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Spalding and Bourn Railway Prospectus and Map

Extract from unknown newspaper

SPALDING AND BOURN RAILWAY. CAPITAL £100,000 IN 5,000 SHARES OF £20 EACH. DEPOSIT, £1 12s. PER SHARE. Liability of Shareholders limited to the Amount of Shares subscribed for. PROVISIONAL DIRECTORS. Henry Tootal, Esq., Cambridge Terrace, Hyde Park,

London. Lewis Whincop Jarvis Esq., Mayor of Lynn. William B. Greenfield, Esq., Porchester Terrace, London. Charles Roberts, Esq., Bourn. Joseph Allen, Esq., Spalding. BANKERS :

The Stamford, Spalding, and Boston Banking Company. Messrs. Hey wood, Kennard & Co., Lombard Street, London. Engineer :—J. Brunlees, Esq., C.E. Solicitor:—James Wheeler, Esq , 4, Victoria Street Westminster, S. W. Local Solicitors :—Charles F. Bonner, Esq., Spalding.

J. L. Bell, Esq., Bourn. Secretary :—Hew Dalrymple, Esq. Offices of the Company :—6, Bridge Street, Westminster. HE proposed Railway commences at Spalding, by a junction with the Great Northern Railway, and terminates by a junction with the Bourn and Essendine Railway at Bourn. The length of the line is 9½ miles. The line is without engineering difficulty and does not interfere prejudicially with property along its course. It is urgently needed by the immediate locality. Various unsuccessful attempts have from time to time been made to accomplish it. By the passing, last Session of an Act to autborise a Rail way from Lynn to Sutton Bridge, the construction of this remaining link in the communication eastward and westward becomes an obvious public necessity. Its formation will be productive of great advantages to the towns of Spalding and Bourn, and to the intermediate country, the inhabitants, traders and farmers of which are at great disadvantage from the absence of the facilities of cheap and rapid transit and communication now so universally enjoyed. In addition to its local advantages and necessity, the line will establish a continuous and the most direct chain of railway communication between Great Yarmouth, Norwich, Durham King’s Lynn, Spalding, and Bourn on the one side, and Stamford, Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, and the entire population of the Northern and Midland Districts of England on the other. Thus whilst the growing advantages of Spalding as a centre for the transport of flour and agricultural produce, and Lynn and Sutton Bridge as ports of communication with Belgium, Holland, France, North Germany, and the Baltic, will be materially aided by the proposed Railway, it will also complete the means of interchanging the agricultural products of the East for the coal, lime, salt, and other products of the North. There can be no doubt that a Line so placed, constructed at a moderate cost, will return a substantial dividend to the Shareholders, at the same time that it confers great public facilities. The Act for the construction of the Railway has passed through Parliament. Applications for Shares may be made to thus Secretary or the Solicitors.



To the Provisional Directors of the Spalding and Bourn Railway. Gentlemen, — I request you to allot me Shares in this undertaking, and I hereby agree to accept the same or any less number which may be allotted to me, to pay the deposit of £1 12s. per Share, and to execute the Subscriber’s Agreement when thereunto required. Name …………………………………… Address………………………………….. Date …………………………………….

RAIL 1075-276 Spalding and Bourn Railway  
RAIL 1075-276 Spalding and Bourn Railway  

Prospectus and map