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An Optical Illusion To match the high-end aesthetic of the Opticals department of Selfridges, London, Nulty has created an impressive, LED lighting scheme that delivers a luxury feel alongside the illumination needed for an optometry department.


PROJECT DETAILS Selfridges Optical Department, London, UK Client: Selfridges Lighting Design: Nulty, UK Architect: FDA Architecture, UK Interior Design: Alex Cochrane Architects, UK Lighting Suppliers: Applelec, Crescent, Viabizzuno



ulty has recently completed work on

Terrazzo display units positioned throughout the

in Selfridges, London. The Opticals

create back-illuminated tops that create luminous

final part of the world’s largest accessories hall.

pinstripe LED detail that surrounds the mirror and

to create an impressive LED lighting scheme that

onto the face without creating shadows.

providing the proper illumination required for an

the new concession with stacked copper display

A central part of the Nulty lighting concept was

track-mounted spotlights that to pick up the sparkle

feature displays, cabinets and walls to create a

The luxurious experience continues into the

A series of feature walls punctuate the back of the

lighting and downlights from Crescent provide

to shoppers. A large hexagon is surrounded by an

lighting control system has been installed to

opticals within. Perspex triangle boxes featuring

within treatment rooms when performing eye

utilised as display stands for the glasses, creating

to remain partially lit when the downlights have

green acrylic diamond has been back illuminated,

Anna Sandgren, Associate at Nulty, said:

showcasing the opticals within.

moments that were meant to stand out and

detailing provides additional feature lighting within

opportunity to collaborate creatively with the design

shelving joinery, provided by Viabizzuno, highlights


the UK’s largest eyewear destination

centre of the concession utilise Applelec fixtures to

department spans 4,000sqft and is the

display cabinets. Bespoke circular mirrors have a

Nulty worked alongside Alex Cochrane Architects

provides the perfect amount of soft illumination

delivers a unique high-end aesthetic, while also

Intricate lighting continues into the luxury area of

optometry department.

boxes featuring linear LEDs and miniature jewel-like,

carefully integrating lighting into the joinery,

in the high-end quality of the products on display.

purposely refined and well-illuminated space.

optometry consultation rooms. A mix of task

retail area and provide additional visual interest

a flexible, calm and relaxing feel for clients. A

illuminated linear trough detail that frames the

allow the optometrist to control the level of light

small LED light sheets from Applelec have been

examinations. A cove detail allows treatment rooms

a glowing effect from below. Further along, a

been turned off for examinations.

providing a visually stimulating display and

“Throughout the retail space we purposely created

A clean line of light within the perimeter cove

capture the customer’s imagination. It gave us the

the retail area. The lighting integrated within the

team and the architect to create something rather

the front of the products and picks up the various


design details featured in the glasses on display.

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arc October/November 2018 - Issue 106  

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