on the tracks.” CAROLYN COLE, MANN MORTGAGE LOAN OFFICER

$100 in 2006. Today it’s between $130 and $140, she said. This is because the price of materials and labor have gone up. However, she notes land prices haven’t recovered from the crash. The median price of a home in Lake County – which represents the point where half of the homes are priced

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higher and half are lower – was $227,500 in 2006. In 2016, the median price was $250,000. The average price of a home – which can be skewed by high-priced lakefront homes for example – was $328,119 in 2006. Last year it was $318,183. “Although the recovery has been painfully slow, the train is definitely back on the tracks,” said local Mann Mortgage Loan Officer Carolyn Cole. She said that customers from Georgia and Vermont – to cite two recent examples – thought that local prices were high compared to their states. She noted that interest rates are still historically low, even though the Federal Reserve has increased them three times this year. Current rates range between 3.625 and 4.375 percent, depending on loan type, she said. “This translates to buying power which is obviously good for both buyers and sellers,” she added. Although days on the market are generally fewer in spring and summer, average days for 2016 and 2017 remain the same at 166 to 180 days, said Cole, who is the branch manager of Mann Mortgage in Polson.




• 80+ Agents in 30+ office locations for unmatched local market knowledge • Exclusive participation with Sports Afield Trophy Properties for worldwide listing exposure • Member of 9 multiple listing services (more than any Montana brokerage) • Gives back a portion of all proceeds to local communities in which they were earned Combining 25 years of working for my husband, (a licensed architect and REALTOR®), 18 years in the real estate industry with knowledge of building and environment, negotiations, and business procedures. I bring a vast resource to all real estate transactions. We deliver complete service to all our buyers and sellers.

Carol and Tom Tibbles

Having the right real estate agent means having an agent who is committed to helping you buy or sell your home with the highest level of expertise in your local market. This also means helping you understand each step of the buying or selling process. This commitment level has helped me build a remarkable track record of delivering results.

Kathy Crockett

(406) 571-2220 OFFICE (406) 253-2893 (C) Carol (406) 253-2892 (C) Tom

(406) 571-2220 OFFICE (406) 261-2180 CELL

CLEARWATER MONTANA PROPERTIES, INC 201 Main Street • Polson, MT 59860 • USA LICENSED IN MONTANA Home and Real Estate

July 26, 2017 - 5

Lake County faces housing shortage By Dakota Wharry for the Valley Journal

Last summer, at the Greater Ronan Prioritizing Town Hall meeting, housing was ranked amongst the top seven issues facing the area. This conclusion was reached after both local input and the Montana Economic Developers Association assessment of the greater Ronan area stated that housing was amongst the top issues facing the area. The assessment was completed by MEDA in partnership with the Lake County Community Development Corporation. According to Gypsy Ray, executive director of LCCDC, they are currently working on a five-year comprehensive economic development survey and housing will be a part of that. The survey will outline the most prominent needs of the area and strategize how to approach each of the issues. They will gather data and develop the plan over the next six months. Cooperative housing has been mentioned as a potential option. This option provides housing for those who have too large of an income to qualify for low income housing, but are still unable to buy their own home. A cooperative housing development is owned and operated by the people who live there and residents serve as their own landlord. This makes the housing more affordable to operate and eases tension in the market. Ray said the biggest demand is for affordable workforce housing, and low-income housing. Jodie Paxton, executive director of Lake County Housing Authority, works with low-income families to help them find housing. Right now there is little to no vacancy in the geographic area she works with. Even when families are approved for low-income housing it can often take months before anything becomes available. “When I issue a housing voucher, my clients have to find housing within a ten-mile radius of Ronan and often there’s no vacancy,” she said. Lake County Housing Authority manages a total of 160 houses, but as of July 18, their wait list had over 230 families on it. Paxton also noted that there are places in Ronan and in the surrounding area with rundown properties that could be torn down to make more room, an idea brought up in both the Ronan Prioritizing meeting and the MEDA assessment. This project idea remains on the radar as a possible way to help solve the housing shortage. Paxton said that 36 homes on her list are coming to the end of their affordability period, meaning they’ll no longer qualify as low-income housing. She added that the housing authority is in preliminary stages on a land deal to develop more housing Northeast of Mission Valley Power, to replace them. In the last several years the demand for affordable housing in the area has gone up, Paxton said. The increase is likely a result of new businesses in Polson and the decline of the oil booms in Eastern Montana and the Dakotas, she said. Drug problems in the area have also contributed to the shortage. Whenever a house is found to contain drugs or to have produced drugs, it has to be removed from the market to go through cleaning protocols before it is Eight lots in Pablo await development as future low-income housing. The project was put out for bid but didn’t receive any bids.

The highest demands are from young families looking for two and three bedroom homes in Ronan and Pablo. NICOLE TAVENNER/VALLEY JOURNAL

6 - July 26, 2017

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allowed to be rented again. Jason Adams, executive director of the Salish and Kootenai Housing Authority, said he faces many of the same issues. “We almost always maintain a waiting list,” he said. “It varies year to year, but it usually sits at around 200.” Currently he has approximately 120 people waiting for housing. The highest demands are from young families looking for two and three bedroom homes in Ronan and Pablo, he said. He said unlike the Lake County Housing Authority, most of his clientele are local with a small portion of his clients from outside the area looking to move back home to the reservation. SKHA serves over 500 rental units across the reservation. While there are housing opportunities out there, there’s never enough low-income housing, he said. One future development in Polson will provide additional housing options. The Polson Landing, a 35-unit affordable housing apartment complex, is set to open in the spring of 2018. The complex is being developed by Housing Solutions LLC. Their Vice President, Alex Burkhalter, said they are happy to work with the Montana Board of Housing to provide additional low-income housing for the area. As of now, rent will average $465 for a one-bedroom apartment, $544 for a two-bedroom apartment and $616 for a three-bedroom apartment.



A new affordable housing apartment complex, called Polson Landing, is currently being built in Polson’s Ridgewater development.

60-Acre Gem in the Foothills of the Mountains West of Arlee

NHN Plant Lane, Arlee, MT - 60.08 acres On the Corner of Valley Creek & Plant Lane on west side of Hwy. 93 N

Beautiful 60 acre parcel on the west side of Arlee, with stunning views of the Mission Mountains, the Rattlesnake Mountains and Sleeping Woman Mountain. Property has beautiful rich soil for farming. This 60.08 property can be sub-divided into three 20 acre parcels, adding additional value to this land. Walk to Jocko River and access the many mountain trails through Tribal land adjacent to this parcel. A Must See!!

$190,000 MLS# 21706408 Home and Real Estate


Katie Van Dorn


(406) 370-9200 July 26, 2017 - 7

safe & sound

Sheriff shares home safety tips By Karen Peterson/Valley Journal

LAKE COUNTY – It isn’t something people like to think about, maybe even something people prefer not to think about, especially in rural areas, but home security is something to consider. “You don’t want to be an easy target,” Lake County Sheriff Don Bell said. As the saying goes “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Sheriff Bell says that while locking doors can sometimes be inconvenient, it helps prevent unwanted intruders, whether they are set on stealing your stuff or catching some shut eye. “I’ve had people call in because they woke up in the morning and someone was sleeping on their couch,” he said. This type of thing happens in the county a couple times a year, usually when an intoxicated person wanders into an unlocked home. Getting a big dog can also help discourage a break in or inform residents that someone is near. Sheriff Bell said that a dog might make someone think twice about breaking into a home. An alarm system installed by a reputable company is another option. If the alarm is triggered, the system notifies homeowners and law enforcement. Motion-activated lights that turn on when someone is moving around outside the home can also be installed, Bell said. If someone breaks in when no one is home, a storage safe is helpful. Sheriff Bell said not to get the ones that can be easily picked up and removed from the home. He recommends a heavy safe or one that can be bolted to the ground. “In Montana, many people have guns that have been

in the family for generations, and a good safe might be expensive, but it will protect those heirlooms,” he said. Finding a place to protect important documents is also important. “I’ve seen people steal everything, including a (legal) will, passport, titles to the cars … and they use them to get fake IDs,” he said. People should also make sure the wrong person doesn’t find out they are leaving for an extended period of time. “If you go on vacation, don’t tell everybody,” he said. “I see people go on vacation and they post it on social media where anyone can see it.” He said a better idea would be to tell a trusted friend or neighbor and ask them to keep an eye on the house. If anything suspicious is seen while the residents are gone, like an unknown car in the driveway, write down the license plate number and report it to the homeowner and law enforcement. Getting involved with a Neighborhood Watch program is another way to help prevent crime. The National Crime Prevention Council states that their mission is to be a leader in helping people keep themselves, their families and communities safe from crime. The national group is comprised of citizens in communities across the country. Each group gets together to discuss safety in the community, and members notify law enforcement if they see something suspicious. More information about starting a watch group is available at: Sheriff Bell said home robberies haven’t been as prevalent in the past two years, compared to 2015 when two groups of people were breaking into homes. One group was on the north side of the county BIG STOCK PHOTO

HWY. 35 and Turtle Lake Rd.

Polson, MT 59860

Find local woods for any project! • Rough Sawn Lumber • Timbers & Decking • T & G Paneling • Exterior Siding • Timber Frame 883-2101 • 270-4827 8 - July 26, 2017

Morigeau’s Chimney Cleaning & Repair Over 30 years experience. Pre-fabricated chimneys, wood stove and fireplace insert sales & installations. The valley’s lowest prices, fast service & NO mileage charge 406-203-2628 406-745-3336 Home and Real Estate

and the other was on the south end. He said many of the people involved in a string of home robberies in 2015 are still incarcerated, but people should still take precautions. “Most crimes are drug and alcohol related,” he said. “People are stealing to get money for their next fix, and if we can get those people off the streets and get them treatment, crime goes down,” he said. Sheriff Bell said his final note of advice about protecting homes and property is to call law enforcement if something doesn’t seem right. He said in the past, home intruders waited until people were gone to rob the place, but now, they sometimes wait in the home for residents to come in so they can open the safe or reveal the location of valuables. “If you get home and notice the door is open and you know you didn’t leave it open, or you feel like something is wrong, call us,” he said. “We will go in and walk through to make sure no one is in the house.”

Man’s best friend can do much to deter wouldbe intruders.



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July 26, 2017 - 9

Updates to transform your new house into your dream home News from StatePoint

with Magnetix, which provides three showering options for your perfectly personalized shower. Plus, the magnetic dock on the handshower makes re-docking a snap.

Congratulations, you’ve purchased a home. Now what? You’ve saved a million ideas on Pinterest and you’re ready to start making improvements. But how do you prioritize them to make the most of your money? Consider these simple upgrades to transform your new house into your dream home.

5. Add a Coat of Paint Cost: $25 - $60 Benefits: Provides an instant makeover. Whether your space is screaming for a makeover (mustard walls, anyone?), or you’re itching to try new trends, a coat of paint makes a big impact. Try creating an accent wall with a pop of color or fun pattern -- it’s a smaller project that’s easy for first-time DIYers.

1. Update Lighting Cost: $10 (box of light bulbs) - $300 (new fixture) Benefits: Brightens the room, enhances ambience, increases energy efficiency. Let there be light. There are several ways to make a room feel brighter. Start with something quick, like swapping out bulbs to brighter or more efficient choices. For a mid-level task and a dose of style, add new lampshades. Or go big by replacing outdated fixtures with on-trend options.

3. Install a Kitchen Backsplash Cost: $125 - $250 (varies based on materials and if paying a pro) Benefits: Creates a focal point, protects walls from cooking splatter, prevents water damage. If your new kitchen has the blahs, a fresh backsplash may


be the solution. In addition to protective and easy-to-clean qualities, a backsplash provides many customization possibilities, from material and color, to cost. Options could be glass mosaics, salvaged brick, or even peel-and-stick tile for easy installation (hello afternoon project)! 4. Replace Your Showerhead Cost: $75 - $150 Benefits: Offers personalization, adds style, enhances daily routine. New to DIY? Replacing a showerhead is an easy way to get your feet wet -- pun intended! Whether trying to save water with a low-flow fixture or updating something out of style, swapping showerheads can be done in minutes. For ultimate customization, try a multi-function showerhead like Moen’s Attract combination handshower and rainshower



224 Main St., Polson, MT Allyson Lipscomb Lisa Kinyon Amber Isbell 406.270.8158 406.249.5902


10 - July 26, 2017

7. Coordinate Accessories Cost: $20 - $40 Benefits: Creates a consistent look, easy to install. Create a cohesive look throughout your home with coordinating accessories. Choose hardware matching in color and style with the existing fixtures, sink and flooring to achieve a sophisticated feel from top to bottom. Easy-to-install accessories like towel bars and rings with Moen’s innovative Press & Mark technology, ensure fast and accurate installation. Some accessories have technology with a washable ink-stamp to show exactly where to drill (perfect for novice DIYers). Homebuyers, especially first timers, can often be overwhelmed with improvements, but tackling one project at a time will leave you saying “there’s no place like home.”

The Painted Rose

expect experience exposure expedience


2. Find a Better Faucet Cost: $150 - $500 Benefits: Boosts home appeal, improves kitchen functionality. One in five millennials say they want to update their kitchen, according to Moen research, and a simple faucet upgrade can be impactful. Replacing a basic kitchen faucet with a one-handle pulldown, like Moen’s Sleek faucet, creates a clean, modern look while adding functionality that makes cleanup a breeze, thanks to the easy-to-maneuver spray wand. Equipped with Power Clean technology, it provides more spray power while containing splash, which means faster cleanup for tough-to-rinse foods.

6. Maximize Space with Shelves Cost: $10 - $45 Benefits: Maximizes space, revamps walls. One in three millennials lacks the confidence to hang a shelf, according to Moen research, but they shouldn’t! With practice and the right tools, installing shelving is an inexpensive project to help better utilize space. Creative ways to add storage include installing floating shelves for books or adding floor-to-ceiling shelving in a closet.

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New Apartments, Mission Mountain Views, and Small Town Charm. All Units Include • Meals • Upscale Private Home • Paid Property Taxes Pets Welcome • Washer/Dryer • Basic Phone Service New Apartments, Mission Mountain Views,••and Small Town Access to Fitness Center • 1 Car Garage • Basic Cable TV • Community Events • 2 Bedrooms / 1.5 Baths • WiFi & Outings • Full Size Premium Kitchen • All Utilities • Community Garden • Private Front & • Housekeeping • And More! Back Porches • Lawn Care & • Master Bath (includes Snow Removal • Meals Upscale Private Home • Paid Property Taxes tiled walk-in shower)

All Units Include

Units Include • UpscaleAll Private Home • Washer/Dryer • • Washer/Dryer • 1 Car Garage • 1 Car/Garage • 2 Bedrooms 1.5 Baths • 2 Bedrooms / 1.5 Baths • Full Size•406-676-PEAK Premium Kitchen Full Size Premium (7325) Kitchen • Private Front & • Private Front & Back Porches Back Porches Master Bath (includes • Master •Bath (includes tiled walk-in shower) tiled walk-in shower)

• Meals • Paid Property Taxes • Pets Welcome • Basic Phone Service • Pets Welcome • Access to Fitness Center • BasicCable Phone Service • Basic TV • Access to Fitness Center • Basic Cable TV • Community Events • WiFi • Community Events • WiFi & Outings 575 Eisenhower St SE | PO Box 435 | Ronan, MT • All Utilities & Outings • All Utilities | • Community • Community Garden Garden • Housekeeping • Housekeeping • And • More! And More! • LawnCare Care && • Lawn Snow Removal Snow Removal

G N I N E P O D N GRA 575 Eisenhower St SE | PO Box 435 | Ronan, MT |

406-676-PEAK (7325)

406-676-PEAK (7325)


575 Eisenhower St SE | PO Box 435 | Ronan, MT |

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July 26, 2017 - 11

in bloom

Best yard, garden winners announced

News from the GPCF Beautification Committee

POLSON – The Polson Beautification Committee is “bloomin” happy to announce the winners of the 2017 best yards and gardens in our community. Business Winners:  1st Place: Kalispell Regional Healthcare – Polson Health Clinic  2nd Place: Glacier Bank  3rd Place: Richwine’s Burgerville  If you have an opportunity, let these businesses know how you appreciate their efforts to make Polson beautiful. A kind word to the many other Polson businesses who use flowers and other landscaping to enhance their property is always appreciated.  Private Residence Winners:  1st Place: Agnes Reinhart and Ken Siler, 1503 Fifteenth Ave. E  2ndPlace: Jack and Lorrie Curtis, 705 Fifteenth Ave. E  3rd Place: Marshell Fox, 1903 Hillcrest Drive Take a drive by the homes of these winners and enjoy the fruits of their labor. The judges were impressed with all the nominated residences. There are many homeowners in Polson who obviously take pride in their yards and gardens. The Beautification Committee thanks all of you.  We also made a special recognition award for the yard and garden of Aware Wellness Center at 610 Fourth Ave. E. Kelly Ware has a passion for permaculture. Permaculture is the development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable, self-sufficient and preserve natural resources. Kelly has created an ecosystem in her yard using those principles, and would be happy to share

First place private residence: Agnes Reinhart and Ken Siler her knowledge. You can reach her at 406-314-3808. Hot Springs will host the Inland Northwest Permaculture Conference over Labor Day weekend. For more information,

73124 Gray Wolf Rd, Arlee, MT MLS# 21705251

Beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bath home home on 20 acres. Big windows face east and west, with spectacular views of McLeod Peak and Sleeping Woman Mountain. This is perfect for the person who works in Missoula, but wants open space. CONTACT ME FOR INFORMATION Property taxes include privilege from the Tribe to use both a canal and a ditch on the property to irrigate. Huge pasture with alfalfa & timothy Katie Van Dorn grass make this an ideal property for horses. The Mission Mountains are very close for recreation. Broker Nice big shop attached to the garage. (406) 370-9200 Stunning piece of heaven ready to move in. Seller may carry contract.

12 - July 26, 2017

visit: more photos on page 13

Bargain of the Month

Great 20 Acre Property in Arlee with Lovely Home and Irrigation Ditch





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Find the right supplies for your projects, plus expert advice.

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First place business winner: Kalispell Regional Healthcare - Polson Health

Third place private residence: Marshell Fox



Special recognition award: Aware Wellness Center

more photos on page 14


Executive seasonal retreat—private waterfront home with 204 front feet on the main lake with unparalleled, spectacular views to Glacier National Park and the entire Mission Range! Massive views of the Narrows, Bull Island, Bird Island and Finley Point. Features oversized deep water dock, (65’ x 35’) with room for 2-3 boats. Rock-bottom swimming beach and great trout fishing from the dock. Large, private fire pit at water’s edge. Well maintained 1375 square foot year-round home on 1.43 acres. More than 1000 square feet of viewing and entertainment decks. 3BR 1.75 baths. Recently remodeled. New bunkhouse. Lots of parking spaces. Centrally located on western Montana’s largest lake: makes cruising to Big Fork, Woods Bay, Lakeside, Big Arm and Wildhorse Island easy and fun--

Mac Swan, Broker Polson, MT 59860 MISSION BAY REAL ESTATE

406-253-0855 mobile

MLS #21704708 299486 Black Bear Trail, Polson, MT 59860

Residential • 3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 1375 Sq. Ft., • Garage Type: None


Second place business winner: Glacier Bank

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July 26, 2017 - 13

Lake County Abstract & Title Co. SUZ RITTENHOUSE PHOTO

Second place private residence: Jack and Lorrie Curtis

Serving Lake County Since 1923


Title Agency of Lake County

Phone: (406) 883-6226 Toll Free: 1-800-823-6225 Fax: (406) 883-2586

Phone: (406) 883-6051 Toll Free: 1-888-413-8508 Fax: (406) 883-6055

314 1st. St. E. Suite 101 Polson, MT 59860

402 1st. St. E. Suite 101 Polson, MT 59860

We support and donate to the following community events and activities: • Polson Booster Club • Mission Valley Animal Shelter • Polson Cheerleader Fundraiser • Mission Valley Mariners • Festival of Trees • Polson Fairgrounds Inc. • Kiwanis • 2014 Fireman’s Ball • Polson Chamber of Commerce • Boy Scouts of America • Senior Class Graduation Party • Montana Hope Project • Christian Record Services • Cherry Valley Elementary Parent Teacher Assoc. • Montana Wounded Warrior • Dollars for Scholars • Fireman’s Stair Climb • Polson Beautification Flower Baskets • Mission Mountain Country Club A.L.S. Golf Tournament

• Polson Youth Soccer Association • Little Dribblers Basketball • Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation • Ducks Unlimited • Northwest MT Assoc. of Realtors Dragon Boat Races • Mission Valley Aquatics Center • Polson Live Local Run • Relay for Life • Arlee 115th Year Celebration • Boys and Girls Club • Big Brothers Big Sisters • Mission Mountain Enterprises • Mission Valley 4-H Club • Ronan Chamber of Commerce • Lake County Search and Rescue • Pheasants Forever AND MANY MORE!

Please remember we want your real estate title and escrow business and we will continue to support our communities together. For online requests you may also contact us at

Third place business winner: Richwine’s Burgerville 14 - July 26, 2017


Home and Real Estate

Local Businesses Team Up to Give Home Town Advantage


By Lindsey Dorrington/Owner Wright Real Estate and The Peaks Independent Living: are both locally run Ronan businesses that seek out what’s best for their customers. “Our mission is to improve the quality of life for our residents,” said Lindsey Dorrington. She and her husband, Sage, are the owners and operators of The Peaks, which is a new 55+ community on the east edge of town. “With our all-inclusive bills, senior-friendly luxury apartments, and

community events, we simplify chores and bills so that our residents have more time to enjoy life.” Jackie Smart of Wright Real Estate shared some tips for selling a home for the best price. “Buyers often use a large part of their savings for a down payment, so many of them don’t want to make costly repairs or updates to a home they’ve just purchased,” she said. “If sellers are willing to put their homes on the market before these things are needed, we can often get them a better price for their property.” “We used Wright Real Estate to sell our last

house and purchase property for The Peaks,” added Sage. “We were very happy with the process and we recommend them to our family and friends.”

For more information, call The Peaks at 676-PEAK (7325) and Wright Real Estate at 676-8610.

Schedule Your Summer Mow

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we can help.


Carpet • Hardwood Vinyl/Luxury Vinyl • Tile AT DISCOUNT PRICES! Discount CARPET & FLOORING

Home and Real Estate


Old Creamery Mall • Ronan

July 26, 2017 - 15

vings a S l a Speci attresses on M


Great throu deals the stgohout re

New Ma tt Line Upress ! (com

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starting at $39

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883-4177 • 415 Main St. Polson Mon. - Fri. 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. • Sat. 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. 16 - July 26, 2017

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Home and Real Estate 2017  
Home and Real Estate 2017