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Welcome to the fifth edition of 3d - our annual decorative design directory, which lists over 2,000 manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of decorative lighting products for the international specification market - categorised into continents and countries for ease of use. As with any directory, despite our pleas for any amends before we went to print, there are bound to be some discrepancies. Moved building? Get in touch. Changed distribution in a particular country? Get in touch. Increased distribution or opened new showrooms? Get in touch. With thousands of entries, 3d can only be as good as the information we receive and so, if this year we haven't got your details right please let me know so we can update your information for the 2020/21 edition. Continuing our annual darc designers feature, this year's 3d profiles emerging talents in the world of lighting. Some of the designers have been nominated by their peers, some caught our eye while wandering around design shows, some have even won a darc award. Turn to page 8 to see who has been featured this year. Designed to work as a referencing tool for designers and architects, as well as our 12,000 strong circulation list, 3d benefits from distribution at all of the major design shows around the world. Trade shows remain an extremely important element of interior and lighting design, with manufacturers using them as a platform to launch new products - with this in mind we bring you the fourth edition of darc's Product Round-Up, which features just some of the key launches that caught our attention during the past twelve months - turn to page 28 to read more. We hope you enjoy the read and most of all find the information useful. Remember, if you need to update your directory listing, please email me on





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This year's darc designers feature takes a closer look at some of the emerging talents within the world of lighting.

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We take a look at some of the best internationally produced products we've seen over the last year.


Dernier & Hamlyn manufactured more than 400 light fittings in this exciting new restaurant in the Leadenhall Building, London.







We bring you the ultimate guide to lighting products launched from the best design shows in 2018/19.


























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Design to Shape Light

• Size: Ø200, Ø300, Ø400 • Colours: Alu grey, white, corten • System power: 10 W, 22W, 25W • Colour temp. 2700K and 3000K • Lumen output: 400, 750, 1000 • Lm/W: 40 • CRI: >90

Flindt Wall Lighting Design Awards 2019 Design by Christian Flindt

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Having won the Distributed Design Challenge 2018 with his Light_00 fixture, Milo Mcloughlin-Greening’s design is the result of a five-day sprint, where seven designers worked with locally sourced materials and reproducible processes to design a light, which could be easily reproduced anywhere around the globe. “At its core, the project is about experimenting with the theory behind distributed design as a method of manufacture,” Mcloughlin-Greening tells darc. “A light is a really great vehicle for this experiment because it inherently requires slightly more technical components than a piece of furniture for example, but at the same time isn’t super complex.” Light_00 stems from a brief given by Studio Other Today, which held the Distributed Design Lamp Challenge in 2018 during London Design Festival, co-funded by Creative Europe and in partnership with British lighting brand Tala. “We are now developing the light fixture and seeing what it takes to bring a product to life using the principles of distributed design,” continues Mcloughlin-Greening. “There are a lot of challenges and questions to be answered, which is what makes it a really exciting project for me. “I wouldn’t say I have necessarily chosen lighting design as my career path, but it has ended up playing a fairly big part in where I am today. I am interested in working within new fields of design, particularly looking at how the design of physical objects can play a part in social development and how the emergence of new distributed manufacturing trends can make the world a more sustainable place to live. During my undergraduate

degree I spent my placement year working for lighting design studio Haberdashery. When I started it was a really young company and an exciting place to be. After I graduated I spent about a year working at the MAP and Barber Osgerby studio before returning to Haberdashery, where I worked on a range of bespoke light sculptures as well as some early development on the start of their product range. Experimenting and working with light is something I have always enjoyed and Haberdashery was a great environment to do that in.” Towards the end of his time at Haberdashery Mcloughlin-Greening developed an interest in exploring his own design ideas and decided to study a Design Products course at the RCA where he worked on ideas incorporating local material reuse in the field of social design, which resulted in the Collecting Commons project. “It was a great challenge to see what could be made from locally collected materials,” he says. “This was my first step in making the design process as participatory as possible; I found it pretty scary to let go of some of the control and leave it up to what develops in workshops, but I think that this way of incorporating people into the process is the only way to bring about deep change that is needed in our understanding of material and the things we surround ourselves with.” After graduating, Mcloughlin-Greening was asked by Milton Keynes Art Centre to reproduce the project, which leads us to today – planning a new project in Milton Keynes with a similar focus, developing the Light_00 project, and working on some other sustainable design projects as a freelancer. “My general philosophy when designing is

focused on asking why? I think there is far too much innovation, particularly in the commercial tech world, that seems to be done just because it can be done. That isn’t a good enough reason to make new products for me. “I don’t feel like I have a particular style yet, but it is something that can only develop over time. I would like to think that I will be initiating more and more participatory projects in the future, where the outcome will be controlled by the time, place and people that are involved.”

Lighting Hero I wouldn’t say I have any particular ‘lighting heroes’ but I met Flynn Talbot when I was working on an exhibition in Paris and he is a really nice guy and seemed to be doing some really cool stuff; I also have so much respect for the Haberdashery team, they are all extremely talented. Lastly, I would say Tala is making some serious waves in LED technology. Stand out project I am definitely most proud of Collecting Commons. It really feels like an accurate culmination of my ideas about social change mixed with loads of making, which is what I see as the most fun part of design. Moving forward I’m really excited about the future and have no idea where it’s all going to go. I am just going to try and direct things towards working on projects that have some sort of meaning for me and most of all try to make sure that design and making continues to be really fun. Working with light Is where it all started for me and I think experimenting within such a fundamental discipline has created a great foundation for my work.


JAMES BARTLETT NOMINATED BY RUSSELL CAMERON, INNERMOST Based in Hong Kong, James Bartlett works with lighting brand Innermost on some of its key lighting ranges. With a degree in Three Dimensional Design from Manchester Metropolitan University, for Bartlett, a career in lighting wasn’t an obvious choice and his interest in light is definitely something that has developed along the way. “I kind of fell into lighting and enjoyed the day-to-day problem solving of it,” he tells darc. “After I graduated, I busied myself between pouring pints – to work in various design-based roles in the North; from exhibition design and installation, furniture design, prop building, graphics and web design. Eventually, I met my aspirations of becoming a member of the ‘Great Northern Brain Drain’ and moved to London to live the dream. “Freelance work at Habitat gave me an insight into the different areas of design for the home, from tableware decoration to lighting. Then, when I moved to Innermost, I began to focus more directly on lighting design – working in development and production, which gives me the opportunity of seeing a product through from the initial idea generation stage to the final quality inspection before it leaves the production line.” In terms of Bartlett’s design philosophy, he tells darc how it’s important for him to design the right tool

for the job, using the right tools for the job. “We all have constraints,” he says. “Whether its budgets, schedules or available processes. It’s the designer’s job to work within those – pushing them where they can and still end up creating a great product. I get inspired discussing problems with engineers and finding a solution together. “I’ve always been inspired by simplicity and geometry in form – from Alvar Alto and Le Corbusier to Naoto Fukasawa and Jasper Morrison. I think what Stefan Diez is doing right now with Vibia is really nice as well; the Guise series especially is a great concept, well executed and ranged imaginatively.”

Lighting Hero Alvar Alto, Le Corbusier, Naoto Fukasawa, Jasper Morrison If I could have worked on Concorde - an amazing collaboration between two teams of engineers. Stand out project A simple Clip Lamp I developed alongside an engineering specialist for Innermost’s OEM side of the business. It was technical and huge orders off the bat, so no chance for mistakes. I learnt a lot and we delivered a great final piece in a very tight timeline. Moving forward I get my kicks out of problem solving, so I would love to solve bigger and harder problems. Working with light In the studio we’ve started to use the phrase ‘light is a material’, which is true of how it is capable of generating mood and emotion in addition to illumination.


Having started her lighting career as an intern at the world-renowned Lindsey Adelman Studio in New York, Mary Wallis is now embarking on a new and exciting adventure of her own, working full time at her studio. Born in Australia, Wallis moved to New York on the advice of a life coach who said she needed to follow her passion. Having studied at Parsons the New School for Design and then the Pratt Institute, in 2014 the Mary Wallis for Lindsey Adelman collection was released. “It has always been light for me,” she tells darc. “I have never designed a piece of furniture in my life. At design school I would always twist the project into making a light. I realised I first wanted to pursue a career in lighting when I did a neon bending workshop at Urban Glass in 2011. Neon transfixes people because we are all like moths to the flame. I find people always want to be really close because they can’t believe it’s real. “I am constantly looking to natural shapes and forms for inspiration. The curves and textures of feathers and wings have been a recurring motif. The glass shards of my Edie chandelier are pushed away from the brass frame like feathers fluffed up on a bird. Each piece of glass is a unique shape, just as each feather is a unique shape in nature. “The relationship between architectural and decorative lighting is essential to me. If they are not working in harmony but against

each other, the project will no doubt result in problems. “Much of my work is inspired by the interpretation of historical forms. I’ve deconstructed a traditional carriage lantern by turning it inside out; I’ve distilled a familiar Murano glass chandelier to the fundamental forms of a curve, a line and a circle. It’s great to work with a client where we can rearrange these fundamental elements together specifically for their project.”

Lighting Hero Of course Lindsey Adelman… but also the people I work with. Each piece passes through 10-15 pairs of hands and sometimes two pairs of hands are required at once. For example, to make the incalmo glass for the Acorn pendant, two glass blowers must have a furnace each so they can simultaneously blow each half of the pendant – one side in grey, the other clear. They must be at the exact same temperature and exact same diameter to be fused together successfully. If I could have worked in Theatre! Call me New York City Ballet! Stand out project The Light Line table lamp – I love that it takes neon off the wall into a 3D object. Moving forward My business began not as a business, but as my little laboratory where I could experiment with ideas after I finished my day job. I was interested in pushing the limits of materials. The business has grown, but at the core it is still a laboratory because I want to push design forward. Working with light is Lightning in a bottle.




Kate Colin, based in Glasgow, Scotland, works with paper to create handmade lighting, wall art and installations. Inspired by origami and geometric forms, her bold and sculptural work emphasises the interplay between light and shade. Having worked as a radio producer in a former life, a career in design hasn’t always been on Colin’s agenda, however she has always had an interest in 3D design and working with

paper as a raw material. “I designed lights in my spare time,” she tells darc. “It was only after having my daughter and focusing more on my design practice that I realised this was the path I felt passionate about and wanted to pursue.” In the beginning Colin was primarily interested in the exploration of geometric form and the potential of what could be created through the manipulation of a flat piece of paper. “I was inspired to start paper folding through my dad’s hobby of making polyhedra models. He’s a mathematician and I think I must have inherited some of his passion for geometric form, precise angles, line and shadow. I soon discovered that the possibilities were endless and became increasingly fascinated by how the slightest alteration in angle, fold or measurement could completely transform the final piece. Five years ago I decided to see if I could create something similar and I soon became hooked on the art of paper folding and turning my creations into lights. “Combining good design with functionality is key to my practice and as I started to incorporate more colour into my work began to experiment with how pieces reacted to the addition of light. I was pleased to discover how illumination radically transformed their appearance – folds, creases and angles became emphasised while an intensity of colour was brilliantly revealed. At this point, I knew light would be an essential element in my work and that my shades would have


function as well as decorative appeal. “I am greatly inspired by architectural form and often refer to brutalist buildings, forms and colours when embarking on the design of new light fixtures. The relartionship between interiors and lighting is essential – good lighting is the basis of any interior space. It can create mood, atmosphere, as well as serving as an essential function.”

My Lighting Hero Isamu Noguchi and Arturo Alvarez If I could have worked on I love the installation at the Coca Cola headquarters in Buenos Aires created by Weplight. It is a collection of huge shades suspended at great height that look magnificent. Stand out project Probably my solo shows where I had free reign on design, scale and colour and got the chance to see multiples of my shades hanging in one location, which is always very satisfying. Moving forward I’ve just been awared a QEST scholarship, which will enable me to take some formal training in folding and pleating. I intend to explore geometric manipulation in paper, fabrics and many new materials and will use this research to create a new collection of lighting to launch in 2020. Working with light Provides endless possibilities. Be it form, materials or function, it has the power to transform a space and improve people’s lives and wellbeing.

darc was first introduced to Weplight at Light + Building 2018 in Franfkurt, Germany; based in Argentina, the studio produces stunning decorative lighting using flexible wood veneer. The veneer allows the design duo Marcelo Dabini and Nadia Corsaro to produce high quality lighting products for the contract market. With a design philosophy focused on biodegradable materials and designs that can be transported with the least possible carbon footprint impact, Weplight’s history starts with Marcelo Dabini’s time in education. “I have been making lights in some form or another since I was at school,” he tells darc. “I started with recycled materials and then later in life, decided on lighting design as a career when I discovered people were enjoying the lights I was producing in my spare time. I started with a group of polypropylene shades that came flat packed in a small envelope – the idea behind it, a gift you can ship worldwide at a low cost; from there I started selling them in a big American retailer and museum gift shops around the world. After a while, together with Nadia, we developed the flexible wood veneer and we transformed into Weplight. “I feel over the years that architects, designers and customers have begun to understand the importance of light in spaces. This is something I also learnt when I worked as a filmmaker for five years as a director’s assistant. Lighting is the most important part of any interiors project and I feel we have developed a keen signature style that is able to fit in to the wide variety of interior styles expressed in today’s commercial market. “Looking ahead I am keen to continue developing new products that maintain the philosophy of Weplight that we are known for all over the world, they should have a unique identity and be instantly recognisable.”

EDITOR’S PICK - LIGHT + BUILDING 2018 Lighting Hero I don’t really have heroes but since I was young I’ve followed the work of Philippe Stark. If I could have worked on Any of Philippe Stark’s projects Stand out project Coca Cola Latin America HQ



For Jordan Dery, design is something that runs in his blood; as such, it was only natural that he should end up joining the family business Karice. As featured in Jan/Feb 2019 issue of darc, Karice is a lighting and metalwork manufacturer that specialises in custom lighting fixtures, pushing creative boundaries and aiming to craft the unimaginable. After graduating high school, like many teenagers, Dery admits he wasn’t entirely sure what his next move would be and as such, took the summer off to contemplate his options. “I’ve always been good with my hands, was never afraid of tools or machinery and after about ten months of working at a place that designs, manufactures and repairs turbochargers, decided to follow in my dad’s footsteps and work towards becoming a machinist,” Dery tells darc. “I enrolled at BCIT – one of the trades and technology schools in BC – and started my apprenticeship. After a couple more months an opportunity came up to work with my dad at Karice and so I left turbos and joined the family business. Expanding on his experience of working with light, he continues: “I could say I have always had an interest in light; I feel everyone is drawn to light in some sort of way. In high school I was very involved with school productions behind the scenes… the production team would be reading through the script of the play and I would be thinking about each scene and how we were going to light it. “The relationship between interiors and light is so key to the final look of a space. Firstly, no light, no space to see; secondly, light can be used to accent areas in a room. Just like a painting in a museum needs to be lit in order for the viewer to enjoy, a room needs to be lit so that the occupant can enjoy the space. This is where my design philosophy starts to come into play. I ask myself, does the fixture work in this space; is it lighting the space how we would like it; is it accenting that beautiful armchair in the corner… also, does it look good doing it; is it a beautiful piece; does it fit the décor of the room; does it bring harmony to the space… “Inspiration for me comes in so many different forms. The most prevalent inspiration comes from the previous lights that Karice has created. Sometimes it is as simple as a particular component from one fixture creating a whole new piece if used in a different way.” When considering the relationship between architectural and decorative lighting, for Dery the lines are beginning to blur. “We are starting to see more decorative pieces being used where traditionally, an architectural piece would be used and vice versa. Lights are becoming more modern, clean and simple in their design and these pieces work

in the modern homes that you see these days. “I wouldn’t say I have a signature style as yet, but it’s slowly starting to develop. That being said, my current designs are definitely on the modern side of things. When it comes to clients looking for something outside of Karice’s product line I try my best to interpret what they are looking for. I always say to people that today, we are able to create pieces that couldn’t have been dreamt of ten years ago. What is going to be possible in another ten years?”

Lighting Hero My dad, Maurice Dery. He has the technicality of an engineer and the creativity of an artist. He is able to figure out the how – how are we going to bring this light to life? If I could have worked on The ideas that I have in my head - I have so many ideas and there are never enough hours in a day. I’m always thinking about the next light. Decorative lighting Forms part of the interior design and can sometimes lift an interior to iconic status. With an increasingly competitive market, interior designers are looking towards bespoke lighting pieces to create unique and memorable interiors. Moving forward I believe one thing that pushes growth for me, is the constant change in light source technology. I’m always keeping an eye on what’s available and thinking of ways that I can integrate them into designs. Working with light Gives us the opportunity to see a space or environment from a different angle.




making the components for me. Having graduated from Rhode Island School of Design “Regardless of the client and end-user, I consider with a degree in Furniture Design, and an interest in sustainability in the design process. I think about the metal work, blacksmithing and sculpture, Kate Sweater lifetime of the project and of the lighting fixtures I either ‘accidentally’ stumbled into her first lighting job at Aurora make or specify. Lampworks – a lighting restoration, replication and “When I work in the role of an architectural lighting custom fabrication shop in Brooklyn, New York. designer I think about what the client or end-user Initially hired to help remove some gigantic pendants wants to see in the room. The best compliment for from a cathedral and catalogue the parts as they an architectural lighting designer is when someone were dissembled, Sweater stayed on and eventually doesn’t notice the actual fixtures, but they see all the started working with customers on lighting fixture best elements in the room and feel comfortable and modifications, as well as designing and engineering new supported inside the space. custom fixtures. Sweater recalls learning so much about “I work hard to understand how the client and end-user metalwork, restoration, wiring and electricity, finding will view and use all the spaces I’m designing. In most herself completely hooked. cases the design style of the project depends on the “The work was creative and hands-on, design-based but client or the location. I have some preferred lighting technical and there was so much to learn and explore,” brands that I return to over time because I like the quality she tells darc. “I have worked in lighting ever since, either but I do keep an open mind and open palette for each as a fixture designer / engineer, architectural lighting project. I love getting suggestions from clients because it designer, or in lighting research. helps me to understand their design language. “After graduating from college I had a lot of ideas about possible career directions and worked in a wide variety of Lighting Hero Dawn Ladd, owner of Aurora Lampworks. odd jobs before landing in lighting. Looking back on my She is a real force of nature and is a determined business trajectory though, it seems I would have found lighting owner, designer and all-round creative person. She eventually because it suits me so well.” works hard to create beautiful lighting fixtures. Howard Sweater’s next career move was to Focus Lighting in Brandston and Jean Paul Freyssinier are also lighting Manhattan where she learnt a lot about architectural heroes to me. lighting design on the job. “I loved this work,” she says. If I could have worked on Lighting for a science “It opened a whole new world of architectural design. I museum – this is something I’ve always wanted to do. loved meeting with clients, learning about drafting, and When I was at Focus Lighting one of the other teams did working on large-scale projects. Since then I’ve had a the lighting design for the Science Storms exhibit at the short stint at a light fixture engineering firm, worked at Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. It would be Moooi in the Netherlands and then Tillett Lighting Design such a great challenge to tell a story both overtly and in Manhattan before starting my own company Dwaal covertly using light. Lighting Design in December 2016. Stand out project I’m currently working as a lighting “Dwaal is a Dutch word meaning ‘to wander’ – as an fellow for ‘Opening the Edge’ a project of the Design architectural lighting design firm we have had the Trust for Public Space in partnership with the New pleasure of working on a variety of projects including York City Housing Authority. It seeks to design a new private residences, colleges and even an eclectic green space to facilitate interaction between residents recording studio. We also recently started a branch of in NYC’s public housing developments and the larger the company called Ozzy & Wes that focuses on custom neighbourhood of the Lower East Side, Manhattan. lighting fixture design projects. Decorative lighting Is more about the object itself, “Ozzy & Wes were the names of my grandfathers; one the aesthetic interpretation around the lighting source. spent his career working on power and light, the other on Some fixtures are more design forward, however some sound and communication. We have a couple of fixture cross over into architectural lighting when they provide lines currently in the works including a line of acoustic substantial light for the users. lighting fixtures. Moving forward I look forward to seeing how Dwaal “The core of my design philosophy is that understanding Lighting Design grows and changes over the next the end-user is critical to achieving a successful design. few years. I would like to grow the office, but want to I try to maintain perspective on the broader goals of maintain the flexibility to be selective about the types the spaces I design and I value the voices of those who of projects we take on. I’m very excited about the work are directly impacted by the application of my design we’re doing at Ozzy & Wes too! process. Working with light Is everything I could want it to be. “I try to design for equitable use, whether that is creating “This is my morning, even outside my city window a outdoor spaces that don’t stigmatise any group of users cicada sings, light, it seems, as a miracle.” – An except of or creating interior lighting that won’t disturb plant and a poem by David Riggle. animal life near the residence. If I am designing fixtures I consider where the materials come from and who is Reflections AD.indd 2

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Mischa Couvrette launched his lighting studio hollis+morris in 2015 and is the sole designer at the studio. From the beginning, he knew he wanted to build a design studio centred on local production and sustainable design. Today, all of the pieces are made with components manufactured in North America, then fabricated and assembled at the hollis+morris workshop in Toronto, Canada. “I’ve always loved design and architecture but it never crossed my mind that I could make it a career,” Couvrette tells darc. “So much of the hollis+morris portfolio meditates on our connection to the earth and nature and I think this is largely informed by my university studies in environmental science and marine biology. I’m the type of Canadian who grew up immersed in nature, never too far from the ocean or the forest. “When I was 25, I bought an old sailboat with friends and we spent two years designing and building it from the bottom up. The refurbishment involved a lot of woodwork and metalwork and it was the first time I had made something so substantial with my hands. I couldn’t believe the joy and empowerment – I fell in love with the process. The thought of having an idea and executing it through manufacturing fascinated me and I’m still invigorated by it to this day. “After that, I started creating original designs, the first of which were furniture pieces – a table and a chair. I have no formal training in design and think that has brought a sense of humility and appreciation to every product I produce. Especially when I started designing with light – I tread very carefully. Now, I feel I’ve come into my own and I’m comfortable with light and love using it as a tool to inspire people. “My approach has always been to let nature inspire function and form. My philosophy lies in abstracting natural elements into their subtlest forms. Recently, I watched the moon rise over a lake; this vision will surely find itself into a new lighting fixture. I’ve also always believed that less is more – that if you can distill a design to its core, you have the highest chance of reaching the most people. The more essential the form, the more opportunity there is for it to spark something subjective from a person’s life experience. “The most signature element of my style is design rooted in honest materials. Almost every piece in the

portfolio considers how wood, such as oak and walnut can interact with metals like powder-coated aluminium or fine polished brass. People often describe our pieces as playful and I think that reaction has a lot to do with the relationship between these two materials in the collections. “A lot of our lighting is also linear and in a sense it’s a defining part of my design approach because I spent years perfecting the light-in dowel design of the Bennington Collection. In fact, what makes the Willow Collection so special to me is that its our first series to invoke the orb light into a more familiar hollis+morris design. “Our focus at the studio has always been on decorative lighting. I’m interested in how people interact with our designs, how those designs can impact a room and I’m always thinking about the sculptural potential of lighting – how it can define a space. Light is such a critical layer of design.”

Lighting Hero Bertjan Pot – I particularly love his lighting designed for Moooi – he pushes the boundaries of new technology. He pushed the limits of our existing technology to create incredible pieces that stand out because of their originality. Also, Neri & Hu’s lighting designs settle their gaze on the natural world and when I first saw their work that was very empowering to me. It gave me the confidence to pursue my design vision – invoking the mysticism of the natural world into a contemporary design tradition. If I could have worked on Bocci’s Fairmont Pacific Rim in Vancouver – the project, 16 Trees, is a steel armature system that connects glass pieces to a series of branches and stems. The installation inspires me every time I see it – it embodies craftsmanship, design and technology coming together to create something beautiful and arresting. Stand out project The Willow Collection – it really stands out to me as a testament to five years spent honing my craft. In a way, it’s the culmination of an entire portfolio that has considered new ways of abstracting our experiences with nature into objects like lighting and furniture. Moving forward We’ve had the opportunity to light offices of some of the most forwardthinking companies in the world. Every day, that inspires me to continue designing. Working with light Is magic. It will be whatever you need it to be.


A versatile pendant light inspired by the simple forms of adobe architecture, crafted and manufactured with pride in New Mexico. Functionally robust while exceptionally minimal, Adobe’s multiple sizes, light outputs, and luxe finishes allow it to seamlessly blend into an environment while still making a bold statement.

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Katia Kolovea is currently part of the Urban Electric team in London, designing ephemeral installations for fashion events, product launches, private events and immersive experiences. Collaborations to date, include: Prada, Addidas, Universal Studios and Instagram among others. Recognised as a promising talent in the lighting design industry – as part of Lighting magazine’s Class of 2019 ‘40 Under 40’ list, Kolova has been working hard to propel her career even further forward, collaborating with Light Collective and formalighting on the Women In Lighting project and taking part in in numerous public speaking events, including [d]arc room 2018 and darc thoughts @CDW 2019. Having studied Interior Architecture and Product Design in Athens, Greece, it was while attending an Urban Lightscapes conference that Kolova first realised lighting design is such a diverse profession. “As an interior architect student, I had been introduced very briefly to the properties of light as an intangible component of space,” she tells darc. “The conference triggered my interest to learn more about the profession and explore a potential career path. “Ever since I can remember, I have always been attracted by the sunlight… I am one of those people who loves to be bathed in warm, bright sun, especially during the golden hour before sunset. “Before completing my studies, I had the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus Plus program, which was a six-month internship in Barcelona at BMLD lighting design practice. This ignited my passion for light and motivated me to participate in conferences and international workshops in order to expand my knowledge and inspiration. “My passion for light is developing every day and there are unlimited possibilities

to discover, I can’t imagine myself not working with light. My philosophy when it comes to lighting design is based on 24/7 experimentations with natural and artificial light; daily observations and hands-on experiences that allow me to generate creative ideas during the initial project’s brainstorming. Inspiration can be found anywhere… from the path that I choose to travel on my way to work, to an interesting book, art exhibition, magazines, articles about new technologies and innovations in other fields and so on… “I have also found it very important to travel as much as possible, seeking inspiration in different places and cultures. I believe we need to step out of our comfort zones, challenge our perception and our design strategies in order to welcome new ideas and co-create together. “What fascinates me about interiors and lighting is the ability of light to transform the mood and atmosphere of a space within seconds. Light is such an important layer in the space and can trigger numerous emotions in the observer. It has the ability to tell a story by interacting with different interior materials and by changing in intensity, colour and brightness. “I believe every single project has something unique and must be treated as something completely new and different. We need to aim for innovation, adaptability and multifaceted versatility for each individual project. I like to focus on experimentation, try new materials, lights and lenses, play with different combinations of kit, examine the use of colour and how it blends into a project, and keep learning from different design styles and methodologies. “I admire designers who have their unique signature style up to the point you can’t see repetition in their projects, but can still recognise their personal touch.”

Lighting Hero James Turrell… he is a lighting magician! I simply adore the poetic way he works with light and the way he plays with the science of perception and vision. I am always amazed at how all of my senses are activated by just sitting inside his installations. If I could have worked on The Olympics Opening Ceremony – each one is unique and I’m always impressed by the variety of different emotions and atmospheres generated depending on the cultural references and traditions of the hosting city. Stand out project Urban Electrics’ collaboration with Instagram and artist Germans Ermics for the Cannes Lions Festival 2019. Called Where the Rainbow Ends, we created an immersive prismatic rainbow experience inside a spectral glass pavilion. Decorative lighting Always adds character and personality to a space and should always interplay with the mystery and magical layer that architectural lighting brings. Moving forward I strongly believe in human relationships and creative collaborations and aspire to develop my skills, deepen my knowledge and bring innovative ideas to projects. At the same time I want to grow my enthusiasm and craft my public speaking skills. Sharing my knowledge and passion is something I believe fulfils my mission as a young professional and I will keep doing this through my online project Archifos. Working with light Is a never ending passionate journey that allows me to expand my imagination, creativity and collaboration with inspiring people around the world.

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Resana (Treviso, Italy) - Design, Research & Development Dept. - the Linea Light Group headquarter




CHRIS BASIAS NOMINATED BY KUNDALINI For Chris Basias, designer of Kundalini’s Azou lamp, from the day he remembers, light has been something he has been attracted to. “My mother has told me, that even as a baby, I had a strange interaction with light,” he tells darc. “It developed into a true passion when I started to think how I could use light to give a space a signature look and feel. As such, I decided to express all my thoughts and ideas by creating decorative lighting pieces and light installations. “I did have a number of opportunities along the way to design furniture through various client requests and my own personal interests, but my ideas are usually expressed most easily and come most naturally in lighting. ‘My philosophy behind every object is an element of playfulness. Sometimes I like to leave a space for interaction with the final user of the product, other times I like to play with the nature of my materials and physics including gravity and balance. That is the reason most of my designs have a sculptural approach. They are, for me, something between sculptures and lamps, art and design. “Life itself and experiences have always had a deep impact on the way I express my ideas and subsequently my designs. Nature and people – with their stories and feelings – become the basic inspirations in my work. “Everyone has a signature design style; when a client makes their decision to trust your philosophy and signature style you have, then it is normal to adjust it to their needs, or to the needs of the project. I believe good lighting can highlight and underpin a good interior. “Through my studio, step by step, I have found like-minded people to help me manufacture my light fixtures. I tend to always be involved in the process, shaping my designs with my own hands, giving them life and being part of the actual production.”

Lighting Hero I admire many lighting designers and each one of them for different things - their vision, their way of thinking and their personality. If I could work on The lighting for a hotel or a museum this would be a dream fulfilled. Working on both the interior and exterior lighting schemes. Stand out project Each of my projects is a part of me. Azou was the beginning of my relationship with Kundalini a brand I really admire and respect. Decorative lighting Should be combined with architectural lighting. They need each other for an integrated result. Decorative lighting helps bring emotion and signature to the space. Moving forward I strongly believe in the cooperartion of multiple designers for a specific project because this gives an interesting perspective, which leads to the final result. Through collaboration there is a lot of give and taken in opinions, ideas and for me, that’s progress. Let’s see what the future brings. Working with light Is always unexpected and a fascinating adventure.

Cameron Design House is an award-winning British bespoke sculptural lighting company based in London. Founded by Ian Cameron in 2014, the studio has become synonymous with unique, contemporary design and refined craftsmanship. Every piece is conceived and handcrafted at the studio workshop. With an interest in “designing beautiful things, in how materials come together, in creating and experimenting,” rather than lighting design perse, for Cameron lighting continues to be an amazing way to express himself and his ideas, but his intrigue goes far beyond lighting. “I studied product design at London Met,” he tells darc. “Which I loved, but I was more focused on furniture at that time – since leaving, my energy has been focused on lighting for sure, but my mind continues to be occupied by many areas of design.” After university, Cameron happened to meet his first lighting client at the coffee stand he ran at a local market, while designing lights on the side. Today, the studio has grown to a size of 30 people, working with designers around the world. Talking inspirations, he says: “All designers probably say the same thing, inspiration is everywhere and in everything, but it is true. We joke around the studio about the ongoing study of the great mathematician and designer Buckminster Fuller but we really do study his work and others like him. The ongoing study always leads to new ideas and innovations, it’s evolution. In terms of style, for Cameron this all depends on the client to an extent, however most of his clients come to him because they approve of the studio’s aesthetic and as such, he tries not to stray from this. “It’s hard to describe, but we like to think our style is poised and elegant and in a way, effortless. We go to great pains to hide all of the fuss and detail, to leave a very clean and beautiful sculpture. “Our design has to respond to the wider design context whether that is architectural or interior, usually complementing, occasionally juxtaposing we endeavour to create pieces that look integral not additional. All of our pieces are bespoke and handmade to order which puts us in a great position to make sure this always happens. The worst brief for us is a blank canvas - the more information we have about the design vision and the space, the more fun we have and the better the design outcome.” Commenting on the relationship between architectural and decorative lighting in a project, Cameron continues: “It may sound obvious but architectural and decorative lighting must always work together. Due to the sculptural nature of our pieces, they look beautiful whether the light is turned on or off, however having the piece as part of a wider well designed lighting scheme really makes the difference. Our pieces are the “cherry on top” but they need to be on the top of something and that is always great architectural lighting design.”

Lighting Hero Lindsay Adelman has always been one of my biggest inspirations. I love the organic style of her work and the story behind each design. If I could have worked on I love architecture, particularly the brutalists. I would love to have been born earlier and designed something for Goldfinger or Fuller. That said I can’t complain as we have designed pieces for some incredible architectural spaces all around the world. Stand out project We recently installed our Mahlu pendants at The Lindis, a luxury lodge in the Ahuriri Valley in New Zealand. It is incredible to see our pieces in such an out-of-this-world setting on the other side of the world; but some of my greatest satisfaction comes from some of the small projects around London where we can be really hands on and get to see a client’s reaction to a piece first hand. Moving forward We have recently launched in the US, which was an exciting milestone for us. As we continue to grow and work with leading designers on a global scale, I would love to see Cameron Design House pieces specified in unique projects across the world. Working with light Is challenging but very rewarding.



CELINE GEHAMY NOMINATED BY PAUL NULTY Celine Gehamy may have started her career in healthcare, but it wasn’t long before she made the move into interiors and lighting. “Lighting came to me as a happy surprise,” she tells darc. “I started my career at the Brain and Spine Institute in Paris. I worked with a team of researchers and created products to help people with severe OCD to improve their overall quality of life. I wanted to design products that helped people in real need. “I then moved into working with an interior designer - designing bespoke furniture for specific projects. It was only through the exposure of what lighting has to offer that it truly grabbed my attention. I feel fortunate that I’ve worked closely with lighting designers that have educated me in the practical and scientific qualities of light.” Having worked at Nulty Bespoke since its inception in 2016, Gehamy tells darc how she’s been surprised at the breadth and width lighting encompasses: “To me, lighting has an almost lifelike personification, enabling spaces and products to come alive,” she says. “I’m inspired by how each material reacts differently to light and the surprising effect it creates. I love the unexpected and how the qualities of each material can be used to enhance the aesthetic or experience of the products themselves. “While I do have my own style, each product has to be adapted and designed to each individual space. I feel my personality always has a chance to be expressed within each creation at Nulty Bespoke, whether this is at concept stage or detailed refinements. I love the juxtaposition between elements. “For example, the use of organic and fluid forms in contrast to geometric and more rigid ones. For me it is the idea of merging two opposing qualities and creating a balance within a form as a whole.” Lighting Hero Olafur Eliasson is for me an example of an artist who uses light and materials as the base of his work and to enhance the overall experience for users in the best possible way. Stand out project Hardrock Hotel, London Marble Arch Stand out product Perla - Nulty Bespoke If I could have worked on anything… Flylight by Studio Drift Moving forward I would like to ‘fight’ for the physical products. Lighting design is a field where the physical product will always be needed. Working with light Is a constant mystery, where the outcome can never be fully predicted until you see it.

Having won a darc award for his Stump floor lamp in 2018, Tasmanian product designer Duncan Meerding has made great strides in the industry in a very short amount of time. Visually impaired, with less than 5% vision concentrated around the periphery, Meerding is influenced by his visual fields, which degenerated when he was eighteen years old. As such, a lot of the lights he creates and designs focus on light coming from the side – similar to his visual fields. “My interest in light dispersion has definitely developed over time,” Meerding tells darc. “I think, in a bit of a primitive way, everyone feels relaxed by certain light patterns. When we walk in a forest, the dappling light effect cast down is a very relaxing thing. “When I’m in this environment I feel quite at ease; I’m not sure when I first became interested in light but it was definitely influenced by this experience. I sub-consciously drifted towards lighting design; even my furniture looked at light dispersion a bit, my pieces concentrated on overall form rather than intense detailing. “There were a number of things I thought I would be doing other than designing lights to be honest. I have quite an interest in history, especially from a social context. I am also interested I social justice and society and did think I was going to go into social work at one point.“ After graduating from UTAS University with his Bachelors degree, Meerding was lucky enough to be awarded the Designed Objects Tasmania springboard scholarship. This gave him a year in a designer workshop co-operative and helped a lot with launching his career in product design. Then, in 2011, Meerding won the Tasmanian Ministers Youth Arts Award giving him the opportunity be mentored by lighting product designer David Trubridge. In the same year, the early version of ‘Cracked Log’ was a top ten finalist in the Australian Bombay Sapphire Design Discovery Award. “This propelled me forward in my career to date and the David Trubridge team have become good friends and colleagues,” says Meerding.” Contemplating his design style, Meerding tells darc, “When we create an object it should take into account different aspects of the way it is produced. I like to take this into account when designing objects from the outset. I’m also a firm believer that designing product that is influential is very important. If objects are designed without knowledge the making process, it can result in bad design. I also don’t like the idea of following trends as it can result in bad design and it’s unsustainable. “I have quite a unique design approach, ultimately I don’t feel it is limited to one type of design. A lot of my work is about dispersing light through and around forms, and about shadow play as much as anything else.”

Lighting Hero I really like the work of David Trubridge and Ango Lighting. I like the idea of sustainability and craft that influences both of their ethos and design aesthetic. If I could have worked on A larger installation piece this would be great. I developed some larger iterations of the Propeller Light and Spirals recently and I would love to expand my range in regards to different installations and continue developing product. Stand out project Choctaw Cultural Heritage facility – it utilised twelve of my Stump lights in the entrance way to the Heritage centre. Each Stump was supposed to represent each tribe from within the Choctaw Native American nation. I was extremely humbled to have my lights used in such a special way. Decorative lighting Can severely alter the way a space feels. However, if it is placed in a way that is not complimented by the architectural lighting it can all be ruined. Moving forward I originally thought this would be a short term thing, but I continue to receive interest in my work. If you had said I would have light specified in multiple projects around the world, including places like Google, I would have thought you were joking. Ultimately, I am enjoying designing and making lights and am especially interested in designing new works of any scale… I hope to continue developing and executing new works as time goes on. Working with light Creates the ability to play with a medium and bend or deflect light in a way that influences the mood of the end user / observer.




Ryan Fischer is a lighting designer at award winning lighting design studio Focus Lighting in New York. The realisation that lighting was the career for him came in elementary school; after participating in a few small classroom performances, he was bitten by the theatre bug! “I was ten-years-old and my mom took me to the local community centre to participate in a class for technical theatre certification in lighting and audio,” he tells darc. “The first time I sat down at the theatre’s lighting console and raised and lowered the faders, I saw the power I had to transform the brightness, colour, texture, and mood of the empty stage with coloured light and I was hooked. I volunteered as the lighting console operator for local community theatre shows from the time I was ten until I was old enough to become an employee of the theatre, then began designing shows of my own. “I was briefly interested in various other theatrical trades at a few points over the years - audio engineering, technical direction, or working as a master electrician, however, every time, I ended up taking the technical knowledge from those experiences and bringing them back to apply on my lighting career, which I found the most creatively satisfying.” After more than twelve years designing lighting for local, community, and educational theatre, Fischer earned a BFA in Theatrical Lighting Design from Emerson College in Boston, which led to him freelancing around Boston as a lighting designer for theatre, cabaret and dance, before moving to New York City in 2010, where he took classes in architectural lighting at Parsons The New School for Design. “I am fascinated by the way that lighting can influence so many aspects of our day-to-day lives and, moreover, how it has the ability to bring people together to enjoy each other’s company,” Fischer tells darc. “I think I have an innately hospitable streak that always has to make sure that when I’m in the company of friends and family - or when I have the ability to shape experiences that others experience with their friends and family - that the setting and mood are just right. It’s probably an instinct born from my parents’ nature, when they would throw house parties when I was younger and I would run around the house putting up decorations, adjusting the dimmers, and creating those special, intimate settings where I could really spend quality time with the people I cared about the most. “I wanted to use light as a way to create a feeling or emotion in others that would enable them to have a memorable experience. I think that naturally translated into my two biggest interests: theatre and architecture. Theatre, in the sense that I discovered I could create an emotion in people by using light to tell a story, and architecture as a way to shape the environment around me for the same purposes. I’m not at all surprised that I ended up combining the two interests into one pursuit, and that some of my favourite projects thus far have ended up being hospitality or theatre venues. “One of the most crucial lessons taken from my theatrical lighting career that I’ve tried to apply to my architectural career is that good lighting design shouldn’t really be noticed at all. Lighting design should always serve the plot, the story, or the architecture, so that you can lose yourself in the experience of a space and become immersed in the current moment, in the here and now. “I believe decorative lighting serves two primary purposes: to motivate the architectural lighting in a space, or to bring light down to the human scale and make people look and feel good in a space.  “When used as a focal point, decorative lighting can create a visual

cue by serving as the ‘apparent source of light’ in a space, which can motivate all of the other layers of architectural light around it. As long as there is a decorative fixture above a dining table I can use other layers of architectural light to illuminate the table and the dining room around it, but our brains will believe that all of the light is emanating from the decorative fixture. Take away the decorative light, however, and the ‘story’ of the lighting starts to unravel without an apparent source of light. The design loses its warmth, cohesiveness, and sense of place. “I also believe that decorative fixtures should be used to provide light for people, and architectural lighting should illuminate the architecture. I’m a huge fan of using ‘sidelight’, which I is a term I take from my theatrical and dance lighting experience. Especially when it comes to hospitality spaces, people look their absolute best in sidelight - candles, fireplaces, glowing decorative sconces, table lamps, or floor lamps, softly glowing architectural details and so on. Sidelight is incredibly flattering on skin tones and faces, and creates instant warmth and intimacy. I often prefer to have more lighting at eye level and floor level than I do overhead for this reason. I know that as long as I have warm, dimmable, human-scale decorative lighting in my design toolbox, I can’t go wrong.”

Lighting Hero My coworkers and industry colleagues, especially in the New York City lighting community. I love attending local industry events and presentations to learn from others’ perspectives and listen to how they approached a unique lighting challenge. If I could have worked on In the future I hope to continue to work on more theater projects - they are always a fascinating blend of architectural and decorative lighting challenges, and I love returning to my theatrical roots. I have previously designed two New York City theatres - the (almost simultaneous) renovations of the Hayes Theater and the Lyric Theater in New York City. The Hayes, was the opportunity to transform the smallest historically landmarked Broadway theatre into the revitalised home of Second Stage Theater. The Lyric, was the opportunity to transport audiences to another world as the permanent home for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway. Both fulfilled dreams of mine - to design lighting on Broadway - only not in the role I had originally expected (back when I worked in theatre full time). Stand out project Yvonne’s, a restaurant and speakeasy in Boston. Yvonne’s was a true design/build collaboration with the owners, COJE Management, and included many custom decorative and architectural lighting elements to complement the historic space formerly occupied by the 150-year-old iconic steakhouse Locke-Ober.  Moving forward With the continued rapid advancement of LED technology, custom solutions for specific lighting challenges are becoming more accessible to designers every day. We’re no longer bound by the traditional expectations of what a light fixture or light source should look like. I look forward to continuing to develop relationships with lighting manufacturers and fabricators to create tailor-made lighting solutions that both enhance my design concepts and enhance a guest’s experience of a space.  Light Is such a beautiful and powerful medium to work in - it’s intangible, physiological, psychological, emotional, ageless, limitless, ingrained in our very existence.




CHRIS FOX DARC AWARDS WINNER 2017 Winner of Best Hotel Lighting at the 2017 darc awards, for their work with Rockwell Group at the Marriot Charlotte in the US, Luum is a London-based lighting studio dedicated to the design, manufacture and delivery of spectacular light installations that stir a sense of wonder, excitement and energy. Established in 2015 by Design Director Chris Fox, the studio produces standalone collections of large-scale lighting, custom-made pieces and bespoke commissions for clients. Having studied product design at Leeds University, Fox began his career in design with Bodo Sperlein, a design consultancy based at Oxo Tower, London. Focusing on ceramics and home accessories, as well as some furniture and lighting, after four years Fox left to become a freelance designer, working on a wide range of projects from mobile phone accessories to fashion. “One of my clients was Heathfield & Co, a UK-based lighting manufacturer,” he tells darc. “We struck up a relationship and developed a plan for creating large-scale bespoke lighting. It was realised as Luum and I took on the role of Creative Director. For a long time I’ve been interested in how light affects our mood, but hadn’t appreciated that lighting design was an actual thing until after my first job at Bodo Sperlein. We produced bone china, using its delicate translucency to create bespoke lighting for some of our clients, alongside our tableware collections and I’ve been hooked ever since. “I’ve always been aware of how lighting made me feel. I’ve never felt comfortable in an environment with bad lighting and even tend to choose where to eat based on how inviting the lighting scheme is. As I developed as a product designer I realised I could translate this feeling into the work I was doing as a designer. ‘I often try to create something that hasn’t been done before, which takes a lot of experimentation and learning. I regularly get told something can’t be done, which makes me think it almost always can be. So the challenge of finding new ways to do things is what drives me. “At Luum we try to capture the movement we see in the natural world and freeze it in the form of light. Modern materials and finishes run through the designs, which have a pared back, minimal aesthetic. For fully bespoke projects we work closely with interior designers to create pieces that work with their interior, which is great as it allows us to experiment with a wide range of styles.”

Lighting Hero United Visual Artists – they merge lighting with the latest technology to create beautiful, immersive works of art that use light as their medium. If I could have worked on Anything from studios like Jason Bruges, Cinemod, or UVA. They create amazing, often interactive, works of art that push the field forward. Decorative lighting Forms part of the interior design and can sometimes lift an interior to iconic status. With an increasingly competitive market, interior designers are looking towards bespoke lighting pieces to create unique and memorable interiors. Moving forward I’m fascinated with addressable LEDs and how this technology can be used to create work where the light itself is the centre of attention, so I hope to grow within this field. Working with light Is creative, technical and deeply emotional, it has it all.

Having caught the darc team’s eye at ICFF 2019, Ryan Edward Studio is a lighting and furniture design studio focused on creating dynamic and engaging fixtures that spark a playful interaction between people and lighting. With a degree in Industrial Design from New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark, it was here that Ryan Edward fell in love with furniture design and the impact it has on peoples’ lives. While in school, he was exposed to the design world in New York City and would take the train with his friends to attend different design shows, check out different museums, as well as go to networking events and design parties. Realising that people use furniture every day and feeling as though it often gets overlooked or taken for granted, he went on to do a Masters in Furniture Design at Savannah College of Art and Design and started to look at lighting in the same way. “While in school I designed the first version of what is now known as the Orbit chandelier,” Edward tells darc. “I went into graduate school with the intention of starting my own studio when I finished; my goal was to use the experience as a means to design products that I could use to launch my own thing. I ended up fully developing the Orbit chandelier and creating a collection around the concept, which brings me to where I am today. “Lighting can so often can be a focal point of the room, but that’s often where the interaction stops. I set out to design lighting fixtures that people could interact with in playful ways, while still including a timeless, elegant piece. I think when I realised the freedom lighting design offered me is when I knew I wanted to pursue it. “I’ve always been drawn to light. I find it fascinating how light colour and temperature can have an impact on a person’s mood, or how it can completely change a space. The more I learned, the more I needed to know. In an effort to grow more, I’ve read a lot of books on lights and lighting design and I’m sure the list will keep growing. There are so many talented designers out there and I love seeing the amazing work they create; I try to learn from them the best I can. “My philosophy when it comes to lighting and design is balance, engagement, and movement. Balance is really important in my work, both aesthetically and literally. For instance, it’s not enough for one of our chandeliers to just be literally balanced; it needs to make sense viscerally as well. I think how we engage with the piece is very important. Light should be something that can be approached, or even grasped. Our Orbit sconce and Orbit pendant are designed so when you touch the Orb, they turn on and off. Movement evokes play. As an adult, we can forget how important play is. Especially in New York, we’re so busy with working that rest becomes forgotten about, although it is vital to producing good work. Even if it’s just for a second, I want to create pieces that excite peole and let them be free of the world.”

Lighting Hero There are too many to list, but Poetic Lab designed a light in 2013, called Ripple that I’m in love with. Its ability to change a space to a serene, peaceful environment is amazing. Another light I love is the Shylight by Studio Drift. Meant to mimic a flower blooming, they’re dropped from the ceiling and use gravity to catch the air and open up ever so gracefully. They’re made from silk that’s been sewn together but the engineering that went into them is incredible. Stand out project I really love the Orbit collection as a whole. And while my favourite piece in the collection is the Orbit wall sconce, I’d have to say I’m most proud of the Orbit chandelier. I think it does something that no other chandelier does and designing it to do that was a feat in itself. No matter how much it spins around, the wires will never get twisted up inside or break. Moving forward ICFF is the first show where the studio launched the Orbit Collection. It’s also the first show we’ve been at as Ryan Edward Studio. And right now we’re talking to designers and working on orders from the show. I’m really excited for the opportunities that are coming and I think this is just the beginning for us.




Stephanie Harris is a lighting designer at UK-based practice dpa lighting consultants. While now happy in a career in lighting design, initially, Harris wanted to pursue a career in architecture before later heading down the interiors route. “While undertaking a week’s work experience at a local architect’s practice, I spent a day working with their interior designer, which me to my degree in Interior Design,” she tells darc. “Rather naively, I didn’t realise lighting design was an actual career option. It wasn’t until I started developing nearly every project idea around lighting and through guidance from tutors that I actually saw it as a career option. My dissertation subject explored the comparisons of artificial and natural lighting in both a modern and historical context in art galleries – this fully cemented my passion in lighting. “My philosophy towards lighting is that it should be intuitive and sustainable. In terms of inspiration this comes from many different places. For me, one of the biggest inspirations comes from nature and travelling, watching the sun rise at the top of Little Adams Peak in Sri Lanka was one of the most inspiring situations I have been in. “I also think it’s important to go to events, galleries, completed projects, read incessantly, keep up with technological developments and to always strive to learn more. “The degree of importance between decorative and architectural lighting can vary a great deal depending on the style of a project. More than ever, there is an importance of the combination of neutral small scale and visually inert architectural lighting equipment neatly integrated within the interior fabric – this can be offset in the form of large or small-scale decorative light fixtures that add presence and help to characterise the space. Architectural and decorative lighting play different roles in a room that go hand-in-hand to tell a story. “I believe that lighting creates a feeling of emotion in a space. It can control people’s behaviour and emotions – it is the soul of architecture and interior design. Light allows us to see, to know where we are and what is around us. Beyond exposing things to view and feel, light models those objects to enhance the visual and help us define the physical world.” In terms of her design style, for Harris, she feels while everyone has an internal palate that they work with - great designers avoid cut and paste designs and each project should be approach independently. “The broad range of projects we get involved in means that no two are the same; one day we can be working on a historical chapel, the next a sugar cube ultra-modern residential home. The same design style cannot easily be transferred from one project to the next.”

Lighting Hero I could name a number of key people in the lighting industry that I admire, however I would say my heroes are those around me that I work with on a daily basis. The creativity, passion and inspiration I get from my colleagues is second to none. The mixture of backgrounds, experiences and cultures means that I’ve a multitude of people to draw upon and learn from. If I could have worked on Waterlicht by Studio Roosegarde – the simple combination of LEDs and lenses created an ever-changing layer of light, which can be influenced by the wind and rain. While being a beautiful lighting installation it also provides a powerful message regarding climate change and rising water levels. Stand out project I have been working on the Langley for nearly the entire time I’ve been at dpa. It’s a grand country manor hotel sitting in a former royal hunting ground. Including a brand new underground state-of-the-art spa and fitness centre, dpa is responsible for the FOH lighting. While it is still ongoing, it is nearing completion and set to be one of the most talked about hotel openings in the UK this year. What makes me proud is that through this project, I can see I have grown and become more confident in my abilities. Moving forward With the developments in lighting technology continuing to grow, I see the evolution of how we do things changing. The fact anyone can control their lights via an app is a far cry from where we were when I first started my career. There is far more research being put into lighting and its technologies to fully understand the health and wellbeing, economic and social impacts it’s having. Working with light Is an ever-evolving and integral part of dayto-day life.

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SEREN DINCEL EDITOR’S PICK - AF LIGHTING As a lighting designer at Stockholm-based AF Lighting, Seren Dincel’s interest in light developed during her education, through a realisation that light is an inseparable part of architecture. “At university I studied as an interior designer, but during my Master’s program at the Sapienza University in Rome there were elements of lighting design, which was the first time I encountered lighting design projects and calculation software, Dincel tells darc. “Following my graduation I attended short-term lighting courses in my hometown Istanbul. I started to work as a lighting designer at JVL Studio, also in Istanbul, but that was just the beginning of my interest in lighting. I decided to continue working with light and educated myself even more in the field. “I love everything related to architecture and design. It’s a broad discipline so it overlaps with various expertise and lighting design is one of them. Despite this,


lighting is treated with a minor significance both in practice and education. Light is not as solid as architecture, but it defines spaces meaningfully, both during the day and during the night. A touch of light animates our environment, feelings and even health.” “If I wasn’t working with light, I might have continued with interior design or architecture, but for me it would be difficult to draw a strict line between these areas and not to work with lighting at all. “Lighting design should contain a certain technical knowledge, however it needs creativity too. I think that’s what distinguishes it from engineering. Light is multifaceted to work with and it takes much more than considering required lux levels. The possibility of adding value, ambience and character to spaces through light inspires me a lot. “Decorative lighting is a supplementary layer to the functional lighting created by architectural fixtures. Interior design, colours and materials influence the selection of decorative luminaires. The most recent discussions on human centric lighting point out the health aspects of lighting indoors. “It’s a positive effort to develop better light sources, but artificial lighting is not the only response to it. In order to have a functioning circadian rhythm, the implementation of daylight has to come into prominence during the design process of interiors. It’s a challenging topic, especially in Scandinavia due to a lack of natural light. Daylight experts have recently been working on the improvement of daylight standards in Sweden. “My design style is definitely affected by the typology of project and client, while our design principles and approach remain as they are. For instance, working on a

private residence is different to working on a cemetery lighting in the city while collaborating with a municipality.”

Lighting Hero Some of them are James Turrell, Daan Roosegaarde, Tadao Ando, Steven Holl and Peter Zumthor. Besides all the big names in our industry, there are many colleagues and lighting designers that make the projects the huge successes they are… I would call them invisible lighting heros! If I could have worked on Creating an identity for places through using light and making playful designs. For example, designing a lighting plan for a city or a site-specific luminaire that harmonises with the overall idea and place. In addition to the practice, I would love to work more on the research side of projects as well. Stand out project I enjoy every project where I learn new things and when I get to work within a good team. I’m also proud of representing my company at international conferences such as the IALD Enlighten Europe, focusing on the context of lighting design in Scandinavia and its qualitative characteristics. It feels great to share something that I’m interested in but also knowing that it’s interesting for others and getting good feedback. Moving forward Landing the most appropriate job for you is hard, but growing in that place is even harder. From my perspective it much depends on the support and mentoring from the experienced seniors. I am personally eager to progress and I think everyone should have a chance to improve their career. Working with light Is all about shaping spaces and cities by adding functional and aesthetic qualities.


Partisans is an award-winning architecture studio that works at the intersection of design and programming, technology and craftsmanship, invention and activation, politics and culture. A diverse team of architects and thinkers fighting for a cause: high-performance design that strives to make the improbable possible. From internationally acclaimed saunas, restaurants, and arts festivals, to train stations, private homes, lighting products, and high-rises, the wide-ranging scope of the studio’s projects defies categorisation and clichés. Principas Alexander Josephson, Pooya Baktash and Jonathan Friedman spoke to darc about their developing journey with light. “None of us imagined ourselves as lighting designers, but then again,as architects we see everything as being designable. “We have discovered processes, technologies and forms that we have wanted to prototype and lighting is an example of how we can practice at a small and affordable scale; it is a test bed for larger ideas. “Lighting and furniture are the hot beds of many of the best ideas in architecture as well as abstract concepts. Our first foray into lighting design was when Alex began playing with acrylic sheets in thermoforming machines and in his parent’s oven – this is what sparked the Gweilo series for Parachilna.

Commenting on the use of light within interiors, Partisans continues: “There has to be good architecture and good architectural lighting first and foremost. If those fall short then no amount of decoration can ever make up for it. Decorative lighting must support the concept of the project and extend it so the entire experience is considered.” “For us, lighting has to have a sense of irony. We don’t simply look to design for the sake of it. We have been lucky so far as each project and opportunity has been part of realising a dream - our proudest moment to date is establishing our studio. ‘As architects we think about sculpting with light; how lighting has scale and dimension and how it can directly impact the happiness of users. Our work has strands or languages that we are constantly developing and improving. Some might say our work is organic, some say it is sculptural.” Moving forward, the design trio told darc they are excited by the prospect of the unknown. Their next move will be to a new studio, located in one of the most extraordinary spaces in Toronto, which will allow them more room for experimentation and making.

Lighting Hero Ron Gilad, Serge Mouille, Gaetano Pesce, Ingo Mauter, Fuksas and Hadid



The Design Review darc's Essential Lighting Guide to decorative product launches from international design shows during 2018/19, categorised by type for easy referencing. 1






Bespoke 1. Interweave Artemide

2. Flower Sans Souci

3. Link Willowlamp

On show: Euroluce Milan

On show: Downtown Design Dubai

On show: Downtown Design Dubai

Interweave is a flexible system that integrates light and services. Suspended cylinders guide a flexible LED light line, allowing you to freely model it following soft and unexpected geometries. The light connects the different elements of the system, evoking a theme of connections and relationships.

Designed by Jiri Svoboda, the application of the golden metallic finish on the handcut components of Flower brings a truly luxurious feel and highlights the fragile beauty of crystal. The individual pieces are meant to enact precious stones, while the whole composition produces the idea of a jewel embellishing the interior.

Link is a dramatic, geometric sculptural design resembling abstracted giant links of chain. The use of two chain tones enhances the three dimensionality of the artwork. The design is customisable in that additional links may be added to create an even longer chain. Illuminated by an array of G4 UFO LEDs.

4. 73V Bocci

5. Wersailles Collection Beau & Bien

6. Liana Lasvit

On show: Euroluce Milan

On show: ICFF New York

On show: Euroluce Milan

Bocci’s latest offering 73V uses a Kevlarbased fabric gathered, textured and overlapped in pillows. Glass is then blown into the fabric, constricting the material as it expands. Once cooled, the shape takes its final form and as a final step, light is introduced at the densest area of the colour gradient in the pendant.

The Wersailles Collection made in Limoges Porcelain, is an individual candle holder, infinitely multipliable, suspended in a virtually invisible way by ultrafine wires that also power its LED. A 100% bespoke chandelier, which can have infinite numbers of shapes and finishes to be adapted to any kind of space.

Inspired by bio-lights and the Forlighten City, designer Maxim Velčovský has created Liana for Lasvit, a piece that holds the light in a glass bubble and is presented in a tunnel-shaped net. The overall piece resembles a tropical vine, hence it’s name, which is Czech for vine. Liana can be optimised for any space desired.








1. Crystal Nebula

3. Pole Roll & Hill

Art + Alchemy

2. Carousel of Light Preciosa Lighting

On show: New York Design Week

On show: Euroluce Milan

On show: Euroluce Milan

Art + Alchemy’s new Crystal Nebula is a uniquely versatile modular lighting system. Each Crystal from Swarovski is paired with a dimmable LED, set in a swirl of metal with an elegant flourish. Arrangements, whether simple or elaborate, create a stunning installation in any space. The customisation of the design is endless.

The Carousel of Light is a playful immersion into light - life is defined by experiences, interactions and memories. Composed of 8,000 spheres in opal, amber, clear and pink frosted hues, stretching eight-metres in diameter, as you wander through the strings of pearls, the lights above illuminate, fading away as you move through.

Rigid yet flexible, Pole’s aluminum construction and modular design allows it to create giant curves. Pole illuminates a broad range of space in multiple configurations along walls, floors, and ceilings. The area lit is solely under the curve and the span of light fittings is so long that it can cross over an entire living room.

4. Gweilo Parachilna

5. Bespoke Solutions Art et Floritude

6. Configurate Series Archilume

On show: ICFF New York

On show: [d]arc room London

On show: ICFF New York

The Gweilo lamp, designed by Partisans for Parachilna, is made from hand-moulded acrylic. You can see the light but have to guess where the source is coming from. With its name meaning ghost in Chinese, you can see why when you look at the various forms the fixture takes.

Art et Floritude specialises in high-end and bespoke lighting sculptures. At this year’s darc room, the brand showcased its diverse and unique range of lighting fixtures, which combine centuries old techniques with the very latest technology and an expanded materials palette: porcelain elements, metal and light sources.

Archilume presents the Diamond addition to Configurate, its flexible, modular canopy system. Configurate’s shared-edge design allows surface-mounted electrical connection between each module. The system begins with a symmetrical, geometrically-shaped mounting and canopy plate that attaches to the ceiling.










1. Solar NEA Studio

2. Adonis Barovier & Toso

3. Armilla Fabbian

On show: ICFF New York

On show: Euroluce Milan

On show: Sleep London

Solar is made from photovoltaic modules that power LEDs to illuminate organic translucent materials. This lighting design incorporates environmental technology while providing ambient lighting. The piece aims to demystify PV technology by exposing its components in a legible manner.

Created by Marcel Wanders and inspired by the Dutch floral tradition, fused with Murano glassmaking, Adonis comprises a wall lamp and six chandeliers in two different styles that can be combined in a modular system for the ultimate personalisation. Available in three shapes and three sizes.

Designed by Lorenzo Truant, Armilla is inspired by the first Renaissance depictions of the motions of stars and planets. Available as a pendant and table lamp, the diffuser is made of glossy white glass blown on a round mould, with the metal rings inserted and carefully fixed in place using the melted glass at the end of the process.

4. Artes CTO Lighting

5. Multiverse Arpel Lighting

6. Dreamcatcher Klove

On show: Decorex London

On show: Euroluce Milan

On show: Downtown Design Dubai

Artes is a series of graphic shapes crafted from brass and alabaster, with a look that’s both rich and restrained, Artes contains the latest LED technology, while the luxe materials and coordinating pendant, wall and floor models provide a cohesive presence that can be tailored to an interior design scheme.

A fan of science fiction, Multiverse’s designer Thierry d’Istria was inspired by the wormhole (also called Einstein-Rosen bridge) which is a speculative shortcut through space-time. Like the bridges linking two points in space, the Multiverse lamp is the link between direct lighting and indirect lighting.

Dreamcatcher is part of the Shamanic Soul Collection, which is a window into the world of gypsies and Shamans. Exploring each element, symbol, totem and its traslation into the final product, different forms of symbols and textures in glass tango with variety of light sources - LED, fibre optic and halogen - to create surreal effects.








1. Trilogy Articolo

2. Vale Series ANDlight

3. Rhombi Kocowisch

On show: ICFF New York

On show: Euroluce Milan

On show: Downtown Design Dubai

The Trilogy pendant is a sculptural statement piece from Articolo. Available in either a brass or mid-bronze finish it features a light source concealed within a trio of mouthblown glass orbs. Trilogy exemplifies deceptively sophisticated engineering, a hallmark of the studio’s growing body of work.

The Vale Series crystallises light in its transitional state. The undulating profile of the lens translates emitted light to a striking gradient, while its prismatic surface further carries light across, creating a soft hue and ambient diffusion. Vale optimises functionality through its multidirectional luminescence.

The Rhombi is the Kocohedron collection’s crown jewel. Its wireframe with integrated LED lighting plays tricks on the eye when viewed from different angles. Dimmable and with a colour temperature of 3000K and a CRI of +90, it can be used for mood as well as technical lighting. The Rhombi is hand built to order in The Netherlands.

4. Flybe Hollands Licht

5. Ume Lantern Curiousa & Curiousa

6. Magma Tala

On show: designjunction London

On show: Decorex London

On show: Euroluce Milan

Flybye, designed by Ernst Koning, consists of a steel shade with a purposeful shape. The shade rests on a high-quality LED tube of warm, white light. The two elements together ensure functional, direct light of outstanding quality. Because the shade is perforated, this table light also gives indirect light.

This nature-inspired range was created using designer Esther Patterson’s original drawings and paintings of wild flowers and plants in the Derbyshire countryside as well as her own personal garden. The lantern comes in a choice of six prints, including flourishing gardens with peonies and irises.

A sustainable solution and an exploration of upcycled materials that accentuate the light created by Tala’s dim-to-warm Sphere lamps. Magma combines matte black aluminium and steel frames with translucent, white discs made from Glaskeramik – made using repurposed waste from broken solar panel glass.









Ceiling ctd

1. Beam Brendan Ravenhill Studio

2. OE Quasi Loius Poulsen

3. Gonzaga Karman

On show: ICFF New York

On show: Euroluce Milan

On show: Euroluce Milan

Beam is a take on the classic flourescent shop lamp - making use of plywood, extruded aluminum and rolled acrylic, it features angled sides and rounded ends that imply movement and directionality. The effect of each considered part combine to create a refined linear fixture that casts an even, flattering glow.

Louis Poulsen has collaborated with Danish-Icelandic artist, Olafur Eliasson on a new, large-scale pendant light. The light is composed of two contrasting geometric shapes, a rigid outer frame and a soft, layered interior. Its complex shape is perceived differently depending on where the observer stands.

Inspired by the portraits of Princes and Dukes – specifically, the neck ruff, but also by the eastern-style atmosphere created by nodowa and wagasa – Gonzaga consists of a pleated metal shade that surrounds a diffuser in blown glass and LED light source. Available in two sizes and white, black painted aluminium or natural brass.

4. Aqualine Gestalt

5. Lantern Small Rabbit Design

6. Hyperbolic Sphere Neb Abbott

On show: Decorex London

On show: 100% Design London

On show: 100% Design London

The Aqualine lighting collection combines precision-cut crystal, sculptural tubular brass and ceramic to create a stylish interior statement. With creative direction from Christopher Jenner, Aqualine seamlessly connects traditional materials and crafts with contemporary style in a truly special collection of lighting.

Lantern is made by hand folding a single circle of Japanese washi paper, specially laminated to make it waterproof and tearresistant. The aluminium cage houses the LED light and acts like a shadow dancer, casting a series of intricate shadows on the semi translucent paper. Available in a range of designs and colours.

Creating instant sculptural impact, Hyberbolic Sphere from Neb Abbott is inspired by hyperbolic geometry. Created from over 300 individual components, every shade is unique and subtly different due to the choices made in its construction. Available in a natural finish or the choice of six colours for one surface.

frame floor

Nexo Luce | Italy









Ceiling ctd

1. Willow Hollis + Morris

2. Acoustic Shade LightArt

3. Dovell Atelier Stobben

On show: ICFF New York

On show: ICFF New York

On show: Wanted Design New York

An extension of the Bloom Collection, frosted glass catkin blooms are nestled into the solid wood branch creating the radical silhouette of a spiraling form. The soft glow of the milk glass highlights the wood grain and celebrates the naked beauty of oak and walnut. Brass connections disguise the nesting grooves carved into the wood.

LightArt's new Acoustic Shade brings a comforting style traditionally seen in residential design to the rising world of co-working space, open offices, schools and other public environments. When clustered, these fixtures apply LightArt's expert acoustic design to tame noise distraction and mitigate privacy concerns.

Conceived by deconstructing triangular motifs in traditional Mennonite quilts, the Dovell collection is distilled to simple shapes made up of tubes and triangles. An LED encased in birch pierces, balances upon powder-coated aluminum inverted triangles. Including a table lamp it is available in various colours and finishes.

4. Luna Series Gabriel Scott

5. Chelsea Innermost

6. Scandal Articolo

On show: Euroluce Milan

On show: Euroluce Milan

On show: ICCF New York

The Luna Series explores a marriage of two lights: the tube pieces, emulating commercial tube lighting and the blown glass lights, which resemble precious beads. The two counterbalance each other and push forward a more feminine and softer look, which is a refreshing move forward for the designers.

Designed by James Bartlett, Chelsea's simple form is reminiscent of an upturned teacup. Each model is available in a choice of textured mint, terracotta or nude finish with a white interior, or in classic matte black or white exterior with contrasting antique gold interior. The versatile range works perfectly as a cluster.

The Scandal pendant is a sculptural statement piece that has the option to be inlaid in an antique brass mesh or latte leather finish and is capped end-to-end by rounded glass that conceals the light source. Scandal exemplifies the quiet brilliance of artisanal glass and metalwork, a hallmark of the studio’s work.








1. Soiree Deltalight

2. Hutchison Lambert & Fils

3. Kimono designheure

On show: Milan Design Week

On show: Milan Design Week

On show: Euroluce Milan

Part of the Reflections Series, Soiree has been designed to be voluminous, lightweight and transparent. Its sophisticated form creates a dense and decorative effect, filled with a warm light. It takes its inspiration from many angles, from the play of light and shadow to natural light effects and sculptural art.

Hutchsion continues Lambert & Fils' ongoing conversation with modular lighting. Alone, it self-defines as a very frank and decorative lamp, but in multiples, it invokes classic architectures of columns, arches and pillars. Composed of an alluminium base with a matte, textured finish that pivots attention to its contours and lines.

The Kimono is made from four unique pieces; simple but complex, it has become the symbol of Japanese elegance and culture. The lighting collection from designheure is designed as a tribute. Available in two sizes and three standard colours, custom made colours are also available on request.

4. Victoria Blond

5. Capsule Collection Cameron Design House

6. Baskets of Light David Trubridge Studio

On show: Euroluce Milan

On show: London Design Festival

On show: Euroluce Milan

Victoria is the latest collaboration between Bornstein Lyckefors and Swedish manufacturer Blond. The luminaire featured three different patterns on the reflector, in two different sizes and is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. It is possible to hang the luminaires as single pendants or in a row by catenary suspension.

Designed in collaboration with 2LG Studio, the Capsule Collection comes in three designs: Alas, Keski and Saldo. Taking insipiration from classic strip lighting, each light is created in a pill shape and comes in four colour options: tropical green, flamingo pink, electric powder coated paints and a brushed brass.

The Wave Basket pictured has a flowing shape element reminiscent or flowing water or sine waves. The new Baskets of Light (Wave, Crystal, Leaf) are made from a beautiful Finnish Birch plywood. This new family replaces a series of lights that contained plastic; a material the studio is working hard to remove from its products.










1. Refuge Lamps LJ Edition

2. UpTown Foscarini

3. Alchimie T Catellani & Smith

On show: Downtown Design Dubai

On show: Euroluce Milan

On show: Euroluce Milan

The Refuge Lamps are the natural evolution of the ever-popular Le Refuge. Available in a variety of colours they feature giant palm leaves and a marble base. Designed by Marc Ange, who’s objects, places and furniture pieces are all balanced between real and unreal, perfection and mistake, harmony and chance.

UpTown is a combination of three plate glass volumes screen printed in tones of yellow, red and blue, overlaid to give rise to new shadings. Transparency is the guiding driving factor behind every step of the design, like the 45°cut that makes the meeting point of the glass panes imperceptible.

Alchimie T is composed of two discs in brass and alabaster that, with a light touch of the hand, slide in parallel to one another on a track-base made of medea limestone. The interaction between light and shade reaches its peak the moment when the two discs overlap and almost mimic an eclipse.

4. Ivy Brokis

5. Lamp Fleurs Disderot

6. ed047 Edizioni Design

On show: Euroluce Milan

On show: Maison & Objet Paris

On show: Maison & Objet Paris

Designed by Lucie Koldova, nature and its life-giving beauty and strength serve as the model for this new light concept. Offering a system of modular components meaning it can be used to achieve a highly innovative take on decorative lighting in both vertical and horizontal compositions, the collection features three sizes in opal or smoke glass.

Exhibited at Maison et Objet – a reissue of the 1976 design from Olivier Mourgue, the range of Lamp Fleurs are beautiful, poetic yet technical and ultra modern. A flower shaped lighting device, made of aluminium petals fixed on two chromed metal wires, for sconces, ceiling lights and standing lamps.

Exhibited at Maison & Objet, drawing inspiration from a sailboat’s master tree, the ed047 is a natural evolution of the ed045 floor lamp concept. With the addition of a stone base, a light brass tube with custom LED light sources are connected and kept together by an elastic wire.












1. Acuo Cerno

2. Facet Light-Point

3. Synergy Pro Kooduu

On show: ICFF New York

On show: Euroluce Milan

On show: ICFF New York

The Acuo outdoor sconce is an existing design modified to withstand the elements. The materials have been meticulously designed to comply with UL's wet location requirements and the materials are exposed to the elements, they will continue to evolve. The goal was to design an outdoor line without compromising the clean modern lines that define Cerno's aesthetic.

Designed by Lars Vejen, the Facet wall lamp features a simple, functional and durable, yet classic design based on an asymmetric extruded aluminium profile with a squareshaped back. Two different angles are cut in to shape the profile so the dimmable LED spreads through the design. Light can be directed up or down as required.

Synergy Pro is a series of chargeable Bluetooth loudspeakers, which feature both warm LED lighting and an ingenious, multifunctional compartment. The Synergy Pro is produced in luxury materials with top grain leather handles and beautifully finished aluminum accessories, creating the perfect addition to any occasion.

4. Cyborg Martinelli Luce

5. Pencil Ai Lati

6. Mask Faro Barcelona

On show: Euroluce Milan

On show: Euroluce Milan

On show: Euroluce Milan

The well-established Cyborg light designed by Karim Rashid has been reinvented as an outdoor light. Made from high-resistance, fiber-reinforced concrete with selected aggregates, the lamp body, with its three legs, and the internal positioning of the indirect LED, generates dramatic effects of light and shadow.

Pencil is a collection of rechargeable floor, wall and pendant lamps, with a step touch dimmer function. Made of anodised extruded aluminium, die-cast accessories, a polycarbonate diffuser and an LED light source, silicone seals ensure that the Pencil lamp has a high IP rating, making it ideal for outdoor use.

Designed by LĂşcid, Mask is a robust wall lamp that can be located near the sea as it is highly resistant to corrosion by salinity. It is made of injected aluminium, has an opal diffuser and has a 65 protection rating. It is a luminaire designed for areas with adverse environmental conditions as it has a high resistance against impact and corrosion.

All Designs and Images ©1989 - 2019 Hubbardton Forge, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Hubbardton Forge is the registered trademark of Hubbardton Forge, LLC.




v e r mo n t u s a


d e s i gn @ v t fo r g e . c o m


h u b ba r d t o n fo r g e . c o m










1. Solo Martin Huxford Studio

2. Arles Di Classe

3. Dress Code Linea Light Group

On show: Decorex London

On show: designjunction London

On show: Euroluce Milan

The new T59 Solo table light launched at Decorex 2018 and continues Martin Huxford’s successful T59 series of modernist lighting and console tables. The design of the T59 Solo table lamp balances the arrangement of simple forms and contrasting materials to create a feeling of lightness and harmony.

Tokyo-based design company and lighting brand Di Classe presents new colours for the Arles table light. Inspired by the architecture in Arles, South of France, this angular light is a modern yet nostalgic design combining Asian fusion with a touch of the French countryside. Now available in berry, mint, oriental blue and british green.

Dress Code is composed of interchangeable parts, from the articulated head with LED source to the tapered arm, up to the solid circular base. A central aluminium skeleton serves as the base for the ‘dress’, composed of pieces that can be detached and replaced with other finishes. The structure is solid and robust, the joints reliable.

4. Medusa Oxen Luce

5. Bird Nemo Lighting

6. Oscar Terzani

On show: Euroluce Milan

On show: Euroluce Milan

On show: Euroluce Milan

This year’s Euroluce saw Oxen Luce launch its first comprehensive decorative lighting range. Drawing inspiration from simple geometrical shapes it focuses only on the aesthetics and artistic lighting effect they produce. The name chosen for each piece is derived from its shape. Pictured is the Medusa table lamp.

Bird is a table lamp in extruded aluminum with T-shaped support in polymer filled with glass fibres. Featuring a protruding matte black arm, which houses the light source and a vertical brass counterweight, the lamp placed freely on the edge of a surface, oscillates and moves but always returns to the horizontal position.

Paying tribute to one of the founders of modern architecture, designer Dodo Arslan has created a series of lights named Oscar, which pay homage through their adoption of Oscar Niemeyer’s signature sensuous curves. Available in a floor, table, and standing format, Oscar consists of glass orbs delicately held by curved brass.








1. Gatsby Vondom

2. Haeru nendo for Flos

3. Ice Cream Lladro

On show: Euroluce Milan

On show: Euroluce Milan

On show: ICFF New York

Gatsby was born from the idea of creating an evolving item through a suggestive combination of lights - achieved by the surfaces of the piece. This polycarbonate material recreates the sensations and shapes of engraved glass and a very special combination of light and shadows when switched on.

Translating to ‘grow’, Haeru consists of eight parts – three tables, two light fixtures and three supporting legs. The basic structure of the object is made of a threelegged table with a built-in battery. Two of the legs are cut shorter, thus allowing the user to change and add light fixtures and tabletops depending on their preference.

Lladró’s Ice Cream lighting collection is inspired by Japanese paper lanterns, the translucent matte white porcelain surface recalls the iconic swirl of soft serve ice cream. Adaptable as either a table or a hanging lamp, the lamp is fitted with an independent LED module and rechargeable batteries, making it fully transportable.

4. Eliza Jane Ozzy & Wes

5. SIL Light Nikki Alagha

6. Killay Singular Design

On show: Wanted Design New York

On show: Wanted Design New York

On show: designjunction, London

As featured at the 2019 Wanted Design Manhattan show in May, this table lamp from Brooklyn-based Ozzy & Wes was inspired by the amazing Eliza Jane. The design references a classic tube of red lipstick. The red glass diffuser aims to cast a warm, rosy and sexy light into the room.

Designed to evoke intrigue and curiosity, SIl Light uses a balance of metal and silicone to achieve that. The unexpected finish of the silicone attracts our attention and when focused on the light, one is fixated in the texture and material. SII Light comes as a sconce or table light.

Killay is a lamp whose geometry and materials evoke minimalism and simplicity. A slim piece of oak into a dodecagon steel body. Light emerges magically. It stays off while the oaken arm remains horizontal. As you rotate the lamp, the light intensity increases, coinciding with the pole in a vertical position.










1. Starlight Karboxx

2. Della Buouyant

3. Link CVL Luminaires

On show: Euroluce Milan

On show: ICFF New York

On show: ICFF New York

Starlight's design has a slender discreet shape that does not create light but shadows and reflections. The lamp hides the light source by incorporating it into the lines where the LED strips are applied. The bent sheet metal and laser cutting balance the thickness, giving this object a subtle presence.

Inspired by Japanese woodblock prints from the early 20th Century, the Della sconce gets its allure from carefully selected quartz stone and a mounting system that allows it to effortlessly float off the wall. Awarded an NYCxDesign, this is the first piece in a new collection of line-voltage fixtures.

Simple and minimalist, the Link collection from CVL Luminaires frames the light. Depending on the position of the light, the refined line can be fitted vertically or horizontally. The LED light of the Link can twist around. Manufactured in France, Link is available in several sizes, finishes and options.

4. Elbo James Dieter

5. Orbit Ryan Edward Studio

6. Boston Astro Lighting

On show: ICFF New York

On show: ICFF New York

On show: Sleep + Eat London

The concept of the flat bar framework in Elbo came to Dieter after seeing the inspirational 2017 Rei Kawakubo show at the Met museum. The intent was to invent a structure for a graphic vision that is both playfully cartoonish and formally refined. Elbo pairs a unique bent aluminum band armature with porcelain or glass diffusers.

The Orbit wall sconce from Ryan Edward Studio is a touch activated light sculpture that creates a joyful experience every time you turn it on. Simply touch the orb to turn it on and off. The studio believes it is this extra interaction and detail that distinguishes its work from other lighting pieces.

Add a touch of mid-century sophistication to any bathroom interior with the new Boston IP44-rated LED wall light. A simple yet unique design, with a geometric cuboid shape and integrated circular glass rods, Boston exudes a pleasing vintage aesthetic and offers efficient LED illumination. Available in polished chrome or bronze.

HAND BLOWN GLASS LIGHTING - MADE IN ENGLAND Worlds End Studios, 132-134 Lots Road, Chelsea, London SW10 0RJ

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focal point CA’D’ORO MUNICH, GERMANY Originally established by first generation MunichItalians in 1979, Ca’d’oro is a distinguished Venitian diner in the heart of the Bravarian state. Vierzueins Design was tasked to design a refurbishment concept that honoured the history and culture of this traditional family business, whilst modernising the interior to suit a contemporary dining experience. Tala’s Voronoi I, II and III in brass pendants have been installed generously amongst the statement curved woodwork of the ceiling, which references the architectural motifs from the Palazzo Santa Sofia, the Venetian Palace the restaurant is named after. Large panels of polished brass adorn the bar and central column of the restaurant, reflecting the elegant light of the Voronoi and curved lightstrips within the space. The abundance of decorative gold elements combined with modernist furniture create a present-day palazzo, worthy of sitting proudly on the grand canal of Venice. Image: Peter Szekacs



Mainland Europe / Europe

Albania A BI ESSE PO Box 8307 1051 Tirana tel: +355 42407290 Distributor for: Artemide, De Majo, Egoluce, Exenia, Flos, iGuzzini, Ivela, Linea Light Group, Osram, Panzeri ALBAELETTRICA Autostrada Tirane-Durres KM.8 Tirana tel: +355 42406633 Distributor for: Fabbian, Foscarini, La Murrina, Marset, Osram, Side, Tom Rossau, Wever & Ducre BRUNES Autostrada Tirane Durres KM7 Tirane tel: +355 48200753 Distributor for: Flos OSRAM Rr “Bardhok Biba” Old Tirana Building, 21/C Floor IX 1001 Tirane tel: +355 42261288

Armenia EUROLUCE INTERIORS 1 Leo Street 0002 Yerevan tel: +374 10536797 Distributor for: Arizzi, Baroncelli, De Majo, Flos, Masiero, Officina Luce, Patrizia Garganti, Penta, Riperlamp, Terzani

Austria ARTEMIDE Gonzagagasse 1 / Morzinplatz 1010 Vienna tel: +43 018032182

GEORG BECHTER LICHT Bach 201/2 6941 Langenegg tel: +43 551341072 GLASS INSPIRATION Brandmuehlestrasse 2 4541 Adlwang tel: +43 7258906995 KAIA Wienerwaldstrasse 13/Top 1a 3441 Judenau tel: +43 6607589222 KALMAR Bennogasse 8 1080 Vienna tel: +43 14090880 KNY DESIGN Ramingdorf 23 4441 Behamberg tel: +43 72528141423 KOLARZ Hauptstrasse 103 2384 Breitenfurt tel: +43 22392721 LICHT & FORM BERND NAGE Marktstrasse 30 6850 Dornbirn tel: +43 5572394021 Distributor for: Anta, Artemide, Flos, Foscarini, Occhio, Prandina LICHT ART Aubichlweg 1 Niederbrucker Aubichlweg 5322 Salzburg tel: +43 622936736 Distributor for: Marset, TAL LICHT DESIGN Hofhaymerasallee 21 5020 Salzburg tel: +43 6628220840 Distributor for: Lightyears

BERANEK & LIGHT DESIGN Lerchenfelderstr. 18-24 1080 Vienna tel: +43 19576287 Distributor for: Domus

LICHTFACTOR Königshofstrasse 47 6800 Feldkirch tel: +43 55526582821 Distributor for: Aqua Creations, Artemide, Belux, Delta Light, Foscarini, Luceplan, Occhio, Prandina, Ribag, Vibia

CONCEPTLICHT Lastenstresse 37 6840 Gotiz tel: +43 552364865237 Distributor for: Prandina

LICHTSYSTEME KETTER Schwarzenbach 4A 4921 Hohenzell tel: +43 898197752 Distributor for: Artemide, Flos

DAS LICHT JOSEF NOPP Paschinger Strasse 111 4060 Leonding tel: +43 732680040 Distributor for: Artemide, Foscarini, Louis Poulsen, Osram, Prandina, Targetti

LIGHTS OF VIENNA Viaduct Road 1 2353 Guntramsdorf tel: +43 223625722

DAVID POMPA STUDIO Koschatstrass 2H 9020 Klagenfurt tel: +43 463269756 EGLO Heiligkreuz 22 6136 Pill tel: +43 524269960

LUKE ROBERTS Phorusgasse 8/2 1040 Vienna tel: +43 6765521390 MASSI DESIGN Bergg 30 1090 Vienna tel: +43 13199600 Distributor for: Prandina

MOLTO LUCE Europastrasse 45 4600 Wels tel: +43 72426980 Distributor for: Metalarte, Parachilna OSRAM Leonard-Bernstein-Strasse 10 1220 Vienna tel: +43 1680680 SIGNIFY Triester Strasse 64 A 1101 Vienna tel: +43 810001098 SWAROVSKI LIGHTING Rettenbergstrasse 30 6114 Kolsass tel: +43 5224671650 SYLVANIA Twin Tower Wienerbergstrasse 11/12b 1100 Vienna tel: +43 16174480 VIENNA LIGHT Salstorgasse 1 1010 Vienna tel: +43 15338670 Distributor for: Artemide, Bover, Catellani & Smith, Cini&Nils, Flos, Foscarini, Louis Poulsen, Prandina, Tobias Grau, Vibia WALDMANN Gewerbepark Wagram 7 4061 Pasching/Linz tel: +43 722967400

AXIS 71 Altenaken 11B 3320 Hoegaarden tel: +32 475322970 BASALTE Hundelgemsesteenweg 1a 9820 Merelbeke tel: +32 93857838 BEGA Rijksweg 5 2870 Puurs tel: +32 38906050 BELUCE Pannenstraat 119 8300 Knokke-Heist tel: +32 50346186 Distributor for: Atelier Sedap, Frandsen, Innermost, Lucid, Mizar, Murano Luce, Northern Lighting, Slamp BIS LIGHTING Jetsesteenweg 409 Jette 1090 Brussels BUZZISPACE Groeningenlei 141-143 2550 Antwerp-Kontich tel: +32 38461000 CLAEYS VERLICHTING Doorniksesteenweg 237 8580 Avelgem tel: +32 56644840

WOKA LAMPS Palais Breuner Singerstrasse 16 1010 Vienna tel: +43 15132912

CLEANTECH SOLUTIONS PO Box 106 - Building CCN Noordstation - Gard du Nord Vooruitgangstraat 80 Rue du Progrè 1210 Brussels tel: +32 23602155 Distributor for: Slide, Verbatim

ZUMTOBEL Schweizer Strasse 30 6851 Dornbirn tel: +43 55723900

CRESTRON Oude Keerbergsebaan 2 2820 Rijmenam tel: +32 15509950

Belarus OSRAM ul. Voronianskogo 7a k48 220039 Minsk tel: +375 172723836

DARK Vliegplein 43 9991 Maldegem tel: +32 50718140 DAVIDTS LIGHTING Chaussee de Waterloo 846-856 1180 Brussels tel: +32 23757646

Belgium ACE LIGHTING Kammenstraat 78 2000 Antwerp tel: +32 32252778 Distributor for: Anglepoise, Flos, Foscarini, Louis Poulsen, Moooi, Murano Glass, Occhio AKOMO Wittestraat 1 8501 Kortrijk-Heule tel: +32 56363299 ARTEMIDE Beemdstraat 25 1601 Ruisbroek tel: +32 25340367

DELTA LIGHT Muizelstraat 2 Moorsele 8560 Wevelgem tel: +32 56435735 email: Delta Light is one of the world’s largest and most prestigious architectural lighting manufacturers, operating globally since 1989. With an architectonic approach to contemporary and innovative lighting creations, Delta Light has quickly grown to become a trendsetter and market leader working with individuals, architects and designers to provide visually pleasing lighting solutions.


DELUCI Kerrebroek 52 9850 Nevele tel: +32 93804344 Distributor for: Anta, Catellani & Smith, f-sign, Next, Trizo21 DESIGN BY MAI Visserij 171 9000 Gent tel: +32 475776177 DOXIS Horizonlaan 30 3600 Genk tel: +32 89621511 EDEN DESIGN Woudstraat 5A 3600 Genk tel: +32 89386036 EDGES OF LUXUS Rue De La Baronnerie 9 Harze 4920 tel: +32 494515154 EGLO Antwerpsesteenweg 247 2950 Kapellen tel: +32 32506080 HILITE Baron de Maerelaan 74 8380 Zeebrugge tel: +32 50543543 Distributor for: B.lux, Metalarte, Nosta, Parachilna, Tossb HIND RABII Rue Bronde 2 Zoning Industriel 4801 Stembert tel: +32 87229374 IGUZZINI Residentie Het Museum II Museumstraat 11, Bus A 2000 Antwerp tel: +32 32411400 ILLUDESIGN Rue Diguette 1 4031 Angleur tel: +32 43611533 Distributor for: Artemide, Delta Light, Flos, Foscarini, Marset, Modular, Moooi, Occhio, Vibia, Wever & Ducre KINETURA Stationsstraat 198 8340 Sijsele – Damme tel: +32 475318408 LEDLAB Krekelput 13 9700 Oudenaarde tel: +32 55330433 LICHTHAUS Donk 91 2400 Mol tel: +32 14311800 Distributor for: Album, Axolight, Foscarini, Modular, Moooi LINEA VERDANCE Oude Baan 230 2610 Antwerp tel: +32 37407603

LLINELL Lostraat 31 9920 Lovendegem tel: +32 475479524 LUCTRA Industriepark 14/101 9031 Drongen tel: +32 9281264445 MGX BY MATERIALISE Technologielaan 15 3001 Leuven tel: +32 16396611 OIKOS DESIGN Oude Tervuursebaan 16 3060 Bertem tel: +32 16811459 Distributor for: Prandina PASSION 4 WOOD Koninginnelaan 52 8400 Oostende tel: +32 476936338 PSM LIGHTING Groendreef 60 9880 Aalter tel: +32 93741951 SIGNIFY Rue des Deux Stations 80 1070 Brussels tel: +32 25257575 SISTERCO Altenaken 11 3320 Hoegaarden tel: +32 16765400 Distributor for: Egoluce, Luceplan, Nemo, Vistosi SPIRIDON 16 Rue de la Grande Couture 7503 Froyennes tel: +32 69779600 SYLVANIA Noorderlaan 105c 2030 Antwerp tel: +32 36104444 TAL Joos De Ter Beerstlaan 33 8740 Pittem tel: +32 51464341 TEKNA Industriepark E17/3205 Stokkelaar 13 9160 Lokeren tel: +32 93480802 TOSS B Karveel Street 2 8380 Zeebrugge tel: +32 50543549 TRIZO 21 Kerrebroek 52 9850 Nevele tel: +32 93804343 UNDER-COVER Toekomstlaan 39 Herentals 2200 Antwerp tel: +32 14283050 Distributor for: Flos

VICTOR HUNT Paul Deschanel 248 Schaerbeek 1030 Brussels tel: +32 27879957 WEVER & DUCRÉ Kwadestraat 153 – Bus 2.1 8800 Roeselare tel: +32 51622650 ZANGRA Rue Victor Pochet 14 5570 Vonèche tel: +32 23183783 ZUMTOBEL Rijksweg 47 Industriezone Puurs Nr. 442 2870 Puurs tel: +32 38609393

Bosnia and Herzegovina CASA MIA Ul. Kranjcˇevic´eva 21 71000 Sarajevo tel: +387 33666365 Distributor for: Foscarini LEVEL’S Skolska 10 Zenica tel: +387 32440350 Distributor for: Artemide OSRAM Kraljice Katarine 51 88000 Mostar tel: +387 36449740 ZUMTOBEL Topal Osman Pase 18 71000 Sarajevo tel: +387 161172240

Bulgaria ALTRONICS LIGHT 13 6th September Street 1000 Sofia tel: +359 29809061 Distributor for: Dark AMBITIO 60 Bulgaria Boulevard 1680 Sofia tel: +359 28598334 Distributor for: Bocci, Eden Design, Flos, Giapato & Coombes, Lambert & Fils, Parachilna, Sattler, Vibia, Wastberg, Wever & Ducré DEKKO 12-16 Dragan Tsankov Boulevard 1164 Sofia tel: +359 28168116 Distributor for: Foscarini, Marset EGLO 2B ‘Serdika’ Street 8000 Bourgas tel: +359 56960403

GAMMA DESIGN 49? Parchevich Street 1000 Sofia tel: +359 29879155 Distributor for: Anta, Aqua Creations, Belux, Catellani & Smith, Davide Groppi, Fambuena, Flos, FontanaArte, Foscarini, Viabizzuno MEGALUX 1 Aviatsionna Street 4000 Plovdiv tel: +359 32620910 Distributor for: Artemide, Foscarini OSRAM Sitnyakovo Blvd. 48 Floor 6 Office 604 1505 Sofia tel: +359 29712262 POLARIS PROJECT 58 Saltanat Street 9000 Varna tel: +359 52827231 Distributor for: Delta Light PRISMA 47 Vasil Drumev Street 1000 Varna tel: +359 52684848 Distributor for: LEDS C4

Croatia DEGA Medimurska 28 42000 Varazdin tel: +385 42290422 Distributor for: Louis Poulsen, Studio Italia Design, Terzani EGLO Josipa Loncara 3 10000 Zagreb tel: +385 13794062 IBF GROUP Zavrtnica 17 10000 Zagreb tel: +385 16055735 Distributor for: Delta Light, Oligo LUMENART Veruda, 60/B Hrvatska 52100 Pula tel: +385 52535939 Distributor for: Axolight, Flos, Viabizzuno LUMINIS LAMPS Skoljic 13 51000 Rjeka tel: +385 51337684 Distributor for: Artemide, Arturo Alvarez, Catellani & Smith, Fabbian, Flos, Foscarini, Luceplan, LZF Lamps, Martinelli Luce, Prandina NOX Zagrebacka 13/1 42000 Varazdin tel: +385 42290475 Distributor for: Dark, Studio Italia Design, Wever & Ducré OSRAM Visnjevac 3 10000 Zagreb tel: +385 13032000


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OZONE PLUS Horvacanska 21 10000 Zagreb tel: +385 13688070 Distributor for: FontanaArte PRONING Vocarska 20 10000 Zagreb tel: +385 14662236 Distributor for: Desalto, Moroso. Arketipo, Prandina, Vibueffe RIBARIC Zaharova 9 10000 Zagreb tel: +385 16065480 Distributor for: Flos, Foscarini, Modular, Moooi SPEKTO Bijenieka 35 10000 Zagreb tel: +385 14628220 Distributor for: LEDS C4, Zumtobel TELEKTRA Industrijska cesta 15 Sesvete 10360 Zagreb tel: +385 12050666 Distributor for: TAL, Zumtobel ZUMTOBEL Radnicka cesta 80 Zagrebtower 10000 Zagreb tel: +385 16404080

Czech Republic A.M.O.S DESIGN Beethovenova 9 60105 Brno tel: +420 542212898 Distributor for: Delta Light, Lightyears, Luceplan ALUPRESS Nachodska 2479-63 19300 Prague 9 tel: +420 222560172 Distributor for: Prandina ATEH LIGHTING Geislerrova 20 61500 Brno - Zidenice tel: +420 548210239 Distributor for: Axolight, B.lux, Bover, Carpyen, Dark, Exenia, Kundalini, LEDS C4, Manooi, Prandina BLOMUS Krizikova 209/51 18600 Prague 8 tel: +420 222316990 Distributor for: TAL

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BOMMA Hvezdova 1716/2b 14000 Prague 4 tel: +420 569453149

MONOBRAND Sokolovská 98/96 Karlín 18600 Prague tel: +420 601323856 Distributor for: Buster & Punch, KAIA, Lambert & Fils, Sammode, Wever & Ducré

BROKIS Sídlisˇteˇ Jansˇtejn 39 58852 Horní Dubénky tel: +420 567211517

OSRAM U Slavie 1540/2a 10000 Prague tel: +420 272118850

BULB Jankovcova 1037/49 17000 Prague 7 tel: +420 220805410 Distributor for: Flos, Foscarini, Marset, Modular, Moooi

PRECIOSA LIGHTING Novy´ Sveˇt 915 47114 Kamenicky´ Sˇenov tel: +420 488113111

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PETROS PIEROS 35 Macedonia (Spyrou Kyprianou) Avenue 3070 Limassol tel: +357 70007788 Distributor for: Bocci

PROFILUX Bauerova 491/10 60200 Brno tel: +420 543215566 Distributor for: Lucis, Viabizzuno, Vibia

PGS ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES 150,1st April Avenue PO Box 33088 5280 Paralimni tel: +357 23822022 Distributor for: Mareco Luce, Megaman

SANS SOUCI Vaclavske namesti 804/58 11000 Prague 1 tel: +420 773793808 SIGNIFY Safrankova 1238 / 1 15500 Prague 5 tel: +420 233099111 U1 LIGHTING Building Five Na Valentince 3336/4 15000 Prague 5 tel: +420 606046538 Distributor for: Artemide, Bega, Belux, Brokis, Foscarini, Wever & Ducré UNI LIGHT Hermanova 2 17000 Prague 7 tel: +420 266712709 Distributor for: Artemide, Prandina VERNO LIGHT Radougnova 2681/24 15500 Prague 5 tel: +420 608702651 Distributor for: Modiss ZUMTOBEL Jankovcova 2 17000 Prague 7 tel: +420 266782200

Cyprus ASVESTOS 11 Constantinos Paleologos Avenue 1011 Nicosia tel: +357 22664818 Distributor for: Eglo, Globo CASA MIA 6 Menandros Street 1066 Nicosia tel: +357 22873748 Distributor for: Foscarini E KYRIAKIDES LIGHTING 5B Epias Avenue Engomi 1682 Nicosia tel: +357 22819966 Distributor for: Wever & Ducre J. N. CHRISTOFIDES LIGHTING PO Box 21093 1016 Nicosia tel: +357 22813043 Distributor for: Delightfull, Light Years, Prandina LUCE ATALIOTIS 10 Katsonis Street Neoelen Marina Buld. 301-302 PO Box 25121 1307 Nicosia tel: +357 22515511 Distributor for: Delta Light, Endo, Flos, Viabizzuno, Zumtobel

Estonia 4ROOM Kaera tee 6 Vääna Harku vald 76903 Harjumaa tel: +372 6790360 ARPEN ELEKTER Pärnu mnt. 139/H 11317 Tallinn tel: +372 6506347 Distributor for: Zumtobel HALOVAL DLE Fr. Kreutzwaldi 8 10124 Tallinn tel: +372 6466991 Distributor for: Delta Light HEKTOR LIGHT Ringtee 26 51013 Tartu tel: +372 6154511 Distributor for: Axolight, B.lux, Bocci, Flos, Foscarini, Karman, LEDS C4, Marset, Studio Italia Design, Vistosi INSPIRA Maakri 19/21 1045 Tallinn tel: +372 6108468 Distributor for: Carpyen, Flos, Foscarini, Ingo Maurer, Kartell, Palluco, Prandina, Santa & Cole Tom Dixon KUU STUUDIO Vana-Veski tee 22 75301 Harjumaa tel: +372 5533368 Distributor for: Trizo21 LATERNA MAGICA Kreutzwaldi 8 10124 Tallin tel: +372 6466994 Distributor for: Album, Artemide, B.lux, Brand van Egmond, Catellani & Smith, Dark, Linea Light Group, Marset, tossB, Vistosi MOODNE VALGUSTUS Rävala pst 7 10143 Tallinn tel: +372 6676670 Distributor for: Lightyears, Luceplan, Modular, Slamp, TAL NITT Masina 22 10144 Tallinn tel: +372 6418189 Distributor for: Molto Luce, Multiline OSRAM Väike-Paala 1 11415 Tallinn tel: +372 6308807 Customer Service: (+34) 963 187 006






















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France ARPEL Avenue de Champs Elysees Lot 41 75008 Paris tel: +33 675630051 ART ET FLORITUDE Z.A. Les Ouches Route de Santranges 45630 Beaulieu-sur-Loire tel: +33 238358825 ARTELUX Zone Paris Nord Ii - 13, Rue De La Perdrix 93290 Tremblay tel: +33 148630077 Distributor for: Lightyears ARTEMIDE 52 Avenue Daumesnil 75012 Paris tel: +33 143444444 ARTENOVI 15 Rue Lumiere 01630 Saint Genis-Pouilly tel: +33 638741343 ARTUCE 46 Avenue d’Occitanie Cap Sud 36250 St Maur tel: +33 254086094 ASCETE 2 Galerie Vivienne 75002 Paris tel: +33 143467039 ATELIER ALAIN ELLOUZ 3 rue de la Manufacture 78350 Jouy en Josas tel: +33 146946621 ATELIER SEDAP 3 Avenue du Professeur Jean Rouxel 44481 Loire-Atlantique tel: +33 240998525 AZIMUT INDUSTRIES 15 Passage St Anne Popincourt 75011 Paris tel: +33 142964278 BACCARAT 11 Place des Etats-Unis 75116 Paris tel: +33 140221118 BARRISOL Route du Sipes 68680 Kembs tel: +33 389832020

BEGA 21–23 Rue Aristide Briand 94340 Joinville-le-Pont tel: +33 148869393

ENO STUDIO 39 rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie 75004 Paris tel: +33 0153009333

JIELDE 9 rue du Dauphiné 69800 St-Priest tel: +33 478201016

BLACKBODY 35 rue Pasteur Z.I. Toulon Est BP 320 - La Farlede 83077 Toulon Cedex 9 tel: +33 494617290

ESTILUZ 2 Bis, Rue Leon Blum Z.I. des Glaises 91124 Palaiseau tel: +33 169320390 Distributor for: el torrent

KAER & SPLANN 1 Avenue d’Ester 87069 Limoges tel: +33 981447875

CINIER PARIS 1 Rue De Londres 34200 tel: +33 67181953 CONFIDENCE AND LIGHT 2 rue Denis Papin - BP 41 La Ferte St Aubin 45240 Paris tel: +33 616075717 CRESTRON 31 Rue Des Hautes Patures 92000 Nanterre Paris tel: +33 147910000

CVL LUMINAIRES 79 Route de la Chevallerie 49770 Longuenee en Anjou tel: +33 241326754 email: All CVL lighting is 100% manufactured in France. We offer a range of standard products, and also serve our clients with a unique know-how for fully customised projects. CVL helps you through the product design phase: research, design, consulting, standardisation and production. Each light fitting is entirely handmade in solid brass.

DABI DESIGN 40 rue de Chabrol 75010 Paris tel: +33 608015073 DANIEL GALLO 14 rue general Humbert 75014 Paris tel: +33 145434207 DCW EDITIONS 71 rue de la Fontaine au Roi 75011 Paris tel: +33 140213760 DEBBAS 30 Rue Alexandre 92230 Gennevilliers tel: +33 147910334 Distributor for: Occhio, Tobias Grau DELTA LIGHT 81 rue Saint Lazare 75009 Paris tel: +33 970735242 DESIGNHEURE 5 place Delille 34200 Sète tel: +33 467539963 EGLO 2 Rue de la Martinique 68274 Wittenheim tel: +33 389625030

EXTENZO 4/5 Route de Pfulgriesheim Griesheim sur Souffel tel: +33 388461888 Distributor for: Prandina FEUKA LUMINAIRES 156 Boulevard de Plombieres 13014 Marseille tel: +33 491027147 Distributor for: Foscarini, Slamp FLOS 15 Avenue de Segur 75007 Paris tel: +33 153595888 FONTANA ARTE 1390 Avenue du Campon 06110 Le Cannet tel: +33 493456978 FORESTIER Rue Radio Londres 33130 Begles tel: +33 556498030 HAYMANN 16 Boulevard Saint Germain 75005 Paris tel: +33 140880987 HENRI BURSZTYN 12, boulevard de Courcelles 75017 Paris tel: +33 185092969 IGOR PARIS 31 Rue de la Sourdiere 75001 Paris tel: +33 147033136 Distributor for: Ango, Innermost IGUZZINI 10 Boulevard de la Bastille 75012 Paris tel: +33 140528181 ILLUM&DESIGN 16-18 rue Maréchal Foch 54140 Jarville la Malgrange tel: +33 383567363 Distributor for: Delta Light, Flos, Multiline INEDIT 25 rue de Cléry 75002 Paris tel: +33 147007676 Distributor for: TossB INNLED 360 Avenue des Compagnons 34170 Castelnau-le-Lez tel: +33 950050878 JEREMY MAXWELL WINTREBERT 97 Avenue Daumesnil 75012 Paris tel: +33 0772288015

KNGB 100 avenue Clément Ader 59118 Wambrechies tel: +33 635942279 KOS LIGHTING 12 Avenue du Garigliano 91600 Savigny-sur-Orge tel: +33 169244000 LA CHANCE 21 Rue Michel Le Comte 75003 Paris tel: +33 146472132 LAMPE GRAS 71 rue de la Fontaine au Roi 75011 Paris tel: +33 140213760 LE DEUN 71 Boulevard Richard Lenoir 75011 Paris tel: +33 142746964 LE STUDIO DES COLLECTIONS 29 rue Amelot 75011 Paris tel: +33 148065286 Distributor for: Refer+Staer, Zero LINEA LIGHT GROUP Z.A. Heiden Est, 12 rue des Pays-bas 68310 Wittelsheim tel: +33 389755223 LUCEPLAN Rue du Mail 31 75002 Paris tel: +33 145422425 LUCTRA Immeuble Le Tryalis, 9 rue de Rosny 93100 Montreuil tel: +33 148121090 LUG LIGHTING Rue d’Estienne d’Orves 10-12 Sartrouville 78500 Paris tel: +33 0973693141 LUMI INTER 260 Boulevard of BAB 64600 Anglet tel: +33 559522362 Distributor for: Flos, Luceplan, Moooi LUMIERE NATURE 9 rue des Fillettes 93210 La Plaine Saint-Denis tel: +33 148114747 LUMINTER 27 bd de Reuilly 75012 Paris tel: +33 143436232 Distributor for: Artemide, Estiluz, Flos, Fontana Arte, Foscarini, Loius Poulson, Lumina, Modiss Vibia


LUXIONA 2 Rue Clément Ader 69740 Genas tel: +33 472146666

SIGNIFY 33 rue de Verdun BP313 92156 Suresnes Cedex tel: +33 825882309

ANTA Osterbrooksweg 59 22869 Schenefeld tel: +49 408391037

CARUS Rosenstrasse 8 35037 Marburg tel: +43 6421604243

MAIORI 15 Rue de Palestro 75002 Paris tel: +33 610967260

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ARS VIVENDI Friedrich Ebert Strasse 42 34117 Kassel tel: +49 561772953 Distributor for: Artemide, Flos, Occhio, Prandina, Tobias Grau

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SYLVANIA Le Signac 1-3 Avenue du Général de Gaulle 92230 Gennevilliers tel: +33 155511100 TAL Z.A. Du Mittelfeld 1 rue Alfred Kastle 67300 Schiltigheim tel: +33 388764688 TARGETTI 8 rue Alfred de Vigny 75008 Paris tel: +33 144290909 THIEVY VIDE 67 Rue De Reuilly 75012 Paris tel: +33 143451435

ARTE LUMEN Leipzeiger Platz 21 90491 Nurnberg tel: +49 9115675890 Distributor for: Arturo Alvarez, Dark, Delta Light, Marset, Martinelli Luce, Megaman ARTEMIDE Hans-Böckler-Strasse 2 PO Box 1164 58730 Frondenberg tel: +49 02373975 ASTERA Karl Schmid Strasse 14 81829 Munich tel: +49 89215522530 Distributor for: Slide

TRIODE DESIGN 28 Rue Jacob 75006 Paris tel: +33 143294005

ASTRA LICHT Talstrasse 19 70825 Korntal-Münchingen tel: +49 7118395000 Distributor for: Nimbus

VERONESE 184 Boulevard Haussmann 75008 Paris tel: +33 145626767

BALADA & CO Koenigsdorfer Strasse 15 81371 Munich tel: +49 8974654884

VIABIZZUNO 26 rue de l’université Saint Germain 75007 Paris tel: +33 142608062

BEGA Hennenbusch 58708 Menden tel: +49 23739660

VOLTEX 37 rue des Ormes Ramonville Saint Agne 75007 tel: +33 534309119 Distributor for: Altalum, Artemide, Flos, Foscarini, MDF Italia, Moooi, Prandina, Tom Dixon WALDMANN Zone Industrielle Rue de l’Embranchement BP 23431 Reichstett 67455 Mundolsheim Cedex tel: +33 388209588 ZUMTOBEL 10 rue d’Uzèsann 75002 Paris tel: +33 156333250

Germany ABSOLUT LIGHTING Hamburger Strasse 8a 50321 Brühl tel: +49 223276360 ALTALINEA Am Sandhof 6 41469 Neuss tel: +49 213791263 Distributor for: Axis 71, Catellani & Smith, Metalarte, Parachilna, Toss B

BENWIRTH LICHT Frohschammerstr.14 / Innenhof 80807 Munich tel: +49 8995477633 BERLINER MESSINGLAMPEN Sickingenstr. 20-28 10553 Berlin tel: +49 303907240 BETEC LICHT Felix-Wankel-Str.10 85221 Dachau tel: +49 8131292656 BOCCI Kanstrasse 79 10627 Berlin tel: +49 1512 4060005

CLASSICON Sigmund-Riefler-Bogen 3 81829 Munich tel: +49 897481330 CORDULA KAFKA LIGHT & PORCELAIN Schinkestrasse 8-9 12047 Berlin tel: +49 304766997 CRESTRON Ringstrasse 1 89081 Ulm-Lehr tel: +49 731962810 DEKO LIGHT Auf Der Hub 2 76307 Karlsbad tel: +49 72489271602 DIE EINRICHTER Rosemeyerstrasse 14 44139 Dortmund tel: +49 23191295100 Distributor for: Prandina DIELICHTBERATER RHEIN-MAIN Färbgasse 23 35510 Butzbach tel: +49 060337499982 Distributor for: FortanaArte, TAL DOMUS LICHT Unter der Bleiche 36 Amtsgericht Hannover HRB 100, 288 31848 Bad Munder tel: +49 5042933293 DREIZEHNGRAD Breitscheidstrasse 78 01237 Dresden tel: +49 17622859641 EGLO Kleinbahnstrasse 35 59759 Arnsberg tel: +49 293262690 ELOA Carl-herz-ufer 3 10961 Berlin tel: +49 1749604477 EMOTIONAL LIGHTING Bärenschanzstrasse 8d 90429 Nurnberg tel: +49 911964780

BOLICHWERKE Lichttechnische Fabrik Bahnhofstraße 14-16 76684 Ostringen-Odenheim tel: +49 72598000

ESCALE MÖBEL & LEUCHTEN Taqnnerweg 6 74838 Limbach tel: +49 628792060

BRILLIANT Brilliantstrasse 1 27442 Gnarrenburg tel: +49 476389290

EWIGE LAMPE Neuer Wall 42 Hamburg tel: +49 40365829 Distributor for: Prandina

BRILONER Im Kissen 2 59929 Brilon tel: +49 29619712114

FILUMEN Am Neuen Markt 5 14467 Potsdam tel: +49 33123603910




FISCHER LEUCHTEN Graf-Gottfried-Strasse 111 59755 Arnsberg tel: +49 293290050

ISABEL HAMM LICHT Riehler Gürtel 84 50735 Cologne tel: +49 22116874899

FLOS Elisabeth-Selbert Strasse 4 40764 Langenfield tel: +49 2173109370

JUNG Volmestabe 1 58579 Schalksmuhle tel: +49 23558060

FORM IM LICHT Bahnstrasse 56 40210 Dusseldorf tel: +49 211326175 Distributor for: Prandina

KORONA LEUCHTEN Lindauer Strasse 25a 86199 Augsburg tel: +49 821906280

FORM IM RAUM Berliner Strasse 60 60311 Frankfurt tel: +49 69288624 Distributor for: Hulger FORMAGENDA Hans-Sachs-Strasse 12 80469 Munich tel: +49 89414240880 GES - LICHT ERLEBEN Nordring 49 44787 Bochum tel: +49 2345165600 Distributor for: Artemide, Axolight, Delta Light, Flos, Foscarini, Louis Poulsen, Moooi, Prandina GLASHÜTTE LIMBURG Glashüttenweg 65549 Limburg tel: +49 64312040 GLAUXS Sindelfinger Strasse 8 72070 Tubingen tel: +49 70715389140 GROSSMANN-LEUCHTEN Oesterweg 29 59469 Ense tel: +49 29389703170 HOLY TRINITY Königsbrücker Strasse 96 Gebäude 32 01099 Dresden tel: +49 35140455510 IDV Birkenweiherstr 2 63505 Langenselbold tel: +49 618493190 IGUZZINI Bunsenstrasse 5 82152 Planegg tel: +49 898569880

KOZIOL Werner-von-Siemens-Strasse 90 64711 Erbach/Odenwald tel: +49 6062604273 KREATIVE LICHT Reuterweg 2 08056 Zwickau tel: +49 3752739416 Distributor for: Prandina KURT FAUSTIG Kraillinger Strasse 12 Stockdorf 82131 Munich tel: +49 898956310 LASFERA DESIGN & VERTRIEBS Frankenstrasse 55 50858 Cologne tel: +49 22197247550 LDM Frankstrasse 25 75172 Pforzheim tel: +49 723139890 LESS’ N’ MORE Hildeboldplatz 19 50672 Cologne tel: +49 22199984480 LIC LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY Hans-Böckler-Ring 3 22851 Norderstedt tel: +49 4030393922 LICHSTUDIO ERENS Patoratshof 18 47929 Grefrath tel: +49 215891650 Distributor for: Artemide, Delta Light, Flos, Foscarini, Louis Poulsen, moooi, Occhio, Prandina, Tobias Grau LICHT & FORM Rodensteinstrasse 60 64625 Bensheim tel: +49 6251589458 Distributor for: Prandina

IKARUS Gutenbergstrasse 3 63571 Gelnhausen tel: +49 1805921000 Distributor for: Artemide, Murano Luce, Oligo

LICHT 3 Trankweg 17 53229 Bonn tel: +49 228555255

ILLUMINATION PHYSICS Bruno-Burgel-Strasse 11 Edificio Great Wall 28759 tel: +49 42117421689

LICHTBOGEN Karlstrasse 3742105 Wuppertal tel: +49 692102880 Distributor for: Akar, Anta, Artemide, Foscarini, Prandina, Ribag, Tobias Grau, Tom Dixon

INGO MAURER Kaiserstrasse 47 80801 Munich tel: +49 893816060

LICHTCENTER Grosse Friedberger Strasse 44-46 60313 Frankfurt am Main tel: +49 692102880 Distributor for: Artemide, Delta Light, Foscarini, Occhio, Prandina, Tobias Grau LICHTECK M1 6 68161 Mannheim tel: +49 62123281 Distributor for: Artemide, Delta Light, Flos, Foscarini, Lumina, Occhio, Prandina, Tobias Grau LICHTHAUS Fritz-Reuter-Strasse 2 01097 Dresden tel: +49 3518104077 Distributor for: Album, Axolight, Dark, Foscarini, Modular, Moooi LICHTKULTUR Flosserstrasse 19a 01139 Dresden tel: +49 35184718291 Distributor for: Artmide, Axolight, Belux, Delta Light, Flos, Prandina, Tom Dixon, vistosi LICHTLAUF Sonnentaustrasse 12 80995 Munich tel: +49 89309052740 LIGHT11.DE Alstedder Street 40 44534 Lunen tel: +49 8005444811 Distributor for: Artemide, Bruck, Delta Light, Flos, Foscarini, Louis Poulsen, Luceplan, Marset, Prandina, Ribag LIGHTING TECHNOLOGIES Fraunhofer Strasse 7 85737 Ismaning tel: +49 89550598611 LIGHTNET Zollstockgürtel 63 50969 Cologne tel: +49 2212225260 LINEA LIGHT GROUP Aktienstrasse 214 45473 Mülheim a.d. Ruhr tel: +49 2082999790 LOUIS POULSEN Kaistrasse 20 40221 Düsseldorf tel: +49 211732790 LTS LICHT & LEUCHTEN Waldesch 24 88069 Tettnang tel: +49 754293070 LUCENTE LICHTPLANUNG Stader Strasse 2 27419 Sittensen tel: +39 04224575 LUCEPLAN Prenzlauer Allee 39 10405 Berlin tel: +49 304433840 LUCTRA Westfalenstrasse 77-79 58636 Iserlon tel: +49 2371662312

LUG Wilhelmine-Gemberg-Weg 6 Aufgang G 10179 Berlin tel: +49 3028093083 LUMINI Falter Strasse 8 97318 Kitzingen tel: +49 9324981714 MAGAZIN Aachener Strasse 40-44 50674 Cologne tel: +49 221820300 Distributor for: Artemide, Delta Light, Flos, Foscarini, moooi, oochio, Prandina, Ribag, Tobias Grau MASSIFCENTRAL Mommsenstrasse 65 10629 Berlin tel: +49 3091447562 MAWA DESIGN Neu-Langerwisch 36 14552 Michendorf tel: +49 33205228822 MILANO DESIGN & LEUCHTEN Schmale Strasse 12 70173 Stuttgart tel: +49 0711292929 Distributor for: Belux, Delta Light, Foscarini, Moooi, Nimbus, Occhio, Prandina, Ribag, Tobias Grau MILLELUMEN Casablanca Leuchten Hans-Bockler Strasse, 16 63263 Neu-Isenburg tel: +49 69886033 MOBILIAR LICHT + RAUM An der Untertrave 100 23552 Lubeck tel: +49 45172424 Distributor for: Belux, Delta Light, Flos, Foscarini, Occhio, Prandina, Ribag, Tobias Grau NEO DESIGN STUDIOS Bull-Hochhaus 1.Og Wiener Platz 2 51065 Cologne tel: +49 22164062375 NEO/CRAFT Schönhauser Allee 8 10119 Berlin tel: +49 3091206806 NEONWHITE DESIGN Steinwiesenstrasse 7 85253 Erdweg bei Munchen tel: +33 12544323 NEUE OBJEKTE Kaiser-Friedrichstrasse 106 41460 Neuss tel: +49 2212791120 Distributor for: Anglepoise NEUESLICHT Kohlenhofstrasse 60 90443 Nürnberg tel: +49 91125425480 NEXT HOME COLLECTION Amsterdamerstrasse 145-147 50735 Cologne tel: +49 221715050

056 000


NIMBUS Sieglestrasse 41 70469 Stuttgart tel: +49 7116330140 NYTA Lessingstrasse 20 76135 Karlsruhe tel: +49 72147044707 OCARI Marktstrasse 3 49477 Ibbenbueren tel: +49 54519368830 OCCHIO Wiener Platz 7 81667 Munich tel: +49 8944778630 OLIGO LICHTTECHNIK Meysstrase 22-24 53773 Hennef tel: +49 224287020 OSRAM Marcel-Breuer-Strasse 6 80807 Munich tel: +49 8962130 PAULMANN LICHT Quezinger Feld 2-10 31832 Springe-Völksen tel: +49 50419980 RADIUS EINRICHTUNGSBEDARF Hamburgerstrasse 8a 50321 Bruehl tel: +49 2232763636 RAUM12 Rehmstrabe 4 86161 Augsburg tel: +49 1728664340 REMAGEN LICHT Ideen fur Licht + Raum e.K Neumarkt 35-37 50667 Cologne tel: +49 2212979712 RITTER LICHTTECHNIK Johanisthaler Chaussee 250 12351 Berlin tel: +49 306033804 Distributor for: TAL ROOOOM Schwarzhauptstrasse 10 80939 Munich tel: +49 35892720 Distributor for: Bover ROSENTHAL LICHT Uhlandstrasse 184 10623 Berlin tel: +49 308892473 Distributor for: Prandina RSL Tannenweg 1-3 53757 Sankt Augustin tel: +49 22418610 RUCO Auf dem Nol 24-26 86179 Augsburg tel: +49 821808700 SATTLER Wilhelm-Zwick-Strasse 6 73035 Goppingen tel: +49 71619201930

SCHARKON LICHTKONZEPTE Kruppstrasse 47 59227 Ahlen tel: +49 2382968680 Distributor for: Egoluce, Lightnet SCHMITZ LEUCHTEN Niedereimerfeld 29 59823 Arnsberg tel: +49 293296770 SCHNEID Einsiedelstrasse 6 Alte Lehrwerkstatt 23554 Lübeck tel: +49 45158696762 SEGULA Bergwiesenäcker 15 72160 Horb - Muhringen tel: +49 7483912780 SEIPP WOHNEN Schaffhauser Strasse 36 79761 Tiengen tel: +49 774160900 Distributor for: Arper, Flos, Foscarini, Hay, Occhio, Prandina, Tom Dixon

TECNOLUMEN Lötzener Strasse 2-4 28207 Bremen tel: +49 4214304170 TELUX Spitzbünd 6 77704 Oberkirch tel: +49 78027063830 Distributor for: Martinelli Luce TEO Industriestr. 35 68169 Mannheim tel: +49 62179941587 TOBIAS GRAU Siemensstrasse 35b 25462 Rellingen tel: +49 41013700 TRAPP LEUCHTEN Im Kirdorf 25 57567 Daaden tel: +49 27432024 Distributor for: Artemide, B+M, Brumberg, Delta Light, Flos, Foscarini, Trio

SENSES Dieselstrasse 80-84 33442 Herzebrock-Clarholz tel: +49 5245448350

TRIESCHMANN Dieselstrasse 21 71277 Rutesheim tel: +49 7152928400 Distributor for: Modular, Viabizzuno

SERIEN LIGHTING Hainhauser strasse 3-7 63110 Rodgau tel: +49 6160669090

VANORY Durlaher Allee 4 76131 Karlruhe tel: +49 1749559158

SHAPES Salvatorplatz 3 80333 Munich tel: +49 89416170990 Distributor for: Le Klint, Light.Point, Lightyears, Mater

WESTERNTRASH Falckensteinstrasse 38 10997 Berlin tel: +49 17638619906

SIGNIFY Lübeckertordamm 5 20099 Hamburg tel: +49 1803888333 SIGOR Oak Weg 81 42279 Wuppertal tel: +49 233912610 SLV Daimlerstrasse 21-23 52531 Uebach-Palenberg tel: +49 24514833355 STAGELED Friedensallee 7-9 22765 Hamburg tel: +49 4088168776 Distributor for: Osram, Sattler STENG LICHT Hedelfinger Strasse 103 70327 Stuttgart tel: +49 711238800 STYLUX Auf dem Steinfeld 23879 Mölln tel: +49 1702036946 Distributor for: David Trubridge SYLVANIA Graf-Zeppelin Strasse 9-12 91056 Erlangen tel: +49 9131793500

WEVER & DUCRÉ Schanzenstrasse 36, Geb. 234 B 51063 Cologne tel: +49 22113064960 WINDFALL Contemporary Crystal Lighting Amalienstrasse, 81 a 80799 Munich tel: +49 8928807920 ZEITRAUM Aussere Müncher Strasse 2 82515 Wolfratshausen tel: +49 8171418140 ZUMTOBEL Grevenmarschstrasse 74-78 32657 Lemgo tel: +49 307239770

Greece ARTEMIDE 34 Solonos Street 10673 Athens tel: +30 2103646770 BOSS FOSS 41 Adrianoupoleos Street 55133 Thessaloniki tel: +30 2310252540 Distributor for: Axolight, Bel Lighting, Brokis, Ingo Haurer, Karman, Kundalini, Modular, Slamp, Vibia, Wever & Ducre

CHRISTOS CHATZIIOANNOU - LIGHT 123 Georgikis Scholis Av 57 001 PO Box 6108 Thessaloniki tel: +30 2310473601 EXPO Amaliados Street 13 14564 N.Kifisia tel: +30 2107485560 Distributor for: Bega, Modular FOTOESTHISSIS 253, Kifissias Avenue Kifissia 14561 Athens tel: +30 2106236740 Distributor for: Italamp, Martinelli Luce, Valenti G LIGHTS 40 Andrianoupoleos & 7 Amazonon 55133 Thessaloniki tel: +30 2310454448 Distributor for: Cini & Nils, dab, Luceplan, Lumini, Occhio, TAL GEKAS 5th km. N.R. Ioannina-Athens 45500 Ioannina tel: +30 2651085220 Distributor for: Santa & Cole, Targetti GRAVANI 20, Nap Zerva Street 54640 Thessaloniki tel: +30 2310843611 Distributor for: LTS, Wever & Ducre HALO LIGHTING 1 Palaiologou & Sygrou Street Chalandri 15232 Athens tel: +30 2106834134 Distributor for: Dark, iGuzzini, Modular IFI LIGHTING Algaiou 33 Chalandri 15231 Athens tel: +30 2106742095 Distributor for: Arturo Alvarez, Bover, Davide Groppi, Linea Light Group, Vibia MALAPETSAS LIGHTING 9 Fleming Street Rentis 18233 Athens tel: +30 2104820063 MODA LIGHT 17th km of Athens Lamia National Highway Kiffisia 14564 Athens tel: +30 2106253802 Distributor for: Metalarte OPSIDIANOS 9 St. Alexandrou Street Karteros Heraklion 71500 Crete tel: +30 2810380731 OSRAM Athinon Avenue 31-33 & Sp. Patsi Street 12 10447 Athens tel: +30 2103400800


PETRIDIS Adrianoupoleos Street 6 Kalamaria 55133 Thessaloniki tel: +30 2310408700 Distributor for: Fabbian, FontanaArte, Foscarini, Italamp, Mareco Luce, Oty Light, Prandina, Slamp, Zumtobel PROTEK Kifisias 129 11524 Athens tel: +30 2106994403 Distributor for: Lightyears, Multiline RICHE Kifissias Avenure 204, Kifissia 14562 Athens tel: +30 2108011517 Distributor for: Ingo Maurer, Luminara, Martinelli Luce, Nemo, Prandina, Tecnolumen, Vibia SIGNIFY Avenue 44 Maroussi 15125 Athens tel: +30 2106162000 SMEKA 78 Spirou Merkourist Street 11634 Athens tel: +30 2107228504 Distributor for: Astro, Louis Poulsen, Tobias Grau, Wever & Ducre SYLVANIA 3 Argyroupoleos Avenue Argyroupoli 16451 Athens tel: +30 2109966561

Hungary ALL LIGHT Csorbai út 5 1119 Budapest tel: +36 17821641 Distributor for: Axolight, iGuzzini BE LIGHT Szépvölgyi út 146 1025 Budapest tel: +36 14380748 Distributor for: Ango, Arturo Alvarez, Delta Light, Marset, Swarovski DECO INTERIORS BETETI TARSASAG Ustokosutca 112 Szeged tel: +36 3662450532 Distributor for: Slamp K-LIGHT Andor u. 47-49 1119 Budapest tel: +36 14635023 Distributor for: Egoluce, iGuzzini, Lucente MANOOI Apostol utca 13/B 1025 Budapest tel: +36 13362690 OSRAM Fehérvári út 84/A 1119 Budapest tel: +36 12253055 PATINAS Bajza u.62 1062 Budapest tel: +36 13126232

SIGNIFY Alice Street First 1117 Budapest tel: +36 13821852 SOLINFO Kiraly Street 59/B 1077 Budapest tel: +36 13422059 Distributor for: Aqua Creations, Artemide, Axolight, Dark, Flos, Foscarini, Luceplan, Modular, TAL SOLINFO LIGHTING & HOME Wesselényi u 6 1077 Budapest tel: +36 12670444 Distributor for: Aqua, BOCCI, Creations, Ingo Maurer, Swarovski Lighting, Tom Dixon, Vistosi, Wever & Ducre ZUMTOBEL Váci út 49 1134 Budapest tel: +36 14502490

Italy 929MILANO Via Kennedy, 5 20090 Segrate MI tel: +39 02216950 ABATE ZANETTI Calle Briati 8/b, Murano 30141 Venezia tel: +39 0412737711 AILATI LIGHTS Viale dell’Industria, 26 31055 Quinto di Treviso (TV) tel: +39 0422470507 ALBUM Via Carlo Porta 65/67 20831 Seregno (MB) tel: +39 03621513011 ALDO BERNARDI Paderno del Grappa 31017 Treviso tel: +39 0423538783 AND/COSTA Via Ortigara 22 36030 Fara Vicentino tel: +39 0445873517 ANDROMEDA MURANO Calle Miotti 16 30141 Murano (VN) tel: +39 041736674

ASSALONI LUCI Via Pontebbana 57 33010 Cassacco (UD) tel: +39 0432851459 Distributor for: Album, Ferroluce, Icone, Luceplan, Nemo, Studio Italia Design, Toscot, Vibia, Wever & Ducre AXOLIGHT Via Moglianese 44 30037 Scorzè (VI) tel: +39 0415845193 B LIGHT Via E. Mattei, 12 33083 Villotta di Chions (PN) tel: +39 0434630835 BALDIERI Piazza Iside 5 00184 Rome tel: +39 0670491427 Distributor for: Artemide, Cini&Nils, Flos, Vibia BAROVIER & TOSO Fondamenta Vetrai, 28 30141 Murano Venice tel: +39 041739049 BE.EMANUELGARGANO C.da Campiglione, 20 63900 Fermo (FM) tel: +39 0734628584 BEBY ITALY GROUP Via Mussa 16/A 35017 Piombino Dese (PD) tel: +39 0499366922 BEGHELLI Via Mozzeghine 13/15 40050 Monteveglio (BO) tel: +39 0519660411 BRAGA ILLUMINAZIONE Via Soniga 7 25080 Nuvolento (Brescia) tel: +39 030691775 BUZZI & BUZZI Via G. Pascoli 5 24040 Canonica d’Adda (BG) tel: +39 0290949424 CA’ BELLI 4U Piazza Foro Boario 12/13 61020 Casinina di Auditore (PU) tel: +39 0722362522 CALLIGARIS Sede Legale via Trieste 12 33044 Udine tel: +39 05617370969

ANTONANGELI ILLLUMINAZIONE Via Como, 74 20030 Paderno Dugnano tel: +39 0291082795

CANGINI & TUCCI Via Archimede 235 Zona Art. Case Castagnoli 47521 Cesena tel: +39 0547303035

APPARATUS STUDIO Via Santa Marta 14 20123 Milan tel: +39 3483474367

CARLESSO Piazza de Fabris 76 36055 Nove (VI) tel: +39 0424590071

ARTEMIDE via Bergamo 18 20010 Pregnana (MI) tel: +39 02935181

CATELLANI & SMITH Via A. Locatelli 47 24020 Villa Di Serio (BG) tel: +39 035656088

CINI & NILS 138 Viale Certosa 20156 Milan tel: +39 023343071 CONCEPT VERRE 54 Boulevard des Jardiniers Traverse Des Pins 06200 Nice tel: +33 492077078 CONTARDI Via A. Manzoni 134/140 20811 Cesano Maderno (MB) tel: +39 0362301381 & ‘COSTA Via Delle Pastorelle 10 Thiene 36016 Venice tel: +39 0445873517 CRESTRON Via Vicenza 2 20063 Cernusco sul Naviglio (MI) tel: +39 0292148185 CRISTALLO NUOVO MILANO Milanofiori Pal F2 Strada 1 20090 Assago (MI) tel: +39 3458904929 DANESE MILANO via Antonio Canova 34 20145 Milan tel: +39 0234939534 DAVIDE GROPPI Via Belizzi 22-20/A 29122 Piacenza tel: +39 0523571590 DE MAJO Via Galileo Galilei 34 30035 Mirano (VE) tel: +39 0415729617 DEA ILLUMINAZIONE Via San Cristoforo 7 06083 Ospedalicchio de Bastia Umbra tel: +39 758010150 Distributor for: Ares, Artemide, Flos, Foscarini, iGuzzini, Linea Light, Moooi DEBSCH LIGHTING Via Ugo La Malfa 76 25050 Provaglio D’Iseo tel: +39 0309823781 DELTA LIGHT Via Privata Gaspare Bugatti 15 20144 Milan tel: +39 057182226 DESIGNCORPORATE via Strigelli 5 20135 Milan tel: +39 3479496033 Distributor for: Anglepoise DUEDI ILLUMINAZIONE Via A.Millevoi 29/33 00178 Rome tel: +39 0651530923 Distributor for: Aqua Creations DURABLE ITALIA Via Greppi Drive Pietro, 15/B 23824 Dervio EGOLUCE Via I. Newton 12 20016 Pero (MI) tel: +39 023395861




ELETTROPOLIS Via degli Scipioni 4 00192 Roma tel: +39 63225896 Distributor for: Artemide, Exenia, Flos, Foscarini, Kundalini, Louis poulsen, Prandina EUROLICHT Via Enrico Fermi 20 39100 Bolzano (BZ) tel: +39 0471973345 Distributor for: Delta Light, Foscarini EUROLUCE LAMPADARI Via Aristofane 76123 Andria (bt) tel: +39 0883559385 EXENIA Via della Chiesa 38 50041 Calenzano (FI) tel: +39 055541754 .EXNOVO Via dei Masadori 46 38121 Trento tel: +39 0461955411 FABAS LUCE Via Luigi Talamoni 75 20861 Brugherio (MB) tel: +39 039890691

FABBIAN 50 via Santa Brigida 31023 Castelminio di Resana (TV) tel: +39 04234848 email: Fabbian was established in 1961 in Italy, as a company manufacturing lighting appliances for residential and commercial purposes. This culture, along with tradition and quality, has always inspired the products, allowing the company to achieve international stature. Great results have been achieved through continuous research aimed at interpreting the market demand, also for tailormade solutions.

FORMALIGHTING Via Europa 35/A 200100 Pogliano (MI) tel: +39 0293540300 email: Founded in 1968, formalighting, an expert provider of Italian designed architectural lighting systems, debuts its decorative collection - Decoluci. A decorative range combining formalighting’s ingenuity in advanced lighting technologies and high profile collaborations with high profile Italian architects and designers, to deliver ideal solutions for applications in luxury retail and hospitality.

FORME DI LUCE Corse Milano 140 37138 Verona tel: +39 458101138 Distributor for: Artemide, Flos, Foscarini, iGuzzini, Louis Poulsen, Moooi, Prandina, Tom Dixon FORNASIER LUIGI Calle del Paradiso 14 Murano 30141 Venice tel: +39 3482414095 FOSCARINI Via delle industrie 27 30020 Marcon (VE) tel: +39 0415953811 FRANCESCA NOSEDA Press and Public Relations Office Via Monte Nero 76 20135 Milan tel: +39 0236748273 FRED & JUUL Via San Gallo 35 50129 Florence tel: +39 0554630709 GRUPPO STATUS Via Vittorio Veneto 23 20010 Bernate Ticino (MI) tel: +39 029759911

FAUSTIG Artisan Area 6 139040 Varna (BZ) tel: +39 0472272601

GRUPPOLAMPE Via F.lli Agrizzi 13 32031 Fener di Alano di Piave (BL) tel: +39 0439778777

FLOS Corso Monforte 15 20122 Milan tel: +39 03024381

I DOGI GROUP Via dell’Avena 15 30175 Marghera Venice tel: +39 041926251

FONTANA ARTE Alzaia Trieste 49 20094 Corsico (MI) tel: +39 0245121

ICONE LUCE Via Vittorio Veneto 57 24041 Brembate (BG) tel: +39 3346291676

FORMABILIO Via Mazzini 4 Cison di Valmarino 31030 Treviso tel: +39 0438975053

IDEAL LUX Via Taglio Destro, 32 30035 Mirano (VE) tel: +39 0415790500 IGUZZINI Via Mariano Guzzini 37 62019 Recanati (MC) tel: +39 07175881

IL FANALE Via O Bredariol 15 31048 San Biagio Di Callalta (TV) tel: +39 0422895200

KOLARZ Via G. Volpato 5/C 30020 Quarto d’Altino (VE) tel: +39 0422331074

ILIDE Via Massimo D’Antona 18 25030 Pompiano (BS) tel: +39 309460280

KUNDALINI Viale Leonardo Da Vinci Trezzano Sul Naviglio 20090 Milan (MI) tel: +39 0236538950

ILLUM Via Cabin 3/A 50129 Florence tel: +39 05509851 Distributor for: Artemide, Cini&Nils, Flos, Foscarini, Luceplan ILLUX Via I Maggio 1 06089 Miralduolo di Torgiano tel: +39 759880202 Distributor for: Artemide, Flos, iGuzzini, Targetti ILTE LUCE Lungo Dora P. Colletta 113/9 10153 Turin (PM) tel: +39 0112482291 IN-ES.ARTDESIGN V.le Giulio Cesare 47 00192 Rome tel: +39 0696840520 INVERLIGHT Via P. Stucchi 2 20872 Cornate d’Adda (MB) tel: +39 0396060754 ITALAMP via Fermi 8 35010 Cadoneghe (PD) tel: +39 498870442

KARBOXX Via Cornarè, 12 31040 Mansue (TV) tel: +39 0422756025 email: Founded in 2004, Karboxx manufactures lamps with refined and modern designs, with lightweight, resistant and moulded materials in unique, elegant and minimalist shapes. The company has set its base in Northeast Italy, in the most important furniture and lighting industrial district, which includes many manufacturers and professionals in the industry.

KARMAN Via A Grandi 10 San Martino del Piano 61034 Fossombrone (PU) tel: +39 0721715042 KARTELL Labware Division Via delle Industrie 1 20082 Noviglio (MI) tel: +39 02900121 KNIKERBOKER Via Delle Rose 7 24040 Lallio (BG) tel: +39 035200536

LA MURRINA Via isonzo 26 22078 Turate (CO) tel: +39 02969751 LA RINASCENTE Piazza del Duomo 20121 Milan Distributor for: Artemide, Flos, Foscarini, Moooi, Slamp, Tom Dixon LABER Strada Montefeltro 47 61100 Pesaro tel: +39 72125273 Distributor for: Artemide, Flos, Foscarini, iGuzzini, Louis Poulsen, Prandina, Targetti LEUCOS Via Delle Industrie 16/B, Salzano 30030 Venice tel: +39 0415741111 LIGHT SERVICE Via Nuova Luce #12 95030 Tremestieri Etneo tel: +39 095223932 Distributor for: Zumtobel LIGHT-UP Via Enea Stefani 11/A 40138 Bologna tel: +39 051320127 Distributor for: Linea Light LIGHTHOLE Via Mar Libico 35 00071 Pomezia LIGHTLINE Via Volta 4 15121 Alessandria tel: +39 0131218996 Distributor for: Bernd Beisse

LINEA LIGHT GROUP Via Della Fornace 59 31023 Castelminio di Resana (TV) tel: +39 04237868 Via Stendhal 22 00144 Rome tel: +39 3348084944 Via Morimondo 26 int. 17/G 20143 Milan tel: +39 0236750915 email: Linea Light Group designs and manufactures cutting-edge, environmentally-friendly LED lighting products, systems and solutions. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, architects, designers and lighting designers are able to skilfully increase the value of materials and furnishings, the colour reproduction and the psychological well being.

CVL Luminaires Made in France

000 060


LLADRO Piazza Fontana,6 20122 Milan tel: +39 0227201787

MARTINELLI LUCE Via T Bandettini 55100 Lucca (LU) tel: +39 0583418315

LOLLI E MEMMOLI via Vivarini 7 20141 Milan tel: +39 0289502342

MASIERO Via Peschiere 53 31032 Casale Sul Sile (TV) tel: +39 04227861

LOMBARDO Via Pizzigoni 3 24060 Villongo (BG) tel: +39 035939411

MDA Via Raffello Busoni 13 INT 50053 Empoli (FI) tel: +39 571935454 Distributor for: Marset

LU MURANO Studio Glass Fornasier Luigi snc Calle del Paradiso 14 30141 Murano (VN) tel: +39 041736176 LUCE IN VENETO Villa Cà Marcello Via dei Marcello 13/11 35017 Levada di Piombino Dese (PD) tel: +39 0499350457 Distributor for: Andcosta, Engi, Ferroluce, Il Fanale, Karman, Metal Lux, Sil. Lux, Waypoint LUCEPLAN Via E. T. Moneta 40 20161 Milan tel: +39 02662421 Distributor for: Modular LUCTRA Via Greppi Dr Pietro 15/B 23824 Dervio (LC) tel: +39 0341807806 LUMEN CENTER ITALIA Via Donatori Del Sangue 37 20010 Santo Stefano Ticino (MI) tel: +39 0236544311 LUMINA Via Casorezzo 63 20010 Arluno tel: +39 029037521

MEGAWATT Via Circumvallazione est 42 80026 Casoria tel: +39 813614614 Distributor for: Artemide, Delta Light, Flos, Prandina MELOGRANOBLU via boschetti 87 24050 Grassobbio-BG tel: +39 0354522451 METAL LUX Via Piave 35 35017 Torreselle di Piombino Dese (PD) tel: +39 0495746067 METALSPOT Via R. Merendi 47 20010 Cornaredo tel: +39 029361291 MM LAMPADARI Via Feltrina 37 31040 Treviso tel: +39 0423688800 MODO LUCE Via Venezia 13 Loc Tezze di Piave 31028 Vazzola - Treviso tel: +39 0438488076

LUMINARA BY ESTRO Via IV Novembre 29/B 51034 Cantagrillo (PT) tel: +39 0573929294

MORETTI LUCE Via Divisione Acqui 14/16 Lumezzane Zona industriale 25065 S. Sebastiano (BS) tel: +39 0308204728

LUXIONA Via Milano 4 20070 Dresano (MI) tel: +39 0298274010

NAHOOR Via A. De Gasperi 12 25060 Collebeato tel: +39 0303366275

MAJORANO Via Argine 508 80147 Napoli tel: +39 815914111 Distributor for: Delta Light, Flos, Foscarini, Light & light, Prandina, Zumtobel

NEGRI ILLUMINAZIONE Via Valassina 53 20035 Lissone tel: +39 39794773 Distributor for: Artemide, Delta Light, Flos, Foscarini, iGuzzini, Louis Poulsen, Occhio, Ribag

MARCHETTI ILLUMINAZIONE Gruppo FALA di Sergio Marchetti Via Pastore 13 60131 Ancona tel: +39 0712868666

NEMO Viale Brianza, 30 20823 Lentate sul Seveso MB tel: +39 03621660500

MARINO MANCA Via Macchiavelli 30 Loc. Su Planu 09047 Selargius (CA) tel: +39 070531619 Distributor for: Zumtobel

NILUFAR via della Spiga 32 20121 Milan tel: +39 02780193 NOBILE ITALIA Via Portuense 1555 00148 Rome tel: +39 0665002524

NORD LIGHT Via Bergamo 18 20010 Pregnana Milanese (MI) tel: +39 02935181 Distributor for: Flos NOVARESI Via Gian Carlo Puecher 5 20127 Milan tel: +39 022613245 OBOR Piazza S Lorenzo in Lucina 28 00186 Roma tel: +39 66871496 Distributor for: Artemide, Beghelli, Delta Light, Flos, Foscarini, iGuzzini, Modo Luce, Neri OLUCE Via Brescia 2 San Donato Milanese 20097 Milan tel: +39 0298491435 OMIKRON DESIGN Via Ariosto 54 Milan 20089 Rozzano tel: +39 0253031064 OSRAM Viale dell´Innovazione 3 20126 Milan tel: +39 0242491 OTY LIGHT Via Spangaro N8/a 30030 Peseggia di Scorze tel: +39 0415830499 OVERLITE ILLUMINAZIONE Via Feltre 32 20132 Milan tel: +39 2210121 Distributor for: Artemide, Delta Light, Flos, iGuzzini, Prandina

PATRIZIA GARGANTI Via Lucchese 39 50019 Sesto Fiorentino (Firenze) tel: +39 055310607 PENTA Via Milano 46 Como 22060 Cabiate tel: +39 031766100 POSSONI ILLUMINAZIONE Via O.Favaron 34 20834 Nova Milanese (MB) tel: +39 036240038 PRANDINA Via Rambolina 29 Vicenza 36061 Bassano Del Grappa tel: +39 0424566338 ROLD Via della Merlata 1 20014 Nerviano (MI) tel: +39 0331438118 ROSSINI GROUP Via Kennedy 5 20090 Sercate (MI) tel: +39 022169501 ROTALIANA Via della Rupe 35 38017 Mezzolombardo (TN) tel: +39 0461602376 RUGGIU Via Taliercio 22 31059 Zero Branco (TV) tel: +39 0422485200 SERA V.le Dell’artigianato 29 20882 Bellusco tel: +39 3939841720 SERRALUNGA Via Serralunga 9 13900 Biella tel: +39 0152435711

OXEN LUCE Strada Mirabella 10 46040 Cavriana (MN) tel: +39 0376771513 email:

SERVOMUTO STUDIO Via Olona 25 20123 Milan tel: +39 291668674

Oxen is the exclusive decorative brand part of Nexo Luce, a high end manufacturer of lighting fixtures. Through high expertise in lighting and a made-to-measure quality, Oxen is the expression of elegance and minimalism, made of clean simple cuts, a melodic integration between design and art.

SIGMA L2 Via degli Olmi 145 Sesto Fiorentino 50019 Firenze tel: +39 0554207107

PALLUCCO Via Azzi 36 31038 Paese (TV) tel: +39 0422438600 PAN INTERNATIONAL Via G. Michelucci, 1 50028 Tavarnelle Val di Pesa Firenze tel: +39 0558059336 PANZERI Via Padania 8 20853 Biassono tel: +39 0392497483

SIL LUX Via G. Pascoli 35/a 30020 Quarto D’Altino (VE) tel: +39 0422824756 SIRU Via Morea 6 30126 Venice tel: +39 0415267932 SLAMP via Vaccareccia 12/14 00071 Pomezia (RM) tel: +39 069162391 SLIDE Via Lazio 14 Buccinasco 20090 Milan tel: +39 024882377


SP LIGHT AND DESIGN Via De Vecchi 7/D 20090 Assago (MI) tel: +39 0245707187

VENINI Fondamenta Vetrai 50 30141 Murano Venice tel: +39 0412737224

STUDIO ITALIA DESIGN Via Pialoi 32 30020 Marcon tel: +39 0414569266

VESOI Via V. Emanuele, 209 d 80022 Arzano (na) tel: +39 0818735613

SYLVANIA Piazza Don Enrico Mapelli 75 20099 Sesto San Giovanni (MI) tel: +39 0224125811

VETRART Via dei Tulipani 11 36061 Bassano del Grappa (VI) tel: +39 0424567999

TARGETTI Via Pratese 164 50145 Florence tel: +39 05537911

VG NEWTREND Via Gramsci 1/2 31055 Quinto di tel: +39 04224722522

TECNOLUX Via Caravaggio 26 20033 Desio (MB) tel: +39 0362300619

VIABIZZUNO via Romagnoli 10 40010 Bentivoglio (BO) tel: +39 0518908011

TERZANI Via Castelpulci Int. 9 50010 Scandicci tel: +39 055722021

VIMAR Viale Vicenza, 14 36063 Marostica (VI) tel: +39 0424488676

THE QUADRIFOGLIO GROUP Via Cornare 12 Basalghelle 31040 tel: +39 0422756025

VISTOSI Via Galileo Galilei,9-9/A-11 Mogliano Veneto 31021 Treviso tel: +39 04159033480

TOM DIXON Via Alessandro Manzoni 5 20121 Milan

VOLTOLINA Via Selvanese 10 Olmo di Martellago 30030 Venice tel: +39 041907666

TOOY Via Alessandro Volta 7/9 63857 Amandola (FM) tel: +39 0297381915 TORREMATO Via Bredariol Olivo 15 31048 San Biagio Di Callalta tel: +39 0422895200 TOSCOT Via Aldo Moro 8 Sesto Fiorentino FI tel: +39 0554208723 TURN LIGHTS Via della Meccanica 67 36100 Vicenza (VI) tel: +39 0444563609 VALENTI Via De Vecchi 7/D 20090 Assago (MI) tel: +39 02457191759 VARIAZIONI Via Arzignano 12 36070 Trissino tel: +39 0445491552 VENETIA STUDIUM San Marco 2425 30124 Venice tel: +39 0415236953 VENICEM Via Terraglio 54 31021 Mogliano Veneto (TV) tel: +39 0415936143

WALDMANN Via della Pace 18 A 20098 San Giuliano Milanese (MI) tel: +39 0298249024 WAVE MURANO GLASS Fondamenta Colleoni 7 30141 Murano (VI) tel: +39 0415102543 YOUNIQUE Via IV Novembre 6 25040 Brescia tel: +39 0303366604 ZAFFERANO Viale Dell’Industria 26 31055 Quinto Di Treviso (TV) tel: +39 0422470344 ZAVA Via Padova, 48 31041 Cornuda (TV) tel: +39 0423639907 ZUMTOBEL Via G.B. Pirelli 26 39040 Milan tel: +39 02667451

Latvia BELLA LIGHT Sauliesu iela 19 Tiraine 2167 Marupes tel: +371 20409120 Distributor for: Axolight, Flos, Foscarini, Prandina, Targetti

ELEKTROSTUDIJA Ieriku iela 67a 1084 Riga tel: +371 67550777 Distributor for: Zumtobel GAISMAS STILS Maskavas iela 12 1050 Riga tel: +371 67276760 Distributor for: iGuzzini, Marset LA FORMA Adresas J Basanavicaus g10 03108 Vilnius tel: +370 52651922 Distributor for: Artemide, Axolight, Fabbian, Flos, Foscarini, Vistosi OSRAM Oy Osram Ab parstavnieciba Vienibas gatve 109 6.6.1 1058 Riga tel: +371 66117596 ZILBERS DESIGN Tallinas iela 32 Riga tel: +371 29134237


Luxembourg AEM Allée J.W. Leonard LU 7526 Mersch tel: +352 2600271 Distributor for: Delta Light, Nimbus, Oligo, Secto Design, TAL, Vibia CASA NOVA CONTEMPORAIN 26 Avenue de la Porte-Neuve 2227 tel: +352 222627 Distributor for: Artemide, Foscarini, Prandina, Tobias Grau CVR CONCEPT 74 route de Longwy 8080 Bertrange tel: +352 26259001 Distributor for: Artemide, Foscarini FILAMENT STYLE 22 Avenue de la Liberte BP 1057 1010 Luxembourg City MINUSINES 8 rue Hogenberg 1022 Luxembourg tel: +352 495858 Distributor for: Bega, Slamp

LINEXA ANSTALT LICHT + WOHNEN Am Schragen Weg 9 9490 Vaduz tel: +423 2361875 Distributor for: Flos, Foscarini, iGuzzini

MOBIL ALVISSE 1 Rue Jean Fischbach-zi, Am Bann 03372 Leudelange tel: +352 2637371 Distributor for: Slamp

SWAROVSKI LIGHTING Dröschistrasse 15 9495 Triesen tel: +423 3995656

SICHEL Rangwee 34 2412 Howald tel: +352 504748 Distributor for: Artemide, Flos, Foscarini

Lithuania DELIGHT Vytenio Street 13 03112 Vilnius tel: +370 66611450 Distributor for: Axolight, Delta Light, Foscarini, Italamp, Luceplan, Vibia, Wever & Ducré ELEKTROBALT Latviu˛ Street 15/2-53 08113 Vilnius tel: +370 52124508 Distributor for: Zumtobel GAUDRE Ateities Street 10 2057 Vilnius tel: +370 52796162 Distributor for: Flos, Glamox, Metalarte, Modular HOPIS A. Juozapaviciaus Pr. 21-56 45256 Kaunas tel: +370 37473453 KORGAS P. Luksio Street 19 09132 Vilnius tel: +370 52741500 Distributor for: B.Lux, Flos, iGuzzini, Studio Italia Design

SIGNIFY 19 rue Eugene Ruppert 2453 Luxembourg tel: +352 404061300 SIPEL 42 ZAE Le Triangle Vert 5691 Ellange - Mondorf tel: +352 3166601 Distributor for: Artemide, Flos, Foscarini ZUMTOBEL Rue de Luxembourg 177 8077 Bertrange tel: +352 26440350

Macedonia LUX Majka Tereza 2, lok. 2 (Vodnjanska 2, lok. 2) 1000 Skopje tel: +389 23116735 Distributor for: Artemide, Catellani & Smith, De Majo, Flos, Foscarini, Kartell, Leucos, Moooi, Studio Italia Design, Vibia OSRAM DC Kuzman Skopje, Mitropolit Teodosij Gologanov 28/II-18 2nd Floor Office 18 1000 Skopje tel: +389 23296224

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000 062


PROTEX Ul. Prolet 31 1000 Skopje tel: +389 23116735 Distributor for: Foscarini

Malta ELEKTRA Mill Street QRM3100 Qormi tel: +356 21494444 Distributor for: Artemide, Delta Light, Metalarte ESS San Gwakkin Road BKR3000 Mriehel tel: +356 21255777 Distributor for: Megaman, SLV LIGHT DESIGN SOLUTIONS Emmanuel Schembri Street BKR1810 Birkirkara tel: +356 21496843 Distributor for: Buzzi & Buzzi, Catellani & Smith, Dark, Lucis, Slamp, Wever & Ducré

Moldova OSRAM Str. Sfatul Tarii, N. 27 2012 Chisinau tel: +373 22237306

Netherlands ALADDIN Koedijkerstraat 10 1823 CR Alkmaar tel: +31 725112324 Distributor for: Artemide, Catellani & Smith, Cini & Nils, Flos, Foscarini, Graypants, Prandina, Slamp, Studio Italia ANNET VAN EGMOND STUDIO Nikkelstraat 41 1411 AH Naarden tel: +31 356921259 ARTEMIDE Hobbemakade 89 1071 XR Amsterdam tel: +31 204702668 ARTIMETA De Koumen 86 6433 KE Hoensbroek tel: +31 455227722 Distributor for: Aqua Creations, Trizo21 AY ILLUMINATE Vuursalamander 44-46 3824 VH Amersfoort tel: +31 334571486 BAVA Sylvain Poonsstraat 14 2548 XX Den Haag tel: +31 703450045 Distributor for: Foscarini, Slamp BERLA Weefraam 15 5051 HL Goirle tel: +31 135182323 Distributor for: Bernd Beisse, Schmitz Leuchten

BILLEKENS LICHT EN ADVIES Berg 25 5671 CA Nuenen tel: +31 402831983 Distributor for: Artemide, Axolight, Delta Light, Flos, FontanaArte, Foscarini, Moooi, Occhio, Tobias Grau BOOO Kastanjelaan 400 5616 LZ Eindhoven tel: +31 852084949 BRAND VAN EGMOND Nikkelstraat 41 1411 AH Naarden tel: +31 356921259 BRINK LICHT Tasveld 1-B 3417 XS Montfoort tel: +31 348435065 Distributor for: Artemide, Flos, Foscarini, iGuzzini, Megaman, Prandina DAMAD LICHTSTUDIO Torenstraat 146 2513 BW Den Haag tel: +31 703647250 Distributor for: Artemide, Flos, Foscarini, Jake Dyson, Louis Poulsen, Moooi, Occhio, Prandina DAVID DERKSEN DESIGN Voorhaven 57 3025 HD Rotterdam tel: +31 655366499 DE VERLICHTING AJ Ernststraat 667 1082 LH Amsterdam tel: +31 204045845 Distributor for: Occhio, Omikron Desig DELTA LIGHT Burgemeester Stramanweg 104 1101 AA Amsterdam tel: +31 888040600 DIBO VERLICHTING Westhavenkade 48 3131 AE Vlaardingen tel: +31 102489364 Distributor for: Artemide, Flos, Foscarini, Occhio, Prandina DINGS DESIGN G.van Nijenrodestraat 151 3621 GJ Breukelen tel: +31 631951872 Distributor for: atelje lyktan FLOS Cruquiusweg 109 Q 1019 AG Amsterdam tel: +31 205605070 FORMFOCUS Steniaweg 13-D 3702 AE Zeist tel: +31 653616930 Distributor for: &tradiiton, Lightyears FRAMA Herengracht 180 1016 BR Amsterdam tel: +31 618390281 GRAYPANTS Keizersgracht 241 BG 1016 EA Amsterdam tel: +31 208208990

HILL LICHTSTUDIO Voorstraat 3 3512 AH Utrecht tel: +31 302333066 Distributor for: Artemide, FontanaArte, Luceplan, Prandina, Tobias Grau HOLLANDS LICHT Cruquiusweg 111 L 1019 AG Amsterdam tel: +31 206918161 HOOGE VERLICHTING Postbus 3238 5203 DE Hertogenbosch tel: +31 736893696 Distributor for: Metalarte, Studio Italia Design HOOGSPOOR DESIGN LIGHT Ringbaan Zuid 380 5022 GA Tilburg tel: +31 135425182 Distributor for: Artemide, Delta Light, Flos, Foscarini, Moooi, Prandina, Tobias Grau, Tom Dixon IGUZZINI Plesmanstraat 59 3905 KZ Veenendaal tel: +31 317497865 ILLUM PROJECTVERLICHT Waaier 50 2451 VW Lemuiden tel: +31 172506668 Distributor for: Antonangeli Illuminazione, Bover, Dark, Limis, Remake Design, Z-Line, Zero INLICHT Erpseweg 2 De Mouthoeve Gebouw 1E 5427 PG Boekel tel: +31 492820991 Distributor for: Arturo Alvarez, Astro, Faro, LEDS C4, LZF, Segula, Studio Italia Design JACCO MARIS Rudonk 6 4824 Breda tel: +31 765319622 KARVEN Herengracht 180 1016 BR Amsterdam tel: +31 208208083 KO CO WISCH Laan Van Zuilenveld 10 AJ Oud Zuilen tel: +31 307432254 KOODUU Nomenta Industries International Kenaupark 33-2 2011 MR Haarlem tel: +31 232052455 KOOT Raadhuisstraat 55 1016 DD Amsterdam tel: +31 206264830 Distributor for: Prandina LICHTSTUDIO VANDERHEE BY ROBBERT Koninginneweg 129 1075 CL Amsterdam tel: +31 206642144 Distributor for: Artemide, Axolight, Delta Light, Flos, Foscarini, Moooi, Prandina, Tobias Grau

LOUIS POULSEN Castorweg 54 Leeuwarden tel: +31 582889089 LUCENTE EXCLUSIVE LIGHTING Houtdraaier 5 8447 GG Heerenveen tel: +31 850603350 Distributor for: Artemide, Delta Light, Flos, FontanaArte, Foscarini, Luceplan, TAL, TossB, Vibia, Zero LUCTRA Monierweg 3 7741 KV Coevorden tel: +31 416543543 MARC DE GROOT Van Bossestraat 97 - 1hg 1051 JW Amsterdam tel: +31 624688000 MARCEL WANDERS STUDIO Oranje Nassaulaan 21 1075 AJ Amsterdam tel: +31 202620184 MARTENS VISSER Daalakkersweg 6 hal G 5641 JA Eindhoven tel: +31 619828191 MASTERLIGHT Industrieterrein 102-104 5981 NC Panningen tel: +31 773078684 MIJS WONEN Ringbaan Zuid 251 5021 LR Tilburg tel: +31 135359464 Distributor for: Arco, Artemide, B&B Italia, Cassina, Flos, Moooi MODULAR LIGHTING INSTRUMENTS Bouwerij 54 1185 XX Amstelveen tel: +31 0203473047 MOOOI Minervum 7003 4817 ZL Breda tel: +31 765784444 NEW CITIZEN DESIGN Museumpark 25 3015 CB Rotterdam tel: +31 108436843 Distributor for: The Travel Agency of Things OSRAM PO Box 115 2900 AC Capelle aan den IJssel tel: +31 107501414 QIS DESIGN Meerenakkerweg 1-17 5652 Eindhoven tel: +31 888889200 QUASAR Burgstraat 2 4283 GG Giessen tel: +31 651182937 RENATE VOS STUDIO Loevestein 1 5307 TG Poederoijen tel: +31 648257245

ADV Yanzi ADVUK.indd Yanzi UK.indd 1 1

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SANDER MULDER Peter Zuidlaan 22 5502 NH Veldhoven tel: +31 402122900

ARTEMIDE Ul. Saperow 4 82300 Elblag tel: +48 552324219

SIGNIFY Al. Jerozolimskie 195B 02222 Warsaw tel: +48 225710052

SIGNIFY Boschdijk 525 5600 PB Eindhoven tel: +31 402787500

BARANSKA DESIGN AI. Niepodleglosci 646 81854 Sopot tel: +48 585550403

SYLVANIA Marywilska 34 03228 Warsaw tel: +48 228116032

STUDIO DRIFT Asterweg 20 B1 1031 HN Amsterdam tel: +31 208406993

CLEONI Roz˙nowo, ul. Usugowa 19 64600 Oborniki tel: +48 612977200

VELT Galeria Velt, ul. Prozna 12 00107 Warsaw

TIERLANTIJN De Waterman 12 4891 TL Rijsbergen tel: +31 765964413

DECOINA ul. Wiertnicza 165 02952 Warsaw tel: +48 508238320 Distributor for: Slamp

ZUMTOBEL uWoloska 9a Platinium Business Park III 02583 Warsaw tel: +48 228567432

TONONE Veemarktrade 8-6117 5222 Ae Den Bosch tel: +31 857821333

EMANDES ul. Mostowa 26/39 61854 Poznan tel: +48 618531481

TOVERDESIGN Luijbenstraat 42 5211 Hertogenbosch tel: +31 738224556 Distributor for: David Trubridge, WEP Light

EURO-LIGHT 1 Maja 46a Street 05555 Tarczyn tel: +48 227367300 Distributor for: Cabelli, Organic Lighting

UNIQUE BRANDS Van Hennaertweg 7 2952 CA Alblasserdam tel: +31 786920929 Distributor for: Sattler

EXSUD SPZOO Ulica Wodna 20A 64965 Okonek tel: +33 680911264

V3RS Zwaanstraat 1 Building TAB, Strijp-T 5651 CA Eindhoven tel: +31 613518078 VERSTEEG LICHTSTUDIO Gedempte Oude Gracht 139 2011 GP Haarlem tel: +31 235421416 Distributor for: Flos, Luceplan, Moooi VIJ5 Hallenweg 1E 5615 PP Eindhoven tel: +31 408200585 WALDMANN Lingewei 19 4004 LK Tiel tel: +31 344631019 ZUMTOBEL Zinkstraat 24-26 4823 AD Breda tel: +31 765417664

Poland 4 LIGHT ul. Grudzieniec 38 60601 Poznan tel: +48 618517300 Distributor for: Wever & Ducré 5 PLUS ul. Jagiellonska 5 70435 Szczecin tel: +48 914344255 Distributor for: Artemide, Vibia, Vistosi

LINEA LIGHT GROUP ul. Wiosenna, 47 41253 Czeladz tel: +48 322651121 LUG LIGHT FACTORY ul. Gorzowska 11 65127 Zielona Gora tel: +48 684117243 LUNATIC Al Jerozolimskie, 179 Blue City 02222 Warsaw tel: +48 223117222 Distributor for: Artemide, Flos, Foscarini, Marset, Slamp LUXIONA ul. Sochaczewska 110 Macierzysz 05850 Ozarow Mazowiecki tel: +48 227217272 MILANTEX ul Pulawska 108/112 02620 Warsaw tel: +48 228441285 Distributor for: Axolight, Bruck, Luceplan, Lumina, Ozzio, Prandina, Rotaliana, Viso, Zonca OSRAM ul. Wiertnicza 117 02952 Warsaw tel: +48 225502300 PUFFBUFF ul.Duga 44/50, lok.906 00-241 Warsaw tel: +48 600873216 SELECT ul.Przemyslowa 6/1 62300 Wrzesnia tel: +48 614376463 Distributor for: TAL

Portugal ALFILUX - ALBERTO BARBOSA E FILHOS Av. 24 de Julho, 26 1200-480 Lisbon tel: +351 213903495 Distributor for: Delta Light, Flos, Marset ASTRATEC Rue da Guine 25-1 2685-336 Prior Velho tel: +351 219428830 Distributor for: astro Lighting, B.Lux, Dark, Louis Poulsen, Sattler

GMEX Rua do Barroco 174 Ad.01 Leca do Balio 4465-591 Porto tel: +351 229537348 LIGHTLAB Rua Teofilo Braga, 156 Arm. C Sao Domingos de Rana 2785-122 Cascais tel: +351 214455235 Distributor for: Wever & Ducré MAMBO Av. Coronel Eduardo Galhardo No.12 -A/B/C 1170-105 Lisbon tel: +351 218133391 MEGARIM ILUMINACAO Rua do centro cultural 11 1700-106 Lisbon tel: +351 218438450 Distributor for: TAL NORD Av. Infante D. Henrique Armazém B Loja 6 Cais da Pedra a Stª Apolónia Bica do Sapato 1900-264 Lisbon tel: +351 218821045 Distributor for: Artek, Lightyears, Oluce, Örsjö, Zero OSRAM Rua do Alto do Montijo #15 - 4 andar 2794-069 Carnaxide tel: +351 214165860

BOCA DO LOBO Rua Particular de Regueirais #33 4435-379 Rio Tinto

PAULO COELHO Rua do Norte 15 - Casal da Charneca - Apartado 27 2461-601 Alcobaça tel: +351 262505540

BYBEAU DESIGN STUDIO Av. José da Costa Mealha nº43, 1st Floor 8100-500 Loulé tel: +351 289432615

QUARTOSALA Praceta José Epifânio de Abreu, 4 2770-094 Paço de Arcos tel: +351 214411110 Distributor for: Parachilna

CASTRO Rua Presa da Cavada, 262 4510-640 Fanzeres tel: +351 224853176

SERIP Rua Dr. João de Freitas Branco . 26 Moinhos da Funcheira 2650-287 Amadora tel: +351 214933045

CLIMAR Rua Estrada Real 50 3750-866 Agueda tel: +351 234690330 DELIGHTFULL Trav. Marques de Sá, 68 4432-4 Rio Tinto tel: +351 917970713 DONKER Av. D. Carlos I, 99A 1200-650 Lisbon tel: +351 213932360 Distributor for: Buzzi & Buzzi, Catellani & Smith, FontanaArte, Studio Italia Design FOTON ILLUMINAÇAO Rua da Garagem 3 2795-510 Carnaxide tel: +351 214169070 Distributor for: Artemide GET A LIGHT Rua Rodrigues Faria 103 Espaco g.02 1300-501 Lisbon tel: +351 213933030 Distributor for: Viabizzuno

SIGNIFY Lagoas Park Edificio 14 2740-262 Porto Salvo tel: +351 214237700 SULLAMP Estrada Nacional 125 Loja 2 - Maritenda Boliqueime 8100-084 Algarve tel: +351 289366889 Distributor for: Flos, Foscarini SYLVANIA Edificio Euro Rua Pedro Alvares Cabral, 24-6o E/F Infantado 2670-391 Loures tel: +351 7937736 TRACO DE LUZ R. da Trindade No 11 4000-541 Porto tel: +351 222005733 Distributor for: Arturo Alvarez, Modular, Prandina


VICENTE & VICENTE Industria De Illuminacao e Decoracao Zona Industrial De gois Apartado 10 3330-909 Gois tel: +351 235778702 ZAM LIGHTING QTA Santo Estevão 27 1 EF 3515-145 Viseu

Romania ATRIUM DESIGN str. Balciului, nr. 1, sector 2 021501 Bucharest tel: +40 212524653 Distributor for: Axolight, Modular, Wever & Ducre HELIOS Str. Heliade intre Vii, nr. 8, Etaj 2 Bucharest tel: +40 212121890 Distributor for: Artemide, Astro, Karman, Kreon, Luceplan, Vibia, Vistosi MOIR DESIGN CONCEPT Stanislav Cihoschi 12 010592 Bucharest tel: +40 747053467 Distributor for: Foscarini, Moooi OSRAM Soseaua Bucuresti Nord 10 Global City Business Park Cladirea O21, etaj 10 077190 Cod postal tel: +40 212328561 ROMLIGHT Justitiei St No. 1 040116 Bucharest tel: +40 212502788 Distributor for: Wever & Ducré SIGNIFY Fabrica de Glucoza No. 17 Sector 2 020331 Bucharest tel: +40 212032060 ZUMTOBEL Str. Radu Greceanu 2, Sector 1 Ground floor 012225 Bucharest tel: +40 312253801

Russia ARTEMIDE Bolshoi Zlatoustinsky Pereulok 1, bldg 1 office 103 101000 Moscow tel: +7 4959842238 IGUZZINI 24/A Bolshaya, Cherkizovskaya Street 107553 Moscow tel: +7 4953802767 LASVIT 2 Tverskaya- Yamskaya str. 31/35, Office 610 125047 Moscow tel: +7 4992508417 LIGHTING TECHNOLOGIES 2B Otradnaya Street 127273 Moscow tel: +7 4959955595

LINEA LIGHT GROUP Luzhnetskaya nab. 2/4, Street 3 of. 304 119270 Moscow tel: +7 4956399941 LITTESS ul. Stanislavskogo 29/1office 5 109004 Moscow tel: +7 9265299063 Distributor for: Delta Light LUCTRA 2-ya Magistralnaya str Office 214 123290 Moscow tel: +7 4956019213 MALTECH Novorybinskaya 19/21 196084 Saint Petersburg tel: +7 8123354909 Distributor for: Ares, Flos, iGuzzini, Linea Light, Targetti MODULAR LIGHTING INSTRUMENTS 13, Sergeya Makeeva Street 123022 Moscow tel: +7 9199915754 OSRAM ul. Letnikovskaya 11/10 Building 1 115114 Moscow tel: +7 4959357070 PRECIOSA LIGHTING Office 150 Entr. 7, 4th Tverskaya – Yamskaya Street 33/39 125010 Moscow tel: +7 4959613107 SAROS Novoismailovskiy 39/3 196247 St-Petersburg tel: +7 8123275495 SIGNIFY 13 Sergey Makeev Street 123022 Moscow tel: +7 4959611111 SPECTOR LAB 11 Ordzhonikidze Street, Building 40 115419 Moscow tel: +7 4959267524 Distributor for: Targetti, Viabizzuno SYLVANIA Novoslobodskaya 21 601 127055 Moscow tel: +7 4957752476 TRINOVA LIGHTING SOLUTIONS 28/60 Nikoloyamskaya Street 103062 Moscow tel: +7 4959892910 Distributor for: Artemide, Zumtobel UNDER IT INTERIORS 12 Nikitsky Boulevard, office 12 119019 Moscow tel: +7 4957305386 Distributor for: Arturo Alvarez, designheure, Innermost, Oligo, Slamp, Studio Italia Design, Vibia, Viso ZUMTOBEL Skakovaya Str 17 Bld. No 1, Office 1104 125040 Moscow tel: +7 4959453633

San Marino MARINO CRISTAL Via Guardia del Consiglio, 29 47899 Galazzano tel: +378 0549901188 PIANETA LUCE AND INDESIGN Via 4 Giugno 39/A-C 47899 Serravalle tel: +378 549904335 Distributor for: Artemide, Barovier & Toso, Buzzi&Buzzi, Flos, FontanaArte, Foscarini, Ingo Maurer, Vistosi


ERILUM Tovarenska 14 81109 Bratislava tel: +421 252636831 Distributor for: Ansorg, Bernd Beisse, Brand Van Egmond, Delta Light, Flos, Serien, Tobias Grau HITECO Továrenská 10 81109 Bratislava tel: +421 252631161 Distributor for: Chelsom, Louis Poulsen, Modular, Zumtobel ILUMA Bárdosova 33 83312 Bratislava tel: +421 254789193 Distributor for: Louis Poulsen, Wever & Ducre

BERLIGHT Kneza Viseslava 13 11000 Belgrade tel: +381 113573068 Distributor for: Artemide, Slamp

OSRAM Komárnanská cesta 7 94093 Nové Zámky tel: +421 356464001

D SIGNED BY Internacionalnih Brigada 20 11118 Belgrade tel: +381 693460090

SIGNIFY Plynarenska 7/B 82109 Bratislava tel: +421 220666101

INTRA LIGHTING Otona Zupancica 32b 11070 Novi Beograd tel: +381 112698476

SMART LIGHT Sumbalova 1 84104 Bratislava tel: +421 220751946 Distributor for: Delta Light, Foscarini, Luceplan, Marset, Slamp

NIMAX Slobodan KOVACEVI C Autoput Beograd - Novi Sad 83 1080 Belgrade tel: +381 113774172 Distributor for: Artemide, Flos, Foscarini, Mike Stoane Lighting, Signify, Wever & Ducré NOVOLUX Grcica Milenka 83 11000 Belgrade tel: +381 113447764 Distributor for: Fabbian, Foscarini, Metal Lux, Oluce OSRAM Djordja Stanojevica 14 11070 Belgrade tel: +381 112281717 ZUMTOBEL Karadjordjeva 2-4 Beton Hala 11000 Belgrade tel: +381 695444802

Slovakia AKL Vietnamská 45 82104 Bratislava tel: +421 907767008 Distributor for: Artemide BELLATRIX Popradska 80 PO Box 33 04011 Kosice tel: +421 556325315 Distributor for: iGuzzini, Leucos, masiero, Swarovski

TRANZEL Ul. gen. Flap 37 94501 Komárno tel: +421 357710655 Distributor for: Axolight, La Murrina, Preciosa UNI LIGHT Drienova 1/C 82101 Bratislava tel: +421 252733304 Distributor for: Artemide, Baulmann, Flos, LEDS C4

Slovenia ARCADIA LIGHTWEAR SˇMartinska 152 1000 Ljubljana tel: +386 12562174 Distributor for: Artemide, Delta Light, Exenia, Flos, iGuzzini, Karman, Tokio, Vibia DE BAAR Ales Kersevan Ulica Lojzeta Spacala 40 1000 Ljubljana tel: +386 15174248 Distributor for: Flos, Moooi ES Ob Zeleni jami 9 1000 Ljubljana tel: +386 15401650 Distributor for: Osram, Wever & Ducre MODERNA Periceva 23 1000 Ljubljana tel: +386 59020095 Distributor for: Occhio




PRELOG Cesta XIV. Divizije 4 2000 Maribor tel: +386 23324810 Distributor for: Ilti Luce, Wever & Ducre STRLE SVETILA Masera Spasic Street 8 Ljubljana tel: +386 15654743 Distributor for: Flos, Foscarini, Louis Poulsen, Luceplan, Marset, Metalarte, Modular, Tom Dixon TILEN SEPIC Decˇmanova 4 1000 Ljubljana tel: +386 41211104 TOKIO Tehnolosˇki park 24 1000 Ljubljana tel: +386 41793475 VERTIGO BIRD Trzaska cesta 222 1000 Ljubljana tel: +386 12009075 ZUMTOBEL Stukljeva cesta 46 1000 Ljubljana tel: +386 15609820

Spain ACB ILUMINACION Camino Valencia, 104 46190 Valencia tel: +34 962779260 ADVANCED FIBER OPTICS Escornalbou, 1 08041 Barcelona tel: +34 934557200

AROMAS Ctra Valencia - Ademuz, km. 23 PO Box 325 46160 Lliria tel: +34 962737953 ARTEMIDE Calle Vico 12-18 08021 Barcelona tel: +34 934783911 ARTURO ALVAREZ San Miguel de Sarandón, 9 15885 Vedra tel: +34 981814600 B.LUX Pol. Ind. Okamika, pab 1 48289 Gizabuaruaga (vizcaya) tel: +34 946827272 BILBOLAMP C/Larraui 1 48160 Derio tel: +34 946757842 Distributor for: Slamp BLAUET C/ Riera de Targa 65-67 Vilassar de Dalt Cardedeu 08339 Barcelona tel: +34 937539500 BOVER Av Catalunya 173, Pol Ind Sud Cardedeu 08440 Barcelona tel: +34 938713152 CA2L LIGHTING PROJECTS Alí Bei 57 08013 Barcelona tel: +34 932444343 Distributor for: Anglepoise, Artemide, Carpyen, Catellani & Smith, Dark, Flos, Lee Broom, Louis Poulsen, Modular, Vibia CARPYEN C/Pere IV, 78-84 08005 Barcelona tel: +34 933209990

ALMALIGHT Cristobal de Moura 195-197 08019 Barcelona tel: +34 932660775 email: ALMAlight Barcelona is a manufacturer of decorative light fittings of exclusive design. Its catalogue is full of beautiful contemporary design fixtures with an excellent price-performance relationship, all made in Barcelona. The brand possesses a Mediterranean, warm, handcrafted spirit, and bets for noble materials, proximity suppliers and prestigious local designers.

ALMERICH Ciudad de Liria 41 Parcela 55 Fuenta del Jarro 46988 Valencia tel: +34 961343230 ALVE ILUMINACION Cuesta de la Tapia, 41 Cambre 15679 A Coruna tel: +34 981654279 Distributor for: Artek, Artemide, Dark, Fabbian, Flos

CASTAN Carrer del Crom 24 Hospitalet de Llobregat 08907 Barcelona tel: +34 933353245 CRESTRON Poligono Industrial Calle Francisco Moreno Lomena 7 Oficina 3 29670 Malaga tel: +34 952927868 DECOLAMP Polig. Ind. Pla dels Olivars Avda. Alginet, no47 Silla 46460 Valencia tel: +34 961210910

ECLIPSI Licoristes 73 Poligon Industrial Tarragona 43800 Valls tel: +34 977602442 Distributor for: Carpyen, Flos, Modular, Santa & Cole, Zero ELTORRENT C. Curreró, 8 Mieres 17830 Girona tel: +34 972680291 ESTILUZ Crta. Ogassa s/n St. Joan de les Abadesses 17860 Girona tel: +34 972720125 ESTUDI AROLA Lope de Vega 106, 3er 08005 Barcelona tel: +34 933075369 Distributor for: Agape, Metalarte, Santa&Cole, Viabizzuno

IGUZZINI Avenida de la Generalitat 168-170 Parc d’Activitats Econòmiques Can Sant Joan Sant Cugat del Vallès 08174 Barcelona tel: +34 935880034 JISO ILUMINACION Pol. Industrial La Pahilla. C/Fuente Corachan 223 Ap. Correos 116 Chiva 46370 Valencia tel: +34 962523061 KUTARQ C/ Corretgeria 4 - 1 46001 Valencia tel: +34 960051773 LAMPARAS OLIVA C/De la Estrada 11 28034 Madrid tel: +34 913581993 Distributor for: Foscarini, Moooi, Slamp LEDS C4 C/ Afores, s/n 25750 Torà (Lleida) tel: +34 973468100

FARO Calle Princesa 5208003 Barcelona tel: +34 902165166 email: Faro is a team of young, dynamic and creative professionals passionately working to create light fixtures and fans that focus on user comfort and wellbeing, with a strong design component. With the appointment in 2003 of Xavi Martin as Managing Director of the company, Faro Barcelona has increased its international presence with distribution in over 130 countries.

FEDE Av. Llenguadoc, 45-47 08915 Barcelona tel: +34 934183856 FLOS Calle Mallorca 1 Ribarroja 46394 Valencia tel: +34 961669520 FM ILUMINACION Germanias, 10-12 Nave D Poligono Industrial (El Pou) Aldaia 46960 Valencia tel: +34 961515977 G-LIGHTS C/Cobalt 188 L’Hiopitalet de Llobregat 08907 Barcelona tel: +34 933374290

DELTA LIGHT Calle Pont Can Claveri 58 Rubi 08191 Barcelona tel: +34 935861900

GAUDIR IL.LUMINACIO Arago 245 08007 Barcelona tel: +34 934878603 Distributor for: B-lux, Flos, Luceplan

DIAGONAL Josep Lluís Xuclà i Altimira sèneca, 6 08006 Barcelona tel: +93 4151414 Distributor for: Parachilna

IBANEZ ARANA C/ Isaac Albéniz 2 01005 Vitoria Alava tel: +34 945254623 Distributor for: Bover, Santa & Cole, Verpan, Viabizzuno

LINEA LIGHT GROUP C/Longares,48 28022 Madrid tel: +34 653881578

LLADRO The City of Porcelain Carretera Alboraya s/n Tavernes Blanques 46016 Valencia tel: +34 963187000 email: Established in 1953, Lladró is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacturing and distribution of an extensive range of artistic porcelain creations. High quality works entirely handcrafted in Valencia, at the only Lladró factory in the world. Ranging from sculpture and lighting to home accessories and jewellery, Lladró porcelain pieces embody a contemporary, elegant and exclusive lifestyle.

LLEDO C/ Cid Campeador, 14 Mostoles 28935 Madrid tel: +34 916656180 LUJAN SICLIA C/Orellana 12 28004 Madrid tel: +34 913081173 LUXIONA Paseo de la Ribera, 109 08420 Canovelles tel: +34 938466909 LUXOMETER C/Ali Bei 22 08010 Barcelona tel: +34 935285434 Distributor for: Anglepoise

000 068


LUZ DIFUSION Folchi I Torres, 6 08191 Rubi tel: +34 936970088 LZF LAMPS Avenida Reino de Valencia 14 Chiva 46370 Valencia tel: +34 962524780 MANTRA Pol. Ind. Los Vientos - Calle Alisio Parcela #4 Náquera 46119 Valencia tel: +34 961609950 MARSET Alfonso XII 429-431 08918 Badalona tel: +34 934602067

SIGNIFY Calle María de Portugal 1 Sanchinarro 28050 Madrid tel: +34 901100084 SPACE LIGHTING Calle Aribau 225 08021 Barcelona tel: +34 902103229 Distributor for: Marset, TAL STABORD Calle Conde de Aranda 22, 3o izda 28001 Madrid tel: +34 646456595 STONE DESIGNS C/ Segovia 10 28005 Madrid tel: +34 915400336

MARTINEZ Y ORTS G.V. Fernando el Catolico 48 46008 Valencia tel: +34 960716560

SYLVANIA Edificio Ofipinar Calle Caleruega 102 Bajo 28033 Madrid tel: +34 916699000

MASSMI Villa de Madrid, 48 Poligono Industrial Fuente Jarro Paterna 46988 Valencia tel: +34 961321416

TARGETTI Avda. de Roma 69 08029 Barcelona tel: +34 934746171

MAYICE STUDIO c/ De Sagasta 8 Segundo 28004 Madrid tel: +34 669101324 METALARTE C/Tambor del Bruc 10 San Joan Despi 08970 Barcelona tel: +34 934770069 OSRAM Ronda de Europa 5 Edificio D Planta 4a Tres Cantos 28760 Madrid tel: +34 916555200 PARACHILNA Filatures 2-7 Colonia Güell Sta. Coloma de Cervelló 08690 Barcelona tel: +34 936307772 PUJOL ILUMINACION Industria 13 St Feliu de Llobregat 08980 Barcelona tel: +34 936857880 PUNTO LUZ Pau Claris, 146 08009 Barcelona tel: +34 934871108 Distributor for: Flos, iGuzzini, Luceplan SANTA & COLE Parc de Belloch Ctra. C-251, Km. 5,6 La Roca 08430 Barcelona tel: +34 938619100 SELECT-LIGHT C/Londres 17 8029 Barcelona tel: +34 93114563 Distributor for: AXO, B.lux, Cini & Nils, David Trubridge, Flos, LEDS C4, Marset, Moooi, Slamp, Vibia

VIBIA Barcelona 72 74 08820 El prat de Llobregat tel: +34 934796971 VONDOM Polígono 6 16 Beneixida 46293 Valencia tel: +34 962398486

Switzerland 2MOL Bruggwaldstrasse 53 9000 St. Gallen tel: +49 792707687 ARBER ARGENTUR Dufourstrasse 34 8702 Zollikon Zurich tel: +41 434996555 Distributor for: Luceplan, Metalarte, Parachilna, TossB ARTELUCE Pumpwerkstr. 40 8105 Regensdorf tel: +41 448410900 Distributor for: Benwirth Licht

GO4LIGHT Sandweg 50 Postfach 823 4123 Allschwil tel: +41 613065050 Distributor for: Ango, My-Igor, Neweba, Saija, Studio Lumess IGUZZINI Uetlibergstrasse 194 8045 Zurich tel: +41 444654646

PRONTOLUX 14 Route de Chêne 1207 Geneva tel: +41 227005354 Distributor for: Signify

ILLUMINARTIS Fabrikstrasse 14 3455 Grunen tel: +41 344324144

SAIGATA Gewerbezentrum Arova 8247 Flurlingen tel: +41 526591300

INTERIOR ATELIER SERT Oberdofrstrasse 19 8001 Zurich tel: +41 442526633 Distributor for: Prandina

SENSES Allmeindstrasse 10 8840 Einsiedeln tel: +41 554182300

LEUCHTEN & LICHT Werner Weber Strasse 11 8630 Ruti tel: +41 552601960 Distributor for: f-sign, FontanaArte LICHT & CONCEPT Bahnofstrasse 111 9240 Uzwil tel: +41 719510615 Distributor for: Artemide, Dark, Delta Light, Flos, Foscarini, Occhio, Vibia LICHT PABLO DESIGN Stauffacher-Quai 54/56 8004 Zurich tel: +41 442477272 Distributor for: Artemide, Flos, Foscarini, Occhio, Prandina, Ribag, Tobias Grau LICHTHAUS Hochbordstrasse 9 8600 Dübendorf tel: +41 448337777 Distributor for: Artek, Artemide, Axo Light, Marset, Tom Dixon LND Rue de la Croix-de’Or 17 a 1204 Geneve tel: +41 787600929 LOUIS POULSEN Grabenhofstrasse 6 6010 Kriens tel: +41 417685252 LUNDIA Rue de la Croix-de’Or 17 a 1204 Geneve tel: +41 787600929

ARTEMIDE Bärengasse 16 8001 Zurich tel: +41 432682727

MOBEL ROSCH Guterstrasse 210 4053 Basel tel: +41 613663333 Distributor for: Artemide, Belux, Flos, Occhio

BD LIGHT In Busciurina 3 6528 Camorino tel: +41 918579550 Distributor for: Artemide, Cini&Nils, FontanaArte

MODULAR LIGHTING INSTRUMENTS Aargauerstrasse 250 8048 Zurich tel: +41 0444564400

BELUX Klunenfeldstrasse 22 Muttenz 4127 Birsfelden tel: +41 613167401

NOVOLINE Flughofstrasse 56 8152 Glattbrugg tel: +41 448742020 Distributor for: Cini & Nils, Occhio, Vistosi

NEWEBA Sandweg 50 4123 Allschwil tel: +41 613013565

SIGNIFY Allmendstrasse 140 8027 Zurich tel: +41 442004171 SYLVANIA Schaffhauserstr. 470 Postfach 436 8052 Zurich tel: +41 443053180 WALDMANN Benkenstrasse 57 PO Box 64 5024 Küttigen tel: +41 628391212 WEVER & DUCRÉ Unterlachenstrasse 19 6005 Luzern tel: +41 442458484 WOHNBEDARF Talstrasse 11 8001 Zurich tel: +41 442159595 Distributor for: Artemide, Flos, Targetti, Tobias Grau, Tom Dixon ZUMTOBEL Thurgauerstr. 39 8050 Zurich tel: +41 443053535

Turkey CITY LIGHT Istoç Ticaret Merkezi 85-87 Mahmutbey 34550 Istanbul tel: +90 2126593896 Distributor for: Axolight, Bocci, Bover, Davide Groppi, Delta Light, LEDS C4, Luceplan, Marset, Martinelli Luce, Metalarte DARK LIGHTING SYSTEMS Halaskargazi cad. Zafer sk. No:11-13 Manuel Apt. Nis¸antas¸ı 34371 Istanbul tel: +90 2122338338 Distributor for: B.lux, Flos, Intra Lighting, LTS, Oty, Sattler DUYULUMUS Istoç Oto ve Ticaret Merkezi E Plaza Kat 3 No:22 Mahmutbey 34217 Bagcilar tel: +90 2126593119

Expect the unexpected

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GALATA ELEKTRIK Cad Ebulula Mardin 4.Gazeteciler Site No. 131 34330 Istanbul tel: +90 2122833829 Distributor for: Album, Barovier & Toso, Barrisol, Carpyen, Chelsom, Forestier, Linea Light Group, Louis Poulsen, Lucente, LZF Lamps HI-TEC LIGHTING Sedef cd.No.2 A Blok K:19 D:80 Atasehir Kadikoy 34758 Istanbul tel: +90 2164563794 Distributor for: Modular, Viabizzuno HIGHLIGHT San-Bir Bulvari 4, Bolge No 73, Cakmakli Buyukcekmece Istanbul tel: +90 212886726665 Distributor for: Artemide, Highlight, Panzeri, Slamp, Swarovski KARE DIZAYN Zeytinoglu Cad Gunes Palas B Blok 26/1 Etiler Istanbul tel: +90 2123528690 Distributor for: Axo Light

LUMINA Macka Cad Ralli Apt. 59/6 Kat 4 Tesvikiye 34365 Istanbul tel: +90 2122342335 Distributor for: Delta Light, FontanaArte, Zumtobel

TEPTA AYDINLATMA Nispetiye Mah. Aytar Cad. No:24 K:1-2-3 / 1.Levent Istanbul tel: +90 2122792903 Distributor for: Almerich, Dark, iGuzzini, Lasvit, Prandina, Terzani

MOZAIK DESIGN DEKORASYON Dereboyu Caddesi No: 78 PK34347 Ortaköy Besiktas 80840 Istanbul tel: +90 2123472387 Distributor for: Bocci, Flos, Louis Poulsen, Tom Dixon

UKON Aydınlatma & Danıs¸manlık Prof. Dr. Hulusi Behçet Cadde Paylas¸ Apartment No:8/3 Istanbul tel: +90 2163023701 Distributor for: Zumtobel

OPTIMUM AYDINLATMA Inonü Cad. Sümer Sok Sümko Sitesi H1 Blok D:10 Kozyatagi Istanbul tel: +90 2164634504 Distributor for: Dark, Marset, Wever & Ducre OSRAM Nispetiye Mah. Baslik Sokak MM Plaza No:3 K:2 34340 Istanbul tel: +90 2123069000 SIGNIFY Dr.Adnan Buyukdeniz Cad No:13 Saray Mahallesi Umraniye 34768 Istanbul tel: +90 2166361500

Ukraine BB&F AGENCY Gvardeyska Street 80A 03118 Kiev tel: +380 504183692 Distributor for: Intra Lighting, Vibia KARMA DIGITAL 53 Boryslavska Str. 03061 Kiev tel: +380 444066515 Distributor for: Zumtobel OSRAM Business Center Renome Dimitrova Street 5 Office 201 03150 Kiev tel: +384 45835900

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SIGNIFY St. Nicholas Grinchenko 4 Building 2, 4th Floor Horizon Park Business Center 03038 Kiev tel: +384 44909848 SVET Vozduhoflotsky ave 7 03049 Kiev tel: +380 442486000 Distributor for: Axolight, Fabbian, iGuzzini, LEDS C4

Redefining Surfaces. Redefining Limits.

Dekton Ultracompact breaks down architectural boundaries and reimagines spaces to become infinite. We have redefined concepts to create a revolutionary and versatile material with a unique design, format and resistance.

Wall/flooring colour Dekton Industrial Soke Modules colour Dekton Stonika Bergen NEW


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COSENTINO UK - CENTRAL OFFICES Unit 10 Bartley Point Osborn WayHook Hampshire RG27 9GX / HQ: / Follow Us: F T



focal point BOB BOB CITÉ LONDON, UK Dernier & Hamlyn manufactured more than 400 light fittings including chandeliers, treadwell and wall lights, table lamps and vanity unit lighting for Bob Bob Cité, the exciting new restaurant located in the Leadenhall Building, in the heart of London. Suspended above a 30-metre high open-air atrium, it boasts 190 covers across two dining rooms and 50 more in its three private dining suites. The glamorous Art Deco inspired décor by leading interior designers BradyWilliams called for lighting using luxury finished metals including solid brass and stainless steel all hand polished in Dernier & Hamlyn’s factory. Dernier & Hamlyn’s craftsmen also made decorative gantries for the restaurant comprising square polished stainless steel tubing some 420m long and weighing in excess of half a tonne. Leonid Shutov, the man behind Bob Bob says: “This was an enormously challenging project both in terms of design complexity and the sheer scale. We had worked with Dernier & Hamlyn long before this project and I knew that we could rely on them to deliver in every respect. I cannot imagine working with anyone else to create our 400-plus bespoke lights.”



United Kingdom & Ireland /Europe

AVALON DESIGN LIGHTING Avalon, High Street Little Bytham NG33 4QJ tel: +44 1780410473

UK 299 LIGHTING Unit 38 Dixon Business Centre Dixon Road Brislington Bristol BS4 5QW tel: +44 1179422512 Distributor for: LEDS C4, Tobias Grau 7GODS Unit 22, 1-7 Grenville Road London N19 4EH tel: +44 2071001937 A SHADE ABOVE 5 Wellington House Camden Street Portslade BN41 1DU tel: +44 1273881130 AAREVALO 24 Grafton Road London W3 6PB tel: +44 2089931953 ALBIONCOURT The Idea Works, New Road Gillingham SP8 4JH tel: +44 1747822818 ALEX RANDALL STUDIO Arch 10 Cranleigh Mews London SW11 2QL tel: +44 2033027136 ALGER-TRITON Unit 223 Design Centre Chelsea Harbour London SW10 0XF tel: +44 7979548226 ALISON CLAIRE The White Building 555 Harrow Road Portobello Dock London W10 4RH tel: +44 2089625691 Distributor for: Moooi ANGLEPOISE A10 Railway Triangle, Walton Road Farlington PO6 1TN tel: +44 2392224450 APPLELEC Unit 1 Wharfedale Business Park Shetcliffe Lane Bradford BD47 9RT tel: +44 1274774477

ARTEMIDE 106 Great Russell Street London WC1B 3NB tel: +44 2076315200 Founded in the 1960’s by Ernesto Gismondi, Artemide is one of the world’s best known and respected Italian lighting brands. Based in Pregnana Milanese, the company specialises in the manufacture of lighting designed by a roster of leading architects and designers. Each Artemide light is synonymous with design, innovation and ‘Madein-Italy’.

ASCO LIGHTS 91 Lower Hillgate Stockport SK1 3AW tel: +44 1612070212 Distributor for: Bocci, Cini & Nils, Fosali, Graypants, Kolors, Manooi, Swarovski

ASTRO LIGHTING The Astro Building Midas Riverway CM20 2GJ tel: +44 1279427001 email: Founders John Fearon and James Bassant came together in 1997 to create Astro with a shared commitment to British lighting design and a passion for quality and precision. Astro is an acknowledged designer and producer of contemporary, timeless lighting supplying high end domestic and hospitality markets in over 90 countries.

ATELJE LYKTAN 33-34 Dolben Street London SE1 OUQ tel: +44 2074034123

ATRIUM 28 Leonard Street London EC2A 4BY tel: +44 2076819933 email: Distributor for: Intra Lighting, Flos, Modular, Sattler Atrium is the longest standing independent decorative and architectural lighting distributor in the UK representing Ares, Buschfeld, Cooledge, Flos, Grupo MCI, Modular and Sattler on an exclusive basis. Specialising in quality design-led technical and decorative luminaires, Atrium supplies lighting to leisure, hospitality, high-end residential, retail, educational and offices fitout sectors.

AVIVO Unit 3 Hinksey Business Park North Hinksey Lane Oxford OX2 0NR tel: +44 1865245931 BARONCELLI Studio C3 The Imperial Laundry 71 Warriner Gardens London SW11 4XW tel: +44 2077206556 BARRY PERRIN 119 Longfields Ongar CM5 9DF tel: +44 1992611415 Distributor for: Lumen Center Italia, Lux Cambra, Martinelli Luce, Slide BEGA Suite 9, Milton Heath House Westcott Road Dorking RH43NB tel: +44 1306882098 BENJAMIN HUBERT Unit 106 Regent Studio 1 Thane Villas London N7 7PH tel: +44 2075613658 BERT FRANK 67 Farringdon Road London EC1M 3JB tel: +44 2071646482 BETA CALCO 107 Bell St London NW1 6TL tel: +44 8701657481 BINARY LIGHTING The Beehive Unit 2, Baird Close Crawley RH10 9SY tel: +44 7855449950 Distributor for: LEDS C4 BLACK CRYSTAL LIGHTING 43 Yew Tree Lane Yardley B26 1AP tel: +44 1217068153 BLACKBODY 7A Anselm Road London SW6 1LH tel: +44 7741607980 BOATSWAIN LIGHTING 1A Henlow Industrial Estate Henlow SG16 6DS tel: +44 1462813600 BRIGHT GOODS 15 Doman Road Camberley GU15 3LB tel: +44 1276691230

BUCHANAN LIGHTING 31A West Way Oxford OX2 0JE tel: +44 1865201411 Distributor for: Avivo, Carpyen, illuminati, Indeluz BUSTER + PUNCH The Hop Exchange, Suites 7-9 24 Southwark Street London SE1 1TY tel: +44 2074070888 BUZZISPACE 1-15 Clere Street London EC2A 4UY tel: +44 2072533363 CAMERON DESIGN HOUSE 96A Clifton Hill St Johns Wood London NW8 0JT CAMERON PETERS FINE LIGHTING 39 East Lockinge Wantage OX12 8QD tel: +44 1235835000 Distributor for: Ango, Arte et Floritude, Bover, Casablanca, David Weeks Studio, Estro, Milan Iluminacion, Tobias Grau, Vistosi, Willowlamp CANNING & SHERIDAN INTERIORS 13 The Clock Tower, The Galleries Brentwood CM14 5GF tel: +44 1277849701 Distributor for: Prandina CASAMBI 29 Whitton Drive Glasgow G46 6EF tel: +44 1721703461 CAVIGIOLI Unit 6, 160 Barlby Road London W10 6BS tel: +44 2077922522 Distributor for: Marset, Terence Woodgate CHAD LIGHTING James Road Birmingham B11 2BA tel: +44 1217077629 CHANTELLE LIGHTING Unit 36 Lomeshaye Business Village Blackburn BB9 7DR tel: +44 1282877877 CHARLES LETHABY LIGHTING Freestone Studio Freestone Road Bristol BS2 0QN tel: +44 1277223855 CHELSOM Heritage House, Clifton Road Blackpool FY4 4QA tel: +44 01253831400 CHRISTOPHER HYDE 2/12 Design Centre Chelsea Harbour London SW10 OXE tel: +44 2073510863


CHRISTOPHER WRAY LIGHTING 5 Sotheron Place Fulham tel: +44 2070130180 Distributor for: Slamp

DÄR LIGHTING Wildmere Industrial Estate Banbury OX16 3JZ tel: +44 1295672200

DYSON Tetbury Hill Malmesbury SN16 0PR tel: +44 1666827200

CIRRUS LIGHTING 34-35 Hatton Garden London EC1N 8DX tel: +44 2071932175 Distributor for: Viabizzuno

DARE STUDIO The Coach House 31a East Drive Queens Park Brighton BN2 OBQ tel: +44 1273607192

ELSTEAD LIGHTING Elstead House, Mill Lane Alton GU34 2QJ tel: +44 142082377

CLIFTON LIGHTING North Vale Mills, Floor 3 Bradford Road Brighouse HD6 4DJ tel: +44 1484712097 Distributor for: LEDS C4, Metal Lux, Sil Lux, Voltolina CLIMAR 31-35 Kirby Street London EC1N 8TE tel: +44 2074921707 Distributor for: Barrisol COEXISTENCE 288 Upper Street London N1 2TZ tel: +44 2073548817 Distributor for: Artemide, Flos, Fontana Arte, Foscarini, Ingo Maurer, Louis Poulsen, Luceplan, Oluce CONTEMPORARY CHANDELIER COMPANY Trench Farm, Tilley Green Wem SY4 5PJ tel: +44 1939232652 www.contemporarychandeliercompany. COPPER & SILK 11-12 Sapcote Trading Centre 374 High Road London NW10 2DH tel: +44 2084598772 CREST 13 Westfield Street London SE18 5PH tel: +44 2088544229 CRESTRON Munro House 2 Portsmouth Road Cobham KT11 1TF tel: +44 8458738787 CTO LIGHTING Unit 208 Belgravia Workshops 157-163 Marlborough Road London N19 4NF tel: +44 2076868700

DAVID IRWIN DESIGN STUDIO 5th Floor Tru Knit House 9-11 Carliol Square Newcastle Upon Tyne NE1 6UF tel: +44 1916452262 DAVID VILLAGE LIGHTING The Old Cinema, 5-13 Ashgate Road Sheffield S103BZ tel: +44 1142634266 Distributor for: Foscarini, Marset, Moooi DEADGOOD 401 Screenworks 22 Highbury Grove London N5 2ER tel: +44 1912611277 DEGROSS Unit 1, Windmill Place London UB2 4NJ tel: +44 2085747766

DERNIER & HAMLYN Unit 5 Croydon Business Centre 214 Purley Way Croydon CR0 4XG tel: +44 2087600900 email: Dernier & Hamlyn designs and manufactures bespoke lighting in the UK. Its London factory is home to a team of specialist creators, artisans and engineers who produce pendants, chandeliers and other lighting individually made to meet designers’ specific requirements for luxury residences and hotels, superyachts and restaurants.

DESINATURE STUDIO Tower House Town Quay Road Southampton SO14 2NY tel: +44 2380711675

FORMALIGHTING Unit 3 Mitcham Industrial Estate 85 Streatham Road Mitcham CR4 2AP tel: +852 25166500 FRANKLITE Snowdon Drive Milton Keynes MK3 7NX tel: +44 1908691818

ENIGMA LIGHTING 2 Commercial Street Manchester M15 4RQ tel: +44 1420473889 Distributor for: Dark

FRITZ FRYER LIGHTING 23 Station Street Ross-on-Wye HR9 7AG tel: +44 1989567416

EQUIPOISE Kable House, Amber Drive Langley Mill Nottingham NG16 4BE tel: +44 7770412163

FUTURE LIGHT DESIGN 1 Deburgh Road London SW19 1DX tel: +44 2085434451 Distributor for: ango, Bocci, Brand van Egmond, Occhio

ESTABLISHED & SONS 7 Tilney Court London EC1V 9BQ tel: +44 2076080990 EUROPEAN LAMP GROUP Allanby House, Knowles Lane Bradford BD4 9AB tel: +44 8449914400 Distributor for: Osram, Signify, Sylvania F&M PRODUCTS Unit 40, South City Court 52 Peckham Grove London SE15 6FR tel: +44 07956550799 FACTORYLUX Old Trouser Factory Greenhill Industrial Estate Hebden Bridge HX7 5QF tel: +44 2071932119 FANTASTIC LIGHTING 4 Kennet Road Crayford DA1 4QN tel: +44 1322558649

FW LIGHTING The Light House, 37 Wadham Grove Emersons Green Bristol BS16 7DX tel: +44 1173070099 Distributor for: Baulmann, Cangini & Tucci, Europantalla, Icono, Ineslam, Transverso

GABRIEL SCOTT 12 Old Burlington Street London W13 3AH tel: +44 20 3318 1393 email: Gabriel Kakon and Scott Richler bring a multidisciplinary set of skill and style to the design world as Gabriel Scott - a chic and contemporary line of furniture and lighting fixtures. Accessible to the retail and commercial market, the growing line continues to remain true to the designers’ unique signature style and quality.

FBC LONDON 12 Francis Street London SW1P 1QN tel: +44 2078286591

GEOFFREY HARRIS LIGHTING 537 Battersea Park Road London SW11 3BL tel: +44 2072286101 Distributor for: Artemide

FELIX LIGHTING 6 Bartlett Street Bath BA1 2QZ tel: +44 1225315110

GEORGE SINGER 28 Britton Street London EC1M 5UE tel: +44 7970890596

CURIOUSA & CURIOUSA Haarlem Mill Studio 2 Ground Floor Derby Road Wirksworth BE4 4BG tel: +44 1629826284

DETAIL LIGHTING Unit 8 Cromwell Business Centre Howard Way Newport Pagnell MK16 9QS tel: +44 8450524442

FIRSTLIGHT PRODUCTS 22 Erica Road Stacey Bushes Milton Keynes MK12 6HS tel: +44 1908310221

GLADEE 416-417 Design Centre East Chelsea Harbour London SW10 0XF tel: +44 7850632689

DANIEL SCHOFIELD STUDIO Yorkshire Artspace, Persistence Works 21 Brown Street Sheffield S1 2BS tel: +44 7766203811

DOWSING & REYNOLDS Unit 2, Scott Hall Mills Scott Hall Street Leeds LS7 2HT tel: +44 1138199985

FOLDABILITY Studio G1, Limehouse Art Foundation Towcester Road London E3 3ND tel: +44 2036322473

GLAMOX Unit 3 Capital Business Park Manor Way Borehamwood WD6 1GW tel: +44 2089530540




GWYN CARLESS DESIGNS Mansion House Building Market Place Crich Matlock DE4 5DD tel: +44 1773857388 HABERDASHERY 18 Ashwin Street London E8 3DL tel: +44 2075037080 HARLEQUIN Unit 9 Talina Centre, Bagleys Lane London SW6 2BW tel: +44 2073841911 Distributor for: Arca, Baccarat, Giobagnara, Hering Berlin, Lalique, Lobmeyr, Meissen, Riviere, Saint-Louis, Venini HOGARTH LIGHTING Birchen Reeds, Charles Hill Tilford GU10 2AS tel: +44 8003288051 HOLLOWAYS OF LUDLOW 35 - 37 Tower Bridge Road London SE1 4TL tel: +44 2076025757 Distributor for: Anglepoise, Artemide, Bocci, Bomma, Brokis, Contardi, David Trubridge, Estiluz, Flos, Ingo Maurer HULGER Top Floor, 8 Elder Street London E1 6BT tel: +44 2076507882 IBERIAN LIGHTING Design and Innovation Centre Drury Lane St Leonards on Sea TN38 9XP tel: +44 1424428161 IGUZZINI Astolat Business Park, Astolat Way Off Old Portsmouth Road Guildford GU3 1NE tel: +44 1483468000 ILLUMINATI Unit 12/13 Tattersall Way Chelmsford CM1 3UB tel: +44 01245355507 ILLUMIS LIGHTS Norwich Road Strumpshaw NR13 4NT tel: +44 2081444481 INDUSTVILLE 218D, 1 Swan Road Westminster Industrial Estate London SE18 5TT tel: +44 2079717871 INFORM 99 St John’s Hill London SW11 1SY tel: +44 2072283335 Distributor for: Lightyears

INK LIGHTING The Old Vicarage Manorbier SA70 7TN tel: +44 7723013209

INNERMOST 2.02-2.04 OXO Tower Wharf Bargehouse Street London SE1 9PH tel: +44 2076201808 email: Since 1999, we have been working with designers from all corners of the globe to create unique products, of the highest quality. While our hearts and our studio are placed firmly in London, in the Oxo Tower Wharf, we are as ‘British as London itself’; an incongruous mixture of classic English tradition and vibrant global diversity.

INOX Unit 22 Brookside Centre Sumpters Way Temple Farm Industrial Estate Southend-on-Sea SS2 5RR tel: +44 1424775459 Distributor for: Acoshape+ INSPIRED BY DESIGN PO Box 213 Manchester M8 4WY tel: +44 1612782094 Distributor for: Album, Aqua Creations, Delightfull, Fabbian, Icone Luce, Leucos INSPIRED LIGHTING Mutual Mills Aspinall Street Heywood OL10 4HP tel: +44 8448447600 JANIE KNITTED TEXTILES Harley Foundation Studios 4a Tan Gallop Welbeck Nottinghamshire S80 3LW tel: +44 1909480163 JAY WATSON DESIGN Unit 12B Crawley Mill Industrial Estate Dry Lane OX29 9TJ tel: +44 1993703945 JONA HOAD DESIGN The Studio, Ashpools, Chapel Lane Northall LU6 2HF tel: +44 1525222364 JPR LIGHTING 60 Sandy Lane Franborough GU14 9HJ tel: +44 1252413291 KAIA 21 Boston Place London N1 6ER tel: +44 2072436299

KARBOXX 52 - 54 St Johns Street London EC1M 4HF tel: +44 07913872851

KELVIN LIGHTING Unit 3, 121 Giles Street Edinburgh EH6 6BZ tel: +44 131 553 0269 email: Distributor for: Axolight, Flos, Modular, Sattler Kelvin Lighting, Scotland’s foremost independent lighting distributor has a reputation for enhancing clients’ projects through the skilful application of artificial light, we add value through outstanding service, support and a unique portfolio of products enabling us to create complete and diverse lighting solutions across different market sectors including retail, commercial, hospitality, residential and public buildings within budget.

KIRIGRAM 15/3 Coolhurst Road London N8 8EP tel: +44 7707466519 KOLARZ Aintree House, 63 Salisbury Road Farnborough GU14 7AG tel: +44 1483726052 KOSNIC Unit D2, Kennetside Bone Lane Newbury RG14 5PX tel: +44 8458386851 LAMPS & LIGHTING Bridgewater Court Network Business Park Burnley BB11 5ST tel: +44 1282448666 LASVIT 3rd Floor, 131 Shoreditch High Street London EC1 6JE tel: +44 2074902004 LEE BROOM STUDIO 93 Rivington Street London EC2A 3AY tel: +44 2078200742 LIGHT FORMS A2 Unit 7C Boeing Way International Trading Estate Southall UB2 5LB tel: +44 2085713785 LIGHT HQ Light Headquarters Units 1 & 2 Lower Vicarage Rd Southampton SO19 7RJ tel: +44 02382022102 Distributor for: Lucis

LIGHT MEDIUM 4 Quayside Mills Edinburgh EH6 6EX tel: +44 1312080870 Distributor for: Prandina LIGHTING DESIGN NI 14 Boucher Way Antrim Belfast BT12 6RE tel: +44 2890688522 Distributor for: Artek LIGHTING FORCE 1 Tills Courtyard High Street Battle TN33 0AE tel: +44 1424775459 LIGHTIQUE Unit 2a Eden Business Park Dunns Close Nuneaton CV11 4NE tel: +44 2476381559 LIGHTPLUS 11 Woodland View, Lovedean Waterlooville PO8 9TR tel: +44 2392440550 Distributor for: 100% Light, Bernd Beisse, Cini & Nils, Climar, Lumini LIGNE ROSSET Morley House, Badminton Court Church Street Amersham HP7 0DD tel: +44 1494545910 LINEA LIGHT GROUP Suite 109 The Business Design Centre 52 Upper Street London N1 0QH tel: +44 2036371983 LIQUI DESIGN The Factory, Units 5-6 Cheapside Brighton BN1 4GD tel: +44 1273686119 LOUIS POULSEN 13 Kensington Square London W8 5HD tel: +44 20 8397 4400 LSE 6 Great Western Business Park McKenzie Way Worcester WR4 9PT tel: +44 190522243 Distributor for: Arturo Alvarez, Axolight, Cleoni, Fabbian, Kundalini, ONOK, Torremato, Uno Design, Vibia LUCTRA Ferndown Industrial Estate 10 Nimrod Way Wimborne BH21 7SH tel: +44 1202851130 LUG LIGHTING Building 3 Chiswick High Road London W4 5YA tel: +44 02088996091


LUMINAIR 148 Hartington Road Brighton BN2 3PB tel: +44 1273383435

MICI LIGHTING Connel House, 19 Blackthorne Road Leatherhead KT23 4BN tel: +44 1372750990

LUUM Studio 4, 7-17 Latona Road Peckham SE15 6RX tel: +44 1732361800

MODERNEON 27 Cromwell House, Brabourne Rise Park Langley Beckenham BR36SQ tel: +44 2086509690

LYNGARD Longstaff Building, Albert Street Stoke-on-Trent ST5 7JF tel: +44 1270767095 MACMASTER The Guildings, Trimpley Bewdley DY121PG tel: +44 1299861738 MADE BY THE FORGE 1 High Vew, Derrick Hill Willisham IP8 4SG tel: +44 1473487118 MAKIN LIGHT 45 Mossway Manchester M24 1WS tel: +44 5601591867 MARC WOOD STUDIO Blackhorse Workshops 1-2 Sutherland Road Path Walthamstow London E17 6BX tel: +44 2035824495 MARTHA FREUD DESIGN Studio 9, Great Western Studios 65 Alfred Road London W2 5EU MARTIN HUXFORD STUDIO Unit 11 Water Lane Storrington RH20 3EA tel: +44 1903740134 MASSOW INTERIORS 471-473 The Arches Dereham Place London EC2A 3HJ tel: +44 2077391080 MEGAMAN Megaman House 2 Quadrant Park, Mundells Welwyn Garden City AL7 1FS tel: +44 8454084625 METRO Imperial Park, Rawreth Lane Rayleigh SS6 9RS tel: +44 1268782084 MICHAEL ANASTASSIADES 50 Rochester Place London NW1 9JX tel: +44 2079287527

MONOLOGUE 93 Redchurch Street London E2 7DP tel: +44 7590565884 Distributor for: Parachilna MOONBEAM LIGHTING Pama House, Stockport Road East Bredbury Stockport SK6 2AA tel: +44 1619048872 Distributor for: Ebb & Flow, Elstead, Ferroluce Retro MOOOI 23 Great Titchfield St London W1W 7PA tel: +44 2089625691 MORROCAN BAZAAR Unit 2B/2C Kelvin Industrial Estate Long Drive UB6 8WA tel: +44 2085751818 MR. LIGHT 11 Quayside, William Morris Way London SW6 2UZ tel: +44 2073528398 Distributor for: Astro Lighting MR. RESISTOR 21 Lydden Road Wandsworth London SW18 4LT tel: +44 2088742234 Distributor for: Artemide, Fabbian, Flos NEST.CO.UK 9 Parkway Rise Sheffield S9 4WQ tel: +44 1142433000 Distributor for: Anglepoise, Brokis, DCW Editions, Flos, Foscarini, Innermost, Lee Broom, Louis Poulsen, Marset, Tom Dixon NICK MAILER LIGHTING PO Box 872 Horsham RH12 9GD tel: +44 1403713670 Distributor for: Cryst Lighting, Manooi, Schonbek, Swarovski & Architectural Elements, Windfall NLA The Beehive, City Place Gatwick RH6 0PA tel: +44 1293804788 NOEL HENNESSY PO Box 27990 London SE7 9AE tel: +44 7808738444

NORTHERN LIGHTS Hardwick View Road Holmewood Industrial Estate Chesterfield S42 5SA tel: +44 1246858750 NUDE DESIGNS 261 High Street Dorking RH4 1RL tel: +44 1306735050

PEBBLE LIGHTS Crab Apple Way, Vale Park Evesham W11 1GP tel: +44 8000141400 PHILLIPS & WOOD 2 Harlequin Avenue London TW8 9EW tel: +44 2082228117

NUDIDESIGN 25 Greencroft Gardens London NW6 3LN tel: +44 2073286340

PLUMEN Sustainable Ventures 105 Summer Street London SE1 9HZ tel: +44 2076507882

&OBJECTS Top Floor, Chelsea Reach 79-89 Lots Road London SW10 0RN tel: +44 2074276059

PM LIGHTING Unit 2B Jennymount Business Park North Derby Street Belfast BTHN 153 tel: +44 2890743254

OCHRE 46 - 47 Britton Street London EC1M 5UJ tel: +44 2070967372 OLDHAM LIGHTING Claudgen Works Bridge Park Merrow Lane Guildford GU4 7BF tel: +44 1483533302 ONE FOOT TALLER 272 High Street Glasgow G4 0QT tel: +44 8000751659 OPTELMA LIGHTING 14 Napier Court, The Science Park Abingdon OX143NB tel: +44 1235553769 OPTIME 14 Wallace Way Hitchin SG4 0SE tel: +44 1462441920 ORIGINAL BTC 228 Design Centre Chelsea Harbour London SW10 OXE tel: +44 2073512130

PRECIOSA LIGHTING 3 Gower Street London WC1E 6HA tel: +44 02088706220 PROP STUDIOS Studio 1, 9 Thorpe Close London W10 5XL tel: +44 2073998664 R & S ROBERTSON Unit 15/6 South Gyle Crescent Edinburgh tel: +44 1313442650 RAW STUDIO c/o PC Werth 45 Nightingale London SW12 8SP tel: +44 7711604323 RAYLIGHT 1 Cherry Trees Stanbridge Road Terrace Leighton Buzzard LU7 4QU tel: +44 1525385511 RB 12 6 Holywell Lane London EC2A 3ET tel: +44 2071352246 Distributor for: Brokis, Selene Illuminazione

ORLIGHT 21b Cranbourne Industrial Estate Cranbourne Road Potters Bar EN6 3JN tel: +44 1707663883

RELAY DESIGN AGENCY 18 Links Yard, Spelman Street London E1 5LX tel: +44 02034881418 Distributor for: Lambert & Fils, Örsjö, Zeitraum

OSRAM 268 Bath Road Slough SL1 4DX tel: +44 1753484100

REMOTE CONTROLLED LIGHTING 42 Riverside Road London SW170BA tel: +44 2084042400

P&A PROJECTS 2 Firefly Square Plantation Road Burscough L40 8JT tel: +44 1704891333

RIDI GROUP 8&9 The Marshgate Centre Parkway, Harlow Business Park Harlow CM19 5QP tel: +44 1279450882




RISCHE GROUP 15 Ashburton Park Ashburton Road West Manchester M17 1EH tel: +44 1618776200 RITSON DESIGN PARTNERSHIP The Old School House, 42 The Village Wetherby LS23 7AG tel: +44 7931556345 Distributor for: Foscarini RO SERVICES 26 Stephens Road Mortimer Common RG7 3TU tel: +44 2071935190 Distributor for: 9010, Glamora, Il Pezzo Mancante, Karboxx, Landa, Marchetti Illuminazione, Studio Italia Design, Terzani, Younique-Plus ROOM 9 Unit 6-9 Fairways Business Park Lammas Road London E10 7QB tel: +44 7841659382 ROTHSCHILD & BICKERS Unit 7, Great Northern Works Hartham Lane Hertford SG14 1QN tel: +44 1992677292 SARAH COLSON 11 Havelock Walk London SE23 3BH tel: +44 7800800428

SKIALIGHT 34 Jacksons Lane Great Chesterford CB10 1PT tel: +44 2035144668 Distributor for: Climar, Davide Groppi, Fluvia, Illuxtron, Lightnet, LiniLED, Molto Luce, Orbit, Petridis, Wever & Ducre SKK Unit 14 Spectrum House 32-34 Gordon House Road London NW5 1LP tel: +44 2074344095 SLV Unit E Chiltern Park Boscombe Road Dunstable LU5 4LT tel: +44 2039681100 SORAA Unit 38 Ambition Broxbourne Business Centre Pindar Road Hoddesdon EN11 0FJ tel: +44 1992535053 SPEAR LIGHTING Unit 8 Cowley Mill Trading Estate Uxbridge UB8 2YG tel: +44 1895746006 Distributor for: Osmont SPINA DESIGN 12 Kingsgate Place London NW6 4TA tel: +44 2073285274

SCABETTI St George’s Works 44 Briannia Street Leek ST13 5EL tel: +44 1538371471

STEUART PADWICK The Studio, 29 High Street Lambourn RG17 8XL tel: +44 7712836875

SCANDESIGN INTERIORS 18 Horncastle Road Louth LN11 9LD tel: +44 7789684897 Distributor for: Azimut Industries, CPH Lighting, Senses & Ribag

STORM LIGHTING SOLUTIONS Unit7, Brocks Buisness Park Hodgson Way Wickford tel: +44 1268766300 Distributor for: Innermost, Planlicht, Prandina, RZB

SCP 135 Curtain Road London EC2A 3BX tel: +44 2077497399

STUDIO ROSO 13 Hague Street London E2 6HN tel: +44 2081333262

SHARON MARSTON Studios F34A & C31 Parkhall 40 Martell Road London SE21 8EN tel: +44 2086704644 SIGNIFY Philips Centre Guildford Business Park Guildford GU2 8XG tel: +44 8456011283 SIMPLY SCANDINAVIAN 70 Flaxman Road London SE5 9DH tel: +44 2070958400 Distributor for: Bsweden

STUDIO JONMALE 87 Hewitt Street Manchester M15 4GB tel: +44 1612355172 SWAROVSKI LIGHTING 21 Sackville Street, 2nd Floor London W1S 3DN tel: +44 2072558440 SYLVANIA Longbow House 14 - 20 Chiswell Street London EC1Y 4TW tel: +44 2070119700

TAL Unit 8 Havant Business Centre Havant PO9 1HU tel: +44 2392440555 TALA 25b Vyner Street London E2 9DG tel: +44 2030263246 TANGENT 8 Montpelier Avenue London W5 2XP TARGETTI 288 Bishopsgate London EC2M 4QP tel: +44 2037094065 TERENCE WOODGATE Unit 2 Spring Mill Avening Road Nailsworth GL6 OBS tel: +44 1435796300 THE GRAVITY WORKSHOP 28 Dartmouth Park Road London NW5 1SX tel: +44 2074856375 THE LIGHT LAB 22 Holywell Row London EC2A 4JB tel: +44 2072782678 THE LIGHT YARD 53 Waterview Park Leigh WN 74JP tel: +44 3302233940 THE NORWICH ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING COMPANY 38 Hurricane Way Norwich NR6 6JB tel: +44 1603418821 Distributor for: Luceplan, Moooi, Oluce THE RAG AND BONE MAN Unit 4 Rear of 42-60 Ethelbert Road Margate CT9 1SB tel: +44 0773365774 TIGERMOTH LIGHTING Chandlers House, The Wharf Pangbourne RG8 7DS tel: +44 8456589059 TLS LED Kemp House 152-160 City Road London EC1V 2NX tel: +44 7394463882 TM LIGHTING Gallery, 7 Cubitt Street London WC1X 0LN tel: +44 7812150596 TOBYHOUSE 14 Jenner Road London N16 7SA tel: +44 2088066431

TOM DIXON 4-10 Bagley Walk Yard Coal Drops Yard London N1C 4DH tel: +44 2074000500 TOM KIRK LIGHTING Unit D120, 62 Tritton Road London SE21 8DE tel: +44 2087666715 TOM RAFFIELD Nanskerris, Trevarno Helston TR13 0RU tel: +44 1326722725 TP24 12 Station Road Chatteris PE16 6AG tel: +44 1354694591 TRAINSPOTTERS Unit 1, The New Warehouse Libby’s Drive Stroud GL5 1RN tel: +44 1453756677 TYSON LIGHTING Gibson House, Walpole Street Blackburn BB1 1DB tel: +44 1254266000 Distributor for: B.Lux, Luceplan, VISO UNIBOX Unit C2 Greengate Industrial Estate Greenside Way Manchester M24 1SW tel: +44 8452776000 URBAN COTTAGE INDUSTRIES Old Trouser Factory Greenhill Industrial Estate Hebden Bridge HX7 5QF tel: +44 2071932119 VAUGHAN Unit 17 Carnwarth Road Industrial Estate London SW6 3HR tel: +44 2077316197 VEZZINI & CHEN DESIGN Arch 35 Ermine Mews Laburnum Street London E2 8BF VIABIZZUNO 122 Great Titchfield Street London W1W 6ST tel: +44 2076369065 VIADUCT 1-10 Summers Street London EC1R 5BD tel: +44 2072788456 VITAMIN 9 Drysdale Street London N1 6ND tel: +44 2070929191


The UK’s largest independent specialist lighting distributor and exclusive host to some of the world’s most renowned brands for commercial retail, hospitality and residential buildings Ares | Buschfeld | Cooledge | Flos | Grupo MCI | Intra Lighting | Modular | Sattler

Atrium Limited 28 Leonard Street | London | EC2A 4BY 020 7681 9933 |

Kelvin Lighting Limited Unit 3 | 121 Giles Street | Edinburgh EH6 6BZ 0131 553 0269 |

Kelvin Lighting is a division of Atrium Limited


United Kingdom / Europe

WALDMANN 10 Millfield House Croxley Green Business Park Watford WD18 8YX tel: +44 1923800030 WILLIAM & WATSON 71-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ tel: +44 8007720818 WIRED DESIGNS Unit G17 Ground Floor, North Dome Design Centre Chelsea Harbour London SW10 0XE tel: +44 2073522921 WITHIN4WALLS Thrackum Hall, Station Road Little Shrewley CV35 7HH tel: +44 1926772217 WONDERGLASS 5th Floor, North Side 7-10 Chandos Street Cavendish Square London W1D 9DQ tel: +44 2074626790 WORKHOUSE 63-65 Princelet Street London E1 5LP tel: +44 2072471815 ZICO LIGHTING 3rd Floor, 207 Regent Street London W1B 3HH tel: +44 020772233087

ZUMTOBEL Chiltern Park, Chiltern Hill Chalfont St Peter SL9 9FG tel: +44 1753482650

Ireland APPLIED LIGHTING Teach Fada, Piltown Drogheda tel: +353 419829434 Distributor for: Dark, Limis, Zero BRITELUX 94B Lagan Road Dublin Industrial Estate Dublin 6 tel: +353 18300400 Distributor for: Linea Light BUSHELL INTERIORS 12 Heaney Avenue Parkwest Dublin 12 tel: +353 14749236 Distributor for: Zumtobel CRESTRON Office 104, Premier Business Center Unit 3013, Lake Drive Dublin 24 tel: +353 14693701 FABULIGHT The Coach House Tullowphelim Tullow tel: +353 879952489

LED GROUP Western Retail Park Nangor Road Dublin 12 tel: +353 17099070 Distributor for: Modular, Slamp LIGHTSYSTEMS 794 Howth Road Dublin 5 tel: +353 14853380 Distributor for: Halla MULLAN LIGHTING Mullan Village Emyvale HEC 1898 tel: +353 4786584 SHANE HOLLAND DESIGN WORKSHOPS Unit 11c Duleek Business park Co. Meath tel: +353 419882220 SIGNIFY Philips House South County Business Park Dublin 18 tel: +353 17640000


WILLIE DUGGAN LIGHTING 25-26 Hebron Business Park Kilkenny tel: +353 567764308 Distributor for: LZF, Studio Italia, Terzani, Tom Dixon



WINK Ballywaltrim Business Centre Bray tel: +353 12762200 Distributor for: Axolight, TAL

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focal point HELLO COCO COPENHAGEN, DENMARK The interiors of Hello Coco are a sophisticated clash of glitter, animal print and bamboo. Opened in May 2019, the women behind the concept wanted to create a setting and atmosphere where creativity and parties can evolve into an unforgettable night! Most of the interior has been built with the help of carpenters and the floor is made of glitter epoxy - it’s a place where all senses are awakened! Hello Coco chose lamps from Nuura’s Liila collection. They wanted lighting that was playful and sophisticated. The result is two Liila 12 Optic chandeliers next to the dancefloor and several Liila 1 Large Optic Clear/Nordic Gold at the private booths and in the toilet area. The lamps add just what the owners were looking for - a playful and sophisticated light.



The Nordics / Europe

Denmark ALL-LIGHT Brabyvej 52 4690 Haslev tel: +45 56380408 Distributor for: Astro Lighting, Estiluz, TAL ANKER & CO Dampfærgevej 13 2100 Copenhagen tel: +45 70213700 Distributor for: Bomma, Catellani & Smith, Tekna, Wästberg, Wever & Ducre ANOTHER STORY Retortvej 1 2500 Valby tel: +45 38414533 Distributor for: Geeboo, Michael & George, Nosta, tossB ARTEMIDE Skudehavnsvej 5 2100 Copenhagen tel: +45 70201700 ASTEP Vermundsgade 40B 2100 Copenhagen tel: +45 53838290 BJARNHOFF Hyldvej 1/a 6092 Sdr Stenderup tel: +45 75503205 Distributor for: Viabizzuno BROSTE Sydholmen 9-17 2650 Copenhagen tel: +45 36390300 CPH LIGHTING Bytoften 2 6710 Esbjerg tel: +45 75180106 DARO Ribevej 8 8940 Randers SV tel: +45 86435066 EBB & FLOW Duedal 70 9230 Svenstrup J tel: +45 98163488 EGLO Agerbakken 20 8362 Hørning tel: +45 70225511 EMBACCO LIGHTING Maglemølle 93 4700 Naestved tel: +45 70228025 ESKO DESIGN Ny Esbjergvej 12 4720 Praesto tel: +44 70229290 FLOS Sydhavnsgade 28 2450 Copenhagen tel: +45 33886000

FRAMA Org. St. Pauls Apotek Fredericiagade 57 1310 Copenhagen tel: +45 31406030 FRANDSEN Egeskowej 29 8700 Horsens tel: +45 76581818

LIGHT POINT Østergade 10 1100 Copenhagen tel: +45 70255525 LIGHTYEARS Balticagade 12,1. E 8000 Aarhus C tel: +45 87301240

FRITZ HANSEN Allerødvej 8 3450 Allerod tel: +45 25190796 GATEWAY JAPAN Toldbodgate 55 1253 Copenhagen tel: +45 70205608 Distributor for: Yamagiwa GRAPE DESIGN Rentemestervej 64, 2 2400 Copenhagen tel: +45 38878800 Distributor for: molo GUBI Frihavnen Klubiensvej 7-9 Pakhus 53 2100 Copenhagen tel: +45 33326368 HAY Havnen 1 8700 Horsens tel: +45 42820282 IGUZZINI Værkstedsmagasinet Refshalevej 153A, 2 1432 Copenhagen tel: +45 33179595 IMAGE COLLECTION Jyllingevej 48 2720 Vanlose tel: +45 26280313 Distributor for: B.lux IN LYZ Smedegade 1 8700 Horsens tel: +45 76690908 Distributor for: Lightyears, Northern Lighting, Occhio, Studio Italia Design, Terzani KARAKTER Gl. Lundtoftevej 1C 2800 Kongens Lyngby tel: +45 38414131 LAMPEFEBER Lilleringvej 30 8462 Harlev tel: +45 86361722 Distributor for: Chors, Fabbian, IP44. DE, Lumini, Marset, Martinelli Luce, Nyta, Studio Italia Design, Terence Woodgate, Top Light LE KLINT Egestubben 13-17 5270 Odense N tel: +45 66181920 LEMVIGH-MÜLLER Stationsalleen 40 2730 Herlev tel: +45 21568332 Distributor for: Artemide, Louis Poulsen, Luceplan

LOUIS POULSEN Kuglegårdsvej 19-23 1434 Copenhagen tel: +45 70331414 Louis Poulsen is a heritage Danish lighting manufacturer, with Scandinavian design tradition where form follows function. Every detail in the design has a purpose. Every design starts and ends with light. We design to shape light. We believe in passionate craftsmanship that produces quality lighting. Our purpose is to create an attractive ambience that affects people and spaces.

LUCEPLAN Klubiensvej 22 Pakhus 48 2100 Copenhagen tel: +45 36132100 LUMIERE Karetmagervej 12 7100 Vejle tel: +45 76413400 Distributor for: Delta Light MADE BY HAND Tommergravsgade 4B 2450 Copenhagen tel: +45 70208464 MENU Kongevejen 2 3480 Fredensborg tel: +45 48406100 MODI FORM Damgaardvej 1 5500 Middelfart tel: +45 65914050 Distributor for: Rotaliana, Slamp MOLLER ROTHE Baltikavej 7 2100 Copenhagen tel: +45 33913737 Distributor for: Anglepoise MUUTO Østergade 36-38 1100 Copenhagen tel: +45 32969899 NORMANN COPENHAGEN Osterbrogade 70 2100 Copenhagen tel: +45 35270532 NUURA Lykkesholms Alle 8B, 2 1902 Frederiksberg C tel: +45 26159557 OSRAM Dybendalsvænget 3 2630 Tåstrup tel: +45 44775000

ROAM Raffinaderivej 10 2300 Copenhagen tel: +45 40751993 Distributor for: Nude, Parachilna ROOMSTORE Ewaldsgade 7 2200 Copenhagen tel: +45 35430201 Distributor for: David Trubridge, Original BTC, Tala, Tom Dixon, Tonone SPOTLIGHT St. Kongensgade 103 1264 Copenhagen tel: +45 33114400 Distributor for: Flos, Foscarini, Modular, Moooi, Tom Dixon STUDIO THOMAS PETER LUND Holbergsgade 16 1057 Copenhagen tel: +45 61334098 TOM ROSSAU Federiksberg Alle 5 1621 Copenhagen tel: +45 51924788 &TRADITION Kronprinsessegade 4 1306 Copenhagen tel: +45 39200233 UNIBRAND Ostersovej 14 9990 Skagen tel: +45 70272696 Distributor for: Davey Lighting, decode, Kartell, Original BTC VERPAN Egeskowej 29 8700 Horsens tel: +45 76581882 VITA LIVING Lille Kongensgade 22, 2. 1074 Copenhagen tel: +45 31393131 WATT A LAMP Gammelgårdsvej 85 3520 Farum tel: +45 70261261 ZUMTOBEL Stamholmen 155, 5. Sal 2650 Hvidovre tel: +45 35437000

Finland ARTEK Lonnrotinkatu 7 00120 Helsinki tel: +358 106173470 CANDELA IMPORT Krämertintie 17 00620 Helsinki tel: +358 96223301 Distributor for: Knapstein CASALIGHT Varikkotie 2B 00880 Helsinki tel: +358 400998447 Distributor for: Slamp


CASAMBI Linnoitustie 4A 02600 Espoo tel: +358 105012950

OSRAM Vanha Nurmijarventie 62 01670 Vantaa tel: +358 974223300

EGLO Malmin raitti 17A 00700 Helsinki tel: +358 207649820

PLUSMINUS Hämeentie 13B 00530 Helsinki tel: +358 925250300 Distributor for: Luceplan, Moooi, Trizo21

FORMOSIS Ruoholahdenkatu 6 LH2 00180 Helsinki tel: +358 207401680 FORMVERK Annankatu 5 00100 Helsinki tel: +358 96129550 Distributor for: Foscarini GRANLUND Malminkaari 21, PL 59 00701 Helsinki tel: +44 406621096 HALOGEN GALLERIA Lönnrotinkatu 35 00180 Helsinki tel: +358 9646323 Distributor for: Bruck, Delta Light HEM Telakkakatu 6 C 00150 Helsinki tel: +358 407752820 HIMMEE Palkaneetie 19C 00510 tel: +354 09109190 IGUZZINI Lemuntie 3-5 00510 Helsinki tel: +358 207289840 KT INTERIOR Vattuniemenkuja 4E PL37 00210 Helsinki tel: +358 96860510 Distributor for: LEDS C4 LAATUVALO Vanha Talvitie 11A 00580 Helsinki tel: +358 108393300 LAST SHADOW Isoistentie 7 02200 Espoo tel: +358 405126822 Distributor for: Viabizzuno LND DESIGN Hikiantie 1303 05820 Hyvinkää tel: +358 405748428 LOUIS POULSEN Hameentie 135A 00560 Helsinki tel: +358 96226760 NGLASS Asemanrinne 5 08500 Lohja tel: +358 500673419 NONEKA Vanha Puistolantie 22 00760 Helsinki tel: +358 400604208 Distributor for: Lightyears

SAAS INSTRUMENTS Henry Fordin Katu 5B PO Box 179 00151 Helsinki tel: +358 96860610 SECTO DESIGN Kauppalantie 12 02700 Kauniainen tel: +358 95050598 SKANNO Mannerheimintie 4 00100 Helsinki tel: +358 96129440 Distributor for: Arper, Artemide, B&B Italia, Foscarini, Maxalto, Minotti, Moooi, Prandina SPACELIGHT Alvar Aallon Kuja 2 00100 Helsinki tel: +358 92600646 Distributor for: Bruck, Delta Light SYLVANIA Sirrikuja 3A 00940 Helsinki tel: +358 954212100 TECLUX Pohjoinen Hesperiankatu 7 00260 Helsinki tel: +358 92252410 Distributor for: Artemide, Astro Lighting, Carpyen, Halla, Metalarte, Modular TUNTO Mikko Kärkkäinen Tekijänkatu 8 04440 Jarvenpaa tel: +358 104213000 VALOA BY AURORA Soinistentie 22 A1 21110 Naantali tel: +358 407273894

Iceland EPAL Skeifan 6 108 Reykjavik tel: +354 5687733 Distributor for: Artek, Artemide, Focus, Kartell, Le Klint, Lightyears, Luceplan LUMEX Skipholti 37 105 Reykjavík tel: +354 5688388 Distributor for: Flos, Foscarini, Luceplan, Moooi, Trizo21 RAFKAUP Ármúli 24 108 Reykjavík tel: +354 5852800 Distributor for: Delta Light, iGuzzini

VÉLAR & VERKFÆRI Skutuvogi 1C 104 Reykjavik tel: +354 5508500 Distributor for: Anglepoise


NORTHERN Hausmannsgate 31 0182 Oslo tel: +47 40007037 OSRAM Vækerøveien 3 0281 Besøksadresse tel: +47 40004110

ATELJE LYKTAN Strandveien 30 1327 Lysaker tel: +47 22065500

SIGNIFY Innspurten 15 0663 Oslo tel: +47 22748000

BLACK & WHITE Kolstien 4 5097 Bergen tel: +47 55336255 Distributor for: Artemide, Flos, Foscarini, Luceplan, Moooi

SML LIGHTING Kalnesveien 5 1712 Graalum tel: +47 69132555 Distributor for: Bega, TAL

BRODR KOLSTAD BELYSNING Gamle Drammensveien 38 1369 Stabekk tel: +47 67102790 Distributor for: Artemide, Flos, Louis Poulsen, Slamp CONCEPT DESIGN Pilestredet 75c, inng.27 0354 Oslo tel: +47 22561310 Distributor for: Viabizzuno CREO LIGHT Nordlia 1C 4016 Stavanger tel: +47 51588510 Distributor for: Aqua Creations, Luceplan FLOS Sjolyst Plass 4 0277 Oslo tel: +47 22128600 LIGHT HOUSE Biskop Jens Nilssønsgate 5 0659 Oslo tel: +47 22672000 Distributor for: TossB, Vibia LIGHT MAKERS Gjerdrumsvei 16 0484 Oslo tel: +47 22721909 Distributor for: Axolight, B.Lux LIGHTCOM Hovfaret 8 0275 Oslo tel: +47 22733276 Distributor for: Delta Light LIMELIGHT Drammensveien 130 B11 0277 Oslo tel: +47 40001589 Distributor for: Artemide, Sattler, Wever & Ducre LOUIS POULSEN Lilleakerveien 2F 0283 Oslo tel: +47 22502020 MODULAR LIGHTING INSTRUMENTS Eidsvågbakken 1 5105 Eidsvag tel: +47 92219220

SYLVANIA Ole Deviks Vei 44 0668 Oslo tel: +47 23067470 SYSTEM & MILJOBELYSNING Pb 106 Astridsgate 34 1701 Sarpsborg tel: +47 69132555 Distributor for: TAL ZUMTOBEL Hoffsveien 4 Hoff 0218 Oslo tel: +47 22065050

Sweden ANNELL LJUS + FORM Alviks Strand, Gustavslundsvägen 131 16751 Bromma tel: +46 84429000 Distributor for: Dark, Sattler, Wever & Ducre ATELJE LYKTAN Fyrvaktaregatan 7 29635 Ahus tel: +46 44289800 BLOND Silkesvägen 13 33125 Varnamo tel: +46 370301735 BSWEDEN Herråkra 36073 Lenhovda tel: +46 47423040 BUSTER + PUNCH Artillerigatan 29 11445 Stockholm tel: +46 763905222 CALABAZ Gemlagatan 1 34371 Diö tel: +46 738418694 DAHL AGENTURER Östra Järnvägsgatan 23 11120 Stockholm tel: +46 86657041 HAHASTHLM Pipersgatan 14 11224 Stockholm tel: +46 0769418080



The Nordics / Europe

HOUSE OF LIGHT Räng Sandsvägen 63 23591 Vellinge tel: +46 40423035 Distributor for: Slamp, Trizo21 IFO ELECTRIC PO Box 116 2922 Bromolla tel: +46 45626533 IGUZZINI Åsögatan 115 11624 Stockholm tel: +46 86151540 KONSTHANTVERK Box 147 28223 Tyringe tel: +46 045150905 LIGHT ART Mondalsvag 40-42 (Gatuplan) 41263 Gothenburg tel: +46 31180140 Distributor for: Foscarini LIGHT HOUSE Tomtebogatan 2 70343 Orebro tel: +46 733319952 Distributor for: Parachilna LJUS I HUS Grimsbygatan 30 21120 Malmo tel: +46 40301200 Distributor for: Delta Light, El Torrent, Flux, Marset, Schmitz Leuchten, Viabizzuno

LJUSGRUPPEN Stenyxegatan 17 PO Box 9134 20039 Malmö tel: +46 40224100 Distributor for: Modular LOUIS POULSEN PO Box 23013 10435 Stockholm tel: +46 84464800 LUCTRA Fågelsångsvägen 4B 18621 Vallentuna tel: +46 86301150 MARELCO/VINGA Hulda Mellgrens Gata 2 42132 Vastra Frolunda tel: +46 31674300 Distributor for: iGuzzini MARKSLÖJD Gränevägen 5 51162 Skene tel: +46 32030500

OBLURE Fabriksgatan 38 Gothenburg 41252 tel: +46 317979896 ÖRSJÖ Emmabodavägen 14 38245 Örsjö tel: +46 48150960 OSRAM Rudanvägen 1 13650 Haninge tel: +46 87074400 RUBN Hässleholmsvägen 30 28267 Vittsjo tel: +46 102071212 SKOGSBERG&SMART Bellmansgatan 26 11847 Stockholm tel: +46 706398001

MODULAR LIGHTING INSTRUMENTS Studio B3 - Barnhusgatan 3 11123 Stockholm tel: +46 852329900

SPOTLIGHT Lill-Jans Plan 2 11425 Stockholm tel: +46 8143890 Distributor for: Axolight, Bernd Beisse, Studio Italia Design

NUD COLLECTION Light City 51333 Fristad tel: +46 33210555

SYLVANIA Uppkoparvagen 7 12044 Årsta tel: +46 855632200

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WALDMANN Skebokvarnsvägen 370 12450 Bandhagen tel: +46 8990350 WÄSTBERG PO Box 22266 25024 Helsinborg tel: +46 42284010 WEVER & DUCRÉ Mäster Samuelsgatan 20 10139 Stockholm tel: +46 708448484 ZERO Box 800 38228 Nybro tel: +46 48180000 ZUMTOBEL Region Öst Birger Jarlsgatan 57 11356 Stockholm tel: +46 8262650



Bornstein Lyckefors

Bornstein Lyckefors



Simo Serpola

Timo Ripatti





focal point DETROIT FOUNDATION HOTEL DETROIT, USA For Simeone Deary Design Group (SDDG), the opportunity to transform the former Detroit Fire Department Headquarters into a boutique hotel was much more than just another adaptivereuse, historic preservation project; it was an opportunity to help revitalise Detroit. The design team reached out to the community for engagement and focused on honoring the city’s past and celebrating its promising future. A main focal-point of the hotel is the monumental chandelier installed directly above the central bar. This custom-piece was created and fabricated in collaboration with locally based lighting designer Alex Porbe of Incite Design. A dramatic installation, the fixture includes 357 Edison-style vintage LED lamps and 110 handblown glass orbs, which sparkle and refract light. Inspired by SDDG co-owner Gina Deary’s childhood memory of Detroit street lamps - some on and some off - dotting the downtown district, the fixture serves as a beacon – illuminating the interiors and beckoning visitors inside. Image: Sal Rodriguez



North America & Caribbean / Americas


ANDLIGHT 505B Railway Street Vancouver BC V6A 1A7 tel: +1 6045636938 email: Born from a desire to produce functional lighting, luminaire design and manufacturer ANDlight aims to create honest products. It has established itself as a brand with substance since its launch in 2013 and proposes approachable products that are timeless in form, refined in aesthetics, with an applied touch of playfulness.

ANONY 200 Queens Quays East Suite 6 Toronto ON M54 4K9 tel: +1 4169949617

ARCHILUME 357-1027 Davie Street Vancouver BC V6E 4L2 tel: +1 6047102576 email: Archilume is a lighting design studio that produces modern, decorative LED luminaires offering pendant, wall sconces, and feature chandeliers in a variety of configurations, in addition to custom designs for commercial and residential projects. Archilume captures the principle of total internal reflection and diffusion to create sleek glare-free luminaires in a sculptural form.

ARTEMIDE 11105 rue Renaude Lapointe Montreal QC H1J 2T4 tel: +1 5143236537 ATELIER STOBBEN 505 - 36 rue Queen Montreal QC H3C 2N5 tel: +1 5146076335 AUCOURANT 8455 Blvd Decarie Montreal QC H4P 2J2 tel: +1 5147332050 Distributor for: Luceplan BETA CALCO 25 Kodiak Crescent Toronto ON M3J 3E5 tel: +1 4165319942 BOCCI 500 - 1706 West 1st Avenue Vancouver BC V6J 0E4 tel: +1 6046395185 CD/M2 LIGHTWORKS 330-825 Powell Street Vancouver BC V6A 1H7 tel: +1 6042157721 Distributor for: Delta Light, iGuzzini, Viabizzuno

CRESTRON 5250 Satellite Drive, Unit 16 Mississauga ON L4W 5G5 tel: +1 8777327378 DELTA LIGHT 6665 Millcreek Drive, Unit 4 Mississauga CA L5N 5M4 tel: +1 9058136130 EUREKA 225 de Liege West #200 Montreal QC H2P 1H4 tel: +1 5143853515 EUROFASE 33 West Beaver Creek Road Richmond Hill ON L4B 1L8 tel: +1 9056952055 EUROLITE 200 Queens Quay East Suite 6 Toronto ON M5A 4K9 tel: +1 4162031501 Distributor for: Artemide, Arturo Alvarez, Buzzi & Buzzi, Dark, Delta Light, Foscarini

HOLLIS + MORRIS 501 Alliance Avenue, Suite 102 Toronto ON M6N 2J1 tel: +1 6479709716 email: hollis+morris proudly finds its roots in Canada where designs are inspired, materials are sourced, and products are made. Driven by a respect towards natural and honest processes, trademark integrations of solid wood, metal, LED, and glass celebrate the inherent strengths of each material, resulting in thoughtful, quality designs.

IGUZZINI 9320 Saint-Laurent, Suite 100 Montreal QC H2N 1N7 tel: +1 5145231339 ILLUMINATION LIGHTING 2300 Victoria Avenue Lachine QC H8S 1Z3 tel: +1 5146347200

KARICE #101-19057 25th Ave Surrey V3Z 3V2 tel: +1 6045427137 email: BC-based Karice has enormous passion for creating beautiful lighting products, pushing creative boundaries to craft the unimaginable with their cuttingedge, custom lights, modern and artistic lighting collections. Karice designs and manufactures lighting and dreaming up what has never been done before, is just a part of daily life at Karice.

KUZCO LIGHTING 19054 28th Avenue Surrey BC V3S 6M3 tel: +1 7788261125

LAMBERT & FILS 6250 rue Hutchison Suite 100 Montréal QC H2V 4C5 tel: +1 5143940762207 LAROSE GUYON 24 Hebert Verchères QC J0L 2R0 tel: +1 4505835335 LIGHT RESOURCE Suite 201, 4599 Tillicum Street Burnaby BC V5J 3J9 tel: +1 6046887541 Distributor for: Louis Poulsen, Studio Italia, Zumtobel LIGHTFORM 10545 - 124 Street Edmonton ON T5N 1R8 tel: +1 4167455656 Distributor for: Flos, Fontana Arte, Foscarini, Metalarte, Moooi, Parachilna, Studio Italia Design, Vibia LRI LIGHTING INTERNATIONAL 1966 Triumph Street, Unit 4 Vancouver BC V5L 1K5 tel: +1 6046396333 Distributor for: Bega LUMID 7940 Jean-Brillon Montreal QC H8N 2L5 tel: +1 5145241831 MOLO 1470 Venables Street Vancouver BC V5L 2G7 tel: +1 6046850340 NANOLEAF 162 John Street, 3rd Floor Toronto ON M5V 2E5 tel: +1 889222701 NIKKI ALAGHA DESIGN 517-428 8th Avenue West Vancouver BC V5Y 1N9 NRG MANAGEMENT 293 Boulevard Industriel St-Eustache QC J7R 6B7 tel: +1 4506231666 Distributor for: Bruck, Esko Design, Ferroluce, Molto Luce

TLS LED 300, Montée De Liesse Saint-Laurent QC H4T 1N9 tel: +1 5148586556 email: Powered by the award-winning Tension LED System, TLS International is recognised worldwide for its illuminated architectural solutions. From our facilities in Canada, we offer a complete turnkey solution for illuminated stretch ceiling panels. Starting at the design phase following with shop drawings, assembly, testing, logistics, installation supervision, and complete installation.

TMS LIGHTING 247A Summerlea Road Brampton ON L6T 4E1 tel: +1 9057931174

VISO 388 Carlaw Avenue Studio 207 Toronto ON M4M 2T4 tel: +1 4164618476 email: As a global multidisciplinary lighting design and manufacturing firm, VISO serves the hospitality, commercial, infrastructure, and retail chain sectors. We offer custom designs, rendering services, and total project consultation as well as an exclusive lighting collection. All of this combined makes us one of the most sought after lighting design firms in the world.

VIVID 11618 - 149 Street Edmonton AB T5M 3R3 tel: +1 7804880797

OSRAM 2001 Drew Road Mississauga ON L5S 1S4 tel: +1 9056736171

WOW LIGHTING 1115 - 46th Avenue SE Calgary AB T2G 2A5 tel: +1 4032666249 Distributor for: Louis Poulsen, Zumtobel

RIDGELY STUDIO WORKS 36 Northline Rd - Unit #11 Toronto ON M4B 3E2 tel: +1 4165489238

YELLOW GOAT DESIGN 341 Sheldon Drive, Unit 1 Cambridge ON N1T 1B1 tel: +1 2155104543

SALEX 435 Finchdene Square Scarborough ON M1X 1B7 tel: +1 4162932290 Distributor for: Delta Light, Zumtobel

ZANEEN LIGHTING 30 Tycos Drive Toronto ON M6B 1V9 tel: +1 4162479221

SIGNIFY 281 Hillmount Road Markham ON L6C 2S3 tel: +1 8005550050

ZEED 162 Brunswick Avenue, Suite 2 Toronto ON M5S 2M2 tel: +1 6475227893 ZEGA LED 206 - 15292 Croydon Drive Surrey BC V3S 0Z5 tel: +1 6045417268


Dominican Republic CIM Av. Winston Churchill esq. Max H. Ureña Edificio INTEMPO, Suite 306 Santo Domingo tel: +1 8092277131 Distributor for: Ango, Axolight, Foscarini, TAL SPAZIO DI CASA Ave. Max Henriquez Ureña No.17 Ensanche Naco tel: +1 8093682001 Distributor for: Artemide SPECTRO LIGHTING Calle Haim Lopez - Pehna #11Ens. Paraiso Santa Domingo tel: +1 8094769117 Distributor for: Delta Light, ET2, Ingo Maurer, LEDS C4, Marset, Troy Corbett

Trinidad & Tobago LIGHTSOURCE 41 Eastern Main Road Laventille tel: +1 8686259347 Distributor for: Bega, Louis Poulsen

USA 2AVE LIGHTING 55 Oriskany Boulevard New York NY 13495 tel: +1 8008431602 A.LIGHT 3728 Maritime Way Oceanside CA 92056 tel: +1 7607277675 ADVANCE TABCO 200 Heartland Boulevard New York NY 11717 tel: +1 6312746203 AILATI LIGHTS 108 Thompson Street New York NY 10012 tel: +1 6462499239 ALASKA ARCHITECTUAL LIGHTING 5401 Cordova Street #202 Anchorage AK 99518 tel: +1 9075610100 Distributor for: Delta Light, Louis Poulsen, Zumtobel ALEX ALLEN STUDIO 302 3rd Avenue New York NY 11215 tel: +1 7182882710 ALGER-TRITON 8690 National Boulevard Culver City CA 90232 tel: +1 3102299500 ALW HQ and Experience Center 1035 22nd Avenue Unit 1 Oakland CA 94606 tel: +1 5104892530

AMEICO 29 Church Street New Milford CT 06776 tel: +1 8603548765

AVENUE LIGHTING 18324 Oxnard Street #2 Tarzana CA 91356 tel: +1 8007980409

ANGLEPOISE 49 Elizabeth Street, 5th Floor New York NY 10013 tel: +1 8885193225

AVRAM RUSU STUDIO 79 Quay Street New York NY 11222 tel: +1 7183890350

APPARATUS STUDIO 124 West 30th Street, 4th Floor New York NY 10001 tel: +1 6465279732

AXOLIGHT 22 Shelter Rock Lane Danbury CT 06810 tel: +1 2037300542

ARCHIBALD & MEEK 537 W. Wrightwood Avenue Elmhurst IL 60126 tel: +1 6308337377 Distributor for: Linea Light

BASALTE 1177 Avenue of the Americas New York NY 10036 tel: +1 6467261406 BASF 1609 Biddle Avenue Wyandotte MI 48192

ART + ALCHEMY 154 Route 30 South Vermont CASTLETON VT 05735 tel: +1 8444194359 email: Art + Alchemy, an American atelier lighting brand, renowned for its sculptural designs, quality of materials, and its refined hand-finishes. Designers at ART + ALCHEMY seek to create oneof-kind lighting for interiors, whether intimate or grand, and for transcendent exterior lighting that makes a lasting first impression.

ARTECNICA 508 South San Vicente Boulevard Los Angeles CA 90048 tel: +1 3236556551 ARTEMIDE 250 Karin Lane Hicksville NY 11801 tel: +1 6316949292 ARTERIORS 1745 Hayden Drive, Suite 1000 Carrollton TX 75006 tel: +1 8003382150 ARTICOLO 1133 Broadway, Suite 1226 New York NY 10010 tel: +1 6469710065 ASSOCIATED LIGHTING REPS 7777 Pardee Lane PO Box 2265 Oakland CA 94621 tel: +1 5106383800 Distributor for: Zumtobel ASTERA 600 Broadhollow Road Suite 203 Melville NY 11747 tel: +1 8779434533 Distributor for: Slide ATELIER DE TROUPE 3418 Glendale Boulevard Los Angeles CA 90039 tel: +1 3235782112 ATELIER TAKAGI 3857 Beecher Street NW Washington DC 20007 tel: +1 5039579911

BEC BRITTAIN STUDIO 27 W 20th Street, Suite 1100 New York NY 10011 tel: +1 2122204008

CERNO 1751 McGaw Avenue Irvine CA 92614 tel: +1 9497151534 email: At Cerno, we design and manufacture modern lighting in Southern California. Our goal is to produce a quality product, by quality people, in a quality environment, and share these products with you.

CHIMERA LIGHTING DESIGN 327 A. Street Boston MA 02210 tel: +1 6175423233 Distributor for: Iris Design Studio CIVILIGHT 522 Buxton Grant Drive Cary NC 27519 tel: +1 9737238883

BEGA 1000 Bega Way Carpinteria CA 93013 tel: +1 8056840533

CLEAR ADVANTAGE LIGHTING 1989 Fletcher Creek Drive Memphis TN 38133 tel: +1 9017979991 Distributor for: Zumtobel

BESA LIGHTING 6695 Taylor Rd Blacklick OH 43004 tel: +1 6144757046

COLORCORD 3863 N Steele Street, Suite B Denver CO 80205 tel: +1 8004091070

BLACKJACK 1553 Barclay Boulevard Buffalo Grove IL 60089 tel: +1 8479410588

CONTARDI 59 Pearl Street, Unit 21 New York NY 11201 tel: +1 7187150717

BLUEPRINT LIGHTING 601 W 26th Street, Suite M258 New York NY 10001 tel: +1 2122436300

CRESTRON 15 Volvo Drive Rockleigh NJ 07647 tel: +1 2017673400

BOVER 1231 Collier Road, Suite C Atlanta GA 30318 tel: +1 4049242342

DELTA LIGHT 4850 W Prospect Road Fort Lauderdale BE 33309 tel: +1 9546779800

BRENDAN RAVENHILL STUDIO 2122 Cypress Avenue Los Angeles CA 90065 tel: +1 3239778532

DESIGN ON DEMAND 14 Dekalb Avenue New York NY 11201 tel: +1 3472829242 Distributor for: Ilide

BULBRITE 145 W. Commercial Avenue Moonachie NJ 07074 tel: +1 8005285555 BUOYANT 510 9th Street New York NY 11215 tel: +1 9174503454 BUZZISPACE 1200 Redding Drive High Point NC 27260 tel: +1 3368213150

DESIGNPLAN LIGHTING 79 Trenton Avenue Frenchtown NJ 08825 tel: +1 9089967710 Distributor for: Astro Lighting, TAL DMAC ARCHITECTURE 831 Chicago Avenue Suite 100 Evanston IL 60202 tel: +1 8479050944 DUTTON BROWN 2323 Snelling Avenue Minneapolis MN 55404 tel: +1 6127890530 DYSON 600 W Chicago Avenue #275 Chicago IL 60654 tel: +1 3122373977


000 092


EDGE LIGHTING 1718 W. Fullerton Chicago IL 60614 tel: +1 7737701195

FOSCARINI 17 Greene Street New York NY 10013 tel: +1 2122472218

ELA 17891 Arenth Avenue City of Industry CA 917481197 tel: +1 8004236561 ENGINEERED LIGHTING SALES 2300 Meadow Drive, Suite 201 Louisville KY 40218 tel: +1 5024526969 Distributor for: Estiluz, Louis Poulsen, Targetti ENY LEE PARKER 40 Park Street, Unit 103 New York NY 11206 tel: +1 7149439236 ESQUE STUDIO PO Box 31035 Portland OR 97231 tel: +1 5032896392 ESTILUZ 235 Moonachie Road Moonachie NJ 07074 tel: +1 2016411997 ET2 253 N Vineland Avenue City of Industry CA 91746 tel: +1 6269564200 EUROMODA 16163 Lake Forest Drive, Suite L Irvine CA 92618 tel: +1 9494383533 Distributor for: Arteriors, Flos, Hinkley Lighting, Pablo Designs, Slamp, Sylvania Cerno, Terzani FABBIAN 307 West 38th Street #1103 New York NY 10018 tel: +1 6465184160 FABULUX The Brooklyn Navy Yard 63 Flushing Ave, Unit 271 New York NY 11205 tel: +1 7186257661 FARREY’S 1850 NE 146th Street Miami FL 33181 tel: +1 3059475451 Distributor for: Access Lighting, Eurofase, Flos, Hinkley Lighting, Slamp FLOS 200 Mckay Road, Huntington Station New York NY 11746 tel: +1 6315492745

GABRIEL SCOTT 372 Broome Street New York NY 10013 tel: +1 5149528599 email: Gabriel Kakon and Scott Richler bring a multidisciplinary set of skill and style to the design world as Gabriel Scott - a chic and contemporary line of furniture and lighting fixtures. Accessible to the retail and commercial market, the growing line continues to remain true to the designers’ unique signature style and quality.

GLOBAL LIGHTING 545 Frankliin Avenue Mount Vernon NY 10550 tel: +1 9145914095 GOTHAM LIGHTING 1170 Peachtree Street NE Suite 2300 Atlanta GA 303097676 tel: +1 8009229641 GRAYPANTS 3220 1st Avenure S #400 Seattle WA 98134 tel: +1 2064203912 HINKLEY LIGHTING 33000 Pin Oak Parkway Avon Lake OH 44012 tel: +1 4406535555

HUBBARDTON FORGE 154 Route 30 South Castleton VT 05735 tel: +1 8663981530 email: Hubbardton Forge is recognised for its iconic designs and ability to combine artisanry and leadingedge technology, creating unique, handcrafted lighting for both interior and exterior spaces. 230 designers, makers, engineers and staff develop lighting solutions for residential and commercial spaces, all under one roof in Vermont (USA).

FOCAL POINT 4141 S. Pulaski Road Chicago IL 60632 tel: +1 7732479494

IGUZZINI 60 Madison Avenue, 2nd Floor New York NY 10010 tel: +1 2124818188

FONTANA ARTE 45 Greene Street New York NY 10013 tel: +1 2123343295

ILEX ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING 82 Stevens St East Taunton MA 02718 tel: +1 5089779991

FORMALIGHTING 164 W 25th Street, Floor 12 New York NY 10001 tel: +1 4704194003

ILLUMINATIONS 3323 Cady’s Alley Washington DC 20007 tel: +1 2029654888 Distributor for: Oligo, Oty Light, Terzani, Viabizzuno

ILLUMINATIONS CONTRACT 597 Cooledge Avenue Atlanta GA 30306 tel: +1 4048761064 Distributor for: Axo Light, Foscarini, Marset, Slamp

INSIGHT LIGHTING 43-41 Fulcrum Way NE Rio Rancho NM 87144 tel: +1 5053450888 43-41 Fulcrum Way NE Rio Rancho NM 87144 tel: +1 5053450888 email: Insight Lighting brings over 25 years of “Made in the USA” lighting experience in creating interior and exterior solutions for the lighting specifier. Experts in lighting the façade, high-performance cove, and architectural linear, Insight delivers some of the industry’s finest lighting instruments that are designed to punctuate and decorate the architectural space.

INTER-LUX 3741 Commerce Drive Suites 306-308 Baltimore MD 21227 tel: +1 4103811497 Distributor for: Linea Light, Sattler INTERNATIONAL LIGHTS 36 West 20th Street, 7th Floor New York NY 10011 tel: +1 2124142803 Distributor for: Zumtobel INVERSE LIGHTING 1425 W 12th Place #105 Tempe AZ 85281 tel: +1 4809678653 Distributor for: Artemide, Zumtobel IRIS DESIGN STUDIO 8345 NW 66 Street Miami FL A8550 tel: +1 8666139796 JAMES DIETER 63 Flushing Avenue, Bldg 5, Street 317 New York NY 11205 tel: +1 7183846887 JAMIE HARRIS STUDIO 465 Carroll Street New York NY 11215 JASON MILLER STUDIO 32 33rd Street, 3rd Floor, Unit 12 New York NY 11232 tel: +1 7182186636 JERRY LIGHTING 169 54th Street 18 Brooklyn NY 11220 tel: +1 3476880385 JOHN BECK STEEL 9500 Collinsville Road, Suite G Collinsville IL 62234 tel: +1 6188927229

JUNIPER 68 33rd Street (3rd floor) Unit 11 New York NY 11232 tel: +1 3477992915 email: Founded in 2011, Juniper became an early pioneer in the Brooklyn lighting scene. Today, Juniper runs a fully integrated lighting design and manufacturing studio that continues to elevate the industry through technology and artistry. The award-winning practice designs and produces upscale architectural lighting for residential, commercial and hospitality spaces worldwide.

JUSTICE DESIGN GROUP 500 S. Grand Ave, Suite 1100 Los Angeles CA 90071 tel: +1 2134370102 KARTELL 39 Greene Street New York NY 10013 tel: +1 2123673701 KEEP BROOKLYN 2A, 499 Van Brunt Street New York NY 11231 tel: +1 2122710080 KEY LIGHTING 901 East 31st Street Kansas City MO 64109 tel: +1 8165312544 Distributor for: Slamp KINDLE LIVING 2048 Armacost Avenue, 1st Floor Los Angeles CA 90025 tel: +1 3104003024 KONCEPT 429 East Hunting Drive Monrovia CA 91016 tel: +32 32618999 LASVIT Unit 90, 25031 Stanford Avenue Valencia CA 91355 tel: +1 3108227804 LEE BROOM STUDIO 34 Greene St New York NY 10013 tel: +1 2128048477 LEGACY LIGHTING 901 South Mopac Expressway Barton Oaks Plaza One Suite 300 Austin TX 78746 tel: +1 5124819971 Distributor for: Axo Light, Dark LEUCOS Mayfield Avenue Edison NJ 08837 tel: +1 7322250010 LIGHTART 4770 Ohio Ave S, Suite A Seattle WA 98134 tel: +1 2065242223

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LIGHTING ASSOCIATES 3216 S Brentwood Webster Groves MO 63119 tel: +1 3145313500 Distributor for: Artemide, Fabbian, Louis Poulsen LIGHTNET 123 NW 23rd Street Miami FL 33127 tel: +1 8009409092 LIGHTOLOGY 315 W. Chicago Avenue Chicage IL 60654 tel: +1 3129441000 Distributor for: Anglepoise, Artemide, Arteriors, Foscarini, Hinkley Lighting, Modoluce, Moooi, Prandina, Slamp, Terzani LIGHTSUP 148 39th Street New York NY 11232 tel: +1 7189866911 LINDSEY ADELMAN STUDIO 342 Lafayette Street, 8th Floor New York NY 10012 tel: +1 2124732501 LINEA LIGHT GROUP Suites 306-308 3741 Commerce Drive Baltimore MD 21227 tel: +1 4103811497 LITES ON WEST 245 West 29th Street, 6th Floor New York NY 10001 tel: +1 2127756363 www.litesonwest Distributor for: Loupi, Plumen, Viabizzuno, Zaniboni

LUSIVE 3400 Medford Street Los Angeles CA 90063 tel: +1 3232279207

OBJETI 2383 Jasmine St Denver CO 80207 tel: +1 4409916079

SIGNIFY 200 Franklin Square Drive Somerset NJ 08873 tel: +1 8005550050

LUX LIGHTING DESIGN PO Box 382 Belmont MA 02478 tel: +1 6174846400 Distributor for: Iris Design Studio

OCL ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING 11902 Lackland Road St. Louis MO 63146 tel: +1 3148631895

SKLO 95 West Matheson Street Healdsburg CA 95448 tel: +1 7073852101

OGGETTI 155 SE 10th Avenue Hialeah FL 33010 tel: +1 3055761044

SONNEMAN - A WAY OF LIGHT 20 North Avenue Larchmont NY 10538 tel: +1 9148343600

ORIGINAL BTC 56 Greene Street New York NY 10013 tel: +1 6467599007

SORAA 6500 Kaiser Drive, Suite 110 Fremont CA 94555 tel: +1 8554676722

PABLO DESIGNS 888 Marin Street San Francisco CA 94124 tel: +1 4158655000

SOUDA 101 Varet Street 2 FL New York 11206 tel: +1 8555576832

PAGANI STUDIO 100 Water Street New York NY 11201 tel: +1 7182465206

STICKBULB 10-40 46th Avenue, 2nd Floor Long Island City NY 11101 tel: +34 74602852

PLC LIGHTING 9667 Owensmouth Ave Unit 201 Chatsworth CA 91311 tel: +1 8883574040

STUDIO DUNN 310 Bourne Ave #1 Rumford RI 02916 tel: +1 4014000206

LUXXBOX 635 Texas Street San Francisco CA 94107 tel: +1 4158710448 MARSET 20 West 22nd Street, Suite 903 New York NY 10010 tel: +1 6467274250 MEMPHIS LIGHTING SALES 623 Jefferson Avenue Memphis TN 38105 tel: +1 9013637025 Distributor for: Flos, Linea Light MENU 7521 Esfera Street Carlsbad CA 92009 tel: +1 7602306010 MEYDA LIGHTING One Meyda Fine PLace 55 Oriskany Boulevard Yorkville NY 13495 tel: +1 800224009 MOOOI 36 East 31st Street New York NY 10016 tel: +1 6463960455

LLADRO D&D Building, Suite 1805 979 3rd Avenue New York NY 10022 tel: +1 2128389356

MSK ILLUMINACIONS 235 East 57th Street New York NY 10022 tel: +1 2128886474 Distributor for: Foscarini

LOUIS POULSEN 3260 Meridian Parkway Fort Lauderdale FL 33331 tel: +1 9543492525

MULEH 1831 14th Street NW Washington DC 20009 tel: +1 2026673440 Distributor for: Ango

LUCEPLAN 14 Wooster Street New York NY 10013 tel: +1 2123341809 LUCY TUPU 349 Broadway, 3rd Floor New York NY 10013 tel: +1 2123005002 LUMEN ART 3333 West 47th Street Chicago IL 60632 tel: +1 7732540744 LUMENS LIGHT + LIVING 2028 K Street Sacramento CA 95811 tel: +1 9164445585 Distributor for: B.Lux, Moooi, Omikron, Oty Light LUMIFER 508 West 26th Street, Suite 6C New York NY 10001 tel: +1 2125641144

NEA STUDIO New Lab, Brooklyn Navy Yard 19 Morris Ave, Building 128 New York NY 11205 tel: +1 9176905480 NEMO 625 Jersey Avenue, Unit 7 New Brunswick NJ 08901 tel: +1 8007345858 NICHE PO BOX 311 Beacon NY 12508 tel: +1 2127772101 NORA LIGHTING 6505 Gayhart St Commerce CA 90040 tel: +1 8006866672 O’LAMPIA 979 3rd Avenue #300 New York 10022 tel: +1 2125880188

PLUG LIGHTING 8017 Melrose Ave Los Angeles CA 90046 tel: +1 3236535635 Distributor for: Bocci PRECIOSA LIGHTING 15 North Mill Street, Suite 221 Nyack NY 10960 tel: +1 8458754541 RAMBUSCH LIGHTING 160 Cornelison Jersey City NJ 07304 tel: +1 2014338011 RICH BRILLIANT WILLING 50 Greene Street, 2nd Floor New York NY 10013 tel: +1 2123881621 RICHARD COHEN 200 Lexington Avenue, Suite 801 New York NY 10012 tel: +1 2126964938 Distributor for: Federico de Majo RISE & SHINE LIGHTING 3330 W Hacienda Avenue #406 Las Vegas NV 89118 tel: +1 7023681160 Distributor for: Delta Light ROLL & HILL 3 Mercer Street New York NY 10013 tel: +1 7183876132 ROOM 25 North Moore New York NY 10013 tel: +1 2122261045 Distributor for: Apparatus, Bocci, CTO Lighting, Larose Guyon, Lindsey Adelman

STUDIO ITALIA DESIGN 1155 NW 159th Drive Miami FL 33169 SWAROVSKI LIGHTING 61 Industrial Boulevard New York NY 12901 tel: +1 5183244233 SYLVANIA 125 A/B Villanova Drive Atlanta GA 30336 tel: +1 8009226693 TAL 411 E Huntington Drive 107-115 Arcadia CA 91006 tel: +1 6263404559 TANGO LIGHTING 2901 SW 3rd Avenue, Unit 4 Fort Lauderdale FL 33315 tel: +1 9547670100 Distributor for: Carpyen TARGETTI 3184-C Airway Avenue Costa Mesa CA 92626 tel: +1 7145131991 TECH LIGHTING 7400 Linder Avenue Skokie IL 60077 tel: +1 8474104400 TERZANI 11470 Interchange Circle North Miramar FL 33025 tel: +1 9544387779 THE LIGHTING ALLIANCE 2700 Esters Blvd Suite 100 Dallas TX 75261 tel: +1 9724569800 Distributor for: LEDS C4

000 096


TIGHTROPE 144 Waterbury Street New York NY 11206 tel: +1 3475296951

VISA LIGHTING 1717 West Civic Drive Milwaukee WI 53209 tel: +1 4143546600

WALDMANN 9 West Century Drive Wheeling IL 60090 tel: +1 8006340007

TOM DIXON 25 Greene Street New York NY 10013 tel: +1 2122287337

VISIBLE LIGHT 24 Stickney Terrace Suite 6 Hampton NH 03842 tel: +1 6039266049 Distributor for: Zumtobel

WINONA LIGHTING 3760 West Fourth Street Winona MI 55987 tel: +1 8003285291

TRACY GLOVER 59 Blackstone Avenue, Unit 11 Pawtucket RI 02860 tel: +1 4017241100 URBAN LIGHTING 301, 4th Avenue San Diego CA 92101 tel: +1 6192326064 Distributor for: Artemide, Arturo Alvarez, Bruck, Lumina, Santa & Cole, Vibia V2 LIGHTING 276 East Gish Road San Jose CA 95112 tel: +1 7073834600 Distributor for: LEDLAB VARALUZ 4445 S Valley View Boulevard Ste 6 Las Vegas NV 89103 tel: +1 7027926900 VIBIA 272 Fernwood Avenue Edison NJ 08837 tel: +1 7324171700

VITA LIGHTING 401 Broadway Suite # 206 New York NY 10013 tel: +1 6467907171 VITRE LUXE 1411 SE Tacoma Street Portland OR 97202 tel: +1 5033100609 VONDOM 8803 NW 23rd Street Doral FL 33172 tel: +1 7863910274 WAC LIGHTING 44 Harbor Park Drive Port Washington NY 11050 tel: +1 8005262588 WAKANINE 506 E St Elmo Road (Building A-2) Austin TX 78745 tel: +1 5122849672 Distributor for: Ango, David Trubridge

WIRED CUSTOM LIGHTING 8690 National Boulevard Culver City CA 90232 tel: +1 3102299500 WORKSTEAD 418 Warren Street #420 New York NY 12534 tel: +1 3476186096 YELLOW GOAT DESIGN 60-20 54th Place, Apt 2r Maspeth NY 11378 tel: +1 2155104543 YLIGHTING 1850 Mt Diablo Boulevard, Suite 470 Walnut Creek CA 94596 tel: +1 3103093793 Distributor for: Lightyears, Moooi ZENZA 4450 Witmer, Industrial Estates Niagara Falls NY 14305 tel: +1 8443335893

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South America / Americas

Argentina ARTEMIDE Paraguay 792 3º C1057AAJ Buenos Aires tel: +54 1143122590 DARKO LIGHTING Manuel Ugarte 2831 Cabalitto C1428BSS Buenos Aires tel: +54 1144336230 Distributor for: Zumtobel EDIMETRA Paraguay 792, 3rd Floor 1057 Buenos Aires tel: +54 1143124871 Distributor for: Artemide ILUMINACION AGUERO Armenia 1954 1414 Buenos Aires tel: +54 1145115100 Distributor for: Flos, Fontana Arte, Foscarini, Luceplan, Marset, Metalarte OSRAM Ramos Mejia 2456 ADN Beccar 1643 Buenos Aires tel: +54 1163338000 SIGNIFY Vedia 3892 Ciudad Autonoma CI430DAL Buenos Aires tel: +54 8008887532 SYLVANIA Arias 3751 Floor 21st Office NW C1430CRG Buenos Aires tel: +54 1145464200

CASA CONTEMPORÂNEA Mario Nobre 04311001 São Paulo tel: +55 1145080290 Distributor for: Moooi, Slide

GREEN DÜRING ILUMINACION Almirante Acevedo 5110 Vitacura 7630014 Santiago tel: +56 229445415

CRESTRON Rua Pais de Araujo, 29 cj. 142 Itaim Bibi 04531090 São Paulo tel: +55 1131681517

INTERDESIGN Isidora Goyenechea 3200 Las Condes Santiago tel: +56 22314114 Distributor for: Artemide, Bocci, Delta Light, Tom Dixon

ILUMINAR Rod. José Francisco da Silva 1505 Oswaldo Barbosa Pena Nova Lima 34000000 Minas Gerais tel: +55 3135891400 Distributor for: Prandina LUG Alameda Santos2480 conj. 5 andar Cerqueira Cesar 01418200 Sao Paulo tel: +55 1136284646 LUMINI Al Gabriel Monteiro 1441 Da Silva tel: +55 1138980222 LUZES DO MUNDO Rua Quintino Bocauiva 978 90440050 Windmills tel: +55 5133330033 Distributor for: Flos, Fontana Arte, Kundalini, Martinelli Luce ONLIGHT R. Joaquim Antunes 162 05415000 São Paulo tel: +55 1130813282 Distributor for: Delta Light, Flos, Marset, Tobias Grau OSRAM Av. Dos Autonomistas 4229 Osasco 06090901 São Paulo tel: +55 1136847408

WEPLIGHT Av. San Juan 1315 Piso 1 C1148AAB Buenos Aires tel: +54 1143043117 email:

OSVALDO MATOS Av. Dr. Cardoso de Melo 1.470 cj108 Vila Olímpia 05679160 São Paulo tel: +55 1130453095 Distributor for: Zero

Since 2001 we have designed and manufactured real wood lamps. Our distinctive feature is having developed a flexible wood veneer, which allows us to design unique aesthetic quality products. All our lamps could be customised in sizes and materials for special projects.

PUNTOLUCE Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva 934 Jd. Paulistano 01442000 São Paulo tel: +55 1130646977 Distributor for: Metalarte, Parachilna

Brazil ALFILUX DO BRASIL R. João Da Cruz, 195, S. 101 29055620 Vitoria tel: +55 2732278800 Distributor for: Delta Light, Flos, Lightyears, Marset, Occhio BRASITAS Ac Cel. Procopius Gomes 1056 Bucarein 89202300 Joinville tel: +55 4730253332 Distributor for: Kundalini

SIGNIFY Av. Dr. Marcos Penteado de Ulhoa Rodrigues 939, Torre Jacaranda Barueri 06460040 Sao Paulo tel: +55 8009791925 SYLVANIA Av. Adolfo Pinheiro, 1.000 Conjunto 002 04733100 São Paulo tel: +55 1156332400

Chile GORBOI DESIGN Alonso de Córdova 2467 Vitacura Santiago tel: +56 229425229 Distributor for: Slamp

MONDO Amerigo Vespucio Norte 2890 Vitacura tel: +56 22072000 Distributor for: Foscarini NOVA IMAGEN Apoquindo 9085 Las Condes Santiago tel: +56 23641600 Distributor for: B-lux, Wever & Ducre OPEN DARK San Sebastian 2839 Las Condes Santiago tel: +56 23737100 Distributor for: Flos, Fontana Arte, iGuzzini, Marset, Slamp, Tom Dixon OSRAM Av. Providencia 1760 Oficina 2501 Piso 25 7500498 Santiago tel: +56 26360500 SIGNIFY Avenida Santa Maria 760 Santiago tel: +56 27302305 ZUMTOBEL Calle Orinoco 90 Planta 21, Of. 03 Las Condes Santiago tel: +56 25737780

Colombia NLA Calle 161a No 16a 08 Bogota tel: +57 16788604 Distributor for: Megaman OSRAM Cra. 14 No 94-26/44 Office 301-303 Bogota tel: +57 16192407 SIGNIFY Calle 93 11ª -11 Piso 7 Bogota tel: +57 13078040 SYLVANIA Calle 57B, Sur No. 72A-23 Bogota tel: +57 17825324 TARGETTI Cra 2 Oeste # 5-262 Edificio Av. Belalcazar, Apt. 901 Cali tel: +57 3128317174

UNILIGHT Autopista Norte No 85ª 05 Bogota tel: +57 12185281 Distributor for: Bocci, Fontana Arte

Costa Rica ARTE EN LUZ PO Box 299 - 6151 Santa Ana 2000 tel: +506 22901159 Distributor for: Delta Light

Ecuador INTEGRAL ILUMINACION Victor Emilio Estrada 806y Guayacanes tel: +593 4880635 Distributor for: Artemide OSRAM An. Francisco de Orellana y Alberto Borges Edificio Centrum 7mo piso Oficina 4 Guayaquil tel: +593 42693070 SYLVANIA Pasaje San Carlos Sector Brasilia 2 De Los Jazmines N53-147 y Quito tel: +593 23284407 WGLOBALBUSINESS Av Coruna N30-89 and Whymper Quito tel: +593 2521984 Distributor for: Brokis, Cini & Nils, Flos, Quasar, Vibia

El Salvador SIGNIFY El Salvador International Zone Km 28 1 / 2 Road to Comalapa Olocuilta La Paz tel: +503 25266700 SYLVANIA Residencial Montefresco Avenida Andalucia y Calle a San Antonio Abad No. 3540 San Salvador tel: +503 22392239

Guatemala D’ILLUMINAZIONE Diagonal 6 12-42 Zona 10 Edificio Design Center, Primer Nivel Local 116 Guatemala City tel: +502 22191928 Distributor for: Foscarini, iGuzzini, Lamp

Honduras ILX Barrio Los Andes 5 Calle 15-16 Ave No # 105 San Pedro Sula tel: +504 25503104 Distributor for: Foscarini, Zumtobel


Mexico A + N ARQUITECTURA NATURAL Diseño Arquitectónico en Toluca 06170 Estado de México tel: +52 5555848918 Distributor for: Flos, Foscarini, Marset CANDELA ESTUDIO Av. Cuauhtémoc 1107 Int-12 Letrán Valle 03650 Bénito Juárez tel: +55 65881722 CASA PALACIO Ejército Nacional 843-B Granada tel: +55 91383750 Distributor for: Artemide, Lladro, Slamp, Terzani COMMUNITA Cuauhtemoc 158 B1 Col Tizapan San Angel tel: +52 5512533780 Distributor for: David Trubridge, Slide CRESTRON Blvd. Manuel Avila Camacho 37 - 1A 11560 Col. Lomas de Chapultepec tel: +52 5550932160 DAVID POMPA STUDIO Colima 264 Col. Roma Norte 06700 Mexico City tel: +52 5565835027 EUROFIRMA Rio Amazonas, 201 - Ote. Col. Del Valle 66220 Garza Garcia tel: +52 8183359737 Distributor for: Foscarini H+V ILUMINACION Euler 152 Despacho 304/ Col Chapultepec Morales 11570 Mexico City tel: +52 5552547837 Distributor for: Zumtobel LIGHTMEX San Borja No. 1031 Col. Del Valle 03100 Mexico City tel: +52 5555593210 Distributor for: Bega, Flos, Prandina, Viabizzuno, Vibia LUMINANCE Felipe Carillo Puerto No. 38 Col. Anahuac C.P. 11320 Mexico City tel: +52 5553423019 Distributor for: Artemide, Delta Light, Fontana Arte +LUZ Berruguete 16-106 03700 Mexico City tel: +52 5555985459 Distributor for: Delta Light, Zumtobel OSRAM Camino a Tepalcapa No.8 Col. San Martin, Tultitlán 54900 Mexico City tel: +52 5558991800 SCULTURA LUMINOSA Suderman no. 246 Col. Polanco IV 11550 Mexico City tel: +52 5552502661 Distributor for: Artemide

SIGNIFY Avenida de la Palma No.6 Col. San Fernando La Herradura 52784 Huixquilucan tel: +52 52699000 STUDIO SPAZIO ARCHITECTURAL Av. Revolución 1349 Col. Tlacopac, San Angel 1040 Mexico City tel: +52 5555939694 Distributor for: Artemide, Delta Light, Fontana Arte SYLVANIA Urals 3rd Floor 455 Col. Lomas de Chapultec 11000 Mexico City tel: +52 5546275500 VONDOM Gobernador Melchor Muzquiz 15 - 208 Col. San miguel Chapultepec 11850 Mexico City

Panama ILLUMINATIONS DESIGN Av. Samuel Lewis PB Edificio Comosa, local 2 y 3 Panama City tel: +507 2698051 Distributor for: Axolight, Delta Light, Fabbian, Flos, Ingo Maurer, Terzani, Vibia, Vistosi LUMICENTRO Calla 50 Y via Brasil Panama City tel: +1 5073002400 Distributor for: Slamp SYLVANIA Via Ricardo J. Alfaro Plaza Max Jimenez Apartado 0818-00987 Panama City tel: +507 2361000

Peru HILITE Av. Angamos Oeste San Isidro Lima 1617 tel: +51 16000280 Distributor for: Artemide SIGNIFY Avenida Larco 1301 Torre ParqueMar Piso 4 Miraflores Lima 18 tel: +51 16106200 SYLVANIA Calle Tarata 160 Mezzanine Miraflores Lima tel: +51 14461435 TRAZZO ILUMINACION Libertadores 274 San Isidro Lima tel: +51 14402461 Distributor for: Fontana Arte, Foscarini

Puerto Rico SAN JUAN LIGHTING Norberto Magdalena Urb El Paraiso Parana Street 1519 009262814 San Juan State tel: +7 877677286 Distributor for: Artemide, Delta Light, Flos

Uruguay DARKO LIGHTING Calle Joaquin Nunez 2868 11300 Montevideo tel: +598 27116198 Distributor for: Delta Light, Marset, Metalarte, Zumtobel

Venezuela BORGGINI Avenida 104 c/c 140 Qta Decolighting Valencia tel: +58 2418227126 Distributor for: Axolight, Delta Light DELINEO Av. Orinoco con Av. Valle Arriba, Edf. Elkano PB Las Mercedes 1060 Caracas tel: +58 2129921671 Distributor for: Axolight, Foscarini, Lightyears, Marset, Oluce, Prandina, Rotaliana, Vibia ILUMINACION HELIOS Av. San Felipe Centro Coinasa Nivel Mezzanina 1060 Caracas tel: +58 2122655883 Distributor for: Artemide, Flos, LEDS C4, Luceplan, Metalarte, Modular, Vibia, Zumtobel LUCES ILUMINACION Centro Comercial Galerias Los Naranjos Nivel Oficina I, Oficina 83 Los Naranjos Caracas tel: +58 4164098058 Distributor for: Flos, Louis Poulsen SYLVANIA Carretera Nacional Guarenas-Guatir Sector las Flores, Centro Industrial Las Flores Local D Caracas tel: +58 2123810452






Middle East / Asia

Azerbaijan ITALDIZAIN U.Gadjibekov str. 33/35 Baku 1000 tel: +994 124989660 Distributor for: Flos, Fontana Arte, Foscarini OSRAM C. Cabbarli 44 Caspian Plaza CP II, XIII Stock Baku 1065 tel: +994 124372446

Bahrain HUDA LIGHTING Bahrain Financial Harbour West Tower 2nd Floor PO Box 2075 Manama tel: +973 17502782 Distributor for: Flos, Osram

Georgia NEW LIGHT Didube Street 6 Tbilisi tel: +995 32596596 OPERA DESIGN 2 Rezo Lagidze Str Tbilisi 0108 tel: +995 32921984 Distributor for: Foscarini, Martinelli Luce, Modular

Iran HAKIMIYAN INTERIORS 19 Noor Alley, Africa Blvd Tehran tel: +98 2188202500 Distributor for: La Murrina, Prandina, TAO, UHS PARS IDEA STACK 3rd Floor 116 Dadman Avenue Shahrak-e-Gharb Tehran 1467893963 tel: +98 2188373094 Distributor for: Delta Light, Zumtobel

Israel A A LIGHT GROUP 4 Steel Wheels Hertzelia 46485 tel: +972 9554020 Distributor for: Artemide, Flos AQUA CREATIONS 4a Shimon Ha’Bursekai Street Bat Yam Tel Aviv 5959245 tel: +972 35151225 EXCLUSIVE LIGHTING FURNITURE 321 Hayarkon Tel Aviv tel: +972 36838802 Distributor for: Aqua Creations, Fabbian, Foscarini, Marset, Prandina, Viabizzuno

KAMCHI LIGHTING 23 Lehi Street 5120034 Bnei-Brak, PO Box 2005 Bnei-Brak 5112001 tel: +972 32130000 Distributor for: Artemide, Metalarte, Rotaliana, Slide, Terzani, Zumtobel KARNEY-TCHELET Hanamal 36 Street Tel Aviv 63506 tel: +972 35450220 Distributor for: Dark, Tom Dixon LUCE Yunitzman 2 Street Tel Aviv 69360 tel: +972 36999988 Distributor for: Matinelli Luce MATAN-OR 102 Nachlat Binyamin St Tel Aviv tel: +972 36829815 Distributor for: Preciosa, Swarovski STUDIO BEAM 19 Busteny Street Tel Aviv 65147 tel: +972 89152443 TECHNOLITE Hayahalom Street PO Box 172 Bareket 73185 tel: +972 35568433 VITREA 11 Moshe Levi Sreet UMI Bldg Rishon LeZion tel: +972 35474746 YAIR DORAM 28 Halechi Street Bnei Brak 51200 tel: +972 3136182619 Distributor for: Bega, Lasvit, Light Years, Linea Light Group, Luceplan, LZF, Santa & Cole, TAL, Torremato

Jordan ANWAR LIGHTING AND DESIGN Houssaini Center Paris Street Souaifia Amman 11181 tel: +962 65864980 Distributor for: Viabizzuno CROWN ENTERPRISE 1-14-10 Nipponbashi Complex AlSweifiyeh Office 304 PO Box 85 21 21 Amman 11185 tel: +962 65854660 Distributor for: TAL

WORLD OF LIGHTS PO Box 3897 Imthari Al-N’aimat Street Khalda Amman 11821 tel: +962 65546107 Distributor for: TAL, Zumtobel

Kazakhstan DOMUS A Khadzhi Mukan st. 39 Almaty 050059 tel: +7 7273510246 Distributor for: Delta Light OSRAM Uliza Gogolja 39 Office 1209 Almaty 050002 tel: +7 3272590193

Kuwait AL RIYASH PO Box 2552 Safat 13026 tel: +965 2450460 Distributor for: Zumtobel ARCADIA SunCity Center - Shuwaikh PO Box 102 Safat 13002 tel: +965 2241644 Distributor for: Foscarini HUDA LIGHTING Khaled Ibn Al Waleed Street Mazaya Tower 4th Floor Office B-1 Sharq Kuwait City tel: +965 22060837 Distributor for: Flos, Osram KEC PO Box 46476 Fahaheel 64015 tel: +965 23985580 Distributor for: Flos, Zumtobel KHABARI INTERNATIONAL PO Box 15021 Al - Deiah 35451 tel: +965 22495372 Distributor for: Linea Light, Wever & Ducre TAL Shuwaikh Industrial Area Sun City Complex Block – B Office 32 tel: +965 222412012


HUDA LIGHTING King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein Street Kalbouneh Center 1st floor PO Box 3360 Amman 11821 tel: +962 65854660 Distributor for: iGuzzini, Osram

CINMAR LIGHTING Aresco Centre Near Central Bank 8th Floor Beirut tel: +961 1346444 Distributor for: Modular

WORLD AXIS TRADING PO Box 1482 Amman 11183 tel: +962 65510655 Distributor for: Flos, Zumtobel

HUDA LIGHTING White Tower Street Zalka 684 Building Office B Beirut tel: +961 1883879 Distributor for: LEDS C4, Osram

LA GALERIE SEMAAN Building No. 657, GF Hazmieh, Sector 1, Street 16 Beirut tel: +961 54538279 Distributor for: Oluce LIGHTBOX PO Box 17-5327 Pasteur St. Saifa Beirut tel: +961 1444428 Distributor for: Flos, Marset, Yamagiwa LUMIERE GROUP Bldg 28, 75th Street Ghobeiry Sector 7 Beirut tel: +961 1859055 Distributor for: Delta Light, Flos, Louis Poulsen, Sattler, Viabizzuno, Vibia OVER THE COUNTER 150, Abdel Wahab al-Inglizi St Beirut 20610904 tel: +961 1322786 Distributor for: Established & Sons, Secto Design, Tom Dixon OXEN LUCE Khazen Tower, Blvd Mirna Chalouhi Beirut 27053413 tel: +39 0376771513 PSLAB Nicolas Turk Street Mar Mikhael PO BOX 175636 Beirut tel: +961 1442546 SIGNIFY 7th Floor Jallad Building Riad El Solh, Bank Street PO Box 11319 Beirut tel: +961 980016

Qatar HUDA LIGHTING D-Ring Road Asia Travel Building No.421 Office No.4 PO Box 22108 Doha tel: +974 44426757 Distributor for: Flos, Osram IGUZZINI Office L16, 4th Floor, Global Business Center Al Hitmi Village, Building No.8, Cornice Road PO Box 3264 Doha tel: +974 44023034 LUMATRON Al Rufaa Tower, 8th Floor 17 Al Mina Street Doha tel: +974 4622991 Distributor for: B.lux, Linea Light, Lucente, Preciosa

Saudi Arabia ALFADDA GROUP PO Box 2447 Riyadh 11451 tel: +966 14612333 Distributor for: iGuzzini, Swarovski


ARMADA TRADING PO Box 66144 Riyadh 11576 tel: +966 14885705 Distributor for: Egoluce, Marset

ARTEMIDE PO Box 18526 Jebel Ali Free Zone Dubai tel: +971 48872022

CRESTRON PO Box 50184 Al Madina Road Kilo 14 Jeddah 21523 tel: +966 502794665

BRIGHT GOODS Goodlight DMCC Unit 1805-6, Mazaya Business Avenue BB1 Tower JLT Dubai tel: +971 43699036

DISTRETTO DESIGN Prince Siltan Street PO Box 7629 Jeddah 234332056 tel: +966 126829184 Distributor for: Artemide, Buzzi & Buzzi, Flos, Foscarini, Slamp HUDA LIGHTING Olaya Main Street Circon Building No. 14 Office 203 PO Box 7207 Riyadh 11462 tel: +966 112938091 Distributor for: Flos, iGuzzini, Osram IGUZZINI a Faisaliah Tower, King Fahed Highway Riyadh 11524 tel: +966 500372200 LUMIERE Al Shuhada St Villa 28 PO Box 6185 Jeddah 21442 tel: +966 22840830 Distributor for: Delta Light, Flos, Louis Poulsen, Viabizzuno OSRAM PO Box 250369 Da’ood Building, Dabab Street Riyadh 11391 tel: +966 112885192 SIGNIFY 1st Floor Canary Center Al Amir Abdul Aziz IBB Musa’id Jalawi Road Sulaimania District, PO Box 9844 Riyadh 11423 tel: +966 114628060 TECHNOLIGHT Omnia Building Palestine Street Jeddah 21483 tel: +966 26683028 Distributor for: Wever & Ducre ZUMTOBEL Rolaco Trading & Contracting Co. Madinah Road Al sulaiman building Jeddah 21411 tel: +966 26533077


LINEA LIGHT GROUP Jumeirah Lake Towers JBC2 - 35th Floor Office 02 PO Box 125902 Dubai tel: +971 44218275 OSRAM PO Box 17476 Room 602 - 603, LOB 16 Jebel Ali Free Zone Dubai tel: +971 48813767

CINMAR LIGHTING PO Box 50003 Dubai tel: +971 42959930 Distributor for: Modular

OXEN LUCE Dubai South PO Box 712071 Dubai tel: +971 45096866

CRESTRON Business Central Towers B1802/03/04 Dubai Internet City PO Box 502494 Dubai tel: +971 44345310

PRECIOSA LIGHTING Building #7 Office A101 Dubai Design District Dubai tel: +971 48848234

DECOLIGHT TRADING PO Box 62162 Dubai tel: +971 42834346 Distributor for: Linea light

SELVA MIDDLE EAST Sheikh Zayed Road North Exit 46 Dubai tel: +971 43411933 Distributor for: Federico de Majo, Ilfari, Karboxx, Slamp

HUDA LIGHTING Airport Road Al Niyadi Building Off. No. 901 PO Box 75944 Abu Dhabi tel: +971 24498198 Distributor for: Flos, Osram IGUZZINI Dubai Airport Free Zone Building 6EB, Office No.835 PO Box 54827 Dubai tel: +971 47017825 IN-LITE PO Box 123799 Dubai tel: +971 42246822 Distributor for: Dark, Leucos, Luceplan, Vibia

SIGNIFY Dubai Knowledge Village Al Sufouh 2 PO Box 7785 Dubai tel: +971 44461100 SPEAR LIGHTING Airport Road, Al Qusaidat PO Box 1307 Ras Al Khaimah tel: +971 72288131 Distributor for: Osmont SWAROVSKI LIGHTING Jebel Ali Free Zone R/A 6 Dubai tel: +971 48816562

INSPIRED LIGHTING Sheikh Zayed Road Inter change -3 Dubai tel: +971 43383448

SYLVANIA Dubai Airport Free Zone LIU/Warehouse No.15 PO Box 54350 Dubai tel: +971 42998141

KALMAR Business Central Towers PO Box 53227 Dubai Media City Dubai tel: +971 44362386

TARGETTI Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority Building 6 West A - Office 732 Dubai tel: +971 46091033

LASVIT Office 16316, JAFZA 16 Jebel Ali Free Zone Dubai tel: +971 48814546

TERZANI Office 506 Business Point Tower Dubai tel: +971 42945692

ABENSAL PO Box 60244 Dubai tel: +971 43343931 Distributor for: Foscarini, Oligo, Side, Terzani

LIGHTCRAFT TRADING PO Box 79814 International Clty Dubai tel: +971 43623836 Distributor for: Estiluz

ALGER-TRITON Churchhill Executive Tower, Office 410 Business Bay PO Box 65627 Dubai tel: +971 4472324

LIGHTS OF VIENNA c/o Zoluti PO Box 72198 Dubai

ZUMTOBEL Dubai Airport Free Zone Building 6W B Block-233 PO Box 54302 Dubai tel: +971 42993530

Uzbekistan MARK TECHNOLOGY SERVICE 25a A. Temur Str. 100000 Tashkent tel: +998 711505296 Distributor for: iGuzzini






focal point LOONG SWIMMING CLUB SUZHOU, CHINA Designed by X+LIVING,the Loong parent-child swim club in Suzhou, China, is centred around the behavioural habits of its target audience. Using a gentle colour palatte, that does not distinguish gender through colour, the thinking behind the design of the space is closely centred to water. Water is extremely light and soft and has the infinite tolerance for life. To keep such a softness embedded in the heart of the project the combination of design elements in the space is as natural as flowing water. The lighting throughout the swimming club is reflective of this design philosophy. Along with humanisation of the space, the main function of the decorative lighting throughout is to compliment the aesthetics of the space. Image: Shao Feng


104 000

Central Asia / Asia

China ARTEMIDE Room 1907, 19/F New Hualian Mansion East Wing 755 Middle Huai Hai Road Huang Pu District Shanghai 200021 tel: +86 2164483650 AVEZI 6th Floor Building A HuaxingWeiye Industry Park GuShu Xixiang Shenzhen 518102 tel: +86 75523227953 BRIGHT Management District Board Town Industrial Zone Pujiang Road, Humen Daning Dongguan tel: +852 28892013 CRESTRON Rm 915, 9/F, Nan Xin Cang Business Tower Building, A22 Dong Si Shi Tiao Dong Cheng District Beijing 100007 tel: +86 1064096026 EHWA TECHNOLOGY Room 501, Lido Plaza 6 Jiang Tai Lu Chaoyang Beijing tel: +86 1064913737 Distributor for: Delta Light, Flos, Karboxx, Louis Poulsen, Lucente, Rotaliana, Slamp, Tom Dixon, Viabizzuno, Vibia FLOS Unit 2299, 22nd Floor 68 Yin Cheng Road Shanghai 200120 tel: +86 2161946740 IGUZZINI No. 2758 Huan Cheng West Road Fengxian Industrial Park Shanghai 201401 tel: +86 2163411199 KOIZUMI 12 Information & Industry Garden Xihu District Shilong Town Dongguan City Guangdong Province tel: +86 2154202760 Distributor for: Astro Lighting, Flos, iGuzzini, Zumtobel KOLARZ Room 301 No.3 Lane 309 East Han Yang Road Shanghai 200080 tel: +86 2155886268 KOSNIC House 262, Lane 388 Dushi Road, Minhang District Shanghai tel: +86 2164608359 LASVIT No. 15 Building No. 615 Feng Deng Road Ja Ding Shanghai tel: +86 2159978500 LINEA LIGHT GROUP YuXiang Industrial Area 528478 HengLan Town ZhongShan City Guangdong 528478 tel: +86 76087618355

LUXIONA Unit B, 2nd Floor, Block 2 Jiuhua Tech Park Xi Xiang Town Shenzhen 518132 tel: +86 75586149886 LUXRAM Floor 10, East Wing Zhubang 2000 Business Center No.1 Chaoyang District Beijing 100025 tel: +86 1085866434125 MEGAMAN Room 3201 No.436 Ju Men Road Lu Wan District Shanghai tel: +86 2163012312 MODULAR LIGHTING INSTRUMENTS Suite 7302, Bridge 8 No. 10 Middle Jianguo Road Shangai tel: +86 2164668828 MSTAR A Building #6 Yunlian 8 Street Makeng Village China tel: +86 76981160298 OSRAM No. 1 North Industrial Road Foshan 528000 tel: +86 75786482111 SHANGHAI PELLINI INTERNI SPACE 3F, B5, No. 5369 Middle Jiasong Road Zhaoxiang, Quingpu Shanghai tel: +86 2169755690 Distributor for: Foscarini SIGNIFY Highway No. 1805 Jiading Shanghai 201801 tel: +86 8008201201 SYLVANIA 11th floor, GRG, GZ Radio Group Science & Technology Building LIU/Warehouse No. 15 No.163 Pingyun Road West of Huangpu Avenue Guangzhou 510656 tel: +86 2038151138

TANGYAO WIRES No.458 Chi Gang Xi Yue Zhong Nan St Hua Di Da Dao Nan Guangzhou tel: +86 13826171240 email: Guangzhou Tangyao Wires, founded in 1989, specialises in manufacturing fluoroplastics (FEP) wire cable. The wires are high temperature resistant and nonflammable. Therefore, our products are widely used in the lighting sector. (ISO 9001, IATF16949, UL / CUL, VDE, SEMKO, RoHS, REACH)

TARGETTI Room 1206 Building B Winterless Center No.1 West Da Wang Road, Chaoyang District Beijing tel: +86 1065388956 UOZU LIGHTING Room D703, Huabao No.1 Building Jinhua Road Futian Free-trade Zone, Futian Shenzhen tel: +86 75582888869 VIABIZZUNO Zone A No.101 Gao An Road Xuhui District Shanghai 200031 tel: +86 15221424479 VONDOM Building C6-103 No. 700 Wan Rong Road, Jing An Zone Shanghai 200072 tel: +86 2165219916 WAC LIGHTING 299-14 Bisheng road Zhangjiang Pudong New District Shanghai 201204 tel: +86 2133933558 WALDMANN Part A, No. 5 Normative Workshop 199 Changjian Road Baoshan Shanghai 200949 tel: +86 2151691799 ZUMTOBEL Room 101, No 192 Yihong Technology Park Tianlin Road Xuhui District Shanghai 200233 tel: +86 2163756262

Hong Kong ARTEMIDE Unit 1303, 13/F Ruttonjee House Ruttonjee Centre 11 Duddell Street, Central tel: +852 25230050 BLACKLIGHT ILLUMINATION 10th Floor Cheung Building 12p Smithfield Road Kennedy Town tel: +852 97638550 Distributor for: Luceplan, Modular COLOUR LIVING 333 Lockhart Road Wan Chai tel: +852 25730063 Distributor for: Anglepoise, Artemide, Blackbody, Jake Dyson, Slamp CRESTRON Room 2501 25/F, Westin Centre No. 26 Hung To Road Kowloon tel: +852 23412016 ELEMENTS ENTERPRISES 3/F No. 28 Russell Street Causeway Bay tel: +852 22950777 Distributor for: Album, Artek, Louis Poulsen, Luceplan, Serien

EOQ 11/f Luen Wai Commercial Building 93-97 Des Voeux Road West Sheung Wan tel: +852 27800330 FAVOUR TEC 17/F, Perfect Industrial Building 31 Tai Yau Street San Po Kong Kowloon tel: +852 232162947 FLORA INNOVATIVE LIGHTING Unit No.3, 22/F, Kodak House 2 39 Healthy Street East North Point tel: +852 25909468 Distributor for: Wever & Ducre FORMALIGHTING Room 3, 5/F Eastern Harbour Centre 28 Hoi Chak Street Quarry Bay tel: +852 25166500 HING FAT Unit 01, 1/F, Block C, Seaview Estate 8 Watson Road North Point tel: +852 29790063 IGUZZINI Units 803 & 805, 8th Floor Tower I Enterprise Square 1 Kowloon tel: +852 25166504 ILLUMINATION PHYSICS 606, 6/F, the L.Plaza 367-375 Queen’s Road Central Sheung Wan Central tel: +852 60161115 INNERMOST Unit 03, 2/F, EW International Tower No. 120 Texaco Road Tsuen Wan tel: +852 28575289 KOIZUMI Unit A-B, 26th Floor, 8 Hart Avenue Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon tel: +852 27143773 Distributor for: Astro Lighting, Flos, iGuzzini, Zumtobel LA DEUX Workshop 601 The Factory 1 Yip Fat Street tel: +852 29557121 Distributor for: Parachilna LASVIT Suite 2111, 21F Asian House 1 Hennessy Road Wanchai tel: +852 28661234 LUMEN ARTS 4-6 Watson Road Room 3 11/F, Block B Seaview Estate Causeway Bay tel: +852 28034501 Distributor for: Marset, TAL MANKS 3rd Floor The Factory 1 Yip Fat Street Wong Chuk Hang tel: +852 25222115 Distributor for: Lightyears, Louis Poulsen


MAXGRAND 19/F., Millennium Trade Centre 56 Kwai Cheong Road New Territories Kwai Chung tel: +852 39276363 MEGAMAN 12/F Lu Plaza 2-4 Wing Yip Street Kwung Tong Kowloon tel: +852 26901660 OSRAM 208 Wireless Centre, 3 Science Park East Avenue Hong Kong Science Park Shatin tel: +852 29433488 PLC LIGHTING Unit A-D 9/F Gemstar Tower 23 Man Lok Street Hunghom Kowloon tel: +852 23302268 Distributor for: Arturo Alvarez, Foscarini, Metallux, Slamp PRECIOSA LIGHTING Unit 2308 Enterprise Square 11 3 Sheung Yuet Road Kowloon tel: +852 93080157 SEVENTHIRTY AM 806, 8/F Arion Commercial Center 2-12 Queen’s Road West tel: +852 92479176 SIGNIFY 5/F Core Building 1, 1 Science Park East Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park Shatin tel: +852 28215300 SUNNY LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY Unit 1311 Peninsula Tower 538 Castle Peak Road Cheung Sha Wan Kowloon tel: +852 31571068 SUPER TREND LIGHTING 1/F Green 18 No.18 Science Park East Avenue Shatin tel: +852 23452772

TIMOTHY OULTON 17/F One Island South 2 Heung Yip Road Wong Chuk Hang tel: +852 25593021 TOM DIXON 52 Hollywood Road Central tel: +852 28822068 WEVER & DUCRÉ Rm 1413, Block A, Sea View Estate 2 Watson Road North Point tel: +852 21106924 ZODIAC LIGHTING 1801, 18/F Hong Man Industrial Centre 2 Hong Man Street Chai Wan tel: +852 28989023 Distributor for: Delta Light, Fabbian, Flos, Rotaliana

Japan AOYA 358-1 Kawara Aoya-cho Tottori City 689-0515 tel: +81 857860116 ARTEMIDE #2013 Tomigaya 1-41-7 Shibuya ku Tokyo 151-0063 tel: +81 357387410 BUNACO 1-5-4 Toyohara, Hirosaki-shi Aomori-ken 036-8154 tel: +81 172348715 ELUX Mitoshiro Building 3F#B, 1-12-12 Uchilkanda Chiyoda-ku Tokyo tel: +81 362737412 Distributor for: Loftlight, LuCerca, Slamp, Vita FLOS PMC Building 9/F 1-23-5 Higashiazabu Minato-Ku 106-0044 tel: +81 335820974

darc is the only international magazine focused on decorative and design lighting in architecture for the specification and contract markets. Published six times a year, subscribe from just £20 for a full 12 months!

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KOIZUMI 3-3-7 Bingo-machi Chuo-ku Osaka 541-0051 tel: +81 662665750 Distributor for: Astro Lighting, Flos, iGuzzini, Zumtobel LUMINABELLA 4-4-1 Fushimi-machi, Chuo-ku Osaka 541-0044 tel: +81 662028080 Distributor for: Foscarini, Metalarte, Parachilna LYNNBELYS ILLUMINATION 2F-Sivato, 1-1-1 Alato Chuoh-Ku Fukuoka 810-0062 tel: +81 927258400 Distributor for: Anglepoise, Artemide, Flos OSRAM Tobu Yokohama Building No. 3/ 6F 8-29 Kita-Saiwai, 2-chome, Nishi-ku Yokohama 220-0004 tel: +81 453235100 SIGNIFY Philips Building 2F 2-13-37 Konan Minato-ku Tokyo 108-8507 tel: +81 337405156 SORAA 2-22-4-203 Funado Itabashi-ku Tokyo 174-0041 tel: +81 359487440 TOM DIXON 2 Chome-1-13 Shibuya Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0002 tel: +81 357783282 YAMAGIWA Maruwa Building 3-16-13 Shiba Minato-ku Tokyo 105-0014 tel: +81 367412375

Macau CRESTRON Alameda Drive Carlos d’Assumpcao No.263 Edificio China Civil Plaza 5 Andar M tel: +853 28723680


South East Asia / Asia

Indonesia CLASS INTERNATIONAL Jalan Halimun Raya No. 31 Jakarta Selatan DKI Jakarta 12980 tel: +62 218282506 Distributor for: Bega, Slamp, Zumtobel DESIGN CLOPEDIA Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav 3 Jakarta 10340 tel: +62 2139830333 Distributor for: Foscarini INDOLITE PRIMA JL. Tanjung Duren Raya 67 C Jakarta tel: +62 215640367 Distributor for: Flos, iGuzzini OSRAM Jalan Siliwangi KM1 Desa Keroncong, Jatiuwung Tangerang 15134 tel: +62 215900127 PT. LUXINDO PERKASA Ruko Apartement Sunter ICON A 7 Jalan Griya Sejahtera Jakarta Utara 14350 tel: +62 2129376313 Distributor for: Axolight SIGNIFY Jl. Buncit Raya Kav. 99 Jakarta 12510 tel: +62 8001052678

Korea CRESTRON 8F Dansung Building 144 Samsung-Dong Gangnam-Gu Seoul tel: +82 262423002 DOOLIGHT 838 Dongguk B.I. Center Dongguk ro 32 ilsan-dong gu Goyang City 10326 tel: +82 7088100726

MALTANI LIGHTING 905-3 Taewon Building Daechi-Dong Gangnam-Gu Seoul 135280 tel: +82 25550500 NJ LIGHTING 2979 Techno zone E-zen, Hagun-ri Yangchon-eup Gyeonggi-do 415843 tel: +82 319997088 OSRAM 3F Ye-Sung Building 150-30, Samsung-dong Kangnam-Ku Seoul 135090 tel: +82 25544112 REMOD 5-68 Street Gangnam-Gu, Bongeunsa Seoul 1151 tel: +82 0220519888 Distributor for: Anglepoise S&D INTERNATIONAL 314, A dong Daewoo Trump World 2 Cha Yeouido-dong tel: +82 237752720 Distributor for: Slamp SAMLIP ELECTRIC 282-1 Hagal-Dong Kiheung-Gu Yongin-Si Kyungki-Do tel: +82 313785818 Distributor for: Signfiy SIGNIFY Philips House 260-199 Itaewon-dong Yongsan-ku Seoul tel: +82 806006600

Malaysia CRESTRON 45-B, Melawat Urban 1 Lorong Perak Kuala Lumpur 51300 tel: +60 341078223

DUOMO Taeyang Building 1-3F, 33-17 Nonhyun-Dong Kangnam-Ku Seoul tel: +82 5163022 Distributor for: Artemide, Marset, Metalarte

INLIGHT NO. 18-1 & 18-2, Jalan Puteri 1/8 Bandar Puteri Puching Selangor 47100 tel: +60 380513899 Distributor for: LEDS C4, Targetti

HWANGDUCK ENGINEERING 413 Seobinggo-ro Yongsan-gu Seoul 04416 tel: +82 27940801 Distributor for: Zumtobel

LIGHTCRAFT 98 Jalan Sungai Besi Tanjung Tokong Kuala Lumpur 57100 tel: +60 392224219 Distributor for: Artemide, Endo, Luxo, SBP, Side

LG DISPLAY LG Twin Towers East Tower 128 Yeoui-daero Yeongdeungpo-gu tel: +82 237772311 LO SHOWROOM Dawoo B/D 5F 99-2 Cheongdam dong Gangnam-Gu Seoul tel: +82 25455417 Distributor for: David Trubridge

LINDS FURNITURE 162 Jalan Maarof Bangasar Kuala Lumpur 59100 tel: +60 320946055 Distributor for: Foscarini, Parachilna, Slamp, Yamagiwa OSRAM Level 12 CP Tower No.11, Jlln 16/11 Pusat Dagang Seksyen 16 Petaling Jaya 46350 tel: +60 379525555

SIGNIFY Level 9 Menara Axis No.2 Jalan 51A/223 Petaling Jaya 46100 tel: +60 379657488 TSEN LIGHTING Dataran Sunway No. 9, Jalan PJU 5/3 Kota Damansara 47810 tel: +60 361418112 Distributor for: Delta Light, Fontana Arte

Philippines KUYSEN 236 E. Rodriguez Senior Avenue Brgy. Don Manuel Quezon City Manila 1113 tel: +63 27407509 Distributor for: Slamp

LASVIT No. 9 Loyang Way 508722 tel: +65 65429422 LINEA LIGHT GROUP Operative office 21 Kaki Bukit Place, 5th Floor 416199 tel: +65 69085758 LUXLIGHT 80 Genting Lane 08-01/05 Genting Block Ruby Industrial Complex 349565 tel: +65 62788588 Distributor for: Delta Light, Flos LUXSPACE 21 Toh Guan Road East #04-31 Toh Guan Centre 608609 tel: +65 65150552 Distributor for: Louis Poulsen, Targetti

SCHEMA Upper Buhanginan Street Sitio Tagbac, San Jose Antipolo City 1870 tel: +63 27365641

MEGAMAN 10 Ubi Crescent Lobby B 03-19 Ubi Techpark 408564 tel: +65 67427388

SIGNIFY 10/F Sun Life Centre 5th Avenue Bonifacio Global City Taguig 1634 tel: +63 26679000

MILLION LIGHTING COMPANY 15 Kallang Way 5 349033 tel: +65 67433033 Distributor for: Angelpoise, Artemide, Kartell, Metalarte, Santa & Cole, TAL, Yamagiwa

Singapore BEGA 10 Raeburn Park No. 02-08 088702 tel: +65 66928029 BRIGHT LIVING 90 Cecil Street 10-02 069531 tel: +65 97624108 BRINK LIGHT ASIA 29B, Keong Saik Road 089136 tel: +65 62215312 Distributor for: Artemide, Flos, Foscarini, iGuzzini, Kreon, Megaman, Parandina CRESTRON 701 Sims Drive 01-04 LHK Building 387383 tel: +65 68460215 FLOS 1 Commonwealth Lane #08 - 12 149544 tel: +65 63721495 IGUZZINI 3 International Business Park Unit Nos. #02-18/19 Nordic European Centre 609927 tel: +65 65677910 KOIZUMI 41 Ubi Crescent 408588 tel: +65 67477116 Distributor for: Astro Lighting, Flos, iGuzzini, Zumtobel

OSRAM 05-04 Amtech Building 159 Sin Ming Road 575625 tel: +65 65520110 PRECIOSA LIGHTING The Signature #02-02, 51 Changi Business Park 486066 tel: +65 62562212 RELEX ILLUMINATION 3014A Ubi Road 1 #07-07/08 408703 tel: +65 62853633 Distributor for: Flos SIGNIFY 620A Lorong 1 319762 tel: +65 68823869 SUNLIGHT LUMINAIRE 1 third Chin Bee Road 618679 tel: +65 67419055 Distributor for: Targetti, Viabizzuno TECHNOLITE GROUP 25 Tagore Lane #03-10 Singapore G Building 787602 tel: +65 64531978 Distributor for: Atelje Lyktan, Sattler WALDMANN 22 Cross Street 02-50/51 South Bridge Court 048421 tel: +65 62758300


XTRA LIGHTING 9 Penang Road 01-01/02-01 Park Mall Singapore 238459 tel: +65 63360688 Distributor for: Parachilna ZUMTOBEL 158 Kallang Way 06-01/02 349245 tel: +65 68445800

Taiwan CRESTRON 4F-2, 57, Sec.3, Minsheng E. Road Taipei 104 tel: +886 225172323 FASHION LIGHTING GROUP 1st Floor, No.120, Minsheng E. Rd Taipei 10574 tel: +886 227182878 Distributor for: Italamp, Preciosa, Swarovski LOFT 29 COLLECTION 1F. No.20, Aly. 13, LN. 248 Taipei tel: +886 227730129 Distributor for: Artemide, Foscarini, Tom Dixon OSRAM 7th Floor No.87 Sung Chiang Road Taipei tel: +886 225083502 PAUL CHENG LIGHTING 1FL. No.1337 Jungjeng Rd Taoyuan City tel: +886 32151199 Distributor for: Catellani & Smith, Delta Light, Metal Lux, Vibia

QIS DESIGN 18 Jihu Road Neihu Taipei 114 tel: +886 227998800 SEED LIGHTING No.73-31, Qionglin S. Rd. Xinzhuang District New Taipei City 242 tel: +886 222046650 TONG CHIEH TRADING No.7-1 Wu Kung 5th Road New Taipei City 242 tel: +886 222982821 Distributor for: Slamp

Thailand ANGO WORLD 53/20 Soi Suparaht 1, Phaholyotthin Rd Samsennai Phaholyothinrd Bangkok 10400 tel: +66 28747505 LIGHT STYLE 1050 Soi Sukhumvit 66/1 Bangjak Phrakanong Bangkok 10260 tel: +66 274496245 Distributor for: Flos, Modular, Preciosa LIGHTING AND EQUIPMENT 16 Floor, Gypsum Metropolitan Tower 539/2 Sri-Ayudhya Rd Rajthevee Bangkok 10400 tel: +66 26425092 Distributor for: Zumtobel

MOSAIC EINS 177/40 Moo 4 Srisoonthorn Road Phuket 83110 tel: +66 76620102 Distributor for: Flos OSRAM Charn Issara Tower II 19th Floor 2922/251 New Petchburi Road Bangkok 10310 tel: +66 27155767 PALICON PRO-ART LIGHTING 404 Ratchadapisek Road Samsennok Huay-Kwang Bangkok 10320 tel: +66 22756331 Distributor for: Delta Light SIGNIFY 28th Floor Thai Summit Tower New Petchburi Road Bangkapi, Huaykhwang Bangkok tel: +66 26528652 SYLVANIA Ploenchit Center Bldg, 19th Floor 2 Sukhumvit Soi 2, Klongtoey Bangkok 10110 tel: +66 26569039

Vietnam AUVIET LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY 3/F, 98 Tran Quang Khai Street DaKao Ward, One District Ho Chi Minh City tel: +84 38480830

BELLA VITA 15-19 Ton That Thiep Ward Ben Nghe District 1 Ho Chi Minh City tel: +84 838214101 Distributor for: Lasvit, Slamp, Tom Dixon CAO TRAN 23 Tran Phu Street District 5 Ho Chi Minh City tel: +84 838333334 Distributor for: Artemide, Italamp, Louis Poulsen, Mareco Luce, Zumtobel GLOWING ASIA 298 Phan Xich Long Ward 2, Phu Nhuan Dist Ho Chi Minh City tel: +84 935178897 Distributor for: Artemide, Delta Light, Vistosi OSRAM Room 1307 M3-M4 Building - Khu A 91A Nguyen Chi Thanh Street Hanoi tel: +84 42750944 SIGNIFY F12 A&B Tower 76 Le Lai Street District 1 Ho Chi Minh City tel: +84 800599988 SYLVANIA 5th Floor, LE Building 11/71 Lang Ha Street Hanoi tel: +84 437151604

LIVE LIGHTING 219/55 Asoke Towers,16th floor Sukhumvit 21 Bangkok tel: +66 22595151 Distributor for: iGuzzini

darc is the only international magazine focused on decorative and design lighting in architecture for the specification and contract markets. Published six times a year, subscribe from just £20 for a full 12 months!

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Australia & New Zealand / Australasia

Australia ABOUT SPACE LIGHTING 138 St Kilda Road St Kilda VIC 3182 tel: +61 0395344288 ALTI LIGHTING 250 Stirling Highway Claremont WA 6010 tel: +61 892842203 Distributor for: Axolight, Modiss, Preciosa, Vistosi ARCLITE Level 2, 13-15 Levey Street Chippendale NSW 2008 tel: +61 293691411 Distributor for: Martinelli Luce ARTICOLO 18 Willis Street Richmond VIC 3121 tel: +61 85958011 BRIGHTGREEN PO BOX 2430 Richmond VIC 3121 tel: +61 1300672499 CHRISTOPHER BOOTS 369 Gore Street Fitzroy VIC 3065 tel: +61 394176501 CRESTRON 1 Clyde Street Silverwater NSW 2128 tel: +61 297378203 CULT 21-23 Levey Street Chippendale NSW 2008 tel: +61 1300768626 Distributor for: Anglepoise, Gubi, Louis Poulsen DAVOLUCE LIGHTING 242 Glenhuntly Road, Elsternwick VIC 3185 tel: +61 395231777 Distributor for: Cougar Lighting, Eglo, Italstyle, Marc Pascal, Slamp DEAN PHILIPS 36-38 Rokeby Street Collingwood Melbourne VIC 3066 tel: +61 394194195 DEDECE 263 Liverpool Street Darlinghurst Sydney NSW 2010 tel: +61 293602722 ECC LIGHTING Unit 8/39 Herbert Street PO Box 128 St. Leonards Sydney NSW 1590 tel: +61 294606600 Distributor for: Aqua Creations, Astro Lighting, Innermost, Santa & Cole, Terzani EUROLUCE GF/2 Hill Street Sydney NSW 2010 tel: +61 293569900 Distributor for: Flos, Jieldé, Oluce, Wastberg, Yamagiwa GINEICO Suite One, 276 Devonshire Street Sydney NSW 2010 tel: +61 296901522 Distributor for: FontanaArte ILLUMINATION PHYSICS 42 Springthorpe Boulevard Macleod VIC 3085 tel: +61 394550761

INLITE 80 Balmain Street Richmond VIC 3121 tel: +61 296993900 Distributor for: Dark, Delta Light, Marset, Prandina JAN FLOOK Karinyah Studio, 105 Wallaby Creek Pheasant Creek VIC 3757 tel: +61 400044176 JSB LIGHTING 22-38 Yurong Street Darlinghurst Sydney NSW 2010 tel: +61 295718800 Distributor for: Luceplan, TAL

NEOZ 20 Tepko Road Terrey Hills NSW 2084 tel: +61 298105520 ORNARE IMPORTS 28 Fullarton Road Norwood SA 5067 tel: +61 883623029 Distributor for: Artemide

KE-ZU SHOWROOM Level 1, 69 O’Riordan Street Alexandria NSW 2015 tel: +61 296691788 Distributor for: Parachilna KODA LIGHTING Unit 21, 198-22 Young Street Waterloo NSW 2017 tel: +61 296996007 Distributor for: Occhio, Rich Brilliant Willing, Sattler, Vibia

RAKUMBA LIGHTING 4 Ardena Court East Bentleigh VIC 3165 tel: +61 395792355

LIGHTING OPTIONS 50 Kent Street Cannington WA 6107 tel: +61 861424977 Distributor for: Artefact, Soraa LIGHTING PARTNERS 16a Palmer Parade Richmond VIC 3121 tel: +61 384161500 Distributor for: Metalarte, Vesoi LIGHTING SPECIALISTS PO BOX 1129 Joondalup DC WA 6919 tel: +61 449141426 LOOMI PO Box 1400 Collingwood VIC 3066 tel: +61 300672499 LUMEN 8 154 Arthur Street Fortitude Valley QLD 4006 tel: +61 732544122 Distributor for: Axolight, Vistosi LUMINATION LIGHTING & DESIGN Srivari Enterprises 1st Floor 1020 Avinashi Road Coimbatore 641018 tel: +91 04224391144 LUXXBOX 43 Kenyon Street Eagle Farm QLD 4009 tel: +61 732572822 MANCE DESIGN 103-105 Green Street Richmond VIC 3121 tel: +61 394291959 MASSON FOR LIGHT 514 Bridge Road Richmond VIC 3121 tel: +61 394339251 MONDOLUCE 439 Crown Street Sydney NSW 2010 tel: +61 296902667 Distributor for: iGuzzini, Slamp

CULT 73 The Strand Parnell Auckland 1010 tel: +64 9379446 Distributor for: Anglepoise

OSRAM 11 Floor Building 1 423 Pennant Hills Road Sydney NSW 2120 tel: +61 294818399 RADIANT LIGHTING 10 Gibberd Road Balcatta WA 6021 tel: +61 892401008 Distributor for: Aldo Bernardi, Bankamp, Daro, FontanaArte, Graypants, Kundalini, Modo, Morosini, Shapes, Tooy

LIGHT PROJECT 1st Floor, 70-78 Gipps Street Collingwood Melbourne VIC 3066 tel: +61 384151970 Distributor for: B.Lux, TAL

New Zealand

SAMMODE 15 Industrial Avenue Wacol QLD 4076 tel: +61 733353504 SIGNIFY Locked Bag 30 North Ryde NSW 1670 tel: +61 1300304404 SONIC LIGHTING 11 Cowie Street North Geelong VIC 3215 tel: +61 352779977 Distributor for: Santa & Cole SOUTHERN LIGHTING & DISTRIBUTION 34 Federal Street North Hobart TAS 7000 tel: +61 362315599 Distributor for: Artemide, PSM Lighting SPACE FURNITURE PO Box 7065 Alexandria NSW 2015 tel: +61 283397588 Distributor for: Flos, Foscarini, Italamp SPACE LIGHTING Level 6, 69 Reservoir Street Surry Hills Sydney NSW 2010 tel: +61 282182182 Distributor for: Quasar, Wever & Ducre STUDIO ITALIA 462 City Road South Melbourne VIC 3205 tel: +61 396904155 Distributor for: Axolight, Cangini & Tucci, David Trubridge, Mazzucatio, Omikron, Ono Luce, Rotaliana TEMPERATURE 84A Wellington Street Collingwood VIC 3066 tel: +61 394191447 Distributor for: Lyngard, Terence Woodgate YELLOW GOAT DESIGN PO Box 8638 GCMC Bundall QLD 4217 tel: +61 755328659 ZUMTOBEL 333 Pacific Highway North Sydney NSW 2060 tel: +61 289135100

DAVID TRUBRIDGE Whakatu 4161 Hastings Aotearoa 416 tel: +64 66500204 email: Step into David Trubridge’s design studio, where you will find a team of skilled designers and craftspeople working on bespoke projects. Discover a range of sculptural luminaires inspired by natures patterns and formations. The David Trubridge lighting collection is designed with the environment in mind and ships kitset. DECOR BELLINI 96 New North Road Eden Terrace Auckland tel: +64 93361504 INLITE Level 2 Mountain Safety House 19 Tory Street Wellington 6011 tel: +64 48943812 Distributor for: Dark, Delta Light, Marset, Prandina JEREMY COLE PO Box 22 251 Wellington 6441 tel: +64 43859780 LIGHTING & LIVING 39 Nugent Street Grafton Auckland tel: +64 93799680 Distributor for: Artemide, Astro Lighting, Buster & Punch, Flos, Graypants, Marset, Metalarte, Parachilna, Preciosa, TAL MATISSE INTERNATIONAL 99 The Strand Parnell Auckland 1151 tel: +64 93029191 Distributor for: Prandina, Slamp RESIDENT 61 Upper Queen St Newton PO Box Ponsonby 47700 tel: +64 93775556 SIGNIFY PO Box 1041 Auckland tel: +64 800454448 SIMON JAMES DESIGN 61 Upper Queen Street Newton Auckland 1010 tel: +64 93775556 Distributor for: Zero ZUMTOBEL 399 Rosebank Road Avondale Auckland 1026 tel: +64 800220227

For Every Space, a Masterpiece KĹ?ura Light


Indian Sub Continent / Asia

India ARTEMIDE Unit no 5, 2nd Floor Raghuvanshi Mansion Raghuvanshi Mills Compound Mumbai 400013 tel: +91 2261774800 ARTLITE ILLUMINATION 346 Sultanpur, MG Road Lane Opp to Pillar No 28B New Delhi 110030 tel: +91 7838292450 Distributor for: Barovier & Toso, Castro Lighting, Kreon, LEDS C4, Masiero, Metalarte, Swarovski, Tekna, Vibia, Zumtobel CRESTRON 114 First Floor,Tower-A A-41, The Corenthum Sector-62 Noida (UP) 201301 tel: +91 1204276297 GOJIS LIFESTYLE 786, Sree Srees Avinashi Road Opposite Regional Passport Office Near Flyover Coimbatore 641018 tel: +91 4224379950 Distributor for: Astro Lighting, Catellani & Smith, Foscarini, LEDS C4, Linea Light, Lladro, Swarovski, Vibia, Zumtobel INNOVATIVE LIGHTING DESIGNS D-14/9, First Floor, Okhla Industrial Area Phase-1 New Dehli 110020 tel: +91 1141406716 Distributor for: Molto Luce KLOVE J-2 Green Park Main New Delhi 110016 tel: +91 9810273388

L.S.I. SYSTEMS 105 Allied House 1 Local Shopping Complex Madangir New Delhi 110062 tel: +91 1141649021 Distributor for: Artemide, Fabbian, Federico de Majo, Modular, Studio Italia LEGERO C-95, Sector 2 Noida 201301 tel: +91 1202520114 Distributor for: Estiluz, Flos LIGHTALIVE 10/11B Bussa Industrial Estate Century Bazaar Lane Worli-Prabhadevi Mumbai 400025 tel: +91 2224945685 Distributor for: Flos LIGHTBOX 244 Tribhuvan Complex, Ishwar Nagar Mathura Road New Delhi tel: +91 9910754111 Distributor for: Foscarini, Moooi, Occhio, Slamp LIGHTSQUARE 84 Richmond Road Bangalore 560025 tel: +91 8041693232 Distributor for: Slamp LUMIERE PROJECT LIGHTING 21 Kaliandas Udhyog Bhavan Century Bazaar Lane Prabhadevi Mumbai 400025 tel: +91 2224332120 Distributor for: Multiline, TAL MODULAR LIGHTING INSTRUMENTS 9th Floor, DLF-9B DLF Cyber City - DLF Phase 3 Gurgaon 122002 tel: +91 1244606560

OSRAM Signature Towers 11th Floor Tower B, South City - 1, Gurgaon Haryana 122001 tel: +91 1242383180 PRECIOSA LIGHTING 1st Floor B Wing Prius Platinum Tower, Saket New Delhi 110017 tel: +91 7045145575 RAM LIGHTS AND BEYOND #3018 / K.R. Road Banashankari 2nd Stage Bangalore 560070 tel: +91 8042131515 Distributor for: Vistosi SIGNIFY 9th Floor DLF 9-B,DLF Cyber City Sector 25, DLF Phase - 3 Gurgaon Haryana 122002 tel: +91 18001022929 SOGANI Farm # 41B, Raod # 2 Silver Oak Farms Ghitomi New Delhi 110030 tel: +91 9811903244 SYLVANIA QRG Towers 2D Sector 126, Expressway Noida Uttar Pradesh 201304 tel: +91 1204771000 TARGETTI Teamwork building, 2nd floor No. 18 Chinnaswamy Mudaliar Road Tasker Town Bangalore 560051 tel: +91 8041120016

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THEA LIGHT WORKS 2-1-150 to 158 #7, HMI Estate, 2nd Floor MG Road Secunderabat tel: +91 9849016520 Distributor for: Prandina VERSALITE HITECH LIGHTING 220 Khetwadi Main Road Tara Mansion Ground Floor Mumbai 400004 tel: +91 2243331818 Distributor for: Mizar VICTORY LIGHTING 110 Prakashdeep Building 7 Tolstoy Marg New Delhi 110001 tel: +91 1123753214 Distributor for: Ango, Graypants VIS À VIS Ground Floor, Gouri Kunj Kishore Kumar Ganguly Marg Off Juhu Tara Rd Mumbai 400049 tel: +91 2226612501 Distributor for: Flos, Louis Poulsen ZUMTOBEL Vipul Trade Centre 406, 4th Floor Sohna Road, Sector 48 Haryana 122002 tel: +91 1244206885

Pakistan OSRAM Office #103 1st Floor Farid Tower 19 Temple Road Lahore tel: +92 4237321742 SIGNIFY F-54 S.I.T.E Karachi 75730 tel: +92 21111786777


Africa Egypt ENLIGHTEN 41 Geziret El Arab St Mohandessin Cairo tel: +20 233022634 Distributor for: Axolight, Bocci, Innermost, Italamp, Metalarte, Nahoor, Panzeri, Viabizzuno, Vibia FUSION MOOD 23, Israa el Moalemeen off Lebanon Square Mohandessin Cairo tel: +20 233478073 Distributor for: Italamp, Marset, Moooi HUDA LIGHTING 12 Ext. of Abd El Hameed Badawy Street - 1172, 2nd Floor Masaken Sheraton Cairo tel: +20 22699740 Distributor for: Flos, Osram OSRAM 1169 Repeated Ministers Square Building 1, Sheraton Heliopolis Cairo tel: +20 222684379 SIGNIFY 12th Floor Star Capital 8 City stars Nasr City Cairo tel: +20 224801450 SIRAJ LIGHTING 38-40 Beirut Street Heliopolis Cairo tel: +20 222564030 Distributor for: LEDS C4, Zumtobel STYLE DESIGN 38, Cairo-Alex Desert Road Cairo tel: +20 238572027 Distributor for: Artemide

Ghana CASA TRASACCO Tetteh Quarshi Interchange, Legon Accra LG1095 tel: +233 0302823288 Distributor for: Slamp WESTONE F893/2 Ring Road East Danquah Circle Osu, Accra POBOXCT2000 tel: +233 21762654 Distributor for: Artemide, estiluz, Flos, iGuzzini

Kenya OSRAM PO Box 10755-0100 Marlexy Office Suites Luther Plaza Ground Floor Nairobi tel: +254 203010555

Morocco EUROLUX Marouane CHAMI Charge d’Affaires 69 Bd de la Corniche Ain Diab Casablanca 20180 tel: +212 52279950 Distributor for: Artemide, Flos, Foscarini, Louis Poulsen, Slamp

South Africa EUROLUX 9 Racecourse Road Milnerton 7441 tel: +27 215288400 Distributor for: Slamp

EUROPEAN LIGHT & DESIGN CENTRE 310 Victoria Road Cape Town tel: +27 214488684 Distributor for: Delta Light, Flos, Luceplan, Marset, Metalspot, Prandina GLO LIGHTING AND LIVING 27 6th Street Randburg 2193 tel: +27 865742214 Distributor for: Anglepoise, Artemide, Astro Lighting, Axo Lighting, David Trubridge, De Majo, Flos, Foscarini, Graypants, Hubbardton Forge, Plumen M SQUARE LIFESTYLE NECESSITIES Shop 3/4, Illovo Square Shopping Centre No3 Rivionia Road Sandton 2196 tel: +27 114470807 Distributor for: FontanaArte, Foscarini, Tom Dixon

WILLOWLAMP Unit 6 Spencer Square 6 Spencer Road Cape Town 7925 tel: +27 214478529

Tunisia KBR DISTRIBUTION 147 Avenue De La Liberte Belvedere 1002 tel: +216 71802446 Distributor for: iGuzzini OSRAM Rue du Lac Neuchatel Les Berges du Lac 1053 tel: +216 71166461

OSRAM Block 2 Emerald Park 22 Reedbuck Crescent Corporate Park South Gauteng 1685 tel: +27 102214000 PROVINCE LIGHTING 100 Upper Canterbury St PO Box 12613 Mill Street Cape Town 8010 tel: +27 214644661 Distributor for: Wever & Ducre, Zumtobel SIGNIFY 195 Main road Martindale Johannesburg 2114 tel: +27 114715083 SPAZIO LIGHTING 52 Andries Street North Sandton 2090 tel: +27 825521564 Distributor for: Artemide

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On Show A look ahead to forthcoming design shows of 2019/20 with a strong lighting element.




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AD INDEX ANDlight................................................................................. 37

David Trubridge................................................................109

Karice...........................................................................2, 27, 115


Delta Light.............................................................................. 13

Linea Light Group............................................................... 17

Art + Alchemy.....................................................................93

Dernier & Hamlyn................................................................81

Lladro........................................................................................ 51



Louis Poulsen..........................................................................7

Astro Lighting......................................................................25

Gabriel Scott......................................................................4-5

Oxen Luce..............................................................................33


Hollis + Morris......................................................................67

Tangyao Wires......................................................................111


Hubbardton Forge.............................................................39

TLS LED..................................................................................113



VISO......................................................................................... 116

Consentino............................................................................. 71

Insight Lighting.................................................................... 15


Curiousa & Curiousa........................................................ 44


CVL Luminaires...................................................................59

Karboxx.................................................................................... 21

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3d 2019  

darc is a dedicated international magazine focused on decorative lighting design in architecture. Published five times a year, including 3d...

3d 2019  

darc is a dedicated international magazine focused on decorative lighting design in architecture. Published five times a year, including 3d...

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