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retail lighting

Opening Spread A bespoke, arching ribbon of light created by Light Lab provides the primary source of illumination in Samsung KX, complemented by Targetti’s surfacemounted Zeno spotlights. This Page Light Lab’s ribbon of light serves to unify the many different areas of the space, bringing them together under one scheme.




esigned by Heatherwick Studios, Coal

added. “The fixed parameters of the space are what

Adjacent to London’s King’s Cross

Inside, the complexity of the infrastructure of the

Drops Yard is an architectural marvel.

made this such a unique project.”

Station, the chic, high-end retail

building, and the changing functionality of the

space is dominated by two curved, ‘kissing’

Samsung KX space, required the team to create a

of the city’s newest landmarks.

visible through the floor-to-ceiling windows, and

Samsung KX, a new ‘retail and experience space’.

led space is used.

architects KSS and interior designers Brinkworth,

that the building presented and ensure that this

lighting design and to find an impactful way to

light throughout that the client needed,”

“Our brief was to create a rational lighting solution

of the building, so the success of the project lay in

Associate Lighting Designer at Nulty. “We were

harmoniously within it.”

it came to Coal Drops Yard’s curved rooftops, so

ribbon of light that soars throughout the east and

with the building. Architecture always took

the building. Created by The Light Lab, the circular

As such, Nulty created an all-LED lighting scheme

and ceiling to form a central architectural feature

enhancing the iconic appearance of the near-

workshops and talks. Visible from every aspect of

factored into the lighting design too. “Everything

curves of Heatherwick’s original design, while

to ensure that the lighting design is consistent

“A number of the manufacturers that we

rooftops, making it instantly recognisable as one

day-to-night lighting scheme that is constantly

Situated underneath these swooping rooftops is

can be modified depending on how the experience-

Working alongside project managers Portview,

“Our role was to master the technical challenges

Nulty was brought onto the project to complete the

didn’t impact on our ability to deliver the quality of

illuminate Heatherwick’s remarkable architecture.

continued Sandgren. “We were always respectful

for the space,” explained Anna Sandgren,

creating a lighting solution that could work

working with a clear architectural blueprint when

A key facet in this lighting solution is a continuous

our lighting scheme had to work sympathetically

west retail showcases, unifying the two sections of


swoop of light travels up through the floor, walls

that was befitting of its architectural backdrop,

for Samsung KX, designed to host masterclasses,

identical gabled roofs - an element that had to be

Coal Drops Yard, the ribbon of light mirrors the

about the final scheme needed to be symmetrical

enveloping the space in a layering blanket of light.

throughout both linear structures,” Sandgren

approached said that it couldn’t be done because of

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arc December/January Issue 113