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STILL CLUELESS? Cher Horowitz is Here to Help

VIRGIL WAS HERE: Leaving a Legacy



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MTV Spring Break 2022 Hey MTV, welcome to the beach house! The Cultural and Clothing Reset That is “Euphoria” The show that has everyone wishing it was Sunday night, every night. 5 Reasons Why Olivia Rodrigo is the Avril Lavigne Pop rock queens in their element, the transition from one to another and their stunning similarities.


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Virgil Was Here An influence beyond boundaries.

Still Clueless Forgetting our ‘90s it girl Cher Horowitz? Ugh, as if!

Nirvana-Inspired Clothing Needing grunge inspiration? Look no further than this iconic 1990s band. Tracksuits: Back like They Never Left Out with the new, in with the old.

An Orange Carpet Affair The Euphoria Fashion Show’s live runway is back this spring.


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Angles Looking through a new perspective.

A Guide to Grunge Chic The resurgence we’ve been waiting for.


editor’s note Y2K fever. If you’re anything like

us at modmuze, then you’ve got it, and you’ve got it bad. Our March 2022 issue is all things late ‘90s and early 2000s grunge, pop and style. Sincere unironic tackiness is back, and, as you’ll see after reading this issue, we’re here for it. From Nirvana to Cher Horowitz, our editorial team pulled inspiration from every side of the ‘90s and 2000s spectrum. You may be asking yourself, “Why is this cherished, but also despised, era still in the forefront of the fashion industry’s mind?” Well, let me tell you my theory. Traumatic times often bring transformation and renewal to the fashion industry. After World War I came the fashion revolution of the Roaring ‘20s. This was a period of celebration and lavishness played out in clothing, hair and lifestyle choices. Today, we are warily building ourselves back from the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are all craving ostentatious and joyful fashion. The early 2000s was also a time of fashion renewal in a post-9/11 era. To Millennials and Gen Z, the 2000s are nostalgic and bring back memories of joy, lightheartedness and fun — with a dash of extravagance of course. That is exactly what this issue aims to do. For the grunge enthusiast, “Nirvana Inspired Clothing” and “A Guide to Grunge Chic” will fill your need for ‘90s and 2000s grunge inspo. If you’re a

fan of ‘90s it girl Cher Horowitz, “Still Clueless” is the perfect read to help you make more Cher-approved style choices. Some more topics you can expect to see in this issue are tracksuits, MTV and Avril Lavigne, oh my! This issue was so fun to work on, and I finished reading it feeling refreshed, renewed and ready to pull out my lowrise jeans — okay maybe I’m not quite ready for low-rise jeans, but I’m getting there. Thank you to the modmuze team for always going above and beyond my expectations. Working with you all is what makes modmuze, well modmuze. Readers, I hope you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed making it. Don’t be shy; wear that bucket hat, layer those turtlenecks and crop tops, try on that leather piece you’re not so sure about, and always remember: Tackiness and glamour are back in full force, and Cher would be so proud of you. Love,



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By: Kendall Minaldi

An influence beyond boundaries.

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modfashion Legacy. What defines a legacy, really? Maybe it isn’t something tangible and is felt rather than seen. A body of work can stand for something, but the humanity behind the work is what leaves a lasting impact. The way a person makes others feel, their presence, and the ways they inspire are the things that are truly remembered. Virgil Abloh, the innovative, visionary Black designer who redefined the fashion industry, leaves a legacy so widely influential that it is difficult to define. On Nov. 28, 2021, Abloh died at 41 after battling a rare cancer, cardiac angiosarcoma. He was undoubtedly one of the most outstanding designers and public figures of his time, as he reshaped the landscape of fashion and permeated pop culture. He broke down barriers in a notoriously structured industry, making himself and his work nearly impossible to compartmentalize in the best

way. To him, fashion carried so much more weight than just clothes and appearances. They are tokens of personal identity and represent more than we credit them for. Abloh initially entered the fashion scene as Kanye West’s creative director, which sparked a longtime collaboration. From there, Abloh’s success skyrocketed as he jumped from various creative collectives and eventually landed by founding Off-White, the cult-favorite streetwear brand. Off-White emerged at a critical point in the fashion industry when consumers began looking inwards at their own habits and challenged fashion titans to be transparent with theirs. A stronger push toward sustainability and a rejection of materialism led people to question whether luxury fashion was truly necessary. Subcultural fashion rose higher than ever, giving

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streetwear the spotlight and making it the perfect time for the arrival of Off-White and Abloh along with it. Just a few short years later, Abloh took over as the artistic director of menswear at Louis Vuitton, making him the most influential Black executive at one of the highest-regarded fashion houses in the world. However, Abloh’s influence only begins with fashion - it extends well beyond, reaching music, art, politics, and culture. He flexed creative muscles that we didn’t even know existed, as he constantly brought innovative ideas to the table. The foundation of Abloh’s career and his sense of purpose rests on creating opportunities for those who wouldn’t normally be offered access. He made it a point to consistently find ways to open doors and build bridges for those who needed it most. The emphasis he placed on inclusivity is something to be applauded and continued, as he shed light on otherwise hidden gems. “My power is to show Black talent [and] Black people inside of my output,” he said of his commitment. He intentionally created space for

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stitched together seemingly mismatched communities and subcultures. This is clearly reflected in his work, as OffWhite blurs the line separating streetwear from luxury fashion. To this point, Abloh notably argued the idea that his work could not be confined to one thing. He was unwavering in his belief that Off-White should not be considered strictly streetwear or Louis Vuitton considered luxury. The two could be interchangeable and fluidly blend with one another. Why can’t sneakers be on runways or leather on red carpets? His work was sometimes controversial, but isn’t that the purpose and beauty of art? To raise questions and cultivate conversations among our communities and within ourselves? Abloh was a disruptor. He saw the convention as a mere construct and never felt the need to fall in line with the norm. He played by his own rules, or rather, completely disregarded the structured rules already set in place and rewrote new ones. Refusing to be defined as one

unheard voices through various avenues such as the “Post-Modern” Scholarship Fund, employing minorities and undiscovered talent at OffWhite, and working to garner support, funds and exposure for Black-owned businesses and creators. He faced adversity head-on, never shying away from asking the hard questions and addressing the uncomfortable. Abloh made it his mission to be the change he wished to see in the world, noting that “the people have changed, and so fashion had to.” In a society becoming increasingly pessimistic about the future, Abloh saw immense hope and opportunity for the days to come. He was constantly searching for ways he could lend a helping hand and fill in the gaps between the ranks of humanity. With each design, he

MAR modmuze 9

modfashion thing, Abloh made himself genreless and indefinable. Just after his passing, Louis Vuitton paid tribute to his life and legacy with the presentation of his final show in Miami, titled “Virgil Was Here.” This, along with the outpouring of love and remembrance across the globe, was a beautiful testament to Abloh’s impact and legacy,

leaving one thing absolutely definable: Virgil was here.

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Looking through a new perspective.

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Photographer: Nicole Renaud Model: Lucy Lewis

Stylist: Abby Haraway

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modfashion Forgetting our ‘90s it girl Cher Horowitz? Ugh, as if!


The cycle of fashion allows for trends to reinvent themselves as they return to the forefront of the current style. The “come back” allows for those that missed the train the first go around, to hop on and utilize these trends now, and the train you don’t want to miss: the return of the iconic fashion of Cher Horowitz.

Trimmed jackets are a great way to elevate a simple outfit to the next level by using that added element to stand out and make a statement, and of course who could forget the matching set that started it all. Matching sets were basically revolutionized by the 1995 film character, and have since then only grown in popularity among you women.

In regard to her being anything but Clueless in the area of fashion, we are detailing the stylized return of her fashion sense today by giving you the Cher Horowitz stamp of approval on some of the hottest trends in the industry today. First up in our ode to Cher: trimmed anything. From making a statement to adding some extra warmth, trimmed jackets have become exceedingly popular this winter. Trimmed jackets and even purses would be essential to Cher’s winter wardrobe today, and don’t worry, our girl Cher keeps it stylish while keeping it vegan. In the words of Cher, “It’s faux.”

You can bet that Cher would still be rocking her iconic set in the school hallways and encouraging you to do the same. From school to business casual, Cher would be in anything matching and plaid. Hating her go-to look would just be, like, “Way Harsh.”

16 modmuze MAR

Cher’s best advice on winter style would without a doubt be layers, layers, layers. Cher goes maybe two scenes throughout the movie without some sort of layering present in her outfit, but be sure that every layer has a purpose. “I’m just highly selective. You see how

modfashion picky I am about my shoes and they only go on my feet,” Cher said. Layering is currently very present in the fashion industry. Today, layering is being used to add depth to any outfit and can help create a more “put together,” luxurious look. Cher would without a doubt be on board with the idea of “building an outfit,” which is popular for layered fashion content present across social media platforms at the moment. Cher’s classic style is not just influential in the world of high fashion, but also in athleisure. I doubt you ever go to the gym and don’t see one person wearing some sort of biker short outfit, as they have grown to peak popularity over the past few years. You can bet those gym cuties’ styles would get an A+ from Cher herself based on her own choice of gym wear alone. You can bet Cher’s bags would be filled to the brim with these current styles. From new knit sets to patterned biker shorts to the perfect winter coat, Cher would be all in on the revamps of her classic style, and she would encourage you to do the same because after all these years, we can’t escape the style that Cher started way back when. Obviously, we are still clueless and in need of our iconic “it” girl. When in doubt, remember: Anything is a dress if Calvin Klein says it is.

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18 modmuze MAR

Photographer: Kylie Nelson Stylist: Gabriella Rangel Model: Kathryn Greer

MAR modmuze 19

Party/Semi-formal Pageant/Performace Wedding

121 E 9th Ave, Downtown 405-780-7720


SPRING By: Emily West


BRE A K Hey MTV, welcome to the beach house!

22 modmuze MAR

modlife To o much is never enough. At least that’s what MTV always says, and when it comes to spring break that reins true. As Y2K culture and fashion continues to stay at the forefront of college culture,

Spring break 2022 is the perfect time to live the MTV dream. But how do we, as college students, achieve a spring break as lively as the MTV spring break specials we grew up watching? To start off, any great trip starts with the perfect wardrobe, and spring break is a great opportunity to show off your fun outfits. It’s the perfect excuse to buy those multi-color bikinis and grab that floral bucket hat that has been hidden in the back of your closet since 2007. Swimsuits with Y2K and ‘70s style patterns have become exceedingly popular in the last few years and will no doubt play a large role in the spring break fashion scene of 2022. These bright, fun suits help set the vibe for spring break by expressing the youthful spirit of the college students wearing them. So, break out your flip-flops, multicolored clips and favorite flower shaped sunglasses because it’s time to hit the road. But people say that it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey, and a road trip is never quite the same as it is when it’s set to the perfect soundtrack. Back in the height of the MTV

MAR modmuze 23



era, it provided the mood music for us. Nowadays, it’s up to us to generate the perfect spring break playlist, but at least there are still plenty of playlists across Spotify and Apple Music that allow us to relive the nostalgia of that era while we road trip. Yet, no playlist is complete without a modern-day twist.

Don’t get me wrong, I can listen to throwbacks all day, but spring break is also about living in the moment, which means you have to have some musical references to today’s pop culture as well. You know that thing I said about it being more about the journey, well it’s about the destination, too.

destinations across the country and globe. Although the MTV spring break specials were filmed in many locations, the most notable location was Daytona Beach, Florida. Florida and other beaches along the Gulf have become extremely popular locations for college students traveling for spring break. From Panama City Beach to Destin, to Gulf Shores, college students trek all over the country to escape the routine of everyday life on campus. But of course, the one thing that can make or break a trip is the guest list. Having killer company by your side can make any trip near perfect. No matter the music, the wardrobe or the destination, having your best friends by your side is the most crucial part of making spring break 2022 memorable and MTV worthy.

BRE A K A great provides backdrop al MTV Lucky for thousands

destination the perfect for the idespring break. us, there are of beautiful

24 modmuze MAR


Photographer Madelyn Lindsey Stylist: Lauren Watkins

Having your best friends by your side is the most crucial part of making spring break 2022 memorable and MTV-worthy. MAR modmuze 25

Nirvana-Inspired Clothing

Needing grunge inspiration? Look no further than this iconic 1990s band.

By: Tyler Tassi When one thinks of the famous ‘90s Seattle grunge scene, it is impossible not to think of the band that provided the soundtrack to the times: Nirvana. The rock band, which rose to meteoric fame in the 1990s originated and came out of the Seattle grunge scene. Look through any pictures of the band and you will see Kurt Cobain, Kris Novoselic, Chad Channing and Dave Grohl in staple grunge pieces playing on stage. Wool cardigans, striped t-shirts, denim, Converse low-top shoes, and plaid shirt jackets make up the Nirvana uniform. With the rise of grunge fashion coming back again, below are 6 clothing staples inspired by the band.

26 modmuze MAR

Oversized Clothing One hallmark of grunge style is oversized clothing. Members of Nirvana were frequently seen wearing oversized clothing pieces while performing, whether this was t-shirts or baggy jeans. Oversized leather and denim jackets are the perfect addition to any outfit to make sure one stays warm. Bonus points if it is thrifted too. Converse Worn by the band during some of their most famous performances, this shoe has never really gone out of style since. Quintessential

shoe of the 1990s and 2000s grunge scene, high-top platform Converse have recently come back in style with the rise of Y2K fashion. Plaid Flannels The quintessential item of clothing that represents Nirvana is a plaid flannel. Nirvana was known to wear these over-band t-shirts and long sleeves. Plaid patterned shackets and coats have become a huge trend this past fall and winter, furthering the idea that fashion trends are circular. What was once popular years ago, will come back into style again. Long-Sleeve Shirts Under ShortSleeve T-Shirts As seen on Kurt Cobain in the “Smells Like Teen Spirit” music video, wearing a short sleeve t-shirt with long sleeves underneath is a very Nirvana-inspired grunge style. This layering style can be seen throughout many pictures of the band during the height of their fame. Unsurprisingly, with the rise of ‘90s and

2000s styles becoming popular again, this layering style is once again in fashion. Nirvana and Cobain would approve. Knit Cardigans Knit cardigans are not what most people think of when they think of Nirvana or their grunge aesthetic, however in this case, the opposite is true. In one of their most famous performances, MTV Unplugged, lead singer Kurt Cobain wears a pale green knit cardigan over a basic t-shirt. It is easy to emulate and perfect for layering, a hallmark of Nirvana clothing. Turtlenecks This clothing basic was a favorite of drummer Dave Ghnrol during his time with the band. Frequently seen wearing it while performing on stage, this is a clothing staple that everyone has in their closet.

MAR modmuze 27

Nirvana Nirvana Nirvana Nirvana Nirvana Nirvana Nirvana Nirvana Nirvana Nirvana Nirvana Nirvana Nirvana Nirvana

Nirvana Nirvana Nirvana Nirvana Nirvana Nirvana Nirvana Nirvana Nirvana Nirvana Nirvana Nirvana Nirvana Nirvana

28 modmuze MAR

Nirvana Nirvana Nirvana Nirvana Nirvana Nirvana Nirvana Nirvana Nirvana Nirvana Nirvana Nirvana Nirvana Nirvana

Photographer: Elizabeth Sanders

Stylist: Gabriella Rangel

Models: Caroline Pitzer,

Phoebe Buffington, Gabriella Rangel

a a a a a a a a a a a a a a

Tracksuits: By: Leah Brainerd Back like They Never Left


COVID-19 has changed the way people all over the world dress; opting to wear comfortable clothes over business clothes or even jeans. Athleisure has become the style of today, and though leggings are still in their prime, people are starting to give way to more baggy and oversized pants. Cue sweatsuits. Remember when Juicy tracksuits were all the rage in the early 2000s? Well, guess who’s back. This just goes to show if you keep clothes long enough, they’ll come

30 modmuze MAR

back into style eventually, and in this case, sooner rather than later. Although Juicy is making a comeback, as all great icons do, other sweatsuits are emerging as well in all styles. Brands from H&M to Gucci are seeing the effects of athleisure on the market and the style of today. For example, Gucci is hopping on the trend and giving us prints and matching tracksuits for every occasion. Celebrities are jumping on the trend of tracksuits, even for red carpets and formal events. Jojo Siwa wore a Gucci tracksuit with shorts instead of pants with Golden Goose sneakers to walk the red carpet. Rihanna also recently wore a green embroidered Gucci tracksuit with fur as well as heels for a night out. Sweatsuits are the new go-to. They are comfortable for all occasions and can be as stylish, chic or grungy and pajama-like as they please. While tracksuits may have started in the 2000s, their impact is still felt today in the way


Photographer: Nicole Renaud Model: Lainey Watson

Out with the new, in with the old.

people opt out of formal wear for comfortable loungewear and pajamas. In addition, though Juicy is “so last season,” there are still so many clothes on the market that draw from Juicy’s model of stylish luxury loungewear. Although this trend may seem like it’s just for regular people, celebrities are embracing it now just like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton did with Juicy in the past. Tracksuits are the perfect outfit for any occasion and don’t have near as much of a thought process to go through in picking out an outfit. The time of tracksuits is back and better than ever. Here’s to hoping they never go out of style again.

MAR modmuze 31

The cultural and clothing reset that is “Euphoria”

The show that has everyone wishing it was Sunday night, every night.

32 modmuze MAR

By: Faith Bollom HBO’s Euphoria has all of its viewers hooked. Whether it’s for the talented cast, creativity or the soundtrack, the show is unlike anything viewers have seen. But we all know why we continue watching, no not for Jacob Elordi, but for the wardrobe and makeup. Can it be that a show with such emotionally filled writing, capturing the feeling of adolescence, all while filmed on a Kodak film camera could exist? Yes. It can. And it airs every Sunday night on HBO Max. Euphoria has created a false reality that somehow makes drug-addicted teenagers enjoyable to watch. The show has a deeper meaning with every scene, most of which are highly debated after every episode. However, the clothing and makeup never miss a beat. The costume stylist and director for the show is Emmy Award nominated, Heidi Bivens. Bivens, a journalist turned stylist, has created a cutting-edge wardrobe for the show. Her history in high fashion comes through in her creative decisions, encapsulating each character’s essence through their fashion. From Zendaya’s character, Rue, and her mostly thrifted clothing pieces, to Alexa Demie’s character, Maddy, and her I.AM.GIA to Balenciaga pieces, the cast’s wardrobe has it all.

piece of storytelling. One of the most transformative ways was through Barbie Ferreia’s character, Kat. During the first season, Kat went through a journey to find herself, one way of expressing who she was was through her clothing changes. Kat’s dominatrix style wardrobe was a way for the once body-conscious teen to finally find her confidence. Euphoria has created a reset in the fashion industry; influencing people all over social media to recreate fashion and makeup looks from the show and even helping people find confidence of their own. While the show has many deeper meanings and should not be taken lightly, Euphoria finds a way to fill the emotional and sometimes traumatic show with a fresh, new take on fashion. The show’s fashion has taken over TikTok, with the new trend “Euphoria High School” where people will put their own spin on the edgy looks of the show. While some of the clothing is designer, there are thousands of dupes and DIYs from the clothing worn. Makeup looks can be created with rhinestones and colorful eyeshadow and are best worn with confidence. Biven’s goal for the second season was to display fantasy for the characters and show their struggles and growth, all while pushing the story further.

Bivens has a way of using clothing as a

MAR modmuze 33

34 modmuze MAR

MAR modmuze 35

Photographers: Rylee Keesee and Kendall Minaldi Stylists: Rylee Keesee and Kendall Minaldi Models: Calli Cooper, Kallie Stockton and Dalton Vasques

36 modmuze MAR

MAR modmuze 37


5 Reasons


38 modmuze MAR


Pop rock queens in their element, the transition from one to another and their stunning similarities. By: Leah Brainerd

Every generation has its own musical icons, and the 2000s had Avril Lavigne as the face of rock and roll for women, so naturally, the 2020s needed a new face. Enter Olivia Rodrigo. Rodrigo has been writing songs since she was five years old, and in writing her own songs she perfectly portrays her emotions of betrayal and teenage angst. Even better, in this transition from one female rocker to another, Rodrigo has said many times that Lavigne is one of her greatest inspirations. Rodrigo is the Lavigne of today for five main reasons. First, both are female pop-rock superstars and have had great fame in their angsty songs such as “Sk8er boi” by Lavigne and Rodrigo’s “good 4 u,” which both show the use of numbers as words and letters. Secondly, Rodrigo and Lavigne are similar in how both signed music contracts at a very early age, each around 16-17 years old at the time of getting their big break.

Third, both write their own songs. Lavigne writes her own songs as well as collaborates with other artists to write and create songs while Rodrigo writes all of her own songs. Each also has songs about teenage angst because both were in the music industry in their teens and were able to channel that into great songs that are relevant to all ages and even years later in the emotion they portray. Fourth, each has been involved in the television industry as well as the music industry. Lavigne voiced an animated character in the movie “Over the Hedge” and Rodrigo played Nini on the Disney+ series “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.” Lastly, Rodrigro has been nominated for seven Grammys while Lavi“The gne has been nominated for females eight. A pretof this genre ty high and have created close number for the a space for two very simthis genre to ilar artists.

thrive. “

Although each is her own person and has contributed in different ways to the music and television industry, both have amazing accomplishments as well as great pop-rock music for generations past as well as to come. Pop-rock will always need a place in the music industry, and the females of this genre have created a space for this genre to thrive.

MAR modmuze 39


Stylisr: Abby Haraway Photoprapher: Hannah Floyd Model: Savannah Sawyer

40 modmuze MAR


MAR modmuze 41

The resurgence we’ve been waiting for.

A Gu ide To

42 modmuze MAR


ge C h i c

MAR modmuze 43

44 modmuze MAR

Photographer: Hannah Floyd

MAR modmuze 45

Stylist & Model: Lauren Watkins

46 modmuze MAR

MAR modmuze 47


An Orange Carpet Affair

By: Morgan Malget

The Euphoria Fashion Show’s live runway is back this spring.


2020, the fashion industry saw cancelation after cancelation, and the Euphoria Fashion Show was no different. After two years of uncertainty, the show is back and better than ever this spring with its first in-person runway since 2019.

affair,” spotlights student designers, and it showcases senior designer’s full collections. This will be design senior Lauren Witt’s first in-person Euphoria show, though she entered two looks in the virtual show in 2021. Her senior collection is titled “Ascendancy.”

The show, hosted annually by OSU’s Department of Design, Housing and Merchandising, was canceled in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and in 2021 the show was filmed and released online rather than having an in-person show. Diane Limbaugh, a Design, Housing and Merchandising professor, is the show’s director, and she is looking forward to bringing Euphoria back to the live runway.

It [“Ascendancy”] was originally inspired by famous queens and royals throughout history,” Witt said. “It is about being bold and resilient, strong and powerful, and still feeling glamorous. I was drawn toward a deeper and more rich color pallet to bind traditionally masculine traits to an overall feminine collection.”

“It feels great to actually be working on an in-person event,” Limbaugh said. “Nothing compares to the excitement and energy of a live fashion show.” Euphoria, dubbed “an orange carpet

48 modmuze MAR

This year’s show features diverse collections and models, and while Witt drew inspiration from feminine royals, others reimagined wedding dresses and created 60% of their collection from cotton. Senior designers work the entire school year on their collections to be debuted at Euphoria.


“To see these amazing garments on an actual runway will be the highlight of the senior design student’s academic careers,” Limbaugh said. Although the focus of Euphoria is design students, other students in the Design, Housing and Merchandisng department also get to play a large role in the show. The Fashion Show Production course allows other students in the department to plan the show, executing everything from venue selection and promotional materials, to training models and organizing the show from start to finish. This will be senior merchandising student Nhi Nguyen’s, front of house director for the 2022 show, last Euphoria to help plan. “I started with Euphoria back when I was a freshman, and, now being a senior, it definitely feels like a full circle for me,” Nguyen said. “I was blessed to have known what an in-person show is like so that is helpful for me today.” Design, Housing and Merchandising

students work hard to plan and execute the Euphoria Fashion Show, but that hard work always pays off. “Something that is super satisfying to me is show day,” Nguyen said. “Show day is hectic but super rewarding. All of our hard work throughout the year comes together and is beautifully captured.” The 2022 Euphoria Fashion Show is on April 22, and it is sure to be a special night for the senior design students, as well as those who have worked on the show and seen it throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. “Getting to do a full on in-person show that my friends and family can come see is huge,” Witt said. “It feels more real and special getting to do it like this my senior year after so many weird years.” Euphoria is brining live fashion back to OSU, and it is a refreshing new beginning for fashion after a pandemic.

MAR modmuze 49

LOVE, the modmuze editoral staff


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