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smarter way to manage your media workflow A

The next step in the continuing evolution of Grass Valley™ software for the entertainment, on-air operations, and news markets.

We looked at how today’s production and asset management systems work, and then thought about

how they should work, and developed



SERVICE-ORIENTED ARCHITECTURE How you work and the tools you work with have never been more integrated, that’s why we modeled the suite around the concept of a common framework. • The core serves as a host for all modules. • Functional modules are services called from the framework. • New modules are easily created and more agile to deploy. What this means is that you not only get high performance, you also get a highly configurable user experience.


TOTAL INTEGRATION & SIMPLICITY STRATUS does away with the old concept of separate, individual tools which can be hard to configure, and even harder to use. • STRATUS is designed for simplicity. It’s easy to learn and easy to use, from the consistent user interface and common terminology among modules, to familiar drag-and-drop operations. • For editing, STRATUS doesn’t care whether you use its built-in NLE, Grass Valley’s EDIUS®, Apple’s Final Cut Pro 7, or Avid’s Media Composer. • Seamless integration with the K2 Summit™ family of media server and storage products to provide a unified database for all asset management use cases, channel record/playout functions, and an expandable foundation for new applications and workflows. • When material is ingested, proxies are simultaneously generated in the K2 Summit server, and are instantly available, so you can get to work, and get to air, faster than ever before. • Immediate playout of playlists, highlights, and simple edits without the need to render or conform.

A new way of working,

that you already know. NEWS & FAST TURN PRODUCTION

Better covering The World

Ingest & Browse


Share & Create

Play News Room Computer System Aurora™ Playout

NEW! STRATUS Media Workflow Application Framework

NEW! STRATUS Media Workflow Application Framework

K2 Summit K2 Media Server & Storage K2 Summit Client NEW! with MPEG-4 Proxy Generation

Media Composer

Final Cut Pro 7

Router Control

LDK 8000 Elite Series Multi-format Camera

Kayenne™ ClipStore LDK CONNECT


NE 3G Transmission System for LDK Elite Series (LDK 8000 Elite & LDK 4000 Elite)






Trinix Multiviewer NEW!

Trinix Multiviewer NEW!

Trinix™ NXT SD/HD/3G Router MediaFUSE FX Live Dynamic Streaming & Auto File Creation


GeckoFlex™ Signal Processing

MediaFUSE® FX Approve


Control Ignite HDC Robotic Camera



LDK Connect Kayenne Video Production Center

THE FEATURE YOU NEED NOW What do you want to do today? STRATUS gives you the features you need to get your work done quickly and easily. • Gang record/playout. • Live streaming proxy gives you the ability to see incoming server channel feeds without additional hardware. • Preview finished stories, edit, schedule feeds, and more all from your NRCS. • Quickly create highlight packages, or preview/modify those created by the Grass Valley K2 Dyno™ Replay Controller or Production Assistant.


Ignite™ Konnect Automated Control Room System

BETTER TODAY... AND BETTER TOMORROW Once the STRATUS framework is installed on a client machine, you’re done. • Software, configurations, and user preferences are pushed to the client over the network, with upgrades and new features coming right from the server. • There’s no complicated hardware to support, and software maintenance is virtually nonexistent. • With STRATUS, software maintenance is centralized, not localized. This means lower up-front costs and lower operational costs for the life of the system. • STRATUS is backed up by a global network of skilled service engineers that are available 24/7 to maintain mission-critical products and systems.

In the real world, your tools shouldn’t define your task,

your task should define your tools. STRATUS grows as your needs grow, task-by-task and piece-by-piece.

EDIUS/Final Cut Pro 7/Media Composer Editing

STRATUS Workstations

Corporate LAN



STRATUS Core Services K2 Media Network

K2 Summit Client – Full Resolution and Proxy Encoding

K2 Online or Production Storage – Full Resolution


K2 Nearline Storage – Proxy





STRATUS Conform Services

K2 Summit/K2 Solo Playout Clients K2 SUMMIT


Workforce Flexibility

STRATUS is Designed for Simplicity

• Tailor the tools to the task – including NLE choices

• Simple to install: less hardware required, software gets pushed

• Create powerful multi-tasking environments

• Simple to configure: Central configuration tool, streamlined setup

Cost-effective Production

• Simple to learn: Consistent UI, terms, usability throughout the tools

• Simple configuration drives down cost of entry • Workflow efficiency for above the line savings

• Simple to use: Drag and drop interface, lots of UI feedback • Simple to upgrade: need a new function, add a new service

Expandable and Upgradable

Proxy Generation in the K2 Summit Server

• SOA makes implementation of new features simple and fast • Application modules easily upgraded and pushed to client PCs

• Eliminates the need for separate proxy encoders for feed ingest • Instant access to proxies • High-quality proxy video with up to 8 channels of audio

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Grass Valley Stratus Media Workflow Application Workflow  

The next step in the continuing evolution of Grass Valley™ software for the entertainment, on-air operations, and news markets.

Grass Valley Stratus Media Workflow Application Workflow  

The next step in the continuing evolution of Grass Valley™ software for the entertainment, on-air operations, and news markets.