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LISTINO AL PUBBLICO ITALIA GENNAIO 2009 - IVA ESCLUSA Valgono le condizioni generali di vendita Ianiro




DV Series TH-650 DV w/Case TH-950 DV w/Case LS-22 DV DL-2 MP66DV

Head/Tripod with brace/Carrying case Head/Tripod with brace/Carrying case H20/T68BR/Brace Dolly for TH-650DV and TH-950DV Video Monopod with release plate


260 391 512 102 51

Standard Package TH-2000 LS-38(2A) LS-55(2A) LS-60 LS-60M LS-60(2A) LS-60M(2A) LS-70 LS-70M LS-70(2A) LS-70M(2A) LS-70(2C) LS-70M(2C) LS-85(2A) LS-85M(2A) LS-85(2C) LS-85M(2C) LS-100 LS-100M LS-100(2A) LS-100M(2A)

Head(Flat Base)/Tripod with brace H37/T72/SP-1/TC-50 H55/T72/SP-1/TC-50 H60/T78/SP-1/SC-7 H60/T78/BR-3/FP-3/SC-7 H60/T98/SP-1/SC-9 H60/T98/BR-3/FP-3/SC-9 H70/T78/SP-1/SC-7 H70/T787BR-3/SC-7/FP-3 H70/T98/SP-1/SC-9 H70/T98/BR-3/FP-3/SC-9 H70/T98C/SP-1/SC-9 H70/T98C/BR-3/FP-3/SC-9 H85/T98/SP-1/SC-9 H85/T98/BR-3/FP-37SC-9 H85/T98C/SP-1/SC-9 H85/T98C/BR-3/FP-3/SC-9 H100/T102/SP-5/SC-7 H100/T102/BR-5S/FP-3/SC-7 H100/T103/SP-5/SC-7 H100/T103/BR-5S/FP-3/SC-7


622 680 963 1.243 1.338 1.434 1.531 2.153 2.244 2.340 2.437 2.534 2.630 3.584 3.680 3.777 3.873 5.224 5.300 5.560 5.639


3.686 4.425 5.357 6.093 6.637 7.373

Pedestal and Package P110B P110 Column/DL-8for EFP use P110S P110Column/DL-10+wheelguard for Studio use LS-70PD(B) H70/P110(B)/PH-3S,DL-8,PH-7 not included LS-70PD(S) H70/P110(S)/PH-3S,DL-10+wheelguard,PH-7 not included LS-85PD(B) H85/P110(B)/PH-3S,DL-8,PH-7 not included LS-85PD(S) H85/P110(S)/PH-3S,DL-10+wheelguard,PH-7not included


Jib Arm and Options JIB-30 Jib Arm c/w Under Mount +weight kit T102 Heavy Duty Tripod for Jib SP5 Floor spreader for T102 legs HM 1 rear jib Set JIB-30WK Spare weight kit and case


2.306 1.845 148 222 222

Tracking Rail TR-320 CR-90 EX-160S

3.2m Tracking rail, Dolly system, Carrying Case curved rail with Carry Case Extension rail 1.6m


2.163 785 294


DL-5S DL-8 DL-10

dolly for all tripods EXCEPT:TH650DV,TH950DV,TH2000,T101 Adjustable Dolly for all Tripods EXCEPT TH650DV,TH950DV,TH2000,T101 Dolly for T102 Studio Dolly


294 492

Head H38 H55 H60 H70 H85 H100

Head with PH-7 Head with PH-7 Head with PH-7 Head with PH-7 Head with PH-7 Head with PH-7


533 734 884 1.672 2.952

Tripod T 72 T 78 T 98 T 98C T 102 T 103

Single stage tripod 75mm bowl Single stage tripod 100mm bowl Two Stage Tripod Two Stage Carbonfibre Tripod Single Stage Heavy Duty tripod 2 Stage Heavy Duty tripod


294 294 492 686 990


100 148 49


121 148



35 49 49



Carrycase for TH650DV and TH950DV Carrycase for LS22 Carrycase for LS37 and LS55 Padded Case for LS60 and LS70 fitted with T77single stage legs,T101 Padded Case for LS60 and LS85 fitted with two stage legs T97 & T97


Pan Handle ZC-3DV ZC-9Pro ZC-9EX PH-3S PH-7

Zoom Controller Lanc & Panasonic Pro Zoom Controller,Canon & Fujinon Zoom control for Sony PMW-EX Dual Pan Handles for P110 use Pan Handle for all Libec Heads


127 211 252 100 58

Dolly DL-3

Spreader and Foot Pad Ground Spreader for all tripods EXCEPT SP-1 TH650DV,TH950DV,TH2000,T101 SP-5 Ground Spreader for T102 BR-1S Mid Spreader for LS22,LS37,LS55 Mid Spreader for all 60,70,85 tripods with single,two stage&Carbon Fibre BR-3S BR-5S Mid Spreader for T102 Foot Pads:use with BR3 mid spreader and any tripod EXCEPT (like SP-1) FP-3 Carrying Case TC 6 TC 60 TC 50 SC-7


PH-9 A-12P EX230 EX-330DV

Zoom Handle for Libec 12 Pin Adaptor for PH-9/S/V 2,3m 8pin extension for PH9/ZC-9 5m lanc/panasonic extension for ZC3


256 79 100 69

Accessory AS-5 AD-75 LA-110

Monitor Bracket-Libec Adaptor for 75mm ball base heads Low Angle Adaptor for DL-8/DL-10


88 30 279



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