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Report to the Community 2018-2019

Mohawk’s future graduates (left to right): Rebecca Marsden, Chelsea Borg, Daniel Achig Aranha A

Thank you to our donors! “After being a truck driver for the last seven years, I knew it wasn’t something I wanted to do forever. The decision to change my career wasn’t an easy one, but because of opportunities like this award, it has made things easier. It has been difficult going from working full-time and providing for my household to becoming a full-time student. With this bursary, not only am I able to contribute to daily living expenses, but it gives me some peace of mind from worrying about bills everyday. This money is a huge boost toward my future as a safe and successful aircraft mechanic.” Drew Barclay, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Hamilton Airport Ltd. Bursary recipient


Your generosity has helped our students achieve their education. We value your partnership and we are grateful for your investment in the promise of bright futures, filled with purpose and life-long learning.

The Mohawk College Foundation is grateful for the remarkable generosity and ongoing support from Mohawk donors. We are pleased to present you with this year’s Report to the Community. Throughout, you will find stories from students, donors and community partners. We are grateful to have many supporters who share our belief in the power of education to unlock potential and grow student success.

Thank you for believing in our students’ dreams.


“The Joyce Family Foundation seeks to build a legacy for the future through ongoing leadership and innovative partnerships. This is why we are a great supporter of the education and training at Mohawk College and proud to invest in The Joyce Centre for Partnership & Innovation.” Ron Joyce, The Joyce Family Foundation

Photos by Ema Peter

Photo by Julie Johnson

The Joyce Centre for Partnership & Innovation Learning. Living. Leading.

Leaving a legacy

The Joyce Centre for Partnership & Innovation is Canada’s largest zero carbon institutional building and the first in the Greater Hamilton region.

Mohawk College was saddened by the passing of Mr. Ronald V. Joyce. Mr. Joyce’s philanthropy is known across this country and Mohawk is privileged to have been a recipient of his generosity. The Joyce Family Foundation donated a transformational gift of $5 million in support of Canada’s largest and Hamilton’s first net zero building and $1.5 million for student bursaries. We are proud to be a part of his legacy.

The building itself is a living lab with exposed infrastructure, enabling students to learn about advanced energy management and green building techniques, while conducting applied research.


Over 1,000 students enjoy greater access to state-of-the-art laboratories, and the opportunity to learn through capstone projects, industry placements, co-op work terms, applied research and development and team competitions. This advanced learning for students will supply our industry partners with highly trained graduates while magnifying our college’s regional economic impact. For more information on The Joyce Centre for Partnership & Innovation, visit mohawknewsdesk.ca. 4

Programs in action City School Success Stats


community outreach activities (includes information tables at local libraries, community centres, food banks and presentations to service providers)


courses offered


credits have been earned towards a postsecondary education


individuals have completed credit courses


students have been enrolled at Mohawk College in some capacity Numbers reflect October 2015 – March 2019

Key details

Mariette did not think she would go to college, not even as a child. Growing up in poverty, her parents could not afford to keep the lights on let alone pay for college. Her journey was about to change even further.

The Hamilton-Halton Home Builders’ Association (HHHBA) took advantage of a unique, limited time opportunity that doubled their impact on Mohawk students. Suzanne Mammel Through a matched endowment from the Mohawk College Board of Governors, the HHHBA can provide students with awards that help pay for their tuition, books, rent, and transportation.

“I dropped out of high school and became a mom. College was definitely not part of my thoughts at that time. Shortly after, I learned I had a brain tumour. In addition to the existing hurdles, this meant I would have difficulties with my memory,” said Mariette. Fortunately, she heard about City School and was in disbelief that it could be free. Though she was nervous to attend, Mariette mustered up the courage to go by focusing on the opportunity to improve her education, self-esteem and self-worth. From this opportunity, Mariette gained the courage to apply for employment and eventually the Social Service Worker program at Mohawk College. Now in her second year of the program, she credits her achievement to City School. “Without City School in my community, I would not have had the opportunity to explore college or even tried to apply,” said Mariette. City School by Mohawk is a community-based initiative that aims to remove barriers to

City School locations: • Eva Rothwell Resource Centre • Hamilton Public Library (Central) • City School Mobile Classroom


Home Builders’ Association doubles their impact

education and employment. The initiative focuses on developing specialized learning programs, workshops and services that encourage a gradual start to a postsecondary pathway. Our donors, along with the President’s golf tournament last year, contributed to the success of the City School initiative.

The City School Mobile Classroom is a 53-foot trailer that is custom designed to deliver free introductory trades training in communities and neighbourhoods with limited access to postsecondary institutions.

All City School courses are offered free of charge and allow students to earn credits that can be applied to earning a credential at Mohawk College.

Valued partnerships

“Hamilton-Halton Home Builders’ Association is proud of its longstanding partnership with Mohawk College, in promoting and assisting young adults choosing educational opportunities that support the building and renovation industry. This year, we are thrilled to build on this relationship and create an endowment fund to provide a long term investment that is critical to the success of skilled trades and supporting roles in the future,” says HHHBA CEO Suzanne Mammel.

Mohawk College and the Hamilton Port Authority (HPA) have come together to help bridge the skills gap in the city’s transportation sector. Mohawk and HPA are pleased to launch a new graduate certificate in Supply Chain Management. The program teaches students about how goods flow within an organization, from raw material suppliers, to the end consumer.

By working with donors like HHHBA, the Foundation has successfully established endowment opportunities that provide necessary funding to programs, students and capital initiatives.

Sharon Clark, of Hamilton Port Authority, presents recipient Greg Blanchette with the first-ever HPA Scholarship.

To assist students enrolled in the program, HPA created a tuition-support fund. Such awards help students like Greg focus on their studies while alleviating financial stress. “Receiving the award from the Hamilton Port Authority was exhilarating and made all of the long hours and hard work I put in to schoolwork even more rewarding. It relieved the financial stress that comes with a postsecondary education and allowed me to focus on attaining the highest marks possible.”

For more information on the matching gift opportunity, e-mail the Foundation at foundation@mohawkcollege.ca.


The impact of a gift Student award stats

Employees giving back


“I feel so blessed to have had the opportunities I’ve had so far in life. I believe that it is our obligation as humans to help one another through whatever means we can. I believe in our students and the impact they will have in making this world a better place. That is why I donate.”

Scholarships – based on academic merit


Rochelle Reid, Director, Student Life; General Manager, David Braley Athletics & Recreation Centre

Bursaries – based on financial need


“Mohawk College provided me with the education and skills to successfully launch my career. I was a lucky recipient of a number of awards and bursaries and can tell you how much that support was appreciated and allowed me to ensure I remained focused on my studies. Not all students are that lucky. I hope that my decision to support students financially will help bring those dreams within their reach.”

in support of our students Numbers reflect April 1, 2018-March 31, 2019

Scholarships and Bursaries Scholarships and bursaries provide the necessary financial support to help ensure our students are able to complete their academic journey and become future ready graduates.

“These last few years have been endlessly challenging. My group’s final presentation materials will cost approximately $2,000. This bursary helps me pay my share towards a successful final presentation and get through these crucial weeks of school. I will soon emerge as a single mother with all the tools required to build a good career and a good life for myself and my son.” Rebecca Marsden, Architectural Technology, Eva Tasker Bursary recipient


“I want to spend my life advocating for and empowering individuals that struggle to find hope and strength within themselves. This bursary is so important to me. It will help me pay off my tuition and help me remain dedicated to the people that I have been helping and supporting.”

“I would like to say ‘Gracias’ for your generous support. This assistance makes me the first person in my family to receive a financial award, but more importantly, it is an emotional recognition to believe in myself. My lifelong dream of attending an international college and obtaining a degree in Business Management can move forward thanks to your educational scholarships.”

Paul Armstrong, Vice President, Academic

Chelsea Borg, Social Work, B.E.A.R Bursary recipient

Daniel Achig Aranha, International Business, English Assessment Entrance Scholarship recipient

Frances Lima, Assistant to Associate Dean; Medical Imaging and first time donor

“My wish is for every student at Mohawk to have that same experience and for parents and families in financial distress to have some of the financial burden lifted from them. I learned quickly that any amount counts and every dollar makes a difference in a student’s education.”


The gift of an education Mohawk College Foundation unveils Donors of Distinction wall We are proud and humbled to celebrate the generosity and commitment of our supporters with the creation of the Donors of Distinction wall. Housed in the heart of Fennell Campus, the Donors of Distinction wall recognizes supporters of the college in the cumulative amount of $10,000 or greater. Thousands of students walk past this wall every single day. Many are heading to classrooms, labs and entire wings of the college that were constructed, renovated and equipped thanks to our supporters. For those students who have received scholarships and bursaries, these names will have extra special meaning. The generosity of our supporters means our students can learn in facilities that are among the best at any college in the country.

Grace Siu gives back to Mohawk When Grace Siu ’94 left Hong Kong in 1990 to study in Canada, she could not have imagined how drastically her life would change. The plan had always been to return to her family in Hong Kong after completing her studies. “I didn’t intend to stay in Hamilton, but the city became my home while I was attending Mohawk College,” says Grace. “I felt such a sense of welcome and belonging that I decided to stay.” Outside of the classroom, Grace immersed herself in the Mohawk community by playing varsity badminton. Over her three years at Mohawk, she received numerous awards for her achievement in academics and athletics. In 2018, Grace established an award with Mohawk College to create the “Grace Siu Excellence Scholarship.” It awards students excelling academically and who participate in the OCAA or CCAA’s with a preference for students who compete in badminton. Grace believes that by giving back to Mohawk students through an award, she can help students achieve an education while sharing her Mohawk pride. The best advice she can give to students is based on her own experience and are words she still lives by: “We all face different challenges every day don’t be afraid to ask for help. Today you ask for help, tomorrow you can help others”. Left: Grace Siu’s name is reflected on the Donors of Distinction wall at Fennell Campus.


A lasting memory

Impacting future students

Professions that required structure, chain of command, uniforms and respect always fascinated Alayne Bryk. Whether it was firefighters, military officials, or police officers, she valued the care and discipline that one would need to achieve such an honour.

As a divorced, single mother, Linda Elliott knew first hand what a struggle it was to pay for her daughter’s postsecondary education in Police Foundations.

Her curiosity turned into a passion for the law, leading her to enroll in Alayne Bryk Mohawk’s Law and Security program. Family members say she found her calling, as she loved to talk about the program and her future goals. Following graduation in 1990, Alayne eagerly accepted a position with the GO Transit Enforcement (now Transit Safety) Division at Metrolinx. Friends and co-workers knew Alayne for her desire to help others, her fun-loving nature, clever sense of humour and a laugh that was as distinct as it was contagious. To honour Alayne’s memory, fellow officers at Metrolinx created the Alayne Bryk Memorial Scholarship in 1995 with the assistance of the Bryk family. The scholarship was created to support second year Mohawk College Law and Security Administration students.

Throughout her working career, Linda also successfully completed several business and computer courses at Mohawk that helped enhance her skill set. This experience Linda Elliott created a lasting, positive impact on their lives, inspiring Linda to carry on her values, beliefs, and philanthropic goals by leaving a gift in her will. “I want to make a positive difference in my community, and leave a part of me that will live on forever, touching the lives of young students for generations to come. Knowing my award will forever change lives in a positive and meaningful way gives me immense joy and pleasure,” said Linda.

Gifts-in-kind Mohawk College Foundation encourages and appreciates gifts-in-kind as they help Mohawk strengthen programs and improve facilities to benefit our students.

The Merriam School of Music donated a rare Shigeru Kawai piano to the Applied Music program. The majestic 9-foot piano will be used by students for practice and performance. The piano is located in the McIntyre Performing Arts Centre.

By establishing a gift in her will, Linda feels it will have an impact on students and inspire others to give. “By giving to students, they are able to focus more on their studies instead of worrying about the financial stress many face.”

You can change the lives of generations to come by leaving the gift of education. A memorial or planned gift is a simple, yet significant way to make a lasting impact on future students.

Jonathan Bielaski (left) donates photography equipment. Scott Kenney (right), Program Coordinator, Creative Photography - Still and Motion, says that the program would not have had the budget to purchase such valuable equipment. 10

State-of-the-art facilities

“Being part of Mental Health in Motion gave me the privilege to listen to others about their experiences. Sometimes we might feel consumed by our overwhelming emotions or we may feel angry or frustrated over our experiences. Creating a community that cares and does not judge allows us to know that we are not alone.”

Empowering education


Alvee, Mental Health in Motion Student Ambassador

Alumni of Distinction recipient helps expand Mental Health in Motion services on campus


Mohawk College’s Mental Health in Motion (MHM) program expanded to offer mental health support services throughout the summer months, thanks to a gift from 2017 Alumni of Distinction recipient, Brian Hansell, of Hansell Consulting Group Inc.

Working together to improve healthcare 3

1. Upgraded student medical room, hi-fidelity patient simulation lab and pharmacy lab. 2. Creation of a new ultrasound laboratory that bridges traditional ultrasound imaging, electronic picture archiving and advanced ultrasound simulators. 3. Enhancement of the cardiovascular technology laboratory. 11

Valued partners in healthcare from Hamilton Health Sciences, Joseph Brant Hospital and St. Joseph’s Health System came together at the annual Partnership Dinner to celebrate our history of improving healthcare in Hamilton and Burlington. Proceeds from the event support student initiatives at Mohawk’s Institute for Applied Health Sciences at McMaster (IAHS). At the IAHS, over 2,000 students annually are learning and demonstrating critical thinking and problem-solving skills in outstanding facilities that include human anatomy and simulation labs.

The design and delivery of this experiential-based curriculum allows students to shift from a theoretical to an online environment, providing students more time with faculty and staff practicing and refining skills. As a result, students participate in clinical placements with a higher degree of competency and practical experience. With this integrated approach to healthcare program delivery and the Centre for Health Care Simulation, Mohawk College will ultimately transform the landscape of learning for our future healthcare practitioners.

MHM began in 2015 with the goal to break down barriers to mental health on campus through mental illness awareness, mental health promotion, and recognition of the strength and courage of individuals.

Hansell’s support allows MHM to increase the number of positions supporting volunteer student ambassadors. The student ambassadors and leaders are essential to assisting peers who may be hesitant to reach out for support through counselling services. The peer-led group engages students through dialogue while creating awareness and resources available on-and-off campus in an effort to end the stigma and misconceptions related to mental health. Last year, MHM volunteers participated in

30 events that engaged close to 5,000 individuals in conversations about mental health and personal wellbeing. Thanks to Brian’s generosity, access to valuable wellness resources are now accessible to students all year round. Brian Hansell ‘83 is a graduate of the Business Administration program and founder of the Paul Hansell Foundation. The foundation is named in honour of Brian’s son Paul, who died by suicide in 2010.

Marshall Family Annual Fundraiser The Marshall Family held their 12th annual event in support of students enrolled in programs at the Marshall School of Skilled Trades & Apprenticeship at Mohawk’s Stoney Creek campus. The Marshall Family’s passion and commitment is inspiring and we are grateful for their generosity.


Donor stats

Thank you for supporting our students

Financial overview*

$2,970,120 *April 1, 2018-March 31, 2019

New donors


Donations by Designation

Donations by Source Foundations 35%




61% Gift-in-Kind

15% Capital


Alumni donors

3% Endowments

$296,748 10% Other

Our Vision Engaged communities creating transformational opportunities through the power of education.

Our Mission Ron J. McKerlie President, Mohawk College Foundation

We raise funds and create opportunities to develop new partnerships and enable donors to realize their philanthropic dreams to provide funds and gifts to support the Vision and Mission of Mohawk College.

Respect We foster quality relationships that are built on respect and gratitude.

4% Glen Steeves Chair

Bruce Pearson Vice Chair

Linda Marshall Vice Chair

Marcine Blake Director

Gregg Crealock Director

“This bursary helps exponentially as I am struggling financially to pay for school. It will allow me to reach my goals and be able to focus more on my studies and less on how I am going to be able to afford to study. Thank you for providing the funding to help students chase their dreams and reach their goals.” Elita Sweers, Early Childhood Education, Laidlaw Inc. Bursary


With your financial support, we continue to break down barriers to a college education. The stories in this report testify to the positive impact our 764 donorfunded scholarships and bursaries had in our students’ lives in the past year. You are helping people retrain for new careers, keeping single parents financially stable, and allowing students to focus on their career dreams.

On behalf of the Mohawk College Foundation, we are grateful to everyone who offers support and practical assistance in our mission to deliver a quality education and exceptional collegiate experience for our 31,700 students.


Total donors

Numbers reflect April 1, 2018-March 31, 2019

In our ongoing effort to recognize and publicly thank our many committed patrons, a new donor wall was recently unveiled outside the McIntyre Performing Arts Centre. The names on that wall inspire more people every year to invest in world-class college education opportunities at Mohawk.

Our Values

To see the Foundation’s audited financial statements, please visit mohawkcollegefoundation.ca.


The opening in September of The Joyce Centre for Partnership & Innovation at Mohawk College has altered the face of Mohawk College for generations. Canada’s largest zero carbon institutional building has quickly gained a reputation around the world for sustainable design. At the same time, it has become a hub of activity for studies, events and community building.

Mohawk Foundation Board of Directors

11% Scholarships & Bursaries


we now see City School students walk across the stage at convocation to accept their diplomas. This achievement is a testament to the determination of our City School students and the donors, staff, instructors and community partners who support them.

Our City School programs are growing in the number of sites and students. With great pride,



Your support and encouragement has positively shaped the Mohawk College experience for students today and well into the future. You have helped us reach more communities and offer more educational opportunities than ever before. Thank you.

Accountability We demonstrate accountability through effective stewardship and by practising the highest standards of ethical fundraising. Innovation We encourage and support innovation for continuous improvements.

Annette Hamm Director

Gary Nelson Director

Bob Savage Director

Pearl Veenema Director

Kim Watkins Treasurer

Service Excellence We are committed to service excellence and to best practices in fundraising. 14

Mohawk College Foundation 135 Fennell Avenue West Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L9C 0E5 T: 905-575-2186 foundation@mohawkcollege.ca mohawkcollegefoundation.ca Charitable Registration No. 11924 5744 RR0001


Profile for Mohawk College

Report to the Community 2018-2019, Mohawk College Foundation  

Report to the Community 2018-2019, Mohawk College Foundation  

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