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Namastey! This journal-mini-issue of Indian Comics Fandom is Adult Comics Special (….only journalism coverage, no details). The power of trend and imagination can make a huge difference, within 5 years of the first issue of Savita Bhabhi there are over 20 Indian porn comic series. As pornography is illegal in India these series are published without a recognized banner on multiple websites. Savita Bhabhi Saath Kahaniyan XXX Apartments Indian Summer Velamma Veena (Velamma’s Daughter, later emerged as a separate series) Encounter Specialist Priya Rao Roan & Neil Kamasutra Miss Rita Other series – Daayan, Krystopia, Savita @ 18, Kinara Lane, Maya. - Mohit Sharma (Trendster) © Freelance Talents, Mohit Sharma

*) - Hindi-Urdu Stories Yahoo adult chatrooms & groups provided chance to erotic literature writers with a platform to share their stories-fantasies with the world while maintaining anonymity with their usernames. Using the huge base and popularity of discussion boards, forums, Orkut communities, groups, social media in the second half of 2000 decade, many people started threads on fictional erotic stories based on their fantasies. Forums likes exbii are still quite popular and such writers (usually known by their penusername) get thousands of hits and regular readers. Few of them have written over 100 stories‌few of the writers went on to create their separate blogswebsites along with Official FB pages. For example, Mastram stories are detailed comic scriptures that depict human forms of intercourse. Today, with the diminishing language divide, the scripture in available in a lot of languages, primarily in Hindi. There are various online sites that have made the scriptures available online. The comic strips are available as PDF a file that allow for an easy, effortless download and is great for offline access as well. Online form of the comic strips is also available for direct reading on various other websites and online forums. However, some of them misuse the freedom and quite a few stories can be disturbing, gore-ish or sick for the average reader.

Exbii Forums are quite popular with millions of visits & different categories.

*) – Comics & Artworks

Once in a while some random guys uploading erotic artworks on such communities were common until the release of Savita Bhabhi Comic Series first issue in April 2008. This was something new erotic sequential art with Indian backdrop, stories and characters. Fan arts and stories flooded the website. Hundreds of mirror websites, blogs hosting same copied matter came into being within few months to get the profit from so many hits on the website and related matter-links. Though, when Compared to foreign adult comics, entertainment Indian adult comic series are limited and nowhere in picture. The main reasons are:1. Creator of any adult content which is not educative in nature has to work underground which hinders claiming of profits from the product needed to continue the series. 2. Artists, writers are afraid of the social consequences they may face if they create adult comics.

*) – Savita Bhabhi

Savita Bhabhi first entered the Indian public's consciousness in early 2008 and her popularity soared following a spate of media reports announcing the arrival of the new Indian porn queen. Savita Bhabhi is the brain child of Puneet Agarwal, a UK based businessman, who is more popularly known by his online pseudonym Deshmukh. Initially anonymous, Puneet revealed his real identity in July 2009. Puneet along two other contributors, Dexter and Madman (their real identities are not known) are the people behind the popular adult web comic. There are also a number of occasional contributors who lend their talent to put together different aspects of the comic. Savita Bhabhi, her actual name is Savita Patel (the Bhabhi suffix refers to sister-in-law) is a promiscuous housewife in her late twenties and her sexual escapades involved individuals across the class divides. Savita's 33year-old husband, Ashok Patel is oblivious of his wife's nymphomaniac ways. Savita is also bisexual, with a few issues of the online comic dedicated to her sexual encounters with women. A new page of the comic was posted daily to the website and a full issue was usually completed in about a month.

Savita Bhabhi's runaway popularity rubbed the babus in government the wrong way. The telecom department on June 3, 2009, ordered the Indian internet service providers (ISP) to block access to the website This act of censorship triggered an online outrage and discussions in the mainstream media, thus further boosting Savita Bhabhi's popularity. Following the blocking of the website by the Indian government, Puneet Agarwal decided to shut down But Savita Bhabhi soon made a comeback, along with a new generation of other Indian comic porn stars, on The founders of intend to make the word 'kirtu' to become synonymous with Indian cartoon pornography, much like hentai of Japan. The ban on Savita Bhabhi made international headlines and Editions Blanche, a French publisher specialising in erotic literature, published in October 2009, an ink-and-paper version of the Savita Bhabhi comic titled Love in Bollywood/Bollywood in Love., the new home of Savita Patel, soon went paid with only a select comics available for free download. The paywall dented Savita Bhabhi's popularity. After a long lull, Savita Bhabhi again hit national headlines when CM Jain announced that he was making a movie on the popular porn character. Bollywood starlet Heena Rehman has been roped in to play the title role and Shakti Kapoor and Vikas Kalantri are also expected to play lead roles. 1. The Savita Bhabhi character will be rechristened Sheetal Bhabhi and the film will be titled 2. Ram Gopal Varma also showed his interest to make a movie on this theme. 3. Savita Bhabhi also mentioned in few TV shows (like Internet-TV Series “Jai Hind�), Movies.

[Creators] An interview with secret creator of Savita Bhabhi

By Jason Overdorf May 4, 2009 After a bit of trolling through the fan pages, I managed to track down "Deshmukh," one of the creators, and a site administrator, of Savita Bhabhi, India's first porn sensation. Here's a peek inside my interview notes: @What inspired you guys to start an online pornographic comic? It just came out of the blue. We were a group of friends sitting together on a weekend having a few drinks and talking. As usual with a bunch of drunken young men, the topic shifted to women and sex. One of our non-Indian friends remarked

that while Indian women were considered among the most sensuous in the world, we did not have a single really hot Indian porn star. That stirred up our discussion and we decided the next best thing to a real woman would be a toon porn star. One of my friends is an amateur artist and he came up with the first draft of SB. Initially there was a tossup between SB being a young Gujarati woman or a South Indian aunty. We went ahead and posted some threads on a forum asking people which they prefer. Savita as a young newly married woman won. @Why did you choose a "bhabhi" as your heroine? Bhabhi is the Indian version of a MILF. Though in literal terms it means your “brother‟s wife” — that is not the meaning here. For an Indian youngster his first fantasy is normally the newly married hot woman in the neighborhood who is referred to as a hot Bhabhi. Hence it seemed only natural that our hot heroine whom the entire neighborhood lusts after be called Savita Bhabhi. @How many hits or page views do you get in a month? We get 60 million unique visitors every month. The average time a visitor spends on our site is more than 10 minutes. @Is the Savita Bhabhi craze going to last? What is the general profile of your fans? (i.e. what countries, age groups, etc) Almost 70% of our traffic is from India, while the rest is from the U.S., U.K. and more than 80 other countries. SB has fans in almost all countries in the world and we‟ve actually had translations sent to us in Mandarin and French among other languages. We had done a poll a few months ago, which showed 30% of our viewership as being women. @What are some of the best signs that Savita is a hit? (e.g. Facebook groups in foreign countries, etc.) SB has been covered in the press in Asia, Europe, and North America. A search for SB in Google results in 312,000 pages of which 99% have not been created by us. I have heard of social networking groups on Facebook, Orkut and other sites regarding SB. It's interesting to me that Savita is a sexually mature woman who (mostly) takes

control of the situations to please herself, rather than being exclusively the object of male desires. Was that a conscious decision on the part of her creators? Yes, it sure was. One of the reasons for creating SB was to also portray that Indian women have sexual desires too. India is a country which is still sexually repressed and I feel that for it to break the shackles, it is the women of India who are going to have to come out first. We are already seeing that in a way, and hopefully SB will do her bit to help in this revolution. @Why a comic, rather than some other medium? For one, it is a unique medium in the context of Indian porn. Weâ€&#x;ve had MMSâ€&#x;s, videos, stories, etc, but no porn comics. Also a comic allows us to explore the fantasy in a much more vivid way than any other medium. @What are your main influences for plots? — e.g. I see "building friends" and a Bachchan parody... All SB plots are based on real life fantasies of our authors and fans. They are all something that a normal full blooded Indian male or female would be fantasizing about on their commute to work or a lazy evening at home. We get tons of email from fans detailing their fantasies and asking us if their fantasies can be converted into an SB toon. We try to keep all our plots fairly believable (for someone with a vivid imagination of course) and connected to everyday occurrences which could just lead into a sexual adventure! @I noticed that there are various links to other pornography sites/downloads etc on the site. Do you guys make money off Savita Bhabhi in any way? Right now we don't make any money on SB, but we're planning to introduce some advertsing on it. Not sure which links are you talking about? If they are links on the fanclub you are talking about, then those are just links/downloads posted by SB fans. All free stuff.

Savita Bhabhi creator comes out with new graphic novel, The Itch You Can’t Scratch

Declaring that he was a writer for Savita Bhabhi , an animated porn site banned last year, can get him into trouble with both the law and the moral brigade. Instead, 23- year- old computer science engineer Sumit Kumar has decided “ to come out” and use the association with the sex- obsessed housewife to his advantage. But his act of bravado comes with a note of caution. He makes it a point to insist that he‟s a „former‟ Savita Bhabhi writer. If he doesn‟t make this clear, he says, he could get arrested, even though writing for Savita Bhabhi was one of the best things that happened to him when he was struggling to progress from being “ an ordinary middle- class child trained to be an engineer” to becoming a graphic artist and humour writer. And now he‟s one of the organisers of the first- ever Comic Convention, the world‟s premier event for comic book creators and graphic novelists, to be held in India. The two- day event will be held this weekend at Dilli Haat. The title of Kumar‟s new graphic novel, The Itch You Can‟t Scratch , fittingly illustrated with a boy covering his nether parts, seems like a tribute to the insatiable

Savita Bhabhi . “ There‟s even a reference to her in my autobiographical novel as she played such a crucial role in my life. When the book is out (on February 19 at the Comic Convention), I am sure I will have a lot of answering to do to my mother,” says Kumar, also a standup comedian when it suits him. In the spirit of his contribution to Savita Bhabhi , Kumar‟s graphic novel has a chapter dedicated to women. Savita Bhabhi, in fact, also has a role to play in Kumar becoming “ good with women”. In the first story he wrote for Savita Bhabhi — in which Bhabhi serves the country by „ tiring‟ a wanted terrorist — his “ porn part was horrible”. So much so, that he was asked to submit the story without the sex, which was added by the creators later. Judging from the detailed graphic illustrations in his book, Bhabhi obviously taught Kumar well. Kumar had started out aspiring to be a political cartoonist, but now he has permanently converted to the world of porn — and humour. “ I don‟t know why these self- righteous people never saw the humour and the greater good that Savita Bhabhi is still associated with,” he says. “ I am grateful for what Bhabhi has done for me and I don‟t care whether I get into trouble for coming out and openly saying that I have anything to do with her.” Here‟s one young man who‟s not prepared to forget Savita Bhabhi in a hurry.

I'll come on film: Savita Bhabhi

Savita Bhabhi (Jai Hind TV Series) By: Shashank Shekhar Date: 2009-02-27

India's hottest online cartoon porn star, who gets 2 lakh visitors every day, says she'll star in an animation film and speak in French and Spanish soon Savita Bhabhi is India's hottest cartoon porn star. Her sexual adventures at shopping arcades, parties, workplace or doctors' chambers are already part of online and offline folklore. Her stories appear in English and 10 Indian languages. Created by a few friends in India and believed to be run from New Zealand because of heat from the Indian security agencies, this is Bhabhi's exclusive interview to Shashank Shekha The Interview>> @So, when do we meet you? I will be an animated film soon, the only hitch is finding talent willing to work on such a project. @Who created you, where is he based? Someone called Deshmukh and he's not based in India. I cannot share the exact location as he values his privacy. There are three core members in the SB team along with a lot of volunteers. @DO YOU HAVE PLANS FOR NEW EDITIONS?

We have requests for a Spanish and a French version, which we will be coming out with soon. @Can we hope to meet you in an animation or real-life film anytime soon? Yes, there are plans to come out with an animated version of Savita Bhabhi. The only issue is finding the right talent willing to work on such a project. I am looking for animators to come forward and bring my adventures "to life". @Your creators are apparently not in India. Who is your creator and where is he based? How big is the Savita Bhabhi team? My creator is Deshmukh. It is true that he is located out of India, but I cannot share the exact location as he values his privacy. There are three core members in the SB team along with a lot of volunteers. @How many foreigners are involved in creating you? From your Bengali dialect, for instance, it is evident that Bangladeshi translators are involved. Plenty. We've actually got people from places like Spain and South Africa in our team! We have requests for a Spanish and French version of Savita Bhabhi which we will be coming out with soon. @Indian security agencies are trying to ban you. I believe that the cyber branch has much more important work on their plate rather than waste time on a cartoon site! I'm sure they would rather spend their time tracking down the criminals, fraudsters and terrorists who misuse the Net than run after a slightly promiscuous bhabhi. @You don't seem to bother whether children too are ogling at you. There is not even a customary age-consent form to access your site. Isn't it also your responsibility to place your adventures out of reach of minors? I do have a strong social responsibility and keeping children out of the site is one of them. However, rather than just have a 'customary' warning page which really does not serve any purpose, we have put up a link to a website from where parents can get information about blocking not only Savita Bhabhi, but any website that they might find objectionable.

The link is: @Which part of India you do belong to? I like to think of myself as a complete Indian woman, not necessarily from one part of India. @When was your first sexual encounter? My first sexual encounter was with my husband. I was not very aware of sexuality before marriage and it is only after that I opened up. @Do you prefer Indian men to foreigners? Well, till now I have only been with Indian men, so I do not have a point of reference to compare. I think Indian men have a unique flavour. The only problem is that they need to learn more about sexuality and how to satisfy their women. @What if your husband discovers your promiscuity? Only time will tell. @Favourite position? Are you going to print stuff like this! @Which male Bollywood star do you fancy? I would like to take the name of some of the current stars, but the truth is that the one Bollywood actor who could really turn me on is the eternal Amitabh Bachchan. @Among Bollywood actresses, who do you think is most sexually expressive, uninhibited? I feel Bipasha Basu has a sexuality that cannot be matched by anyone in the industry right now. @Will there be a Holi special edition?

No plans for that as of now. @How many people visit your website? Which are the most popular languages they read your adventures in? 2,00,000 people visit the website daily. They mostly read the stories in English and Hindi. @What message do you have for Indian women, who are still largely considered sexual objects? I would tell them to explore their sexuality and stand up for their rights. They need to talk to their partners and teach them how to satisfy them sexually. @Do you ever foresee a time when your adventures could be created entirely in India as legitimate adult entertainment? We can always hope for that. I feel today's India is liberated enough (shown by the success of SB) to appreciate legal adult entertainment and hopefully sometime soon laws in India will come in line with popular consensus. Almost all developed countries have legitimised adult entertainment. Rather than have MMS scandals of real people floating on the Internet, it makes better sense to legalise it and have it run on the right side of the law.

*) – Velamma

First published in 2011, Velamma is a fictional south Indian lady character based on the actresses like Shakeela, Silk Smitha, Namitha. This is the second most popular and searched Indian series after Savita Bhabhi. Two series Veena and Kavita originated from Velamma series. Over 40 episodes of the 3 series are published till March 2013.

*) - Cinema

Parallel with mainstream cinema various low budget movies in different regional languages (B Grade >> C Grade >> Z Grade) on erotic themes are released in small towns and limited number of theaters. The terms C movie and the more common Z movie describe progressively lower grades of the B movie category.

Mature Scenes in Mainstream Comics Mature scenes covers gore, erotic, violence, text wise, etc. Read some comics (Pop Culture Publishing, Liquid Comics, etc) with depiction of intercourse (softcore). However, still they are not an erotic comic‌in all such cases its part of the story. Itâ€&#x;s like couple of hot scenes in a bollywood movie.

Zombie Talkies (Pop Culture Publishing)

*) Kamasutra

The entire blogs on Savita Bhabhi's not-so-discreet sexcapades were deleted by the fiat of the government. Then eminent media persons like Mahesh Bhat, Pritish Nandi howled against the government's actions while many women's organisations and intellectuals of lesser glamour supported Ambika Soni's (she was the Minister then) move. But this was the era of newfound internet freedom. Anything that one banned came back with regained strength and Savita Bhabhi went viral on the net. New blogs came up with the comic strips and soon newer characters also came up -

Kavita Bhabhi, Sangita Bhabhi and the rest. Today these characters have lost their steam as beyond the initial euphoria, readers ask for more. Unfortunately Kirtu Comics- the staple for these comics have failed to generate interesting stories and most of the episodes are repetitive and gets boring beyond a point. So it was only a matter of time before net-publishers could think of doing something new. Finally now has come a new comic based on a well-written story about Vatsayana's treatise Kamasutra.

*) – Websites Comic Strips Few websites regularly update adult comics, jokes with varied degrees and details. Hereâ€&#x;s a mild-indicative one from Santa Banta website.

*) - Sex Education in India

Level of sex education is poor in India and because of the federal government system many states are not including the sex education (which is educative and not at all vulgar) in their syllabuses of respective state boards. However, publishers are coming with books with artworks, comics, diagrams to educate adolescents.

Prologue (Not Your Mother’s Meatloaf : A Comic on Sex Education) As teenagers today navigate increasingly fluid identities andchoices, there is a demand for an accessible, interactive tool tohelp share knowledge about sex and sexual health; one thatdemystifies the facts and speaks frankly about experiences whose lessons often fall into the grey areas.

Since 2008, Miller and Bley have held an open call for young people to create comics that address a variety of topics involved with sex education. We have since produced several issues of asex-ed comic called Not Your Mother’s Meatloaf. The work is chosen from a vastly varied group of submissions and attempts to challenge hetero and gender normative practices in sex education. The comics address topics like body image, safer sex, consent, and relationships, from positions that have historically been left out of sex education. These graphically illustrated personal narratives address different themes, such as ?Firsts,? ?Bodies,? ?Health,? ?Age,? and?Endings.? The book will bring together the best of the material from the Not Your Mother’s Meatloaf comics, along with new graphicstories and writing by the editors providing personal andsociological background.

Mainstream Comics Fans Views (India Adult-Porn Comics) Avi - “Those who enjoy it should be allowed to read it. Those who hate it can ignore it.” Faisal Hashmi - “It should be "artistic" and not "vulgar" or with double meaning dialogues.” Aman Kumar - “Story ke mutabik ho to chalega.” Bishwaa Gurung - “It’s very bad yaar ,yeh jo artist hotay hai aur writers bhagwaan neh un hay aisi gift de hai,jo koi cheen nahi sakta ,par wah yeh gift aisi aslil kam o par use kar rahe hai ,sharam ke baat hai.” Mukesh Gupta - “It is a vulger.......aisa nahi hai ki sex or porn par comics hai isliye vulger hai.......this is vulger kyonki isme vulgarity dikhayi jati hain........ek indian married woman jo kisi se bhi sex karne ke liye taiyaar rahti hai chahe wo koi salesman ho, gali ke bachhe ho, ghar ka naukar ho, ya uske husband ka friend.......yahan tak ki isme apne cousin, uncle tak se sex dikhaya gaya hai......isko vulgar nahi to kya kahengeProblem ye nahi ki is topic par comics bani hai........problem is characterization galat kiya hai...” Tushar Kiran Moodgal - “Ok guys I personally won’t mind mature stuff in comics but these particular ones are porno-errotic.They show women as sex craving beings who love being used,physically abused and are projected as sex objects.That is something I am strongly against and I thoroughly condemn it.” Eesh K. – “Waise pehli baar mai is SB page pe gaya tha Free komics search karne ke chakkar me............(point is ki free ke chakkar me pad ke Bachche bhi yaha ja sakte hai.... )..........lekin mujhe bahut cheap laga...........I prefer soft hentai..” Mohit Sharma – “Mai ye conclude karta hun ki in logo k paas talent hai jisko inhe diversify karna chahiye. Jaise Tushar Kiran Moodgal, ne kaha inka presentation aksar objectionable aur galat point of view dikhata hai, usme sudhar ki zaroorat hai. Kyoki ye India mey illegal hai to bahar k desho ki tarah ye ek organized industry nahi banegi jo uniformly kinhi norms par chale ya regulate ho.”

Youdhveer Singh – “Iss baat mein koi sandeh nahin hai ki India mein Sex aur isse related stuffs par baat karna uss sadak ke beechobeech khade hone jaisa hai...jispar heavy traffic bhaag raha ho...Isliye Rai dene se pehle jaroori hai ki kuch kaam ki Information de di jaaye...taaki humari rai ko theek se samajhne mein sabhi ko sahooliyat ho jaaye. Indian Adult comics ke baare mein sabse pehli galatfehmi jo door hone layak hai wo yeh hai ki yeh sirf 2-4 characters ke around nahin ghoom rahi hai...Iska daayra kaaphi faila hua hai...Agar iske works ko ek combine format mein dekhne jaayenge toh ek achchi khaasi Mainline Comic company ke barabar ya isse jyada work isme ho chuka hai...aur aage bhi hota rahega. Kai companies jo kuch Issues nikaal kar popular hone ka daava bhi karti hain..aur log unke gungaan karte nahin thakte..usse jyada balki kai hazaar guna jyada fansIndianAdult comics rakhti hain.(Isko achchi tarah se liye aaraam se Net search kara jaa sakta hai). So Mudda yahan aakar khatam ho jaata hai ki Indian Adult comics ka Duniya mein Fans ke nazariye se kitna scope hai...Kyunki Agar scope ya pehchaan nahin hoti..toh hum log ispar baat karte ya iski tareef/Buraai karne mein yahan samay bhi na dete. Savita Bhabhi,Velamma,Priya Rao,Saath Kahaniyan,Winters In India,Maya,Roan & Neil(Yeh sabhi long series hain)Inke alawa Single se lekar triology tak mein 20 se upar comics Online Publish ho chuki hain..aur silsila jaari hai. First of all...Ek Individual ko pehle yeh decide karna chahiye ki woh jis cheez ko pasand ya Naapasand kar raha hai...uski actual wazah kya hai? Indian Adult comics ko Naapasand karne ki wazah agar kisi ke paas yeh hai ki Comics mein Nudity dikhaai jaati hai..aur comics mein Sex aur conversational nudity nahin honi chahiye toh pehli baat ki yeh cheez bahut puraani hai...Mostly countries jahan Sex ko taboo nahin maana jaata...aur wahan pornographic materials par Ban nahin hai... yeh ek parallel industry ke roop mein successful hai. Mainstream Comics jo hum sabhi padhte rahe hain DC,Marvel wagairah yeh sabhi bhi foreign se hi aayi aur Indian companies ko ek jariya mila yahan comic industry ko set karne ka...jisko hum Diamond RC etc ke roop mein dekh rahe hain....isi tarah Indian Adult comics ek parallel form of Comics India mein pehli baar introduce ho chuki hai.Simple

Upar comments mein Fans ka focus Mainly Savita bhabhi ke upar raha hai...hona bhi chahiye woh Indian Adult comics ka face jo hai..khair Iss baat se hum katai sehmat nahin 1.5 arab ke kareeb population waale desh mein Savita Bhabhi jaisi auratein hoti hi nahin hain...jaisa daava kiya jaa raha hai...humein nahin lagta koi normalysochne samajhne wala insaan iss baat ko vishwaas karne layak samjhega...toh yeh baat khatam ho jaati hai ki india mein Savita jaisi series ki koi reality nahin hai. Ab baat aati hai ki Indian Adult comics mein Focus kis cheez par hota hai...toh isme koi shaq nahin hai ki main preference Sexual contents ko milti hain....Lekin yeh baat bhi gaur karne layak hai ki woh sabhi contents ek story ka hi jaroori hissa hote hain....As a character hum kisi bhi Hero ya Heroine ki Life ko hi hamesha comics mein dekhte hain....Example ke liye Dhruva aur Nagraj ki zindagi mein aage kya hoga yahi toh Main focus hai...comics padhne ka..ya kisi aur cheez ki talaash inki comics mein kari jaati hai?? Ussi tarah se Yeh Savita ki Life mein aage kya kya hota hai iss baare mein target karti hain...Iss baat ko padhne waala bhi jaanta hai ki Savita ek Comics Pornstar hai...aur uski stories kis track par chalti hain...Jinko padhna hai yaa jinko nahin padhna hai..unki apni choices hain...aur yeh har individual ka apna haq hai ki wo kya choose karta hai. Ek sawaal ka jawaab ki Inn comics ko padhne se kisi ka bhi dimaag kharaab ho jaayega...aur woh yahi sab karega...yaani sex and all of that. @First Adult comics ko adult hi padhega...aur adult hone ke baad bhi kisi ka dimaag itna gaya gujra hai ki woh kisi Book ko padhkar itna influence ho jaata hai ki khud bhi wahi ban jaata hai...toh humein kehna padega ki India mein sabhi Criminal Novels aur Murder se related Books,Movies yahan tak ki Action comics bhi band kar di jaani chahiye..kyunki Sex se jyada kharaab kaam kisi ka Murder karna seekhna hai..kum se kum koi kisi doosre ki zindagi toh nahin khatam kar dega @Ek doosra sawaal ki Indian Adult comics mein Kitne Aadmi yaani Males hain...Roan & Neil naam se waise ek series hai...magar hum yeh kahenge iske jawaab mein ki Inn sabhi series mein Intercourse meindoosra Partner ek male hi hota hai...yeh alag baat padhne waale ki Nazar heroine par jyada rehti hai..toh bechare Male ko star status nahin mil paati..warna uske naam se comics jyada Hit ho jaati

@Ek sawaal ki Iss Discussion mein koi female kyun nahin aa rahi.? Kya agar koi Female isme aayegi toh baaki Sajjan Purush uske Views ko samjhne ki koshish karenge...Bilkul nahin karenge....Agar Uss ladki ne Indian Adult comics ka Virodh kiya toh usko Saari Naari Jaati ki aawaaz bata diya jaayega...aur Agar Usne Iska Samarthan kar diya toh uske character ke upar sawaal khada karne se log baaj nahin aayenge....Kuch toh Uske Inbox mein hi apni Soch ki ulti shuru kar denge... Humein Normal Posts par hi girls ke Opinion nahin dikhte...toh Sex related posts par aisa sochna ki koi ladki kuch kahegi..bilkul fijool baat hai. Haan Aap sabhi ki jaankaari ke liye bata dein ki Indian Adult comics ki 30% Viewers Females ki India ke najariye se ek bahut bada figure hai. Question jo put up kiya gaya " ki Kya Indian Adult comics Indian Women ki ek negative Image duniya ke saamne pesh kar rahi hai?....Iss baare mein abhi kuch kehna bahut jaldbaazi hai...."India Sapero ka desh hai"..yeh baat west waale aaj bhi kahte nazar aate Indians ko baht gussa aata hai..aur wo apni iss Image ko badalne ke liye jhatpataane lagte hain...Isliye Indian culture se judi maanyataao mein bahut bada change jo universaly acceptable bhi ho...sirf ek Online comic strip se ho jaayega...yeh sochna bahut door ki baat hai...Iss par vishwaas bhi nahin kiya jaa sakta. Kya Itne SuperHeroes par based comics banane ke baad koi kehta paaya gaya ki Indian Superheroes world class hain...ya woh world level par famous hain...Til ka taad banane waali baat hai yeh...Iska philhaal koi acceptable source nahin hai ki aisa hi hoga ya aisa hua hai. Ab baat Indian Adult comics ki quality par humare nazariye kiNo doubt ki Inn sabhi comics ka artwork bahut high standard ka hai...Koi yeh nahin keh sakta ki inpar kaam karne waale log koi Rookie hain...Inka kaam professional hai...aur Jo Mainstream comic mein kaam karne waale log hain unse kisi maayne mein kum nahin hai.....yeh nahin kaha jaa sakta sirf Sexual desire ke liye yeh Indian Adult comics banaai jaati rahi hain..aur quality se samjhaoute kiye gaye hain. Haan Stories ke lihaaz se inme kaaphi kamiyan paai jaati hain...stories mein kaaphi halkapan hota hai..isme changes kiye jaane bahut jaroori hai...Sex ko Prime focus

rakhne ki jagah...isko story ke around mein ek jaroori hissa banakar bhi kaam chalaya jaa sakta hai...Inke creators ko iss taraf sochna chahiye...waise kai stories aisi hain jo stories ke lihaaz se kaaphi achchi banaai gayi hain..changes toh kabhi bhi laaye jaa hi sakte hain..comics mein flexibilty ki gunjaaish bani huyi hamesha rehti hain. Ab baat ki Itna lamba post likhne ke baad Kuch Log agree karenge aur kuch nahin bhi karenge...Ispar humein koi problem nahin hai...Lekin Please Discussions mein Ek doosre keviews ko uski Private life aur uski dignity par hamla karne ka jariya naa banaya jaaye..Vichaar sabhi dete hain..unhe healthy way mein lena chahiye.�

Indian Comics Fandom (Vol. 4) 18+ Special  

Special mini issue of Indian Comics Fandom covering Indianadult-erotic comics series & various related aspects.

Indian Comics Fandom (Vol. 4) 18+ Special  

Special mini issue of Indian Comics Fandom covering Indianadult-erotic comics series & various related aspects.