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’Twas the Night Before Finals by Mollie Harrod ’0 7 and Jeff Rankin

’Twas the night before Finals when all through the College Bleary-eyed students were reviewing their knowledge.

Asleep in their dorm room were Buddie and Sam, Dreaming of Aces on their Final exams. Not stockings but books lay at the foot of their beds Full of countless lessons yet to be read.

When all of a sudden, from out of the night Came a wail so shrill, it gave them a fright. ‘Twas bag-pipers, not Santa, making that din, Taking joy in awaking their Monmouth kin.

Blowing and squeezing the pipers did play, Marching through campus on the eve of Finals Day. Both Buddie and Sam jumped from their beds, Shouting “Go Scots!� while pulling warm woolen hats onto their heads.

Across the campus Buddie and Sam ran Past Liedman, Cleland, Winbigler and Graham. To the top of the Quad, to the top of the stair, They ran and they shouted all the way there.

Following the pipers, they approached Wallace Hall, Where generations of students had joined in the fall. There on the steps, all jolly and stout, Stood a red-bearded figure they’d heard stories about.

He was dressed all in plaid, a right jolly old Scot. In reverence, the pipers stopped playing on the spot. As he stood before them tall and proud, A hush fell over the awestruck crowd.

Suddenly, Buddie stepped forward and the students gasped. “Are you Big Red?” he boldly asked. “Am I Big Red?” the man replied with a wink. “Am I Big Red? Well, what do you think?”

With a smile on his face he exclaimed with delight, “Happy Finals to all, and to all a good night!�

'Twas the Night Before Finals  

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