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Founder and Director Ben Rosser

Every Young person matters they all have the potential to live a life with purpose. I am proud of all the young people who have come through the club. I am motivated when I see the life changing impact we have here. I am proud of the passion commitment from our young people who are our future leaders and from our staff volunteers stakeholders and community. Thank you to everyone who makes it possible for us to keep on having an impact on our young people in the community.

What is the Pythian Club? The Pythian Club ‘TPC’ is a community-based youth movement, working initially in Basford, a multicultural area of Nottingham. TPC focuses their core projects on boxing, football and music. TPC was set up in the interest of the community, specialising in programmes such as personal and social development for young people aged 10-19 from local deprived communities. TPC works alongside Youth Offending (YOT), and other partners aiming to end gang and youth violence by engaging with ‘hard to reach’ young people, this is achieved by providing support, care and counselling.

TPC also aims to provide the opportunity for personal development through the provision of programs, which enhance; life skills, self-image and vocational motivation. The Pythian Centre provides a safe, caring and supportive environment with inclusive access to community members, whilst promoting crosscultural understanding, instilling self-belief, and offering opportunities to inspire change and positivity through empowering these young people to achieve.

WHIS Nottingham

This Programme has been put together by: Heather Bates Melissa Weir Rebecca Kent Acknowledgments Many thanks to: Gurdwara BABA BUDHA SAHIB JI

Introducing Young Leaders Rebecca Kent - Joining the young leaders at the Pythian club has help to give back to the community and has help me improve my leadership skills while also joining the Pythian boxing team. Also I am part of a young leaders and helping future generations. Melissa Weir - Hi! My names Melissa and I’m passionate about elping others and animals! I thrive to try my best to succeed in everything I do.

Heather Bates – I take a huge interest in sport, E.G boxing and horse riding. I am incredibly caring and work best as apart of a team.

Shannon Kemp - I am an enthusiastic individual who really enjoys helping younger children pursue their dreams of boxing, I am newly qualified in level 1&2 Multi skill. This is basically to give me a better understanding of the different kind of sports.

Introducing Young Leaders The Young Leaders Programme This programme supports young people in gaining practical experience by being involved in the management of an event. They will learn about planning, marketing, public speaking and networking as well as be involved in being part of the team on the day of the event.Leading up to the event they will have induction sessions with industry professionals in coaching and leadership, managing stress resilience and communication skills.They will learn and implement marketing strategies and be involved in event planning meetings. Self-care aspect They will learn techniques and tools to support their own wellbeing through understanding different methods to support wellbeing including positive impact of Sport on physical and mental health.

Participants will have learned and be able to demonstrate knowledge and experience of: *Marketing *Public speaking  *Confidence *Communication *Networking *Resilience *Conduct in a professional setting  *Organisation and planning *Self-care and emotional wellbeing.

Drama - Double Edge The drama piece: Some of the young leaders have started to develop is based on knife crime. The piece shows the effects of knife crime and the effects from different perspectives. We are developing a drama piece to raise awareness of the impact knife crime has on the individual community families and society. The piece will be toured in schools and community organisations. Accompanied with a workshop For further details contact:

Young leaders role playing and helping others get into role.

Impact driven drama.

Character development. .

Playing different roles in our first meeting.

Who we work with The Pythian Club has an expanding support network including The Football Association (FA) and Sport Nottinghamshire. The FA being footballing worlds’ largest organisation, and Sport Nottinghamshire as one of Nottingham’s most forward thinking sports organisations. TPC welcomes conversations with potential sponsors that would like to join our journey.

What’s on at Motorpoint Arena?

What’s on at Motorpoint Arena? OUTSIDE THE MOTORPOINT ARENA DJ NICO D - Is a sucessful DJ with over 20 years of experience credits include step the evidence campaign sponspered by Blue and Soul Magazine and MTV Base. LILLIAN LILY - The longtime principal vocalist from the Missippi mas chair, Lilly was born in Weston. Albums: Gotta Have Faith, The Other Part Of Me.   K STAX - Kent Stax is the original and curent drummer of the DC Hardcore Punk Band ‘Scream’ considered exception of minior threat hardcore punk band. Albums: No More Censorship NMC 17.   YOUNG EMPIRE SOUND - Is a condition Rock Band formed in Toronto known as the Killers. Music: Worldbeat, Indie Pop, Baroque pop.   KYLA - Songwriter better known for her stage name Kyla, is a Filipino R&B Singer/Songwriter & occasional presnter, and actress. Albums: Beautiful Days, Heartfelt Way, To Your Heart, Not Your Ordinary Girl.

What’s on at Motorpoint Arena? 12:00pm - Introduction by Young leaders 12:10pm - Joe Dunka, Lorenzo Diego 12:15pm - Traditional Bulgarian Dance 12:30pm - Big Joe 12:40pm - Ace Peter Kalonji 12:50pm - Ben Rosser Introduction 1.00pm - Young Leaders receive Certificates for completing the programme presented by Lillian Green Wood Member of Parliament Pythian Club and WHIS Nottingham 1:15pm - Boxing exhibition 1:20pm - Lorenzo, Diego, Sonny 1:30pm - Sibon Church Group 1:50pm - Mojatu Foundation & FYA 2:00pm - Abdullah Ashley 2:15pm - The Chase 2:45pm - Dubz Casanova 3:00pm - Bulgarian Dance 3:30pm - Fonze 3:45pm - Aires

The Pythian Sports Academy Graduates The Young Leaders Academy was initially a pilot project, with the goal to tailor the delivery style and approach when dealing with disengaged young people. Due to its success, the academy has become both a permanent and well recognised delivery arm of TPC. The academy runs from 5-7pm on Mondays in the New Basford Community Centre. Members here can gain a ‘First Steps into Coaching’ certificate, proudly supported by Sports Nottinghamshire and Sports Coach UK.

What can you achieve? Boost your confidence, improve your knowledge base, learn effective communication skills whilst earning one of these recognised qualifications: • Young Leaders • Multi-Sports • Sports Leaders • Personal Training • FA level one/two coaching badges • Boxing coaching badges Plus many more!!!

Young Leaders take over The Old Market Square This is what the young leaders can accomplish. For example, these photos are of some of our young leaders taking part in boxing and football assault courses in the heart of Nottingham which is the Old Market Square. This day was a great turn out, around 50-60 new young people started their journey with The Pythian Club on that day and are still linked to the club today.

Young Leaders who have progressed Celine Lambley at the age of 21, is one of the older TPC members. Celine originally joined the club experiencing emotional issues from her childhood, often impacting upon her emotional wellbeing as she reached adulthood. Since joining TPC, the coaches have helped to support Celine through her personal issues, leading to her excelling in her interest of music. Her talent stood out to young leaders at The Pythian Club, particularly on the key board. Celine now regularly visits to offer the younger members keyboard tutoring, hoping for them to excel and build on self-confidence in the same way as she did when first joining TPC. Below is a link of Celine supporting other atendees on the keyboard through what she has learnt from TPC coaches, becoming a positive and outstanding role model for the younger music academy attendees.

Sam Varley, aged 26 plays a big part at The Pythian Club. As a professional coach, a young leader and also motivator to younger members of the club, Sam also helps support the club behind the scenes. Since joining in 2016, he has become a positive community supporter, coaching young TPC boxers in sessions and helping TPC gain access to exclusive sporting events so that our young people can experience new things. He is also a successful TV presenter, presenting at events all over the world. As a more advantaged leader, Sam is able to show our youths the result of positive inputs, giving them advice on how to progress in life, drawing on his own personal experiences growing up. Many younger members of the club trust Sam as their role model, and countless more are motivated by his many successes, particularly from his work outside the club as ‘Mr International’ there is a link below to find out more about what he does. Along with a link, showing Sam’s skills, and how he leads the young people with his professional experience in Boxing.

Mario Camatome, aged 21 attended TPC’s young leaders academy, showing an interest in the football programme. Like other young leaders, Mario excelled in working towards personal training courses and coaching badges, which Mario grasped with both hands. The football program having two strands to it; Diversionary and Targeted. The diversionary strand focuses on drawing young people away from partaking in crime and antisocial behaviour, whilst the targeted strand focuses on young people who are referred to TPC by external organisations, including Lifeline and the Youth Offending Team. TPC focuses on each member as an individual, working with them to specifically improve their own lives and aiming to have a positive impact on their own futures. Helping each member to gain selfconfidence is designed to ensure they feel more comfortable around new people, and oputting them around the RIGHT people. Below you can watch The Pythian FC in action, successfully winning a league game 5-1 with Mario scoring a goal, showing just what can happen when you apply yourself.

Young Leaders who have progressed Rob Shore aged 32 is another young person who has succeeded through The Pythian Club and many younger members of the club will look up to Jack as a positive role model and leader. Jack has been supported and mentored by the club for around 2 years and has improved significantly since we first met him. Jacks motivation and support to this club is astonishing and since he was first introduced to the club his confidence has improved significantly and he has made many new trustworthy friendships. Jack is also a regular attendee of the sports academy and has recently got his first professional job at his local McDonald’s. This portrays that Jacks motivation has reflected positively on his lifestyle outside of the club as he has been successful and independently getting his hands on his first professional job, to distract Jack from any negative distractions outside of The Pythian Club and employment. Below is a link of a successful session that around 20 young people participated in including Jack, however Jack took on the role as a leader during this session helping the young people to develop there skills in the session. Jack also arrived early in order to help us set up and also left after all the other young people in order to help close down the session and pack up.


Oliver Griffiths, aged 17 has been linked to The Pythian Club for a couple of years now. Since joining The Pythian Club Oliver’s self confidence has improved and he is now able to confidentially participate in programmes of his interest, such as boxing. Oliver also feels able to help assist younger people during our programmes and help them develop there skills just like he has through the club. As one of our young leaders at the club Oliver regularly makes time for the Pythian Club, keeping key dates and times spare to help assist the more advanced coaches at the club, giving the young people more opportunities throughout the sessions. Please see the links below of Oliver participating in our boxing programmes. We believe that all our programmes provide a safe, caring and supportive environment for inclusive access to community members like Oliver, whilst promoting a cross-cultural understanding, self-belief and opportunities to inspire change and positivity through empowering young people to achieve.


Young Leaders who have progressed Jack Kemp is an 18 year old young man who joined The Pythian Club with an interest in boxing, wanting to build on his self confidence. Throughout Jacks childhood he was connected to local social services, experiencing allot of negativity. Through making positive decisions rather than reacting to negative anti-social behaviour, Jack is progressing as a young man. Below is a video link of Jack putting in 100% effort in one of TPC’s boxing sessions.

Shannon Kemp is a regular attendee at The Pythian club who is newly qualified She is a 16 year old young leader at the club, and became interested in the club’s goal to improve the quality of life for people like herself. Members like Shannon leave the clubs sessions with good intentions, as the club allows her to have some private time out, distracting her from outside issues or negative influences. Below is a link showing Shannon working with one of the coaches, in a weekly boxing session.

Aged 13 Callum Ryan is one of The Pythian Clubs youngest young leaders. Since the club was founded Callum has excelled through the club like no other. His motivation & attendance has been phenomenal, Callum shows so much positivity at such a young age, and this has showed through his attendance in not missing a single session at the St Ann’s Academy. Callum’s consideration for his local community is rare, he aims to be a positive role model for others and be involved in positive activities with the help and support from other young leaders. Callum participated in the multisports programme which included football, panna skills, basketball, boxing, dodgeball and cricket where over 50 other young people attended. The young leaders who participated in this Pythian’s New Basford Academy gained confidence, effective communication skills and tangible accreditations that will allow them to feel assured in their newfound abilities. This proved a success throughout the multisport’s week with Callum also finding a pathway into coaching. The link below shows the young leaders participating in activities during the multisports week.

The Pythian White Papers The Pythian Club has a University White Paper because of our success in our Leadership program. In 2015 Sport Nottinghamshire received project funding from Sport England to test new ways of ‘Engaging a more diverse workforce’. The project, ‘A person like me’ began in late 2015, and due to it’s success was extended into July of 2017! This evaluation was commissioned in May 2017, and the report focuses on; the work developed, the early outcomes for participants, and also highlights the lessons learnt. It also identifies a unified approach, together with a list of ‘readiness factors’ for partnership working. The project has worked with organisations in three areas of Nottinghamshire (City of Nottingham, Ashfield and Mansfield) – areas chosen due to their high levels of socio-economic deprivation and low levels of physical activity.

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Pythian Mojatu 2018 Booklet

Pythian Mojatu 2018 Booklet  

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