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The year is 1995. Helmut Kohl is Federal Chancellor, Robert Altmann is delighting more than just the fashion set with his big-screen satire „Prêt-à-porter“ and in Hamburg I reach, what is, for me, a major decision: „I want to live my dream!“, and Modelwerk was born. Bursting with joy, on the 5th of May 1995 I took my first steps into the world of self-employment. I‘d already gathered some experience in front of the camera with Neuland, my own modelling agency. Following a strenuous acquisition, I won my first clients and soon enough I had my first employee. Nevertheless reality caught up with me pretty quickly and the fear of failure started to grow. Bills had to be paid, problems tackled and the German bureaucracy overcome. Despite all these issues I was determined not to give up. Almost every day, I used good old snail mail to send three comp cards featuring selected models to the most important clients in the area, in the hope of one day being able to collaborate with one of the big boys. It took a full year until the morning arrived when I received an invitation to personally introduce myself and my company. - The first big goal that I‘d set myself was within reach. The workload became heavier, my personal expectations became even higher and, slowly but surely, the first success stories were written. The agency kept on growing, with new employees coming to join the team. We were always on the lookout for new faces. We even dared to take on somewhat unusual-looking models, stumbling upon a gap in the market - not everyone wanted the classic „Miami Beach beauties“. With these strong new faces we gradually made the move towards foreign agencies and tried to find a place for our models there. During the first few years, my three best girls and I would sometimes hop in my car and drive right across the country, so they could be personally introduced to a number of agencies in Paris. It didn‘t take long before we could reap the benefits of our work, and the collaboration with foreign agencies became increasingly easier. As a result, we were soon representing international models, which brought with it new opportunities. Time passed, with highs and lows. Twenty years later, it‘s 2015 and the company „Modelwerk“ has secured its place in the world of fashion. For me, it‘s a dream come true and it fills me with pride to see how far we‘ve come. I could never have achieved all of this without the incredible support from friends, family and of course all the employees who have strengthened our Modelwerk team over the years. THANK YOU for helping me make my dream become a reality. Of course, I‘d also like to take this opportunity to express my sincerest thanks to all our clients and partners for the fantastic collaboration. Here‘s to the next 20 years!

CONTENT 03 TIMELINE In the course of time 07 LUCKY STAR An interview with Claudia Midolo 15 BACK IN THE DAYS Modelwerk then and now 20 BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY Editorial by Julian Niznik 37 First best recent finds Modelwerks stars and starlets 53 20 YEARS - 20 Questions The big Modelwerk survey 59 TEAM MODELWERK Overview of our contact details 63 IMPRINT

In the course of time 20 years of Modelwerk at a glance

Rothenbaumchaussee 5


3 Employees 30 Models

Rothenbaumchaussee 3

7 Employees 500 Models

Rothenbaumchaussee 1

1995 1998 2001

10 Employees 600 Models


20 Employees 700 Models

Formation of the „Development and Editorial division

Launch of the first Modelwerk-Website

Rebranding of the dance team to „Modelwerk Modelagentur GmbH“

1996 Discovery of the first Supermodel

1994 Formation of the „Dance team for danced fashion show“


27 Employees 800 Models


28 Employees 900 Models


32 Employees 1000 Models


35 Employees 1200 Models


Modelwerk celebrates its 20th anniversary

First international Modelwerk Castingweek

Modelwerk gets its first trainee

Renovation of the agency and opening of 2nd floor

Formation of the Big Beauty division

2009 Implementation of social media

Berlin´s first official fashionweek



Inside the agency - then and now


When a dance team becomes a modelagency An interview with Claudia Midolo, head of Modelwerk

grapher Hans Wulf. How would you describe the „birth“ of Modelwerk in a nutshell? I just made my hobby and passion my job! What inspired you to establish your own modelling agency? As a model, I often had the feeling that I just didn‘t have anyone there to hold my hand. That‘s where I got the idea to help young people break into this fantastic industry. What‘s more, in the early 90s there were hardly any modern agencies who picked up on the „grunge look“. So there were two big gaps in the market at the time! You were a model yourself. How was the experience for you personally? I always had a lot of fun at shootings and I loved travelling to Milan or London.

Claudia worked as a model herself in the 1990s. Starting with a small group of hobby models, her passion and resilience helped build the largest and most successful modelling agency in Germany. How did the name MODELWERK come about? In the early days „Modelwerk“ was just a group of 15 hobby models. We could all move well - some of us even had dance training! I drummed up the 8

crowds, created choreography routines and organised fashion shows, for example for H&M in shopping centres. One day we were sitting around together and thought: „This baby needs a name!“ „Kraftwerk“ was playing on the radio at the time: „...she‘s a model and she‘s looking good!“ - the idea came to me: Modelwerk! How long have you been working in the modelling industry? I was discovered as a model in 1990 by the photo-

When did you first think that you wanted to be a model? Can you remember your first shooting and your first polaroids? I never actually wanted to be a model. At the time, I did rhythmic gymnastics, which was really active. I was part of the performance team and was German champion several times. I began getting modelling jobs as an athlete on the back of these successes, for example with „Ritter Sport“. A friend of mine was working as model at that time - it was via her that I met Hans Wulf. Back then, he did some test shots with me to get me a booking with „Bon Prix“ - that was when my modelling career kicked off! I used the photos to apply to an agency and worked as a full-time model for a

year after my A-levels. Modelling then became a good way to earn some money alongside my Business Administration degree. Describe your job in terms of three fields of activity. Looking after models, making bookings with clients and leading my team! What‘s a typical cliche in the world of fashion? Everyone is stupid and superficial - that‘s not true at all! Would you describe Modelwerk as your second home? Absolutely! I love my team, my models and my clients!


„Madonna has always been a big inspiration to me.“

Foto: Reza Norifarahani

Foto: Reza Norifarahani

„Models have to have bouncebackabilities.“ What is the best thing about your job, and the most irritating? People always give you the feeling that they need you 24/7: that‘s a curse and a blessing at the same time! Roughly how many e-mails do you write every day? I think around 150-200. What are you particularly proud of? I‘m proud that I was confident enough to live my dream - and at only 22 years old! I‘m also proud that, in doing that, I‘ve always stayed true to myself. Life is too short ... to be bored. I believe all models ... are happy when you support them and are also there for them on an emotional level. How do you like to treat yourself now and then? Manicures, pedicures and a facial - the whole shebang! How do you keep fit? I exercise two to three times per week and during lunch breaks I train with my personal trainer, Pietro Lucifora. What do you have for breakfast? A wholegrain bread roll with a vegan spread, like pepper or mushroom - or jam. I also like to have a soya latte. What‘s your favourite way to drink coffee? In the morning I always have a soya latte, then later three or four

espressos with a dash of sugar - preferably brown sugar. Your favourite drink? Gin and tonic! Is there anyone in particular you look up to? Yes, there is: Madonna has always been my idol. I heard her song „Lucky

Star“ when I was 10 years old and since then, I‘ve been inspired by her energy and charisma. Do you have a favourite luxury label? „Rag and Bone.“ What three things do you always have in your handbag? „Blisstex“ lipbalm, my passport, Chanel sunglasses. What beauty secret do you swear by? I swear by „Serum“ by „La Mer“.

What does your typical work outfit look like? In the agency I prefer to wear black skinny jeans, a silk „Rag and Bone“ top, a black jacket with leather details - also by „Rag and Bone“ -, „Acne“ ankle boots and my „Stella McCartney“ handbag.

Germany? Do you have a special mantra? I‘ve always just kept following my dream. I try to make everything possible, even when I sometimes have to think outside of the box. Without my team modelwerk wouldn´t have been successful.

What do you think is the biggest fashion faux-pas? Being dull or a totally over-styled wannabe. Everyone should stay true to their own style.

What do you hope for the future of Modelwerk? I hope that Modelwerk continues to be a successful agency, even long after „my time“.

High heels or sneakers? Definitely both - everything at the right time. Why shouldn‘t you ever leave your mobile phone at home? Because my models constantly write to me via „WhatsApp“. What do you like most about yourself? Hmmm... my eyes! How would you explain your soft spot for fast cars? I‘m half Italian and my dad loved cars. His passion obviously rubbed off on me. What‚ recipe for success‘ would you give to people on their way into modelling? Do you have any tips for a successful modelling career? Some good advice to finish up? No pain, no gain - there‘s a lot of truth in that. You have to have a vision, stay true to yourself and stick with it. You have to work, work, work until you‘ve fought your way through. You must never give up or doubt yourself! You have to be a bit like a tough little roly-poly toy, I think. How did you manage to build your agency up to become the largest agency in 14

Last question: Does the devil really wear „Prada“? Yes, preferably „Prada“ handbags.

Modelwerk then and now An interview with Florian Witt and Marcus zu Solms

„ „The first colour copier was nothing short of a miracle for us.“ These days, the value of a model depends predominantly on numbers: whether it‘s the number of pictures per day, sales figures or the model‘s measurements. It all has to be right - otherwise the model is quickly written off. Working in the modelling sector without iPhones or internet just had a different quality.

The pictures are from the agency‘s early days. At that time, Modelwerk was more or less still a baby. What memories come back when you see these pictures? Marcus: I recognise the pictures straight away. Back then there were only five of us at the table and we liked to hang out together every now and then after work. We worked together very closely, and really well. Arrangements flitted back and forth across the table and 16

a legible hand-written signature was definitely a plus! Our first colour copier was a sensation - a miracle, almost. Of course it sometimes got pretty loud, but at the end of the day we all went home happy. 20 years have passed since then: how has the modelling industry changed? Marcus: The internet has made everything faster and more accurate. A booker‘s word used to be worth more than it is now.

Digitalisation has also changed the model booker‘s work: in those days without internet, what was work like in the modelling agency? Florian: We worked with paper cards and sat at a booking table with a Rolodex in the middle. Bicycle couriers were in and out of here like bees in a beehive to deliver model portfolios and cards. Go-sees and live auditions took place all the time. Getting a comp card by fax in photo mode took ten minutes to come through. But it worked, and people couldn‘t hide behind e-mails. Generally, I think things were completed more efficiently then.

„I value punctuality.“

Foto: Reza Norifarahani

It almost sounds as if everything would have been better without the new media. Don‘t the shorter communication lines have any advantages for your work? Or in other words: what was better then, and what was worse?

Marcus: Previously there was no other way to communicate than the good old telephone and a black and white fax machine. As a booker, you always had personal telephone contact with people, whether it was with clients, models or other international bookers. Back then, the polaroids still came from an actual Polaroid camera. Cameras were a total monstrosity: expensive and bad! Of course, we now also have the advantage that we no longer have to wait forever and a day for everything, like in the old days. Florian: We used to have a bigger budget for the individual jobs and there were more personal castings and go-sees, so I think models were selected a bit more carefully. On the other hand, the advantage these days is that digitalisation has literally saved us a huge amount of paperwork. So a lot‘s happened in the last 20 years. In what way has a booker‘s daily business changed? What was a normal working day like before?

Marcus: The work processes haven‘t changed that much.The telephone was used a lot more in the past! Business has gotten a lot quicker. Now, a decision is made within the first 18

„I would never ask any of my models to do anything I would not do myself.“ few seconds about whether a model has a chance or not. It used to be the case that 15-20 castings were held, as everyone wanted to see and evaluate the models live. The models would stand in queues at studios and agencies every single day. Do you have a few funny stories, situations or anecdotes from back then that you look back on fondly? Florian: Definitely the almostfisticuffs at the fax machine. That always happened if two bookers wanted to send an urgent enquiry at the same time. Whoever was first set the other person back around an hour. In that respect, it was easier for men. Marcus: There was a funny story with a mix-up. A client booked a model and told us „do everything the same as with the last booking!“. You got it. The model arrived and tried to find the client. The client also couldn‘t see the model in the hotel lobby. It turned out that this production was taking place in Athens, but the model was in a hotel on Mallorca. This situation could have been rescued a lot easier with a smartphone, but of course they weren‘t around back then. In the end, the girl‘s booking was altered and she arrived half a day late at the right location.

So at this point it‘s a thumbs -up for new media and the digitalisation of the modelling industry... Other than seamless communication, what else is important in this industry? Florian: For me, punctuality is a value that‘s really important for our work. Marcus: I can only agree with that. I‘d also never ask my models to do something that I wouldn‘t do myself.

Foto: Reza Norifarahani

Photography: Julian Niznik Styling: Josepha Rodriguez (Nina Klein) Hair: Hauke Krause (Kult Artists) Make-up: Carolin Jarchow (Nina Klein) Models: Antonia Wesseloh, Charlotte Nolting, Esther Heesch Postproduction: Retouched Studios

Charlotte: Dress Jean Paul Gaultier Vest Zara Belt and Shades Vintage Esther: Leo Coat JOSEPH Polo Shirt VINTAGE Antonia: Leather Dress H&M STUDIO Shirt and Belt VINTAGE

Links: Antonia: Denim Trenchcoat CLOSED Shorts MARLENE BIRGER Top ZARA Shades MIU MIU Charlotte: Leather Coat KAREN MILLEN Top, Skirt and Belt VINTAGE Rechts: Esther: Silk Shirt GIVENCHY 25

Charlotte: Leather Vest ZARA Skirt H&M Blouse and Belt VINTAGE Esther: Blouse ZARA Leather Skirt TIBI

Links: Antonia: Blouse DEA KUDIBAL Jeansskirt H&M STUDIO Sandals ZARA Shades MIU MIU Leather Vest VINTAGE Rechts: Charlotte: Jeans H&M Blouse VINTAGE 29

Links: Antonia: Denim Top and Jeans MIU MIU Rechts: Charlotte: Polo Shirt MIU MIU Turtleneck FALKE 30

Links: Esther: Blouse SCHUMACHER Pullover Vest, Jeans and Belt VINTAGE Rechts: Charlotte: Jeans H&M Blouse VINTAGE 33

Links: Charlotte: Leather Vest ZARA Skirt H&M Blouse and Belt VINTAGE Esther: Blouse ZARA Leather Skirt TIBI Rechts: Antonia: Leatherdress ZARA Turtleneck FALKE Polo Shirt VINTAGE 34

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Modelwerks stars and starlets The best discoveries during the past two decades

KaI KÜhNE Age: 42 years With Modelwerk: 1995 - 2000 Highlight: Calvin Klein

Kai Kühne belongs to the first generation of Modelwerk models. He looks back fondly on his first weeks in the agency. He used to go not only from casting to go-see, but he also helped the agency‘s boss, Claudia Midolo, to win new clients, thereby building it up. Following a shooting for „Tchibo“, Kai made his way straight to New York, where he appeared in front of the camera for „Calvin Klein“. The in-demand model then stayed in New York and continued to work on his career. He lives in the „Big Apple“ to this day, but no longer works as a model. He is a successful Art Director and Designer, and works for the international auction platform, „Hasbeens & Willbees“.


PhELINE ROggaN Age: 33 years With Modelwerk: 1996 - 2010 Highlight: Ital. Vogue Cover 2000

In 1997, aged 14, the beautiful Pheline Roggan was approached in front of her school in Hamburg by Modelwerk boss Claudia Midolo when she was on her way to the agency. With her blonde hair and elfin features, Pheline stood out straight away. Just a few weeks later, she flew to New York on her own and from there, to Milan, where she walked in her first show for „Giorgio Armani“. The young Hamburg native always came to work full of passion and enthusiasm. She

successfully finished school alongside her modelling and, aged just 17, she appeared on the cover of Italian „Vogue“. In 2001 she decided to attend the „Schule für Schauspiel Hamburg“ (Hamburg School of Acting) and has since become a successful film and theatre actress. For example, she was chosen for one of the main roles in „Soul Kitchen“ and later appeared in many episodes of „Tatort“. At the beginning of 2012, she featured in the film „Russendisko“. Pheline has never lost the enjoyment she gets from her work, but she does miss travelling to different locations for all the various shootings, which taught her early on how flexible it‘s possible to be. This almost certainly signified her first steps towards acting. To this day,

her wonderful personality and natural beauty continue to enchant us.


CaMILLa PRINTZ Age: 34 years With Modelwerk: 1997 - 2010 Highlight: Giorgio Armani 1997

Camilla Printz was one of Modelwerk‘s first new young talents. In 1997, the 15 year old shot a campaign for „Giorgio Armani“ and appeared before the camera for the „L‘Uomo Vogue Italia“. She now lives with her husband and four year old twin daughters in Copenhagen. She has been working as a psychologist for over six years. She often reflects on the happy times she spent at Modelwerk, especially the summer when she and agency boss, Claudia Midolo, drove to Milan together. Even now, there are times in Camilla‘s life when she misses being in front of the camera.


TONI gaRRN Age: 22 years With Modelwerk: 2006 - 2009 Highlight: Calvin Klein 2007

Toni Garrn was discovered by Claudia Midolo in 2006 at a Hamburg fan festival to celebrate the World Cup. Her international breakthrough followed one year later, when she was booked exclusively for

„Calvin Klein“. The campaigns for „Calvin Klein“ and „CK Jeans“ came along the year after, with a whirlwind Fashion Week during which she walked in over 60 shows. Toni quickly established herself as an international top model, with campaigns from „Zara“ and „H&M“, but also for big designers such as „Christian Dior“, „Chanel“ and „Versace“. Since then, she appears regularly on the front pages of international magazines and in 2011, made her runway debut for „Victoria‘s Secret“. There‘s no question that Toni Garrn is one of the most successful German models of all time. On top of that, she is a dedicated ambassador of the „Because I am a Girl“ campaign, launched by the children‘s charity „Plan International“. 41

sTEFaN POLLMaNN Age: 22 years With Modelwerk: Since December 2011 Highlight: Tom Tailor 2012

Stefan Pollman is Modelwerk‘s rising star. Having been told to do so by his family, he applied to Modelwerk as a model in 2011 - and with great success. Stefan has been receiving bookings for diverse editorials ever since, such as „GQ“ or „Gala Men“. The charismatic young man believes that, in order to succeed in the industry, every model has to have not only a timeless recognition value, but also self-confidence and resilience. This formula for success made Stefan the face of „River Island“, „s.Oliver“, „Tommy Hilfiger“ and secured him a place on the world‘s greatest runways, such as „Desigual Barcelona“, „Viktor & Rolf“ and „Gieves & Hawkes“.


EsThER hEEsCh Age: 18 years With Modelwerk: Since December 2011 Highlight: Dior Haute Couture Show 2012

Esther was discovered by John Roggendorf (from Modelwerk‘s New Face department) shortly before Christmas 2011. Blessed with a refined look and wonderful poise, she quickly made a name for herself on Europe‘s most elegant runways.

More than anything else, it was her magnificent debut in the „Dior Haute Couture Show“ and other high class shows for „Prada“, „Jil Sander“, „Celine“, „Balenciaga“ and „McQueen“ that fixed her status in the world of modelling. This was followed by covers for „ELLE“, „D Magazine“, „Harpers Bazaar“, „Tush“ and „Wonderland Magazine“. And, since autumn 2003, Esther can call herself a „Vogue Girl“: the young model graced the cover of the Couture issue in Italy. In spring 2014 she featured once again in the international Fashion Weeks. Esther has walked in over 100 shows to date, meaning she has become one of the top 10 international models. „Tom Ford“ and „Valentino“ booked the 18 year old for their campaigns straight away.

Since then, she has secured beauty contracts with „Chloe“ and „Jill Stuart“, making her one of the top Money Girls in the industry. Esther Heersch has a bright future ahead as a German top model.


aNNE sOPhIE M. Age: 23 years With Modelwerk: April 2009 to March 2015 Highlight: Chanel Chance Parfume

Anne Sophie Monrad was discovered by Modelwerk over six years ago and since then, she‘s become one of the most sought after German models in the world. She has been the face of the „Chanel Chance“ perfume campaign since 2015.


She knows how to keep clients interested in the long term and thanks to her extraordinary charisma and fresh, bright attitude, she has acquired an unbelievably prestigious client portfolio. From New York to all of Europe‘s biggest fashion

weeks, the blonde beauty has already graced the catwalk for fashion labels such as „Prada“ and „Chanel“. Sometimes she‘s finds herself chatting backstage with Kate Moss or Karl Lagerfeld, but she never changes who she is. Alongside campaigns for „Net-a-Porter“, „Wunderkind“ or „H&M“, covers and editorials for „Vogue“, „Marie Claire“ and „ELLE“ provide a brief insight into her unique career. We‘re sure that we‘re going to hear much more praise, and above all witness many more beautiful moments from the enchanting Anne Sophie Monrad.

MaX BENdER Age: 27 years With Modelwerk: Since April 2012 Highlight: H&M Fall/Winter 2013

Modelwerk‘s newcomer Max Bender was, like many other models, discovered by a Modelwerk booker in a Hamburg nightclub back in 2012 and was signed up immediately. His down-to-earth attitude means he knows exactly how to

appreciate his good fortune and success. Since being discovered, he has appeared in front of the camera for „Mustang“ and „Scotch & Soda“, as well as many other labels, and in 2013 he even became one of the faces of „H&M“.


JULIEN NIELsEN Age: 22 years With Modelwerk: Since December 2012 Highlight: Brioni F/W 13

The 22 year old‘s career began when, one evening, he was approached by a Modelwerk employee. Julien Nielsen has since become one of Modelwerk‘s most successful male models. Thanks to his confident and self-reflective nature, he has been selected as the face of „Brioni“ and was


booked for the „Mustang“ campaign, amongst others. In addition to that, he has graced the pages of „GQ“ and „Schön-Magazin“. It goes without saying that he‘s also a regular feature of international runways, „Calvin Klein“ being just one of the clients he‘s walked for.

aNTONIa WEssELOh Age: 19 years With Modelwerk: Since December 2009 Highlight: Prada F/W 2011

After sending a number of impressive pictures of herself to agency manager Claudia Midolo, Antonia Wesseloh signed her Modelwerk contract in 2009. Claudia saw straight away that Antonia was to become Germany‘s next shooting star. The girl with the distinctive widow‘s peak made her debut for „Escada“ at Berlin Fashion Week F/W 2011. Shortly afterwards she landed her first big campaign for „Prada“. This was followed by a veritable fashion show marathon, meaning that Antonia can now look back on more than a dozen shows for „Chanel“ alone. She has also featured in editorials for „Love Magazine“ and „Interview Magazine“. In 2014 she scored another coup when she was selected as the new face of „Marc Jacobs Daisy

Perfume“. The most remarkable thing about Antonia is her ambition: despite the travelling that belongs to the life of an international model, she successfully completed school. We wish our breathtaking Antonia many more successes as she continues her journey in life.


The big Modelwerk survey The real (agency-) life

We really don´t want to hide the true reality of the „microcos Modelwerk“ from you. That´s why we asked the peolple wo actually know best. Thanks to the whole Modelwerk team for honest answers, offering a deeper insight into the agency.

01. WhaT dO yOU assOCIaTE WITh MOdELWERK? A mess! (Meilyn) Family (Katharina) Trouble (Nina) Powerhouse! (Julian)

02. WhaT Is IT aBsOLUTELy NECEssaRy FOR a MOdEL BOOKER TO haVE? Passion (Eva) Balls! (Rafael) Poker face (Beate) Good excuses (Niclas) Ambition, bite and spontaneity - the traits of a pitbull! (Claudia) More than a third say „strong nerves!“

03. yOUR FIRsT ThOUghT IN ThE MORNINg? The go-see list! (Angelo) What do I put on if some hot male models could come in today?! (Carla) The majority express their longing for COFFEE and wonder if they‘ll make it to work on time today.

04. WhaT INFURIaTEs yOU? Cancellations! (Meilyn) Persistent applicants who still won‘t leave you in peace after the third rejection. (Lydia) When someone takes the last bit of coffee without putting on a new pot. (Sebastian) 54

05. I CaN‘T LIVE WIThOUT ... Ice cold Red Bull! (Nina and Julian) Harvey Haydon‘s underwear polaroids. (Maya) Completely crazy e-mails from Florian which miss the point 99% of the time. (Katharina)

06. BIggEsT FashION NO-gO FOR 2015? Stinking. (Florian) Ballet pumps, like every year. Please burn them... ALL OF THEM! (Eva) Arc boots (Niclas) Note: Niclas, you meant UGG boots, right?!

07. ONE ThINg yOU WIsh yOU‘d KNOWN WhEN yOU WERE aT sChOOL? Mum and dad are actually right most of the time. (Nina) Fries have too many calories to eat every day. (Sebastian) That a beer tastes even better when it‘s an after-work beer! (Carla) What it‘s like to hit the sack with a Brazilian underwear model. (Florian)

08. yOUR gREaTEsT PhOBIa IN yOUR WORK? Test shootings. (Affa) That I haven‘t locked the toilet door properly. (Eva) 55

09. yOUR MOsT EMBaRRassINg MOMENT aT MOdELWERK? These things could be used against me. (Dennis) Nothing embarrasses me. I‘m a modelling agent. (Florian) When I took a model to prison... that tops everything! (Meilyn) Waving to Lothar Matthäus in Milan and thinking: „I know that guy!... Oops, it wasn‘t actually another modelling agent!“ (Claudia)

10. ThE BEsT PhRasE yOU‘VE hEaRd FROM a MOdEL (OR CLIENT)? Oh Claudi.. (Claudia) He no longer model, he is now a pilot plane. (Katharina) Model: „I thought ...!“ Booker interrupts: „Problem solved!“ (Dennis) I prefer to send me only polaroids, because they want to change date and do not work when. Will work twice. (Meilyn) „A homeless guy sleeps below me. I get on well with him, but I don‘t trust him.“ (Niclas) I‘ll pack in all the ‚learnings‘ from the casting week with it, then we‘ll have ‚gesaved‘ the ‚timings‘ and the milestones! (Maya) We need an option - it‘s a life or death situation! (Nina)

11. WhaT dO yOU WEaR TO WORK? The agency‘s old dog. (Translator‘s note: the same word can be used for ‚wear‘ and ‚take‘ in German - this is a play on the double meaning of the verb) (Florian) Underwear - always (Maya) vs. underwear - never! (Julian) I either dress like a homeless person or going to a red carpet event. (Meilyn) Everything that Ms. Midolo doesn‘t like - tank tops, skinny jeans, Dr. Marten boots... (Reza)

12. WhaT Was ThE LasT ThINg yOU gOT WORKEd UP aBOUT? Haha, I want to keep my job. (Sebastian) That‘d go beyond the scope of this survey (Katharina) You mean in the last five minutes? (Meilyn) That someone had parked in the boss‘s ridiculously expensive parking space! That‘s where I always park. (Florian) 56

13. WhaT CaN MOdELWERK BE PaRTICULaRLy PROUd OF? Of Claudia Midolo, the boss - and the courage she had in the early days ... (Elena) Just have a look at the boards! (Affa) The huge number of specialised departments! (Angelo) And almost everyone mentioned our great team!

14. hOW WOULd yOU dEsCRIBE yOUR WORK-LIFE BaLaNCE ON a sCaLE OF 1-5? Our team is well balanced - the survey resulted in a satisfied 3. Only Meilyn asks: „I‘m confused... free time? What‘s that?“

15. WhaT‘s IMPORTaNT TO yOU IN a JOB? 1. Fun 2. Variety of activities 3. Contact with lots of interesting people 4. Money The winner of our survey: fun! A variety of activities and contact with lots of interesting people were also rated as very important.

16. WhO WOULd yOU ELECT as ThE agENCy‘s CLass REPREsENTaTIVE? Our winner: Sebastian from the Art department! Closely followed by John from the New Faces department. A lot of people would even elect themselves.

17. hOW MaNy FaCEBOOK FRIENds dO yOU haVE? The clear leader is Meilyn (Women‘s department) with over 3000 - just ahead of the artists‘ page! On average our employees have 852 Facebook friends. 57

18. hOW dO yOU sPENd ThE MaJORITy OF ThE day aT yOUR dEsK?

1st: The „semi-yogi position“

2nd: „The victim“

3rd: „The monk“

19. WhaT dO yOU dREaM aBOUT? Back massages at work! (Beate) At nighttime, about incorrect data storage and file structures. (Carla) Models who don‘t miss any flights. (Affa)

20. WhO Is ThE sECRET FRIdgE RaIdER? 90% suspect that Lola, the agency dog, is the secret fridge raider!


MODELWERK Overview over our contact details

WOMEN‘s dIVIsION Claudia Midolo (president) Jule Nowitzki (assistant to Claudia Midolo) Marcus zu Solms (best age and plus size) Meilyn Bahr Marit Klos (assistant) Julia Grams (assistant) Julia Krol Nina Schmiesing Nico Werner (image booking) Dennis Schubert (image booking) Daniel Kulik (scouting) Katharina Schultz (scouting & model movement) Niclas Hüntelmann (assistant scouting)

MEN‘s dIVIsION Florian Witt (director and scouting) Rafael Perez Affa Osman Maya Anders Alena Reinhard (trainee)

dEVELOPMENT aNd EdITORIaL Christian Midolo-Köller John Roggendorf Julian Niznik Lydia Bratschke (trainee) 60

VIsa Angelo Concu

aRT dEPaRTMENT Sebastian KĂśller (creative director) Reza Norifarahani (photographer) Carla BĂźchter Petra Schuler Sarah Ebel (trainee)

FRONTdEsK Beate Patulski (office management) Eva Monauni

aCCOUNTINg Ute Midolo (head of accounting department) Birgit Greggersen (commissions) Kirsten Stibbe Elvira Uhrich (modelstatements) Elena Schneider 61

MODELWERK - 20 years anniversary magazine

IMPRESSUM Editor Claudia Midolo Editing Carla Büchter, Sebastian Köller Creative Director Sebastian Köller Layout, Art Direction Carla Büchter Contributers of this edition Marit Klos, Jule Nowitzki, Julia Krol, Sarah Ebel, Alena Reinhardt, Beate Patulski, Dejan Poletan, Eva Monauni, Corinna Dege Many thanks to Manfred Bahr, Ballsaal Artist Management, Retouched Studios, Nina Klein Agency, Marcus-Andrè Graf zu Solms-Wildenfels, Florian Witt, Claudia Midolo Stylists Josepha Rodriguez Hair & Make-up Artists Hauke Krause, Caroline Torbahn, Maja Botic Photographer Julian Niznik, Reza Norifarahani Photo assistent Sebastian Köller Print Beisner Druck GMBH & Co. KG, Müllerstraße 6, 21244 Buchholz i. d. Nordheide Management Modelwerk Modelagentur GmbH Rothenbaumchaussee 1, 20148 Hamburg Amtsgericht Hamburg, HRB 78610, Geschäftsführer: Claudia Midolo 64

MODELWERK - 20 years anniversary magazine  


MODELWERK - 20 years anniversary magazine