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Hans Hollein

Hans Hollein was born, 1934 in Vienna, Austria, he is an architect Teacher and designer. He received a diploma from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in 1956. He worked for various agencies in Sweden and the United States of America before returning to Vienna, founding his own agency in 1964

He works mainly as an architect but has also established himself as a designer through his work for the Memphis Group and the Alessi Company.

this high-rise office tower for Shenzhen, China.

The tower building in plan is a simple square of 45 m x 45 m, with 42 floors Vertically the tower is a layered structure featuring two different zones of 5 to 6 floors

and an overall height of 200 m and it features a total floor area of 80.500 m² above ground. A skirt building partially frames the tower in the base zone, where the entrance area, the public business hall and a high class restaurant are located.

Ground floor

First floor

These will be divided into alternating zones, with six glazed storeys that have identical floor plates followed by five plates with irregular plans forming terraces.

The Tower building contrasts to the stock exchange building. With its memorable design in an exposed corner position of the cluster, it becomes a dominant statement within the highrises.

Designed by Hans Hollein & Partner, the Tehran Stock

The buildings’ architectural nature allows it to become an identifiable structure within the urban fabric. By creating a simple architectural figuration we took a cube with a central core that is raise from a rectangular prism which it is situated on. With this simplicity the building still respects its urban context, The window wall and the ceramic brick façade.




ground floor plan

mezzanine floor plan

first floor plan


seventh floor plan

Städtisches Museum Abteiberg MÜnchengladbach | Germany Type: museums/cultural buildings Planning: 1972 - 1973 Completion: 1982

In the historic center—of the city of MÜnchengladbach, adjacent to the cathedral and a baroque abbey—a museum of contemporary art was built into the face of a prominent hillside

Outside a complex architectural ensemble, it is inside a succession of a variety of white, neutral, yet characteristic spaces in different configurations and light situations.

Interior :

making a walk through the museum a dialectic and spatial experience.Landscaping was an integral part of the design.

Haas Haus Commercial- and Office building with restaurants | Vienna | Austria Type: office/commercial buildings Planning: 1986 - 1987 Completion: 1990

The building in downtown Vienna diagonally opposite the St. Stephan’s Cathedral was conceived as a luxury commercial mixed used building with shops, offices

Plan : The outside configuration is determined by the shape of the site which in turn mirrors the corner of the old Roman fortification. It cantilevers partly over the subway and this projection creates an intended separation between two urban spaces

Interior :

building is reflected in the curved stone skin, structural glazing facades and metal claddings.

Torre Interbank Head quarter Office High Rise Type: office/commercial buildings Planning: 1996-2000 Completion: 2001

The new headquarters building for this leading financial institution in Peru is a 90 m tall high–rise situated on the loop of two highways

office areas in two distinctly different volumes, an auditorium for 300 persons with wide foyers

the result is a building sculpture made up of a high–rise slab curving with the loop and a simple block

Interior :

situated on the loop of two highways in a dominant situation where 480.000 cars pass by per day

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