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ONITO M R Rivista mensile specializzata • N° 277 • 2009 • Anno XXXIII • ISSN 0394-0896


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x NAB 2009 e la fiera delle meraviglie

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Monitor n째 276 - 2008/2009

MonitoR magazine Supplemento a MonitoR Anno XXXIII - n. 277 - 2009 ISSN 0394-0896 MediaAge srl S. Michele del Carso, 11 - 20144 Milano, Italy l. (+39) 024391.0135 - Fax (+39) 024399.9112 E-mail: Siti internet (in italiano) (in inglese)

Based in Milan, Italy, MonitoR Magazine (est. 1976), is a broadcast magazine in this country. Articles,latest news, white papers, case histories from broadcasting and beyond.

MonitoR Electronic Media

Media Age srl è iscritta al Registro Nazionale a Stampa al n. 2636 vol. 27, foglio 281 dal 6.89 - MONITORRADIO TELEVISIONE è rerata al Tribunale di Milano n. 880 del 12.1988. Dir. resp. Enrico Callerio. Manotti e foto originali, anche se non pubblicati, si restituiscono. Non è permessa la riprodune di testi e foto senza l’autorizzazione scritta ’Editore. Progetto grafico: Ago, Bollate (MI). mpa: Cooperativa Grafica Bergamasca, menno S. Bartolomeo (BG).

Web Portal in English with news and informations about broadcasting, database for radio and television professional.

bonamenti: la rivista è diffusa e venduta solo bbonamento annuale. osto annuale è di 40,00 EURO da versare sul postale n. 11158201 intestato a Media Age viale San Michele del Carso 11 - Milano, pure inviare un assegno bancario non trasferiallo stesso indirizzo. Arretrati 6,00 EURO o da allegare alla richiesta anche i francobolli. eign subscription: annual 80,00 EURO 00 US$) or equivalent via International Money er or cheque to Media Age srl, v.le San hele del Carso 11 - I - 20144 Milano Italy. EDIT CARDS subscription call (+39) 3910135 or fax (+39) 0243999112. Cards epted: VISA - MASTER-CARD - EUROCARD ERICAN EXPRESS. Airmail rates on applicas.

World Broadcast Links More then 1,500 links to companies dealing withprofessional audio and video

staff ettore responsabile: Enrico Callerio ndirettore tecnico: Mauro Baldacci ettore editoriale: Enrico Oliva nno collaborato: io Monferini, Alberto Pellizzari, Piero Ricca, ia Ronchetti, Costanza Zappa, Diego Zipponi siti della “convergenza” di Monitor troverete gli altri contenuti: roposte di Monitor Lavoro mittenti radio tv in diretta nella rete da tutto il ndo

Monitor n° 276 - 2008/2009

Web Portal in Italian, informations, news , documents, links to the Italian and European broadcasting.

MonitoR Newsletters Separate editions in Italian and English, the state-of the-art of technologies ever second week.



Italian Companies exhibiting at NAB 2009 ABE Elettronica Spa

booth C2236

Since 30 years, produces a comprehensive range of equipment for digital and analog TV broadcasting: transmitters (including DVB-H), microwave links (2 to 23GHz), antennas, MPEG encoders/multiplexers. ABE products are of excellent quality, highly reliable and their value for money is unique in this field.

Aldena Telecomunicazioni Spa

booth N4824

With over 30 years of professionalism, TELECOMUNICAZIONI ALDENA is nowadays one of the leaders in the telecommunications and broadcasting industries. Professional antennas for radio or television broadcasting represent the main ALDENA product. With them, and the vast range of accessories available, complex radiating systems are designed with performance levels optimised according to the territorial coverage requirements.


ANT Group srl

booth C3321

ANT Group is a leading manufacturer of broadcast remote control technology. With 20+ years experience and more than 3000 sites controlled, Garda System has gained a worldwide reputation of quality and reliability NetPOD SW handles wired and wireless connections, with easy of use and unlimited expandability, and controls analog, digital, SNMP data, radio and television networks.

Axel Technology srl

booth N2518

Axel Technology designs and manufactures hardware and software products specifically conceived for radio & TV broadcasting.Axel Technology’s crossing know-how is based on its large experience as a system integrator. Radio studios with multiple control rooms, multi-channel video logging systems, single or multi-channel radios and TV automation systems are currently delivered in Italy and abroad.


booth SU7223

BLT is an Italian company, with nearly half century activity in the television, and nowadays is leader in the Italian market of Video Server destined to the professional broadcasting industry, distinguished in sport live production events. BLT product portfolio includes a 4 channel Video Server (SMS-400HD) allowing simultaneous recording and playback, endless recording with loop, 7 hours per channel recording capability and Super Slow Motion feature.


booth SU3125B

Since its launching in 2004, Blueshape established itself as one of the leading suppliers of Liion batteries, chargers and accessories for professional and broadcast. Blueshape is committed to continuous improvement in the quality and performance of its products and to the growth of its product range. All Blueshape equipment is designed to reflect inputs received directly from the field.


booth C8720

Reflecting the STATE OF THE ART in camera support technology, CARTONI offers the widest product range in the industry. 75 YEARS of know-how and experience, innovative solutions, patented technologies and the constant care of serving the professional in any shooting situation with any camera, make CARTONI synonymous with excellence in camera support.


booth SL4129

Clonwerk® is an internationally recognized name in broadcasting. Clonwerk® provides complete and customized solutions for all creative and technological needs. Technological solutions are based on a Playout and peripheral equipment management system modo® developed in house on the Mac platform, in order to achieve maximum system stability and provide high-level interactive and versatile products.


booth C3324

COM–TECH is the leading company in the design and developing of RF passive components. Products: UHF and VHF Bandpass Filters for Analog and Digital TV Broadcast; UHF and VHF Trasmitting Combiners for Analog and Digital TV Broadcast; UHF and VHF Hybrid Couplers, Multicouplers, Directional Couplers, Matching Lines; Loads, Connectors, Rigid Lines and Accessories.

CTE International

booth C3307

CTE Digital Broadcast is based in Italy in two plants for TV and Radio Transmitters; with more than 60 years of experience, CTE is focused in the design and production of solid-state FM and analogue/digital TV TXs, up to 20kW. The Company is the official provider of many Gov. & Private

Monitor n° 276 - 2008/2009

T I T O L O Broadcasters. CTE complies with ISO 9001 Quality rqs.

DB Elettronica Telecomunicazioni


S E Z I O N E countries all over the world within organizations, private and public broadcasters and telecommunication network operators.


booth N5617

DB is a world leader since 1975 in producing solid state tech. for analog & digital FM Radio and Television. Awarded in Solid State Amplification for the revolutionary ColdFetTM technology, DB provides also, analog & digital microwave links, remote control & management systems, antennas and accessories. Recently DB has developed the liquid cooling system technology both for TV & FM equipments.

ELENOS Group was founded in 1977 and, over the years, has improved its presence on the market thanks to its entrepreneurial spirit and courageous business approach. Company policy with a special focus on changes and technological innovation has made ELENOS an acknowledged leader in the world market for FM transmitters.Today, Elenos operates actively in more than 70 countries.

Delta Meccanica srl


booth N4824

booth SU3125F

Delta Meccanica is a leading company in designing and manufacturing,RF systems starting from antennas up to filters,combiners,patch panels,both motorized and manual,switching systems , dummy loads , for all broadcasting bands , analog or digital. We delivery and perform installations for turnkey projects worldwide.

With more than 19 years of experience, Etere provides powerful, flexible, cost-effective, high-performance, end-to-end media solutions; Etere is the only company worldwide that can offer you a single package solution. Its easy-to-use workflow is able to coordinate all the areas with an unbeatable performance.

De Sisti SpA

Eurotek srl

booth C9031

Founded in 1982 by the acclaimed designer Mario De Sisti, De Sisti Lighting has emerged as a world leader in the design manufacture and distribution of lighting and rigging for the entertainment industriy.

DMT System USA

booth C2622

DMT’s scope extends from the production of individual components to the provision of fully integrated solutions for digital, analog or mobile TV, complete with all the related services. A major focus are DMT’s TV transmitters, from 1W to 10kWrms, featuring low operational costs, ease of use and low footprint. In multimode configuration, DMT’s systems can operate in digital as well as in analog.

Elber srl

booth C2626

Elber S.r.l., produces fixed and portable microwave radio links for analogue and digital transmission available in split type or totally indoor systems in the range from 2GHz to 18GHz. The highly configurable DDM310 digital modem and the digital COFDM applied to wireless camera systems and portable microwave links place Elber at the forefront of flexibility in digital signal transmission.

Electrosys srl

booth C3027

ELECTROSYS business lines - Broadcast communications, Automation and Scientific application and Services - share the common commitment of offering superior technology, performance, quality and flexibility. Currently ELECTROSYS sells and maintains its equipment in more than 130

Monitor n° 276 - 2008/2009

booth SU3125C

Eurotek S.r.l. is a leading Italian manufacturer of digital and analogue microwave radio links for fixed, semi-fixed and mobile applications form 2GHz to 23 GHz . Eurotek’s products deliver excellent link performance, reliability and flexibility for migration from analogue to digital transmission together with a profitable quality-price ratio. Eurotek also manufactures a wide range of antennas.

EuroTel SpA

booth C2635

Eurotel is a leading Italian manifacturer of analogue and digital terrestrial broadcasting television transmitters and trasposers in all TV bands.All EuroTel equipment is solid state,using LD-MOS technology.Power level ranges from few watts up to 20kW in all bands. All equipment is air-cooled. EuroTel has also developed a Fm transmitter up to 40kW with an innovative FM Exciter(digitally synthesize)


booth SU3125G

Founded in 1985 Giomar provides telecommunication devices and services such as research, construction, installation, activation and maintenance radio-electric devices (UHF transmitters), microwave radio links and bridges, radio networks between fixed and mobile devices, antennas and mechanical accessories.


booth C2325

IRTE is the leading Italian system integrator. In 2006, first in the world, has deployed the Italian commercial DVB-H network for 3G operator. Produced


T I T O L O and installed more than 300 transmitters and more than 1000 Gap Fillers. It is a manufacturer of TV Microwave Links, Broadcast Transmitters, wireless cameras, professional Satellite dish antennas, microwave dish antennas UHF, VHF and FM antennas.

Italian Trade Commission

booth SU3125E

The Italian Trade Commission, is the government agency responsible for the promotion of trade, business opportunities, and industrial cooperation between Italian and foreign companies, as well as research centers and universities.At this event we represent in our Pavilion Eurotek, Etere, Giomar , Rover, Vector.

Linear srl

booth N3118

LINEAR srl has been serving the needs of its customers in 95 countries worldwide since 1973, offering the latest tv broadcast production MADE IN ITALY. Simplicity, reliability and efficiency are the hallmarks of the design and manufacturer of our products.



booth C6012

Bogen Imaging Inc. is a leading distributor of key accessory brands for the video, cine and lighting production markets. Bogen is an international company within the Imaging and Staging Division of the Vitec Group. As the exclusive US distributor of Manfrotto, Gitzo, Kata, Avenger, Gossen, Reflecmedia and Formatt Filters, Bogen offers the most complete range of exceptional camera and lighting accessories in the business.

Network Electronics VPG

booth SU10811

Network Electronics/VPG, now Nevion, a global leader in media transport solutions, provides broadcasters and carriers unparalleled flexibility in video transport via any format over any network on a global footprint. Our solutions deliver unrivalled breadth and depth; are highly flexible and deployment-proven, creating future-proof transport architectures that fully meet any networking challenge.

RO.VE.R Laboratories SpA

booth SU3125A

ROVER Laboratories is a leading European manufacturer of test and measurement equipment for cable TV networks and satellite installers and of professional products for RADIO-TV broadcasting network infrastructures and monitoring systems. Since 1972 it has invested in advanced technology: DVB-T, -H, -S, -S2, MPEG2-4. See model “MFE 802” Multi-frontend digital platform receiver/analyzer/decoder.

RVR Elettronica

booth N3231

RVR Elettronica was established in 1979 as a manufacturer of broadcasting equipment.

S E Z I O N E In Over 30 years it has made up a well-known Group of companies that employs over 250 professionalsioning itself as the FM & TV world market leader and manufacturer.Since 2004 RVR has been present in the analogue and currently the digital TV market. RVR is an IBOC (HD) rodio and digital TV ISO 9001 manufacturer.

Screen Service Broadcasting Tech. booth C1925 SCREEN SERVICE is a leading manufacturer of TV transmitters and microwave links. Our portfolio includes, high and low power digital and analogue TV transmitters, transposers and gap-fillers with Echo Cancellation, air or liquid cooled, mobile and fixed microwave links, DTV, DVB and ATSCMH modulators, MPEG encoders, re-multiplexers, offset systems, MMDS transmitters and accessories.


booth C3031

SIRA s.r.l. is a privately owned company, whose name has been since more than 35 years a synonym for quality in the manufacturing of antenna systems, as for FM & TV Broadcasting, as for Telecommunication. There are SIRA’s installations in more than 70 countries in the world and around 80% of SIRA’s sales is destined to the international market.


booth SL13016

TecnoVISION is leader in LED Display market, with more than 1.100 fullcolor LED Displays installed in the world. TecnoVISION reach a big success thanks to the quality of the products, and to the completely customization and support services provided. The continuous innovation in technology give us the opportunity to realize the new LED-TV LUXIO TL4, and the transparent display NET-LED.

Telmec Broadcasting srl

booth C11132

Telmec Broadcasting designs, develops and produces passive electromagnetic structures. The company’s core business is the broadcasting sector, with VHF, UHF and microwave passive components. With the advent of digital modulation, Telmec Broadcasting’s R&D department has developed new components to combine together a large number of transmitters, with both analogue and digital modulation.


booth SU3125D

Vector produces and distributes software solutions, 3D data for planning and design of radio networks, based on 3D territorial models. Moreover, Vector provides professional services for radio planning. Vector has implemented a whole module dedicated to TV and Radio Broadcasting (Analog,DVB-T/H,FM) in accordance with ITU/ETSI regulations. Vector provides solution for: Microwave,WiMAX,WiFi,WLL,etc

Monitor n° 276 - 2008/2009





Monitor n째 276 - 2008/2009

Italian Companies at NAB 2009  

Italian Companies exhibiting at NAB Show 2009

Italian Companies at NAB 2009  

Italian Companies exhibiting at NAB Show 2009