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modern books January-June 2018

Publication date: 4th January 2018 First paperback edition 2

THE SUGAR DETOX PLAN Set Yourself Sugar-Free in 12 Weeks with this Essential 3-Step Plan

Publication date: 04-Jan-18 RRP: £12.99 ISBN: 978-1-911130-35-2 Paperback 240 x 171 mm, 176 pages Four-colour photography

Excessive sugar consumption is thought to lead to disease, such as type-2 diabetes, cancer, depression and conditions such as Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis. The Sugar Detox Plan covers a 3-step process that helps you identify hidden sugars and reduce consumption. Step 1 - Learn about the dangers of sugar and monitor your intake. Step 2 - Break the addiction. Learn about alternatives and get started with over 35 recipes. Step 3 – Stay on track and maintain consistent sugar levels with a regular exercise programme. • Explains the science behind our sugar addiction • Helps you transition into a healthier lifestyle • Written by a team of medical experts Author

Dr Kurt Mosetter is a leading physician and medical practitioner, and the founder of Myoreflex therapy. Since 2011, he has been the doctor for the American National soccer team. Dr Wolfgang Simon is a biochemist with degrees from Berlin and California. Thorsten Probost is a Michelin-starred chef and President of the Association of Young Restaurateurs in Austria.


Publication date: 11th January 2018 4

ENERGY BITES High-Protein, No-Bake Bliss Balls to Make and Give

Publication date: 11-Jan-18 RRP: £8.99 ISBN: 978-1-911130-15-4 Hardback PLC 210 x 152 mm, 80 pages Four-colour photography

Energy bites are the perfect on-the-go treat: lowfuss, with minimal prep and no baking required. They’re also healthy (and cheaper than those sold in high-street health shops). Packed with superfoods like açai berries, matcha, turmeric and kale, these irresistible recipes are perfect to make for yourself or as gifts for your friends and family. Written by a qualified nutritionist and fully illustrated throughout, Energy Bites is your guide to the super snack, including a handy recipe finder and a guide to ingredients suppliers. Each recipe also includes a detailed nutritional breakdown. • Delicious low sugar recipes from a nutritional expert, for paleo, gluten-free and vegan diets • Nutritious, no-cook and easy to make • Beautiful photography throughout provides preparation and presentation inspiration Author

Christine Bailey is a chef, author, broadcaster and qualified nutritionist whose regular media appearances include the BBC’s The Truth About Sugar and The Truth About Stress. Christine regularly writes for national magazines and has authored over 13 titles on diet and nutrition. She lives in the UK.


Publication date: 18th January 2018 6

HOT YOGA The Complete Illustrated Guide to All 26 Asanas

Publication date: 18-Jan-18 RRP: £12.99 ISBN: 978-1-906761-62-2 Paperback 203 x 178 mm, 160 pages Four-colour photography

A guide to the most powerful yoga exercise taking the UK by storm and its transforming effects. Practised in a heated environment, hot yoga relaxes muscles, releases toxins and strengthens the heart, helping to heal conditions such as back pain and insomnia as well as relieving stress to achieve a calm sense of well-being. The essential companion to any hot yoga practice, explaining in detail the correct alignment for each posture plus helpful tips and variations to practise in class or at home. • An exploration of Bikram, a celebrated and fastgrowing yoga practice • Step-by-step instructions and full-colour photographs capture the sequences of 26 traditional poses • A perfect companion to studio or home practice


Marilyn Barnett is a certified Bikram method yoga instructor from Arizona, USA. A qualified nurse and mother of two, she combines a passion for yoga and wellness with a meticulous and nurturing style of teaching.


Publication date: 1st February 2018 8

CALM BELLY COOKBOOK Delicious Food for Sensitive Stomachs

Publication date: 01-Feb-18 RRP: £14.99 ISBN: 978-1-911130-42-0 Hardback PLC 240 x 171 mm, 176 pages Four-colour photography

Digestive disorders affect up to 15-20% of people in the UK, many of them undiagnosed. A low FODMAP diet (which eliminates common carbohydrates that trigger reactions) is a scientifically proven way to selfdiagnose and identify foods that cause inflammation and gut problems. The Calm Belly Cookbook shows that a low FODMAP diet can be varied, comforting and delicious, and doesn’t mean avoiding dishes you love – just adapting them! • Over 80 recipes to calm the stomach, but not the taste buds – including breakfasts, snacks, sauces, mains and sweet treats • For those suffering from symptoms like bloating, indigestion, cramps or irregular digestion • Research shows that 7 out of 10 people on a low FODMAP diet report hugely beneficial results Author

A native of Bergen, Norway, Cecilie Hauge Ågotnes discovered the Low FODMAP programme after suffering from IBS and other chronic illnesses. She has documented her condition via her blog at As a fantastic home cook, she develops original recipes that taste delicious yet are on the lowest FODMAP rating. Her book was originally published in Norway under the title lavFODMAP.


Publication date: 1st March 2018 10

Publication date: 01-March-18


RRP: £12.99 ISBN: 978-1-911130-32-1 Paperback with flaps

And 49 Other Experiments that Revolutionised Psychology

210 x 152 mm, 176 pages Four-colour illustration

A companion title to Schrödinger’s Cat Experimental psychology burst onto the intellectual scene in the middle part of the nineteenth century, radically transforming the way we understand human thought and behaviour. Featuring clear explanations and first-rate scholarship, Pavlov’s Dog introduces the reader to iconic experiments, including Pavlov’s salivating dogs, Bandura’s Bobo doll experiments, Milgram’s obedience studies and Zimbardo’s classic Stanford prison experiment. • Lucid exploration of the story of psychology for the interested layperson • Fully illustrated throughout, featuring clear explanations of the context, procedures, results and implications of each experiment • Author is a well-known, acclaimed TV personality and science communicator and historian



Mary Cheves West Perky SUBJECT AREA:

Cognition and perception CONCLUSION:

When asked to imagine, our brains find it difficult to separate our mental images from real perceptions.


Adam Hart-Davis is a freelance writer and broadcaster – former presenter on television of Local Heroes, Tomorrow’s World, What the Romans (and others) Did for Us, How London was Built, The Cosmos – A Beginner’s Guide, and many others. He has collected various awards for both television and radio, as well as four medals and 14 honourary doctorates. He has written over 30 books and has a regular column in the Radio Times.


In around 1910, the American psychologist Mary Cheves West Perky carried out a series of ingenious experiments to explore how our imaginations function. First of all she set out to compare real images with mental images, or, as she put it, to compare perceptions with images of imagination. Her subjects were asked to look at a small ground-glass screen, and told to fixate on the white dot in the centre while imagining a coloured object, such as a tomato or a banana. An unseen projector then began to cast a faint coloured glow on the screen – so faint as to be almost imperceptible – while a tomato-shaped stencil was placed between the projector and screen, so that a very faint image of a red tomato appeared. The edges of the stencil were at first softened with a gauze so that there was no sharp image, and the stencil was moved gently from side to side, to give the appearance of fluttering. The gauze was gradually removed so that the image became sharper, although it was still exceedingly faint. Meanwhile, the subject explained what he or she was imagining. The red tomato was followed by a blue book, a deep yellow banana, an orange, a green leaf and a pale yellow lemon. Preparing the set-up was difficult. The primitive projector was hard to use and the two assistants required to operate it and move the stencils had to maintain total silence, yet still communicate with the experimenter who sat with the subject. Occasionally things went wrong; a mask slipped, or a shaft of light hit the screen, and the trial had to be abandoned.


Real or imaginary? All 24 subjects reported imagining the expected images, but none of them reported anything until an image was actually visible (to the researchers) on the screen. All the subjects were asked whether they were ‘quite sure that they had imagined all these things’. They were surprised by the question, sometimes even indignant, and felt certain they had imagined them, saying: •

I am imagining it all; it’s all imagination.

I was making them up in my mind.

The banana is upright; I must have been thinking of it growing.

Perky’s Experimental Set–up

Experimenter 3 Experimenter 2 Experimenter 1 Projector

Observer or subject

Ground-glass screen with very faint image of tomato

Black cardboard with fuzzy-edged tomatoshaped hole

Colored Gel



Publication date: 29th March 2018 12

HOW TO SURVIVE IN THE WILD Practical, Field-tested Advice for Escaping into Nature – for a Weekend, or Forever

Publication date: 29-March-18 RRP: £9.99 ISBN: 978-1-911130-60-4 Paperback 197 x 140 mm, 144 pages Two-colour illustration

Whether it’s a weekend of wild escape or a lifechanging relocation, this handbook details all the skills and information required to live in the woods. Each topic – such as water, shelter and fire – is covered in increasing detail to suit the length of any sojourn, from basic tasks to long-term survival tips. This inspirational and practical guide is for anyone who wants to learn how to get back to basics. • Step-by-step instructions, illustrations and charts, alongside practical, field-tested advice • Witty writing style encapsulates the spirit of the young outdoorsman in a useful handbook format • Ideal gift for campers, hikers, adventurers and anyone who loves the outdoor life (or likes to think they do!) Author

Christian Casucci learnt the “way of the woods” at an early age, accompanying his father on camping adventures across the United States. After college he camped his way down the Alaskan Panhandle and into the lower forty-eight states. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter and writes for television and film. Sam Martin is the author of Manspace: A Primal Guide to Marking Your Territory, How to Mow the Lawn and How to Keep House. He is also a former senior editor at This Old House magazine. In his youth, he lived in a tent in the forests of British Columbia for eight months while working as a tree planter. Sam lives in Austin, Texas.


Publication date: 12th April 2018 14

COOKING WITH TURMERIC Superfood Recipes to Enrich Your Diet and Boost Your Health A companion title to Kale and Seaweed

Publication date: 12-April-18 RRP: £8.99 ISBN: 978-1-911130-24-6 Hardback PLC 210 x 152 mm, 80 pages Four-colour photography

Used in India and China for centuries as a spice and a medicine, turmeric is rich in flavour as well as health benefits. Antioxidant-rich, it also contains nutrients like manganese and iron, and can help prevent heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s. With over 35 recipes using both root and powder, turmeric can add depth to sweet and savoury dishes alike. Chapters include Oils, Spice Mixes and Drinks; Salads, Sandwiches and Soups; Cakes, Pancakes and Curries; and Desserts, Sweets and Sorbets, demonstrating the versatility of this superfood. • Turmeric is the latest trendy ingredient for healthy eating advocates • Sweet and savoury recipes for soup, curry, condiments, cake, sorbet, smoothies and more • Contains over 25 stunning images as well as health and wellbeing facts throughout Author

A vegetarian for many years, Garance Leureux is the author of several books on vegetarian cooking that have been sold internationally and translated into a number of different languages. Working in publishing, she brings together her love for books and for a light, vegetable-focused style of cooking. She lives in Paris.


Publication date: 19th April 2018 16

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR CACTUS A Guide to Raising Well-Behaved Succulents

Publication date: 19-April-18 RRP: £9.99 ISBN: 978-1-911130-63-5 Hardback PLC 178 x 127 mm, 128 pages Four-colour illustration

For most urban dwellers, a large garden bursting with colour and beauty is but a dream. Enter the cacti. The perfect plant pets, cacti and succulents are resilient to the laziest of gardeners, brighten the darkest of corners and can be trained to suit the smallest, or largest, of indoor spaces. From growing to styling, taming to potting, How to Train Your Cactus tells you everything you need to know about opening your home to these prickly, but nice, customers. • A fun gift book bursting with vibrant illustrations of the 50 best cacti and succulents to train in your urban jungle • Young, hip, pocket-sized guide appealing to the trend for all things prickly and low maintenance • Contains handy hints and tips for keeping your cacti alive and what to do when it all goes wrong Author and Illustrator

Tonwen Jones’ love of cacti began ten years ago when she encountered a large cactus in Yves Saint Laurent’s garden, ‘Jardin Majorelle’, in Marrakesh. She then went on to make a feature of the plant at her Mexican-themed wedding. Tonwen is an illustrator with an MA in design and illustration from Brighton University and works as a freelancer, surrounded by the many cacti in her home.


Publication date: 3rd May 2018 18

Publication date: 03-May-18


RRP: £9.99 ISBN: 978-1-906761-88-2

A Miscellany of Culturally Unique Words and Phrases from 37 Languages

This quirky, international lexicon of linguistic gems includes those words and phrases that capture certain moments or things with satisfying precision. Grouped by language, prefaced with insightful overviews of the relevant cultures, and embellished with characterful illustrations, the entries in this global glossary are sure to entertain and ensure you are never at a loss for words.

Hardback with jacket 190 x 140 mm, 128 pages Four-colour illustrations

FENG SHUI (Mandarin) [feng shoo-ay] Literally ‘wind water’, this is the study and practice of arranging your life to align with surrounding nature, in particular the location and furnishing of your house. Now so fashionable in the West, it barely needs more comment.

• Over 80 intriguing and amusing words and phrases from different cultures around the globe • A perfect gift for literature and language enthusiasts and students or anyone interested in learning about different cultures • Written by author, translator, editor and modern language and linguistics expert Christopher J. Moore Author and Illustrator

Christopher J. Moore holds degrees from Oxford and Edinburgh in modern languages and applied linguistics. He is an author, translator and editor of both adult and children’s books, and is the author of the award-winning Ishtar and Tammuz and How to Speak Brit. He spends most of his time in Spain and England but still enjoys roving around Europe. Lan Truong is an illustrator based in Portland, Oregon. Her work is influenced by vintage matchbox labels and posters, and art from around the world.

Utepils (Norwegian) [oot-er-pillss] You have to live through the long dark months of a Norwegian winter to appreciate the annual Norwegian rite of utepils. Literally it means ‘the first drink of the year taken out of doors’. Easter is barely past, with its tradition of hyttepåske – your Easter visit to your remote cabin – and the days are at last getting longer. Although it’s still practically freezing, everyone is queuing up to invite you to a first utepils get-together at their favourite bar.

92 Nordic Languages




Publication date: 24th May 2018 20

THE UNIVERSE IN ZERO WORDS The Story of Mathematics in 24 Famous Equations

Publication date: 24-May-18 RRP: £14.99 ISBN: 978-1-911130-70-3 Paperback with flaps 243 x 171mm, 224 pages Four-colour photography

Explore the fascinating stories behind the most important mathematical milestones of the last 4,000 years. From the arithmetic of antiquity to the equation that caused the 2008 financial crisis, mathematics professor and science journalist Dana Mackenzie narrates a history of mathematics and, with it, the story of the relationship between humanity and our universe. • Equations are brought to life through illustrations, diagrams and the stories of the mathematicians behind them • Aimed at a lay audience but not overly simplified; includes detailed explanations of each equation as well as its significance and application • Author is a journalist and former professor who has written articles for prominent scientific journals as well as several books Author

Dana Mackenzie earned his doctorate from Princeton, taught mathematics for six years at Duke University and then seven years at Kenyon College in Ohio. He has written for American Scientist, Discover, Smithsonian, Science and New Scientist, among others; and has served as writer in residence at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute in Berkeley, California. Dana is also an accomplished chess player, earning the National Master title in 1988.


Publication date: 14th June 2018 22


Publication date: 14-June-18 RRP: £12.99 ISBN: 978-1-911130-33-8

And 49 Other Experiments that Revolutionised Physics

Paperback with flaps

A companion title to Pavlov’s Dog

Four-colour illustration

210 x 152 mm, 176 pages

From Galileo’s stargazing to quantum teleportation, Newton’s experiments with optics to the splitting of the atom, Schrödinger’s Cat tells the story of natural science through fifty of its greatest experiments. In each case, the experimental procedure is fully described and the implications carefully considered, allowing the reader to gain a strong sense of the methodology of scientific investigation. • Lucid exploration of the story of physics for the interested layperson, with experiments organized by time period to demonstrate the narrative arc and development of the field of physics • Fully illustrated throughout, featuring clear explanations of the context, procedures and results of each experiment • Author is a well-known, acclaimed TV personality and science communicator and historian Author

Adam Hart-Davis is a freelance writer and broadcaster – former presenter on television of Local Heroes, Tomorrow’s World, What the Romans (and others) Did for Us, How London was Built, The Cosmos – A Beginner’s Guide, and many others. He has collected various awards for both television and radio, as well as four medals and 14 honourary doctorates. He has written over 30 books and has a regular column in the Radio Times.



Published: 02-Nov-17 RRP: £8.99 ISBN: 978-1-906761-93-6 Hardback PLC 178 x 127 mm, 128 pages


RRP: £14.99 ISBN: 978-1-906761-56-1 Paperback 203 x 165 mm, 304 pages AUS/NZ rights not available


RRP: £9.99 ISBN: 978-1-906761-90-5 Paperback 240 x 171 mm, 144 pages



RRP: £14.99

RRP: £14.99

ISBN: 978-1-906761-50-9

ISBN: 978-1-906761-61-5

Hardback PLC

Hardback PLC

240 x 171 mm, 176 pages

240 x 171 mm, 176 pages


RRP: £8.99 ISBN: 978-1-906761-81-3 Hardback PLC 220 x 160 mm, 72 pages


RRP: £8.99 ISBN: 978-1-906761-82-0 Hardback PLC 220 x 160 mm, 72 pages


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Modern Books Spring 2018 catalogue  
Modern Books Spring 2018 catalogue