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Top Cat Myths



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3 Legs, No Problem!

Quiz: What Kind of Cat Do You Have?  Turn to page 46  to find out!  


I'm Adoptable!

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Your Cat Wants These Toys

How To Help Your New Cat Adapt + What To Do When Your Cat's Playful Behaviour Crosses The Line


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When Cute and Fluffy Turns into Saber-Toothed Tiger What to do when playful cat behaviour crosses the line into predatory aggression.



8 Top Cat Myths Exposed These dangerous misconceptions are harming cats. We've got the facts for you.


Adopt This Kitten (and Her Adorable Brother) Luna Lovegood and her sibling Neville Longbottom want you to know once-feral kittens make awesome pets!


A Cat Less Common Play detective with this guide—you may see some of the unique traits of these less common breeds in your mixed-ancestry cat!



Want It! Essentials for every self-professed cat lover.


Look What We Found! What we’re loving right now. A House Is Not a Home Without a Cat Cat finds for the interior design obsessed. Happy Cat Thrill your cat with these fun finds!


6 Ways to Brighten Your Cat’s Day



7 Reasons Senior Cats Makes Awesome Pets In praise of old cats.



What Kind of Cat Do You Have? Take this quiz to determine you cat's personality type.



Fashion's Feline Obsession When it comes to couture, cats are all the rage— just ask Karl Lagerfeld.




How to Help Your New Cat Settle In Follow these tips to help your new cat feel right at home!

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Luna's adorable bow tie is from Sweet Pickles' Designs (





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Know Your Nip There's catnip & then there's catnip. Your cat deserves the good stuff. Artisanal catnip producers are delivering divine, tailored blends that will delight your cat.


How to Pet Your Cat: an illustrated Guide


Get Zen; The Easy Way to Medicate Your Cat; Can I Crash on Your Couch?


Inspiration Cards


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We’re Giving It Away! We've got months of amazing giveaways, from cool cat lofts to toys your cat will go crazy for, just waiting to be won! Turn to page 20 to see what's up for grabs.


Marmalady the Tri-Pawd Kitten A cross-border love story with all of our favourite elements: triumph over adversity, an unlikely meeting, and the happiest of endings.


Cats and Their Non-Cat Besties Smile! For these cuties, love knows no bounds.


How Does It Work? These nifty products solve vexing problems!


DIY Craft: Desktop Cat Make this adorable Pagami Paper Craft Cat by simply folding paper! BY NATALIE GAGNON


Perfect Match These sweet senior cats are in search of their forever homes. Could your new best friend be one of them?




Adopt me!

I'm adoptable! The adorable Luna Lovegood—along with her handsome brother Neville Longbottom—are available for adoption through Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA)! Turn to page 34 for more info. Photographed by Tania Hennessy, professional cat and kitten photographer and longtime VOKRA foster mom.

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Much love,

Connie Wilson, Founder, Publisher, and Editor-in-Chief

The vital function that pets fulfill in this world hasn't been fully recognized.

They keep millions of people sane. —Eckhart Tolle


Super Cute Cat Shoes! I made a pair using your article for inspiration and guidance. Very quick and inexpensive to do. Got lots of attention at the cat adoptions where I volunteer. —Ma LA



Whisker Fatigue Alert Good to know [about whisker fatigue]. Glad my cat now has a better food bowl that helps alleviate this problem.—Bryson Kahaloa @Jared NEW DISHES FOR TUMS—Rhonda Carol >>

It's True Love! Love this article [9 Signs Your Cat Loves You]… I am definitely loved by both my cats...My male of 19 years does all of these! My female of 2 ½ years is my nearby cat… but she is definitely warming up to closeness… —Stephanie Dorsey Nice to know my cats love me! I have one "nearby" cat who follows me everywhere (except to bed because my other cats are there and they don't get along) but won't let me carry her and won't lie in my lap although she will knead on my stomach! —Larraine Sinclair >> 9signscatlove

Mixed Breed Detective!

Laid back and adorable is correct for my rag doll mix. 'Clown' would also apply, lol. —Connie Parliament Engley >>

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f you’re reading this issue, it’s a safe assumption you’re crazy about cats, which makes you our kind of people! One of the very best things about putting this magazine together (and there are many) is being part of a community of animal lovers. To be amongst those that “get it,” that value a connection with animals and understand the depth of communion one can develop with one’s cat, is both a blessing and an inspiration. Our cats are our family, our guides, our babies (granted with fur and four legs) and best friends; they are grace on four legs, walking discernment, our connection to nature. As every cat person can attest, you don’t just receive a cat’s love you earn it. We’re here to make sure you’re up to the task! Our goal is to help you deepen the bond you share with your cat, as well as to help you problem-solve and better understand sometimes mystifying feline behaviour. This issue (like all our issues!) is a tribute to and a celebration of cats and our relationships with them. Our aim is multi-fold: to engender better relationships by improving understanding of feline behaviour, motivations, and species-specific needs (p 46); to make cats happier (p 36); to promote rescue (p 34 and 80); to provide joy (p 74); and to share all manner of awesome cat-finds (see pretty much every page of the magazine!), from toys to thrill your cats, to products that deliver real results, to just plain cool things we want in our living rooms. We hope you enjoy this issue as much as we loved putting it together! Thank you for being part of the Modern Cat family.




C ON TRIBUT OR S When New Zealand artist Tania Hennessy moved to Vancouver, BC, in 2008, she had no idea that she’d find herself at the centre of a kneading, mewing vortex. Since becoming involved with Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA), she’s fostered over 100 cats and kittens! Her unique access to these feline friendsin-need turned into her specialty: smileinducing cat and kitten photography that helps fosters find their forever homes. For the cover of this issue, the immensely talented Tania photographed adorable, adoptable VOKRA foster kitten Luna. For more info on this feline cutie, turn to page 34! See more of Tania’s absolutely lovely cat and kitten photography at

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This issue features the illustrative work of Taryn Gee, an award winning (and cat loving) internationally published illustrator who lives in Ajax, Ontario. Taryn specializes in editorial and narrative illustration for magazines (case in point – see page 50), books, and film and is an avid sketchbook artist who loves drawing portraits of the wonderful people in her life. When she isn't drawing, you can find her knitting and watching sitcoms. She has a cat named Abbi who doesn't really like anyone but is very loved regardless. See more of Taryn’s work at

Jytte Wilson INTERESTED IN SUBSCRIBING? Give us a call at 1-800-417-6289 or subscribe online at Advertising inquiries call (866) 734-3131 In Canada: MODERNCAT (ISSN 1929-3933) Volume 4, Issue 2. Published semi annually by Modern Cat Inc. at Suite 202–343 Railway St, Vancouver, BC Canada V6A 1A4 POSTMASTER: send address changes to Modern Cat, Suite 202–343 Railway St, Vancouver, BC Canada V6A 1A4 In USA: MODERNCAT (ISSN 1929-3933) Volume 4, Issue 2. Published semi annually by Modern Cat Inc. at 142 Churchill Drive, Newington, CT 06111-4003. Periodicals postage paid at Hartford, CT and additional offices. POSTMASTER: send address changes to Modern Dog, PO Box 310402, Newington, CT 06131-0402. PHONE

In this issue, Modern Cat regular contributor Mieshelle Nagelschneider, the Cat Whisperer, explains what to do when playful cat behaviour crosses the line into aggression. Mieshelle is a worldrenowned cat behaviourist adept at feline behaviour modification, oftentimes altering the environmental landscape within the household to affect change. She has a deep understanding of cats and we couldn’t be happier to share her wisdom with you. Turn to page 24 to read Mieshelle’s expert advice on how to address play turned predatory!

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STUFF WE LOVE Modern Cat staffers’ picks of the litter 1 The immensely talented and philanthropy-minded artist Jade Zaworski is my pick for this issue. Jade’s unique, custom pet portraits not only capture the essence of her subjects in an absolutely lovely way, but she donates money from every piece of art she creates to non-profit animal rescues— she’s donated over $7,800 this year already! Custom commissioned portraits start at $495. —Jennifer (From $495,



2 Scratching is a must for cats, so I like to give my two kitties a variety of surfaces to scratch on. They absolutely love Pet Fusion’s jumbo scratch lounge. It gives them horizontal scratching space as well as a nice place to lounge and play. It’s purr-fect!—Taryn ($130, 3 Perfectly sized for tossing and carrying around, For Mew’s Crisp toys are stuffed with organic catnip as well as crinkly innards to provide that ever so compelling crinkly wrapper sound cats love!—Cecilia ($7, 4 Skip the grain with Redbarn’s grain-free Turkey Cat Treats. With their semi-moist texture and delectable smell, every cat around will soon be running to you when they hear that feline temptress—the bag crinkle!—Lauren ($3,


5 I switched from clay litter to SmartCat all-natural cat litter and I’m never going back! It’s made of biodegradable grass, is much less dusty than clay, clumps really well, and helps with odours too. A great option if you’re looking to make the switch!—Lyle the Domestic Shorthair ($30 for a 20lb bag,


6 There’s no denying that the Jurassic Park films are incredible, but how much more incredible would they be if you replaced all the dinosaurs with cats?! As a huge Jurassic Park fan and proud cat lover, I couldn’t resist this ‘Purassic Park’ t-shirt from Arm the Animals. It’s cute, comfortable, and the purrrfect conversation starter!—Lily ($27, 7 A cold front may be rolling in but I’m still not ready to put away my Kitty Garden Party Mini Skirt from PrettySnake. Grab your neon tights and rock this super cute skirt to your next dance party! —Celine ($56, 8 This stylish bracelet from PawZaar’s new #PawPromise collection not only looks great, but 10 percent of proceeds from each Choose Rescue Bracelet is donated to a shelter or nominated rescue partner. Want to nominate your favourite shelter for donation? Check our PawZaar’s website to learn how!–Jacqueline ($20, 9 Cat hair, it can get everywhere. From the deepest floor nooks to the highest of shelves, finding cat hair here, there, and everywhere is a constant of cat life. But, thanks to Black & Decker, it’s time to tame the hair beast! Their ultra portable 20V Lithium Flex Vac—a light weight cordless hand vac that includes a flexible four foot hose and specialized pet hair brush—lets you suck up every stray hair without the fuss of an upright vacuum. Gotta love it!—Natalie (From $117, 10 Keep your cats out of your houseplants with Plant Patterns Covers! The elastic-edged fabric cover keeps Fifi from scratching around in the dirt and making a mess or assigning herself a new “litterbox.” An array of beautiful patterns are available to suit every décor.—Connie (From $10,


11 In Haiku Cats author and artist C.B. Fraser combines her whimsical illustrations of eccentric cats with charming haikus in this ode to fantastic felines. Her unique, Asian-inspired artwork, creatively paired with poems that are, in part, inspired by her own cat, delight.—Angela ($24, 12 This beautiful hand-painted basket urn is designed to keep your memories vivid and colorful. Available in black, white or bronze, it can be personalized with lines of text or even artwork of your choice.—Julia (From $35,



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Jurassic Park KITTEN

Our new favourite Tumblr is reason number one million why we love the weird and wonderful Internet Get a load of the Photoshop prowess on display in the riotous Tumblr account Khan and Kittens. In a stroke of mad genius, the creators hit upon adding cats into screenshots of classic movies and TV episodes. Our favourite thus far? Jurassic Kitten, in which—you guessed it—Jurassic Park scenes are re-imagined (i.e. improved upon) by replacing all the dinosaurs with, yep, kittens. Check it out at

This Litter Box Does the Scooping for You Let Litter-Robot do the dirty work for you! Their patented sifting process cleans litter automatically after each use, depositing waste in a large-capacity waste drawer. An indicator light lets you know when to empty the drawer—no guesswork required! The new Open-Air model ($429, features a larger, more ergonomic cat entry and litter chamber along with a new self-adjusting cat sensor. There’s even an automatic nightlight that provides lighting for elderly cats for nighttime visits to the litter box!

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A DIAMOND IS FOREVER This lovely wearable tribute keeps your cat with you forever. Heart In Diamond specializes in lab-grown memorial diamonds created from hair or cremation ashes. These certified man-made diamonds are identical to mined diamonds, only instead of being created by nature's carbon, your unique memorial diamond is created from your beloved cat’s personal carbon to create a gorgeous stone that will forever remind you of your best friend. From $750 at



THE SCOOP Dr. Jennifer Conrad examines a baby tiger who will never be declawed.

Declawing Facts * Declawing is an amputation; it is not merely the removal of the claws. To declaw a cat, the veterinarian cuts off the last knuckles of a cat’s paw—cutting though bone, tendons, skin, and nerves. In a person, it is equivalent to amputating each finger or toe at the last joint. * Declaw surgery can be an extremely painful procedure with associated health risks and complications such as infection. * Declaw surgery can produce permanent lameness, pain or arthritis. * Declawing is the same mutilating procedure for house cats or big cats.


THE PAW PROJECT See the film, join the movement This heartfelt, eye-opening documentary aims at nothing short of social change. The Paw Project’s mission is the abolition of declaw surgery, starting from the ground up by educating the public about the painful and crippling effects of feline declawing. There’s no gruesome imagery, just an incredibly persuasive argument against declawing put forth by veterinarian Jennifer Conrad. Expect to come away changed—and don’t be surprised if you’re moved to join the campaign against declawing. Stream it through iTunes, U-verse, Dish, or Amazon Instant Video, or watch it on Netflix! Find out more at


“This film is an inspiring emotional ride that should be seen by every animal lover and anyone who has ever been aware of a wrong and wanted to right it.”—Mark Thompson, Fox TV 14 moderncat

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Catify Your Surroundings

And the winning captions from last issue are…

Awesome cat prints to improve any space What better way to whimsically catify your cubicle than with a unique, stylized cat print from artist Jess Doutrich? In addition to prints, Jess also offers custom portraits that capture each cat's idiosyncrasies in a completely delightful manner. Prints from $5; custom portraits from $75,

of Modern Cat readers' cats have middle names.

RUNNER-UP CAPTIONS "I hope they serve twine with the cheese!" SUBMITTED BY SHELLY FIELDING

"This artist's work is so realistic I can almost feel my instincts kicking in!" SUBMITTED BY ANGELA SMITH

"You have to see my litter box art…" SUBMITTED BY KEN SCHMIERER

"Most think of this as just a ball of yarn...little do they know it is really a hairball I coughed up yesterday!" SUBMITTED BY BARB MORGAN


"More like Scratching-Post-Impressionist, amirite?" SUBMITTED BY MEGAN DANIELS

76% Meet Jack Stanford Anderson!

C A R T O O N S © 2015/16 B Y D A V I D J A C O B S O N


Exercise your funny bone. Create a caption for this cartoon and submit your entry at The most comic captions will be published in the next issue.


your n e t h g i r b et us



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We’re giving it away! Enter to win fabulous giveaways October through March. Go to to enter! Lucky readers will win every two weeks.




Win 1 of 10 cat-sized pillows from Bavarian Cat Toys! Filled with valerian and catnip grown in Bavaria (not China!), they’re perfect for snuggling, nuzzling, and long-lasting play.


Win 1 of 2 Catville Lofts in Leopard Print from Prevue Pet Products! Your cat will love playing, scratching, and climbing into the hideaways!



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Win 1 Initial Consultation plus 3 follow-ups (within 1 month) tackling the most common feline behavioural issues with Certified Feline and Behavioural Specialist Mirian Hasani! Valued at over $250!


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Win 1 of 4 Petlinks electronic toy prize packs including Flitter Fly, Roaming Runner, and Flash Dance toys that will delight and entertain your cat!



Win 1 of 8 bags of Amoré Pet Foods’ MEGA Morsels. Benefits of raw, convenience of kibble! 100% of the ingredients come from Mother Nature, 0% from China.


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Win 1 of 20 tubes of GooFurr, the easy way to pill your cat! Mix this 100% natural, delicious paste with your cat’s pill or supplement to make medicating easy!

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Fancy Chowder Trixie

Kahleesi Josie & Jeter

Bonnie 22 moderncat


Muppet Mikay F ALL ·  WINTER 2015/ 16



Deja Mr. Meowgi



Sis & Curly Sue

Mia Chan

Mr. Muffins

Little Man Kingston Albert Zak


Xena Think your cat ought to grace the pages of Modern Cat? Upload your cat's photo at Not only will he or she be entered to be our Cat of the Week, but a selection of the photos entered will appear on these pages!



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By Mieshelle Nagelschneider aka The Cat Whisperer Illustration by Lindsay Campbell


f you’re a cat owner, and especially a kitten owner, you’ve no doubt seen your cat run and pounce on a cat toy skittering down the hallway. How cute! The next thing you might witness is the sinking of teeth firmly around the toy as it’s carried away. Intense, but still pretty adorable! These playful (or predatory) behaviours are normal and one of your cat’s most ingrained instincts to help her develop her hunting skills. Young kittens will practice several different motor pattern sequences over and over again and a notable increase in this activity is seen at four months of age. Sometimes cats can inappropriately focus this play/predatory aggression onto the owner or other animals in the household. For example, they might stalk us around the home and then out of nowhere, when we’re least expecting it (this is a honed skill of theirs by the way), attack our ankles or legs or even leap up to bite our hands or arms. Not so cute anymore, is it?


#1 Human-caused

When I conduct a Skype video behaviour consultation, I get to witness first-hand how the cat owner interacts with their cat. Too often I see owners use their hands to play with their cat instead of using cat toys. Dangling their fingers above the cat or turning their hand into a scampering tarantula ends up triggering their cat’s prey drive. Over time, this activity can create a cat that enjoys biting or clawing the owner’s hands or arms—not to mention other body parts like ankles and the occasional nose. Many of the aggression cases I see have been created in kitten-hood by the cat owner. It doesn’t take long for kittens to develop a hyperfocus on human hands as the best prey target in the living room to attack over and over again. In a natural environment, kittens still have their littermates and this allows them to continue practicing their hunting skills on one another. If you’ve only adopted one kitten, you may quickly become a surrogate sibling. This is why I always recommend adopting not one, but two kittens (or three!).


"I always recommend adopting not one, but two kittens (or three!)"

Withdraw attention A mother cat will disengage and walk away when her kitten plays with her too aggressively. Withdraw attention and leave the room for a few minutes if your cat becomes aggressive.

Focus on appropriate prey targets Play with your


Lack of early socialization with mother or littermates



Kittens taken away from their mother or littermates at any time during the sensitive period between two and seven weeks (and even before 12 weeks) miss learning many important elements in how to play appropriately, including inhibiting bite pressure, using paws instead of unsheathing claws, and reading social cues and respecting boundaries.

Kittens that suffered from malnutrition can have problems with responsiveness and coordination. As a result they could be more fearful, reactive or aggressive.

YOUR PLAN OF “ATTACK” Avoid the situation Stop training your cat to go after your hands by not using your hands for play and be mindful of your movements from other body parts that could elicit a play/prey response.

cats at least once daily (and kittens several times a day) to help focus their play/predatory aggression on the appropriate target. Use wand toys that you maneuver like real prey and also toys that you can toss for your cat. You can also place toys in multiple areas of your home for your cat to investigate. Have battery operated toys on hand and other toys your cat can play with when you’re not around. Because cats catch different types of prey, it’s important to offer different types of toys. I love the new interactive wand toy The Playful Panther that I helped develop. It triggers my cats' prey driver like no other.

Environmental enrichment Many cats are kept in homes that are mundane and lacking in physical and mental stimulation. In addition to offering a variety of cat toys, add cat tunnels, cat shelving, cat scratchers, cat trees, and a food puzzle to help keep the focus off of attacking you. If you have a single cat or kitten household, consider adopting a second cat or kitten to keep your cat occupied and not wanting to sink his teeth into you.

Nutrition It’s very important that your growing kitten be freefed or receive several meals daily. Young kittens are growing and need more calories per unit of body weight than adult cats.

Socialization Kittens need to stay with their mother and lit-

Anticipate In order to avoid an impending attack, learn to

termates until 12 weeks.

read your cat’s body language. Watch for intense staring, lashing or twitching tails, ears turned back or flattening, unsheathing of the claws, engaging in the “butt-wiggle,” stiffening of the legs and shoulders, and lowering the head.

NEVER physically punish a cat for aggression.

Distract and redirect If your cat is showing signs of an

Be patient! Habits not only take time to form, they also take

impending attack, intervene before the aggression begins by tossing a toy away from you or by maneuvering a wand toy.

26 moderncat

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You will not improve the situation; instead, you’ll easily make it worse and even create new kinds of aggression like fear-based aggression.

time to break! Also, as a kitten becomes more mature, inappropriate play/predatory aggression can disappear on its own. n





We’re simply in love with Amy Beth Geerling Payne’s “Business Cats” series of original painting of cats dressed for the office. Commission your own cat to be painted in officeready attire or purchase an already completed piece and cat-ify your office décor in the most charming way possible! From


Provide your cat with an appropriate and beautifully designed outlet for scratching. This spherical, jute-wrapped scratcher is the cat’s pajamas and makes a very cool looking addition to your living room.

Want It!

Essentials for the self-professed cat lover



SmartCat Organic Kitty's Garden provides your cat with healthy, edible grass in a vintage-style wood planter—a win for you both. The 100% organic blend of oats, wheat, rye, and barley aids with digestion, helps prevent hairballs, and keeps your cat from nibbling on potentially toxic houseplants. It grows in just 4–6 days and refills are available!



This soft cotton t-shirt combines two of the coolest, greatest things in the world—cats and Brooklyn—into one amazing portmanteau that will let your friends know that they can try, but they’ll probably never be as cool as you.





Indulge your desire to redecorate with this chic offwhite and black Le Chat canvas throw pillow cover offering high style at a super affordable price!

at dads…

Calling all c


Catify your morning routine with a handmade and hand-painted Crazy Cat Daddy mug from Crazy Cat Lady Ceramics. Each mug is lovingly made and one of a kind—perfect for all the awesome cat dads out there!

28 moderncat

F ALL  ·   WINTER 2015/ 16

Cats love Mountain Pet Products’ handcrafted, all natural wooden cat trees. Featuring entirely solid wood construction and a variety of natural surfaces for scratching like cedar posts, textured pine bases and sisal or manila rope, this is beautiful and durable cat furniture handmade in the USA and built to last! From




Myth: Declawing Your Cat is a Minor Procedure

The Facts: Declawing is an amputation, and the surgery is extremely painful—the procedure is akin to cutting off the tip of your finger down to the first knuckle. In the long term, declawing alters everything, right down to how your cat walks, which in turn causes other physical ailments such as arthritis. The Bottom Line: Declawing is inhumane and cruel. It essentially cripples a cat, rendering her unable to partake in innate behaviours or defend herself. If your cat is scratching your furniture, with patience and dedication you can train her to scratch on appropriate surfaces. (See catscratchfever for a round up of awesome cat scratchers.) For more eye-opening information on de-clawing, check out the Paw Project ( and get on board to ban this barbaric practice.

30 moderncat

F ALL  ·   WINTER 2015/ 16


Myth: Your Cat is Fine Outside

The Facts: Cats are naturally curious creatures,

leading people to think “but my cat WANTS to go outside.” In fact, what your cat really wants is stimulation, and all the healthy stimulation a cat needs can be provided in a safe, indoor environment. Providing a variety of toys, dedicated playtime, and a window with a view will keep your indoor cat happy and healthy. Need further convincing? This sobering statistic should do it. According to Dr. Dawn Ruben, outdoor cats have an average life span of 4-5 years, while a full-time indoor cat has an average life span of 12-18 years. The Bottom Line: You are responsible for your cat’s wellbeing. Your cat will live much, much longer by being indoor-only, in your safe and happy home.



By Lauren Cheal & Taryn Cheal


These dangerous myths are harming cats. We’ve got the facts for you.


Myth: Feral Cats Make Bad Pets


The Facts: Feral cats have adapted to a very stressful life where survival is their only concern. When these special guys are brought into shelters and homes, they are often less social and have higher rates of return because of this. The truth is that feral cats have the same great hearts and outstanding personalities as their domesticated pals, they just need extra time and patience on the part of their new families while they transform into comfortable house cats. The Bottom Line: Formerly feral cats are the best! They will repay your love, patience, and understanding 1000 times over (minimum), if you just give them the chance. For tips on helping a formerly feral rescue cat adapt to his new home, check out


Myth: Black Cats are Bad Luck


The Facts: The persistent myths surrounding

black cats are tied to superstitions surrounding witches, plagues, and pirates (oh my!). The harmful effect of this seriously outdated thinking is that today, black cats suffer from far lower adoption rates than cats of any other colour; sadly, they are often the last to be adopted and the first to be euthanized. The Bottom Line: Ebony-coloured cats make amazing companions and are just as deserving of loving forever homes as any other cat. Why not support a black cat rescue in your area, like or share an adoptable black cat through social media?

Case in point: Formerly feral cat Tucker, pictured here, was rescued by Angela McAlister. Abandoned as a kitten, Tucker grew up wild, but has since completely adapted to the good life. He loves his red snapper sushi and has even learned to "talk"— Angela reports that he says "mamma" and "hello" in a human-like voice. "He has plenty of attitude while still being a 24/7 sweetie!" says Angela.


  Myth: Cats are Jerks

The Facts: When a cat misbehaves, people are prone to assigning human motivations to the behaviour. It’s important to remember that the behaviour is the result of an instinct. Your cat isn’t acting like a jerk by peeing outside of her litter box, scratching on your couch or biting at your hand. Her behaviour is telling you that you need to look at the world from her perspective and adjust her environment to accommodate her natural instincts. The Bottom Line: Cats aren’t jerks! They are not trying to anger you; they need you to make sure they have a home environment that provides appropriate outlets for their natural cat behaviours.



Myth: You Can’t Train a Cat


Myth: Cats are a Low-Maintenance Pet

The Facts: While cats may not need to go for walks and

seem to sleep an awful lot, they require your time and attention to be happy and healthy. Daily play and stimulation are essential for feline health; Pam Johnson-Bennett, author of Think Like a Cat, recommends scheduling a minimum of one or two play sessions a day, each about 15 minutes long. These sessions fulfill your cat’s instinct to hunt and are a perfect way to bond with your cat. The Bottom Line: Cats require daily stimulation and attention to live happy and healthy lives. Be sure to schedule daily play sessions to keep her active and engaged.

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Myth: Cats Think Like Humans


The Facts: A cat is a cat. We need to think like a cat,

and not ascribe human emotions to them. It’s important to remember that cats have strong instincts that determine how they act, and we need to accommodate their needs. They’ll be happier, and so will you. Taking the time to understand your cat’s behaviour will create a better bond with your best bud. The Bottom Line: Cats have their own way of viewing the world—we need to get better at understanding their world so that we can live more harmonious lives together. n


The Facts: Of course you can. In the same way that you can train yourself to wake up to an alarm, a cat can be trained to perform a wide range of tasks. From relatively simple things like staying off the counter or using a scratching post, to pretty amazing choreographed performances like the ones the Amazing Acro Cats demonstrate (do yourself a favour and check out, training a cat is absolutely possible. Some cats are very food motivated and can be trained to do certain things for the promise of a treat. Others are socially motivated and will do anything for a pet or some love. Figure out which works for your cat and give it a try! The Bottom Line: Training a cat is not only possible, it is an essential part of a harmonious life with feline friends.


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(and her adorable brother!) Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom are in search of their forever home! Photographed by Tania Hennessy


t doesn’t get much cuter, folks. Luna Lovegood is pretty much the most adorable thing going, what with her Picasso-esque markings and ice blue eyes. This pretty kitten, along with her charming brother Neville Longbottom (best names ever!) are available for adoption through Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association, or VOKRA, for short. This group of kick-ass volunteers is dedicated to trapping feral momma cats and their kittens, spaying and returning the moms, bottle-feeding orphaned babies, and adopting out tamed kittens. Luna and Neville are just two of their rescues. Found living in the bushes behind a costume store in Vancouver, BC, Luna and her brother definitely didn't have the best start in life. But since being rescued by VOKRA, their progress has been stellar. They’ve both gone from being classed as feral, to semi-feral, to now simply being a little shy. Neville is starting to enjoy being picked up and held like a baby and is quickly learning the delights of being a lap cat. Luna is still a little timid and reserved but she’s working on it—although wary of being on a lap, she starts purring almost immediately. This duo is so sweet together you’ll sometimes find them washing each other’s face at the same time, which makes it look like they’re kissing. When relaxed and happy they are hilarious together, running around, playing with Ping Pong balls, and wrestling before curling up closely for a nap. They’re looking for a calm forever home that will adopt them together and help them grow into the love-y, confident cats they’re destined to be. Interested in adopting Luna and Neville? Fill out an adoption application (and see more of VOKRA’s adoptable cats and kittens!) at When you adopt cats and kittens from groups like VOKRA that are passionate about rescuing cats from feral lives, you’re helping to solve the problem of homeless street cats.

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Purrfect Presents! These specially selected advertisers have great gifts for all the cats & cat people on your list



As Michelle Nagelschneider, aka the Cat Whisper, notes: “In the wild, cats climb trees to escape predators and to gain a good vantage point to look for prey. The need to climb is so deep-rooted in your cat’s genetic makeup that he will seek out high places even in a home where he knows he is safe and well cared for.” Providing vertical perching space allows your cat to engage in this innate behaviour and encourages exercise by giving your cat somewhere to jump to. Easy ways to create vertical space include installing cat shelves—we love Catswall's amazing modular cat climbing wall ( —or Catty Stacks' cool, stacking cardboard climbers (pictured; Both can be easily reworked into different configurations to keep things interesting!



YOUR CAT'S DAY By Rose Frosek

Six super-easy ways to make your cat happy

3 Chillax 1 A room with a view Give your cat a window perch so he can bird watch and keep an eye on neighbourhood happenings. Generally inexpensive and easy to install, a window perch offers instant environment enrichment and has minimal impact on your home décor. We like the Sunny Seat Window-Mounted Cat Bed (, $25). It installs in seconds, mounting to glass windows or doors via industrial-strength suction cups that hold up to 50 pounds! Up the fun by attaching a suction-cup bird feeder outside the window to provide unbeatable, unending entertainment. (Just don’t place bird feeders too close to the ground—it leaves birds vulnerable to attack—and be sure to keep the window closed—a cat that is motivated enough can push right through a screen!)

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Have a nervous Nelly or a new cat that’s yet to settle in? A Feliway diffuser calms anxious cats, thereby helping to prevent unwanted behaviours like urine marking. Feliway is a synthetic copy of the feline facial pheromone deposited by cats when they rub their cheek on objects creating a sense of familiarity and security within their environment. ($40 for a starter kit and 30-day refill, Also add a few drops of Bach’s Rescue Remedy to your cat’s drinking water. This natural stress relieving formula has been calming and relaxing both people and animals for more than 70 years ($21,


2 Get high



! s s s s aa

4 Establish a group scent Have some tension in your multi-cat household? Establish a group scent by using the same grooming tool on each of your cats in succession. This helps your cats to bond. (We love the Pet + Me cleaning and massaging silicon brush, pictured; Cats that get along tend to groom or rub up against each other, creating a group scent that helps them feel relaxed, friendly, and affiliated. So to promote a more social, friendly vibe amongst your cats, you can take on the role of social coordinator by brushing each of your cat’s heads and necks with the same brush every day (or better yet two or three times a day), then sit back and watch the tension dissipate—this simple fix really works!

5 Extend their space


6 Let it rain

Build a “catio,” aka an enclosed patio for your cat, allowing safe access to the outdoors. This is definitely a bit of an undertaking or investment, depending on whether you build it yourself or hire someone to construct it for you, but it’s like buying your teenager a car for her sweet 16—it’s the ultimate gift.

Cats are thirst tolerant, meaning it can be difficult to get them to drink enough water. Help your cat hydrate by getting her a drinking fountain. Cats love fresh running water, so providing a drinking fountain is a definite win where your cat is concerned. Try the Watering Hole Automatic Fresh Water Fountain pictured ($27,




  Not So Kitty Shop specializes in unique handmade items for your favourite kitties or cat-loving people. Think cards, cat toys, and amazing handmade cat hats guaranteed to put a smile on your friends’ faces! Hats from NotsoKittyShop




  Cattoo You. This book of irresistible, temporary tattoos let’s you proclaim your love of cats in an adorable, non-permanent way. Featuring illustrations by Megan Lynn Kott—think delightful illustrations and sayings from Caturday! to Man’s Best Frenemy—this book of “cattoos” is so fun you may just want to sport a whole sleeve of them!





  Popware for Pets’ collapsible Klipscoop is a beautifully designed, multi-tasking little gem. The collapsible scoop lets you select a pre-measured amount of food to avoid overfeeding and the attached clip seals the bag of food or treats! Available in three sizes—0.5 cup, 1 cup, or 2 cups—for dinnertime ease and portion control!

Cool finds for cats & the people who love them



  Safely adorn your cat with an adorable, handmade cat collar! Furocious Kitty’s collars come in a kaleidoscope of colours and patterns, from aqua floral to outer space, and feature either a charm or a cat bell and a safety buckle that will release if your cat’s collar catches on anything. FurociousKitty



  The Tiniest Tiger cross-body hipster bag sports their trademark quilted feline-pattern for low-key cat-inspired style. It’s the perfect function bag for wallet, phone or iPad, and other essentials!

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  {Editor’s Pick} Mark Poulin's handmade, solid sterling silver Starter Bracelets begin with a sterling silver bracelet chain and a single charm. Wear as is or add more charms—choose from 8 different cat charms, or one of their other cute designs, like dogs, sloths or cupcakes. Makes a fantastic gift!



  Keeping your cat’s litter box area cleaner just got a little easier—and a lot more stylish! This beautifully minimal Maison La Queue litter scoop and base is designed for effective scooping and nicely hides away when not in use. maisonlaqueue




Lincoln & Lyle

By Lauren Cheal

I adopted both of my guys as adults and now that they’re fully enjoying their golden years at 10 and 11 years old respectively, I’m learning all about why having a senior cat is the absolute best

1. You Will Discover a New Side of Your Cat Both of my cats have really changed as they have aged. Lyle was always a high-high-high energy cat who had a whole bunch of love to give—and who needed a whole lot of attention too. As he’s aged, he’s slowed down significantly and this mellowing has created the sweetest cuddle monster I’ve ever met. Conversely, my super shy guy, Lincoln, has come out of his shell in his advancing age and his timidity has faded to the background as he learned how to play and hunt and be a bit of a goofball. It’s amazing what a long-term, safe home will do for a formerly terrified cat.

2. Old Man Noises My older cats have lost the self-consciousness of youth and

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they don’t seem to mind making a variety of funny old-guy noises. From snoring and snorting while asleep, to making little chirpy noises when dreaming, to responding with a weird “MRUMMMP” noise whenever you disturb one of their many naps, these guys are just comfortable being in their own skin. It’s completely hilarious. You do you, old guys!

3. Senior Cats Just Get It Senior cats really know how to spend their free time. Mine are perfectly content to stare out the window for hours on end, pondering the great mysteries of life. Things like “Is that a bird?” “Is that a different bird?” “If I fall asleep right now, how many bird sightings will I miss?” and so on. These wise philosophers may just hold the key to eternal happiness (Naps + TV, who’s with me?).


4. A Sleeping Cat is the Best Thing Ever (and These Guys Can SLEEP)

6. Senior Cats Make Awesome Pets for Seniors

If you haven’t spent some quality time on enjoying the zen experience of observing cats as they sleep, you are totally missing out. Senior cats sleep much more than their younger counterparts, so the opportunities to have your day brightened by the sight of your little nut asleep with his tongue hanging out of his mouth, or drooling, or in some crazy body position are increased exponentially. Being super old is hard work, and my cats certainly take the edge off by sleeping basically all the time.

Given their lower energy levels, relatively low maintenance care, and generally easy-going personalities, senior cats make outstanding pets. They are particularly suited to humans who enjoy the quiet life and are willing to give these special animals laid-back love and attention. They’re great companions for older individuals; anyone in need of a huge helping of love and devotion should rescue a senior cat! A kitten may be super cute, but the bond between a senior cat and its human is incredibly strong and they absolutely know that you are their family.

5. The Things Older Cats Need are Easy to Give

7. Seniors love with ALL their hearts

Older folk can tend to be stuck in their ways—they like what they like, no need for the shiny or the new. So if you find that just perfectly them-shaped bed, you are pretty much all set. My cat Lyle is probably in his bed right now, he loves it so much. Seniors really don’t ask for a lot—they just need the food they like best, the scratches that make their eyes close up tight with utter joy, a nice clean litterbox, a comfy place to lie down, and you nearby so that they know they are home and safe. Easy peasy!

Senior cats often land in shelters after losing their home for some reason—a move, their older person transitioning into a care facility, you name it. These cats are used to having a person. If you are in the position to offer one of these special cats a forever home in their senior years, they will reward you with a heap of love like you have never experienced. Whatever you put into your relationship with a senior cat will come back ten-fold. Adopt an old Gus today! n

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PEACH PILLOW BEDS are plush, beautiful, and practical—the perfect spot for cozy catnaps! 100% made and sourced in the USA, they’re available in four sizes and 12 gorgeous prints.

The SUREFEED MICROCHIP PET FEEDER is designed to stop pets from stealing each other’s food! The integrated seal on the bowl also keeps flies off and reduces pet food smells in your home.

THE LEELOO is at the top of every kitty’s to-buy list! This reversible, infinity-shaped scratcher adds pizzazz to your space while offering your kitty an alluring place to scratch and lounge.

PETLINKS ROAMING RUNNER electronic motion toys cruise around on vibrating bristles, mimicking the erratic movements of real prey that entice cats to stalk and pounce. Replaceable batteries and fun included!

MADE BY CLEO offers a refreshing variety of gorgeous, premium quality collars and accessories for cats and little dogs, available in four sizes. Need tags? Get an engraved ID tag with your order!

HAVE A DIABETIC CAT? Packed with tips and management strategies to promote diabetic remission, the book Going For Remission by Leah Brill helps you understand feline diabetes and choose the best treatment plan for your cat.



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What Kind of Cat Do You Have? Take this quiz to find out!

Playful, shy guy, love bug, party animal, champion napper, 4:20 enthusiast…

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Determ your c ine person at's al type ity

Tally your answers to the following questions to assess you cat's personality type—and the kind of toys and activities best suited to him


When you come in the door, your cat:

A. Is near the door, alert and ready to greet you. He has probably

dragged a favourite toy somewhere nearby in the hope that you might indulge him in some hunting playtime. B. Is paying no attention to you. She might be in sight, but doesn’t seem to care that you’ve arrived. If it’s mealtime, she is loitering by the food dishes. C. Is rubbing up against your legs in a gleeful frenzy, almost causing you to trip as you attempt to take off your shoes. You know she has been sitting at the door for a good while, and now your black pants are covered in her fur. D. Is nowhere to be seen. Sometime later that evening you may catch a glimpse of his tail.


Your cat’s idea of a good time is:

A. Having you tease her favourite wand toy out from beneath the corner of the couch so she can pounce on it when it suddenly appears. (Our cats love Jackson Galaxy's wand toys. Check them out at B. Sleeping on the top of his cat tower in between meals. (This cat would love one of Square Paws' unique, creative cat towers; C. Sitting on your lap having the cuddle sesh of a lifetime. We’re talking the GOOD chin scritches and hearty purrs. D. Unwinding with some “me time” under the bed.



When you’re watching TV your cat is:

A. Lightly pawing at your face,

hoping you will notice that his toy hasn’t moved in a few minutes. B. On the other end of the couch sitting like this, dismayed about the lack of snacks: C. Purring up a storm while sitting on your chest. D. Peeking her head around the corner and deciding whether or not to grace you with her presence.



It’s dinner time! Your cat is:

A. Enthusiastically gobbling up every bit of sustenance. Like all great athletes, she fuels like a pro.

B. Sauntering over to the dishes and then enjoying a

hearty portion of his favourites.

C. Taking the briefest pause from hanging out with you to grab a quick bite. D. Waiting for you to leave the dining area, ready to scamper in and eat some food while monitoring the room for danger.


You’re fast asleep. Mr./Ms. Whiskers is:

A. Tearing through your home causing a ruckus and knocking over a lamp. You may wake up to find he’s delivered presents to you in the form of his best toys in your bed. B. Sleeping at the foot of your bed, dreaming of breakfast. C. Wrapped around your head, purring, of course. D. Sitting on your chest, creepily staring at you. This is her favourite time to bond with you.

the verdict Mostly “A’s” • The Play Monster This energetic and excitable sort is ALWAYS ready to hunt, chase, and play. Stock up on a wide range of toys and activities like wand toys, catnip toys, puzzle toys, mice toys… The way to this cat’s heart is through active play with you. Try teaching her tricks like fetching or catching—her intelligence makes her a great candidate for advanced play!

Mostly “B’s”• The Aloof Lazybones

Mostly “C’s” • The Lovebug This purr-machine is your constant companion. Wherever you go, she is there. Give this girl lots and lots of pets and loves, and she’ll give them right back to you. In your absence, anything that reminds her of you is aces. The Snuggle Kitty ( can be a great comfort for your cat when you’re not around. It's warmth and simulated heartbeat are calming and comforting­. And the very cool Petzi treat cam ( lets you check in and interact with your cat (and dispense treats!) via your smartphone or tablet.

It takes a lot to get this cat moving. He doesn’t really need your attention but would love a comfy bed— makes awesome ones—and three squares a day, supplemented with treats, of course. (Our cats seriously love Redbarn's grain-free turkey treats.) This Sightings of this cat are rare but electrifying. He is nervous in new situations cat is the ultimate homebody; because he (and often old situations too). A comfy hiding spot like that provided by a is food-motivated, treat balls are one way Cat Ball bed (love these! Check them out at or an elevated to get him off the cat bed. This cat doesn’t den is essential for this guy’s peace of mind. Solo play toys like the Cynjo necessarily wear his heart on his sleeve, but 4-in-1 Cat Roll Toy that holds catnip, dispenses treats and features feathers he loves you all the same. and sisal ($15, or Cattitude Cat Toy's adorable hand-knit-in-

Mostly “D’s” • The Shy Guy/Gal

Vermont felted wool cat toys stuffed with organic catnip ($10, shop/CattitudeCatToy) are great for stimulating these independent cats. Or a wand toy with a long wand and string like Da Bird Go Cat Catcher Teaser Wand helps you build a bond together but from a safe distance. Above all, this cat needs space and your patience until he feels confident enough to interact with you outside of when you’re asleep.

A Mix of Letters: The Renaissance Cat This well-rounded cat is easy going and loving. She’s not picky about her environment, but needs all the essentials: a great perch, tasty food and treats, and a wide variety of toys and stimulating activities. When we meet one of these Renaissance Cats, we’ll let you know. n

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When it comes to current couture, cats are all the rage By Noa Nichol Illustrated by Taryn Gee


eopard print. Kitten heels. Cat walks. Felines have always figured in fashion and, now more than ever, the trendsetters across the world are taking cues from their chic animal companions. “I never thought I would like cats,” Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld told Harper’s Bazaar about his own Choupette— a stunning white Birman gifted to him by French model Baptiste Giabiconi. “She’s really a stunning beauty. Her eyes are blue, blue, blue, blue, blue. And also her movement is so beautiful.” Now properly in love (to the point that he says he would marry her, if he could), Lagerfeld admits to spoiling Choupette rotten, providing her with two maids, a driver, a twice-daily beauty regimen and dinner served on the table rather than the floor, in designer Maison Goyard dishes, to boot. “She is the center of the world. If you saw her, you would understand,” he said in a March 2015 interview with NYMag. “She is kind of Greta Garbo. There is something unforgettable about her, the way she moves, the way she plays. She’s an inspiration for elegance. For attitude.” It’s a similar obesession for designer Jason Wu, who says his past collaboration with retail giant Target would not have happened had it not been for inspiration derived from

his “babies,” Jinxy and Peaches, who actually appeared in advertisements for the collection. “My cats are really sassy and sophisticated,” said Wu in an interview with People magazine. “But, most importantly, they are picky.” Grace Coddington’s affection for felines is well known—and very well documented. Not only is an entire chapter of the American Vogue staffer’s memoir dedicated to cats, her whimsical sketches—starring her own purring pets, Bart and Pumpkin— have been published in the magazine (not to mention in their very own book, The Catwalk Cats) numerous times. “Do I dream predominantly about fashion? No. I dream much more about cats,” Coddington once admitted. “In New York, I'm cat central; absolutely everyone calls me for advice. They call me if they need to find a vet or discuss their cat’s symptoms or get the telephone number of my cat psychic. She's brilliant by the way.” We reached out to three equally chic cat lovers—The Lake and Stars lingerie and Radar mood rings maker Maayan Zilberman, Italian contemporary fashion designer Vivetta Ponti, and Londonbased senior style writer and editor Jennifer Trak—to get their take on why finicky felines are just so darn fashionable.


Jennifer Trak

Style writer & editor, formerly for brands like Harrods & Selfridges LONDON, ENGLAND

Why are you a cat lover? I have always loved cats, even preInternet! They suit my personality; I’m a real homebody who loves to lie around watching Netflix. A cat just complements that lifestyle, you know?

Who is your (current) cat? My cat is Munch, adopted from the RSPCA a year-and-a-half ago. He’s a pure black cat and super sleek. Put him on a white pillow and it’s instant monochrome; you can’t get any chicer than black and white.

Maayan Zilberman

Founder, co-president of The Lake & Stars

Why do you think fashion is so obsessed with cats (not dogs) these days?


Like pineapples and flamingos, they have a fun, kitschy, pop-art quality to them that somehow makes it OK for grown women to wear them out in public. Cats are cooler than dogs because they can manage to be both super-cute and sophisticated at the same time. It’s that innate aloofness that makes them such a natural muse for fashion. Oh and their little faces undeniably make a great pattern (and look fantastic on cushion covers).

Aesthetically speaking, why do you love cats? Even the least beautiful cat is still beautiful.

What makes cats—& cat people—so stylish?

How do cats inspire style? There is something about a love for cats that approaches fandom. When this obsession meets a creative mind that works in art/ design/fashion, it’s not surprising when it somehow manages to influence their work.

Is this trend going anywhere soon? Will cats continue to inspire our clothes?

Have cats or a cat ever inspired your personal style?

Trends always come and go but, unless cats stop being so darn cute, I don’t see this massive kitty love going away. But, maybe Miuccia Prada will suddenly acquire a pet hedgehog who will then become the face of Lancôme.

Vivetta Ponti

I've never heard of anyone aspiring to look like a dog. I'd say cat people veer toward a feminine, polished sensibility that can be at once demure, decadent, and offbeat. I can’t speak for the fashion choices of dog people. Cats have incredible instinct; they always land on all fours. Aside from being worshipped in previous eras, cats are the subject of many designers because they are cute, chic, mysterious, and impossible to tame. Speaking as a metaphor for the jeune fille, the quintessential fashion muse, I'd say we use cats to lure the pretty girls to our yards.

I used to have a black-and-white cat with green eyes. We used to dress the same. My new friend Tamago is still evolving as a muse… she'll appear in a collection one of these days.

Fashion designer  MILAN, ITALY

Tell us about your cats

Why do you love cats?

I have five cats. Four are oriental Siamese and one is a ginger European who I fed from a baby. Their names are Oliver, Oscar, Gigi, Soraya, and Iulli. I once found two newborn kittens and kept them alive by feeding them every two hours. Now they are healthy and happy cats, and

I love all animals, but I’m crazy for felines; cats are the only animal that can live comfortably in a small house or apartment.

believe humans are the same race.

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How do your cats inspire you? My past collections were always cat inspired. My first collection even included a cat [inspired] coat. n


Charm Ceramics’ Shio/Kosho salt and pepper shakers add some serious style to your kitchen or dining table. Perfect in their minimalisms, they’re designed and made in Los Angeles and a steal at just $26 for the set! $26, etsy. com/shop/CharmCeramics

{Editor’s Pick} Bring home a new pal in the form of one of Sarah Clark’s graphic cat pillows! Shop the existing collection or order a custom pillow featuring your cat’s face. But be forewarned—like real-life kitties, it’s hard to stop at just one. (If you’re picturing your couch with a slew of these, you’re not alone!) $35 each or $200 for a custom pillow,

A HOUSE IS NOT A HOME Without A CAT Cool finds for the interior design-obsessed

This two-in-one cat scratcher is so cool-looking you’ll want to give it prime positioning in your living room. Aptly named the Arty Cat Scratcher, it has angles to suit every cat’s lounging/playing/scratching needs. Plus, the modern curved design separates into two pieces that can be used together or apart to provide more than one scratching outlet in your home! $69,

The graceful, organic swoop of the Oscar Cat Rest pays homage to the great NeoFuturist designers and architects of the mid to late 20th century. Your cat will love stretching over and curling up in—and under—the curves, the smaller of which is carpeted. Here form meets function in the most eye-pleasing way possible. $99,

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How cool is this climbing tower? These five solid wood cubes covered in heavyweight, natural ribbed cotton stack to create an awesome, stable cat tower for climbing on and hiding in! $370,

{Want It!} This architectural beauty has the kind of California boho vibe we adore—Sauder’s spherical cat tower can take center stage in our living room any day. With height from which to survey, a cozy sphere to curl up in, and an attached rope and toy for playing and scratching, this baby does it all, while having style in spades. $260,

The Dharma Dog Karma Cat Petal Bed is everything we love: beautiful, super-comfy, and environmentally and socially responsible! Handcrafted from 100% wool by women’s collectives in Nepal, the purchase of these beds supports these artisans and their families, helps raise them out of poverty, and keeps crafting traditions alive. $60,


Thanks to our awesome contest sponsor, World's Best Cat Litter!

t a C r a t S ER WINN

Marmalady The Tri-Pawd Kitten By Rose Frosek • Photographed by Laura Lemieux

They say it takes a village, and, in the case of this formerly feral “tri-pawd” kitten, the adage most certainly holds true. Were it not for the kindness and involvement of many, this little feral kitten would have met a sad end. Instead, we have a cross-border love story with all our favourite elements: triumph over adversity, an unlikely meeting, a fairy God Mother-like cheer squad, and, ultimately, the happiest of endings. This is the story of our Star Cat winner…

56 moderncat

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Love at first sight: when Laura first met Marmalady


he odds were against Marmalady from the start. Born on the streets in Southern California, the deck was stacked against her—the threats faced by feral kittens are notoriously legion. Unfortunately, disaster, in the form of a car, did indeed strike. How a tiny kitten survives a run-in with a moving vehicle is a mystery, but survive she did, dragging herself off the road and secreting herself in the bushes. Two days would pass before the mewling, grievously injured kitten was discovered by two little girls. Hearing meows, they crawled into Marmalady’s hiding place and carefully carried out the wounded kitten. Marmalady was then taken to a place that helps cats in need, the rescue group The Cat House on the Kings (CHOTK), located just south of Fresno in Parlier, CA. She was so badly injured that the team there were doubtful she could be saved, but they took her to the vet regardless. It was determined her left front leg would have to be amputated—the prognosis wasn’t good, but they would try. Meanwhile, more than a day’s drive north across the border in Canada, Laura Lemieux was following the Facebook page of The Cat House on the Kings from her home in Sooke, BC, on Vancouver Island. When Laura saw a post about a feral kitten that had been struck by a car and was going to have to have her left front leg amputated, she sent a donation and continued to follow the kitten's progress; it wasn’t long before Laura realized she’d fallen for the little cat. She’d had a disabled kitty before and felt she could handle the tripod situation just fine. Laura decided to submit an adoption application. As it turned out, many people were following Marmalady’s story and over 20 others had also applied. “I waited and waited,” Laura shares, “and the night before I was to leave on vacation, I was informed I was the successful applicant. The funny thing was that part of my vacation was going

to be a tour of the CHOTK facility.” Now she was also going to pick up her new cat. “Our connection,” Laura reports, “was immediate. Picking her up was the best part of my vacation!” Marmalady was to have an instant family. Laura has six other rescue kitties, as well as a ten-year-old German Shepherd named Tilly. Marmalady fit right in and didn't let her disability slow her down one bit. “Tripawds are no different than a kitty with four legs,” Laura asserts. “They don’t see themselves as disabled and go about their daily activities just like any other kitty does. I have two tripawds and both are missing their left front legs. The only adjustments in my home involve some strategically placed stepstools to facilitate their getting down from things. They have a bit of a limp when walking but I can assure you that they run like the wind. Specialneeds animals just need a bit of consideration as to their physical needs and then they just carry on.” Laura has definitely vastly improved Marmalady’s life, but the favour hasn’t gone unreturned. Laura has found herself the center of a wider community that advocates for feral and tri-pawd cat adoption, spay and neuter initiatives, and rescue in general. “Our visitors have come from Vienna, Austria, Arizona, New York, and locally from Vancouver Island too,” Laura shares. “I have met up with others at CHOTK open house events where we pitched in and helped. I’ve made some amazing new friends who also work hard in their communities helping and volunteering with various rescue agencies. Our common bond is our love of animals and belief in helping where we can to make a difference in their lives.” “A lot of people say that Marmalady is so lucky that I adopted her,” Laura adds. “I think it’s the other way around. I’m the lucky one.”




Miss Dixie was a feral cat living in the parking lot of a Winn Dixie grocery store, taking refuge behind the soda machines and surviving by eating out of the dumpster. When Helena, Alabama resident Rita Bowman finally succeeded in capturing her, she named the feral cat for her grocery store provenance and got her vetted. Rita then brought Miss Dixie home in order to attempt to tame her enough to adopt out as a barn cat. This plan, however, was not to be. “I am a terrible foster failure,” Rita laughs. “Once I got her home, I knew she would be a part of our family. I have seven other rescues—thank goodness my husband loves cats!” Miss Dixie is still very shy with strangers, but will follow Rita and her husband around the house, play with her toys and the other cats, and sit beside Rita while Rita attends to Miss Dixie’s Facebook pages. Through Facebook, they’ve raised thousands of dollars for cat rescue. Inspiration courtesy of Miss Dixie doesn’t stop there. While Rita was undergoing months of chemo last year for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, Rita set to writing a children's book that depicts Miss Dixie’s life. “I felt that if we could reach children with the message that all life matters then perhaps feral and stray cats may have a chance,” says Rita. Each day they sign off on Facebook with the closing comment “Love and Calico Kisses,” a sentiment we’re sure Miss Dixie wholly endorses.

Say hello to our second runner-up, Fubu, aka Momma's Little Lover Boy! Kimberly Holt and her daughter Brittany fell for this now 16-yearold “babydoll face” Persian when he was just 10 weeks old. “We fell in love with just one meow,” says Kimberly. 2013, however, brought some unwelcome news—Fubu was diagnosed with stomatitis and ulcerating cancerous tumors in his mouth. Due to age and asthma, Fubu wasn't a good candidate for surgery; his vet reported Fubu would be lucky if he made it to Christmas. But in a miraculous turn, 20 months later Fubu is still living life to the fullest. “I'm so blessed to still have him with me…he still plays like a little kitten and even goes shopping at Petco! Kimberly uses Fubu’s Facebook page to give hope to others facing tough times—their motto is “Never give up; keep fighting; there’s always hope!” They are also passionate about upending the stereotypes and myths surrounding black cats. “A black cat shouldn't be the last to be adopted because of his fur colour,” says Kimberly. “Black cats are wonderful companions and very loving in nature. Fubu is my best friend and I don't know what I'd do without him—I love Fubu more than life itself. We would love for everyone looking to adopt to give a black cat a chance—you won't be disappointed, we promise!” n

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KNOW YOUR NIP There's catnip & then there's catnip. Your cat deserves the good stuff. Artisanal catnip producers are delivering divine, tailored blends that will delight your cat


urrvana Colorado Kitty Kush Catnip is making some of the best artisanal nip out there. Choose the blend that’s perfect for your cat—there’s a high-grade, potent, all-natural, outdoorgrown catnip delivering straight-up delight, a stress-easing catnip-lavender blend, a silvervine-catnip blend known to make cats frolic like kittens, and a Valerian blend that’s just the prescription for cats that don’t respond to catnip (plus more)—then sit back and watch your cat play like a crazy thing, hang out upside down in a state of dreamy repose, or take her toys to task. Fun all around! From $8,

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ith the motto “not your mom’s cat’s catnip,” you know Goodnip is for the connoisseurs out there. There’s a selection of strains to suit the proclivities of every cat—like Purrple Haze, delivering “all the bliss, no allday stupor” or Mice Dream for “strong, long lasting euphoria—plus accompanying handy (and adorable) graphs that illustrate the attributes of each type so you can gauge your cat’s reaction to the strain in question according to how high it is in the following attributes: naptime, playfulness, purring, grooming, and ectasy. Get your cat’s buzz on at goodnip. com where each bag is appropriately priced at just $4.20.




Leela & Midnight


Best buds: for these cats, love knows no bounds

kiss me you fool!

Lilly & Ella Rio & Rooney

! w w w w A

Oh, hi! WuhHrte? We' havinegnat mom

Tweety & Douglas

Teddy & Mentilda

Buddy & Bella

Danny & Lyka DJ & Jazzmyn Best buds!

Chuck & Dakota

Piper & Clarence


BODY & SOUL Illustration by Kim Smith

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Get Zen Cats love yoga mats, and now the enlightened cat can have a mat of his very own! The Feline Yogi yoga mat toy is a cat toy, cat scratcher, and cat lounger all rolled into one. With a built in rope toy with a catnipstuffed natural twine ball, it’s the Zen way to scratch, lounge, and play. The perfect gift for the yoga practicing cat or cat lover in your life! $25,

Administering Medicine Made Easy! Have you ever struggled to medicate your cat, the process causing you both undue stress and grief? We have a wonderfully simple solution for you! GooFurr has created a tasty, sticky paste ($8, ) made of all natural ingredients (wild-caught smoked salmon, water and cornstarch) that provides a simple, gentle, and successful way to medicate your pets, stress-free. Simply mix your cat’s pill or supplement in with a bit of GooFurr and then either let your cat lick it off a spoon or apply it to her fur (even while she’s asleep) and she will lick it off. And voilà—a safe, kind, and easy way of medicating your cat!

When adult cats land at a shelter, it is more often than not downright terrifying for them; the vast majority of shelter cats have been, up until very recently, someone's pet. The reasons for surrender are usually pedestrian: a move; a change in lifestyle; a new relationship. Providing a temporary foster home for a shelter cat awaiting his forever home helps an untold amount, allowing the cat to decompress in a calm, loving home environment and to show off his true personality away from the stress of the shelter. It also frees up more space, allowing the shelter to help more homeless cats.


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Almost all shelters and rescue groups have a foster program in place. Why not consider sharing your home for a spell? Contact your local cat rescue group or humane society to volunteer your services. We’ll bet you’ll be glad you did. Not only will you help cats, but it’s a great way to connect with fellow cat lovers.

! G e t In sp i r e d

INSPIRATION CARDS Pocket-sized cards to stick on your fridge or use as a bookmark

I believe cats to be spirits come to Earth. A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud without coming through. •

—Jules Verne

I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul. •

—Jean Cocteau

A cat does not want all the world to love her. Only those she has chosen to love. •

—Helen Thomson

Time spent with cats is never wasted. •

—Sigmund Freud




How Does It Work?

These amazing products offer nifty solutions to vexing problems v


2 Foolproof Nail Clippers



Scared of clipping your cat's nails? You’re definitely not alone. And though doubtless not your cat’s favourite activity, it is necessary; the ASPCA recommends trimming your cat’s nails every ten days to two weeks. Thankfully, the Zen Clipper ensures you never accidentally cut into the pink part of your cat's quick where the nerves and blood vessels are located. Here’s how it works: a patent-pending conical blade allows just the tip of your cat’s nail into the cutting area, thus avoiding accidentally cutting too deep. It’s like putting the nail into a small funnel— only a limited amount of the nail will fit, guaranteeing you’ll miss the quick. So simple it’s genius. $24,


De-Shedding Tools

Are you, your home, and every article of clothing you possess all coated in cat hair? The Andis Pet DeShedding Tool promises to reduce shedding by up to 90 percent. Photos and videos show an incredible amount of hair removed—like enough to create a second cat with. Pretty impressive stuff. So does it live up to the hype? In short, it most certainly does. Here’s how it works: the comb’s fine teeth/blade combo takes out not just the excess hair that’s about to be shed, but specifically targets the undercoat. Don’t let this scare you—the process is just like brushing your cat; it won’t scratch skin and maintains the topcoat. Removing excess undercoat is key to significantly reducing the cat hair collecting in the corners of your house/on your couch. The Andis Pet DeShedding Tool might just be your new best friend, after Miss Priss, of course; one look at all the four and five-star reviews on Amazon will tell you there’s a lot of happy customers out there. Now excuse us while we go finish the rewarding task of de-shedding our cats. From $34,



Is one of your cats (or the dog!) stealing your other cat's food? There's a hightech answer to this age old problem—the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder. Here's how it works: the SureFeed feeder features a sealed lid that goes over the food dish and only opens when an authorized cat approaches. The feeder recognizes the cat through their already implanted identification microchip or the SureFlap RFID collar tag. When the authorized cat has been recognized, the lid over the feeding bowl opens and remains open until the cat leaves—perfect for all day grazing and multi-pet households where stealing food is a problem, especially if one of your cats is on a prescription diet. Added bonuses: it keeps food fresher, prevents pests like flies from landing on your cat's food, and diminishes cat food odours in your home! $150,



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Food-theft Preventing Feeder


A Cat Less Common Get to know these unique breeds By Kelly Caldwell


This breed, developed in the 1980s by a music teacher from Louisiana, is defined by its extremely short legs, a trait owing to a genetic mutation. Although critics have expressed concern over potential mobility issues, Munchkin fanciers claim the shortness of the breed’s legs doesn’t impede its running and jumping skills—perhaps partially due to the slightly higher hind legs, which come in handy for feline acrobatics. This is a small to medium sized breed that comes in both shorthaired and longhaired varieties.

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Bengal Scottish Fold

This unique cat owes his heritage to a barn cat named Susie, who was born in the early 1960s with ears that folded downward, caused by a genetic mutation that affects cartilage. These cats are often referred to as owl-like as the result of this unique feature. Unique looking and notoriously affectionate, Scottish Folds come in both long- and shorthaired varieties and any coat colour or combination of colours.

Selkirk Rex

This large, heavy-boned cat originated in Montana in the 1980s, where one kitten in a stray’s litter had an unusual, curly coat. That cat was bred to a Persian and through the years type and temperament were established. The Selkirk Rex’s curly coat is soft, wooly, and loosely curled— the latter being a trait that is more evident on the longhaired variety. His head is round as are his large eyes. Another hallmark of the breed is his distinct muzzle, whose length is equal to half of its width.

In the 1960s, the Bengal was developed as a hybrid between Asian Leopard Cats and a variety of domestic cats. With his spots, rosettes, and white belly, it’s no wonder people often refer to Bengals as the little leopards of the cat world. This medium-sized breed’s coat is its hallmark and comes in marble and spotted patterns as well as a variety of shades.

Egyptian Mau With his stunning good looks, it’s no wonder the Egyptian Mau was worshipped by pharaohs and kings. This small to medium-sized breed features a striking spotted coat pattern. He’s quite an athlete, too, possessing a Cheetah-like gait and betterthan-average agility—the latter of which is due in large part to the fact that his hind legs are longer than his front legs. A unique flap of skin that extends from his flank to the back knee gives him even greater stride. These cats are chatterboxes, known for making a comical array of chortles and chirps.



Known as the Skogkatt in his native Norway, this large, semi-longhaired cat looks similar to the Maine Coon but his large almond-shaped eyes and wedge-shaped head are clear distinctions. Records don’t exist to confirm it, but speculation is the Vikings brought these cats to Norway. Today’s Norwegian Forest Cat has adapted to its cold native climate, with a double coat that is warm and water resistant. He’s also an expert climber with extremely strong claws.

This breed originated in Russia in the 1990s, the result of a mating between a hairless cat and an Oriental Shorthair. Over time, the breed was developed to introduce Siamese type, which is evident in the long, narrow head, almond-shaped eyes, and alert ears that are set widely apart. The Peterbald’s tail is quite long, and his webbed feet have earned him a reputation as a break-in artist—the Peterbald is known to grasp objects and even open doors with those paws.

Cornish Rex


Originally from Cornwall, England in the 1950s, the Cornish Rex’s Whippet-like body and distinctive curly coat make him one of the most uniquelooking cats. His eggshaped head features high cheekbones and prominent ears that seem always on alert. His coat lies close to the body and is soft to the touch—some claim the softest in the cat kingdom. Though he looks delicate, the Cornish Rex is actually quite hardy and athletic— keen to play, race, and perform amazing acrobatic jumps around the home.

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American Curl

For the origins of this unique cat, look no further than 1980s California, where a fancier bred a stray longhaired cat that had unusual ears. Today, the breed’s most unique characteristic is still its ears, which are almost lynx-like with their feature long tufts of hair arcing backward. Add to this the Curl’s glorious plumed tail and you have a true show-stopper of a cat. Known as a quiet breed, the Curl doesn’t talk a lot, and when he does it’ll likely be more of a soft coo than an attention-seeking meow.

This teddy bear-like cat was developed in California in the 1990s from the Cherubim breed, which itself evolved from matings with various strays in the 1960s. The Ragamuffin is medium to large in size and his soft coat comes in all colours and patterns. A trademark aspect of this cat is that he doesn’t mind being picked up and in fact is quite likely to go limp in your arms when you do so.

Russian Blue

Although records of exact origins don’t exist, this breed emerged from the Archangel Isles of northern Russia—an environment where his dense, plush coat no doubt came in very handy. This shorthaired cat has a blue-gray coat and most typically has green eyes. He’s known as a relatively quiet cat who warms up quickly to people. n


Norwegian Forest Cat


craft D.I.Y.

Pagami Paper Craft Cat


How cute is this? Make this adorable desktop figure by simply cutting and folding paper. Here’s how. By Natalie Gagnon Inspired by kirigami, the Japanese art of paper cutting and folding, Pagami are simple paper crafts you can make at home. Make your own Pagami cat in just six easy steps:

How-to Download the template at Print on card stock Cut solid lines

Fold on dotted lines

Materials & Technique

Match by number

For best results:

Glue all tabs

paper with a sharp scalpel. Scalpels ÆÆCut are more precise than scissors. on a cutting mat using even ÆÆCut pressure and smooth cut strokes.

a bone folder (or an empty mechanical ÆÆUse pencil will work in lieu of this specialty tool) to score fold lines with light pressure before folding to ensure a crisp edge.

on non-glossy card stock and handle ÆÆPrint paper lightly to ensure ink does not rub off. a small paint brush to apply a thin ÆÆUse coat of liquid white glue to each tab.

ÆÆCut away from yourself to prevent injury. a metal ruler to cut straight lines. ÆÆUse A ruler with a foam or cork bottom is recommended as it will prevent slipping.

you make a mistake, simply ÆÆIfreprint and try again.

a smaller or larger Pagami, try using ÆÆToyourmake printer’s scaling options or take your Pagami PDF file to a copy shop for assistance.

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Have a stealth hunter in your home? This Butterflier from Go Cat will keep your cat playing and excited for hours! The feather butterfly will delight as it flies and flutters around. $7,

Modern Cat product tester Dorian loves to stalk the fun, feathery wand that darts in and out of the “mouse holes” in the Catty Whack. It’s fast-moving feather wand changes direction randomly to stimulate the desire to hunt and play, and is really great for cats with a lot of excitable energy! From $35,

t a C y pp a H

Nekochan’s “design your own” UJI tunnel system is perfect for enriching the environment of both super-playful and shy cats! The interlocking “U,” “J,” and “I” tunnels can be configured into an array of interesting shapes, creating tunnels for racing and chasing and hide and seek. Collapses to neatly fit into a carry bag! From $55,

Delight your cat with these fun finds

With its unpredictable movement, the Playful Panther interactive wand toy behaves like real prey to get your cat moving! A mylar crinkle ball and feathers are attached to the end of a long flexible wand so you can play with your cat or secure it in a vertical position for solo playtime fun! $20,

Cats are crazy for these irresistible treats designed to improve their dental health. All natural, crunchy, and fish-shaped, these feline dental treats fight plaque and tartar in a deliciously health way! $5,

How cool is this? The Jackson Galaxy Toy Marinater lets you create your own catnip-infused toys! Just add catnip to the silicone base, insert the mesh bag after filling it with your cat’s favourite toys, replace the cap, and squeeze to add catnip scent! Works on all toy materials. $15,

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MidWest Homes for Pets’ sturdy, multitier Feline Nuvo cat retreats are designed with both lounging and play in mind. Features like elevated perches, pass-through teetering platforms, spring mounted toys, and sisalwrapped scratching posts encourage fun and relaxation. Nine different variations are available because there’s no such thing as too many play options! $40,



Follow these tips to help your new cat feel right at home!


irst things first—congratulations on your new addition! We've put together some easy to implement steps to help your new cat settle right in. At the very outset, help your new cat feel as safe as possible by transporting her in a comfortable, secure carrier such as the transformative Sleepypod (, a cozy pet bed, carrier, pet car seat all in one. Next, have your cat’s room ready. A little-used guest room or home office makes for a perfect, quiet zone in which your new cat can acclimate. In advance, outfit the room for your new cat. You’ll need food and water dishes—note that many cats prefer their food and water dishes be separated as, in between meals, they prefer not to smell food while drinking—as well as a litter box, which should be placed away from the food and water dishes (cats, like most animals, don’t like to eliminate where they eat and drink) and situated with a view to the door to help her feel safe when doing her business. Some toys, a scratching/climbing post, and a cozy spot to curl up in round out the must-haves. If you have other pets, keep them separate for now. For the first few days, your cat may hide when you enter the room. That’s okay. Just let her do her thing. Feed your cat a little bit multiple times a day, allowing for

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plenty of opportunity for positive interaction—you are the person that makes good things happen! If your new cat doesn’t come out at feeding time, just leave her food out and carry on. Allow your cat to approach you on her own terms. Perhaps do a bit of reading in your cat’s room, or, better yet, read out loud; it helps your cat get used to your voice. Ignoring her but being in her vicinity allows her to adjust to your presence. When you’re ready to introduce your other pets, use a baby gate to allow slow, safe integration—that way they can see/ smell each other but each have their own space in which to get used to the idea of the other. If you have another cat, mimic allogrooming, which is the co-grooming bonded cats engage in, by using the same brush on both cats. First brush one cat, then, using the same brush (don’t remove any of the cat hair in it), groom your new cat in order to create a group scent that will facilitate friendship and happy, chill vibes. Help your new cat relax with a Feliway diffuser or spray ( It helps comfort and reassure cats by mimicking the natural feline facial pheromone that happy cats use to mark their territory as safe and familiar. Most of all, allow your new cat the time and space she needs to feel comfortable approaching you and your family/other pets on her own terms.



How To Help Your New Cat Settle In

Must-haves for you & your cat

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Call 1-866-734-3131 email

moderncat marketplace


Perfect Match These sweet seniors are in search of their forever homes. Could your new best friend be on this page? Read on to find out…

Meet Tiger Paw!

ior : sen AGE

LOCATION: Best Friends Animal Society Los Angeles, Mission Hills, California BIO: Tiger Paw is a gentle soul. This sweet senior loves to relax, nap, and watch the world go by. He is affectionate and will let you pick him up to snuggle. Tiger Paw has the cutest meow and likes to chat. If you're looking for a laidback best friend, Tiger Paw is your man. Come meet him today! LOVE MATCH? Email or call 818-643-3989. See more adoptable cats at!

LOCATION: Best Friends Animal Society New York BIO: Chip was rescued from Animal Care Centers of NYC—she had injuries so she was accepted into Best Friends Animal Society's New York :8 foster program. AGE Chip needs an experienced cat owner that will be able to give her the time and space she needs for the second part of her recovery— understanding that she is safe, cared for, and won't be left out on the street again. With time and a little more TLC, we know Chip will blossom into a wonderful kitty!


LOVE MATCH? Email or call 347-76ADOPT. Find out about more about the adoptable senior cats in Best Friends’ New York foster program at!

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LOCATION: Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, Kanab, Utah BIO: Spumoni was born in 2003 and came to Best Friends from an animal shelter in Las Vegas. This tabby beauty takes a while to warm up to new : 12 people, but once she AGE gets used to you, she thrives on attention! She's also shy with other cats at first, but she'll get curious and come closer to check them out. She's perfectly healthy and ready to warm up to you!


LOVE MATCH? Email or call 435-644-2001 ext. 4223. See more adoptable senior cats at!

LOCATION: Best Friends Animal Society Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah BIO: Pinwheel is an easygoing guy with a mellow personality who has been waiting a while to find his forever home! He is a bit of a talker who :7 is happy to have your AGE affection, but also enjoys having quiet time to himself to take catnaps. In the evenings, Pinwheel gets up and wanders around looking for affection.  Pinwheel's two favourite things are treats and cozy round beds! 


LOVE MATCH? Email or call 801-574-2454. See more adoptable cats at!

Modern Cat Fall/Winter 2015  

It's here! The Fall/Winter issue of Modern Cat is jam-packed with so many fun and helpful features, you do not miss out! We're thrilled to b...

Modern Cat Fall/Winter 2015  

It's here! The Fall/Winter issue of Modern Cat is jam-packed with so many fun and helpful features, you do not miss out! We're thrilled to b...