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Practice deep breathing This one is huge. It takes us out of anxiety and into a state of rest and calm. A favorite for kids at our family yoga studio is box breathing. Draw a box with your fingers. One side is the inhale, one side the pause, then the exhale, then another pause. All the way around the box. It works wonders. Enjoy a yoga class For you or your kiddo! It’s the perfect way to move energy through our body and release it, have fun, then get extra nourished with breath and relaxation poses. Plus, there’s a community feel that can go a long way in knowing you’re not alone in your experiences. All of these things are going to help our kids and our families de-stress. And this isn’t just important for our sanity, it’s also insanely important for our physical health as stress is one of the first things to break down our immune system. Know that every time you’re buffering in downtime, allowing your kid a nice long bath, or practicing some deep breathing—you’re also buffering your immunity. You could take that a step further by adding in some daily probiotics and elderberry syrup or gummies (please consult your providers) to kickstart your family’s immune systems. A little goes a long way, and taking these preventatively can really help bolster our bodies before anything hits. Most importantly, know we’re not always going to get it right. Have grace and compassion. And set yourself up for success in whatever ways you can. We’ve got this! Jessica Cartwright is a mama, yoga teacher, Ayurvedic Women's Health Specialist, birth doula and co-founder of Our Yoga Family, Bozeman's family yoga studio. She is also a featured writer for Elephant Journal, So Much Yoga and BOHO Daily.

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