TPi March/April 2022 - #268

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EPSON PU2200U Epson Europe Product Manager of Video Projectors, Dan Rose explains why ‘miniaturisation and sustainability’ is at the forefront of company’s new range of high lumens laser projectors.

Photos: Epson

What was the initial goal in the research, creation and development of the PU2200U range of high lumen laser projectors? “Within the video projectors product segment, customers have made it clear that they want laser projection, smaller, more versatile products, interchangeable lenses, a strong warranty and pre/post-sales support, as well as frictionless trade across different regions. Epson’s new PU2200U range embodies all these attributes and aligns with our strategy around miniaturisation and sustainability, whereby smaller products represent a smaller environmental footprint and lower CO2 emissions for the end-user.” How did the COVID-19 pandemic affect the R&D process? “Epson planned to launch the range publicly at ISE 2022, which was unfortunately postponed. Instead, the PU2200U range will be showcased on a road trip at several regional events across Europe throughout February and March. We also showcased the range to key customers behind closed doors ahead of the launch.


Epson, however, isn’t immune from the global supply issues, however, the combination of stocking our channel-based distribution model and building contingency stocks in distribution centres across different regions, will enable us to significantly reduce impacts on our customers. Epson has continued its daily investment of $1.2m into R&D before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. This investment allows us to work closely with our customers, to ensure that all new products meet the unique needs of our customers across all our different business units.” How does the PU2200U range build on the success of its projection predecessors? “It’s 70% smaller and 50% lighter than the EB-L20000U range and offers improved specifications and improvements compared to the outgoing EB-L1700 series. Specific improvements include easier installation and set-up, simplified maintenance and greater image quality. The range also offers significant environmental benefits including much lower power consumption, significantly reduced

packaging requirements and a lower carbon footprint. In addition to features such as mechanical shutter, SDI loop through and simple stacking, as well as a sealed design with IP5X certification for the light engine and optical system.” Why is it important to develop an ultralightweight high lumen project range of projectors? “One of the most common pieces of feedback we received from customers was the desire to have a high specification, high brightness projector that could allow projection to be utilised in more ways than ever before, but that was also light and compact. Sustainability is always at the forefront of our consideration and the PU2200U range offers a 38% reduction in the life cycle CO2 footprint compared to our outgoing EB-L20000U. This is because all our new installation projectors now all have a laser light source rather than lamp, as high-output laser light source has a longer service life and helps shrink the size of the optical engine.”