mondo*arc Apr/May 2017 - Issue 97

Page 42




Working with the aesthetic and technical parameters of the lighting design profession, Lighting LAB.1 is a design office that aims to create sustainable lighting systems in buildings, dealing with artificial lighting, natural lighting and energy efficiency together in its projects.

ASTANA EXPO 2017 DAYLIGHT ANALYSIS ASTANA, KAZAKHSTAN The building, which is built by Sembol Construction for the Expo 2017 to be held in the capital city Astana, consists of a sphere measuring 80-metres in diameter. Lots of activities and exhibitions will be organised in this huge eight-floor building surrounded entirely by glass. After Expo 2017 the building will be rearranged for the public and commercial use of an Astana. LAB.1 has performed an annual daylight analysis to see the effect of daylight within the building. The study was realised in three different stages. Firstly, external illumination calculations were carried out for the representative dates. Then detailed calculations made for the most sunny month of July, with detailed analysis of all the exhibits. At last, annual daylight calculations were made for all floors to analyse the general daylight levels.

ASHGABAT INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT TERMINAL ASHGABAT, TURKMENISTAN Constructed by Polimeks in Turkmenistan’s capital city, Ashgabat International Airport is one of the biggest projects in the country. The Airport Complex consists of 266 buildings with different functions and constructed on the site area of 12 million m2 including 2.5 million m2 area of runways, taxiways and aprons. In the main terminal building, the lighting

design has been handled together with the interior design, and each light fixture has been placed as an integral part of the space design. The lights that were used in the building are not just technical products that illuminate the place, but the ceilings in the interior were created with these lights. The general atmosphere is created with homogenous lighting for the comfort of the

passenger. The building has a huge bird shape so the façade lighting was designed to emphasise this extraordinary architectural form. While the LED up-light projectors on the entrance canopy illuminate the two wings homogenously, the linear lighting fixtures integrated on the front façade imitates a bird’s flapping motion.