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Tia Stauffer

how she found balance with her busy schedule

EnergyBoosting 6 Simple

snacks for running success

amazing benefits of

Morning Workouts

20 Sweat in S tyle with these

#fitfashion finds


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12 meet the cover model

26 EnergyBoosting

Tia Stauffer

how she found balance with her busy schedule

6 Simple

snacks for running success

6 amazing benefits of





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of Morning Exercise It seems like a daunting task to roll out of your warm bed, and workout. On the other hand, there are advantages to exercising in the morning. Find out why lacing up your gym shoes at dawn is better than waiting until later in the day.

01 W h e n y ou e x er ci se i n t h e m or ni ng bef or e e a t i n g , y ou f or ce your b o d y t o b u r n f at as f uel. Af te r a n ov er ni ght f ast , gl yco g e n s t o r e s hav e been depl et e d , and y o u r body looks f or a n a lt er nat i v e f u el sour ce – fa t. I n addi t i on, your in su l i n l e v e l s ar e low. As so o n as y o u s t ar t t o ex er c i se, y ou t u r n on your sym p a th e t i c ner v ous syst em, wh ic h p u m p s out f at - bur ni ng



Burn More Fat.

hor mone s s u c h a s a d re n al i n. Th is c o m b in a tio n o f lo w i nsul i n a n d h ig h le ve ls o f a d re n a lin le a d s to g re a te r fa t b u rn in g th a n yo u ’ ll g e t a fte r e a tin g a c a rb -ric h b re a k fa s t.


h e re ’s a d o wn s ide t o e xe rc is in g o n a n e m p t y s to m a c h . Yo u m a y n o t b e a ble to tra in a s h a r d . If yo u d o h ig h -in te n s ity e x e r c is e, yo u r b o d y b u rn s c a r b o h yd ra te s in th e fo rm o f g lyc o g e n . If yo u d o n ’ t h a v e a n y a va ila ble, yo u m a y n o t g ive yo u r b e s t p e rfo rm a n c e. It’s a ls o n o t a g o o d id e a t o e xe rc is e o n a n e m p ty st o m a c h if yo u ’ re s u s c e p ti bl e t o lo w-blo o d s u g a r.

Yo u G e t I t Out of theWay


ow many times have you told yourself you’ll exercise as soon as you get home from work and then find something interferes? When you exercise in the morning, you get it done and are rewarded with a sense of accomplishment – and you don’t have to worry about life intervening.


03 Silence and Stillness


More Energy

f yo u e xe rcise out d o o rs , th e silence a n d sti l l ness of the m orn i n g can be



t herapeuti c – and a good s tr es s r el i ev er. E ven i f y ou ex er ci s e indoor s , y ou can s ti l l


tar ti ng the day wi th a good wor kout al s o gives y ou m or e ener gy to begi n y our day . Som e peopl e wake up and wal k ar ound i n a fog f or s ev er al hour s unti l thei r body f i nal ly rev s up. You won’ t hav e thi s pr obl em i f you ex er ci s e f i r s t. B e s ur e to do a good warm - up to gr adual l y heat up y our m us cl es .

enj oy ex er ci s i n g w i t h out the tel epho n e i nter r upti ng or t h e door bel l r i ngi ng .


he B ottom L i n e? W hether y o u e x er ci s e i n t h e m or ni ng or l at e r i n the day , the m o st i m por tant thi ng i s t o d o i t – but cons i d e r t h e adv antages of m o r n i ng ex er ci s e – a n d gi v e i t a tr y .







meet the cover model


Stauffer OPENS UP WITH US ABOUT how she found balance with her busy schedule and how fitness helped her from tragedy to triumph

The internal changes are even more powerful than the external changes that come as a result of the hard work. I’m just a regular, busy girl. If I can do it, so can you!



Q: Tell us a little about your-

self outside of fitness. A: I’m from small town Clinton, Iowa but I live in Tiffin, Iowa currently. I work as a psychiatric nursing assistant on a pediatric inpatient unit at the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics, lots of sweet kiddos with really tough circumstances. It’s a difficult job but it’s so rewarding to be able to show those kids that there are people who want to help them and that life can get better. We teach them coping skills and mindfulness/meditation along with so much more. I also work as a zoo keeper at the Niabi Zoo. I love animals so much and working to protect the earth so working there is tons of fun, I feel so lucky to work closely with exotic animals and aid in preserving endangered species. I’ve been modeling for about 5 years and have just recently started fitness modeling. I like to keep myself busy. When I’m not modeling or working, I like to spend as much time outside as possible, nature is my happy place! I love spending time with my family and friends. Nothing is better than being surrounded by the people you love the most. And I love to travel. There is so much to see and so much to do, so little time! Q: Tell us about your personal fitness and health journey. What does the beginning of your journey compared to now look like?

Interview By Deb Hultquist Photographs By Bennie Gonzalez Hair and Makeup By Erica Escamilla

“Fitness has completely changed my life for the better and I hope that I can inspire others to find fitness the way that I did and see that it’s not so far out of reach!”

A: At the beginning of my

journey, I didn’t really have any direction. Going to the gym was like pulling teeth. I went because I knew I “should”. I would go and just do random things to fill the time. It wasn’t until I found a good gym partner (my boyfriend Jake, but friend at the time) who knew a lot of good exercises to show me the ropes. I started to learn enough that I felt confident on what I was doing when I went to the gym. Over time, I learned more and more about targeting different muscle groups and once I knew what I was doing,I really started to enjoy going. About 8-9 months into my fitness journey, I started dabbling in powerlifting. I was lifting for strength. I had a lot of help from my friends Paige, Arin, and Zach. They helped me with learning different forms/techniques, different equipment (wraps, straps, belts etc.), and even training plans wrote specifically for me to help me reach my new goals. Powerlifting is a lot of fun, it requires you to listen carefully to your body (which you should do anyways) and be mindful of your body’s movements. Once I started working 2 jobs again, it became challenging for me to keep up with my friend’s schedules, so I went back to working out alone primarily. Since I’ve been focusing more so on my fitness modeling, I’ve been training to maintain

strength, flexibility and muscle tone. I go to the gym and target a specific muscle group at a time and do lots of stretching. I learn more and more about my body and fitness every day and I think that’s part of the fun. A key point in my journey actually manifested out of tragedy. My brother Michael and his fiancee were killed in a motorcycle accident in July 2016 (I started training in august of 2016). Michael LOVED fitness, he practically lived in the gym. I have always admired his dedication to the gym and to motivating people to reach their fitness goals. Once he died, I had so much anxiety and sadness all the time. I was an hour and a half away from my family, I worried about them every single day. I thought about their 3 kids. My mind would just race until I felt physically sick. My boyfriend Jake suggested I try channeling some of that stress into fitness, ensuring me it would help me feel better. To my surprise, I felt worlds of difference. My mind was more calm and clear. Any anger and sadness I had welling up inside me could be released every time I picked up the weights. It was such an effective coping skill, I just wish I would have tried channeling my emotions into fitness years before when my mom was battling depression and became hospitalized. She is also one of my greatest inspirations for beating such a powerful disease. Q: How would you describe your fitness routine? What does a good gym session look like to you? A: I would describe my fitness routine as challenging, but I’m not burning out every single day. I like to push myself at the gym, however there is a comfortable balance between working hard and overdoing it. It is SO important to listen to your body. Regular workouts at a lower intensity are much more effective than going a few times and almost hurting yourself from pushing too hard. I usually workout about 4 times a week with 2 rest days and 1 day doing other exercise activities outside of the gym (hiking, biking, dancing etc.). A good gym session to me starts with a 15 minute dynamic warm up. A fast paced walk on the treadmill/stair-stepper/bike for a couple minutes followed by plyometrics (lunges, knee hugs, hamstring stretching etc) to get the blood flowing. Once I’m warm, I dive straight into the workout whatever it may be. Say it’s squats for example (MY FAV),

I start off squatting just my body weight to get those muscles firing. I will work up to whatever my goal percentage is that day. If its a plate (45 lbs on each side), I’ll start with 6 reps at 10lbs, then 4 at 25lbs, then 2 at 45. Then I’ll climb back down the ladder. 45, to 25, to 10. Then I’ll shift to my accessory exercises such as leg extensions, hamstring curls, calf raises, and sometimes split squats. I’ll finish up with resistance band kick-backs/fire hydrants. I finish my workouts with static stretching and yoga. Stretching is really important to help your muscles relax and repair. Rolling on a foam roller is one of my favorite things to do to help release tension from my muscles. Q: What are your favorite fitness related activities to do outside of the gym? A: I love to be outside! Hiking, going for walks, kayaking/canoeing, bike rides, swimming, playing catch, really anything outside. I love yoga. Dancing is also really fun way to workout with really realizing that’s what you’re doing. Q: How do you motivate yourself to workout on days you really don’t feel like getting it done? A: Motivation is the hardest part of working out. Having a workout partner is a great way to stay motivated because you can help hold each other accountable. Sometimes when I’m really struggling I’ll turn on some fast paced dance music to help raise my energy level and get me pumped up for a workout. Another really good tip to trigger your motivation is to have some sort of reminder for yourself about what your goals are. Whether its an inspirational quote that speaks to you or taking a look at that dress you wanna rock with confidence, find a way to remind yourself what you’re working for! Q: How do you make the time for fitness and your overall health? How did you find your balance with your health goals, work, family, friends, etc..in this on-the-go, busy society? A: Making time for everything can be very challenging. Fitness is something I make time for because I look at is as an investment. Fitness facilitates my physical health and my mental health. The way I see it, when I feel better, I perform better so making time to maintain my health in the long run improves every other aspect of my life. I’ve learned that writing things down in my planner the night before

really helps me get things done. Writing out my clear goals for the following day helps me stay on track. Even if my schedule only allows for me to be able to spend 40 minutes at the gym, doing something is still better than nothing! Working out with friends is another great way to tackle two tasks at once. You’re spending time with friends and having a good time, while also taking care of yourself. And it’s important to remember there are lots of ways to workout. Taking a walk with friends, trying a yoga class together, going for a bike ride, all help you achieve your fitness goals while spending time with people you care about! Q: What are your top 3 tips you have learned while balancing your own life that would help other women on-the-go find their balance? A: 1.) Set goals. They don’t have to be giant goals, but clear goals of what you want to achieve and how you plan to achieve them. Be realistic but also push yourself. This is not limited to (but should include) fitness goals. If you want to go on a vacation, write down how much money you’ll need to save to be able to afford it. If you want to look your best for a wedding coming up, don’t look at numbers on scale. The more I’ve developed strength, I’ve actually gained a few pounds (although it doesn’t ‘look’ that way) muscle is more dense than fat. So remember not to get stuck on numbers. Train CONSISTENTLY and do what feels good, the only workout plan that works is the one you will stick to. 2. ) Write things down. My planner is my best friend. Take 15-20 minutes to plan things out for the next couple days. It’s easy to spend 15 minutes staring at your phone, instead of doing that, utilize that 15 minutes to write things out. Having a plan really helps me stay on track and hold me accountable for things I need to get done. With the hustle and bustle of a busy day, I often forget all the things I wanted to get done in a day so having things wrote down in a planner helps clear my mind of the foggy “what else did I need to do today??” thoughts. 3.)Be kind to yourself! Remember that this is a process and not an easy habit to build so on tough days try not to get frustrated with yourself. Look at the progress you have made and know that there will be some “off” days no matter how far along you are on your journey. Q: What does your nutrition plan consist of? What does an average day of meals look like to you? A: I usually follow a more intuitive eating style because I don’t feel a super restrictive diet is healthy or enjoyable. Eating healthy should be tasty and enjoyable, however it can sometimes be difficult to eat good and healthy while on the go. That’s why I like to do food prep! I pick one night and cook all my meals for the next 7-10 days or so. Lately, since I’ve been focusing on muscle tone so my meals have been higher in fats and protein and lower in carbs. My average breakfast usually starts with eggs and avocado sprinkled with hemp seeds. If i’m in a big hurry, I will cook a piece of whole grain toast, spread the avocado on it, and put the egg on top and I’m out the door. During the day I like to snack on nuts (usually pistachios, cashews, almonds, brazil nuts, macadamias) yogurt, and protein bars. My lunches have been a leafy green salad (spinach and arugula) with baked salmon, mushrooms, peppers, some feta cheese, with a


balsamic or olive oil vinaigrette. For an evening snack I munch on hummus and veggies, sometimes I’ll over indulge with corn chips and fresh salsa. Dinner consists of steak, broccoli, a ¼ cup of rice, and corn. For dessert, I LOVE frozen blueberries. They’re a sweet treat loaded with antioxidants. Q: What is one ‘treat’ meal you cannot live without!? A: I LOVE sweets so that’s a dangerous question! Hahaha ICE CREAM and Nutella tie for first place, chocolate lava cakes from dominos, and these thumbprint cookies from Sweetheart Bakery in my hometown that my Dad always surprises me with (they’re to die for). Q: Do you feel it is important to include in your life some self-care for your own body, mind, and soul? What type of practices do you enjoy? A: I feel self-care is absolutely essential for body, mind, and soul balance. Morning meditation is a great way to start the day, it only takes 5 minutes and it can set the tone for a positive day. Make time for a ritual dedicated to yourself. I will have a cup of coffee/tea and write or read. It’s a small little something that I love to do but it’s so important to have some “me” time especially with such a hectic schedule. If you’re anything like me, you’re a busy body and setting time aside for yourself sounds impossible. Just remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup. You MUST take care of yourself! Q: Do you find it important to have a support team? Who is yours and what impact have they had on your journey? A: A support team is incredibly important in any journey, but specifically in a fitness journey because that can be a difficult journey to begin. I have a huge support team and I feel so fortunate to have them. Having people there to tell you what a good job you’ve done or help you get closer to your goals is such an underrated treasure. The people around you help you grow to become who you are and having genuine support makes all the difference. My boyfriend Jake helps me with motivation to get to the gym and to make the most of my time there, he has taught me so much about fitness, I am so thankful for him. My mom Sherry always tells me how strong and fit I look, she’s so good at building up my confidence. It’s nice to hear that other people have noticed my hard work too. My step mom Ronda, my dad Bob, and my sisters Jessie, Jenna, and Bailee have been so supportive during my fitness modeling journey, sharing my successes in any way they can to show support. My niece Emma for admiring me the way she does which helps to remind me to lead by a good example because someone is looking up to me. My friend Josh for giving me access to amazing recovery tools like cryotherapy. My roommate and friend Trevor, for making tough days at the gym fun and for pounding food with me after heavy lifting days. My friends Arin, Paige, and Zach for teaching me so much about fitness and helping in any way they could from day one. My friend Jess who is such an inspiration to me with her yoga skills and my yoga class partner! My friend Rob who lets me



take his pups for walks and always gives me fresh delicious vegetables from his garden that keeps my nutrition plan on track. My boyfriend Jake’s family for always boosting me up for my accomplishments. The list goes on! Q: How has your fitness journey helped your self-esteem and confidence? A: My fitness journey has helped my self esteem and confidence in more ways than one. It has helped my self esteem with my physical self tremendously. I didn’t even realize how much lower my self esteem was previously until I started feeling confident and comfortable in my own skin. It’s a liberating feeling that everyone deserves to feel. It has also helped my mental confidence because I’ve learned how to be ‘mentally strong’ by staying disciplined to my goals even when I really don’t feel like it. Now I know if I put my mind to something, I will achieve it. Q: What advice would you give to women currently struggling with self-esteem and confidence because they feel so far away from their fitness goals? A: Just remember that you have to start somewhere and to start small! Consistency is absolutely key. Doing something small every day is way more effective than going once a week and obliterating yourself. One thing at a time. Working out has so many positive benefits on your mood, so I try to go to feel good versus looking good because results won’t come over night. So if you go regularly and do what feels good, you’ll be surprised when results start to pop up in the mirror.

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EnergyBoosting 6 Simple

snacks for running success (BPT) - As marathon season approaches, many people are focused on training. Building up endurance is key, but you can’t do that without the fuel your body needs. Wholesome energy-boosting snacks are essential for keeping up the pace, whether you’re focused on a 5K or full marathon. There are a variety of runs across the country to suit every type of runner. Fun runs vary in size and can be found in communities from coast to coast. Themed runs are also plentiful. Whether you’re a new or experienced runner, completing your goal will make you feel accomplished. To help your body feel and perform at its best, you need to give it the right foods. These smart, tasty snacks will help give you sustained energy with loads of nutrients important to any fitness practice.



Bananas: The cheerful color and built-in packaging are just the start. Bananas are a good source of potassium, which helps prevent cramping. Plus, they are a wonderful source of natural sugars (the good kind) and carbohydrates, which help provide sustained energy. It’s a common misconception that bananas aren’t as healthy due to the higher sugar content; however, the natural sugars in bananas come with fiber, which slows digestion and gives the body time to use it as fuel instead of storing it as fat. Grab a bunch of Chiquita bananas at the store and you have a convenient pre-workout snack or perfect addition to your recovery shake.



Edamame: More than just a delicious appetizer at your favorite sushi joint, eda-

mame is an ideal workout snack. The tasty green soybeans you pluck from the pod are a good source of protein, iron and B vitamins. What’s more, the heart-healthy isoflavones support bone health. So dig in and enjoy with a dash of sea salt and a big glass of water. It’s perfect when you’re craving a salty snack so you can avoid the junk.

Chocolate Milk: If you don’t run, you probably think chocolate milk is just for kids. In reality, chocolate milk has almost a cult-like following in the endurance sports world. It’s rich in calcium to keep bones strong, particularly important for runners. Plus it has protein and carbohydrates to keep you fueled. Reward yourself with this sweet treat after a run and you’ll feel satisfied all around.

Cottage Cheese: Scoop up some of this white wonder and enjoy with your favorite fruit or a sprinkle of your preferred herbs. You can also add a satisfying crunch by sprinkling in omega-rich cashews or almonds. Cottage cheese is packed with protein, so it helps you feel full longer, essential for long runs (or simply long days full of to-dos). For fitness folks, this protein helps assist in rebuilding and repair of muscles during training periods.

Trail Mix with Dried Fruit: Post-run, snacks reload muscles with fuel and your body with fluid and electrolytes. Some runners like to cool and refuel together. Post-run snacking is going to repair, restore and replete, so it has been recommended to eat both protein and carbohydrate-containing foods within 15 minutes.

With these snacking tips top of mind, you’ll be fueled and feeling your best to start aiming for your personal records!



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ModernFit Magazine - September 2018  

ModernFit is a women's fitness magazine dedicated to covering modern fitness trends for today's modern woman. Regularly introducing fans to...

ModernFit Magazine - September 2018  

ModernFit is a women's fitness magazine dedicated to covering modern fitness trends for today's modern woman. Regularly introducing fans to...