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November 7—9, 2008 Holiday Inn—Islip Airport 3845 Veterans Memorial Highway Ronkonkoma, NY 11779

631-585-9564 Room Rate $89 per night! Reservations must be made directly with the hotel. Mention you are attending the APISH Convention to receive this discounted room rate. Reservations must be made prior to October 7,2008. Complimentary shuffle from Macarthur Airport and the Ronkontoma URR station provided by the Holiday Inn.

Guest Speakers to include

Vendors to include.


Dick Au—Discus Sally Boggs Breeding Synod on tis. Eels and Loaches

Kingfish Services

David Boruchowitz— Editor-in-Chief Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine

Ken's Fish (.COM)

Andre Carf etto—Kiiiifish

Ro's Glass World

Chuck Davis—Featured Banquet Speaker

Finley Aquatic Books

Pat Donston The Immune System of Fishes in our Aquariums

Frank's Aquarium (.COM)

RitForcier Uvebearers

Kimme Koi—Ed Champigny

Gary Lange—Rainbcwfish Richard Levy—AFISH Room Challenge! Rosario LaCorte & Alan Fletcher History of the Aquarium Hobby

Tropical Fish Auction—Sunday, November 9, 2008 Fish—Plants—Dry Goods * Appearances subject to change.

May 2008

Modern Aquarium - Greater City A.S (NY)

Profile for Dan Radebaugh

Modern Aquarium May 2008  

Series III, Vol XV No. 3

Modern Aquarium May 2008  

Series III, Vol XV No. 3