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AQUARITM ON THE COVER The subject of our cover photo this month is Paretroplus menarambo, a Madagascar cichlid commonly known as the pinstripe damba. Be sure and see Susan Priest's "My Trip to Madagascar," on page 18.

Series III

Vol. XV, No. 6 August 2008

In This Issue From the Editor. President's Message G.C.A.S. 2008 Program Schedule

Photo by Alexander A. Priest

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Mermaid Tales


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French Angelfish of Aruba & Bonaire by Stephen Sica

My Microworm Recipe by Alexander A. Priest

Fishkeepers Anonymous by Susan Priest

My Trip to Madagascar by Susan Priest


Editor in Chief Copy Editors

And I Think to Myself, What a Wonderful World! by Desiree Martin

Dan Radebaugh Sharon Barnett Susan Priest Alexander A. Priest Stephen Sica Donna Sosna Sica Jason Kerner Mark Soberman Joseph Ferdenzi

The Amusing Aquarium (Cartoon) by Bernard Harrigan

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Modern Aquarium August 2008  

Series III, Vol XV No. 6

Modern Aquarium August 2008  

Series III, Vol XV No. 6