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Olivia Rodrigo fashion Rodrigo has positioned herself as a real-life Bratz doll whose outfits are easily obtainable by her fan base. Y2K and ‘70s Fashion How the Y2K and ‘70s have been combined and adapted to create 2020’s fashion. Time capsule fashion The main point of investment pieces is ensuring you can wear them many different ways. The new wave of the hippie era Music from the ‘70s influence on today’s generation.

Overdressed A look into the stigmas surrounding “overdressing” and how to break down the barriers around expressing yourself through clothing.


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Art in a digital age Art is constantly changing and evolving, and interactive art exhibits are an entirely new way to view and experience timeless paintings. The rise of maximalism Minimalism can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, ‘cause she’s dead. TikTok and consumerism: a match made in Heaven Everyone’s new favorite app has given shopaholics a field day.


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Fall layering


Latina dream wear


editor’s note Finally, the month I feel I have been longing for all year for — October. When October comes, along with it follows cooler weather, changing colors and evolving wardrobes. It’s time to pull out your sweaters and favorite statement coats from the deep abyss that is your summer closet. While summer fashions are fun and free, I personally am well overdue for a hug from my favorite knit sweater and jacket combo. This issue features the editorial “Fall layering,” and I hope it will provide you with all of the cozy and stylish inspo you are needing this fall and winter season. Now that I have convinced you to finally break out your winter wardrobe, let’s get to the good stuff. For this issue, our directing team landed on a common theme — the ‘70s. To us, this meant evaluating how this generation has so heavily affected the one we live in currently, as well as pulling design and fashion inspiration from the era. “The new wave of the hippie era” discusses how ‘70s music led to civil revolutions during the time, and how our generation often acts in parallel to the ideals of the ‘70s. An article covering pop icon Olivia Rodrigo’s fashion considers how her use of vintage and retro second-hand pieces can inspire our generation to shop more sustainably.


Our cover for this issue features an image shot by our Photography Director, Emily Singleton. This was for the editorial “Untamed,” styled by Tiana Berry. You can view the rest of this eye-catching shoot on page 24. The modmuze team has poured so much creative energy into this issue, and I am endlessly proud of how they are able to adapt and use their resources to create things I could have never imagined. As always, we here at modmuze are so thankful to you all for your continuous support of the magazine. My hope is that after reading this issue, you will have learned something, whether it be about fashion, art, sustainability or life in general. Enjoy this fall and winter season, and here’s to cooler temperatures and thicker clothing.

CREATIVE DIRECTOR  Kendall Minaldi, DHM MARKETING DIRECTOR  Brittney Tran, MKTG PRODUCTION DIRECTOR  Cara Vargas, DHM PHOTOGRAPHY DIRECTOR  Emily Singleton, GD STYLING & MODEL DIRECTOR  Carson Kroeker, DHM WRITERS  Leah Brainerd, DHM Hadley DeJarnette, SMSC Peyton Hosier, DHM Chloe King, SMSC Tyler Tassi, SMSC Emily West, SMSC

CREATIVE ADVISOR Kelly Kerr O’Colly Creative kelly.kerr@okstate.edu FACULTY ADVISOR Cosette Joyner Martinez Associate Professor Design, Housing & Merchandising cosette.joyner_martinez@okstate.edu

COPY EDITOR  Faith Bollom, MMJ Taylor Watts, PSYC PRODUCTION  Millie Bryant, SMSC Chloe King, SMSC Nhi Nguyen, DHM Karynsa Teel, DHM *Hadley Waldren, ENGL WEB  Millie Bryant, SMSC MARKETING  Tianna Berry, DHM Taylor Bui, MKTG Megan Fillo, MKTG/MGMT Chloe Johnson, SMSC Kylie Nelson, MKTG Emily Ray, MKTG/EEE PHOTOGRAPHY  Zoe Boschee, HDFS Sarah Grace Cornett, SMSC Hannah Clare Floyd, SMSC Madelyn Lindsey, MKTG Quinn Rogers, BIO

modmuze is a fashion and lifestyle magazine produced by students, for students. Our magazine provides a unique platform for students to freely express themselves creatively -in any and all ways imaginable. our mantra empowering self-expression

STYLISTS  Tianna Berry, DHM Hannah Gonzalez, DHM Cristina Garigusi, INTB Chloe Hart, ARTH Gabby Rangel, DHM Lauren Watkins, FDP CREATIVE  Chandler Henderson, DHM Emma Jackson, GD Jessica Meza, SMSC COVER PHOTO: Emily Singleton modmuzemag.com


*Apprentice for director position in 2022-2023.


modmuze editorial team




v i i a l O Rodri

Stylist: Cristina Garagusi Photographer: Cristina Garagusi Model: Bella Garagusi

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h s o i a F n o ig By: Chloe King Rodrigo has positioned herself as a real-life Bratz doll whose outfits are easily obtainable by her fanbase. Olivia Rodrigo has become a go-to for all heartbreak song needs. From her breakthrough song, “drivers license” to her more recent song “good 4 you,” Rodrigo has gained an impressive following. While her Taylor Swift-esque “sad girl” songs have been her claim to fame, her style is what caught my eye.

other celebrities is her vintageinspired aesthetic. Women’s Wear Daily is calling Rodrigo the first “Poshmark pop star.” Rodrigo’s newest music video for her song “brutal” features a plethora of sustainable ensembles. Not only is this aesthetically pleasing for Rodrigo to create a personal style and remain consistent with it, Rodrigo has experimented with but it is also refreshing to see a outfits inspired by the styles of past celebrity create looks that their decades. From paying tribute to the fans can afford to keep up with. ‘70s by pairing transparent orange lens sunglasses with printed flare TikTok has played a major pants to rocking an early 2000s slip role in consumerism since its dress with pearls for a Y2K look, rise to popularity. With this Rodrigo has paid tribute to an array new platform, many have been of trends throughout the decades. influenced to purchase from fast She was even dressed in a vintage fashion brands such as Shein and Chanel plaid skirt and blazer set Forever 21. It seems like every for her White House visit. She other post on social media lately can seriously pull off any trend. is an influencer or even just your friend posting their Shein haul. The 18-year-old pop star’s range TikTok is where Rodrigo has gained in style and ability to dress most of her popularity, so it’s safe for the occasion is impressive, to say we are a society that is but what sets her apart from easily influenced on the internet.

OCT modmuze  7


Celebrities play a vital role in establishing pop culture, so it can be frustrating trying to keep up with their fashion when they are only purchasing high-end pieces. Because celebrities typically only wear designer brands, many people resort to purchasing on-trend dupes from fast fashion clothing companies. Hopefully Rodrigo’s style will encourage her fans and TikTokers alike to shop more sustainably. Because trends always come back, it is typically easy to thrift on-trend pieces or whatever decade’s styles you resonate with. Not only can you find unique pieces by

8  modmuze OCT

thrifting, but you can also feel good about your efforts in decreasing the number of synthetic fibers in our landfills. Synthetic fibers can take anywhere from 20 to 200 years to break down. So, next time you think about shopping from Shein or Forever 21, take my advice and try to find something at a nearby thrift store instead. Not only will you feel better about your purchase, but you might even find the exact piece you were looking for.


Production: Chloe King

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Olivia Rodrigo OCT modmuze  11


By: Hadley DeJarnette If you keep up at all with the world of fashion, you probably know that it’s pretty common for certain trends to cycle in and out of style. Many of the top trends we see on social media right now are just reimagined versions of styles from earlier decades. The overpowering presence of social media in our lives has caused the fashion cycle to accelerate, which has designers looking to the past for inspiration. This has resulted in a melting pot of familiar trends dominating our recent TikTok and Instagram feeds. Whether it’s the reemergence of mom jeans or the use of psychedelic prints from the ‘70s, it’s safe to say that the biggest styles from the past are back in full force. The latest fashion craze has been centered around

12  modmuze OCT

the resurfacing of trends from the ‘70s and ‘00s eras. Gen Z has taken a predominant role in bringing these trends back into the mainstream. While some may critique the Y2K era for being too gaudy or 70s fashion for being overbearing, it’s hard to deny its popularity among the younger generations. The Y2K aesthetic is a mixture of a modern yet retro style inspired by the pop culture and tech advancements of the mid-’90s to early 2000s. The distinctive style was all about being experimental and fun, it’s no wonder this trend has been embraced by Gen Z and Millenials. Accessories such as butterfly clips, trucker hats, chunky jewelry, bandanas and claw clips are all staples of the Y2K movement. Trendy clothing items include pleated skirts, baby tees, scarf tops and even low-rise jeans. The ‘70s marked a turning point in history as it brought about several youth movements and encouraged a sense of self-


expression and rebellion. After being tied down by the restrictions of a worldwide pandemic, our generation is embracing the need to break established norms through fashion. The tumultuous ‘70s are characterized by the bold vibrancy of the decade and the fashion that went along with it. Groovy prints, flared pants, fringe accents, crochet fabrics and loud accessories are all key components of the disco era.

throwing in some timeless basics with your butterfly clips and chunky jewelry. Tone down the loud prints of the ‘70s by putting a modernized twist on the trends that are making a comeback. Fashion is what you make of it, so don’t be afraid to embrace whatever trends make you feel like your best self.

Photographer: Emily Singleton Production: Nhi Nguyen Stylist & Model: Carson Kroeker

While nostalgic trends appear to be dominating the world around us, not all styles are making a comeback (which is probably for the best). This new era of fashion looks to the past for inspiration through a lens that is better positioned for the future. The two eras have been combined and adapted into what is now known as 2020’s fashion. Not only that, but styles from the past are being worn differently from then to now. Pieces can be transformed based on how you style them. Avoid the gaudiness of the Y2K era by

OCT modmuze  13


The rise of maximalism By: Morgan Malget

Minimalism can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, ‘cause she’s dead.

14  modmuze OCT

modfashion We have all seen - and most of us have partaken in - the lifestyle trend of minimalism. This trend took the internet by storm after the early 2000s, when fashion was bold, flashy and obvious. The days of Juicy sweat suits, low-rise jeans and bling on everything were gone, and minimalism seemed to take over not only the worlds of fashion and design, but also people’s lifestyles. Now, a decade after minimalism was reintroduced as the norm core, it seems that a new -ism is taking over. Maximalism is a reaction to minimalism and is an aesthetic of excess. That doesn’t necessarily mean an excess of stuff or overconsumption. Excess in maximalism points to the interplay of colors, textures and styles. If less is more in minimalism, then more is more in maximalism. In Maximalism, you’ll find a mix of patterns, saturated colors and eclectic pieces. Maximalism can be dark and moody or bright and playful. This trend can also be much more personal than minimalism. Maximalism isn’t just one style compared to it’s counterpart, minimalism. Maximalism is complex, complicated and multi-faceted. It can be carefully tailored and curated to one’s personality. Minimalism is noted for being clean and simple with a neutral color palette. Maximalism can be anything one wants it to be; rich and deep jewel tones mixed with light and airy earth tones, velvety

OCT modmuze  15

textures mixed with leather, overlapping patterns, etc. Maximalism is also all about one-of-a-kind pieces that are obvious and excessive. Because of this aspect of maximalism.

“Buying second hand is a major part of the maximalism trend” Finding old and intriguing pieces can elevate a maximalist’s style while also providing a sustainable aspect to this lifestyle. To create a maximalist space in your home, try intermixing different patterns and textures while tying them together with a cohesive color palette. As mentioned earlier, this color palette could be a mix from many other basic palettes. Having consistent colors through the space will help create cohesion through the chaos that is maximalism. One of the only “rules” in maximalism is leave as little naked space in the room as possible. Maximalism in not only becoming popular in interior design, but also in the fashion world. This is especially true with the comeback of Y2K and 70s fashion. The early 2000s could be described as maximalist with excessive and obvious looks draped in bling and color. While maximalism is not just exclusively

16  modmuze OCT

OCT modmuze 17

Maximalism is on the rise. While minimalism is still prevalent in today’s trends, the individualist aspects and excessive obviousness of maximalism is becoming more popular, especially with Gen Z. We all have a desire to be our own person and express ourselves, and maximalism provides a space for us to be disobedient to the laws of design and fashion.

18  modmuze OCT

Production: Cara Vargas

these fashion styles, these styles are integral in the maximalism fashion community. Dressing with maximalism in mind means mixing styles and not following the “rules” of fashion. It means dressing how you want and intermixing the colors, patterns and textures that feel right to you.

Photographer: Emily Singleton Models: Emma Bunch, Jory Walls, Alex Chiconas Bianka Ponce

OCT modmuze 19


T R A A N I TA L I G I E D AG By: Leah Brainerd

20  modmuze OCT


modlife This May, I had the opportunity to attend one of the hottest new exhibits gracing the international stage: The Van Gogh Virtual Exhibition. Since its opening in New York City, many influencers have attended the exhibit and many articles have been written about the newfound nature of it and what this could mean for the art world. Paint and canvases have been the same for centuries and timeless art is only viewable from behind glass in far away places. However, with virtual exhibits, instead of standing back, looking at art from behind a velvet rope, the viewer is able to see the paintings come to life as well as walk around inside them thanks to new ideas about art and the experience that goes along with it. This way of viewing art was definitely a first for me, as I am sure it was for every other person to see it. I am used to old, empty museums with boring tour guides; yet this experience was completely new to me. The lead up to the main showroom projected different letters, in sequence, from Vincent Van Gogh

to his brother Theo. This portrayed how good of friends the brothers were and showed some insight into who Van Gogh was as a real person, not just as a famous painter. This highlighting of the backstory was a beautiful way to make the viewer feel more ingrained and deeply connected to the main art we would view later on. This main art came in the form of the showstopper in the last viewing area, which was a gigantic empty room that had benches and singular walls all over for the projectors to show the art. The art was all-encompassing, with over 500,000 cubic feet of projections, it exceeded all expectations about walking into a room of projections. This was truly much more. The art was not simply stagnant. It moved and was on an hour-long loop, so you stood there for what felt like forever, constantly seeing new paintings or sketches of Van Gogh’s work. You saw his self portrait blink at you and fields of animals moving about on the walls. You were able to actually stand inside Starry Night with the colors and lines swirling around you. You were

OCT modmuze  21

modlife able to be inside famous paintings with the scenes that stood still for so long, actually moving. There were so many pieces to see constantly, your head was on a swivel, trying to take everything in all at once. Along with the artwork transporting you to another time, the music surrounding you added to the ambiance and awe of the experience. If every art museum was like this one, I would go to every art museum in the world. This is what gives this virtual exhibit a leg up over all normal art. It is exciting and constantly changing and evolving and moving. Nothing is silent, staunch, or still. This newfound way of viewing art could mean big changes for art exhibits as well as museums moving forward. Not only how museums function but also how they market. Many influencers I follow, such as New York based fashion guru Caroline Vazzana, have posted about going to this exhibit and how expectation-shattering it was. This social media push from all over the country, and even the world, was a game changer for this

idea because it made it desirable and like a real event that MUST be attended. This was the event of the year, especially with most museums and attractions being shut down from COVID-19. This exhibit was new and fresh, not to mention exciting and widely accessible with all 22 locations. No other piece of art can be in 22 different places simultaneously. Additionally, this exhibit cannot be stolen or decayed or broken. This art can be everywhere at once, and does not need to be cleaned after years of wear from light and dust. It truly transcends space and time with its forward thinking movement. I hope all museums start incorporating new ways to experience art and see oneof-a-kind pieces right in their area without having to travel abroad. In addition, this exhibit is still going on for the next three months, with tickets still available to purchase through November in cities all over the world from LA to Dubai. To add to your experience, some cities even have yoga classes available inside the exhibit.



Production: Nhi Nguyen

Click HERE for Pixabay creator

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Unta 24  modmuze OCT

amed OCT modmuze 25

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Production: Cara Vargas

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OCT modmuze 29

UNTA 30  modmuze OCT

AMED Photographer: Emily Singleton Stylist: Tiana Berry

Models: Dibora Million & Rodney Ash

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OCT modmuze 33

Fa l l


l aye r

By: Lauren Watkins

g Fa

a ye r Fa l ll l


ring F a a ll l

r i n g Fa



ll y l a er

34  modmuze OCT


l la

It is finally everyone’s favorite time of year, when the leaves change, and it is a bit colder outside. I was inspired by the effortless and chic look of layering your favorite warm clothes for this shoot. There is something about putting on your favorite sweater with a cute jacket or coat to complete your outfit. The pink coat and yellow turtleneck were both thrifted pieces. The U.S. creates over 17 million tons of textile waste every single year. Therefore, I thought these thrifted items would be perfect for this shoot. Everyone needs a statement coat and a fun patterned sweater in their closet. I hope this brings you inspiration to spruce up your closet for the colder season and also encourages you to be more sustainable in your purchasing habits in order to help reduce textile waste.

Production: Chloe King


OCT modmuze  35

Photographer: Hannah Floyd Stylist: Lauren Watkins Models: Kenna Lam & Rodney Ash


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OCT modmuze  37




n o To k a n d c

i r s e m m su

Everyone’s new favorite app has given shopaholics a field day. These days, it seems like it is impossible to untangle our society from TikTok. The three-minute video platform has taken the world by storm and with it, shopping and buying have become more and more popular. It goes without saying that TikTok would not be what it is today without the shopping content produced on the app. Fashion hauls, skincare hauls, room decor and grocery hauls have taken over the platform. People love to see what others have bought. Go on TikTok and immediately you will see videos of people showing off their $500 Shein haul or trying the latest products from Sephora. It is natural to see items that other people bought and be

38  modmuze OCT

curious about them. It is even more natural to see these items and want to buy them yourself. However, this is where the problem begins. There is a deeper, darker side to those seemingly “harmless” hauls and trends on TikTok: over shopping and creating a faster buying cycle. Shopping TikTok thrives on people constantly showing off the latest and greatest items they just purchased. Best items on Amazon that you did not know you needed, $1,000 Zara hauls, or the latest home decor campaign from Anthropologie are just some of the things you will see; constantly showcasing all the new items you can buy within minutes. This causes users to consistently buy new items just because they saw it on TikTok first, which results in consumerism and more waste.

m: a



tc h m a d e i n

e H

n e av

by: Tyler Tassi

Another negative influence that TikTok has on the shopping world is the ability to make things wildly popular overnight. Lots of today’s fashion is all thanks to TikTok. Trends such as the “coconut girl aesthetic,” claw clips for your hair, Y2K clothing and crochet are just some of the trends that have TikTok to thank for making them popular. The ability to make something trendy overnight

l Ka ry n sa Te e

Thus making fast fashion brands, like Shein, Boohoo, Zara and H&M, favorites on TikTok. People can buy lots and lots of items, pay little for them and immediately show them off on their TikTok. Thus encouraging other users to buy them. This is a never ending cycle.

speeds up an already lightning fast fashion cycle. People are constantly buying new products, using it, then immediately discarding them once something better becomes in vogue. This, as we all know, has drastically dangerous repercussions for our planet. Overconsumption of goods and then the eventual discarding of those products is a huge polluter of the planet. The need to constantly buy, buy and buy will just end up killing our environment in the long run.

Pro d u c ti o n :

Consumerism, or the idea that the constant consumption of new products is good, thrives on TikTok due to hauls.

Now do not get me wrong, TikTok is a fun app that connects users from all over the world and allows people to express themselves however they like. I would be lying to you if I said that I have never sat down and enjoyed scrolling videos. However, the overconsumption that it encourages, our attitude toward consumerism, and the negative impact that has on our environment is something that cannot be ignored.

OCT modmuze  39


The new wave of the hippie era The new wave of the hippie era The new wave of the hippie era The new wave of the the hippie era The new wave of the hippie era The new wave of the hippie era The new wave of the hippie era 40  modmuze OCT


e w


The new wave of the hippie era


OCT modmuze  41


42  modmuze OCT

modfashion Music from the 70s influence on todays generation

The 1970s was known for disco, bell-bottoms, tie-dye and flower powBy: Faith Bollom er. More than the trends, the ‘Me Generation’ pushed for equality that America had never seen before. This era gave the voiceless a seat at the table and started the conversation that today’s generation is still fighting for. For the civil rights activists, anti-war protestors and true believers, 70s music was their voice and is still influencing our society today.

tion’s music. The late 70s also introduced hip hop to the world, allowing for more artists to push the limits in music. Music was just one of the many ways this era used self empowerment and expression to create a generation of fighting the good fight.

John Lennon embodied what music was about in the 70s. Lennon wrote songs for people to find peace in; when the world was anything but peaceful. Music was many people’s escape at the time and his lyrics were representative of that. Lennon wrote his hit song “Imagine” on a spray painted piano in 1971. He sings of a hope Funk, R&B, rock, soul, pop and dis- to move past the worlds conflicts and co all paved the way for this genera- to look at life in a new perspective.

OCT modmuze  43


Lennon believed in the potential greatness of mankind and that one day we would reach it. This song has withstood the test of time. Covered by countless artists, it is still being preformed today with the same message of peace, giving the believers an anthem of hope. Fleetwood Mac was another revolutionary musical group during this time. Their soft-rock music was filled with romantic and groovy tones while crossed with fiery lyrics. Fleetwood Mac was not afraid to push the boundaries (and break some rules during the process). Their hit album, Rumors debuted in 1977 and won the group Album of The Year in 1978. Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” was their only No. 1 song. Lead singer and songwriter, Stevie Nicks wrote this record during a rough time for herself and the band. This song symbolized hope for Nicks, as she was going through a breakup and a drastic change in her own life. This song spoke to millions of others for the turmoil throughout the country, and in 2020 the hit song reemerged itself back into everyone’s hearts.

44  modmuze OCT

After a viral TikTok in 2020 of Nathan Apodaca skateboarding to the hit song, everyone was reminded of the good things in life. During a time when there was not much to look forward to, “Dreams” brought hope, light and laughter to everyone, even if it was just for 15 seconds. Fleetwood Mac’s once hit song jumped back to Billboards Top Charts for the first time since 1977. This is proof that great music lasts forever and will always have a message to spread. There is a lot to be learned from the 70s. The free-spirited nature, ability to know when to fight and how to spread peace at the same time, and the incredible music taste will never fade.


Photographer: Zoe Boschee Stylist: Chloe Hart Models: Chloe Hart, Mar’Tessa Willis & Cayden Ward Production: Hadley Waldren

OCT modmuze  45


46  modmuze OCT

L L A F P SU P SU S A A A C E C LE F T M N U I S T A P SHIO PSU C A A E E F E C ASH F L U TIM LE U N O APS C By: Taylor Watts When I think of timeless fashion, my brain automatically goes to the fashion icon Audrey Hepburn. Anything she wore in her days, is automatically acceptable to wear nowadays. It is important when thinking of timeless fashion pieces to invest in to try to keep them neutral as possible so they work with more outfits. First on the list: Tops. A white t-shirt, black t-shirt, or a striped t-shirt can be styled many different ways. These shirts can be styled in a more professional manner, paired with dark jeans or slacks. Another style of shirt that continues to stay in style for decades is a white button down blouse. A white button down can be used in a professional setting, and in a nonprofessional one. Buttoned all the way and a pair of slacks is more for an interview, but a few loose buttons, a pair of jeans

OCT modmuze  47


with a French tuck, and you’re ready for a night out.

Next: Bottoms. A pair of dark washed jeans (no holes) are something that is always needed. No holed jeans can look professional paired with a neutral T-Shirt and blazer, or can be cute for a dinner with friends when paired with a colorful sweater. Black dress slacks are also another bottom piece to invest in. Interviews and office setting work jobs seem forever away, but it is always something you will need. Black slacks are not usually something you can make casual, however it is a good choice to always have a pair in your closet. They can be paired with a sweater or the neutral t-shirts listed above. Lastly: Finishing Pieces. A black blazer, camel/cream cashmere cardigan. I am a big believer in a power blazer. I personally have a blazer in almost every color.

Blazers are one of the best pieces to invest in because they can be worn in many different ways.

Pop of Color: Lastly on this list, I wanted to incorporate some sense of color. With all of these neutrals on here, don’t be afraid to add in a pop of color! I invested in a hot pink blazer a few years ago, and I still wear it with jeans or black slacks to spice up my outfit a bit. I also have invested in red slacks, which I have worn with a graphic T-shirt, or a black turtleneck sweater. The main point of investment pieces is ensuring you can wear it many different ways. It is simple really, if you want to make it more casual, add jeans, if you need it to be more dressy, add a blazer.

48  modmuze OCT

Production: Millie Bryant

With a pair of jeans and a graphic T-shirt, it’s a nice outfit for the Gram, but paired with slacks and a blouse, it is a stylish day at the office. Similarly with the cardigan, they just give off more of a comfy and stylish look. You can wear a cardigan to work with slacks, or even to class with leggings.



OCT modmuze  49


By: Tiana Berry i·den·ti·fi·ca·tion The action or process of identifying someone or something or the fact of being identified. We as a society put so much time into our physical beauty. Through this shoot, I was able to twist my models identity and ask the question, “how do I want to be identified?

50  modmuze OCT

Photographer: Emily Singlton Stylist: Tiana Berry Production: Hadley Waldren

OCT modmuze 51

Models: Mar’Tessa Willis, Dibora Million, Alexandria Love

52  modmuze OCT

OCT modmuze 53

n i t n a i t a a L d L re am w 54  modmuze OCT

n a dr e am w r r a e a we OCT modmuze  55



Models: Kassandra Gaona, Marilysis Espinoza, Citlaly Espinoza, Natalie Ysasaga, Cristina Parra


OCT modmuze  57

By: Gabriella Rangel Being a Mexican American woman is something very important me and who I am. The traditions, music, and language are all something to celebrate. This shoot is about showcasing Latina women that go to Oklahoma State and portrays a “daydream” of these women to show how different and beautiful we are.

Photographer: Hannah Floyd Stylist: Gaby Rangel Production: Millie Bryant

58  modmuze OCT

OCT modmuze 59




modfashion By: Emily West A look into the stigmas surrounding “Overdressing” and how to break down the barriers around expressing yourself through clothing. A look into the stigmas surrounding “Overdressing” and how to break down the barriers around expressing yourself through clothing. Confidence is key. I mean, isn’t that what the fashion industry has been preaching to us for the past 20 years? But how on earth can anyone truly be confident when there is always that little doubt in the back of your mind that begs the question: “Is it too much?”

ing experience that can teach you a lot about yourself.

And being the best dressed in a room is never a bad thing. After all, it only matters if what you wear makes you feel confident. While it’s fun to share our styles with other people and get complimented on our looks, that is not what fashion is about. It’s about wearing something that makes you feel like the most powerful person in whatever room “Fashion has you walk into.

Photographer: Maggie Grace Berry Stylist: Morgan Malget Models: Anna Taylor & Meredith Francis

Fashion has always been always been about expressing yourself about expressing And that’s a hard and each pertask to overyourself” son’s individcome. Today’s ual expresfashion culture sion is meant to be bold and does not make it easy for us. unique. However, this stigma Somehow fashion has turned of being “overdressed,” has into a copy and paste operation led people to shy away from where consumers think that if genuinely expressing their they buy these items and wear true individual fashion sense. them exactly like these influential people in fashion then We idolize models and celebri- they will feel more confident. ties who get to dawn the extrav- But, clothes look different for agant creations of the world’s everyone and look best when greatest designers, yet we feel items are picked based on pershy about wearing something sonal preference and persondifferent than everyone else. ality. A top that looks great It makes no sense! Branching on your best friends may not out and trying a new style or make you feel as confident styling things together a new as a top selected just for you. way is a freeing and eye-open- Overdressing is not something

OCT modmuze  61

modfashion to be afraid of, but something to be embraced because it brings back the true values of fashion - individualism. By being brave and bold in your fashion choices, it’s an easy jump to being confident in yourself and who you are as an individual; because who knows, your style may be more popular than you might think. By allowing ourselves to express our true selves in the purest form, by wearing whatever we want, we create & exude confidence that can be seen by those around us. And who doesn’t want to be

62  modmuze OCT

confident? This idea of allowing others to see your true personality through your clothes can overcome these stigmas of “not wearing the right thing.” Fashion can be such a powerful tool for self-growth if we stop getting in our own way by psyching ourselves out and feeding into the stigma of being “overdressed.” Confidence is key, but it’s also a state of mind. If you’re always worried about your outfit, you’ll never unlock the hidden potential inside of you.


Production: Cara Vargas

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DEVELOPING YOUR BRAND FOR JUSTICE & EQUITY OCTOBER 28, 2021 | 5 - 6:15 PM CST Pattie Gonia, our guest speaker at the event, is an environmentalist drag queen on a mission to build a more inclusive climate movement.

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@Greige_Stillwater ShopGreigeGoods.com Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074

707 S. Main St.

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Available at Homeland in Stillwater! 421 N. Main St. Stillwater, OK 74075 & at 75 other locations including Whole Foods, Uptown, Pruett's, Homeland, Reasor's and many more Amelia Natural French Style Yogurt is proudly made in OK! Our yogurt is packaged in ceramic clay jars and made from only natural ingredients with a proprietary blend of probiotics!



Shop DearBritt Jewelry Designs at the OSU Homecoming Walkaround Friday, October 29th! Our booth will be located on the corner of 3rd Ave & Monroe St. in front of Phi Delta Theta.


@ShopDearBritt 901 S Main St.

#ShopSmall #ShopLocal #ShopDearBritt


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