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Students Study Eclipse

Shades were on at Snowy Mountains Grammar last Wednesday as students observed the eclipse of the sun. Lachlan Porter, Renee Connor, Alex Ball and Nick Tugwell found that eclipse shades are safe, but also make you look cool. Jack Dalby captured this amazing image through Dr. Nelson’s video camera with a solar filter fitted to the lens. See story page 2.

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Wednesday November 21, 2012

SMGS eclipsed! Last Wednesday morning, Year 12 Physics students at SMGS, along with some other Snowy Mountains Grammar School (SMGS) Aperture members and well-wishers, gathered on the school grounds at 6.30 am to witness a rare solar eclipse. The eclipse was total in Cairns, but partial here. Just before the eclipse was due to begin, clouds covered the Sun. Very thick clouds. As Year 12 enjoyed their barbecue

The Solarscope affords a stunning view of the eclipse, with several large sunspots visible on the surface. breakfast, the chances of seeing the eclipse looked remote. However, at approximately 7.40 am, the clouds amazingly vanished, providing some very tired yet relieved students an excellent view of the eclipse. Students used special eclipse shades to view the eclipse safely, in addition to the Solarscope, which safely projects an image of the Sun onto a white background.

Mobile: 0418 620 626 Cooma: (02) 6452 1598 Sydney : (02) 9531 7550 Fax Cooma: (02) 6452 1583 Fax Sydney: (02) 9531 7551 Email: Professional and Reliable service for 30 years Local * Country * Interstate Weekly service Sydney to Snowy Mtns and all points in between

edAlthough the former affords a stunning view of an orange Sun partially covered by the Moon, the latter also reveals incredible detail on the Sun’s surface. Students were able to observe at least seven sunspots, regions on the Sun’s surface where intense magnetic fields reduce convection and effectively reduce surface temperature. These areas appear black against the surrounding

surface, which has an approximate temperature of 5,500 K. The students agreed it was an extraordinary event, and definitely worth getting up early to see. Despite the fact the eclipse was not total, it still invokes a palpable feeling of awe, if just for one moment. A total solar eclipse, one of which occurs in the Sydney region in July, 2028, must truly be a thaumaturgic experience, where one must feel very small

amidst a seemingly endless cosmos, reminding us that our lives are fleeting by comparison. The next total solar eclipse occurs on March 20, 2015, and can be viewed from the Faroe Islands, however, the total solar eclipse occurring on August 21, 2017, will perhaps be the most viewed for a significant time, as it cuts a path directly across the USA.

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So, who watched the Solar eclipse? It was so much fun, especially seeing the excitement on the students faces after looking through the telescope. SMCS purchased the appropriate glasses so each person could also view the eclipse directly. The telescope, which had been generously donated to the school, provided extraordinary detail as students watched the Moon track across the sun. Using a special solar filter, they could even see sunspots and the profile of moon craters.



Mobile: 0411 482 336



Some of the images of the eclipse recorded by students at Snowy Mountains Christian School, Cooma, last Wednesday.


Wednesday November 21, 2012

Cecil Brown Scholarship winners

The Cecil Brown Memorial Awards winners, John Murdoch (right) and Hugh Platts with James Litchfield at the Hazeldean ram sale last Wednesday. The third winner, Zoe Lynch is in New Zealand and unable to attend the presentation. The winner of the Cecil Brown Memorial Scholarship for 2012 was announced prior to the Hazeldean ram sale on Wednesday.

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Lynch of Cooma and the other who worked on the Monaro at to Hugh Platts, of Bombala. Hazeldean.

Zoe will be studying for her Bachelor of Agriculture at Charles Sturt University and There were three winners Hugh is studying Agricultural this year, with John Murdoch of Science, also at Charles Sturt. Ando winning the New Zealand The Cecil Brown scholarship exchange. was established in 1995 in

The scholarship provides the opportunity for young Monaro people involved in agriculture to broaden their knowledge, experience and career prospects with an educational grant or an exchange program There were also two study honour of Cecil Brown, a between the South Island of awards allocated, one to Zoe renowned Monaro sheepman New Zealand and the Monaro.

Missing fisherman’s body recovered The body of a man who went missing last month has been found near Adaminaby in the Snowy Mountains region. The 56-year-old man from Emu Plains was travelling with his adult son in a small fishing boat on Lake Eucumbene on Wednesday October 17 when he fell overboard. The man’s son immediately jumped into the water and searched for about 40 minutes, but was unable to locate him. The younger man swam to shore and travelled on foot for

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around five hours before he could raise an alarm. A search was launched in the early hours of Thursday 18 October 2012 involving police from Monaro Local Area Command, Marine Rescue NSW and the SouthCare Rescue helicopter. The search continued until late on Sunday October 21, with further police resources, PolAir and State Emergency Service crews; however, the 56-year-old man could not be found. At about 10.30am on



Wednesday November 14, a 70-year-old man located the body of the missing man while cruising on Lake Eucumbene, and immediately contacted police. The body of the 56-year-old was retrieved a short time later, and the missing man’s family were notified. Police would like to thank those who assisted in the search.

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Wednesday November 21, 2012

Phil says farewell after 45 years After 45 years of working and dealing with the public, Phil Cottrell from Landmark Bombala and Delegate is retiring. Landmark Bombala has been renamed from Dalgety Australia, Dalgety Winchcombe, Dalgety Winchcombe FGC, Wesfarmers, Wesfarmers Landmark, Landmark Bombala and Delegate, and it is time for Phil to call it a day. Phil will be retiring to the farm at the end of November. “I have enjoyed my years in the Stock and Station Agency business, have met and worked with a lot of great people and made many friends. We have experienced some good years, some hard years, and some bloody hard years, but I have loved

the challenge of working through them with you”. “Matt will take over as manager and Justine will handle the livestock while I sit back on my 600 acres and enjoy retirement”. “I have valued your support, loyalty and friendship very much over the years and hope this continues for Matt, Justin and staff, as they endeavour to provide you and our local community with the same continuing service, as a Landmark Branch”. Retirement is a Journey not a destination.

Retiring agent Phil Cottrell and wife Lisa.

Local solicitor wants court services returned Local solicitor, John Last, has issued a challenge to the NSW Government, local Member John Barilaro and the Attorney General’s Department over the recent relocation of former Registrar at Cooma Court, Brian Donnelly. Mr Last is preparing to make the downgrading of services at Cooma Court an election issue if the services, which he said have been downgraded with Mr Donnelly’s relocation, are not restored. Mr Last has cited a loss of coronial services to the local area as just one implication of the former registrar’s removal from Cooma. He said the downgrading is adversely impacting local people and he is not prepared to tolerate it. In letters to local media last week, Mr Last stated: “I note with great concern that following the forced transfer of Brian Donnelly, the Registrar’s position at Cooma Local Court has been

downgraded, something that the Attorney General’s Department assured the community would not happen. “Our Member of Parliament, John Barilaro also assured the community that he would not support the downgrading of services in our region, yet it has happened. “The downgrading of the Registrar’s position means that highly experienced and qualified candidates who would have applied to come to our community at the proper grading will now not apply for the downgraded position, leaving our community with a lower standard of service that we expect and deserve. We have been advised that coronial services are provided by Cooma Court, however we have also been advised that we should approach the Attorney General’s Department should we wish to have those services returned to Cooma. Who do we believe? “The forced removal of

Registrar Brian Donnelly has been an utter fiasco, driven more by hatred than service or economics. I know this to be a fact. He stood up to bullies, reporting corruption, and his forced transfer is in reprisal for doing so. “Recently he was advised that he is likely to be sacked. It is an expensive fiasco as well - relieving staff are paid almost $1000.00 per week on top of their wages to cover the vacant Registrar’s position. The whole exercise of removing Registrar Donnelly has cost in excess of $150,000.00 and is mounting. “All this to save a few thousand dollars a year, and for the Attorney General’s Department to show what it can and will do to people - and communities - who stand up for themselves. “The community must call these people to account. Only an inquiry by the Public Service Commission into the forced transfer of Registrar Donnelly and the subsequent downgrading of services will reveal the awful truth, and stop other government 76 Commissioner Street departments Friday 23rd November – Tuesday 27th November 2012 from following CLOSED Thursday, Monday & Wednesday. the lead set by the Attorney G e n e r a l ’s Department.

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BACHELORETTE: Rated MA 1 hr 31 mins Screening: Saturday & Sunday @ 3pm & 8pm.

KILLING THEM SOFTLY: Rated MA 1 hr 37 mins Screening: Friday @ 6.15pm Saturday @ 12.30pm Sunday @ 5.30pm & Super Tuesday @ 8pm.

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“It is interesting to note that although I briefed the previous Cooma-Monaro Council about this matter they decided to take no action. Evidently they were happy to have the services downgraded. $ 150,000.00 would have gone a long way to repairing the dangerous footpaths in our town. I hope that the new Council may take an interest in this matter as they claim to have the interests of the town and district as part of their strategy. “If you don’t make a stand now, don’t complain when more jobs and services go. Yours faithfully John Last Solicitor, Barrister & Notary”. The Monaro Post has contacted Mr Barilaro’s office for a response but none had been forthcoming at the time of going to press. The Attorney General’s office has stated: “The services currently provided at Cooma Courthouse are consistent with those that were available prior to Mr Donnelly’s departure. The Department is in the process of recruiting a permanent Registrar for Cooma. The new Registrar will also perform the role of Assistant Coroner. There has been significant interest in the role from qualified candidates. The position is currently being occupied by an Acting Registrar/Assistant Coroner.”




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Wednesday November 21, 2012

Cooma Public School fundraiser General Manager, JOE VESCIO

Over the five years preceding the formation of Council’s Green Team, power consumption reached a maximum in 2007/08 of 2,834 MWh. Since then consumption has declined by almost 12% (largely due to savings in water and sewer operations), while the cost of power has increased by 45% to current figure of approximately $649,000. If Council had continued to use power at the rate of 2007/08 our current bill could have been $727,000 at today's power rates. Installation of solar panels at Jindabyne Sportsground and Berridale Community Hall now bring Council's solar installations to three and together with the wind turbine at Jindabyne Landfill we are beginning to see the benefits. Council will continue to explore ways of both reducing our overall power consumption and making our infrastructure more sustainable. The National Recycling Week Expo was held last Saturday in the Jindabyne Memorial Hall, and organised by our wonderful Waste Education Officer, Margie Ferguson. There was a great range of stalls and activities on show including the Swap Party, weeds stall (including Green Team plant give-away) and Water Wise information respectively, and Barry Everson with Council's new recycling truck was also there for people to check out. Also on display was the fabulous artwork submitted by school children for the School Recycling Artwork competition. Well done to all those involved.

Pictured, Steve Allen from Cromwell House, Chloe Trevanian, Jimmy Harding, Chloe Sidery, Coralie Verrent, Matilda Thomas, Lucky Tran, James Cohen and CPS principal Steve Mayhew. Inset: the diamond pendant. Below: Harry Rose.

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This year the Lions Club of Cooma is again helping with the delivery of letters to Santa from children in the Cooma area. Letters to Santa should be posted as soon as possible in the special Santa posting box just inside the front

door of Cooma Post Office. Children should make sure they put their name and address in the letter so that Santa can reply. Tony Mackenzie, Publicity Officer 02 6452 2242.


Wednesday November 21, 2012

SEATS delegates welcomed to Cooma conference

Pictured at last week’s SEATS meeting in Cooma are, from left, Cooma-Monaro Shire general manager John Vucic, SEATS Executive Officer Chris Vardon OAM, SEATS chairman Sue Whelan, Cooma-Monaro Shire mayor Dean Lynch, Cr Martin Hughes and director, engineering service, and SEATS secretary/treasurer David Byrne.

Delegates from south-east Victoria and NSW met in Cooma last week, at a South East Australian Transport Strategy Inc (SEATS) meeting. Members of SEATS include local government, regional development organisations, government agencies, regional industry and academics. The meeting had a full program over a day and a half, with presentations from a number of speakers including the NSW Cross Border Commissioner, Steve Toms, and the Victorian Department of Transport’s Lachlan McDonald on the Victorian Government’s submission of Infrastructure Australia, which includes

five projects promoted by SEATS. The SEATS region is in a triangle to the east of a line linking the NSW city of Wollongong to the north, the Victorian city of Greater Dandenong to the south and the Cooma, Bombala, Tumut and Tumbarumba areas, the ACT and Yass, Goulburn and Crookwell to the west. Cooma-Monaro Shire Council, Mayor, Cr Dean Lynch, officially welcomed the group to Cooma prior to the Thursday afternoon session. He gave delegates a thumbnail sketch of Cooma’s history and

Regional Employer’s Roadshow

uniqueness, including the region’s rural economy, the Snowy Scheme and the increase in tourism. Chairman of SEATS, Cr Sue Whelan, said SEATS was pleased to be meeting in Cooma.




The inaugural Regional Employer’s Roadshow was in Cooma Last Thursday evening for a three-hour session. The roadshow was presented by Regional Development Australia Southern Inland. Speakers at the roadshow included representatives from RDASI, Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council, NSW State Training Services, Commonwealth department of Immigration and Citizenship,

NSW Department of Trade and Investment, Enterprise connect and the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. About 20 people attended the roadshow. Pictured, RDASI CEO, Colin McLean (centre) with Cooma-Monaro Shire Council General Manager John Vucic and President of the Cooma Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc, David Shelley.


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Fatz Cutz Quality Meat 22 Bombala St, Cooma


Ph: 6452 1634



LOCAL CITIZEN OF THE YEAR AWARDS FOR AUSTRALIA DAY 2013 Nomination Forms for Local Citizen of the Year Awards are now available from: •Cooma-Monaro Shire Council – 81 Commissioner Street •Cooma Visitor Information Centre – 119 Sharp Street •Cooma Library – 61 Vale Street To complete an ONLINE NOMINATION FORM go to Award categories include the following: •Citizen of the Year •Young Citizen of the Year •Sportsperson of the Year •Young Sportsperson of the Year •Community Event of the Year •Community Group of the Year Completed Nomination Forms must be delivered to one of the above locations or posted to PO Box 714, COOMA NSW 2630. Nominations close 5.00pm Friday, 23 November 2012. If you require further information, please contact Sandra McEwan on (02) 6455 1777.

Tenders are invited and will be received up until 4.00 pm on Thursday 20 December 2012 from suitably experienced contractors for the Design, Manufacture, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of New Fluoridation Equipment at the Cooma Water Treatment Plant for the Cooma water supply. Tender documents may be obtained by emailing, or contacting Council’s Engineering Division by telephone (02) 6455 1801; alternatively, documents can be collected from Council offices between 8.35am and 4.45pm. Information regarding the tenders may be obtained by contacting Keith Walker, Project Officer on 6455 1816 or Mark Rixon, Acting Manager Water & Wastewater at Council offices on 6455 1820. The lowest or any tender may not necessarily be accepted. JOHN VUCIC PO Box 714 GENERAL MANAGER COOMA NSW 2630

TENDER FOR THE REPAINTING OF THE BREDBO COMMUNITY HALL CONTRACT 9 /2012 Tenders are invited and will be received up until 4.00 pm, 5th December 2012 for the repainting of the interior and exterior of the Bredbo Community Hall. Contract Number 9/2012. A copy of the tender documents may be obtained from Council’s Engineering Division during office hours in person, or by telephoning (02) 6455 1801, or emailing

COOMA-MONARO SHIRE COUNCIL PLANNING MANAGER Council has a position available in the Environmental Services Division for a Planning Manager in the Cooma office. Further information can be obtained by calling Natalie Fanning on (02) 6455 1777. For an information package, go to Council’s website: File Ref: IS/POS/198 Salary: $83,803 - $85,898 Applications Close: 4.00pm, Monday 26 November 2012 JOHN VUCIC PO Box 714 GENERAL MANAGER COOMA NSW 2630

Weather permitting the following roadworks will continue Sharp Street, footpath maintenance Wooran & Yareen Roads, watermain Tinderry Road, re-alignment Jerangle Road, maintenance grading, gravel re-sheeting


Holland Road, shoulders Yareen Road, shoulders Kybeyan Road, heavy patching Shannons Flat Road, maintenance grading Badja Road, maintenance grading

TENDER FOR SUPPLY, DELIVERY AND OFF-LOADING OF CHEMICALS FOR WATER TREAT MENT AND WASTEWATER TREATMENT - CONTRACT 13/2012 Quotations are invited and will be received up until 4.00 pm, Thursday 6 December 2012 for the supply, delivery and off-loading of chemical for water treatment and wastewater treatment. A copy of the tender documents may be obtained from Council’s Engineering Division during office hours in person, or emailing, or by telephoning (02) 6455 1801. Further information may be obtained by contacting Mark Rixon, Acting Manager on 6455 1821 or Ovi Boaru Acting Water & Wastewater Technical Officer on 6455 1823. The lowest or any tender, not necessarily accepted. JOHN VUCIC (PO Box 714) GENERAL MANAGER COOMA NSW 2630


Notice is hereby given that weather permitting, Council staff will be undertaking repairs/ construction work as listed below. LOCATION: 4574 Monaro Highway, Colinton, NSW 2626 Proposed Date: From 3 December 2012 up to and including 14 December 2012 Planned Duration: 9 days Description: Upgrade to the Colinton Fire Shed. This work is expected to have a direct impact on: • Flow of Traffic • Access to Premises • Pedestrian Movement Council apologises for the inconvenience. Enquiries can be directed to Council’s Works Manager on 6455 1830

CALENDAR OF Events Notice to all Event Organisers, Coordinators & Committees If you would like to be listed on the Region’s most comprehensive Calendar of Events please provide your event details to the Cooma Visitors Centre. Promotion of Events will be provided once all relevant information is received from the organisers. The 2013 & 2014 Calendar of Events are now also open for inclusions. If you would like to be on the recipient list to receive a copy of the updated Calendar of Events at the start each month please e-mail your details to

Cooma Visitors Centre, Ph: 64551742 or E-Mail

The lowest or any tender, not necessarily accepted. JOHN VUCIC GENERAL MANAGER

(PO Box 714) COOMA NSW 2630

BREDBO WATER SUPPLY – AERATOR STRUCTURE REPLACEMENT Please be advised that, weather permitting, replacement of the aerator structure for Bredbo Water Supply will commence on Monday, 26 November 2012. The work is expected to be completed on Friday, 30 November 2012. Work will be carried out between 7:30am and 4:30pm Monday to Friday. During the re-construction work, the reservoir cannot be refilled and subsequently Bredbo will be placed on Level 6 water restrictions for the duration of this work, as the storage capacity of the reservoir is limited. Council apologises for any inconvenience this work may cause and asks residents to be mindful of their water usage. Council wishes to remind the residents of Bredbo to immediately notify Council on 0417 278 056 of any water service or water main leaks, in particular if they occur during this critical period. Please refer to Council’s website for information relating to the level 6 water restriction. Any enquiries can be directed to Council’s Engineering Services on 6455 1801.

Are you thinking of buying a pool? In NSW, all swimming pools, including inflatable pools, capable of holding 300 mm or more of water, are required by law to have an approved safety fence. Changes have recently been made in regards to rules in relation to pools. These amendments commenced on 29 October 2012. Some of the changes; • Swimming pool owners are required to register their swimming pools on an online register to be provided by the NSW State Government – this is to commence 29 April 2013. • Swimming pool owners will be required to self-assess, and state in the register that, to the best of

their knowledge, their swimming pool complies with the applicable standard when registering their pool – after the register commences and prior to 29 October 2013. • There is a penalty for owners who fail to register a swimming pool (penalty notice amount of $220) – to commence no later than 29 April 2014. • Swimming pool owners will be required to provide a valid swimming pool compliance certificate before being able to sell or lease a property with a pool. • Accredited certifiers under the Building Professional Act 2005 may conduct swimming pool inspection

Circles of Life Art Exhibition Celebrating International Day of People with Disability in Cooma International Day of People with Disability (IDPWD) is celebrated annually in NSW with the Don’t DIS my ABILITY campaign. The campaign celebrates the diversity and ability of people with a disability and it’s for everyone. To celebrate IDPWD, Cooma-Monaro Shire Council, in partnership with local services, is pleased to support Giselle Burningham, an artist with a disability, in her first solo exhibition, “Circles of Life”. An invitation is extended to services, clients, carers and members of the public to the Official Launch – Circles of Life Art Exhibition by the mayor, Cr Dean Lynch Monday, 3 December, 2012 @ 10.30am Cooma Library, 61 Vale Street, Cooma Morning Tea provided. RSVP: 6455-1931 by 28 November. This event is supported by Cooma-Monaro Shire Council, Cooma Library, Community Services, Centrelink and local service providers.


Mayor Dean Lynch 0419 295 954

Deputy Mayor Bronnie Taylor 0427 546 299

Councillor Rogan Corbett 0412 722 505

Councillor Martin Hughes 0405 209 685

Councillor Angela Ingram 0410 036 671

Councillor Tony Kaltoum 6452 1730

Councillor Craig Mitchell 0429 383 388

Councillor Ignazio Mondello 0407 714 460

Councillor Winston Phillips 0487 430 000

initiated by the pool owner. Council staff will be carrying out inspections of existing pool installations to ensure that fencing and other required safety equipment is operating correctly. Council’s Environmental Services staff is available to assist with any enquiries regarding the legal requirements for swimming pools.

Tinderry Road

Work is continuing on the widening of the mountain section of Tinderry Road. Pictured is drilling works being undertaken for rock blasting.


General Manager John Vucic Phone: 02 6455 1777 Director of Corporate Services Stephen Molloy Fax: 02 6455 1799 Director of Engineering Services David Byrne Web: Director of Environmental Services Peter Smith Email: After Hours Emergency Contacts WATER 0417 278 056 WASTEWATER 0419 251 378 RECREATION 0427 011 144 ROADS 0447 415 150



Wednesday November 21, 2012

Mobile Murals winners Snowy River Shire Council would like to thank the local school children who participated in the Mobile Murals competition. The artworks received where of such a fantastic standard and creatively told the story of reduce, reuse and recycle. Snowy River Shire Councillors had the hard task of deciding the winners at Tuesdays Delivery and Operations Committee meeting.

Congratulations to the following students from all the local schools who will have their artwork immortalised on Councils waste and recycling trucks; Florance McGufficke 14y/o St Patricks; Cabrini Worley 12y/o Berridale Primary School; Amira (last name withheld) 11y/o Berridale Primary School; Will Cahill 10y/o Berridale Primary School; Chloe Chilcott 6y/o Snowy

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Mountains Grammar School; Jack Crispin 8y/o Snowy Mountains Grammar School; Thomas Krpan 8y/o Snowy Mountains Grammar School; April Taleski-Williams 8y/o Dalgety Primary School; Ayla Wood 7y/o Dalgety Primary School; Emily (surname withheld) 7y/o Dalgety Primary School; Zara Gardiner 11y/o Jindabyne Central School; Catherine Stynes-Garraty 7y/o Jindabyne Central School; Laia Pasini 10y/o Jindabyne Central School. The artwork will appear on the trucks in early December, and Council is really looking forward to seeing the final result. Well done again to all of the students who entered the competition.

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new car sales. As manager for new car sales Jason is the one to answer all your questions. Jason is a handson manager, on the floor as well as behind the desk, and with his mechanical background and now sales, Jason is the right person to help you purchase the right car for your needs.



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Wednesday November 21, 2012

Kelly vows to fight against electricity privatisation privatisation, it is clear that the only way to protect this important community asset is to vote Labor at the next federal election.” “This is a very important issue for our region and I’m prepared to stand up and fight for the local community to make sure these public assets and everything they deliver are not lost for future generations.” Dr Kelly said. ETU Secretary, Steve Butler, twelcomed Dr Kelly’s support for local workers saying that privatisation will hurt the local community. “What we have seen elsewhere when electricity privatisation occurs is the decimation of regional towns through massive job losses, increases in the number of blackouts and higher electricity prices for everyone,” Mr Butler Said. “A place like Cooma has a lot to lose should privatisation proceed because any likely buyer will already have a well established head office elsewhere meaning they will simply shut down Snowy Hydro’s local head office resulting in the loss of hundreds of skilled jobs. “The fact that Dr Kelly is prepared to stand up and fight for the local community to save Snowy Hydro, the electricity

NAG news for November The November meeting was held on Thursday, November 15 at the Community Centre. Six people attended and seven apologies were received. The following matters were amongst those discussed/decided/reported upon at the monthly meeting: The Old Mill Committee – The design and wording for the Information Cube for the Old Mill is in progress with input having been sought from a number of people. Banner refurbishment – Brian Hart has completed the new banners and they are having ropes attached and will be ready in a few days. Draft Local Environment Plan (LEP) – A second meeting was held on 13 November at the Community Centre to accommodate those people unable to attend the first presentation. Eleven people were present. The Draft LEP

and accompanying maps are on public display at the Community Postal Agency (The Lolly Shop). The Draft LEP consultation period ends on 15 December 2012. Australia Day Appreciation Certificates – Nominations of persons worthy of the Nimmitabel community’s recognition on Australia Day 2013 should be addressed to the President of NAG (PO Box 26, Nimmitabel NSW 2631) by December 1. Pebblecrete bins – The pebblecrete bins have been moved to the school by Peter Loydell and Steve Ross – thanks were recorded to them for this. The bins will be returned to their final location when painted by the students and will be planted with carpet roses. Additional funding for community projects – an additional $5,000 will be sought from the C-MSC for upgrading the caravan park.

O’Farrell Government from selling off these very profitable electricity assets is to join together as a community and say enough is enough, we support public ownership and we support local jobs,” Mr Butler said.

network and the associated community benefits is welcomed. “When governments sell monopolies like the electricity distribution network there is no competition and it is consumers that will be left to pay the price, literally. “South Australia has a completely privatised electricity network and they also have the highest power prices in the country followed closely by Victoria who have also privatised, it just doesn’t add up in so many ways.” “The only way we can stop the

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Pictured, Member for Eden-Monaro, Mike Kelly and Steve Butler join forces with local ETU members to save Snowy Hydro and Essential Energy from privatisation.

inspired by the High Country

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The Member for Eden-Monaro, Dr Mike Kelly has locked in his support for local workers at Snowy Hydro and Essential Energy by declaring that he will fight to maintain public ownership of these important and profitable public assets. In a meeting with members from the Electrical Trades Union (ETU), Dr Kelly said that he has always supported public ownership of Snowy Hydro and the state’s electricity networks. “I have been a long-time supporter of public ownership when it comes to essential services like power generation and distribution, not to mention the many benefits these businesses bring to our local region,” said Dr Kelly. “I struggle to understand why the NSW Government is so determined to sell Snowy Hydro and our electricity network when they provide so much for our community by way of highly skilled jobs, irreplaceable training and apprentice opportunities and money for our local schools, hospitals and roads. “Last week the Gillard Government released the Energy White paper which says ownership is a matter for State Governments and today I am calling on the O’Farrell Government to scrap their plans to sell Snowy Hydro and our electricity network.” “Given that the coalition governments in NSW and Victoria both want to sell Snowy Hydro and given that Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey has flagged the possibility of


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Snowstop Village, 38 Sharp St Ph: 6452 4525



Wednesday November 21, 2012

NEW SWIMWEAR Surprise win for Cooma Men’s Mural


8 SHARP ST, COOMA • P. 6452 2303 • F. 6452 2373


Year 11 Boarder and Visual Arts student, Lily Platts, with “50s Housewife” based on the theme of “Set the Table” Photographed outside Toxteth House.



To celebrate International Men’s Day the Cooma Men’s Group got together and painted murals of themselves, their beautiful artwork decorates Werri-Nina’s garden wall. To their surprise they were finalists in the NSW Local Government Arts & Culture Awards, under the category of a Town Under 20,000.

Last Wednesday, Sue Gorringe-Lupton and Rowena Evans attended the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney where the finalists were announced and to their amazement ,they won their category. Congratulations Cooma Men’s Group and all involved.

Get planting this Saturday This Saturday, November 24 you are invited to help plant Jindabyne’s very own Community Garden. All members of the community are encouraged to come along. Starting at 9am at the Jindabyne Oval, get your hands dirty, bring your own tools, refreshments and plant a seedling or two. “The Jindabyne Community Garden committee is made up of some of the Shire’s best gardeners and landscapers. As the garden grows interested residents will learn about no-dig and handson organic gardening methods, techniques to save water, how to reduce pesticide use and increased knowledge about healthy eating. It will be a great place to meet other people and get involved in your

local area,” says Lee Brulisauer, the Council’s Health Promotions

Officer.. “This is just the first stage in our Community Garden project, with more funds, the site will grow even further.” says Margaret Chalk, local gardener and Committee President. If you can’t make it on the day, but would like to contribute a tree, shrub or garden bed, please contact Margaret on 0418 610 986. The Committee is actively looking for interested helpers and sponsors to get the second stage off the ground. Planting Day! Saturday November 24, 9am – noon at Jindabyne Oval. Pictured, Sandy Downing, landscape gardener with Margaret Chalk, Community Garden Committee President ready to start digging]





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Class Corner

Wednesday November 21, 2012

SMGS students at Yallambee



WE JUST EVOLVED! Experience the first ever heat-infused Airbrush tanning system. EVOLV means staying warm and dry throughout the entire application process, amazing, healthy, natural-looking results. Incredible skin-nourishing benefits, unique personalised experience. The perfect combination for everyone.

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Students and residents from Yallambee Lodge Cooma. On Monday this week, Year 7 students from Snowy Mountains Grammar School (SMGS) attended Yallambee Lodge in Cooma and Snowy River Hostel in Berridale as part of their Applied Learning Program in School(ALPS).

an integrated crosscurricular educational program of teaching and learning and utilises the main idea of ‘learning by doing and reflecting on the experience’.

Over the past few weeks students have been working toward The ALPS program, organising a morning unique to SMGS, is tea and producing a

Remembrance Day hands on experience artefacts and Service and an Arts with memorabilia from Presentation. The Year 7 students World War I offered have learnt about the through a program run hardships of war for by the Australian War both the soldiers and Memorial in Canberra. families back home. Students researched their own family history finding out where their families lived in 1915 and also had valuable

As part of their visit this week, students interviewed the residents to find out about their life when they were young and

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10% OFF Year 7 students with Mirjam Aigner, Activities Officer at Snowy River Hostel. was always seem to walk away with a ‘buzz’ As a concluding about who they have task, all students will met and what they produce a biography have found out about about the person they someone else’s life. how their life affected by war.

interviewed. The program, now in its fourth year, has always been extremely well received by the students and residents. Students love the chance to sit, talk and listen to the stories of each persons past and

Similarly, all residents in Cooma and Berridale welcome the students with open arms, loving the opportunity to chat and marvel at the effort that they go to, to organise the entire day on their own.

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Wednesday November 21, 2012

Snowliner’s Kimberley experience Sunday rolls around and we say goodbye to Perth as we journey south along the freeway witnessing signs of recent rains. Many of the towns in the southern region end in ‘up’ which is believed to mean meeting place. Morning tea at Bunbury, the third largest city in Western Australia, then on to Busselton for lunch. The 2km wooden jetty at Busselton is the longest in the southern hemisphere a few ventured along this structure before enjoying an ice cream! We then head for the Margaret River area, famous for its wines. Our first stop is at Margaret River Silk Road. This is a new venture which raises silkworms that are exported to Cambodia where the silk is harvested from the cacoons and spun into products which are then sent back to the Silk Road and sold to us lucky tourists. Our hosts gave us a very informative talk before we admired the diverse range of products – many purchases were made. The chocolate factory was visited before stopping at two wineries then making our way to our accommodation in the heart of Margaret River. Breakfast and we are on the road again this time heading to Cape Leeuwin – the most south-westerly mainland point of Australia. The Indian Ocean and Southern Ocean meet at this point and in rough weather I could imagine it a boiling mass of water, our day was very calm and several enjoyed a tour climbing to

the top of the Lighthouse built in 1895. We are now heading east to the Pemberton/Manjimup region and a peaceful lunch was enjoyed at the Diamond Tree Lookout. The tree itself is 51m high and has

At Denmark, no we are not in Europe, there is the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk. This is the nearest most come to the top of trees. The 600m boardwalk is 40 metres high through the canopy of the tingle forest where you can

in 1918 by Padre Arthur Ernest White, after which several climbed to the summit of Mount Clarence. This was where in 1914 many gathered to watch the ships heading to Egypt. It is reported that Padre White said ‘Albany was

been operating as a fire lookout for over 65 years. Pete was brave enough to climb to the very top and thankfully no smoke could be seen. Access is by way of metal spikes that have been hammered into the side of the tree, these curl around the tree to the half way resting point and then it is straight up!

see trees over 400 years old. From here we continue along the South Coast Highway to Albany our evenings destination. For something different we dine at the Earl of Spencer Historic Inn which has been serving Albany since 1884. The bar is made of solid jarrah and is over 120 years old. The meal was fabulous and compensated for the uphill walk. Before leaving Albany on Tuesday morning we visit the ANZAC Memorial at Mount Clarence. The first and second ANZAC convoys left from Albany so this was the last Australian land seen by many. The first Dawn Service was held at St. John’s Albany

the last sight of land our troops saw of Australia, perhaps we should commemorate them this way every ANZAC Day’. A visit and information session at Mount Romance sandalwood factory was appreciated by many. Sandalwood oil is used in many beauty products - shampoos, lipsticks, makeup and fragrances, to mention a few. In Western Australia there is over 161 million hectares of native Sandalwood making this the largest natural Sandalwood resource in the world. The industry has been regulated since the 1920’s. Each time a tree is harvested 12 seeds are planted - 30-40% of these trees achieve maturity beyond 10 years. We are now heading north

through the wheatbelt areas to Hyden and Wave Rock. Wave Rock is a natural formation that is shaped like a tall breaking ocean wave. The multicoloured granite formation is 14m high and around 110m long – which can give you the feeling of standing near a tsunami. It became famous years ago after a photo won a prize in an international competition, visitors from around the world started arriving at the small town of Hyden wanting to see this unusual formation. And just to top the day off after dinner Rita and Kevin entertained us with their musical talents. A unique collection of lace is on display in Hyden. Over 2,000 items from 1650 to present day. Royal lace, chantilly lace worn by Queen Victoria, a piece of tulle from the Princess of Wales wedding veil are some of the items on display. The collection is thought to be the largest private collection of lace in Australia and many items are in sealed drawers to protect them from decay. Just along from the lace display is another display this time with thousands of toy soldiers. It is time to leave Hyden and we make our way to Ravensthorpe and on the Esperance for lunch at Esperance Bay. After lunch we head north along the CoolgardieEsperance Highway to Norseman. Lawrence and George Sinclair with Jack Alsopp discovered gold in August 1894 when Lawrence’s horse Norse-Man dug up a gold nugget. Thursday has us going to Kalgoorlie for a tour, in particular the Super Pit where you stand on the edge and the massive trucks look like matchbox toys. On our way back to Norseman we pass a coal train with 150 carriages, this eventually passes through Norseman while we are enjoying a drink beside the pool!

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Wednesday November 21, 2012

Jindabyne senior citzens Christmas Jindabyne and Berridale Lions, in conjunction with Jindabyne Sport & Recreation, are celebrating more than 40 years of hosting past and present Senior Citizen residents of the Snowy River Shire (and their carers) at the much anticipated annual Senior Citizens Christmas Lunch. This will be held at Jindabyne Sport & Rec

dining hall, Sunday December 2, at 12.30pm. From its humble beginnings at the then “new” Memorial Hall in the newly relocated town of Jindabyne 1970, this annual event has grown to approximately 240 guests and their carers and the ongoing success of this event is only possible due to the extremely generous support of the

State Government and many Monaro businesses, sporting and community groups and individuals. The community support is infectious as shown on the faces of Judy Cummins and the local children attending Jindabyne OOHSC as they spend many afternoons making Christmas cards for all of the Senior Citizens

attending (please see attached photos) Want to catch up with old friends, dust off your dance shoes and enjoy fine Christmas fare, but haven’t received your invitation, then please contact the friendly staff at Jindabyne Spot & Rec on (02) 64500200 to confirm your attendance and arrange transport if required.

Last year’s party.

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ALDI Cooma leads the positive charge in battery recycling These bins will serve as collection points for common household batteries including AA, AAA, C, D and 9V. These used batteries will be sent off to be recycled with materials extracted for reuse in other ALDI Australia has become products. Paul Klymenko, CEO of the first Australian national grocery retailer to initiate Planet Ark, congratulates a free in-store recycling ALDI on becoming the first service across all its stores. Australian grocery retailer to Each year, over 300 million launch a battery recycling common household batteries initiative across their store are thrown away with ordinary network. waste1 and ALDI Australia “Planet Ark is very pleased believes that the recycling that ALDI is taking on this program will have an impact in important environmental reducing the staggering 8,000 initiative which is much tonnes of common household needed by the Australian batteries that end up in landfill community. In fact, we have every year.. found that many people do Cooma-Monaro residents can now recycle their common household batteries at their local ALDI Cooma store, with the launch of the ALDI Activ Energy Battery Recycling Program.

From Wednesday October 17, battery collection bins have been available at the front of ALDI Cooma store.


batteries; representing the fifth most common enquiry on our “At ALDI, we understand that our customers value the environment and community website.” “We encourage Australians they live in. We are confident to support this program that this free recycling service and keep the valuable and will assist our customers potentially toxic materials in disposing of batteries found in batteries out of responsibly,” said an ALDI landfill so they can be turned Australia Spokesperson. For further information back into useful products,” on the Activ Energy Battery said Mr Klymenko. Program, visit ALDI Australia believes Recycling or www. that the initiative will reinforce its social responsibility and

commitment to a sustainable future, as well as its focus on delivering a high not know what to do with their level of used batteries. More than customer 68,000 Australians annually service. ask us where to recycle their

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Wednesday November 21, 2012

Monaro High Year 12 Formal

Georgie and Luke.

Happi and Jeremy.

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SUNDAY 25TH NOVEMBER 2012 11.00 AM TO 1.00 PM • Free Entry • Light Refreshments available • Great X’Mas Gifts All locally handmade crafts for something a little different. Come See all the handcrafted Pottery, Mosaics and Glassware produced with love at the Ando Hall, the hub of the local community.

Declan and Bindi. Michelle, Amy and Myles.


Celebrate Christmas in style,

dining at our Stockmen’s Restaurant, its all stress free for you to enjoy! Places are limited so bookings are essential by December 16th, to guarantee you Christmas lunch!




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APPETIZER: Bread rolls, Australian king prawns, Tasmanian smoked salmon and cold meat platter SALADS: Four different selections of cold and warm salads to choose from MAIN: Red snapper, prawn stuffed chicken breast, Christmas roast turkey, ham and pork DESSERTS: Traditional Christmas pudding with Brandy custard and three other amazing desserts.

STOCKMEN’S RESTAURANT Marlborough Motor Inn 19 Monaro Hwy, Cooma P:

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Wednesday November 21, 2012

‘Daughters Of Country’in Cooma Anne Kirkpatrick and Dianne Lindsay will be presenting a combined show at Cooma Ex-Services Club on Sunday November 25 at 3pm. This show will be a real country music treat as both Anne and Dianne hail from what can only be called Australian country music royalty. Anne is the daughter of Slim Dusty and Joy McKean and Dianne is the daughter of Reg Lindsay and Heather McKean. Of course, Anne and Dianne are first cousins and until now have not had the opportunity to do these types of shows together. Both are established multiaward winning artists in their own right.

On the night they will be performing a number of their respective father’s songs and together will present some of their mothers’ songs (The McKean Sisters) as well as presenting their own individual music. The setting for this show is intimate and acoustic and anyone who enjoys true, traditional country music and is interested in our Australian country music history will find this show a mustsee. Tickets are $20 adults and $5 for children 16 years and under. Tickets are available at the club or at the door. For further enquiries phone 0401095306.

A little gift makes a big difference: Operation Santa 2012 Christmas morning without presents under the tree is a sad reality facing many Australian families this Christmas. Through Operation Santa, people can spread Christmas joy to people who may have otherwise gone without by generously donating gifts at Target and Target Country stores across Australia. Each year Target and UnitingCare call on the community to join forces for Operation Santa, and brighten Christmas for thousands of disadvantaged people across Australia. In its 21st year the appeal is once again set to reach children, teenagers and older people across the country, who without the support of the community would not receive a gift this Christmas. This year the operations Santa team is reminding people throughout Australia that ‘a little gift makes a big difference’ because it’s through the generosity of our neighbours that many families and individuals can enjoy the

pleasure of a Christmas gift. In Australia it is estimated more than two million people, one in 10 of whom are children, live in poverty. Thousands of people request support services each day from UnitingCare agencies and this demand always spikes around Christmas. “Operation Santa is a great way for local people to help those in our community who are struggling for a variety of reasons. While we may not know them personally there are many people who need our help” said Church Secretary, UnitingCare local coordinator. How can the community help? Spot the large red Operation Santa tree at any Target or Target Country store, take a gift tag from the tree and donate a gift fro someone in need. You can also purchase gift cards from any Targe checkout. U n i t i n g C a r e representatives will collect the gifts and ensure they are

distributed to those in need in time for Christmas morning. All gifts go to people in the local community where they are donated. “Target is really proud to once again partner with UnitingCare for Operation Santa. The appeal is celebrating its 21st year this Christmas and we are hopeful of our biggest response yet. With over 300 stores across Australia, Target is a part of so many local communities and we understand how great the need is, particularly at Christmas, so we appreciate the amazing support of our customers and the incredible work done by UnitingCare at this time of year”. “We encourage all of our customers to make a big difference to someone else’s Christmas by putting a gift, no matter how big or small, under the Operation Santa tree at their local Target store”, said Dene Rogers, Target Managing Director. Thanks to the

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generosity of Australians, 81,463 gifts and $149,590 in gift cards were donated and distributed last year. We hope to collect 100,000 gifts and $200,000 of gift cards this Christmas for those in need. Operation Santa runs from Thursday 8 November to Sunday 23 December 2012. For more information visit www.operationsanta.

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6.00 News Breakfast. 9.30 Business. 10.00 Being French. 10.35 BTN. 11.00 Ancient Megastructures. Final. 12.00 Midday. 12.30 World’s Worst Disasters. (PG) 1.30 At The Movies. (PG) 2.00 Question Time. 3.00 Children’s. 5.00 Eggheads. 5.30 Poh’s Kitchen. 6.05 Greatest Cities Of The World With Griff Rhys Jones. Final. 7.00 News. 7.30 7.30. 8.00 Kitchen Cabinet. 8.30 Redfern Now. (PG) 9.30 QI. (PG) 10.00 Angry Boys. (M) 10.30 Lateline. 11.05 Business. 11.30 Hockey. Super Series. Highlights.

6.00 News Breakfast. 9.30 Business. 10.00 Double Trouble. 10.25 Music Moves. 10.40 Conversations With Australian Artists. 11.00 Photo Finish. 11.30 One Plus One. 12.00 Midday. 12.30 Movie: The Iron Petticoat. (1956) 2.00 Waterloo Road. (M) 3.00 Children’s. 5.00 Eggheads. 5.30 Poh’s Kitchen. 6.00 Lost Gardens. 7.00 News. 7.30 7.30 ACT. 8.00 Moone Boy. (PG) 8.30 New Tricks. (PG) 9.30 Waking The Dead. (M) 10.25 Lateline. 11.00 My Family. (PG) 11.30 Hockey. Super Series. Highlights.

6.00 Rage. 10.30 25 Years Of Rage: 03 – 06. (PG) 11.30 7.30 ACT. 12.00 Foreign Correspondent. 12.30 Diving With Aliens. 1.30 Eggheads. 2.00 WNBL. Bulleen Boomers v West Coast Waves. 3.00 W-League. Western Sydney v Newcastle. 4.00 Hockey. Super Series. Highlights. 6.00 Landline. 6.30 Gardening. 7.00 News. 7.30 Doc Martin. (PG) 8.20 Kingdom. Final. (PG) 9.05 Sinbad. Final. (PG) 9.55 Silent Witness. (M) 10.50 Waking The Dead. (M) 11.40 25 Years Of Rage: 03 – 06. (MA15+)

6.00 Rage. 6.30 Children’s. 9.00 Insiders. 10.00 Business. 10.30 Offsiders. 11.00 Asia Pacific. 11.30 Songs. 12.00 Best Of Landline. 1.00 Gardening. 1.30 Travel Oz. 2.00 Sinbad. Final. (PG) 2.45 At The Movies: Short Cuts. (PG) 3.00 China’s Avant-Garde: The New Cultural Revolution. (PG) 3.30 Hockey. Super Series. 6.00 Auction Room. 6.30 Compass. 7.00 News. 7.30 Michael Palin’s Brazil. 8.30 Wallander. (M) 10.00 The Slap. (M) 10.55 Strike Back. (MA15+) 11.40 Movie: The Go-Between. (1970) (M)

6.00 News Breakfast. 9.30 Business. 10.00 Backyard Science. 10.25 Atoms Of Fire. Final. 10.40 Nile. 11.00 Best Of Landline. 12.00 Midday. 12.30 Michael Palin’s Brazil. 1.30 Meerkat Manor. 2.00 Question Time. 3.00 Children’s. 5.00 Eggheads. 5.30 Poh’s Kitchen. 6.00 Restoration Man. 6.50 Minuscule. 7.00 News. 7.30 7.30. 8.00 Family Confidential. (PG) 8.30 Modern Spies. 9.20 Media Watch. Final. 9.35 Q&A. Final. 10.35 Lateline. 11.10 Business. 11.35 The Kennedys. (PG)

6.00 News Breakfast. 9.30 Business. 10.00 BTN. Final. 10.25 PMs’ National Treasures. 10.35 My Place. 11.00 Big Ideas. 12.00 Midday. 12.30 Q&A. Final. 1.30 Compass. 2.00 Question Time. 3.00 Children’s. 5.00 Eggheads. 5.30 Poh’s Kitchen. 6.00 Time Team America. 7.00 News. 7.30 7.30. 8.00 Foreign Correspondent. Final. 8.30 Three Men In A Boat: The Best Bits. (PG) 9.30 QI. (PG) 10.00 Artscape. Final. 10.30 Lateline. 11.05 Business. 11.30 Media Watch. Final. 11.45 Movie: Margot. (2009) (M)


6.00 Sunrise. 9.00 The Morning Show. (PG) 11.30 News. 12.00 Once Upon A Time. (PG) 2.00 Once Upon A Time. (PG) 3.00 Medical Emergency. (PG) 3.30 Toybox. 4.00 It’s Academic. 4.30 News. 5.00 The Price Is Right. 5.30 Deal Or No Deal. 6.00 News. 6.30 Today Tonight. 7.00 Home And Away. (PG) 7.30 Highway Patrol. (PG) 8.00 The Force. (PG) 8.30 Dynamo: Magician Impossible. (PG) 9.30 World’s Wildest Police Videos. (M) 10.30 Air Crash Investigations. (PG) 11.30 Parks And Recreation. Final. (PG)

6.00 Sunrise. 9.00 The Morning Show. (PG) 11.30 News. 12.00 Once Upon A Time. (PG) 1.00 Once Upon A Time. (PG) 2.00 Dr Oz. (PG) 3.00 Medical Emergency. (PG) 3.30 Toybox. 4.00 It’s Academic. 4.30 News. 5.00 The Price Is Right. 5.30 Deal Or No Deal. 6.00 News. 6.30 Today Tonight. 7.00 Home And Away. (PG) 7.30 Once Upon A Time. Return. (PG) 8.30 Beauty And The Geek Australia. (PG) 9.30 The Unbelievable Truth. (M) 10.50 Family Guy. (M) 11.15 Family Guy. (M) 11.45 Cougar Town. (M)

6.00 Sunrise. 9.00 The Morning Show. (PG) 11.30 News. 12.00 Movie: Death Becomes Her. (1992) (M) 2.00 Dr Oz. (PG) 3.00 Medical Emergency. (PG) 3.30 Toybox. 4.00 It’s Academic. 4.30 News. 5.00 The Price Is Right. 5.30 Deal Or No Deal. 6.00 News. 6.30 Today Tonight. 7.00 Home And Away. (PG) 7.30 Better Homes And Gardens. 9.00 Movie: Mamma Mia! (2008) (PG) Meryl Streep, Amanda Seyfried. 11.30 Japan Tsunami: Caught On Camera. (PG)

6.00 Shopping. 7.00 Weekend Sunrise. 10.00 The Morning Show: Weekend. (PG) 11.00 The Woodlies. 11.30 Ghosts Of Time. 12.30 Sea Princesses. 1.00 V8 Xtra. 1.30 Motor Racing. V8 Utes. Round 7. 2.30 Possum’s Club. 3.00 Movie: Rip Girls. (2000) 5.00 Hart Of The Barbecue. New series. 5.30 Sydney Weekender. 6.00 News. 6.30 Movie: Finding Nemo. (2003) 8.30 Movie: Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time. (2010) (M) 11.00 To Be Advised. 12.00 Grey’s Anatomy. (M)

6.00 Nopalea Wellness Challenge. 6.30 Shopping. 7.00 Weekend Sunrise. 10.00 The Morning Show: Weekend. (PG) 11.00 Kochie’s Business Builders. 11.30 Ghosts Of Time. 12.00 Ghosts Of Time. 12.30 Sally Bollywood. 1.00 No Ordinary Family. (PG) 2.00 Movie: Sneakers. (1992) (PG) 4.30 Better Homes And Gardens. 6.00 News. 6.30 Sunday Night. 7.30 Border Security. (PG) 8.00 Air Ways. (PG) 8.40 Bones. (M) 9.35 Bones. (M) 10.30 Law & Order: LA. (M) 11.30 Parking Wars. (PG)

6.00 Sunrise. 9.00 The Morning Show. (PG) 11.30 News. 12.00 Movie: Breaking The Surface. (1997) (M) 2.00 Dr Oz. (PG) 3.00 Medical Emergency. (PG) 3.30 Toybox. 4.00 It’s Academic. 4.30 News. 5.00 The Price Is Right. 5.30 Deal Or No Deal. 6.00 News. 6.30 Today Tonight. 7.00 Home And Away. (PG) 7.30 We Will Always Love You: A Grammy Salute To Whitney Houston. (PG) 8.30 Castle. (M) 10.30 Scandal. (M) 11.30 Whitney. (M) 12.00 Keeping Up With The Kardashians. (M)

6.00 Sunrise. 9.00 The Morning Show. (PG) 11.30 News. 12.00 Movie: Rites Of Passage. (1999) (M) 2.00 Dr Oz. (PG) 3.00 Medical Emergency. (PG) 3.30 Toybox. 4.00 It’s Academic. 4.30 News. 5.00 The Price Is Right. 5.30 Deal Or No Deal. 6.00 News. 6.30 Today Tonight. 7.00 Home And Away. (PG) 7.30 Once Upon A Time. (PG) 8.30 Winners & Losers. Final. (M) 9.30 Grey’s Anatomy. (M) 10.30 Scandal. Final. (M) 11.30 I Just Want My Pants Back. (M)

6.00 Today. 9.00 Mornings. (PG) 11.00 News. 12.00 The Ellen DeGeneres Show. (PG) 1.00 The View. (PG) 2.00 Days Of Our Lives. (PG) 3.00 Alive & Cooking. 3.30 Surprises. 4.00 Kitchen Whiz. 4.30 News. 5.30 Hot Seat. 6.00 News. 6.30 WIN News. 7.00 A Current Affair. 7.30 Hot Property. (PG) 8.30 Big Fat Gypsy Weddings. (M) 9.30 Embarrassing Bodies: Hull. (M) 10.30 Who Do You Think You Are? Rob Lowe. (PG) 11.30 Are You There, Chelsea? (M)

6.00 Today. 9.00 Mornings. (PG) 10.00 Surprises. 10.30 Cricket. Second Test. Australia v South Africa. Day 1. Morning session. From Adelaide Oval. 1.00 The Cricket Show. 1.30 Cricket. Second Test. Australia v South Africa. Day 1. Afternoon session. From Adelaide Oval. 6.00 News. 6.30 WIN News. 7.00 A Current Affair. 7.30 Getaway. (PG) 8.30 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. (M) 9.30 CSI: Miami. Final. (M) 10.30 True CSI: Cold Blood: Poison Pen. (AV15+) 11.30 Are You There, Chelsea? (M)

6.00 Today. 9.00 Mornings. (PG) 10.00 Surprises. Final. 10.30 Cricket. Second Test. Australia v South Africa. Day 2. Morning session. From Adelaide Oval. 1.00 The Cricket Show. 1.30 Cricket. Second Test. Australia v South Africa. Day 2. Afternoon session. From Adelaide Oval. 6.00 News. 6.30 WIN News. 7.00 A Current Affair. 7.30 The Big Bang Theory. (PG) 8.30 Movie: Did You Hear About The Morgans? (2009) (PG) 10.40 Movie: You’ve Got Mail. (1998) (PG)

6.00 Bubble Guppies. 6.30 Dora. 7.00 Today: Saturday. 10.00 Dogstar. 10.30 Cricket. Second Test. Australia v South Africa. Day 3. Morning session. From Adelaide Oval. 1.00 The Cricket Show. 1.30 Cricket. Second Test. Australia v South Africa. Day 3. Afternoon session. From Adelaide Oval. 6.00 News. 6.30 Australia’s Funniest Home Videos. (PG) 7.40 Movie: The Wizard Of Oz. (1939) 9.50 Movie: Four Holidays. (2008) (M) 11.40 Movie: The Holcroft Covenant. (1985) (M)

6.00 Children’s. 7.00 Today. 10.00 Wakkaville. 10.30 Cricket. Second Test. Australia v South Africa. Day 4. Morning session. From Adelaide Oval. (Please note: If cricket coverage finishes early, alternative schedule will be shown) 1.00 The Cricket Show. 1.30 Cricket. Second Test. Australia v South Africa. Day 4. Afternoon session. From Adelaide Oval. 6.00 News. 6.30 To Be Advised. 7.30 60 Minutes. 8.30 To Be Advised. 11.30 Southland. (M) 12.30 What Would You Do? (M)

6.00 Today. 9.00 Mornings. (PG) 10.00 Magical Tales. 10.30 Cricket. Second Test. Australia v South Africa. Day 5. Morning session. From Adelaide Oval. (Please note: If cricket coverage finishes early, alternative schedule will be shown) 1.00 The Cricket Show. 1.30 Cricket. Second Test. Australia v South Africa. Day 5. Afternoon session. From Adelaide Oval. 6.00 News. 6.30 WIN News. 7.00 A Current Affair. 7.30 RBT. (PG) 8.30 The Mentalist. (M) 10.30 CSI: NY. (M) 11.30 Nikita. (AV15+)

6.00 Today. 9.00 Mornings. (PG) 11.00 News. 12.00 The Ellen DeGeneres Show. (PG) 1.00 The View. (PG) 2.00 Days Of Our Lives. (PG) 3.00 Alive & Cooking. 3.30 Magical Tales. 4.00 Kitchen Whiz. 4.30 News. 5.30 Hot Seat. 6.00 News. 6.30 WIN News. 7.00 A Current Affair. 7.30 50 Years Of Bond Cars: A Top Gear Special. (PG) 9.00 The Big Bang Theory. (PG) 10.00 2 Broke Girls. (M) 10.30 Survivor: Philippines. (PG) 11.30 Weeds. (MA15+)

6.00 Breakfast. 8.30 Wurrawhy. 9.00 The Talk. (PG) 10.00 News. 11.00 Ent. Tonight. (PG) 11.30 The Insider. (PG) 12.00 Dr Phil. (M) 1.00 The Doctors. (M) 2.00 Ready Steady Cook. (PG) 3.00 Judge Judy. (PG) 3.30 Huey’s Kitchen. 4.00 Totally Wild. 4.30 Bold & The Beautiful. 5.00 News. 6.00 The Project. 7.00 Modern Family. (PG) 7.30 Glee. (PG) 8.30 The Good Wife. (M) 9.30 Emily Owens M.D. (M) 10.30 News. 11.15 Saving Grace. (M)

6.00 Breakfast. 8.30 Wurrawhy. 9.00 The Talk. (PG) 10.00 News. 11.00 Ent. Tonight. (PG) 11.30 The Insider. (PG) 12.00 Dr Phil. (M) 1.00 The Doctors. (M) 2.00 Ready Steady Cook. (PG) 3.00 Judge Judy. (PG) 3.30 Huey’s Kitchen. 4.00 Scope. 4.30 Bold & The Beautiful. 5.00 News. 6.00 The Project. 7.00 Modern Family. (PG) 7.30 Jamie’s Fifteen Minute Meals. 8.30 Law & Order: SVU. (M) 10.30 News. 11.15 Letterman. (PG)

6.00 Breakfast. 8.30 Wurrawhy. 9.00 The Talk. (PG) 10.00 News. 11.00 Ent. Tonight. (PG) 11.30 The Insider. (PG) 12.00 Dr Phil. (M) 1.00 The Doctors. (M) 2.00 Ready Steady Cook. (PG) 3.00 Judge Judy. (PG) 3.30 Huey’s Kitchen. 4.00 Lightning Point. 4.30 Bold & The Beautiful. 5.00 News. 6.00 The Project. 7.00 Modern Family. (PG) 7.30 The Living Room. (PG) 8.30 Movie: The Back-Up Plan. (2010) (M) 10.50 White Collar. (M) 11.50 Letterman. (PG)

6.00 Children’s. 9.30 Good Chef. 10.00 Hot 30. (PG) 12.00 Radar. (PG) 12.30 Everyday Gourmet. 1.00 Australian Rally Championship. Highlights. 2.00 Ozzie Holiday. 2.30 Huey’s Kitchen On Tour. 3.00 Yes Chef. 3.30 Taste Of Travel. 4.00 Love To Share Food. 5.00 News. 6.00 Simpsons. (PG) 6.30 Life Of Mammals. 7.30 Wildlife Warriors. 8.00 Bondi Vet. (PG) 8.30 Graham Norton. (M) 9.30 Movie: Men’s Group. (2008) (MA15+) 11.50 48 Hours. (M)

6.00 Creflo Dollar Ministries. 6.30 Hillsong. 7.00 Totally Wild. 7.30 Totally Wild. 8.00 Totally Australia. 9.00 Hot 30. 10.00 Hot 30. (PG) 12.00 4x4 Adventures. (PG) 1.00 Escape With ET. 2.00 NBL. Round 8. Melbourne Tigers v Wollongong Hawks. 4.00 Meet The Press. 4.30 The Bolt Report. 5.00 News. 6.00 The Project. 6.30 Merlin. (PG) 7.30 Modern Family. (PG) 8.30 Homeland. (M) 9.30 Vegas. (M) 10.30 Movie: Notorious. (2009)

6.00 Breakfast. 8.30 Wurrawhy. 9.00 The Talk. (PG) 10.00 News. 11.00 Ent. Tonight. (PG) 11.30 The Insider. (PG) 12.00 Dr Phil. (M) 1.00 The Doctors. (PG) 2.00 Ready Steady Cook. (PG) 3.00 Judge Judy. (PG) 3.30 Huey’s Kitchen. 4.00 Totally Wild. 4.30 Bold & The Beautiful. 5.00 News. 6.00 The Project. 7.00 Modern Family. (PG) 8.00 New Girl. (PG) 8.30 Can Of Worms: Best Of Live. Final. (M) 9.40 Hawaii Five-0. (M) 10.40 News. 11.25 One Tree Hill. (M)

6.00 Breakfast. 8.30 Wurrawhy. 9.00 The Talk. (PG) 10.00 News. 11.00 Ent. Tonight. (PG) 11.30 The Insider. (PG) 12.00 Dr Phil. (M) 1.00 The Doctors. (PG) 2.00 Ready Steady Cook. (PG) 3.00 Judge Judy. (PG) 3.30 Huey’s Kitchen. 4.00 Totally Wild. 4.30 Bold & The Beautiful. 5.00 News. 6.00 The Project. 7.00 Modern Family. (PG) 7.30 Jamie’s Fifteen Minute Meals. 8.30 NCIS. (M) 9.30 NCIS: Los Angeles. (M) 10.30 News. 11.15 Numb3rs. (M) 12.15 Letterman. (PG)

6.00 WorldWatch. 6.30 Champions League. Juventus v Chelsea. 9.05 WorldWatch. 3.00 Letters & Numbers. 3.30 Al Jazeera. 4.00 Journal. 4.30 PBS NewsHour. 5.30 Global Village. 5.45 Countdown. 6.30 News. 7.30 Monster Bug Wars: Enemy Empire. 8.30 Toughest Place To Be A… Ferryman. (PG) 9.30 Cutting Edge: Gaddafi – Dead Or Alive. (M) 10.30 News. 11.05 Movie: Sarah’s Key. (2010)

6.00 WorldWatch. 6.30 Champions League. Matchday 5. Schalke v Olympiacos. 9.05 WorldWatch. 3.00 Letters & Numbers. 3.30 Al Jazeera. 4.00 Journal. 4.30 PBS NewsHour. 5.30 Global Village. 5.45 Countdown. 6.30 News. 7.30 My Sri Lanka With Peter Kuruvita. 8.00 Luke Nguyen’s Greater Mekong 2. 8.30 Raymond Blanc: The Very Hungry Frenchman. New series. 9.35 One Born Every Minute. (M) 10.30 News. 11.00 Champions League Hour.

6.00 WorldWatch. 1.00 Food Lovers’ Guide To Australia. 1.30 Disable Bodied Sailors. (M) 2.00 Comedy School. (M) 2.30 Living Black. 3.00 Letters & Numbers. 3.30 Al Jazeera. 4.00 Journal. 4.30 PBS NewsHour. 5.30 Global Village. 5.45 Countdown. 6.30 News. 7.30 Coast: Denmark. 8.30 America Revealed: Nation On The Move. 9.35 As It Happened: JFK – A Homecoming. 10.35 News. 11.05 Movie: Paper Castles. (2009) (MA15+)

6.00 WorldWatch. 1.00 Il Viaggio A Reims. 3.15 The Chopin Préludes. 3.25 A Russian Resurrection. 3.55 Photo. (PG) 4.30 PBS NewsHour. 5.30 Seduction In The City: The Birth Of Shopping. (PG) 6.30 News. 7.30 Amazon With Bruce Parry. (PG) 8.30 Hunted. New series. (M) 9.30 Movie: The Red Riding Trilogy: 1983. (2009) (AV15+) 11.25 Movie: 20th Century Boys: The Final Chapter – Our Flag. (2009) (AV15+)

6.00 WorldWatch. 8.30 PopAsia. 10.30 Football Asia. 11.00 Champions League Magazine. 11.30 Speedweek. 1.30 Al Jazeera. 2.30 Liberal Rule. (PG) 3.30 Trawlermen. (PG) 4.30 Living Black. 5.00 Cycling Central. 6.00 Thalassa: Destination Somalia Pt 2. 6.30 News. 7.35 Lost Worlds: The Man Who Discovered Egypt. 8.35 Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking: Time Travel. 9.30 Death Row: Hank Skinner. (M) 10.30 Movie: The Signal. (2007) (M) 12.20 Movie: A Love To Hide. (2005) (AV15+)

6.00 WorldWatch. 1.00 Movie: Au Revoir Taipei. (2010) (M) 2.35 I Am A Girl! (PG) 3.00 France 24 International News. 3.30 Al Jazeera. 4.00 Journal. 4.30 FIFA Futbol Mundial. 5.00 The Crew. 5.30 Global Village. 5.45 Countdown. 6.30 News. 7.30 MythBusters. (PG) 8.30 Derren Brown: Séance. (M) 9.30 This Is England ’88. (MA15+) 10.30 News. 11.00 The World Game.

6.00 WorldWatch. 1.00 Cannot Buy My Soul. (M) 2.30 James Morrison: Blowing His Own Trumpet. 3.00 France 24 International News. 3.30 Al Jazeera. 4.00 Journal. 4.30 PBS NewsHour. 5.30 Global Village. 5.45 Countdown. 6.30 News. 7.30 Finding Your Roots: Sanjay Gupta, Margaret Cho, And Martha Stewart. (PG) 8.30 America In Primetime: Independent Woman. (M) 9.35 Clinton: A Real President. (M) 10.35 News. 11.10 Movie: Troubled Water. (2008) (M)

sbs one

wednesday 6.00 News Breakfast. 9.30 Business. 10.00 For The Juniors. 10.15 Cyberchase. 10.35 I Maths. 10.45 BTN Specials. 11.00 Big Ideas. 12.00 Midday. 12.30 Press Club. 1.30 Can We Help? 2.00 Question Time. 3.00 Children’s. 5.00 Eggheads. 5.30 Poh’s Kitchen. 6.00 Restaurant Inspector. 6.45 Dream Build. 7.00 News. 7.30 7.30. 8.00 QI. (PG) 8.30 A Moody Christmas. (M) 9.00 Problems. (M) 9.30 Red Dwarf X. 10.00 At The Movies. (PG) 10.30 Lateline. 11.05 Business. 11.30 Very Small Business. (M)


November 21–27

sc ten

Your Prime Time TV Guide

RATING ADVICE: (PG) Parental Guidance Recommended (M) Mature Audiences (MA15+) Mature Audiences Only (AV15+) Extreme Adult Violence PLEASE NOTE: Listings are correct at the time of print and are subject to change by the networks.

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November 21–27

Your Prime Time TV Guide







6.00pm Children’s. 7.00 Spicks And Specks. 7.30 Meet The Natives USA. 8.20 Video Killed The Radio Star: Artist’s View: Bryan Adams. (M) 8.40 The Roast. 8.45 Beauty & The Beast. Return. (M) 9.35 Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder. 10.25 Opening Shot. (M) 10.55 The Roast. 11.00 Blood, Sweat And Takeaways. (M) 11.55 The Urban Chef. (PG)

6.00pm Children’s. 7.00 Spicks And Specks. (PG) 7.30 World’s Toughest Driving Tests. (PG) 8.25 The Roast. 8.30 The Strange Calls. Final. (M) 9.00 Warehouse Comedy Festival. (M) 9.30 Alan Carr: Chatty Man. 10.20 Problems. (M) 10.50 The Young Ones. (PG) 11.20 The Roast. 11.25 Gavin & Stacey. (M) 11.55 Party Down. (M)

6.00pm Children’s. 7.00 Spicks And Specks. (PG) 7.30 Great Food Truck Race. 8.25 The Roast. 8.30 Pineapple Dance Studios. (M) 9.15 Pineapple Dance Studios: Finale. Final. (M) 10.20 Jack Dee: Live In London. (M) 11.15 The Roast. 11.20 Hit & Miss. (MA15+)

6.00pm Children’s. 6.30 In The Night Garden. 7.00 Spicks And Specks. (PG) 7.30 Beauty & The Beast. (M) 8.30 Movie: Brother Sun, Sister Moon. (1973) (PG) 10.25 Movie: The Taming Of The Shrew. (1967) (G) 12.25am Video Killed The Radio Star: Steve Barron. (M)

6.00pm Children’s. 7.00 Spicks And Specks. (PG) 7.30 Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder: The Big Clear Out. 8.30 Crossfire Hurricane. (M) 9.30 Opening Shot: Queen Of The Desert. 10.00 Louis Theroux: Miami Mega Jail. (M) 11.00 Mongolian Bling. (M)

6.00pm Children’s. 7.00 Spicks And Specks. 7.30 Mega Builders: Fantasy Islands. 8.25 The Roast. 8.30 Louis Theroux: Miami Mega Jail. Final. (M) Part 2 of 2. 9.30 Why Poverty? Park Avenue. New series. 10.25 Pineapple Dance Studios. (M) 11.10 The Roast. 11.15 Pineapple Dance Studios: Finale. Final. (M) 12.25am Breaking Bad. Final. (M)

6.00pm Children’s. 7.00 Spicks And Specks. (PG) 7.30 Dirty Jobs. 8.25 The Roast. 8.30 Good Game. 9.00 Video Killed The Radio Star: Artist’s View: Bon Jovi. (M) 9.30 Why Poverty? Give Us The Money. (M) 10.25 The Invention Of Dr Nakamats. (PG) 11.20 The Roast. 11.25 The Real Filth Fighters. (PG) 11.50 Jack Osbourne: No Limits. Final. (M)


6.05pm The Avengers. 6.30 Horrible Histories. 7.00 7.10 Big Babies. 7.30 Total Drama Action. 7.55 News On 3. 8.00 Jeopardy. 8.30 Desperados. The Desperados are caught cheating in the final. 8.55 The 3 Factor. 9.00 Close.

6.05pm The Avengers. 6.30 Horrible Histories. 7.00 Deadly 60. 7.30 Total Drama Action: CM. 7.55 News On 3. 8.00 Jeopardy. 8.30 The Killian Curse. (PG) Killian returns and is running around taking people’s souls whenever he wants. 8.55 The 3 Factor. 9.00 Close.

6.05pm The Avengers. 6.30 Horrible Histories. 7.00 Stay Tuned. 7.30 Prank Patrol. 7.55 News On 3. 8.00 Jeopardy. 8.30 Good Game: SP. Hex, Bajo and robot Darren look at the latest in the Australian video game scene. 8.55 Bugged. 9.00 Close.

6.25pm Prank Patrol Road Trip. 6.50 You’re Skitting Me. 7.15 Dukes Of Broxstonia. 7.25 Good Game: SP. 7.50 News On 3. 7.55 Vampire Knight. (PG) 8.20 Astro Boy. 8.40 Voltron: Defender Of The Universe. Marshal Keezor brings news that Hazar has been demoted. 9.05 Close.

6.10pm 6.20 Grizzly Tales For Gruesome Kids. 6.30 Horrible Histories. 7.00 Wolverine And The X-Men. 7.25 The Avengers. 7.50 News On 3. 7.55 The 99. (PG) 8.15 Fruits Basket. 8.40 Ouran High School Host Club. (PG) 9.05 Close.

6.05pm The Avengers. 6.30 Horrible Histories. 7.00 Bushwhacked! 7.30 Total Drama Action: CM. 7.55 News On 3. 8.00 Jeopardy. 8.30 My Life As A Popat. 8.55 The 3 Factor. Follows a group of up-andcoming Australian kids who excel in their chosen field. 9.00 Close.

6.05pm The Avengers. 6.30 Horrible Histories. 7.30 Total Drama World Tour. 7.55 News On 3. 8.00 Jeopardy. 8.30 Pixelface. Set within the fictional world of a computer game console, the group faces their own triumphs, tragedies and funny mishaps. 9.00 Close.


6.00pm Kingswood Country. (PG) 6.30 Motorway Patrol. (PG) 7.00 Coastwatch. (PG) 7.30 Heartbeat. (PG) 8.30 Movie: The Invention Of Lying. (2009) (M) Ricky Gervais, Jennifer Garner, Jonah Hill. 10.40 Pulling. (MA15+) 11.15 The Bill. (M) 12.15am Kojak. (M)

6.00pm Kingswood Country. (PG) 6.30 Motorway Patrol. (PG) 7.00 Coastwatch. (PG) 7.30 How The Other Half Live. (PG) 8.30 Criminal Minds. (M) 9.30 Criminal Minds. (MA15+) 10.30 Pulling. (MA15+) 11.10 The Bill. (M) 12.10am Kojak. (M)

6.00pm Kingswood Country. (PG) 6.30 Motorway Patrol. (PG) 7.00 Coastwatch. (PG) 7.30 Doc Martin. (PG) 8.30 Escape To The Country. 10.45 Homes Under The Hammer. 12.00am Movie: Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice. (1969) (M) Natalie Wood, Elliott Gould, Robert Culp.

6.00pm The Great Outdoors. 6.30 SeaChange. (PG) 7.30 Heartbeat. (PG) 8.30 Inspector Morse. (M) When Morse visits his stepmother and half-sister, he is distraught to learn that his step-niece has committed suicide. 10.50 Miniseries: Sea Wolf. (2009) (AV15+)

6.30pm The Food Truck. (PG) 7.00 Country Calendar. 7.30 Ballykissangel. (PG) 8.30 Escape To The Country. 9.30 60 Minute Makeover. (PG) 10.30 Homes Under The Hammer. 11.45 Hale And Pace. (M) 12.15am Hale And Pace. (M)

6.00pm Kingswood Country. (PG) 6.30 Motorway Patrol. (PG) 7.00 Coastwatch. (PG) 7.30 Heartbeat. (PG) 8.30 Waking The Dead. (M) 9.40 Criminal Minds. (M) 10.40 Criminal Minds. (M) 11.40 Miniseries: Catherine Cookson’s The Secret. (2000) (M) 12.40am Kojak. (M)

6.00pm Kingswood Country. (PG) 6.30 Motorway Patrol. (PG) 7.00 Coastwatch. (PG) 7.30 Anh Does Vietnam. (PG) 8.30 The Vicar Of Dibley. Final. (PG) 9.30 Mrs Brown’s Boys. Final. (M) 10.10 Homes Under The Hammer. 11.30 Property Ladder. (PG)


6.00pm My Name Is Earl. (PG) 6.30 My Name Is Earl. (PG) 7.00 How I Met Your Mother. (PG) 8.30 Hardcore Pawn. (M) 9.00 Hardcore Pawn. (M) 9.30 American Pickers. (PG) 10.30 American Pickers. (PG) 11.30 Rude Tube. (M) 12.00am 30 Rock. (PG)

6.00pm My Name Is Earl. (PG) 6.30 My Name Is Earl. (PG) 7.00 How I Met Your Mother. (PG) 7.30 Swamp People. (PG) 8.30 Turtleman. (PG) 9.30 Gator Boys. (PG) 10.30 Operation Repo. (M) 11.00 Bear Swamp Recovery. (M) 11.30 Jail. (M) 12.00am 30 Rock. (PG)

6.30pm My Name Is Earl. (PG) 7.00 Movie: Brother Bear 2. (2006) (G) 8.30 How I Met Your Mother. (PG) 9.30 Movie: Death Race. (2008) (MA15+) 11.45 Punk’d. (M) 12.15am Blokesworld. (MA15+) 12.45 Parks And Recreation. (PG)

6.30pm Mighty Structures: Ultimate Roller Coaster. 7.30 Big Australia: Cattle Station. 8.30 Megastructures Breakdown: Train Overhaul. (PG) Follow a breakdown crew as they tear apart a 50-year-old locomotive and then rebuild it from the frame up. 9.45 Movie: Death Race 2. (2010) (AV15+)

6.00pm My Name Is Earl. (PG) 6.30 How I Met Your Mother. (PG) 7.00 How I Met Your Mother. (PG) 7.30 Movie: Cheaper By The Dozen 2. (2005) (G) 9.30 Movie: BASEketball. (1998) (M) 11.40 Punk’d. (M) 12.10am The Cape. (M)

6.00pm According To Jim. (PG) 6.30 My Name Is Earl. (PG) 7.00 How I Met Your Mother. (PG) 8.30 Family Guy. (M) 9.00 American Dad! (PG) 9.30 Family Guy: Something Something Something Dark Side. (MA15+) 10.30 American Dad! (M) 11.30 Jail. (MM)

6.00pm According To Jim. (PG) 6.30 My Name Is Earl. (PG) 7.00 How I Met Your Mother. (PG) 7.30 MythBusters. (PG) 8.30 Pawn Stars. (PG) 9.00 Hollywood Treasure. (PG) 9.30 Pawn Stars. (PG) 10.00 Cash Cowboys. (PG) 11.00 Cash Cowboys. (PG) 12.00am 30 Rock. (PG)


6.00pm Suburgatory. (PG) 6.30 2 Broke Girls. (PG) 7.00 The Middle. (PG) 7.30 Two And A Half Men. (PG) 8.30 2 Broke Girls. (M) 9.00 2 Broke Girls. (M) 9.30 Movie: Jonah Hex. (2010) (M) 11.10 Two And A Half Men. (M) 11.30 Two And A Half Men. (M)

6.00pm Suburgatory. (PG) 6.30 2 Broke Girls. (PG) 7.00 The Middle. (PG) 7.30 Two And A Half Men. (PG) 8.00 Two And A Half Men. (PG) 9.30 Movie: Superman IV: The Quest For Peace. (1987) (PG) 11.10 The Inbetweeners. (MA15+) 11.30 Eclipse. (PG)

6.00pm Movie: Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone. (2001) (PG) Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Richard Harris. 9.30 Movie: The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell Of Fear. (1991) (M) Leslie Nielsen, Priscilla Presley, George Kennedy. 11.30 Two And A Half Men. (M)

6.00pm Hamish And Andy’s Caravan Of Courage: Australia V New Zealand. (PG) 7.30 Movie: Get Smart. (2008) (PG) Steve Carell, Anne Hathaway, Bill Murray, Dwayne Johnson. 9.40 Movie: Spider-Man 2. (2004) (M) Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, Alfred Molina. 12.20am Conan. (M)

6.30pm Movie: Space Jam. (1996) (G) Michael Jordan. 8.30 The Big Bang Theory. (PG) 9.00 The Big Bang Theory. (PG) 9.30 Movie: Gremlins 2: The New Batch. (1990) (PG) Phoebe Cates, Zach Galligan, John Glover. 11.30 Chuck. (M) 12.30am The Inbetweeners. (MA15+)

6.00pm Suburgatory. (PG) 6.30 2 Broke Girls. (PG) 7.00 The Middle. (PG) 7.30 The Big Bang Theory. (PG) 8.00 Top Gear. (PG) 9.30 Movie: Rush Hour. (1998) (M) Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, Tom Wilkinson. 11.30 The Inbetweeners. (MA15+) 12.00am Park Street. (M) 12.30 Fringe. (M)

6.00pm Suburgatory. (PG) 6.30 2 Broke Girls. (PG) 7.00 The Middle. (PG) 7.30 The Big Bang Theory. (PG) 8.30 Movie: The Family Man. (2000) (M) Nicolas Cage, Téa Leoni, Don Cheadle, Jeremy Piven. 11.10 The Inbetweeners. (MA15+) 11.40 Nikita. (AV15+) 12.30am Fringe. (AV15+)

6.00pm Friends. (PG) 6.30 Friends. (PG) 7.00 Hot In Cleveland. (PG) 7.30 Customs. (PG) 8.00 Customs. (PG) 8.30 RPA. (PG) A scan reveals a cyst on a 24-year-old woman’s pancreas. 9.30 Cold Case. (M) 10.30 Cold Case. (M) 11.30 Law & Order. (M) 12.30am Friends. (PG)

6.00pm Friends. (PG) 7.00 Hot In Cleveland. (PG) 7.30 Animal Hoarding. (PG) 8.30 Embarrassing Bodies. (M) Patients include a newlywed who doesn’t enjoy sex, a man with an armpit that is literally rotting away and a rock musician with terrible teeth. 9.30 Super Nanny UK. (PG) 10.30 Hoarders. (PG) 11.30 Friends. (PG)

6.00pm Friends. (PG) 6.30 Friends. (PG) 7.00 Hot In Cleveland. (PG) 7.30 Ocean Giants: Voices Of The Sea. (PG) 8.30 Movie: The Illusionist. (2006) (M) Edward Norton, Paul Giamatti, Jessica Biel. 10.45 Law & Order. (M) 11.45 Friends. (PG) 12.10am Psychic TV. (PG)

6.00pm Customs. (PG) 6.30 Secret Dealers. (PG) 7.30 Antiques Roadshow. 8.30 CSI: NY. (M) After several young brides-to-be fight over a dress at the biggest wedding-gown sale of the year, one of the shoppers winds up dead. 9.30 CSI: Miami. (M) 10.30 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. (M) 11.25 Law & Order. (M)

6.00pm Customs. (PG) 6.30 Planet Earth: Deserts. (PG) 7.30 Selling Houses Abroad. (PG) 8.30 Movie: High Crimes. (2002) (M) Ashley Judd, Morgan Freeman. 10.55 Friends. (PG) 11.25 Movie: Heartbreakers. (2001) (M) Sigourney Weaver, Jennifer Love Hewitt.

6.00pm Friends. (PG) 6.30 Friends. (PG) 7.00 Hot In Cleveland. (PG) 7.30 Big Body Squad. (PG) 8.30 Twincredibles. (PG) Charts the lives of five sets of twins in Britain, from toddlers through to adulthood. 10.00 Embarrassing Bodies. (M) 12.00am Movie: Rattle Of A Simple Man. (1964) (M)

6.00pm Friends. (PG) 6.30 Friends. (PG) 7.00 Hot In Cleveland. (PG) 7.30 Yes Minister. 8.00 Yes Minister. 8.30 The Closer. (M) Brenda’s reputation is jeopardised. 9.30 Rizzoli & Isles. (M) 10.30 The Mentalist. (M) 11.30 Law & Order. (M) 12.30am Friends. (PG)

6.00pm M*A*S*H. (PG) 6.30 Get Smart. (PG) 7.00 Cops. (PG) 7.30 Coal. (PG) 8.30 Burn Notice. (M) Michael helps Fiona and Sam protect a lawyer against the city’s most dangerous outlaw biker gang. 9.30 Movie: Changing Lanes. (2002) (M) 11.35 Prison Break. (M) 12.35am M*A*S*H. (PG)

6.00pm M*A*S*H. (PG) 6.30 Get Smart. (PG) 7.00 Cops. (PG) 7.30 Extreme Fishing. (PG) 8.30 Hell’s Kitchen USA. (M) The two teams are asked to create a three-course meal using only 700 calories. 9.30 Movie: Aeon Flux. (2005) (M) Charlize Theron, Frances McDormand, Pete Postlethwaite. 11.30 Psych. (PG)

6.00pm M*A*S*H. (PG) 6.30 Get Smart. (PG) 7.00 Cops. (PG) 7.30 American Digger. (PG) 8.00 Flip Men. (PG) 8.30 Law & Order: SVU. (M) Benson lets her emotions get the better of her as she embarks on a crusade to bring a suspected killer to justice. 9.30 NBL. Round 8. Cairns Taipans v Sydney Kings. 11.30 Coal. (PG)

6.00pm The Ultimate Rider. 6.30 Talkin’ ’Bout Your Generation. (PG) 7.30 M*A*S*H. (PG) 8.00 M*A*S*H. (PG) 8.30 Movie: Coach Carter. (2005) (M) Samuel L. Jackson, Rob Brown, Channing Tatum. 11.20 48 Hours. 12.20am Deconstruction. (PG) 12.50 Trick My Truck. (PG)

6.00pm Big Fish, Small Boats. 6.30 Trick My Truck. (PG) 7.30 Extreme Fishing. (PG) 8.30 Mansome. (M) Explores the nature of modern masculinity in an age dominated by manscaping and metrosexuals. 10.20 Ross Kemp: Back On The Frontline. (M) 11.20 48 Hours. 12.20am Coal. (PG)

6.00pm M*A*S*H. (PG) 6.30 Get Smart. (PG) 7.00 Cops. (PG) 7.30 Whose Line Is It Anyway? (PG) 8.30 An Idiot Abroad: Karl Comes Home. (M) 9.30 House Of Lies. (MA15+) 10.10 Brand X. (MA15+) 10.40 Motor Racing. Formula 1. Race 20. Brazilian Grand Prix. Replay. 12.40am Whose Line Is It Anyway? (PG)

6.00pm M*A*S*H. (PG) 6.30 Get Smart. (PG) 7.00 Cops. (PG) 7.30 Undercover Boss USA. (PG) 8.30 Cops: Adults Only. (M) 9.00 Cops: Adults Only. (M) 9.30 Ross Kemp: Back On The Frontline. Final. (MA15+) 10.30 Can Of Worms: Best Of Live. Final. (M) 11.40 Better Off Ted. (M) 12.10am Fear Factor. (PG)


6.00pm Simpsons. (PG) 6.30 Neighbours. 7.00 Everybody Loves Raymond. (PG) 7.30 Simpsons. 8.00 Futurama. (PG) 8.30 Simpsons. 9.00 Futurama. (PG) 10.00 The Cleveland Show. (M) 10.30 King Of The Hill. (PG) 11.00 King Of The Hill. (PG) 11.30 Late Late Show. (PG) 12.30am Ent. Tonight. (PG)

6.00pm Simpsons. 6.30 Neighbours. 7.00 Everybody Loves Raymond. (PG) 7.30 Simpsons. (PG) 8.00 Simpsons. 8.30 Star Trek: The Next Generation. 9.30 Star Trek: The Next Generation. 10.30 Star Trek: The Next Generation. (PG) 11.30 Late Late Show. (PG) 12.30am Ent. Tonight. (PG)

6.00pm Simpsons. 6.30 Neighbours. 7.00 Everybody Loves Raymond. (PG) 7.30 So You Think You Can Dance. (PG) 9.30 Fashion Star. (PG) 10.30 New Zealand’s Next Top Model. (PG) 11.30 Late Late Show. (PG) 12.30am Ent. Tonight. (PG)

6.00pm Sabrina. (PG) 6.30 Becker. (PG) 7.00 Everybody Loves Raymond. (PG) 7.30 Everybody Loves Raymond. (PG) 8.00 Becker. (PG) 8.30 Star Trek: Voyager. (PG) 9.30 Star Trek: Voyager. (PG) 10.30 Star Trek: Voyager. (PG) 11.30 Hot 30. (PG)

6.00pm Sabrina. (PG) 6.30 Everybody Loves Raymond. (PG) 7.30 Simpsons. 8.00 Futurama. (PG) 8.30 Simpsons. 9.00 Futurama. (PG) 9.30 The Cleveland Show. (M) 10.00 Bob’s Burgers. (PG) 10.30 The Office. (PG) 11.30 Everybody Loves Raymond. (PG) 12.30 Sabrina. (PG)

6.00pm Simpsons. 6.30 Neighbours. 7.00 Everybody Loves Raymond. (PG) 8.00 Raising Hope. (PG) 8.30 Supernatural. (M) Sam and Dean are stunned after Castiel suddenly appears back on Earth. 9.30 Movie: Friday The 13th. (2009) (AV15+) 11.30 Late Late Show. (PG) 12.30am Ent. Tonight. (PG)

6.00pm Simpsons. 6.30 Neighbours. 7.00 Everybody Loves Raymond. (PG) 8.00 Excused. (PG) 8.30 Snog, Marry, Avoid? (PG) 9.05 Snog, Marry, Avoid? (PG) 9.40 Geordie Shore. (MA15+) 10.40 Melrose Place. Final. (M) 11.40 Late Late Show. (PG)


6.30pm Foodie Planet. (PG) 7.30 Changing Your Mind. (M) 8.35 24 Hours In Emergency. (M) 9.30 Champions League. Matchday 5. Juventus v Chelsea. Replay. 11.00 Movie: Blueberry. (2004) (M) Vincent Cassel, Juliette Lewis, Michael Madsen.

6.00pm Globe Trekker. 6.30 Foodie Planet. (PG) 7.30 Money, Power And Wall Street. 8.30 Champions League Hour. 9.30 Indigenous Football Festival. 10.00 Movie: Ten Winters. (2009) (M) 11.50 Movie: Golden Gun. (2008) (M)

6.00pm Globe Trekker. 6.30 Foodie Planet. (PG) 7.30 Europa League Highlights. 8.30 Tropic Of Cancer: Laos To Hawaii. Final. (PG) 9.35 Movie: An Empress And The Warriors. (2008) (AV15+) 11.20 Movie: Merantau. (2009) (AV15+)

6.00pm At The Table With…. 6.30 One Man And His Campervan. 7.00 The Grape Escape. 7.30 God In America: A New Light. (PG) 8.30 The Accursed Kings. (2005) (M) Part 4 of 5. 10.20 Movie: The Black Box. (2005) (M)

6.10pm Skippers. (PG) 6.40 Iron Chef. (PG) 7.30 Behind The Front Door. 8.00 Tomorrow’s Doctors. (PG) 8.35 London Calling: Master Of Puppets. (M) Part 4 of 4. 9.35 SOS. (MA15+) 10.35 Movie: Gloomy Sunday. (1999) (MA15+)

6.00pm Living Black. 6.30 Foodie Planet. 7.35 Rex In Rome. (PG) 8.30 Inspector Rex. (M) After two wealthy women are found murdered, Marc and Rex search for their killer. 9.30 The World Game. 10.30 Blitz Street. (PG) 11.25 Movie: Or. (2004) (MA15+)

6.00pm Globe Trekker. 6.30 Foodie Planet. (PG) 7.30 Empire Of The Seas: Sea Change. 8.30 As It Happened: Chronicle Of The Third Reich – 1939-1942. (M) Part 3 of 4. 9.30 Movie: Paju. (2009) (MA15+) 11.35 Movie: 5x2. (2004) (AV15+)

sbs two






Wednesday November 21, 2012

Monaro girls love St Schols

Woman of the Year awards

With no Catholic high school on their home ground that caters for students beyond Year 10, it’s no surprise that a grand total of 22 students from the Monaro region have completed their secondary education at St Scholastica’s College at Glebe over the past nine years - and the Monaro-Schols story is still being written. Forget the horror stories of boarding school life from the dim and distant past: our boarder students are too savvy for that kind of thing and will happily tell you that life at their Good Samaritan College is pretty good. Of course, there’s no place like home but, in that regard, Schols is just about as good as it gets. A caring boarding community, comfortable accommodation and good food, a broad curriculum that includes creative arts and vocational training, excellent academic staff, access to technology and tutors onsite and a wide range of sporting and cultural opportunities off site, all offer our boarders the chance to be the best they can be. The first boarders at St Scholastica’s were accepted in 1905 and were accommodated in part of Toxteth House, the original house on the site that the Good Samaritan Sisters purchased in 1901, moving from the Pitt St site that was resumed for Central Railway Station. The

Member for Monaro John Barilaro is encouraging the local community to nominate women for the 2013 NSW Women of the Year Awards. John Barilaro said there are three categories that are open for nominations from the public: 1. The Premier’s Woman of the Year Award, for leadership and excellence 2. The People’s Choice Community Hero Award, for work performed in the service of the community 3. A new award category, the Male Champion of Change sponsored by Deloitte (open only to men). “The opportunity to nominate women from within the local community allows us to recognise the important work being done by women in our patch,” Mr Barilaro said. “This year there is also a new category, the Male Champion of Change award which

Sisters promptly built a new school at Glebe (for the grand price of 2,000 pounds – they were the days!) and, in response to the numbers seeking enrolment in the days when boarding for country students was a foregone conclusion, a purpose built, fashionably art deco boarding house attached to Toxteth House was opened in 1941. Modernised and extensively refurbished over the years, this building was and will continue to be home to generations of Schols boarding students. And now 2013 will usher in a new era of boarding at Schols on Open Day (Sunday 10 March) when the College opens a new, modern facility to complement the existing Boarding house. The style of the buildings may vary but the Good Samaritan values and the recognition that sound relationships are fundamental to success and happiness in life, remain constant.

On the initiative of a group of families from the Monaro district, an unusual opportunity to learn more about the College will be available to local families on the evening of Friday 23 November at 6.30pm when College Principal, Loretto Richardson, and Boarding Director, Annie Barnett, will hold an information session at SMEC, 220-226 Sharp St Cooma. Meet some of the current and ex-students of St Scholastica’s, get a real flavour of the College and consider whether Schols might be the right fit for your daughter. For those who can’t make it in November, take a closer look at the College via the video on our website (www.scholastica.nsw. or in person on Open Day 2013 on Sunday 10 March, 11am-3pm. Enquiries to 02 9660 2622. St Scholastica’s School new boarding facility.

recognises the role that men play in brokering change for women. “If you know a woman or man who you think should be recognised for their leadership and contribution, please make a nomination,” Mr Barilaro said nominations for these three award categories are invited from individuals, groups or organisations from across the community. “As the local Member for Monaro I will be nominating a woman from our community for a separate award category, the Local Woman of the Year Award. “I am honoured to have the difficult task of nominating one woman from within the electorate. This person will receive an invitation to attend the awards ceremony at Parliament House with the Premier

and will be featured in the 2013 Women of the Year Honour Roll. “With so many local people worthy of such an award, the choice will be a difficult one.” The winners in all four award categories will be announced at a reception hosted by the NSW Premier on Thursday March 7, 2013 at Parliament House, on the eve of International Women’s Day. Nominations can be made now at: www. w o m e n . n s w. g o v. a u Nominations close on Wednesday 5 December 2012. Pictured, Member for Monaro John Barilaro.


$3,900 kit only


$5,100 kit only


$12,300 kit only


• Local authorised distributor of Fair Dinkum sheds • 25 years building experience • Multibuild software with 3D display, instant quoting and design • One stop for design,assistance with council approval, slab, kit & construction • All sheds are snow & wind rated for each site • HIA member & Australian Steel Institute member • Stress free service


PH: 6452 7540

Wednesday November 21, 2012

CLAIRE’S CAROUSEL Welcome, readers, to Claire’s Carousel where I invite you to join me as I explore some of the social events and community happenings in our region. If you would like to tell me of your special outings or have community events coming up please phone me on 6452 3137, mobile 0434352992 or email spray5@optusnet.

DANCE PRESENTATION Cooma Dance Co. are busy rehearsing for their end of the year Presentation “Bring it On” and wow are they going to bring it on!!! You will be treated to tap dancing, ballet, zumba, singing. comedy and lots more

from both tiny tots to senior performers. Tickets at Alpine Ford in Bombala Street and performances are Friday December 7, Saturday matinee December 8 and Saturday night December 8. Venue is Cooma Little Theatre see you there? AND THE RAIN CAME DOWN Last Saturday night the rain came down so heavily we didn’t expect the sunny day we had Sunday where the Rotary Markets attracted a bigger crowd than usual and The Open Gardens for St Paul’s Anglican Church Fundraising Committee were very successful. Eighty visitors enjoyed their visits to

four gardens and were treated to a delicious afternoon tea at Som Chit and Gordon’s home and a sausage sizzle at Jim and Mary Hatfields home. It was certainly a pleasure seeing so mamy Cooma, Adaminaby and Bungarby residents admiring the four gardens all very different in design. GERMAN VISITOR SAYS THANK YOU German visitor Bodo Frahm has spent the last three months visiting Cooma and surrounds and wishes to thank all the famiies that made his visit so enjoyable and interesting. Bodo was invited to many homes for delicious meals, trips to Jindabyne,

Numeralla, Merimbula and Canberra and is very grateful to all his new and old friends. Safe trip home Bodo and I am sure you will miss our sunshine when you hit that German winter!! MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY Best wishes are being sent to Valmai Mylan for her birthday last week. Your many friends hope you had a memorable celebration with family and wish you good health for the future. Valmai shortly leaves on her cruise on the Princess Line to New Zealand and I am sure will have many adventures to relate on her return.


Messiah in Cooma

Clancy Music Productions Pty Ltd is running a state wide call for singers to join us in Cooma on Saturday November 24. Clancy Music is running a one-day workshop with a performance of Handel’s Messiah starting at 4pm at the Cooma Multifunction Centre. Tickets are currently

available from The Fabric Salon. Singers from all around the state are coming to the Multifunction Centre at 9:30am for a choral workshop with conductor Rodney Clancy, joining them after lunch will be the Australian Graduates Orchestra and soloists from Cooma, Young, Sydney and Brisbane.


They will also be performing with mostly the same choir in Young on Sunday November 25 at the Young Town Hall. Tickets for Young Concert are available at Young Regional School of Music and M & M’s Music Studios. Quite a weekend for some of our local singers and music lovers a like.


CANBERRA ↔ COOMA MELBOURNE ↔ COOMA SYDNEY ↔ COOMA • From parcels to pallets • Storage • Distribution • Full truck loads • Also Interstate Haulage • Furniture Freighters • Depot to Depot


Lets Go Nuts in Cooma

Ph: 6452 2412 Fax: 6452 1537 Polo Flat Rd, Cooma NSW 2630



Amanda Andrich has opened up Lets Go Nuts in Centenial Plaza with her mother Ingrid Pottage. Available in store

is a large range of homemade fudges, slices and cakes, rolls, sandwiches and salads. Novelty ginger bread hearts, nuts and

lollies, coffee, jewellery, Opening hours are from scarves and leadlight. 10am – 5.30pm. Lets Go Nuts will also Pictured, Amanda and have puddings and Ingrid with their wares. cakes for Christmas.

Council says Thank You Snowy River Shire Council would like to thank the following people and groups for their tireless efforts at the National Recycling Week Expo held at Jindabyne Memorial Hall. • Samantha and Brett Marshall • The Team from Tumbleweed • Basil and Sue Smith • Simone Dilkara and Gerry Gillespie • Geoff Pryor • Kerry McGaw from Re-Wood • Richard Nutt from NuttWorks

• Lorraine and Brian Phillips from Beejays Jindabyne • Mel McKendrick from Straw castle Candles and Metal Works • Margaret Chalk from Margaret’s Kitchen And Garden • Jan Owens • Cheryl Mould from Bush Hall Hogs • John Walker from Palarang Partnership Organic meat • The Snowy River Men’s Shed • The Jindabyne Community Garden Committee

• Anne Fabry and the team at Moontree • Ian Ware from Australian Public Address • Upper Snowy Landcare Committee • Jindabyne Equipment Hire • Jindabyne Mitre 10 Council would also like to thank the following staff: • Margie Ferguson, SRSC Waste Department • Meghan Quinn and the Snowy River Shire Youth Council

• J ean- Monique Hawkins and Richard Hocking, SRSC Vegetation Management Department •S  ilvana Markoska, SRSC Water Department • J oanna Clarke, SRSC Green Team Representative Your generous support given on the day was greatly appreciated. Council is looking forward to holding this exciting community event again next year.

82 Sharp St, Cooma NSW 2630 Ph: (02) 6452 3183 Fax: (02) 6452 3134




SHOE/BOOT REPAIRS Retailer of boots with over 100 styles in stock

Monday - Friday: 9am to 5:30pm Saturday: 9am - 1pm

94 Sharp St, Cooma | Ph: 64522 855


Blatantly Honest Property Investment 7 Golden Keys to Real Freedom I ran an event on the weekend with 9 expert speakers on how to Unlock YOUR Wealth with the 7 Golden Keys to Real Freedom. All the speakers had their own expert knowledge to give the audience but one common trend weather it was about Fun, Health, Wealth or Happiness. We all have one life and one chance and we need to get the most out of our life! And when it comes to securing your financial future this is a major problem for most Australian’s. Why? How I was presented it was how I see it. Australians have a “She’ll be right mate“ attitude. Now I am as Aussie as they come and I love our laid back nature, but this does hold many people back from taking care of their future. The fact is most people are heading for troubled waters based on information provided by Australian Bureau of Statistics 92% of people will be struggling through their retirement years or simply not retiring! But if you take charge of your life and utilise the 7 Golden Keys you will secure your future. In brief please find the 7 Golden keys below. 1) You need to know WHAT you actually want today and in the future, when you want to stop work. But an crucial driver is WHY you want it? When you know this you know what is your personal desired outcome. 2) WHERE ARE YOU NOW? Be blatantly honest with yourself. What is your current bad debt, what is your current cost of living, your income and what do you have in place for your future. 3) Have peak energy and health, without good health you cannot get the most out of your life and enjoy every day with passion. 4) Have the Million dollar mindset. Which really means you need to believe you can do it, as many people are held back by pre conditioning and fear. But the only way to fix that is educating yourself. 5) Cash Flow is King – To gain wealth it is not rocket science you just need income to buy assets. Therefore we all need to maximise our income to increase cash flow and buy more assets. 6) Invest on Invest – When you invest wisely and continue to invest you get the power of compounding growth. 7) Love Your life. When you are doing everything you can to love life you seem to just get what you want in life, being positive creates a life where you can Live YOUR Dream! If you would like a personal complimentary strategy session and obligation free please contact myself or call 0430 096 823 Have a great day! Peter Ingram Prosperity Property Advisors Australia’s Blatantly Honest Property Investment Advisors 

Monaro Property Muster - Wednesday November 21, 2012


property muster the monaro’s leading property guide

Berridale Beauties All the hard work is done Delightful 3 bedroom home located in Berridale, all the hard work is done, just add your finishing touches. • On large corner block • Open plan living • Beautiful floating floors • Reverse cycle air conditioning • Close proximity to school, shops & swimming pool


A flawless home A flawless home, perfect for families and located in beautiful Berridale. • Inviting brick home with colorbond roof • Main bedroom offers walk in robe and ensuite • Large open plan kitchen, dining and lounge • Stunning Tasmanian Oak kitchen • Great timber deck overlooks backyard • Lovingly established gardens and fruit trees


Move in or Invest! Move in or Invest! Don’t let this unique property get away, this home offers generous bedrooms, great access to Jindabyne and generous parking provision. • Four large bedrooms, all with ensuite access • Main bedroom boasts walk-in robe and private ensuite • Large wood fire heats the home effectively • Both formal and informal dining areas • New curtains, new carpets and freshly repainted


Please call our sales team for more information on 6452 4043.

0430 096 823




C & C Self Storage - Ph: 0417 274 010 If you are looking for somewhere to store a boat, car, furniture, in fact, anything that is taking up space at home or work, then why not give Cathy a call at C&C Self Storage? She will be able to assist you with all your storage requirements. There are various shed sizes available at reasonable rates to suit your budget. You can stay for as long or short as you need to. All sheds are waterproof and secure. You can have access to your shed seven days a week. They also carry all your packing needs such as tea chests, book boxes, porta-robes as well as other durable packing goods. Whether you are a business or a private person looking for somewhere to put that extra ‘stuff’, C&C Self Storage can provide a shed for you!


They are located at 1 Airstrip Road in Polo Flat, Cooma. Phone Cathy anytime on 0417 274 010 or email


If you wish to advertise in the Polo Flat Feature, contact the friendly staff at

General Road Freight Service

Polo Flat Rd, Cooma NSW 2630 Ph: (02) 6452 2412 Fax: (02) 6452 1537


The Monaro Post




Sydney • Melbourne • Cooma Canberra • NSW Snowy Mountains



6452 0313

2 7

C & C SELF STORAGE SELF STORAGE SHEDS AVAILABLE various shed sizes available very reasonable rates fully secured premises long or short term rental Packing boxes, plastic sheets and wraps now available for all your packing requirements


• • • • •

For enquiries phone Cathy: Mob 0417 274 010 • A/H 6452 1511 • 1 Airstrip Rd, Polo Flat EFTPOS & CREDIT CARD FACILITIES AVAILABLE

WHERE 1. C & C Wassink - Self Storage 2. Cooma Sand & Concrete 3. High Country Kitchens 4. Elgas 5. Snowy Sheds 6. Monaro Wool Services 7. Monaro Freight 8 . Monaro Panel Beaters 9 High Country Truss & Frames 10. Summit Smash Repiars


Real Sheds, Real Value™


• Local authorised distributor of Fair Dinkum sheds • 25 years building experience • Multibuild software with 3D display, instant quoting and design • One stop for design, council approval, slab, kit & construction • All sheds are snow & wind rated for each site • HIA member & Australian Steel Institute member • Stress free service • Servicing the Monaro Region


American Barn

PH: 6452 7540

Homes, Cottages, Sheds and Extensions 17 Thiess Ave, Polo Flat Cooma 2630 Ph: 6452 1736 Fax: 6452 1737




igh Country »»BUSINESS OF Kitchens

High Country Kitchens



13 133 681 52 7833 7933

Cooma Sand and Concrete 68 Polo Flat Road Polo Flat Ph:NSW 6452 1660 Cooma 2630

41 Holland Rd, Polo Flat PO Box 46 Cooma 2630 P: 02 6452 3360 F: 02 6452 3422 M: 0428 360 637 E:

Cooma Sand & Concrete Pty Ltd

Cooma Sand and Concrete commenced operations in 1972 and continue to supply the Monaro region from Bredbo to Thredbo with sand, concrete, gravel, road building and landscaping supplies. Recent upgrades at Cooma Sand and Concrete have improved the concrete batching process allowing for a faster service. They supply concrete for the Cooma to Bega power line and the reconstruction of the upper Tumut switchyard at Cabramurra. They have the ability to produce large daily volumes. Jobs include, bridges, chairlifts, tunnels, dams, roads, water tanks and building just to name a few. The choice is yours. From plain to pattern stamp concrete mixes, sand, soil or gravel, heavy haulage to bulk tipper work or ready mix concrete, it’s all available at Cooma Sand and Concrete and can be delivered. Cooma Sand and Concrete offer a service from industrial, commercial to residential no job is too big or too small. Cooma Sand and Concrete also hire out equipment: low loader, earth moving equipment and water tanks for your stock or general construction site. Cooma Sand and Concrete is situated in Polo Flat, easy to find with easy access. Drop into Cooma Sand and Concrete at 80 Polo Flat Road or Phone 64581660.

MONARO PANEL BEATERS • Quality • Service • Commitment • Pride

• Concrete • Earthmoving • Gravels • Heavy Haulage • Plant Hire • Roadbase • Sand and Soils • Truck Hire • Water Tanker

Car-O-Liner Measuring System

(02) 6452 1660 Polo Flat Rd, Cooma

Wool Marketing - Not just wool selling

Wool Buyers & Wool Brokers Office & Wool Store 54-56 Polo Flat Road, Cooma NSW 2630 Phone: 6452 4494 Fax: 6452 4464 or Ben: 0428 445 064

Bombala Woolstore Cnr Forbes & Badgery Street, Bombala NSW 2630 Fridays 9am - 5pm

Phone: 6458 3720

Suppliers of bulk and cylinder LP gas for commercial or domestic applications servicing the Monaro and the Snowy Mountains


68 Polo Flat Road Polo Flat Cooma NSW 2630

24 Hour Tilt Tray Towing Service Insurance & Private work

When it comes to clean, efficient energy... you can’t beat

For appliance sales Jindabyne Plumbing Supplies Lot 23 Baggs Rd Leesville, Jindabyne 6456 1842

Mobile: 0413 133 681 Phone: 6452 7833 Fax: 6452 7933

Quality Construction Material Suppliers

Trading hours are between 7am to 4pm

Phone: 131 161

QUALITY KITCHENS, LAUNDRIES, VANITIES & WARDROBES For appliance sales Cooma Plumbing Supplies Cnr Commissioner & Bradley Sts, Cooma 6452 2559

1 Kaiser Street, Polo Flat

All Types of Spray Painting From Touch-up to Full Resprays Specialising in Baked Enamel Finishes Windscreens Fitted

Ph 6452 1568 Fax 6452 2307 Carlaminda Rd, Cooma

If you wish to advertise in the Polo Flat Feature, contact the friendly staff at

The Monaro Post on

6452 0313



Wednesday November 21, 2012

Monaro Merino ram sales 2012 Continued from page 25.

Hazeldean Merino Stud Hazeldean’s onproperty sale on Wednesday concluded the ram sale week. Hazeldean offered 160 lots, with 15 withdrawn from sale and two passed, The sale topped at $4000 with the purchase of Lot 114 to ‘Buster’ and Olivia Dawes of Rutherglen Merino Stud, Yealering, WA. The sale averaged $1707.43 for the 143 lots sold. Volume buyers included: Elizabeth Balderstone, Darriman, Victoria, 22 lots for $22,000; Fergus Irving, Woodside, Victoria, 16 lots for $22,800; Tony Flannery, ‘Lowlyn”, 12 lots for $22,800; Brian Anderson, Binda NSW, 10 lots for $19,200.

Ben Litchfield, Greg Alcock, volume buyer Alison Burston, and Peter Byrne at Greenland sale.

Buyers inspect lots at Conrayn sale.

Bob Walters addresses Middleview buyers.

One of the lots at Cottage Park sale.

Jim Litchfield addresses Hazeldean buyers.

Kerry Wellsmore bought the top Manawa ram.

Buyers at Avonside sale.

Buyers inspect lots at Round Plain sale.

Rain reduced cattle numbers


Jemalong Wool - Market Reporting MPG



1037 1270 1200 1133 1128 1086 1076 990 859 808 580 531 468 628

1 yr Ave

1122 compared to now -85 1026 5 yr Ave compared to now 11 934 10 yr Ave compared to now 103



1386 -116 1400 -130 1258 12


1307 -107 1219 -19 1116 84

1247 -114 1065 68 992 141

21 1230 -102 1028 100 951 177



1199 -113 996 90 922 164

1166 -90 960 116 892 184





-92 773 86 740 119

-27 691 117 671 137

-31 526 54 521 59

Northern Region Indicator (Monthy Averages)






1082 951 835 611 560 490 648

-92 890 100 838 152

-29 467 64 458 73

-22 413 55 411 57

-20 604 24 538 90


NRI - AUD Terms



NRI - USD Terms X-Rate (USD / AUD)



1000 0.60

800 600


400 Jul-13


















0.20 Jul-95


Source: Australian Wool Exchange

Julie and James Barron with Tim Ferguson at Adina’s sale.

Cooma Associated Agents yarded 80 scale and 320 store cattle at the November 8 sale. There were a few truckloads of cattle cancelled due to the good rainfall received over the region. It was a mixed quality yarding offered with a lot of cows and calves up from grabs from the restocker market. The market was as follows: Steers – under 400kg 125c to 174c; 400kg-500kg – 156c to 165c; 500kg-600kg 130c to 150c. Heifers - Under 540 kg – 90c to 156c. Cows – 400 – 520kg 108c to 118c; more than 520kg 122c. Bulls – more than 600kg – 105c to 160c. Quotations Bulls D & B Blyton, Lmk, 1, 160c/kg, 160kg, $1568; Big Badja, Lmk, 1, 157c/kg, 845kg, $1326.65; Old Springfield, MLP, 1, $1150. Cows Timmins & Lucas, MLP, 3, 122c/kg, 661kg, $807.23; P & A Devereux, E, 3, 118c/kg, 493kg, $582.13; P & A Devereux, E, 4,, 437kg, $490.88.

Steers C & S Robinson, JM, 2, 150ckg, 600kg, $900; C Williams, BC, 1, 157c/kg, 500kg, $781; S & D Blyton, Lmk, 1, 165c/kg, 460kg, $759; GD & LD McKechnie, E, 1, 138c/kg, 540kg, $745.20; GD & LD McKechnie, E, 1, 140c/kg, 515kg, $721; D & M Wellsmore, BC, 5, 174c/kg, 380kg, $661.20 Heifers Timmins & Lucas, MLP, 1, 156c/kg, 580kg, $904.80; Sherwood Pastoral, E, 1, 136c/kg, 520kg, $707.20; Springfield Grazing, MLP, 2, 150c/kg, 470kg, $705; Sherwood Pastoral, E, 4, 148c/kg, 461kg, $682; Michael’s P/s, Lmk,2 140c/kg, 385kg, $539; Glenburnie P/C, Lmk, 1, 137c/kg, 370kg, $506.90. Stores Sherwood Past Co, E, 22, PTIC AA hfrs, $880; NJ & CA Caldwell, Lmk, 7x7 CFA Hfd C & C, $860; RA & KI Reid, MLP, 9x9, Ang cows calves, $810; HD Mss, MLP, 7x7, Ang cows & calves, $840; Libby Stewart, BC, 5x5, P/Hfd cows & calves, $800; P & A Devereux, E, 7x7, AA cows & calves, $750; MJ & J Miners, MLP, 8, Ang strs, 14mths, $590; DJ & Mm Wellsmore, BC, 6, Hfd strs, 1yr, $565; P & A Devereux, E, 5 B/B strs 1yr, $580.

Wednesday November 21, 2012

Tell them how good a job you can do! INSURANCE


Relax. Our flood cover is automatic.


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Servicing all area’s across the Monaro

Visit your local GIO Agent at 51 Vale Street, Cooma NSW 2630 or call 6452 3474.

John & Debbie Schwarz Mb: 0400 390 058 or Ph: 6456 6727 e:

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We teach all these guitar styles and more: - Contemporary rock, - Hits from the 90’s, 80’s, 70’s, 60’s & 50’s - Country - Blues - Classical

Individual private lessons tailored to suit your goals.

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Catherina Evans is an Authorised Representative of GIO General Limited/Ltd ABN 22 002 861 583 AFS Licence No 229873, the issuer of these products. High tides and rising sea levels are not covered. Other conditions and exclusions also apply. Approved applicants only. Please read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement before making any decisions regarding any of our Home and Contents Insurance products. Contact GIO on 13 10 10 for a copy. 16583 23/03/11 A


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Wednesday August 8, 2012

Weekend cricket

There was another full round of cricket and rep. cricket over the weekend. Pictured, Mike Introna.

Night netball results Round six of the Cooma Netball night comp was played last week. The club house has been broken into again, but the show must go on. Court 1 Shell Shampas took on the younger Purple Pops team, in a fast paced game. Shell Shampas winning 51 to 17 Court 2 Had Team 5 playing a fun

match against Boyce Bandits with both teams having players feeling the brunt of the court. Team 5 won the game 24 to 11 Court 3 Saw the young 13’s Rep team playing the more experienced Hair Reflections team. Hair Reflections winning 39 to 20.

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Tuesday November 27 Need your glasses checked before Christmas. Last appointment for 2012 is Monday December 10

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An Open Mic - Walk-up Musical Afternoon will be held on Sunday 25th November at Cooma Country and Bowling Club at 2 pm. Cost $2 - includes afternoon tea. Mics, PA and piano available. Singers - Musicians - Everyone welcome. Enquiries - Elaine 64525925


Unit 3 – 510 sqm – A1 Condition $400 pw email:

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Passed away peacefully on Saturday, November 10th 2012 at his residence, formerly of “Craigendoran” Winifred Hill Rd, Nimmitabel. Aged 64 years. Dearly loved husband of Sue, Father of Wendy and Glen, father in-law of Damien, adored Grandad, Great Granddad, Son, Brother, Uncle and friend. The funeral service for the late RAYMOND JOHN DRING was held at the Norwood Park Crematorium. Allens Funerals Cooma Alan & Catherine Dodd Directors Family Owned & Operated FDA - 02 6452 2094

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DRING Raymond John




A D E S N E C LER - LI claims upon her Estate to:

required to send particulars of their



Ph: 6452 0313

Fax: 6452 0314

Council’s Social plan is now being updated

Calling for Expressions of Interest from Community Members Interested in Joining Us to Update the Plan Council’s Social Plan 2013- 2016 will identify key social issues facing the Shire, summarise local needs, and inform Council’s strategies on social justice. The plan will build on consultations undertaken as part of Snowy River Shire’s Community Strategic Plan, and will look at data emerging from the 2011 Census.

Council would like community members with experience, an interest, and/ or expertise in social issues to join us in this process. It is important that we hear from a wide range of voices – including those people experiencing disadvantage. Those that have an interest in a particular social group (e.g. young people, people with a

disability) and/or an issue (such as housing or transport) are also invited to get involved. We are calling for expressions of interest from community members that would like to join Council’s Social Planning Committee. There will be a range of additional opportunities to have your say over the next couple of months, and

we encourage all interested community members to get in contact with us and see how they can contribute. Please call Anne Cleverley, Community and Cultural Development, on 6451 1500 for more information and/or to register your interest. Read more about Snowy River Shire Council’s latest.

CORC presentations

All the junior winners.

Lites 16-u19s Jordan Jones, Glen Goggin Lochie Fitzgerald and Craig Dixon.

Ladies - Taylor Peet.

Most improved junior, Jessica Sergo.

Pee Wees - Zach Coleman, Jack Hamilton, Samantha Macarthur.

Wednesday November 21, 2012

CheckSport out 34

Wednesday November 21, 2012


Cooma Swimming Club


Cryptic Clues ACROSS

9. One laurel crown to shrivel and die (7) 10. Energy behind Oriental (7) 11. Roughening up a front one before evening (9) 12. Clumsy but fashionable pet operation (5) 13. Rope in a little bit of opera with the West End (6) 15. Ribbon from boat thrown over the rear end (8) 17. Plate making Argentine cheerless (13) 21. Press and television equipment for Tyson (4,4) 23. Howls about small trouble spots (6) 25. Lance boils and bathe (5) 26. Express train carrying Keating canvas (9) 28. Cut down a swarm of hornets (7) 29. Insolence returned by morose traveller (7)


Club captains Samantha Trotter and Jarrod Sopniewski

Quick Clues


1. Shackle a guy with lace work (7) 2. Celebration over wild child (4) 3. Sound out a poor prop over a church ... (8) 4. ... meeting where the extremely saintly are given approval? (5) 5. Bring back Queer Street in a ... (9) 6. ... dream about a high point of the church (6) 7. Put off excavations and settles (10) 8. Routine operation before birth (2,5) 14. Animal requiring careful handling or rich nose job? (10) 16. Promotion of stamp with green tinge? (9) 18. As a rule, morn disturbs friend (8) 19. Thrash out field event with spearhead (7) 20. Wave theory starting to demonstrate animus (7) 22. Not exactly big time? (6) 24. Sob and point into the grave (5) 27. Fat boy swallows the recipe (4)



9. Burdensome (7) 10. Belly (7) 11. Pontoon (9) 12. Coloured earth (5) 13. Tell a story (6) 15. Capable of being achieved (8) 17. Board and lodging (13) 21. Fearful (8) 23. Clear fluid in the blood (6) 25. Brief letters (5) 26. Signature (9) 28. Temporary camp (7) 29. Determined, unyielding (7)

1. Pound with missiles (7) 2. Greek cheese (4) 3. Crested parrot (8) 4. Literary composition (5) 5. Isolated country areas (9) 6. Hateful, repugnant (6) 7. Able to live both on land and in water (10) 8. Whole number (7) 14. Train engine (10) 16. Hospital vehicle (9) 18. Cable (8) 19. Emergency replacement (5-2) 20. Cane cutter's knife (7) 22. Racy, suggestive (6) 24. Cut of meat (5) 27. Slightly open (4)






23456789 123456789

123456789 9123456789


123456789 123456789

The Cooma Swimming Club will hold a development meet on Saturday November 24 at the local pool. Races will commence at 10am with swimmers coming from the coast and Canberra. Cooma members are reminded to have their entries in by Wednesday. Names for the 24hour swim also need to be in this week. Time trial results week 5 Breastroke C grade Progression to B grade Hudson Laird, Abigail Sopniewski, and Liam Davis. Most improved Jackson Walsh( 1 sec); B grade Most improved Chloe Trevanion (6 secs); Improvers

Chelsea Lunt, Ethan Hunt, Archie Allen and Darcy Barnes. A grade Most improved Jack Clayton and Ryan Harmer( 2 secs) Backstroke C grade Most improved Olo Brademann (2 secs) B grade Most improved Jessie Lunt (10 secs); Improvers Ryan Harmer, Amy Hobbs, Jackson Walsh. A grade Most improved Ella Davis( 3 secs); Improvers Samantha Trotter, Noah Saddler, Amber Martin-Smith and Chelsea Lunt. Freestyle C grade Most improved Jack Kleven (1 sec) B grade Most improved Taylah Maurier(1 sec); Improvers Spencer Walker-Broose; A grade most improved Chelsea Lunt .


Wednesday November 21, 2012

Adaminaby races fashions

Fashions on the Field under 35 winner Georgia Kingston with John and Jeanette Cahill.

Best dressed couple, Tracy and Ben from Cootamundra.


Liz Scarlet wore the best hat.

Boys Trip away - Flintstone family from Bedrock via Wollongong.

Cath and Cecilia.

Heather from Canberra as Wilma and Ashley, USA as the Queen of Hearts.

Buz light year.

Best dressed group - The Smurfs -Kelly, Ally & Katie - Sydney.

Toby, Tan, Toni, Erin & Phil - Canberra Queanbeyan.

MEA dressage competition at showground Overnight rain did not spoil the MEA dressage competition day at Cooma showground last Sunday. Pictured, elegant in a half-pass, is Kalgan Esprit, ridden by Georgia Hope of Michelago. Far right, Ima Cool Amigo, ridden by Sally Stott, ‘Jibalaro’, Countegany.

...we have it covered SOUTH - EAST



TILES & STONE – BATHROOMS – KITCHEN – LAUNDRY- FLOORING – HOTWATER – HEATING 44-48 Bombala St. Cooma Ph: 6452 1500 Fax: 6452 5368



Wednesday November 21, 2012

Monaro Sheepdog Trial Championships

Bocce Club’s Cooma Cup weekend

Tony Chalaner and Jill. Tony is a retired Clark from Vacy and competes in a number of dog trials in NSW.

Novice Championship

Open Championship

1st R.Percival and Tess, 95+99 =194 Eq 2nd J.Perry and Stan, 93+95 = 188 Eq 2nd P.Elliott and Spud, 93+95 = 188 4th C.Trainor and Spy, 94+90 = 184 5th P.Elliott and Tim, 97+86 = 183 Unpacked J.Kimpton and Smithy, 93+89 = 182

1st T.Elliott and Bow, 96+93 = 189 2nd P.Hudson and Victa, 95+92 = 187 3rd T.Elliot and Chloe, 95+91 = 186 4th P.Hudson and Golda, 95+68 = 163 5th K.Reid and Bella, 95+66 = 161 6th P.Oxley and Dai, 95+62 = 157 Unplace J.Perry and Ruby, 95+Ret. = 95

Improver Championship


1st T. Elliott and Scuddley, 94+96 = 190 2nd P.Elliott and Spud, 92+92 = 184 3rd R.Percival and Burra, 96+92 = 168 4th J.Parrington and Gerry, 93+62 = 155 Unplaced P.Oxley and Dai, 95+Ret. = 95

1st S.Campbell and Dash, 87+92 = 179 2nd B.Smith and Becky, 80+93 = 173 3rd L.Tombes and Chloe, 83+66 = 149 4th B.Smith and Prince, 77+Ret. = 77

Cooma Cup, proves a very popular event for bocce players from near and far. A massive weekend of Bocce was had at this year’s event, which was held at the Cooma Bocce Sporting club (CBSC inc.), Ti Tree racecourse. Teams came from Sydney, Melbourne, Queanbeyan / ACT and Cooma to compete for the prestige and pleasure of winning the Cooma Cup Shield. Twenty -three teams nominated to attend, but only 16 could be accepted for the competition with big prize money at stake. The draw saw two groups of eight teams play off over seven rounds, of which the top four from each group progress to play the semi-finals. The top two teams from the Semifinals then do battle in the final for top honor. This year’s winner being Club Italia from Sydney who defeated a very strong Istra Social Club No 1 Team who up until the final had not been beaten. The end score of 7 – 1 did not reflect the closeness of the match, at one point Istra’s George Milich was going head to head with veteran thrower Gianni Olitch, to remove each others team Bocce to

gain advantage and point. Club Italia’s point making was exceptional especially Nella Chiandotto. In a Statement after the match Nella said “I purposely trained extra hard to improve my point making and it’s paid off”. She feels she played the best game of her life and the excitement showed after the win with a smile from ear to ear. Istra where noble in defeat and even though some questions where asked about technicalities, they congratulated the opposition on a mighty fine game. Other place getters where, 3rd Marconi club, team 1 from Sydney, 4th Casa D’Abruzzo Club from Melbourne, 5th Queanbeyan / ACT Team 2, 6th Freccia Azzurra Club – Melbourne, 7th Cooma Team 1 and 8th place went to Istra Social Club team 2 of Sydney. Well done to the local team of M. Zasso, M. Zorzit, L. Stefani and S. Roncelli and to our neighbours Queanbeyan / ACT team of A. Forner, P. Dalla Costa, T, Guliemin and J. Savle to finish in the top eight. Presentations where made with the kind help of Doug O’Donnell, president of the Cooma Ex-Servicemens Club, a

major sponsor and true supporter of the CBSC inc for many years, to teams and individuals who excelled throughout the year. Many thanks where given not only to the teams participating but to the many volunteers who help during the year, especially the ladies in the kitchen, A. Stefani, L. Balzano, P. Revelant and G. Pevere. A very special thanks to P. Stefani and E. Pevere who also stepped up big time to look after meals whilst having to do their own jobs for the club. The president also thanked the Committee for all their hard work in organising and staging this weekend event and the many others so far this year. The dinner dance was praised by all and said to have been one of our best. On a final note thanks to our sponsors for their

generous support, they being John Poletto Painting, Cooma ExServicemens Club, Cooma furnishing Co, GIO, Kinross Inn, South East Tile & Bathroom Centre, Cooma Sand & Concrete, Bombala St Surgery Sharp St Surgery, Pevere Families, Signvan. Loris Stefani and family for Briscola and Lee Farinazzo for Tresette. Congratulations to all teams for their participation in this year 2012 Cooma cup, for making it such a fabulous event. We look forward to seeing them in next years Cooma Cup. Runners up team Istra Social and Sports Club Inc with Doug O’Donnell President Ex-Services Club and President of the Cooma Bocce Club David Pevere.

Coolamatong Golf Sunday for the men was Stableford, winner Ron Duncan with 34 points on a count back from Alan Weston. Ball winners Alan, Chris Bevan, Mal Weston and Walter Amman. Nearest the pin on the thirrd Chris Bevan and on the 15th Walter Amman. Four players travelled to Delegate for the Open Tournament, all players won trophies Ross Thompson was in a five-way playoff for the Open Scratch but was not so lucky, but won the A Grade Handicap,

Jill in hot pursuit.


both on 38. Nearest the pin on the third Chris Bevan, 15th Ross Thompson and on the 17th Alan Weston. Don’t forget the third and fourth rounds of the Club Championships are to be played Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th, starting time 9am. Sunday for ladies was won by Carolyn Major, runners up Jan O’Halloran and Mariana Laparo. Putting and Nearest the pin both went to Carolyn. Wednesdays winner Betty Thompson

ahead of Jan O’Halloran and Mariana Lapargo. Nearest the pin won by Jan. Saturday four ladies took part in the Delegate Open, Maureen Roberts won the Longest Drive in Division 2 and Betty Thompson won Handicap Division 4. The second and thirrd rounds of the Championships are this weekend. Please be at the club by 9.45 for tee off following the last group of men.

What’s happening @ the Banjo

HAPPY HOUR 4.30-6.30pm Mon-Fri

Roy Gabriele won the D Grade Scratch, Tony Kiek won the Nearest the pin on the sixth as well as the Best 9 Holes trophy. Harry Hovasapian won the Veteran’s Trophy. Ross was in the winning teams event with Jordon Cameron and Korey Elton. Wednesday’s Stableford went to Jason Warwick with 41 points on a count back from Mal and Alan Weston. Ball winners Mal and Alan, Herman Obermaier 40, Chris Bevan and Ben Clancy

Bistro Open 7 Days & Nights “New Menu” available



FREE Pool + 1/2 Rack Ribs, $10 Fish & Chips Rump & Beer $25

Curry & Kosci $20

500g Rump Steak $20



FREE Pool All Day Punters Club + Cider Sessions Sausage Sizzle 4pm - $4 Cider Schooners

Kosciuszko brewed onsite and available on tap

“Beers are better at the Banjo”

Ph: (02) 6456 2372 - 1800 046 275

1 Kosciuszko Road Jindabyne NSW 2627 Australia

Wednesday November 21, 2012

Local girls join in Canberra AFL Youth Girls carnival Two Cooma high school students joined over 120 other young female AFL footballers in the first ever NSW/ ACT AFL Youth Girls Carnival played in Canberra on the weekend. Jess Sergo and Elizabeth Barnes, (pictured) supported by the Cooma Cats AFL Club, played for the Tuggeranong Hawks Youth Girls Team in the competition which saw teams from Canberra, Wagga, Sydney and the Illawara come together for a celebration of AFL Youth Girls football. AFL Youth Girls football is for teenage girls aged 13-18 years of age and is full contact, competitive AFL football for females.

The Cooma Cats are planning on fielding a Youth Girls team in the Canberra AFL competition next year and are looking for interested girls to join Jess and Elizabeth in what is one of the fastest growing female participation sports in Australia. The AFL Canberra Youth Girls competition runs in throughout winter with games played on a Sunday morning. Jess has a strong background in local rugby union with the Cooma Red Devils while Elizabeth has been playing for the Calwell Swans in the Canberra AFL junior competition for a number of years. Both girls enjoyed the carnival on Saturday which saw

On Saturday, Leanne Phillips and Keith Goodwin were in early trouble against Colin Whiting and Leonie Snell and never really got into the game to eventually lose 13/38. Mick Mayhew, Tony Shaw and Richard Nichols set up an early 18/4 lead against Colin Peuker, John Vincent and Jim Lumsden and withstood a late challenge from the latter to win 22/14. Max Povey and Ken Bowden also started well against Simon Schoon and Tony Grey to lead 13/4 and went on to win 23/14. Only 10 social bowlers on Sunday with Charlie Mugridge, Allan Crowe and Richard Nichols having an early battle with Simon Schoon, Max Povey and Paul Cannell, but six shots over three ends to Richard’s team and weather threatening they called it quits with Richard and Co ahead 23/15. Dave McDonald and Keith Goodwin had a dream start against Judy McDonald and Ken Bowden in winning 10 of the first 11 ends and went on to win 36/15. In major singles, Sergio Roncelli was 22/9 in front of Bob Lahy after 20 ends. Bob then dominated for the next 11 ends to lead 228/25. In winning five of the next six ends, Sergio won the encounter 31/29. Jack Sajina and Ignazio Mondello had a neck and neck struggle for 12 ends when Jack started to draw head and eventually win 34/18. Monaro Clubs Challenge was completed at Nimmitabel on Saturday with Cooma playing Adaminaby and Jindabyne playing Nimmitabel. Geoff Venables and Mel Storta got Cooma off to a good start in winning the pairs against A Madden and G Clarke, two sets to nil. Cooma’s M Frezza, P Cannell and J Schoon shared the sets with L Theobold, J Ruzic and P Dahl but lost the tie-breaker. In the fours, the Adaminaby team of G Dahl, A Ranta, C Gales and D Pastor drew both sets with P Marsicano, M Buckley, P Caldwell and Peter Scroeder, but lost the tie-breaker. Cooma seven points, Adaminaby three. Jindabyne’ B Skelly and C Demczuk

were were too good for Nimmitabel’s H Jackson and E Corby in the pairs when they won both sets. The triples went to Nimmitabel’s F Richards, B Corby and P Evans, winning over K Maynard, L Whitehead and M Griffith in both sets. G Hall, J Smith, D McDonald and D Turner won both sets for Jindabyne against M McGinn, G Hayes, R Blyton and M Murphy in the fours. Jindabyne eight points, Nimmitabel four. The final point score for the competition put Cooma in top spot on 27 points, followed by Jindabyne 19, Adaminaby 18 and Nimmitabel 7. That wraps up the Club’s challenge for tihs year. First round matches in district mixed pairs were played last Sunday with the following results: D & K Jackson won 13 of the first 15 ends against D & R Russell to win 30/10; C Meillon and G Venables were equally impressive in their 24/9 win over M Siddle and B Seears. In a closer encounter, G & M D’Amico withstood a late challenge from R Wainwright and V Clark to win 25/21. D Buckley (subbing for M Williams) and P Marsciano took an early lead against Steven and Sheery Seears and did not let up to win 20/12, C & H Peuker had an up and down start against U Roberson and I Mondello before steadying to win 21/18. The final match at Cooma R Steinfort (subbing for E Taylor) and G Taylor were all the way winners over M Mugridge (subbing for S Ferguson) and M Griffiths 24/11. Nimmitabel results: A Madden and G Clarke def J Smith and M Falder; J 7 D McDonald received a forfeit from D Fraser and P Caldwell; L & W Lodge def M Murphy and B Stove; F Richards and C Batten def L Weston and R Blyton; G Caldwell and J Lumsden def R Baker and R Hassall; L McMahon and P Schroeder def S Owen and H Jackson. The match between B & E Corby and M Frezza and L Snell will be completed next Saturday. On Wednesday Nelson Wallace will play Keith Goodwin in a major singles with Jim Lumsden as marker.


them play four games in a roundrobin competition. “It was great to get involved in a game that is fast and fun,” said Jess. “And it was great to be able to play against girls from all over NSW,” added Elizabeth. The Cooma Cats are grateful to the Tuggeranong Hawks for allowing Jess and Elizabeth play in their side for the day. Anyone interested in finding out more about the Cooma Cats Youth Girls Team for 2013 can call Cooma Cats Youth Girls coach Rob Barnes on 0425827130. The Cooma Cats Youth Girls team welcomes any interested girls aged 13-18.

Bowls action aplenty on Monaro

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Wednesday November 21, 2012

Great weather for golf Cooma Golf report by Garry Atkinson

The week of golf just gone has seen some strong scoring across all competition days with slightly more run on the course and the greens improving by the day. On Saturday the club saw a single stableford played with 42 players in contention for grade trophies. With the course drying out and extra run on the fairways A grade was taken out by Mark Roberts with a fine 40 points off a 12 handicap. Runner up was Brad Burke with 37 points. B grade was taken out by Sam Patricks with a 40 points from Chris Brown with 38 points. C grade was won by Bill Dyball with 40 points. Runner up was James Fraser on a countback with 37 points. Ball winners went down to Terry Johnston with 36 points. Longest drives were taken out by smooth swinging Terry Johnston – A grade, John Gargett in B grade and Lindsay Blewitt - C grade. Nearest the pin on the ninth was won by Terry Johnston (never out of the winners circle) and John Harris hit a lovely close shot on the 17th.

Sunday was a little cooler than Saturday but Adam Robinson won the day with a hot 39 points (off a scratch handicap). Ball winners went down to 31 points. Nearest the pin on the ninth was won by John Harris (again) and on the 17th Dave Goggin. Last Wednesday November 14, a single stableford saw Campbell Childs take out A grade with 37 points. B grade was won by Bob Ashcroft with 37 points and C grade was won by Heikki Evan with 39 points (round of the day). Ball winners went down to 35 points with Tony Monday just scraping in. Nearest the pin on the ninth went to Bruce Burton and on the 17th nearest the pin went to Mal Crockett. Next week for the men sees individual stablefords programmed on all three competition days. Junior golf is on this Thursday afternoon from 4pm onwards, the daylight saving comp. is on Wednesday afternoon and the Friday afternoon Phoneix social golf begins around 1:30pm. See you on the course.

Timing gates up and running After a long delay the timing gates were used for the first time this season to aid the timekeeping. We experienced some teething problems which we hope to solve as we progress through the season. As we head into our third rotation of events for this season, many athletes are eclipsing their times and distances. This week there was 49 Athletes who had 88 Personal Best performances and three athletes who enjoyed four PBs on the nights over their four events on their program. These athletes included U/7 Angus Wood, U/8 Justin McDonald and U/12 Jessica Buckland.

4. Justin McDonald reached 92 percent of the U/8 70m record as he careered across the line in 12.18 seconds. 5. Kristian Zusak U/8 Boy is following in his brother’s footsteps with 12.28 sec for the 70 mts equalling 91% of the Record. 6. Hugo Steiner U/10 Boys 100 mts time of 15.78 sec, breaking through the 16 second barrier for the first time. 7. U/7 Angus Wood starting to shine through in the U/7’s as the season unfolds, this week he reached 90 percent of the U/7’s 50m in 9.84 sec. 8. U/15 Kate Hobbs on her first attempt over the 100m for the season clocked impressive time of 14.75 sec.

Top 10 performances on the track 9. Kate Hobbs cruised around the track in the 1. Jesse Williams in the U/12 100m, coming 98 percent of the record when he blasted through 400m to come within 11 seconds of the U/15 the timing gates in 14.34 sec. The record stands girls record. Kate encouraged by her 100m run gave the boys a run for their money. at 13.99 sec.

10. The U/11 girls 400m was the closest race 2. U/11 Boy Nicholas Zusak also over the 100ms, Nicholas time was 14.94 sec = 93 of the night with Emma McDonald and Brenna Clayton within 8 metres of each other as they percent of the U/11 record. 3. Another boy who is stamping his mark on finally finish the gruelling 400m. Emma’s time was the 100 mts is U/9 Reuben Hooper who is within a PB of two seconds 1m30.75 sec and Brenna striking distance of the U/9 Record. This week shattered her old PB by five seconds down to Reuben clocked 16.16 sec equalling 93 percent 1m32.52 sec. of the record.

Cooma Field and Game shoot results On Sunday November, Cooma Field & Game held their Annual “Mates Day” 100 Target Handicap Clay Target Shoot at the Middlingbank range. This month’s club shoot incorporated the Annual “Mates Day” where members are encouraged to invite a mate to experience the Sport of simulated field and game clay target shooting. Field & Game Clay Target Shooting is simulated hunting and the targets are travelling through the bush, flitting behind trees etc. The targets are thrown and can be travelling in any direction i.e. from right to left, left to right, coming from behind, coming from in front, rolling across the ground etc. to simulate the actions of game birds and animals. Our thanks go to our Sponsor for the Shoot – Edd Osolins Building Berridale. We had 41 shooters attend with guests and mates (four new Juniors and nine mates) from Cooma, Sydney and Bermagui.

Overall High Gun Ken Jones (Cooma) 124/100 A Grade 1st Mario Magrin (Bermagui) 106/100 C/back 2nd Mark Raabe (Bermagui) 106/100 3rd Rodger Beaton (Cooma) 99/100 B Grade 1st Glen Weston (Cooma) 105/100 2nd Glenn Simmons (Cooma) 100/100 C/back 3rd Richard Warner (Cooma) 100/100 C Grade 1st Michelle Craig (Bermagui) 109/100 2nd Kris Jones (Cooma) 104/100 C/back 3rd Pat Byrne (Cooma) 104/100 Juniors 3rd 1st Guy Osolins (Cooma) 105/100 2nd Hamish Martin-Smith (Cooma) 89/100 3rd Ben Freebody (Cooma) 84/100

Cooma Ladies Golf results Several Cooma Ladies played in the mixed stableford Klein Trophy on Saturday November 10 Congratulations go to Marion Burke and Brad Burke winning the Klein Trophy with a fine 64 nett on a countback from Gaye Wilson and her partner Normal Marshall. Meanwhile, Lorraine McGregor playing away in the

Mallacoota Ladies Tournament enjoyed her time there and her a nett score of 77 won her a ball. On Wednesday the 18hole stableford event winner was Dorothy Bilbow on a countback with 33 pts from Jenny Rainsford who took the first ball and Gillian Petersohn the second with 29 pts. Eleven ladies played in the nine-hole stableford the


winner was Lyne Last playing great golf and scoring 23 points. R/up was Alice Duczynski with 16 points. Balls were won by Denise Ashcroft 15 pts, Juiie Upton 14 pts, Aileen Smith 13 pts and Midge Theron on a countback from Joan Bracher with 12 points. Congratulations to all the winners. Until next week TTFN

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Wednesday November 21, 2012

Back to Zero wins Adaminaby Cup A large crowd gathered in warm conditions to witness Back To Zero ($3fav) ridden by Carl Spry, prove to strong for his rivals in last Saturday’s 1400 metre Snowgoose Hotel Motel Adaminaby Cup. Trained in Canberra by Barbara Joseph and Paul Jones, Back to Zero was taken to the lead before the turn and was never threatened at any stage crossing the line 1 3/4 lengths in front of Gelderbelle trained by Benny Wynen at Kaluru and Chosen Time from Canberra in third. Back To Zero, who is raced by Peter Joseph, Peter Reynolds, Michael Walcott, Kevin and Jenny Casey and Yass locals Ben Donoghue and Gary Waters, will now likely line up in the Cooma Cup in a fortnight. The runner up, Gelderbelle, who despite being a nine year old and a 97 start veteran, is racing very consistently is also being aimed at a start in the Cooma Cup. The success started early in the program for the Joseph and Jones stable when Lady Zizou ($2.60) won Race 1, the “Meekatharra” Maiden Plate over 1000 metres. Ridden by Carl Spry, Lady Zizou, who is raced by Peter Joseph, Mrs DJ, Mick and Justin O’Malley, prevailed by a ½ length from the ($2.40) favourite Yambulla, raced by Bombala identities Norm and Wendy Wilton. Flea’s Mate finished third.

Race 2 was the Balydon Ag Class 1 Hcp of 1000 metres and saw six horses go to the starting gates. hen the gates opened, the favourite Solo Kalimnah ($3.20), ridden by Cark Spry, bounced to the lead from barrier one and held the rail and the lead for a lot of the journey in a keenly contested battle. However, in what proved to be the first of a winning double for Wagga Wagga trainer Trevor Sutherland, Part Expectation, ridden by Kayla Cross, scored by a short head margin from Hansard with Double Night back in third placing. Solo Kalimnah, trained at Cooma, finished fourth beaten 1 1/2 lengths. The Snowy Hydro Benchmark 45 Hcp over 1300 metres saw some great local rivalry with the Jindabyne based Georgie Boucher and Kevin Byrne producing Short Stay ($3.60) and The Guvnor ($12) respectively in the seven horse field. However there was no local victory as the Canberra, Garth Worthington, trained As Sweet As ($4) prevailed by ¾ length from Korilla Park ($3.60 fav) with Shades of Justice trained at Traralgon in Victoria coming in third. Short Stay finished fourth and along with The Guvner will take benefit from the run to be primed for the Cooma Cup meeting.

The Reynella Rides & Adaminaby Store Maiden Hcp of 1400 metres was Race 4 and saw a very keenly contested finish between two local horses. With Carl Spry aboard, Iron Belle ($7), trained at Cooma for Trevor and Belinda Coyne and Gina McConkey, took the lead

Iron Belle will be aimed at the 20th Sundowners Cup. The last race of the day, the Snowy River Shire Council Benchmark 46 Hcp is always a great spectacle as it is commenced in front of the crowd at the 1700 metre point. As the gates opened the lead

before the turn and led until being overtaken in the last 50 metres by the Georgie Boucher trained Praise ($5) ridden by Kristen Smart. Having only her fourth start, Iron Belle rallied and came again but there was a long head margin in favour of Praise on the line. King Mini was third 2 ½ lengths further behind. Praise is raced by the trainer and Michael Flanagan from Jindabyne and will press on to a 1600 metre race at Cooma whilst

was keenly contested by the five runners but the jockey aboard Olympian was keen to show the way. As the battle continued up front in a race with plenty of tempo, Marview ($2.38 fav), raced by Keith Bottom from Cooma and trained by Trevor Sutherland, was ridden patiently at the rear by apprentice Kayla Cross. As the field entered the straight it appeared as though it would be Trevor Sutherland’s other runner,


Perfect Pursuit, that would take the race but a great ride by Cross saw Marview, a seven-year-old mare, grab the lead in the last few strides to win by a ½ length margin. Rapacount from Queanbeyan was back in third placing. Marview has now won 11 races, a great achievement when racing is so competitive. Another of her recent victories was the Picnic Cup at Young. The day saw the Joseph and Jones training partnership and Trevor Sutherland both with winning doubles whilst jockey Carl Spry rode a winning treble. Spry only moved to Canberra from Darwin earlier in the week to ride for the Joseph and Jones stable on a temporary basis whilst evaluating whether a permanent relocation could be lucrative for him. The Adaminaby Jockey Club would like to thank the sponsors and anyone else who helped to make Saturday the success that it was. The Cooma Cup and Cooma Sundowners Cup meeting is on December 1 at the T-Tree Racecourse at Cooma. Pre-paid tickets are available at Snowy Camping World and the Cooma Visitors Centre.

Pictured, winner of race 4, Praise with rider Kristen Smart.





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Pictured at top, Back to Zero and connections celebrate their Adaminaby Cup win last Saturday. Above, Back to Zero streaks away from the field at the finish of the Adaminaby cup last Saturday. Photo by Bradleys Photographers. For a full report on the meeting, see page 35.




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Back to Zero wins the cup

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postman calls

The Postman never ceases to me amazed at what we do to our language. For example, while shopping in one of Cooma’s supermarkets recently, The Postman spied a vegetable called “beanettes”. Closer examination showed this unusual item to be green beans – pre-wrapped. A quick shufti around the fruit and veg section failed to find any accompanying spudettes, sproutettes or pumpkinettes, although there were some sad little baby corns incarcerated in plastic. But beanettes – why add the suffix to what were, plain and simple, green beans? One’s thing for sure, there is no ‘billette’ to accompany purchases at the checkout. We know we are living on the Monaro and it’s getting close to Christmas because…? Because the temperature has plummeted again and we once again contemplate the possibility of a white Christmas. A good excuse for extra lashings of eggnog and brandy custard.. Last week had the town full of people from all over the place for the SEATS meeting and also a regional roadshow. Hopefully both groups were impressed with the old town. The Postman is keen to pursue with the roadshow, training opportunities which seem to be drying up all over at present. While businesses are encouraged to take on trainees and apprentices, it’s a tad difficult if training for these positions isn’t available. Think printing and floristry, for example. And for fellow kamikaze shoppers – there are now only 35 days til Christmas, which means 34 3/4 shopping days. Not yet time to panic! Perhaps this Christmas we will be exchanging beanies and mittens, instead of air cons and thongs?

Wednesday November 21, 2012

Questions for council Editor, Just a couple of questions for the Council to answer which are of public interest . Since the Council put them in the high priority basis - not roads or footpaths - but a new logo and the extra water meter readings they have now voted through. 1. How much will it cost Council to replace logos on its vehicle fleet ? 2. How much will it cost to put new logos on staff uniforms ? 3. How much will it cost to replace letterheads on its documents? 4. And finally -replacing the old logo with a new one - what are the benefits that Council sees for its Ratepayers and what proof they have to show its not a waste of Ratepayers money ? On the second question, regarding the third meter reading, which will cost Council an extra $10,000 per year for

that extra reading because they want to follow the best practice advisable in local government. This will cost the Ratepayers more money and mean higher rents for the battlers looking for low cost accomodation. What I would like to know is - if the Government has produced this document surely there must be another document that covers things like - Efficiency, Waste and bad management practices . If there is such a document could they please tell us so that the Ratepayers can feel assured that they are not paying money just on job creation but on affordable services. Thank You, I look forward to Council’s reply. George Ilitch Cooma

Thanks from Wrap with Love Ediitor, Last week I had a phone call from Wrap with Love Head Office Sydney advising me that the four boxes containing 148 rugs had arrived at the warehouse in Alexandria thanks to Marco Revelant of Monaro Freight. Thanks to the people who made this possible, such as Barbara Shands and Monaro Fibre Crafters, Elsie Rushton, Ruth Dahl, Beryl Snowden, Jan Gardiner, Suzanne Broder and the many dedicated people who knit or crochet rugs or squares and leave them in a plastic bag (with no name on the bag) at the Library or Vinnies.

Thanks also to Lorraine at Cooma Power Equipment for supplying the boxes, and Jenny and John Evans and the staff at Snowliners for collecting and sealing the boxes ready for transport. Thank you all for your compassion and concern. You can rest assured that your rugs will be keeping people warm during the winter overseas. Betty Mattner Cooma – Monaro Convenor for Wrap with Love Inc..

Meals on Wheels roster November Thur- Fri 1-2: town roster, Di Good, 6452 3516; Mon-Fri 5-9: Anglican Church and Friends, Laurine Mugridge, 6452 1167; Mon 12: Uniting Church, Jan Wansink, 6452 2474; Tue -Thur 13-15: town roster, Di Good, 6452 3516; Fri 16: Baptist Church, Margaret Echarri, 6452 3911; Mon-Fri 19-23: Catholic Church, Norma Lynch, 6452 3334; Mon-Wed 26-28: Lions Club, R Weston, 6452 7008; Thur 29: town roster, Di Good, 6452 3516; Fri 30: NAB. Darren Steinke, 0427 780 284.

December Mon-Fri 3 - 7: Anglican Church and Friends, Laurine Mugridge, 6452 1167; Mon 10: Uniting Church, Jan Wansink, 6452 2474; Tue -Thur 11 -13: town roster, Di Good, 6452 3516; Fri 14: RSL, Doug O’Donnell, 6452 1898; Mon-Fri 17-21: Catholic Church, Norma Lynch, 6452 3334; Mon 24: Lions Club, Bob Weston, 6452 7009; Tue 25: Public holiday Christmas day Wed 26: Public holiday, Boxing Day Thu 27: NAB, Darren Steinke, 0427 780 284. Mon 31: Town roster, Di Good, 6452 3516

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