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WEDNESDAY September 28, 2016



Shaun Rennie with Jindy Idol winner Brady Jones from Bombala, Tim Draxl and Loren Hunter.

Performing artists from across the region came together at the Jindabyne Memorial Hall on Saturday night to compete in the sixth annual Jindy Idol. Kahli Henley opened the night with a beautiful rendition of Elton John’s Your Song. Dozens of terrific performances followed. The audience held its breath as Tulli Oayda sang Butterfly Fly Away; and more than a few tears were shed as six-year-old Isabella Ward delivered A Thousand Years. In the second act, Kesha Oayda delivered a clever, soulful, kid-friendly version of Johnny

Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues; and fencing contractor Michael Sier (Cooma) earned a standing ovation and the People’s Choice award with a stirring version of This Is the Moment from Jeckyll and Hyde. Judges Loren Hunter (Rent, Wicked), Shaun Rennie (Rent, Wicked), and Jindabyne’s own Tim Draxl provided every performer with constructive criticism to improve their performances. Rennie emphasized the importance of diction, while Hunter reminded artists to fully engage with their material. All of the judges heaped praise on the performers,

Your local paper established in 2006

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of workshops and master classes with industry professionals each year. Jindy Idol and the work of the Tim Draxl Performing Arts Fund would not be possible without the support of sponsors including Perisher and Nuggets Crossing/ Mitre 10 Jindabyne, as well as auspice Snowy Mountains Neighbourhood Centre. For more information about Jindy Idol and the Tim Draxl Performing Arts Fund’s mission, please visit their Facebook page at Facebook. com/TimDraxlFund.

remarking on the scale and diversity of talent in the room. The night’s clear winner was 13-year-old dancer Brady Jones. The Bombala dancer bewitched the audience – and the judges – with the dramatic Permanent. The flawless performance earned Brady $600 in prize money and the title of Jindy Idol 2016. Jindy Idol is the Tim Draxl Performing Arts Fund’s major annual fundraiser. TDF’s mission is to link young people in the Snowy Mountains with opportunities to perform and improve their skills. The Fund offers a range

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OCTOBER 5, 2016 12-2PM

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Wednesday September 28, 2016

Residents urged to be bush fire ready this season

The Monaro Rural Fire Service (RFS) is calling on residents to ensure their homes and properties are prepared for the upcoming bush fire season. With the official start to the bush fire danger period on Saturday, October 1, Monaro residents are being encouraged to act now and clear their properties of materials that can fuel fires. NSW RFS District Officer, Fred Nichols, said it’s important locals are proactive heading into the danger period. “The major thing people can do is get rid of the fuel around their properties, such as grass, scrub, bushes and rubbish,” Mr Nichols said. Discussing a plan with the family, especially those with kids, is really important. It’s a real mental thing, people think they’re ready when they’re not. The NSW RFS recommends residents follow four simple steps to prepare the family, the home and the individual: Discuss, prepare, know the bush fire alert levels and keep all contacts at hand. Mr Nichols said preparation is vital to ensuring people and properties are ready in the event a bush fire threatens.

“We really push the mental side. We suggest in the event a house or property is in danger that people leave early. They need to get themselves established mentally about what decision they will take.” “Every resident should have a Bush Fire Survival Plan so they know what to do on days of increased fire danger and can immediately put their plan into action if their home is threatened by fire.” Despite it being the wettest Monaro winter in 18-years, Mr Nichols is calling on locals to avoid complacency as the bush fire danger period approaches. He said it only takes a couple of hot windy weeks to dry out the bush, grasslands and the lovegrass areas of the Monaro. “It was definitely good conditions but lovegrass will burn at anytime. Lovegrass country will burn one day after rain,” he said. “A big issue for the RFS is trucks can’t be taken into lovegrass country as they get bogged.” With the start of the bush

NSW RFS District Officer, Fred Nichols, is calling on Monaro residents to prepare their Bush Fire Survival Plan with the start of the bush fire danger period this Saturday. fire season, residents are being reminded fire permits are required during the statutory danger period. “From now until the end of the Bush Fire Danger Period, people wishing to light a fire in the open will require a permit, which are free and can be obtained from your local fire brigade.“ “The reason for a permit

is to ensure that a fire is conducted under safe and controlled conditions.” A recent spate of landholders failing to notify the RFS and their neighbours when conducting burn offs has prompted a reminder from Mr Nichols. “Even with a permit being issued to you by your local

brigade you are still required to provide 24hrs notice to the Rural Fire Service Control Centre (during business hours) and your neighbors prior to burning.” “When conditions are particularly bad, such as on days of Severe, Extreme or Catastrophic Fire Danger, the NSW RFS may declare a Total Fire Ban, prohibiting

the lighting of any fire in the open, even if you have a fire permit,” Mr Nichols said. Locals can also call the Cooma Fire Control Centre on 6455 0455 or the Bushfire Information Line on 1800 NSW RFS (1800 679 737).



Male, dob 17/5/16 Kelpie X Rolo is a delightful Kelpie X,(his grandmother was a Rottweiler). He has a sweet temperament, loves to be with his human, is great with kids, poultry and cats. He enjoys playing with a ball and loves to please. Rolo is very smart & obedient & would be easy to train. He would make a wonderful pet for a family or individual. 0982097 Female, dob 3/12/13 Black Strawberry is a sweet girl who is hoping to find a forever home. She loves a pat and a cuddle and would be happy to snuggle up on a chair with you. 0982100



Contact for dogs: Lil - 6452 2835 follow the link to Adopt a Pet and to the Cooma Site. Cost: $400 includes vaccination, desexing & microchipping

Contact for cats: Debbie - 6425 2765 follow the link to Adopt a Pet and to the Cooma Site. Cost: Kittens and cats up to 8 years are $200. Golden Oldies (over 8 years) $100. Includes vaccination, desexing, microchipping & feline immunodeficiency virus testing.



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Wednesday September 28, 2016


Snowy Mountains set for tourism influx Cooma police kept busy Police moved on an intoxicated male after he was found asleep in the rear car park of 194 Sharp Street, Cooma, at 11.10pm on September 21. The man, aged in his 40s, was not the resident of the property.

Canberra Airport’s transition into an international flight destination is expected to boost regional tourism numbers, bringing about a new era for local business operators. Following the first international flight to touch down in the nation’s capital in more than a decade, Snowy Mountains Tourism Manager Donna Smith says the opening up of the international tourism market is one of the most significant moments for our region in years. “It’s very exciting for the region, it’s a new era. This will be a game changer,” Ms Smith said. “With the current schedule it delivers 1000 tourists to our doorstep each week. The majority of these are high income earners so this could invest millions into our visitor economy.” The first Singapore Airlines flight touched down in Canberra last week, commencing its Singapore-CanberraWellington route. Ms Smith envisages the region’s tourism operators will benefit from the increased number of Asian tourists. “Research is showing us that Singaporeans love natured based holidays. They’re after a nature and adventure holiday they can’t get anywhere else,” Ms Smith said. “We can give them all this only one hour from their arrival point. This matches in well in what we have to offer.” Local tourism operators are already taking steps to ensure their businesses can tap into this new market. Ms Smith highlighted the attendance of local operators at a recent

Police were called at 10pm on Wednesday September 21 to a property in Commissioner Street, Cooma, where some wheelie bins were knocked over. The resident of 147 Commissioner Street heard some banging outside, and upon investigation saw that his bins had been knocked over and rubbish was strewn across the road. It is believed that this was a result of an argument the resident had with a person, which occurred the previous night. Number plates have been stolen from a silver Toyota Landcruiser that was parked at St Patrick’s Church in Murray Street, Cooma. The vehicle was parked at the location from September 16 to September 20. Police are asking for those with any further information to come forward. There have been reports in recent weeks of squatters breaking into

Suzanne Dunning, Donna Smith, and Sally Holdsworth from the Cooma Visitors Centre are excited about international flights returning to Canberra and the benefit this will have for the region. tourism workshop as one of they key measures in the Snowy Mountains cashing in on this tourism influx. “There was good local representation at Export Ready workshops in Canberra that were run by Destination NSW.” “We need to talk to local operators and let them know what’s happening. We are working closely with Destination NSW, Tourism Snowy Mountains, and Tourism Australia, who run external campaigns into international markets.” Ms Smith has called on local business owners to take advantage of this ‘exciting’ era. “We recommend to tourism operators that they’re online and have their businesses set up on review based websites. Research tells us that 86 percent of Singaporeans make travel decisions bases on travel review sites. “ Receiving a water cannon salute, the flight had 240 passengers aboard for the historic moment. It was an occasion Canberra

Airport Managing Director, Stephen Byron, said has enormous potential for the capital region. “Overseas travellers, especially those from Asia, have expressed surprise Australia is one of the very few countries in the world which does not have direct flights into the capital city,” Mr

Byron said. “International flights into Canberra have enormous potential for producers and manufacturers to our north, west and south. It means, for example, that oysters harvested in the morning on the NSW South Coast can be on a lunch table in Singapore the next day.”

the historical train carriages at the Cooma Railway Station. These people have been causing damage to the carriages by breaking windows among other things. On September 20, police responded to reports of a drugaffected man yelling in Centennial Park, Cooma. Police observed the man walk to a parked vehicle on Massie Street. A search of his person and the vehicle resulted in the discovery of 4.42g of cannabis along with syringes and other drug paraphernalia. A 25-year-old male, 35-year-old female and a 20-year-old male from Sydney were arrested as a result and they will appear in court in October. A driver tested positive to cannabis and methamphetamines at the intersection of Murray Street and Vale Street, Cooma on September 20. The 54 year old male from Khancoban was arrested and taken to Cooma police station for further testing, which again read positive. Pending final results from Sydney, the man was prohibited from driving for the following 24 hours and will appear in court should the result come back as positive.

The Van from Snowy River

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Wednesday September 28, 2016

Community called upon to wear blue for a cause

Blue shirt, blue pants, blue tie, blue dress – blue undies if you have them. Grab anything blue and head over to Mitre 10 Cooma on Wednesday October 5. The team is hosting a fundraising event for charity organisation beyondblue. The beyondblue Bash aims to raise awareness and funds to support the work of beyondblue in improving the lives of individuals, families and communities affected by anxiety, depression and suicide. Right now, over one million Australian adults have depression and two million are experiencing anxiety. On average, seven people take their lives every day in Australia. These figures are particularly prevalent in the construction industry, with apprentices often suffering depression and anxiety, which is why manager of Mitre 10 Cooma Chris Fitzgerald wanted to get involved.

Chris is inviting the whole community along for the barbeque lunch to get behind the cause. Everyone is encouraged to wear blue for the day to help raise awareness. Starting at 12pm and finishing at 2pm out the front of the shop in Vale Street, Cooma, a community photo will be taken at 1pm. “We want as many people as possible to come along and join in for the photo to show that we, as a community, support those who have experienced the effects of depression or anxiety.” Chris is also looking to the business community to donate items, vouchers or services that could form part of a raffle or possible auction for the event. To get in touch with Chris, call the shop on 6452 1755 or email him at

Pictured: Christie Moodie, Carolyn, Sam and Chris.

Better aim needed to hit bullseye in mental health Are people living in rural and remote Australia more likely to be hospitalised for mental health conditions than their city counterparts? The report, Healthy Communities: Hospitalisations for mental health conditions and intentional self-harm in 2013-2014, recently released by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare gives some insight into this issue. The report looks at hospitalisations for

five mental health conditions: schizophrenia and delusional disorders, anxiety and stress disorders, depressive episodes, bipolar and mood disorders and dementia as well as drug and alcohol use and intentional self-harm. Overall, overnight hospitalisation rates were 13 per cent higher in rural and remote areas (971 hospitalisations per 100 000 population) as compared to metropolitan areas (857 per 100 000 population).

What’s on at the

While data indicates significant difference in the rates of hospitalisation in rural and remote Australia compared with major centres, it also reveals significant variation within regions the rates of hospitalisation in some towns can be almost 8 times higher than for other towns of the same remoteness. The variation in rates could be due to a number of factors including differences in the prevalence in mental illness, variable access to mental health services and programs or even differences

in hospital admissions processes in rural and remote hospitals. The data will be invaluable to funders and health services in identifying and targeting areas of poor health to ensure that efforts and resources are targeted to the areas of greatest need. The National Rural Health Alliance looks forward to working with the Rural Health Commissioner, when they are appointed, to address such poor health outcomes within rural and remote Australian communities.













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Wednesday September 28, 2016


Eucumbene bus run bids farewell to Pete Driving a school bus for 300 plus kilometres each day, five days a week, takes a great level of commitment and Peter Purcell has shown this level of dedication for the last 17 years. Each weekday, Pete leaves Cooma before the sun rises to collect school students on the Eucumbene bus run - the longest bus run in NSW, which travels from Eucumbene Cove to Cooma. In

the afternoon he does it all again, returning to Cooma after the sun sets. It is this level of dedication that has seen Pete clock up an impressive 60 000 kilometres each year and over 1 million kilometres in his 17 years of driving. Add in the challenges of wildlife, stray cattle, deer, snow and ice and you can see what a special job Pete has been doing for so long.

To the communities on the Eucumbene, Rocky Plain, Middlingbank and Slacks Creek Roads, Pete has become more than a bus driver. He has become a trusted friend and a guardian of their children, who goes out of his way to return lunch boxes and school hats left on the bus to the owner’s letterbox ready for the next day. On Friday, September 23

Pete drove the Eucumbene bus for the final time. The families he has cheerfully greeted every morning will sorely miss him and in recognition of his efforts and to extend their thanks, families past and present of the Eucumbene Bus run gathered at the Rocky Plain School house to farewell Pete on his second last day in the job. For Pete, who has driven over 150 children, including second

generations, it was a fitting send off. Parents thanked Pete for ensuring the safety of their children every day, and for going above and beyond in helping and supervising their children and making sure they were always on the bus in the afternoon before leaving town. These communities have been privileged to have Pete looking after their children and they wish him all the best for his future endeavours.


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We’re hosting a beyondblue Bash to help improve the lives of individuals, families and communities affected by depression, anxiety and suicide.



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BL/ 1353 02/16

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Wednesday September 28, 2016

More internet Australians are expected to spend an extra 22 days more on the internet this year than they did in 2014, with regional people accounting for the biggest increase in usage, according to a new study launched today. One of the most detailed and extensive studies of online behaviour ever conducted in this country, the nbn Broadband Index, commissioned by nbn, confirms that Australians of all ages and in every state and territory are spending

more time online. Those connected to the nbnTM network are the greatest home internet users, with the biggest increase occurring in regional areas, where people are spending 1.7 hours more per week day on their home internet than they did two years ago. Move away from the metro areas and the change is even greater, with internet use jumping from 3.9 hours to 5.6 hours per day during the week and 4.2 to 5.4 hours on weekends when connected to the nbn™ network.

Local girls on Canberra catwalk Two Cooma girls have secured a spot on the upcoming FASHFEST in Canberra. Georgia Crisp and Abby Macnab were chosen to be part of the biggest fashion event for the city. Both have had experience in modelling, taking part in the Community Chest event, Fashionation, earlier this year. The girls modelled clothes by local designer Charly Thorn at the local fundraising event. Charly herself has been picked to enter 12 designs of her own and at just 17, she is the youngest designer to have ever been included in FASHFEST.

So far the girls have had a few rehearsals and have been taking part in some mind strengthening activities together with the other models. About 500 aspiring models applied for the show, but only 150 were chosen. Abby and Georgia are both modelling for designer Rebel Muse, with Georgia also modelling for CUE and Karen Lee. “I feel really excited to be involved in FASHFEST alongside Abby,� said Georgia, “I think it will be an eye opener, it is such a great opportunity and I am so thankful for being chosen.� Both girls really enjoy modeling, but at only 16 years old, they aren’t sure if it is

what they want to pursue as a career. “I had a really great time at Fashionation wearing Charly’s beautiful designs, but I’m not really sure if modeling is what I want to do,� said Abby. “It would be awesome to take up modelling as a career, to be involved, meet new people, go different places and having fun,� said Georgia, “I will just have to see where life takes me.� The girls will hit the runway on Thursday September 29. Pictured below, Georgia Crisp, left and Abby Macnab.

Administrator’s Column The Snowy Monaro received a major boost Friday with John Barilaro visiting the area and giving funds for important infrastructure - I had the pleasure of accompanying John on the end of his tour. Firstly John visited Bredbo and allocated $10,000 to the replacement of the showground fence which was in dire need of repair. I then joined John to visit the Snowy River Holiday Park at Dalgety to deliver $30,000 to go towards developing the camp kitchen. Our next stop was at the Jindabyne Airport where $9,000 was given for the installation of a septic tank. All of these projects are going to be great assets for the community so I look forward to seeing them maximising their full potential. I was invited to attend the graduation ceremony for the Bombala RFS Cadets school program run by Rural Fire Service. Assistant Commissioner Rebel Talbert, the Hon Bronnie Taylor MLC and Andy Winfield were also in attendance as guests of honour. The Cadets got more out of this than just a certificate; they learnt how to work in a team work environment, understand the benefits of volunteering and gain valuable life skills. We were also given a demonstration about how to extinguish a burning gas bottle which kept the crowd excited. This is an example of how these students learnt practical firefighting skills that will that could potentially protect their local community. The Young Driver Training program delivered by Snowy Hydro Limited started up in Bombala this year. Students from Bombala High School were given the opportunity to drive a specially modified car and learnt to feel what it’s like to lose control of your car in a controlled situation. Unfortunately, too many of our youth end up in car accidents, so Council supported this program 100% by coordinating the road closures and organising the event with Snowy Hydro. This program being delivered in Bombala was actually a positive outcome of the merger as Cooma-Monaro Shire Council had strong connections with Snowy Hydro and we have been able to spread the goodwill of the relationship across the region. Dean Lynch Administrator

Cooma Chamber information session

The Cooma Chamber of Commerce would like to invite all general members and prospective members to an information evening followed by dinner at 6pm Tuesday October 11 at the Cooma Hotel. President of the Cooma Chamber of Commerce, Kathy Kelly, advised “There will be a lot happening in Cooma during the run up to Christmas and this meeting will provide members with the opportunity to hear from a number of speakers. It’s a great way to see how your business can be involved and





benefit from these exciting activities while also networking with other businesses and I really encourage both members and potential members participation.� The information session will include updates on; - Cooma Retail “Love to Shop� Christmas Campaign Australian National Busking Championship - L’ETape Cycling Event - Regional Events - Being Singapore ready

Dinner will follow the information session and is $25 per person for a two course meal which is payable on the night. RSVP’s for dinner are due Wednesday October 5 to Now is the time to join the Cooma Chamber of Commerce. To join email coomachamber@gmail. com or contact Kathy Kelly on 0428 883 044.





44-48 Bombala Street, Cooma Ph: 6452 1500


Wednesday September 28, 2016


More funding to improve our public reserves The NSW Government will invest over $200000 to preserve the Monaro’s important public reserves and community hubs, the Member for Monaro John Barilaro announced last Friday. The 2016/17 funding allocation from the Public Reserves Management Fund Program is part of an $18 million annual program of grants and loans from the NSW Government to support the development, maintenance and protection of the public reserves. “Public reserves in our region such as sportsgrounds, showgrounds, community halls, walking tracks and local parks are valued places which are used by our local community every day,’ Mr Barliaro said. “This funding is not only vital to the success of our regional communities, but also supports the role our professional and volunteer managers play in the ongoing management of the reserves. “This funding will allow our local managers to now implement the improvements required to ensure these important places can continue to be enjoyed

by our local community now and into the future.” Highlights of the 2016/17 Public Reserves Management Fund Program for the Monaro are: $81,335 for Snowy Monaro Regional Council for weeds funding across the electorate. $54,395 for Queanbeyan Palerang Regional Council for weeds funding across the electorate. $30,000 for Snowy Monaro Regional Council to build an energy efficient camp kitchen at the Snowy River Holiday Park in Dalgety. $10,374 for Snowy Monaro Regional Council to replace the arena fence at the Bredbo Showground. $10,000 for Nerriga Craft and Museum Centre to install new lighting. $9,680 for Jindabyne Pony Club to install a new septic tank at the club grounds. “Over the last five years, more than $95 million has been allocated by the NSW Government under this annual funding program to provide financial support for the development, maintenance and protection of public reserves,” Mr Barilaro said.

Member for Eden Monaro John Barilaro, Adminstrator Dean Lynch and Sue Winchester at the Snowy River Holday Park in Dalgety.

Meetings to discuss Delegate and Bombala streetscapes Dates have been announced for public meetings to discuss the draft Commercial Centre Designs that have been drawn up for Bombala and Delegate, and if the mixed response to the plans is anything to go by, there should be good numbers in attendance. The public is urged to attend the meetings in Delegate on October 6 from 6.30pm in the School of Arts, or in Bombala on October 13 from 6.30pm at the Community Centre in the library building. The drafts, also being referred to as Streetscape Plans, are the work of Scape Design, who were engaged by the former Bombala Council to explore the redevelopment of the Bombala and Delegate commercial centres. These arrangements were made prior to the merger of the Council, and the drafts themselves are a very early starting point on which the community is urged to build to achieve what it considers most needed in a potential redevelopment. The plans include some significant features, including a town plaza, new gym, widened footpaths and even a kayak clubhouse, and there has been a mixed response to the public exhibition so far. On Facebook concerns were aired that parallel parking may be introduced in Bombala and that other more urgent needs of the district may be overlooked if a redevelopment was to

take place. In response to these concerns, it was pointed out on social media that the plans are very much in the draft stages, and those who have ideas concerning the commercial centres should utilise the public meetings or send their views to the Snowy Monaro Regional Council. Hard copies of the draft designs can be viewed at the Bombala Branch council office and on display in the window of the former Lou Lou’s shopfront at 105 Maybe Street. They can also be viewed online through the Snowy Monaro Regional Council website. The drafts for Bombala include the before mentioned plaza, gym and kayak facilities, as well as a new pedestrian footbridge and walking routes, and upgraded parking, footpaths, playgrounds and barbecue areas. In Delegate the plans allow for well lit pedestrian laneways, sections of widened footpaths, an outdoor dining area and potential new parks, playgrounds, community garden and parking. The drafts are by no means finalised plans, and the community is strongly urged to communicate what it wants from

any redevelopment of the commercial centres while the opportunity exists. Members of the public are invited to comment on these plans, which are now on public exhibition for a period of 28 days, concluding on Wednesday, October 5, 2016. All comments should be made in writing and addressed to the General Manager, quoting the document reference. Comments can be mailed to General Manager, Snowy Monaro Regional Council, PO Box 714, Cooma, NSW 2630 or by email to The public meetings in Delegate on October 6 and Bombala on October 13 will present another important opportunity to discuss the plans, with the success of the process relying on community consultation.

Stroke information sessions Are you a carer or family member of a stroke sufferer? Do you have a history of stroke in your family? Has a friend of yours had a stroke? If you answer yes to any of these questions, this information is for you The Jindabyne Community Consultation Committee is proud to host the Stroke Foundation of Australia. The Stroke Foundation, in conjunction with the Jindabyne Community Consultation Committee, will be holding free a stroke information session at the Jindabyne Bowling and Sports Club on 20 October.




These free sessions are a great way to gain all the information you need to know on what a stroke is; the different types of strokes; how to recognise the signs of stroke; and what to do if someone is having a stroke. The most important piece of information is around prevention, and the steps you need to take to reduce the risk of having a stroke. The session will commence at 6pm for one hour. Refreshments will be provided. Information sessions will be held at the Jindabyne Bowling and Sports Club, Bay Street Jindabyne. To reserve your seat, please contact, Renata Sheehan on 0477 322 107 by Monday October 17.





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Wednesday September 28, 2016

Oktoberfest at distllery Exhibitions opened at Delegate On Sunday Catcher and Co Brewery and Distillery held their first Oktoberfest on their new premises at Pine Valley Estate. The day was filled with all things German with Kranskys, Bratwurst and Sauerkraut on the menu and Catcher and Co providing 6 beers on tap, giving you the choice from an apple cider to a smooth lager all brewed in house. They were also joined by guest brewers Karl Veiss and Max Cross from Jindabyne Brewing who also had a custom Oktoberfest beer. Kingsley and Nicole Vance won best dressed and there was a great crowd getting into the sprit of the day. A big thanks to John and Joan

Holmes from J&J Alpine Music for being the days MC and playing some traditional German music. Next weekend, Saturday October 1, Catcher and Co would like to invite everyone to join them for their Grand Opening. The day will be offering $10 cocktails, $5 schooners and $5 spirits with a courtesy bus available. To book the bus you can contact Lucas on 64272000.

Pictured: Our team is Declan, Zoe, (owner) Lucas Cattell, Rachel, Bradley

The grey clouds and persistent rain cleared to a superb spring day on Saturday, with the bright sunshine outside echoing the vibrancy of the exhibitions inside Delegate’s two art galleries. The latest exhibition in the Bundian Way Gallery is the culmination of work by the Aboriginal Education Consultative Group. The exhibition “Wonder, Inspiration Member for Eden-Monaro, Mike Kelly (far right) opened the new exhibition and the Bundian Way” in Delegate, with teachers from a number of the region’s schools, as well as showcases artwork community and council representatives watching on. inspired by children’s visits to this area and Peter Swain talking about his role The Borderline Gallery exhibition workshops led by Pauline Syron in this and the story behind the is a colourful celebration of spring Coxon of Berridale. boomerangs on display. by local artists and a showcase As well as works by the Adrian Bell, principal of Monaro of local schoolchildren’s work, Monaro children there are High School, explained the including the results of their works by Pauline Syron Coxon, supporting role of his school and workshops with Pauline Syron Peter Swain, Maureen Fox and his delight at being involved in this Coxon. In the Borderline gallery Jandamarra Wall. There are many education project. there are many items of pottery, stories visualised and told in this The exhibition was then officially woodwork, fused glasswork, exhibition. opened by local MP Mike Kelly textiles, photography as well as Peter Swain started who praised the efforts of all the usual paintings, all by local proceedings at the opening involved both in this art project artists playing the didgeridoo, and the entire Bundian Way The exhibitions will be on Jandamarra Wall acknowledged project. display until December 2016. country and then the co-ordinator After Bob Stewart, the patron Both exhibitions are a must of the Bundian Way project, John of the Borderline Gallery, officially see and well worth the trip Blay spoke about the progress of opened the Borderline Gallery to Delegate, especially on a the walking track. exhibition people were invited to wonderful spring day. This was followed by Pauline wander both galleries and partake The galleries are open 10am Syron Coxon giving an outline of refreshments provided by the -3pm Monday, Wednesday, of the education program and Delegate Progress Association. Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

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Wednesday September 28, 2016

Bombala High’s Year 12 class farewelled It was a day of mixed emotions as the Bombala High School bid a fond farewell to the Year 12s of 2016 with a Final Assembly and Roll Call last week. Principal, Andy Winfield shared the following words with the group as they said goodbye to their regular school days and look ahead to their HSC exams. “After the next six or seven weeks, when you have completed your Higher School Certificate exams, the next part of your life will begin,” Mr Winfield said. “Many of you will move away from Bombala to begin further study at University or TAFE, others will begin employment in the ‘real world’. All of these options can be both exciting and challenging. “Contrary to current culture, try to remember that the easiest path is not always the best path. Sometimes, with hindsight, we place the greatest value in the things that we have had to work the hardest for to attain.”




Pictured: Finishing their years of school with a Final Assembly and Roll Call last week were the Bombala High School Year 12s of 2016; (front) Janine Jamieson, Brooke Young, Makayla Standen, Courtney Crotty, Tanika Hampshire, Annie McGrath, Ana Ponsford and Casey Richardson, (back) James Sullivan, Alex Rosten, Thomas Regent, Adam Rodwell, Mozes Olsen, Kurt Pajuczok, Tom Dyer and Joey Reed. Absent, Davina Duthie.

Bombala Police Remembrance Day service The community is being invited to gather at the Bombala Police Station tomorrow, September 29 for a special National Police Remembrance Day Service. Police Remembrance Day gives police around the country an opportunity to pause and honour officers whose lives have been cut short while performing their duty as a police officer. This important occasion is also a time to remember police officers who have lost their lives through illness or other circumstances. Bombala Senior Constables Nathan Marks and Steven Gay invite community members to join them at 9.30am at the station on the Thursday, with NSW Fire & Rescue and NSW Ambulance Service also attending to show support. Following the service light refreshments will be served and the community will have the chance to mingle with the area’s local emergency service personnel and other guests.

Clarification and an apology Last week’s edition of The Monaro Post reported the donation of a handmade timber aeroplane to the Cooma Car Club by Derek Wood. Information received by The Monaro Post

was that Mr Wood was deceased, however his wife Daphne has assured us that he is still with us. The Monaro Post offers their apologies to Mr and Mrs Wood for the misunderstanding.



Australian banknotes are among the safest in the world and, to keep them that way, the Reserve Bank is introducing a new series of banknotes. The new $5 banknote is now in circulation. It has many innovative features designed to make our banknotes clearly more secure. Importantly, all existing banknotes can continue to be used. Discover more at or call 1800 633 220




Wednesday September 28, 2016

Food for Fines Foodcare program making a difference Christmas is looming and Monaro Regional Libraries (MRL) are joining many other Public Libraries across Australia in the annual ‘Food for Fines’ campaign. During October and November Monaro Regional Libraries are asking members to return their overdue books, as fees on overdue books will be removed in exchange for non-perishable foods. The donated non-perishables will go to local charities for Christmas Hampers. Non-perishables can be placed into tubs at Cooma or Bombala Libraries, The Mobile Library or The Snowy Mountains Neighbourhood Centre in Jindabyne. In return library staff will remove any outstanding late fees. Suggested food items include all tinned goods, Christmas cakes and puddings, pasta sauces, tea bags, coffee, vegemite, jams and honey. “This campaign is a very simple way for Council to offer local assistance and highlight the work local charity organisations do across the region. The Libraries are looking forward to the return of late items, and seeing those tubs fill with an abundance of articles for Christmas Hampers”, said General Manager Joe Vescio. For more information on Food for Fines, contact Cooma Library on 6455 1730, Bombala Library on 6458 3196 or Snowy Mountains Neighborhood Centre on 6457 1044.

It’s the little known community program making a big difference in the lives of many locals. As word spreads about the Lifegate Community Foodcare program in Cooma, this regionally unique service continues to expand its reach across the Monaro. Lifegate Christian Church in Yulin Ave, Cooma, operates a community outreach program every Thursday morning. Locals on welfare payments are able to purchase cheaper groceries and take home free fresh produce in a bid to help them keep atop of their household budgets. Lifegate Community Pastor, Chris Clarke, has headed up the Foodcare program since its formation in June 2014. He says Foodcare allows people a realistic shopping experience while providing a community support network. “It’s not just a support service, it’s about doing community together,” Pastor Clarke said. “One point about the program is that it’s not just for those in


desperate need but it also takes pressure off the household budget. Reducing stress and tension in the home is just as important.” The program is approaching an important milestone with only four more signatures needed to reach 300 Foodcare members. To utilise the service people must first sign up as a member, a fee of $2 per year. Not only are there heavily discounted items, but fresh produce is free. This is a facet of the program Pastor Clarke is quite proud off. “We have great community support. Aldi in Cooma helps

with produce while Sandi’s Bakehouse lets us run a weekly pick up,” Pastor Clarke said. “There’s also the weekly drop off to fill our pantry from Foodbank in Sydney.” Allowing people to shop in a similar environment to that of a retail space is one of Foodcare’s goals. Pastor Clarke believes this ensures their members feel valued when doing their Thursday shop. “We have it set up as a shop. This adds to the value and dignity we place on our members.” “It’s the only type of program

of this nature in the region that gives out actual food. We also do emergency hampers with a difference where instead of prepackaged hampers, members pick their own food.” Such is the value of this community program, Pastor Clarke is hopeful more people will become aware of the service provided. “Word is still getting out there. We receive referrals from other community services, Mission Australia is quite active with this.” “The majority of people finding out about Foodcare is through word of mouth. “We’re hoping to have an afternoon service available in the future where people can come after school or work to shop.”

Lifegate Community Foodcare members Nanda Malcolm, Nancy and Joshua Groves, join Pastor Chris Clarke for the weekly shop.

A new location for Kel’s Auto


Spring has sprung and it's time to get those horses out of the paddocks and into sale condition. Bookings are now being taken to add your horses, tack, floats & horse trucks to this year's sale. CALL US NOW TO BOOK!!

INSPECT: 8am I AUCTION: 12pm TERMS: Bidding card system I ID required PIC no. must be provided All horses must have basic handling and/or be ridden Dogger's horses will NOT be accepted For further details please see our website or contact Bec in the office

P: (02) 6456 6783 E: W: Kel’s Automotive Repairs is saying goodbye to its home for the last 13 years. Having recently sold the building to Steve Manthey of Cooma Steering, Kel and his wife Lyn will now be operating their service from their home address in Yallakool Road, Cooma. Continuing to provide reliable and expert servicing and registration checks, Kel and Lyn will offer a pick up and delivery service in town to save their customers travel time. Their new contact number is 0478 000 374 or via email on They will be open for business in November. Photo: Kel Goodman and his wife Lyn.

When you have read you have read it all!


Garage Sale Trail 2016 Households and groups across Snowy Monaro region are getting ready to join hundreds of thousands of people across Australia on Saturday 22 October as part of the national Garage Sale Trail event. It is less than one month to go and national promotion of Australia’s big day of good stuff will start soon. Garage Sale Trail is calling on all Aussies to get involved. Not because having a garage sale on one day will change the course of the world or even Australia’s environmental course but because it’s a symbol and celebration of being conscious that we can all make a difference to the plight of the planet and our local community too. Buying or selling at a garage sale is one of those simple actions we can all do as part of a whole range of behaviours to lead a more sustainable lifestyle....and make a few bucks in the process. Being part of Garage Sale Trail is a great opportunity to sell unwanted goods and make some money - last year, the average seller made over $300. Individual as well as group garage sales are welcome, so start thinking about what you can sell and maybe even have a chat to your neighbours or community group to organise a combined effort. It’s also a great day to have a fundraiser, with thousands of people expected

Wednesday September 28, 2016


to be out and about hunting out a bargain! Already we have some great sales registered in our region. Please check out the Snowy Monaro website www. Garage-Sale-Trail<http://www. Garage-Sale-Trail> and click on specific area link for more information. Registration is free and open to all households, local businesses, schools and community groups at au<http://www.garagesaletrail.>. Through the Garage Sale Trail website sellers can also access promotional material such as posters and flyers to help attract lots of buyers on the day, and there are some great tips and ideas on how to promote your sale in a creative way.


Make sure you FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT COUNCIL'S book your WASTE DEPARTMENT Garage Sale soon! 1300 345 345 #garagesaletrail



Wednesday September 28, 2016

Enjoying a day by the lake...

The picnic blankets and the sunscreen were out at the Day by the Lake event hosted by Rydges Snowy Mountains in Jindabyne on Saturday. It was a great family day with heaps of market stalls, delicious food and live music to enjoy. The face painting, fairy floss and jumping castle were a real hit with the kids and the scenic helicopter rides, courtesy of Jindabyne Aero Club, were a hit with everyone. With a big boost in numbers from last year, it was the perfect way to celebrate the end of winter.

Make the most of your school holidays thanks to SMRC The school holidays are upon us, and once again thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be plenty to do in the Bombala district this time around, with the Snowy Monaro Regional Council running a series of Holiday Workshops. There are some brand new additions to the program in September, and places will be limited, so be sure to check out the schedule below and book your place by calling the Platypus Visitors Information Centre on 6458 4622 or through the relevant number shown below. Week One Wednesday, September 28: Day out at Cooma. Bus departs Bombala at 9.30am and returns at 4pm. Thursday, September 29: Tree of Life Paper Craft - create a door

hanger. 11am, cost $10. Ring 0417 387 052 to book. Friday, September 30: Movie Screening at Bombala Library. 10am start. ALSO Tree of Life Paper Craft create a pen holder. 1pm, cost $10. Ring 0417 387 052 to book. Week Two Wednesday, October 5: Day out at Jindabyne. Bus departs Bombala at 9.30am and returns at 4pm. Thursday, October 6: Tree Of Life Paper Craft - create a handbag. 11am, cost $10. Ring 0417 387 052 to book. Friday, October 7: Movie Screening at Bombala Library. 10am start. ALSO Tree Of Life Paper Craft - create a standing butterfly. 1pm, cost $10. Ring 0417 387 052 to book.



Wednesday September 28, 2016

A special visitor at the Ladies Probus meeting

With a different guest speaker each month, this is the first time the Ladies Probus Club has had a four-legged visitor. Andy the Ambassador Dog came along with his owner Katrine Mooney who is a spokesperson for Guide Dogs NSW/ACT. Andy was trained as a Guide Dog however at just 14 months old he caught meningitis, which is quite rare in dogs. Being very ill, he had to retire from being a Guide Dog, but once he recovered he instead became an Ambassador Dog. Andy travels around with Katrine, spreading awareness about the Guide Dogs organisation and the various services they offer for the vision impaired. Guide Dogs has been in operation for nearly 60 years and is operated completely through community support. Katrine told the ladies about the process of training the Guide Dogs. New purebred Labradors, Golden Retrievers and Labrador/Golden Retriever cross puppies arrive at the training centre at eight weeks old. Checked by vets, they are then given to specifically chosen ‘puppy raisers’ who take them home to train for 12 months. These trainers help the dogs learn general obedience and social skills, getting them used to different noises and environments. Next they come in to the training centre where they are assessed as to whether they are suited to become Guide Dogs. Prospective Guide Dogs must be eager to work, with good concentration and initiative. They must also control the temptation to be distracted by other animals. If found to be unsuitable, there are many other career paths available to the dogs, such as the Pets as Therapy program, or as Ambassador Dogs, like Andy. If they are selected to become a Guide Dog, they go through specific Guide Dog training for 20 weeks. Katrine explained there are very complex tasks they need to learn, such as getting on and off trains, finding the chair when their person is attending an event with assigned seating and refusing commands that will put their person in danger – such as walking over a hole, onto a road, etc. They are also taught that once their harness is on, they are working. Many people are unaware that by touching or talking to a Guide Dog while they are working is very distracting for them. Once a dog is assigned to a person, a special trainer goes with them to help adjust the dog and the person to one

another and to help the dog become familiar with the specific day to day tasks required for that particular person. A total of $35,000 is spent for each dog to be raised and trained through the Guide Dog program, and they are offered to those in need as a free service. The majority of the services provided by Guide Dogs are actually the provision mobility canes. There are also other services provided by Guide Dogs that most people might be unaware of, including pets as therapy, canes and other electronic devices such as GPS and phones, children’s programs and stroke programs.

President of the Ladies Probus Hazel McKenzie-Kay said that Katrine and Andy were well received by the ladies who found the talk very interesting and thoroughly enjoyed meeting Andy. “I would like to say a special thank you to the Cooma Ex Services Club for allowing us to have Andy the Ambassador Dog come to our meeting,” she said. The Ladies Probus will be meeting again on Wednesday October 12 with guest speaker Gretta Seubert, who will tell travel stories from her time working for QANTAS and SMEC. IF YOU HAVE NEWS CONTACT THE MONARO POST ON 6452 0312


Sold fully workshop tested with a roadworthy and warranty .Come and have an obligation free inspection and test drive. Only 59,000 kms

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2004 TOYOTA COROLLA SEDAN These cars are ever popular, this one has long rego and in good order throughout, has been a local car sold and serviced by us since new

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Guide Dogs NSW/ACT spokesperson Katrine Mooney with her charming seven-year-old Ambassador Dog Andy and President of the Ladies Probus Hazel McKenzie-Kay.

Men’s Probus Club enjoy September talk September’s talk to the Cooma Men’s Probus Club was by Zoe Dawson, Manager of the Cooma Universities Centre, assisted by Shannon PaytonMcDonald. This is a return visit by Zoe, and she filled us in on developments over the last two years. The first thing we were reminded of was that the centre is sponsored by Snowy Hydro, initially providing $600,000 for set-up, and presently $3000,000 annually in support; and this body must be congratulated for all that it has done for Cooma and district over the years. The CUC is incorporated, the director being Duncan Taylor,

‹ :/67 36*(3 ‹:/6736*(3 ‹)<@36*(3 ‹:<7769;36*(3

and it aims to bring university study to the people. This saves on the costs of accommodation and travel. Young people are kept in town and a study culture is encouraged. The CUC is located in Bombala St, next to Boyce’s, and backs on the Cooma TAFE, with which it shares facilities as needed. 18 computers, with WiFi and fast internet speeds are available. The CUC currently works with 26 universities, and over 6,000 students have used the centre since its opening in March 2013. As many as 160 students per month use the centre. Students may be full or part time, and can study a

mixed range of courses, at any university , and can also sit for their exams under CUC supervision. In addition tutorials are available for face to face work, in both teaching and in tourism-oriented business studies, using locally available qualified tutors. The work of the centre has attracted notice from Councils state-wide, and the next centre may be the Hilltops centre, covering Young, Boorowa and Cowra, with interest from Broken Hill, Parkes and Narrabri, the major difficulty being that most other areas do not have a sponsor such as Snowy Hydro. Distance with Assistance is

the rallying cry in this computer age, and a new concept called Pathways is scheduled. This will be a four-year course and will provide first year for primary school teachers and Early Childhood qualifications, leading to accreditation and practical teaching training After several comments and questions, Russell Fox proposed a vote of thanks. And do not forget, if you are retired, are bored and looking for something to help fill your days, the Men’s Probus Club would love to hear from you. Ring Bob Weston (6452 7008) or Derek Watson (6457 1321).

A local Cooma car with a full service history and very fastidious previous owners, has nearly 12 months rego and good tyres

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KIA CARNIVAL A great vehicle for those who need more seats and room, its an auto, has aircon, power windows and cruise control, drives really well call in have a look and a test drive.



Priced At $12,500 Drive away


COTTRELL MOTORS 170 Maybe Street, Bombala NSW 2632 Ph: 6458 3341

LMD NO: 1331



Waste matters CleanOut your household chemicals the right way You can drop off these materials: From your home: Solvents and household cleaners Floor care products Ammonia based cleaners Fluorescent globes and tubes

From your car: Car batteries Motor oils, fuels and fluids

From your garage: Paint and paint related products Pesticides and herbicides Poisons Gas Bottles Fire extinguishers Pool chemicals Hobby chemicals Acids and alkalis Acids and Alkalis

Including materials with the following logos:

For more information call the Environment Line on 131 555 Or visit This is a NSW EPA Waste Less, Recycle More initiative partially funded from the Waste Levy. Visit

Saturday 8 October Jindabyne Landfill Park 6013 Kosciuszko Road, Jindabyne 10am - 12.30pm

Saturday 8 October Berridale Transfer Station 160 Bobundara Road, Berridale 1.30pm - 4pm

Sunday 9 October Only household quantities accepted 20kg or 20L maximum Container size. Please transport your materials carefully and remain in your vehicle at the collection site.

Cooma Landfill 8448 Monaro Highway, Cooma 11am - 3pm


Wednesday September 28, 2016


SMGS farewell Year 12 class of 2016 Friday September 23 marked the conclusion of formal schooling for our graduating Year 12 class, as they now prepare for the final stage of their school education, their HSC examination, at the start

of next term. It is a significant day for these students, before a new chapter in their lives begins. SMGS staff members celebrated this milestone with the students at the Year 12 Farewell Breakfast

and then later, the whole school and Year 12 parents were present for the Year 12 Farewell Chapel. The school community was able to acknowledge the studentsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; considerable contributions over the

years and to wish them well for the future. Good luck to all of the Year 12 students in the Snowy as they prepare for their HSC.

Below: SMGS Class of 2016 celebrate after the Farewell Breakfast

Left: Farewell Chapel Tunnel Bottom Left: Kate Hobbs and Isabella Emmert

Ski Like a Girl


Â&#x2021;)OLJKWV Â&#x2021;7UDQVIHUV Â&#x2021;$FFRPPRGDWLRQ Â&#x2021;3DFNDJHV Â&#x2021;&UXLVLQJ T: 02 6456 1010 F: 02 6456 1216 Postal address: 32%R[-LQGDE\QH Travel Insurance is highly recommended IATA: 96-8 39595

Check out

She Skis was born from the idea that Women like doing things together. From road trips to brunch, climbing mountains or conquering shopping centres whatever it might be women all over the world are doing it in groups. Why should skiing and snowboarding be any different? Watching movies like Shades of winter or Lynsey Dyers "Pretty Faces", what you get is groups of Women travelling the world together having a fantastic time, granted

they are ripping off cliffs that give me the heebie-jeebies, but you get a general idea. These movies give me a real sense of what it is like to be a skier girl. That is something that I would like to share with the rest of the world. There are many times you see a fantastic skier/snowboarder turn into a delicate flower when in the company of her male counterparts, or not try and show off her newly found skills on the slopes, for fears of holding

anyone up. We have plans to change all that, giving women the chance to push themselves to be the kind of skier or snowboarder that they wish to be. Whether she wishes to grow her confidence on the slopes or develop a keen sense of aprĂŠ, we are here to help. So, in summary, the general idea behind She Skis is riding with other women and having the best fun there is to be had.



Wednesday September 28, 2016


The Postman nearly ran off the road last week, when an Aunty ABC journalist confessed on air that she likes DS because she can have a dip at Bondi after work. Lucky girl, The Postman is sure we would all like to have a dip at Bondi, if only we lived in Sydney, where it gets lighter earlier than it does inland. For those of us who have a lot to do of a morning, before starting our ‘real’ jobs, being plunged back into a Stygian gloom with the early start of DS is not only BLOODY annoying, it is also a form of discrimination. Morning people – it’s time to write to the local member and state our grievances. Or email Trevor Khan – treveor.khan@ and show your support for a revision. If we can contemplate a $170 million federal plebiscite for one issue, why can’t the State fund a plebiscite or referendum on daylight savings? Sad to see the end of the SMEC era in Cooma last Friday. Must be time the complex was donated back to the community, along with the historical items already pledged.

Quiz questions 1.

Which planet boasts the largest known volcano in our solar system?


How many fingers and toes does a typical frog have?


Which contributes more to the greenhouse effect – a kilogram of methane, or a kilogram of carbon dioxide?


How fast can a hippopotamus run?


Name all the planets that have only one moon.

Quiz answers

Senator Khan wants daylight savings to end a month earlier. Senator Khan could go a lot further with his Bill – he could move that the wretched time change begins a month later, as well!

CSIRO Double Helix Quiz

Mars has the largest known volcano in our solar system, Olympus Mons. A typical frog has four fingers on each front leg, and five toes on each back leg, making 18 fingers and toes in total.

He believes the rural community is disadvantaged by the length of time daylight savings is imposed on the state – from this weekend until the end of March.

Brian Curzon Cooma Rural Resident


But then there is Senator Trevor Khan, who has a bill going to the NSW Parliament to have daylight savings (DS) REDUCED.


The dictatorial stance taken by NSW Premier Mike Baird on the greyhound industry is a fine illustration of pollies who have their ears just painted on.

Methane contributes more to the greenhouse effect, as it is about 20 times better at trapping heat inside the atmosphere. Hippopotamuses have been spotted running at up to 30 kilometres per hour!

Some politicians get it – some couldn’t give a flying fig about the things that really irritate and divide the electorate.

Adaminaby, north of Nimmitabel and west of Numeralla Sister station from Bega South East Broadcast Studio, ABC 810 AM reception can’t be received reception in the home. In a car reception is Cooma. Intermittent Berridale to Jindabyne, nothing from 30km east of Adaminaby up the Snowy Mountains Highway to Kiandra and Mt Talbingo, intermittent Numeralla Village and the surrounding District, Bombala to Delegate Can we expect an upgrade to the 21st century in our ABC 1602 AM radio reception especially in times of Emergency Broadcast situations which the ABC has the responsibility to broadcast.



allocated to the section of the ABC known as ABC REGIONAL Is it possible between these three that the inadequate 1964 model, 50 watts output, ABC 1602 AM Cooma, with a limited range of 5KM around the tower on Cooma to be able to receive reception WITHOUT an external antenna, Note a home radio has no external connections to install an external antenna to the internal ferrite AM receiver rod, With relocation of a new 4000 -5000 watts ABC 1620 AM transmitter on a more suitable site at Polo Flat 1.5 Km south on free Common land. The estimated cost is $3,000 - $4,000. The maximum range of ABC1602 AM Cooma with an antenna in a car and in some cars an amplifier is 25km from Cooma. South of Bredbo, east of Berridale and



Editor, Can we live in hope that the Monaro will have finally get a new ABC 1602 AM radio transmission system? We have the following. 1. A NEW Federal Member for Eden – Monaro Hon Dr Mike Kelly. AM. MP A resumption of the Inquiry into the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Amendment (Rural and Regional Advocacy) Bill 2015 2. The purpose of this bill is to amend the ABC’s Charter in relation to the delivery of services to rural and regional Australia in each State and Territory, and it seeks to define the Corporation’s mandate for its public service function for journalism in rural and regional Australia. The Inquiry will report by November 30. 3. In the May Budget $100+ million was

Earth is the only planet with one moon. The dwarf planets Make-make and Eris also have one moon each.


We live in hope...



W HAT ’S O N. . . September 24-October 6 The Gully Gang Exhibition at the Raglan Gallery September 26 – 29 J E Resort Kids School Holiday Riding Program, Kosciuszko Road – contact 6456 7333 September 28 Youth Day Out at Cooma – information at the Snowy Youth Council Facebook page. School Holiday Program ‘Skate Park Event’ at the skate park – 11am. School Holiday Program ‘pool and darts comp’ at The Hub – 5pm-7pm. September 29 School Holiday Program ‘spray painting workshop’ (11am1pm) and ‘wheat pasting workshop’ (2pm-4pm) at The Hub. Trivia Night at the Alpine Hotel 7.30pm.

Taco and Trivia Thursday at the Cooma Hotel – 7.30pm. Thursday Night Music Club at Two Vaults Restaurant 7.30pm. September 30 School Holiday Program ‘Games and Pizza’ at The Hub 11am4pm. Brewn Live at The Alpine Hotel. Youth Day Out at Jindabyne – information available at the Snowy Youth Council Facebook page. Friday Nite Live at The Federal Hotel, Nimmitabel. September 30-October 1 Kids Fishing Workshop at Gaden Trout Hatchery – 10am-2pm September 30 – October 3 Wildbrumby Oktoberfest 12.30pm-3.30pm October 1 Berridale Spring Fair


Wednesday September 28, 2016

Marketing logic questioned Editor, I have read with great interest over the past few months Tourism Snowy Mountains plans of marketing into SE Asia in particular Singapore and question the logic behind this strategy. Regional Australia attracts approximately 10 percent of international visitation and if a region such as the Snowy Mountains is fortunate enough it may attract one percent of

this market, so why with Tourism Snowy Mountains continued complaining re lack of support and funding would such an organisation worry about high hanging fruit with trade missions and brochures into Singapore. What is the expected ROI? With the expertise we have come to expect from this organisation over recent times surely the low hanging fruit would be far more cost effective.

If you believe I am being hard on the organisation I ask why then wasn’t the Snowy Scheme with its magical waterways and aquatic playground marketed through DNSW and Tourism Australia’s Coastal Aquatic campaign, low hanging fruit where the State Tourism Organisation and Tourism Australia do all the heavy lifting. Food for thought. David Sheldon

Historical society thanks SMEC Editor, The Cooma Monaro Historical Society would like to publically thank the Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation for the donation of items that it recently made. These items were an integral part of the history of the SMA and SMEC so have a close connection to this area and its history. It is only with the donation of historical items, which can then be preserved, that our future generations will be able to better understand the conditions under which our forebears lived and worked. The SMA and SMEC formed such an

integral part of the history of the Cooma and surrounding areas that any items that can be kept and displayed locally must be of ongoing benefit to the community, especially in conjunction with the existing displays in Cooma and Adaminaby. The next step will be an appropriate venue to house these items, and display them to their best advantage. On behalf of the Historical Society, and the public, thank you SMEC. Neroli O’Neill Cooma Monaro Historical Society.

Dementia sufferers need support Editor, During Dementia Awareness Month, September, Alzheimer’s Australia called for greater awareness and understanding of dementia so people living with the condition feel less isolated and alone. There are more than 353,000 Australians with dementia and an estimated 1.2 million people involved in the care of someone with dementia. In the Monaro electorate there are an estimated 900 people living with dementia. That figure is projected to increase to about 3,050 by 2050. A survey just released by Alzheimer’s Australia has found that people with dementia are almost twice as likely to have high rates of loneliness, and people with dementia and carers are significantly more lonely than the general population. We hear repeatedly that when someone is diagnosed with dementia, friendships and some family relationships suddenly

disappear because people simply don’t know how to interact with their friend or loved one with dementia. Treating people with the same respect, kindness, inclusiveness and thoughtfulness you always have is what makes a difference to them. They are still the same person they were before the diagnosis. They just may need a little bit more time, understanding and support. I encourage your readers to find out more by going to au. The Hon. John Watkins AM Chief Executive Officer, Alzheimer’s Australia NSW Professor Henry Brodaty AO, Scientia Professor of Ageing and Mental Health, Co-Director, CHeBA (Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing) University of New South Wales

RIPOSTE By Lisa Ashurst An Open Letter to all the crawly things though because if you can get in, living around my place: then so can they, and because of the lack of mess and clutter, of What is the big attraction with hidey holes there are none. Or very coming indoors? You guys have 10 few anyway. There’s only under the acres here combining native gardens couch or behind the pictures or in the and natural woodland. bookshelves and these are not ideal The outdoor temperatures are very because if I can see you then so can nice, even at night. Everything you your predator. could possibly want is out there so Also, when I see you, you will be why, why, why do you want to come back outside before you can say inside? whatever it is crawlies say. Certainly I’m flattered that you find Assuming you say anything. my company so appealing and accept Look, I respect your place on the that possibly you are all showing planet and your right to be here but your appreciation of the fact that I if you think about it, I don’t drop neither stomp nor spray but that is not uninvited into your holes, burrows, necessarily an open invitation to pop in webs, leafy cocoon thingies, nests and for a surprise visit! And why would you other damp, dark places because I want to anyway? know it’s not the polite thing to do, so As a borderline neat freak, I am I am asking for the same consideration unlikely to leave anything lying around from you guys. for you to eat and if you’ve ventured Sure, I like you all in my own way into the house on previous occasions but I would much prefer to meet you you should realise by now that I am outside than have an out of the blue only going to catch you and release encounter with you on the couch or you outside anyway, so where’s the running across the floor, on/in one of point? my slippers or that most out of bounds Let’s face it, whatever it is you eat, place of all out bounds places…the you are only going to find it Outside. It ceiling above my bed. I so Do Not is also where all your friends are. need to wake through the night and Admittedly, a few things that might spot you above me in the starlight want to prey on you are probably out streaming through the windows. there too but that is the way of the I really, really don’t appreciate that at world and Mother Nature armed you all. with defence thingies to give you a Okay, so I’m guessing you are not fighting chance in situations like that harbouring a desire to deliberately anyway. drop on me from up there but on the Or you could just stay out of the way other hand, not being a crawly myself, of predators. I can’t be truly sure about that and Like, I stay out of the way of things how am I supposed to know what that want to prey on me so I’m sure you’re thinking anyway? you can manage a similar thing out in Assuming you think anything. the garden or wherever. Nicking inside my house is not Kind regards necessarily staying out of their way Lisa


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Wednesday September 28, 2016

Bombala garden day Eulogy for Kathleen (Kit) Wallace

The Bombala Anglican Parish Garden Day will once again be enjoyed on December 3 this year, with last year’s event being a huge success. Greenthumbs, get that date locked in now! Local greenthumbs and those who simply enjoy a social stroll through beautiful surrounds are urged to set aside Saturday, December 3 for Bombala’s Anglican Parish Garden Day. The annual event takes in a different selection of the finest gardens in the district each year and has become a big drawcard for garden lovers right across the region, and even further afield. On December 3 a group of five lovely gardens will be on display, and their summer beauty will no doubt be greatly admired by all who come along, particularly considering the amazing season we are currently experiencing. The day will commence at 10am with registration and morning tea at Di and Matt Green’s property,

“Greenshill”, located 3.4kms from Bombala on the Cann Valley Highway. Signage will be visible from Wedmore Road. Here visitors will not only enjoy the beautiful garden, but will also collect maps and information for the rest of the gardens opening on the day. The cost is just $20 per person, which covers entry into all five gardens up until 4pm, as well as morning tea and lunch, which will be enjoyed between 12.30 and 2.30pm. There will also be a raffle and a variety of local market stalls adding further interest to the day. So be sure to mark Saturday, December 3 on your calendar, bring along some friends and enjoy the beautiful gardens of Bombala.

Kit was the youngest of 9 children born to Charlotte and James Thompson. She was a great sportswoman, at tennis, skiing - a very feisty hockey player. As time went by, golf became her forte. Kit was the first one in the family to take golf up at Coolamatong golf club. She also loved fishing, she and Vaughan often went out to Louth or to Burrinjuck Dam chasing the elusive Murray cod. Kit married her sweetheart Vaughan Wallace in 1940, and they lived at Jindabyne Station. Their three children are Bob, Geoff and Sandra. The family purchased “Avoca” at Young in 1957, when the Jindabyne property was resumed by the Snowy Mountains Authority for the Jindabyne dam. The present cemetery is located in the Nettin paddock on their former property. At Young, Kit was the matriarch of one of the best golfing families in Australia, all members playing off single figures. Kit was ladies champion in 1960, 1961 and 1963, only to have the title wrestled from her by Sandra the following year. By this time Bob and Margaret, Geoff and Sandra, Sandra and Barry were married, and the grandchildren were coming along. Kit was an exceptional grandmother and even

Alan Dodd Director (JP) 43 Denison St Cooma NSW 2630 Including Burial & Cremation In your time of need, nothing else but an established local trusted family funeral director will do. You will be dealing direct with a funeral director Contact: (02) 64522094

Mob: 0412650144


prouder great grandmother, who loved being updated on the activities in which they were involved. As a homemaker, her cooking was legendary, the high teas at the golf club were all the richer for her pavlovas - Kit was a great knitter, who produced garments for the family. The expanding family necessitated a larger property, therefore in January 1980, a property was purchased at St George Qld. When we moved there, Kit took up another two extracurricular activities - crochet and shooting. With her trusty 410, her best bagging was 12 brown snakes in a season! Her outstanding achievement came when she not only shot a snake on the front path, but also got the car as well! In 1984, Kit and Vaughan retired to Ocean Shores where Kit was always support crew for Sandra in her business. Vaughan passed away in September 1998. Kit purchased a unit at Bimbimbie Retirement Village, Merimbula, in 2008, where she happily resided until she had a bad fall, fracturing vertabrae in her back - she then moved into the hostel, where she was cared for with great love until her passing. Kit had a deep and abiding faith in the Lord, and she regularly attended church each week, until her health issues prevented her from so doing, and we know that she is absent from the body and present with the Lord.

CTP changes protest A state-wide campaign highlighting the key benefits that will be lost under the NSW Government’s proposed changes to CTP Green Slip Insurance was launched by the Law Society of NSW and the NSW Bar Association today. “CTP Changes: Adding Insult to Injury” aims to increase public

understanding of the key benefits currently covered by their CTP Green Slip insurance. President of the Law Society of NSW, Gary Ulman, said that behind the headline of reducing premiums, the Government is set to slash cover. “Only a few people in the community are aware what little coverage and support they will get if under the proposed changes that are due before Parliament in a matter of days,” he said. “In most cases benefits will be slashed after as little as five years, including compensation for past and future lost earnings, medical treatment expenses, and family care and support - all of which is available under the current CTP Green Slip scheme. “We are concerned that under the NSW Government proposal which is a modified “no fault” scheme, there will be upwards of a staggering 7,000 at fault drivers claiming benefits each year,

putting a huge amount of additional pressure on the scheme and reducing benefits for those who are not at fault,” he said. President of the NSW Bar Association, Mr Noel Hutley SC said that under the current proposals, for example, loss of earnings would be restricted to 5 years and capped at 1.5 time Average Weekly earnings. This is particularly harsh for those who are injured but who have a long working life ahead of them. It also singles out those who rely on their physical fitness to earn a living – such as tradespeople,” Mr Hultey said. “Under the proposed scheme most benefits will also be drip-fed to injured motorists for limited periods by the insurers and based on a complex and rigid system that doesn’t take account of people’s personal or family circumstances,” he said. Further information is available at: www. l a w s o c i e t y. c o m . a u / ctpreforms


Wednesday September 28, 2016


What a gold field might look like

Pictured: Nicole Barnes, Charlie Alcock, David Shorten, Fletcher Jones, Tom Smith, Atlanta White, Matilda Mitchell and Lily Rolfe. Year 5 and 6 Cooma Public School students are proudly displaying their Australian gold rush dioramas in the Cooma Library for the next week. During this term, the Stage 3 students have been learning about Australian

Colonies. Looking at early Australian settlement, migration and government, they are completing a series of research tasks in class. The diorama was a home assignment concentrating on the Australian goldfields

in the 1800s. Teacher Nicole Barnes, who â&#x20AC;&#x153;We wanted them to do something a bit is in her final week of practical training different and a bit more engaging to get the at the school, said that by assigning a children to show what they had learned diorama, the students were able to visually from their research.â&#x20AC;? represent what a typical goldfield might look like.

Lambie Street Preschool art exhibition

Lambie Street Preschool held an art exhibition, decking the facility out with wall to wall artworks and crafts made by the children. Left: Brad, Austin and Riaah Freeman at the exhibition. Melinda and Quinn Hammann with a penguin created by Quinn.


PH: 6452 3677 Â&#x2021;&$5&/($1Â&#x2021;'(7$,/6(59,&( Local drop p off & Pickup p



P: 02 6452 0313


SEPTEMBER 28th, 2016

Getting on with Business….. DEVELOPMENT APPLICATION Snowy Monaro Regional Council has received the following development application: Property Address: Nulang Place Cooma Lot 37 DP 263218 Application No: 10.2016.1037.1 Development Proposal: Telecommunication Facility (30m monopole) The application and accompanying documents will be on display at Council’s offices in Cooma for fourteen (14) days ending 12 October 2016 Council is seeking community comment on the proposal. All submissions should be made, in writing, to the undersigned. All submissions will be treated as a public document. Any person making a submission is required to disclose any reportable political donations or gifts at the time of making the submission (for more information please contact Council’s Cooma Branch on 02 6455 1911). Joseph Vescio General Manager Snowy Monaro Regional Council

81 Commissioner Street (PO Box 714) COOMA NSW 2630

QN.16.01 - EXPRESSION OF INTEREST TO OPERATE BOMBALA SWIMMING POOL Snowy Monaro Regional Council is seeking Expressions of Interest from suitably qualified persons/ organisations to operate the Bombala Swimming Pool complex for the 2016/2017 season. The proposed agreement includes minimum operational hours and responsibilities including testing and maintaining water quality; pool grounds maintenance, the provision of lifesavers and kiosk operations. For further information and documentation please contact Ms Pia Jackson on 02 6458 3555 or 0448 355 886. Applications will only be accepted at the Snowy Monaro Regional Council Head Office in Cooma and will be open until 4.00pm on Thursday 29th September 2016. Submissions can also be e-mailed to council@

EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI) SCRAP METAL COLLECTION Snowy Monaro Regional Council invites Expressions of Interest (EOI) for the collection of Scrap Metal both Ferris and Non-Ferris from Council’s nine (9) waste facility sites within the Council region. It is proposed that the term of appointment be for a twelve (12) month period for the collection of the scrap metal piles at the following Council facilities. • Adaminaby Landfill • Berridale Transfer Station • Bombala Landfill • Bredbo Transfer Station • Cooma Landfill • Delegate Landfill • Jindabyne Landfill • Nimmitabel Transfer Station • Numeralla Transfer Station EOI submissions are to be received by no later than 9.30am on Wednesday 5 October 2016. Submissions must be addressed to the General Manager with Subject line: “EOI - Scrap Metal Collection” and can be received by: Mail: PO Box 714, Cooma NSW 2630 Email: In Person: Council Offices in Berridale, Bombala, Cooma and Jindabyne All expressions of interest are to include a rate per tonne for removal of all scrap metal piles from the locations stated above. To arrange site visits please contact David Lucas, Waste Manager Berridale/Jindabyne on 1300 345 345. More information available from Council’s website: Scrap-Steel-Collection

WOULD YOU LIKE TO WORK WITH US?...... ROAD SAFETY OFFICER -TEMPORARY FULL TIME – 3 YEARS The Position To plan, prepare and implement a road safety strategy for Council with particular emphasis on behavioural and educational programs. The Road Safety Officer is responsible for road safety planning and policy in Council and for the development, coordination and implementation of local road safety programs, fostering existing partnerships and encouraging wider community ownership and participation in road safety issues. The position is Roads and Maritime Services funded for a period of 3 years. Continuing employment is subject to on-going funding. Application Details Expressions of Interest should be marked “Confidential Job Application” and sent to Human Resources Officer Post: PO Box 143, Berridale NSW 2628 OR Email: You will receive a receipt of application within 3 days if you don’t please contact Bronwyn Burbury on (02) 6451 1124 Snowy Monaro Regional Council is an Equal Opportunity Employer and enforces a safe and smoke free workplace. We may request background checks. For assistance in completing your application please contact Human Resources o(02) 6451 1195. Applications close 4pm - 30 September 2016. Full details include Selection Criteria are available on Council’s website

Don’t Forget….. ATTENTION USERS OF SPORTING FACILITIES IN THE AREA OF THE FORMER COOMA-MONARO SHIRE All intending users for the forthcoming summer season (1 October 2016 to 31 March 2017) are required to book the facilities in advance. Bookings will only be accepted on Council’s application form, available from Cooma Visitor’s Centre. All bookings must be lodged at the Cooma Visitors’ Centre by close of business Friday 30 September, and all required dates and items should be clearly indicated. Special purpose bookings (eg: for annual or occasional events) can be made at any time for these facilities, however a Notice of Intention to Organise an Event Application Form available from Council’s Planning Section may need to be submitted at least 90 days before the event. Contact (02) 6455 1742 for more information. Adaminaby School of Arts Section 355 Committee AGM -The Adaminaby School of Arts s355 Committee will be holding their AGM at 11am on Friday 21 October 2016. The meeting will take place at the Adaminaby School of Arts, all interested parties are invited to attend. The AGMs for the Jindabyne Beautification and Jindabyne Hall Section 355 Committees will be held on Tuesday 4 October 2016, at the Jindabyne Memorial Hall at the following times: 2pm – Jindabyne Hall s355 3pm – Jindabyne Beautification s355 All interested parties are invited to attend.

Funding…. LOCAL HERITAGE FUND 2016-2017 Applications will open on Monday, 10 October 2016 and close on Friday, 4 November 2016. Council in conjunction with the Office of Environment & Heritage advises a Local Heritage Fund, which will make available a total of $20,000 for works to be undertaken on heritage items listed in the Cooma-Monaro Local Environmental Plan 2013, will again be conducted this year.

ONE MONTH TO GO! Don’t forget to register - MEETINGS TO DISCUSS BOMBALA AND DELEGATE COMMERCIAL CENTRE DESIGNSProposed redevelopment designs for the Bombala and Delegate commercial centres are currently out for comment. Council is now inviting interested community members to attend engagement evenings to discuss the proposed designs. These have been organised as follows: Delegate – 6.30pm Thursday 6 October at Delegate School of Arts Bombala – 6.30pm Thursday 13 October at the Bombala Community Centre

Individual grants of up to $4,000 will be offered to successful applicants on a dollar-for-dollar basis, with the aim of providing funding to assist in the delivery of good heritage and urban design management outcomes. The Local Heritage Fund 2016-2017 Guidelines which provide detailed advice on lodging an application and the Application Form will be available on Council’s website at from Monday, 10 October 2016. If you require further information, please contact Christine Lawley on (02) 6455 1913 or email

Be Aware…


Council Meetings dates: Meetings commence at 5.30pm with Public Submissions. If you wish to make a submission you are required to book a time slot, contact Secretary Council and Committee (02) 6451 1117

PUBLIC EXHIBITION- DRAFT SNOWY RIVER LEP 2013, AMENDMENT 2 Snowy Monaro Regional Council is exhibiting a minor amendment to Snowy River Local Environmental Plan 2013 (SR LEP 2013). The proposed changes will rezone and reclassify part of Lot 20 DP219584 as show below located in Jindabyne. The area outlined in red below is to be reclassified from community to operational land and rezoned from Public Recreation to General Residential in line with adjoining development. The majority of the lot is to be retained as community land and be a green buffer along Kosciuszko Road.

The Administrator of Snowy Monaro Regional Council, Dean Lynch, would like to invite you to attend the following public meetings to discuss waste disposal and collection in your local area: • Smiths Road – 29 September, 6pm at Smiths Road Community Hall & Fire Shed • Cooma – 5 October, 6pm, Cooma Council Chambers, Snowy Monaro Regional Council Discussions will include the following topics: • Vision for waste and recycling in the future – reducing waste to landfill • Understanding what happens to your waste and recycling after you have emptied your bin • Rural waste facilities and collection points – revenue and expenditure • Was the previous Rural Waste Charging system ‘fair’? • Why move to a fee structure more reflective of ‘user pays’? • Fee harmonisation between former Cooma-Monaro Shire Council and Snowy River Shire Council facilities • Managing greenwaste at transfer stations • Cashless transactions at remote sites • Potential future kerbside collections services for villages • Illegal dumping and waste disposal on private property Your input is important, as the decisions Council makes today will influence the lives of generations to come, so we hope to see you all there.

HOLIDAY FUN….. What’s On at Cooma Library - BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL (02) 6455 1730 • Tuesday 4th October 10.30am – FREE MOVIE HOLIDAY HAVOC WITH MR BEAN (G) • Tuesday 4th October 2pm – FREE MOVIE JUNGLE BOOK (PG) • Wednesday 5th October 10.30am – CRAFT Make A Recycled Paper Butterfly • Thursday 6th October 2pm – CRAFT FOR 10 YEAR OLDS & UP Make A 3D Colour Kite Where to view: The Planning Proposal and associated documents for the amendment will be on public exhibition from the Wednesday 28th September 2016 to Tuesday 25th October 2016, and can be viewed at: • Snowy Monaro Regional Council Offices • 81 Commissioner Street, Cooma • 2 Myack Street, Berridale • Shop 2 Razorback Office, Gippsland Street, Jindabyne • 71 Caveat Street, Bombala between the hours of 8.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday. • Councils website – A public hearing will be held on Wednesday 26th October 2016 to further consider public comments. Details of the hearing will be advertised separately. How to make a comment: If you wish to comment, please forward a written submission to the General Manager, Snowy Monaro Regional Council, PO Box 714, Cooma NSW 2628 or via email: records@ Submissions should be marked: “Submission to SR LEP 2013 – amendment 2”. The closing date for submissions is the 25th October 2016. If you make a submission and have made political donations or gifts, a statement must be completed. A form is available from Council’s website. Any submissions received are considered public, however a person may request to have their personal details suppressed.

What’s On at the Cooma Youth Hub – Phone (02)6452 5534 for full details. • Wednesday 28th ‘Skate Park Event’ 11AM @ the Cooma Skate Park – Do you even Shred bro? Music, prize packs and FREE BBQ! Pool & Darts Comp 5PM – 7PM @ The Hub (up to 24 year olds) • Thursday 29th ‘Spray Painting Workshop’ 11AM – 1PM. ‘Wheat Pasting Workshop’ 2PM – 4PM • Friday 30th ‘Games & Pizza’ 11AM – 4PM - Kick it old school with board games and cards, or game online on the PC’s, X-box or Wii. • Tuesday 4th ‘Pop Up Cinema’ – Grab some popcorn, and get around the big screen! 11AM -The Jungle Book (PG) 2PM– Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 – Out of the Shadows (PG) • Wednesday 5th ‘Drop in Day’ 1PM – 4PM - Jump on the x-box, raid the bookshelves, have a game of pool or just chill out. Pool & Darts Comp - 5PM – 7PM @ The Hub (up to 24 year olds) • Thursday 6th ‘Single Wire Art’ – 11AM - 4PM, come in and channel your inner Van Gough • Friday 7th ‘Live Music Gig’ – 6PM – 9PM – Live tunes, good vibes, free food.

BOMBALA HOLIDAY WORKSHOP PROGRAM BE INVOLVED… BE INSPIRED. BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL (02)64584622 Week One Wednesday 28th September Day out at Cooma. Bus departs Bombala at 9:30am and returns at 4pm. Thursday 29th September. Tree of life paper craft —Door Hanger 11am, Cost $10 Ring 0417387052 to book Friday 30th September. Movie Screening at Bombala Library 10am start. Friday 30th September Tree of life paper craft – Pen Holder 1pm, Cost $10 Ring 0417387052 to book Week Two Wednesday 5th October. Day out at Jindabyne. Bus departs Bombala at 9:30am and returns at 4pm. Thursday 6th October. Tree Of Life paper craft - Handbag 11am, Cost $10 Ring 0417387052 to book Friday 7th October. Movie Screening at Bombala Library 10am start. Friday 7th October. Tree Of Life paper craft -Standing Butterfly 1pm, Cost $10 Ring 0417387052 to book .

Head Office Cooma

Branch Offices Berridale

81 Commissioner Street, COOMA NSW 2630 02 6455 1777

2 Myack Street, BERRIDALE NSW 2628 02 6451 1195


General Manager

Dean Lynch

Joseph Vescio

Bombala Mailing Address: PO Box 714, COOMA NSW 2630

71 Caveat Street, BOMBALA NSW 2632 02 6458 3555

Jindabyne Shop 3 Razorback Office Gippsland Street, JINDABYNE NSW 2627 02 6451 1550



Wednesday September 28, 2016

Susie wins Monaro Art Group’s Best in Show

Sylvia Wall took home the best pastel/drawing for her piece ‘Dieback Spring Hill’

Monaro Art Group committee members at the Exhibition on Friday. Greg Williams, Ruth Brookes, Andrew Dawes, Katie Monticone, Christina Laub and Marlene Kurella.

Susie Larritt’s winning acrylic painting, ‘The Gulf’.

Susie Larritt was presented with her winning cheque from Amy Grimm of Service One Alliance Bank.

Alison stars in Gully Gang exhibition

At the opening of the seventh annual Gully Gang Exhibition at the Raglan Gallery, Cooma, last Saturday, Jan Carpenter’s work inspired by the recent “Embrace” evening in Cooma, won the people’s choice award.

Kerry Lenehen’s work was highly commended. She is pictured with David Marr.

Award winner Alison Starr with guest speaker David Marr. Alison’s work featured the Connemara landscape.

Marilyn Minnell introduced the guest speaker. She is pictured with Craig Mitchell.




PROPERTY MUSTER Wednesday September 28, 2016

A country cottage with charm and character Set in the fresh Snowy Mountains region I have listed a charming country cottage set on approx. five acres. The property has a perfect location offering peace and quiet but also only five minutes to Lake Eucumbene and Adaminaby, approx. 30 minutes to Mt Selwyn Ski resort and approx. 40 minutes to Cooma. Sit yourself in the beautifully maintained gardens and take in the million dollar views of the Great Dividing Range and in winter you will see the snow-capped ranges. The home is only 12 years old and offers four bedrooms, the main bedroom includes a large walk in wardrobe. The layout is simple and functional with wood heating, galley style kitchen, separate dining, formal lounge room and separate family room. The home is surrounded by a wide covered veranda approx. 1.8m wide, four water tanks, established gardens

42 Windradeen Road Reduced Price to $369,000 4 Bed, 1 Bath, 3 Car

with a number of areas where you can sit and enjoy the fresh mountain air and a large two bay American style barn with workshop space. This outstanding rural, lifestyle property will change your life!









5KT9KNNKCO*WFUQP5VTGGV Investment Opportunity for Small Outlay















For sale






Contact Craig Schofield: 6452 6121 M: 0414 865 922 E: W:




Wednesday September 28, 201602 6452 4979 Contact Craig Schofield:

Heather Anoleck Dip FMBM

Finance Consultant Whatever your home loan requirements, let me find the best solution for you!

Why use a broker? There are many differences between Banks/Lenders, not restricted to interest rates & fees. They have differing policies as well that can mean the difference between being approved or declined for your dream home. I have access to many different Lenders, which allows me to compare the different options available to you. I will then present options to you, with my recommendation, as to which option I feel is best for your circumstance. First Home Buyers - who have no idea of the requirements or process involved in buying your first home, I can offer you advice. I can give you all the information you need - how much you can borrow, what deposit you need, explain about guarantees and mortgage insurance. I also do all the processing for you, making it as easy as possible for you. Existing home loans- if you want to see if there is a better deal out there for you, I can offer a free review. Investment property - not sure if you can afford that investment property? Don’t know how much equity is available in your existing home? I can look at your options for you. Upgrading- you may not have to wait until you sell your existing home. Let me show you the possibilities. No matter what your circumstance, I am happy to offer my advice.

M: 0414 865 922 E: W:

Green all the way How would you like to have no more electricity bills and no water bills? This beautifully presented home has that plus views to the Snowy River and Main Range that will take your breath away. The home was constructed in 2008 out of Timbercrete blocks. Timbercrete has thermal insulation properties that outperform many masonry products by up to six times. It’s made from timber waste products and actually traps the carbon that would otherwise end up as greenhouse gas. You save energy for heating and cooling, it has excellent sound absorption and acoustic qualities. It offers the highest possible fire resistance in Australia and is impervious to termites and rot. The windows have comfort glass installed so this combined with full insulation through the coldest days in winter or the most stifling summer days keep the home at a comfortable level. Let’s talk about the layout. Bedrooms two and three are large approx. 12m2 in size. The kitchen has a Walk in Pantry, timber bench tops and a gas commercial oven, further features include a formal dining room

and large loungeroom with fireplace. A lovely feature is the main bedroom it is huge over 19m2 in size and also has a large ensuite and a walk in wardrobe that would be the envy of every lady. The exterior additions include a double garage and extra workshop space. The garage houses the solar power and an extra feature is the wind powered turbine. The current owners also supplement an income by growing all types of herbs and salad greens from the hydroponic greenhouse. A covered veranda allows you to sit comfortably and overlook the iconic Snowy River as it borders the south boundary complete with pumping rights, or in winter the snow capped main range is also visible. This is spectacular country. The scenery will blow your mind A lifestyle property in an ideal location only five minutes to Dalgety Township around 40 minutes to the NSW snow fields or approx. one and a half hours to Canberra. These types of properties do not meet the market very often so feel free to call today for a private viewing.

139 Hickeys Road Dalgety • 4.04 Hectares 3 Bed, 2 Bath, 2 Car • $520,000 M: 0429 788 143 | Office: 6452 7004 E: | | 50 Vale St, Cooma

Great opportunity - Investment or home

Call now for a free appointment on 0431 351 873

Heather Anoleck

is a credit representative (Credit Representative Number 438947) of BLSSA Pty Ltd (Australian Credit Licence No. 391237)

Mobile: 0431 351 873

E: Specialist advice for: t'JSTU)PNF#VZFST t*OWFTUNFOU t3FGJOBODFT

Weekend and evening appointments available.

Unit 3/30 Baron St, Cooma, NSW

5 Snowden Street, Cooma ASKING $205,000 Quietly located with a high set location and spacious very well presented yard. This home has been very well cared for by the current owners and offers a great opportunity to secure a neat home, or a great investment property in what is a booming Cooma rental market. Expected

rental return in the vicinity of $260 per week or 6.6% return on investment. FEATURES INCLUDE: • Well located in a family friendly cul de sac position, not far from the main CBD; • Well-presented inside and out with

modern kitchen and bathroom; • Neatly decorated with no immediate work needed especially if used for rental property; • Large rear yard, fully fenced has 2 garden sheds and a single garage.


THE MONARO PROPERTY MUSTER Wednesday September 28, 2016


Home offers great location and size to match Very well located on Cromwell street, just a short stroll to the Cooma Showground and not much further down to the Cooma CBD. This home presents as a great opportunity for both owner occupiers and Investors alike with the property currently tenanted and returning $320 per week or at the asking price a ROI of 6.05%

â&#x20AC;¢ Very well presented this home offers excellent open plan living; â&#x20AC;¢ A spacious lounge flowing into a large dining / or 2nd tv room, â&#x20AC;¢ Large rear verandah soaks up also includes the very large kitchen; the sun and overlooks the wellâ&#x20AC;¢ The option of 3 or 4 bedrooms, if established rear yard. 3 beds then a further living space or office is available; This home offers great versatility of â&#x20AC;¢ The master bedroom is HUGE! space and is sure to impress. â&#x20AC;¢ Wood heating and reverse cycle air conditioning; â&#x20AC;¢ Neat bathroom;

155 Commissioner St, Cooma

Asking $279,000



38 Wolfe Street, Nimmitabel

Asking $139,000


31 Cromwell Street, Cooma NEW PRICE $275,000


Asking $169,000

37 Culey Ave, Cooma

NEW PRICE $285,000


Shannon Fergusson | M: 0429 788 143 | Office: 6452 7004 E: | | 50 Vale St, Cooma




Wednesday September 28, 2016 Shop 3 Centennial Plaza, Cooma

Ph: 6452 4043

“Bulgundara” 424 Bulgundara Road, Dalgety NSW 2628 Approx 147 hectares / 363 acres ͻ Located about 15 minutes’ drive south of Berridale within less than an ŚŽƵƌ͛ƐĚƌŝǀĞƚŽƚŚĞƐŶŽǁĮĞůĚƐŽĨWĞƌŝƐŚĞƌΘdŚƌĞĚďŽĂƐǁĞůůĂƐĂƉƉƌŽdž͘ 50 mins drive to Cooma and 35 mins to Jindabyne ͻ Modern 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom homestead featuring stand-alone solar ƉŽǁĞƌ͕ƐƉĂĐŝŽƵƐƐƵŶͲĚƌĞŶĐŚĞĚůŝǀŝŶŐƐƉĂĐĞ͕ŐŽŽĚƐŝnjĞĚďĞĚƌŽŽŵƐ͕ŵĂƐƚĞƌ ǁŝƚŚĞŶƐƵŝƚĞ͕ŵĂŝŶďĂƚŚƌŽŽŵĨĞĂƚƵƌŝŶŐƐĞƉĂƌĂƚĞďĂƚŚĂŶĚƐŚŽǁĞƌĂƐǁĞůůĂƐ ƐĞƉĂƌĂƚĞt ͻŽŶƟŶƵŽƵƐŐĂƐŚŽƚǁĂƚĞƌ͕ƐůŽǁĐŽŵďƵƐƟŽŶǁŽŽĚŚĞĂƚĞƌĂŶĚŐĂƐŚĞĂƟŶŐ ͻ^ĞƉĂƌĂƚĞŬŝƚĐŚĞŶ͕ĞĂƚͲŝŶĨĂŵŝůLJƌŽŽŵ͕ůĂƌŐĞƉĂŶƚƌLJĂŶĚŐĂƐĐŽŽŬŝŶŐ ͻtĞůůĞƐƚĂďůŝƐŚĞĚŐĂƌĚĞŶƐΘŽƌĐŚĂƌĚŝŶĐůƵĚŝŶŐ͗ƉĞĂĐŚ͕ŶĞĐƚĂƌŝŶĞ͕ĐŚĞƌƌLJ͕ ĂƉƉůĞ͕ƋƵŝŶĐĞ͕ĮŐ͕ĂůŵŽŶĚĂŶĚƉůƵŵƚƌĞĞƐ͖ƉŽƵůƚƌLJƐŚĞĚǁŝƚŚŝŶŽƌĐŚĂƌĚ͖ established raised vegetable garden ͻ^ĞĐŽŶĚĚǁĞůůŝŶŐĐŝƌĐĂϭϴϲϬ͛ƐʹƐƚŽŶĞĐŽƩĂŐĞ ͻ'ƌĂŶŝƚĞďĂƐĞĚƐŽŝůƐǁŝƚŚĂǁĂƌĚǁŝŶŶŝŶŐŵĂŶĂŐĞŵĞŶƚŚŝƐƚŽƌLJĨŽƌƚŚĞƉĂƐƚϮϲ LJĞĂƌƐǁŝƚŚŶĂƟǀĞƉĂƐƚƵƌĞĂŶĚƐŽŵĞŐƌĂnjŝŶŐůƵĐĞƌŶĞ ͻ&ĞŶĐĞĚŝŶƚŽϳƉĂĚĚŽĐŬƐǁŝƚŚƐĞĐƵƌĞƐƚŽĐŬǁĂƚĞƌƐƵƉƉůLJǀŝĂďŽƌĞĂŶĚƚƌŽƵŐŚ ƐLJƐƚĞŵǁŝƚŚϴϯ͕ϬϬϬ>ďŽƌĞǁĂƚĞƌƐƚŽƌĂŐĞ ͻϭϮϲ͕ϬϬϬ>ƌĂŝŶǁĂƚĞƌƐƚŽƌĂŐĞĨŽƌĚŽŵĞƐƟĐƵƐĞ ͻϱĚĂŵƐŽƌƌĞƚĞŶƟŽŶďĂƐŝŶƐƚŽƉƌĞǀĞŶƚƐŽŝůĞƌŽƐŝŽŶƉůƵƐƐƚŽŶĞůŝŶĞĚǁĞůů ͻdǁŽƐƚĂŶĚƌĂŝƐĞĚďŽĂƌĚƐŚĞĂƌŝŶŐƐŚĞĚǁŝƚŚƵŶĚĞƌĐŽǀĞƌƐŚĞĚĚŝŶŐĨŽƌ ĂƉƉƌŽdž͘ϭϱϬƐŚĞĞƉ͕ƐƚĞĞůƐŚĞĞƉLJĂƌĚƐΘůŽĂĚŝŶŐƌĂŵƉ ͻ'ĂƌĂŐĞͬǁŽƌŬƐŚŽƉ͕ƐŽůĂƌĐŽŶƚƌŽůůĞƌͬĐŽŵƉƵƚĞƌĂŶĚďĂƩĞƌLJƌŽŽŵƐ AGENTS COMMENTS: The sale of “Bulgundara” presents an excellent opportunity to acquire a rural small holding in close proximity to towns, ƐŶŽǁĮĞůĚƐĂŶĚƐĐŚŽŽůƐ͕ǁŝƚŚĂŶŽƵƚƐƚĂŶĚŝŶŐŵĂŶĂŐĞŵĞŶƚŚŝƐƚŽƌLJĨŽƌ ƚŚĞƉĂƐƚϮϲLJĞĂƌƐ͕ĐƵƌƌĞŶƚůLJƉƌŽĚƵĐŝŶŐĮŶĞǁŽŽůĂŶĚĨĂƚůĂŵďƐ͘ The purchase includes an immaculate family home and all the ŝŶĨƌĂƐƚƌƵĐƚƵƌĞƚŚĂƚŐŽĞƐǁŝƚŚŝƚ͘



Fisk and Nagle Real Estate in Cooma are delighted to welcome

Susan, Ali & Leonie

What an investment opportunity

25 Vulcan Street, Cooma Offers Considered Over $169,000 Great investment opportunity to purchase two single bedroom units. These units are situated in Vulcan Street and it is a level walk to the CBD. Currently renting for $130 each per week. • 2 x 1 Bedroom units • Separate electricity meters • Separate water meters

• Shared laundry • Ample parking • Natural Gas heating • Plenty of space for further development, subject to Council approval • 778m2 Block • Rates $965 per quarter

Shop 3 Centennial Plaza, Cooma

to the team

Ph: 6452 4043

Perfect presentation plus amazing views

Please feel welcome to drop into the office to say hello and give them a warm welcome.

Ph: 6452 4043

Shop 3 Centennial Plaza, Cooma

2271 Dry Plains Road $579,000 This beautifully presented 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom home is a must see. Featuring large open plan living and dining areas, this home will also be sold with numerous items of furniture included. It could also be easily adapted to a B & B subject to Council approval. • 4 large bedrooms, all with built in wardrobes • Ensuite to each bedroom • Extra large open plan kitchen /

dining / lounge room • The kitchen has gas cooking & very functional storage drawers • Large rumpus room with bar area • Large laundry with 415 Litre hot water unit • A drying room for your ski gear or a large storage area • Front verandah with stunning views, perfect for entertaining • 2 x large water tanks • There is even room for a horse


THE MONARO PROPERTY MUSTER Wednesday September 28, 2016



If this home had ears, it could fill a book with many tales as it has previously been a SMEC transit home but is now looking for a loving new owner. Upon entry you can see that it has been maintained well over the years. The lounge room is of a good size and houses a Rinnai natural gas heater and additional access to the veranda area. There is also a formal dining area to the right which could also be used for the study. The kitchen is bright and light with plenty of cupboards, space for the fridge and enough room to have a round dining table. Each of the three bedrooms have built-in wardrobes. The bathroom is tidy and has a deep bath and a separate shower. Separate toilet. The yard is level, has established trees and is easy maintenance. Single garage.


Ph: 6452 4155

168 Sharp Street COOMA NSW

2 Nimby Place, Cooma 3 bed, 1 bath, 1 car $200,000







Ph: 6452 4155


stock & station real estate agents




stock & station real estate agents



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6.00 WorldWatch. 9.50 Futsal. FIFA Futsal World Cup. Second semi-final. 11.40 WorldWatch. 2.00 Contact. 2.35 Cathedrals Of Culture. 3.10 SBS Flashback. 3.15 Italian Americans. 4.20 British Gardens In Time. 5.30 Letters And Numbers. 6.00 Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook: London. 6.30 SBS World News. 7.30 The Diet Myth. 8.30 Luke Nguyen’s Street Food Asia. 9.00 Destination Flavour Down Under. 9.30 Death Row. (M) 10.30 SBS News. 11.00 Porn On The Brain. (MA15+) 12.00 Movie: Burn. (2009)

6.00 WorldWatch. 2.00 Colour Theory. 3.00 The Point Review. 3.30 Heston’s In Search Of Perfection. (PG) 4.00 Heston’s In Search Of Perfection. 4.30 Who Do You Think You Are? (PG) 5.30 Letters And Numbers. 6.00 Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook: London. 6.30 SBS World News. 7.30 Secrets Of The Manor House. (PG) 8.35 Movie: Hyde Park On Hudson. (2012) Bill Murray, Laura Linney. 10.20 SBS World News Late Edition. 11.00 Movie: Burning Man. (2011) (MA15+)

6.00 WorldWatch. 2.00 Small Business Secrets. 2.30 The Car That Money Can’t Buy. 4.20 Dancing Cheek To Cheek. 5.25 Who Do You Think You Are? 6.30 SBS World News. 7.35 Million Dollar American Princesses. 8.30 Grand Tours Of The Scottish Islands: Islands Of The Forth – Fortress Islands Of The Forth. 9.00 Soccer. EPL. Swansea City v Liverpool. From Liberty Stadium, Swansea, Wales. 11.50 Cycling. Giro di Lombardia.

6.00 Futsal. FIFA Futsal World Cup. Grand Final. Continued. 7.30 WorldWatch. 9.30 Soccer. EPL. Swansea City v Liverpool. Replay. 12.00 WorldWatch. 1.00 Rise Of The Machines. 2.00 Speedweek. 4.00 FIFA World Cup 2018 Magazine. 4.30 Voxwomen Cycling. 5.00 Small Business Secrets. 5.30 Nazi Megastructures. 6.30 SBS World News. 7.30 Treasures Of Ancient Greece. (PG) 8.35 Earth From Space. 10.20 The Amina Profile. 11.20 Movie: Louise-Michel. (2008) (M)

6.00 WorldWatch. 2.00 Eros Ramazzotti Cinecettà Concert. 3.30 Cuba With Simon Reeve. 4.30 Wild West With Ray Mears. 5.30 Letters And Numbers. 6.00 Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook: London. 6.30 SBS World News. 7.30 24 Hours In Emergency. (M) 8.30 Skies Above Britain: Conquering The Skies. (M) 9.35 Wild Weather With Richard Hammond. 10.40 SBS World News Late Edition. 11.10 The World Game. 11.40 Modus. Premiere. (M)

6.00 WorldWatch. 2.00 Lost Songs Of St Kilda. 2.30 Good Listening. 3.00 Portrait Of A City. 3.30 Poh & Co. Bitesize. 3.35 What’s Wrong With Our Weather? 4.35 National Parks. 5.30 Letters And Numbers. 6.00 Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook: London. 6.30 SBS World News. 7.30 Who Do You Think You Are? Mal Meninga. 8.30 Insight. Presented by Jenny Brockie. 9.30 Dateline. 10.00 SBS World News Late Edition. 10.30 Italy 1992. (MA15+) 11.30 Italy 1992. (M)

RATING ADVICE: (PG) Parental Guidance Recommended (M) Mature Audiences (MA15+) Mature Audiences Only (AV15+) Extreme Adult Violence PLEASE NOTE: Listings are correct at the time of print and are subject to change by the networks.

Your local suppliers of: t Sand t Top Soil t Pebbles t Wood chips t Mulches t Aggregate

YARD: Lot 22 Baggs St, Leesville Estate, Jindabyne 2627 POSTAL: PO Box 51, Berridale 2628 -

T: (02) 6457 2400 F: (02) 6457 2900

t Road base t Compost t Firewood t Bagged products t Hire of earthmoving equipment

SUPPLYING FIREWOOD TO THE SNOWY MOUNTAINS Free delivery to the Jindabyne Township, Lakewood and Cobbon Estate. Delivery to all surrounding areas including the mountains, Berridale and Dalgety email or call for a quick quote.

Prime Time TV Guide WEDNESDAY





September 28–October 4



7.00 Spicks And Specks. (PG) 7.30 River Monsters. (PG) 8.20 Gruen Rewind. 8.30 The Men Who Made Us Spend. Final. 9.20 The 12 Year Old Shopaholic. (PG) 10.05 Shaun Micallef’s MAD AS HELL. (PG) 10.40 Jimmy Fallon. (PG) 11.20 Swamp Brothers. (PG)

7.00 Spicks And Specks. 7.30 River Monsters. (PG) 8.20 The Checkout: Snack Size. 8.30 Gruen XL. (M) 9.15 Catastrophe. (M) 9.40 Episodes. (MA15+) 10.10 Shaun Micallef’s MAD AS HELL. (PG) 10.40 Jimmy Fallon. (PG) 11.25 Swamp Brothers. (PG)

7.00 Spicks And Specks. 7.30 River Monsters. (PG) 8.20 #Shelfie With Dan Hong. (PG) 8.30 The Midwives: A Natural Choice. (PG) 9.30 Is Amanda Knox Guilty? (M) 10.30 Shaun Micallef’s MAD AS HELL. (PG) 11.00 Jimmy Fallon. (PG) 11.40 TFI Friday. (PG)

7.00 Spicks And Specks. (PG) 7.30 Highway Thru Hell. (PG) 8.15 Would I Lie To You? (PG) 8.45 Ed Byrne: Crowd Pleaser. (MA15+) 10.20 Live At The Apollo. (M) 11.05 Catastrophe. (M) 11.30 Episodes. (MA15+) 12.00 Breaking Bad. (M)

7.00 Spicks And Specks. 7.30 Stan Lee’s Superhumans. (PG) 8.15 The Boy Who’ll Never Grow Up. 9.00 Ricky Gervais Live: Politics. (MA15+) 10.10 Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends. 11.00 Is Amanda Knox Guilty? (M) 12.00 Swamp Brothers. (PG)

7.00 Spicks And Specks. (PG) 7.30 River Monsters. (PG) 8.20 The Checkout. 8.30 Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends. (M) 9.20 Ross Kemp: Extreme World. 10.25 Shaun Micallef’s MAD AS HELL. (PG) 10.55 Jimmy Fallon. 11.35 Ricky Gervais Live: Politics.

7.00 Spicks And Specks. (PG) 7.30 River Monsters. (PG) 8.20 The Checkout. 8.30 Good Game. (M) 9.00 The Checkout: Factory Seconds. (PG) 9.30 Hard Time. (M) 10.25 Shaun Micallef’s MAD AS HELL. (PG) 10.55 Jimmy Fallon. 11.35 Ross Kemp: Extreme World.

ABC2 (22)

6.20 Dixi. 6.25 The Next Step. 6.50 BtN Newsbreak. 7.00 You’re Skitting Me. 7.15 Game On. 7.25 This Is Me. 7.30 Bear Grylls. 8.00 Degrassi: Next Class. 8.20 Open Heart. 8.45 Great Big Adv. 9.05 Move It Mob Style. 9.30 Rage. 10.30 Close.

6.20 Dixi. 6.25 The Next Step. 6.50 BtN Newsbreak. 7.00 You’re Skitting Me. 7.15 Game On. 7.25 This Is Me. 7.30 Bear Grylls. 8.00 Degrassi: Next Class. 8.20 Open Heart. 8.45 Great Big Adv. 9.05 Move It Mob Style. 9.30 Rage. 10.30 Close.

6.20 Morning Programs. 6.50 BtN Newsbreak. 7.00 You’re Skitting Me. 7.15 Game On. 7.25 This Is Me. 7.30 Bear Grylls. 8.00 Degrassi: Next Class. 8.20 Open Heart. 8.45 Great Big Adv. 9.05 Ladybug And Cat. Final. 9.30 Sword Art Online. 9.50 K-On! 10.15 Close.

6.20 Dixi. 6.25 The Next Step. 6.50 Ultimate Goal. 6.55 You’re Skitting Me. 7.10 Game On. (PG) 7.20 This Is Me. 7.25 Nature’s Microworlds. 7.55 Degrassi: Next Class. (PG) 8.20 Open Heart. 8.40 Great Big Adv. 9.05 Move It Mob Style. 9.25 Close.

6.20 Dixi. 6.25 The Next Step. 6.50 Ultimate Goal. 6.55 You’re Skitting Me. 7.10 Game On. 7.20 This Is Me. 7.25 Nature’s Microworlds. 7.55 Figaro Pho. 8.05 Degrassi: Next Class. 8.25 Open Heart. 8.50 Great Big Adv. 9.10 Move It Mob Style. 9.35 Rage.

6.20 Dixi. 6.25 The Next Step. 6.50 BtN Newsbreak. 7.00 You’re Skitting Me. 7.15 Game On. 7.25 This Is Me. 7.30 Nature’s Microworlds. 8.00 Degrassi: Next Class. 8.25 Open Heart. (PG) 8.50 Great Big Adv. 9.10 Move It Mob Style. 9.35 Rage. (PG) 10.35 Close.

6.20 Dixi. 6.25 The Next Step. Return. 6.50 BtN Newsbreak. 7.00 You’re Skitting Me. 7.15 Game On. 7.25 This Is Me. 7.30 Nature’s Microworlds. 8.00 Degrassi: Next Class. 8.25 Open Heart. (PG) 8.50 Great Big Adv. 9.10 Move It Mob Style. 9.35 Rage. (PG) 10.35 Close.

ABC ME (23)

6.30 Bargain Hunt. 7.30 Doc Martin. (PG) Martin tries to help a local radio host. 8.30 Lewis. (M) After a female student is murdered in a hotel room, Detectives Lewis and Hathaway are drawn into a case driven by celebrity. 10.30 Waking The Dead. (MA15+) 11.45 Bargain Hunt.

6.30 Bargain Hunt. 7.30 Father Brown. (M) 8.30 Murdoch Mysteries. (M) Murdoch risks Canadian-American relations when he discovers part of a coded message on a decades-old body. 10.30 Some Mothers Do ’Ave ’Em. (PG) 11.00 One Foot In The Grave. (PG) 11.45 Bargain Hunt.

6.30 Bargain Hunt. Contestants compete to make a profit. 7.30 Mr Selfridge. Return. (PG) Harry prepares to unveil his London legacy. 8.30 Escape To The Country. Alistair Appleton heads to the Cotswolds to help find a house for a couple of globetrotting teachers. 11.30 Bargain Hunt.

6.30 Islands On The Edge. (PG) 7.30 The Hairy Bikers’ Northern Exposure. (PG) 8.30 Escape To The Country. 9.30 Selling Houses Australia. 10.30 To Build Or Not To Build. 11.30 Best Houses Australia. 12.00 No Reservations.

6.00 Mighty Cruise Ships. 7.00 For The Love Of Dogs. (PG) 7.30 World’s Most Extreme. (PG) 8.30 Escape To The Country. 9.30 The House That £100K Built: Tricks Of The Trade. 10.45 Islands On The Edge. (PG) 11.45 Mighty Cruise Ships.

6.30 Bargain Hunt. 7.30 Rosemary & Thyme. (PG) 8.30 Wallander. (M) While investigating the murder of an elderly bird watcher, Wallander discovers another man is missing. 10.30 Air Crash Investigation: Massacre Over The Mediterranean. (PG) 11.30 Bargain Hunt.

6.30 Bargain Hunt. Contestants compete to make a profit. 7.30 Kingdom. (M) Lyle’s client tries to hide some facts from him. 8.30 Inspector Morse. (M) Inspector Morse and Sergeant Lewis try to solve a murder in a multistorey car park. 10.50 Border Patrol. (PG) 11.50 Bargain Hunt.

7TWO (62)

6.00 American Pickers. (PG) 7.00 Pawn Stars. (PG) 8.30 American Restoration. (PG) Cruising down Route 66, Rick and his brother stumble across a ’50s Wurlitzer jukebox in need of some care. 9.30 American Pickers. (PG) Mike and Frank score a veritable “mega-pick”. 11.30 Rude Tube. (M)

6.00 American Pickers. (PG) 7.00 Pawn Stars. (PG) 7.30 Car Crash TV. (PG) A look at public transport. 8.00 Surveillance Oz. (PG) A young woman is harassed by a truck. 8.30 Baggage Battles. (PG) The buyers head to South Africa. 9.30 Storage Wars. (PG) 10.30 Hardcore Pawn. (M)

6.30 Movie: Major Payne. (1995) (PG) Damon Wayans, Karyn Parsons. A drill sergeant is put in charge of problem kids. 8.30 Friday Front Bar. (M) A look back on the latest AFL action, hosted by Mick Molloy, Sam Pang and Andy Maher. 10.00 AFL Grand Final Marathon. A look at AFL Grand Final highlights.

6.00 AFL Grand Final Post-Game. 7.30 Movie: Reign Of Fire. (2002) (PG) Christian Bale, Matthew McConaughey. A group of refugees struggles to survive dragons. 9.30 Movie: Days Of Thunder. (1990) (M) Tom Cruise, Robert Duvall. 11.45 Movie: Land Of The Dead. (2005) (MA15+)

6.00 Star Wars Rebels. (PG) 6.30 Movie: Galaxy Quest. (1999) (PG) Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver. 8.30 Movie: Green Zone. (2010) (M) Matt Damon, Brendan Gleeson, Greg Kinnear. A rogue military officer uncovers a conspiracy in Baghdad at the outset of the Iraq war. 11.00 1000 Ways To Die. (MA15+)

6.00 American Pickers. (PG) 7.00 The Big Bang Theory. (PG) 7.30 Beach Cops. (PG) 8.30 Movie: Rambo III. (1988) (M) Sylvester Stallone. 10.30 America’s Hardest Prisons. (MA15+) 11.45 Australia’s Hardest Prison: Lockdown Oz. (MA15+)

6.00 American Pickers. (PG) 7.00 The Big Bang Theory. (PG) 7.30 Highway Patrol. (PG) 8.30 MegaTruckers. (M) 9.00 Ice Road Truckers. (PG) Lisa is determined to deliver her load. 10.00 Counting Cars. (PG) 10.30 Restoration Garage. (PG) 11.30 Car Chasers. (PG)

7MATE (63)

6.00 Regular Show. (PG) 6.30 Adventure Time. (PG) 7.00 The Middle. (PG) 7.30 Auction Hunters. (PG) 8.30 Movie: K-19: The Widowmaker. (2002) (M) Harrison Ford, Liam Neeson. Officers aboard a crippled Soviet nuclear submarine, in the North Atlantic, try to avert a catastrophe. 11.20 Cops Uncut. (MA15+)

6.00 Regular Show. (PG) 6.30 Adventure Time. (PG) 7.00 The Middle. (PG) 7.30 Mom. (M) 8.30 2 Broke Girls. (M) Max and Caroline sign up to be “booth babes”. 9.30 Two And A Half Men. (PG) Alan asks Chelsea to set him up on a blind date her with new friend, not knowing it is Rose. 10.30 Rick And Morty. (M)

6.00 Regular Show. (PG) 6.30 Movie: The Spiderwick Chronicles. (2008) (PG) Freddie Highmore, Sarah Bolger. 8.30 Movie: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. (2012) (M) Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen, Richard Armitage. A reluctant hobbit sets out to help a group of dwarves reclaim their mountain home.

6.00 Scooby-Doo! Spooky Games. (PG) 6.30 Movie: Happy Feet Two. (2011) (PG) Elijah Wood. 8.30 Movie: Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows. (2011) (M) Robert Downey Jr, Jude Law. Sherlock Holmes pursues a criminal mastermind. 11.05 Southern Justice. (M)

6.00 Movie: Tom And Jerry: Robin Hood And His Merry Mouse. (2012) Jamie Bamber. 7.10 Movie: Aliens In The Attic. (2009) (PG) Ashley Tisdale, Robert Hoffman. 8.55 Movie: Transformers. (2007) (M) Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox. A teenager is caught in a battle between robots. 11.50 Adult Swim. (MA15+)

6.00 Regular Show. (PG) 6.30 Adventure Time. (PG) 7.00 The Middle. (PG) 7.30 Top Gear: Africa. (PG) Part 2 of 2. 9.00 Movie: The Expendables. (2010) (MA15+) Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham. Mercenaries try to assassinate a dictator. 11.00 Tattoo Fixers. (MA15+)

6.00 Regular Show. (PG) 6.30 Adventure Time. (PG) 7.00 The Middle. (PG) 7.30 The Big Bang Theory. (PG) Sheldon’s Meemaw comes to visit. 8.30 Movie: Cowboys & Aliens. (2011) (M) Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford. A man fights aliens in the Old West. 10.55 Movie: Blade: Trinity. (2004) (MA15+)

9GO! (53)

6.30 Friends. (PG) Phoebe experiences mood swings. 7.30 Miniseries: Miss Marple: Sleeping Murder. (PG) Part 2 of 2. 8.40 Midsomer Murders. (M) An old feud between families appears to have escalated to murder after an elderly man is found dead. 10.50 Silent Witness. (MA15+)

6.30 Friends. (PG) 7.30 See No Evil. (M) 8.40 Death Row Stories: The Wrong Man. (M) A look at the case of Ruben Cantu. 9.45 Death Row Stories: Cruel And Unusual – Botched Executions. (MA15+) 10.50 Killing Spree. (M) 11.50 Dalziel And Pascoe. (M)

6.30 Friends. (PG) 7.30 David Attenborough’s Life In Cold Blood: The Cold-Blooded Truth. (PG) 8.40 Movie: The Magnificent Seven. (1960) (PG) Yul Brynner, Eli Wallach. A Mexican village hires seven American gunmen for protection against an army of marauding bandits. 11.20 Little Britain. (M)

7.00 Movie: Music And Lyrics. (2007) (PG) Hugh Grant, Drew Barrymore. An ’80s pop singer tries to reinvent himself. 9.10 Movie: Must Love Dogs. (2005) (M) Diane Lane, John Cusack. A divorced kindergarten teacher is forced to choose between two charming suitors. 11.10 Scott & Bailey. (M)

6.30 Sparks Of Invention: Criminal Riches. (PG) 7.30 Death In Paradise. (M) Dwayne and Fidel investigate a murder. 8.40 Major Crimes. (M) The squad tries to identify a male murder victim from his skeletal remains. 9.40 Rizzoli & Isles. (M) 10.40 The Closer. (M) 11.40 Murder In The First. (M)

6.30 Friends. (PG) 7.30 David Attenborough’s The Hunt. (PG) 8.40 Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey: Deeper, Deeper, Deeper Still. (PG) Presented by Neil deGrasse Tyson. 9.40 Nature’s Weirdest Events. (PG) 10.50 Hurricane 360. (PG) 11.50 The Black Adder. (PG)

6.30 Friends. (PG) 7.30 Call The Midwife. (M) Sister Monica Joan is accused of theft. 8.40 Agatha Christie’s Poirot. (M) Hercule is drawn into a mystery after a young woman bursts into his apartment claiming to be a killer. 10.40 Cold Case. (M) 11.40 Dalziel And Pascoe. (M)

9GEM (52)

6.00 Family Feud. 6.30 M*A*S*H. (PG) 7.30 Robson’s Extreme Fishing Challenge. Final. (PG) 8.30 Megafactories: Apache Helicopters. (PG) 9.30 Shark Tank. (PG) Hosted by Sarah Harris. 10.30 24: Live Another Day. (M) 11.30 Sons Of Anarchy. (MA15+)

6.00 Family Feud. 6.30 M*A*S*H. (PG) 7.30 Caught On Camera: Heroes And Villains. Premiere. (M) 8.30 Megastructures: Airbus A380. A look at the Airbus A380. 9.30 Cops: Adults Only. (PG) Follows police officers on patrol. 10.30 Clubland. (M) 11.00 Megafactories. (PG)

6.00 Family Feud. 6.30 M*A*S*H. (PG) 7.30 MacGyver. (PG) MacGyver attends jury duty. 8.30 Movie: True Justice: Urban Warfare. (2011) (M) Steven Seagal, Meghan Ory. The past haunts a law enforcement team. 10.30 Movie: True Justice: Payback. (2011) (M) Steven Seagal, Meghan Ory. 11.30 Get Smart. (PG)

6.00 Jamie & Jimmy’s Food Fight Club. (PG) Celebrity guest is sprinter Usain Bolt. 7.00 Undercover Boss. (M) 8.00 Caught On Camera: Heroes And Villains. (M) A look at crashes, escapes and bad driving. 9.00 Megastructures: Airbus A380. A look at the Airbus A380. 10.00 Zoo. (M) 11.00 Crisis. (M)

8.00 CSI: Cyber. (M) Raven’s friend is accused of murder. 9.00 Movie: American Psycho. (2000) (MA15+) Christian Bale, Reese Witherspoon, Justin Theroux. A narcissistic Wall Street executive vents his feelings of hatred for the world by committing acts of violence. 11.05 Caught On Camera: Heroes And Villains. (M)

6.00 Family Feud. Two families try to win big prizes by guessing the most popular responses to a survey of the public. 6.30 M*A*S*H. (PG) 7.30 Undercover Boss. (M) Meet chief executive Eleanor Kelly. 8.30 Movie: Heat. (1995) (M) 11.55 Sex&Drugs&Rock... (M)

6.00 Family Feud. Hosted by Grant Denyer. 6.30 M*A*S*H. (PG) Hawkeye and BJ prank each other. 7.30 48 Hours: Blood In The Sand. (M) A look into a case involving two murders. 10.30 Rosewood. (M) 11.30 Motor Racing. Formula 1. Race 16. Malaysian Grand Prix. Replay.

ONE (81)

6.00 Family Feud. 6.30 Neighbours. 7.05 The Simpsons. 7.30 How I Met Your Mother. (PG) 8.00 Futurama. (PG) 8.30 The Simpsons. Return. 9.00 Son Of Zorn. Premiere. An animated barbarian comes to California. 9.30 Scream Queens. 10.30 Bob’s Burgers. 11.30 James Corden. (PG)

6.00 Family Feud. 6.30 Neighbours. 7.05 The Simpsons. 7.30 How I Met Your Mother. (M) 8.00 New Girl. (M) 8.30 The Graham Norton Show. (M) 9.30 Jane The Virgin. (M) 10.30 How I Met Your Mother. (PG) 11.00 The Late Late Show With James Corden. (PG)

6.00 Family Feud. 6.30 Neighbours. 7.05 The Simpsons. 7.30 How I Met Your Mother. (PG) 8.00 The Grinder. (PG) 8.30 Movie: William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet. (1996) (M) Leonardo DiCaprio, Claire Danes. 10.55 To Be Advised. 11.55 The Late Late Show With James Corden. (PG)

6.00 Everybody Loves Raymond. (PG) 7.00 Rules Of Engagement. (PG) 8.00 To Be Advised. 9.00 How I Met Your Mother. (M) 9.30 How I Met Your Mother. (PG) 10.00 Sex And The City. (MA15+) 10.40 Sex And The City. (M) 11.20 The Loop. (PG)

6.00 Family Feud. 6.30 Futurama. (PG) 7.00 The Simpsons. 7.30 How I Met Your Mother. (PG) 8.00 The Simpsons. 8.30 Movie: Red Eye. (2005) (M) Rachel McAdams, Cillian Murphy. 10.15 Sex And The City. (M) 10.55 Sex And The City. (MA15+) 11.30 Frasier. (PG)

6.00 Family Feud. 6.30 Neighbours. 7.05 The Simpsons. 7.30 How I Met Your Mother. (PG) 8.00 Fresh Off The Boat. (PG) 8.30 The Simpsons. 9.30 American Horror Story. 10.30 How I Met Your Mother. (PG) 11.00 James Corden. (PG)

6.00 Family Feud. 6.30 Neighbours. 7.05 The Simpsons. 7.30 How I Met Your Mother. (PG) 8.00 Rules Of Engagement. (PG) 8.30 Movie: Nutty Professor II: The Klumps. (2000) Eddie Murphy. 10.40 How I Met Your Mother. (PG) 11.10 James Corden. (PG)


6.05 If You Are The One. 7.05 Brooklyn NineNine. (PG) 7.30 The Feed. 8.00 The Green Room With Paul Provenza. (M) 8.30 Top Knot Detective. A look at the Top Knot Detective. 9.35 Movie: Drunken Master. (1978) (M) Jackie Chan, Siu Tien Yuen. 11.35 The Feed.

6.05 If You Are The One. 7.05 Brooklyn NineNine. (PG) 7.30 The Feed. 8.00 Billy On The Street. Return. 9.00 South Park. 9.25 United Shades Of America. (PG) 10.20 UEFA Champions League Highlights. 11.20 The Feed. 11.50 League Nation Live.

6.00 If You Are The One. 7.00 The Birthday Boys. (PG) 7.30 Friday Feed. 8.05 Brain Games: What’s Going On? Hosted by Jason Silva. 8.30 Adam Looking For Eve. Couples go on nude dates. 10.15 MythBusters. (PG) 11.15 Movie: Journey To The West. (2013) (M)

7.00 Food, Booze And Tattoos. (PG) 7.30 If You Are The One. Hosted by Meng Fei. 8.30 Royal Navy School: All At Sea. (M) Recruit Dackombe’s girlfriend falls pregnant. 9.25 Halfworlds. (MA15+) 10.00 12 Monkeys. (MA15+) 10.50 Lost Girl. (MA15+) 11.45 Movie: Room In Rome. (2010) (MA15+)

7.30 If You Are The One. 8.30 MythBusters. (PG) 9.30 Travel Man: Iceland. Part 3 of 4. 9.55 Full Frontal With Samantha Bee. (M) 10.25 The Green Room With Paul Provenza. (M) 10.55 The Green Room With Paul Provenza. (MA15+) 11.25 Savage U. (M) 11.50 Riding Giants. (M)

6.00 If You Are The One. 7.05 Brooklyn Nine-Nine. 7.30 The Feed. 8.00 The Mindy Project. 8.30 The Mindy Project. 8.55 Unplanned America. (MA15+) 9.30 Movie: National Lampoon’s Animal House. (1978) 11.35 Movie: Suck Me Shakespeer. (2014) (MA15+)

6.00 If You Are The One. 7.00 Gadget Man. 7.30 The Feed. 8.00 Full Frontal With Samantha Bee. (M) Hosted by Samantha Bee. 8.30 Tyger Takes On... Love. (PG) Part 3 of 3. 9.35 Raised By Wolves. (M) Germaine goes to the local library. 10.30 Escort Men. 11.30 The Feed.

SBS 2 (32)


30 Chemical Cleanout Wednesday September 28, 2016

Have you ever wondered what to do with those unwanted, out-of-date or leftover household chemicals found in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, garage or garden shed? The annual household Chemical CleanOut program is the correct way to dispose of potentially hazardous chemicals. This free service provides safe disposal of a range of common household chemicals which may cause harm to human health and the environment if not disposed of correctly. The NSW EPA Household Chemical Cleanout Day event is run by the NSW EPA and TOXfree and is hosted by Snowy Monaro Regional Council. This yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s events will be held at the following locations: â&#x20AC;˘ Jindabyne Landfill: 10am â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 12.30pm on Saturday October 8, Second Chance

Car Park - 6013 Kosciuszko Road, Jindabyne â&#x20AC;˘ Berridale Transfer Station: 1.30pm â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 4pm on Saturday October 8, 60 Bobundara Road, Berridale â&#x20AC;˘ Cooma Landfill: 11am â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 3pm on Sunday October 9, 8448 Monaro Highway, Cooma. Please visit Councilâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s website for the full list of materials and chemicals that can be disposed of: www. a u / 1 4 1 / Wa s t e - a n d Recycling. If you have any questions you can also email info@ e n v i ro n m e n t . n s w. or phone the Environment Line on 131 555. Business-related and commercial quantities are not accepted at CleanOut events. Telephone the Environment Line to find out the correct disposal methods for businesses.

2016 Order Order at at ororphone 0419 608 570 Ph: 0419608 570 Clip Tag Clip Tag



Strip Tag Strip Tag


Bairnsdale Livestock Exchange Č&#x2C6; Â&#x192;Â&#x2013;Â&#x192;Â&#x2013;Â&#x2013;Â&#x17D;Â&#x2021;Č&#x201A;Thursday weekly 9am 29 September, 6, 13 & 20 October Č&#x2C6;Â&#x2013;Â&#x2018;Â&#x201D;Â&#x2021;Â&#x192;Â&#x2013;Â&#x2013;Â&#x17D;Â&#x2021;Č&#x201A; 2nd & 4th Friday 10am 14 & 28 October, 11 & 25 November Č&#x2C6;Â&#x160;Â&#x2021;Â&#x2021;Â&#x2019;ĆŹÂ&#x192;Â?Â&#x201E;Č&#x201A; Monday fortnightly 11am 10 & 24 October, 7 & 21 November

For all your livestock inspections, assessments or marketing call Rob Berry 0428 335 607/02 6496 7311

Â&#x201D;Â&#x192;Â&#x2021;Â?Â&#x2021; Â&#x2014;Â&#x17D;Â&#x17D;Â&#x2030;Â&#x201D;Â&#x192;Â&#x201E;Â&#x2021;Ͳ͜Ͳͺ͡ͳ͸͜;ʹČ&#x2C6;Â&#x2C6;Ď?Â&#x2039;Â&#x2026;Â&#x2021;Ͳ;͡ͳ͡ʹ͸͜ͳͳ

Fibre of Football promotes wool

Below: Hamish and father Angus McLachlan. Above: McLachlan Merinos. High profile Channel 7 sports presenter Hamish McLachlan features in the most recent Fibre of Football video produced inhouse by AWI. The video of Hamish and his father Angus on the familyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s woolgrowing property in the eastern Adelaide Hills in South Australia is the latest in a long line of videos highlighting the many great stories behind wool and its link with Australian football. From a family long associated with growing wool, Hamish was keen to be involved in AWIâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Fibre of Football campaign that has significantly lifted the profile and sales of wool amongst the millions of AFL supporters across Australia. The campaign has enjoyed another stellar year with sales of menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s woollen jumpers, scarves, beanies and gloves exceeding expectations. All AFL clubs have got behind the campaign, which celebrates the great connection between Australiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s native game and our wonderful natural fibre. Shop AFL woollen range. In the video, Hamish and his father Angus talk of the opportunities, freedoms and responsibilities that come with growing up on a farm and the importance of sheep and

wool to the McLachlan family. â&#x20AC;&#x153;This is the one place where I truly feel at home,â&#x20AC;? Hamish says. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We often speak about how Australia used to ride on the sheepâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s back and thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s what our family has been lucky to do. Sheep and wool is an important part of our family.â&#x20AC;? The latest drone technology was used to capture footage of Merino ewes and lambs amongst gum tree lined creeks and granite outcrops that are typical of the landscape of the Adelaide Hills. There is clearly a strong bond between the two as they recount the years of the four boys growing up; the trials, tribulations and humour of family life on a farm. Hamish at one stage referencing the day his brother Gillon, now CEO of the AFL, locked him in a cattle crush: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Do you think

youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d be allowed to lock your brother in a cattle crush for eight hours these days?â&#x20AC;? he asks. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Well, marginally exaggerated at eight hours, we heard your squealing after about eight minutes,â&#x20AC;? laughs Angus. The video, now on YouTube and Facebook, aired on the Channel 7 Game Day program hosted by Hamish and joins a long line of Fibre of Football videos that have been seen on Channel 7. Similar background videos featuring AFL champions Nat Fyfe, Luke Breust and Bernie Vince have all been shown on Channel 7. Together with a video of Geelong champion Tom Hawkins, the video series has enjoyed well over 10 million views across traditional and social media platforms.

You can make a difference to their lives and yours when mulesing with pain relief. Now available from your accredited Bombala & Delegate Landmark stores. Š Bayer Australia Limited. 875 Pacific Highway Pymble NSW 2073 ACN 000 138 714. Tri-SolfenŽ is a registered trademark of Bayer AG Leverkusen, Germany.

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Wednesday September 28, 2016


Bombala High School cadet firefighters celebrate graduation

NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) has congratulated 20 students from Bombala High School for their successful completion of the NSW RFS Secondary School Cadet Program. The Hon. Bronnie Taylor MLC and NSW RFS Assistant Commissioner Rebel Talbert praised the students who completed the program, noting it is the ideal way to introduce young people to the important role volunteer fire fighters play within communities. â&#x20AC;&#x153;These cadets have completed a 10 week course that has given them skills which will last a lifetime,â&#x20AC;? Mrs Taylor said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;As well as examining fire behaviour, the students have been taught essential fire safety techniques and gained an appreciation of the work our emergency services do every

day in this State. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The cadet program also offers students the opportunity to experience firsthand the commitment and camaraderie that comes with volunteering.â&#x20AC;? Assistant Commissioner Talbert said this is the eighth time that Bombala High School has offered the NSW RFS Secondary School Cadet Program to its students. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s great to see genuine enthusiasm for this important community based program,â&#x20AC;? Assistant Commissioner Talbert said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;In addition to our NSW RFS members, I would also like to extend a special thanks to the Principal, teachers and staff

CLEARING SALE 10:30 am Saturday 15th October 2016 â&#x20AC;&#x153;Yellow Creekâ&#x20AC;? 2039 Peak View Road, Peak View A/C E. Buttigieg (Property Sold)

Entries Include - Massey Ferguson 194-4, Tractor, Goldaces 400 ltr 3 P/L Boom & hand unit, Gallagher 3 P/L Post driver, Berends 5â&#x20AC;&#x2122; slasher, 10â&#x20AC;&#x2122; x 7â&#x20AC;&#x2122; dual axle stock trailer with create & rego, Messmate crump super spreader, 10â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Pasture roller, Suzuki 300 quad bike with spray unit, Yamaha 175 Ag bike, Greenfield ride on mower, Connor Shae 18 row combine, Grizzly 20 plate off set plough, Tolbar A30-4 3P/L 12 tyne chisel plough, Trailing harrows, Cement mixer with elec motor, Work shop tools, Power tools, Nuts & bolts, Stock saddles, Fence post, wire, steel, corrugated iron, household furniture & appliances. Directions - From Numeralla take the Peak View Road for approx 23 km watch for signs. Catering - Provided by CWA Terms - Settlement by cash or approved cheque on sale day. Buyers ID registration & number bidding system.

from Bombala High School for helping to make this program such a success.â&#x20AC;? Assistant Commissioner Talbert also paid tribute to the staff and volunteers from the Monaro Team who facilitated the course. â&#x20AC;&#x153;NSW RFS members thoroughly enjoy working closely with schools and communities to ensure that everyone is as

well prepared as possible for the very real threat of fire. Firefighters cannot do it alone,â&#x20AC;? Assistant Commissioner Talbert said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Service is proud to pass on the ideals of community service, dedication and teamwork to the next generation.â&#x20AC;?


MERINO STUD 22nd Annual On-Property Ram Sale Thursday October 22, 2016 Inspection 12pm, Sale 3pm On Property Open Day 4VOEBZ0DUPCFS tBNQN Merino Bloodline Performance of Cottage Park in top 1% for profit per ha.



Mark and Jodie Pendergast P/F: 02 6453 5559 E:

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NSW Quad bike safety rebate commences As recently outlined in the NSW W Budget, $2 million has been sett aside for the Quad Bike Safety Improvement Program. Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation, Victor Dominello, revealed details of the Program at the NSW Farmerss Annual Conference. The Program m is made up of a series of regional al training events and around $1.5 million ion for quad bike safety rebates. The quad bike safety rebate program ram offers up to $500 for small farming businesses ses in NSW for purchasing one or a combination of the eligible four safety solutions: • Up to $310 toward the cost of quad bike training at existing RTO in NSW. • Up to $250 towards the purchase of either the Quadbar ™ Operator Protective Device (OPD) or ATV Lifeguard OPD. • Up to $500 to purchase a side-by-side vehicle. • Up to $45 to purchase a helmet compliant with NZS 8600:2002, AS/NZS 1698:2006 and/or UNECE22.05. In addition, each worker of qualifying businesses can also access the rebate program for training and purchasing of one suitable helmet. There are up to 6530 distinct rebates available, with maximum rebated amount applicable for each safety solution. Farmers must attend an eligible educative interaction with SafeWork NSW before purchasing the safety solutions to qualify for the rebates, similar to the small business rebate program. Eligible

educative interactions are specific events operated or supported by SafeWork NSW including Farm Safety Days, Agricultural Field Days and Safety Advisory Visits conducted by SafeWork NSW Officers. These interactions are approximately 30 minutes in length and typically involve discussion and/or consultations with SafeWork NSW staff on quad bike safety relevant to your business. NSW Farmers has been successful in securing the role as the rebate program’s administrator, which means that we will be performing the processing of incoming applications. For more information about the rebate program, please refer to http:// Details of the regional training events will be announced by SafeWork NSW in the near future once they are finalised. There is no better time than now to review the safety issues relating to quad bike use on farm if you have one.

The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) National Congress 2016 T The NFF Congress will be held at tthe Australian Institute of Sport Arena in Canberra on Wednesday A 26 and Thursday 27 October 2 2016, bringing together Australian 2 agriculture: farmers, industry and a government from grass roots to g global. g The NFF Congress is the major biennial event for Australian b agriculture and will be the event to a attend if you want to know more about digital technology in the agricultural sector. The 2016 NFF National Congress ‘Australian Farmers Embracing Digital Innovation’ will see over 350 national and international representatives from government, industry and the wider agricultural supply chain join together to explore the history of technology, the impact of the digital era, and the prospects for increasing profitability in the agriculture sector, and in the global marketplace. Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce, Senator Nick Xenophon, Senator Derryn Hinch, The Hon Bob Katter MP, Senator Pauline Hanson, Senator Richard DiNatale, Senator Bridget Mckenzie, Senator The Hon Fiona Nash, Shadow Minister for Agriculture, Joel Fitzgibbon, Shadow Assistant Treasurer Andrew Leigh and leading businessmen Anthony Pratt and Andrew Forrest are part of the dynamic and diverse speaker line. The Congress will examine and explore • Digital Innovation: robotic technology, precision agriculture, digital disruption, traceability, agriculture in 2030.

• Environmental issues: the link between emissions efficiency and productivity, innovation reducing the agriculture carbon footprint, and climate forecasting. • Economic impacts: enhancing competitiveness; big data; trends impacting on global supply and demand; opportunities for positioning the industry; increasing profitability at the farm gate. • Asia Pacific: the Australian brand, market opportunities and shared learnings. • National Policy: to support a strong and sustainable future; • Consumer Perceptions and Understanding; • Australian agriculture’s current and intended future global position: from the perspective of farmers, industry & government; and • Showcase technological advancements, software and applications that support farming. The Congress will explore how science is driving innovation, and what this means for the agriculture sector in Australia and on the global stage. Who Should Attend? If you or your organisation’s prospects will be defined by the future of Australian agriculture and you want to learn more about innovation and agricultural technology you should not miss this opportunity. In the audience will be: • Farmers • Agricultural Industry Suppliers • Agribusiness Specialists • Government Representatives • Ministers and Policy Advisors


Broad support for land, biodiversity law reform NSW Farmers is pleased to see a review of the NSW Governmentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s proposed biodiversity reform package showing broad agreement across submissions that there is a need for land management and biodiversity conservation reform. NSW Farmersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Conservation and Resource Management Committee Chair and Ilford grazier Mitchell Clapham is pleased the report acknowledges the flaws of the current legislation and the need to move forward. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We know the current laws are sending biodiversity backwards. We need modern, scientific and equitable legislation,â&#x20AC;? he said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We have been calling for the repeal of the Native Vegetation Act 2003 because it promulgates the â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;lock up and leaveâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; ideology, which is a proven way to destroy biodiversity, turning potentially high conservation value areas into rack and ruin, and turning farmers offside in the process. Biodiversity laws affect farmers and the rural communities they live in, directly, every single day. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s report on the new Biodiversity Act submissions shows one element of universal agreement: the current Act is out-dated, needs reform, and farmers need a more equitable scheme to work with. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Our submission represents the views of our thousands of members. The â&#x20AC;&#x153;click and submitâ&#x20AC;? opposition to the

Governmentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s proposed reform package is a predictable response from the environmental lobbyitâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s all too easy for those not directly affected by these laws to oppose, and not offer any viable solution. The science says â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;lock up and leaveâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t work. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Farmers are the best placed to provide ecosystem services, and in order to do that they need to be able to manage vegetation in the best interests of the farms and of the region,â&#x20AC;? Mr Clapham said. NSW Farmers is committed to achieving workable land reform that will increase farm productivity and improve biodiversity outcomes. While the proposed reforms go some of the way to helping farmers and biodiversity, NSW Farmers is calling for key amendments. The Association would like to see the caps removed from the codes of practices, as well as biodiversity schemes that farmers can actually access. Farmers need to be able to make decisions on-farm that are in the best interests of both productivity and the environment. â&#x20AC;&#x153;There is an opportunity to achieve biodiversity improvement and productivity gains to ensure food and fibre supply for future generations,â&#x20AC;? Mr Clapham concluded. Visit farmers4landreform. to get the whole picture.

Wednesday September 28, 2016


Cows sell to $1736 at Cooma sale COWS Cooma Associated Agents yarded 30 fat cattle and 100 Chester Felkel, MLP, 1 Angus, 2.462, 600, stores, or a total yarding of 1300 at the sale on Friday $1477.20 September 23. GC & JM Crowe, MLP, 1 Hereford, 2.412, 720, $1736.64 Highlights Best bulls to 255.2 STEERS Heavy cows selling to a top of 246.2 M Ambrusch, MLP, 1 Limo x, 3.572, 395, $1410.94 Steers to 357.2 with the heifer portion to 2.872 Chester Felkel, MLP, 3 AA X, 3.432, 365, $1252.68 The store market met with very strong support Est P Koppman, BC, 2 AA X, 2.40, 410, $984 for all classes with buyers from Queanbeyan, Bega, Bairnsdale, Bombala along with a strong local contingent HEIFERS . Chester Felkel, MLP, 7 AA X, 2.872, 317.10, $910.83 Cows and calves topping at $1540 Chester Felkel, MLP, 2 AA X, 2.612, 537.5, $1403.95 Steer calves to $1100 Heifers to $865 STORES The next Cooma cattle sale is set down for Friday October 21. AG & PI Warner, LMK, 6 Hfd str clv, $1,000 L & B Schofield, BC, 3 Angus str cvs $920 BULLS GC & JM Crowe, MLP, 4 AA str $1100 Est P Koppman, BC, 1 Angus, 2.44, 590, $1439.60 J & J Crowe, MLP, 4 HFD hfrs $865 Chester Felkel, MLP, 1 Angus, 2.552, 885, $2258.52 Chester Felkel, MLP, 10 AA X cows & calves, $1540 AG & PI Warner, LMK, 10 BB hfr cvs, $805 L & B Schofield, BC, 2 MG str cvs, $770 Est P Koppman, BC, 3 AA X hfr cvs, $725

Cecil Brown scholarship nominations Nominations are now open for the Cecil Brown Memorial Scholarship and Exchange program for 2017. The scholarship provides the opportunity for Monaroâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s younger generation to broaden their knowledge,

experience and career prospects in agriculture. Entries close on October 19. The Cecil Brown Memorial Trust offers educational grants for agricultural study scholarships and an

exchange program between New Zealand and the Monaro. The recipients of last yearsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; awards were Ed Thomas and Harry Fletcher who both displayed an enthusiasm for agriculture. The Cecil Brown Memorial scholarship program was established in 1996 in honour of Cecil Brown, a renowned Monaro sheep man who worked at Hazeldean all his working life and was always willing to share his knowledge and experience with the next generation. The scholarships are offered in conjunction with the Monaro Merino Association and

are open to all young people on the Monaro aged 20 to 35, who are involved in agriculture, to broaden their knowledge, experience and career prospects through the educational grant or exchange program. New Zealanders also stay on Monaro properties as part of the exchange program. Anyone with a commitment and passion for agriculture aged between 15 and 35 is encouraged to apply for the educational grant and those aged between 18 to 35 for the New Zealand exchange. Those wishing to apply or know someone who may benefit from the scholarship, can contact Sam Green for an application form on 6452 1000 (work) or 0428973520 or email him at Pictured, last yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s winner, Ed Thomas.


20 Murray St, Cooma Tony Clarke Chris Hillman

T: 02 6452 6565 0408 114 812 0427 232 572



Wednesday September 28, 2016

Spotted quolls discovered near Bendoc Two rare and threatened Spot-tailed Quolls have been discovered in the Bendoc region in East Gippsland. Spot-tailed Quolls are the largest carnivorous marsupial on mainland Australia, they are easily identified by their brown coats, with conspicuous white spots over their body and tail. The species is currently classified as

endangered on mainland Australia. The detections are only the second time the species has been found in over five years of VicForests pre-harvest surveys. Dr Chela Powell, Manager, Biodiversity Research & Development for VicForests said this discovery is very significant as detections of these animals have been quite rare in recent years across East Gippsland. â&#x20AC;&#x153;This is an exciting find. We captured images of what appears to be two different Spot-tailed Quolls on remote, infra-red cameras during one of our targeted pre-harvest Contact fauna surveys. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Before this discovery there had only been one sighting in over five years of pre-harvest surveys by across the East



6452 031








Sunday October 16, 2016 10am - 5pm On Property â&#x20AC;&#x153;Cross Roadsâ&#x20AC;? Berridale

Gippsland region,â&#x20AC;? Dr Powell said. VicForests ensures that important biodiversity values, including threatened species such as Spot-tailed Quolls, are identified and appropriately protected from timber harvesting operations. This includes engaging independent ecologists to conduct targeted surveys in areas planned for harvest on sites which are most likely to contain threatened species. â&#x20AC;&#x153;When a Spot-tailed Quoll is detected in an area planned for harvest, VicForests works with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) to create a Special Management Plan to protect the animal from any harvesting operations. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The area that contains the most ideal habitat for the species is reserved and excluded from harvesting operations,â&#x20AC;? Dr Powell said. The planning stage of any harvesting operation is a long and detailed process that can take over a year to complete. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Targeted threatened species surveys are part of our planning process that is undertaken before any harvesting operations occur. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Spot-tailed Quoll plays an ecologically important role as Victoriaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest native predator,â&#x20AC;? Dr Powell said. Pictured: VicForests has captured images of what appears to be two rare Spot-tailed Quolls in the Bendoc area.

ANNUAL RAM SALE ON PROPERETY WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 19, 2016 INSPECTION 9 AM SALE 10:30 AM 25 1 YEAR RAMS USING HELMSMAN SELLING SYSTEM CONTACT: Gordon & Jenny Crowe â&#x20AC;&#x153;Cross Roadsâ&#x20AC;? Berridale 2628 Ph: (02) 6456 8884

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Log truck awareness campaign for Imlay Road

A series of banners designed by truck drivers have been put up along Imlay Road as part of a wider campaign to reduce truck rollovers.

A log truck driver awareness campaign is aiming to drive down the incidence of truck rollovers on Imlay Road and improve safety on local roads used by log trucks. Forestry Corporation of NSW, who manage Imlay Road, developed the driver awareness campaign in conjunction with Australian Trucking Safety Services and Solutions with the support of the South East Truck Safety Committee. This a local committee comprising Forestry Corporation, Pentarch Forestry Services, VicForests, Roads and Maritime Services, NSW Police, local councils and VicRoads. Forestry Corporation’s Bombalabased Sales and Haulage Coordinator Tim Gillespie-Jones said the campaign was developed in response to a recent spike in heavy vehicle accidents involving loaded log trucks, including two rollovers on the 57-kilometre Imlay Road alone over the past seven months. “Imlay Road is a key route for transporting log products from Forestry Corporation’s softwood plantations and native forests to local timber processors, so it sees around 7,000 truck movements a year. We want to see each and every one of these trips completed safely,” Mr Gillespie-Jones said. “With more than 500 locals employed

directly in the industry, a bad accident on Imlay Road could have lasting consequences for local families and would likely be felt by the whole community. “While we’ve been lucky that no one’s been seriously hurt, everyone in the supply chain is concerned about the recent spike in truck rollovers and wants to be involved in the solution. “We needed a new approach to driver safety, so we have been working directly with drivers to tackle the issue. Earlier in the year we ran training seminars to educate drivers about preventing rollovers and we have now installed a series of banners along Imlay Road that have been designed by drivers to remind them of this training each and every time they use the road.” Alan Pincott from Australian Trucking Safety Services and Solutions, who was instrumental in developing and implementing VicRoads’ successful Heavy Vehicle Roll Over Prevention Program, said increasing driver awareness would go a long way to reducing the

likelihood of another accident. “It’s great to see these guys all working together to look after each other. These are highly skilled professionals and driving a loaded 25 metre B-Double down the Imlay requires an incredible amount of skill and concentration. “A minor distraction or lapse in concentration will bring you unstuck very quickly,” Mr Pincott said. Mr Gillespie-Jones said new banners would go up every few months to reinforce the safety message.

“Imlay Road is used by the whole community, so we are inviting local schools to come up with safety slogans for new banners. Forestry Corporation and Allied Natural Wood Exports will provide a prize for the best slogan. Contact our Bombala office on 6459 5200 for details,” Mr Gillespie-Jones said. For more information about Forestry Corporation, visit www.

Get in quick for the


Now open for applicants aged 15 - 35 years that are residents of the Snowy Monaro Region

Grants for assistance: ‡8QLYHUVLW\ ‡$JULFXOWXUDO&ROOHJH ‡7$)( ‡([FKDQJHRSWLRQ

Closing date is October 19th )RUPRUHLQIRUPDWLRQFRQWDFW

6$0*5((10428 973 520 (PDLOVDPJUHHQ#HOGHUVFRPDX

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Wednesday September 28, 2016

MLA commitment to sheep genetics Schute Bell wool report Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) has bolstered its commitment to improve productivity across the sheep industry through genetics with the endorsement of a new Sheep Genetics Business Plan. Sheep Genetics is a highly successful service provider to the sheep industry delivering worldclass genetic evaluation services designed to grow profitability for producers and the broader industry. Since 2005, the program has been cofunded by MLA and Australian Wool Innovation (AWI). Under the new Business Plan, Sheep Genetics will now be solely managed by MLA â&#x20AC;&#x201C; with AWI to contribute to R&D projects on an individual project basis. Sheep Genetics will continue to deliver LAMBPLAN, the genetics evaluation service for the prime lamb industry, and, MERINOSELECT, servicing the wool industry. It also delivers the genetic evaluation for the Dohne Merino breed and KIDPLAN, a goat industry service. MLA General Manager, Producer Consultation & Adoption, Mick Crowley said the new Business Plan will enable Sheep Genetics to remain at the forefront of livestock genetics and expand its capabilities over the next five years. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Genetic improvement in livestock is critical to future growth and productivity gains across the industry,â&#x20AC;? Mr Crowley said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The genetic evaluation services provided by Sheep Genetics underpin breeding decisions

that drive genetic gain in seedstock flocks which then flows through to commercial flocks. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Genetics is a key profit driver for livestock industries and for individual producers. Unlike many other farm inputs, genetic superiority is permanent and cumulative. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Under the new plan, Sheep Genetics will continue to provide accurate, credible information on the breeding value of sheep as well as tools to make optimum use of this information at individual animal, flock and industry levels.â&#x20AC;? Mr Crowley said Sheep Genetics will play a key role in the data revolution occurring across the sheep and broader livestock industry.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;Technology to identify animals, measure traits of interest and facilitate exchange of data is advancing rapidly in our industry. â&#x20AC;&#x153;There are opportunities for Sheep Genetics to collaborate with other organisations and private companies and to develop new product streams â&#x20AC;&#x201C; something which is facilitated by the new Business Plan.â&#x20AC;? The Sheep Genetics Business Plan links directly to the MLA Strategic Plan 2016-2020 and the Meat Industry Strategic Plan 2020 (MISP), with genetics and genomics investment considered a high priority. Sheep Genetics will also be part of MLAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s contribution to the National Livestock Genetics Consortium â&#x20AC;&#x201C; with the RD&A investments aligning to the priorities being established by the consortium.

An increase in the $A by close to two cents was one of the catalysts for the wool market to ease by 24c/kg this week. The better, more stylish wools were less impacted by the fall, particularly good fine and superfine wools that met strong competition from both European and Chinese interests. It is evident that some Chinese Mills now have a real thirst for these wools, which is creating much stronger competition on these lots. The selection was again mixed this week with lots containing higher VM content, colour, cot or low tensile strength meeting some resistance from buyers. Whilst the market in both Sydney and Melbourne closed at cheaper levels on Thursday, the Freemantle market which closes after the east

coast showed signs of the market rebounding which hopefully signals a positive market next week. In Wuxi China this weekend the annual Nanjing Wool Market Conference will take place. This is a meeting of the Chinese wool industry and a large number of Australian delegates attend. It is an important meeting for Australian Exporters as they meet with their clients and discuss current and future business opportunities. Hopefully this will result in a number of fresh orders in the market over the next few weeks.

This weekâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sales Next weekâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s national offering will consist of 35,553 bales. We will offer our catalogues for sale on Thursday , September 29, 2016.



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PLUS SALES OF - All steel, alloy, stainless in sheet, plate & tubula incl. cut to length & off cuts. - High tensile bolts & fasteners. - General engineering supplies. - Welding consumables. - Trailer, tray and toolbox components. Steel farming supplies Strainers, stays, star pickets, hinge / latch kits, sheep / cattle yard panels plus much more. Pre-Fab sheds & carports. Supply only or fully erected with concrete slabs included. (Meets all council requirements)

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Wednesday September 28, 2016

Yarding falls due to wet Yarding 8,300 sheep and lambs, including 2,500 new season lambs. Yarding showed a decline in numbers due to wet weather. Lamb quality was good with 2,500 suckers offered, topping at $168.00, approx. $6.20$6.30pkg. A lot less Merino Lambs offered this week. Mutton numbers were scarce with only 2,300 yarded. Prices were firm on last week, with prices ranging from $3.50-$3.70 for heavier mutton.

Bill Frew â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Delta Agribusiness

Prime Cattle â&#x20AC;&#x201C; September 22 Rain reduced yarding of 550 cattle saw a firm to dearer market on trade cattle, with slaughter steers selling 370-392cpk and heifers 339-360cpk. Feeder cattle made from 390-420 for steers and heifers 340-390cpk. Restocker steers from 4.20-4.80cpk. Large bulls sold to 257. Insufficient cows to quote.

Bill Frew â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Delta Agribusiness.



John Sheahan - 0419 218 093

Phill Butt - 0417 411 105

Rod Bourlet 0499 611 222


Tom McCormack 0409 948 639

David Corcoran - 0400 382 388

Jock Duncombe - 0427 661 899

Date: 21/09/2016, Yarding: 8300

Category Suckers Lambs Wethers Ewes


Oliver Mason - 0409 295 826

1500 already booked in

John Gerrard - 0427 102 842

Prime Sheep & Lamb: 5th October, 11am Prime Cattle: 6th October, 8am

Category Vealer Steers Jock Duncombe (Duncombe & Co Livestock) pictured with Ed Abbey sold 63 suckers to a top $145ph for P. Haynes of Wheeo.

Samuel Hunter - 0429 020 141

Kg < 350

Vealer Heifers < 350 Trade Steers

351 500

Trade Heifers

351 500

Export Heifers Cows

Greg Anderson - 0409 921 556


Landmarkâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Sam Hunter sold Murray Grey steers for Willeroo Pty Ltd, Goulburn for 385cpk, averaging 406kg, $1,563ph.

Top Average Top Average Top Average Top Average

$168.00 $133.27 $172.60 $119.64 $126.00 $95.85 $144.00 $107.87


Export Steers 501+

Matt Byrnes - 0427 259 529

$ / Head

Date: 22/09/2016, Yarding: 550

Nick Harton - 0418 571 711

Michael Hall - 0417 417 713


Yarding 8,300 sheep and lambs, including 2,500 new season lambs. Yarding showed a decline in numbers due to wet weather. Lamb quality was good with 2,500 suckers offered, topping at $168.00, approx. $6.20-$6.30pkg. A lot less Merino Lambs offered this week. Mutton numbers were scarce with only 2,300 yarded. 3ULFHV ZHUH ¿UP RQ ODVW ZHHN ZLWK SULFHV ranging from $3.50-$3.70 for heavier mutton. Bill Frew â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Delta Agribusiness

Store Cattle: 30th September, 10am

Corey Nicholson - 0417 423 055



Butt Livestock & Property sold Angus x steers for Forrest View P/C, Gunning - 440cpk, average 249kg, $1,099ph.





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$ / Hd

















































Rain reduced yarding of 550 cattle saw a ¿UP WR GHDUHU PDUNHW RQ WUDGH FDWWOH ZLWK slaughter steers selling 370-392cpk and heifers 339-360cpk. Feeder cattle made from 390-420 for steers and heifers 340-390cpk. Re-stocker steers from 420-480cpk. Large EXOOV VROG WR  ,QVXI¿FLHQW FRZV WR TXRWH Bill Frew â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Delta Agribusiness.


Wednesday September 28, 2016

Crowds flock to see Pinocchio Snowy Mountains


University of the Third Age Tablets and Smartphones – how do you even…? On Wednesdays between 1.30 and 2.30pm the Snowy Mountains U3A conduct a friendly self-help user group at the SMU3A Shed in Sharp Street, Cooma. The members get together to discuss how to use their tablets and/or smartphones, including both Apple and Android devices. The object of the session is for members to get together and help each other with tips and techniques on how to get the best out of their devices. This could range from how to conserve battery usage to how to communicate by using Skype or Facetime. Other areas we have covered in the past include how to manage your emails, social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, Calendar, ICloud, Camera, Contacts and some useful apps such as the Emergency app and the Fires Near me app. We have also discussed internet scams – how to recognize them and where to go to find out information on the latest scam. If there is some area where you need some help, or you have a question to ask, or even if you just want to come along and talk about your device and show others what you have learnt to do, please come along next Wednesday. If you would like to join us, you do need to become a member of SMU3A ($40 annually) plus a $1 donation each session to help with general costs. However, you are allowed a free trial session initially before joining. Information on the Using Tablets and Smartphones sessions, and all other courses is on our website Please check it out – we have a big variety of courses available to members. French: Why do we go to the Snowy Mountains U3A French class? Learning a new language is classified as one of the most important mental activities one can do to keep the brain active. One of the next best things is to communicate with other people. Here in the French class, we love both. Great brain stimulation and lots of friendship. In our French class there are resources we share, including books and technologies in class and at home. Networking with (and within) the U3A is a further benefit we enjoy. We than Marie for her hospitality and support when we catch a French film chez-elle each term. We share travel plans, maps, ideas and dreams, preparing for overseas visits, then reports and reviews are de riguer on return to class here but there are no exams! We are grateful to Suzanne and Francois for their guidance and wonderful encouragement at our classes. We are always glad to see Francois here, first up on Monday mornings to hear and listen to a true French reading when we are learning a new work en Francais. Thank you too to the U3A for this opportunity to meet and share with our colleagues and to welcome visitors and we appreciate the U3A’s sustained commitment to adult learning in our local context and geography. Thank you!

75a Sharp St, Cooma

The Bombala Public School welcomed a huge crowd of family and friends along to the Multipurpose Hall last Thursday evening to enjoy its spectacular production of “Pinocchio”. Students from Kindergarten right through to Year 6 spent weeks preparing and rehearsing for the play, which was a knock out success. The performances of the students went well above expectations, and the production

was highly praised by all who enjoyed both the big play night, and the matinee shown the previous afternoon. A huge congratulations to all of those involved both in the lead up to and the performances of “Pinocchio”. The students of the Bombala Public School donned their costumes for their highly acclaimed production, “Pinocchio” last Wednesday afternoon and Thursday night.








d photography &


Berridaleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s one-stop, convenience shop for: Â&#x2021; Petrol Â&#x2021; News papers Â&#x2021; Bread Â&#x2021; Milk Â&#x2021; Groceries Â&#x2021; Fresh local meat Â&#x2021; Cleaning products Â&#x2021; Confectionary Â&#x2021; Fishing licences and bait Â&#x2021; Elgas Agents for Swap and Go and large gas tanks. Hours dcreations@h

E: snappe

Monday to Friday - 6.30am to 6.30pm Saturday - 6.30am to 6pm Sunday - 7am to 5.30pm


NSTAGRAM, TW Find us on facebook, I


64 Jindabyne Road, Berridale

Ph: 02 6456 3212



Inspiration Prints



 0407 921 1 956

OR AH 02 6458 3075

0467 67 595 457 5

Daryl Dwyerr

collector of antique bottles

Beli lind nda a Dw Dwye y r



6456 1313






6452 0313 LIKE our Facebook page Nifty Design & Photography to see all our upcoming online markets. Find us on Facebook & Instagram MUSIC LESSONS

SCHOOL OF MUSIC So much more than just a guitar school... We now offer music tuition in: Â&#x2020;2KCPQ-G[DQCTFÂ&#x2020;5KPIKPIÂ&#x2020;8KQNKPÂ&#x2020;8KQNCÂ&#x2020;%GNNQÂ&#x2020;(NWVG Â&#x2020;%NCTKPGVÂ&#x2020;5CZQJQPGÂ&#x2020;1DQGÂ&#x2020;4GEQTFGTÂ&#x2020;6TWORGVÂ&#x2020;6TQODQPG Â&#x2020;'WRJQPKWOÂ&#x2020;(TGPEJ*QTPÂ&#x2020;*CTOQPKECÂ&#x2020;7MWNGNG Â&#x2020;&TWO-KV$CUU)WKVCTÂ&#x2020;/WUKE2GTHQTOCPEG%QCEJKPI Â&#x2020;/WUKE6JGQT[/WUKEKCPUJKRCPFQHEQWTUG)WKVCT





Pink Lady


Wendy Christensen

All shapes and sizes welcome Catering for everybody Bras and Breast Prosthesis Personal Mobile Service

Servicing Cooma and South East District

Pink Lady Bras

P: 0427 999 042

E: W:






OCTOBER 31ST Visioncare and DVA suppliers 171 Sharp Street Cooma Mob 0412 439 550 Fax: 6254 0739










0438 954 817




ALCOCK TRANSPORT ABN. 30 854 190 487


TERRY ALCOCK 0427 526 832 TRACEY 0423 683 969 E: MOBILE MECHANIC







Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s more to home insurance, so letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s be clear





With GIO Home Insurance, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll know exactly where you stand. Your local GIO agent will explain the range of comprehensive products and options available to you. Call us today and you could also save 15% when you combine your home and its contents insurance with us on one policy. Catherina Evans 51 Vale Street Cooma 02 6452 3474 Catherina Evans is an Authorised Representative of AAI Limited ABN 48 005 297 807 AFSL 230859 trading as GIO, the issuer of these products. Read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement before deciding on the product and consider whether it is right for you. Ask us for a copy. 22702 OPS 05/07/13 A



Ph: 0401 887 000 E:


BBrock r ock robinson rob



ABN: 42 373 904 594

Auto Dismantling New & Used Spare Parts Mechanical Repairs Rego Checks Tyres - New, Used & Recaps New Trailers




Mobile Mechanical Services

Do you need a carpet quote?

Call 6456 1510

Specialising in:

for a free measure and quote.


| Residential and commercial carpet | | Carpet repairs | | Full-time carpet layer |


404 Monaro Hwy PO Box 981 Cooma NSW 2630

Ph: 02 6452 5250 Fax: 02 6452 5549 Mob: 0414 484 180

Showroom: 5/15 Percy Harris St, Leesville



THE LOCAL TRADIE Supporting local trades & services across the Monaro-Snowy Mountains - Bombala region Contact the ONLYY LOCALLY OWNED NEWPAPER THE MONARO POST OST for our great deals.


Ph: 6452 0313

Cooma/Snowy Mountains Carpet Cleaning, Steam Cleaning Carpets, Upholstery Â&#x2021;&RRPD Â&#x2021;%HUULGDOH Â&#x2021;(QGRI/HDVH &OHDQLQJ Â&#x2021;5XEELVK 5HPRYDO

0418 161 057











ON CALL FOR THE SNOWY MOUNTAINS AND THE MONARO t$0..&3$*"-%0.&45*$3&'3*(&3"5*0/ t41-*54:45&.t5&455"( t$00-300.'3&&;&3)*3& .0#*-&45"5*0/"3:







COOMA AIR-CONDITIONING & REFRIGERATION $10 LUNCHTIME | MONDAY - FRIDAY DAILY SPECIALS Â&#x2021;67$57(56Â&#x2021;.,'60($/6Â&#x2021;/,*+70($/6 Â&#x2021;(175e(6Â&#x2021;0$,16Â&#x2021;'(66(576 106 Vale St, Cooma

6452 1144




Lloyd Campbell







t*/45"--"5*0/ t."*/5&/"/$&3&1"*34 t4&37*$*/( t5&455"( t'*3&1"/&-5&45*/($0.1-*"/$& t'*3&&95*/(6*4)&35&45*/(





0PS]H'EQTFIPP4EMRXMRK 7)6:-')7%073 43&S\'SSQE %:%-0%&0) Mobile: 0413357423 )QEMPPPS]HERHWEVE$FMKTSRHGSQ






Phone/Fax: 6452 3796 Mobile: 0418 484 111 /48-*$/0$t"3$-*$/0-0


LIC NO: 37754



Formerly known as the Blue Star Laundrette



t Reliable & friendly service t Self Service t Range of manchester for sale t Drop off your Laundry to be done while you have a break t Commercial Services for Motels, Hotels & Cafe's

0412 097 085




6452 0313



ACROSS 1. Hold firm to keep all the change in America (4,2,7) 10. Pet swimming Thames river (7) 11. Departed group fixed on a course (4,3) 12. Grist to the mill when admitted by stern hospital specialist (9) 14. Animals wagging tail in faith (5) 15. Formality of celebrity wedding heartache (6) 16. Spawning trouble in a bird's breadth (8) 19. Lunar craft circling article in Christian faith (8) 20. Hears stormy ocean inside grating (6) 23. Star billing was contracted for comeback sign (5) 25. Bad mate or devastatingly attractive man? (9) 26. Trooped off to shoot underwater (7) CRYPTIC 27. First placing for Norman in surf contest (4,3) 29. Catch on and come down with flick (3,3,7)

DOWN 2. One million reflected on hand-out for settler (9) 3 and 28-down. Weak-hearted solicitor to dine away from home (3,3) 4. Corrected error by day's end in imitation of the planets (6) 5. Don't make up enough to form the base (8) 6. Some of the library waste rained on wedding party (7,4) 7. Rest of the artists underline comfort (5) 8. Shipboard organisation lost bid for lighthouse (6) 9. Budding organ sat awkwardly with chaps (6) 13. Spook centre stage performance ... (6,5) 17. ... by erstwhile actor (9) 18. Generous to pass over a certain amount (8) 19. Record slow learner (1-5) 21. Degree of old flame on canvas (6) 22. Sign of the middle-aged to need a very short dress (6) 24. Bump into nude around midnight (5) 28. See 3-down


Wednesday September 28, 2016



DOWN 2. Treaty, contract (9) 3. Remains of a fire (3) 4. Resist (6) 5. Metal used in aircraft and spacecraft (8) 6. Tiny (11) 7. Stared with the mouth open (5) 8. Bewilder, perplex (6) 9. Cuban capital (6) 13. Noble and generous (11) 17. Rat-like marsupial (9) 18. Euphoric (8) 19. Pie case (6) 21. Rocky, rough (6) 22. Government office or department (6) 24. First letter in the Greek alphabet (5) 28. Wrath (3)


QUICK ACROSS 1. Study of fossils (13) 10. Dirigible (7) 11. Waratah (7) 12. Member of secret order of men (9) 14. Republic in South Asia (5) 15. Come into view (6) 16. Outlying residential areas of a city (8) 19. Trifle, small amount (8) 20. Evening meal (6) 23. Hindu religious teacher (5) 25. Staying away from school (9) 26. Empathy, affinity (7) 27. Typical example (7) 29. New England state (13)

WHOâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S AT

POLO FLAT When it comes to clean, efficient energy... you canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t beat

Suppliers of bulk and cylinder LP gas for commercial or domestic applications servicing the Monaro and the Snowy Mountains

Phone: 131 161 For appliance sales Jindabyne: Mitre 10 3 Snowy River Ave

Ph: 6451 4200 For appliance sales Cooma: South East Tile & Bathroom 44-48 Bombala Street Ph: 6452 1500


6452 0313


1 Kaiser Street, Polo Flat



Love the look!

24 Hour Tilt Tray Towing Service Insurance & Private work Car-O-Liner Measuring System All Types of Spray Painting From Touch-up to Full Resprays


Specialising in Baked Enamel Finishes Windscreens Fitted

Ph 6452 1568 Fax 6452 2307 Carlaminda Rd, Cooma


0427 527 711

ORDERS: Phone/Fax 6452 7100 Email:


58 - 62 Polo Flat Rd, Cooma NSW 2630




Our frames and trusses are 100% Australian - we use Hyne T2 timber and Multinail products. We service the ACT, South Coast, Snowy Mountains and surrounding areas. We provide you with an obligation free quote. Feel free to send us your plans via email or post, or if you prefer, call to make an appointment to discuss your project.




Email: 3K )D[



BUSINESS OF THE WEEK C & C Self Storage - Ph: 0417 274 010 If you are looking for somewhere to store a boat, car, furniture, in fact, anything that is taking up space at home or work, then why not give Cathy a call at C&C Self Storage? She will be able to assist you with all your storage requirements. There are various shed sizes available at reasonable rates to suit your budget. You can stay for as long or short as you need to. All sheds are waterproof and secure. You can have access to your shed seven days a week.

They also carry all your packing needs such as tea chests, book boxes, porta-robes as well as other durable packing goods. Whether you are a business or a private person looking for somewhere to put that extra â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;stuffâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;, C&C Self Storage can provide a shed for you! They are located at 1 Airstrip Road in Polo Flat, Cooma. Phone Cathy anytime on 0417 274 010 or email wassink4@



Sell your stuff, advertise jobs or a place to rent. You can do it ALL here! Â&#x2021; Ph: 6452 0313




Property Description 1107 Monaro Highway BUNYAN 2630 Lot: 160 DP: 724552 Lot 159 DP 724552 Applicant Snowy Monaro Regional Council Application


Consent Authority

Snowy Monaro Regional Council (Determination of the development application will be made by the Southern Region Joint Regional Planning Panel, unless it decides not to exercise this function).

Council is in receipt of a modified application for the above development. The original approved development will extract up to 20,000 tonnes per year over 20 years and will disturb 20ha of land. The proposal is designated development under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979. Any interested persons may inspect the full Application to modify the consent during the exhibition period from 29 September 2016 to 2 November 2016 at: Council's Environmental Services Division at 81 Commissioner Street, Cooma (8.30am to 5.00pm weekdays), or Queanbeyan (Suite U107, 1st Floor Riverside Plaza, 131-139 Monaro Street, Queanbeyan or Councilâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s website at Tracking This Application You can track the progress of this Application online using Councilâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Application Tracking Tool. You can find the Tool via Councilâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s website or - Monaro Regional Library â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Vale Street Cooma Any person may make a written submission during the exhibition period regarding the application. Any written submission should be addressed to the General Manager of Council and must be received before 5.00pm, Wednesday 2 November 2016. If a submission is made by way of objection, the grounds of objection must be specified in the submission. Any submission should include: a) The name and address/phone number of the objector (if this information is not provided, Council will not be able to contact you further regarding your submission); b) The reasons for any objection; c) A Political Donations & Gifts Declaration or Disclosure Statement (available on Councilâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s website or in hard copy at Council Offices)

Vodafone Hutchison Australia (VHA) plans to improve mobile coverage services in parts of NSW by upgrading the existing telecommunications facility at the following locations: t,PTDJVT[LP3PBE &BTU+JOEBCZOF/48 3'/4"/P













Submissions can be sent to PO Box 714 Cooma NSW 2630 or Please note that under the Government Information (Public Access) Act, 2009, Council cannot guarantee confidentiality in relation to any submission, except in certain circumstances. Any person who makes a submission by way of objection and is dissatisfied with the determination of the application may appeal to the Land and Environment Court within 28 days of the date the application is determined. However, if the Planning Assessment Commission reviews the proposal, the Ministerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s decision is final and cannot be appealed. Should you have any queries regarding this Application please contact Council's Environmental Services Division on (02) 6455 1911. Joseph G Vescio General Manager

BOATING LICENCE COURSE It's easy, guaranteed. Up coming local course. Call 0422 438 733

PO Box 714 Cooma NSW 2630


2017 Enrolments Monaro Mobile Preschool Inc. will be holding online enrolments for the following venues in 2017, from Monday 17th October closing Friday 25th November. Michelago â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Monday - Memorial Hall, Ryrie Street Jindabyne â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Tuesday & Wednesday - Lakewood Estate Community Hall, Ridge Road. Berridale â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Thursday - Community Hall (next to the swimming pool off Florence Street) If you are interested please contact Debbie at: or 0412485212 for further information.


PROPOSAL TO UPGRADE AN EXISTING MOBILE PHONE BASE STATION AT PENDERLEA As part of a national coverage upgrade project Optus plan to upgrade an existing telecommunications facility at Penderlea, The Alpine Way, CRACKENBACK NSW 2627 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Site ref: S1550 1. The proposed upgrade will involve the following: t5IFJOTUBMMBUJPOPGUISFF  OFX0QUVTQBOFMBOUFOOBT UPCFNPVOUFEPOUPUIFFYJTUJOH  structure; t5IFJOTUBMMBUJPOPGTJY  3FNPUF3BEJP6OJUT 336T POUPUIFFYJTUJOHTUSVDUVSF t5IFJOTUBMMBUJPOPGBODJMMBSZFRVJQNFOU JODMVEJOHUIFBGPSFNFOUJPOFE336TBOEXPSLTXJUIJO the existing equipment shelter. 2. Optus regards the proposed installation as a Low-impact Facility under the Telecommunications (Low-impact Facilities) Determination 1997 ("The Determination") based on the descriptions above. 3. Further information including an EME Report can be obtained from â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Joanna Ward Town Planner at Visionstream Pty. Ltd. Ph: (08)84060943 Mob: 0428201132 Email: or and at 4. The proposed infrastructure will be in compliance with the ACMA EMR regulatory arrangements. 5. We invite you to make a submission. Written submissions should be sent to: Visionstream Pty Ltd 72 Kinkaid Avenue North Plympton SA 5037 by 5pm Wednesday 12th of October 2016

NOTICE OF INTENTION TO 1080 BAIT WILD DOGS AND FOXES NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) will be conducting an aerial baiting program for wild dog and fox control. Dried meat baits containing 1080 poison will be deployed in rugged and remote areas, aiming to reduce wild dog and fox numbers. The aerial baiting is expected to begin on Tuesday 4 October 2016, weather permitting. This program to control wild dogs and foxes is part of an integrated regional pest management strategy. The program includes areas of Kosciuszko National Park: Ingebyra, Paupong, Numbla Vale and the Snowy River within the Thredbo/Ingebyra, Dalgety/Paupong and Corrowong Dog Plan Areas; the Yaouk/Adaminaby area from Lone Pine Trail to Lake Eucumbene, and, Scabby and Yaouk Nature Reserves. Aerial Baiting is carried out in conjunction with ongoing ground baiting, trapping and shooting programs and aims to reduce wild dog and fox numbers and protect neighbouring stock from the impact of predation by these pest species. Please direct enquiries to NPWS Jindabyne Office (02) 6450 5555



COLLINGS (Jamieson) Gladys Ann, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Gladyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;

Monaro Community Access Service Annual General Meeting Friday October 21st 12:30 pm Function room at Cooma Ex-services club. Light refreshments provided. FOR SALE

JEEP (Wiley's) J3800, Gladiator - Model 1967 1.5 Ton, Dual Wheel, 4x4 Truck with Stock Crates/Sides Winch, Bull Bar, Jump Guard etc. One owner and in "ORIGINAL" condition with only 81, 000km Truck has re-condtioning 6 cylinder motor and is in good running shape always being garaged. As only used on Farm it's is not registered and as such would suit Farmer. Asking Price, $12,000 Contact Garry Fischer on 6456 7144.

of Sale, formerly of Tubbut. Passed away on the 22nd of September 2016, aged 94 years. Dearly loved wife of Rolland (dec.). Cherished mother, mother-in-law, Nan, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Billâ&#x20AC;? and Big Nan to Ken, Pat (dec.), Denise and their families. The funeral of Mrs Gladys Ann â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Gladyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Collings of Sale, formerly of Tubbut will leave St Philipâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Anglican Church, Delegate after a service commencing at 1.00pm on Wednesday (Sep. 28) for the Delegate Cemetery. Stephen Baggs Funeral Directors Bairnsdale (03) 5153 2150

Wednesday September 28, 2016



Sell your stuff, advertise jobs or a place to rent. You can do it ALL here! ‡ Ph: 6452 0313


Sales and Office Administrator

The Dalgety Show Society Inc

Located in Bombala, NSW

would like to thank the following sponsors from our Team Penning, Saddle Up Sunday and Stockmans Time Trial Challenge Weekend.

Forestry Corporation is currently seeking a self-starter with demonstrated initiative to take on the role of Sales and Office Administrator. We are looking for a solid communicator who enjoys problem solving and data management. You must be able to work independently and complete a diverse range of tasks. As a member of the Bombala Management Area (MA) the Sales and Office Administrator is responsible for taking a leading role in managing and maintaining sales and office administration processes and systems. For further information, please visit http: // Or call Bruce Chadderton on 0429 816 867 The closing date for applications is 23 September 2016

Cooma Rural, Mitre 10 Jindabyne, O’Ryan Mechanical, Bush Basics, Hiscocks Queanbeyan, Main Street Cooma, Office Play, Cooma Saddlery, Cooma Pet Shop, Hip Pocket Work Wear. We would also like to thank all our hardworking volunteers who worked tirelessly to ensure a wonderful weekend for riders and spectators. A big thank you to Vickii Wallace and her crew for cooking up at feast in the Kiosk & to those that donated cakes, slices and eggs. To Milton, Bruce, Clare, Deb, Ian and Karen for their assistance over the weekend. And lastly to the community for supporting our weekend.


Note: The successful applicant will be required to satisfactorily complete a medical examination which includes Drug and Alcohol screening and a Fitness Test (called the Task Based Assessment).

OCTOBER IS MENTAL HEALTH MONTH To help raise awareness of Mental Health on the Monaro a barbecue will be held in the “Warreen" Garden at Countegany on Saturday the 22nd October 2016. Bookings will be essential. For ticket purchases and enquiries please phone: 02 6453 3272

Generalist Counsellor

Closing Date: 8 October 2016 Applications must be lodged electronically. Please go to and search Job Reference Number 345535 NSW Health Service: employer of choice

Squash winter comp winners Congratulations to the following B2 Reagen Darrant teams and players that won the James Walker finals of the Winter Squash Comp. B3 Darrell Gaukroger Tom Lucas B4 Damon Battye A Grade Massey Ferguson Kathy Sergo from Tag the Trend Individual Winners donated some special awards to Sam Sergo some B grade players; A1 Corey Bedingfield Best & Fairest: Andrew Lachlan King Robertson A2 Mick Gratwick Most Improved: Damon Battye Luke Abraham Encouragement: Tom Lucas A3 Andrew Egan Bill Garnock The Spring comp starts on A4 Ryan Sagodi-Hogan 11 October. If you haven’t got your name down already, please B Grade contact Corey Bedingfield. Cooma Crash Repairs There will be social hits during Individual Winners the holidays. Keep an eye on Aron Rogers the Facebook page for more B1 Aron Rogers information. Remy Oldrey


Cooma Salary: Depend on Qualifications Enquiries: Fay Fox (02) 6455 3201


Max Mulach

Passed away 13th Aug 2016 We deeply appreciate your thoughtfulness and expressions of sympathy and kindness conveyed to us on the passing of our beloved Max. Jan, Terry, Karen & families.




Mark Kenmir & Co have a permanent position available for an enthusiastic and hardworking person to join our busy team. To be suitable for this position you must have the following: tBe interested in an administrative and customer service career t Be able to work independently within a team environment tBe able to multi-task, prioritise workload and use initiative tCompetent computer skills with the ability to use integrated management systems including word processing and excel spreadsheets tAbility to follow instructions efficiently with an excellent attention to detail tBe reliable, enthusiastic and motivated tAbility to communicate and establish rapport with our clients and staff If successful you will be part of a hard working team that is fun, friendly and passionate about their work. Please forward your expressions of interest and resume to or send to PO Box 743, Cooma. For further information, please contact Jodie on 02 6452 6775. Applications close 5pm Friday 7 October 2016.

Casual Chef - Bombala

Chef required for various days, from 7am - 3pm. To prepare quality home style meals in our client’s Aged Care Facility. Applicants must have knowledge of Food Safety Procedures, HACCP & Quality Procedures. Previous experience is essential. Police Check is required. Email resume to





1300 345 345 Wednesday September 28, 2016



Wednesday September 28, 2016

Delegate Darts grand final won by Bombala players

The Bombala side that took out the Delegate Darts Comp this season.

The runners- up in the Grand Final were the Pub 1 team.

Raymond Kading won the Peter Jamieson Memorial Rolly Skellern had the Most Peg Outs for the comp. Trophy for the Best Player. The Delegate Darts Grand Final was Walcott, Doug Cameron and Max played out recently at the Delegate Clear. Rolly Skellern was awarded the Hotel, with a Bombala team taking Most Peg Outs, James Preston the glory this year. The winning Bombala side was the Highest Average Score, and made up of Ben Black, John Raymond Kading earned the Peter Moreing, Brendan Weston, Clay Jamieson Memorial Trophy for the Clear, Scott Moreing, Russel Carey Best Player. Meanwhile the 32nd Annual and Leon Jones, who took home a Doubles Darts Tournament was also 180 Badge. The runner-up of the comp was held at the Delegate Hotel recently, the Pub 1 team, consisting of Tom with Rolly Skellern and Raymond Kimber, Graeme Payten, Henry Kading getting the better of runnersBrown, Raymond Kading, Lyons up, Ben Sproates and John Moreing.

Rolly Skellern and Raymond Kading won the Darts Doubles in Delegate.

James Preston had the Highest Average score.

Ben Sproates and John Moreing were Doubles runners-up.





Wednesday September 28, 2016


Cooma Colts Presentations

Colts Under 13s team and coaches.

Colts Under 10s team and coaches.

Premiers! Colts Under 11s team and coaches.

Premiers! Colts Under 15s team with coach Nick Moon.

Under 11s special award winners. Most Consistent Justin McDonald, Players Player Cooper Inskip, Coach’s Choice Thomas King, Best and Fairest Talon Kelly and Most Improved Tom Bromfield.

Under 15s special award winners. Most Improved Tyler Rees, Coach’s Choice Sean Dixon and Cooma Stallions Encouragement Award winner Damon Fanning.

Darnell Bartlett racked up more than 100 games this year.

Under 6s Best and Fairest Junior Morgan, Most Consistent Toby McKenzie, Players Player William Bryan and Coach’s Choice Nick Burchall.

Colts Under 10s special award winners.

Most Unselfish Player u10s and u12s Jacob Smith and Alex Aitkenhead.



Wednesday September 28, 2016

Cooma Colts 2016 season presentation

Colts Under 9s team.

Colts Under 8s White team with coaches Rick and Adam Lee.

Colts Under 7s special award winners. Colts Under 12s special award winners. Clubperson of the Year went to Coaching Players Player Nate Stokes, Best and Fairest Jermaine Bartlett, Most Consistent Tirone Morgan, Players Player Jack Newson, Coordinator Creedance Bartlett, pictured with Most Consistent Harper Woolf, Coach’s Choice Kurik Nelson and Best and Fairest Lachlan Hemphill, Most Improved Sam Williams President Rob Zusak. Most Improved Keely-May Usher-Rodahl. and Coach’s Coach Adam Constance.

Colts Under 9s special award winners. Coach’s Choice Archie Blyton, Best and Fairest Dempsey Woolf, Most Consistent Connor Nelson, Most Improved Hunter Caldwell and Players Player Tyrell Bartlett.

Colts Under 13s special awards winners. Most Consistent Ty McKenzie, Best and Fairest James Dyball, Coach’s Choice Jesse Eljuga, Players Player Brock Halls and Most Improved Jack Taylor-Friend.

Colts Under 7s team.

Colts Under 8s Black team. Players Player Colby Douch, Best and Fairest Mason Sandeberg, Coach’s Choice Laith and Blaze Podger, Most Consistent James Burke and Most Improved Rhylee Rosenbaum.

Colts Under 12s team with coach Greg Williams.


Wednesday September 28, 2016


Snowy Mountains Christian School skiing program Snowy Mountains Christian school had the final day of its skiing program last Friday. With some fresh snow on the ground the students made their final turns and carved it up. Mrs Wadland was able to spend time with both the snowboarders and skiers throughout the day. The snowboarders spent the morning perfecting jumps, ollies and nollies. The skiers went over to Happy Valley and did some terrain parks. The students were doing rollers and tight corners with the experienced riders. The school had another year of its seven week program and it was just as good as the first. Thanks to the number of parents (and older brother) who volunteered to help with transport these included – Joel Rackley, Catherine Davis, Sarah Horneman, Alec Perebeoff, Tracey Alcock, Anthony van der Plaat, Farhad Khan, Sam Hornsey, Ian and Fiona Jauncey.

Chloe’s jump.

Connor’s jump.

Stephen’s jump.


BWS COOMA 45-47 SHARP STREET, COOMA (02) 6452 6615


BWS COOMA 12-20 VALE STREET, COOMA (02) 6455 5300


Stella Artois Bottles 24x330ml, Hahn Super Dry Bottles 24x330ml, Monteith’s Crushed Apple Cider Bottles 24x330ml, Jack Daniel’s & Cola Cans 24x375ml, Victoria Bitter Blocks 30x375ml Cans, Canadian Club & Dry Cans 24x375ml, Vodka Cruiser Bottles 24x275ml, Asahi Super Dry Bottles 24x330ml, Carlton Dry Bottles 24x355ml






Heineken Premium Lager Bottles 24x330ml























Tooheys Extra Dry Bottles 24x345ml OR Dos Equis XX Lager Especial Bottles 24x330ml

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Wednesday September 28, 2016

Bombala’s budding league stars celebrate their season

Bombala Blue Heelers Junior Rugby League Under 7s.

Under 8s.

Under 9s.

Left: Under 12s.

Right: Girls League Tag (Best Performing Team).

Bottom right: Under 14s.


P LOCAL PEO The Bombala Blue Heelers Junior Rugby League Football Club held its Presentation Night at the Bombala Showground last Friday evening following a highly successful season. Following are the awards recipients. Team Awards Under 7s Highest Point Scorer: Joey Sullivan; Best & Fairest: Joey Sullivan; Most Improved: Mitchell Reed; Best Tackler: Henry Power; Coach’s Award: Cody Bruce; Encouragement Award: Torin Hillyer and Ahston Hurley. Under 8s Highest Point Scorer: Joshua Tellis; Best & Fairest: Ari Sten and Joshua Tellis; Most Improved: Frederick Merritt; Best Tackler: Ari Sten; Coach’s Award: Tanner Hurley;

Encouragement Award: Zara Brotherton. Under 9s Highest Point Scorer: Tait McIntosh; Best & Fairest: Arlen Hillyer; Most Improved: Heidi Brownlie; Best Tackler: Thomas Marsden; Encouragement Award: Sam Richardson; Coach’s Award: Oliver Stephen. Under 12s Highest Point Scorer: Jack Ventry; Best & Fairest: Max Smith; Most Improved: Stephanie Richardson; Best Tackler: Jaidyn Clear; Encouragement Award: Jack Stevenson; Coach’s Award: Beau Brownlie. Under 14s Highest Point Scorer: Bryson PhilipsJones; Best & Fairest: Blake Baldwin; Most Improved: Lane Stevenson; Best Tackler:

COOMA NETBALL ASSOCIATION 2016 Monday Night Mixed & Ladies Social Competition The competition will be scheduled for Monday 10th October to Monday 19th December

Divisions ‡1HW6HW*R ‡8QGHU·V ‡2SHQV


Prize - $300 to Winning Team Team and individual nominations must be emailed to by Friday the 30th of September

Reagan Hurley; Encouragement Award: Connor Sten; Coach’s Award: Jasper Bruce. Girls League Tag Highest Point Scorer: Karter Hampshire; Best & Fairest: Karter Hampshire; Most Improved: Leah Luke; Best Defender: Shauna Keavey; Encouragement Award: Jemma Boreham; Coach’s Award: Bree Brownlie. Perpetual Trophies Gary Jones Most Improved U7s-U9s: Heidi Brownlie; Shakers Club Most Improved U10s-U16s: Lane Stevenson; Ginger Leigh Highest Best & Fairest U7sU9s: Ari Sten and Joshua Tellis; Rosemeath Cup Best & Fairest U10s-U16s: Max Smith and Blake Baldwin;

Ken Monk Highest Point Scorer U7s-U16s: Joshua Tellis; Gary Jones Best Performing Team: Girls League Tag; Jim Stewart Coach of the Year: Drew Manning; Jim Twigg Committee Person (Club Person) of the Year: Katrina Skellern Girls League Tag Inaugural Perpetual Awards Club Captain is now Most Improved: Leah Luke; Bedingfield Best & Fairest: Karter Hampshire Men of League Highest Point Scorer: Karter Hampshire.


Wednesday September 28, 2016

Delegate Pony Club


Little Athletics ‘come and try’

Natalie Vincent and Lydia Jamieson were proud of their efforts and happy to show off their ribbons. The Delegate Pony Club was well represented at the Cooma Zone 18 Gymkhana and Zone 18 Sporting Championships on Sunday, September 18, with six Delegate riders competing. Well done to Dustin Voveris, Lydia Jamieson, Natalie Vincent, Emily Vincent, Rochelle Voveris and Jessica Vincent, all of whom came home smiling with ribbons. Also a big congratulations to Dustin Voveris for receiving his second Reserve Age Champion title in Zone 18.

The day consisted of a number of sporting events and jumping, including best presented club, rider class, handy mount challenge, barrels, snakes and ladders, flag race, the box, bending race, diamond flag race, pony twist, western pole bend, in and out of the paddock, figure of eight and show jumping for all grades. The next Delegate Pony Club rally will be October 9, with a 9.30am gear check for a 10am start at the Delegate Showground.

The Cooma Little Athletics Club held a ‘Come and Try Day’ on September 17 for kids interested in signing up for the year. The little athletes had a great day being guided through the different events by the club’s experienced coaches. Little As kicks off on October 8. Pictured left: Participants of the open day having a go at the hurdles. Above: All the little athletes who took part in the open day.

a l a b Bom

SATURDAY SATU URDAY 15th OCTOBER 2016 Jessica Vincent, Natalie Vincent, Jo Vincent (leading), Dustin Voveris, Rochelle Voveris, Emily Vincent and Lydia Jamieson represented Delegate Pony Club at the Zone 18 Gymkhana.

s e c a R

Bringing home the bacon


Fashion On The Field Jindabyne Rugby Club held a women’s sevens tournament last weekend with over 30 teams taking part. The Miss Piggies took out the U16s title and came third in the u14s and opens. Pictured top: The Miss Pigiges seniors: Steph Allman, Jess Burke, Kerryn Burgess, Rhianna Burke, Hannah Moloney, Kate Brown and Kirra Burke, Left: Peta Leddy running the ball.


Children’s Entertainment t+VNQJOH$BTUMFt'BDFQBJOUJOH

Bus Available Leaving for the races from: Delegate Hotel - 12 noon Bombala RSL - from 12 noon & every half hour thereafter.

$35 per person (includes entry to races & race book) Seafood platters $70 Bookings for tables & seafood platters by 11th October with Graeme - 0438 588 091 or Anne Tier - 64583649

Bar facilities available in Marquee. NO BYO ALCOHOL.

General Admission Admission: $15 | Aged Pensioner - $5 Race book $4

Member: $25/double | $15 single Members tickets to be purchased prior to race day from Anne Tier - 6458 3649

BBQ, afternoon tea & bar facilities available. NO BYO ALCOHOL. "35803,#:5)&.0/"301045



Wednesday September 28, 2016

Horsemanship on display at Dalgety team penning day It was an action packed weekend at Dalgety with the running of the seventh annual Team Penning, Saddle Up Sunday and Stockman’s Time Trial Challenge weekend hosted by the Dalgety Show Society. Riders and horses came from all over NSW and some interstate visitors with all remarking what a fantastic weekend was had and how wonderfully organised the event was with 120 riders entered in the Opens, 24 in our juniors and our eight sub juniors. The winners in the Open Team Penning event held under glorious

sunny Saturday skies were Sammi Rudd, Jane Fitzgerald and Will Fitzgerald whilst Breanna Bassett, Lockie Bassett and Jaimie Russell took out the Junior Team Penning (8yrs – under 16yrs). In the two years to seven years group we had eight competitors all doing a great job getting those cattle into the yard with some of them showing steely determination. Sunday the pace slowed somewhat with riders again taking to the showground for the Saddle Up Sunday and Stockman’s Time Trial Challenge

Open Team Penning Results 1st Sammi Rudd, Jane Fitzgerald and Will Fitzgerald 2nd Ashley Stokes, Liz Fitzgerald and Annette Fitzgerald 3rd Irene French, Archie French and Ron Flanagan 4th Fur Williams, Nev Clarke and Lindsey Dowling 5th Ian Jauncey, Fiona Jauncey and Alan Guthrie Junior Team Penning Results (8yrs – under 16yrs) 1st Breanna Bassett, Lockie Bassett and Jaimie Russell 2nd Lily Elton, Breanna Bassett, Lockie Bassett 3rd Emily Rawson, Maddy Kirshner and (Fill-in: Tara Miners) 4th Robert Miners, Jeremy Kennedy and Colby Evans 5th Georgia Heeley, Emily Lucas and (Fill-in: Em Reid) Sub Junior Team Penning Results (Aged from 2yrs – 7yrs) Dan O’Ryan Ella French Harry French Tayla Smith Addison O’Ryan Dylan Warren Maisie Aitchison Molly Aitchison

with 89 riders aged two years and up displaying fine horseman skills. Open winner was local rider Brett Aitchison with Meg Williams coming in second. Under 16’s was won by Maddy Kirshner with Lauren Blacka taking out the Under 13s and Under 8s being taken out by Jane Miners. In the Assisted class Ryan Filtness came away with the ribbon. Event organiser Jo Miners thanked all for coming along and competing and to those that volunteered their time to make the weekend a smashing success.

Team Penning Opens – 120 riders Juniors – 24 riders Sub – Juniors – 8 riders Stockmen’s Time Trial Results Assisted 1st Ryan Filtness 2nd Emily Ryland 3rd Will Haylock 4th Gemma Filtness 5th Harry French Under 8’s 1st Jane Miners 2nd Tayla Smith 3rd Ella French Under 13’s 1st Lauren Blacka 2nd Tara Miners 3rd Jack Miners 4th Alana Henderson 5th Breanna Bassett

Saddle-Up Sunday Opens – 50 riders Under 16’s – 12 Under 13’s – 11 Under 8’s – 6 Assisted – 10 Total – 89 Riders Sponsors Cooma Rural Mitre 10 Jindabyne O’Ryan Mechanical Bush Basics Hiscocks Queanbeyan Main Street Cooma Office Play Cooma Saddlery Cooma Pet Shop Hip Pocket Work Wear


Wednesday September 28, 2016


Upcoming Cooma Car Cooma wins Bookallil Shield Club events GIRDER FORK (MOTORBIKE) RALLY Date: Saturday-Sunday 15-16 October 2016 Location:Based from Cooma Car Club Clubhouse, 11 Bolaro Street, Cooma NSW Long running annual event, exclusive to pre-1950 girder fork motorbikes and their riders. Great runs over scenic sealed roads of the Cooma Monaro area and foothills of the Snowy Mountains. Event is renowned for its social aspect including an excellent morning tea, lunch and dinner at the Car Club Clubhouse on Saturday night. Best times to see these fantastic old bikes and meet the riders is from 8:00 am (check-in) to 9:00 am (start time) on Saturday and from 9:15 am (briefing) to 9:30 am (start) on Sunday at Cooma Car Club Clubhouse. JUNIOR DRIVER DEVELOPMENT/ MOTORKHANA DAY Date: Sunday 23 October 2016 Location: ‘Longhouse’, 28 Polo Flat Road, 11 Bolaro Street, Cooma NSW Club Motorkhana/Training Day conducted in conjunction with CAMS (Confederation of Australian Motor Sports). Event is Day One of CMHACs 2016 Junior Development Program. Eligible participants will be juniors (14 to 17) years who have not previously held a CAMS licence, and are interested in learning car control in a controlled and safe environment with a possible view to entering motorsport at a grass roots level. Participants will first learn some practical car maintenance in a classroom prior to hands on experience (vehicle familiarization) on one of the club cars. This will be followed by a motorkhana event, where participants will learn some car control and get to experience how a car reacts at low speeds. Participants may supply their own vehicles, which are required to meet basic safety standards, or may use one of the several club cars that will be made available. The second event (of the Junior Development Program) will be a Hillclimb at Mt Gladstone in Cooma on the morning of Saturday November 26th where participants will experience car control at higher speeds in a safe controlled environment with an instructor in the car with them until they feel confident enough to have a solo run. Entry fee for both events is $30, for which attendees will receive a CAMS L2SJ licence, allowing them to enter any similar events in the following 12 months. More detail,

Entry Forms and Supplementary Regulations are available at: http:// SURF TO SUMMIT CAR RALLY Date: Saturday-Sunday 12-13 November 2016 Location: Based from Cooma Car Club Clubhouse, 11 Bolaro Street, Cooma NSW Bi-annual Snowy Mountains Touring Classic on great sealed roads of the Monaro, Far South Coast and the Snowy Mountains. Best times to see the 98 cars and meet the entrants is from 8:00 am (entrant briefing) to 8:30 am (start time) on both days at Cooma Car Club Clubhouse. Open to Classic 30 years plus or replica cars. Day one is a tour from Cooma to the Far South Coast and return. Day two is a drive into the Snowy Mountains and return. Entry includes morning tea and lunch on both days, Saturday night dinner at Cooma Car Club clubhouse and National Park Entry fee. MOUNT GLADSTONE HILL CLIMB Date: Saturday-Sunday 26-27 November 2016 (same weekend as Snowy Mountains 1000 on 26 November) Location: Mount Gladstone Road, 4 km west of Cooma, NSW Day 1, Saturday 26 November will have three components: Morning • untimed runs with instructor for Junior (Under 18) drivers • ‘Come and try’ timed runs for competitors 16+ who have not previously had any motorsport experience and would like to have a go in controlled conditions with an instructor if required. At reduced cost of $25 plus the cost of a single event CAMS Level 2S licence ($62) which can be obtained on the day as required. Afternoon • Timed runs for Classic cars (30 years and older). Day 2 will be a regular hill climb with anticipated entries from participants from Saturday’s Snowy Mountains 1000. The event will be open to vehicles ranging from road registerable Type 1-2 2WD production vehicles up to Type 3 AWD vehicles, also Type 4 production based 2WD vehicles (sports sedans). On the day, there will be a minimum of 4 x 1 km runs for each competitor. The hill climb will be conducted under CAMS rules and regulations, and competitors must hold a CAMS Level 2 Speed Event Licence.

Lady bowlers from around the district met in Cooma last week to compete for the Ella Bookallil Shield. The competition has been running since 1965 with bowlers from Adaminaby, Jindabyne and Cooma competing for shield named after a former stalwart of Cooma bowls. The Cooma team consisting of Maureen D’Amico, May Murphy, Margherita Zasso, Judy Locker, Hazel Walker and Olga Jebbink were the winners on the day. Final scores: Cooma 44, Jindabyne 30, Adaminaby 24

Monaro Air Rifle Club results

Bruno Schnitzer, Greg Batten and Terry Huggett. More great shooting has been happening at the Monaro Air Rifle Club. The bi–monthly shoot was held on the 14th September. 1st place went to Greg Batten, 2nd to Terry Huggett and 3rd to Bruno Schnitzer. Results are in for our shooters who competed in the Canberra Postal Shoot. Bruno Schnitzer came 3rd in c Grade Standard with Campbell Childs placing 4th in E Grade standard, while Junior shooter Jake Mason

5 Thredbo Terrace, Jindabyne Open 7 Days

62 Bombala Street, Cooma

Eliza Graham Renee Pirozzi Carla Presbury Edward Moore Andrea Rogers

placed 3rd in div 4 of Bench Rest. We also had the National Coach come down and conduct a coaching clinic so our club is on track for some exciting competition in November for the NSW Championships. Members are invited to attend the AGM which will be held at the club on October 22 at 2pm. For further information please contact Tracy on 045634236 or pop down to the club.

Sports Physiotherapy Back and Neck Pain Muscle Conditions Orthopaedic Injuries Acupuncture / Dry Needling Joint Conditions Hydrotherapy/Gym Programmes Paediatric Physio

&RRPD‡-LQGDE\QH‡¬ZZZVQRZ\PRXQWDLQVSK\VLRFRP Late appointments and immediate rebates. No referral necessary.



Wednesday September 28, 2016

Wet weather delays shield again Amphicar best display Once again, rain washed out the September round of the Bill Elder Shield and this was rescheduled for today, weather permitting. Semi finals in the Club Fours and Don Jarvis Plate were completed on Saturday. Peter Harris, Kim Weston, Ross Russell and Mel Storta had a 9/0 lead over Mario Frezza, John Vincent Peter Marsicano and Ignazio Mondello after just five ends and increased it to 14/5 on 10. Ignazio’s team then mounted a come back and hit the front 17/16 on 18. One shot on each of the remaining three ends to Mel’s team put them in to the final 19/17. The battle between Bob Lahy, Max Butler, Daniel Clough (subbing for Tony Gray) and Geoff Venables against Brian Searle, Richard Nichols (subbing for Neil McGregor), Peter Caldwell and Mark Buckley was just that with only a few shots separating them through to end 14 where the scores were locked up 9/9. On 15 Mark’s team scored four shots to give them an advantage late in the game, which they managed to retain and went on to win 17/14 and a place in the final against Mel Storta’s team in Sunday’s Final. In Don Jarvis Plate it was unfortunate that Wayne Flynn, John Barnes, Colin Roberson and Wayne Lodge had to forfeit to Ken Rees, Bob Douglass, Mick Mayhew and Mike Mannile to put the latter in to the final. However Allan Crowe, Rowen

Venables, Darren Collins and John Schoon quickly set about establishing a lead over Ron Wainwright, Steve Lapham, Denis Steinfort (subbing for Jack Sajina) and Paul Cannell which increased from 5/1 on four, then 15/4 and later 23/11 on 16. Paul’s team then mounted a comeback and did not allow their opposition to score again but fell short of victory with John’s team just hanging on to win 23/21. Peter Harris, Kim Weston Ross Russell and Mel Storta made a quick start in the final against Brian Searle, Peter Caldwell and Mark Buckley to lead 10/1 after just seven ends. This trend continued through to end 16 where Mel’s team scored five shots to take a convincing lead 19/8 and followed up later with four shots and win the Fours Championship for 2017 Season 25/10. The final of the Don Jarvis Plate started out at a more sedate pace with Allan Crowe, Rowen Venables, Darren Collins and John Schoon having a small 5/3 lead over Ken Rees, Bob Douglass Max Reeve (subbing for Mick Mayhew) and Mike Mannile on end seven. Six shots on eight for John’s team put them well ahead but spent five ends on 11. This proved to be a minor hold up as they outscored their opponents over the remainder of the game to runout winners 22/14 and have

their names engraved on the Plate for 2017 season. Saturday’s social bowls attracted a field of 10 players. Mike Mannile, Leonie Snell and Olga Jebbink had 11 shots on the card almost before Judy Locker, Bob Douglass and Cheryl Meillon had their bowls unpacked and did not let up in winning 16 of the 19 ends played by a score too numerous to mention. Ken Rees and Margherita Zasso were a little more forgiving against Sergio Roncelli and Renate Winckel in winning only 12 of the 21 played. However a couple of fours helped them in winning 23/15. Just four social bowlers on Sunday. Jack Sajina and Bob Lahy had a handy 8/2 lead over Maureen D’Amico and Denis Steinfort on end six and increased it to 15/3 five ends later. Although the ends were shared in the run home the points went to Jack and Bob to give them a win 28/15. To cater for teams entering the Sapphire Coast Super 6’s the Club Triples will now commence on Sunday October 16 and continue each Sunday with the final due to be played on Sunday November 4. Watch the big notice board for information. Teams for the Super 6’s will be a minimum of eight players nominated, playing Singles, Pairs and Triples.

NSW Country Cricket blitz NSW’s best cricketers have been travelling around the state to regional areas as part of the NSW Country Blitz program. Players from the NSW Blues and Breakers as well as Sydney Sixers and Sydney Thunder travelled throughout NSW to visit schools and community groups. The program aims to increase participation in cricket at a grassroots level by enhancing skills and providing a fun platform for the kids to take part in the sport through T20 Blast clinics. One of the other major focuses on the program is educating teachers on how to coach cricket the kids to take the pressure off local club members who may have been taking on this role. Recently, Berridale Public School took part in the Country Blitz program with cricketers Ben Rohrer, Josh Laylor and Kriss Britt attending. The kids and teachers took part in a morning of drills and skills training led by Berridale cricketers Ben Hearn and Andrew O’Keefe and women’s test player Kriss

WednesdayS and FridayS Members badge draw and meat raffles

Britt, before being joined by Laylor and Rohrer who gave a question and answer before assisting in a T20 match. Rohrer said it is a great opportunity for the kids to have professional athletes come to regional areas and help enhance their skills. “We can expose kids and teachers to what drills they can do over the summer so guys from the clubs don’t have to keep coming in. “Kids in regional areas don’t see pro sportsman very often. You see the smiles on the kids faces they love it,” he said. He also mentioned that the players also get a lot out of it by spreading a positive mention and it is beneficial for the overall development of cricket as a sport. “It’s the three days that players look forward to every year. “It’s good to increase participation in the sport. It’s great for the kids and we love it. “We started playing in the back yard and local cricket with friends, that’s what it’s all about. We tell


the kids you’re not going to have a great game every game, we push the enjoyment factor,” he said. The Monaro District Cricket Association has been pushing junior development in recent years and is eager to see the participation of local girls increase. Kriss Britt is a women’s international player and a current ACT Meteors and Melbourne Renegades player in the women’s league and she hosted an all girl cricket skills afternoon last week. With the amazing success of the Womens T20 Big Bash last year and Women’s cricket world cup, the MDCA expects to see more girls playing cricket over the next few seasons and they are going to push hard to have a female Monaro representative side within the next few seasons. The free cricket workshop took place at Rotary Oval and saw 16 participants take part and organisers agree it was a great sign for things to come for female cricket in the region.



Rebecca and Tony Nassar won Best Display with the Amphicar. On Sunday September 25 Tony and Rebecca Nassar travelled to the Gough Whitlam Park in Earlwood, Sydney with their 1964 Amphicar to celebrate the annual BMW car show and German auto fest. However, this event was something special as it coincides with the BMW 100 year celebrations, an event that is being celebrated all over the world. The Amphicar was manufactured in Germany with under 4000 produced, there is said to be only six hundred worldwide in regular use. The Amphicar formed part of the BMW display as it was owned by the Quandt group, who owned and still has a controlling share of BMW. It is also unique as it has connections with a variety of

manufacturers, the Amphicars braking system is from Mercedes, the transmission internals and some parts of the fuel system are Porche 356, the horn, lighting and switches are form Hella and Bosch, it has VW steering, Borgward gauges and interior and the motor is that of a triumph Herald’ The show was an amazing event organised by the Mercedes Benz Club of NSW with over four hundred German cars on show. Tony and Rebecca’s 1964 Amphicar created a lot of interest on the day because of its originality and uniqueness, as a result of the day, the Mercedes club organisers decided it was the best on the day, awarding them two awards: The best display and People’s choice award.



Wednesday September 28, 2016


Bombala Golf results There was no golf for the Ladies on Wednesday when once again they were washed out. The Members were more fortunate over the weekend with the weather and played a 4 BBB Stableford for the Late J. Haslingden & P. Halligan Trophy on Saturday. This event was washed out the week before.The Winners were Leon Jones and Cary Elton with 42 pts from Ray Fermor and Ray Crawford 40 pts. Sunday was a big day with two events being played. The club hosted the ACT Sand Green Championships which was to be held at Delegate but their course was too wet and it was moved to Bombala. The challenge for the Heavy Haulage Shield was also played between Bombala, Tathra and Nimmitabel. The ACT results were: ACT SAND GREEN CHAMPION was Steve Tatham 32 pts. 2nd Place was Cory Nichol. 31 pts. 3rd Place went to Pepper Thompson 31 pts. 4th Place won by Leon Jones. 30 Pts. B. GRADE was won by Chris Halligan 37 Pts. 2nd Place was Ray Fermor 36 pts. 3rd Place went to Jim Haylock 36 pts. 4th Place won by Tracker 34 pts on a c/b from Paul Halligan 34 pts. HEAVY HAULAGE RESULTS. Sundays Results Bombala 34.2, Nimmitabel 33.4, Tathra 29.6. The Overall scores were Tathra 68.1, Bombala 67.8, Nimmitabel 67.2. Congratulations to Tathra on winning The Shield. The Winner on the Day was Chris Halligan with 37 pts. Balls went to C. Halligan 37, F. Fermor 36, J. Haylock 36, V. Walker 35, L. Brens 35, Tracka 34, P.

what’s happening at the

Halligan 34, Steve Tatham 32, R. Brown 32, B. Reed 31, P. Thompson 31, L. Jones 30, G. Toms 30. A good day enjoyed by all and congratulations to all the winners. GOLF PROGRAMME FOR THE WEEK. LADIES Wednesday 28.9.16. Club Medal & Putting. Deb Ingram Trophy. Saturday 1.10.16. Stableford. Club Trophy. Sunday & Monday. ETBA. Club Trophy. MEMBERS Saturday 1.10.16. Mixed Grill. 4 BBB 6 Holes, 6 Holes Ambrose, 6 Holes Foursomes. Korie Elton & Brad Tonks Trophy. (Choose Partners) Sunday 2.10.16. Par. R. Fermor Trophy. Monday 3.10.16. Stableford. Club Trophy. Ind. Acc. Don’t forget for some it is that dreaded time, move your clocks forward one hour. DUTY ROSTER Saturday 1.10.16. Ray Crawford.

Cory Nichol took second place in the Sand Green Championship, with Pepper Thompson and Leon Jones coming in third and fourth place, playing alongside Dominic Collins on Sunday. Chris Halligan was the B Grade Sand Green Champion, as well as the winner of the day in the Heavy Haulage, playing in both events with his father, Paul Halligan. Bottom left: Gary Toms travelled from the coast to Bombala to play in the Heavy Haulage. Bottom right: Steve Tatham was the ACT Sand Green Champion following the tournament being held in Bombala on Sunday.

THIS WEEK $1,200 LTPS/15/08025

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Must be present at the drawn to win

NYE 2017 ON SYDNEY HARBOUR Ballroom New Year’s Eve Cruise

Deluxe buffet dinner, drinks, music & 7.5 hrs on Sydney Harbour, plus accommodation at Seasons Darling Harbour.

Spend $10 at participating terminals on Fridays between 10am and 8.30pm for your entry into the draw.

5 tickets drawn each Friday night from 8.30pm Members need to be here to claim their entry into the major draw on Friday the 28th of October. *Terms & conditions apply, see reception for details

106 Vale Street Cooma Phone 6452 1144 THINK! ABOUT YOUR CHOICES. CALL GAMBLING HELP. 1800 858 858.



on the Monaro

With more than 150 riders competing, Saturday’s Dalgety Team Penning was a great success. Sunday saw the Stockmen’s Time Trial and the Saddle-Up events, also with a great number of participants 92 in total. This is the seventh year the weekend has been held. The Dalgety Show Society would like to send out a big thank you to everyone who helped on the day. Pictured above are winners of the open team penning, Will and Jane Fitzgerald and Sammi Rudd. Pictured right, are all those who placed in the open team penning.

























158 Melrose Drive Phillip, ACT (02) 6121 2800


*Commences on the expiry of any manufacturers warranty for new and delivery date for used. The cover period ceases upon the expiry of either 36 months or 175,000km whichever occurs first. ^156 washes over 3 years. Conditions, fees and charges apply. Infiniti Financial Services (Australian Credit Licence Number 391464) approved ABN registered business applicants only. 7.81% annual percentage rate. 60 month term with no deposit. 1. $11,097 2. $13,197 balloon payment required. Total amount payable 1. $48,566.40 2. $57,420.60. Excludes Government, rental and national fleet customers. Visit for details *Offer ends 31/5/2016. Not available with other offers. Private or ABN buyers only. LMD 17000038.

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the Monaro Post September 28, 2016  

The Monaro Post newspaper , 100% locally owned. The Monaro Post newspaper is the only newspaper that covers the Snowy Monaro Region. check o...

the Monaro Post September 28, 2016  

The Monaro Post newspaper , 100% locally owned. The Monaro Post newspaper is the only newspaper that covers the Snowy Monaro Region. check o...