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May 2013 Vol. 34 Issue 5


Planning Modesto’s “Checks Up”on Healthcare Future T OEducation D AY Jobs Downtown Cover Photo by Never Boring

BtoB Trade Show

Central Valley Specialty Hospital In Modesto

When you partner with Sutter Health, you partner with the most advanced intensive care nurseries and a health care system that delivers more babies than any other in Northern California. It’s how we plus you.


Mission Statement

To promote the region’s economic strengths and vitality; identify and promote services that are valuable to our members; advocate for public policy that is advantageous to the business community; and fully participate and partner in activities to improve quality of life.

Chairman-Elect David Gianelli, Gianelli & Associates Past Chairman Kathy Halsey, Individual Member Vice Chairman, Internal Operations Patricia Gillum, Patricia Gillum, CPA

From left to right: Craig Lewis, Tom Nielsen, George Petrulakis and Brad Hawn

Vice Chairman, External Operations Craig Lewis, Prudential California Realty Vice Chairman, Member Relations Bill Moreno, Fire2Wire Vice Chairman, Events & Special Projects Laura Ward, Ward Promotional Marketing Solutions Directors Pamela Cullors, Sysco Food Services of Central California Dan Garcia, Tri Counties Bank David Halvorson, American Chevrolet Brad Hawn, CHG Doug Johnson, Reach Business Solutions Warren Kirk, Doctors Medical Center Steve Madison, STANCO Michael Moradian, Peace of Mind Home Inspection, Inc. Ron Owen, Bank of the West Chris Ricci, Chris Ricci Presents, Inc. Jim Ridenour, Individual Member Eric Tobias, F&M Bank Ruben Villalobos, The Villalobos Legal Group Jeremiah Williams, Oak Crafts by Jeremiah Amy Wolfe, AgSafe


Jobs Downtown

Cecil Russell, President/CEO Modesto Chamber of Commerce

Bill Moreno

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Message from the CEO


cover story Planning Modesto’s Future Today


Economic Development New Member Profiles


People on the Move

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Networking & Referrals New Chamber Members Business Before and After Hours Calendar



The Chamber’s Government Relations Council continues review of Public

Safety Sales Tax


Stanislaus Green Team

Welcome Corner

Ex-Officio Bill Bassitt, The Alliance Keith Boggs, Stanislaus County Chief Executive Office George Boodrookas, Modesto Junior College David Boring, Never Boring Greg Nyhoff, City of Modesto

Publisher: Modesto Chamber of Commerce (209) 577-5757 •


Community Development 11 Awards and Achievements 25 Work in Progress

Executive Committee Chairman Ralph Curtis, Curtis Legal Group


As the Modesto Chamber of Commerce Vice Chairman of Member Relations, I am honored to attend the ribbon cuttings and grand openings of our new and growing members. It is no small task to start or expand a business and I want to give every ounce of support I can to our members and encourage others to patronize member businesses. While at ribbon cuttings and grand openings I also have the opportunity to encourage new and existing members to not just “join” the Chamber, but to get involved. The Chamber is active throughout the community, in so many ways, that there is sure to be an activity or program that is of interest to each and every member. If you want to learn more about ways to maximize your membership investment, let’s talk! Bill Moreno, Fire2Wire, (209) 543-1800. P

What’s happening in Modesto today?

A: Everything!

Find the events that keep our area hopping at

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lea ders h ip

message from the ceo

Chamber Board Perspective

By Chamber CEO Cecil Russell

A Han d U p By Ron Owen, Bank of the West, Chamber Board Member

In this issue of Progress we feature an expansion on the “Your Chamber at Work” article from our April issue. The Modesto Chamber and our Land Use and Transportation Committee is developing a plan to build a pathway to a better future for Modesto and our surrounding communities. Our May issue revolves around an interview with some of our core Land Use and cecil russell Transportation Committee members. This Chamber ceo group, lead by Craig Lewis with subcommittee chairmen Brad Hawn and Chris Murphy, have done stellar work in developing and bringing together over forty business people from all aspects of our business community to develop a comprehensive land use and transportation plan for our community. The plan focuses on the infrastructure needed to create economic development and increase jobs in our area. We believe that we need to change the dynamics of our community to create a sustainable economic model that can create jobs and move us in a different direction as a community. We want to help create opportunity to develop job centers in our community so that there are potential jobs for our citizens both now and into the future. As Craig Lewis stated in last month’s Progress: [This] “city needs a team to work on the alignment, focus, and strategies that put all businesses and institutions participating in a highly coordinated” manner. We at the Modesto Chamber of Commerce are stepping up to be the catalyst to bring groups together to ultimately provide a better quality of life for all of us. To this end, the Chamber has held many recent meetings with community groups and leaders. In addition to those meetings scheduled in conjunction with our Land Use and Transportation Committee, the Chamber has recently met with both Senator Galgiani and new Assemblyman Adam Gray. We look forward to continued coordination with all our area’s elected officials. And speaking of elected officials, I’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that there will be a number of elected positions with open seats in the fall 2013 elections. A list of these can be found on the Chamber’s website. The deadline to apply to run for any of these positions is August 9th, 2013. The Chamber encourages members of the business community to consider running for these positions. When all our community and elected leaders, businesses and citizens work together, we can create a common vision of what we want our future to be. Please get involved and share your ideas. P


Modesto Chamber of Commerce I Progress

Banks play a vital role in fostering economic development in our local communities, throughout the Central Valley, up and down California, across our great nation and around the world. As often the case, there is much more we can be doing. Ron Owen Board Member

First, we gather money from depositors, who entrust their savings to us, always mindful of and confident in the safety and strength of our financial institutions and system. This basic principle should never be compromised; it’s the foundation on which our economic system is built. Second, we act as an intermediary, lending that money back to borrowers, who use this capital along with their own equity, hard work and determination, as the assets required for successfully growing their businesses. The Bank’s role as intermediar y is an important one. Unfortunately this is often overlooked. Our success is rooted in our ability to operate efficiently while delivering our products and services to all customers effectively. That ability must also include evaluating all relevant risks, underwriting those risks appropriately and mitigating those risks whenever possible. Ultimately, this benefits all bank customers, depositors and borrowers alike. Unfortunately, not all businesses hoping to grow actually do. The probability for success does increase significantly when the business starts with a well-conceived plan, and includes on-going objective management. Of course, a little luck never hurts. The Bank’s role in fostering economic development should not simply begin and end by acting as an intermediary between depositors and borrowers. We certainly have the ability to do more in helping our borrowers successfully grow their businesses. The Bank’s role should also include nurturing and supporting a long-term advisory relationship with borrowers, seated in a complementary position with other key business advisors including their CPA, attorney, broker, and insurance agent. Unfortunately, this is often overlooked. Creating this “advisory team”-style relationship will not just elevate the role of the Bank from that of an intermediary to that of a true fiscal partner, but also position our clients for an even greater probability of success. P

g overn m en t relation s

Government Relations T h e Chamber’s Govern m e nt R e l atio ns Counci l co nti nue s review o f P ub l i c Safe ty Sal e s Ta x By Steve Madison, STANCO, Chamber Board of Directors, Government Relations Council Chair Last December the City of Modesto initiated a process to engage the community in a discussion about funding for public safety services in Modesto. After a series of public forums (the last of which occurred in February) Mayor Marsh announced his intention to seek a ballot measure to ask voters to tax themselves one-half cent for the funding of public safety services.

Steve Madison Board Member

Chamber members and staff participated in the community forums. Participants were briefed on budgetary issues, public safety staff ing levels, crime statistics and the general f inancial condition of the City of Modesto. Participants were then asked to brainstorm solutions to improve public safety services. Most participants recommended (among other things) stronger community involvement in neighborhood watch, gang prevention and education efforts; eff iciency measures such as reducing f ire department responses to medical calls; privatization of certain security functions handled by the police department; and consolidation of local governments.

After considering community feedback Mayor Marsh has determined it is in the best interest of Modesto to seek a sales tax measure. The Mayor vows to incorporate various recommendations from the workshops into both the city’s strategic plan and the eventual ballot measure. Though the Mayor has not yet provided ballot language for the Chamber’s Government Relations Council (GRC) to evaluate, members have reviewed the implications of a public safety sales tax. This includes benchmarking public safety staff ing for Modesto against other central valley cities, reviewing per capita safety spending and examining revenue sources available to the city. Once the ballot measure language is available for review the GRC will proceed with a recommendation on what position, if any, the Chamber should take on the public safety sales tax measure. P



{ Co ve r S to r y }

Planning Modesto’s Future Today By Justin Souza

hat will Modesto look like twenty years from today? How about fifty years? A hundred? What will the Valley’s economy be based on a century from now? Finding community-uniting answers to these imponderables has lately become the bread and butter of the Modesto Chamber of Commerce’s Land Use and Transportation Committee. Committee chair Craig Lewis explains that this project has occupied the 40 working committee members over the last two years through rethinking the City of Modesto’s General Plan and related priorities. In governmental parlance, a General Plan is a policy adopted at the local level which defines how land is used in an area. This plan guides the growth of the community in the short term in order to reach specific goals—say job creation or reduced pollution—in the long term. So effectively, the General Plan is the roadmap of the community, the document which helps ground everything from how new neighborhoods are established, to where a new business can undertake construction, to where freeways should be located. The General Plan project started at the Chamber when the long-time committee was reviewing documents in order to get up to speed on the city’s existing Plan. “Over the course of interviews with the City and County Planning Departments, LAFCO, STANCOG and Caltrans, we noticed that there wasn’t a clear long term vision in place driving everyone’s decision making,” said Lewis. “In fact, we discovered that the General Plan had not been redone since 1995 and that the different agencies had different plans in place. We felt that was unwise and as we looked at the vision that was laid out 18 years ago in the City’s General Plan, we felt it was a little narrow in scope, particularly as it relates to jobs.”


Modesto Chamber of Commerce I Progress

Lewis added that as the committee delved further into the existing plan, he and the other committee members believed that it was the right time for the business community to design and deliver an updated—and forward thinking—vision for the community. “We’ve spent the last year and a half going through this process to figure out what we would want this community to look like, not just in 20 years but in 50 to 100 years so that everyone can get excited about what that vision is and can plan accordingly to achieve it. We are sharing that vision with the community at large to find areas of agreement.” Brad Hawn, chairman of the ad hoc subcommittee on land use and an active committee member, added that establishing effective land use and transportation policies isn’t just tied to the city’s future, it has an impact on its current well-being as well. “As you may know, jobs are 100% related to transportation corridors. So a lot of what we’re talking about is establishing new, and taking advantage of our current, transportation corridors to create jobs now and in the future. What we’ve created here is a long range vision, but built in it are short term projects the community needs to create the jobs now.” One of the features the Chamber plan forwards as a future solution is developing SR132 from the current two-lane road to a major corridor that will offer a straight-shot from Modesto to the Bay Area for goods movement. Committee-member Tom Nielsen pointed out that the current route between Livermore and Modesto takes drivers through six other communities and their traffic congestion. “If we get 132 expanded and opened up, potential customers will see what a sweet shortcut this has become from Modesto to the Port of Oakland with no traffic jams and interchange congestion to slow down commerce from here to there.”

”A fully developed SR 132 is an economic silver bullet for most of our county,” adds Chris Murphy, chairman of the ad hoc subcommittee on transportation. “It will improve commerce from Ceres and Turlock and will even enhance access to Riverbank and Oakdale. It is a broad economic lifeline from Stanislaus County to world markets.” “This is about improving our connection to the rest of the world,” said committee member George Petrulakis, “and about bettering the community. It’s a large job the Chamber has undertaken to try to build this vision both for the long term and for short term successes. I think the Chamber hopes with this plan to find a broad-based consensus across the Modesto community and ultimately our sister communities throughout Stanislaus County and the region to really achieve this. It will help all of us.” Even after more than a year and a half of work, the Chamber’s General Plan draft is still in its infancy. The long-sighted vision which the committee has put together is next being put before other community groups and city leaders who have started workshops to solicit community suggestions for updates to the 20-year plan. “We’re interjecting this discussion into that and we’re asking for a complete general plan update,” said Hawn; “We need a comprehensive long-term, ‘this-is-where-Modesto’s-going plan’ that people agree on, then we can come back to the 20 year general plan and ensure the visions mesh.” According to Petrulakis, who was involved in the crafting of the city’s current General Plan, the Chamber’s vision for the community corrects some of the failures of the 1995 General Plan.

“The 1995 General Plan has been a failure, because it hasn’t created any meaningful jobs. So if the status quo remains, unemployment will remain high; small and family businesses will have an increasingly tough time without customers with enough disposable income to support their businesses; we’ll have more houses with fewer jobs; we won’t only become a bedroom community for the Bay Area, we’ll be a bedroom community for San Joaquin and Merced and other San Joaquin Valley counties.” “What the Chamber also attempts is to create the parameters of the ultimate build-out of Modesto,” added Petrulakis, “so that the City of Modesto can actually have more prosperity, more diversity in jobs, while large areas of agricultural soils are maintained the way they are so that our agribusiness industries can survive and thrive. It’s really not even a 50 or 100 year plan, it’s a plan for the ultimate landscape of what Modesto is going to be and what it will look like, and provides the canvas from which the private sector can go to work creating these jobs while not sacrificing our historic agricultural bounty and the jobs it provides.” “I feel proud to tell people I’m a member of the Chamber because of this effort, because of our involvement,” added Hawn. The Land Use and Transportation Committee’s draft document, which presents their General Plan proposal, is entitled “The Pathway to Job Growth and Prosperity,” and according to Chamber CEO Cecil Russell, that’s truly what it is. “It’s a pathway, it’s a direction. It’s not something we’ve had before. And it’s a very long-range plan.” For more information about the proposed General Plan, contact the Modesto Chamber of Commerce at (209) 577-5757. P



Netw ork ing

Ribbon Cuttings

Manaluna Functional Wellness Center 100 Sycamore, Suite #200 Modesto, CA 95354 (209) 529-2036

Matthews Real Estate 810 Standiford Avenue #4 Modesto, CA 95350 (209) 238-9033

Dakota Information Group LLC 1129 Kansas Avenue Modesto, CA 95351 (209) 205-9559

*Photo taken at the Modesto Chamber of Commerce

Modesto Certified Farmers Market

16th Street, between H & I Streets Modesto, CA 95354 (209) 605-8536

Great Valley Realtors Argain & Associates, Inc. 2813 Coffee Road, Suite C Modesto, CA 95355 (209) 526-5065

Globalkom LLC/modesto Cricket 1421 Coffee Road, Suite F Modesto, CA 95355 (209) 341-9214

{ Small B usiness Sp o tli gh t }’s mission is to provide a cost effective resource for employers to find qualified candidates and a free resource for jobseekers to explore opportunities with local employers. We are committed to making the process of posting a job online and searching for jobs online hassle-free. We believe that customer service is the heart of all business and is an aspect in which we always strive for excellence. offers employers a budget friendly option to advertise their help wanted ads online in a manner that offers high visibility, while also remaining extremely cost effective. Our 12 year history with the area’s best known companies is a testament to both our quality of service and our success at matching jobs with jobseekers. It is our belief that the best way to operate is to keep business local. Visit us at or call (209) 551-5627 for more information on our services. P


Modesto Chamber of Commerce I Progress

Home Instead Senior Care 2937 Veneman Avenue, Suite C-260 Modesto, CA 95356 (209) 543-1277

gu est c o l u m n

Central Valley Specialty Hospital in Modesto By Gia S. Smith, RN, MSN, CEO Central Valley Specialty Hospital

Gia S. smith

Recently there’s been much dialogue about Central Valley Specialty Hospital (CVSH). Who are we? What is a Specialty Hospital? What will make us successful? When are we opening? Well, Central Valley Specialty Hospital would like to introduce itself to you formally. Central Valley Specialty Hospital is a new specialty hospital opening in downtown Modesto, which was formally the “Modesto City Hospital” located at 730 17th Street.

CVSH is a Specialty Hospital that will service community members who are in need of treatment for their medically complex diagnoses and acute rehabilitation services that require a longer hospital stay to reach their optimal level of health. Our patients will be selected by our admissions team who will be closely working with physicians and the surrounding Short Term Acute Care Hospitals to ensure that we are the appropriate choice for continuation of the patient’s medical treatment. CVSH will not only provide a large amount of jobs to the community, but we plan to also educate and retain our employees so that we can provide our patients with quality care, which will in return make our establishment reputable and known as the best choice for care to the patients in our surrounding areas. We are called a Specialty Hospital because we offer specialized care for medically complex patients who have exceeded their time allocation at an Acute Hospital. Specialty patients are classified as those who suffer from multiple medical issues such as pulmonary, cardiac, post-trauma and neurological complications, heart failure, and extensive wounds, to name a few. Our Specialty Care Unit will serve those patients who may be on cardiac monitoring, ventilator weaning, head injuries and other chronically ill patients who need a lower nurse to patient ratio. These patients are also in need of extensive physical rehabilitation. Our Skilled Nursing Unit will provide long or short-term care to patients who suffer from complex medical issues, fractures, Alzheimer’s disease, or those who need rehabilitative therapies so they may return home. Our clinical staff will include Registered Nurses, Respiratory Care Therapists, Certified Nursing Assistants, a Registered Dietitian, Board Certified Physicians, along with our highly qualified Interdisciplinary Team. As the Chief Executive Officer of Central Valley Specialty Hospital, I am committed to providing quality care. I have been in the healthcare environment for more than 20 years. My experience as a Telemetry and Critical Care Nurse, combined with many years in Senior Healthcare Management, has helped to strengthen my expertise in the business aspects of healthcare. As a nurse educator, I remain an advocate for education and career growth for healthcare providers. I believe that quality care is derived from continuous education of all hospital staff on the dynamics of quality care drives patient safety and customer satisfaction. We at Central Valley Specialty Hospital are committed to upholding a culture of shared values that provide dignity, growth and value to our patients, employees and physicians. Central Valley Specialty Hospital has hosted a recent job fair and is in the process of selecting qualified staff members as we plan to open our doors and begin taking admissions in May 2013. We are very excited to bring this much needed service to Modesto and the surrounding communities. CVSH plans on hosting community health educational events and will be offering scheduled tours of our facility in the very near future. P May


lea ders h ip

Your Chamber at Work Chamber’s La nd use & Tra n sp o rtatio n committe e By Craig Lewis, Prudential California Realty, Chamber Board of Directors, Land Use & Transportation Committee Chair The Chamber’s Land Use & Transportation Committee is planning for a better future for Modesto. The Committee (made up of approximately 35-40 community leaders and stakeholders) has increased the frequency of meetings and now actively meets twice a month. The Committee has held critical information gathering discussions with organizations including StanCOG, City of Modesto Planning & Economic Development Departments, Craig Lewis Vice Chair Stanislaus County Planning and Public Works External relations Departments, LAFCO, the Mayor of Modesto, Countywide Mayor’s Committee and Caltrans. Based on information gathered in these discussions, well thought out plans to create job centers and new, functional traffic corridors and detailed maps depicting these plans for the Greater Modesto Area were then developed by the Chamber’s Land Use & Transportation Committee. The plans have been and will continue to be presented to critical and influential decision makers in our community to solicit support for transportation improvements, employment opportunities and a stronger local economy. If the Chamber has not presented its Land Use & Transportation Committee vision & position on increasing prosperity in our city and you would like to be a recipient of the presentation, please contact Meagan Lopez at (209) 577-5757. P

Below is a list of organizations that have been presented the plans:

Mayor of Modesto Modesto Council Members Manufacturers Council of the Central Valley Building & Construction Trades Council Plumbers & Pipefitters Union NAACP The Alliance Young Modestans for Jobs Modesto City Manager and Economic Development Director

65 + Health Plans


more choices... better coverage Which plan has the most physicians? What program is the most affordable? How do you manage your prescriptions?

Get Your Questions Answered. Call Debbie Sousa at 209.524.6366 Se Habla Español 1701 Coffee Road Suite 2 Modesto, CA license #0288149 10

Modesto Chamber of Commerce I Progress

communit y d evelo pme nt

AWARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTS San Joaquin Valley College is proud to recognize Dr. Sean C. Hancock for having recently completed the requirements for the degree Doctor of Education (Ed.D.). Dr. Hancock has demonstrated his commitment to lifelong learning through his pursuit of higher education throughout his career. Dr. Hancock hopes to inspire success in those students he serves as they Dr. Sean C. Hancock look to make a difference in their own lives through education. “Education is freedom – with it come choices.” Dr. Hancock currently serves as the Director of the Modesto Campus.

Lisa Mazza

Grimbleby Coleman CPAs, Inc., an accounting and business advisory firm headquartered in Modesto, California, is proud to announce that Lisa Mazza has earned the classification of Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst. This certification qualifies Lisa to utilize DISC behavioral style assessments in personal and professional development. For more information, call (209) 527-4220. P


WEDNESDAY, JUNE 20, 2013 MODESTO CENTRE PLAZA, HARVEST HALL 4:00PM - 7:00PM Connect with Elizabeth Facanha for more information, tickets for the Trade Show or reserving your booth space: (209) 577-5757





e c on om i c de v e l op m e n t



president’s club Circle Of Influence Platinum level Kaiser Permanente

Diamond Level Bank of the West Capax-Giddings, Corby, Hynes, Inc. Doctors Behavioral Health Center-DMC Doctors Medical Center-DMC Frito-Lay Company, Inc. MedAmerica Billing Services, Inc. Pacific Southwest Container SunPower

Emerald Level E. & J. Gallo Winery

Gold Level You've worked hard to get where you are. Put your trust in a firm motivated to help you go further.

it's the people behind the numbers. Contact us today at 209-527-4220 or

5.11 Tactical Series Costco Wholesale Crystal Creamery DoubleTree Hotel Evergreen Nursing & Rehabilitation Care Center JC Penney Company Memorial Medical Center The Modesto Bee Modesto Irrigation District Modesto Nuts Professional Baseball RACOR, Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation Save Mart Supermarkets Seneca Foods, LLC Sysco Food Services of Central California Taco Bell

Silver Level AAA AT&T Acme Construction Company, Inc. Ambeck Mortgage Associates American Chevrolet American Medical Response Aramark Uniform Services Atherton & Associates, LLP BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse Brandman University, Chapman University System California State University, Stanislaus Central Valley Ag Grinding/Central Valley Ag Transport Central Valley Automotive Central Valley Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge Central Valley Nissan Central Valley Volkswagen Hyundai Central Valley Medical Group Central Valley Specialty Hospital Children’s Hospital Central California Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino Citibank Clark Pest Control COIT Services Inc. Collins Electrical Comcast Construction Management Corporation


Modesto Chamber of Commerce I Progress

Courtyard by Marriott Covanta Stanislaus, Inc. Curtis Legal Group Damrell, Nelson, Schrimp, Pallios, Pacher & Silva Delta Sierra Beverage DirectLine Technologies, Inc. The Eberhardt School of Business English Oaks Nursing & Rehabilitation Hospital F & M Bank Galletto Ristorante Georgia-Pacific Gianelli & Associates Gilton Solid Waste Management, Inc. Grimbleby Coleman CPAs, Inc. Grover Landscape Services, Inc. Harris Moran Seed Company Heald College I.J. Larsen Pumps, Inc. Infiniti of Modesto Institute of Technology JS West & Company Kaplan College Mercer Foods Mocse Credit Union Modesto Commerce Bank Modesto Toyota Oak Valley Community Bank O’Brien’s Market OLAM Spices & Vegetables, Inc. Pacific Gas & Electric Company Panelized Structures Inc. Pepsi Bottling Group Post Foods, LLC Prime Shine Car Wash Rabobank Raley’s Raymond James & Associates, Inc. Rizo-Lopez Foods, Inc. Rocha Transportation San Joaquin Valley College Siemens Seven Up Bottling Corporation Solecon Industrial Contractors Solid Networks, Inc. SpringHill Suites by Marriott Stanislaus Food Products Company Stanislaus Surgical Hospital Storer Coachways SunOpta Aseptic, Inc. Sutter Gould Medical Foundation Turlock Irrigation District US Bank Valley First Credit Union Valley Lexus-BMW W.H. Breshears, Inc. Warden’s Office Products Center Warden’s Office Furniture Outlet Wells Fargo Commercial Banking Winton, Ireland, Strom & Green Insurance Agency Yosemite Meat Company, Inc.

McHenry Village Car Show By Jerry Sauls

“How about the McHenry Village for a car show”? That was the answer to the question asked about the rained out car show that the Modesto Area Street Rod Association asked themselves after their event had to be cancelled in June of 2011. For the four years prior to 2011, the Graffiti Classic Car Show was held at the Modesto Junior College West Campus but a heavy rainstorm made the grass parking impassable and put it out of the picture. At the suggestion of McHenry Village, the local car club started remembering all the stores and shops they knew from the shopping center in years past: Dunlap’s, Lucky Market, Fanks Bakery, W.T. Grants, Trains & Planes and many more. The up-scale shopping mall was a great fit for a car event of their size. The management staff of the Village was very accommodating and with a few simple changes to the event, it was held close to one month later. The show was an instant success. The Modesto Area Street Rod Association was asked to continue the show the following year and the rest, as they say, is history. The Club is now getting ready for their third annual event at the McHenry Village (their eighth overall) on Sunday June 2nd from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. The response from the car show participants has been overwhelming. From the lined parking areas, to the very

kind and receptive store owners, the show is better at this location. Admission is free for spectators and, as always, the Modesto Area Street Rod Association will donate a portion of the car event revenue to local non-profit agencies. The show has cars coming from all over California as well as Nevada, Oregon and Idaho. The event organizers expect between 400-450 classic cars and hot rods and over 3000 people in attendance at this year’s event. They are hoping that as many of the show’s participants as possible will join in Modesto’s local Graffiti week festivities this June. There are well attended car events each night of Graffiti week, ending with a bang on the weekend with the annual parade and Kiwanis car show. The Friday night parade is not to be missed. This years’ Grand Marshall will be George Lucas, our local hometown celebrity. If you are looking for a great event for the whole family, where you can see lots of old friends and over 400 classic cars and hot rods, come to McHenry Village on Sunday June 2nd from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. P

BE SAUCY BE ORIGINAL BE HONORED BELONG FIND OUT WHAT SENIOR LIVING WAS MEANT TO BE Welcome to comfortable, elegant surroundings. Welcome to a level of service so extraordinary, it has a name: WESTclass.

Dale Commons Independent and Assisted Living Community

3900 Dale Road Modesto, CA 95356 209.526.2053 RCFE #507004998



econ omic d evelopm en t

n e tw o r ki n g & re f e rra l s

New Chamber Members Alzheimer/Dementia Support Center, Inc.

Globalkom LLC/ modesto cricket

Cindy DenBrave

Fabiola Loza

700 McHenry Avenue, Suite B

1421 Coffee Road, Suite F

Modesto, CA 95350

Modesto, CA 95355

(209) 577-0018

(209) 341-9214

Community Service Organizations

Wireless Communications Carrier

Assemblyman Adam Gray

Harris Coding Consulting

Lisa Mantarro

Mindy Harris

1010 Tenth Street, #SB00

515 13th Street, Suite 208

Modesto, CA 95354

Modesto, CA 95354

(209) 521-2111

(209) 846-9079

(888) 541-9935

Government Organizations & Officials

Boys & Girls Clubs of Stanislaus

Medical Coding & Billing

David Gianelli

Jaunt Adventure Gear

422 McHenry Avenue

Jeff Cipriano

Modesto, CA 95350

1508 10th Street

Community Service Organizations

Modesto, CA 95354 (209) 622-0261

Chefs of New York

Vincent Altadonna

2307 Oakdale Road #7

Sporting Goods Dealers

Modesto, CA 95355 (209) 551-0163 Restaurants

Logical Training Solutions, LLC Gregory Cupper


P.O. Box 56

Verlee Gale

Empire, CA 95319

2100 Standiford Ave. Suite E-7

(425) 503-3129

Modesto, CA 95350

(209) 524-1052

(209) 524-7309

Training Health Clubs

Shoreline Financial ATM Scotty Shorsher

Damsel In Defense “Damsel Dora”

P.O. Box 5803

Dora Nutting

(409) 921-2955

4121 Hallmark Way

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Event Services

San Jose, CA 95150

New Member profiles Trinity Renovation is dedicated to improving the spaces in which people

live, work, and play. We do this by building commercial projects (restaurant, retail, office, industrial) and through unique residential “package” offerings like kitchenBOX (and soon bathBOX!). KitchenBOX is a 7-day, $15,000 kitchen transformation including granite countertops, tile backsplash, cabinet refinishing, cabinet door and drawer hardware, sink, faucet, garbage disposal, wall and ceiling paint, appliance removal and installation and new outlets and switches. Visit and for more information.

Valley Recovery Resources is a non-profit organization that operates two Redwood Family Centers, which are working to create a community where individuals seeking recovery, and their families, have the opportunity and services necessary for a drug-free and productive future. Redwood Family Center provides a crucial component to the recovery process – a clean and sober living environment. Redwood Family Center partners with other Stanislaus County government, private and non-profit organizations to ensure that residents receive necessary drug and alcohol, mental health, social services, domestic violence and parenting treatment and case management services. For more information, call our office at (209) 550-7352 or visit Great Valley Realtors has over three generations of relationships

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Fresno Pacific University offers undergraduate and graduate programs

to 3,500 traditional and adult students in Merced, Fresno, Visalia and Bakersfield. FPU has the Valley’s highest four-year graduation rate and is the only Christian-based university in the region. Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and highly ranked by U.S. News & World Report, FPU is among The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education Magazine’s top 100 institutions, and on The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities’ list of HispanicServing Institutions. Fresno Pacific University, located at 3379 “G” Street, Building P, Merced, CA 95340. For more information, call (209) 354-5900 or visit P Self Defense Products

Siemens Kelly Fergusson

E & J Gallo Winery

25821 Industrial Blvd.

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Josh Bridegroom

As we slowly work to claw our way out of what is commonly regarded as the second worst economic meltdown in U.S. history, job creation is the topic du jour – foremost in everyone’s mind. From the media, to social networks, to public forums, it is evident that the public conscience is consumed with jobs. This is especially true in the Northern San Joaquin Valley, where we were especially hard hit by the recession, and double digit unemployment often haunts us – even under optimum economic circumstances.

It is in the middle of this public sentiment that a new Downtown Hospitality Program was commissioned by the City Council to find ways of making downtown more attractive and hospitable to visitors, businesses, residents and investors. As a result, one of the first orders of business for the Downtown Hospitality Program was the creation of an economic development committee. Once created, the committee immediately set out to determine the existing economic value of downtown and its potential for economic expansion. What was discovered is pretty amazing!

© Modesto Irrigation District

Overall, downtown has a 16% vacancy rate. Yet despite this, it employs 28 persons per acre. This is a full 25% higher than would be anticipated within a business park! And, if downtown were fully occupied, it would employ approximately 32 persons per acre, nearly 50% more than would a business park. Furthermore,


Modesto Chamber of Commerce I Progress

existing development codes allow significant intensification downtown. At double the existing density, downtown could accommodate 10,000 additional jobs, and this would not come close to exhausting the intensification permitted by the city. With respect to income, it was discovered that the average worker downtown earns $45,000 per year. This is 10% higher than the average wage for the Modesto area and would provide an income of $90,000 for two-income households! The number of professional occupations downtown (attorneys, architects, engineers, accountants, real estate professionals, etc.) contribute to higher wages downtown. Consequently, as downtown is built up, it is expected that incomes will rise, since retail (lower wage jobs) are generally found on the first floor of buildings and professional office (higher wage jobs) are found on upper floors. The conclusion: Downtown is a sleeping economic giant! While we need business parks to accommodate the types of jobs that would not be well-suited to the downtown environment, downtown should not be overlooked as an opportunity for significant employment growth. Hopefully, our community can come together to create economic development incentives that help fill building vacancies and promote intensification of the downtown – all leading to more jobs!! For more information on this subject, please feel free to email Josh Bridegroom at P

n etw orkin g & referrals

{ APRIL } Busin ess

Before & After Hours

Business Before Hours hosted by: Data Path, Inc.

Business After Hours hosted by: The National MS Society, The Boys & Girls Club and the United Way of Stanislaus County

Data Path, Inc.

The National MS Society, The Boys & Girls Club and the United Way of Stanislaus County

(209) 521-0055 • 318 McHenry Avenue, Suite A, Modesto, CA 95350

(209) 523-4562 •

422 McHenry Avenue, Modesto, CA 95354 Data Path, Inc., is an award-winning IT managed services provider, focusing on networking consulting, project and data management. Since its exception in 2005, the company has expanded significantly and twice (2011 & 2012), was named to Inc. Magazine’s list of the 5000 Fastest Growing Small Businesses in the U.S. For more information, call 209-312-9818.

United Way of Stanislaus County works to improve the community by advancing education, income and health, funding 42 programs and providing over 600,000 services to the community annually. The National MS Society exists to stop the progression, restore what’s been lost, and end the disease of Multiple Sclerosis forever. The Boys & Girls Club’s mission is to enable all young people to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.

The Bank of Agriculture & Commerce Welcomes Simon Heuansavath Vice President & Financial Advisor Call Today For A Complimentary Portfolio Review (209) 944-1519

Investments are Not FDIC Insured * Not a Deposit * Not Bank Guaranteed *May Lose Value * Securities and advisory services offered through Cetera Advisor Networks LLC (doing insurance business in CA as CFGAN insurance agency) Member FINRA/SIPC. Cetera is under separate ownership from any other named entity. 2001 West March Lane • Stockton, CA 95267 May


Chamber provides platform for raising Awareness of Ag Industry By Constance Anderson, Operations Manager, Modesto Chamber

Business leaders from throughout the Valley gathered on April 11 to celebrate the Agriculture industry at the Modesto Chamber of Commerce’s 18th Annual Ag Aware Luncheon. Presenting Sponsors Duarte Nursery and Garton Tractor/New Holland helped make the day possible and generously contributed to raising over $12,000 for the event’s annual benefactors: local FFA chapters. constance Anderson Guests were welcomed by 2013 Ag Aware Committee Chairperson, Corrin Macedo of the Stanislaus County Farm Bureau and Ralph Curtis of Curtis Legal Group, Chairman of the Modesto Chamber of Commerce Board. Those in attendance were treated to a full lunch, which was donated entirely, down to the olive oil and seasoning, by Ag Aware’s generous sponsors. After lunch, Abigayle Durrer, from the Gregori FFA Chapter and Kiana Morales of Beyer High FFA spoke to the crowd about how much of an impact the support of those in attendance has on local FFA chapters and the individual students in each chapter. Miss Durrer educated the crowd on the fact that 80% of farmers are over the age of 50 and that the FFA builds strong leaders to put back into the industry. She encouraged attendees that their continued support ModProgress of local FFA programs “has allowed students to become the knowledgeable

Medical Assisting Medical Office Pharmacy Technology Therapeutic Massage

Business Administration Industrial Technology

future agriculturalists needed to continue such an important industry.” Miss Durrer went on to say that she looks forward to “being an involved community member, and plan on giving back to my full extent.” Miss Morales told those in attendance that the FFA program at her high school saved her education. Having lived in the city, Miss Morales was confident that she was “not going to be a future farmer.” But as she participated in her first Ag class, Small Engines, she realized that the FFA offered much more than raising animals or living on a ranch and that it was for “students that are serious about building a better education, a better life, for themselves.” Following the students’ presentations the microphone was turned over to keynote speaker, Jim Aschwanden, executive Director of the California Agricultural Teachers’ Association. Mr. Aschwanden spoke about “the FFA difference” which exposes students to an education outside of standard curriculum and teaches vital life skills. He went on to discuss the fact that too many students these days lack direction and decision making skills and commented that: “Knowledge has become synonymous with a score on a standardized test. I don’t think we have raised the bar, so much as narrowed the goal post.” In speaking of typical FFA students, Mr. Aschwanden went on to say that “FFA students just seem to have a sense of purpose.” He ended by congratulating the attendees and supporters of Ag Aware and 7.75 x 5.pdf similar events and encouraged them to continue their support. P

The Modesto Chamber of Commerce and the Ag Aware Committee would like to express our sincere appreciation to the following donors and sponsors:

Platinum Level Sponsors Duarte Nursery Garton Tractor, Inc./New Holland Gold Level Sponsors JS West & Company Veterinary Service, Inc. Yosemite Meat Company, Inc. Silver Level Sponsors Boyett Petroleum Flory Industries Oak Valley Community Bank Sheriff Adam Christianson Winton-Ireland, Strom & Green Insurance Agency Yosemite Farm Credit President’s Club Emerald Level E & J Gallo Winery President’s Club Diamond Level Bank of the West President’s Club Silver Level American Chevrolet Atherton & Associates, LLP Gianelli & Associates – A Professional Law Corporation Grimbleby Coleman CPA’s, Inc.

Mocse Credit Union Modesto Commerce Bank US Bank Wells Fargo Bank Corporate Table Sponsors A.L. Gilbert Co. Almond Board of California American AgCredit Bank of America Beard Land Improvement Co. – Modesto & Empire Traction Co. Belkorp AG, LLC. Blue Diamond Growers Burchell Nursery, Inc. California Milk Advisory Board California Poultry Federation Crop Production Services CSU Stanislaus Department of Agriculture Dave Wilson Nursery Diamond of California Farmland Management Services Fisher Nut Company J.M. Equipment Company, Inc. Manufacturers Council of the Central Valley Melvin T. Wheeler & Sons, LP Modesto Junior College – Department of Agriculture

Modesto Junior College Foundation Modesto City Schools Morgan Stanley Perez Farms Satake U.S.A. Incorporated Stanislaus County Farm Bureau Union Bank Wenger Ranch Direct Donors Almond Board of California Associated Feed Braden Farms Inc. California Women for Agriculture Ceres Pipe & Metal Costco Wholesale Modesto Crystal Creamery Del Monte Foods DoubleTree by Hilton, Modesto FreshPoint GCA Financial Services Modesto Steel Company, Inc. Save Mart Supermarkets Stanislaus Farm Supply Stewart & Jasper Orchards Traina Foods Village Baking Company & Café Yosemite Meat Company, Inc.



c o m m uni ty dev elop ment

e c on om i c de v e l op m e n t


people on the move

Get your firearm and ammunition and head to the Escalon Sportsman’s Club on August 25, 2013. HTC is hosting its 3rd annual Aim to Fill the Need Trap Shoot Competition and you will not want to miss this family friendly event! $40 for 50 targets and lunch. Lots of great raffle prizes will be available for you to pick from. We will also have breakfast items for you to purchase! This event is one of the community’s most popular, so don’t miss out! Call (209) 593-5618 to get registered or e-mail The Career Services Department at the Institute of Technology is committed to assisting students and graduates identify opportunities in the community. We will be having an open-to-the-public onsite job fair on July 18, 2013 from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. To reserve a space or request additional information, please contact Grace Fitch or Wendy Jones at (209) 545-3100. We can also be reached by e-mail at or Oak Valley Community Bank is pleased to announce Oak Valley Community Bank’s University of Finance, a continuing partnership with EverFi, Inc. This financial literacy program for high school students will teach, assess and certify local students in financial literacy. OVCB teamed with EverFi, the leading provider of critical life skills curriculum, to teach students about hundreds of finance topics. The course allows students to use the latest technology, including rich media, high-definition video, diagrams and avatars to interact and have fun with complex topics normally reserved for adults. For more information, visit “A Salute to American Graffiti,” Soroptimist International of Modesto’s 25th Annual Fundraiser, takes place Saturday, May 18, 2013 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at The Charity Ballroom, 645 Charity Way, Modesto. Included are: lunch, silent auction, opportunity drawings for fabulous prizes and prizes awarded for the most original Graffiti costume – individual or cutest couple. On display will be classic autos of the ‘50s and ‘60s. Our lunch menu and musical entertainment will bring you back to those “good old days.” Proceeds benefit Soroptimist International of Modesto’s many community service projects. Tickets: $35. For more information, call Sher Grotts at (209) 231-7818. The California Employment Development Department is sponsoring a veteran’s job fair on Monday, May 6, 2013 from 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. at the Martin Petersen Center, 720 12th Street, Modesto. The fair is open to everyone. Admission is free to employers and job seekers. The public is invited to attend. Job seekers are encouraged to dress for success. Be prompt and bring plenty of copies of your resume. All employers are invited to participate if you have job openings. Space is limited, so call soon to reserve your space. For more information, call Jerry Timothy at (209) 576-6118. P Lic. # 724566

Your comfort

is our business.



Modesto Chamber of Commerce I Progress

BRUNN & FLYNN announces their

newest addition, Attorney John K. Peltier. John, a native of British Columbia, earned his Bachelor’s degree in 1984 and law degree in 1987 from the University of British Columbia. John is admitted to practice before all California courts and the U.S. District Courts of California. He has served as an adjunct professor at Modesto JOhn K. Peltier Junior College and at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. John’s areas of practice include civil litigation, business formation, real estate matters, wills, trusts and estate planning. For more information, call (209) 521-2133.

BRUNN & FLYNN announces another

addition to the Firm, Attorney Theressa Y. Toledo. Theressa is a native Californian and earned her law degree in 1994 from Lincoln Law School of Sacramento. She is admitted to practice before all California courts, U.S. District Courts and U.S. Court of Appeals. She has served as an adjunct professor at Lincoln Law School teaching legal writing and research. Theressa’s areas of practice Theressa Y. Toledo include family law, personal injury and products liability. For more information, call (209) 521-2133.

NAI Benchmark is pleased to announce

the newest member of their team, Kris Helton. A veteran of the commercial construction and engineering profession, Kris brings 15 years of industrial real estate expertise to his role selling and leasing commercial real estate. Kris offers the unique perspective of an owner/occupier of commercial real estate. He is passionate Kris Helton about his work and adept at identifying and meeting his clients’ needs. He is a strong addition to the NAI Benchmark team.

Provost & Pritchard Consulting Group team Kevin Berryhill has joined the

as a principal engineer who specializes in water quality and water treatment. Berryhill will be based out of the firm’s Fresno and Clovis office locations. “We are pleased to welcome Kevin to our staff,” said Dale Melville, Provost & Pritchard’s president. “His extensive knowledge in water quality Kevin Berryhill issues, water treatment processes and overall water system infrastructure will expand the firm’s ability to serve our municipal clients.” For more information, please call (209) 809-2300. P

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Vehicle wraps average







You don’t make it to 30 years without some serious chops. We started helping clients make an impact back in 1983, and we haven’t stopped since. We’ve gathered some impressive numbers, but now we’ve got just one question. Are you ready to add to your business?



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n e t work i n g & re f e rra l s

Chamber Calendar MAY 2013

JUNE 2013


Business Before Hours:


Kaplan College Location: 5172 Kiernan Court, Salida Time: 7:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.

Classic Car Parade


Stanislaus Green


Business Before Hours:

Team Meeting

Location: Kirk Lindsey Center, 1020 10th Street Plaza Time: 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

IT Solutions|Currie Location: 1801 Tully Road, Suite E Time: 7:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.



Stanislaus Green

Business After Hours:

Brenda Athletic Clubs Modesto Sports Location: 200 Norwegian Avenue Time: 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.


Travel and Tourism


Official Kiwanis Graffiti

Location: Downtown, J and I Street, Modesto Time: 7:00 pm

Team Meeting

Location: Kirk Lindsey Center, 1020 10th Street Plaza Time: 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. 9th Annual Business to

Business Trade Show

Economic Summit

and business after hours:

Location: California State University Stanislaus 801 W. Monte Vista Avenue, Turlock Time: 8:30 am – 2:00 pm

Location: Modesto Centre Plaza, 1000 L Street Time: 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Stanislaus Green Team REACON Team Members



Green Team Supporters

Interested in REACON Team membership or Stanislaus Green Team sponsorship? Call (209) 577-5757 or e-mail


Modesto Chamber of Commerce I Progress

Prime Shine Car Wash presents:

LAND OF OPPORTUNITY ...a series spotlighting entrepreneurial achievement

Dave Martini Central Sanitary Supply Central Sanitary Supply was founded in December of 1956 by David and Mary Martini. The company, which was originally comprised of a single store located in downtown Modesto, has now expanded to five distribution centers with an enormous—and constantly growing— selection of products for cleaning and Dave Martini sanitation professionals. Today, the company is run by owner, Dave Martini. His son, Chris serves as the company’s Director of Marketing and Special Projects. When was your company founded? Central was founded in December of 1956 on “J” Street in downtown Modesto. My parents David and Mary Martini started Central after they found retired life boring. I am amazed at how the organization has evolved since our early days. What are your current products/services? Do they differ from the products you carried in the beginning? Central offers over 45,000 products in a variety of cleaning and facility management categories. Our business is divided into four divisions: professional laundry and warewash services, equipment repair & service department, product distribution and our training division, The Academy for Cleaning Professionals. Over the years, we have evolved beyond a traditional distribution company to offer complete sustainable solutions that promote the health of buildings and their occupants. How many employees do you have? Are there any other family members involved and if yes, what are their roles? Central has 125 associates throughout our five distribution centers. My son, Chris Martini, has worked at Central for just over ten years and currently holds the position of Director of Marketing & Special Projects.

Are you originally from this area? If not, where are you from and how did you come to the area? I was born in Modesto and have lived here my entire life. What is the single biggest reason that you have achieved the level of success you have? Our success is the result of all my co-workers who have shared in the Central vision. Together our passion and drive has helped build Central into an industry leading organization. We put our customers first and live by the principle that they come first. What do you like about your job? I love the variety that comes with each day as an independent business owner. I am also very passionate about what Central does as an organization. Today more than ever, cleanliness is valued as part of personal health and I’m proud of our part in promoting cleaning for health. Do you participate in any community outreach efforts or clubs? Central and its associates participate in a wide variety of local community outreach efforts and clubs. We believe it is important to be an active citizen to better our hometown. What are your plans for the future? We are a growth driven organization and continually evaluate various opportunities to better serve our customers. In the last 30 days, we completed a major software conversion that is reinventing our daily operations and enhancing our customer-facing e-commerce platform. The all-new offers unmatched features and tools in our industry (beyond traditional ecommerce transactions, the site has budget controls, customer controlled GL management, access to proof-of-deliveries, training videos/certifications and custom shopping & reorder lists). What do you like about doing business in the Modesto community and why do you think this is the Land of Opportunity? Modesto has been an amazing community for me and my family. There is a close sense of pride throughout Modesto and we have been very proud to be part of the Modesto community for so many years.

Prime Shine Car Wash is proud to present The Land of Opportunity. Each month this series provides a forum in which to showcase the entrepreneurial achievements of a Stanislaus  County business owner. Prime Shine Car Wash is proud to recognize the entrepreneurʼs ability to overcome obstacles and to honor their successes in their industry and in the community.

Celebrating Over 50 Years Of Quality Care * Registered Nurses 24/7 * Long Term and Short Term Quality Care * 175 Bed Skilled Nursing Facility * Pleasant Environment * Inviting and Stimulating Social Activities * Inpatient & Outpatient Physical Therapy * Inpatient & Outpatient Occupational Therapy * Speech Therapy * Respiratory Therapy

* Specialty Dining Menus * Pharmaceutical Services * Intravenous Therapy * Incontinence Service * Wound and Skin Care * Medicare Part A & B * Medi-Cal * Other Insurances Welcome * Family Owned & Operated for over 50 Years

Engaged in your Care & your Life 209.577.1055 2030 Evergreen Ave. Modesto, CA 95350 Fax: 209. 550. 3615



WORK IN Fly Smarter, Go Charter with Sky Trek Aviation Service when you need it For over 30 years, Sky Trek Aviation has been finding

which make up around 80% of the company’s business—

blue skies by offering full service charter flights from

charters offer the freedom to transport a large group at a

the Modesto Regional Airport. According to owner

fixed cost without the time wasting layovers and delays

John Rogers, over the last three decades the company

so typical of commercial flights. He added that going

has gone from a small service with a couple airplanes

charter doesn’t mean sacrificing safety, either. “We’re

to a flourishing business with a full fleet ready to ferry

highly regulated by the FAA and as a result our fleet is

clients across the globe at a moment’s notice.

top notch. We have a jet that’s 20+ years old and it’s like a brand new airplane. We don’t lose any time in the air

Rogers explained that a charter is “like a taxicab

because we maintain these airplanes to spec.”

(Courtesy of Never Boring) When business is booming, advertising is the last thing on your mind. But when times get tough, an aggressive ad campaign becomes the last thing you want to spend money on. By maintaining an advertising presence through thick and thin, you can keep your business rolling, stay at the top of your customers’ minds and keep slowdowns to a minimum. Never Boring Design is an industry expert at creating unique, effective and affordable advertising. Find out how we can keep your business moving forward, visit us today at

with wings. Somebody calls up and says ‘I want to go

According to Rogers, Sky

somewhere,’ and they get a

Trek was hit hard by the down

plane and a pilot who either waits for them or just drops them off.

Day or night,

“Sky Trek was hit hard by

economy, but with adroit management, they were

the down economy, but

able to weather the storm

whenever you want to go,

with adroit management,

and have seen an increase

whenever you want to come

they were able to weather

in their business in recent

back, we’re there for you.”

years. “That was probably

the storm and have seen an

The Chamber stands by this statement. We practice it on a daily basis. As an organization, we use Chamber Members exclusively. We hope we can ‘count on you’ to practice using Chamber Members to meet all of your business needs.

the hardest thing we’ve ever

In addition to its charter services,

increase in their business in

gone through because we

the company operates a fixed

recent years.”

didn’t know where it was

base operation at the airfield,


You can find new and current members online at, or through our 2012 directory at

going. It was a management

meaning they provide everything

problem and it’s worked very

that clients may need, said

well here. Our great team

Rogers. “If an airplane comes

helped us make it through.”

Progress Magazine is the voice of the Modesto Chamber of Commerce, and the leading business publication in Stanislaus County. For more information or advertising info call (209) 526-9136.

“It’s not gangbusters yet,” added Rogers, “but I

rental car if they need it, we get them catering, hotels and

feel more positive about it now than I have in a

take care of their airplane either outside or in a hangar.”

long time.

Rogers said that he believes strongly in the cost


effectiveness of charter services. For corporate clients— P






© Never Boring


a facility for them to have the meeting here, we get them a

here for someone who has a meeting in town, we provide




c o m m u ni ty develop ment

Leadership Modesto 30 La nd Us e & I n fra st ruct ure D ay By Danielle Jones, Stanislaus COE On Friday, April 19 the Leadership Modesto 30th Class participated in Land Use and Infrastructure Day. The agenda included a tour of the Modesto Irrigation District (MID) Control Room, a trip to 1010 Tenth Street to visit the Traffic Room, as well as an opportunity to work with the City Planning Department, the Planning Commission and hear from the Mayor, a County Supervisor and a Land Use Attorney on a Hot Topic Panel. The day started at the Modesto Irrigation District Board Room with a light breakfast and a presentation on Water and Power by Roger Van

CALLING ALL LEADERS! Isn’t it time that YOU took stock in your leadership direction? Isn’t this the year that YOU recognize that becoming a community leader takes time, investment, education, and effort? Applications are being accepted right now for the prestigious LEADERSHIP MODESTO PROGRAM. This 30 year iconic program is a must do for any future leader in Modesto and Stanislaus County. One Friday a month • A one year commitment See, touch and experience the real issues of Modesto and the region. For more information on how YOU can become part of the Leadership Modesto experience please call Constance at the Chamber at: (209) 577-5757 or Keith D. Boggs at: (209) 652-1514

Course Name

Course Date/Time

To wrap up, we heard from Dennis Wilson and George Osner on the history of Modesto Development and Land Use. After lunch the class, led by Chris Tyler, Planning Commissioner, reconvened in the Council Chambers for a Planning Commission Simulation, teams were divided into four groups (the Planning Commission, City Planning staff, proponents and opponents). The teams were given the challenge of coming up with an argument for or against the land use proposal as well as deciding whether or not to approve the land use request based on community input and staff recommendations. To reinforce the learning that occurred by participating in the simulation, a Hot Topic Panel was the last activity for the day. City of Modesto, Mayor Garrad Marsh, Stanislaus County Supervisor Terry Withrow and Land Use Attorney George Petrulakis, Petrulakis Law and Advocacy, answered questions that were posed by the class. Overall the day was a great success, with many lessons learned and points to ponder. The Leadership Modesto 30th Class would like to thank the facilitators for the day (Melissa Williams, Josh Bridegroom and Ryan Swehla) and all the presenters who gave of their time to share their expertise and knowledge. P Course Description

 

Secrets of a Thriving Marketing Ecosystem – News10 Digital Marketing Services - A Gannett Company

May 2, 2013 Two Sessions: 9:00 am and 11:00 am

Learn how to: • Select a reputable marketing company • Calculate an effective marketing budget • Avoid the “trial and error” path • Reach the right consumer at the right time • Learn what drives consumer decisions • Position yourself as an expert

Setting Financial Goals Finance & Thrift

May 14, 2013 9:00 am – 10:00 am

Show individuals & students how to manage their money by preparing a personal spending plan (provide tools) and identify ways to decrease spending and increase income. Participants will learn how to track their spending habits, and put forth an attainable financial goal. Course activities are part of the workshop.

May 14 11:30 am – 1:30 am lunch provided

Hammer, screwdriver, wrench – you wouldn’t think of building your tool box without these! Now it’s time to build your technology tool box on the same premise – you won’t believe you’ve managed your business without these valuable tools. Join us for a hands–on learning event on key technology tools that will boost your business to the next level. Website caller ID, HaaS, Customer online payment tool….and more!

May 29, 2013 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Success as a leader depends on the ability to communicate successfully. Whether giving direction or feedback, you can’t afford to have messages misunderstood or misconstrued, or lost in the sea of information that bombards us every day. In this workshop, you will learn strategies to ensure your messages are heard and acted upon, while building and maintaining healthy relationships.

To register for all SinglePoint Outsourcing, Inc. classes call (559) 625-4800

Technology Tool Box Build your business with the right tools Solid Networks Locatred at: Solid Networks Keys to Effective Communication – SinglePoint Outsourcing, Inc.

 


Application deadline is May 17. DO this for YOU. Do it TODAY.

Hoy. The class was then allowed to visit the MID Control Room; the presenter shared that the Control Room’s function is to ensure the reliability of the bulk power system. After our tour and presentation at MID, the class proceeded to walk down to Modesto City Hall Public Works Department, where we met Mark Murphy and Sandeep Sandhu, traffic engineers for the City of Modesto. Mark highlighted the traffic light system and shared with us how the system operates. Our next stop was the corner of 10th and J Street to give us a snapshot of the downtown area prior to the presentation from Josh Bridegroom, Senior Planner for the City on the Hospitality District. We were then tasked with the job of designing downtown Modesto, the class was divided into three groups. Each group came up with a plan on what the downtown area should look like in 20 years.

   

Members $10.00 Non-Members $20.00 Members $10.00 Non-Members $20.00


Members $20.00 Non-Members $40.00

*All Chamber University courses are provided at the Modesto Chamber of Commerce, unless otherwise noted; call the Chamber to register: (209) 577-5757.


Modesto Chamber of Commerce I Progress

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EST. 1911

JULY 12-21, 2013

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May Progress 2013

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