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Historic LaGrange Story and Photos by Lloyd Ploutz


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All over your body, they have travelled— slow and gentle, careful not to hurt themselves along your windy paths.

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M a r c h

by Sam Pierstorff, #NinjaPoet

slugging shots of honey whiskey, watching you all night leaning over the bar, legs so long an airplane could land on your hamstrings. I want you more than you want me. We both know that. But still you flirt with your miles of experience, your wide open roads that men can’t stop chasing.

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CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Efren Martinez Diane Moody Michael J Mangano Rudy Lopez

Dear 26.2-Mile Run I have been drinking a lot lately,


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Come early and stay late for the La Grange Rodeo. The Historic Town of La Grange requests your attendance on Rodeo Weekend.  Party and eat Friday, and Saturday at the La Grange Saloon. Then watch a World Class Rodeo on Sunday April 3rd. Bring the family and visit the La Grange Museum, 1855 Catholic Church, 1858 IOOF Lodge Hall, 1875 School House, original 1852 Jail House, 1854 Adobe Stable, walk across the downtown river bridge and visit the oldest (1858) continuous operating mercantile store in Stanislaus County. Follow Modesto’s Yosemite Avenue, Highway 132 East passed Waterford for 15 miles to great fun!! La Grange is one of our counties best kept secrets.  The town was one of our first County Seats in 1885 before going to Knights Ferry in 1862.  There was a population of over 4,000 people.  Gold mining started in La Grange in 1850 on the Tuolumne River at French Bar near the town.   La Grange had every type of business (and I do mean every kind) going on in 1855.  Gold was everywhere, even in the dirt streets where it can be found today. There are four types of gold mining.  Panning by hand along the streams and rivers,

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Hard rock mining by digging tunnels into the ground and into the hills. Then, there was the Hydraulic Water Monitors used to wash the hills away under great pressure.  Finally, there was the Gold Dredgers.  La Grange is the only mining community in the eleven western states to have had all four aspects of gold mining in its district. Wonderful history abounds with memories of the shootout, hangings, parties, dances, rodeo’s and annual homecoming events that was just a small part of a terrific mining town right in your back yard.  We will see you Sunday, April 3rd.  Do not forget to come up to La Grange every second Sunday, 7 am to 11 am for a great Miners Breakfast for only 6 gold nuggets ($6). Saddle up and join us for the fun.

Others pound your pavement like machine gun fire, stomp, stomping along, thinking only of their own time, their own personal best. They never look down, never admire the mature road you’ve become, your dark, poreless skin, your edges of soft grass and golden wheat fields. I am sorry that I have been with your friends— 5Ks, half-marathons, mud runs that left me feeling so dirty I’ve had to hose myself off at a gas station, but it’s always been you that I want so badly. I think near daily about it, what it will take to get me out there—next to you, on top of you, gliding along every curve, letting you wear me down, exhaust me until I am breathless on my knees, praying that you will let me finish.

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