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Develop Tomorrow’s Informed Leaders. Educate Future Resource Stewards. Promote Sustainable Development.




THE OPPORTUNITY Be a partner in NL’s only, and one of North America’s largest, High School Environmental Education Competitions! 

NL Envirothon is a fast-paced and challenging event that tests student’s knowledge of natural resource management and environmental stewardship while promoting teamwork, public speaking and problem solving skills.

NL Envirothon 2012 will occur at Max Simms Memorial Camp in Bishop’s Falls, April 26-28, 2012.

NL Envirothon 2011 occurred at Killdevil Camp and Conference Centre, Gros Morne National Park, NL, May 5-7, 2011 and was attended by 70 people with seven teams from six schools across NL competing.

NL Envirothon 2011 received media coverage in The Western Star, K-Rock/ VOCM Radio and CBC Corner Brook

NL Envirothon 2011 received financial and in-kind support from Government Departments, Corporations/businesses and not-for-profit organizations

NL Envirothon is NL’s only high school environmental education competition.

The winner of NL Envirothon attends Canon Envirothon where they compete with close to 55 other teams (275 students) from across North America.

Provincial and State Envirothons reach over 500,000 teenagers annually.

In Canada, the Envirothon program reaches over 20,000 students in 9 provinces and 1 territory

Participants in NL Envirothon 2011 Killdevil Camp and Conference Centre Gros Morne National Park, NL

Canon Envirothon 2011 was held at Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick. NL was represented by a team from Elwood Regional High School in Deer Lake, NL.

Canon Envirothon 2012 will occur in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, USA.

PARTNERSHIP HIGHLIGHTS By being a financial or in-kind contributor to Newfoundland and Labrador Envirothon you will: 

Support environmental education and stewardship among high school students in the province

Promote the development of informed leaders and natural resource managers for this province’s future

Enhance the public image of your organization through your support of environmental education

Gain local and provincial media coverage as a partner in a well recognized competition

Display your organizational logo on NL Envirothon T-shirts, banner, promotional materials and event booklet

Be part of a program that reaches over half a million teenagers throughout North America

For More Information: Model Forest of Newfoundland & Labrador PO Box 68 Corner Brook NL A2H 6C3 Ph. (709) 637-7300 Fax. (709) 634-0255

Develop Tomorrow’s Informed Leaders

Educate Future Resource Stewards

Promote Sustainable Development

Create Community Awareness






$1,500 plus

$1,000- $500$1,499 $999


Bronze $100$499

Logo on T-Shirts

Logo in Event Booklet

Invitation to Awards Ceremony Certificate of Appreciation Logo in Western Star Advertisement (post event; logo position/ size based on partnership level) Logo on event Banner Full Page advertisement in Event booklet

($10,000 annually) Title sponsors receive all benefits listed to the left plus the following:

Link on NL Envirothon website

NL Envirothon T-Shirt(s)

Right to Title for NL Envirothon

2 Invitation to present award




 Right-to-title and exclusive promotion before and during the event  Recognition as title sponsor in all media coverage of the event  Front and back coverage in event booklet  Largest logo and prime logo placement on T-shirts, banner etc.  Logo in pre and post event advertising

For More Information: Model Forest of Newfoundland & Labrador at (709) 637-7300 or


NL Envirothon is an environmental education competition for youth that raises awareness of environmental issues through hands-on learning and outdoor competitions in five subject areas:     

Aquatic Ecology Forestry Soils and Land Use Wildlife Current Environmental Issue

NL Envirothon competition usually takes place over two days at a conference centre in the province. Day one is devoted to field testing and preparation of oral presentations. Day two is devoted to oral presentations and final judging to determine winning teams. NL Envirothon is open to students enrolled in grades 9 though 12 and youth of eligible age who are members of community groups with an environmental focus. Students from a school's junior high feeder school are eligible to compete. NL Envirothon members work as a team on all tests at the event. Field tests are completed as a team and oral presentations require participation from all team members. It is a great teambuilding experience! NL Envirothon encourages young people to learn more about the environment both in and out of the classroom. In a group setting, participants learn from one another, from resource professionals, and from nature itself. NL Envirothon highlights the many careers paths in the environmental and natural resource management fields. Winners of the provincial competition will be presented with the opportunity to compete at the North American Canon Envirothon which is held in a different state/province each summer. For more information about Canon Envirothon visit For more information: Model Forest of Newfoundland and Labrador PO Box 68, Corner Brook, NL, A2H 6C3 Phone: (709) 637-7300 Fax: (709) 634-0255 E-Mail:

COMPETITION STRUCTURE Every province and/or state has their own way of conducting Envirothon competitions. The competition structure is determined by the provincial Envirothon Committee dependant on factors including location, time frame, number of teams and number of judges. The following is the structure adopted by the NL Envirothon Committee but may be altered at any time at the discretion of the Organizing committee:

Field Testing Teams complete a 15 minute field test in each of the five subject areas: Aquatic Ecology, Forestry, Soils/Land Use, Wildlife, and a Current Environmental Issue. Teams complete their field tests during the first morning of competition. When possible, field tests will be set up so that there will be no more than one team at a station at any given time. Each field test will be marked out of 100 total points with a combined total score for the field testing component of 500 points.

Scenario Preparation Teams have a length of time (usually 3-4 hours, depending on event schedule) to prepare a response to a presented problem scenario based on the Current Environmental Issue. During the presentation preparation time, teams are isolated from their teachers/coaches, are under supervision, and are given all the required materials for the preparation of their oral presentation. Teams may provide their own snacks for this scenario preparation time; however, all notes, printed materials, electronic devices, pens etc. are prohibited. At the end of the preparation period all items supplied to the teams will be collected and stored until just prior to their oral presentation on the second day of competition

Oral Presentations On the second day of competition, teams will be required to give their oral presentations to a panel of judges. The three teams with the highest preliminary oral presentation score are required to give their presentations a second time to the full panel of judges. This enables the other teams to view a high quality presentation and allows the final three presentations to be evaluated by the same panel of judges. The scores obtained by the team in this second round replaces their score obtained in the preliminary oral presentation. The oral presentations, worth 200 total points, are evaluated based on a standardized scoring rubric produced by Canon Envirothon Education Committee.

Awards Ceremony Following the final oral presentations the judges meet to determine the total combined scores from the field testing and oral presentations for each team. At the awards ceremony, the winners of the following categories are announced:    

NL Envirothon Champion - (The team with the highest score out of 700 points) Highest Score in each Field Test Highest Score on the Preliminary Oral Presentation Dr. Neal Simon Team Spirit Award

HISTORY OF NL ENVIROTHON NL Envirothon began in 2000 with one team from Regina High School in Corner Brook, under the guidance of teacher-advisor Cecil Lake, participating in the Nova Scotia Envirothon in Port Hawkesbury and the North American Canon Envirothon at Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. In 2001, as a pilot project, the Western Newfoundland Model Forest and School District #3 hosted a regional Envirothon competition in Corner Brook with three teams from Regina High School in Corner Brook and one team from Elwood High School in Deer Lake. The event has grown significantly over the years and the 2009 event involved 10 teams from 9 schools across the province. Since the inception of NL Envirothon the event has been held across the island of Newfoundland at venues in St. John’s, Bishop’s Falls, Lomond and Corner Brook. The table shown below lists the history of NL Envirothon including the event location, participation level, wining team and the location of the Canon Envirothon. Year

NL Envirothon Location

Number Teams

Winning Team

Canon Envirothon


Team traveled to Nova Scotia


Regina High School, Corner Brook

Wolfville, Nova Scotia


Corner Brook


Elwood High School, Deer Lake

Jackson, Mississippi


Corner Brook


Regina High School, Corner Brook

Amherst, Massachusetts


Corner Brook


Regina High School, Corner Brook

Mount Saint Mary’s College, Maryland


St. John’s


Elwood High School, Deer Lake

Buckhannon, West Virginia


St. John’s


Elwood High School, Deer Lake

Springfield, Missouri




Regina High School, Corner Brook

Winnipeg, Manitoba




Elwood High School, Deer Lake

Geneva, New York State




Corner Brook Regional High School

Flagstaff, Arizona


Bishop’s Falls


Elwood High School, Deer Lake

Asheville, North Carolina


Bishop’s Falls


Corner Brook Regional High School

Fresno, California




Elwood High School, Deer Lake

Sackville, New Brunswick

HISTORY OF CANON ENVIROTHON In 1979, the Pennsylvania Soil and Water Conservation Districts created an "Environmental Olympics" as a way to encourage high school students to become interested in natural resource conservation and environmental issues and careers. The Environmental Olympics, later shortened to Enviro-Olympics, quickly gained popularity as a hands-on outdoor competition designed to challenge and test students knowledge of soils/land use, aquatic ecology, forestry, wildlife and current environmental issues. The program grew rapidly and involved 40 conservation district teams at the 1987 Pennsylvania State Enviro-Olympics, providing greater visibility and stimulating interest from neighboring states. In 1988 the program became known as the Envirothon. Teams from Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Massachusetts competed in the first "National Envirothon." The Pennsylvania Association of Conservation Districts hosted the event. Subsequently, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Maine hosted the annual "National Envirothon," and in 1992 the first Canadian team (from Nova Scotia) participated in the competition, hosted by Maryland's Envirothon Committee. Historically, Envirothon funding came from local conservation districts, state conservation committees, state, federal and provincial conservation organizations, and provincial forestry associations. In 1997 Canon U.S.A., Inc. began supporting the Envirothon program and in 1999 became the title sponsor. The program currently operates under the name Canon Envirothon. The Canon Envirothon is governed by the Canon Envirothon Committee which consists of one representative from each member state/province. An Executive Director and the elected officers (known as the Canon Envirothon Board of Directors) provide program administration and day-to-day guidance. For more information, visit

TEAM SPIRIT AWARD The Dr. Neal Simon Team Spirit Award is given to a team that displays good sportsmanship, teamwork and spirit during NL Envirothon competition. This award was instituted by the Model Forest of Newfoundland & Labrador in 2007 in memory of Dr. Neal Simon, the special topic judge at the 2006 NL Envirothon. Dr. Neal Simon was born in Labrador City on December 30, 1973. He worked with the NL Department of Natural Resources as Regional Ecologist for Labrador. He held a B.Sc. from Memorial University with a major in ecology and evolution and a minor in statistics, and M.Sc. in Forestry and Environmental Management from the University of New Brunswick. He completed his Ph. D. in this same faculty in 2006.

Dr. Neal Simon December 30, 1973September 23, 2006

Neal was NL Envirothon’s theme judge in 2006 and was an enthusiastic and knowledgeable addition to the Envirothon team. He died on September 23, 2006 in a boating accident in Labrador at the age of 33. In his memory, the “Dr. Neal Simon Team Spirit Award” was established to honor the NL Envirothon team that best exemplifies Neal’s love of learning and the natural environment of Newfoundland and Labrador. The winner of the inaugural Dr. Neal Simon Team Spirit Award in 2007 was Menihek High School from Labrador City. In 2010, the award went to “NCIS” from Elwood High School in Deer Lake. While in 2011, the award was presented to team “Zwak Pack” from Main River Academy in Pollard’s Point.

2010 Winners of Dr. Neal Simon Award: “NCIS”, Elwood High School, Deer Lake

2011 Winners of Dr. Neal Simon Award: “Zwak Pack”, Main River Academy, Pollard’s Point

Thank you for considering this partnership opportunity. If there are partner benefits not included in this package that would make the partnership more attractive for your organization, we would be more than willing to negotiate alternate partnership opportunities.

Newfoundland and Labrador Envirothon is hosted and organized by Model Forest of Newfoundland & Labrador. If you require any further information on the event or our organization, please contact the NL Envirothon Coordinator using the following contact information: Mail: PO Box 68, Corner Brook, NL, A2H 6C3 Phone: (709) 637-7300 Fax: (709) 634-0255 E-Mail: Web: Facebook: Model Forest of Newfoundland & Labrador Twitter: ModelForestNL

NL Envirothon 2012 Sponsor's Handbook  

Information for potential sponsors of NL Envirothon 2012. The handbook provides an overview of the event history and objectives and benefits...

NL Envirothon 2012 Sponsor's Handbook  

Information for potential sponsors of NL Envirothon 2012. The handbook provides an overview of the event history and objectives and benefits...