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We are fortunate in the world of lighting to have an abundance of lovely creative people who are passionate about light. This means that we can always find someone to share their inspiration with us for the back page. This issue we approached our Spanish friend Lara Elbaz to share what inspires her about light. She says: “I made a list of all the aspects of light that trigger my imagination and make me feel something special or unexpected: a particular colour, a surprising reflection, sun light, a shadow, light art, attending a concert, a new city, people… How and where I get inspiration and how I then use it in my work is what made me think of using my everyday personal visual diary to explain it. I’m always alert to capture that special ‘light moment’. My camera is always ready and I take dozens of photos every week. It can happen anywhere, anytime... Collecting those moments is a way of acknowledging the magic around me. My Instagram account is so far private and only visible to friends and family but sharing those special moments of my life with them is my way of sharing my own vision of the world; what I see when I look around me and my love for light.“

mondo*arc Apr/May 2015 - Issue 84  

mondo*arc is the leading international magazine in architectural lighting design. Targeted specifically at the lighting specification market...

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