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018 February year 2017

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braille hello world! Welcome to Modul Fanzine, a zine full of visual content around the modular side by Fernando Fom. The fanzine, born as an illustration zine. Modul Fanzine loves typography, so that you can also show letters, numbers and so on.

Juanma Martínez I am an illustrator and web/UX designer. I like the photography and I like the creative activities. I'm inspired by rock and sci-fy movies. Always, since I was little, I had a pencil in my hand, or a marker, or waxes, or brushes.

staff Fernando Fom, graphic designer and illustrator + Juanma Martínez (contributor). 018 Ed. / February 2017

‘Carrer de la Il·Lustració’: In Valencia there is no street about the illustration, but if it existed they should be these facades of the city. It is a personal project in which I try to illustrate some of the most representative, curious and beautiful houses of Valencia.





toy story

The back cover is a page for contributors: designers, illustrators, art directors, and even copywriters. :) Do you like it? Share it! Write us!




Modul fanzine 018  

A fanzine about modular side. A zine by Fernando Fom + Juanma Martínez (contributor). 018 Ed. February 2017.

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