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CONTENTS Nathan Bennett, Editor. Welcome to our Special Holiday Edition of Model Airliner Magazine. We have an exciting issue in store for you! First off we're happy to introduce our 9-page 2017 Holiday Gift Guide which will hopefully give you an insight on a few presents you may want to add to your holiday gift list. We are also paying tribute to the Boeing 747 as we take you through the early years of the iconic jetliner. If you are new to our magazine, I invite you to visit our website and take a look at our back issues page. Alternatively, you can check out all the information on Page 33 of this issue. As always, we are interested in hearing from you and would welcome any ideas or articles you wish to submit for consideration in a future issue. You can get in touch with us by visiting the contact page on our website at www.modelairliner.com or via email at info@modelairliner.com! We wish you a safe and enjoyable Holiday Season! Nathan Bennett Editor-In-Chief -------------------------------------------------------------------------


















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Air Canada A321-200 C-GITU Air Canada A321-200 C-GIUF Air Canada A321-200 C-GITY Air Jamaica DC-8-50 6Y-JGD Air Jamaica DC-8-61 6Y-JGG Air Moldova A320-200 ER-AXP Air Moldova A320-200 ER-AXV Aloha Airlines F-27 N5093A HeavyLift Cargo Airlines B707-300 G-HEVY HeavyLift Cargo Airlines B707-300 N2215Y MEA Middle East Airlines A321-200 OD-RMI MSA Malaysia Singapore Airlines F-27 9M-AOX MSA Malaysia Singapore Airlines F-27 9V-BAR Ozark Air Lines F-27 N4300F Qatar Airways A330-300 A7-AEG Qatar Amiri Flight A340-300 A7-AAH SAS Scandinavian Airlines F-27 LN-RNX TAA Trans Australia Airlines F-27 VH-TFA US Airways A321-200 N187US United States Army F-27 GK001

Aeromexico B737-800 EI-DRC Aeromexico B737-800 N861AM Air Canada A330-300 C-GFAF Air Leisure Egypt A340-200 SU-GBO Air Mauritius A350-900 3B-NBP Air Mauritius A350-900 3B-NBQ ANA All Nippon Airways A320-200 JA213A Hi Fly Malta A340-300 9H-TQM Jet2 B737-800 G-JZHZ Jet2 B737-800 G-JZHY Lucky Air A330-300 B-5971 Malaysia A350-900 9M-MAC Qantas Airways B787-900 VH-ZNA Qatar Airways A330-300 A7-AEO Qatar Airways B747-8 A7-BGB United Parcel Service B747-8 N605UP WOW Air A321-200 TF-SKY


Air Canada Express CRJ-900 Air Astana Boeing 757-200WL American Eagle ERJ-145 Malaysia Boeing 737-800WL





Qatar Airbus A350-1000 Thai Boeing 787-800 United Express ERJ-170 Vueling Airbus A321SL

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Air Leisure A340-200 SU-GBO Air Mauritius A350-900 3B-NBQ Air Mauritius A350-900 3B-NBQ Malaysia A350-900 9M-MAC

Aerolineas Argentinas Airbus A340-300 LV-CSX Air Florida Boeing 737-100 N40AF Air Malawi Boeing 747SP 7Q-YKL Air Mauritius Airbus A350-900 "50th Anniversary" 3B-NBP Dan-Air London Boeing 707-300 G-AYSL Finnair Airbus A350-900 OH-LWD Iran Air Boeing 747SP EP-IAC Kuwait Airways Boeing 747-400 9K-ADE "Al-Jabriya" Oman Air Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner A4O-SB SriLankan Airlines Airbus A330-300 4R-ALM



NOVEMBER 2017 RELEASES French Air Force C-160 61-MA Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force F-4 Phantom 3-6645 Luftwaffe C-160 50+66 United States Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt NA


NOVEMBER 2017 RELEASES Aeroflot Tu-134 CCCP-65667 Air Koryo TU-134 P-814 Ju-Air Ju-52 HB-HOS UTA DC-10-30 F-BTDC



JFOX Models 1/200

NOVEMBER 2017 RELEASES Thailand - Air Force Boeing 737-200 L11-1/26 Indonesia - Air Force Boeing 737-200 A-7304 USA - Air Force Boeing T-43A (737-200) 72-0288 USA - Air Force Lockheed C-130 74-2062 Malaysia - Air Force Lockheed C-130 M30-09 JF-747- 4-026 Air Pacific Boeing 747-400 DQ-FJL



American Boeing 777-300 British Airways Boeing 787-8 Delta Air Lnes MD-80 El Al Boeing 777-200

LOT Polish ERJ-195 Southwest Boeing 737 MAX Southwest Boeing 737-700SWL WestJet Boeing 737 MAX



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THROUGH THE YEARS WITH THE BOEING 747 Article by Cody Diamond | Photos by Raimond Schulz

The 747 program was launched in March of 1966. The following month, on April 13, 1966, Pan American World Airways ordered 25 Boeing 747-100's, the first generation of the airplane that would come to be known world wide as The Queen of the Skies. With its famed "double-bubble" fuselage, the jumbo would become an icon, recognizable to many outside the aviation industry. The 747 program was as much a gamble for Pan Am as it was for The Boeing Company. The 747 was to become the world's first wide-body passenger jet. The aircraft was originally developed to be used as a freighter in the forseeable future, especially given the fact that she was designed at the same time that supersonic airliners such as the Concorde, Tu-144, and Boeing's own 2707 were being developed. Boeing had originally planned to build a jumbo freighter for the Air Force, but was out bid by Lockheed with its C-5. Boeing readily expected the 747's life as a passenger airliner to be


short, and that the future of air transport was in supersonic airliners. The fact that the 747 was able to become such a versatile platform for both passenger and cargo transport, has led it to be one of the most successful airliners that is still produced today, while her supersonic counterparts have long since retired. Just two short years later on September 30, 1968, the first 747-100 rolled out in Everett. N7470, or RA001 in Boeing parlance, would be a 747-121, carrying the Pan Am customer code of "21" in her designation, although this particular 747 would never see revenue service for any airline. A testbed her whole life, she would fly her final flight in 1995, after serving as an engine testbed for the 777 program. On February 9, 1969, the 747-100 flew for the first time, and by December 30, she was certified as a transport category airliner. On January 21, 1970, Pan Am launched 747 Jumbo service between


JFK Airport in New York and London's Heathrow Airport. One year later, Boeing would deliver the first 747-200, an updated version of the original jumbo featuring a higher gross weight and larger fuel tanks, to KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Over the years, the 747200 would become the mainstay of many airlines fleets, outperforming the 747-100 for longer range routes. Furthermore, the -200 would be modified in the years to come with performance improvements.

The 747 was originally developed to be used as a freighter.

In 1973, the 747SR (Short Range), a modified -100 with strengthened landing gear and lower fuel tank capacity would begin service to short haul Japanese markets, initially with Japan Air Lines (JAL). ANA would eventually operate the type. Both operators would later operate the 747-400D (domestic) on domestic trunk routes within Japan. In 1975, the 747SP (Special Performance) first flew, and was delivered to Pan Am in 1976. The SP was designed specifically for ultra long haul flying, such as Pan Am's JFK to Tokyo route. Shorter than a standard 747, the SP features a modified tail and wing. The SP would eventually set a round the world flight time record with United Airlines as Friendship One. The 747-100/200/SR/SP, as well as the -300 (to be discussed in a later installment) make up what is known as the 747 Classic. All feature the flight engineer position, however, several improvements were made since the original lower gross weight / range -100.

-222B's from Boeing, which would be some of the last 747-200's built, before it would acquire -400's in 1989. These -222B's, powered by the JT9D-7R4G2 engines, were much more powerful than the original JT9D's. With nearly 55,000 pounds of thrust per engine, versus 46,500 pounds on older JT9D's, the -222B was one of the most capable Pratt powered Classics around. The last 747-100 passenger retired in 2014 with Iran Air, while five -100's still remain active with the Iranian Air Force. The 747-200 is still flying in limited commercial freight service. No SR's remain flying, and a few SP's do continue to fly, including one former United airplane now used as an airborne telescope for NASA.

Join us next month as we discuss the 747-300 and 747-400 program!

747 Classics could be powered by a variety of engines, which are the Pratt & Whitney JT9, General Electric CF-6, and the Rolls-Royce RB211. Older versions of the JT9D would power the -100 before product improvement packages. The 747-100 also had one customer, Saudi Arabian Airlines, to have RB211 powered -168B's. The CF6 and JT9D would power the SR's, though other than on the SR variant, the CF6 was never used on the standard -100. The 747-200 would be available and be flown with all three engine types, all being continually improved over time. When United acquired the 747SP's from Pan Am, the original intent was to use the airplane on East Coast - Asia markets (i.e. JFK/EWR-NRT). The airplane was very capable, but being shorter, United was not satisfied with its passenger numbers. United ordered two special long range


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ISSUE 5 / DECEMBER 2017 | 09



Location: 215 Carlingview Dr, Unit #110, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M9W 5X8 MAM = Model Airliner Magazine | FA = Faheem Ahmed MAM: Where is Threshold Aviation located? FA: We are located at 215 Carlingview Drive, in Toronto. The store is a couple of kilometers from Toronto’s Pearson International Airport – and beside the approach to runway 24R. MAM: Can you give us an insight on the history of Threshold Aviation? FA: Threshold Aviation was founded in 1995, as a place for pilots and enthusiasts to not only purchase their supplies, but also to connect with fellow aviators. Although we started as a retail store, we launched our B737NG flight simulator in 2008 not only for training purposes, but as an open-to-public experience for anyone wanting to get an idea of what it’s like to be a pilot.

MAM: What is your current role at Threshold Aviation? FA: I am one of the two owners, along with my business partner Mickey Bodog. 10

MAM: Are you an aviation enthusiast? When were you bitten by the “Aviation Bug”? FA: I am certifiably “plane crazy” and have been since my parents brought me to watch airplanes at YYZ when I was about 2 years old. It stuck with me then and my passion continues to grow everyday. MAM: You have a very large inventory of aviation models for collectors? What different model manufacturers do you stock products from? FA: We try to carry as much inventory from the major 1/200 and 1/400 scale brands. These include: Gemini Jets, Inflight200, Aeroclassics, Phoenix, JCWings, Herpa, Hogan and Skymarks models. We’ve also recently started carrying HYJL models as the Canadian distributor for the brand.

MAM: Over the years, what models have been the most popular among collectors? FA: The general rule is that models of aircraft that fly into Toronto are the most popular, planes that people see and fly on. This obviously starts with Canadian airliners, but also stems to models such as the (many versions) of the Emirates A380, as it's the only scheduled A380 that visits YYZ. MAM: Aside from aircraft models what aviation-related products do you carry?


FA: We carry everything a pilot needs for their flight bag, ranging from David Clark headsets, logbooks all the way to Citizen Watches and Serengeti Sunglasses. We are also an authorized Boeing Store and Airbus Shop reseller carrying their clothing and accessories. In recent years we’ve widened our range, carrying items such as GoPro cameras and DJI Drones.

FA: One very good sign I see about the diecast hobby is the amount of younger collectors who visit our store. The 13-18 age group will be the next generation of model collectors, and I see a strong increase in this demographic. I do still feel like some of the bigger model makers should be doing more to expand the reach of our hobby, but that’s something we’ll hopefully see more of in the future. MAM: I also understand you have a B737 Simulator experience available to those who wish to experience the thrill of flying an airliner? Can you tell us a little bit about this program? FA: We do! As mentioned earlier we have a full size Boeing 737-800 simulator in our shop. It is built inside the nose of a real Boeing 737 (ex United, N911UA). After September 11th, aviation security made visiting a cockpit a thing of the past. We started our simulator with the mandate to help promote aviation not only to aviation enthusiasts but the general public. Guests as young as 10 years old can fly our simulator with a qualified instructor and learn the basics of controlling a modern airliner. We have global scenery and high definition graphics, and a fully working cockpit, with all systems functioning. Up to 4 guests can take part with a 1 hour package at $129 Canadian.

You can check out Threshold Aviation on the web at: www.thresholdaviation.com

Faheem Ahmed MAM: How popular is model collecting in Canada? Do the majority of your customers come to your store to purchase model aircraft? FA: Model collecting has always been popular in Canada, with, what I find to be an increase in the last several years. We are seeing brands like Gemini Jets and JCwings producing more Canadian subjects than ever before. These releases are selling out quickly from not only us, but the distributors as well, so I believe the market in Canada is very strong. The vast majority of our sales are in-store as people prefer to inspect and look at their models. Sadly, brick and mortar stores such as ours are becoming increasingly rare so people enjoy stopping by to see what’s new. MAM: It seems diecast model aircraft collecting has grown worldwide in terms of popularity in recent years. When it comes to the future do you think it will continue to expand? Have you seen an increase in the number of collectors? MODEL AIRLINER

Increase your customer base by advertising with Model Airliner Magazine! Affordable advertising packages are available for our upcoming issues. Contact us via email at info@modelairliner.com for package details!

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Horizon Air Fokker F28 [N802PH] Aeroclassics 1/400

There have now been 43 Fokker 28 Fellowships produced by Aeroclassics, with a healthy 14 this year expanding the range of subjects beyond the former release focus of Australia, Canada and Indonesia. Pleasingly half of 2017s F28 output has been for Holy Grail US operators from the 1980s like Piedmont and USAir. Now it is Horizon Air’s chance for some Fellowships. Sadly the lack of a series 4000 mould makes it difficult to imagine we’ll ever see other US operators like Empire or Air 21, but regardless Seattle’s regional carrier is a worthy subject.

THE REAL THING Horizon Air is almost unique amongst the regional carriers of the United States in that it managed to avoid the deletion of its own public identity for far longer than anybody else involved in a franchise style feeder operation with a major carrier. This was despite the fact that it has been owned by Alaska Air Group since 1986. Indeed it wasn't until January 25, 2011 that the Horizon Air name and the sunset branding was replaced with Alaska Airlines own branding. Then again Alaska Airlines isn't like other US airlines and even today the Horizon fleet carries Alaska Horizon titles, although Chester the Eskimo now graces the tail. Horizon had begun service in September 1981 with a trio of Fairchild F-27s and grew through acquisitions designed primarily it seems to try and consolidate loss making airlines. The airline went public in 1984 and a codeshare with United in 1985 attracted Alaska to acquire it. It has grown steadily and reliably under the stewardship of its parent albeit it keeping 12

Article and Photos by Richard Stretton

its independent management. Jet operations began as early as November 1984 with the arrival of a 1975 built F28-1000 that had been operating with Air Ivoire. She was joined by N802PH in September 1986. This aircraft had also had an interesting career. It started service with Iberia as EC-BVA in April 1970 but five years later joined Aerolinee Itavia as PH-ZAM, on lease from Fokker. After only a year it was exported to Asia for service with Union of Burma Airways (as XY-ADV). A decade of service pre-empted her return to Fokker. Horizon's F28 fleet grew slowly, with a third frame only added in 1989, as it focused instead on acquiring DHC-8s. Between 1993 and 1996 Horizon expanded its F28-1000 fleet by taking another 9 aircraft on lease. These were all ex-Piedmont and USAir units. From 1996 larger series F28-4000s joined the fleet and added extra capacity. They were all of similar USAir ancestry but some had seen short service with the failed startup Air 21 also. The larger series 4000s replaced the smaller series 1000s, including the three

original frames, which had been sold to General Electric Capital in 1992, but remained with Horizon. N802PH still had plenty of life in her and went to Argentina in September 1997 as LV-WZC. She served with Aerogaucho and then American Falcon. Her career ended after a year of operating for Aerolineas Argentinas and she was stored in July 2005. Horizon’s F28-4000s continued in service until February 14, 2003 when the type was finally replaced by new Canadair CRJ-701s.

THE MODEL The format for my reviews is to split them into three key areas: • The mould of the aircraft • The paint and livery • Printing and quality control Each can get a maximum score of 10 for a section giving a maximum combined total score of 30.



The Aeroclassics Fokker F28 mould is the only one for this aircraft type in 1/400 scale, although Gemini has a Fokker F70 mould. The F28 dates in model form from 2007, when Aeroclassics released a small and obscure batch of Indonesian and South American F28s, but then vanished until 2014. The age of the mould does mean it doesn’t have some of the more modern features of 2017 moulds, however it does have rolling gears.

In March 1991 Horizon Air altered its identity to bring it into line with its big sister Alaska Airlines, which itself had just revitalized its livery with billboard titles. It didn’t however feel the need to completely ape its larger parent and give up its uniqueness. Instead it sympathetically aligned its brand with Alaska whilst keeping its name and logo. The new scheme involved large scripted titles (Horizon not Alaska Express) and a new stylized version of the previous setting sun logo on the tail. The original bright four colour livery was certainly louder than the new scheme but the bing-cherry red and burgundy colours of the new scheme were modern, attractive and aligned beautifully with the updated Alaska colours.

The mould is a decent representation of the little Fokker. Starting at the rear both the vertical stabiliser and engines look correctly sized and shaped. The diagnostic split tail-cone airbrake has an incorrect rounded top line when it ought to be completely horizontal. It also doesn’t have the paired side bulges just ahead of the airbrake. This isn’t major I guess but the tailcone is so much part of the type’s look that it is a shame. The mould is cradle fit but the seam line is very unobstrusive and has no impact on the model’s aesthetics. Moving forward, the nosecone is a little asymmetric. The lower curve is stronger than the upper one and the cockpit curve is not deep enough. This does make placement of the cockpit windows a little difficult but overall the nose still looks like an F28. The last point of criticism is the undercarriage. The nosegear leg is a little too long and gives the look of the aircraft when it’s coming in to land, with everything hanging, rather than when it is at rest on the ground. Although this mould doesn’t quite reach the high standards of much of the rest of the Aeroclassics catalogue it is still a fine F28 and I have no hesitation in acquiring it. SCORE - 7

The new scheme’s colours look quite dark in photographs, especially the burgundy, which can almost look black at distance. Aeroclassics rendition of the colours is pretty decent although as is common with this manufacturer it may be that the burgundy is a shade too dark. Then again, as stated, in many photos the burgundy looks darker and the model’s colours certainly match expectations. Interestingly there aren’t lots of photos of this airframe wearing the 90s livery, but even into 1998 when serving with Aerogaucho she was still wearing the majority of her Horizon livery as LV-WZC. Placement and size of the tail logo is good although the underside line of the horizon is too clean on the model. On the real thing it was far from a clean edge. Other areas of the livery are well reproduced including the large scripted titles. There are no font issues here. The rest of the livery really only consists of the low two tone stripes and they are placed well. If I’m going to nitpick I could say the silver belly is too low by a fraction – it should reach ahead of the nosegear by some distance.

PRINTING & QUALITY CONTROL On such a small model there isn’t a huge opportunity to dazzle the collector with lots of detail printing, however what is there is well reproduced and, as is almost always the case for Aeroclassics, printed properly. The wings have the most detail and look excellent. The cockpit windows are not perfect, the shape of the outer windows and eyebrows is a little off, but pass muster. The only disappointment is the lack of a line denoting the unique split tailcone airbrake. This is clearly visible on the real thing and adds to the tailcone being the model’s biggest weakness. One small printing fault is the twin striping that wraps around the engines. It’s a little inconsistent and not an equal thickness all the way around. The build quality of the model is exemplary and there are no construction faults whatsoever. SCORE – 8

CONCLUSION The final tally for this model feels a bit harsh since overall it is a fine addition and well worth the purchase price, however it is true that the smaller the model is the more fine detail issues are noticeable. Even so this is the exact kind of model that I am grateful Aeroclassics delivers. Small regional types can’t possibly sell as well as large widebodies but they have just as strong a claim to a place in aviation history and the F28 provided a true workhorse that enabled Horizon to raise the bar beyond that of other contemporary regional airlines.



Checkout Richard's site www.yesterdaysairlines.com for an in-depth review of airline history, model reviews and more! MODEL AIRLINER

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WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF DANIEL DOMINGUEZ... I have to say I am a huge aviation fan. I have been collecting all kinds of aviation keepsakes since I was a child, but the thing I love the most is to collect scale airplane models of all sizes. I became passionate about aviation at the age of 5 and can remember my very first flight aboard a United Airlines Airbus A320 in 1997. From that moment, I was hooked and have been fascinated with airplanes and every aspect of aviation ever since. The trip was a changing point in my life and I began collecting airplanes shortly thereafter. Today, I have over 1900 models in my collection of all different airlines from countries all around the world. I have retro or vintage jets, actual airliners and cargo planes, as well as a Wright Flyer made of wood in a 1/18 scale. My first model was a 1/250 scale Qatar Boeing 747-200. I can’t exactly remember the brand, but it was a Skymarks or Wooster model and I still have it as part of my collection. It is very special not only because it was my first model, but because it was a gift from my father. Intially, building my collection was challenging because I was a child and my father bought me one model per month. However, now that I have grown up I have saved money in order to acquire more models.


Today the model scales represented in my collection are a variety of 1/500, 1/400, 1/200, 1/100, 1/144 (Zvezda and Revel Kits) and even one 1/72 scale model. I like a variety of models including plastic, metal, and resin. However most of my collection consists of 1/400 scale models. I spent a lot of time, money and effort getting all the Mexican scale models of every brand that were released. It was a personal goal.

My favorite aircraft is the Antonov 225, but I haven´t had the opportunity to see one in person because the aircraft is not a frequent visitor to Mexico. Its size and ability to carry a large payload amaze me. I think it’s a wonder of engineering and aviation. When it comes to my collection my favorite aircraft is the first one that I flew years ago, the United A320 in the Battleship (Grey) Livery. Today I have the Gemini Jets and Aeroclassics versions of the model in 1/400 scale.

One thing all collectors know is that space can be an issue when it comes to expanding your collection. I would love to continue to see my collection grow and am actively seeking a 1/200 scale United A320 with the Battleship Grey livery. It’s been challenging to find and I hope someone will make the model soon.

kinds of scale stuff to recreate an airport, such as cars, ground equipment and even people in various scales. This makes the diorama more realistic. I hope you’ve enjoyed my perspective on why I’m passionate about model collecting and like the photos of my collection featured in the magazine!

Also I continue to acquire many of the new release models. I like to collect fantasy models such as the FedEx, and UPS A380 released by Gemini Jets and Magic Models. Between all my curiosities I have a small collection of safety cards from Mexican airlines from the 60s to actual stuff, and few aviation books and DVDs. A year ago, I was also able to find some First-Class seats from a LOT 767 that was converted to be part of the Mexicana Airlines fleet. Many people ask me about my favorite airline and that is really a hard question to answer because I like all kinds of airplanes and liveries, but I think a livery that I've always enjoyed is the British Airways Landor Scheme. I think it’s nice, simple and very elegant. Another hobby I like a lot is photography so I try to combine pictures with airplanes and scale models and the results are wonderful. I have all


ISSUE 5 / DECEMBER 2017 | 15

2017 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE As we enter the Holiday Season, we’d like to suggest a few special gifts you might want to consider adding to your collection. From models to accessories, we’ve got it all in our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide!


Gemini Jets Air Canada Express CRJ-900 "New Livery” GJACA1675 Retail Price $38.95 This is a must for regional jet collectors. Air Canada’s new livery is sleek and this release is Gemini's first CRJ900 model to feature the carrier’s new paint scheme.

Gemini Jets Southwest B737 MAX8 GJSWA1676 Retail Price $38.95 Gemini Jets new B737 MAX8 mould is superb. This was demonstrated with its release of the Norwegian 737 Max 8 earlier in the year. This Max 8 model is the first to sport the livery of a US Carrier, and it will be popular for years to come.

Gemini Jets Delta B747-400 GJDAL1640 Retail Price $57.95 As the retirement of its 747 fleet approaches, you might want to get your hands on a piece of history. Delta is scheduled to retire the aircraft in mid-December as it replaces the iconic jetliner with the Airbus A350-900. Gemini Jets recently released this 1/400 scale version of the Delta 747.


Gemini Jets KLM Fokker F-70 “Farewell LIVERY” GJKLM1670 Retail Price $38.95 You might want to move quickly to get ahold of this hot collectors item before it sells out! Gemini Jets recently released a rendition of the KLM Fokker F-70 featuring the Farewell Livery, which is a tribute to KLM’s 97-year relationship with the Dutch aircraft manufacturer. KLM retired the aircraft on October 28th.

Phoenix Models Singapore Airlines Airbus A380-800 “70th Anniversary Livery” Retail Price $43.95 Since Singapore Airlines A380 fleet has started to shrink, this will be a collector’s item in a few years. This model is decked out in the carrier’s 70th Anniversary Livery.

Phoenix Models TAP Portgual A330-300 “Stopover Livery” PH4TAP1668 Retail Price $65.95

The TAP Portugual A330-300 model features a rendition of the sights and sounds of Portugual, celebrating the one year anniversary of the carrier’s Stopover Program. With the new program travelers have the option of flying with TAP and stopping over in Lisbon or Porto to explore before heading to other European destinations.


ISSUE 5 / DECEMBER 2017 | 17

A must have for any Air China fan, not to mention the model received a near perfect score in its review on our sister site The Diecast Flier! The mould, livery and paint quality are stunning. JC Wings is certainly a frontrunner when it comes to producing 1/400 scale 777 moulds!

JC Wings Air China B777-300ER “Smiling China Livery” KD4CCA677 Retail PRICE $51.99

Aeroclassics Virgin America Airbus A321neo Retail PRICE $38.49 Aeroclassics releases have been highly sought after recently and this model is no exception. Hurry, you may still have time to find this gem before you have to resort to eBay!

Aeroclassics Swissair Douglas DC-8-33 with Ground Service Equipment Retail Price $39.99

It’s always nice to provide an extra bonus with a model purchase, and Aeroclassics has done just that with its release of the Swissair Douglas DC-8-33. Included with the model is a 10-piece ground service equipment set. From baggage carts to beltloaders the set is a nice little treat to accompany this 1/400 scale DC-8 model.


Panda Models 737 MAX8 Retail Price $38.95

This model is sporty with its new Leap-1B engines. In our opinion this might just be the best MAX8 decorated in the Boeing House Livery.

JC Wings CAAC B757-21B KD4CCA079 Retail Price $47.95 Another highly sought after model that might only be available via eBay. The JC Wings release of the China Civil Aviation Authority Boeing 757 is top notch and would be nice to place alongside a CAAC C-130 Hercules or B747SP.

Aeroclassics Aloha Airlines Fairchild F-27 Retail Price $47.95

You can never have enough classics in your collection and this model will likely be a hot seller! The F-27 was an integral part of Aloha’s interisland route structure in the mid-1960s.

BMEDIAUK 1/400 AIRPORT LAYOUTS Retail Price $23.00 To bring your collections to life, why not add a nice airport layout into the mix! Check out the various layouts and styles by searching for 'BMEDIAUK' on the eBay UK website.


ISSUE 5 / DECEMBER 2017 | 19


Herpa Wings Lufthansa A340-600 "FC Bayern Audi Summer Tour China 2017" HE530897 Retail Price $49.00 Herpa Wings has introduced a Lufthansa A340-600 model dressed in the FC Bayern Livery which promotes Munich’s popular soccer team.

Herpa Wings Swiss Bombardier CS-100 HE530736 Retail Price $43.99 Swiss International Air Lines, launch customer for the Bombardier CS100, took delivery of this jet in June 2016. Herpa has produced both 1/400 and 1/500 scale models of the aircraft.

BMEDIAUK 1/500 AIRPORT LAYOUTS Retail Price $23.00 Check out the various layouts and styles by searching for 'BMEDIAUK' on the eBay UK website. Perfect for all 1/500 collectors!



Inflight200 United B747-400 “Friendship Livery” Retail Price $165 A must for all United fans! This model celebrates the original Friendship Livery sported by of couple of United 747s prior to the fleet's retirement in November.

Inflight200 Monarch DC-10 Retail Price $159 It was certainly sad to see Monarch go, but you can still own a piece of history by acquiring this classic Inflight200 model of the DC-10!

JC Wings JAL 777-300ER “Doraemon Livery” Retail Price $144.99 You can have your very own JAL 777-300ER model featuring the Doraemon TV show livery design.


Gemini Jets Delta A350-900 Retail Price $149.95 Add a model of the first A350 operated by a North American carrier to your collection!

ISSUE 5 / DECEMBER 2017 | 21

Cleveland Models Azores Airlines A330-200 IFCLS4332001 Retail Price $159.99

The Azores Airlines A330-200 featuring the Sperm Whale Livery is one of the hottest limited edition 1/200 scale models on the market! Although pre-orders were just announced you might want to act fast to secure this popular model!

JFox Models Northwest Airlines B747-100 JF-747-1-003 Retail Price $120.00

You can never have enough classic B747 models in your collection! This stunning release is JFox Models rendition of the Northwest Airlines livery introduced after its merger with Republic Airlines.

Inflight200 Qantas B707-138 VH-EBA IF70710817 this classic model which wears the retro livery of Retail Price $147.95 Pickup Australia’s flag carrier! The 707 entered the Qantas fleet in 1959.



No Point Airport 1/200, 1/400, 1/500 Scale Airport Diorama Retail Price Varies Order your very own model kit for five different airports including London, St. Maarten, Dubai, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam. A fantasy airport kit is also available.

Build your own model of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport with this realistic 1/500 scale terminal building kit from Herpa Wings.

1/500 Scale Herpa Wings Amsterdam Schiphol Airport HE524193 Retail Price $199.95

1/400 Scale Gemini Jets Airport Terminal Building GJARPTB Retail Price $218.95 Gemini Jets has re-released this popular airport terminal building. The single terminal building is constructed of resin and comes with seven movable jetways, and LED lightning. The terminal also features roadways leading to the arrivals and departures level of the airport. Mat and aircraft are sold separately.


1/200 Scale JC Wings Jetbridge Retail Price $83.95 Design and detail features make these realistic jetbridges a perfect add to a 1/200 scale diorama.

ISSUE 5 / DECEMBER 2017 | 23

1/200 Scale GSE by Omid Sarmadi gse1_200@hotmail.com Retail Price VarieS You can order a host of accessories including ground power units, and passenger boarding stairs. Every order is customized! See Omid’s contact info above.

You can find this accessory on eBay to add realism to your diorama layout.

1/500 Scale Herpa Wings 19-Piece Ground Support Equipment Set HE519472A Retail Price $30.00

Herpa Wings 1/400 SCALE AIRPORT BUS HE562409 Retail Price $41.95

This 19-piece accessories set features a complete lineup of GSE including tugs and tractors as well as catering and fuel trucks.


Airline Manufacture 1/400 Scale Aircraft Maintenance Dock Retail Price $49.95

These 1/400 scale buses are perfect to add to your airport vehicle collection!


This issue we are giving one lucky reader the chance to win a JC Wings Boeing 787-10 model in 1/400 scale. This fantastic release comes in the Boeing House Livery and has the registration number N528ZC. Enter today!

JC Wings Boeing House Livery B787-10 N528ZC

You could get your hands on this very model! To win this fantastic release all you have to do is answer the following question: In real-life, the length of the Boeing 787-8 is 186 ft while the Boeing 787-9 is 206 ft. What is the length of the Boeing 787-10? a) 215 ft b) 224 ft c) 230 ft

Send your answer and full name to our email: info@modelairliner.com We will draw out the winner at the beginning of January 2018. All entries will be kept confidential and your email address will not be shared. We will draw out a winner from a hat, the good old fashioned way! The winner will be announced via email at the beginning of January 2018. Postage costs are covered by Model Airliner Magazine. Model is brand new. Returns are accepted however we will make sure all is in good working order before posting the model out to the winner. Return postage is to be paid for by the winner.


ISSUE 5 / DECEMBER 2017 | 25


KLM Fokker F70 FAREWELL LIVERY [PH-KZU] Gemini Jets 1/400

Perhaps the KLM Fokker F-70 model by Gemini Jets is this year’s “Hekla Aurora” as it has already sold out at many model shops worldwide. Originally, scheduled as part of Gemini Jets September lineup, the model instead made its debut as part of the manufacturer’s October release. The model is a rendition of KLM’s last Fokker F-70 which departed the airline’s fleet on October 28th after 8 years of service with the carrier. The model features the Farewell Livery, which recognizes the end of a longstanding relationship between Fokker and KLM while commerating the airline's retirement of its last Fokker aircraft. Has Gemini Jets accurately modeled the actual aircraft? Let’s find out!

AIRCRAFT HISTORY When KLM began to replace its Fokker 50 and 100 series aircraft with the more fuel efficient Embraer 170 and 190 jetliners, the Fokker F-70s days became numbered. The airline, has had a longstanding relationship with Fokker, a once renowned Dutch aircraft manufacturer. The partnership between the two entities dates back to the 1920s when KLM introduced the Fokker F.11 aircraft into its fleet. The F.111 version which featured a wider cabin joined the KLM fleet a short time later. As KLM moved towards a more advanced aircraft fleet, the Fokker F-50 turboprop was introduced followed by the Fokker F-70 and Fokker F-100. With its new release Gemini Jets has modeled the F-70 registered as PH-KZU. Prior to joining KLM in 2009, the aircraft spent time with two other air carriers, Air Littoral and Regional CAE.


Article and Photos by Donald Gardner

THE REVIEW In this review I evaluate the aircraft’s mould, paint and livery as well as quality control. Each section has a maximum score of 10 points, meaning the highest attainable score for the model will be 30 points.

THE MOULD The mould of the aircraft is tiny and is only slightly bigger than some of Gemini Jets regional aircraft models. However, it seems to be a good one. The wings, engines and elevators attach perfectly to the fuselage. Meanwhile, the rubber landing

gear is an impressive detail and the tires rolled with no problem when I attempted to move the aircraft on the surface of my airport diorama. Furthermore, the Rolls Royce Tay 620 engines are nicely detailed. However, I noticed one flaw and that seems to be with the VHF communication antennas. They appear to be rather large, and seem to be too big for this particular model. It seems like they were meant for a larger aircraft model such as the B737.

Score 8/10

PAINT AND LIVERY PH-KZU's livery is impressive. One of things that mesmerizes me about this model is its accurately detailed artwork. One of my favorite details is the photo of Fokker's founder Anthony Fokker, which is found on the tail of the aircraft. Fokker’s portrait is accurately positioned as it is on the real aircraft. KLM’s signature crown logo, found near the center of each engine nacelle, is positioned well. A couple of details which are very difficult to see are the Fokker F70 writing and logo at the rear of the fuselage below the tail. Given the fact this is a 1/400 scale model, it would be very difficult to make these two markings visible to the human eye. Meanwhile the Skyteam and Air France/ KLM logos displayed near the forward fuselage are also very tiny. However, it’s a 1/400 scale model so the ability to render the actual aircraft's features are more important to me.

Score 10/10 QUALITY CONTROL The aircraft was received in tact with no broken parts. It seems Gemini Jets has put in a lot of effort to ensure the little details were not left out during model production. I have no issues when it comes to quality control!

Score 10/10 CONCLUSION This model is a must, especially for KLM fans! The overall quality of the model stands out and it will be a popular collectors item in the years ahead. It’s also neat that KLM sent the Fokker F-70 out in style with this livery and Gemini Jets has certainly nailed it in its rendition of PH-KZU.

Final Score 28/30


ISSUE 5 / DECEMBER 2017 | 27


Mexico City’s Benito Juárez International Airport. We sit down with Model Airliner Magazine Contributor Daniel Dominquez as he provides his insight on how he and his close friend Andres Glass created a model rendition of Mexico City’s Benito Juárez International Airport. The impressive diorama features parking stands for 18 aircraft, LED ligthning and incoporates 1/400 and 1/200 scale features.

Current Location: Mexico City Diorama: Benito Juárez International Airport MAM = Model Airliner Magazine | DD = Daniel Dominguez

MAM: When did you come up with the idea to design a rendition of Mexico City International Airport?

MAM: How many aircraft parking gates are part of your layout?

DD: I was a member of several spotting groups in Mexico City, and I wanted to share my passion for dioramas by creating an airport layout. I contacted my friend Andres, a designer, and we started the project. MAM: What is your favorite airport?

DD: 18 gates.

DD: Los Angeles International Airport. MAM: What scale is your airport?

MAM: What different types of products did you use in the development and creation of your layout?

DD: Primarily 1/400 scale, however we have a small 1/200 scale section. 28

MAM: How did you create the night lighting effects for the airport? DD: We created it with special LED bands.

DD: We utilized a foil to make the runways and taxiways, as well as wood with a 3D design.

MAM: Can you tell us how you designed and constructed the Mexico City International Airport?

MAM: Are there any future expansion plans for the airport?

DD: For the design of this airport we used real life and satellite photographs with the help of Google Maps. This allowed us to recreate the actual taxiways, gates, and building structures. We used vector drawings to create 3D models for testing mainly as a prototype before production. Adobe Illustrator, Google Earth and Studio 3D Max were used in the terminal design process.

DD: The photos featured in the article represent Phase 1 of the airport layout. Phase 2 calls for the addition of Gates 19 through 32. We also plan to add 7 more parking stands to simulate a cargo and customs area. As far as long term plans, we would like to add a second terminal.

MAM: One of the most fascinating things I noticed about your airport are the realistic gates. Can you give us an insight on how you developed and installed these? DD: Thank you, the doors as well as the rest of the airport design were created using Adobe Illustrator and Studio 3D Max. 220 gram paper was used along with, white glue, while the HSBC logos were added to replicate the actual gates found at Mexico City International Airport. The gate coordinates coincide perfectly in the positions of the model since they were made with exact measurements. MAM: How did you create the airport mat for your diorama? DD: For the design and development of the mats, we used carpet satellite photographs for reference, which allowed us to calculate the area destined for the structures, shooting area and tracks. Lines and signs were drawn as they appeared in the photographs, and green areas and pavement were cut to the maximum. We tried to make the mat look authentic. Finally, we printed the mat on a sheet of 200 gram photo paper using a color chart plotter.

Want to be featured in our Airport Spotlight Series? Send a photo of your diorama to info@modelairliner.com MODEL AIRLINER

ISSUE 5 / DECEMBER 2017 | 29


FLYBE Embraer ERJ-195 Herpa Wings 1/200

Flybe is currently the United Kingdom’s largest regional carrier and operates a fleet of over 80 aircraft with the ATR 72600 being the smallest, while the Embraer ERJ-195 is the largest. Although Herpa Wings is mostly known for their 1/500 scale aircraft models, they also have a presence in the 1/200 scale market. As part of its 01-02 releases for 2017, the manufacturer announced the Flybe ERJ-195 model featuring the “Welcome to Yorkshire Livery”. Let’s take a look to see how the ERJ-195 model scores in this month’s 1/200 scale review.

AIRCRAFT HISTORY Flybe currently operates a fleet of 11 ERJ195 aircraft, which are configured for 118 passengers. The airline received its first ERJ-195 in September 2006, as it began to phase out its BAE-146 fleet. Herpa Wings 1/200 scale model is a rendition of the actual aircraft, registered as G-FBEJ. Flybe took delivery of G-FBEJ in 2008 from Embraer. In early 2014, the aircraft had a brief hiatus from the Flybe fleet when it operated for Swiss carrier, Helvetic Airways, but returned later in the year. In 2016, the aircraft debuted it’s Welcome Yorkshire Livery in an effort to increase tourism in Yorkshire County UK, while promoting the Flybe's new base at Doncaster Sheffield Airport. Today, the purple livery covered with bicycles is one of the most recognizable throughout Europe.

THE REVIEW In this review I evaluate the aircraft’s mould, paint and livery as well as quality control. Each section has a maximum 30



Article and Photos by Donald Gardner

score of 10 points, meaning the highest attainable score for the model will be 30 points.

THE MOULD One of the first noticeable characteristics about this mould is its construction. G-FBEJ is features plastic moulding, which makes the model very light in terms of weight. It is not very cumbersome at all unlike, some larger 1/200 diecast aircraft models. When it comes to detail the Herpa model is an accurate rendition of the actual aircraft. The aircraft is still very detailed with VHF communication antennas, a wifi hump, winglets and 2 x GE CF3410E5A1 powerplants.

The GE CF34 engines are a found on the E-Jet Series aircraft (Embraer ERJ 170-Embraer ERJ-195). The detailed design of the Auxilary Power Unit, which is utilized mainly for engine starting and cabin air conditioning systems is also impressive in terms of detail. As far as drawbacks, the landing gear happens to be the only negative in terms of the mould. When I attempted to roll the gear on a flat 1/200 airport diorama board, the tires had difficulty turning. It seems as if the material used to construct these are plastic as well. Perhaps rolling rubber tires would add a bit of realism to the model. However overall, the light weight of the model, and attention to detail with all of the aircraft components are some of its most impressive features.

Score 7/10

PAINT AND LIVERY If you’re a cycling fan, The Welcome to Yorkshire Livery might just capture your heart. Comprised of the colors purple, blue, light red, yellow and orange, the aircraft livery has been well designed and accurately represents the livery found on the actual aircraft. The Welcome to Yokrshire Livery was initially designed to encourage tourists to visit Yorkshire, the largest county in the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, the bicycles are used to help promote the cycling hobby. The engine nacelles are detailed and feature the Flybe slogan “Faster than Road or Rail”. Emergency exit markings can be found on the aircraft wings and doors. Moving towards the aircraft’s tail a yellow color borders, the purple and red and white paint are used near the aft fuselage. The tail is decked out in white and features the multi-colored Flybe lettering. Overall the paint job is nicely done!

Score 10/10 QUALITY CONTROL If you’ve read my previous reviews you know quality control is one of my pet peeves. Attention to detail is important to any model collector including myself, and checking models to ensure they meet the highest standards for collectors is important. Overall I think this would’ve made a very nice diecast model, as the plastic seems somewhat cheap. However as mentioned in my review of the mould, plastic has the advantage of being lightweight. Receiving a model with broken parts or missing pieces can be a turnoff as well. However, this model was received completely intact with no missing parts or pieces.

Score 10/10 CONCLUSION I would recommend this model because to me it’s just cool. The concept and idea behind the Welcome to Yorkshire Livery is very neat as well and Herpa has done a great job in recreating the actual aircraft. Aside from the tires, which could be better I don’t have much to complain about when it comes to this model!

Final Score 27/30


ISSUE 5 / DECEMBER 2017 | 31

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CHICAGOLAND AIRLINE COLLECTIBLES SHOW On November 4th over 300 aviation enthusiasts, including model and memorabilia collectors gathered in Elk Grove, Illinois for the Chicagoland Airline Collectibles Show. Vendors offered various airline memorabilia collectibles from models, to timetables as well as aviation art. Several airline history presentations were also part of the show! Here are a few photos from this year’s event. Be sure to see the list of upcoming shows in 2018 on Page 35 of this issue! Photos courtesy of Lynden Westrich.


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MODEL AIRPORT LAYOUTS BROWSE OUR WIDE SELECTION OF 1/400, 1/500 and 1/200 AIRPORT MATS Professionally printed onto 200GSM Satin Paper and shipped rolled in a tube. VIEW THE CURRENT LAYOUTS ON EBAY UK. SEARCH USERNAME:



This issue’s featured model aircraft related social media group....

Group name: 1:200 Airport Makers Platform: Facebook Current likes: 252 (as of 17th November 2017) Admins: 2 Summary: A lovely small group run by 1/200 collector Patrick Foster. As their description states "If you love 1/200 Commercial Aviation and have built, are thinking of building, or just love the hobby, this is your group." Direct link to the page is: Search ‘1:200 Airport Makers’ on Facebook The group is a closed group which means you will be vetted before being allowed to join.


2018 MODEL SHOWS ON APPROACH January 7th, 2018 - Croyden Airport Aviation & Military Collectors Fair 10.30am - 3.00pm, Hallmark Hotel, Purley Way, Croyden, Surry CR9 4LT, United Kingdom (Junction 7 M25) February 25th, 2018 - 1st International Amsterdam Aviation Collectors Fair 10.30am - 4.00pm, Van Der Valk Hotel, Schiphol, Amsterdam, Netherlands. www.aviationfair.com March 10th, 2018 - MGL Diecast Model Convention 10.00am - 5.00pm, Monchengladbach Airport, Airport Bistro Winkens, Germany March 10th, 2018 - SFO Airline Memorabilia Show 9.00am - 3.00pm, Best Western Grosvenor, San Francisco, United States of America March 17th, 2018 - Flughafenfreunde Wien Tauschtag 9.00am - 4.00pm, Vienna Airport, Austria March 25th, 2018 - BSL - MHL Aviation Collectors Show 10.00am - 5.00pm, EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg, Switzerland www.aerocollections.net April 22nd, 2018 - LGW London Gatwick Aviation Enthusiasts Fair 10.00am - 4.00pm, Pease Pottage Hill, Tilgate Drive, Crawley, RH11 9BQ, United Kingdom May 5th, 2018 - 3rd Annual Detroit Aviation & Airline Collectibles Show 9.00am - 3.00pm, Detroit Willow Run Airport, Detroit, United States of America May 6th, 2018 - Heathrow Aircraft Enthusiasts Fair 10.30am - 3.00pm, Kempton Park Race, Staines Road East, Sunbury-On-Thames, TW16 5AQ www.aircraftenthusiastfair.co.uk July 11th-14th, 2018 - Airliners International DCA All day, Double Tree by Hilton Hotel, Washington DC, United States of America Sept 9th, 2018 - Berlin Aviation Exchange Market 10.00am - 4.00pm, Flughafen Schonefeld, Berlin, Germany Nov 3rd, 2018 - Aviation Weekend Frankfurt Schwanheim 10.00am - 5.00pm, Tunrhalle Frankfurt Schwanheim, Germany Nov 25th, 2018 - Heathrow Aircraft Enthusiasts Fair 10.30am - 3.00pm, Kempton Park Race, Staines Road East, Sunbury-On-Thames, TW16 5AQ www.aircraftenthusiastfair.co.uk


ISSUE 5 / DECEMBER 2017 | 35

1st International Amsterdam Aviation Collectors Fair Date: Sunday February 25, 2018 Time: 10.30 a.m. - 16.00 p.m. Location: Van der Valk Hotel Schiphol A4 www.hotelschiphol.nl

• The first big Aviation convention of 2018, don’t miss it!! • 150+ tables with models, books, safetycards, slides, instruments, postcards and airline memorabilia, offered for trade by stallholders from all over the world. • All in one large conference room (2000 m2) in an excellent hotel on the east side of highway A4. • Only 10 minutes from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, for those who wish to combine the fair with some airplane spotting.

Enjoy the history of aviation at the home of aviation pioneer Anthony Fokker!! The location is easy to reach by: 1. Car, free parking at the hotel for stallholders. The conference room is accessible by car so you can unload inside. For visitors free parking is available on both sides of the A4. When parking on the west side, please take the bridge to the east side. 2. Free hotel shuttle bus (bus stop A9‐A13). 3. Public transport (Arriva busline 365 and 370 from Schiphol Airport). Entrance fee : € 2 www.aviationfair.com amsterdam@aviationfair.com

: facebook.com/aviationfair


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