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Welcome to MOD Muze!

educate and entertain the students and residents of Stillwater because that’s what they The boss babes are back for have done for us for four years. another issue. In our second issue you’ll find a wine pairing Issue No. 2 is in the books and our duty as for a seafood date night, a new fitness routine editors is slowly coming to an end. We’re from a sports legend, a country chic vibe to both graduating in May and we’ll be pass- decorate your home with and our new street ing off the editor title to some new blood af- style guide for Oklahoma State. ter our short run. Working with this amaz- We’ve also proudly partnered with the stuing group of women to kick off the future for dents of Euphoria, a student run fashion show, fashion and lifestyle in Stillwater, Oklahoma, and are excited to work with them. is a great feat for us. Being a part of something that brings joy to people whether they We hope you enjoy this issue as much as we worked with us or have seen us in action have enjoyed creating it! across campus is a great feeling. We aim to

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Student Media in partnership with the Department of Design, Housing & Merchandising present MODMuze, a magazine produced entirely by OSU students. The goal of this project is to permit students to put their classroom learning and passion for fashion into practice in a real-world setting. COLLEGE OF

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FitnessSTYLE Fitness Focus: JRAUK Boxfit When was the last time you sweat? And I mean really sweat- like drip down into the trough of your lip sweat.

by Rachel Baker As a student, being active and healthy is the last thing that’s on our minds. Getting in to a gym can be more difficult than just about anything else college students are dealt with. Also, let’s be honest, the gym can be intimidating to go by oneself, (especially if you are a petite girl with only a dancing background like myself) . Figuring out how to put together machines the right way without looking like an idiot, wanting to jump rope or jump lunge with no space to do so, and not to mention the meat heads that only intimidate you while trying to lift are only some of the issues you get dealt with at the zoo that is otherwise known as the gym. Plus, in order to burn calories or lose extra weight one must actually escalate their heart rate me in on a hidden Stillwater gem that was JRAUK and “sweat it out“-a feat that I find difficult due to my Box-Fit. A high intensity boxing class, taught by short attention span and lack of personal motivation. boisterous ex-pro boxer and Yet, as college students, it is extremely important to remain healthy and active. It has been proven that healthy eating choices and physical fitness can improve mental health. Mental stability is of utmost importance in order to be successful throughout one’s college career. By my sophomore year of college, I had become so overwhelmed with everything I was a part of in school that I became incapable of taking care of myself. Falling into an emotional depression and gaining 25 pounds, I knew I needed to take back control of my life.

NFL player Jevon Langford, was exactly what I needed to wake up from my sophomore slump.

“JRAUK Boxfit pulled me out Originally growing up in the of my slump and ghettos of Washington D.C, has dealt with his own started a fire of Jevon personal demons throughout motivation under his years. There were two choices when growing up in my feet.” the Washington, D.C. ghetto:

rob or sell drugs. He knew that if not for sports, he wouldn’t have lived past Luckily, in the spring of 2016, a friend of mine let 25. His father raised him to be a boxer, and he took up football in school as part of his salvation from the chaos that surrounded his livelihood. Jevon managed to make it out of the ghetto, and was offered a scholarship to play at Archbishop Carroll, Oklahoma State University, and eventually made it onto the Cincinnati Bengals. He also became the only player in history to simultaneously be a professional boxer. 6  MODMuze  APRIL

Now, JRAUK Boxfit has the size of the original. 2500+ clients he’s had continues to improve along with everyone

moved to a place twice He’s empowered almost since he’s started, and and inspire himself, that works with him.

Punching bags have turned into my form of personal therapy, as this is now my second year of going. Honestly, I can say that I have never left a class without 1) sweating profusely, and 2) emotionally feeling strong, encouraged, and powerful. Meeting Jevon, and taking up boxing was the smartest thing I ever did for myself during my time at OSU. JRAUK Boxfit pulled me out of my slump and started a fire of motivation under my feet.

Despite his success in the NFL, earning a 6-0 record in the ring, and making more money than he could’ve imagined, a natural introvert, Jevon felt as if he was becoming undone on the inside. Langford was cut from the Bengals eventually, due to concerns of him getting roughed up during a boxing match. It was then when he was at his lowest time emotionally and needed to reach out to an old coach for help.


Jevon ended up moving back to Stillwater to work on the construction team renovating the OSU Student Union. Quickly he found that construction was not his forte since he had no construction experience. Soon after quitting, he found an old pair of his boxing gloves and came up with a new idea that he found joy in. He started teaching free boxing lessons in 2011 at Boomer Lake with only 6 pupils, used gloves, and $10 mits. Soon other people caught on to his lessons, average people such as school teachers, students, and doctors around the area. Easily becoming hooked to his fitness program that focuses on mental toughness and having a positive attitude. With enough patience, hard work, and personal dedication, Jevon opened his first gym in 2012. “The fight starts with self” he had painted on the walls, along with many other quotes that impassioned him and his clients.

The Fight Starts with self



History of

From Egyptian kohl eyeliner to Kylie Lip Kits, makeup has been through a lot of changes over the years. Each decade brings a new style and trend to the next generation of makeup lovers. Whether you are a makeup enthusiast, histor y buff, or just seeking some inspiration for your next costume party, here are some of the most popular trends from the past centur y.

by Kendall Williams

PHOTOGRAPHER: Kendall Williams MAKEUP ARTIST: Kendall Willliams MODELS: Jill Cope and Sezanna Wallace


Some of the earliest trends in makeup started around the same time as silent films. In the 1920s, makeup was used to highlight and emphasize the expressions of the silent film actors because they could not speak. Popular features included rosy cheeks, thin penciled on eyebrows, and dark lips. Because of the fame surrounding silent film stars, these looks became incredibly popular with the women of the times. If you want to bring this look to modern day I would highly recommend rocking a berry lip, bold brows, and a rosy blush.

After the 20s, makeup seemed to fall in popularity with the public. This could be due to the fact that America was fighting in WWII, and many working class American’s also suffered in the Great Depression. Resources were tight, and makeup was not a priority for many women. However, makeup returned in the 1950s with prominent movie stars and models such as Marilyn Monroe, popularizing the classic red lip, and black cat eye. In today’s culture, this look is still seen very often. To modernize it, I would keep the look sleek and focus on the red lip, with minimal to no eye makeup. When the swinging 60s came around, pop culture diverged into two main factions: mod and hippie. The mod movement had the limelight during the 1960s. One of the most recognized people of this fashion movement was none other than the model Twiggy. Twiggy was famous for her graphic eyeliner that emphasized her large, doe-like eyes. This worked especially well because it photographed so beautifully. Since graphic eyeliner still holds a place in the makeup world today, I would suggest rocking some black graphic liner, or a bold colored eyelid, with a nude lip to evoke the feeling of the 60s mod movement. 8  MODMuze  APRIL

Of course the 1970s was a time of free love, hippies, and natural makeup. Most trends were centered on colorful eye shadow and full lashes. There was not as much of an emphasis on makeup, because the hippie movement of the time was anti-capitalism. This overall looks and style was perpetuated by singers such as John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, and Janis Joplin. If you want to take some inspiration from this decade, I would suggest keeping it simple with a pastel colored lid, mascara, and nude lip.

The 80s was the complete opposite of the 70s. With the rise of rock music, makeup was highly influenced by bands like KISS, Queen, and Van Halen. Women who were a part of the rock movement would go to concerts wearing looks that were very bold, colorful, and a bit out there. If you want to wear a look inspired by 80s rock, I would suggest wearing a dark eye shadow, colorful eyeliner, and bold lip.

The main cultural movement in the 90s was grunge. This involved a distaste for the status quo. Many bands of the time used this style, and reflected in their music. Examples include Nirvana, Green Day, and Pearl Jam. The makeup of the times reflected that by focusing on dark colors and messy lines. The general population wore smudged eyeliner and dark lipstick. They portrayed an alternative lifestyle that showed how little they cared about appearances. Taking inspiration from this decade, I would focus on a smoked out eye shadow and liner, and either keep the lip neutral or bold depending on your personal style.

Now if you were born in the 90s, like me, then you probably remember the makeup and style of the 2000s. As many on social media like to say, the 2000s was full of iconic looks. These looks were mainly popularized by famous actresses and singers such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Paris Hilton. The makeup trends in the early 2000s included blue shimmer eye shadow, glossy lips, and glitter. While this decade is not as far removed as several of the others mentioned, this look is definitely different from the makeup we wear now. However, if you are heavily inspired by the early 2000s, I would recommend popping a light blue eye shadow on your eyelid, adding on a frosty highlighter, and bringing out that nude glossy lip. APRIL  MODMuze  9

F l a s h

Making a Racket: Tennis Fashion Tennis fashion is making its way from the court to the streets. The tennis-chic trend is coming full circle and showing what it looks like to be a chic and sporty fit girl in the fashion world.

by Jill Cope and Courtney Unruh Many college students dress for comfort which most, if not all, of the time includes some type of athletic wear. Though athletic wear has not always been looked at for its fashionability but more so for its functionality, now we are seeing more and more trends that are including athletic inspired garments. Some of the most iconic influencers in tennis now are Serena Williams and Venus Williams. Today when you think of women’s tennis you probably think of the Williams sisters ruling the court, however if you flashback to the 1920s and 30s one of the top women in tennis was Helen Wills Moody. Helen not only had a powerful serve, but she was part of the transition to shorter tennis skirts, as she refused to play tennis in the common long skirts because they didn’t allow her to move freely. 10  MODMuze  APRIL

Tennis wear has its own fashion evolution that spans over many years and can be traced back for decades. The last time people took inspiration from tennis was in the 1920’s from American tennis player Bill Tilden who impressed fans with his forehand and his preppy style, according to The Stylish Life: Tennis by Ben Rothenberg.

Pleats Knife pleating is cutting its way through fashion trends and is becoming a sporty feminine look. These pleats not only flatter the body figure, but they also allow you to move easily because of how the lay straight while enabling the wearer to move easily. The pleated style of these skirts originally came to popularity from tennis players who are known for wearing them and mixing them with

PHOTOGRAPHER: Courtney Unruh and Jill Cope


B a c k

their own style and the need for its overall function.

sportswear into your daily outfits or even into business wear. This can be done by pairing a tennis skirt (Tip: You could even by wear any pleated skirt you own you can Sweaters give of the same effect!) with a blouse and blazer, or This trend is accompanied by a modernization of even wearing a sporty deep-v tennis inspired sweater the classic tennis sweater which can be used as the with a pair of smart styled trousers or even tie the accent piece that can tie the whole look together or sweater around your waist while wearing a sleek solid even as an extra piece to layer over an outfit. This colored dress and you’ll most definitely be on trend. can be done by wearing a sweater with your pleated skirt for a combined casual modern look. Another Athluxe combination that is simple, easy, and comfortable Athluxe is opposite of the athleisure trend instead of is wearing a boxy sweater that falls past the waist everyday clothing mixed with athletic wear, it is high to where the skirts edge peeks out the bottom. end glammed up athletic wear. This is done through embellishments, high end fabric technology, as well Micro Pleats as through decorative prints. In addition the idea that Keep your eye out for micro pleats, they are a newly Athluxe proposed has been used by designers in the engineered knit technology that will be the next big past, specifically by designer Vera Borea who owned thing in all athletic wear. As the pleats allow more the first fashion house that offered luxury sportswear freedom of movement and ease for the wearer so they can for women. She gained fame from producing luxe easily adapt to many different everyday environments. garments for tennis and an array of other sports as she made them acceptable to wear to social events.

Sporty Chic

Sporty chic is about bringing an edge of athletic and APRIL  MODMuze  11

t n e R the y a w n u R Wear Something New Everyday RTR (Rent the Runway) offers luxury fashion for rent at prices as low as $30! Need something to wear to your next event? Take a look at their wide range of products. All of the dresses featured in this spread are available to rent right now! Model Left: Taylor in DVF for $50, Model Right: Sezanna in Adelyn Rae for $30, Photographer: Kelly Kerr

12  MODMuze  APRIL

STYLED BY: Kaelen McINtire and Kira Petersons MAKEUP: Kendall Williams

APRIL  MODMuze  13

Our beautiful model Summer is wearing an Elliatt wrap dress available to rent for $30. Photographer: Emily Bruner

14  MODMuze  APRIL

BOLD PATTERNS Sezanna is wearing Mara Hoffman available to rent for $65 Photographer: Emily Bruner

APRIL  MODMuze  15

Playful Stripes Devre is wearing Red Valentino available to rent for $120. Photographer: Emily Bruner

16  MODMuze  APRIL

Summer is wearing a Jay Godfrey romper available to rent for $50 Photographer: Emily Bruner

APRIL  MODMuze  17


Sip, Sip, With spring and summer quickly approaching, what better way to celebrate than with food and wine! I have found the perfect recipe to mix some of my favorite wines with the light, airy taste of the sea. These are perfect for those warm spring and summer nights! For this meal, I wanted to incorporate a very summery feel since summer is quickly approaching Stillwater. When I think of summer, I think of two things besides gorgeous weather: seafood and wine. I took a wine tasting class where we learned about pairing wine with food and what wines taste like, and I feel like a real connoisseur. JUST KIDDING!! But I did learn that a lighter wine, such as Moscato or Chardonnay, tastes so delicious with seafood, such as fish, lobster, crab and shrimp. I was also concerned with keeping the meal fairly low calorie, since its wedding season, and seafood makes eating low calorie so easy. I am always nervous when it comes to cooking seafood because the coloring is so different from that of meat, so I did a LOT of research about easy ways to cook seafood. I decided to start with a simple fish and veggie combo that can be made in the oven in very little time. My fiancé and I went to Walmart and got two pieces of salmon, a s p a r a g u s , lemon, onions and a variety of spices for the main course of our meal. The set up for cooking this was BEYOND easy. We pre-heated the oven to 400 degrees and put the asparagus and salmon into tin foil with garlic powder and olive oil and fresh thyme. We cut the onion and 18  MODMuze  APRIL


! y a r o

by Lauren Atherton

lemon and placed a couple slices on top of the salmon. Once the oven had heated up to 400, we placed the foil packets into the oven for around 25 minutes. To make sure that the salmon is done, I searched Google for a picture to make sure the coloring looked okay. To me, the color of the salmon should be a bright pink, and the asparagus should be slightly mushy. I like my asparagus a little less done, so I took my asparagus out a little bit early. We wanted to keep the side simple and low carb, so we went with multigrain rice medley packets. These are super easy; you stick them in the microwave for about a minute and a half, and you can get them in two packs at Walmart for about two dollars. One pack has 230 calories, so it doesn’t break the daily calorie count, which is perfect for swimsuit season. Wine is my FAVORITE part of this meal. We tried so many different kinds of wine in class, but my favorites were always the white wines. They are lighter, sweeter and all around better in my opinion. The great thing about wine is that you can find really great wine for a low cost! The wine that I decided to pair with this meal was a Mocato d’Asti that we tasted in class, but another great option is Barefoot moscato that you can find at any liquor store here in town, and its only $8! Another good wine to pair with this meal would be Chardonnay. It is light, just the like moscato, but it has different flavors associated with it and is much more dry than the moscato. You really can’t go wrong with a white wine for this meal!


Take A Chill Pill Suzi Says:

helpful hints on stress management from Suzi Wallace, a doctor in Clinical Psychotherapy


nfortunately, stress is something we all experience at some point in our lives. As finals draw near for students at Oklahoma State, it is important to reduce and prevent this stress as much as possible. Stress can affect the body in two different ways: Physical and Mental. In both categories, the best remedy for stress is prevention, not treatment. Physically, the onset of stress can be recognized in the form of muscle tension (neck, back, etc.) and headaches. Mentally, signs of stress can occur in the form of mood changes or difficulty focusing on tasks. Preventative measures for stress can be implemented at any time, but definitely when any of these things are noticed. Physically, helpful activities include exercise, stretching, or taking a walk. Dr. Wallace says these activities can be, “anything that engages your body that is different from a normal daily activity.” In addition to physical activity, Dr. Wallace mentions that it is important to maintain healthy nutrition and a good hygiene regimen. It is important to stay hydrated and hit all the food groups throughout the day and get a good night’s sleep (6 minimum hours). Mentally, stress can be prevented with meditation, music, or “minivacations” (like taking a drive, reading a good book, or *literally* taking a

by Sezanna Wallace

hike). In addition, it is critical to give yourself breaks to have fun. Hanging out with friends, playing with a fun animal, or talking things out with a trusted confidant are all great ways to relieve and prevent stress. Keep in mind that physical and mental health work handin-hand. If physical health is not great, mental health

won’t be great—and vice versa. Also, Dr. Wallace says that all activities, “should be done in moderation.” She also says to keep in mind that, “what you put in will come out. For example, spending time with negative people will make you feel negative, and the same goes for other things like social media and food.” Each person is different and unique. If you find something that relieves and/or prevents stress, remember it! It is highly likely you will need to use the same method again. ALook at those things you can be proud of and try not to compare yourself to others—this is both toxic and unnecessary. Stress prevention starts now, so go pet a dog, do a turmeric facemask, and get some sleep!

APRIL  MODMuze  19



Pantone Color of the Year: Ultra Violet Each year Pantone picks one color for the upcoming year based on trend and consumer studies that will be Pantone’s Official Color of the Year – and for those that are unfamiliar with Pantone; it’s a worldwide standard for color communication and inspiration. Think of Pantones as paint swatches – a Pantone for every color that exists in the world and a name and identification number for every color.

Thinksport Yoga Mat $35.99 OrganikThings.com

Lippy Liquid Lipstick $18.00 Ulta Beauty

by Kira Petersons

This year, Pantone has announced the 2018 color of the year and it’s ULTRA VIOLET! We are already seeing Ultra Violet everywhere; from apparel, to shoes, to lawn furniture, to kitchen appliances, to nail polish, to music videos. We can’t get enough Ultra Violet! Here are some ways you can implement this color into your college lifestyle and be on trend this year

Rebecca Minkoff Avery Crossbody $88.00 Rebecca Minkoff.com

Ultra Violet State of Mind

Nine West Franke Pump $39.50 Nordstrom Rack 20  MODMuze  APRIL

New Balance The Icon $79.99 New Balance.com

Kendra Scott Danielle Earrings $65.00 Kendra Scott

The Boyfriend Blazer The blazer is a staple piece year around, but this white, linen option is a staple your spring and summer wardrobe is dying to have.

THE WHITE BLAZER: Nordstrom / TopShop Boyfriend Jersey Jacket / $75

Where to Wear: Midweek Coffee Break

Where to Wear: Date Night With Bae

by Emily Bruner

Where to Wear: Weekend Shopping Spree

JEANS: H&M / Vintage High Ankle Jeans DRESS: H&M / V-neck Dress / $30 TUBE TOP: Urban Outfitter / UO / $40 BOOTIES: Public Desire / Sonic Zip Hallie Ribbed Knit Tube Top / $24 WHITE TEE: Madewell / Whisper Biker Boot / $30 DENIM SHORTS: TopShop / MOTO Cotton Crewneck Tee / $19.50 BAG: TopShop / Petal 3D Flower High Waisted Rip Mom Short / $60 SNEAKERS: Six:02 / Puma Suede Embroidered Crossbody / $55 SANDALS: Sole Society / Stacie Platform / $70 BAG: ZARA / backpack with metal detail / $30

Espadrille Sandal / $80 BAG: ZARA / tote with wooden handles / $46 APRIL  MODMuze  21


Mother’s Appreciation

We all remember trying on our mother’s c l o t h i n g and walking around in her high heels when we were young. As we grew up, our mother’s would take us back to school shopping and encourage us as we tried on outfit after outfit. And while we used to think our mom’s didn’t have any style what so ever, as we got older, we started to see that mother really does know best. The relationship I have with my mom is one of friendship. However it hasn’t always been that way. I’m sure many women have had similar ups and downs in their relationship with their mom. When I was younger, my mom was the one who took care of me when I was sick, who cooked my dinner, and bought my clothes. As I got older, I started to feel more insecure in my body and style. I felt like I wasn’t cool. I was awkward and dorky, and the clothing I wore became a much bigger deal to me. I didn’t want to wear something that my peers would deem “nerdy” or “ugly.” This was also around the time that I started to think that I knew more than my parents, and that they didn’t understand me. Being a teenager, you tend to go through a lot of changes, and we all deal with those changes in different ways. My style, personality, and 22  MODMuze  APRIL

confidence were all influenced by the way p e o p l e t h o u g h t about me. This affected the personal relationship I had with my mother in a negative way. To be completely h o n e s t , t e e n a g e me was a brat. I did not appreciate my parents and the things they did for me. I thought I knew everything, and any advice they gave me was lame. I’m sure most of us can relate. Teenage years are not fun for most people. Luckily, I grew up and out of that phase. I realized how smart my parents are, especially my mom. As a woman, I can relate to the things she has gone through and the lessons she has learned. The older I’ve gotten, the more my mom has become my best friend. She’s the first one I call when a boy breaks my heart or when I don’t know what to wear and just about every situation in between the two. No matter how old you and your mom are I feel like the one thing that brings us all together is shopping. When you are shopping with your mom, you know she is always going to be honest with you. And even if your styles are different, you know that you can trust her opinion. Mom’s always know what looks good on

PHOTOGRAPHER and STYLIST: Kendall Williams MODEL: Jessica and Mitzi Hoover

by Kendall Williams

you. I feel like my mom’s style really influenced the way I dress, especially as a young adult. She always knows what looks the most flattering on her body, and puts things together in a very classic and chic way. And the older I’ve gotten, the more my style has started to influence her. I’ve gotten her to branch out of her comfort zone and try something new many times, and she has done the same for me. We don’t always love the things we pick out for each other, but sometimes we need an outsider’s perspective. As college students, we typically live away from our parents, and I think that provides opportunities for you to grow closer to your mom because you are having to make a more conscious effort to spend time together. Being away from her makes you appreciate and value all of those things she’s done for you, and it gives you a chance to miss each other. And I don’t know about you but whenever I go home to visit, my mom and I are almost always shopping. Even if we don’t buy anything, there is just something about it that really brings us together. Although we may not always see eye to eye, when we shop we are able to come together, feel good about ourselves, and have honest and open conversations. And that’s what really matters.

“A Mother is your first friend, your best friend, your forever friend.” -unknown APRIL  MODMuze  23


Iron Monk Brews Craft Beer and Good Vibes

In Stillwater, Oklahoma you can be promised three things: good people, crazy game days, and great beer. The Iron Monk brewery, started by Dave Monks and Jerod Millirons offers its customers a range of delicious craft beers that will surely leave you feeling satisfied.

by Natalie Berg

One of the brewers, Cody Driscoll, is well versed in the art of brewing beer. He started with home brewing as a hobby, quickly finding a passion in the production of beer. While walking through the room full of 40 and 80 liter steel barrels, Driscoll comfortably explains the processes that occur in each. The process is complicated, if you want an in-depth explanation of how beer is made I highly recommend going to a tour. However, I came away with a decent, and simple, idea of the process. The first step is to convert the starches to sugars creating a sweet substance called wort (I hope it tastes better than it looks). From there this liquid moves into the kettle for an hour before adding hops. The hop flowers, used to balance the sweetness in beer, are used in every beer made. After this step, the fermentation process begins. Yeast is added to the liquid to eat the sugar

“We want to Saturate Oklahoma before expanding to other states ”

24  MODMuze  APRIL

and create alcohol and CO2 (the carbonation). For more details definitely stop by on a Saturday. Iron Monks consistently works on creating new flavors of beer. An example is the Land Run 100, created specifically to honor the Land Run 100 bike race that happens in Stillwater annually. Along with that, Iron Monk typically has one sour on tap; presently they are offering a boysenberry sour that is absolutely magnificent and for those insta-savvy people who want a great snap, it is pink!This is currently a temporary brew, so if you find yourself to be as passionate as I am, make sure you mention it to a brewer so it has potential to become permanent. Iron Monk’s more stable brews offer tastes with a deep chocolate tone to an airy pale ale. Several of the names of the beers are inspired by Stillwater. The Exit 174 Rye Pale Ale is made completely

PHOTOGRAPHER: Natalie Berg and Kaelen McIntire

Iron Monk brewery opened in 2014, and six short months later the Taproom followed. It is the perfect spot for anyone looking for a bar with a relaxed atmosphere and a friendly staff. Upon enter the taproom you see an open layout room full of picnic tables, board games, and a beer can wall featuring their uniquely artistic cans. The bar is located near the back, and a giant window allows customers to view the brewing process. Tours are available at Iron Monk every Saturday at 2:00pm and 4:00pm. For only $15 the customer will receive a background of Iron Monk, information on how beer is made, the opportunity to taste raw ingredients, a pint glass, and 4 samples of their choice.

with Oklahoman ingredients. The Stilly Wheat is crisp, refreshing, and has hints of lemon citrus flavors.Some of their deeper flavors include the Chocolate Habanero which tastes faintly of chocolate and leaves you with a slight kick of spice at the end. The last honorable mention is the Velvet Antler, an amber ale that is easy to drink and according to Iron Monk “pairs well with Pink Floyd Tribute Shows.” When asked about the next steps for Iron Monk, Driscoll stated that “we are trying to saturate Oklahoma before expanding to other states.” Since many students at Oklahoma State University are from out-of-state, the fact that they will not be available in other states for a few years should create a sense of urgency. Why? Because this brilliant brewery is one that you cannot miss out on. With craft beers that offer a range of deep flavor and unique taste, this brewery presents the public with beverages unlike any other. My suggestion? Head over to Iron Monk the next time you want a special beer-filled afternoon or evening.

APRIL  MODMuze  25



Jeniffer Hernandez

Q. When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career in fashion?


Stephany started drawing at age 15 but did not want to pursue fashion as a degree, but the love for clothing later changed her mind.


How do you want women to feel when wearing your clothes?

A. Comfortable and beautiful Q. What is your favorite season to design for or Q.

When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career in fashion?

A. Bailey found her interest in fashion while taking art classes in Norman and felt she had no direction there. From that experience she found out about opportunities in fashion and decided to pursue that.


dress for?


Loves to dress for winter and design for summer


What are some words that characterize you as a current designer?

A. Structure | Showstopper | Sexy

How do you want women

to feel when wearing your clothes?

A. Feel a comfortable, yet beautiful while being effortless and confident in an easy and seamless way

Q. What is your favorite store? A. Anthropology | Free people | Made well Q. What is something you are obsessed about or one of your most valuable item possessions?

A. A current clothing items that I can’t live without Denim Black jeans capris by made well because they are simple and go with everything

26  MODMuze  APRIL

Stephanie Stafford

Senior Spotlight

by Maddy Jones

After four years of designing, these seniors are ready for the runway. We are featuring these four senior Apparel Design and Production students to show their hard work, amazing skills and creative designs. We asked them several fun, exciting questions to get an idea of their personalities, inspirations and aspirations as they near graduation. Dani Johnson


When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career in fashion?

A. Bailey found her interest in fashion while taking art classes in Norman and felt she had no direction there. From that experience she found out about opportunities in fashion and decided to pursue that.

Q. How do you want women to feel when wearing your clothes?



A. Australian

Q. What is your favorite store? A. Anthropology | Free people |

based, traveling,

Made well

resort beaches, summer, bright colors and prints

obsessed about or one of your most valuable item possessions?

What are you currently most inspired/ influenced by?


How do

you want women to feel when wearing your clothes?


Feel a comfortable, yet beautiful while being effortless and confident in an easy and seamless way

Q. What is something you are A.

A current clothing items

that I can’t live without Denim Black jeans capris by made well because they are simple and go with everything

Free Spirited

| Confident | Freed

Q. What is your favorite store? A. General Pants co. | Minkpink Q. What are some words that characterize you as a current designer?

A. On trend | Beachy | Free spirited

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Interior Inspirations: Country Chic College Interiors Wanting to get the perfect, cozy and comfortable feel to your rental house? Check out how these girls decorated their college rental house on a budget and turned it into a country chic inspired space. by Jessica Hoover

Luckily, the girls living on 4th Street were able to accomplish turning their temporary rental into a modern, country cute home. The girls said their ideal home style is a “farmhouse look, with white wood, and a cozy chic cabin feel”. As you can see, the girls have an inviting atmosphere from the front door, to the living room and into the kitchen. When asked about some challenges they find when decorating they said, “finding things to fill up a space without looking too cluttered and creating a cohesive style between six people.” The ladies did a great job incorporating each of their styles into one cohesive look. Their arrangement of decorations is very clean and eye catching. Some of their favorite items they used to decorate their home include the Chi-O wood panels on the shelves and fun throw pillows on the couches and beds. Their dining room incorporates the farm like feel with the family style bench at the kitchen table along with the distressed white wood on the legs of the furniture. Decorating with a college budget can be tough on your wallet. We asked how the girls in the house decorate on a budget, they answered, “we try to buy things from the people who are moving out or graduating, also garage sales, and Hobby Lobby as it is a great placeto shop due to the amazing sales.” Another great way to save money when decorating is to try out a DIY project. You can find many different ideas and tutorials on websites like Pinterest and YouTube. Some of the best videos explain how to change old furniture into something new and creative. 28  MODMuze  APRIL

In this day and age we are lucky because there are so many sources to help give us inspiration when starting to decorate an apartment or house. Each bedroom in the house showcases each girls’ style and personality. They are all very unique using different colors and textures to complete their style aesthetics. Overall when decorating, the most important thing is to be true to your style!


Creating a beautiful home is not an easy task. You want your home to not only be functional but also show off your personality and style. When you are on a college budget, decorating your house or apartment can be daunting, especially if you have roommates with different styles.

“farmhouse look, with white wood, and a cozy chic cabin feel”

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FALLing for this Destination: Turner Falls in Davis, Oklahoma If you are looking for a short getaway from Stillwater, Turner Falls Park in Davis, Oklahoma, is the place to go. This little haven has everything you need for both a relaxing and adventurous day just 2 hours away. If you are looking for a short getaway from Stillwater, we highly suggest hopping in the car with some of your friends and taking the 2-hour mini road trip to Oklahoma’s secret oasis, Turner Falls Park in Davis, Oklahoma. Turner Falls offers a wide variety of activities to enjoy ranging from scenic hikes, swimming near the picturesque waterfalls and other natural pools, to an overnight camping trip. On top of this there are picnic sites, water slides, zip lines, and caves to explore. One of the best areas of the park is the castle ruin that visitors can wonder through. With a jail cell and multiple floors, this castle is an incredible feature to discover. If you are feeling a swim, take a dip in the magnificent pool of water that is located in front of beautiful waterfalls. We took our trip on a colder day, so most of our time was spent hiking, soaking in the views of the sparkling waterfalls, and exploring the castle ruin. However, if you wait until it gets a little warmer, be sure to pack a swimsuit and a towel because you will definitely want to jump into the cool natural pools after a long hike. Either way, you will be sure to have a good time and you definitely won’t feel like you’re in Oklahoma with the mountainous terrain surrounding you. It is truly the perfect escape. By now you are probably wondering, “how can I be ’trendy’ while hiking and camping?” We are here to give you the inside scoop on your Turner Falls trip necessities.

30  MODMuze  APRIL

PHOTOGRAPHER: Natalie Berg and Kaelen McIntire

by Natalie Berg & Kaelen McIntire

The Outfit For a cold weather hike, consider pairing a classic pair of black leggings with a vintage cut-off sweater for a relaxed yet sporty chic look. Or for a more fun look you could pair some patterned leggings with a basic tank or sweater. If you want to splurge, check out the assortment of leggings, tops, sweaters, and more at Lululemon. If you are balling on a budget, Old Navy and even WalMart offer an array of athletic clothing that is highly comparable. Treat your feet right in comfortable shoes that offer support and style. Nikes are great for a casual hike, however when dealing with hikes that involve difficult terrain we would suggest a more supportive shoe such as Asics. In the warmer weather, when swimming is permitted, consider bright colors and bold patterned swimwear. Target has a large collection of swimsuits to choose from for a very reasonable price. For hiking, consider wearing comfortable athletic shorts and a breathable tee or tank to stay cool in the Oklahoma heat.

The Accessories “Hydrate or die-drate” is an expression we hear often, and while exploring the castle remains and the hiking trails on the park grounds, it couldn’t be more true. Grab a Swell, Yeti, or generic bottle to take with you on the go. You will definitely work up a thirst, especially if you are visiting in the warmer months. To hold the map you are given upon entering the park, the water bottle, and possibly a snack, you’ll probably want to bring a backpack. Whether you’re rocking a Steve Madden’s private label backpack or just a simple drawstring backpack, this is the perfect and most useful addition to your sporty ensemble. Lastly, a dazzling pair of “sunnies” helps protect your eyes from the sun and can stylize any look. So, take a drive over to Turner Falls to see for yourselves. It will be a trip that allows you to disconnect from the world and dive into a nature filled day, or longer if you decide to brave the campgrounds. Throw on your trendy athleisure attire, grab your pals and take the trip for a little adventure in Davis, Oklahoma. APRIL  MODMuze  31

Splurge or Save A basic guide to why thrifting should become your new favorite hobby. by Rachel Baker “I love your skirt, where did you get that?” is the best compliment/question to receive when you know you found your piece of clothing at a thrift store. Not only can you wallow with pride about acquiring said skirt through the many racks of a crowded thrift store, but you can also brag about it only costing you a measly $3.00. When thrifting, not only do you benefit the local economy, but you will leave a long lasting impact on the sustainability of the fashion industry by buying already used goods. Granted, we all enjoy picking out exactly what we have envisioned for our outfits, but why not spruce up your look with the one of a kind goods you can only really find at a thrift store.

Jacket: Gap $50 Top: Miss Selfridge $35 Skirt: Sedu $370 Bag: Etsy $48 Glasses: Vintage Frames $100

Thrifting can be a fun game to play with yourself. It’s basically a treasure hunt to find the least -or most depending on your style- outrageous piece of clothing in the store. When I go, I also attempt to pick out a full outfit, or at least a top and a bottom that could potentially go together and mismatch with other pieces in my closet. Each week most all thrift stores will also take 50% off any article of clothing with a certain colored tag on it, making the hunt for the cheapest and cutest piece of clothing even more of a game. That’s when I came up with the idea to see who could create the most complete, thrifty, and adorable outfit straight out of the racks of a thrift store. Comparing the prices and design of our looks with full priced pieces from top retailers proves that you can find fully styled looks from a thrift store. Plus you’ll earn yourself bragging rights by saving an arm and an ear by doing so, and extra bragging rights for also saving the planet! Kendall Williams-writer and stylist for MODMuze Magazine, Marley Ward- an art major and thrifting guru, and I took upon the thrift stores to put together our personally styled looks.

32  MODMuze  APRIL

Rachel Baker Outfit Total: $26.00 Jean jacket: $8.00 Turtle neck from the 70’s: $5.00 Skirt: $3.00 Small framed Brighton Glasses: $5.00 Beaded Purse: $5.00

Black Circle Skirt: H&M $18 Top: Yoox $114 Shoes: RueLaLa $60 Hoops: Amazon $75 Pearls: Nordstrom $50 Madewell: $50 Skirt: Anthropologie $165 Cardigan: Dillard's $89 Purse: Dooney & Burke $259 Shoes: TopShop $52

Marley Ward Outfit Total: $24 Velvet top: $3.00 Midi skirt: $5.00 Wool cardigan: $6.00 Leather shoes: $3.00 Dooney & Burke Bag: $7.00

Kendall Williams Outfit Total: $21.00 Top: $6.00 Skirt: $5.00 Shoes: $8.00 Pearl necklace: $1.00 Hoop Earrings: $1.00

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