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JEWELRY CORK BOARD Create a gorgeous and functional backdrop for your favorite jewelry pieces! Pair a plain cork board with paint and a decorative stencil for a personalized look • Cork Board • White Paint (We recommend Behr Premium Plus Interior Flat Enamel/Ultra Pure White) • Foam Roller/ Handle/Paint Tray* • 1” Stencil Brush* • Royal Stencil Crème: Bright Gold* • Royal Design Studio Stencil: 2059 Scallops* • 1” Blue Painter’s Tape • Paper Towels (Bounty or Viva) • 220-grit Sandpaper • Ruler and pencil • T-Pins


*Available at Cork Board and T-pins available at Office Depot



Roll a smooth, even coat of white paint all over. The foam roller will easily conform to the frame and corners, making application easy. Let dry.

Lightly sand the frame edges with fine sandpaper to get a smooth surface and wipe clean.

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The first coat of paint will absorb quite a bit into the cork. Add 1 or more additional coats of paint as needed, to get even coverage. Let dry.

Use blue painter’s tape to tape off and protect the frame edges. Push the tape tightly into the corners.



Use a ruler or tape measure to mark the center of the board. This pattern repeats symmetrically from left to right. You will want to position the stencil so that one of the “scallops” is centered on the board. This way the pattern will end in the same place on the left and right sides of the cork board.


Royal Stencil Crèmes offer great coverage and a little goes a LONG way. Place a small amount of paint onto a paper or plastic plate. Dip just the tips of the brush into the paint and swirl the brush on a clean area of the plate to distribute the paint through the brush bristles.

5b Next, use a firm pressure and circular motion with the brush on to a stack of good-quality paper towels (such as Bounty or Viva). This step is necessary to remove excess paint from the brush. Note: Royal Stencil Crèmes resist stencil “run-unders”, but excessive paint on the brush can build up ridges around the stencil design.

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STEP 6a Tape the stencil in place with a vertical row of “scallops” centered on the board. Begin stenciling by using a circular motion and a light pressure on the brush. Hint: If you are new to stenciling, it’s best to practice a bit on some scrap paper or poster board. Stencil an even coat of gold paint overall.



To handle the corners, simply press the stencil into the edges with your fingertips and get the brush as close to the edge as you can. Paint the edges with a “drier” brush to prevent any seepage.

Before moving the stencil, peel one edge back and make sure that you have even coverage with the paint. If it looks blotchy, simply lay the stencil back down and add more color where needed.



Move the stencil and line up the next repeat using the built-in window registration system. For ease of registration select elements are cut into the surrounding mylar to align over the “just stenciled” design.

When the stencil pattern is complete and fully dry (about ½ hour), move the blue painter’s tape to the stenciled cork board. Use a stencil brush or paint brush to brush or stipple 2 or more layers of Stencil Crème on the frame. Allow the paint to dry between coats.

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We used thin T-pins to firmly hold a special collection of favorite jewelry. If you have a bunch of color-coordinated jewelry collections, and enough wall space, it would be really fun to stencil a series of coordinating cork boards in different patterns and color palettes. Then, you could get all your jewelry in plain sight while creating a collection of custom “art” pieces!

Royal Design Studio announces the ultimate stencil paint for experienced and beginning stencil artisans alike: Royal Stencil Crèmes . Royal Stencil Crèmes have been developed by noted stencil designer, author, and instructor Melanie Royals to provide the definitive medium for stenciling with ease and efficiency.


SO many reasons to LOVE Royal Stencil Crèmes! They: • • • • • • • • • • • •

Are heavily loaded with color and shimmer. Provide opaque coverage in just one coat. Make it easy to create soft, translucent effects. Have a creamy formula that glides off your brush. Have excellent coverage and “flow”. Less reloading! Are gel-based, which resists causing stencil “run-unders”. Blend easily, yet dry quickly to a hard, durable surface. Leave minimal buildup of paint on stencils and brushes. Clean up like a dream with soap and water. Work well on variety of surfaces, from smooth to textured. Are the ideal medium for both stencils beginners AND pros. Come in 10 luscious colors. Intermix for more options!

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DIY Stenciled Jewelry Cork Board  

Create a gorgeous and functional backdrop for your favorite jewelry pieces! Pair a plain cork board with paint and a decorative stencil for...