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Spring Fitness by Efren Martinez March into fitness or should I say “spin” into fitness. Last month we experienced many consecutive days of record high temperatures. As soon as that warm sunshine hit our faces, many of us had sudden urges to bring out our bicycles from the winter storage and hit the open road. But wait! It’s been months since you’ve gotten back in the saddle and your endurance conditioning might need a jumpstart after the long winter hibernation. Seriously, the last thing you want to have happen is that you get out somewhere in the foothills and you’re just too tired to ride back. I recommend that before you hit the open road to take part in a few spin classes at your local gym. Many gyms offer spin classes at different times and levels to accommodate your schedule as well as your level of fitness. Participating in a few spin classes prior to you hitting the open road will help you safely adjust back to the level you were at prior to your cycling winter

slumber. Ok, so now your back to your cycling level, what about your bike? Prior to taking your bike back out this Spring make sure you have it serviced at any one of our local bike shops. It’s been months since you last rode and I’d recommend getting your tires checked and a bicycle tuned-up. I’d also recommend that before you take your bicycle in for some general service you should wash it with some plain soap and water. Last year you tracked hundreds of miles on it without even washing it once. By now I’m sure you have a great deal of dried spillage from your Gatorade and sugary supplement drinks around your water bottle carriage, chainrings and pedals. Wash that goop off! Spring isn’t too far off friends.  It’s going to be a great year for all cycling enthusiasts. Make sure you’re ready for whatever comes your way. If you really want to satisfy that itch of getting back out on the road with some added excitement, purchase a new helmet. Many Bicycle Shops right now are offering great sales on helmets and spring tune-ups.


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The ViewCrew would like to put a spotlight on your neighborhood to showcase everything you love about living in it. Neighbors moving into your neighborhood want to know what’s good in the ‘hood. Send your neighbors’ answers to Maryann at and yours may be the next neighborhood under the spotlight! The Questions: 1. What is the name, boundaries, and character of your neighborhood? 2. How well do your neighbors know each other and collaborate for the good of the hood? Do you know the story of how that all got started? 3. What do you like best about living in your neighborhood? 4. Why initially drew you and other neighbors to move to this neighborhood? 5. Where in your neighborhood would you take an out-of-towner on a lazy Sunday afternoon?   How to Get Involved: 1. Join Modesto Neighborhoods, Inc to get your neighborhood connected: 2. Start a neighborhood watch group: divisions/operations/prevention.asp 3. Join, the social media platform for your neighborhood

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