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basketball St. Xavier captures district swim but not much else By Dave Schutte Enquirer cantrilmtor

OXFORD - The St. Xavier swimming team posted an uneasy victory Friday night. Although the Bombers won a 34th consecutive district title with 414 points, they won only one individual and one relay championship. Faced with the need to qualify most of the swimmers to next week's state meet to be competitive against Akron Firestone, coach Jim Brower's Bombers may have fallen short at Corwin M. Nixon Natatorium. "Have you seen the times of the Akron Firestone

swimmers?" Brower asked before the meet. "They've also developed some depth during the season." If Firestone performs as expected at the Canton District meet, the Akron team will be favored to unseat the three-time defending state champion Bombers next Friday and Saturday in Canton. The top three from every event earned a spot in the state meet. The next 11 fastest swimmers from the four districts are awarded an atlarge spot in the state meet. "We did pretty good," Brower said. "We'll have to sit back and sweat it out.

This district is very fast, and those who get out usually are good enough to score at the state meet." Times were extremely fast compared to previous years. A good example is the 100 butterfly. Last year, 53.22 was the cutoff for the at-large entries. The 15th-fastest swimmer bettered last year's time but won't earn a spot. A time of 22.14 was the cutoff in the 50 freestyle last year. The 14th-fastest swimmer topped that time this year with the winner, Centerville's Ben Knickrehm, going in 21.08.

St. Xavier will be void of swimmers in the 50 freestyle and possibly the 100 and 500 freestyle. The Bombers' strongest events will be the relays, along with the 200 individual medley, 100 butterfly, 100 backstroke and 100 breaststroke. Sophomore Pete Carothers was St. Xavier's only district champion in the 100 butterfly; the Bombers' 200 medley relay team also emerged on top. McCOLLUM SURGES: Nick McCollum wasn't ready to celebrate. A Fairfield senior, McCollum won the 200 in-

dividual medley in a personal-best time of 1:52.82, edging Kevin N ead (1:53.22) from Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy and Wyoming's Phillip Roebuck (1:53.95). "This could be my year," McColltun said. "Last season I was anemic and didn't do well. I took care of that and I've trained hard this season." McCollum was in fourth place after the butterfly but took a slim lead during the backstroke. He faded in the breaststroke but swam the fastest 50 freestyle (26.26) to pull it off.

TWINS EXCEL: The Tomes twins from Anderson, Michael and Marty, turned in standout performances and are in position to challenge for a state championship. In a school-record time of 50.62, Michael won the 100 backstroke while Marty also qualified to state in the 100 butterfly, taking second in 51.03. "The backstroke is an event that Michael hasn't improved in the past three years," Anderson coach Ed Bachman said. "He didn't want to swim the 500 freestyle this year and I don't

make kids do it if they don't want to." FRESHMAN WINS: The biggest surprise was turned in by Sycamore freshman Heath Tameris, who won the 100 breaststroke in a personal-best 58.92. He is the son of Milford swimming coach, Gary, who presented the gold medal. UP NEXT: The Division II girls district will be contested today beginning at 12:15 p.m, followed by the Division I girls at 6:30 p.m. • Results, 010

Boys swimming

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Bombers in position to claim state title By Dave Schutte Enquirer contributor

CANTON - Pete Carothers looked up into the stands with a big grin, pointing at his older brother, Josh, who was cheering wildly. That show of emotion came after Carothers, a St. Xavier sophomore, won the 100 butterfly state championship Friday, enhancing the Bombers' chances for a fourth consecutive state swimming championship and 24th since 1970. Carothers' effort, along with St. Xavier's depth, catapulted coach Jim Brower's Bombers into a 411/2-point lead over Akron Firestone with six events remaining tonight. "I was nervous before the race and my legs were shaking," Carothers said. "Coach came to me and told me to relax and go out and do my best." It appeared Carothers, the fastest q'ualifier in 49.80, would finish second when Firestone's Steve McDonald took a half body-length lead with 50 meters remaining. But Carothers closed strong to pull it out. "I've always been a strong closer," Carothers said. "I saw him (McDonald) out of the comer of my eye on the tum and knew I had to tum it on." Josh Carothers was overwhelmed. "I almost fell out of the

stands," said Carothers, who swam on two St. X state championship teams. "I never won an individual event . . . I've never seen anything like this." Fairfield senior Nick McCollum turned in a personal best 1:50.07 to win the 200 individual medley state championship. Trailing after the backstroke and butterfly, McCollum took over on the breaststroke and won by nearly three seconds over David Janszen from St. Xavier. "Four years of hard work and I finally won it," McCollum said. "Last year, I found out I was anemic three weeks before the sectional. I qualified to state but didn't do well." McCollum is the first swimmer from Fairfield to win a state swimming championship, and was excited about putting the school on the swimming map. "This year, I knew I could do it," McCollum said. "Last year, everything felt bad up here, but tonight, everything felt good." The anticipated battle between St. Xavier and Akron Firestone heated up well before the meet began. Sitting side by side in the end zone, the two cheering sections traded friendly exchanges while cheering for their respective swimmers. Firestone came away with

two state championships, the 200 medley relay and 200 freestyle Oon Albrecht), the first events of the night, to surge to a slim lead . St. Xavier's depth theJl took over with Kyle Ransom taking second in the 200 freestyle and Carothers third. Janszen was second iJ1 the 200 individual medley and David Habel took fourth! ''I'm not saying where ' expected to be after the first" night, but I'm happy wher~ we are going into tomor..: row," Brower said. "Wfi. can't relax." St. Xavier has outstanding depth in the 500 freestyle,:~ 100 backstroke and 100 breaststroke, qualifying four in each event with two en: tered in the 100 freestyle. : Also, both of St. Xavier's' relay teams (200 and 400 free-: style) qualified in the top five.~ Wyoming's Michael: Byrnes finished third in the; 50 freestyle and couldn't: hold back a grin while ac-'~ cepting the medal. · ·"Last year I was 17th in" the 50," Byrnes said. "f. trained a lot harder this year because I wasn't satisfied, with last year. There's not~ much strategy in this race,i but technique is important."!' Action resumes today at 9; a.m. with preliminaries in th~· 100 freestyle, 500 freestyle,: 200 freestyle relay, 100 back-• stroke, 100 breaststroke and' 400 freestyle relay.


HIGH SCHOOLS Results SUIIDAY OIIILS SWI-HO sw o•1o Offtclolo Cloulc (At Ko.U.&Not•-l Tu• Studlo&o: 1. UrSUline 456. 2. Centervlle 356. 3. St. lhula 243. 4. Mount Notre Dame 110, 5...... Hll

!t?:,·~~. ~~7~'t o. 98


tOngs 52, 1 t. Mason 50, 12. Beaver-

creel< 43. 13. Sycamore 42, 14. Dayton Ct'll<tlao 40, 15. Lal<ota East 38, 16. {tie) McAuley 27, Faomont 27, 18. (tie) Spg. Cethollc Central 23. Sprlngtlel~ North 23, 20. L<>telanct 22, 21. Princeton 21, 22. C8rrol 20. 23. T - 18, 24 .. Ross 15, 25. Mariemont 13, 26. Colerain 12. 27. (tie) Felrltet~ 11. Lebanon 11, Lal<ota West 11, ClnctnnaU COilntJy Day 11, 31. {tie) Wyoming 7, Turpin 7, Slclney LellnM catllolc 7, 34. Mercy 6, 35. Rlclgevlle Christian 3. 36. {lle) Batavia 2, Xelill Chrlstlao 2, Yandala BtJ1Ier 2, Monroe 2. TopFllllollm 200 - Y Roley; I. Ursuline {Bulla, Upart, Kri!han. Myers) 1.49.53. 2. Centervlte (E. Forster, Roaen, Kern, WhHson) 1:52.17, 3. Mount Notre Dame {Vopt, WW..sen. Butter, Cloy) 1:52.34, 4. St. UrMJ!a {Fessel, Gartner. 5chnteber, Keating) 1:53.01. 1110 FrOHtyto: I. Bel {51. lksula) 16:41.07. 2. II. Forster (Centervle) 17:12.99, 3. Keating {51. Ursula) 17:23.19,4.-{Anclerson) 17:34.98. 20G lldiYtdtral Mldloy: 1. Myers (Ursuline) 2:07.06. 2. Brockman Wll· llam!Wrg) 2:08.05, 3. E. FOBter {Centervle) 2:08.21. 4. Vogel {Mount Notre Dame) 2:08.76. lOG FrHOiylo: l. Bulla (UrSUline) 52.33, 2. Tc:mes {Andor5on) 52.41, 3. French (UrSUline) 54.20. 4. Gr- (Ursuline) 54.74. SO lllltorfty: 1. Early {Beavercreel<) 27.86. 2. z~ {Centervle) 28.06, 3. Brotllerton {Ursuline) 28.23, 4. Clukey {Mariemont) 26.50. 20G lllthrfly: 1. Myers {Ursuline) 2:04.76, 2. Kralmon {Ursulne) 2:07.62, 3. ~ .{UrstJine) 2:09.86, 4. scnoborg {Oak Hils) 2:10.17. lOG lrNitatrolto: I. Clay {Moon! Notre Dame) 1:07.67. 2. ~ez (tn<lan Hill) 3. Brockman {Williamsburg) 1:08.09, 4. Upart (Unuine) 1:08.20. 10 lockstroko: I. Spurgin {Spdnglleld North) 29.03, 2. Kamp {Ursuline) 29.76, 3. Rle<ort {LeDanon) 29.79, 4. SChott {seton) 29.95. 200 Iack-o: t. Vogei{Moont Notre Dame) 2:0..29, 2. FDBter {Centerville) 2:04.32, 3. Bulla {Ursuline) 2:05.03, 4. Fessel (51. lhula) 2:08.30. 40G FrHOiylo l ...y: 1. Ursuline (Bulla, Frencn. Myers. Gn!tner) 3:33.90, 2. St. Ullllla {L l<altlng. SCIInleOer, C. Keating, Ball) 3:38.05, 3. Centerville {Roacn. WhHson. K. Fc..ter. E. Forster) 3:38.57, 4. -~-- ~- Murphy, BoCkstleget) 3:42.68. Dlvla&: I. Emly IMler, Indian Hll. 345.05: 2. Brittany Hill. Indian Hilt, 325.00; 3. Gina Sylvester. Sycamore, ·31B.OO.

MOeller 4, St. Cllarllt 0 Goats: M-Bernier 2, Kiley, Over1>ey. Record: M 26-5-1. lOll IAIKITIALL LATE SATVIIDAY Wllllorasborr&ll, Foyottovllllll WIWAIISIUIO (II) - Batnum 5 3 13. Vance 2 2 6, Arnold 0 6 6. Poole 2 1 s. Moron 4 o 1o. RlcnardSon 1 s 19. Totals: 20 17 59. FAYETTIVILLI (51) - Attngeo- I 0 2, Meyer 0 3 3, COOk 6 2 14, lies 2 0 4, Amam I 0 2, Pertuset 10 2 24. Byrd 3 0 7. Totals: 23 7 56. • ~ ........ 10 • 22 11-11 Fay-vlllo .......... ll I ll 17 -II 3-polrdm: W-Moran 2. F-Portu5et 2, Byrd. RecordS: F 4-8, W 4-6. · - llcCLaltt II, U.loto H UNIOTO (H) - Sams I 0 2, Arder· son I 0 2. Frojl<owsl<t I I 3, Langols 1 1 3,5qutl>b011.Swlrmgl02,1lunn40 9, Lovely 1 o 2. Lodge 5o 10. c"""' 2 o 4. Totals: 17 4 39. 8REENFIELD lleCUIN (It) Mootgomery 3 I 7, Cullom 7 1 18, Lotus 0 1 I, Cassidy 9 2 21, Howland 0 I I, Hunter 4 3 II. Totals: 23 9 59. llttloto ......................4 13 • 11-31 . ., llcCiolo ........ ll 1 12 21-11 3-polnlers: U-Dunn. GM-Cullom 3, Cassidy. Records: U 4-10, GM 6-7. WRIIRING LATE SATUIIOAY 2002 catlloUc tovllatlooal

T. . .-


I. St. VIncent 280.5: 2 . - 177: 3. Lal<e Cattlotlc 161; 4. Elder 157.5: 5. Carrol 150: 6. St. lf/llltluS 139.5; 7. St. Xavier 130: 8. Padua 129; 9. Toledo C.C. 102.5: tO. Benerl<tlne 93; II. PIRett Marian 92: 12. C-J 87; 13. St. .Josepll64: 14. t.a5ale 63 5; 15. St. Franc:ls 61.5: 16. St. Wendeln 59.5; 17. Mer 57.5: 18. St. Cll8rle5 57: 19. St. JoM's 50: 20. Roger Bacon 46.5; 21. Cleveland c.c. 37.5: 22. Neworlc Celholtc 36: 23. NDCL 32; 24. tina C.C. 31.5: 25. Watterson 28.5; 26. Jonn Kenne~y 28: 27. Trlnlty 26; 28. Reody 22: 29. Hartley 18.5: 30. Gltmollr A~ 18; 31. Strltch 17; 32. Elyrtll CaiiiOic 15; 33. Ursuline 9 tldiYtdtralnoolo

103--Goode (Moeler) p. LeJeune {St. Joseph) 3:49; 112-Comelly {Lake catno- , kl d. Le5cala {Paooa) 2-t: 119-Bulek

~~.~~.u;.,~/·:~y ~ll

5-2; 130-ConstantlnO {Lake Cattlotlc) mel. Gross {Padua) 12-2: 135-Netsoo {St. VIncent) d. Win& {Cerrol) Tleb!1<ot: 140-Hurtey {St. Vilcent) d. Barta 1 - ) 6-0; 145-Hirley {St. 1/heent) md. Becka {Pad· ua) 15-6; 152-Siatttry {Lalle Cethole) de·

fault Galvan (Bene~lctlne): 160-Caponl (St. -erd) mel. Adkins 1-1 12-0: 171-Bortant! {Mer) d. Pryor (St. -erd) 9-7; 189-Tert>ay (Canol!) If. V1len {St. VIncent) 16-3: 215-Barrentlne {Cerrol) p. Jlrrrnar (Purtel Marian) 4:33; 275-Vanc:e {St. Xavier) d. traver (Pwcel Marian) 4-1




IW Ololo Offtcloll Cloulc

Ka•blc:ky M A Clolllc

T••• 11a•dl•••: l. St. Xavier

499, 2. Centervlte 281. Falrlleld 155, 4. Wyoming 125, 5. Sycamore 121, 6. Anderson 120. 7. Benercraek 107, 8. CHCA 71, 9. (tie) Moeier 68, Springlleld ' Calholtc Central 68. II. 5cJmmt1 COilntJy Day 55. I 2. Wilmington 49, 13. Marltmont 48, 14. Medelro 46. 15. ~ 45. 16. La ale 43, I 7. Fatr1>om 36, 18. Lebanon 29, 19. Mloml....-g 24, 20. DakWOOCI 24, 21. ~ 20, 22. Turpin 19, 23. Lallota West 18. 24. {tie) St. xavier B 13. 51c1ney 13. 26. {tiel Mason I 2, Elder 12, 12, 29. Dayton Cnrtstlan 6, 30. (tie) Hamilton 5, Waynes... 5, 32. Cincinnati COilntry Day 4, 33. (tie) Princeton 3. 11110111 3. Ro&er BoCon 3. 36. (tie) Lal<oto w..t 2. Spmglloro 2. 38. Dayton Sllven 1. Top Flol-1 200 llldloy lloloy; I. 51. xavier {Hanlosty. Stoneburner, T....,.,., Hazelbeck) 1:37.35, 2. Centervlte{-on, Mlthelm, Knlckrehm, Mullen) 1:37.53, Sycamore (Neubauer, Tamerls, t<lasmeter. Witte!) 1:39.21. 4. Andor5on (MI· chaet Tc:mes. Cnute. Marty Tomes. Dam) 1:39.93. 1110 Froolllyle: I. Koehler {Spr. Central Catllalc) 15:59.11,2. Nead (Cinclnnall Hills Christian Academy) 16:05.66, 3. HaDel {St. Xavier) 16:09.61. 4: Hoffman iSUnvntt country Doy)16:19.41. 20G lldtvtdtral-y: I. McColhrn (fairfield) 1:54.40, 2. Head {CHCA) I :56.34, 3. Middleton {Centerville) 1:57.69, 4. Kosclanskl {Wyoming) ·2:01.41. lOO FrHSI}Ie: I. lo\rlten {Center... ) 47.16, 2 Byrnes {W)oml:1g) 48.18, 3. ~ IMaOetral 48.21, 4. NICkrenm {center.tte) 48.23. 10 I. Giardina {Wyoming) 25.0S. 2. Carci{Wy~ 25.23, 3. Hartman (l'rlnceton) 25.40. 4. Stoneker (llatltn)25.64. 200 lllthrfly: l. Cerothers (St. Xavier) 1:55.80. 2. lo\rlten (Centerville) l:55.90. 3. Marty Tomes (Anderson) · 2:00.77, 4. Nettling {Lebanon) 2:00.92. soo lra ..tatrokt: 1. Tamerls {Sycamore) 59.40, 2. Simon IBeavercreekl 1:00.25, 3. Magnus {Moellar) 1:00.79, 4. tvey {Falrlleld) 1:00.68. 10 hek-o: 1. Jones (Elder) 27.22, 2. Paparia (La Sale) 27.35, 3. Ojdane {St. Xovter) 27.49. 4. Gantzer {Oak His) 27.70. 200 locklttolto: I. Romsom (St. Xlrier) 1:54.10, 2. ~ {Falrlleld) I :54.55, 3. Koehler {Spr. Cetholc Ceobat) I:S5.07. 4. - o n (Centerville) 1:56.8-4. 400 FrOHtyto IIOhly: I. Center... {Mullen, 8jo<l<lood, r.lddteton, Knlckrenm) 3:07.97, 2. St. xavier {Cerothers. Shirey. French, 3:13.0, 3. Sycamore (Wille. Neubauer, Klumeler, Tamerts) 3:16.33, 4. WyDrl*lg {Henlcet, SCtrlder, Roet>uek, Byrnes) 3:16.79. DMn&: I. Dele Wlloms. Anderson. 325.90; 2. Eric Teske, Centerville, 320.45; 3. Chris Heaton, Centerville, 317.15.



ICE HOCKO IJCIIIIIOre 7, DtlbUII ' Goals: S-Broncts 4. Purdy. Dtzerd, Ellngham. D-Ater 3, ROb'(. RecordS: S

13-11-2. It Jolt1'1 baNI Oblo Calbollc: Hl'b lcbool tcoHocklyTEJyrto4,Moelllr2 Goals: M-Mercurlo, OverDey lllobo'sl,-210 Goals: M-KIIey, OverDey

ttb Ro&lol {AI Lloytl H.l.) YS. Calvary en .• 6:30 p.m.

VIla Madonna


Tllll4tay,Ju.22 8rootoeColHIIeLoa&"'

Kettoo1rC Alter at St. Xavier

La Sale at Ro&er Bacon Purcel Marter1 II Dayton Cllamlnade-lulenne

Vllly Cortf-co Soovnlt CD at New Mloml Cln. CD at N. c.tlege HI Landmarl< en. at Lockland CHCA at Sevtt1 HIS Ft. Arlcloat Yalloy Coot. Carclloal Olvlllol Vltlrr*1!!onatNorwood Ross at LHtle Mloml KinCs at lovetand loch,.Dtvloloo Mason at Winton Woods TUlplr1 a1 Hcflhwest

-Glen Este .. at Herrlson Anderson Olllon C~onCelholtcatEider


Trt-COilnty North at llldd. Madison Ciall< Montessori at Jacobs MoeleratWatmtHis Go!l>enet-.mst>urg Western Brown at Lyncnllurg Clay Hlsboro at Wliteoak Clerrnonl NE at Deer Parle ~ at Georgetown K-ky AJIACtalllc (AIIallatlroC..ty) Wllamstown vs. Cornerstone crt, 7 p.m. till II..... (AIUoY!IU.)

Newport CC vs. BeecnWOOCI, 6:30 p.m. Ludlow "'· St. Henry, B p.m.

lOtft Ra&IOI (Atlrocku c-ty)

Mllersburt Mltory vs.


Co.. 7


WMaalday, Jan. 23 Ctnctmatl HIS League

MarlemontatMedelro Greater Mloml Conlerence OakHISatMiftlrd Taft at Ta)iOr


K-ky All A Clolllc tlliRo&... (AIIallatlro Coolly) Eminence vs. OWen COunty, 5:30 p.m. Watton Verona vs. C8rrol county. 8 p.m. till


(At Lloyd H.S.)

~~~.:. VIla Ma<!Oma{catvary wtmer, lloyd vs. Bellevue/Newport winner. 8


Boys state swimmJng

Depth charge: St. X champions again Bombers use many weapons to take title By Dave Schutte f.'WJllircr mntrilmtur

CAXTON - The St. Xavier swimming team silenced the critics while erasing all doubts about it being Ohio's top boys program. Coach Jim Brower's team. which didn't feature AllAmerican swiw.mers as in past seasons, relied on depth to capture a fourth consecutive state champion:<hip and 24th dating to 1970. "We don't have a lot of All-Americans," St. X coach Jim Brower said. "We're a team that doesn't win a lot of championships, but we're not a weak team." Junior Kyle Ransom summed it up. "We don't have a Jayme (Cramer) or a Max (Lcassner) but we have a team," Ransom said. "Last year·~ team was dose, but this year we bonded even tighter knowing that everyone had to contribute." That's exactlv what St. Xavier did during the two-day meet that concluded Sa turday. The Bombers easily outdistanced Akron Firestone, a team many predicted could unseat the Bombers. Although Pete Caruthe:-s (100 butterfly) and the 200 freestyle relay team were St. Xavier's only state champions, the Bombers' depth was the difference with many swimmers finishing in the top three. Those contributing included the "Big Four'' of Ransum (second, 200 freestyle). Carothers (third. 200 free-

Wyoning's Michael Byrnes (center) competes in the boys 100-yard freestyie during the girls and boys state swimming and diving championships in Canton, Ohio Saturday. stylE). David Janszen (secor:d, 200 individual medley) and t:urt Hardesty (second 200 'rack:;troke). "A lot of the credit should go tJ Coach Brower and his ahili'y to take a group and bri:tg it together like this," Ha::c,Estv said. "Ct:ris Ba::r1es is a good cxz.rnr•le. He qualified in the 100 freestvle and took 15 seco1•ls off hi~ time in four yean. There's all kinds of stories like this on the t<:an~."

H.:r::lesty, who will swim at thE l'niYersity of Washing~c:l nexi :;eason. will always cherish the memory of wirr:i::1g three consccu tive state championships, and prcd:cted a bright future for the B<·mber;;. "We lose nine seniors, but the.:t ':> others ready to step in,'' Hardest\' said. "The wholt.: year were the underdogs. E•.uycne thought


Firestone would win it. This year c\·eryone knew they had to do it as a team, and we did." Before the meet, St. Xa\'ier swimmers picked the 200 freestyle rclai to send a message. "Xo one wanted to giv c us anr credit or the time of da·v." Jan~zen said. "We pic.kcd the 200 freestyle relay to :;how them. We don't haYe manv stars, but \\'C have a lot ~~f depth." Wilmington senior Kurt Bluhm pulled off the biggest up~ct, winning the 100 backstroke in a personal-best 50.68. Blohm is the school's first state swimming champion. "I couldn't see thv scoreboard and tho:1ght I fini~hed third," Bluhm said. "Before the race. my mind nm wild. I had po,ith.c and :1egative thought\~. I honestlr thought I'd fini~hed third."

Bluhm Jed from start to finis!:, hflld:ng off a fast-clm;ing Hardest~· from St. Xavier, the fastc~t qualifier in 50.68. Blotm S\\ am 50.80 in the morning preli:ninaries. Fairfieid'-; X1rk :\kCo!lum, the 200 indi\'idual medley chc.mpion nn Friday. took second in the 50() freestvle. Steve Roof. the sixth-fastest qualifier from Canton Central Catl:olir. was the surprise winner in 4:30.92. l\1cCullum swam the :100 in a personal-bt·st 4:'H .:11. Wyoming fini:.hcd a school-bc~t fourth, relying on juniors Jonathan Henkel, Rvan Koscianski 11nd ;\1ichael B}·mes and :;op!wmore Phillip Roebuck. At C.T. Branl"'


~,-a<;;..r.::· ~

Team Standings; : S! Xc •• e· 30:. 2. A<· 'J"' fi~~:;t;::w ?5? 3: CC'"'!t:·\' ;~, ~T4 4 -h\~­ r;·;r-g 135 l/2. S .. Jp:.:· ~·~-;~~J., :23 6~ AmicrSJ:: :07. B. S;:::r·'"'•J:'i.' S.~ : 2. ~3. fJ rf,ei~ 55. :7. :..a sare 3S ~8 11\.·r.' ,..::~)1"' :n . .20. c•ncinr:_rt H~ G~ C"r.o;;! :-v. ~;o;;h_" •. t 2~. 36 \1arierr.ont 1


40. ·t;c s~::·e·t Co;;rrtr~ DJ:r ~oelle::- 10.

42. Ktllf:tS 8. 50 l.u~~tJ Wrst 5 ~3 lebanon 3. 100 Freestyle: !. ~.":-•r-:;"'~ Aiuon F;res'_il'~c· 45.62. 3:. Et1 ··;r:. t'i;lv'"'· ·r: 4&.!1. 7

T1eme1er ~Salle 46.75, 8. WJttt: 5JCil1"!0re 4729. 13 Sames ·st Xa•ier 4165. IT B~n~­ Mam St xa.,ef 48.14. 20. ~eobauer Src~· more 4& 40. 22. Supre (lakota \Vest 48 69. 500 Freestyle: 1. Roof Tanton Cent•J' Cattlolic 4.30.92, 2. ~cCollum Fa1rf1eid 4:31.51 3. \ea~ ·circmnati Hills Chr:>t•J" .\<a~· em; A:32 82. 4 · Rorsom .St Xa•iu 4 34 16 8 To~es


4:42.49 9. Hotfrna"'

Summit Cour.try OJ:f 4:37.70. 13-. Bec:,.,cr St Xa\;N 4 39.80. ~6. Habe~ ·st Xa-\,er, 4.42 00. :7 03\<s ~ndersoe 4.32 95 !8 C•J· mer St X:m;-e!' 4·44.57. 21. Chute ·A.ndt:rscr· 4.50 03. 200 Freestyle Relay: 1 St. ~a1•er Cmoth· ers Barnes, Ransom. Janszcn: 1:24 86. 4. Wyo· m·ng a,-rnes Sthri!jer. Rocbu:k. Giard1na l·26.T5. 12 LilSai!e :Flynn, Schmcr. Tcm-nrn;! T1rmeier 1.29.19. 20. S;camore Biete· K!.J,· mr!er Tru<n Tameri6, 1.30.53 100 lacks1roke; 1 B!ohrr. WilT 50 68 2 HJrc!e-st: ·s~ >..Jr•er 50.!3 4 St. Ju,rc-:- 5:.4L 6. TO~l'S .A110l-'rSOr .:)1.64. 7 :nomaf': .,Jr:crno~t 5~.84 9 B::r~'1t:r 5: Xm;er 52.25. 14. Griert ·l{ings 53 7' i. l3 "r'.-:~r· ne~ :s: );J~it'~ 53.88. 20. Hen~~i W.~01""1i~"H~ 53 95 22. ""'dcrnan Moe11cr 5~ s;. 24 BIU· m:r Yioeilt:r 55 SL 100 Breaststroke: 1. Ash ALrr;l:-T Ftrestont' 56.46. 6 Scftrl!jcr ·Wyoming\ 59.19 8 Tamens ~S)'camore 59 81, 10. Jan!)zen .St. Xav1er 59.34. 12. G•een 1\ings 59.52. :3. '•E) Fa:r field I 00 48. 17 Magnus Moeiler 1 00 68 18 Se,schel ·st. X3~:e( I.JO £'9 19 Wagste• .St Xa;icr ~GO 9:. 23: Carr1g:w .,_,ar1e~cnt ! 02.14 400 freestyle Relay: 1 Ahror. F!rcs~l)n{' ·sro"""""' Jooes '.l<[)ol';!l~. '<:brc~i1 3 05 39 2 s• Xa~~~:·r C;,-nat~er::. .."'~d"jeSL), jJr·:,;er Rd!'l-..C:"'

3.06 59. 5 \\'torrw:g ~t-r1t-.i.·!, RJebJr:k Ko~1J11~i a-·,f?lrs 3 ~2.83 7 ,.;,..,Qer;or- .'f(Wil'">:, Chute OJ· \-1S. TofT!~~ 3 13.31 12 SycJtfiOT Kld:iMCit'f \eubJiiCr TJ!rtt'l'i;,. Wi!!e· 3·15.56. Lai-lota Wt>st

:Supt•. Wer.erw

A~~tkr~r~TT. ri:C:t.~t:.

3 19 l6 ~3 t..J

~lie ·Frynr,, Schfllt!". rrmrning T!ttnt'1{'1' 3 !9 98 20. Fa4e!:! ~cColium, !vc\·, \~.J~r;,. t?a:;~., 3·70 41. 23 Viocller .-31ttner Ht:rd'C'{'r!~: \\!2J1u:;



22 ?5

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\1\ '\ ()~ J ' .Q_ v \ I . ,,

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'tJ ~~....

-~ ,.

'''< .


. :.

The Cincinnati Enquirer/GLENN HARTONG

Mount Notre Dame's Randl Vogel seeks a state title this season after finishing second in the 100 butterfly last

Girls swimming preview

Ursuline: Deep, talented Myers, Keefe lead Div. I favorites By Dave Sdlllte Enquirer contributor

One of the main ingredients needed to win a state swimming championship is depth. That bodes well for Ursuline. The lions, two-time Division I defending state champions, return 11 of 14 state qualifiers and appear ready to make it a three-peat on February 23 at Canton. The major competition is expected to come from Sl Ursula, Toledo Notre Dame and possibly Centerville. Gates Mills Hawken is expected to dominate in Division II. Cincinnati's best teams in the lower division appear to be Indian Hill, Madeira, Wyoming and Mariemont, all with two or more returning state qualifiers. Second-year St. Ursula coach Steve Pater, the state

backstroke champion for Sl Xavier's 1993 state championship team, predicts a threeway battle between Ursuline, Sl Ursula and Toledo Notre Dame. "Notre Dame was second two years ago, but only two of their top six swimmers were on the team last year," Pater said. 'They have a new coach and all of them are now back. They1l be tough." Pater was referring to Katie Carroll, Ellen Johnson, Dana Winfield and Colleen Grady, all nationally ranked in events in their age groups. Junior Whitney Myers, the defending 200 and 500 freestyle champion, is Ursuline's top returning performer. She will be joined by Margy Keefe, who was second in the 500 freestyle and sixth in the 200 freestyle. Ed Bachman, coach of the Anderson Barracudas and Anderson High School, agrees that Ursuline is the team to heal "'Ursuline lost Tami Ransom, but I still doubt any-

one can beat them," Bachman said. "Sl Ursula could be a close second because they've got a lot of girls who have improved during the summer." Although Sl Ursula lacks depth, the Bulldogs will field a quality team, returning state qualifiers in seven events. "We1l be strong in all the relays and stacked in the 500 freestyle," Pater said. "We're also solid in the 200 freestyle, 100 freestyle and 50 freestyle, and Jacque (Fessel) could win the backstroke." Ursuline and Sl Ursula aren't the only teams with highly regarded swimmers. A healthy Megan Tomes from Anderson will be a factor in the freestyle events and possibly the backstroke. "Megan had a bad shou~ der problem last year," Bachman said of the junior standout 'This summer is the first time it didn't affect her performance. She had a good summer and I expect big things from her."

Sophomore Ellie Miller, a state qualifier in both the 200 and 500 freestyle, could challenge for a state championship. Sycamore is another talented team. Coach Mark Sullivan returns six state qualifiers, three in individual events (Grace Phillips, Lauren Bernstein, Gina Sylvester) and three members of relay teams. State qualifiers Randi Webber and Kris Busse head a strong Lakota West team, and Lakota East will rely on Amber Miller and a host of district qualifiers. Multi-event specialist Shannon Eilderts heads a deep Mason team. At Mount Notre Dame, Tiffany Clay, the defending state 100 breastroke champion, and Randi Vogel, second at state in the 100 butterfly, will anchor an improved team. Williamsburg's Betsy Jo Brockman is the only returning Division II state champion (200 individual medley).

Boys swimming preview

For once, St. X has competition By Dave Sdlltte Enquirer Contributor

Expectations for the Sl Xavier swimming team are usually high. The Bombers have won three consecutive state championships, 10 of the last 12 and 23 since 1970. Although coach Jim Brower's Bombers are stocked with talent again, the task may not be as easy this as Wyoming, season Centerville, Akron Firestone, Gates Mills Hawken and Cleveland Sl Ignatius have the talent to win state titles. "The past four or five years have been exceptionally strong in Ohio," Brower said. 'There were a lot of great swimmers at the national level. We don't have that this year." Wyoming returns five state qualifiers in Michael Byrnes, Jonathan Henkel, Ryan Koscianski, Phillip Roebuck and Dan Shrider and could challenge Sl Xas the top team

in the Cincinnati area "This is the weakest Sl X team in a long time, but I don't see anyone beating them," Anderson High and Anderson Barracudas coach Ed Bachman said. "Wyoming will be very good and right behind Sl X. They think they can beat them in a couple years." Graduation took a heavy toll on the Bombers. Jayme Cramer (national swimmer of the year) and Max Leassner, who combined for four individual and three relay state championships, are gone. So are Dan Guibord, Jake Keefe and Chris Bushelman, who were major contributors. Returning are senior state qualifiers David Janszen (runner-up 200 individual medley) and Kurt Hardesty (runnerup 100 backstroke). Other key Sl X returnees include John Stoneburner, David Habel, Paul Bonner, Jeb Bingham, Kyle Ransom and

The Cincinnati Enquirer/GLENN HARTONG

St. Xavier's Kurt Hardesty was the runner-up in the 100 backstroke at last year's state meet.

Scott Tanner. "On a relative scale, maybe David Oanszen), Kurt and John could win state championships," Brower said. "Kyle could push David Oanszen) in the individual medley." Anderson, Sycamore and La Salle also will field strong teams. The Tomes brothers, Michael and Marty, will lead an Anderson team that isn't expected to emerge until late in the season. "We lost every dual meet during the (200().2001) season," Bachman said. "But we ended up finishing fourth in the state."

Freestyle specialist Brian T!emeier, a state placer in the 200 and 100, Ryan Flynn and diver Nick McMahon will anchor La Salle. Sycamore's hopes rest with seniors Evan White and Quintin Neubauer and junior Ryan Klasmeier. "We graduated seven seniors, which will hurt our depth," Sycamore coach Mark Sullivan said. Swimmers are pennitted to participate with their club teams until mid-January. The first big meet is Jan. 19-20the Southwest Ohio Swimming Officials Association Classic.

Brian Tiemeier, La Salle; Pete Carothers, St. Xavier; Kit French, St. Xavier: Andy Hoffman, Summit Country Day; Quintin Neubauer, Sycamore.

Ho!lorable mention Diving: Nick McMahon, La Salle. 200 Medley Relay: Fairfield (Nick McCollum, Nick lvey, Justin Marcy, Philip Hartman),~ (ftQ_ss Bitner, ~ Magnu.A, Evan Herdeman, ~ifch Ba2Y): AniliiiSon ~es,·Mah"Cilute, Marty Tomes, Sean Davis); Sycamore (Quintin Ne~bauer, Heath Tameris, Ryan Klasmeier, Evan Witte); Mariemont (Nick, Thoman, John Carrigan, Chase Thomas, Ted Winters); Lakota West (John Anderson, Nick Keene, Jon Wetterich, Kyle Supe); Wyoming (Jonathan Henkel, Dan Schrider, Ryan Kocsianski, Mark Giardini).

50 Freestyle: Zachary Orjuela, Madeira; Mark Giardina, Wyoming; Rich Goettke, St. Xavier: Kurt Blohm, Wilmington; Evan Witte, Sycamore. ·

200 Freestyle: Michael Tomes, Anderson;

100 Butterfly: Jeb Bingham, St. Xavier;

Kurt Hardesty, St. Xavier; Ryan Klasmeier, Sycamore; Scott Tanner, st. Xavier: Billy Nettling, Lebanon; Phillip Roebuck, Wyoming; Marty Tomes, · Anderson; Ryan Koscianskl, Wyoming; Even Herdeman, Moeller.

200 Individual Medley: Kevin Nead, Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy; Paul Bonner, St. Xavier: John Stoneburner, St. ' 100 Freestyle: Brian Tlemeler, La Salle; Xavier; Ryan Koscianski, Wyoming; John Evan Witte, Sycamore; Chris Barnes, st. Xavier; Jeb Bingham, St. Xavier; Justin carrigan, Mariemont: David Habel, St. Xavier; Phillip Roebuck, Wyoming; Ross marcy, Fairfield; Quintin Neubauer, Bitner. Moeller. ~ Sycamore; Kyle Supe, Lakota West.


500 Freestyle: Andy Hoffman, Summit Country Day; David Habel, St. Xavier; John becker, st. Xavier; Marty Tomes, Anderson; Nick McCollum, Fairfield; Kyle Ransom, St. Xavier; Sean Davis, · Anderson; Joe Cramer, St. Xavier; Matt

Chute, Anderson.


'200 Freestyle Relay: Wyoming (Michael Byrnes, Dan Schrider, Phillips Roebuck, Mark Giardini); La Salle (Ryan Flynn, Keller Schnier, Patrick lemming, Brian Tiemeier); Sycamore (Greg Bieler, Ryan Klasmeier, Robert Truax, Heath Tamerls).

400 Freestyle Relay: Wyoming (Jonathan Henkel, Phillip Roebuck, Ryan Koscianski, Michael Byrnes); Anderson (Marty Tomes, Matt Chute, Sean Davis, 100 Backstroke: Justin Green, Kings; Michael Tomes); Sycamore (Ryan Paul Bonner, St. Xavier; Kit French, St. Klasmeier, Quintin Neubauer. Heath Xavier; Michael Tomes, Anderson; Nick · . Tameris, Evan Witte); Lakota West (Kyle Thoman, Mariemont; Scott Tanner, St. Supe, Jon Wetterich, John Anderson, Nick Xavier; Jonathan Henkel, Wyoming; Evan Keene); La Salle (Ryan Flynn, Keller Herdeman, Moeller; R~ner. Moeller). Schnier. Patrick lemming. Brian · Tiemeier); Fairfield (Nick MCollum. Nick 100 Breaststroke: David Janszen, St. lvey, Justin Marcy, Chris Rasch); M~er Xavier; Justin green, Kings; Nick lvey, (Ross Bittner, Evan Herdeman, Rob Fairfield; Heath Tameris, Sycamore;~ Magn~h Barrey).


Moeller. High School is sending several athletes to Cahton for the boys meet, including double qualifiers like sophomore Ross Bittner (100 back and 200 ·IM) and senior Evan Herdeman {100 back and 100 fly). Also advancing are junior Rob Magnus in the 100 breast and the Crusader 400 free relay and 200 medley relay.

:l·---:14'./0J. ~ Moeller finished third in the Division I boys sectional standings will send several individuals to' the district meet. Among them are senior Evan Herdeman (100 back and 100 fly), sophomore Ross Bittner (100 back and 200 IM), junior Rob Magnus (100 breast and 100 fly) and junior Sean McGing (200 IM). The Crusaders also qualified all three relay events. ;L - I '9 .. 0 ;;_

.,-·-·-,....-&.SWIMMING BOYS Dover HIJh School Invitational Te1m acor.. (top lour): I. Moel· ler 138.5. 2. Marietta 80.5. 3. lrf Valley 80. 4. Cloverleaf 74.5. ..,. Moeller winners: 200MR-M.qgl]~ 1:42.82 (pool record): 50F-1fiiley. 23.86: IOOFiy-Herdeman 54.39 (pool record): IOOF-Balley 51.54: 500F-Bitl· ner 5:05.84; 200FR-Moeller 1:39.70 (pool record): IOOBac~an 54.87 ' (pool recordl: · IOOOBreast-Magnus 1:02.01 (poo record): 400FR•Moeller.



ioo lllterftJ: Cerothers (Sl xavier), Marty Tornes (Anderson). Klasmeler (Sycamore). TIIMOf (St. xavier), Raszl<a (-.own), Nettling (lebanon). Marcy IOYIIWI-NII (Falrfleld). Bingham (Sl Xavier),~ Dtetrlct Qtr1ftllen m~jer), Roebuck (Wyoml,gj,WetDIYIIJ: Williams (Anderson), mrlcll'{l'lil!ota West), Kosclanskl (Wye>McMahon (La Sala). Robert Haneberg (Elmlng), Hardesty (St. Xavier). llmouze der), Kieler (Summit Country Day), Mat· (Wyoming), Graessle (Kings), Thoman glo (St. Xavier), Valerio (St. Xavier), (Mariemont), Hariman (Princeton), leoThomton (Turpin), Dyer (Princeton), Rick nay (Waynesvlle), Wood (Ameytown), Hanebe1g (Elder), Lutter (Sl Xavlef), HuMagnus (Moeller), Schildknecht (Roger ll~ (Anderson), Scllmllt (Sl xavter), Bacon), Miller (Anderson), Thomas (Ma· Snell (Turpin). Knight (Oak Kills), Mayna<d rlemont), Godlray (Springboro), Schapiro (Milford), Teepen (Oak Hils), Shefwood (Indian Hilt), Fraley (Oak Ills), Hogg (Ta· (lnclan IIA). lawanda), Mohan (Anderson), Roll (El200 -leJ lleiiY, Stlt!Mer, Ander), Rubinstein (Seven Hilts). derson, Wyoming, Sycmore. Falrlleld, 100 Frn•IJI•• Symes (Wyoming); Moeller, lakota Wast Elder, Mariemont Otjuela (Madeira), Tlemeter (La Sale), TUrpin, lakota East Princeton, Roger BaBarnes (St. Xavier). Neubauer (Sycacon, La Salle, Sprfngbo<o, Mason, Tala· more), Marcy (Falrfteld). Henkel (Wye>wanda, Badin, Kings, Walnut Hils. ming), W1He (Sycamo<e), Bingham (Sl 200 Frne!Jie: lttddteton (CenterXavier). Keene (lakota West). Supe (La· villa), Ramsom (St. Xavier), Neubauer kola West). lawrence (lakota East), ·(Sycamore), Hollman (Summit Country GoeUke (St. Xavier), Giardina (Wyoming), Day), French (Sl Xavief), Tlemeter (La Bergeron (Talawanda), Anderson (lakota S81ie), Michael Tornes (Anderson), RastWest), Sloneker (Badin). Sawdener (Tayka (Middletown), Davis (Anderson), Car· lor), Utah (Sl Xavlef), Huizenga (Ander· others (Sl xavier), Keene (lakota West), son), Ventus (Milford), Sohngen (McMLawrance (lakota East), Undenschmldt cholas). Steinhauer (Milford), Osborne (St. xavier), Osborne (Anderson), Miller (Anderson). Venrus (Milford). (Anderson), Nettling (lebanon). Brownklg 500 FriiiiJII: Nead (CinclmaU (Turpin), SoMgen (McNicholas). Wallace Hills Christian Academy), McCollum (Fair(Princeton). Kleinhenz (WalrM HIN5), Yenfield), Marty Tornes (Anderson). Hollman IUs (MIIIlfll), Strasser (Roger Bacon), J. (Summit Country Day), Ramsorn (Sl XaKrone (Sycamore), P. Krona (Summit. vier), Cramer (Sl Xavier). Oavls (AnderCountry Day). lemming (La Salle), Person), Habet (Sl Xavier), Chute (Ander· kins (Oak HIRs). Jones (Sycamore). son). Becker (St. Xavier), Krone 200 tadlvld111 Miello,: I. Jan(Cinclnr)atl Country Day), Bto~ {TU<· sten (St. Xavier), McCollum (Falrfleld), · Nead (CincinnaU H!Xs ChrlsUan Acade- · . pin), Sparks (Anderson), llmouze (Wye>mlng), Mumford (Oak Hills), Strasser my), Stoneburner (St. Xavier), Bonner (Sl (Roger Bacon), Keler (Sycamore), WalXavier), Habel (Sl xavier), Blt~r (Mgj!llace (Princeton). Whipkey (Mason), Clllert let), lvay (Falrfleld), R~g), (Talawanda). Swadener (Taylor), Leppert dmeiet (Sycamote), Tomerls (Syca(Princeton), Jones (Sycamore), Flick more), Kosclanskl (Wyoming), C.rrtgan (Badin), Rutz (Princeton), Parker (Syca· (Martemont), Stephens (Hamilton), Dflz . more), Niehaus (Elder), Lancaster (Oak (Oak Hills). Wllams (Elder), Hogg (TalaHills), Hartmann (La Sale), Rasch (Fairwanda), Thomas (Marlemont), Graessle field), Jonas (Sycarno<e). Hllltman (Field· (Kings). Wood (Princeton), Chicota (Ma· field). son), Aukstuolls (Sycamore); Mohan (An200 Frua!Jie lleloy. Wyoming. derson), Mumford (Oak Hils), Keller (SycSl xavier, La Sale, Sycmo<e. Anderson, amore), McGing ~~). R. Schramm Oak Hills, Mariemont. Roger Becon, Elder, (Roger~- Schramm (Roglakota East, Milford, Princeton, Turpin, er Bacon), Smith (lakota East), Bomstein Moeler, lakota Wast (lalawanda). Schapiro (Indian Hill), ~00 lockatroh: Hardesty (St. Rasch (Falrlletd) 2:15.12. Xavier), Michael Tomas (Anderson), SO Frna!Jie: Glllrdlna (Wyoming), French (St. Xavier), Blohm (Wilmington), Byrnes (Wyoming). Orjuela (Madeira), Bomer (Sl Xevler), Toman (Mariemont), W1Ha (Sycamore), Blohm (Wirnlngton), Tanner (Sl Xavier). Herdeman (Moeller), SUpe (lakota west), Belschef (St. Xavier) Green (Kings), Henkel (Wyomln), Ste22.83, Barnes (St. Xavier), Sloneker phens (Hamilton). BL.llne!JM2et!l:r). Hart· (Badin). Goettka (Sl xa.ter). Huizenga man (Princeton), W~on), Wet· ' (Anderson), Bergeron (Talawanda), Anderson (lakota West), Flynn (La Salla), , terlch (Oak Hills), Chilcote (Mason), Sparl<s (Ahderson), Jones (Elder), Gantz· Schrlder (Wyoming), Ventus (Milford), er (Oak Hills), Traux (Sycamore). Papania Mollat (Ck1cinnrltl Country Day), Steinhauer (Milord), Wood (Finnaytown). ~~· (La Salle), Wasserm~n (Milord), Godlray (Springboro\. let (Sycamoro), Wray (Elder), Deller (Sl Xavier).



100 imatllroke: lvey (Fairfield), Green (Kings), Stoneburnet (Sl ltavler),

Janszen (Sl Xavier), Wlg!ter (Sl Xavl- .. er). Schrlder (Wyoming), Tamerts (SY,:amore), Belschel (St.· Xavier), Streng (Sprfngbofo). Elcook (Sptlngboro), C.rrlgan (Mariemont). ~ ~r). Aukstuons (Sycamore').Wraf{Eider), Dllz (Oak Hils). Chute (Anderson), Smith (Lakota East), Schldknetht (Ruger Bacon). Halt (Princeton), Mathers (Purcel Marian), Montano (Edgewood), Jackson (Elder), Sorokln (Sycamore). Huseman (Oak Hills).-~ (Elder).

Boys swimming Grealer Catholic League Team srandlngs. 1. St. xavier 429'h, 2. Aller 2U'h, 3. Elder 201'h,.~ Moe!ier.l87,_5. La Sale 62. 6. Chamlnade-~­ Roger Bacon 43, B. McNicholas 9. Event Winners 200 Medley Rtlay-1. Alter 1:41.43, 2. St. Xavier 1:43.54, 3. Elder 1:43.78, 4. Chaml· nade-Jullenne 1:52.75. 200 Frtestylo-1. Borchers (A) 1:49.02, 2. carter IXl 1:50.8, 3. Halle IX) 1:50.95, 4, Leibold (A) 1:51.06. 200 IndiVIdual Medley-1. While (X) 2:01.67, 2. Hom1111 (A) 2:03.76, 3. Abel (Ml. 2.~.69, 4, Melllo (E) 2:05.SB. 1--: 50 Fr."slylt-1. Stoffer (X) 22.75, 2. Holder (X).;22.81, 3. Houston (A) 22.83, 4. Helwig (CJ)· 23.32. •· 100 Bullerny-1. Tan! (Al 56.29, 2. Kammerer (X) 56.68, 3. Welmlck (X) 57.68, Bauer (E) 58.83. 100 Fretslyle-1. Borchers (A) 49.76, 2. Holder (X) 50.55; 3. Leibold (A) 50.70; 4.

P.Jt!ru 1@MJ.83.

• - ~ i!ritSlYit-1. Homan (A) 4:54.66, 2. Carter IXl 4:5B.S5, :!.._M_ang~ IMl 4:59.41, ~Kammerer (Xf'S:uo:1'L""' ~ 200 Freestyle Relay-1. St. Xavier 1:30.97 (meet record), 2. Alter 1:32.29, 3. Moeller 1:34.52. 4. Elder 1:35.83. ·-wl Backslrokt-1. MOllO (E) 55.75 _(meet record), 2. Halle (X) 58.57, 3. Durbin (X) 58.92, 4. Brune (Xl 59.08. 100 Breaslslrokt-1. Houston (Al 1:01.56, 2. Houp (A) 1:02.35,3. Oammel (X) 1:03.33, 4. White IX) 1:03.35. 400 Frttslylt Rtlay-1. Aller 3:22.92. 2. St. xavier 3:26.59, 3. Elder 3:27.98, 4. .1.\.oeler 3:3§;93. \ - llolilng •1. Groth (X) 188.70, 2.~ mao.!MJ 168.15, 3. Morin IMl 13f:aD,-~ \ ~E)1:32.55•

(At C. f. Branin Natatootum) Tto• llllndi8JI: I. Sl Xavier 30 I, 2. Ak· ron Firestone 259, 3. Centerville 174, 4. Wye>-

mrng 138 1/2. 5. Upper ~011123, 6. Ander-

son 107, 8. Sycamore 88 1/2, 13. Fatrfteld 55, 17. La Sale 38, lB. WVmington 33, 20: ClnclnnaU HI Is ChrtsUan Academy 29, 38. Mariemont 12. 40. (de) Summit Country Day, ~E!f JJl. 42. Kings 8, SO. Lakota West 5. 53, '(~3. 100 FriiiiJII: I. Albrecht (Akron Firestone) 45.62, 3. Byrnes (WyorntngJ 46.11, 7.

--------;-Z.. .5 ~i?l; n 'f' ....

u...J /

nerneter (LaSalle) 46.75, a. Wltta (Sycamore) 47.29, 13. 8emes (Sl Xevfef) 47.65,.17. Bingham (Sl ltavler) 46.14, 20. Neubauer (Sycamore) 48.40, 22. 5uprn (lakota West) 48.69. 500 F'rleltJII: 1. Roo! (Canton Central Catholic). 4:30.92, 2. McCollum (Fairfield) 4:31.51, 3. Need (Cfnclnnatlllls ChrlsUan Academy)-'<1:32.82, 4. Ransom (SlXavler) 4:34.16, 8. Tomes (Anderson) 4:42.49, 9. Hollman (SUmmit Country Day) 4:37.70, 13. Becker (Sl Xavier) 4:39.80, 16. Habel (St. Xavier) 4:42.00,.17. Davis (Anderson) 4:32.95, 18. Cramer (Sl xavier) 4:44.57, 21. Chute (Ancleraon) 4:50.03. 200 FroeiiJio 11111,: I St. xavter (C8rothers, Bames. RMSOm, Janszen) 1:24.86, 4. Wyoming (Byrnes, Schrlder, Roebuck, Giardina) 1:26.75, 12. laSatle (Flynn, Schnier, lemming. llerneler) 1:29.19, 20. Sycamore (Bieler, Klasmeter, Trua._ Tamerls) 1:30.53. • 100 lackltrollr. 1. Blohm {Wimlng!on) 50.68, 2. Hardesty (Sl Xavier) 50.73, 4. French (Sl ~vier) 51.41, 6. Tornes (Anderson) 51.84, 7. Thoman (Mariemont) 51.84, 9. Bomer (Sl xavter) S2.25, 14. Green (Kings) 53.73,.19. Tanner (St Xavier) 53.88, 20. Henkel (Wyoming) 53.95, 22. ~ (~) 84.67, 24. Bittner (Meeler) . • 100 lre11btroke: 1. Ash (~krlln Firestone) 58.46. 6. Schrtder (Wyoming) 59.39, 8. Tamerts (Sycamera) 59.81, 10. Janszen (SI. XaYier) 59.34, 12. Green (Kings) 59.52, 13. IYey (Falrlleld) 1:00.48,.17. ~1:00.68, 18. Belschef (Sl Xa : • , • Wagster (Sl ltavler) 1:00.91, 23. Cantgan (-ont) 1:02.14 400 '-IJIIIIIIIJ: I. Akron Fhstone (SIC>netug. Jones, McDoreld. Allracllt) 3:05.39, 2. Sl Xavier (Caro~. Hardesty, Janszen, Ransom) 3.'08.59, 5. ~ ( - . Roebuck. Hosdanskl. Byrnes) 3:12.83, 7. Anderson (Tomes, a.rte. 0&vls, Tomes) 3:13.31, 12. Sycamore {Miasmelet, Neubauer, Tamerts, Witte) 3:15.56, Lakota West, (~.-·Anderson. Keene) 3:19.16,.18. La Sole (Fiym, Sdrier, T~ T1erooQ) 3:19.9B, · 20. Fairfield (McCollum, lvey, Marcy, Rasch) 3:20.42. 23. Moeler (Bittner, Henllmsn, Mattus. Baley) 3:22.75. - '. "'\..----.

..c:. ~a


i-f;?_~ c)~

liiiGH SCHOOL/..,.ll ;~ HONOR ROLLS . Boys swinunilg r-:z:z..,.Qj I


School ·· Tim! 1. St xavier........................................... 1:34.~ 2. Wyoming ........................................... 1:39.0! 3. Sycamore .......................................... 1:40.6C . 4. Lakota West ...................................... 1:~.<M 5. Mariemont. ........................................ 1:44.05



· ~: ~~r~:~~:::::::::::::::::::·::::::::::::::::::: u~:~

/8. Fairfield ............................................. 1:45.21 9. La Salle ............................................. 1:45.61 · 10. Turpin ............................................. 1:46.09

200 FMIIJie iI, Name, School •• Time 1. Ransom, St Xavier ............................. 1:44.14 2. C811l!hers, St Xavier..................... ~..... 1:44.63

, 3. Cramer, St Xavier.............................. 1:45.43

4. French, St. JEsvler ................................ 1:46.43 5. Keene, Lakota West ........................... 1:46.66 6. Byrnes. Wyoming .............................. 1:46.70 · 7. Tamerts, Srcamore ............................. 1:47.22 i 7. Klasmeler, Sycamore.......................... 1:47.22 : 7. Goettke, St xavier ............................. 1:47.22 10. Henkel, Wyoming ............................ 1:47.38 200 .......... ....., 1. Ransom, St Xavier ............................. 1:50.31


~: ~='"·~::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: r~::g

4. French,St Xavier ............................... 1:58.77

5. camthem, St Xavier........................... 1:58.91

1 . 6. Tamerts, Sycamore ............................. 1:59.11 1

7. Roebuck. Wyoming ............................ 1:59.12 8. Undenschmld~ SL Xavier ................... 2:00.34 9. Goettke, St Xavier ............................. 2:00.39 10. Williams, ElderSO.F~ 2:01.11



, 1. Ransom, St. Xavier ............................... 2. C8rnthem, St Xavier............................. ' 3. Byrnes, Wyoming.................................. 4. Goettke, St. Xavier................................ 5. Marcy, Fairfield .................................... 1 6. Supe, l.akota West ............................... i 7..Undenschm~ St Xavier ...................... ' 8. Frenoh, St Xavier ................ :................ ' 9. Gantzer, Oak HillS ................................. 9. Tanner, St Xllvler ..............·...................

21.70 21.88 22.08 22.30 22.35 22.36 22.47 22.49 22.50 22.50

Name, School . Dhlnl 1. GullfoU, Andei!On............................... 2. McMahon, l.a Salle ............................ 3. Thomtnn, Turpin ................................. 4. Valerio, St Xavier............................... 5. Maggio, St Xavier.............................. 6. Neumann, Moeller .......~.......... 7. Fyffe, Anderson .................................. 8. Huizenga, Anderson ...........:............... 9. Sherwood, Indian Hm ......................... 10. LUtter, St Xavier..............................



1. camthers, St Xavier ............................. 2. Klasmeler, Sycamore ............................ 3. Tanner, St. Xavier ................................. 4. Roebuck, Wyoming............................... 5. Marcy, Fairfield .................................... 6. Thoman, ManemonL ............................. ' 7. Goettke, SL Xavier................................ 8. Dupre, Mariemont .......:........................ 9. Bums, Wyoming ................................... 10. Ransom, St Xavier ............................. 100 FMIIJie 1. Ransom, St. Xavier .....,......................... 2. Frenoh, St. Xavier................................. 3. Byrnes, Wyoming.................................. 4. camthem, St. xavier ....................... :..... 5. Browning, Turpin .................................. 6. Supe, lakota West ............................:.. ·.7. Dupre, Mariemont ................................

285.85 255.20 244.10 186.90 186.70 182.00 166:35 162.85 162.65 162.60 51.15 51.21 51.75 52.91 63.03 53.09 53.19 53.53 54.10 54.19 46.96 47.99 49.09 49.21 49.41 49.77 49.81

' g:10,~~~~·F~m~~.::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::: Gilettlce, St Xavier.............................. 49.99

Moeller :J--~t:""&- 3 Freshman Matt Angelini competed in Canton in the boys 100 bac~ke, finishing 16th in the state in 54.75 seconds.

Honorable mention Diving: Jacqueline Anderson, Fairfield; Gina Sylvester, Sycamore; Maggie Maranda, Fairfield; Laurie Brenner, Colerain; Mariaa Lampe, McAuley; Katie Meister, McAuley; Erin Parker, Turpin; Brittany Hill, Indian Hill; Sarah Wyant, Ross; Ann Kenny, Indian Hill; Rachel Koscianski, Wyoming.

Ursuline Highlights: Junior 200 freestyle state champion; 200 butterfly state champion; 200 freestyle relay champion; 200 medley relay

200 Medley Relay: Mason (Melissa 'King, Lauren Hewes, Rhiannon. Schwartz, Susan Waizenhofer); Oa~ Hills (Skye Siemer, Kelly Schnur, Liz Schaberg, Katie Schnur); Ursuline (Maggi Bulla, Tiffany Lipari, Kelil Krallman, Whitney Myers); Sycamore (Lauren Bernstein, Grace Phillips, Jaclyn Tameris, Courtney Siemer); Mount Notre Dame (RandiVogel, Tiffany Clay, Jill Winhusen, Nicole Winhusen); St Ursula (Jacque Fessel, Shannon Grace, Sarah Schnieber, Liz Keating); Princeton (Patti Ross, Erica Pass, Brandi Shoupe, Caroline Mciver); Turpin (Addy Davis, Carolyn Rauen, Olivia Peppers, Ashley Gruber); Wyoming (Pam Gieseker, Valerie Edgington, Lindsey Smith, Lisa Hlrtzel); Indian Hill (Claire Ballard, Jackie Rodriguez, Jamie Rodriguez, Brittany Hill); Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy (Jacki Green, Amanda Topits, Amanda Herd, Nicole Summers). 200 Freestyle: Karen Olson; Lindsay Bockstiegel, Madeira; Sarah Murphy, Madeira; Nicole Kroeger, Oak Hills; Margy Keefe, Ursuline; Ellie Miller, Anderson; Caroline Keating, St. Ursula; Liz Keating, St. Ursula; Meredith French, Ursuline. , 200 Individual Medley: Liz Schaberg, Oak Hills; Kelly Hagen, Ursuline; Amber Miller, Lakota East; Rhiannon Schwartz, Mason; Lauren Heyes, Mason; Randi Vogel, Mount Notre Dame; Kelli Krallman", Ursuline; Kim Albin, Talawanda; Pam Gieseker, Wyoming; Addy Davis, Turpin; Holly , Shafer, Wyoming.

Ursuline Highlights:

Anderson Highlights: Junior 200 individual medley state champion

Freshman 200 freestyle relay state champion; Third in state in 100 breaststroke; Fourth in state In 50 freestyle, Photo not available.

50 Freestyle: Rachel Koscianski, Wyoming; Betsy Carey, Indian Hill; Jennifer Miller, Madeira; Brittany Hill, Indian Hill; Lindsey Smith, Wyoming; Olivia Peppers, Turpin; Lisa Hirtzel, Wyoming; Ashley Johnson,

Wilmington; Casev Clukey, Mariemont; Emil)? Barnes, St. Ursula; Stina Sjolander, Tfalawanda; Katie Schnur, Oak Hills;; .Abby Cooper, Ursuline. 100 Butterfly: Li;z Schoborg, Oak Hills; Allison Bert!i:e, Lakota East; Randi Ann Webbe.r, Lakota West; Lauren Bernstein,, Sycamore; Susan Walzenhofer, Mason; Keili Krallman, Ursuline; Jacque ffessel, St. Ursula; Jill Winhusen, Mountt Notre Dame: Amanda Herd, Ciincinnati Hills Christian Academy; Krista Wray, Monroe; Becca Onaitis, Badin; Natalie Orjuela, Madeora; Joy Feichtner, Roger Bacon. 100 Freestyle: Claire Ballard, Indian Hill; Lindsey Smith, Wyoming; Jennifer Miller, Madeira; Aly Schmidt, Kings; Lisa Hirtzel, Wyot11ing·; Betsy Carey, Indian Hill; Ashlecy Johnson, Wilmington; LindiSay Bockstiegel, Madeira; Krista V.'lray, Monroe; Meredith French, Ursuline; Kelly Hagen, Ursuline;; Emily Barnes, St. Ursula; Nicole KJ;-oeger, Oa~ Hills; Shannon Grace,,.st. Ursula; Sarah Schnieber, St. Uxsula; Susan Waizenhofer, M&Mn; Courtney Siemer, Sycamo:re. SOO Freestyle: lKatie Greiner, Ursuline; Carolirre Keating, St Ursula; Kim Albin, Talawanda; Marisa Mackos, Ursuline; Ellie Miller, Anderson; Liz Keating, St Ursula; Margy Keefe, Ursuline; Karen Olson, Mariemont; Jackie Rodriguez, Indian Hill; Heather Gueltig, Ridgeville Christian; Sara Huenke, Cincinnati Country ,Day; Ssrah Murphy, Madeira; Emily King, Indian Hill; Kelly Gueltig, Ridgeville Christian.

200 Freestyle Relay: Wyoming (Rachel Koscianski, Pam Gieseker, Lindsey Smith, lisa Hirtzei); Mariemont (Jenny Miller, Casey Clukey, Victoria Thoman, Karen Olsonj;Turpin (Olivia Peppers, Carolyn Rauen, Jessica Schilling, Addy Davis); Indian Hill (Betsy Carey, Emily King, Abby Roe, Brittany Hill); Madeira (Jennifer Miller, Natalie Orjuela, Sarah Murphy, Lindsay Bockstiegel); Anderson (Ellie Miller, Becky Foster, Allison Klus, Megan Tomes): Lakota West;

Princeton (Brandi Shoupe, Rachel Pearson, Sara Faulkner, Caroline Mciver); Oak Hills (Liz Schoborg, Danielle Borgemenke, Nicole Kroeger, Katie Schnur); Sycamore (Jennifer Witte, Suzanne Wight, Jaclyn Tameris, Courtney Siemer); St. Ursula (Emily Barnes, Sarah Schnieber, Ashley Brinkman, Katie Ball); Lakota West (Katie Busse, Julia East, Randi Ann Webber, Kris Busse). 200 Backstroke: Maggie Bulla, Ursuline; Megan Tomes, Anderson; Rhiannon Schwartz, Mason; Lauren Bernstein, Sycamore; Kacque Fessel, St. Ursula; Clair Ballard, Indian Hill; Aly Schmidt, Kings; Pam Gieseker, Wyoming; Betany Yeakley, Wilmington; Addy Davis, Turpin; Amanda Herd, Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy. 200 Breaststroke: Emily Howell, Ursuline; Shannon Grace, st. Ursula; Tiffany Clay, Mount Notre Dame; Grace Phillips, Sycamore; Tiffany Lipari, Ursuline; Emily King, Indian Hill; Carolyn Shinsato, Batavia; Jackie Rodriguez, Indian HilL 400 Freestyle Relay: Sycamore (Lauren Bernstein, Suzanne Wight, Courtney Siemer, Katie MacKnight); Princeton (Brandi Shoupe, Rachel Pearson, Monica Foley, Caroline Mciver); Anderson (Ellie Miller, Becky Foster, Abby Eisner, Megan Tomes); Oak Hills (Danielie Borgemenke, Katie Schnur, Skye Siemer, Nicole Kroeger); Mason {Rhiannon Schwartz, Shannon Eiiderts, Lauren Hewes, Susan Walzenhofer); St. Ursula '(Shannon Grace, Liz Keating, Caroline Keating, Katie Ball); Wyoming (Kate Theobald, Rachel Koscianski, Ashley Horne, Holly Shafer); Indian Hill (Betsy Carey, Claire Ballard, Jackie Rodriguez, Emily King); Wilmingron (Ashley Johnson, Dierdra Robison, Lauren Staley; Betany Yeakley); Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy (Jacki Green, Nicole Summers, Amanda Topits, Amanda Herd); Mariemont (Jenny Miller, Casey Clukey; Victoria Thoman, Karen Olson); Ursuline (Margy Keefe, Meredith French, Katie Greiner, Abby Cooper), ·

Madeira Highlights:

Indian Hill

Highlights: Junior 400 freestyle relay

Junior 400 freestyle relay

Juninr Diving state champion


St. Xavier Highlights:


Senior Second In state in 200 IM; Second in state in 400 freestyle relay; 200 freestyle relay

Junior Sixth in state in 100 breaststroke


Photo not available

.Honorable mention Diving: Nick McMahon, La Salle. 200 Medley Relay: Fairfield (Nick McCollum, Nick lvey, Justin Marcy, Philip Hartman), Moeller (Ross Bitner, Rag Magnus, Evan Herdeman, Mitch Bailey); Anderson (Michael Tomes, Matt Chute, Marty Tomes, Sean Davis); Sycamore (Q4intin Neubauer, Heath Tameris, Ryan Klasmeier, Evan Witte); Mariemont (Nick Thoman, John Carrigan, Chase Thomas, Ted Winters); Lakota West (John Anderson, Nick Keene, Jon Wetterich, Kyle Supe); Wyoming (Jonathan Henkel, Dan Schrider, Ryan Kocsianski, Mark Giardini). 200 Freestyle: Michael Tomes, Anderson;·

Brian Tiemeier, La Salle; Pete Carothers, St. Xavier; Kit French, St. Xavier; Andy Hoffman, Summit Country Day; Quintin Neubauer, Sycamore. 200 Individual Medley: Kevin Nead, Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy; Paul Bonner, St. Xavier; John Stoneburner, St. Xavier; Ryan Kosclanski, Wyoming; John carrigan, Mariemont; David Habel, St. Xavier; Phillip Roebuck, Wyoming; Ross Bitner, Moeller. 50 Freestyle: Zachary Orjuela, Madeira; Mark Giardina, Wyoming; Rich Goettke, St. Xavier; Kurt Blohm, Wilmington; Evan Witte, Sycamore. 100 Butterfly: Jeb Bingham, St. Xavier;

Kurt Hardesty, St. Xavier; Ryan Klasmeier, Sycamore; Scott Tanner, st. Xavier; Billy Nettling, Lebanon; Phillip Roebuck, Wyoming; Marty· Tomes, Anderson: Ryan Koscianski, Wyoming; Even Herdeman, Moeller. 100 Freestyle: Brian Tiemeier, La Salle; Evan Witte, Sycamore; Chris Barnes, st. Xavier; Jeb Bingham, St. Xavier; Justin · ·marcy, Fairfield; Quintin Neubauer, Sycamore; Kyle Supe, Lakota West. 500 Freestyle: Andy Hoffman, Summit Country Day; David Habel, St. Xavier; John becker, st. Xavier; Marty Tomes, Anderson; Nick McCollum, Fairfield; Kyle Ransom,.St. Xavier; Sean Davis, Anderson; Joe Cramer, St. Xavier; Matt

Chute, Anderson. 200 Freestyle Relay: Wyoming (Michael Byrnes, Dan Schrider, Phillips Roebuck, Mark Giardini); La Salle (Ryan Flynn, Keller Schnier, Patrick lemming, Brian Tiemeier); Sycamore (Greg Bieler, Ryan Klasmeier, Robert Truax, Heath Tameris). 100 Backstroke: Justin Green, Kings; Paul Bonner, St. Xavier; Kit French, St. Xavier; Michael Tomes, Anderson; Nick Thoman, Mariemont; Scott Tanner, St. Xavier; Jonathan Henkef, Wyoming; Evan Herdeman, Moeller; Ross Bitner, Moeller). 100 Breaststroke: David Janszen, St. Xavier; Justin green, Kings; Nick lvey, Fairfield; Heath Tameris, Sycamore; Rob

Magnus, Moeller; Ryan Beischel, St. Xavier; Jared Wagster, St. Xavier; John Stoneburner, St. Xavier; John Carrigan, Mariemont. 400 Freestyle Relay: Wyoming (Jonathan Henkel, Phillip Roebuck, Ryan Koscianski, Michael Byrnes); Anderson (Marty Tomes, Matt Chute, Sean Davis, Michael Tomes); Sycamore (Ryan Klasmeier, Quintin Neubauer, Heath Tameris; Evan Witte); Lakota West (Kyle Supe, Jon Wetterich, John Anderson, Nick Keene); La Salle (Ryan.Fiy.nn, Keller Schnier, Patrick Temming, Brian Tiemeier); Fairfield (Nick MCallum, Nick lvey, Justin Marcy, Chris Rasch); Moeller (Ross Bittner, Evan Herdeman, Rob Magnus, Mitch Bailey).

Boys basketball notebook

oodward has b:attled bac to winnin ways Welcome back, Woodward. The Bulldogs (16-6) have reached the Division I district tournament for the first time since 1997, restoring pride to a program that once dominated Cincinnati. Jim Leon, Woodward's 12thyear coach, has coached a state rwmer-up team (1990) and won three Enquirer city titles (1993, '95, '96). Leon was an assistant coach for the Woodward teams that were Division I state champions (1988) and a state final four participant (1989). "I've seen the highs and lows," said Leon, who's been at

Woodward for 20 years overall. Willis (13 ppg) and senior guard 'This is a nice comeback. year Alex Armstrong· (12 ppg) are for us." part of Woodward's balanced, Woodward was corning off uptempo offense. three straight losing seaWoodward has done sons. The Bulldogs · it despite having two key dropped to Division II for players transfer after last two seasons (1998-99 season - 6-foot-8 BJ. and '99-00) when their Walker (to Mount Healthy) and point enrollment declined, then returned to guard Mike Daniels (to Division I last season. . 1bm Princeton). · Senior ·guard Keoni ·G h "We lost two really "Bubba" Watson (20.5 good players," Leon said. points a game) has led 'To have Keoni and this season's renaissance. Junior everybody step up the way they center Raymond Edwards (14 have, it's been greaC ppg), junior forward Shenazar Woodward faces Dayton

rOeSC en

Colonel White (194) in district play at University of Dayton Arena on Saturday (11 am.). The early start is welcomed by Leon, who drew into that bracket Woodward practices daily at 6:30 am., similar to the predawn workouts of Temple University coach John Chaney. "John Chaney is my favorite coach," Leon said.· ''He talks about practicing in the morning when nobody's at school and there are no ·distractions. The kids have gotten into it" Woodward's school day starts at a relatively late 9:15 am., mainly because of bus schedules.

With gym time shared with girls teams and other sports, Leon opts for early practices. '.We've been doing the early practices for four years now," he said. "It's paying off" AFTERMATH: Some changes were made at UC's Shoemaker Center because of Friday's postgame fight between North College Hill and Reading players. Reading beat North College Hill for the Division ill upperbracket sectional title, and a fight ensued when both tean1s descended the same stairwell to their locker rooms.

Therefon·e, at Monday night's ·senior Peter Kroeger. The complaint states Kroeger two Divisiion I sectional title games at UC, the respective was struck repeatedly in the face. winning teams (Moeller, with fists, ·''causing swelling to Lebanon) were held briefly on his right eye." Gaffuey's case is the cqurt while the losing teams pending in Hamilton County (St Xavier, Oalc Hills) went Municipal Court NCH principal Steve Sonell downsl:ains first In the NCH,Reading inci- said privacy laws prohibit him dent, punches were thrown· from discussing discipline when two NCH players entered against specific students. 'We did deal with it in accorReading's dressing room. A UC police report obtained by the dance with our discipline poliEnquirer lists two NCH players cy," Son·ell said. "It's certainly - 18-yem"'ld senior William not the behavior we like to see." Gaffney m1d a 17-year-old juve- . E-mail: tgroeschen@enquirnile - chm·ged with assaulting a Reading player, 18-year-old

Basketball ·

Kentucky counts on defense in EC·tourney Smith hopes Wildcats peaking in nick of time . The Associated Press LEXINGTON - As poorly as his team played at times this season, Kentucky coach Tubby Smith .said Wednesday that he believes the 12th-ranked Wildcats are ready to make a posts~ason run. That journey begins today as Kentucky takes on the Mississippi-South Carolina winner in the quarterfinals of the Southeastern Conference Tournament in Atlanta.

"We're really excited about finishing the season on an uptick, even though we may not have won every game we wanted to win or maybe not played as well as we'd like," Smith said. "But we seem to be responding the right way at the right time, so I'm very pleased with where we are at this time." Smith has every reason to be confident, as the SEC Tournament has been little

~~do~~~ ~~e~~~~n~ing~~i~

more than the UK Invitation- when they take the floor toa! 0 ver the past decade. Since the league· split in 1992, Kentucky - winner of 26 of its last 28 conference tournament games - has been the top seed five times, the No.2 seed six times and has emerged as champion eight times. Overall, the Wildcats have won 23 of the 42 conference tournaments played - more than all the other league teams combined

dayKentucky (20-8, 1 0-6) . won seven of its last 10 games· entering the tourmiment, one factor the selection committee takes into account wheni seeding teams for the NCAA Tournament. Of those, victories, two came-against a Florida squad ranked in the Top 10 all season until its second defeat at the hands of the Wildcats. The losses all came on the road ~ at then-No. 21 Geor-

gia, at Tennessee and at Vanderbilt. Smith predicted during the preseason that the SEC would be one of the most talented and balanced conferences in the nation. With only two of 12 teams sporting losing records heading into the tournament, he has proven to be quite a prognosticator. If the Wildcats have an . advantage over most teams, however, it's a smothering defense that doesn't often let opponents get into any kind of offensive rhythm, Smith

said. '~With

everybody back, with a full complement of players, we can be a very vicious defensive team," said Smith, whose squad ranked third in the SEC in field goal percentage defense and second in blocked shots. "You're not always going to make shots. But if you can force your opponents to take tough shots, make tough plays, frustrate them and create offense for yourself, you're going to be in .good shape." During a .20-minute news

·conference, in which players were not made available for comment, Smith also reacted to Tuesday's resignation of athletics director Larry Ivy. "I had a great working relationship with Larry Ivy," Sniith said. "I got a new contract through .Larry Ivy, and certainly (former athletics director) C.M. Newton • was r~sponsible for me being here. I owe a lot to both of those gentlemen. "But I understand that (UK president) Dr. (Lee). Todd is the new man and he wants some changes made." .

Xavier notebook

Atlantic 10 Tournament

hots finally fall for Frey

UD gangs up to knock off Saint Joseph's

Senior's 3-pointers key in his 126th game for Muskies By Neil Schmidt The Cincinnati Enquirer


PHILADELPHIA - On . the day he tied Xavier's record for longevity, Kevin Frey found his long-lost jump shot. The senior fonvard scored 15 points - his highest total of this calendar year - in the first 34 minutes Thursday against Massachusetts, keeping XU afloat until it got David West going late. "The kind of mind'frame I like to bring to the table is more of, do what the team needs at that specific moment, whether it's scoring or getting a key rebound or steal or just locking a guy up (defensively)," Frey said. Frey did a little of each Thursday, including key defense late on UMass' Micah Brand. But it was Frey's three 3-pointers - the most he has had in one . game since November 2000 - that kept the UMass defense honest. The rest of the Musketeers were 1-of-19 from 3-point range. Frey finished 5-of-11,.-in- .•... ·r--

: Meets Dayton today in semifinal and West 14. XU shot 17.4 percent in the first half (4-for-23) and trailed by as many as ·13 points. "Good teams find a way," Frey said. "We worked too· hard this year to let (a loss) happen today. "We can't say we gave them our best shot. But I know we'll come out tomorrow with our best shot.:'

From Page 01 of the Flyers. The Musketeers insist they were ready Thursday, but the Minutemen (13-16) played a box-and-one defense that at different times blanketed West and Romain Sato. XU shot 16 percent on 3-pointers (4-of-25). UMass shot 48.9 percent and made nine more baskets . than XU, the biggest such deficit of XU's season. XU won the game at the free-. throw line, where it was 33of-43 (76.7 percent). UMass _shot just 11 foul shots. "Nine more field goals (in a loss)?" UMass coach Steve Lapp as said. "That's incredible, impossible really." Lappas summoned Jim Satelin, the A-1 0's new supervisor of officials, afterward to discuss the foul disparity. UMass senior Kitwarra Rhymer said o£ the free throws, "Forty-three to 11? That's crazy." Credit XU for 11voiding fouls, something it must do nightly because of limited depth. But mostly credit the Musketeers for their resolve.

No. 24 Xavier vs. Dayton 1111 When: 7:05p.m. today. 1111 Where: First Union Spectwm (18,060), Philadelphia. 111111ecords: XU 23-5, Dayton 20-9. 1111 W: Fox Sports Net. 111i riadio: WKRC-AM (550). DAYTON


Ht. Yr. PPG

Brooks Hall K: Waleskowski Sean Finn Ramod Marshall David Morris

6-6 Jr. 6-8 So. 6-l!So. 6-2 So. 5-1 OSr.

13.3 9.7 7.1 13.2 6. 7

Down three points, UMass settled for a 10-foot jumper by Shannon Crooks thatrolled off the rim with six seconds left. In the scramble for the rebound, West tipped the ball toward the sideline. Williams grabbed it and threw wildly toward the basket from 22 feet. "It was in the air for about five minutes," XU guard Lionel Chalmers said. "And then, 'Ohhhhh.' " It swished with 0. 7 seconds. "When that basket went

Coach: Oliver Purnell (130-108, eighth season; 231-183, 14th overall). XAVIER


Ht. Yr. PPG

Dave Young 6-5 Jr. 8.4 Kevin Frey 6-8 Sr. 8.8 David West 6-9 Jr. 18.5 Romain Sato 6-5 So. 15.8 Lionel Chalmers 6-0 Jr. 12.0 Coach: Thad Matta (23-5, first season; 47-13, second overall).

in, for a second you feel exhausted," XU senior Kec vin Frey said. "But I'm impressed with the way we came back in overtime. That shows a lot about our character and our hearts." West, who had no fieldgoal attempts in the first half and just six points at the end of regulation, drove for a layup on the first possession in OT. He went 6-for-6 on free throws thereafter. "Dave played huge in the overtime - huge," Frey said. "He basically took over.


The Associated Press

XU's Kevin Frey (center) battles for a rebound with UMass' Shannon Crooks (right) and Micah Brand Thursday. He's patient, and he knew it was going to come. We kept running. our offense and looking for him." XU . scored the first nine points of OT and didn't allow UMass a point in the period until the final minute. Sato led XU with 21 points, with Frey scoring 15

Mass. m fg at ft at r ,a f to tp lamb .......... 5 0 1 0 0 0 1 3 0 0 Brand ........ 39 5 11 5 5 12 2 4 5 1,5 Rhymer ......23 4 7 o o 5 I 5 4 8 Anderson ... 42 3 7 0 1 3 2 3 2 9 Crooks ....... 41 7 12 2 4 2 .4 5 0 16 Martln ..... :.. tl 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 3 Jenkins ....... ! 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Bllzzard ....... 5 1 1 o o o o 3 1 2 Wllson ....... 32' 0 3 0 0 2 3 1 2 0 Williams .... 26 2 4 o I 4 I 3 5 6




Totals .... 225 23 47 07 11 33 14 28 21 59 Team Rebounds-5.

Xavier m fg at ft at r Frey ...........42 Young ........ 25 West ......... 35 Cllalmers •• .45 Sato .......... 42 Williams ..... 6 Coleman .... 10


0 3 0 4 o 0

2 6 3 6 8 9 3 10 12 1 o 1 2

f to tp 2 15

4 4

4 B 4 15 o 4

3 3 2 4 2

3 5 4 5 1 2

1 3 4 14 3 3 0 21

0 0 0 1 0 2 0 0 5 0 0 2

Brown ......... 8 1 2 3 4 0 Jackson ..... 12 1 1 0 D 1

- -- - - ... - .. -

Totals ....225 14 47 33 43 28 07 15 10 65 Team Rebounds-3. Mass ....................................... 28 24 7-59 Xavier .................................... 21 31 13- 65

3-polnt goals~Massachusetts 6-16 (Braild

0-1, Anderson 3-5, Crooks 0-4, Martin 1-1, Wil· IIams 2-3), Xavier 4-25 '(Frey 3-6, Young 0-6. Chalmers 0-6, sate 1-5, WiiJJams 0·1, Brown 0-1). Technical fouls-None. Offl~laJs-Rich San Fll!!po, Fran Connolly, Joe lindsay.

The Associated Press/BRAD BOWER

Marvin O'Connor (left) of St. Joseph's battles Dayton's Keith Waleskowski tor a rebound during the· second round of the Atlantic 10 Tournament Thursday in Philadelphia. Dayton won 81-74.

SEC Tournament

Volunteers' rally sends Razorbacks packing 6 61 The Associated Press

ATLANTA- Nolan Richardson was lucky he didn't have to coach this game. Arkansas went almost eight minutes without a field goal, and Vincent Yarbrough scored 20 points for Tennessee, which beat the Razorbacks 68-61 in the first round of the Southeastern Conference Tournament Thursday. "We have a group of fighters," Yarbrough said. "One thing that has been a constant with us is our work ethic." The Razorbacks played their second game since Richardson was bought out as coach - and the result was ~-downright ugl}'.

Tennessee (15-15) overcame a nine-point deficit in the second half, despite going 6:09 without scoring. Arkansas (14-15) couldn't put away the Vols, who outc scored the Razorbacks 26-11 over the final 7:42. Marcus Haislip put Tennessee ahead for good, 55-53, when he worked inside for a basket with 3:33 remaining. Yarbrough followed with one of his four 3"pointers, giving the Vols some breathing room. Arkansas never got closer than three points the rest of the way and will miss the postseason for the first time since Richardson's first year

at Arkansas, 1985. "Never in a million years would I have dreamed that what happened would hap· pen," interim coach Mike Andersmi said.

No. 11 Florida 81, Auburn 63 ATLANTA - Udonis Haslem had 22 points and 10 rebounds, and Brett Nelson hit six 3-pointers for Florida (22-7), which will play Mississippi State today. Nelson had 23 points and four assists, shooting 6-of11 on 3-pointers. Haslem was 7-of-7 from the floor and 8-of-8 from the free throw line against Auburn's short-handed and under-

sized fiontcourt before fouling out with 2:11 left. Haslem also had three assists and two blocked shots. Matt Bonner had nine points and seven rebounds as the Gators dominated the boards 38-26. Marquis Daniels had 23 points and seven rebounds for Auburn (12-16). AUBURN (12-IGJ - Daniels 8-14 s-s 23,

Haslem. Rebounds-Auburn 26 (Daniels I), Flori· da 38 (Has/em 10). Assists-Auburn 11 (Monroe

5}, Florida 15 {Greene, Nelson, Hamilton 4}. Total fouls-Auburn 19, Florida 15. A-NA.

LSU 69, Vanderbilt 62 ATLANTA - Antonio Hudson scored a career-high 24 points, including 15 in the second half, to. lift LSU. The Tigers (17-13) advance to meet 17th-ranked Georgia today. Jermaine Williams added 12 pointS and five Steals, but Ronald. Dup_ree was held to seven points, nearly 10 bej h' OW IS average. The Com m. odor e s (16-14) got 21 points from The Associated Press/DAVE MARTIN ChUC k MOOre, bUt he d'd Arkansas' Brandon Dean· battles Tennessee's Jenis I il't make a field goal in the last Grindstaff for the ball during the first round of the SEC

Killingsworth 1-4 3·4 5, Bird 2-9 0·0 6, Harrington 5-12 0-0 12, Monroe 3-4 0-0 6, Robinson 0-1 o-o o. Barker 0-1l o-o o, Mrt<Mrr3-7 3-3 9, Calton 1-1 0-0 2, Baggett 0·0 Q.Q _0. Totals 23-52 11-13 53. . FLORIDA (22·7)- Bonner 4-7 0-1 9, Haslem 7-7 8·8 22, Greene 1-7 3-4 5, Nelson B-16 1-2 23, Hamnton 2-6 1·2 s. White 4-9 1-1 9, lee 1-2 1-3 3, Colas 2·51·2 5, King 0·0 0-0 0. Totals 29·5915-23 Bl. 32-30· 3-Polnt goals-AuHalftlme-Frortda burn 6-20 (Daniels 2·3, Harrington 2·5 Bird 2-8, Monroe o-1. Robinson o-1, Mitchell o-21. Florida 7-20 {Nelson 6-11, Bonner 1-2, White 0-1, Ham· llton 0·2, Greene 0-4l. Fouled out-K1Uingsw_l)~l_9__

• mmutes.___ _


__ -- Iourn8mRnt__ Th! Jr~_::J\I_in __Atl!.:~nt~·

HIGH SCHOOLS cooper (Ursuline), SJolander (Talawanda Swl·mma·n,. ;, Schnur (Oak Hills) schnleber (St. Ursula BOYS SWIMMING . Cincinnati District Qualifiers Diving: Williams (Anderson),

Barnes (St. Ursula), Hagen (Ursuline Brlnkmen (St.. ~rsuJa),. Foley (PrlnceJon Borgemenke (Oak Hills); Pilchford (Seton Wnght (St. Ursulai. (Prlnceton McMahon (La Salle), Robert Haneberg (EI· Wight (, Ellerman (Oak Hills der), Kiefer (Summit Counlly Oay), Maggio (St. Xavier), Valerio (St.! Xavier), Schriner (Centei'vll!e), .Elsner (Anderson Thornton (Turpin), Oyer (Pnnceton), Rick Clay (Mt. Notre Dame), East (Lakot Haneberg (Elder), Lutter (Sl xaVIer), HUWest), Keener (Welnut Hills> Oendrem lzenge (Andersen), Schmitt (St. x"ler), (Sycamore), sc~ott (Seton). Snell (Turpin), Knight (Oak Hills), Maynard 100 Butterfly: Myers (Ursuline (Milford), Teepen (Oak Hills), Sherwood Schaberg (Oak :Hills), Krallman (Ursuline (Indian Hill). Fessel (St. Ursula), Wlnhusen (Mt. Ncb 200 Medley Relay: St. xavier, An~ Dame), Bemsteln {Sycamore), Walzenh! derson, Wyoming, Sycmore, Fairfield, fer (Mason), .Tamerls (Sycamore), Stq Moeller, Lakota West, Elder, Manemont. (Lakota West)i Webber (Lakota West Turpin, lakota East, Princeton, Roger BaShoupe (PrlncetO.n], Bertke- (Lakota East con, La Salle, Springboro, Mason, TalaBarblere (Ursull~e),:Jahnke (Ursullne),.Nur wanda, Badin, Kings, Walnut Hills. (Loveland), Wright (St. Ursula), Eisner (Ar 200 Freeetyle: Mld~eton (Centerderson), MacKrllght (Sycamore), Chen ville), Ramsom (St. Xavier), Neubauer (Mercy), Gartner (St. Ursula), Busse (Lakr (Sycamore), Hoffman (Summit Ccunlly ta West), wesse~ (Milord), Bailey (lakot Day), French (St. Xavier), Tlemeler (La East) • Salle), Michael Tomes (Andersen), Raszloa Fre~st.yte:.·su-na· (Ursullne ke (Middletown), Davis (Anderson), CarKroeger (Oak Hills), French (Ursuline Others (St. xavier), Keene (Lakota West), Grace (SL Ursula), Hagen (Ursullle), Wa lawrence (lakota East),, Llndenschmldt zenhofer (Ma~cn), Schn!eber (St. u~ula (Sl Xavier), Osborne (Andersen), Miler Hagen (Ursul:ne), Siemer (Sycamore), SJ< (Anderson), Netulng (Lebancn),iBrDwnlng lander (Tala~anda), Wight (Sycamore (Turpin), SChngen (McNicholas), Wallace Pearson (Prln,elon), Borgemenke (Oa · (Pftnceton), Kleinhenz (walnut Hills), Venc Hills), MacKrllgJ!t (Sycamore), Barnes• (S · tus· (Milford), Strasser (Roger Bacon), J. u 1 ) Wlnh · 'Mt N0t Dam l Pit t Krone (Sycamore), P. !Hone!(Summit rsua • usen • · re e •.. c Counlly Day), Temmlng (La Salle), Perford (Seton), Foley (Pnnceton), jijus (Ar .klns (Oak Hills), Jones (Sycamore). derson), Van Benschoten (Milford), Stace 200 Individual Medley: 1. Jan(St. Ursula), Blderts (Mason), Morehea szen ·(St. Xavier),. McCollum (Fairfield), (Mason), Baumgartner (Lakota West). CI 1 1 Ch A 500 Freestyle: Ball (St. Ursula) ( . Noad nc nnaH HI! s rlsHan cadeKeating (.St. Ursula), Greiner (Ursuline) my), Stoneburner (St. Xavier), Bonner (St. Xavier), Habel (St. Xavier), BIHner (MeetKeefe (Ursuline), Miller (Lakota:East), Mille ler), lvey (Fairfield), Roebuck (Wyoming), (Anderson), Keatl,g St. Ull;ula), Gebharc jijasmeler (Sycamore), Tamerls (Syca(St. Ursula), MacKcs (Ursullne)dUrsullne; more), Kosclanskl (Wyoming), Carrlga, Albin (Talawanda), Stakelln (Ursuline) (Mariemont), Stephens (Hamilton). Dllz Munay (Mercy), ~esen (lebanon), RetU (Oak Hills), Wlillams (Elder), Hogg (Tala(Walnut H!lls), Tamerls (Sycamore), Jank· wanda), Thomas {Mariemont); .Graessle (Colerain), Glbb (Sycamore}, Brown (Mil (}ijngs), Wood (Princeton), Chlccte (MatOld), Snider (Amola), Snow (Lakota East) son), Aukstuolls (Sycamore}, Mohan (AnLundstedt (Syca~ore), ,Fellows (Princeton) derson), Mum fOld (Oak Hills), Keller (SycSchildknecht (Mt. Notre Dame). amore}, McGing (Moeller), R. !Schramm 200 Freestyle· Relay: Ursuline (Roger Bacon) 2:2.14, C. Schramm (Rog~ Princeton, Oak.HIIIs, St. Ursula, Sycamore cr Bacon), Smith (Lakota East), Bomstein Anderson. Mt. Notte Dame,. Lakota West (Talawanda), Schapiro {lndl~n Hill), Milford, Lakota East, McAuley, Ta!awanda Rasch (Fairfield) 2:15.12. Mason, Seton, Colerain, Middletown, Wal so. Freeetyll>: Glardlna (Wyoming), ·nut Hils. Byrnes (Wyoming), Orjue!a (Madeira), 100 Bacl<lltroko: Fessel (St. Ursu· Witte (Sycamore), Blohm (Wilmington), Ia), Tomes (Anderson), Vogel (Mt. Notr< Supo (Lakota West), Bolschel (St. Xavier) Dame) Bulla •(Ursuline), Bernstein (Syca 22.83, Sames (St. Xavlef).r Sloneker more), Nunn. ,(Loveland},· MacKos. {Ursu· (Badin), Goettke (St. .Xavier),: Huizenga line), Ross (Princeton), Keener (WalnUI (Andersen), Bergeron (Talawanda), AnHils), Schwanz (Mason), Robertson (Ursu· derson (lakota West), Flynn (La Salle), line), Busse (Lakota west), Bartlere (UrsuSchrlder (Wyoming), Ventus (Milford), tine), Shoupe !!Princeton), King (Mason), Moffat (Cincinnati Counlly Day), Steinc bill (S 1 51 (0 k Hill 1 p 1 hauer (Milord), Wood (Ftnnoytown), Ble1a':c. (Ha~~r.J:).r~;ls~~~'{Mc~uley)~ /;,0~; ler (Sycam. Ole), Wray (Eider),.'Dellor (St. (Lakota East),•.llischner (Sycamore)•. Xavier). 100 Butterfly: Carothers (St. Xa~100 Breaststroke: Grace (St. UrsU· er), Marty Tomes (Anderson), Klasmeler Ia), Cooper (Ursuline), Clay (Mount Notre (Sycamore), Tanner (St. Xavier), Raszka Dame), Lipari (Ursuline), Phillips (Syca{Middletown), Nettling {Lebanon), Marcy more), Howell (Ursl.lline}, DendramJs (Syca~ (Fairfield); Bingham (Sl xavier), Herdemore), Gartner (St. ursula), Schnur (Oak man (Moeller), Roebuck (Wyoming), WetHills), Witte (Sycamore), Pass (Princeton), terich (Lakota West), Kosclanskl (WyoHewes (Mason).Chong (Morey), Mciver mlng), Hardesty (St. Xavier), Llmouzo (Princeton), Busse (Lakota West), Betts (Wyoming), Graessle (Kings), Thoman (Winton Wccd1), Tracey (Loveland), Butler (Mariemont), Hanman (Princeton), Leo(Mt. Notre Dame), Burke (Lakota West), ney (Waynesville), Wood (Anneytown> Clul (Ursuline), Tedtman (Oak Hills), Mcntl Magnus (Moeller), Schildknecht (Roger (Lakota wast), Huff (Talawenda), Schild· Bacon), Miller (Anderson), Thomas (Maknecht (MI. Notre Dame), Zertlnl (Prlncerlemont), GOdfrey (Springboro), Schapiro ton), Varner (Middletown), Williams (St. Ur(lnd~n Hill), Fraley (Oak Hills), Hogg (Tasula Academy). lawanda), Mohan (Anderson), Rolf (Ei400 Freestyle Ratay: Ursuline, St. der), R ub 1nFsrteeelns~~•enByHmllless).(•Wycmlng), ursula Academy, Sycamore, Oak Hills, Anderson, Prlnc.eton, Mt. Notre Dame, Lakota O~uela (Madeira), Tiemeler (La 5al!e}, West, Maso~,: Milford; Mercy, Talawanda, Barnes (St. Xavier}, N~ubauer (Syca& Loveland, Walnut Hills, McAuley, Lebanon, more), Marcy (Fairfield), Henkel (WyoCOlerain, LaKQta West. mlng), Witte (Sycamore), Bingham (St. ' Division 11 , Xavier), Keene (Lakota West); Supo (LaDiving: Dlvmg-1 Emily Hunter !!In· kola West), Lawrence JLakota East), dian H111367.25 2 B~ttany Hi1191ndlan HIU Goottko (St. Xavier), Glar Ina (Wyoming), 345.30 3 Ami Kenny 10 Indian Hill 319.15 Bergeron (Talawanda), And~on (Lakota 4 saran Wy~nt 11 Ross 304.55 5 Rachel West), Sioneker (Badin), Sawdener (TayKosclanskl 9 Wyoming 286.35. 6 Erlr • tor> Utah (St. Xavier), Huizenga (AnderParker 12 Turpin 252.30 7 Aubrey Uppen son), Ventus (Milford/, Sohngen (MeN~ 10 Wyoming 247.15 8 Sarica Zlmmermar c:holas}, Steinhauer Mllford), Osborne 11 Cincinnati Hills 245 so 9 Meredith LanE (Anderson), Ventus (MIKcrd). , , : ltbJ ~- ·•uo·Fre·nlYIF-Nead jCim>inifa11· .~d.L-Wyomlng 238.20 -llJit.Hu Mon.lG..~ Hills christian Acade.;y), McCollum (FairEdl!eWccd 210.10 12 Leigh Ebelhar .. IC 'field> Marty Tomes (Anderson), Hoffman Mariemont 204.65 13 Amy Zoch 10 Marl~ (Summit Country Day), Ramsom (St. Xa· mont 204.40 14 Laura Ward 10 Marievier}, Cramer (St. Xavier), Davis (Ander· mont 203.00. 15 Davis Huffman 11 Wyo· son}, Habel (St. Xavier), Chute (Andermlng 202.15:16 Tessa Battoclette 9 Clart son}, Becker'· (St. Xavier), l<rone Montessori 198.90 17 Mandy Menche J, (CinclnnaH Counlly Day), Browning (Tur· Badin 197.70 19 Mollssa Mikita .lllndlar pin), Sparks (Andernon), Llmouze (WyoHili 171.30 20 Emily Resnik II Marlemcrr mlng), Mumford (Oak Hills), Strasser 147.00.22 ,Syl:wla Ballinger 10 Edgewoo[ (Roger Bacon), Keller (Sycamore), Wal122.35 ·' lace (Princeton), Whipkey (Mason), Clfferl 200 Modtey Relay: Indian Hill, Cln· (Talawanda}, Swadener (Taylor), Leppert clnnati Hills Christian Academy,·rurp!n (Princeton), Jones (Sycamore), Flick Kings, Badin; Taylor, Roger Bacon, Nor· (Badin), Rutz (Princeton), Parker (Sycawood, Ma~"")ont. . .. . more), Niehaus (Elder), Lancaster (Oak 200 Freeetylei Bockstlegel (Madel H!lls}, Hartmann (La Salle), Rasch (Fatr~ . ra), Murphy :[Madeira), Olson (Mariemont) field), Jones (Sycamore), Hartman (ReidNovakov (Madeira), Manon! (Sp~ngboro) field). · . Jamie ROdriguez (Indian Hill), Summer! 200 Freestyle Relay: Wyoming, (Cincinnati Hl!ls ChrlsHan Academy> The~ St. Xavier, La Salle, Sycmore, Anderson, bald (Wyoming), 'Gamer (Turpin), McKinle) Oak Hills, Mariemont, Reger Bacon, Elder, (Turpin), Dow (Wyoming), Voekell (Kings) Lakota East, M:lford, P~nceton, Turpin, Bauer (Kings), McNeil (Turpin), Bunn (Tur· Moe!1er, Lakota West. pin), Blrdwel!i!Monroe). 100 Backstroke: Hardesty (St. , 200 lhdlvldual M~ley: Brockmar Xavier), Michael ~ames (Anderson), (WIIIIamsbufg), Shafer (Wyoming), Mens! French (St. Xavier), Blohm (Wilmington), (Badin), Gloseker (Wyoming), Davis (Tur Bonner (St. Xavier), Toman (Mariemont), pin), Yeakley, (Wilmington), Glynn (Bethel Tanner {St. Xavier}, Herdeman (Moeller), Tate), 'ShlnSato (Batavl~}. HutchlnsoJ . Groen (Kings), Henkel (Wyomln), Ste- . c.e(Roger Bacon), Mortis (Badin),. Wysont ' • phens (Hamilton), Bittner (Moeller), Hart· (Fenwick) Hard~ (Badin) MOler (Marie man.(Prfnceton),,WOod (Princeton}, Wet~., . ' ' ' · ' terlch (Oak Hllfs)/· Chilcote {Maso·n),·- mont}, .Raab; (Waynesvl~e}, Mo~e (Marie Sparks {Anderson), Jones (Elder), Gantz- · mont). ; . . . er (Oak Hills), Trame (Sycamore), Papania SO Freestyle: Ca~ey (Indian Hill) 1 (La Salle), Wasserman (Milford), Godkey MJ,Ier (Madeira); Clukey· (Mariemont), HI! 1Sprlngboro). (indian Hill), Peppers (Turpin), Johnsor 100 Br (Wilmington), Smith (Wyoming), Kosclan Green (Kings ski (Wyoming), Korte (Taylor), Roo (lndlar Janszon (St. Hill), Hlr!Zel()'/)'cmlng), Hinshaw (McNicho er) Schrlder las), 6.96 13 Jeffcoat (Ba~n), ShOrt (Mid ' dtet~- Madison}, Schlillng (Turpin), C_ract [Springboro), Sccok (Springboro), Can!· (Seven Hills)', Tatsuno (Cincinnati Countr: gan (Mariemont), Magnus (Moeller), Day). . . . :, Aukstuclls (Sycamore), Wray (Elder), Dllz 100 BUtterfly: Wray (Monroe), Hu [Oak Hills), Chute (Anderson), smith (La· neke (Cin~lnnati Country Day), ·onaltl! kota East), Schildknecht (Ruger Bacon}, (Badin), Herd (Cincinnati Hills .Chrlst_lal Hall {Princeton), Mathers (Purcell Marian), Academy}i Orjueia (Madeira}, ~eichtne Mon. tanG< (Edgewood), Jack.son (Elder), (Roger BaCOn}, Jamle Rodriguez .{lndiaJ Sorokln (Sycamore), Huseman (Oak Hill), C!tav!si (Kings), Clukey '(Ma'rlemonl) Hills), Slener (Elder). Robison (Wilmington), Raab (Waynesville) 400 Freestyle RelaY: St. xa,.ler, Dlers!ng (NOrwood), Crace (Seven :Hills; Wyoming, Anderson, Lakota West, Fair- · Tatsuno (CinclnnaU Country Day), Monl field, La Salle, Sycamore, Moeller, Oak (Badin), Horne (Wyoming); Stetner (Middle Hills, Princeton, Milford, Elder, Talawantown Fenwick}, Gambill (Carlisle)', Reyn!l!d da, Badin, Mason, Roger Sacon, Spring~ (Wyoming): · · · boro, Turpi~.IRLS SWIMMING 100 Ffeestyle: Carey (Indian Hili: Cincinnati Dlstrk:t Qualifiers Boci(Stleger. (Madeira), Schmidt (l<lngs) Division 1 Wray· (Mon\oe), Miller (Madeira), Smlt Diving: Moister (McAuley), Maranda (Wyoming),' Hlrtzel (Wyoming), Pepper (Falrlleid), Sylvester (Sycamore), Lampo (Turpin), Novakov (Madeira), Johnsen (WI! (McAuley), Anderson (Fairfield), Brenner mlngton), .Ballard (Indian HIIQ, Thecbal (Colerain), Cretcher {St. Urs~la), Resetar~ (Wyoming), :Hinshaw (McNicllolas), Stale tis (Mt Notre Dame), Hegman (S1. Ursu(Wilmington). Fernandez (Madeira), .Jell Ia), Thiele (WBinut Hll!s), Gay (Seton),Farr coat (Badin), Hesser (Cincinnati Countr . ·(Sycamore), Packer (McAuley), Kirschner Oay). (Sycamore), Boeing (St. Ursula), Griffin 500 Freestyle: Jackie Rodriguez (lo (Talawanda), Christoph (walnut Hlils), Dl- .c dian Hili), Murphy (Madeira), Olson (Marie masse (Sycll'liore), Cavanon (Oak Hills), mont}, Klllg (Indian Hill), Mens_e (Badin: Barnard (Ursui!ne). Huneke ( Cincinnati Country Day), Glyn 200 Medley Relay:' Ursuline, St. (Bethel-Tate), Summers (Cincinnati Hill Ursula; Mount Notre Dame, Oak H!!is, Christian Academy), McKinley (Turpin; Sycamore. Princeton; lakota West, Ma· Gamer (TUrpin), Grossman (Purcell Mari son, Lakota East, Talawanda, Milford, l y kel! (}ij 1 01 · n (N d Loveland, Seton, Mercy, Walnut H!11s, an • oc . . ngs • _erslno orwoo . Lebanon, Anderson. • Dow (Wyoming), McNeil (Turpin), Bun • 00 (Turpin). · . · · 200 Freestyle Relay: Madeira, Wj • Freestyle: Myers (Ur.;ullne), Bat! (St. Ursula), Keaung·:·(st. Ursula), omlng, Indian Hill, Mariemont, Wllmlngtor Greiner (Ursuline), l<roeger (Oak HI!!S), Turpin, Roger Bacon, Cincinnati countr l<eefe (Ursuline), French (Ursuline}, Keat· lng (St. ·ursula), Miller .'(Anderson), Day, Taylor, Norwood. Webber (Lakota West), Riesen 100'Backstroke: Schmidt (}ijngs• (Lebanon), Muiray (Mercy); Pearson Herd (Cinctnnau Hlils Academy_ (Princeton), Hess (Sycamore), Raabe Ballard (Indian Hill), G~seker- (Wyoming (P~nceton), Rettig (Walnut Hills), Brown Da~s (Turpin), Onaltls (Badin), Yeakle (Milford), Janke (Colerain), Fellows (Wilmington), Chavis (Kings), Manor (Princeton), Klus (Anderson), G!bb (Syca(Sprlngb~rOJ, Mll!ei'(Marlemont), Raa more), Foster (Anderson), Habel (St. Ur· (Waynesv!l!e)o OrjueJa {Madeira), Grubt su~). Schoenling (Mciluley), Ladd (Ame(Turpin), Green (Cincinnati HU!s CMstla ila). Academy), Home (Wyoming), Luken (Ta) 200 Individual Medley: Tomes tor), Gambill (Cartlsle). · (Anderon), Vogel (Mt. ·Notre Dame), 100 Broaststroke: Jackie Rod~gue Schaberg (Oak Hills), Krallman (Ursuline), (Indian Hill), Brockman (WIItlamsbur!f. Hagen (Ursuline), Miller (Lakota East), AI· Shlnsato (Batavia), King (Indian Hill: bin (Talawanda}, Barblere (Ursuline}; S!e· Felchtner :{Roger Bacon), Rauen (Turpin: mer (Sycamore), Starr (lakota West); Shafer (Wyoming); .Schilling (Turpin), .EO Mcivor (Princeton), Hewes (Mason), glngton (Wyoming), Raab (Waynesville; Schwartz (Mason), Witt a (Sycamore), Hutchinson: (Roger .Bacon), Toplts (Cinclr. Gebhardt (St. Ursula), Robertson (Ursu• naH Hills ,Christian Academy), Denllnfl£ line), DendramiS (Sycamore), Siemer (Wilmington), Wysong (Fenwick), Bauo (Oak Hills), Bertke (Lakota East), Butler (Kings), Grogan (Turpin), Robison (WI! (M. Notre Dame), Phillips (Sycamore); mlngton). • ·•. . Bailey (lakota East), Snider (Amelia), •oo Freestyle Relay: Madelra,lndl Burke (lakota West), Betts (Winton an Hlii,··Mariemont,;.WJimlngton, Kings, Wy Woods), Zerbinl (Princeton), Tedtman omtng, Turpin, Badin, Cincinnati H!Hs Chris (Oak Hills), tlan Academy, Cincinnati Country Day 50 Freestyle: Lipari (Ursuline); Taylor. ·

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Moeller High School 2001-02 Swimming & Diving Articles  
Moeller High School 2001-02 Swimming & Diving Articles