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NL ENVIROTHON 2013 Lion Max Simms Memorial Camp, Bishop’s Falls April 25-27, 2013 Information for Participants How can people contact me at Max Simms Camp? The camp has a toll free line, 1-888-629-2267, local phone line, (709) 258-5862, and a fax line, (709) 258-5243. You may also e-mail the camp at Students, coaches and teachers may also take their cell phones to the Envirothon, although students will not have access to cell phones during the testing times listed below.

How do I get to Max Simms Camp? FROM THE WEST Drive along Hwy 1 (Trans Canada Highway—TCH) EAST. After about 3 hrs you will pass the turnoff to Bishop’s Falls (Hwy 350) on your Left. Shortly past that take Hwy 360 on your RIGHT, toward, Baie d’Espoir. Follow the signs to Max Simms Camp, about 10-15minutes from the Highway. FROM THE EAST Drive along Hwy 1 (Trans Canada Highway—TCH) WEST. Beyond Gander you will pass the turnoff to Lewisporte (Hwy 340) on your Right. About 0.5 hrs past that take Hwy 360 on your LEFT, toward Baie d’Espoir. Follow the signs to Max Simms Camp, about 10-15 minutes from the Highway.

When should we arrive at Envirothon? Registration is from 12:00pm – 2:00pm on Thursday, April 25th and will be followed by the welcome meeting at 3:00pm. Lunch will not be provided. This year, the training session will happen from 3:30pm – 6:00pm. Please let us know if you will be late.

What accommodations can I expect at Envirothon? Lion Max Simms Camp is a conference centre and most teams will be accommodated in rooms with bunk-beds, shared washroom and central meeting areas. Male and female students will be accommodated separately. While every effort will be made to place teachers, coaches and judges in single rooms, there may need to be some sharing of rooms. There is a dining hall and the staff will make every effort to accommodate those with special dietary requirements,

but please talk directly with the kitchen staff so that they understand your specific needs. If your dietary needs are uncommon, you may want to take along some of your own food in case the campsite is not able to accommodate your needs.

What should I take to Envirothon? • Sleeping bag and pillow (or sheet, blankets, duvet etc.) • Toiletries, towel and washcloth etc. • Flashlight • Games/sporting equipment/frisby for free time • Sturdy shoes for walking from station to station during field testing • Raincoat and/or umbrella for field testing • Clothing suitable for variable weather (warm coat recommended) • Pencils/pen/eraser for use during scenario preparation • Hat/sunscreen/insect repellant (we can only hope!) BE PREPARED FOR ALL WEATHER CONDITIONS (RAINBOOTS, WINTER JACKET, GLOVES, ETC.) Items not permitted during Training Sessions, Field Testing and Scenario Preparation • • • • • • •

Cell phones Calculators I-Pods and/or MP3’s Voice recorders Cameras (except for official photographers) Memory sticks/flash drives etc. Other electronic devices not provided by the event organizers

We are looking forward to welcoming you to NL Envirothon 2013 at Lion Max Simms Memorial Camp, Bishop’s Falls, April 25-27th.

What to bring to Envirothon  

List of things to bring to NL Envirothon as well as some directiosn to the event.