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This Comic was inspired by the short film, “The Lonely Life” By David Michael Aho Starring Lena Bookall and Will oldham.

Comic Script by Morgan Coy Illustrations by Chris Chalik

There are risks involved, but there are risks in space travel too.

and what’s the alternative


If you don’t plan for the future, you won’t be part of it.

our facility is ten minutes from the hospital. If everything goes as planned, we’ll have you in the container in less than an hour.

the owner of this business park

was one

of the first people interred here.

he made arrangements in his Will to protect our long term lease nitely.


Of course, We have automatic generator backup, in the event of a power outage.

how many people are stored here?

currently seven, but we can store twenty-three more, and business is picking up.

your special arrangements, you understand, are not exactly legal.

I understand.

if we want the best chances of future revival, you must be frozen as close to living as possible.

has anybody else come in like me, with the lawyers and the arranged “death”?

not yet, but we expect more.

And We’re actively Pushing for more supportive legislation.

i’ll DIE before that happens.

we’ll bring you back.

OKAY david, where do I sign?


put the balls in motion.

you won’t regret it david. The future is bright.

it’s funny how we have the same name, don’t you think?

david is a popular name, So Statistically it’s not very strange.



Cryonics Institute

Comic for The Lonely LIfe  

This is a little comic made for the short movie, The Lonely Life, by David Michael Aho. The comic was written by Morgan Coy and illustrated...

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