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3/11/14 4:46 PM

Dear Guests: Thank you for joining Moeller in our effort to “Make a Difference for a Crusader!” It is truly a lofty goal that we take on, but one that is profound and urgent. Financial aid for families wishing to send their sons to Moeller is one of our school’s biggest challenges. In this 2013-14 school year alone, we were able to only meet 47% of the demonstrated need on the part of our families applying for financial aid. Simply put, I can think of no more imminent threat to the long-term viability of Moeller High School than an inability to keep our amazing community available to as many families as possible. Rarely does your generosity have so much potential to impact others. Together with other alumni, parents, past parents, faculty, staff and friends, your presence here tonight and your support of our Main Event Fund-A-Need create a vital and absolutely necessary resource for Moeller. To our co-chairs, Rich & Kathy Chennell and Tim & Lynda Mackey, all our house parents and executive volunteer chairs, I offer a very heartfelt thank you! Your willingness and ability to take on this challenge and support our mission is the dedication that many schools and organizations can only dream about. I’d also like to thank the entire development team, especially Louise Hoelker, Betsy Morgan, and Jenny Lefke for their commitment to Moeller and our Main Event. This year has brought on many unique challenges for them, but there wasn’t a day that they didn’t offer additional assistance for a project or strive to make this particular gathering of the Moeller Family a night worthy of our extraordinary Men of Moeller. Thank you for the gift that is you and all you do for Moeller High School.

Bill Hunt President

Matching Challenge $205,000! We are again blessed to have an anonymous donor for our 2014 Main Event Matching Challenge of $205,000! Raise your paddles during the Fund-A-Need portion of our Live Auction and a very generous donor will match dollar for dollar when we reach $205,000! We want any young man who dreams of becoming a Man of Moeller to be able to do so without having a family’s financial situation be the only deterrent. For one third of our families, that choice to become a Man of Moeller depends on the generosity of others. Last year alone, more than $1,000,000 was awarded in the form of scholarships and financial assistance. The Fund-A-Need allows every guest to make a direct cash donation benefiting tuition assistance at Moeller High School. Help us reach our goal by raising your paddle at this year’s Main Event!

This is an excellent opportunity to Make A Difference For A Crusader !


Dear Moeller Family, Thank you for giving us a chance to co-chair the 2014 Main Event! It has been an honor and a pleasure to work with the Moeller staff and volunteers for such a terrific cause. We really didn’t know anyone coming into Moeller. We now count the past eight years (Chad ’10 and Cody ’14) as the best and most enjoyable years of raising our children. The key, for both student and parent, is to get involved! We got involved, met people that will be lifelong friends and who embraced us into the Moeller family like we never could have imagined. Moeller has a warm and welcoming atmosphere that is like sitting in a nice cozy family room versus schools that feel like a formal, sterile doctor’s office. For these and many more reasons, we are eternally grateful for what Moeller has offered our sons. Moeller has so many different opportunities to participate for both the students and parents. Our boys have been able to participate in the learning language differences program. If Moeller didn’t offer this program, our boys would have attended the local public school and might not have turned into the fine young men they are today. Chad and Cody have been able to participate in a variety of volunteer activities, the Australian Exchange Program, and four different varsity sports. Thank you for being a part of this great school and your support of the Men of Moeller. We are all making a difference – you did tonight, just by being here. Cody ‘14, Lynda, and Tim Mackey

Tim and Lynda Mackey

To All Members of Our Moeller Family, We are thrilled to work as co-chairs for the 2014 Main Event. When our boys (Ian and Will ’14) were in 7th grade, we met Bro. Ron at an informal gathering. We talked with parents and Moeller students that night and we will never forget how inviting and kind everyone was to our family. It was clear to us that this well-established and respected academic school could offer much more to our family. As we got closer to making that “high school decision,” our boys knew that the excitement they witnessed at Moeller was distinctly different than other area schools. Our boys loved the house system, the diversity, and just felt more comfortable at Moeller. They knew it was the best fit for them and their sense of belonging (and ours) was immediate. Ian and Will have played many different sports. They got involved with Shantytown and Relay for Life, among other volunteer programs. They have grown so much from these activities and made lifelong friends. There is virtually an educational need and interest for each – in a very challenging and competitive environment. The Moeller community we found is something that will last a lifetime for us. From the tailgating nights to the fashion shows - we have gained far more out of these four years than we could have ever envisioned. It has been a great four years and we could not have asked for anything more for Ian and Will. Thank you for being part of our “Make a Difference” year for Moeller High School…you will make a difference! Rich and Kathy Chennell 3

Rich, Ian ‘14, Kathy, and Will ‘14 Chennell

Honor Roll of Main Event Chairs 1986 A Spring Fantasy

2000 Turn of the Century

Ruth and Barry Bucher

Joanne and Mark Sweeney Bro. Ron Luksic (Honorary)

1987 Run for the Roses Nancy and Fred Habegger Carol and Mark Manley

2001 Midnight at the Oasis Lisa and Mike Sylvester Debi and Norm Cass - Advisors Rose Eckhoff (Honorary)

1988 Under the Big Top Mary Ann and Carey Fitzpatrick Eileen and Jim Simon

2002 Life in the Fast Lane Mikki and Bill Lukens Paula and Tim Murray Bob Schmitt (Honorary)

1989 New Year’s Eve on Times Square Elaine and Bob Birrell Dottie and Bob Meyer

2003 There’s No Place Like Moeller

1990 An Evening in Paradise

Katie and Casey Huber Mickey and Jerry Schonhoft Nancy and Tom Reisert Nancy and Chris Chalifoux Kathy and Chris Albrecht The Marianist Community (Honorary)

Sylvia and Bob Steltenpohl Sylvia and Mick Thiel

1991 The Splendor of Rome Marilyn and John McPhillips Sally and Ron Schmitt

2004 Cheer, Cheer for Our Moeller High Cathy and Steve Wunder Pam and Mike Farrell Sue and Dean Meiszer Debbie and John Belza Dan Ledford (Honorary)

1992 Gems of the Orient Karen and Bill Fye Terri and Mike Wolfer

1993 Flappers ‘N Jazz Arlene and Bob Niehaus Diane and Tom Niehaus

2005 Star Studded Crusade Nancy and Tom Urban Sheila and Dan Ankney Nancy and Jim Donnellon Barbara and Carl Reisen

1994 Hooray for Hollywood Trisha and Ted Leugers Jim Leugers

2006 Somewhere in Time

1995 Celebrate the Tenth Anniversary

Sue & Lance Layman - Eveslage Debbie Roberts - Eveslage Portia & Earl Blanks - Pillar Ruthanne & Bob Werner - Quiroga Diane & Mike Albrinck - Quiroga Peggy & Dave Schlueter - Trinity Sarah & Chris Tardio - Zaragoza Kim & Jim Hartman - Zaragoza Kathy & Allen Vonderhaar - Zehler Beth & Rick Sunderman - Zehler Pat & Bruce Buckley (Honorary)

Pat and Bruce Buckley June and Tom Fitz Ruth and Barry Bucher (Honorary)

1996 Salute the Blue & Gold Debi and Norm Cass Gaye and Kent Wellbrock Marlene and Gerry Faust (Honorary)

1997 Treasures of the Sea Kathy and Tom Murphy Jan and Pat Brown Bro. Charles Wanda (Honorary)

2007 Pirates of the Caribbean Sue & Lance Layman - Eveslage Karen & Larry Kuhlman - Eveslage Portia & Earl Blanks - Pillar Cathy & Jim Holmes - Pillar Liz & Tom Knipper - Quiroga Sue & Mark McGrath - Quiroga Peggy & Dave Schlueter - Trinity Jill & Dean Yates - Zaragoza Marty & Mike Lopinto - Zehler Karen & Dave Naber - Zehler Celia & Bill Carroll (Honorary)

1998 A Romantic Evening in Italy Lily and Dan Shannon Carol and Paul O’Brien Fr. Joseph Tedesco (Honorary)

1999 The Emerald Isle Kathy and Bruce Patterson Mary Lou and Mark Doran Bro. Robert Flaherty (Honorary)


Honor Roll of Main Event (cont’d.) Chairs 2012 Moetown

2008 An Evening at the Races

Susan & Paul Abeln - Eveslage Kathy & Rich Chennell - Eveslage Judy & Louis Cavallaro - Pillar Monica & Alan Riney - Pillar Susan & Mike Schmitt - Pillar Louise & Joe Hoelker - Quiroga Connie & Sam Malone - Quiroga Jeri & Steve Lynch - Quiroga Patty & John Hidy - Trinity Lisa & Dan Wampler - Trinity Beth & Steve Wright - Trinity Lisa & Dom Iacovone - Zaragoza Joan & Pete Seibenick - Zaragoza Theresa & Chris Hoffer - Zehler Mary & Cecil Solomon - Zehler Stacie & Joe Asbrock - (Honorary)

Judy & Bob Schmitt - Eveslage Laurie & Patrick Joyce - Pillar Cathy & Jim Holmes – Pillar Linda & Curt Curran - Quiroga Liz & Tom Knipper - Quiroga Peggy & Dave Schlueter - Trinity Jill & Dean Yates - Zaragoza Karen & Mike Haggerty - Zaragoza Mary & Chris Morrison - Zehler Laura & Scott Williams - Zehler Barbara & Carl Reisen (Honorary)

2009 Around the World in One Night Peggy & Dave Schlueter - Mentors Cheryl & Jeff Grotjan - Eveslage Patty & Randy Hanes - Eveslage Christie & Scott Hau - Pillar Laurie & Patrick Joyce - Pillar Kim & Joe Fishback - Quiroga Liz & Tom Knipper - Quiroga Diane & David Markgraf - Trinity Chris & Mark Rippe - Trinity Lisa & Dom Iacovone - Zaragoza Joan & Pete Seibenick - Zaragoza Nancy & Tom Urban - Zaragoza Kathleen & Chuck Bracken - Zehler Kathy & Mike Gatio - Zehler Linda & Curt Curran (Honorary)


2013 An Evening In Tuscany Dave & Karen Carlin - Eveslage Rich & Kathy Chennell - Eveslage Bob & Peggy Gigax - Eveslage Mike & Stephanie Hackman - Pillar Mike & Susan Schmitt - Pillar David & Cathy Statzer - Pillar Kevin & Betty Fox - Quiroga Ken & Lori Kuhn - Quiroga Steve & Jeri Lynch - Quiroga Cecil & Mary Solomon - Zehler John & Patty Hidy - Trinity Dan & Lisa Wampler - Trinity Steve & Beth Wright - Trinity Tom & Naancy Griga - Zaragoza Dan & Lisa Hensler - Zaragoza Rick & Ginger Ittenbach - Zaragoza Chuck & Kathleen Bracken - Zehler George & Cindy Pilipovich - Zehler Chris & Theresa Hoffer - Honorary Dom & Lisa Iacovone - Honorary

Silver Anniversary Stacie & Joe Asbrock - Eveslage Patty & Randy Hanes - Eveslage Leigh & Joe Scheidler - Eveslage Laurie & Patrick Joyce - Pillar Monica & Alan Riney - Pillar Judy & Lou Cavallaro - Pillar Jeri & Steve Lynch - Quiroga Louise & Joe Hoelker - Quiroga Chris & Mark Rippe - Trinity Joan & Alvin Roehr - Trinity Mary Pat & Brian Brennan - Zaragoza Joan & Pete Seibenick - Zaragoza Lisa & Dom Iacovone - Zaragoza Theresa & Chris Hoffer - Zehler Sally & Mike Chambliss - Zehler Liz & Tom Knipper (Honorary) Kris & Dan Neyer (Honorary

2014 Make A Difference For A Crusader Terry & Diane Byrnes - Eveslage Dave & Karen Carlin - Eveslage Scott & Jen Davis - Eveslage Mike & Stephanie Hackman - Pillar Rob & Ginger Recker - Pillar Alan & Monica Riney - Pillar Kevin & Betty Fox - Quiroga Ken & Lori Kuhn - Quiroga Bill & Jeannie Nartker - Quiroga Tony & Kathie Butz - Trinity Tom & Stephanie Quehl - Trinity Steve & Beth Wright - Trinity Tom & Nancy Griga - Zaragoza Dan & Lisa Hensler - Zaragoza Rick & Ginger Ittenbach - Zaragoza Bill & Marsha Blount - Zehler George & Cindy Pilipovich - Zehler Cecil & Mary Soloman - Zehler Rich & Kathy Chennell - Honoary Tim & Lynda Mackey - Honorary


2011 The Big Moe Five-0 Susan & Paul Abeln - Eveslage Stacie & Joe Asbrock - Eveslage Kathy & Rich Chennell - Eveslage Judy & Lou Cavallaro - Pillar Monica & Alan Riney - Pillar Susan & Mike Schmitt - Pillar Louise & Joe Hoelker - Quiroga Connie & Sam Malone - Quiroga Jeri & Steve Lynch - Quiroga Patty & John Hidy - Trinity Lisa & Dan Wampler - Trinity Beth & Steve Wright - Trinity Lisa & Dom Iacovone - Zaragoza Bethe & Marc Orlando - Zaragoza Joan & Pete Seibenick - Zaragoza Theresa & Chris Hoffer - Zehler LeAnn & Joe Quinlan - Zehler Kathleen & Chuck Bracken - Zehler Patty & Randy Hanes (Honorary) Leigh & Joe Scheidler (Honorary)


Evening Schedule 5:00 PM

Mass Celebrant - Fr. Chris Coleman Mass coordinators - Pastoral Ministry Executive Board, Anita Pappalardo Music - Jim Balbach, Moeller Men’s Chorus Members

6:00 PM

Registration and silent auction opens Enjoy appetizers and open bar Live auction items on display Use your smart phones to place bids on all our fun silent auction items! Check out our new catagories:

Almost Live • All About Moeller • Championship Corner Everything Else • M”o”emories! 7:30 PM

Dinner seating begins Opening prayer - Bro. Ron Luksic Welcome - Bill Hunt, President Dinner is served

8:00 PM

Let the Crusader Games begin! Join our auctioneer, Doug Sorrell, and our 2014 co-chairs, Rich & Kathy Chennell and Tim & Lynda Mackey as they lead you through our fun and exciting raffle games: Crusader Quick Draw Card Game Ten Times Raffle Tuition/Cash Raffle

GRAB YOUR PADDLES FOR OUR EXCITING LIVE AUCTION! Winning baskets will be distributed to the tables First Bidder Frenzy 9:15 PM 10:00 PM

Silent auction closes Your smart phone will notify you if you are the winner Check-out 6

Menu Hors d ’oeuvres Prosciutto Wrapped Seasonal Melon Toasted Cheese Ravioli with Marinara Antipasto Skewer with Marinated Artichoke, Sundried Tomatoes, Mozzarella, and Olives Bruschetta with Fresh Tomatoes, Basil, Garlic, and Balsamic Vinaigrette Antipasto Platter with Cured Meats, Italian Cheeses, Olives, Pepperocini, and Herb Infused Dressing

Salad House salad with rolls

Entrée Savannah Stuffed Chicken (boneless chicken breast stuffed with ham, cheese, and spinach) Yukon Gold Roasted Potatoes with Fresh Herbs and Garlic Green Beans with Sundried Tomatoes and Red Onions

Dessert Cheese cake with Blueberry or Lemon Topping

Beverages Open bar Coffee, decaffeinated coffee, sweet or regular iced tea

Purpose of the Main Event The Main Event is the largest annual fundraising event for Archbishop Moeller High School. The proceeds support the Tuition Assistance Program. This program helps us ensure that Moeller continues to have a healthy enrollment. Keeping the school full enhances the quality of your son’s education through continued challenging academics, competitive sports and program enhancements, as well as help to ensure other deserving students receive the gift of a Moeller education through Moeller’s Tuition Assistance Program. The monies generated from this evening of goodwill and fun are a vital component to serving the needs of all of our students.


Main Event Sponsors Men of Moeller Sponsor

Hackman Financial Services - Mike & Stephanie Hackman US Fabrics - Dan & Kim Bonn

Blue/Gold Sponsor

Charley & Tracy Blum

Marianist Sponsor

Bartlett & Co.

Chaminade Sponsor

IHS Pharmacy - Steve & Amy Weeks

Crusader Sponsor

Bahl & Gaynor Investment Counsel Frank’s AutoBody CARSTAR - David Brinkmann Ellis Hummel Family Dr. Paul and Carita Kollman MSA Architects Dr. Mark Manley & Annette Januzzi Wick Superior Environmental Solutions Tree Care Inc., Nick Lefke

Go Big Moe Sponsor Ameritas Life Insurance Apex Eye D. William Lange, DMD Orthodontics Alan L. Laub, D.D.S. Chuck & Sally Nugent Truepoint Capital ZD Management, Inc. - Pamela Zipperer-Davis


Important Tax Information The IRS requires that Moeller High School inform contributors & benefactors as to the deductibility of payments & donations made by patrons for fundraising. The following are guidelines to assist you in your tax preparation. 1. Dinner Tickets – Each dinner ticket is tax deductible to the extent it exceeds the fair market value of the meal, which is $85. 2. Raffle Tickets – No deductibility. 3. Gifts purchased at the auction are deductible for amounts paid in excess of the fair market value of each gift. 4. Cash Contributions – All cash contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. 5. Gift Contributions – Contributions of gifts are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. For non-cash property donations, it is advised that you consult your tax professional since the IRS has specific requirements for filing, which may apply to you (e.g. an official appraisal may be warranted if the value of an item exceeds $5,000). 6. The paid auction invoice should serve as your official receipt of items purchased at the auction. 7. The value set forth for each item is a “good faith estimate,” set by the donor, as required by the IRS. You may deduct only what is paid in excess of each gift’s fair market value. Archbishop Moeller High School 9001 Montgomery Road Cincinnati, OH 45242 (513) 791-1680

Express Checkout and Item Pick Up Express checkout will be noted on your nametag if applicable. You must stop at the check-out table to get a print out of your winnings to claim your items. This allows you to claim the items you won at the conclusion of the Main Event directly at the table where the item was displayed - no need to go to the checkout room. All charges will be applied to your designated credit card the following week, and a statement will be mailed to you. If you have not signed up for express checkout yet, please stop in the checkout room with a credit card on Saturday before 8 PM. If you do not wish to utilize the express checkout, please stop in the checkout room with payment (cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover). You will receive a receipt for your items and use that to pick up all the items you purchased. 9

Main Event Committees Steering Committee Co-chairs Rich & Kathy Chennell Tim & Lynda Mackey

Committee Coordinators

Main Event Staff

Fund-A-Need Video IT Support Website Support Adult Volunteers Catalog Designer Catalog Editorial Assts. Catalog/Invitations Auction Floor Mgrs. Basket Raffle BidPal Coordinator Decorations Graphic Designer Live Auction Recorders Mass Pack Up Registration Silent Auction Set Up Silent Auction Storage Sponsorships What’s In YOUR Purse?

Louise Hoelker - Director of Special Events Betsy Morgan - Assistant Director of Special Events Jenny Lefke - Coordinator of Special Events Gavin Gray, Ben Rigney ‘15, Kyle Metzger ‘15 Ginny Bauer, Chris Anne Gaier, Kevin Wood Bill Kohus, Jr. ‘98, Johanna Kremer Lori Kuhn Betsy Morgan Louise Hoelker, Jenny Lefke CPS Printing Doug & Lisa Dockus, Dave & Sue Bault Patricia Franklin, June Josephson Anita Pappalardo Kim Bonn Ric Messina Robin Jones, Kelly Wilder Anita Pappalardo Tim Vanatta ‘77 Tricia Powers, Jim and CeeCee Powers Donna Rice Donna Rice & Jenny Lefke Mike Hackman ‘83, House Parents, Moeller Staff Mary Brooks


Upcoming Events

2014 Moeller Golf Classic Friday, July 18, 2014 Alumni Reunion Weekend

2014 Reunion Weekend for our Moeller graduating classes (ending in 4’s and 9’s)

October 10-11, 2014 For more information , contact Mary Fischer at (513) 791-1310, ext. 1310 or Mom’s Club Fashion Show Thursday, November 20, 2014


Raffles and Games! 12

Back This Year!


Be the first bidder on ANY silent auction item and‌ you could win $200 tonight!


Basket Raffle Purchase tickets and drop into the bags for your chance to win. Use the name labels you received at check-in to easily put your name on these tickets!

$25 for 30 Tickets Winning tickets drawn at 8:40 PM and winning baskets distributed to your table.

Buckeye Bonanza Caffeine Crush Death By Chocolate Fit For You Game Night Gifts From The Hand And The Heart Girls Night Out Go Big Moe Go Daddy God’s Gift I’ll Drink To That! Just Beachy Louise, Betsy, & Jenny’s Favorite Things Love Means Nothing To A Tennis Player Mama Moeller Mystery Basket Porkopolis Palooza Puppy Love Ready, Set, Grow Sit Your Heine Here Tea For Two The Partini Basket To Tweet Or Not To Tweet Viva Italia Wine Not Whine!


Crusader Quick Draw Card Game

Pick a card‌ $15 per card Be the last one standing at the end of the game and win a $500 gift certificate to Kenwood Towne Centre!


Moeller Bowloo p



s ee’ leb


cak e s e

ry cto a eF

rne s

Reach in and pull out a gift certificate guaranteed to be worth at least $25… or higher!!!



Re ga





&N obl

ma s

$25 each pull Target



me D

era Pan

ep o



Moe Wine?

Love your vino? Here’s your chance to get a good bottle of wine, or perhaps even a remarkable bottle, for just $20! 


Pull a number

Once all the numbers are sold, choose a bottle of wine based on the number you pick...#1 goes first, #2, etc.

No wine pulls will be made until all 48 numbers are sold. An announcement will be made when selections begin.


Ten Times Raffle

For a small bet, win ten times that if your ticket is pulled! Bet in increments of: $ 10 bet you win $100 $ 20 bet you win $200 $ 50 bet you win $500

$100 bet you win $1000 Tickets available at your place setting and will be collected by our young Men of Moeller once dinner seating begins! The draw before Live Auction begins.


Tuition/Cash Raffle $25/each or 5/$100

$7,500 credit towards tuition at

Moeller High School for the 2014-2015 school year (or $5,000 cash!)

If raffle does not cover the cost of the prize, there will be a ‘Split the Pot’ awarded. 

Students must meet all necessary admission requirements.

Additional school fees may not be included in the value of this prize. 

Drawing on April 5, 2014, at the Main Event. 

Winner need not be present to win.

Must be redeemed by June 1, 2014. 

Nontransferable. 19

What’s In “YOUR” Purse? $40 / $60

Purchase a purse and enjoy goodies includes a special jewelry surprise! Large selection of stylish bags! Inside you might find: jewelry scarves miscellaneous items! 


It’s A Wine-derful Event! $30/person Join our 2014 Main Event co-chairs Rich and Kathy Chennell & Tim and Lynda Mackey Experience wine tastings and craft beers from Scott Hau and Uncorked at the Spicy Olive. This quaint store in West Chester is the venue for a delightful evening with your Moeller besties as you taste wines from all regions and experience craft beers. Delicious appetizers will be served. Cost:

$40/person or $75/couple


Saturday, September 20


7:30 PM (varsity football plays Friday night in Louisville)


Uncorked at the Spicy Olive 7671 Cox Lane West Chester Space is limited!


Gift Gathering Parties We gratefully acknowledge the following parents who have hosted and co-hosted this year’s gift gathering parties. Thank you!

Senator & Judi Able Beth Asbrock Jim & Julie Beckett John & Ann Boyle Maggie Bruns Rich & Kathy Chennell Kevin & Betty Fox Chris & Amy Gilles Jill Gorley Carl & Leasa Horst Drew & Gwen Horter Courtney King Mike & Karolyn Klever David & Beth Kritz Jen Logue Tim & Lynda Mackey Tom & Mary MacVittie Megan Markey Mark & Lisa Morrow Laura Munz Bill & Jeannie Nartker Mike & Beth Pohlman Chris & Christine Probst James & Donna Rice Jeannie Rosser Bubba & Marjorie Schneider Doug & Judy Schwarz Jerry & Kara Shade Jeff & Monica Sizemore Cindy Werner


Silent Auction Rules

Live Auction Rules

1. On event day (April 5th, 2014) you may receive a text message asking you to join the auction. A link will be provided within the text message to join the auction. With the link, you are able to log in and begin bidding prior to registration. Upon check-in to the event, you will receive your name tag and the registration process for BidPal. For those of you using a smartphone who have already received the text message, please verify you are logged in and ready to go. If you have not yet received the text message please open your internet browser and use (http:// to join the auction. If you did not bring your smartphone, a BidPal Handheld Device may be provided. If you need assistance, please look for a BidPal expert wearing a green BidPal lanyard. 2. Find the item you are interested in by pressing one of the four BLUE buttons on the Smart Phone/BidPal:


The auction will begin about 8:00 PM and continue without interruption until all items have been auctioned. Doors will open at 6 PM in order to give you an opportunity to view the various items prior to bidding.


Payments by the successful bidder should be made at the close of the live auction in the checkout room. Payment may be made with cash, check, Visa, MasterCard or Discover. If you signed up for express checkout your credit card will be billed the following week.


All sales are final and there will be no exchanges or refunds.


Items must be removed on the night of the auction (unless designated) by presenting a paid auction invoice, or your nametag if you signed up for express checkout. Paid auction invoices may be obtained from the checkout room only.


The paid auction invoice will serve as your official receipt for items purchased at the auction. The value set forth for each item is a good faith estimate of the fair market value as required by the IRS.


In cases where more than one bidder shares the cost of a live auction item, a representative from the bidding group must notify the cashier’s office immediately of the participating bidders & their respective share of the cost. Payments for the “group purchase” must be paid in full by midnight, April 5, 2014.


Unless otherwise specified, all auction items and services must be used within one year after April 5, 2014.


Auction items must be removed from the Savannah Center on the evening of the auction unless otherwise noted.

Enter Item Number Items By Category All Items Items with No Bids


4. 5. 6.

Find the item and press ‘Submit Bid’. The next available bid amount is shown, and you can bid that amount or more. You will be asked to ‘Confirm Bid,’ then your bid will be accepted. Once you have submitted a bid, you can enter a max bid. Upon doing so, BidPal will incrementally increase your bid only as much as necessary. You remain the high bidder up to your max bid amount. Note: Only the current high bidder can enter a max bid. If you see a flashing “Outbid” message, press “View My Items” to see what you were outbid on. You can watch an item without placing a bid. After pressing “Watch Item” that item will show up in your View My Items. You can place a bid from that screen. All silent auction bidding will close at 9:15 PM. At that time all of your silent auction winning bids will show on your Smart Phone/BidPal, and at 10 PM the silent auction table captains will be notified of the winning bidders. If you signed up for express checkout you can claim your item at the table with no receipt. If not express checkout, please make payment in the checkout room, and claim your items with your receipt.


7. Any bidder not making arrangements for payment in full with the auction cashier by midnight on April 5, 2014, will forfeit his/her right to purchase the item.

Doug Sorrell (937) 673-2440

8. Items must be removed the night of the auction by presenting a paid auction invoice, or your nametag if you signed up for express checkout. Paid auction invoices may be obtained from the checkout room only. Miamisburg, Ohio

9. Unless otherwise specified, all items and services must be used within one year after April 5, 2014. 10. The paid auction invoice should serve as your official receipt for items purchased at the charity auction. The value set forth for each item is a good faith estimate of the fair market value as requested by the IRS.


Main Event Donors Please patronize the following sponsors who have so kindly supported the Men of Moeller! Daniel & Jacqueline Brenning Jay & Teri Brokamp Brooklyn Pizza Marc & Mary Brooks James & Kathryn Brown Bruegger's Bagel Glenn & Shelley Brunker Jim & Maggie Bruns John & Kathy Bunker Scott & Anne Burandt Tony & Kathie Butz David & Karen Carlin Carpe Diem, Inc./DBA Donatos Pizza John & Kimberly Carroll Richard & Gail Casillo Norm & Debi Cass Matt & Cynthia Chalupsky Michael & Sally Chambliss Richard & Kathy Chennell Robert & Martina Chuey Cincinnati Art Museum Cincinnati Collision CARSTAR Cincinnati Natural Foods Cincinnati Shakespeare Company Mark & Melissa Cinquina Jim & Karen Clark Jeff & Patti Clark Justin Claypool Steve & Therese Cleves Clovernook Country Club Jim & Kathy Cobb Coffee Break Roasting Company Mark & Ann Maria Coghlin James & CeeCee Colllins Kevin & Melissa Conner Tom & Kim Cook Tommy & Pam Cooper Robert & Kimberly Crowley Lisa & Cory Cusmano Dan Druffel, Inc. Landscaping Dandy Products, Inc. Jeffrey & Evelyn Daniel Doug & Aimee Davis Scott & Jen Davis John & Kristi DeCaprio Jay & Beth DeGroft Denny McKeown's Bloomin Garden Center Mark & Casey DeNoma Greg Derus Patrick & Erin DiMuzio Chris & Linda Dobrin Doug & Lisa Dockus Elizabeth Dolle Mark & Mary Lou Doran

A GoGo Event Rentals, LLC A Tavola Trattoria & Bar Paul & Susan Abeln Senator & Judith Able Larry & Janet Allgaier Alpha & Omega Building Services Ameritas Life Insurance Apex Eye, Robert Benza, MD Scott & Angel Apking Archbishop Moeller High School Football Archbishop Moeller High School Hockey Archbishop Moeller High School Basketball Camp Archbishop Moeller High School Lacrosse Archbishop Moeller High School Volleyball Archbishop Moeller High School Wrestling Camp Archbishop Moeller High School Baseball Camp Archbishop Moeller High School Football Camp Archbishop Moeller High School Lacrosse Camp George & KerryArmour Frank & Beth Asbrock Joe & Stacie Asbrock Chris & Coleen Asgian Jack & Jennifer Asher Douglas Baglier Bahl & Gaynor, Inc. Dan & Katy Bair Bradley & Nicole Baldwin Sharon Barone Paul & Kimberly Barron Bartlett & Co. Doug & Kelly Bates Gary & Doreen Bayliff Stephen & Sharon Beck Jim & Julia Beckett Behringer-Crawford Museum at Devou Park Bellarmine University Mike & Laura Benson Bob & Holly Benza Benzie Salon Paul & Stephanie Betz Black's Farm Bill & Marsha Blount Charley & Tracy Blum Rick & Janet Bohne' Dan & Kim Bonn Michael & Sheila Bonner Preston & Nancy Bowles John & Ann Boyle Patrick & Marcia Boyle Chuck & Kathleen Bracken Gregory & Cynthia Braun Jeffrey & Jeanne Brauns Debbie Brazil-Goldstein Brian & Mary Pat Brennan


Main Event Donors This event could not occur without your support. Thanks! Pat & Gail Dorsey Mike & Carol Dowling Susan Eades Dave & Kathy Eckley James & Lisa Edgar Dan & Jamie Eifert Gregg & Karen Eifert Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati ESP Media LLC European Cafe Scott & Ann Everly Angelo & Lillian Fasano Gerry & Marlene Faust Bob & Elaine Fehrenbach Janet Fette Folchi's Fine Men's Apparel and Formal Wear Four Bridges Country Club Cris & Laura Fowler Doreena Fox Kevin & Betty Fox Jim & Mary Frank Greg & Patricia Franklin Frank's Auto Body Carstar Don & Kathleen Frericks Frey Gaede & Company Sharon & David Frey June Frick Jeff & Christine Frick-Myers Friends & Company Salon, Kelly Oliver Bob & Christine Frohman Full Spectrum Health Center, LLC Daniel & Jenny Funk John & Maureen Gallagher Michael & Mary Jo Gates Bill & Debbie Geiger Gregg & Brigitte Gentile Doug & Julie George John & Marie George Michael & Jeta Geraci John & Therese Geyer James & Stacy Giebler Bob & Peggy Gigax Chris & Amy Gilles Giordano's Godbey & Associates Attorneys Deborah Goldstein Todd & Carolyn Graham Todd & Alicia Graves Thomas & Kim Gray Mark & Cathy Greiner David & Gina Greve David & Kat Griffin Griffin Gate Marriott Resort & Spa Mike & Amy Griffith

Geoff & Sharon Griffiths Dan & Julie Gruber Craig & Blake Gustafson Dave & Susan Hack Hackman Financial Services Randy & Randy Hanes Roger & Jo Anna Hanna Peter & Vicki Hausmann Stephen & Patricia Hawkins Jay & Suzanne Hayes John & Beth Heeter Pete & Karen Heister Dan & Lisa Hensler Tom & Elizabeth Hertenstein Pat & Judy Higgins Rob & Smita Himes Jamey & Jacqueline Hobbs Joe & Jean Hodge Joe & Louise Hoelker Chris & Theresa Hoffer Gregg & Shelley Hoffman Roger & Sue Hoffman Harry & Patty Holbert Marty & Tina Hollenbeck James & Janis Holloway Jeff & Elaine Honerlaw Rob & Malea Hornback Carl & Leasa Horst Drew & Gwen Horter Greg & Anna Howell Jim & Amy Hubbard Gary & Beth Huber Matt & Stephanie Hughes The Ellis D. Hummel Family Ellis & Tippy Hummel Pat & Kathleen Hunt Dom & Lisa Iacovone IHS Pharmacy & Wellness Center Colleen Ireton Rick & Ginger Ittenbach Izzy's Ben & Rose Jansen Tom & Trish Jansing Jeff's Driving School Jimmy’s Limousine Steve & Marge Johnston Brad & Heather Jones David & Kimberly Juelg Joseph & Tiffany Jung Joby & Melanie Junker Junko Co. Jima John & Mary Jeanne Kacmarynski Bill & Jennifer Kadon Rob & Kelly Kaiser


Main Event Donors This event could not occur without your support. Thanks! Larry & Hayley Kelly Kent Insurance Agency, Inc., Chris Kent Frank & Terri Kerley Adrienne Kessling John & Elena Keyser Philip & Susie Kies Jeff & Belinda Kindle Kevin & Courtney King Tom & Meg King Kings Island Kimberly Kitchens Mike & Karolyn Klever Tom & Liz Knipper Paul & Carita Kollman Jim & Suzanne Kopcha Lynne Kraemer Verne & Lynn Kreger Paxton Kreger Carl & Johanna Kremer David & Beth Kritz Roger & Pam Kronenberger Ken & Lora Kuhn John & Lisa Kuprionis Keith & Sally Kurz Jan Labbe Ken & Beth LaFountain Mike & Maria Laib Christpher Lamond, Lamond Design Greg & Cindy Lampert Martin & Shari Lamping Michael & Kelly Land Lange & Lange Orthodontics LaRosa's Mt. Healthy/Willdine, Inc. Laub Family Denistry Lazer Craze Greg & Marcia Lechner Jenny Lefke Mark Lefke Ray & Colleen Leonard Mark & Sandy Leuenberger Gisele Loriot-Raymer Jim & Wendy Luers Steve & Jeri Lynch Brian & Cindy Lyons Tim & Lynda Mackey Mackey Financial Group, LLC Tom & Mary MacVittie Macy's Mad Potter - Madeira Madeira Choice Meats Tom & Ann Madsen Maketewah Country Club Pat & Amy Manger Lisa Mangiaracina Mark & Annette Manley

Michael & Sandra Manny Ralph & Michelle Maresco Megan Markey David & Diane Markgraf Thomas & Karen Martino McAlister's Deli Michael & Annette McCall Mike & Vickie McCarty Troy & Maria McCracken Pat & Mary Ellen McCullough Dave & Jenn McDowell John & Diane McGeeney John & Julie McLain-Harper Kevin & Louann McNamara Lynn & Gregg Meece-Schumacher Men’s Warehouse Mark & Janie Mercurio Michael & Jerri Meyer Steve & Mary Kay Meyer Michael Schuster Associates Mike's Express Carwash Christopher & Kathryn Miller Thomas & Janice Miller Bill & Leslie Miller Frank Minnick Michael & Diane Mock Montour Machine Sales Inc. Victor & Julie Morency Pat & Betsy Morgan Jeff & Tina Morris Chris & Mary Morrison Mark & Lisa Morrow David & Barbara Moss Mount Notre Dame High School Tom & Lisa Mullaney Steve & Gail Mullinger Mike & Laura Munz Chris Murray Richard & Cindy Mustard Dave & Karen Naber Thomas & Tamarah Nance Bill & Jeannie Nartker Natorp's Inc. Landscape - Garden Stores Bruce & Pam Nelson Nemacolin Woodsland Resort Newport Aquarium Dan & Kris Neyer Bob & Arlene Niehaus Mary Niehaus Jeff & Rosanne Nietupski Bob & Joyce Noland Chuck & Sally Nugent Tim & Pat Nymberg Oasis Golf Club Michael & Kristen O'Brien


Main Event Donors This event could not occur without your support. Thanks! Kelly Oliver Dennis & Shelley Oltorik Original Art Mark & Laura Padgett Jim & Anita Pappalardo Tim & Kathryn Partin Perfect North Slopes Pet Suites' Pet Resort and Spa Peter Gregory Florist Joe & Beth Peters Michael & Kathryn Pieper George & Cindy Pilipovich Greg & Donna Pitman Daniel & April Poch Mike & Beth Pohlman Tom & Camille Popplewell David & Patricia Popplewell PPG Industries Foundation Chris & Christine Probst Provident Travel, Lisa Sylvester Tom & Stephanie Quehl Mark & Lisa Ramey Bruce & Jeanne Rasch Rob & Ginger Recker Dan & Colleen Reed Tim & Shellie Reed Jeff & Joan Reiniger Trent & Deb Rentfrow Todd & Susan Reutelshofer Mark Richey Sue Rinderle Mark & Chris Rippe Matt & Constance Ring Christopher & Ellen Robinson Joe & Laura Rogan Gary & Nancy Romes Will & Tara Rose Jason & Jeannie Rosser Ron Roth Rudino's Pizza, Grinders & Sports Russ & Tammy Ruehrwein Joseph & Colleen Rump Lisa Sanger Edward & Cathy Sarky Jeffrey & Amy Sattler Steve & Karen Schaefer Mark & Sue Schlueter Ted & Alice Schneider Ken & Janet Schneider Martin & Margaret Schneider Phil Schneider Phil & Mary Carole Schneider Robert & Debbie Schoenhoft

Wolfgang & Debbie Scholz Jim & Rebecca Schriml Matt Schumacher Scott & Molly Schuster Doug & Jan Scott Kirk & Carla Seemann Pete & Joan Seibenick Servatii Pastry Shop The Sewing Loft Jerry & Kara Shade Michael & Kellie Shaffer Dan & Lily Shannon Ted & Barb Sheets David & Betsy Shepherd Terri Shirk Barbeau Phil & Stephanie Shirk Gerry & Stacy Siegert Darrin & Lori Smith Gary & Eileen Smith Jeff & Kate Smith Shawn & Pamela Smith Terry & Theresa Snyder Cecil & Mary Solomon Phil & Rosemary South Sport International Hockey Academy Tracey & Carol Stacey Sterling Cut Glass Stonecreek Dining Graham & Taralisa Strong Michael & Jennifer Sturgis Andrea Sullivan Superior Environmental Solutions, Inc. Jeff & Donalee Susich Mike & Shirley Suter Mike & Cheryl Swoboda T. Marzetti Company Ulysses & Stephanie Tandoc Chris Tarchman Tastefully Simple Jamie & Kristin Tatman The Woodhouse Day Spa Theatre Management Group Thomas More College Christopher & Kathy Thompson Richard & Sharon Thompson Robert & Janel Thompson Tire Discounters Greg & Christina Tkacz Rob & Laura Toomb Toot's Restaurant Touchstone Crystal Jewelry by Swarovski, Kelly Rabah Tree Care Inc., Nick Lefke TriHealth Fitness & Health Pavilion Trophy Awards


Main Event Donors This event could not occur without your support. Thanks Truepoint Capital, LLC Tull's Mentor Group - Room 333 United Dairy Farmers Ultimate Air Shuttle University of Dayton Ursuline Academy US Fabrics Ute’s Uptown Girl Village Junction Village Tavern Don Vonderhaar, Jr. Dave & Mindy Voss Dennis Troy & Tracey Wagner Jim & Trish Wahl Steve Walsh Keith & Kathryn Watkins Roger & Karen Weaver Cindy Werner Debi & Mark Wernery Wetherington Golf & Country Club Ken & Sue White Michael White Widmer's Cleaners Mark & Karen Wiehe Patty & Steve Wilken Bob & Sherry Williams Scott & Laura Williams Dan & Annemarie Worobetz Beth & Steve Wright Tonya Wyatt Ken & Christine Zampese ZD Management, Inc. Steven & Pamela Zipperer-Davis

Every effort has been made to maintain accuracy in this catalog. Please pardon any unintentional mistakes or omissions.



401k / Profit Sharing Plans 403b / Tax Sheltered Annuities Defined Benefits Pension Plans IRA’s

We conduct group and one on one meeting with your employees to help them understand what retirement pace they’re on.

For INDIVIDUAL Retirement Planning: 

IRA / IRA Rollovers / 401k Rollovers 403b / Tax Sheltered Annuities Mutual Finds / Stocks / Bonds

Growth / Income Distribution Planning

 

We will provide you quarterly, or annual account reviews to help measure what pace you’re on to meet your retirement needs.

Securities and Investment Advisory Services offered through L. M. Kohn & Company, a Registered Broker/Dealer, Member FINRA/ SIPC/ MSRB. 10151 Carver Rd., Suite 100, Cincinnati, OH 45242, 800-478-0788

Contact us today Timothy Mackey Financial Advisor Tel (513) 792-5425 • Fax (513) 792-5426 • Tel (888) 845-2611 • 7750 Montgomery Rd. Cincinnati, Ohio 45236







EVERYTHING DOODLE Aussiedoodle • Goldendoodle • Labradoodle

BLACK’S FARM Gary and Dianne Black 10856 Amity Road. Brookville, OH 45309 937-833-5862

Victor (as of 3/10/2014) Born: 02/10/2014 2/18/2014



“MOE” 2012 Main Event Puppy Won by Lori & Ken Kuhn

In appreciation and gratitude for the outstanding education and support our grandson is receiving from Moeller High School, and to celebrate the recent and many state victories, we donate this goldendoodle puppy, “Victor”, for your consideration and auction bid.

Also, we will donate $50 to the Moeller High School baseball “CHAMP” program with any future purchase of a puppy from Black’s 2013 Main Event Puppy Won by Kathy & Dave Eckley Farm. This ad must be presented upon purchase.


Lisa Sylvester Senior Travel Consultant, Italy Destination Specialist Provident Travel 11309 Montgomery Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45249 513-247-1137 direct , 513-247-1100 office 800-354-8108 toll free Virtuoso - Specialists in the Art of Travel


8175 Camargo Road Cincinnati, OH 45243 (513) 561-4888

OH #14474 KY #HM04051

We, at Jansen Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc., are proud to sponsor Moeller High School’s Main Event! (Ben Jansen, Owner) Father/Father-in-law/and Grandfather of the following Moeller alumni and supporters: Betsy (Jansen) Morgan, Assistant Director of Special Events Pat Morgan ’79 C. Anderson Morgan ’08 Connor Morgan ’11 Molly Morgan ’14 (cheerleader)


Jim Sweeney ‘78 Ben Sweeney ‘08


Corporate Travels Airport Transfers ~*~ Weddings Any Occasion

Arrive in style with Jimmy’s! Receive 1 FREE hour with the purchase of 3 hours! Call for Details 513.769.1888




Nick Lefke 513-579-TREE 41

ZD Management, Inc. 5600 Myerdale Drive Cincinnati, OH 45242 513-659-9468 Serving the Greater Cincinnati area providing expertise in healthcare consulting. Specializing in group practice operations, marketing, revenue cycle, sales, acquisitions, ancillary development, start up imaging and surgery centers and strategy.

Pamela E. Zipperer-Davis, MHA, FACHE, FACMPE President


Lange & Lange, D.D.S., Inc.

Mark D. Manley, M.D. & Annette Januzzi Wick

David W. Lange, D.D.S., M.S. D. William Lange, D.M.D., M.S.D. Practice Limited to Orthodontics

Davis Wick ‘14

9157 Montgomery Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45242 Telephone: 791-0777

905 Main Street Milford, Ohio 45150 Telephone: 248-7100

Telephone 563-6936

ALAN L. LAUB, D.D.S. Office Hours By Appointment




Moeller Family Mass December 14, 2014

Commercial Printing Ad Here


Live Auction



Reserved seats for Baccalaureate and Graduation At last! For the first time, we are excited to offer these reserved seats to both the Baccalaureate Mass and Graduation!. Remember to bring your tissues! Includes:

Ten reserved seats to Baccalaureate Mass on Sunday, May 11, 2014, 7:00 PM  Ten total reserved seats (includes six seats provided by Moeller) to Graduation on Thursday May 15, 2014, 8:00 PM DONOR(s): Moeller High School


Pub Table & Chairs Perfect for any patio! This is a 42" pub table with four chairs in black and stone - matching any outdoor décor. Made of polyresin, it is durable beyond belief - long lasting, no splitting or cracking, and requires very low maintenance. No stain, paint, or sealer is needed. Lifetime warranty. DONOR(s): Friend of Moeller


Rachel Ray to the Max! Are you a fan of the Rachel Ray show? If so, here is an amazing opportunity to see Rachel in person and learn a few cooking tips from the queen of the kitchen! Includes: Two tickets to the Rachel Ray Show  Two round trip tickets to NYC on the Ultimate Air Shuttle  $100 gift certificate to Tribeca Grill  Cookware  Signed cookbook and tote 

DONOR(s): Will and Tara Rose Senior Moms Ultimate Air Shuttle


Greenbrier Golf for Two Enjoy a weekend of golf at the Greenbrier for two. While on your trip, take along this great Nike black men's jacket sized XL, made to be water resistant in dri-fit material, tees, socks, pouch, coasters, golf glove, and a range finder. Perfect for the golfer extraordinaire! Includes: Two night, three day weekend stay for two  Unlimited golf per day on either the Greenbrier or Meadows Course  Resort fee and tax 

DONOR(s): J. Kevin Fox and Betty Radford Fox Friend of Moeller Patrick and Amy Manger Ralph and Michelle Maresco 46 Greenbrier Resort


Get Your Shine On! This beautiful necklace by David Yurman is an oval extra-large chain link necklace made of sterling silver. It is 18" long, and is held secure by a lobster clasp. Simply stunning! DONOR(s): Mark and Chris Rippe


"Victor" Your Golden Doodle Puppy Words cannot describe Victor’s cuteness! From wonderful pedigree, Victor is sure to be a delightful dog for his “fur”ever family. Includes: Crate  Gift certificate for a stay at Pet Suites’ Resort and Spa 

DONOR(s): Black's Farm Jenny Lefke Pet Suites' Pet Resort and Spa


CMA Music Fest If you love country music, you will want to go on this trip to the Gaylord Opryland Hotel where you will spend four glorious nights during the CMA Music Fest in Nashville. Dates: June 5 - 8, 2014  Two reserved seat admissions to all main stage nightly concerts  Additional music stages in downtown Nashville  Transportation between all the music stages  All hotel/motel taxes and sales taxes  Two tickets to the celebrity softball game 

DONOR(s): Friend of Moeller


Nemacolin Resort Golf Package for Two Spend two nights at Nemacolin Woodsland Resort (just outside of Pittsburgh) in the glorius Chateau Lafayette - a $100 million dollar replica of The Ritz Carlton in Paris. Includes: Hotel room for two  VIP welcome amenity breakfast for two each day  One round of golf for two on the PGA course Mystic Rock  Dinner for two at the Tavern 

DONOR(s): Nemacolin Woodlands Resort Dennis Noonan 47


Moe Parking Tag Do you have a future sophomore or a junior driver who needs a guaranteed parking tag? This is your opportunity to get a spot in the Moeller parking lot without being in a carpool. Imagine how great it would be to have a spot to call your own! Bid on this for your son, and he will definitely appreciate it! 

Valid for the 2014-15 school year DONOR(s): Moeller High School


Chi-Town and the Reds at Wrigley Field Watch the Cincinnati Reds vs. Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field. Includes: 

Four tickets to Reds vs. Cubs at Wrigley Field  Game Date: Monday, June 23, 2014  Game Time: 7:05 PM  Two night stay in downtown Chicago DONOR(s): Giordano's Matt Schumacher Trinity House Parents


Cincinnati Reds Suite PNC is pleased to present their private suite for a game at the Great American Ball Park duringthe 2014 season of the Cincinnati Reds. The suite is located next to the Castellini owner's suite behind home plate. Includes: 16 game tickets  Three parking passes  Choice of “Cincinnati Favorites” or “The Doubleday” food packages  Soft drinks, bottled water, beer, and wine  Mutually agreed upon date  Excludes Opening Day 

DONOR(s): Mark Cinquina PNC Bank



Gorgeous David Yurman Bracelet Be the envy of all when you wear this fabulous David Yurman Renaissance bracelet made of sterling silver and 14k gold. It is accompanied with Blue Topaz and Iolite, and is sure to be a charming accessory to any outfit. DONOR(s): Mark and Chris Rippe


Kentucky Oaks for Two Pink will be your winning color when attending this year's Kentucky Oaks, a racing tradition at Churchill Downs since 1875. This is a rare opportunity to watch from Millionaires Row, third floor exclusive clubhouse, as the fillies fly around the track. You'll want to dress in your finest, frilliest most feminine pink attire for the pink fashion contest! Includes:  Run for the Lilies: May 2, 2014  $100 Gift Card to Hampton Inn  Hotel reservations NOT included DONOR(s): Michael and Stephanie Hackman


Sail Away into the Caribbean Enjoy a fun-filled seven night Caribbean cruise onboard Celebrity Cruise Lines. Includes: Oceanview stateroom for two  Taxes and government fees  Moeller beach towel and tote  Sail Dates: October 25, 2014 - April 18, 2015  Not Valid: 11/22-23, 12/20-21, 27-28, 2014 1/17-18, 2/14-15, 3/28-29, 4/4-5, 2015  Contact Lisa Sylvester, Provident Travel, 513-247-1137  Cruise must be completed by April, 2015  Valid passport highly recommended (not required) 

DONOR(s): Lisa Sylvester Pat and Betsy Morgan Provident Travel



Tailgating in Moeller Style Besides an infinity scarf in blue and gold and a cooler tote, here is everything else you will need to be a rock star at Moetown: 

Powerful 20,000 BTUs grill on wheels for full cooking intensity (enough to grill 18 burgers)

10' x 10' customized "Go Big Moe" tent  Cooler with wheels  Commercial grade 6' folding table DONOR(s): Michael and Sheila Bonner Steve Cleves and Therese Esswein Friend of Moeller Keith and Sally Kurz Moeller Football Families Christopher and Kathy Thompson Keith and Kathryn Watkins


End your Summer with a Bang and WEBN Fireworks Enjoy a night on the town for the WEBN fireworks! Includes: 

Two rooms at the Hyatt Downtown  Date: Sunday, August 31, 2014  $250 to Jeff Ruby’s restaurant DONOR(s): Friend of Moeller Megan Markey


Cheer on your Hometown Reds at Yankee Stadium Enjoy watching the Reds at Yankee Stadium! Includes: 

Two tickets to Reds vs. Yankees at Yankee Stadium  Two round trip tickets on Ultimate Air Shuttle  Game Date: Saturday, July 19, 2014  Game Time: 1:05 PM DONOR(s): Moeller Baseball Program Ultimate Air Shuttle



Fund-A-Need We have been blessed again with an anonymous donor who is willing to contribute to the Fund-A-Need portion of our Live Auction by providing a dollar-for-dollar match if we reach $205,000 tonight! Our success depends on EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE ROOM, so get your paddles ready and help us reach our goal!

$15,000 • $10,000 • $7,500 • $5,000 • $2,500 $1,000 • $750 • $500 • $250 • $100 • $50


Silent Auction



$1000 Tuition Grant to University of Dayton


$1000 Tuition Grant to Bellarmine


Ladies Diamond Pendant


(4) Reds Tickets


Rudino's Pizza for a Year


(2) Reds Tickets


Wetherington Golf for (4)


$1000 Mount Notre Dame Tuition Grant


$1000 Thomas More Tuition Voucher


Four Bridges Golf for (4)


Coach Purse & Wallet


Clovernook - Golf for (4)


Pub Chairs & Settee with Umbrella Holder


Griffin Gate Marriott


Moeller Fashion Show for 12 & Limo


Eddie Merlot Dinner Party


Estate & Health Care Planning


Graduation Party Package


ND vs. UNC Tickets, etc.


Stonecreek Dining for 25


Village Tavern Party


ALL ABOUT MOELLER 300 301 302 303 304 305 306 307 308 309 310 311 312 313 314 315 316 317 318 319 320 321 322 323 324 325 326 327 328 329 330 331 332 333 334 335 336

Moeller Honorary Cheerleader Moeller Name That Driveway Framed Seasons of Mary Moeller Sports Stag Tickets For (8) Moeller Corn Hole Set Monogrammed Moeller Golf Bag Moeller Volleyball Camp Framed Seasons of Mary Framed Seasons of Mary Framed Seasons of Mary Framed Seasons of Mary Framed Seasons of Mary Framed Seasons of Mary Moeller Football Coach for a Day! Men's Moeller Fleece Men's Moeller Basketball Zip-Up Moeller Lacrosse Pants - Men's XL Moeller Fleece Blanket Moeller 'Man Cave" Sign Moeller Snuggie Moeller Football Season Tickets Moeller Basketball Season Tickets Moeller Bucket of Fun! Moeller Lax Stadium Chair Yellow Ceramic Platter Honorary Basketball Coach Moeller Baseball Camp Moeller Lacrosse Camp Moeller Football Youth Camp Moeller Wrestling Camp Moeller Basketball Camp Moellerized Corn Hole Big Moe Rock Quiroga Wheelbarrow of Fun! Moeller Hockey For the Moeller Lady! Customized Fire Pit



Moeller Varsity Autographed Basketball


2013 Football State Championship Photo Book


Football Platter - Handpainted


Football T-Shirt Quilt


2013 Football Seniors Photo Blanket


Back to Back Football


Back to Back Football


2013 Football Championship Print


2013 Baseball Championship Print


Framed Signed Moeller Football Jersey


Senior Football Players Signed Print


Signed Basketball Photo


2013 State Championship Baseball Quilt


2014 Basketball Quilt


Moeller Football Team Photo on a Wooden Plaque


"One More Crown" Moeller Baseball Article


Signed Football Helmet


Signed Football Helmet


Moeller Signed Football


Moeller Signed Football


2013 Baseball Winning Game Ball & Team Photo


EVERYTHING ELSE! 500 501 502 503 504 505 506 507 508 509 510 511 512 513 514 515 516 517 518 519 520 521 522 523 524 525 526 527 528 529 530 531 532 533 534 535 536

537 538 539 540 541 542 543 544 545 546 547 548 549 550 551 552 553 554 555 556 557 558 559 560 561 562 563 564 565 566 567 568 569 570 571

John Deere Child's Tractor John Calipari Autographed Photo Our Lady of Grace Statue St. Joseph with Child Jesus Statue $50 GC to Everybody's Records $50 GC to Widmer's Wine Bucket Dayton Dragons Suite Gourmet Coffee Basket $50 GC to Jeff's Driving School Vintage Inspired Shelf Custom Footstool Vintage Brother's Bench $150 GC for Medical Acupuncture Carlos Dunlap Autographed Football Lazer Craze Party for 10 Schwinn 21 Speed Bike Tastefully Simple Goodies Beats By Dr. Dre U.D. Goody Bag $60 GC to Toots $50 GC to The European CafĂŠ Tri-Health Fitness LaMond Design Consultation Perfect North Slopes For (2) Xavier University Goodies OSU vs. Kent State SUA Spiritwear & Essentials Tastefully Simple Anthony Munoz Jersey Outdoor Acrylic Platter & Glasses Yellow Ceramic Basket Golf Lover's Delight Golf for (4) Cinti, Rec. Commission Maketewah Golf for (4) Wetherington Golf for (4) Ohio State Clock


$130 GC to Men's Warehouse White Hall Cabinet Reclaimed Vintage Outdoor Table Painted Table Handpainted Barstool Golf for (4) at Oasis Golf for (4) at Clovernook Harley Davidson Poker Set Harley Davidson Luggage Bags Vera Bradley Duffle Bag Notre Dame Football Tickets Larry Bird Jersey Reds Nasty Boys Original Big Red Machine Panoramic-Last Game at Crosley Ready for Prom? Backyard Party Time! Jay Bruce Ball & The Reds Big Red Machine & Johnny Bench Ball $100 Woodhouse Day Spa $75 Cincinnati Natural Foods OSU vs. VA Tech Go Ahead and Wine! $175 GC to Bloomin' Garden Center Miami vs. UC Football (5) Reds Tickets (4) Bengals Tickets Golf for (4) at Cinti Recreation Commission Vodka Vase Instant Office Red Maple Tree Tommy Tuberville Football & UC Spiritwear Pamper Me Please Ursuline & Friends $40 GC to Golf Galaxy & Ping Shirt


Torch Lake Cottage (MI)


Steamboat Grand Hotel (CO)


Condo-Sunset Beach (NC)


Gatlinburg Cabin Getaway (TN)


Bradenton, Florida Condo (FL)


Park City Condo (UT)


Brigantine Beach Club (NJ)


Making A Difference An old man walking along the beach at sunrise came upon a young man sifting through the debris left by the night’s tide. Every now and then, he would pick up a starfish and fling it back to the sea. The old man asked him the purpose of his efforts. “The tide has washed the starfish on the beach. They will die unless I throw them back.” The old man looked around at the miles of beach. “There are more starfish than you could ever save. Surely you cannot expect to make a difference.” The young man bent to pick up another starfish. As he sent the starfish sailing back to the water, he said to the old man,

“I can make a difference to this one.” You are Making a Difference for these Crusaders!


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