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6 TO THE GRADS Step into the professional world in style with these killer business professional looks

26 DIVERSITY IN GREEK LIFE A look into Multicultural Greek and National PanHellenic Chapters at Oklahoma State

36 BEST CRUELTY FREE MAKEUPLearn some tips to nurture your mental health during the cold, winter months

14 CALF FRY Take Calf Fry by the boot straps in these country chic looks

HEALTH 22 MENTAL HEALTH: DEALING WITH STRESS Here are a few tips and tricks to minimizing stress and your resources 2  MODMuze  APR

30 50 STATES An overview of the 50 States art installment at the OSU Museum of Art 34 THE 21ST CENTURY MAN Understanding body image and toxic masculinity from the male perspective

Letter from the Editor

Changes As David Bowie might say, life is full of ch-ch-ch-ch-changes. For MODMuze this sentiment is truer than ever. As my short year as editor comes to a close, I reflect on how quickly it flew by. However, as my time comes to an end, we welcome a new editor and plenty new staff who I am confident will help the MODMuze brand continue to blossom. As the end of the spring semester approaches, so does graduation season. Naturally this means many face big changes come May. Whether this summer marks the beginning of your first real job or that next big internship, we have you covered with the latest in fashionable business wear. Check out our “To the Grads” fashion spread to feel confident at your next interview or to build your professional wardrobe. If spring to you means tailgating outside at the Tumbleweed, check out our Calf Fr y look book. Boot scootin’ boogie in style with these country chic looks. As always, we here at MODMuze try and cover a wide range of diverse topics, and this issue is no different. For a look the the diversity we have here on campus, check out “Diversity In Greek Life,” in which one writer interviews members from the various multicultural fraternities at OSU. Off campus, at the OSU Ar t Museum, inclusivity takes a different form as the 50 States ar t exhibit. The traveling exhibit features immersive art installations that bring to life the stories of various LQBTQIA+ individuals in each state. 4  MODMuze  APR

As a tribute to our wonderful male staff here at MODMuze and our growing male readership, two of our male staff members tackled toxic masculinity and male body image in “The 21st Century Man.” Check out those articles and many more in my conclusive issue as editor. Be sure to pick up an issue of the O’Colly on April 24 for the “MODMuze takeover” edition, which will include our favorite content from the last two issues. As always, keep your eyes peeled for all of the changes we have to come by subscribing to our website and following our social media accounts!

XOXO, Amanda



Amanda Cardinal Congratulations and welcome to staff writer Morgan Malget as the new Editor in 2019-2020!

Ashtyn Burgess Chase Congelton Sydney Harrison Maria Mancera Kylee Sutherland

MODMuze is a quarterly fashion and lifestyle magazine produced by students, for students. The magazine is a platform for creative expression in journalism, photography, styling, social media and art direction.

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To the Grads Step into the professional world in style with these killer business professional looks. by Madeline Manning

To the grads, congratulations you did it! Now go on and take on the real world, but in style. We have put together some of our favorite business professional looks featuring many of the stores here in Stillwater, including greige goods, old navy and everyman. We love mixing prints and textures to spice up a basic outfit. Drop the drab of everyday workwear by adding a pair of wild earrings or even a pair of funky shoes. You killed it here at Oklahoma State now go kill it in the real world. But always remember GO POKES! PHOTOGRAPHER: Katie Cohen STYLIST: Madeline Manning

top Greige Goods skirt Greige Goods

jacket Everyman pants Old Navy shirt Old Navy

pants Old Navy shirt Old Navy

APR  MODMuze  7

left to right: shirt and pants Greige Goods shirt Greige Goods pants Old Navy shirt and skirt Greige Goods shirt Dillard’s pants Banana Republic

8  MODMuze  APR

left to right: dress Old Navy fanny Pack SheIn blazer Forever 21 pants Wooden Nickel shirt Nordstrom jacket Everyman pants Old Navy shirt Old Navy

left to right: blazer Forever 21 shirt Dillard’s pants Wooden Nickel shoes Gap

left to right: pants Banana Republic shoes Coach dress Old Navy fanny Pack SheIn shoes DSW

APR  MODMuze  11

left to right: jacket Nordstrom shirt Nordstrom skirt Greige Goods shoes Ross jumpsuit J.Crew jacket Nordstrom shoes Sam Edelman

12  MODMuze  APR

left to right: shirt Greige Goods pants Old Navy shoes Ross dress Greige Goods shoes DSW

Take Calf Fry by the boot straps in these country chic looks. by Madeline Manning

YEEHAW its Calf Fry weekend! Grab your boots and spurs, and head on out to the Tumbleweed. Stillwater’s celebration of a hardworking school year has finally arrived. It is that time of year to pull out our boots and belts for this event. We have put together our favorite outfits for this Calf Fry look book. Many of our favorite looks from Old Navy, J. Cole and our ver y own ModMuze closets. This photoshoot was shot at The Tumbleweed, home of Calf Fry. PHOTOGRAPHER: Lauren McFaden STYLIST: Madeline Manning


alf fry APR  MODMuze  15

left to right: dress J.Cole bandana Hobby Lobby shorts Wooden Nickel hat Cavenders

16  MODMuze  APR

shirt J.Cole shorts Thrifted

left to right: dress J.Cole belt Daisy Exchange shirt Zara shoes DSW shorts Wooden Nickel

left to right: shirt J.cole shorts Lucca belt Vintage Thrift shoes DSW two piece Forever 21 shoes Boohoo dress J.Cole bandana Hobby Lobby

APR  MODMuze  19

left to right: hat Cavenders two piece set J.Cole shirt J.Cole shorts Thrifted

20  MODMuze  APR

left to right: dress J.Cole belt Daisy Exchange shir t Zara shoes DSW shorts Wooden Nickel shir t J.cole shoes Target shorts Thrifted

Mental Health: Dealing with Stress

Here are a few tips and tricks to minimizing stress and your resources. by Maria Mancera

It’s Stress Awareness Month so we sat down with Brooke Powers, a counselor from University Counseling Ser vices to get facts and advice on handling stress. Being a college student comes with stress, but it’s more than just due dates causing it. We feel stress when our energy level doesn’t match our responsibilities. Stress comes in four levels. A good level of stress can positively impact our performance, however, The final level will cause burn-out among other negative health impacts.

APR  MODMuze  23

Many have probably heard this before, but eating well and getting enough sleep can help with stress. Create a sleep ritual, and find out how sleep hygiene can help your quality of sleep. Practicing good sleep hygiene includes things like not eating heavy meals before bed, avoiding screens, and surprisingly it can mean not working on an essay right before bed. While working on an assignment our brain is racing with thoughts and ideas, so it’s not ideal to go to bed this way. Instead try doing activities that don’t require a lot of focus. This can be cleaning, petting your dog or reading a book. Check out our article Staying Healthy on Campus to get some advice on healthy eating. Among sleep and diet you can also 24  MODMuze  APR

control procrastination. Putting things off will cause stress as the deadline gets closer. If you’re having a hard time getting started on a task try an emotional to-do list. Next to all your to-do list tasks write how each one makes you feel and why. This will help you figure out why you’re avoiding certain task or remind you that there are some task you actually look forward to doing. Include your fun activities on your to-do list as well, like dinner with friends or yoga class. It’ll be a reminder of the good times ahead. Practice self-care; that’ll mean something different for everyone. It can be a relaxing bath but it can also be working out, attending a religious service or meeting up with friends. Counselor



Brooke Powers suggest we check if our friends are draining us or giving us energy. If they are draining you, then maybe cut down how much time you share with them. If you have been struggling with stress long term seek help. Men are less likely to seek help because they are taught to express emotions through anger or frustration. “Societally we are often teaching them from young ages to do the things that actually might cause psychological distress over time,” said Brooke Powers. Regardless of gender, encourage your friends to seek help. Sometimes that’s all the motivation they need. University Counseling Ser vices offer a Mental Health Series which is free to all students and cover multiple topics. To make an appointment for oneon-one counseling you can call (405) 744-5472 or go during walk-in hours to meet with a counselor. Ser vices for students who are going through grief and loss can see a counselor free of charge.

APR  MODMuze  25


Diversity in Greek Life

A look into Multicultural Greek and National Pan-Hellenic Chapters at Oklahoma State. by Morgan Malget Diversity and culture on college campuses is impor tant to many students. One way that Oklahoma State attributes to diversity on campus is by housing multiple Multicultural chapters such as Alpha Pi Omega, Kappa Delta Chi, Omega Delta Phi, Sigma Lambda Alpha, and Sigma Lambda Beta. OSU is also home to many National Pan-Hellenic chapters such as Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., and Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. We inter viewed various members of Multicultural and National Pan-Hellenic chapters on campus to get a better understanding of why diversity in Greek life is important to these students. The first being Maria Nieto of Kappa Delta Chi. Maria is the president of KDChi, and she is a junior majoring in graphic design here at OSU. Kappa Delta Chi was established at Oklahoma State on July 10, 2015. It is a Latina-based sorority, but it is not Latina exclusive.

What made you decide to join Kappa Delta Chi? “One of the main things that intrigued me was that it was a group of Latinas. It’s very multicultural in its membership, but founding was with Latinas. I thought that was really cool and something I wanted to be a part of considering being a minority on campus it’s nice to have a group to be a part of.”

Does your chapter have representation from many different backgrounds? “We like to say that we are Latina founded, but we are very multicultural and diverse in our membership. We have girls from all over the place and I think it’s really great that they feel very welcomed and open to being a part of it.”

Why do you think MGC and NPHC chapters are important on campus?

“I think its really important because it’s another way to have a different Greek identity. I think it allows more students to feel included. It’s a little bit overwhelming sometimes being at OSU, and I think that it’s a really great way to get some people out of their shells. It gives people an opportunity to have representation on campus.”

What are activities you guys do on campus and in the community? “One of the main things for us is ser vice. We’re a service sorority so it’s very important for us to go out into the community and help. We have service projects that our service coordinator puts together for us so ever y week there’s an opportunity for us to do a service project. Each of our members has to do 30 hours of service per semester so it’s ver y impor tant to us.” We interviewed Luis Mar tinez of Omega Delta Phi. Luis is the Internal Vice President of ODPhi, and he is a senior studying environmental science. Omega Delta Phi was originally founded by Latinos, but they hold their “One culture, any race” philosophy ver y highly. ODPhi was founded on OSU’s campus on March 29, 2014 by three men and has grown to over 50 members.

Why did you join Omega Delta Phi? “It’s kind of a funny story. So I’m a transfer, and I transferred as a sophomore. My first semester was pretty sad because you know I would go to class and just straight home. That was just all I had to do, and I actually had thoughts of transferring back. It was kind of scary, but I decided to go to a meeting for the Hispanic Student Association. ODPHi made an announcement and was having a kickball tournament or something, and I was like I guess I’ll show up to this. I went and saw the dynamic of the guys and the brotherhood that they had, and they seemed very true and very genuine. One of my buddies was already in it and he said this quote, “Iron sharpens iron, as man sharpens man”. So I decided I wanted to be a part of that.”

Why is Omega Delta Phi special to you? “I wouldn’t say it’s my niche, but it’s familiar faces. I came to Stillwater and didn’t know anybody and the majority of people were not Hispanic so that was a little surprising. When I found them and I started hearing my APR  MODMuze  27

language and seeing my culture elsewhere, that made Stillwater my home. When I found this organization it made me feel comfortable, and they give me a sense of home away from home.”

What are your chapters core values? “Our main four pillars are unity, honesty, integrity and leadership. Giving back to the community is one of our 28  MODMuze  APR

main things, which is also one thing that caught my eye with all the community involvement that they had.”

What can you tell me about ODPhi’s “One culture, any race” philosophy? “That’s something that we hold very truly because we were Latino founded, but we have stretched and expanded. We have many Arabic brothers, Viet-

namese brothers. . . We don’t turn anyone down. If you have the same values as us and the same vision as us then you’re more than welcome.” Next we talked to Anthony Grogan, the president of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. He is a junior nutritional science major with a premed option at OSU. Alpha Phi Alpha was founded at Oklahoma State on April 25, 1958. It was the first African-American Greek organization at OSU.

Why did you want to join Alpha Phi Alpha? “It is a historically black fraternity, and with OSU being at a predominately white institution it was impor tant to me to surround myself with people like me so that I don’t lose who I am. So I started researching all of the NPHC fraternities, and then I star ted researching the local chapters here. I pretty much decided that Alpha was what I wanted to do.”

How do you think your chapter has grown since it’s founding at OSU? “We’re actually responsible for establishing the African-American Student Association, which is the governing body for the black community here. Our impact here, we’re very well known, we work with OMA closely, which is the Office of Multicultural Affairs, on an unofficial basis, but they just recognize us as a powerful entity for the community. We’ve really developed ourself into a cornerstone in the black community.”

APR  MODMuze  29


50 States An overview of the 50 States art installment at the OSU Museum of Art. by Morgan Malget

For Frenchy

The Colorado installation is based on the life of Charles “Frenchy” Vosbaugh. Charles had been born as Katherine, but was accepted as Charles. Frenchy’s heartwarming story of acceptance by the Mt. San Rafael Hospital in Trinidad, Colorado, lead to Trinidad being called the “Sex Change Capital of the World.” The exhibit brought together five transgender or gender non-conforming artists, writers, or activists from around the country to write eulogizing toasts to Frenchy. At the exhibit you can watch and listen to footage from these toasts, and you can read the transcription of every toast.

For Lynn 50 States: Oklahoma honors the gay Cherokee playwright Lynn Riggs. Riggs wrote Green Grow the Lilacs, which inspired Rogers and Hammerstein’s iconic musical Oklahoma!. The exhibit incorporates an experimental film made by Riggs, A Day in Santa Fe. Riggs used this film to capture daily life in his home, Santa Fe, New York. Nick and Jake created an experimental film of their own that resembled A Day in Santa Fe. They filmed theirs in Tulsa and Tahlequah, Oklahoma, the seat of the Cherokee Nation. Their video was composed of members of the LGBTQIA+ community in front of locations of importance to them. The videos are


50 States was created by Nick Vaughan and Jake Margolin. The couple, based in Houston, Texas, have been traveling across the country to uncover and transform lesser-known LGBTQIA+ stories from all 50 states into immersive ar t exhibits. So far they have completed Oklahoma, Texas, Wyoming and Colorado, and they were set to debut their Arkansas exhibit in March 2019. These contemporary pieces are driven by the stories of LGBTQIA+, and have been intensely studied by Vaughan and Margolin with the help of local LGBTQIA+ members. They are able to reflect culture’s views of sexuality and gender of the past while correlating it to views today through each of their pieces.

played side-by-side in the exhibit.

Pure Carbon The Texas exhibit is composed of the complete text of Norma Twist: or Pure Carbon, a Stor y of the Inversion of the Sexes, presented in loose graphite powder in a font derived from the original font used in the first edition of the book. Norma Twist was written by John Wesley Carhart, a medical doctor, from La Grange, Texas, in 1895. It was one of America’s first fiction titles with a lesbian protagonist. This novel incorporates themes surrounded samesex relations that were progressive for their time.

progress on their journey. These contemporary installations have the power to enlighten viewers of the stories of LGBTQIA+ heroism of the past, and can install a pride in the LGBTQIA+ community of today. To learn more about these stories and to view the exhibits for yourself, the 50 States installment will be on view at the OSU Museum of Art until June 29, 2019. Admission to the museum is always freesuch as The Troubadours, Led Zeppelin and Casey Donahew. 51 Junction also released an EP titled “One More Round” in October. You can find a 51 Junction show at a Stillwater venue almost every weekend, so it shouldn’t be hard to catch them performing!

Prairie and Mountain Sketches 50 States: Wyoming was the first completed installment to the 50 States exhibit. Wyoming encompasses the story of fur Scottish lord-turnedfur-trader, William Benemann’s travels with his lover Anoine Clement, a Canadian hunter. The pair led 100 likely same-sex men to a lake in the Wind River Mountains where they threw a bacchanal. Nick and Jake traveled the 1,200 mile journey that the men traveled nearly two centuries ago and collected soil from multiple Cartesian coordinates on their path. They created tinted wax poured painted LGBTQIA+ cowboy silhouettes and drove over them with their truck to show their APR  MODMuze  31


The 21st Century


Understanding body image and toxic masculinity from the male perspective.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Darcey Drullinger & Nate Cheatham

by Chase Congleton In recent years, there has been an increasing awareness of body positivity for women all across the world. Many companies in the past decade, such as Dove, have put their focus on increased inclusivity for women. However, among all the progress and awareness for women, what is the status of body image for men? According to a study posted by HealthLine, over 90 percent of boys in middle school and high school go to the gym with the sole purpose to gain muscle. The ideal male physique continues to move further outside the realm of obtainability as the typical male body type young boys are exposed to increasingly come from blockbuster superhero movies. From a young age, men are subliminally are told that big muscles equate to bravery, courage and boldness. They are also told to stifle their emotions and to “act like men.” Toxic masculinity, a term used to describe stereotypical masculine gender roles that involve boys refusing to showcase any emotion that doesn’t display dominance, has sparked a conversation in recent years. Notably, earlier this year, Gillette released an ad

detailing what men’s role should be in the #MeToo era and how men can do their part without overstepping boundaries. Celebrities such as Terry Crews help take part in the conversation of eradicating toxic masculinity from our modern culture, by advocating for male victims of sexual assault. In order for our culture to allow men to be more confident within themselves, society needs to allow men to be vulnerable. I decided to interview a male staff member of MODMuze, Nathan Cheatham, who has been a part of our staff since August 2018 and has worked extensively with social media and photography.

In the age of social media, have you ever struggled with body image or comparing yourself to others? “Yes, I have struggled with comparing myself to others. I think one of the ways that people attract attention to themselves in the social media age is by posing shirtless on Instagram or Twitter. More people are less genuine APR  MODMuze  33

to their audience because they are attracting them with their body rather than their mind. Society holds our bodies to a high standard. It’s a harmful view to look at it, as many men can’t meet that standard.”

Have you ever struggled with expressing your emotions? “Personally, not really. I’m a really emotional person and express how I feel. But I believe that wearing my heart on my sleeve has caused me to 34  MODMuze  APR

have negative feelings toward other men who don’t express their emotions. My relationship with those who struggle with expressing their emotions has been hindered because I can’t relate to others who don’t comfortably express themselves. Society states that men should be these big, stoic beings and never express anything. I think that’s wrong and emotions are valid. The expectation of society is unrealistic and harmful to the men growing up with expectations.”

What can be done in our society

in terms of dealing with toxic masculinity and male body image? “Having a better representation of body types and archetypes instead of what’s seen in the media would be helpful. We also have to be more open in our conversations with other people because emotions are important and powerful. Without emotions, you fail to relate to others and can remain ignorant of the world.”

What advice do you have for anyone who is reading right now? “Don’t be afraid to be yourself. As stereotypical as that is, we fear society’s mold for us. You are your own identity and are free to live and be yourself. Be true to who you are. Oh, and cry a little. It helps.”


Best Cruelty Free Makeup

Check out these Cruelty-Free Makeup brands at all price points by Sydney Harrison

PHOTOGRAPHER: Macey Drullinger

Cruelty-free makeup has become extremely popular in recent years. Companies have been switching to cruelty free since animal testing has become widely unappealing to customers, and also necessary. There are a lot of benefits to cruelty-free makeup in addition to the mistreatment it saves animal from. Not many people realize that cruelty-free makeup is better for the planet, your wallet and your body. Cruelty-free makeup includes fewer toxins than regular makeup. Some cruelty-free makeup is also vegan and eco-friendly. There are tons of crueltyfree brands, but I have selected 14, seven affordable and seven high-end, of my favorites to include. After learning more about the wonders of cruelty-free makeup, I hope you check out these awesome companies and give them a try! Remember, you can vote no on animal-tested makeup with your money!

Affordable Cruelty-Free Makeup is important for people looking to shop ethically while on a budget, like many college students. I have compiled a list of these affordable brands not only because they are my favorite, but because they have some of the best products, high-end dupes and highest quality.


Can be found at any drug/grocery store or Ulta


Can be found at any drug/grocery store or Ulta

Physicians Formula

Can be found at any drug/grocery store or Ulta


Can be found at Target, Ulta or online


Can be found at any drug/grocery store or Ulta

Flower Beauty

High-End Cruelty-Free Makeup is

definitely a treat and can get expensive. I compiled a list of these high-end brands because of how trusted they are, and how I love many of their products myself.

Tar te

Can be found at Ulta or Sephora

Urban Decay

Can be found at Ulta or Sephora

Can be found at any drug/grocery store or Ulta


Wet ‘n Wild

100% Pure

Can be found at any drug/grocery store or Ulta

Can be found at Ulta or Sephora Can be found online at


Can be found online

Fenty Beauty

Can be found at Sephora or online at

Anastasia Beauty Hills

Can be found at Ulta or Sephora APR  MODMuze  37

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