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Parker Village expands its green tech


Publisher’s Corner As 2020 draws closer to a close, My thoughts are with the 240,000+ Americans that have perished due to Coronavirus, The exposed underbelly of our society and the division and hatred for fellow Americans throughout the country. This isn’t a Pro Trump or Anti-Trump message. This is one human being to both sides of the political spectrum. I can recognize that there are issues on both sides of the partisan coin that haven’t been fully addressed or addressed to the satisfaction of the people. I can recognize that each side has different perspectives. What I can’t understand is why we can’t seem to come to a peaceful middleground anymore. The same as it is in America, it seems to be a smaller, but no less intense version happening right here in Highland Park. The important and final question I will leave you with in my monthly thoughts on paper is, when are we going to have both sides of the Highland Park political coin, unite and achieve the very feasible and actionable goals of rebuilding our city...together. - Juan Shannon

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Important Dates Highland Park Just Recovery Task Force Folder of notes and public documents: tinyurl.com/JRTFpublic Community Input Form: tinyurl.com/JRTFinput Zoom meeting link: tinyurl.com/JRTFmeeting Or dial (312) 626-6799 meeting ID 829 9012 8391 password 532190 HPC3 Food Distribution ( PORCH DELIVERY ) 12/07/20 Avalon Village 12/14/20 Parker Village 12/21/20 Avalon Village 12/28/20 Parker Village Highland Park Arts and Cultural Council First Fridays | 12/4/20 PARKER VILLAGE TREE LIGHTING 12/18/20 5:30PM-7:30PM ( TENTATIVE ) HPC3 MENTAL HEALTH EVENTS: Facebook Live on the HPC3 Facebook page Monday, November 30th 12pm ~ Depression and Anxiety Monday, December 13th 12pm ~ Trauma and PTSD Monday, December 27th 12pm ~ Suicide Intervention and Prevention Patrece M. Lucas , MS, LPC Counselor | Life Coach | Mediator 248-957-1721 patrece_lucas@att.net CoffeeWithACounselor@gmail.com


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UTILITY ASSISTANCE UP TO $200!!!! NEED RESOURCES? OFFERING SUPPORT? SIGN UP FOR THE HP MUTUAL AID NETWORK ONLINE tinyurl.com/HPmutualaid TEXT The word AID to 313.349.1063 CALL 313.349.1063 and leave a message Community Care/Needs Assessment: Combating COVID-19 in Highland Park & Surrounding Communities) Sign up to get resources or support your community! If you need this form translated in another language please contact us. Join this Facebook group in order to read posts about and be connected to ongoing efforts/resources https://www.facebook.com/ groups/646455195924175/ Thanks for joining us in mutual community care during this time. Much love, Soulardarity Staff & Board Questions? Please feel free to reach out to Jackson Koeppel, Executive Director (director@soulardarity.com) or Shimekia Nichols, Deputy Director (communications@soulardarity.com) * IF YOU ARE IN A RISK CATEGORY, PLEASE KEEP YOUR OWN SAFETY IN MIND IF OFFERING HELP*

Upcoming dates: 11/30, 12/14 & 12/18

181 East Buena Vista, Highland Park, Mi. 4820

Free Health Clinic

A free clinic, we provide examinations, maintenance and preventive healthcare for underinsured women and their children, including immunizations, diabetes screening, contraception, and blood pressure testing. Open weekdays, it utilizes a staff of physicians and nurse practitioners, many of whom volunteer their time, in the areas of: gynecology, pediatrics, internal medicine, podiatry, reflexology, physical therapy, psychiatric services, naturopathic/ holistic medicine, and nutrition.

Originally launched in December of 2008 by S.A.Y. Detroit and the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries as the nation’s first free medical clinic devoted to homeless children and their mothers, the clinic has expanded its reach to female patients with limited income, in transitional housing and employment situations, and who are homeless. Accepting patients from all over the Detroit area, the clinic currently sees close to 7,000 patients a year who are in desperate need of healthcare.

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As 2020 draws closer to a close, My thoughts are with the 240,000+ Americans that have perished due to Coronavirus, The exposed underbelly o...


As 2020 draws closer to a close, My thoughts are with the 240,000+ Americans that have perished due to Coronavirus, The exposed underbelly o...