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The Lipstick Make Up Institute The Lipstick Make Up Institute was created to represent the connection between Media and Make Up in a stylish, fashionable and unique way...



Nicole’s career truly took off as she began to appear for the world’s major fashion designers, who chose her to head up their prêt-à-porter and Haute Couture She has made history to become the catwalks shows. In turn, the First Emirati Model and a revolu- most prestigious international tionary figure on the local fashion magazines fell under the spell scene in the United Arab Emirates, she received the (Best Model Of The Year Award) in Arab Fashion Week 2017. JEF ALBEA

08 Rafeea Al Hajsi



She has made history to become the First Emirati Model and a revolutionary figure on the local fashion Vera Kasimova scene in the United Arab Emirates, Vera Kasimova is a successful photog- she received the (Best Model Of The rapher.She is an owner of the photo Year Award) in Arab Fashion school and the famous photo studio in Ukraine “Today”. She is also a participant of several big photo exhibitions. Vera was born and grown up in Ukraine. In the country,which is famous for its professionals in



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A freelance Makeup Artist based in Dubai and a Filipino National with a Passion & Devotion in the field of Beauty, Creation, Perfection & Transformation.


IZAK BOUTIQUE Hasnaa representing IZAK BOUTIQUE. Izak is a casual & street wears shop, which propose QUALITY products at small price in North of Mauritius.

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M. O.D.A D . Y . N . A.S.T.I.E

Editor in chief Madiha Shahwan Creative Director Sher Ahmed

Advertising & Marketing Manager – Marketing (Pakistan) Nomita Kiyani Manager – Marketing (Europe) Vassilios nicolaos The ModaDynastie magazine is dedicated in providing its readers with essential guides about the regions latest trends and styles. Our editors pick quality and dedicate it in showcasing the very best in local and international fashion, lifestyles, beauty, high-end trends, travel and much more. For subsriptions For ads, cover stories, interviews


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Manager – Marketing (USA) Hashir Khan Website / Mobile Application Mohammed Ahsan Muhammad Shoaib Sponsors Muhammad Shamoon Muhammad Shoaib Zaaresh Zaman

Editor’ s Message As we had featured many fascinating women in our earlier issues. This year, our youngest cover girl who is the First-ever Emirati model. “Determined to rise,” cover girl Rafeea Alhajsi is hard to define as she has achieved numerous milestones and desire to have more in future (page 8). Photographer Yasmin Hussain produced so many incredible shots with over 25 years experience in the fashion industry. (Page 6) The outstanding and interesting shoot in this issue, Jef Albea with his new collection launched in NYC, USA. (page 18) And don’t miss our fashion spreads, Ruslan Khvastov with his new collection named as SEASONS on (page 70) Plus size girl looks fantastic and with the body-acceptance movement comes a new breed of stars, stars with bodies that don’t fit the old mold. Featuring Gorbatko Tatyana, a model in love with her existence. (page 95) On page 120, Atelier zuhra magnifies the femininity of a woman with the expertise of fabricating delicate embroidery.

We look forward to hearing your feedback

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The Lipstick Make Up Institute The L i psti c k Make Up Institute was c re a t e d to represent the connection between Media and Mak e U p in a stylish, f ashiona bl e a n d uni que way. O ur students have an a m a z i n g advantage of receiving a foundation to bui ld c are e rs as creative and uniq u e m a k e up arti sts. The Lipstick Make Up Institute provides a n d p re s e n t s a u n i q u e a n d d i ff e re n t w a y of teaching. Why different? The course plan i tse lf i s a s ummar y of 2 5 year s of e x p e rience a mixture of different techniques that hav e be e n tr ied, cor rected and red e fi n e d . We no t o nly want to show to our s t u d e n t s the different and most effective application te c hni que s b ut also want to educa t e t h e m to be pre c i s e, q uick and p r actical t o g a i n and m axi m ise their ex p er ience and c o n fide nc e i n th e industr y. We not only train people to be professional makeup artists, but providing a profess i o n a l a n d e ff i c i e n t t e a m o f h a i r s t y l i s t s and makeup artists for all kinds of different events whether is it a private party, fashion s h o w s o r w e d d i n g s . T h e L i p s t i c k Te a m i s always re ad y to take new challenge s a n d g ro w day by day. 6

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Hu s sa i n MD

A photographer from the UK , who has over 25 years experience in the industr y. Yasmin has been managing studios and training staff for most of her career. She also has wor ked for many magazines in the UK and was the main photographer for Cotswold St yle M agazine and The Cheltonian. S h e s t a r te d h e r c h o s e n c a re e r a t t h e a g e o f 1 6 a t college whilst studying for her A levels. Her passion and love of the medium took over her love for English and her career began. Photography was now in her blood and she has been grateful to her fr iends for introducing her to the wor ld of cameras and pho tography. I t is a decision that has taken her life on a path that so far has been an amazing journey with still so much to discover. D u r i n g h e r e x t e n s i v e c a r e e r i n m e d i a , Ya s m i n has trained her staff to understand that the two m e d i u m s o f p h o to gra p hy a n d m a k e u p wo r k h a n d i n h a n d a n d n o t o n l y co m p l e m e nt e a c h o t h e r b u t for media are a necessit y. Understanding the funda mentals of how each one wor ks, results in a per fec t combination of achievement. She came to D ubai in S eptember 2012 and opened

The team are booked to do the most prestigious

u p a v e r y s u c c e s s f u l p h o t o g r a p hy s t u d i o � w h i c h

fashion shows all around D ubai and have just been

is nestled in the hear t of in M edia Cit y. The studio

approached by a Hollywood film company to do

offers the oppor tunit y for the clients to have their

t h e m a k e u p fo r t h e s h o r t f i l m . T h e t e a m w e n t t o

hair and make up st yled with ever y photo shoot by

Azerbaijan on the 28th March 2016 to represent

h e r t e a m a n d t h i s c o n ce p t h a s b e c o m e e x t re m e l y

the UAE for fashion makeup and hair and came 1st

popular so the natural next stage was to expand

in Eurasia for Fashion Hair and make up.

and open up a media/make up institute. We h ave j u s t wo n t h e UA E B u s i n e s s Aw a rd s 2 0 1 7 , The institute has had amazing exposure. I t has had

which we are enor mously proud of especially being

the front page and 11 pages in Hello M agazine, in

voted for by an anonymous client. And also nomi-

D ecember 2015, Ok M agazine, Ahlan, Al K haleej, 7

nated for UAE Business Awards 2018.

Days, The National Newspaper, R otana T V, Fashion T V, Milano Fashion T V. CNN Arabia and many more‌.

Global award winner for Fashion Photography 2017.

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Wi t h he r u ni q u e face fe atu re s, she wa s n o m i na ted as Arab Fashio n Wee k’s b e st- d re ssed Mode l.

Rafeea A lh a js i


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She has made history to become the First Emirati Model and a revolutionary figure on the local fashion scene in the United Arab Emirates, she received the (Best Model Of The Year Award) in Arab Fashion Week 2017. In 12th of October 2016, Rafeaa has been featured on Emirates Woman as one of Emirati Women that made history. On the 29th of November 2017, Rafeaa has been featured as one of the 15th Emiratis who are shaping the contemporary identity of the United Arab Emirates. Read the article on Gulf News by clickxing here. In addition, she works as a TV Presenter on a variety of programs that are scaled among the strongest programs in the region. Rafeea is considered as primary personnel in presenting as an Emirati in the Middle East, nevertheless, she was requested to act in primary roles in different series and shows along with her current job, which gives her a strong and charismatic personality to become an ambassador representing her country with pride. In December 2017, Rafeaa has been appointed as the Arab Fashion Council’s Ambassador.

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Rafeea Al Hajsi


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ased in UAE, R a fe e a


done variety of modeling work, from a

detail-oriented shoot with different fashion designers, fashion magazines and had conventional commercial and editorial shoots. She utilizes an instagram blog page on her modeling portfolio to share updates on her work. Rafeea is hard to define as she has achieved numerous milestones and desire to have more in future. Her first five years of the career, she had chosen to wear traditional outfits, and now looking forward towards Female Empowerment by using her modeling platform UAE-born Rafeea Al-Hajsi as the first-ever Emirati model grabbing the attention of national and international media for her radical approach towards modern fashion. She represented her country that suits her norms, values and country’s custom. With her determination, young lady became the nation’s first catwalk model. Being an aspiring beauty, she has impressively seized the world’s attention, and walks down the runway with a heavy tree on her head. Bringing up new horizons in the fashion industry.


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P hotogr aphy by YH S t udios Makeup by Lipst ic k Inst it ute Moda Dynastie |


Raf 14

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feea Moda Dynastie |


R a f e e a A l h aj si

P h o t o g r a phy by YH M a k e u p by Lipst ic k 16

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S t udios Inst it ute

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Vera Kasimova is a successful photographer.She is an owner of the photo school and the famous photo studio in Ukraine “Today”. She is also a participant of several big photo exhibitions. Vera was born and grown up in Ukraine. In the country,which is famous for its professionals in creative sphere. She was dreaming to become a photographer since her childhood. She says, “In this world you should constantly improve and develop yourself. I study the world and transfer it to my photos”. In 2012 Vera opens her photo school where she teaches her students. Graduates from her school work all over the world. Vera herself works in Ukraine, Russia, UAE and USA. This year she is planning to work in Europe.


In summer 2017 Vera worked as a director and operator for the music video for Ukrainian singer Tom Soda for his song “(Run)”. For him, she also made a video for a cover version of Rihana’s song “Russian roulette”. In Vera’s works you can see her own style which helps to open each model’s uniqueness. It doesn’t matter if it’s beauty portrait, fashion photo shoot or a street photos, her works are always of a high quality!

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Ve ra Kasim o v a p h o t o g r a phy

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Vera Kasimova photography


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vera Moda Dynastie |


Vera Kasimova photography 34

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Spring / Summer 2018 Trends To say sequins and sparkles will be a big deal next summer is an understatement. In every fashion capital, g litter prev a i l ed , s ta r ti n g w i t h To m F o r d a n d M a r c Jacobs r ig ht thro u gh to G u c c i , Dior and Chanel. Style yours with a sweatshirt to give them daytime


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Sequi ns

Pa st els

W h e t h e r lilac, pink, lemon or duck egg blue, expect to see an array of fashion’s prettiest shades n ex t s ea s o n . saccharine these colours are not - consider tai l o r i n g i n i c e cream hues or wearing them in unexpected w a y s l i ke at Celine.

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summer will be very bright indeed if the catwalks are anything t o g o b y. F r o m N e w Yo r k t o Pa r i s , t h e s h o w s w e r e awash with v ibr a n t, b o l d shades to suit every colour ing .

Bold C o l ou r checks are going nowhere for the season ahead. Any one loo ki n g fo r floaty feminine sty les s h o u l d turn to Sonia Rykiel where they w e re b r i g h t a n d s u m m e r- re a d y. Burberry’s homage was perhaps the most overt - expect to see its check caps ev er y w h ere next season.

C h e cks


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Shee r

Tr a n s p a re n c y was a headlining trend - sheer c o a t s , d re s s e s a n d s k i r t s revealed cycling shorts a n d f u l l b r i e f s . B a s i c a l l y, i t ’s a l l a b o u t w h a t l i e s beneath next season

R u f f l e s added a feminine air yet again this season,the most femin i n e a n d de l e c ate f as hi o n t re n d o f t h i s s e as o n, w i t h a twist of contemporary st yl e , y et e l e ge nt


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Dellilah Lennon 40

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Inspired and guided by her mother who was shaped by the influential art school of France, L’ École des Beaux-Arts, and was herself an artist, Dellilah grew up in the centre of design and creation from the very start of the life. This might be what we call “ Inspiration “ ! A passionate and creative spirit With a pinch of passion, a zest of hard work and a dose of creativity, all blended with a strong reputation and served by word of mouth, Dell’s World proposes a selection of trendy or classical, business or casual, plain or colourful exclusive bags designed for both men and women. A bag can be customised and created just for you ! Oh that sweet taste of exclusivity! Dellilah designs and does her best to please her clients: “My products reflect the needs and wants of my customers.” has built her reputation as one of the most versatile designers in the industry. Quality driven Meticulous and details-minded, Dellilah’s got high standards and, always, strives towards a fine and elegant finishing. Enhances sustainable development She is also eco-friendly. In her creation process, she always keeps in mind the importance of sustainable development and uses the appropriate noble as well as authentic materials like canvas, pure cotton as often as it is possible. Exclusive and taylor made design “I take care of everything. I meet the clients, design, create prototypes, When I see a smile of satisfaction on a client’s face, I realise that I’ve achieved one beautiful thing: I’ve been able to share my passion.”

@dellscreat io n Moda Dynastie |



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Coke Festiva l La h o re 20 1 8




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S e r ge y Pok i do v P h o t o g r a phy Moda Dynastie |



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Sergey Poki d o v Photogra p h y

Moda Dynastie |



Moda Dynastie |

Se r g e y Po k idov P hotography @se rg ey.p o.5 0 3

Moda Dynastie |



Moda Dynastie |

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phot ography

Sergey Po ki d o v


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Faiza Waqas Faiza Waqas is International celebrity Bridal makeup artist & Trainer. She has been doing celebrities & Bridal makeovers since 5yrs In short period of timem she had become part of Prestigious Awards shows /Leading Fashion shows in Dubai. She dolled up many Bollywood/lollywood Celebs in which some leading names are “Urvashi rutela” “Yulia Vantur” “Dua malick” , “Pooja bimrah” & many more. For 2018, This shoot was created for classic vintage indian/Pakistani Brides.

o dtaist Dynastie | @ faiza waqa smakeuM par



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Faiza Waqas MUA

@ fa iz a wa qa smakeu par t ist

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Jayson Flores


ased in Dubai for 7 yrs. Jayson a Hair & Makeup Ar t i s t, m e m b e r of Philippine I n t e r n a t i o n a l C o s m e t o l o g i s t s Association.

A freelance Makeup Artist based in Dubai and a Filipino National with a Passion & Devotion in the field of Beauty, Creation, Perfection & Transformation. Doing a Make-over, its my Passion & she Loves it! she is inspired to do a Transformation, to share her Talents & Skills in Beautification. She managed to establish a good customer relationship through outstanding services and attention. Her goals are to Enhance, to Explore, to Build- up my self as an aspiring Hair & MakeUp Artist. She desires to be a successful what so ever she does and believes in God’s plans for her, which is her greatest strength.

@ makeu par t ist ja yso nc han ell Moda Dynastie |


TEAM W O RK P h oto g ra ph e r : Ern esto O l iva res S er ra n o , L o l ie Joy De qu i non P h oto g ra ph e r: O MI V I L L A DO L ID P h oto g ra ph e r : Rod V Sky P h oto g ra ph e r : Rosse Moyon P h oto g ra ph e r : Ricky Pa ga dor P h oto g ra ph e r : Ern esto O l iva res S er ra n o P h oto g ra ph e r: Za ch Bra gga rt Re ig h a n d N elso n D a mate M o d el : O l ga K ryts i na M o d el : Reyzel Ara nda a nd Ja cqu i ly n Q u i m ba o a n d Olga K rytsy na M o d els : J a cqu i ly n Q u i m ba o a nd Reyzel Ara n da

Fa ce Pa int- Ava nte G a rde Ma ke u p.. P h oto g ra ph e r : Ern esto O l iva res S er ra n o M o d el : Tath ee Be lga,O lga K rytsy na Pa rt ic i pat io n by L o l ie Jh oy De qu i non

Jayson Flores 58

Moda Dynastie |


Moda Dynastie |



Moda Dynastie |

@ makeu par t ist ja yso n c han e ll

Jayson Flores MUA Moda Dynastie |


L’momo 62

Moda Dynastie |

Hai r and Make u p by Phot ographe r:

Ta bi

Dar r e n Le e

Da r i n a G r i bn a n ovs k pp i Mode l :

Moda Dynastie |



Moda Dynastie |

Moda Dynastie |



Moda Dynastie |

Moda Dynastie |



Moda Dynastie |

@Lmo Moda Dynastie |


Ruslan Khvastov is a Ukrainian fashion and costume designer. He was born on 13th February 1973, in the port city of Odessa, Ukraine. He is an Academician at the National Academy of Motion Pictures Arts Russia. In 2003, he won the prestigious ‘Best Costume Designer’ award for the Art Movie ‘Chekhovskie Motivu’ at ‘Nika’, National Award of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts, Russia. He was also a winner of the ‘Golden Thomas’ for his contribution to the culture of the fashion industry of Ukraine. He is a member of the National Union of Cinematographers of Ukraine and Russia. He took his professional education from the ‘Sewing School’ in his hometown and from ‘The School of Fashion Design Klaus’, Odessa. He graduated from ‘Khmelnystkyi National University’, Ukraine as an engineer and designer of clothing production. He is also associated with ‘The State Service Tourism and Re-Creation Tourism Organization’, Odessa. 70

Moda Dynastie |

For someone who specializes in designing and tailoring men and women outfits, he has had an illustrious career, earning many professional credentials. He was an Organizer and Creative Producer at the 9th International Fashion Festival ‘Four Seasons’, Odessa. He was also a Creative Producer of All-Ukrainians Contest of young fashion designers ‘Dress Season’, Odessa. He has so far designed more than 40 copyright collections of clothes for the fashion industry and mass market. This includes pre-a-porter, pre-a-porte de luxe, and avant garde costumes for films, theater and dance groups. He worked as a Costume Designer for the travel agency ‘Ksimekstur’ in Odessa, ‘Odessa Ballet’, ‘Actor’s Odessa House’, and for other prestigious organizations. He contributed his services for theaters as well. He was a Costume Producer for the plays ‘Madame de Bussy’ and ‘War and Peace’ in Germany. He worked with Odessa Film Studio and designed costumes for over 25 art movies. Moda Dynastie |



Moda Dynastie |


He ha s wo n n u m ero us nati o nal and i nter na tional fashion competitions including: The international design competition “Styles”, S a int - Pe t e r sb u rg, 1s t pl ac e i n t he c ateg or y “Men’s C l o t h i n g ” c o l l e c ti o n “I nvas i o n is not s l e e pin g ” The international design competition “Habitus B a lt iy a” R i g a - “Grand - P ri x ”, a c o l l ection of “ B re a k f a st a t Ti ff any’s ” The i nt e rnational d e s i g n c o m p e t i t i o n “ D r e s s o f t h e Ye a r ” i n St. Petersburg - 1st place in the category “U rba n Dre ss”

Moda Dynastie |



Moda Dynastie |

@r u skhva sto v Moda Dynastie |



Moda Dynastie |

R u sl a n K h va s t o v He was a finalist at the National Competition ‘Vzyglyad V Maybutne’. He also won the Annual Contest ‘People Make’ in Odessa. He designed re a d y- t o - w e a r c l o t h i n g l i n e s fo r com pa n ies ‘ D a n d A’ (Tu rk e y ) , ‘Gra n d d e L u x e ’ a n d ‘Th e Th ree P il l a r s ’ (Ru s s i a ) . Re c e n t l y h e p re s e n t e d t h e c o m p l e t e c o l l e c t i o n o f ‘Autumn Kiss’ at the Odessa Fashion week 2016. His work was dubbed as ‘comfortable and creative’ and ‘g e n t l e a n d m ys t e ri o u s ’. I n J a n u a ry t h i s ye a r, h e v i s i t e d Ha r b in ( C h in a ) w it h h i s c o l l e c t i o n , w h i c h w a s p re s e n t e d a t t h e Fa s h ion We e k t h e re i n t e m p e ra t u re s d ro p p in g d ow n t o - 40 d e g re e s . In the latest season, Fall - Winter 2016-2017, Ruslan Khvastov is going to launch a new collection, which h e n a m e s “Ax l Ro s e ”. Moda Dynastie |



Moda Dynastie |

John Ablaza C o l l e c tion Filmmaker + Fashion/Fine Art Photographer (Fashion, Editorial and Commercial) Rayven’s love for imagery began in High School shooting for Yearbook Yearly and School Sport Meets. After Graduating High School, he started shooting. Events and assisted many prominent photographers in Toronto. He had taken Art Workshops in his early 20’s from Painting to Sculptor. Since those fledgling days, Rayven expanded his horizons to the Film Industry and found himself Directing, Managing and Producing Commercials and Music Videos,vwhile maintaining his passion for Photography. After Film School he started working for a TV, Radio and Commercial Production Company as Camera Operator worked up to Director of Photography then Director/Producer. He has work for Grants such as BravoFact, MuchFact, OAC (Ontario Art Coucil), The Canada Council for the Arts, Tele Film and OMDC (Ontario Media Developement Corporation). Some of his clients include: Sony, Visa,

@johna blaza Moda Dynastie |


J oh n A bl a z a


Moda Dynastie |

Moda Dynastie |


John A bla z a C o l l ec ti o n 82

Moda Dynastie |

Mo d els : Ha n n a h An g el ica M a rte @ ha n n a h ila o a n d Bo bb ie-An g ela W ong @ bobb ie . a n g ela Photo g ra phy : Ra y ven M a rtin ez P hotog ra phy @ra y ven _ ma rtin ez Ma ke-u p & H a ir : Ma Crist i na E n ri qu ez Rivero @c h iq bea utyexpert Motives M a ke u p @m ot ives c os m etic Photo Ass ista nt: Am ir N o u ri @ nou ri _a m i r Fa s h io n Des ig n er Jo h n C. A b la za @ jo h n a b la za To ro nto 20 17 @ The Pro d u ction S tu d io Moda Dynastie |


I57 - Street Show : Organised by H a sn a a A m eer H ossen & Davin M UA Hasnaa represent - Izak Boutique. Izak is a casual & street wears s h op, wh i ch p ro p ose QUA L I TY p roduc ts at s m a l l pr ic e in Nor th of Ma u r i ti u s. H a s n a a - Fa s h i o n S t y l i s t & D esi g n er a n d D i rec tor of I z ak. Davin MUA represent - Haus Of Davin. Inter national Makeup Artist and specialize in FX Makeup. Talented and a creative M UA . D i d a l l M a k e u p f o r t h i s even t.

i57 - Street Photoshoot in Grand Baie with a live Makeup and Sa les at Iz a k s h o p.

Photographer credits: Chetan Si n g h


Moda Dynastie |

Hasna a Ameer Hossen

@ha snaa.a.h Moda Dynastie |



Moda Dynastie |

I z a k B o ut i q ue Ph o to g r a p h er c red i ts: C h etan Singh

Moda Dynastie |



Moda Dynastie |

D on n y fe r P h i l ippe

P hotographer

Moda Dynastie |



Moda Dynastie |

O u bai d G h oo r u n P hotographer

Moda Dynastie |


O u bai d G h oorun P hotographer


Moda Dynastie |

Moda Dynastie |



Moda Dynastie |

Go rbatko Tatya na G o r b a t k o Ta t y a n a G r i g o r y e v n a , a n 3 0 years old model. Her parameters are 98-83-106, weight is 68 kg. Since she was born in a small village, she is accustomed t o d i l i g e n c e , d i s c i p l i n e a n d res pon s ib ili t y. B e i n g g r o w i n g i n t h e v i l l a g e g i v e s h e r p r i m a r i l y h e a l t h , f re s h a i r, n a t u r a l fo o d s a n d p u re i n t e l l i g en ce. S h e g r a d u a t e d fro m h i g h s c h o o l w it h h on or s , b u t s h e w a s v e r y a t t r a c t e d t o c r e a t i v i t y. S h e a l w a ys l i k e d t o be in t h e s pot l ig h t . That`s why she liked singing , performed at concerts and danced. Once Georgy Pe t ro v i c h S c h e d ro v i t s k y s a id “ A per s on i s a n i n fi n i t e o p p o rt u n i ty ” a n d s o t h a t ’s w h y s h e h a v e be e n m o v in g in t o m u l t id im e n s i o n a l fi e l d a l l h e r l if e. S h e is kin d a n d s y m p a t h e t i c a n d l i ke b ein g h el pin g hand to others. In 2010 she graduated from the University in Dnipro, Ukraine w i t h a d e g re e i n m a rk e t in g . At that time she fell in love with this beautiful, picturesque, architectural city. I n t h e D n i e p e r t h e re i s th e l on g es t qu a y i n Eu ro p e , t h e l a rg e s t J e w is h cen t er a n d m u c h m o re . Wo rd s c a n n ot b e con v ey ed , her city needs to be seen. Now she is w o rk i n g a s a m a n a g e r a n d l ike t o comm u n i c a t e w i t h p e o p l e , b u t a t t r a ct ed t o be the model and impress the world with h e r c h a rm a n d be a u t y. Sh e b eg a n t o pu t o n w e i g h t a t t h e u n i v e rs it y. S h e t r ied t o l o s e w e i g h t t o l o o k a t t r a ct iv e a t s por t s and leading healthy lifestyle, eating healthy and training at gym all the time, but then she realized it did not give any result and eventually she reconciled with the same appearance, especially when s h e l e a rn e d a bo u t t h e i n crea s in g popul a ri t y o f m o d e l s w i t h “P l u s S ize” .

Moda Dynastie |


G or ba t ko Tat y a n a 96

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About 5 years ago, she learned about the Pl u s S i z e m o d e l s , e s p e c i a l l y it is popu l a r i n Am e ri c a , Eu ro p e . I n U k r a in e, t h e g row t h of models plus size only increased in recent years 2016-2018. In general, she always liked t o be p h o t o g ra p h e d a n d th e ex per ien ce of p a rt i c i p a t i n g i n p h o t o s e s s ion s t a kes a b ou t 10 years for her. The beginning in the modeling business for her was a trip to Kiev to the Ukrainian clothes designer Alla Vasilevskaya. Wi t h g re a t p l e a s u re s h e t o ok pa r t in ph ot o shoot modeling her clothes for American Internet shop. She was very pleased with the work done and appreciated Tanya, saying She is a very promising model, and this inspired Ta n ya . She started looking for castings, projects for models plus size in Ukraine. One day, on the social networks there was an announce ment about invitation for a casting and a p h o t o s h o o t fo r m o d e l s p l u s s ize ( a n d ev en i n o u r c i t y) . S o , s h e l e a rn e d a b ou t t h e w onderful Smooth lifestyle project. It was an international model organization in which all t h e g i rl s o f d i ffe re n t t y p e s , g row t h s , h eig h t and weight can become models. It’s also the l a rg e s t fe m a l e c l u b i n t h e w or l d . And soon she was flaunting on the cover of the glossy magazine Smooth. In this p e ri o d S h e a l s o g ra d u a t e d f rom t h e s ch ool of models plus size at the BigBeauty Ukraine site. Now she is actively involved in the American project of a smooth lifestyle, local p ro j e c t s , T V c h a n n e l s . Wo rkin g w it h ph ot ogr a p h e r s , w o m e n ’s c l o t h i n g b o u t i q u e s a n d d e s i g n e rs , t a k i n g p a rt i n fa s h ion s h ow s a n d g e t t i n g g re a t p l e a s u re , bu t t h is is ju s t t h e be g i n n i n g a n d s h e w o u l d l ike t o en t er t h e international level and work abroad because w e h a v e a v e ry l o w - p a i d job . S o, s h e s ees the goal and she does not see any obstacles. With such a motto, she moves forward!

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Black with a touch of



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R a d h i k a Sh a rma 102

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R adhik a equipped with the ar t of makeup from London College of makeup. She have ear ned IMA ( inte r national makeup association) cer tificate for fashion, media, pho -

Mrs. India International was a life changing experi-

toshoots, special effec ts and hair dressing. K nowledge

e n ce fo r h e r. I t wa s I n d e e d a n i n c re d i b l e j o u r n e y w i t h

i s i n f i n i t e a n d s h e i s s t i l l l e a r n i n g w i t h my o w n e x p e -

so many beautiful people. Through this platform she

riences, taking new challenges, frequently attending

got the oppor tunit y to discover hers elf and lived what

p ro fe s s i o n a l t ra i n i n g s, wo r k i n g w i t h o t h e r a r t i s t s. Th i s

o n ce s h e d re a m e d fo r. As a m o d e l s h e h a s wo r k e d fo r

keeps her rationalized and updated to the latest trends

I nte r n at i o n a l r u nway f a s h i o n wa l k s, s t i l l p h o to gra p hy,

of mar ket and benefits my ar t to keep stepping for ward

commercials and videos. Over the time with her life expe -


r iences, she had lear nt not to let any aspec t of life, limit our dreams. Dream big, get determined and follow them

H e r fo r te i s m a k e - u p fo r p h o to gra p hy a n d v i d e o s. S h e

wholehear tedly. Spread your wings, keep flying and keep

enjoys doing photoshoots not because it makes her por t-

explor ing. You just have to trust your own madness. B e

folio ex tensive but also it adds versatilit y to her ar t. I t

a woman of substance and live life that you have imag -

is ver y impor tant for a makeup ar tist to creat f aces that

ined. B eing a daughter and a mother, she truly believes

appear miraculous on scream as well as in person. She

that G od cant be ever y where so he created mother and

has worked for adver tisements, commercials, fashion edi-

families. But for the less privileged ones we have orphan-

torials, runway, events, catalogs and head shots. Her area

ages and old age homes, here she lend her helping hand

of exper tise is flawless, pleasing to eye and camera ready

with a gesture of love, care and suppor t for the old age

makeup for women and men of all ages and complexions.

men and women who have contributed in the society for

Walk ing the ramp as a fashion model was her childhood

our present and for the or phan k ids who will contr ibute

dream. Winner of the title of M rs. I ndia D ubai inter na -

for the better future. The wor ld would be a better place

tional 2017 2nd Runner up, M rs. I ndia I nternational 2017

where no one felt alone.

1st runner up and Sun title holder of Mrs. Beautiful smile.

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Radhika Sharma 104

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Mrs. India international 2017 1st runner up, a model, an entrepreneur, a makeup artist and a makeup educator. Owner of Radhika Sharma Makeovers LLC. I am Radhika Sharma. Born and brought in Delhi (India). Resident of UAE since 12 years. Happily married to love of my life and a proud mother of a beautiful daughter. Makeup and styling is my passion. I made my passion as my profession. Managing director of Radhika Sharma Makeovers LLC and Makeup artistry educator. With Futuristic Vision to Beauty, Fashion and Media. I believe that beauty is universal and exploring being beautiful is a Devine privilege. Makeup is one technique to define and characterize. I feel contended when I facilitate women to look there best and feel confident. Over the time with my experience, I have realized that it gives me immense pleasure to work on creating ones looks, personal style and self-esteem. Working with colour hues and textures make me feel delighted. I love finding different ways to enhance the facial features. It is alluring to witness the outcome that makeup can have on person’s overall look, personality and attitude. I make all possible efforts to boost every aspect with my work. Make-up is just not about building layers over skin; however it is to creat illusions of a perfect and a flawless face by accentuating the features and beautifying the beauty you already have. As I truly believe in “Less is More”

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Sama a Aba ya

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Samaa Abaya The c ult ure o f abaya i n U AE go es lo ng ba ck when it used to be predominantly black, loose f i t ted and used to be wo rn f rom h ea d flowing do wn to t he ankles. Ho we ver, today a s mu ch a b aya i s a p r o t o c o l o f m o d e s t y, i t i s a l s o a source of pride and statement for Emirati women esp ec i ally amo ng t he you nger genera tion that reflects that modest attire in no way restricts women empowerment. As a matter of fac t i t i s hi ghly li berat i ng.

In UAE, abayas have been mostly worn in black that is an absolute discreet and elegant colour but with the emergence of more colorful options around the world, Samaa main focus is to desi gn abayas i n di f ferent c olors, sty led to di sp lay t he sop hi st i c ated c ult ure of UAE a nd not compromising quality at any point of time. With so many different cultures and nationalities living in UAE, fashion in UAE is extremely personal and fast paced. Keeping up with this pac e, un derst andi ng lo c al c ult ure needs a nd m e e t i n g i n t e r n a t i o n a l s t a t e m e n t s t a n d a rd s i s a c hallen ge t hat I lo ve. Thi nking continuously about the next trend is extremely thrilli n g for me. Moda Dynastie |



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I feel it is very important to design abayas which would fascinate women and rather than a monochromes, it to be a more dazzling piece in the modern Muslim women wardrobe. I also believe in promoting modesty through fashion.

S Saa ma a A b ay a

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Ca rlosHer r era Carlos has gained a degree in architecture from Mexico City, studies of Psychology and luxury companies and his ideas has been recognized on behalf by her majesty the Queen of England as one of the most promising businesses in Canada. Carlos Herrera is a gifted multidisciplinary Mexican - Canadian designer who forms part of one percent of the world’s population due to his amazing multi disciplinary mind. His fashionable architectural asymmetrical jewelry pieces inspired by natural creations with an inspirational story behind each exclusive piece.(JEWELRY). Innovative “Bio Balanced Renewable Architecture” Eco-friendly theory inspired by Bionical Creativity Engineering principles (ARCHITECTURE). His unique safety car design structural proposals to protect the lives of the occupants. (CAR DESIGN). His psychological theories for a better understanding of giftedness. (PSYCHOLOGY). His sociology theories of how we are leaving a manipulated parallel reality, this generation is discovering the missing piece to finally understand who truly we are . (SOCIOLOGY) His charitable marketing campaigns, the most recent mystery of, “What Is in the Box?”, which it was answered on September 22, 2017. (MARKETING). Carlos Herrera is a philanthropist giving part of his time sharing his testimony to thousands of individuals locally and abroad who suffer bullying, anxieties and depression.

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A c t r e s s, M o d e l a n d F i l m P ro d u c e r. E m i l y is an es tablis hed and s ucces s f u l Mark eti n g and Sales professional with passion in acting and modeling. Emily finished Bachelor of Arts in Nur sing a n d i s a L i c e n s e N u r s e a b ro a d . S h e a l s o continued her education at University o f To r o n t o i n t h e f i e l d o f S a l e s a n d Management. She has been modeling for almost a decade and she has been acting for quite sometime. T he mos t recent is her rol e as l ead actres s i n t h e mu l t i - a w a r d e d I n d i e f i l m “ L i v i n g Ins tead� . She was hired an d ap p eared o n some television shows and commercials s uch as at American Airlin es, Toyo ta Pl u s, Her s hey s, Sear s, Johny Wal k er to n ame a few. Her latest addition to her passion and busines s is producing films. 114

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Emily Bolanos

@em ilybolan o s Moda Dynastie |



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Galerie Hindam joins media stars, celebrities, and social media influencers in the opening of its new branch

DON’T DRINK WATER WITH THE FOOD, only 40 mins after your meal, as it will slow down your digestion process and will leave you feeling sleepy, heavy, tired.

ONLY SAUNA AND STEAM ROOMS DON’T BURN FAT, they remove water from your body which will come back in few hours time. I n th e pre sence o f a num ber of m edia stars , cel eb r i t i e s , a n d s o c i a l m e d i a i n f l u e n c e rs i n D u b a i , G a l e r i e Hi n d a m , the le ading D an iela namwas e inb or luxur n iny Bs hoppi r azil, nagn di nt ht he ere reg i on , inaug urate fore d its at the newcore branch of herin heart City Wa shel kderives 2 at wo r l d ’s fa s h i o n enormous ca p i ta l , D ujoy b a iand . T hsatisfaction e G a l l e r y w at i l l seeing h o st a c o l l e c t i o n o f he t hre f ans m o s and t r e ppuart atygoer b l e j es weleel lcet ri r yfi eadn dby watc h e s b ra n d s great i n t h esounding wo r l d , imusic, n c l u d i nmixed g G A Sand BIJO played UX, Ni NA R i cci, Ke nzo, in intelligent Mis aki, Lesways, Georgettes skillfully , Mprojected. a jor i ca , Zeades, Rebecca,She Altesse, ensures andthe Buckley use ofLondon, top of the each range of which have its own 2014 mark Pioneer in theNexus luxuryequipment, shopping sector. and the latest innovative sound eff e c t p ro d u cThe Galerie Hindam ti o nteam har dware/sof celebrated tware, the inauguration to d e l i v e r t h e w i t h a r i b b o n - c ube tt si nt ginc esound re m o nyq uality atte n ddeliv e d by e ry. a l As a rgefo r a u d i en c e , fo llowe t hde by c oan tsepeec n t ohf by h e rthe m ugrou s i c ps’s e tO , wn s h eer i s Mr. Ashraf Hindam, c o nand s t a nCEO t l y uOlicia p t o dPortsova, a t e w i t h who h e r wel m u s- i c co m e d the audience re perto toire, the and inauguration, ver y carefsay ul w i ni gt ht hs at ong “ D u b a i wa s s e l ecchoice. te d to DJ b e Daniela t h e h o mhas e fof ocu r o us re dg ro p aurtpi,c gi ven t he pre stigular io u slypos on ition adap it ting enjto oys the oncro t hw e dg lbe obfo a lre fashion scene, and her, theand multicultural sensing theand needs multi-sectoral of her audiaudience it hosts.e nce Our as target the event is to offer p rogress high eend s . produ c t s t h at m e et t h e re q u i re m e nt s o f e l e ga nt s e e ke rs that offers the variety and quality the market needs.” “O u r v i si o n i s to e xpand across the Ar ab an d w e s t e rn worlds that can give Galerie Hindam the position it deserves among the leading jewellery retailers around t he g lo be , ” she added.

T h e s p e e c h w a s fo l l o w e d by a g a l l er y t ou r, w h ere g u e s t s e x p l o re d t h e c o l l e c t i o n s a n d i t e m s i n t h e g a l l e ry. I t i s w o rt h m e n t i o n i n g t h a t t h e in a u g u r a t ion w a s attended by a number of media stars, celebrities, and social media influencers in Dubai as, T h e T V Pre s e n t e r Fa t e n Zi e n Al Din , A ct res s Wea m A l D a h m a n i , s i n g e r M a n a l M u s s a , A c t re s s S h e k h a Al B a d r, t h e J e w e l ry d e s i g n e r Za i n a b Is ka n d a r, t h e fa s h i o n d e s i g n e r Ga m i l a Al M a n s ou r i, m is s E u rope An n a N i c o l a i e , a n d t h e B l o g g e rs R it t a , S a r r a , a n d N a d i n M o h a m e d a n d m o re .

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“ weird, how she l o ok s s o different – o n e i m a g e is l ovel y c ha r m in g l a dy, a n o th er p rovo c at ive na st y gir l -revo l utio n .”

EMPRESSNADINE em pre ssnadi Moda Dynastie |



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Atelier Zuhra @ atelie rzuhra Moda Dynastie |



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Soltee - One Style Mile, Mehrauli New Delhi- 110030


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T: +91 011 266 42172/73 M: +91 981 169 2222 E: W: #solteebysulakshanamonga


Soltee - One Style Mile, Mehrauli New Delhi- 110030 T: +91 011 266 42172/73 M: +91 981 169 2222 E: W: #solteebysulakshanamonga Moda

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couture 130

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new york week 2018

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cou t u ren e wy o r k f a s h i o nweek

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coutu ren e wyorkfash ion week


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Heean Menghi, working as Marketing head for Karkafi hair and handle the international brand’s UAE group along with that she is an Anchor, Actor and a Model. Started her career as a promoter in UAE and then in India and gradually started getting an opportunity for anchoring/ hosting events as people were pleased with her personality and body language. With the passage of time, she started developing a flair for modeling and acting. In 2001, she started her journey in Theatre and did many plays and Nukar nataks (Street Plays), She was also awarded with ‘The best actor’ award for Nirbhaya Hatya Kand play. She also started acting in short films like ‘Life before birth’, ‘Aakhri Lamhe’ and so on. LBB was based on female foeticide whereas Aakhri Lamhe on aids. She is rewareded with film festivals held in Delhi University based on the short films she acted in. She had also acted in upcoming songs named ‘Nachdi’, ‘Luk Tera Patla’ and going to sign 2 upcoming Urdu songs as well.

Her main achievements: - World Trade Fashion Show - Corporate events like launch of Mobile phones, staff annual meets etc - Private parties like weddings, birthday parties, inauguration ceremonies etc. - Dandiya & Navratri Utsav, DUBAI - Holi event, DUBAI Many doors of modeling opportunities open for Heena and she started to model for Dubai Based brand name Adora.


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. “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.� -- Winston S. Churchill Moda Dynastie |


@h e e n a m e n g h i


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Fashion Accessories


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@TA Zfa sh io nacce sso r ie s

TAZ Fashion Accessories was founded on the very basic principal that every women is distinctly beautiful and it is style quotient that helps you standout from the crowd. All our products are sure to level up your style quotient and make you look trendy and stylish. Our products ranges from earrings of various types such as tassels, pom-poms, chain, layered tassels, fabric.

“Beauty is a gift of nature, Fashion is an Attitude� - TAZ Fashion Accessories.

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Sheerin Couture Moda Dynastie |


s h e e r i n co u t u r e 144

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@ she r in.manso o r www.she r

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Roasted Salmon, PotatoesGreen Beans

12 oz. small Yukon gold potatoes, thinly sliced 2 tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil kosher salt Freshly ground black pepper 1 shallot, finely chopped 2 tbsp. fresh lemon juice 4 plum tomatoes, cut into 1/2-in. pieces 8 oz. green beans 1 1/4 lb. skinless salmon, cut into 4 pieces 1/2 c. fresh basil leaves, torn 1.Heat oven to 450°F. On a large rimmed baking sheet, toss potatoes with 1 tablespoon oil and 1⁄4 teaspoon each salt and pepper. Arrange in an even layer and roast for 10 minutes. 2.In a small bowl, toss shallot with lemon juice and 1⁄4 tsp each salt and pepper, then toss with tomatoes; set aside.

3.On a second rimmed baking sheet, toss green beans with remaining oil and 1⁄4 teaspoon each salt and pepper. Season salmon with 1⁄4 teaspoon pepper and nestle among green beans. Place sheet pan in oven with potatoes and continue roasting until salmon is opaque throughout and potatoes are golden brown and tender, 10 to 12 minutes more.

8 oz. multigrain spaghetti 1 c. fresh flat-leaf parsley 1 lemon 1 lb. boneless, skinless chicken breasts salt and pepper 2 tbsp. olive oil 4 clove garlic 1 tbsp. capers 1/2 tsp. crushed red pepper flakes 1/2 c. dry white viniger

4.Serve salmon with green beans and potatoes. Fold basil into tomato mixture and serve over salmon.

1.Cook the pasta according to package directions. Reserve 1/2 cup of the cooking water, drain the pasta and return it to the pot; then toss with 1/2 cup parsley and the lemon zest and juice. 2.Meanwhile, thinly slice the chicken crosswise into 1/4-inch-thick pieces and season with 1/4 teaspoon each salt and pepper. Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add half the chicken and cook until golden brown, 1 to 2 minutes per side; transfer to a bowl.

3.Reduce heat to medium, add the remaining oil and chicken and cook for 1 minute. Turn the chicken, scatter the garlic, capers, and red pepper over the top and cook 1 minute more. Return the first batch of chicken to the skillet and toss to combine. 4.Add the viniger and simmer for 1 minute. Remove from heat, sprinkle the remaining parsley over the top, then toss with the pasta (adding some of the reserved pasta water if needed). 146

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Chicken Piccata Pasta

Roma n t i c D i nne r Rec ipe s t o M a ke f or Some on e Yo u Lo ve

6 slice bacon 1/2 c. canola oil 4 small Chicken Legs kosher salt 1 lb. red bliss potatoes 2 tbsp. olive oil 2 small onions 4 small red cherry peppers 2 sprig fresh rosemary 1.Cut the bacon slices in half crosswise, roll up each piece and secure with a wooden toothpick. Trim the toothpick. 2.Heat the canola oil in a large skillet over high heat. Season the chicken with 1/4 teaspoon salt. Add half the chicken to the skillet, skin-side down, scatter the bacon around the chicken and cook until the chicken is golden brown and the bacon is crisp, 4 to 6 minutes per side. Transfer the chicken and bacon to a plate. Repeat with the remaining chicken pieces. 3.Wipe out the skillet and return to medium heat. In a medium bowl, toss the potatoes with the olive oil and season with 1/4 teaspoon salt. Transfer the potatoes and any oil in the bowl to the skillet. Arrange the potatoes cut-side down and cook until golden brown and crisp, 6 to 8 minutes. Turn and cook on the rounded sides until crisp, about 2 minutes. Add the onions, peppers, and rosemary and toss to combine. Cook, covered, shaking the pan occasionally, for 5 minutes. 4.Return the bacon and chicken (along with any juices) to the pan, nestling it among the vegetables, and cook, covered, shaking the pan occasionally, for 5 minutes. 5.Uncover and cook until any liquid has evaporated, the chicken is cooked through,

Skillet Chicken, Potatoes, and Peppers

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hand & Body Care DISPLAY

24 PIECE COMPLETE NAIL CARE SYSTEM DISPLAY (4) Natural Nail Ridge Filler .5oz

(3) Mango Exfoliating Scrub 8.5oz

(4) Natural Nail Strengthener .5oz

(3) Mango Cleansing Gel 9oz,

(4) Chip Resistant Base Coat .5oz

(3) Mango Hand & Body Lotion 9oz

(4) Top Coat Color Sealer .5oz, (4) Nail Dry Drops .5oz

(3) Mango Extreme Creme 8.5oz,

(4) Mango Magic Cuticle Oil .5oz

(3) Mango Mend 4.3oz



(1) Mango Exfoliating Scrub 2.2oz, (1) Mango Cleansing Gel 2.2oz, (1) Mango Extreme Creme 2.2oz, (1) Mango Mend .5oz, (1) Mango Magic Cuticle Oil .13oz, (1) Travel Bag

(1) Mango Exfoliating Scrub 2.2oz, (1) Mango Cleansing Gel 2.2oz, (1) Mango Hand & Body Lotion 2.2oz, (1) Lip Balm SPF 15 .15oz, (1) Mango Magic Cuticle Oil .13oz, (1) Travel Bag


Essential Trial bag



pods (30 pcs)

(1) Mango Magic Cuticle Oil .13oz, (1) Lip Balm SPF 15 .15oz, (1) Mango Hand & Body Lotion .5oz, (1) Mango Mend 4g, (1) Orange Organza Bag


Antiseptic Spray A liquid antiseptic formula that kills 99.9% of bacteria causing germs within 15 seconds upon application to the skin. Enriched with Vitamin E and Mango Extract to hydrate the skin and leaving a cool, clean feeling.


Moda Dynastie |

Callus softener Breaks down hardened thick skin patches and prepares the feet for additional services. When used in conjunction with a foot file, dead skin is safely removed and healthy new skin is revealed.

LIP BALM SPF 15 Daily lip protection with sunscreen to protect against the drying effects from the sun, wind and cold. Natural Mango Extracts condition your lips and helps to prevent chapping and peeling – all without any unpleasant aftertaste.

TEL : 0



er .5oz

ener .5oz

oat .5oz


Oil .5oz

Hand & Body Care


l 2.2oz, 15oz,



F 15

on with protect g effects ind and Mango on your prevent eling – all pleasant

TEL : 02 6731444

FAX: 02 6731031 email : Moda Dynastie |



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Dr. Federico Di Francesco Consultant Plastic Surgery

Dr. Bandar Alaithan

Consultant Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Emad Ed Dannan

Specialist Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Maldaa Al Daoudi Specialist Dermatologist

Dr. M.Fadi M.Adnan Hachem GP Dentist

Revitalize your beauty and get a glamorous new look With Elyzee Day Surgery Medical Center comprehensive services by certiďŹ ed consultants that are well-versed in the cosmetic innovation Elyzee Day Surgery Medical Center .. Compassion, Innovation, Trust

Our services:

Plastic Surgery | Dermatology | Dentistry | Operations Room & Patients Suites | Pharmacy Day Surgery Medical Center o d 025664222 a Dynastie | Abu Dhabi, Al Bateen, King Abdulla bin Abdulaziz Al Saud st., Opposite central bank /MTel:


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